All that is ever asked of you is that you be authentically engaged in each moment of your life. Long standing issues arise just now, but they cannot affect the larger movement towards more wholeness. In fact, they are supporting us by removing old sabotage programs we couldn’t see before now.



Eris on the loose today


I’ve just been talking to so many people today about bullying, intimidation, blaming.  A man in a truck nearly hit a young guy on a skateboard just near my house and blamed the skateboarder, yelling and carrying on out his window, even though he sped up when he approached him to make a point!


Mars is square Eris and as I pointed out yesterday, we’ve got a load of Mars/Eris contacts to natal Eris positions as well.   This brings up anger that is driving us to free some part of ourselves that has been bullied or intimidated out of existence.  Or in Eris terms, some part of us that has been snubbed is creating conflict in order to get free.


Mars in Gate 62 ~ reality is bombarding us with all the details that prove we have been subscibing to a fantasy channel, living a false dream world in order to keep safe.


Eris in Gate 42.2, calling us to dedicate ourselves to a moving feast of changing realities.  Doggedly defending our position is not a successful strategy.


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