2012 – It’s Better Than Sex!



On 18th December the Sun will conjunct the Galactic Centre, at the core of the Milky Way.  This moment will open a portal that connects our newly emergent global being with the potential for galactic self.   Past, present and future create a point of presence in our lives just now.   This is an evolutionary moment that surpasses sex as a creative force.

I feel so proud of what we’ve achieved, what courage we’ve shown, how persistent we’ve been in the face of our own vulnerabilities.  We’ve supported each other, stood alone when necessary, reached out when we could.  Of course we don’t magically become perfect on 21st December, and the challenges are ongoing.   In particular Ceres is conjunct the Earth in Gate 12 (Standstill) just now, triggering any place where we’ve been held from our own depth, our own nourishment and caught in culture and glamour.  What if our own knowing was so strong that we could break the bonds of language, of logic, of economic necessity and find our own woundedness.  I spent a few hours on the beach today feeling intensely lonely.  I was remembering so many difficulties, all seeming to be coming to a head right now, and found the best thing was to say over and over to myself – that must have been really terrible for you!   

It’s as if relationship is not possible just now, and this is partly true, as we are being pulled out of any ways of relating that have projection involved.  Which must be every relationship on the planet!    The pain is of unmet past needs.  We must find ways to meet them in the present moment, rather than holding onto pain from the past.  Old stories of loss and lack must be released to allow space to experience the immense love that is available on this planet.  In particular Haumea in Gate 57 brings a profound energy of regeneration this week.


your creative node


We are building our own personal creative nodes in time and space, which you might perhaps call your individual “field”.  These nodes are made up of your spirit, your soul and your body.  We reached for heaven and found it.  Through meditation, chanting, sitting in a forest, or whatever worked, each one of us found a way to become ‘spiritual’.   We allowed our cells to be filled with this energy and have been, with much courage, grounding it through our bodies and into the earth.


These two energies – spirit descending into your body and your soul reaching for heaven – create two currents of energy.  They meet in your body,  and create your individual node in time/space.  This is your Incarnation Matrix (cross), and it answers a fundamental cosmic need which only you can solve.

In 2000 I went to a Wesak Festival and was worried at how people had a whole range of amazing experiences and then went home … to reality.  I sat with a group at dinner on the last night feeling so thankful that, because I had major health issues, I could go home to my forest home and just BE, rather than rush home on Sunday evening because I had to get up early to go to work the next morning.  People were devastated to leave that beautiful energy at the end of the weekend.  The split between spiritual experiences and reality really struck me that weekend.  I don’t see that split anymore.  People are so much more alive with the possibilities, and filled with the need for major transformation.


life is more than a lack of death


The key to this shift is not so much personal.  We’ve done as much correcting, processing, healing as we need to do.  We are moving beyond personal growth, even personal fulfillment.  We are now closing the door on duality and opening to a new phase. If duality is Phase 1, we are now entering Phases 2 and 3.

Phase 1 is all about duality – yin and yang, black and white, either/or.  This is very much a patriarchal perception and it’s time to move onto something richer and more diverse.  For example, there’s black, white and ….  grey.  And yellow, green, blue, red, vermillion, cerise, indigo ….  There’s morning/evening, and there’s that moment before dawn when the birds start to sing.  And let’s not forget that moment when there’s a lovely pink hue in the sky as the sun pops it’s head up.  Duality is a nonsense.

I Ching phases of creation

You’ve probably heard that the I Ching has astonishing links to our DNA.  The diagram above shows how the I Ching demonstrates increasing complexity.  Phase 1 is duality – yin and yang.  When they come together we get Phase 2 and the four bi-grams.  Phase 2 is your global self.  An amalgam of duality, attempting to refine itself.  Phase 3 is your galactic self. It brings the trigrams which represent all the elements of life on earth.   Each phase shift takes us into a deeper sensitivity to what life offers, to more diversity and to greater creative potential.  Staying in Phase 1 keeps us stuck in duality, a place where the only way we know we’re alive is because we aren’t dead!   Alive/Dead!

We’ve already seen a lot of shifts to Phase 2.  We’ve shifted out of nationalism into global being, breaking down the us/them duality.  We’ve got a high divorce rate creating so many blended families, shifting us out of one man + one woman.  And gay marriage will shift that particularly yin-yang illusion into even further diversity.  Even gender is becoming more diverse.

What you can see above is the blueprint for a co-creative supersystem that represents the code for your cells at the galactic level.  It may not look like it, but this is the rhythm or shape of fractals.  It could also look like this.


This information forms part of the Emergent Human Design System that I’m developing and I won’t go into more detail here.  The important thing for this Mayan Calendar event is that you are more conscious and therefore capable of much greater diversity.

Without losing your own individuality, you are increasingly able to connect with all sorts of people and situations.  Phase 2 – the Global Being – is an individual focused on personal growth, being the best she can.   Phase 3 – Galactic Being – can maintain that individuality within the powerful flow of creative energy.  Through holding firm to our individual self – not confusing the energy of another as our own,  we create a synchronous field that literally re-organises reality.  We pluck undifferentiated energy that is scattered throughout space and time and align it with our creative impulse.  It can be a slow process, we have resistance and inertia to deal with and we need those limits.  We do live in a certain density and we have to honour that.  And hey, it’s the journey right?

This is a transformation of life on earth and it is the evolutionary equivalent to the creation of sex.  Why?  It’s because, when sex first began it wasn’t porn worthy but it was extraordinary in another way.  It allowed individual cells to share their DNA.  The beginning of sex on earth gave rise to an astonishing increase in diversity.  We are at a similar birfurcation point – a whole new means of creation is within our grasp.

I’m being given so much information just now for our new way of being, that I’m only able to write a small amount about the shifts of the next few days.  Enjoy!



Img:  Artist – Louise Gallant

References:    Katya Walters, Tao of Chaos and Dane Rudyhar, The Astrology of Transformation






  1. Hi Kim,

    I have A lot asteroides on Galactic centre, one of them is Kali! Imagine how transformative that is? Do you have some idea“s about it!

    • Hi Milanka, new ideas about destroying old forms … that’s the obvious connection. It’s tempting to go with the story of Kali arising from Devi’s head, and representing the dark destructive side of the creator. However this is just tooooo close to the Greek myths for my liking. Kali is more likely to be what’s left of the original all encompassing goddess before the patriarchial rewrite shared out the powers and gave creation to man and destruction to woman. So, there’s that old story that I expect plays out in your life. Also, a profound attunement to seeing that we need both sides – destruction and creation, and that destruction is a form of creation. Perhaps seeing that when others are still oblivious to it. The Galactic Centre attunes us to ideas long before others can get a handle on them.

      • Thanks a lot Kim! I can relate, It is a lightmotive of my life!
        But I am glad to know, that Ma Kali destruction is necessery and good
        because It is destruction of bad patterns and conditionings, which dont serve me any more, and has to be transformed or build new again!

        Have a great time, Merry Christas and Happy New year!

        Hugs m

  2. Hi, Kim! Greetings from Ukraine! Thank you so much for sharing this info! I am amazed at how it all resonates with what I’ve been feeling and experiencing since the last new moon! Now I found another proof of the “correctness” of my process. And yes, getting rid of old relationship patterns, as well as new inspiration and enthusiasm about my personal creative energy based on the priority of being 100% honest with myself – that’s what it is all about! And it is definitely better than sex! Curious about ny further revelation!

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