This webinar is over, but you can find out about the Asteroid PlayGroup here. 

Registration is now open for the May Webinar – An Introduction to Using Asteroids In Human Design.

It’s on Friday 4th May at 11am AEST – here’s your local time.

One of the reasons my Human Design work is so accurate is because I use Asteroids, both in personal sessions and when interpreting the transits.

We know how precise Human Design can be.  Asteroids add even more precision.  They are an astonishing tool for understanding the underlying stories of our lives. People are often amazed at how closely their lives have followed the mythical versions of the main asteroids in their design.

There’s another reason why I love to use Asteroids in Human Design.  Unlike the standard planets we find in our chart, the asteroids carry strong feminine archetypal energies.

Pandora, Isis, Psyche, Juno, Kassandra, Ophelia, Vesta … the list goes on and on! Here is a rich vein of understanding of the feminine self that just isn’t present in the standard chart.

In the past week I’ve also been working with two asteroids from the masculine side of consciousness – Hephaistos and Rumpelstiltskin (which is currently transiting in Gate 63 in the Head Centre), and I’ll be sharing some information about these and Eros and Hidalgo as well.

I offer the monthly webinars by donation.  You can pay any amount that makes you happy, from as little as $1 to as much as you want.  It’s your choice!


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