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Phoenix-bird-1-What happens when fiery Mars enters the Gate of Initiation?

Master Huang refers to this gate as “shake, shock or quake”.   In the I Ching it’s the quintessential symbol of thunder.  In the Human Design chart it’s in the Heart Centre. This is the mediator between this world and the next, the place where we transform higher energies into emotions and shift emotions into the love dimension.  In the fiery grip of transformation, we look for continuity.  What needs to spiral upwards?  What needs to be maintained through being properly grounded? What needs to be released?

In this place of rapid transformative process we are balanced, like the phoenix, bringing forth new life from the flames.  Every apparent ending brings forth new life and the thread of your existence is unbroken.  You are new again and again and again.  Occupy that space in your own life and you’ll find your freedom there.

Mars will be in the Gate of Initiation (51) until 8th April 2013.  It will be joined by the Sun and Venus on 6th April.  I’ll write more about this process shortly.   We are entering a 8 week period of radical shift.  Breathe, stay grounded, be gentle with yourself.

Human Design transit chart for 2nd April 2013


  1. geez kim…..this IS indeed fiery transformation- sooo many current gates hitting my own natal points- crazy. And of course my body loves making metaphor literal as the SHOCK of laser light upon my chest (heart- where Jupiter and Eris sit in Gates 21 and 51) finally calms a bit- only today to be mini-shocked by a sore throat- perhaps something is going on in that gate 45 of mine tugging at the 21….???
    thx as ALWAYS for the updates..they help so much

    • That Eris in 21 is getting a big hit, and that will intensify as Uranus moves over the top of it on 9th April Carolyn. Those born earlier – through the 1940’s and up to around 1958 will be glad to have Uranus move on from their Eris in 17 I’m sure. Eris brings the gift of interdependence, but that evolutionary pathway is through blaming and shaming till we can sort out our own individual responsibility in every issue we face. In the Gate 17 Eris ‘generation’ it was about our opinions – being blamed for our opinions about things. In the Gate 21 Eris ‘generaton’, it’s about organising our lives the way we want.

  2. Kim – thank you. I deeply appreciate your insights and the loving clarity with which you offer them to us.

    (Have you been out to NZ yet? The invitation to come to Dunedin for a visit and /or workshop is open-ended. . . L, C)

  3. You described my life exactly, the way things have been evolving during the past days. Very clear, very true. Letting go of past 50 yrs of deficiency, starting a new long count of my life – as I describe it – with abundance and love…all from within. Finally being the authentic me…and more.

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