29yRg-6qKTDs016 is going to be a year of chaos. But wait, let me explain how extraordinary that really is.

We are heading into a season of transition. We are heading into a time of the unknowable.

We are shifting from a life of trying to keep control, to a life of dancing in the flow. 2016 is the year we figure out how to live as grand evocateurs of our new reality.

2016 is also a year where we learn how to value our own individual contributions and how, in being truly ourselves, we are a perfect fit with our world.



Traversing the Void By Creating Personal Meaning

In 2016, Jupiter and Neptune are teaching us how to traverse the void between now and then, here and there. Confusion reigns when we attempt to break things down, take control, follow rules and maintain hierarchies. In 2016 it is not about doing things ‘out there’. It’s very much about evolving our skills as creators of meaning. We have been taught to think like machines, to think about our world as if it were a machine. But regardless of what the scions of artificial intelligence say, we are so much more than that!

In 2016 we are learning how to think as a living system, as an ever changing part of everything.


Jupiter in 64 opposite Neptune in 63 - May 2016 - Human Design Transit Chart

Jupiter in 64 opposite Neptune in 63 – May 2016



Your Story Is Meant To Be Subjective – there is no objective truth ‘out there’ 

Jupiter and Neptune will trigger our confusion between January and August. We experience pain and confusion when we try to separate, label, succumb to a need to resolve our emotional discomfort too soon; we cut ourselves off from our experience of the whole. When we try to take in everything so as to understand everything in order to be safe we become immobilised. In our attempts to be safe by gathering in all the information we paradoxically trap ourselves in only part of the story.  We don’t need to know everything, we just need to know what’s right in front of us, what intrigues us, the things our curiousity draws us to, what resonates with us emotionally and what makes us feel whole and good.




Shifting from Linear to Quantum Growth Patterns 

On 16th May 2016 Uranus shifts from the Gate of Shock (51), where it has been since June 2014.  It moves into the Gate of Increase (42) and will stay there until May 2017. This is a position in the Human Design chart that has an interesting relationship with Pluto’s position. They are both affecting the Root Centre, impacting on the relationship between our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. In other words – are we safe enough to step out of survival mode and into creative mode?  Do we freeze and stay safe? Go too quickly because we’re not grounded? Or find a balance, a perfect timing? Saturn in Gate 5 is a major player in 2016, teaching us that all growing life must be nourished patiently over time.

This activation will be most active in early July, when the Sun, Earth, Venus and Mercury get involved.


Pluto and Uranus June 2016 Human Design Transit Chart

Pluto and Uranus June 2016


Pluto in the Gate of the Marrying Maiden (54) shapes our perception away from our own lower level ego needs. As Hilary Barrett’s I Ching says – you are too juniour (in consciousness), not yet ready to exert influence and so it would be disastrous to try to shape the situation to fit your own needs. All you can do is feel your way, adapt and find your place. Let go of attachment to outcomes and personal agendas.


The eclipses in September 2016 are a culmination of a focus on relationships of all kinds. There is a lot of activation of the Solar Plexus in 2016, all of it dealing with polarities and opposites. We may feel pushed and pulled, as if we can’t find our emotional balance. But equlibrium is not the goal here.  2016 has us at an emotional tipping point and all we need to do is continue to refine our thinking to bring us better feeling emotions.

Chiron shifts into the Gate of Wounded Brightness on 7th April. Ceres will be in the same gate until 13th June. There are activations from the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Mercury during June as well. On 5th August, Jupiter shifts into Gate 6, opposite Chiron. All this is a lead up to the New Moon on 1st September and Full Moon on 16th September, both accompanied by eclipses.

Along the way we recover something very precious – our own inner flame. The big picture here is an increase in authenticity within the collective. As more and more individuals are clear about their own emotional responses to events, our world finds more compassion and truth, Our cultures will reflect that. I’ve been watching a greater level of truth telling in the media, by which I mean people are more comfortable with sharing personal responses rather than choosing an acceptable and entirely fabricated reaction. This new emotional authenticity will impact on big events. Compassion for refugees, victims of institutionalised abuse, same sex marriage and other ‘human rights’ issues will change because of the pressure from authentic grass roots movements.


Individuality and the Flow of Life 

One of the major themes in 2016 is an increasing ability to hold to our own personal essence while entering more and more deeply into the flow of life. Although we know intellectually that we are all one, and we may feel it in our hearts, 2016 brings us the opportunity to really get it emotionally. In other words we learn it all the way through to our cells and can begin to act from that knowing. This is a major evolutionary step in bringing our higher purpose to the collective.


 Space, Time and Multiple Dimensions 

One of the strangest ideas in quantum science is that of multiple realities. We could also think of it as unlimited potentials. What we perceive comes to be.

It is our emotions that get in the way of us creating the kinds of outcomes we desire. But we can’t just shift our emotions. We are on a collective journey to upgrade our DNA, to remove the glitches and old codes that keep us trapped in isolation, loneliness, low self esteem and other low frequency states.

2016 brings a major upgrade to both our thoughts and our emotions. Often our emotions don’t make sense because we are trying to cram them into a limited world view and force them to make sense. Because we are drawing forth emotional states from our ancient past they absolutely won’t fit within a logical construct in our present moment. There are two main themes here in 2016.

Firstly, there will be times when our emotions may feel overwhelming and we just have to learn how to FEEL them without buying into their story. Often it’s a part of ourselves that’s not properly integrated into our present reality, but rather than fearfully shutting it down we should have compassion and allow that aspect of ourselves to live and breath. They quickly catch up to real time. Secondly, each of us have emotional experiences that operate way out of the dominant paradigm. We must be heeding these multidimensional messages. We cannot achieve the kind of wholeness we are seeking in 2016 unless we let go of our rational need to control, order, know. Our true understanding exists across time, space and imensions. It doesn’t fit into a narrow linear context. and our emotions are key to that wider context. So let them free range.


Major Events

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