Well today the Earth and Uranus form a channel that brings 5 days of spiritual initiation on a global scale. Watch for a natural tendency to network, for the flourishing of grassroots movements (for eg. we are the 99%!) and a general letting go of an old need for approval and inclusion. Any retreat is really about moving towards your individual self, rather than away from anything.

And a share from Steve Jobs – you have some really amazing gifts and to live them you have to throw out what’s crappy and keep what’s wonderful in your life – (slightly adapted from his advice to Nike’s CEO about their product range).

And this, adapted from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching for Gate 27 line 6 – where Jupiter will land tomorrow.

The origin of nourishment, the source it grows from – what you need is right here with you now and the responsibility is with you to express it.  There is no traditional safety net to fall back on.  You need to be aware of the dangers and avoid delusions of your own invincibility.  But there is good fortune, because you carry your nourishment with you.  You can find your own pathway, make new commitments and explore new territory.


And for the New Moon on 12th October, in Gate 51 line 4.

Somewhere, far behind or below the morass, where shock has shaken you to the core, there is a reawakening of an inner awareness of a path, a faint sense of a quite different direction to go.  It’s well buried but gradually being revealed.

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