25th August 2008

This is a post I’ve rescued from a previous blog, because I wanted to reacquaint with Altjira.  As I write this, on 24th August 2010, Altjira is still in Gate 20 (line 5 – 4 degrees Gemini) and creating a channel with Haumea (57) and Pluto (10).

The flood of new planetary bodies in astrology is an indication of the flood of new consciousness currently overwhelming us.

As Venus and Mercury sit atop the asteroid Makemake, named for a South Pacific creator god, a new asteroid was named on the weekend after an Aboriginal Australian god.  Having exhausted the traditional northern hemisphere heritage, astronomers are searching down under for inspiration.

This new asteroid has been named Altjira and it sits in Gate 20, which creates a channel with Pluto. Not a bad way to make an entrance into the earthly plane of existence, especially when this channel supports us to love ourselves, to be ourselves without question, to live in the moment and trust that we are perfect.

Altjira himself is a bit of a mystery (as much of Australian Aboriginal culture is).

He was a creator god of the desert tribes of central Australia.  He is said to have created the earth and then retired to the sky, indifferent to the earthly plane, and left further work to those lesser gods who remained.  As Altjira is a father type god, I was intrigued by the notion of him standing back and letting the ‘kids’ get on with their lives without interference.  A sort of deeply trusting and loving space that would allow the natural growth of free will and sovereignty.

I am quite taken by a comic book version, who appeared while people slept and created chaos for them to deal with when they awoke.  That seems to tie in nicely about now, with all sorts of subterranean material floating to the surface of our consciousness.  the comic version could shape shift and had many other hidden super powers that were never revealed.  I know just how he feels.

The mythological Altjira is often described as otiose.  Which means?  Yeah I had to look it up too.  It means ineffective, futile, indolent and of no use. I’m wondering who added this description and why.  He created the earth.  How is that indolent and ineffective?  I have my ideas about that actually.  Many people are feeling right now that they are absolutely exhausted from waiting for humanity to finally GET IT!  Having ‘worked’ with passion and integrity for decades, they have had a constant experience of being considered flaky, ineffective, ungrounded and of no great use to anyone.

Like Altjira, these people are being called back to earth (into the ‘real world’) right now to demonstrate the truth of love on the earth plane, in the physical body and in day to day life.  Living on this level of density is excrutiating for many.  It’s excrutiating for everyone, it’s just that some are living so completely in the truth of love that they KNOW it’s excrutiating.  Others completely suppress the knowing. There’s many, many people at various points on the continuum.

Which gets me, finally, to my point.  This is a connect the dots type of point so stay with me.  (Pretty appropriate since aboriginal art traditionally uses many dots to create an image).

Human Design Transit Chart 25 August 2008

Jupiter is doing a square dance with Eris.  Eris is in the Ego Centre.  As is Saturn.  Eris is the Goddess of Discord and she sits in a place where we build an identity based on what we possess – people, houses, cars, clothes, academic qualifications, jobs.  She sits in a place where we believe everything can be bought if we have the price in cold hard cash. The guy with the money gets the girl.

As your ability to create a life based on this old paradigm slips through your fingers, this type of possession-based identity is no longer available to us.  It is likely that your sense of identity is shifting so fast and hard now that you are losing a sense of what’s real.

Jupiter will not allow us to expand beyond the new structures being created by Saturn and the new structures are coming from within us, from our hearts.

Holding on tightly will just give you sore fingers.  This gate encourages us to look beyond the economy, to look beyond the material world and to find, amidst the discord and chaos, what is real and what creates our personal sense of power.

I can barely write about this energy because it is so strong so I’m trying to set it out simply and then maybe I can explain it better over the next week or so.

Be aware that this point is crucial to how you will proceed in life over the next few months.  As synchronicity appears to desert us and we are thrown more and more back onto our own inner resources, you can ALWAYS find what you need if you go within yourself.

I had to drive around town FOUR TIMES!! to get a parking spot over the weekend.  This from the woman who a few weeks ago drove into town during a huge festival with an influx of 15,000 people in our small village and parked right outside the place where I needed to meet my son.  Yesterday I was like, excuse me???  My head was spinning with the chaotic nature of not being able to park my car where I needed.  And the great thing was that it showed me how much I had come to take this level of ease for granted.  It will return, but apparent synchronicity is not proof right now that you’re on the right track.  Go within and check into your heart, that’s where you’ll find your direction.

Never believe that your inner self is ineffective, lazy, indolent or futile.  It is, as I have been saying, of immense power.  Saturn is building new life structures that will hold our new identities, our new hearts of love, safe and well.  Trust that what you feel within you is more real that what is breaking up and flying free around you.  That is the old world leaving stage left.  You still have many wonderful scenes to play.

Mars is still hovering in the vicinity of powerful multidimensional black holes that warp and shift our consciousness about how to get from point A to point B.  The old pathways no longer work so we need to take one step after another and create new ones.  Anger arises from old material still held in our psyche, but it is not useful except to show where we have been allowing ourselves to be disrespected in the past.  Remember, Mars is still sitting in the upper echelons of the Heart Chakra, telling us that what appears obvious, is neither obvious nor even true anymore.

Relationships with people and money are nonsensical just now, shifting so far from the known that we are lost without a compass.  With Chiron, the sensitive wounded part of us, still in the Heart Chakra, the energy is emotional.  Stay well and happy in the  moment.  That’s the truth for now.  Cherish each other.  Connect with the truth of the earth and nature.  We are creating a new world, with some help from Altjira the emu-footed Sky God.

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