Have you ever been on a rollercoaster?   I remember about ten years ago, feeling so much anticipation as I got in the queue at Movie World on the Gold Coast in Queensland for the Lethal Weapon ride.  As I got closer and closer the anticipation changed to fear … did I really want to be flung upside down while dangling ten stories in the air?

Life feels a bit like that now.  We’ve been excited about 2012,  all it’s possibilities and potentials for shift.  And now we’ve arrived at the head of the queue, we’re face to face with the reality.  The shift isn’t out there.  It’s inside each one of us.  And it calls for real courage and commitment.


Living The Dream


I had a dream last night that I was in a aeroplane – my anxiety dreams are always about flying, turning up late for my flight or forgetting my passport or ticket.  The plane was taxiing when I realised the door was still open. The pilot told me ‘that’s cool, just pull it shut‘ as we were hurtling up the runway.  Yeah sure!  Grappling with the door, I was feeling that this was not how I’d imagined the flight would be.  We’d prepared for something more sedate, more controlled … or more controllable at least!

But that’s not how this will run.  In quantum mechanical terms, this is a bifurcation point in the long history of life on this planet.  This is about life and death and creation, nothing less.


Life and Death and Creation


We’re entering into a period where we will come face to face with a more realistic concept of death.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, has been 3 years in the Gate of Joy in the Root Centre (58), teaching us that we can’t have life without death.  They form a partnership and if we hold tight to the idea of constant growth without a recognition of what we need to let go of , we end up with a huge mess.

As Venus moves into the Gate of Intuitive Clarity today, she joins the powerful dwarf planet Haumea.  On 12th November  Atropos moves into Gate 20 and Apollo is in Gate 10.  Together with Mercury in the Gate of Power (34), this completes the mutative power of the Integration channels, which trigger our evolutionary capacity to act always from self love.

The key here is Atropos at the Throat Centre in the Gate of Contemplation (20).

Atropos was one of the three Fates.  She was also known as Moirai or death.   The Fates were the daughters of Zeus and Nyx (Night).  They alone decided what would happen to humanity.  In astrology, the asteroid Atropos represents an inevitable ending that leads to a new beginning.

On the upcoming Full Moon and Solar Eclipse, Atropos will be in 20.6 which carries the energy of being unattached to the ebb and flow.  We have the ability to let go of what no longer serves us at the most sacred level of our being. We  understand  what we do on the inner plane is more powerful than any enforced activity in the outer world.  We have the power and conviction to do what we love in each moment of our lives.  Deeply immersed in this way of living we are able to let die anything which is complete, and embrace fully what is being born in each moment.


and the roller coaster ride?


I went on that roller coaster three times that day.  I didn’t enjoy the first ride at all.  I was absolutely terrified.   My brother-in-law asked me to go a second time.  While I was waiting .. again!  ..  in the queue,  I decided there was no point denying it was dangerous and I might well be flung free, high into the sky, plunging to my death.

I figured there was nothing I could do to prevent that happening, so I may as well relax and enjoy myself, so I just let go into the absolute exhilaration of the ride. I laughed with delight all the way!

Then my sister wanted me to go around again (just call me the roller coaster nanny)  and I even felt a tiny bit bored third time around.  Embracing my fear of death allowed me to shift the experience altogether.

That fear of a negative outcome, the fear of change, failure, suffering, lack and death permeates our entire culture.  It’s why we have television shows about Hoarders, and why we continue to cause massive damage to our planet by mining when we have free energy technology readily available.

There’s an unravelling coming over the next few days, and it’s important that we hold to what we know to be true.  In this way we are able to choose what to release and what to embrace as appropriate.


The Healthy Spleen Centre


The Venus activation to the Spleen Centre is central to this process.  When our Spleen Centre is activated we are able to make choices at the cellular level about what stays alive in our body and what will be destroyed by our white blood cells.   When those choices are healthy, the white blood cells have a positive detoxification and healing function.  When the Spleen is toxic, our senses and intuitive responses become unreliable.  We crave fatty or sugary foods, spend time with people who cause us harm, work at jobs that make us sick and tired.

Venus in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity conjunct Haumea brings a profound healing, a reconnection with our own unique truth, and with the natural cycles contained within the body of the Goddess.  This is the basis of our individual health and wellbeing and our global thriving.  Listen in very carefully between now and 14th November, you’ll find a pathway out of any longstanding and intractable issues that affect not only your health but your ability to stay centred in each moment of your wonderful life!   Trust your physical senses, your intuitive sense of what feels good, no matter how illogical.




Human Design Transit ChartRight now the Sun and Earth are creating channels with the Nodes.  This has shifted our concept of who we are, and where we are headed over the past 5 days.

By the time you read this post, the Sun and Earth will have shifted to the Channel of Structuring – 43/23, connecting the Ajna to the Throat Centre.  This is a channel that takes apart what we know and puts it back together again in a whole new way.  There is a need to allow things to fall apart before we can truly understand them.  Our vain attempts to hold things together have exhausted us, rendered us unwell, destroyed our intuitive connection with our bodies and the earth.  It’s time to let go.

The Sun and Earth are connecting not only to Uranus (innovative thinking) but also to Mars and Eros in the Gate of Ideas sitting right on the Galactic Centre (the cosmic holy grail of new ideas).

Atropos / Moirai, the Fate of Death, is in Gate 20, at the Throat Centre, bridging the mind body split.  Living truly in alignment with the power of your convictions brings a necessary release of what no longer serves.  I expect that we will all experience many completions over the next week.


An Outbreak of Gentle Kindness


For a few hours today the Moon will also be making a channel with Pluto, creating a pressure to shift out anything in our lives that disturbs our sense of calm contentment.  We don’t need to get stressed by the powerful creative energies coming our way.  There is an outbreak of gentle kindness, starting with how we live in our bodies, that heals our connection to the ancient Goddess energies.  There is a renewal of trust in death and rebirth, a reconnection with creation that feels really good, a balancing of yin and yang that brings clarity and calm.

This six hour Moon Pluto connection (Saturday 11th 11.11am till 8.40pm US Eastern)   is about breaking out of harsh rules for behaviour that imprison us in age old habits that may once have been necessary for survival but are now just cruel. 

Expect new insights that take you in unexpected directions.  Expect a major shift in the structure of your life – how you organise it, who you spend time with, what you do and when you do it.  Expect quantum leaps in consciousness that bring new and  more efficient solutions to your problems.

With Amycus meeting Ceres  (nurturing and gentleness), Astraea (kindness) coming into full view as precursor to the Golden Age returning, and Eros conjunct Mars (the courage to be warm and caring),  this is a chance for real gentleness to break out into the world.  And the potential for a huge shift in self love.



I am reviewing the pricing of my sessions and products.  I haven’t done this for nearly 5 years and it is long overdue.  I will introduce new prices on 1st January 2013. If you want to take advantage of the existing prices, please purchase products or book your session prior to that date.   ~  Blessings to our abundance ~ Kim

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

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