530385_10151358431675865_267076105_nI’ve used a lot of hyperbole over the years in my HD blog. Some of my favourite words to describe transit events are profound, powerful, intense and I often speak about the huge opportunity a particulary potent transit event brings us.

Today I am adding a new word to my list – monumental. I don’t use these words lightly. We are living in amazing times, with a heightened sensitivity that comes from approaching a tipping point in the evolution of consciousness. We are shifting culturally and personally, and it shows.

Here in Australia our news is littered with political commentators nearly pulling out their hair at the absurdity of our politicians antics. And hey, Donald Trump for President, right! Germany seems to have forgotten the benefits of debt forgiveness and China’s stock exchange lost more than double the value of the entire Australian stock exchange in 3 weeks of craziness. Financial markets around the world are ‘jumping at shadows’ because that’s all they can see. What’s real anymore?

We are in a powerful build up to a monumental shift in consciousness that begins next week.  It’s being driven by the Lunar Nodes, commonly called the South Node and the North Node.  You can learn more about the Nodes here.


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

On 15th July the Nodes shift gates. They will activate a global level heart healing.  Well, actually, a profoundly cosmic shift in our soul heart energy, as the nodes will directly connect with the Super Galactic Centre.

The evolutionary end point of the Super Galactic Centre is to move us beyond unconscious bonding with others. As we  release psychic linkages based on fear, we access a hollow clear inner space which opens the door to true receptivity. There’s a synchronicity to the Super Galactic Centre bringing us this gift of a clear inner resonant space right at this moment.  The New Moon on 16 July evokes Gate 61 (the Earth activation), which speaks to clearing your personal inner space so that your own truth resonates there like a drumbeat. This clear resonance is naturally responsive, translating peronal insight into perfect action.

This is the death knell for the old concept of co-dependence and the anchoring of interdependence. This is the seed of a new quantum universe emerging into human consciousness.

So, on now to the actual transit event. Here is the chart.


You can see the position of the Nodes in Gates 46 and 25 – two of the Gates that make up the Vessel of Love. You might also notice that each Node is joined by another planet to activate a channel.

The South Node (25) is making a channel with Uranus (51). These two will continue to activate this channel until 29th November 2015.  They activate the connection between the Heart and G Centres.

The North Node (46) is making a channel with Venus and Jupiter (29). Venus moves on quickly, on 20th July. The North Node continues working with Jupiter until 11 August 2015. They activate the connection between the Sacral and G Centres.

The opportunity for transformation here is profound, on a personal and global level. The quick version is that we are learning to orient ourselves from our heart energy, quickening our emotions to a vibration of universal love. Each one of us has the capacity to self-generate a coherent level of functioning, characterised by increased emotional stability and increased synchronisation and harmony in our physiological systems. In other words, when we line up our heart with our soul, life is good.

We are learning to attune to the frequency of our own peronal life force stream. We are learning to live in higher dimensions without losing our unique spark of creativity, the rainbow prism of our purposeful contribution to consciousness, in the ocean of oneness.

We are learning to speak the places that have been, until now, dangerous to voice out loud. We are releasing our wildish selves upon civilization and asking the questions that could not previously fit within the bounds of polite society. We are falling but not drowned, in danger but not lost. We are consciously traversing territories which previously we had to die to access.

And here’s something I would love you to read at least twice. We don’t know where we are going! That’s because, as co-creators, we are creating the pathway by walking it. So HOW we walk is as important as WHERE we walk. People will be following along behind us. We will be modelling a new HOW TO LIVE. This is sort of the same thing as where we are going.  The two things are inextricably woven together.  As we tune more into our HOW, we refine our WHERE.

Right now our HOW has two parts to it. The first is … baby steps. One teeny tiny step after another. Don’t move your attention ahead to the place where you begin to feel anxious – wwwwaaaiiiit, there’s no ground beneath my feet!! That just means you are thinking too far out ahead of your stepping. The second is ……  chose your pathway by your inner compass rather than your external reality. Create a lifestyle that’s centred around checking in with yourself. Make rituals, carve out personal space, journal, meditate, dance in the moonlight, sing to your children, laugh with friends.



In this new soul heart frequency, something wonderfully unique about you will be revealed. It only exists in the higher dimensions and you have the chance now to recognise it and begin to live from that new aspect of self in your day to day reality. We have moved with the challenge of drawing our spirit into our physical form, and we are emerging into a fresh challenge of living fully from that integrated self.

You can access this frequency by using a simple technique. Imagine your breath moving in and out of your heart/chest space as you bring your attention to your heart. Take a few natural breaths, and then think about someone or something (your child, a pet, a particular memory, etc) who/which brings feelings of love and appreciation. For a few minutes, just keep your attention and your breath on your heart space as you focus on these feelings of love and appreciation. This simple meditation can be done in a few minutes, as often as you choose. With practice it creates a coherence that aligns your mind, emotions and body with your highest good, and the highest good of all.

Our achievements over the next few months may not even be visible to those who still live in ‘the real world’ but it will be obvious to all that the world is changing. As our cultural safety nets fall away, those of us attuning to our own inner knowing, beating our own drums to an inner resonance, will be like shining stars providing navigation to the heart and soul of others.

Image: http://janetbroxon.com

Image: Patricia Matola

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.