The truth can contain the entire universe within it. Nothing is excluded.

For the next five days, we have the chance to discover where we have shut ourselves away from the truth. How are we keeping ourselves from treading in a larger reality? Today we can let go of anything extreme, anything our ego tells us we must hold onto. We are moving into a simpler life.

Human Design Transit Chart for 20th December 2011

Human Design Transit Chart for 20th December 2011

With Venus and Jupiter creating a ‘birthing’ channel between the Root and Sacral, expect serendipity, harmonious connections, dissolution of limitations. The way forward is likely to untangle itself and be gloriously revealed!   Jupiter helps Venus get all dressed up for a trip out beyond her usual comfort zones!  Breathe deeply and allow yourself to expand.

The Earth in 15 is meeting the North Node in 5, creating a connection between the Sacral and the Ji Centre.  When we get there, we find the Sun in 10 and Uranus in 25 waiting for us.   It is a time for us to step away from the complex, the political, the bad influences, and to choose a natural simple and innocent way.  Be open to the unexpected as it is bringing good luck, although you know how that sometimes comes to us in disguise!

And if you’ve been behaving badly, blame Ceres. She’s in the Gate of Grace (22), meeting the Earth in 12 and creating a channel between the Solar Plexus and the Throat.

Don’t worry what you have to bring to the table of life, it’s enough. More than enough. Stop struggling to be nice, to be good, to be the best. Just let it all hang out, disgracefully! And be your own wonderful true self.

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.