13th December 2011

Losing something of value to you seems to create movement and a new sense of freedom. Also, you discover, surprisingly, that you are still yourself without it! Perhaps even more so!

No relationship can be taken for granted now, as existing frameworks and agreements open up to the flow of change.


Jupiter Retrograde in Gate 3 Line 5


Jupiter is retrograde just now.  It brings out the places in our lives where we fail to take responsibility and try to rely on luck alone (good luck with that .. lol), where we tend to overdo things and where we can be a bit arrogant in assuming we are right about things. Of course, you and I don’t have any problems with any of that!  But if we did, it would be showing up just now at the very base of our creative power, and at the very beginning of our creative process.  Jupiter is in Gate 3 line 5 and will remain there till 14th January.  He turns direct on 26th December.

This from Hilary Barret’s I Ching.

The seedling draws nourishment from its roots to revitalise its growth.  Such rich energy is best used with loyalty to yourself and to principle, with a constancy fitting for the open innovative spirit of the time.  Small constancy stays true to the idea, but is flexible about the way forward, finding the lines of least resistance through intelligent sensitivity to the environment. Young plants use their energy to grow soft leaves and stems, not solid trunks.

Gate 3 is the place where heaven (1) and earth (2) meet, where yang (1) and yin (2) create something new on the physical plane.  It is a powerful gate, teaming with a chaotic profusion of potential growth.  We can trust in the positive power of Jupiter to help us recognise, envision and act on something utterly new and positive that may still feel slightly beyond our grasp.

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