Last week was shocking, literally, as we inched away from old embodied trauma and edged towards something less constrained and more truly alive.

This was partly courtesy of the Earth in the Gate of Shock – Gate 51.  It released something tender within us that we’ve been working very hard to keep safe.  Try as we might, we couldn’t get these aspects of self integrated into the world and so we blamed ourselves and hid them away.  Deeply away!

Today the Sun moves into the Gate of Increase and the Earth paves the way for Saturn in the Gate of Duration (32). Saturn moves to Gate 32 in a few days time.

There’s an untangling going on, and as we slowly begin to move our bodies in a new way these hidden parts of self come unstuck.  Like magic, they suddenly see how to be everything they’ve always wanted to be.

The key to all this change is in the asteroids – and in particular, some asteroids that indicate the hidden or unseen aspects of self.   Time to step into the limelight  …..    Ophelia, Pandora and Hephaistos, Pan, Metis and Pallas Athene.

Ophelia is a gentle and trusting soul who gets lost amidst the politicking.  She’s currently conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Opposition (38).

Pandora (in Gate 46.5) is aligned with the Super Galactic Centre (46.4) and is finally opening that box filled to the brim with her natural abundance, no longer convinced that she will damage the world irreparably if she dares peer beneath the lid.

Hephaistos, the only male Olympian who didn’t get a planet named after him ( Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune did much better in the naming stakes!),  represents the lost masculine.  Just now, in Gate 23.3, Hephaistos is disconnecting from what no longer works for him, letting go of pushing ahead with things that threaten all our tomorrows.  No longer toppling trees, he is deep in the untouched forest, where life is in balance with death and there is no need to struggle to survive.   (From Bradford Harcher)

Let’s also say hello to Pan, in Gate 27.2 adjoining Saturn in the Gate of Establishing New Dynasties (50).  Pan brings us the nourishment of that same deep forest, and music that reminds us of magic.  Pan is the true Capricorn energy, working in conjunction with Pluto to change business on this planet.  It’s much more wild, authentic and integrated.  Not a business suit or tie to be seen in Pan’s world!

And then there’s Metis, Goddess of Wisdom and the mother of Pallas Athene, who’s paternity has hidden her real roots which arose from the triple goddess.   Metis is currently transiting with Vesta in the Gate of Shock (51), reminding us that we need these incredible sensitive and aware physical vehicles if we are to love living on this beautiful planet.  Our bodies ARE part of the planet.  Pushing ahead from our unintegrated ego suceeds only in draining our resources and dousing our creative flame.  We are designed to celebrate the voice of thunder, to dance with and create from the raw power of nature, not fear it.

And last but not least, let’s not forget Eris, who was snubbed and not invited to the party!  The Sun will be conjunct Eris on Wednesday 11th April at 1pm UT, in Gate 42 line 2.

This is a time to let go of doubts, bad feelings, unworthiness or anything else that gets in the way of the blessings heading your way.

The channel to the spirits is open, the response is clear and true.  Nothing –  no doubts, confusions or ‘bad signs’ – can ever overrule such confirmation.   You have a blessing of unshakeable intrinsic value and it is good to respond with fluid steadfastness, to invest your whole true self.  

Hilary Barret, I Ching – Gate 42 line 2

It’s as if these invisible aspects of ourselves have been locked away in our own individual hell, and now have suddenly reached out and taken the hand of the person next to us.  The trauma is still in our cells, not fully released, and we don’t yet know how to create a world that’s gentle and creative and alive enough for us to live in.  But we’re on our way, and we’re doing it together.

We are coming out to play.


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