In a time of big shifts, this week is right up there.  This is part of the series of quantum shifts we’ll experience in 2012. Over the next few days we’ll experience a quantum leap from one level of consciousness based in linear solutions, cause and effect and fragmentation of self,  to a new integrated and wholistic experience of being human.  This shift will take many years, even decades to fully integrate and manifest.  But right here and right now, you can consciously engage at the most subtle levels as the changes land gently on our Gaian doorstep.

Before I go onto the quantum doorway, I’ll share what Mars is up to this week.

I’ve been watching Mars shift closer and closer to the Gate of Correction and wondering what effect it might have on us personally, and on the world.  Why?  Because Mars is making a channel with Pluto.  And more, it’s connecting to Ceres, Venus and Jupiter at the Throat in a circuit that changes our understanding of the patterns of life below the level of our dna.  Basically, this is source code!

I do expect power issues, especially around food (Ceres), love and aesthetics (Venus), money and government (Pluto) to be at issue.  However, with those three harmonious planets at the Throat mediating over the process I’m hoping for an easy passage!


 Quantum Shift 2012

I also want to highlight something astonishing on 12th July at 6pm UT.  This is a major download, lasting till 13th July at 2.21am UT.  It has the capacity for consciousness to upgrade the underlying codes that pattern the universe.  I suggest you take as much time as possible during this period to be present to the shift.  And share the information with as many people as possible.  This is one of those activations that, if it were astrology, it would be all over the web and people would be talking about it on the streets, but because it’s Human Design there’s just a few of us holding the awareness.  Please share!

Here’s the chart.


Even if you know nothing about Human Design, its easy to see that this is a connection from Crown Chakra to Root Chakra.  Because it’s a transit chart these activations will affect all humanity during on 12th and 13th July.  It involves Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury, as well as the Sun, Earth and Moon.  If that’s not enough, it also intimately connects with Dwarf Planets Ceres (in 16) and Haumea (in 57).

Gate 48 is Source Code.  And there is an asteroid called Isis in that Gate just now, along with Zeus. Isis is about taking the pieces and putting them together to create something that is no longer fragmented but whole.  This represents a watershed in consciousness – from the old Newtonian world where we took everything apart and measured it.  We then expected to put it together again, as good as new!  It’s this old world consciousness that sits beneath our attempts to be well while holding ourselves in pieces – I’ll just fix this bit, and then that bit.  By it’s very nature it ignores the majority of our perception – can’t measure it? Well then, it doesn’t exist!  This activation is ushering in our capacity to live from the whole, the fullness of the moment, from relationship in all our experiences.  Without losing our own unique shape, flavour or texture.

The positions of the planets during this activation are specifically about the quantum patterning of the source code of life.  Last week’s Full Moon activated this pattern (although not as strongly) and the Higgs Boson particle was announced.  I am excited to see what might happen next!  Expect to see what has been hidden from view – perhaps some announcement about dark matter.

For us individually, this is shifting not only our dna and our cellular intelligence, but our very perception of, and relationship to, matter itself!  Light is flooding our bodies and as we open to the infinite possibilities we will begin to embody them.  I see this as a major doorway opening for humanity.


Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.