Longing for Intimacy

The major theme here is twofold. Firstly, we long to be embraced by something warm and loving, to feel included and recognised and to have intimacy as part of our everyday lives. Many of us don’t have that now. And it is essential to life, so it’s lack can bring up painful feelings of loneliness and longing.

Look Up For The Light

It seems impossible for us to make the necessary changes in time, they seem so overwhelming – politically, environmentally, personally. But there is a small opening over the next few days that can completely shift our perspective.

Committing to Self Compassion

We are releasing so much past trauma from our cells, and gradually, very gradually, learning that we have the capacity to keep ourselves safe as we open out to new experiences, as we discover new capacities within us.

My Flourishing Business PlayGroup

The Flourishing Business PlayGroup brings you the latest cutting edge research in the cross over between personal development, spiritual growth and business. Plus you get access to the astonishing precision of your Human Design to align you with your unique strengths and gifts.

Owning the Creative Power of Chaos

The world we know was being held in place by our collective agreement to believe in a mechanistic universe. We saw it as such, and so it was. That very concept is post-mechanistic. Quantum mechanics tells us quite clearly that we see what we expect to see. Reality is what we make it.