Human Design System transit chart for 18th September 2012



I wonder what will happen when the Moon passes over Saturn today in a Gate that’s all about renewing society.  Gate 50 represents the vessel for transformation of society and culture, it also represents new beginnings and new “rulers”.

Mars is currently in the Dragon Gate – Gate 1.


[box] The dragon is in full flight, creative force released into full expression. Clouds follow him and the crops grow. It is the right time and place to act. Now the whole creative force is available. It’s the time to connect with people with inner and outer vision, to lend direction to the power available, and to realise it on the ground in real, human ways.  adapted from Hilary Barrett I Ching[/box]


Mars is creating a channel with the South Node that connects the Ji Centre with the Throat.  This means we all get to connect with our own creative being – the individual genius within each one of us that rises up from our heart and connects with the world.

But it means more than that.  The Gate of Seeking Union (8) at the top of the channel is about seeking out a sense of belonging and connection with others.   I find it fascinating that this is sometimes known as the gate of the managing agent.  We’ve been conditioned to believe we are all competing in a marketplace, rather than collaborating in the flow of universal creation.  This transit shifts that perspective.  Trusting in the synchronicity of natural connections releases us from the need to make ourselves small enough to compete on a ‘level playing field’ and releases us into a larger world of possibilities.

In this place each one of us is special, cherished, valued.



Saturn in Gate 50 line 2 says:  You have something real here.  It is of genuine solid value and no one, not even those afflicted people who can’t see it, no one can change that. 

Life on earth as we know it is changing and Saturn in Gate 50 is an activator for that change, at the level of society and culture.  Cherishing what you hold dear is an important part of that activation.

There’s no need to rush, allow the fullness of life to woo you today.  The Earth is not only our mother, she is also our lover.  And she knows what gifts you long to share.

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.