New Moon – 8th February 14:38 UT, 9:38 Eastern US



It’s time to get real. We have a profoundly transformational year ahead of us. You are restlessly eager to be underway and initiate change.

But we can’t just up sticks and click our heels together and get to where we want to be. There is a process. It involves learning new skills. And then applying those skills.

The number one skill set coming on the wings of February’s New Moon is to let go of how things should be. Ideas, rules, conditions. Even a belief that you know where you are now and where you are going. This week may feel confusing. Disorienting. But only because you may be living still bound by the fetters of your past. How things should be, rather than a clear eyed look at how they are.  Be prepared to have the facts put squarely before you. These are areas of your life that you need to address now, you’re ready grasshopper! In fact, where in the past you have avoided them, now you crave having them resolved. It’s because you have arrived …..

At the Heart of the Labyrinth

mymaze_2010_tudor_labyrinthThere is another deeper thread woven through this New Moon.

On a personal day to day level it looks like this. When I have my own (mortal) ideas about what outcomes I am invested it, want to achieve, deserve, etc, I step out of the flow of universal energy (goddess/god). I can choose to be mortal (out of the flow) or a goddess/god (aligned with the flow).

For you personally, watch to discover what it might feel like when you step out of conversation with the divine to pursue your own mortal goals. Be aware of the possibility of greater relationship (clue – it feels at first like vulnerability)

This is a New Moon full of complexities, and at their very heart is the labyrinth. Asteroids Europa, Ariadne and Minos are all part of one big family with a monstrous secret – they have given birth to a monster and have hidden it at the centre of the labyrinth, hoping no one will ever discover their shame.

New Moon in the Gate of Revolution

The Sun and Moon are in the Gate of Revolution. We also find Damocles (you had the power all along my dear!) and Kassandra (what’s important is that you believe in yourself and what you know to be true).

We are not bringing change for it’s own sake, but restoring harmony. We can attune to our own light of awareness, clear and unambiguous, at the centre of everything.

The New Moon is in line 1, so we are dealing with a foundational energy, a desire to put down roots and establish a new order. But the Gate of Revolution, Gate 49, is only the first tentative step. We are setting out, not arriving. How do we put down roots to hold us intact for a long stay here?


This is such a complex New Moon, full of rich symbolism and massively evolving archetypes. You can read the full post on MyDivine.Design.

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