Intending, Healing, Creating

23rd July 2011

There is no doubt we are in interesting times, and not quite what many of us would have imagined a decade or more ago when we contemplated the possibilities of the shift we are now moving through.  And yet, how extraordinary not just to be here, but to know that something profound is happening around us.  Something other than fear and crisis, debt and terrorism, disease and famine.

Ceres, Famine and Innocence Un-nourished

Speaking of famine, my open G Centre has been so affected by Ceres moving into the Gate of Innocence (25) and passing over the Aries Point (which she did on 12th July), that at times I’ve felt my chest would crumble.  Or perhaps burst open like in the movie Alien!  Ceres represents all manner of nourishment, feeding, receiving love, eating disorders, agriculture, the culture of food.  And famine.  And just as she arrived at the Aries Point ((0 degrees Aries) to begin a new cycle, the UN declared that Somalia was officially in famine.

At the time, Ceres was opposite Nemesis (46.2) who can represent our old and well known enemy, the darkness that we can’t seem to escape from. This gate tells us to open our hearts and give what we can even if we feel it is a drop in the ocean and can’t possibly do any good. We may not rush off to join Volunteers Abroad.  We may not even donate money.  What’s important here is our intention to share the experience rather than any huge practical engagement.

Ceres was also trine the Moon conjunct Chariklo (34.1).  The power of Chariklo in this position is that she is able to hold a healing space without the need to rush into action.  Her benefit comes from waiting for clarity on the bigger picture, rather than putting a lot of energy into short term but perhaps ultimately unhelpful measures.

On a personal level, we have had to look within our own hearts to see what short term measures we have learnt to use to protect ourselves from ‘famine’ and ‘civil war’, and the consequent inability to connect with what truly nourishes us.  A personal example – in the morning when I’m writing our two cats usually like to come in and curl up with me.  I was quite shocked to realise that this is deeply comforting to me, but that I was always on edge about it (not consciously, I’ve only just realised this!) because somewhere along the line I have taken on a belief that it’s wrong (dirty) to have animals in the house. Relaxing into their gentle comforting presence without that underlying anxiety makes me want to cry with relief.  Every time I do this lately I feel like I am releasing milleniums worth of self denial.

Really allow yourself to test out everything in your life to see what truly nurtures you.  Remember Ceres is in the Gate of Innocence and so this is a very gentle, quiet, even vulnerable energy.   What makes your heart (in the centre of your chest and the middle of your back) feel content?   This is your own personal healing. Chariklo (daughter of Chiron) gives each one of us a powerful opportunity to use our own energy (she’s in the Sacral Chakra) for our own nurturance.   As our own personal famine begins to abate, the dark mass of people in Somalia will have less reason to play out the drama on behalf of humanity.

Salacia the Runaway Bride

Now to something at the other end of the global spectrum – runaway royal brides.  Our newest dwarf planet candidate, Salacia, was the unwilling bride of Neptune.  Apparently feeling herself unworthy, Salacia took off and hid in the ocean to avoid marriage.  Neptune sent the dolphins to find her and in the end all was well.  There are some benefits of being King of the Deep!

Salacia in the Gate of Bringing the Darkness to the Light (36) was activated by Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Snow White on 24th June and a few days later news reports started coming out about another runaway bride.  South African Charlene Wittstock was reported to have tried to flee Monaco three times to avoid marrying Prince Albert.  On the day of the wedding, Salacia was making aspects to the Sun, Moon, Makemake, the Nodes, the Galactic Centre and Sedna (another unwilling bride who ended up in the ocean).  Oh and she was directly opposite Juno, Roman Goddess of Marriage and another dwarf planet candidate, who was conjunct Makemake in Gate 6.3 at the time.

Let me tell you what Gate 6 line 3 is about – the power of an ancient hereditary monarchy.  True!  And the commentary suggests that there is no escape.  The best thing to do is to allow this power to nurture you rather than trying to run away.   Prince Alberts PR team were adamant that the runaway bride stories were not true, but if you happened to see any pictures of the wedding … well I wouldn’t say it’s characterised by the warmth and intimacy we’ve seen in other recent royal weddings in London and Denmark.  There were also reports that immediately after the wedding Prince Albert had to go off to have a paternity test and so the lovebirds spent their first night of marriage apart.

Maybe that's just her natural facial expression?


23rd July

Today’s chart brings the potential for a huge and sudden shift, probably experienced initially as chaos.  The Moon is about to move into Gate 3 – Chaos and Confusion at the Beginning, creating a channel with the Earth in the Gate of Limitation (60). This channel is known as the Channel of Mutation, a format energy of on and off pulsing that switches us to sudden chaotic change.  This is a 6 hour window created by the Moon (UT 22nd July at 22:00 to 23rd July at 9:00).  This is what I call a ‘birthing channel’ – it runs between the Sacral (creation) and the Root (physical manifestation).  The Earth in the Gate of Limitations calls on us to honour our humanity and our physical connection to the time and space dimensions of this planet.  Sometimes things just take time.

And after leaving Gate 3, the Moon smoozes on up to Gate 23 in the Throat Centre.  This is the Gate of Splitting Apart, again characterised by chaos.  Current home of transiting Sedna, this is a powerful energy of dissolution of old outworn roles and responsibilities as defined by others.  Sedna seeks to bring us back to what is real – community and the nourishment we share with each other and the planet.

Mercury is taking the Sacral energy up towards the G Centre, meeting the Super Galactic Centre in Gate 46.  This is on the Libran point and is always seeking connection and balance but Gate 29 at the Sacral is in the Abyss, feeling as if there is danger on all sides.  Try as we might, the cliff walls of the abyss keep us locked into a certain route.  We might aspire to be elsewhere, but here we are.  We might feel that we should be out in the open – loving, relating, free and happy.  But this is a journey and we can’t get there in one single bound, or leap to the perfect outcome without effort.  Mercury advises us to seek only small gains, what is available to us in the here and now.  Trust that each small step you take is perfectly aligned with the outcome you want.

And finally, look at that Ajna Centre, lit up like a christmas tree in July! Jupiter has moved to Gate 24 at the top.  This is the gate of Returning, coming back again and again to an idea, trying to find a solution.  It asks us to follow our own path very closely, to see what is beginning to germinate.  And it asks us not to fear that we are heading back the wrong way just because we seem to have to deal with some issues from the past as we move forward.  We aren’t back there, just cycling out into a new level of the spiral.





20th July 2011

As the moon passes over the Piscean gates of Grace (22) and Darkening of the Light (36) today, there may be intense emotional experiences that drag us back into the past. How can you be present with this process and at the same time be totally accepting, loving and compassionate to the part of you that is learning how to be in an entirely new reality?

This is the balancing act that Saturn in the Gate of the Well (48) asks of us. The well is clear and the water is fresh and clean, we can allow our guiding awareness to be strong and bright enough to illuminate its depths, to nourish us.


As Jupiter shifts to the Gate of Returning today, we can accept that we are on the right pathway but may be looking back rather than forwards. Although we may feel blocked just now we can trust that at the very least we are able to put down our roots into the field of possibilities.





17th July 2011

Something small, vulnerable and determined is holding a space within us. Yesterday was a watershed, when we stepped away from a defensive position, a limited view of reality. Today that seed, sensitive and new, holds our attention and we can risk everything to nourish it’s growth.


Venus in Gate 53 is creating a channel with Eris in 42.  This is a time of healing and recuperation from the experiences of being ignored for our best efforts, or being blamed when they didn’t turn out quite how we’d planned.  Be aware of how guilt pressures you to do more, to try to fix things, to try to make things better simply through the force of your own energy.

Right in this moment you have every opportunity to be balanced and in harmony with yourself.  Anything else is an illusion, keeping us treading convoluted and apparently never ending pathways to goodness.


15th July 2011

Today’s Full Moon reunites mother and child in complete and unreserved sharing of loving presence, a true connection of souls and a blessing in itself without the need for any further meaning (61.2)  This connection gives us a new safe ground from which to venture out and explore the world anew.  It represents the repairing of an ugly rent in humanities ‘mother matrix’, allowing us to begin a renewal of our full and loving connection with the earth.


What Can A Blind Eye See?

Our own native son James Murdoch is being hoisted on his own petard as his claims to know nothing about the phone hacking going on in his News Corp in the UK turns around and bites him squarely on the bum.   Apparently it’s not just about what James actually knew, it’s also about what he should have known.  It’s called CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Messrs Murdoch!  And it takes into account not just your actions, but also your omissions.

Of course it’s not just the Murdoch’s who have suddenly been asked to see what they have previously been blind to.  We are all in the same boat.  Yesterday, as Uranus went retrograde, Ceres moved into Aries and Venus moved into Gate 39 and triggering the potent Neptune, Chiron, Snow White configuration in Gate 55, all the fury of those living in the illusion that someone else would take care of them if they followed the rules, was released into the world.

Mars continues in that very significant Gemini Throat Gate 35, the one that allows us to make easy progress so long as we agree to connect with deep seated and uncomfortable emotions.  Right now we are being asked to trust ourselves as we never have before, to dance a new creation with no guarantees of how we will be met and received in that place other than what we know in our own heart.  New minor planet Salacia – Neptune’s unwilling bride – is in Gate 36.2.  Philip Sedgwick gives these keywords for Salacia:

Positive – driven, determined, resourceful, able to work with the unseen, chaste, pure, calm, sensational

Negative – salacious, ostrich-like – hiding to avoid commitment or confrontation, relationship phobic, exaggeration, distortion of facts and visions, projection, hyperbolizing

Back to the News of the World for a moment, it encapsulates everything that is shifting and changing just now.  Since the story broke a few days ago, James and Rupert have repeatedly made the outrageous statement that their number one priority is to protect the one woman executive involved (and strongly implicated) in this drama.  What is that about?  Business journalists around the world are scratching their heads and saying ‘Are they nuts?  Their whole multi-billion dollar organisation is on the line and that’s their number one priority??”

I suspect that Salacia is a part of this dynamic and that it is also being affected by Saturn’s current trine to Pallas (in 19).  Pallas is a dwarf planet candidate so she’s not an inconsiderable energy in the chart.  In addition to being trine Saturn (old structures, Rupert Murdoch and other patriarchal influences), she’s also trine Ophelia and in a channel with Damocles and Nessus.  Read more about Ophelia’s Solution.

Pallas Athene could be seen as an attempt by an unsure young patriachy to co-opt a token of the old matriarchy to help it feel safe on it’s journey to adulthood.  They dressed her up as the daughter,  but really she was their only link home and they needed her much more than they ever let on.   This explains why she is the last port of call for the old patriarchal energies –  there’s an instinctive sense that she’s the mother ship, they’re last chance for survival.  All this, when it looks on the surface like they’ve perhaps just gone a bit dotty over a youngish woman who should really be sacked and handed over to the police with her male colleagues.

The second thing is the interlocking parts to this story.  Scotland Yard didn’t follow up because, well they need the media to make the police look good.  The politicians didn’t follow up because, well ditto really.  I mean who on the planet can afford to upset Rupert?  Thanks to one lone Labour MP in the UK Parliament who kept banging on about this for years, until finally it’s come to light.   And that light reveals the complex and unexamined web of relationship that has kept the entire structure of the patriarchy invisible and intact. Until now.

Expect further unravelling as the new energy of Saturn throws out the old rule book and calls for personal responsibility and Pluto asks to see where the money and power have been squirrelled away.   We about to discover what a blind eye really can see!




12th and 13th July 2011

All you have is your transformative imagination; use it to dance a new pathway. Bring this dance into every experience and every relationship today. Don’t allow the old dead structures to contain you. They no longer provide you with a true home and it’s time to venture out beyond the gate.


When Uranus screams for freedom from restriction, the Sun says … dude! it’s okay, we just have to stay close to the ground, not overreach ourselves or react too quickly. If we do these things we risk moving beyond supportive connections and what we thought was freedom will become isolation.

Today the moon passes over the Galactic Centre (11) and the Sun in 62 joins Uranus retrograde in 17. Electrical new energy buzzes around us.


12th July 2011

As Uranus goes retrograde I can almost hear the howls of protest from those who want to take advantage of the freedom he offers without having done the hard Saturnian yards towards self responsibility. Together they are an unbeatable team offering higher realisation. Watch for authority issues, blaming others rather than stepping up, and constant struggles to maintain old structures rather than breaking free into a new and potentially less stable reality.

Ceres moves into Aries today and this will shift the energy for us all as we break out of an old cycle of abuse of the gentle, vulnerable and childlike within each one of us. Ceres is currently forming part of the Grand Cross – along with Pluto in 58 (Cap), Saturn in 48 (Lib) and Venus in 39 (Cancer). Ceres will be returning to Pisces in August though, so she’s not done clearing out our childhood closets yet!



A Blessing From The Earth Mother

Today is auspicious.  Today we are blessed by the mother energy.  Not the false distorted mother energy most of us have grown up with and no doubt expressed in our own mothering experiences.  This is a blessing from the Deep Earth and Galactic Centre that tells us – the true mother energy is always there, always available to us.


It’s not something we need to seek outside ourselves, through our actions or circumstances. Just be still for a moment and allow yourself to receive it. No matter where you are, or what you are doing.  This is a 24/7 thing!  It is deeply nurturing, completely unconditional, and holds us in a place of relaxed acceptance and authenticity.  All you and I need to do is breathe it in and allow it to touch each one of our cells.  We are anchoring the blessing of the true Earth Mother energy in it’s holographic form.  It’s time to open our cells to activate it’s true coding.  Holographic, because this is a universal force of love and protection and nurturing, and we are holding it’s keys here as the children of earth.



Tipping The World On It’s Axis

7th July 2011

For the past 5 days we’ve had an experience of finding obstruction and opposition and working out whether they do truly threaten our existence or whether we can gracefully move beyond them.  There’s a giving up of the small version of the story here, and a maturation into a part of ourselves with greater scope and vision.  It seems impossible, but somehow today we realise that what seemed yesterday to be a threat is really a blessing.

As a whole slew of planets move into new gates today, there is a complete change of scenery.  Sun, Earth, Mercury, Mars and Venus will all shift from the last line – line 6 –  in this morning’s gates, into the first line – line 1 – in their new gates by this evening.

I suspect it might feel a bit like everything we’ve worked so hard for has come tumbling down and we are having to start from scratch.  Or it could just feel incredibly refreshing!

With Mercury in the Gate of Retreat (33) and Venus in the Gate of Keeping Still (52), it’s not so much about pushing forward.  More like making progress by understanding what has made you feel unsafe and uneasy.  Mars in the Gate of Progress (35) calls for steady determination, rather than fight or flight.

The Sun and Earth are still moving through their Cancer/Capricorn phase in the Root Centre.  They are in slow and steady Gates 53 and 54, looking to find a way to improve their lot.  The Root Centre deals with fear, and just now the theme is progress – fear of progress, fear that blocks progress.  It’s very likely to be an aspect of community or relationship that has been frightening for you up till now, appearing to be a threat.

You have arrived at a border, a transition into new territory where people must create new ways to live together.  For this to become a true home it needs a framework of clear relationships and boundaries.  It is only within that framework that the child – whatever is small, vulnerable and growing – can be cared for and protected.  So though the negotiations may be fraught or defensive, it is certainly not a mistake to work this out.  The child has no safe place until an agreement is reached.

Hilary Barrett – Gate 53 Line 1 (Sun)

As Ceres approaches 0 degrees Aries in the Gate of Innocence she calls forth all the deepest aspects of the mother/child relationship within us to be healed.  It’s the past, but feels like it’s coming around again. This is because anything left, anything we have tried to skip over or haven’t dealt with completely, is giving us another chance to come home to it.

Making progress is not the same thing as clearing blockages – not when you can simply walk past them, disentangled and move on.

Hilary Barrett – Gate 25 line 1 (Ceres)

This is a period of immense healing of the human story.  The family dynamic forms the basis of our consciousness.  Our relationship to God/The Universe is shaped by our experience of the omnipotent mother and father, and our siblings teach us about group relating.  We take this template through our lives and create more from them – communities, governments, economies.  As we slough off the toxicity of layer upon layer of ancient wrongs, we find ourselves flung into a new way of being.

There is a huge energy of waking up just now – Circe in Gate 51, Snow White in 55, Ophelia in 18.  What has been done to us in the past is real, and it can feel terrible.  We may have been lulled into believing it was acceptable, or that it was the only thing we could recognise as love, no matter how abusive or neglectful it truly was.  Perhaps we are only just becoming fully aware of how terrible these experiences have been.  Mars gives us the strength just now to face the emotional issues and make progress on behalf of the child who was left homeless and forced out into the world to make his or her own way.  It’s not the world we thought it was.  New connections create new love, new life.  And the world tips on it’s axis as we find each other.





4th July 2011

You may feel today that you are in the wrong place. You itch to be elsewhere, somewhere were you are safer and more truly connected. But this sense of discomfort is not a sign that you are in the wrong place, simply that you need to look inside yourself to your authentic presence to find out what you truly want and where you truly want to be. Then you will know what to do next to move past today’s sense of struggle.



Ophelia’s Solution

It’s so fascinating to have found myself suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into the world of business at this time.  I am up at 6.30 every morning and off to work rather than sitting in the sun with a cup of tea writing my blog.  How did that happen??

It’s not a permanent thing. A friend asked me a few weeks ago to be on the Board of a local not-for-profit organisation and it turned out that it was in crisis and I was “johnny on the spot” with the skill set needed to steer it through the worst of it and out the other side.  I hope it will only be about another week.  The synchronous thing is that this organisation has the potential to dovetail neatly with some wonderful plans I have been nurturing for the expansion of understanding of Human Design!

But now it’s Sunday morning and here I am sitting in the sun (well glimpses of sun anyway) with a cup of tea writing my blog. 🙂  What an extraordinary time it’s been and will continue to be.  As I write this, the Moon is passing over Mercury which is activating a channel with the North Node and the Galactic Centre.  If you’re having trouble thinking straight, remembering things or talking, that’s why!  The Moon will be exactly conjunct Mercury at 23.56 UT today (2nd July).  It’s a chance to slough off any ideas about who’s in charge of your life and feel more at home in the big picture.

I expect the next week to bring something of a showdown between what we might call the old order and the new way of being.  It’s not so much the old order that’s being dismantled, as the dissolving of the groupthink matrix that allowed it to operate largely unhindered.  All the big planets are getting a run just now and the effect is to lift the veil on the abuses that have been considered acceptable ‘collateral damage’ to a way of life that has proven ultimately to be designed to feed prosperity ever upwards to those at the top while leaving those further down devastated.

I’m just reading a series of articles by Mikio Kaku on the issues facing three nuclear plants in the US,  While we’ve been told that nuclear energy is very safe, a fire is threatening the reactor at Los Alamos and now we find that “In 2009, the Department of Energy issued a report, stating that fire fighters are not well trained to handle the sophisticated equipment and radioactive waste stored at Los Alamos in case of an emergency.” It also turns out that radiation is being found way outside the expected area around Fukushima and tens of thousands more people are now being advised to evacuate.

The underlying issue here is that these power plants were never safe, just safe enough.  As Mikio Kaku points out, they were not designed to withstand the sort of weather events we are now experiencing.

This is scary, right?  I mean, if we can’t rely on our governments to make decisions that keep us safe, where does that leave us?   Well truly, it leaves us a whole lot better off.

Because what’s happening now is that a significant mass of people on this planet are no longer giving up their power to those who are not using it wisely on their behalf.

Of course I’m talking a lot about Pluto here – plutonium, nuclear power, personal power, underhanded dealings.  I’m not surprised that fire is threatening the Los Alamos plant, since fiery Mars is bringing Pluto to the Throat for expression just now.

As for the flooding that is threatening the Nebraska plants, look no further than Ceto (deep sea monster), Decaulion (the Greek Noah) and Poseidon in the Spleen Centre in the Scorpionic Gate 44, meeting minor planet Quaoar (new forms of creation) in Gate 26.  These planets are all connecting to Saturn and Pluto.

I just want to mention Ophelia again, because I think she is so very significant just now.  She is sitting in the Gate of Correcting Family Patterns (18). Right now, this gate is the bridge between transiting Saturn and Pluto.  I’ve been watching Ophelia very closely lately and my feeling is that she is the daughter who holds the potential for new life.  But she gets ignored by the apparently powerful men who are busy politicking, desperately trying to find a short term solution.  And because they are controlling the agenda via the groupthink matrix, no one sees the obvious way out of the difficulties, and Ophelia dies, carrying the child who represents a new start.

Sedna carries a similar story (see The Whale Rider video clip at the end of the page) and as she is in the Throat Centre, Sedna is also a part of this activation.  The difference now is that we have made huge leaps in our ability to see clearly, to resist the mesmeric quality of groupthink, and so as if by magic, Ophelia’s solution is showing itself to us.

But for now, what I really want to focus on is the astrological bad boys, Ixion and Nessus, both of whom are very active in the chart at the moment.  Ixion and Nessus both tell us something about traditional use of power against others.


Currently transiting in Gate 5.6, Ixion is generally considered to be a tyrant, the first mythological figure to spill kindred blood and a man with a tendency to treat women badly.

What strikes me most strongly about Ixion though, is that everything he did wrong was met with another wrongdoing by those in power.  He failed to pay the brideprice for Princess Dia and so her father stole Ixion’s horses.  He lusted after Hera and so Zeus tied him to a fiery wheel until he repented and was able to show gratitude to his benefactor.  While Prince Dia’s father and Zeus were certainly wronged benefactors, I find it fascinating that their retribution is usually interpreted as ‘karma’ rather than an act of power against Ixion to punish him for transgressions against them.  There’s a bit too much moral high ground here for my liking, and the mesmeric quality of personal aggrandisement by those in power being cleverly disguised as “fate”.

There’s another fascinating idea held within Ixion, and that is the inner and outer struggle between the civilized aspect of self (the Lapith’s in the mythology) and the wild and unruly and ultimately wounded self (the Centaurs).  It is reflected in the relationship between the civilized patriarchal world and the wild natural world. This is a theme I’ve also seen arising in Makemake’s sphere of influence.

In keeping with Ophelia’s themes turning up in the Gate of Correcting Family Patterns, Ixion deals with very long standing family feuds. In fact, it’s likely that it represents the history of all humanity in terms of it’s ongoing struggle to find a way to apply our own power and get along with each other. There is a resolution here of ancient ways of masculine relating. Ixion was from the family line of the god Aries, and so is strongly linked with soldiering and concepts relating to the warrior, as well as hotheaded action.

I should just mention that when it was first discovered in 2001, Ixion was in the Gate of Great Power (34.6) in the Sacral Chakra.  This is a gate that tends to push forward before thinking or feeling things through, like a goat butting it’s head mindlessly against a hedge that is blocking it’s way.   Venus moves into the adjoining Gate 15 today so I’m watching to see how that might affect the archetypal energies of Ixion.


Nessus is a Centaur, who’s orbit links up Saturn and Pluto.  Interesting connection to Ophelia again, she who is currently creating a bridge between Saturn and Pluto.   Nessus was another nasty creature who tended to rape and murder, reaching even from beyond the grave to exact his revenge.  Like Ixion, Nessus also has a link to the use of  power, in this case physical power.  His revenge against the strong man Hercules led to Hera granting Hercules immortality.  Nessus is currently in Gate 49.5 in the Solar Plexus Centre, in a channel with Pallas (19.6), Vesta (49.1), Damocles (49.3) and Icarus (49.5).  This is the Gate of Revolution  – a revolution that comes from allowing our true emotions to inform our relationships with others in our community.  More on Nessus.

I could go on and on with details, but I think I’ll just sum up what I’m seeing here.  We are looking at the underpinnings of the power of the global masculine.  On the surface it can still pass as self assured and in control, but only just!

Ceres has just moved into the Gate of Innocence.  On 12th July it will pass over the Aries Point (0 degrees Aries) in gate 25.3, completing a cycle that began back in March 2007.  There are two significant factors here.  Firstly this period has been a time for the relationship between mother and daughter to heal, allowing the archetypal daughter to reclaim her true creative potential, and the archetypal mother her power.

Secondly, we are cracking into the very heart of the wounded masculine here.  As the feminine has gradually regained her power, the exhausted and deeply frightened masculine can put down the mantle of the illusion of being the sole creator of life and rejoin humanity.

I was watching one of our Australian politicians being interviewed on television about the dangers of gas fracking a few weeks ago.  He was parroting the oil and gas industries line that the chemicals they are pumping into the water table are safe.  When asked if he knew what they were he replied that it was a commercial secret. So, said the interviewer, oil and gas companies are pumping chemicals into our precious water supplies and none of us know what they are.  Are you really comfortable with that? A look of sheer panic passed over the face of the politician.   As well it might!  Saturn, that bastion of patriarchal power, is in the Gate of the Well.  This gates invites us to drop deep down within ourselves to find our true nourishment and power, represented as clear, clean water.  For some it may seem easier to externalise that process by fracking, but that is not the truth and Saturn no longer supports that old rigid paradigm.

I’m expecting this last remaining aspect of the old masculine power base to put up a struggle over the next few days and it might look like things are getting really bad for all of us.  But the true power has shifted, the group think matrix is dissolving, and all you and I need to do is stay on course with the purity of our own heart (Ceres in the Gate of Innocence) and tune into grounding the energy of the big picture that is being revealed to us just now (Mercury joining the Galactic Centre).




2nd July 2011

Don’t buy into the struggle for survival that will burst onto the scene today. Rest into the present moment and allow the future to move towards you.



1st July 2011

You may need to break a few eggs today, crack a few taboos wide open and step over a few boundaries. You feel called to explore something and its okay to do whatever it takes to begin that journey. Remember that you can only stay grounded and true when you are unattached to the outcome.



30th June 2011

When we allow ourselves time to consider before we respond we shift out of a narrow fear based reaction and into a bigger picture. We’ve been trying to get there all along, but we haven’t given ourselves time to let things develop, to see their full potential. In a culture where we are supposed to have control of everything we’ve not had time to allow the feminine to flow into the gaps between the action and weave it’s co-creative magic. That’s changing and it will give us much more space, much more life and much more love.


Did you know there’s a total Venus eclipse today? It’s happening in Gate 12.3, when Venus conjuncts the Moon at 7.33 UT.

This placement shows where we have tried to things alone, or rushed forward too quickly. We’ve found ourselves feeling uncomfortable, as if we had become a stranger in a strange land, and perhaps we’ve felt ashamed. It’s time to enfold that shamed part, to embrace it and give it time to find it’s way around.


There’s another aspect of this line, that of suddenly seeing the influence of negative people in our lives and realising it doesn’t have to be that way.


Master Huang says that Hexgram 12 is all about the word ‘No’.  This word is important because, just as yin and yang complement each other, so do Yes and No. They are enfolded within each other, and in their interplay they create change.


Gate 12 teaches us how things can get out of balance, through us not flowing with the natural energy of yes and no.  I’ve been blessing the existence of Human Design in my life the past few weeks as I’ve ventured out into the business world. Even at the level of what I might call ‘aware’ or ‘spiritual’ business, people push constantly from their throat centres.  It’s difficult to function any other way really!


Our throats should be comfortable, relaxed and flowing with the energy.  Our words need to come naturally, freely and honestly.  When we try to fit into a system that forces us to manage our energy and our interactions to suit some external guidelines we are in a relationship of abuse with ourselves.  Gate 12 speaks especially of losing our own natural grace in order to take on a false and superficial grace.


Venus and the Moon in Gate 12.3 today provide us with a 95% Venus eclipse.  A magical event for sure!  Watch how your throat feels, when it wants to be still and when it feels naturally to flow.  Take some time to consider when you use a No energy and when you use a Yes energy and if these are natural or forced by the pressure of circumstances.


And most of all, enjoy the magic!



29th June 2011

Mars in Gate 16 and Ophelia in Gate 18 bring Saturn, Haumea and Pluto to the Throat where they meet Mercury and Uranus.

For two days, we find the passion and power to consciously step out of our agreement with old structures that force us to split off aspects of ourselves to fit into them. The way we have internalised the rules of families, work, government regulations, our minds and bodies are saying ‘no more’. Ask to find a better way to do things.


This is a dimensional doorway to shift out of believing we have no choice but to do things in a way that is abusive to each one of us, a shift into discovering that the ‘rules’ we have internalised are not real but a matrix of belief.



28th June 2011

28th June ~ How can we stay in our still point when we are constantly being pulled in all different directions? How can we respond to life dynamically without losing that connection? Don’t be drawn away from your own authentic responses today, even if they are messy or nonsensical. They will keep you grounded in a changing reality.


Ceres moves into the Gate of Innocence today (25). Finally shifting out of the emotional centre and into the heart space. Expect to experience a lightening and greater personal relationship between heart/body.


27th June 2011

Well the Facebook option obviously doesn’t work for everyone .. lol. I’m going to post them here as well. Here is yesterday and today. Blessings and enjoy!

27th June ~ Mercury joins Uranus and the Moon passes over Sedna, all at the Throat Chakra. A huge chance today to watch how we rush to react when we feel threatened rather than allowing the natural undoing to move us towards something real.

26th June ~ Pluto is transiting in Gate 58 – Joy – with the asteroid Child. The Sun is opposite this week, in Gate 52 – Keeping Still. This means that Child will be quite active, bringing deep transformation of where we became rigidly still in fear of what our own power might bring forth if we fully grounded it. Focus on authentic relating rather than trying to achieve specific outcomes.

‎26th June ~ As the Sun moves into the Gate of Keeping Still, yang is exhausted and must rest in order to recuperate and prepare for a new cycle. Rather than succumbing to the pressure to rush, feel your feet on the ground and become immersed in experiencing the flow of life. There is a natural time for keeping still and a natural time for action. We are shifting from self-expression to authentic conversation.


(These entries for 26th June apply all week)

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Creating a Post-Global Era of Love

13th June 2011

We are in the midst of an initiation, a spiritual growing up, that manifests as an inner healing and outer evolutionary expansion.  Here’s what’s going to happen over the next few weeks.

Let’s start by looking at the dwarf planet placements, because most of what is happening revolves around them.

Makemake and Ceres are tugging at our emotional strings, opposite each other in Gates 6 and 36.  These gates form an astrological square with the Galactic Centre up in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11, so they always create a powerful pressure to release the old and embrace something so new it’s not even on our radar.  These gates affect how we experience and express our emotions, and how we connect with others on the emotional/intimate/sexual/creative front.

Makemake is in a channel that takes all our emotional energy and feeds it through to the Sacral Chakra.  The gate it’s meeting up with is called Dissolution, and is about allowing dams to burst, freeing up blocked vitality.  The blockage is a defense mechanism, designed to prevent our creative energy being overwhelmed by emotional data.  But it’s no longer working for us, and has become like a rigid suit of armour that keeps us in reactive mode, using conflict and crisis to keep our true emotional responses at bay.

Ceres is bringing up deep emotional information, in the Gate of Bringing the Darkness to the Light.  This is a gate where we can feel as if our soul is locked up within our body (and see the correlation here with Makemake in Gate 6 where we our emotions are blocked in their connection with our vitality/creativity/sexual energy causing our energy to dam up).  This deep emotion is showing us where we have not received the nurturing we have needed, and where we have deep and hidden shame for not being good enough to receive love and nurturing.

The square with the Galactic Centre is made so much more significant due to the North Node being there as well.  The Galactic Centre squeezes all the old subconscious material out and then feeds in amazing new feelings and ideas.

Ceres differs to the other three dwarf planets – Makemake, Haumea and Quaoar – in that she orbits in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  She’s very much a part of our ancient earth journey, more of a known quantity.  However the other three have a more galactic flavour and when they are activated they intensify our evolutionary potential beyond the global.

I’ll mention Quaoar and Haumea as we go further along in our story.

So today, we have the Moon passing over Quaoar in Gate 26, the Sun and Mercury conjunct in 45.  The Centaur Pelion is in Gate 21, filling in that gap between the Heart Centre (red triangle) and the throat.  Persephone is also in Gate 45 today.

Quaoar brings order to chaos, and in the Gate of Taming Great Power it is asking us to trust heaven’s power to flow through us.

All the energy is released and the currents of change flow faster, deeper and more powerfully.  It’s beyond our capacity to understand where this is going, much less control it.  All we know is that it is strong and true and we can have confidence in it.

There is no security to be had in trying to stop the flow of energy, only those who move with it will flourish.

Hilary Barrett

The Centaur Ixion was conjunct Quaoar when it was first discovered back in 2002, and joins Quaoar in Gate 26 at the moment.  Ixion’s presence adds a possibility for healing, especially of violence and abuse within families through arrogant disregard of others and a desire to have our own way.  Ixion is willing to go back to the places of hurt and try again to dig down to find reconciliation and true connection.  We are moving out of an ancient abuse/crisis/sabotage loop that has been eating up our vital energy, and into a clearer energy of creation.

Tomorrow the Moon will pass over Gate 43 (UT 13th June,  8:00 till 17:00), triggering the Mars and Sedna activation in Gate 23.  During this activation, Mercury will be conjunct the South Node, bringing in the whole Makemake, Ceres and Galactic Centre energy.

Mars wants to just push and shove and make things happen, but every time he moves he seems to get caught in his own sticky web.  Those ancient underlying dynamics are coming to the surface and his only choice is to submit and surrender to the needs of the time.

The issues you face will be deeper and more far-reaching than you expected, but so too will be the eventual benefits of your actions.

We are at the beginning of a new epoch, the short term survival based attention span of the old Mars energy is being rocked to it’s very foundations by the 12,000 year orbit of Sedna and the connection it brings with universal lifespans.

Here at the end of stripping away (gate 23) there is a resource unused and a potential untouched. The ripe fruit will naturally and painlessly drop ‘strip itself away’ from the tree, the seeds it contains will germinate and begin new growth.

On 15th /16th June we have a Full Moon lining up with the Galactic Centre.  Have a look at those activations to Gates 11 and 12!  This is likely to be very stressful, because it’s literally sucking out of our subconscious the conditioned tendency to block our emotions as a way of protecting ourselves from abuse.

I’ll write a more detailed blog on this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, but just note as well that Venus is in Gate 16, so she connects Saturn in the Gate of Depth to the Throat, bringing it to the party as well.  And this is a gate where we can feel deeply unsure of our own self worth.

But Jupiter comes to the party by moving to the Gate of Nourishment (27) in the Sacral Chakra.  The big message here, I’m resisting the desire to write this in CAPS, is that we can only live in the moment when we put our own needs first.  This is not selfishness.  This from Hilary Barretts I Ching:

You locate power, meaning and authority outside yourself and gaze at it slack jawed, expecting someone or something to provide what you need.  You have given up the intrinsic magic of your own nature.  What you are depending on is not your true support and it will be stripped away from you.

I want to stress that this is a good thing!  Here’s the short version – if you are trying to fix someone else, heal them, correct them or control them in any way, step back and look instead at what you need for yourself.  Then cut out the middle man and organise what you need.  Chaos is in the Gate of Progress, bringing Ceres to the Throat.  This from Philip Sedgwick on Chaos:

Positive – orderly in the face of confusion, goes with the flow, mellow and non-stressed

Negative – worked up, paranoid, projecting fears, assuming disaster is a step away

So the way to make progress is to pay attention to the details of what we need in each moment because that is how we will find order amidst the confusion, and go with the flow.  Remember that Pluto comes into the mix via Ophelia in Gate 18.  She can represent the part of ourselves that is invisible to others, and suffers to the point of neuroticism and self-destruction as a result.  Pluto transforms us by bringing us the power and authority to claim our own calm grounded joyfulness that holds the seeds for our ability to manifest into the physical plane.  Mercury (52) will be in the gate opposite Pluto (58) in the Root Centre from 19th to 22nd June.


On 19th June, Venus moves into Gate 35, giving us a Venus/Ceres hook up.  Remember that Chaos is there as well.  Chaos represents a return to first principles, we are no longer content to take the word of others about what we feel, what we need.  Instead we are now able to access and harmonise with a quantum reality that is universal, and to draw our sustenance from a sense of galactic belonging.

I expect this will feel quite amazing, as we begin the process of returning the daughter (Persephone) to the earth and the flow of nourishment is renewed.   But the nourishment is different this time around, because it is not dependent on the interpretation of intermediaries.

I expect this period – from 19th to 23rd June – to be quite profound.

Something else spectacular is happening from 21st June.  Mars moves to Gate 20, connecting with Haumea in 57.  And Mercury moves to Gate 39, connecting with Neptune, Chiron and Snow White in 55.  Pride and shame are big underlying dynamics, so please be aware to breathe through any sense that you need to hold a certain position or way of being.  I’m not even going to begin to try to explain what this might mean, there is just too much going on here.

On 26th June Ceres moves out of Gate 36 and into the Ji Centre in the Gate of Innocence (25).

On 27th June, Mercury moves into Gate 62 at the Throat Chakra, and makes a channel with Uranus.  Okay, so that’s going to be really big.  When Mercury and Uranus get together we can expect astonishing new information.  It’s especially important because that particular channel is connected to the ancient part of the brain that operates at survival level.  It’s instinctive and right now it’s very confused because it’s getting messages from more enlightened parts of our brain (the parts that hold an electromagnetic connection to the universal holographic heart), but everything it has ever know tells it that we are are in great danger and should do something. Right now.  Like, you know, immediately. It doesn’t really matter what, just MOVE!

To add fuel to the fire, Mars shifts into Gate 16 on 28th June, bringing Saturn (the stern patriarch) and Pluto (power and authority figures into the mix).

This is an incredible opportunity to step into the power of our own knowing, to integrate ancient and modern aspects of mind.

And last but not least, on 30th June there is a 95% eclipse to Venus.  You can see here that Venus eclipses are not rare, but Venus is very active just now and this one will be powerful.  The Sun is opposite Pluto and Mars is still in Gate 16, bringing Saturn up for expression (also Haumea in Gate 57), and Ophelia is still in Gate 18 so Pluto gets a run for his money as well.

Let’s just also note that Venus is conjunct the South Node and almost exactly opposite the Galactic Centre.  Surprised?

You feel shame and carry it enfolded within you as part of yourself, whether or not you are fully aware of it’s influence.  Since you don’t feel entitled to anything much, you draw back into yourself and don’t feel able to ask directly for what you want or need.

Let’s have a look at Saturn in Gate 48 line 2:

Its possible that rather than experiencing the clear flowing water, you only experience the well’s dark isolating depths and all you see is what you can believe in, a small visible immediate boon for yourself.

Shame and feelings of inadequacy keep us from claiming our power.  They keep us small.  In the hidden web of control on this planet they are one of the main tools used to manipulate others.   There is an immense web of authentic connection being created just now on this planet and beyond.  Watch to see the difficult and uncomfortable feelings that arise between now and the end of June because these are keys to getting free of the ancient fears that keep us locked into the survival aspect of humanity.  We are healing and connecting with our galactic selves.   This is a planet of love and we are going post-global, reaching out to each other and in the strength of that place sharing what we have achieved here with the entire universe.



Mars New Evolutionary Journey

Mars tips us into a new era as the masculine gets pulled up short, unable to go forward, unable to go back. What to do when we are held in this moment, ambiguous and uncomfortable as it is? All we can do is be here now, making explorations into how to make it as comfortable and nurturing for ourselves as possible.

Mars has just passed over Sedna in Gate 23 line 5. There is an Inuit story that when things got out of balance the elders would call on Sedna so that the men could apologise for not heeding her natural wisdom. Right now, Sedna is rising from the deep ocean, on her path to the return of the goddess.  Mars stands before her, but our desire to push forward, our fear that we will end up here forever or not get what we want, makes us rash and unable to heed Sedna’s voice.

The surfaces are cut and sliced away; the old and unviable is stripped back to expose the living core. This inevitable natural process often feels like a flaying, the more you have invested of yourself in these old things the more painful it will be.

It’s no good at such times to imagine the future and make plans. You need to bring your energy back to centre and honour the process. This is the time to be transformed, not to act. Until the old is utterly stripped away so that you have no choice but to think in new ways, you will still be tempted to recreate the old patterns.

Hilary Barrett


Mercury, Mars and Venus are making the rounds of the Throat Gates, creating the illusion that we can act to get what we want.  But the old ways of manifesting are at an end and our efforts to push forward on an ego-based agenda are doomed to failure.   What if we can’t have what we want?  What if we have to struggle on and on in this terrible place with no hope of something better?  What if .. what if … what if.   And so Pluto in the Root Centre asks us “which way to joy?”.  We must allow our fears to be transformed, to be in a place of calm surrender to a more natural way of being.  We are shifting from control to containment, from separation to synergy, from ownership to manifestation.

The fear and shame that has been held in our DNA for many, many generations wants to come free and this can feel terrifying.  It’s toxic, it’s what’s kept us in a more limited version of ourselves.  We are undergoing an evolutionary intensification that will clear old earth based wounds and open us up to our higher galactic selves.

Mars is passionate desire, creating a fiery presence in each moment of our lives.  What do your Mars activations in your chart tell you about your fire?

One Mars gets the idea, that we don’t have to put in so much effort to create, we can release our addiction to the struggle and relax enough to dance with Venus in passionate creative embrace.





The Ancient Self Arises

3rd June 2011

I thought about calling this post Are We There Yet?

Since Saturn went into the Spleen Centre in August 2010 we have had many months of intensive clearing out of old material from our DNA – family junk and soul junk.  It’s gone a lot deeper than healing our physical bodies.  Radiating out through all space, time and dimension, our efforts have affected everything from the ancient deep-earth beings to our own ancestors and our multidimensional being-selves.

And so we sit here today asking ourselves this question – can we get any more healed than this!!

In the past, as each generation has learnt about how best to survive life, the information got bedded down in the DNA code and passed on.  Just figured out a new way to avoid that pesky mastedon?  Don’t worry, your great great grandchildren will instinctively understand what to do when they run into a mastedon on their way home from school.

Because life on earth is changing faster and faster, it’s rendered much of the information coded into your DNA hopelessly out of date, but still operational in your day to day life.  Oops! Not only is it out of date, it’s also compromised and able to be manipulated by people in advertising, government and the media. It’s their job after all!  This is the true ‘junk dna’ and finding and repairing it is just one of the benefits of our so-called ‘healing process’.

We have also freed up the karmic energy of the ancestors, both tribal and family.  You may have experienced a feeling of release from the pressure of the past.  The old fractal lines of tribal kinship, patronage and fealty are being rapidly resolved, karmic debts repaid, bonds and sacred contracts completed.

An Emotional Shift

This week our focus has shifted from the physical realm of the Spleen Centre to the emotional realm of the Solar Plexus Centre.  From the current home of hard nosed Saturn and Pluto to the watery realms of Neptune and Chiron.

The Sun is in the Gate of Progress, connecting the Solar Plexus to the Throat.  It connects Ceres (grief and rage within the family dynamic) in Gate 36 and Makemake (the ‘bullying’ of the natural self) opposite Ceres in Gate 6, so that the grief of the ancients can be expressed.   This ancient energy is returning to consciousness – the indigenous, the people of the forest, the plains, the islands, the deserts.  We each hold aspects of that ancient energy within us, and this week it speaks to us of our disconnection from what is true and real.

As the Moon passed over Gate 35 on Monday it brought up a terrible grief of what is being done to our planet.  During this time I received emails and link about all kinds of indigenous issues, including a story about the flooding of the Great Bend of the Xingu River in the Amazon Basin. This new dam is designed to feed growing industrial development in the region, but will utterly destroy the homeland, culture and natural habitat of thousands of people.  The emotional devastation is palpable in this photo.  Click on the photo for a link to a global petition against the dam.

A tribal elder of the Xingu River area of the Amazon Basin

Apart from activating an emotional manifestor channel, this Ceres transit is powerful because creates a bridge for Neptune and Makemake to be expressed.  Neptune has arrived in it’s home sign of Pisces for the first time since 1862, and is currently joined in Gate 55 by Chiron and 2007 OR10 (aka Snow White).  And Makemake in the Gate of Intimacy is currently opposite Ceres, and both are squaring the Galactic Centre.


Neptune has been hanging around the Solar Plexus Centre since 2007.  It entered Pisces on 6th April 2011, and went into Gate 55 – Abundance – on 9th April.  Other than a few retrograde months spent back in Gate 30 – August 2011 to February 2012 – Neptune will remain in Gate 55 until January 2015.  It goes retrograde today.

The Gate of Abundance is an emotional gate, subject to being continually provoked by others.  A flood of emotions can make us feel that any solid ground has dissolved and we will be washed away by the tide.  The key is to understand what our emotions are telling us, to allow the flow of emotions and what they provoke in us, even if that feels like overwhelming fear.  We don’t need to heal anything, act on them, judge them.  All we need to do is be present with and to ourselves.  And every single one of us is capable of that to at least some degree.

Gate 55 hold a tremendous power to find the abundant treasure that is our own personal and authentic emotional response to life.  It is gradually revealing to us where our true treasure really lies!

Snow White

There is a dwarf planet alongside Neptune, Snow White (2007 OR10, 225088).   While little has been done to come to any significant understanding of the astrological significance of this planet, my own observations have shown one big issue – to wake up to the toxins and poisons we have been ‘fed’ to keep us asleep.  Think vaccinations, flouride, fracking and fast food.   But even beyond the obvious physical toxins, Snow White is showing us the emotional toxins we are living in, and how they have prevented us from seeing what is really going on for us at the personal level.


Neptune and Chiron have spent about 12 months in the Gate of Desire (30), helping us distinguish fact from wounded fantasy in what we desire in life.  Do we really desire an iPad?  It’s opened our eyes to the ways we’ve been manipulated using glamour, advertising, addiction.

Neptune and Chiron are now in the Gate of  Abundance (55), and it seems to me that they will open our eyes, wake us up (remember Snow White is there with them), removing the poison of toxic concepts of wealth and abundance.  Neptune will spend the next four years helping us get blissful about true abundance.  In order to do this it will provoke our fear responses to lack, and clear poisonous toxins from our emotional field.  The handsome prince was in love with Snow White, even though she was dead.  She was just so perfect!


In the Gate of Intimacy (6) since October 2006, Makemake has been having a huge effect on our ability to identify our own internal conflict. Gate 6 gives us the chance to take time to look within at what we are doing to create conflict and crisis, rather than react and project it outwards.  Right now Makemake is in line 4:

You can’t win here – there’s nothing for you in this argument.  Step outside of it to a wider perspective and beyond the positions the conflict defines for you.  Turn away from argument and towards your own purpose.

Makemake gives our wild self a voice, a chance to be part of our existence.  As the Creator God of Rapa Nui, Makemake watched as the Europeans arrived in 1720 and pronounced the island barren and the people heathens.  The true joy, abundance and freedom of the polynesians who lived there was invisible to them.

It reminds me of the comments of the First Fleet, arriving at Sydney around the same time.  The most miserable people they had ever seen!  Or this from a dutch captain, “the most wretched and poorest creatures that I have ever seen”.   All they had was clean air, water and plentiful food, a beautiful climate and stable culture, all of which had sustained them beautifully for tens of thousands of years.  The days after the first fleet arrived the aboriginals put on a party with singing and dancing and feasting to welcome their guests! Compare that to the state of 18th Century London!

What does all this have to do with Makemake?  The very existence of this abundant culture was written out of the history books, and along with it, the existence of the part of you that longs to live in alignment with nature and experience your birthright.  We are reuniting the civilized and technologically advanced self with the wild and natural self.  This is a huge deal both within and without!

Ceres helps brings these energies together.  In Gate 36 she brings what is trapped in darkness out into the light, releasing the soul fragments caught up in a sticky web of emotional toxicity.

The Sun in the Gate of Progress brings us hope.  Who would have expected these sorts of policy announcements 12 months ago?

In UK, the National Ecosystem Assessment says that for decades, the emphasis has been on producing more food and other goods – but this has harmed other parts of nature that generate hidden wealth. Ministers who commissioned the NEA will use it to re-shape planning policy.

and then there’s this:

Bolivia is set to pass the world’s first laws granting all nature equal rights to humans. The Law of Mother Earth, now agreed by politicians and grassroots social groups, redefines the country’s rich mineral deposits as “blessings” and is expected to lead to radical new conservation and social measures to reduce pollution and control industry

Progress indeed. The ancient self is speaking and our wild and natural self is free and able to respond to the truth.