KellyVivancoTimes when everything seems to be falling away can be frightening. This is one of those times, but not a time to be afraid.  This week’s New Moon brings success.  It pushes us towards much needed changes by thawing parts of us that have been frozen to death.

Right now it can feel like we’re between a rock and a hard place.  The rock prevents us going back to what’s known and comfortable.  The hard place is new and seemingly full of risks.  Here be dragons!  Quite literally.  Both Mars and Saturn are in the dragon gate in the Human Design chart – Gate 1, the Gate of The Creative.  Hilary Barrett describes it like this:

The dragon is in full flight, creative force released into full expression. Clouds follow him and the crops grow.  This is the right time and place to act.


Saturn is structure, Mars is bold action.   If Saturn has the upper hand, our will can be paralysed.  If Mars has the upper hand we can waste our energy rebelling against authority and achieve nothing of personal significance.  Together they are a supreme team for making changes to our lives by trusting our passionate heart.  This is the voice of the divine inviting us to embody our spirit, mix it with our humanity and bring our longings to life.

The Sun and Moon are both in the Gate of Dispersion (59.3).  Margaret Pearson says of this gate:

At such times we need to make sacrifices [of our old habits and comfort zones] and to draw near to sources of spiritual and moral success.  By seeking guidance and gathering with like minded people we can initiate great changes.

Hilary Barrett adds:

Everything solid is swept away.  The familiar landmarks are gone.  Perhaps this liberates the vital energy of the situation, or perhaps it’s utterly disorienting.  Let your decisions flow from your essential underlying source.

Your little self can disperse now, as you quietly enter into a larger and deeper truth, one where your independence and what you stand for are no longer important.  As your identity disperses and expands, there is nothing to be anxious about.  Nothing real is lost.

The Confidence To Risk Changing

I’ve spent this week speaking to people about how their long held dreams are coming alive.  There is a call to take action on them, to make them real.  This can be challenging, particularly for women, who tend to lack confidence in their capacity to create real meaningful change.  Women have been taught a level of passivity and even the most successful women tend to seek approval in order to feel safe in the world.

In their book The Confidence Code, Katthy Kay and Claire Shipman tell how a lack of confidence  leads the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde to overcompensate in her job.

“Angela Merkel and I have talked about it,” she confided.  “We have discovered that we both have the same habit.  When we work on a particular matter, we will work the file inside, outside, sideways, backwards, historically, genetically and geographically.  We want to be completely on top of everything and we want to understand it  all and we don’t want to be fooled by somebody else.” 

What hope do mere mortal women have?  And yet, it is a time in the evolution of consciousness when women are being called to step out into the world in an entirely new way.  The Economist magazine recently called female economic empowerment the most profound social change of our times.

What makes this a big deal right now is Ceres creating a channel with Pluto.  Ceres is symbolic of the Eleusinian Mysteries, an inititiation into life and death that dates back to 1500BC.   The Mysteries took evil and replaced them with good, giving possession of happier hopes for the future.  Initiates surrender or sacrifice (giving up of our existing form), connect with the divine and are gifted a renewed life and sense of purpose in the world.  It is similar to the ideas we associate with Pluto – death and rebirth.

In The Gate of Great Exceeding (28) Ceres asks us where we are holding onto an area of our lives that we’ve outgrown.  All that is possible has already been done, learned, experienced.  There’s nothing nourishing left and yet we keep on, like a dog chewing on an old bone. We focus on the grief and sense of loss, rather than the opportunity.


This is a time for changing your form –

a deeply transformative process of letting go of who you believe you are,

 seeking new roads and new friends. 


Pluto adds to a whole range of influences saying the same thing – you need to go outside your comfort zone, seek new guides, mentors, advisors and friends.  There is something you need to see and learn and you won’t do that sitting at home in front of the television.  Break out of what’s known and get yourself off to find what’s calling you.  Take the risk when your essential self says .. YES! That’s it!!

A vital aspect of Ceres is self valuing.  What are you worth? Can you stand as a mature adult in the world and hold to your own truth? What message does your soul have for the world?

This is a pivot point.  It’s particularly potent for women because of the Ceres/Pluto connection, but it affects all of us.  There’s confusion here, as there always is when we are face to face with the unknown.  Mercury tells us that it’s important not to pull back in an attempt to gain some self-assurance.   Our confidence is only gained by taking some action right now, no matter how small.  Each step will open us up to new insights and ideas.  These new ideas about ourselves and our potential may shock and amaze us.  But if we are listening to our heart rather than chasing down what will help us feel safe again,  it will be a step in the right direction.


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Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.