People are funny.  That’s because being human is such an odd experience!

I’ve been reading about split brain syndrome, where the messages can’t move between the left and right hemisphere of the brain due to brain injury.  One woman in the study took hours to get dressed because her left and right sides couldn’t agree on what to wear.  Her right hand would do up the buttons on a yellow shirt and her left hand would undo them, take the shirt off and reach for a red one instead.

The research being done now on neuroplasticity shows that our brains are much more complex than we ever realised, and our physical brain health has a huge effect on our experience of life.  This strange world of split brain research has led scientists to consider that there is a mute (right brain) aspect of each one of us with it’s own preferences and desires.

In one experiment, a young man was asked what he’d like to do when he grew up. His left brain answered Draughtsman.  His non verbal right brain (via complicated scientific methods involving communicating with images) answered … Racing car driver!

Perhaps there’s just a naughty and irresponsible child hidden inside us and thank goodness it’s being controlled by our more rational side!

But it’s more complex than that.  Our enjoyment of life comes from acting on our impulses.  Actually taking action on our impulses.  True enjoyment of responding to hunger comes from the social experience of sharing the preparation of food and then sitting and having a meal with people we love.  The reward centres in our brain are not wired to respond to microwave dinners in front of the television.  Sure it creates the illusion of food and company, but the parts of our brain that trigger feel good chemicals aren’t fooled!

Unfortunately our ‘rational’ brains have been trying to fool us into believing that if it looks like food, it will feed our hunger.  And if we can see people, we’ve got company, even if they’re just pixels in the corner of our living room that don’t know we exist.  It’s time we brought our inner racing car driver back into the picture!

What hidden desires might your right brain be trying to communicate to you?  These are not addictions, but joyful experiences that create feelings of true passion, fulfillment, contentment, compassion and love.

Over the next eight days – till 31st July –  Pluto, Mars and Jupiter are triggering a circuit that is bringing your desires up from deep within your body.  Here is the potential for joy (Pluto in 58), aligned with the courage to shift out of the mud (Mars in 48)and into a natural response of delight in life (Jupiter in 16).  This transit gives us the impetus to move past the blocks that had us reaching for alcohol, food, pills, tv, shopping …   out of the belief that we couldn’t have an abundance of what we truly desire in our lives.  This circuit connects directly to our brain patterning, via Gate 17 and Gate 4.   And Uranus, planet of freedom from stuffy old ideas about what’s acceptable, is in Gate 17 just now, busily rewiring our brain!

Watch for hints of that inner non verbal part of you that truly wants to partner with your more rational self.   What’s important is to act, to move, to engage physically with even a quietly whispered sense of desire for joyful participation in life.  Become conscious of the cycle – desire – action – fulfillment – contentment.  See if you can move with it, and tune into the very subtle sense of contentment at the physical level and watch it gently flow through your emotional body and settle into a quiet joy.

Human Design transit chart

Ref:  Mapping the Mind, Rita Carter, University of California Press 1998.


Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.