Struggle or Thrive?  This week you get to choose! 

Here’s a hint for this week.  You’ve outgrown the energetic structure of your past life.  Many of the external forms that made up your life simply can’t stay in place now because your vibration has increased so much.   Hint number 2:  don’t spend time and energy using your will to keep them in your life, it’s only your fear trying to avoid change, and it won’t work anyway.  Hint number 3:  don’t waste your time and energy trying to get rid of them, they’re done and you can easily move on.

Today Mercury went into the Gate of Great Exceeding (28).  Margaret Pearson calls this gate (hexagram) Greatly Surpassing.  You have two choices here.  You can choose a maintenance program and work very hard to keep what you already have.  This option is why some see this as the Gate of Overwhelm, because trying to keep the past alive is hard work.  The second choice is to put your attention on what you want to create from here.

Hmmmm   …  tough one!




Yep, that was my choice too!  Ditch what’s not working by paying it little or no attention, and dance joyfully into my new creations!

Mercury brings your higher knowing to consciousness.  It’s sometimes called the messenger of the gods.  It’s SO significant this week because it’s lining up in a channel with Pluto. Yes, Pluto, messenger of deep and abiding transformation!

In conventional Human Design this channel is sometimes called, rather depressingly, The Channel Of Struggle.  (Drums please).  Let’s make that name one of the forms and structures we choose to leave behind.  I have no desire to recreate struggle in my life.  And actually, that’s what this transit is about – leaving the struggle behind.

It’s truly amazing, and I speak from personal experience, how much we are conditioned to believe that our lives must be filled with struggle. Only yesterday I was talking to my friend SheKaNah about what I’m creating since returning from the US last week and could feel this pull to make it difficult for myself – to choose the hard road of struggle rather than the pathway of ease and grace.  Hey why not do it this way, it will be SO MUCH harder!  Not.  Cancel that.

You can read more about Pluto in the Gate of Opposing (38) here.  This gate gives us the opportunity to “see” oneness.  Again, going to Margaret Pearson’s excellent book The Original I Ching: we can choose to focus our eyes on separate objects, rather than providing a clear image of one.  We can choose to see creation at work, rather than a threat.  We can choose to believe it’s possible that our life is filled with miracles, unique and perfectly aligned.  We can choose to believe that our world – your world, my world – loves us and responds with enthusiasm to our desires.

So rather than struggle, raise your vibration by having fun.  And go enjoy some Abraham!



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