A Deep Letting Go



Fractal-Symmetric-Icon-02I dreamt about death last night.  And I pulled the death tarot card this morning.  That’s no surprise given the connections to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, today.  The Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus are all conjunct, and are all squaring Pluto.

Pluto calls us to a deep letting go.  Do you feel sad?  That means something you’ve loved and become attached to is leaving your field.  Do you feel fear or shame? That’s something you are giving birth to wanting to be released into an unknown world.

Everything you have been till this moment is expanding into something more.  Something larger, more alive and more connected.  Many of those connection points have been places of wounding and pain in the past.  Now they are ready to reach out and try again.

The Sun, Venus and Mars are in Gate 21. This is a gate that tells us how our life has been controlled and manipulated, where we have had our daily lives disrupted and interfered with.  It  calls us to trust enough to release ourselves into the universal field without knowing what that might bring to our door.  It invites us to release our white knuckle grip on our own individual truth and enter in to a broader collective flow.   It calls us to look beyond appearances and bite through to a truth that truly feeds us.  It teaches us the new skill of going with the flow, while maintaining our own space and holding authority for our own lives.  Uranus is still back in Gate 17 showing us the way to simultaneously learn and teach in each moment.  I give wisdom, I receive wisdom.

Pluto in Gate 38 is teaching us the deep lessons of living the challenges of life, rather than fighting death.  This is no longer a struggle for survival.  It is now about the creation of more life.  But Pluto always has a price, and that price is to release the old wornout forms.  Sigh and stretch and let them go, even if you don’t know what they are.

There is something leaving your life today.  And there is something profound arising.  Make a space for it to enter.  Be prepared for it to flourish.





(*)  The Sun, Venus and Mars are all in Gate 21.  Uranus is in Gate 17, but still close enough to the Sun to create an astrological conjunction.


  1. I dreamt of death last night too, sudden, violent, unexpected with rich symbolism and a last-minute escape through the breaking of binding ties for a woman in the dream….then went on to have a tarot reading today from a friend, involving The Tower, 8 of swords, etc… echoing the symbolism of the dream, it was quite an unusual, but good, birthday reading! I could see Pluto, Uranus, Venus, Mars and the Sun in the cards quite clearly, now I know why!

    Gentleness with the self is a much needed reminder, thank you. I’ve been reading Byron Katie today, thinking over one of her questions “Who would you be if you let this go/no longer had this thought?”. Given the transit energy visiting my Moon and Eris in Gate 21, I think some time spent with The Work is just what the planets ordered. 😉 Thank you for (as always) so generously sharing your insights Kim!

      and I -two night ago (Good Friday) dreamt of violent deaths- 2 unknown women (I think) the backs of their heads gashed in (bullet wounds?)-very bloody- they were dead under the dining tables in some overly bright and unattractive hall (a place I’ve never seen in my waking world). I can’t remember ever having such a dream. Yet I was also somewhat detached so while it was grotesque and I was concerned- I was not afraid. It also felt very personal as the night of the dream I had gone out with two friends and unexpectedly ran into an ex lover who poured on the charm like never before. He was quite unkind and deceitful when we had dated years ago- but there he was all charming and generous….but my dream reminded me how much of my own joy and power I gave away all those years ago- in the dream he was there-his back to me-at the table where the murdered woman lay- I somehow knew in the dream she didn’t see it coming….shock
      yes. and Eris and Jupiter are in my Gate 21……

      I’ve been in heavy pluto processing all day but at least I now know the planets are working their mojo and I am not alone:)

      • Thats so interesting Tiara and Carolyn, my dream was similar, dead woman’s body that seemed to represent the part of myself I gave away long ago.

        • Kim, interesting yours was similar as well! Clearly we were all plugging into that same energy and connecting with parts of ourselves that are/have been dead to us… With Pluto bringing us this death energy it also means (to me) that if it is a part we felt died in the past, it very well could be a part that is now ready to reap the benefit of Pluto’s regenerative energy! <3

      • Wow Carolyn, so interesting how similar our dreams were! I didn’t know anyone in my dream, I never really got a look at the person doing the killing…or if I did, I don’t remember, so it wasn’t important. I LOVE dream work, I’ve always found dreams so deeply symbolic of our own movement in our lives and have had the privilege of interpreting a number of dreams for others mystified by their meaning. They never fail to offer profound insight into the energies we are facing in our waking hours, if we have the time and inclination to examine them.

        Ahhh, Eris… Somehow I think she’s happy there with Pluto and Uranus at the moment, slaying the things we no longer need in our lives that have made us feel blamed for taking control of our power in life…or failing to. I think she feels vindicated now as she reminds us of the things that are passing away that used to hurt us, but no longer have the power to because we took our power back and let those towers burn! Mars and Venus getting in on the action to me feels like taking renewed control of our love, passion, and their expression in our world, as the death of the old makes fertile soil for the new!

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