Getting Off The Merry Go Round

11th April 2011

We’re all in recuperation mode, recovering from giving too much and receiving too little in return.   There is a major disenfranchisement being revealed just now.  Around the globe we’ve been effectively shut out of the power to influence our own lives economically, politically, sexually.  We’ve been told we don’t deserve things like health care and homes, the right to vote, to care for our children properly.  And so we try harder, and harder.  And get less and less.  It’s time to get off this merry go round and make claim to our own existence, create our own ease and prosperity.

Astrologically what’s triggering this process is a line up of dwarf planets that are revealing an underhanded game of ‘blame the victim’.

Quaoar is on a slow approach towards the Galactic Centre, already in Gate 11.  Makemake is in Gate 6, square to the Galactic Centre.  Both Quaoar and Makemake have an aspect of disenfranchisement – throw the indigenous people out of their homes because we want the land.  Or in Makemake’s case because we want to put the people into slavery.

Lilith played her hand in the recent New Moon, and expecting women to play the victim for society’s ills has been a large part of the US political debate since then.  Icelander’s are having their own experience of wondering why they are trying to repay the money plundered from their economy.  This is a question that is about to explode upon the world at large.

The North Node is supporting these two planets, directly conjunct the Galactic Centre (11.5).  New ideas are being revealed, old ideas suddenly and shockingly debunked.  And the South Node – what we need to let go of?  It’s in the Gate of Standstill, a place where we say ‘Oh, blankets and trinkets.  What a lovely offer, you’re so kind, but No Thanks!!’

And then there’s Eris.  Tomorrow we have the Sun conjunct Eris, and then the whole Aries bunch will turn up to inhabit Gate 42 between now and early May.  Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Venus.  1992 QB1 is in Gate 42 as well, creating a bridge to a new consciousness, a new prosperity that flows from creativity not power, greed and theft.

Eris is showing us a new way to walk away from the complications of groupthink and find our own path.  No more parcelling out the blame and then playing the game.  If you know how family systems work, you can see it writ large on the political scene at the moment – each party and ideology playing their part in the drama.  We project our hidden darkness onto the other players and everyone goes around again.  Merrily, merrily!

Uranus in Gate 25 says disentangle yourself from this old matrix of complexity and live freely as yourself.  The new fractal connections arise from flowing freely, not enmeshing out of fear of survival. Ease, grace, prosperity. Stop going round and round in the old game, and claim them as your birthright.


Welcome Scan

Venus in the Gate of Grace

10th April 2011

I love the way they dance! As the Moon directly opposes Pluto, Venus slips gracefully into the Gate of Grace and Beauty.  I suspect this placement is going to save our bacon over the next potentially explosive few days, as Mars squares Pluto and our white knuckle grip on our established reality is shaken loose.

Venus has been doing a  bit of a mopping up job, following along after all those planets that have already rushed ahead into Aries.  She’s still in Pisces, on something of a karmic completion run, and now she’s creating a channel with the South Node.  Definitely karmic country!  She’s part of the reason for the gentleness we’ve been experiencing alongside the tumultuous change.  She also adds the potential for virulent outbursts expressing ancient emotional wounding from some.  While I was writing this post a relative of my neighbour came in to her house and starting screaming and smashing things, so it’s not calm sailing for everyone!

Mars Square Pluto

The Mars (17.4) square Pluto (58.4) is exact at 20:40pm on 11th April (UT).  It is happening in exactly the same position as the Uranus square Pluto in September 2012.

A square is something that creates a challenge.  The challenge is to harmoniously combine two apparently diametrically opposed parts of our being or experience.  The challenge in the Gate 17/58 square is to relax your attachment to mentally based goals, to allow an effortless flow of supportive synchronicities to unfold.  Can you let go of your idea that you should be ‘doing something’.  And of what you were hoping to achieve?

If you feel powerless, recover by using the slow burn rather than the fast and furious break for freedom. You’ll find it helps get you clear on where you really want to be, and helps you ground yourself in the present moment.

Venus in the Gate of Grace

Back to Venus, in the Gate of Grace and Beauty (22).  She meets the South Node at the Throat Centre in the Gate of Standstill (12).

I’ve always thought that this was quite a difficult channel, running along two separate tracks, two different levels. The first is sociable and pleasant.  The second is deeper and more emotional.

Used well – which means not going off at the first emotional trigger but waiting patiently for a better understanding of things – both levels can be graceful, beautiful, flowing.  When we allow ourselves to get trapped in the first level, we can lose out on our experience of the second level and this can hold a very painful sense of loss of self.  Expect to be very deeply challenged in a tug of war between your authentic self expression and your family and cultural traditions of good behaviour.

Venus and the South Node here speak to me of the unravelling of the social matrix.  Using good manners, acceptable behaviour and etiquette are cultural rules that have served their purpose well.  But their time is over.

I’ve been watching the series Mad Men, set in the 1960’s it shows how acceptable social behaviour cut deeply into the authenticity of people’s lives.   Since the 60’s we’ve been developing our own inner behavioural compass so that we’ve outgrown those old rules.

The North Node is conjunct the Galactic Centre, replacing old worn out ideas with vibrant new ones.

While this emotional channel is activated – from 10th to 15th April – use No as your default position for all social engagements.  Then if you truly want to do something, the Yes will come through clearly to you.  This is not a sacral response, but an emotional one.  Everyone on the planet will be an emotional manifestor for this time.  The Solar Plexus Centre is crucial in our evolution, revealing our own unique and personal truth to us through our emotional responses.   This channel loves music, can be romantic and loves to dance.  Don’t be surprised if you have unexpectedly significant interactions with people you don’t really know.

Another important part of the Gate of Grace and Beauty is the need to slow down, smell the roses, connect with our essence, and relate to others from that place.  This is a gate about finding our substance and then not wasting it on empty shows of gilt and glamour.  We are magnetically and effortlessly attractive when we live in and through our essential substance.  This is a time to experiment with how that might be.

Fred and Ginger

When I was writing this post I was thinking of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.  They stuck with the rules but added enough magic to the mix to shake things up a bit.


Not surprisingly, since they epitomise this channel, Ginger Rogers has her Moon in the Gate of Grace and Beauty (22) and her Pluto in the Gate of Standstill (12).

Ginger Rogers

Fred Astaire had his Neptune in Gate 12. Meeting Ginger’s Pluto, this would create unseen forces of transformation that may have been confusing to the two people involved.  They would have thought they were simply dancing, not realising the profound impact they were having on shifting the cultural understanding of what was acceptable conduct.

Fred Astaire

So this week, think about Fred and Ginger, doing all the steps but in their own unique way.  Beauty, grace and glamour without losing the magic of authentic connection.

And, just for fun:




Natural Cycles of Completion

A quick post about completing things.  Today we have an opportunity to make a profound and subtle shift to our way of being.  The effects of this shift may not even be particularly obvious but they will have very far reaching effects.

I’ll explain.  We are cyclical beings.  The Earth cycles around the Sun, the Moon cycles around the Earth.  The days and seasons cycle through our lives.

As we have taken on the concept of the linear and mechanised we have lost touch with our cyclical nature.

This is not simply a superficial cosmetic shift, something that can be remedied by going out to look at the full moon occasionally.

This loss of connection bites deeply into our lives, because it cuts us off from aspects of our own unseen creative energy.  Unseen only because they are buried and abandoned in the rush to move on quickly to the next thing.   It can leave us anxious, depleted and depressed without understanding why.

Experiment for a few days with allowing natural completions.  That means not pushing anything.  It’s not about ‘oh I must finish this before I have to go out’.  It’s about allowing things their natural cycle.  Leaving things unfinished until they are naturally ready to complete is part of the process.  Not rushing ourselves to leave something that we are enjoying is another part of the process.  Feel into your body, your emotions, your mind – how are you responding to your activity?  Experiment with your inner knowing.  Let it tell you when you’re ready to move on to the next thing.

Here’s the technical explanation, read on if you’re interested.

Venus in Gate 63 – the Gate of Completion.  This is a watershed gate that says ‘you’ve got it on the inner level of understanding and now it will radiate out into more concrete areas of your life’.  We are rediscovering the value of this subtle inner knowing.

Mercury conjunct Eris in Gate 42 – The Gate of Increase.  This gate is about flowing on and on until you are done.  It also relates to completing things.  Eris and Mercury bring us a new consciousness of how our growth processes have become chaotic due to unnecessary limitations.

If we don’t follow the natural cyclical flow we miss out on bits of the journey and have to come around again and again looking for them.  Without them we can’t move on and yet they are often things we’ve learnt to ignore in our lives, to consider unimportant.

Magdalena is in the Gate of Limitations (60), releasing energy contained unnecessarily in your Root Centre and activating a new energy structure the embodies the divine feminine wisdom.

Cyllarus and Hades in Gate 15 – The Gate of Integrity.  This gate is about rhythms of time that go beyond the earth based cycles.  When we move with the energy of this gate we move with universal rhythms and time frames well beyond our single lifetime.   Sometimes we do things and don’t understand their longer term significance, but our actions are important nonetheless.

Lilith is in the adjoining Gate 5, which indicates a suppressed rage about having to comply with unnatural timing – alarms that have us up before dawn to catch a train to work, bringing the children home at 7pm and trying to put dinner on and get them to bed, anything that is gender based and unnatural in terms of time.

Sun conjunct Jupiter in Gate 51 – exactly conjunct in line 2 today.  All those times when you were unable to respond fully and deeply to trauma and shock have left scars on your psyche.  We no longer believe that the body is self healing simply because we’ve lost our connection with the natural rhythm of healing.  We ‘soldier on’ regardless of what we need to nurture ourselves, considering these petty nuisances – headaches, flu, grief, broken limbs in casts – to be unimportant compared with the struggle for survival.  We have lost our ability to have a gentle regard for ourselves and our own needs.

We can’t grow into our natural shape if we keep trimming our natural energy back.  Release yourself into something today, let it flow till it’s done, let it take as long as it needs to complete itself.  Feel the expansion.



Clear and Calm Waters

Right on cue, as the Sun opposes Haumea, and Sedna makes aspects to Damocles and Nessus in the emotional Gate of Revolution (49), a news report lets us know that Japan is doing crazy stuff with radioactive water. What have Haumea and Sedna got to do with it? Haumea (57) has a link with the purity of fluids and their ability to provide unlimited nourishment. Sedna (23) rules over the oceans and her creatures, as well as showing us something about ourselves – where we have been sold a lemon, and need to take action to right that wrong no matter what the outcome may be. Kassandra (19) joining Damocles and Nessus (49) indicates that we have tried to speak our truth on this issue but not been believed, the revolution of truth must take place on the inside.

How are we all doing? It’s crazy. I’ve been doing a lot of deep breathing. Five breaths in, five breaths out. It adjusts your heart rhythm to a more peaceful reality. All those places where we have been discombobulated in the past, and subtlely persuaded to allow toxicity into our lives, are becoming oh so clear to us now.

I was reading some ‘expert’ opinions on the nuclear energy debate yesterday. The thing that struck me was the narrow viewpoints. We’ve had minimal deaths, it’s cheaper, new technology will allow nuclear waste to be used as fuel in the reactors, we have to accept some risks for the sake of progress, nuclear power carries a strange dread and fear factor that’s quite irrational. They all make sense if we stay firmly in the mental realm. But no one compared nuclear power to newer and better alternatives. I’d like to see one of the ‘experts’ saying ‘oh you know, it’s crazy that we’re involved in this incredibly complex and potentially dangerous fission when the Sun is doing it for us every day!’ Let’s stop playing God and relax and enjoy the bounty we’ve been provided with rather than destroying it in our silly games!

Back to the Creation Goddess of Hawaii, Haumea. In metaphysical terms, water represents emotions. So when we talk about the purity of water we are also talking about the purity of emotions – calm, clear, deep and non-toxic. There’s been a little noticed revolution going on in the Solar Plexus Centre – our emotional centre. I’ve mentioned it a few times. Ceres, Chiron and Snow White in Gate 55. Eros was there for a while last week as well. And Neptune, although in Gate 30, is within a few degrees and so is exerting a strong influence, especially now he is back in his own watery sign of Pisces. Again, the image of renewed clarity of water with a spiritual twist.

The general idea here is that amidst great abundance we keep choosing things that are toxic. There is ancient trauma being released just now, through all layers of our being. That trauma has been coded into our DNA and has been present as a template in every system in our body – our endocrine system, our nervous system, our digestive system, our skeletal system, and so on. This template is breaking down, and with it our warped view of reality and of what we need to survive.

I was fascinated to see the asteroid Pan in Gate 16.3, exactly conjunct the centaur Thereus. Saturn is in Gate 48 at the Spleen Centre end of the channel and Gate 16 is at the Throat Centre end of the channel.

Pan was a Greek God who ruled over things like nature and sex, or more particularly the abundance of nature and its desire to recreate itself. This includes our own sexual desire. Unsurprisingly, when the christian church decided that creativity belonged solely in the masculine realm, Pan became the prototype for the devil, luring us into the lush forests to cavort naked and free.

The reason I found this fascinating is:

  • Pan is related to Saturn and is just now forming a channel with Saturn
  • Saturn represents government, business and global economy.
  • The story of Peter Pan was based on the Greek God Pan – remember the lost boys? And the childlike quality of Peter? (see note below)
  • Pan is conjunct Thereus, which is about our identity getting lost in ideas of status – a fancy job, a good marriage, the latest phone, being important in business and world affairs to the detriment of a personal life and identity.

The thread here is of the creative power of men (and the inner masculine) being co-opted into the world of government and business, the little boy being put to work. Or sent to war and killed in the drive for more …. oil, money, land, power. In this patriarchial world the little boy lost his connection to the great mother, and to the creative principle of the feminine. Cyllarus is conjunct Hades in Gate 15 (a cardinal point being triggered by the Mars / Uranus conjunct). Cyllarus is about using men as fodder for the machine. Hades represents the way we create on the physical plane. This combination speaks to me of using men as fodder to ‘create’ empires.


Saturn and Pan together call the masculine back to the wild forests, the deep dark fens and glades, to dance, sing and play music in creative flow with nature, in concert with the feminine. This is a re-working of our modern understanding of manhood, growth and the expression of our sexuality and creativity.

Remember that Eros was conjunct Ceres, Chiron and Snow White last week? Eros is the pure creative masculine principle. Our prince can’t come wake up the potential fertility of the earth/feminine princess, because he’s off fighting for a nefarious cause, believing, in his innocence, that it is for the benefit of all. There is a separation of the creative principles of the masculine and feminine – we have been scared off from joining those two potent energies within ourselves and instead are making do with factory based nuclear fission – the creative and energetic equivalent to cloning and GMO’s. Living in this way both arises from and continually recreates the illusion of lack of energy.

Also, both Ceres and Snow White speak to the toxic envy of the crone for the beauty and potential of the maiden. A conditioned response to life that blinds us to the power of our own knowing and experience and the inner marriage that has evolved within us over time.

Cyllarus was killed by a spear through his left shoulder, near his neck. Hence many people clearing old ‘war wounds’ from their necks recently. There’s another aspect to this story, another Centaur called Crantor has been conjunct Pluto since February. Crantor was also killed by a blow to the left shoulder/neck. He represents how we can be manipulated by shame and guilt, overpowered by a force that we feel is greater than we are (Pluto). Just take a moment to think about how your creative power is wrested from you, what techniques have been used to get you to give it up? What aspects of your own knowing and experience have you learnt to invalidate?

In addition we also have the beheading thing going on, with Medussa also at the Throat in Gate 35 line 2. The Medussa mask was worn to scare off intruders who strayed too close to sacred places and rituals. She was beheaded and demonised, a thing too frightening for mortal men to look upon. Remember also that Lilith is extremely active in the transits right now – speaking of being demonised.

The extreme sensitivity of the Gate of Innocence has been rendered volatile due to the presence there of Mars and Uranus. Here’s the thing about what’s happening in the Ji Centre right now. It’s not what is happening to us that is dangerous, but our sleepy, mesmeric and demonised responses. You know that fear you experience in dreams when something is happening and you can’t act to save yourself? We’re bringing that through to consciousness right now. Stay present and allow things to unfold. Don’t believe the fearful hype even when it seems to be coming from within you. Begin to make the choices that contain real nourishment. Be wary of reacting out of old guilt, shame or fear and throwing your creative energy away for the benefit of others. We are reaching deep within us to draw out our own power and authority. It will be unassailable when it is released.

Note: JM Barrie, author of Peter Pan, had Pan in Gate 8, creating a channel with his Earth in Gate 1.


A dodgy post on the current shifts

A lot of astrologers may be surprised at how gently this New Moon has played out, but when we look at the Human Design transits we can see how the scales have tipped to gentle and beneficial.

The message is clear.  We can’t solve our own problems, personal or global, at the level at which they were created.  So why dwell on them in the old way.  Fear, anxiety and worry only add energy to matrix that contains the problems.  A coherent connection with a greater reality might feel counter-intuitive but will actually bring about real results.  This New Moon puts our attention firmly at the soul level and then connects it to the trauma of being here on the planet.  How do we bring these two experiences together?  How do we survive as pure and innocent beings of love on a planet that seems drenched in conflict and strife?

Venus in the Gate of Family, Jupiter in the Gate of Interference and Mercury conjunct Eris in the Gate of Increase all help to bring a positive energy to this powerful transit.  I have the feeling we’re beginning to benefit from the decades of hard consciousness yards we’ve put in.   With such incredible transits to the Ji Centre our sense of identity, purpose and direction are shifting.  Imagine the power of that when it is happening to every human being on this planet!  The magnetic monopole is being realigned.

I wrote this post in draft form and decided to post it anyway because there was so much coming up on the Facebook stream about the return of the feminine energy.  So enjoy, even though it’s not as clear and polished as I would like.

There is a powerful shift in the energy of the feminine in this New Moon.  Let’s start with the asteroid Lilith conjunct the Galactic Centre, a resurgence of new ideas about the role of women in the world.  Let’s add to that picture the minor planet Quaoar and the North Node, both in that same gate (11), which represents heaven meeting earth.  Quaoar sings and dances a constant flow of new creation energy, and the North Node represents our destiny, what we are moving towards.  And let’s also add  the Black Moon Lilith (a calculated position based on our Moon), exactly conjunct Mars and Uranus at the time of the New Moon.  A powerful message here from the deep felt rage of the feminine!

On the global level we saw it play out clearly when Libyan woman Eman el-Obeidi demanded action over her alleged rape by Libyan soldiers.  She was immediately demonised, in true Lilith fashion, being described as insane, a prostitute and a drunk.

To swing this out into the broader picture, let’s have a look at Pallas Athene.  Emerging fully formed from the head of her father Zeus, she has completely forsaken her physical birth, to her mother Metis Goddess of Wisdom, on the shores of a lake sacred to the Triple Goddess.  In Libya!  This myth is worthy of a long and detailed consideration – in particular I’d love to see the placements in Angela Merkel and Hilary Clinton’s charts – but for now let’s just look at two points.  The need for the newly emerging patriarchy to ‘swallow’ the powerful wisdom of the feminine that ruled consciousness at that time, and also it’s need for approval from the ‘mother’.

It’s as if this myth is being played backward right now, and like a Beetles song, it is revealing what some would consider a demonic message.  That we are reconnecting with that original mother energy and weaving a new perception of life that incorporates what we have learnt from 2000 years of patriarchy.  In this place we weave the feminine and masculine creative energies back together again after millenium of each one experimenting with going it alone.

We are being urged by minor planet Pallas (in 41.6 meeting Neptune in 30.6) to delve more deeply to the core of any issue facing us, not to be seduced or mesmerised by complex and so called rational arguments.

I had two friends yesterday ask for help with people who were trying to overwhelm them with their mental power – talking at them till they gave way and agreed.  When we believe our only safety lives  between our ears, then our ‘rational’ minds become crazy with fear and anxiety and spiral out of control.  This is a type of bullying that comes from a deep fear of fully incarnating.

I wanted to check the asteroid Athene as well, and she is conjunct Hekate in the Gate of Nourishment.  Hekate represents female wisdom, but specifically speaks to us of having reached a crossroad and having to choose a new pathway.  It’s clear that we can contine on in the madness of addiction and destruction, or we can hear what we truly know to be true and act on that instead.

Apollon joins Athene and Hekate, he who stole the oracular power of Delphi and claimed it for the patriarchy.  Astrologically the Uranian point Apollon is things that spread so far they create destruction.  I’m thinking radiation in groundwater, just as one example.   This channel represents the beginning of a new era that looks at the issue of nourishment in a whole new way.

Pluto (representing nuclear power) is no longer the cutting edge of energy technology and it’s time that we woke up and smelt the roses on this one.  The incredible number of new planets being discovered in our own solar system, beyond Pluto, indicate that it’s time to embrace new ‘free energy’ alternatives at our disposal.  Watch to see those technologies proliferate now, driven by grassroots pressure.

Mercury is conjunct Eris in a gate that asks us to really  take notice of our wealth.  It also indicates the blame that’s been placed on the feminine when it speaks up and threatens the existing order, our obsession with growth at the expense of natural order and our inability to find a way to relax and say ‘enough’!  I’ve done enough, I have enough, I can rest and enjoy life for now!

Psyche is conjunct the South Node in Gate 12.  This is a gate of Standstill, where Heaven and Earth cannot connect.  At the other end of the channel is Karma and Circe.  Again the idea of the end of addiction is present, with Circe being an indicator of drug use or other ways of losing touch with reality, Karma indicating the completion of a karmic cycle and the South Node representing what we are leaving behind.   Psyche is important here because she indicates the healing of a deep soul wound.  With Venus in the Gate of Family, Ophelia (the invisible feminine) in the gate of healing family patterns (18) and the consequent shift in our DNA and Saturn, Zeus, Jupiter and Uranus all coming together (read their family history on wikipedia, it’s not pretty), we can be sure that the boys are having to sort out their issues and the girls are having to step in to say enough is enough.

Really, I could go on like this all day, there is so much in the transits just now.  One last thing 🙂  Minor planet Snow White indicates that we have to wake up to the mother energy and find what is toxic and what is nourishing.  There’s a shadow mother aligned with the patriarchy that keeps our children captive within the bounds of the limitations of the father as sole creator – a sad and lonely place devoid of true creativity and the joy of connection.

With Chiron (soul wounds) and Ceres (the mother and nourishment) conjunct Snow White just now there is a double edged issue for us to deal with – we are all grown up and can’t return to the womb or ascend to a heavenly blissful place (Neptune is there as well, going into Pisces today).  We have to take responsibilty for our own growth (Saturn opposite Jupiter) and find the courage to step out and be individuals in our own right (Mars conjunct Uranus) even if it means facing the fears of ages past (Lilith, Psyche, Eris).  There is no handsome rich prince or beautiful princess (Snow White), just us.   The moment is now, our fears are from the past.  Till early May we have the courage to step into the void and find many others making the same journey.




Here Comes The Kingdom

1st April 2011

Well we are on the rollercoaster from today!  When I was sentimentally considering the idea of ascension and 2012, way back in 1999 …..  well, lets just say this isn’t quite what I was expecting! What we didn’t factor into the equation back then was that the higher dimensions of our spirit/soul would need to wriggle their way into the physical density on this planet.  And there’s been a lot of murk there for a very long time.  So it’s a bit like – hold your nose and jump!

Also, as we say goodbye to that old reality – you know, the one we’ve been so passionately dismantling for so long – there is real grief to be experienced.  It’s a bit like ending a not so great relationship and still feeling quite sad about it.

Since I wrote the blog post yesterday, Mars has joined Uranus in Gate 25 – Innocence.  In a few hours from now Jupiter will shift into that channel as well, in Gate 51 – Shock.  This channel will continue to be activated until 28th April and during that time our entire social matrix will be remodeled.  More on that when Venus shifts into Gate 22 on 11th April.


1st April 2011

An interesting thing about shock is that it’s the first step in the grief process. It’s the thing that tells us that something has changed and we need to adjust to it. As the whole natural cycle of life thing has been denied on this planet for such a long, long time – after all we should be able to get up every single morning and go to work just like the good little machines we have been taught to be – our connection with natural cycles has been profoundly damaged. In fact, most people are terrified of them once we get beyond the nice parts, like flowers in spring.

In this denial of natural cycles, we have become invisible, our own natural cycling rendered valueless.  This is a massive abuse of our human spirit, deeply internalised.  We’ve learnt that those messy desires and needs just get in the way of what we need to do to succeed and to be loved.  A whole culture of inner conflict, self hatred and the resulting addiction overload is the result.

On 3rd April (UT18:50) the Moon will be exactly conjunct Jupiter (51) and Mars exactly conjunct Uranus (25).  That’s just a four hours after the New Moon, so plan to be present to the energy at that time!.  Also on the 4th April (UT13:50) Neptune shifts into it’s own sign of Pisces after 13 long years in Aquarius, and moves into Gate 55 on 9th April.  On 5th April, the Sun moves into Gate 51, joining Jupiter.

I hope to be blogging each day through these intense shifts.  For now, be aware that with Venus in the Gate of Family we are clearing deep family patterns that may be all but invisible to us. The child within us has been placing it’s trust in things that have been toxic, and we are being asked to risk abandonment and take back our power to truly nurture and care for ourselves. (Ceres conjunct Chiron in 55 and Child conjunct Pluto in 58).  This can bring up feelings of panic, intense fear, depression and despair.  Go for a walk, listen to music, dance, do something creative, something nurturing.  Those feelings are you unplugging from an old and worn out matrix.

The true creative masculine principle of Eros is in the mix, directly conjunct Ceres and Chiron at Gate 55 line 4 – a place where we meet our own darkness and fear and find we can ‘bring even the hidden lord into alliance with our greater purpose’.  Notice the use of the word ‘lord’.  There is so much energy at the moment for us to take control of our inner kingdom!   Eros is a powerful change agent just now, releasing our creative energy from where it has been bound up, and making it available in all it’s magnificent abundance to nourish and  illuminate our own lives.

Over the next few weeks don’t expect life to be anything like what used to pass for normal.  The easy way, and the way to get the most out of these experiences, is to release your attachment to any outcomes and enjoy the ride.  When we get off we’ll find we’re on a whole new platform from  where we got on board.



pink bubbles

A Gathering Of Lords

31st March 2011

There is a line up of Lords today.  The Sun and Jupiter are both in Gate 21 in the Heart Centre.   And how convenient for the Sun God to turn up to support the Heirophant just as Saturn – the Old Patriarch – is opposing him in Gate 48.  This is a tricky turn of events that will ultimately set you free to be your own lord and master/mistress.


Saturn in Gate 48 tends to break up old energy that prevents the flow of chi through our physical body, blocking us from feeling effortlessly enthusiastic.    This blockage may be physical, but it’s simply a representation of beliefs and ways of living that need to crumble.  Most often these come from tradition – from our family, our culture, our religion – and it can be painful to let them go.  Which is why we’ve clung to them so hard that they’ve solidified into our physical reality.

If the blockages are manifesting on the physical plane it’s likely that they are operating under your conscious awareness and you may now be looking around and saying “but where can I find these blockages!!”  Look for any place in your life where you feel locked out, as if you can’t connect deeply with something, as if you are not able to easily give and/or receive.  Also consider any experiences you have that carry a charge of fear, especially a fear of not being good enough, being undeserving in some way.

It’s likely that this fear is deep and subtle.  Saturn carries the energy of being cast out of the tribe for failure to comply.  And just now that non-compliant self is arising within each one of us.  The one who wants to make her own rules, the one who believes he has a right to make his own decisions about his life, the one who has felt shame and guilt at her inability to be normal, the one who just can’t believe in the stories our ailing culture continues to tell us, no matter how much he would like to.  It’s really hard to see the shamed parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden away.  That’s the whole point, to hide them really, really well so no  one finds out about them and hurls you out of the tribe to die a sad, lonely and painful death.  If you’re feeling that way it means you’re buying into the story that there is something wrong with you because you can’t align with that old energy.   That would no doubt be all of us to some extent!

The antidote to these fears is to stay present in the moment, to use your natural enthusiasm as a sort of true north on your personal compass.  This week that energy represents a powerful moment by moment guide to your natural flow of chi.  It has the potential to bring deep healing to all levels of your being.

There’s been some research on the planet Saturn lately, it is truly one of the most astonishing and beautiful planets in our solar system.  As we discover more about it’s nature, that old rigid Saturn will pass away and in it’s place will be a stable culture aligned with the natural universal principles of flow and love.

Cassini Image of Saturn


When the Sun conjuncts Jupiter most astrologers would predict a strong period of beneficial events.  But … a word of warning …  Jupiter is in line 6 in Gate 21 which indicates an arrogant aspect of self that believes it has all the answers.  Unable to take in what’s truly going on, this Jupiter lives on past glories.  Yes, it’s your own internal Muhammad al-Gadaffi!  The Sun shines a bright light on this self-satisfation, revealing it for all the plumped up gas that it is.  (Jupiter is a gaseous planet, really a globular arrangment of helium, hydrogen and cloud!)

This aspect of Jupiter is like the small child who has been humiliated and overpowered and wants to hold to some shred of self respect by putting on a superman cape and zooming around the back yard.  We are beginning to respect all that we are, simply because we are worthy of it.

Hubble Image of Jupiter

Saturn opposite Jupiter

When we feel overwhelmed and overpowered we tend to make up stories to protect our world view and our sense of identity.  It’s a natural thing to do.  We are digging deeply into the pile of things that have overwhelmed us, not just in this life but back through our ancestry both physical and spiritual.  As we dig, pull out each piece of the puzzle and decide what use it is to us right now, we are taking back conscious control of our lives in a way that is unprecedented.   All those subconscious places of ‘well there’s nothing I can do about that!‘ are being reconsidered and found to be completely open to conscious change.



The Sacred Human

Dwarf Planet Eris had the provisional name Xena

29th March 2011

As Mercury goes retrograde in Gate 42 tomorrow we can expect hickups to communications as our perceptions shift and change.  Although we may not be aware of it,  we are opening up to new ways of seeing and doing.  Everyone is ready to blame Mercury for any problems, but when he is keeping company with the Goddess of Discord Eris, as he is now, well, expect to see a bit of chaos!

But it’s not necessarily just a mess of bad news.  Because in April, we also have Jupiter joining the mix.  Jupiter and Eris together tend to set wrongs to right.

From Philip Sedgwick’s Galactic Times:

Long ago, Jupiter was displeased with the ruler of Mycenae. So he summoned Mercury to approach the leader of the land and ask if he would relinquish his throne if the Sun and Moon rose in the west. The ruler, forgetting the messenger was the inveterate trickster, quickly agreed. Then, Jupiter dispatched Eris, the goddess of discord, for a hand.

Together, they reversed the motion of the heavens for but one day so the stars, Moon and Sun rose in the west and the Pleiades wept (and that’s why that asterism holds the reputation as weeping sisters/brothers). Bottom line: Jupiter and Eris aligned energies to correct a political wrong and to reverse courses that did not agree with Jupiter’s aspirations.

Eris is also responsible for showing us the places where we tend to create chaos in our own lives because we are being ignored.  It’s not that others are ignoring us.  We’ve been ignoring an aspect of ourselves and it’s capacity for chaos is rampant around the globe, unseen because we have as a species been oblivious to it in our individual selves.  Keeping an aspect of ourselves locked away in inhuman conditions – effectively in hell – has left us open to treating others as less than human.  More on that later.

On 29th April, Jupiter and Mars will align with Eris in Gate 42.   Remember I mentioned that we are seeing the fall of the ‘head’, the king?  Well here is part of the description for meeting of Jupiter, Mars and Eris in Gate 42:

You have a blessing of unshakeable intrinsic value.  It is good to respond with a fluid steadfastness: to stay with it and invest your whole, true self, but also to stay mobile and responsive to change.  Receive your blessing as a king, who understands that s/he is blessed and chooses to dedicate the whole changing experience to the higher good.

Hilary Barrett

Saturn and Jupiter are opposite each other today, a completion of all those oppositions we sweated through in 2010.  The key issue here is an activation of the place where we struggle to keep our blinkers on and don’t want to look at the good things in our lives.

It’s partly because of the trauma we’ve been carrying, the inner child hiding away from the world, huddling in a safe place.  I’ve been feeling a bit Harry Potterish, like a wild and magical child who’s been locked in a dark cupboard below the stairs for a very, very long time.  The only thing is, our hiding places haven’t actually been safe and it’s gotten very lonely in there.  With the asteroid Child conjunct Pluto just now, we have a choice to stay in hell or get the hell out of there.

How?  By giving up having to know how.  By trusting the range of fractal possibilities in an abundant universe.  By living fully in each moment and seeing the gift it brings.

Saturn urges us to take responsibility for our own growth, but we have launched ourselves into another reality where that responsibility aligns with the power and freedom of our own soul journey, rather than with following the agenda of others.  When we build a life with the newly evolved Saturn, we create a life that makes perfect sense (Jupiter).  A stable (Saturn) faith in life and ongoing sense of good fortune (Jupiter) is the result.

The Sun in Gate 17 is at the centre of the whole Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus shift we’re in the middle of.  Gate 17 is a mental gate that can tend to see only what it wants to see – the pattern of reality we’ve decided will keep us safe.   Our ego mind wants to have a logical plan, a goal and a pathway we believe is safe.  There’s a lunacy in the illusion that we can control our lives in this way.  But never fear!  Our ego is evolving, opening out from a limited logical mental view to one that sees more possibilities and connections.  It is listening to our true awareness.   It is shifting from linear to fractal.

Letting go of the neurotic (but perfectly understandable) need of the inner child to keep safe opens us up to a flow of universal energy that we were previously blind to.

The way we view the ‘head’, – as in headmaster, headquarters, etc – shows us clearly how our culture assumes the head should always be in charge and in control.  Our inner landscape is littered with the bits of our psyche that didn’t make the grade, didn’t make it past the logical gatekeeper, couldn’t rationally justify their existence.

But those days are numbered, on the inner and outer planes and hence the ‘beheading’ of various world leaders just now, as they are toppled by the ‘body’ of their citizens.  Notice that this is not faction fighting or alternative dictators we are seeing in the middle east, but citizens against the leader – a true Aquarian revolution.  Saudi Arabia is starting to shake and shiver, as the ruling dynasty has just refused women the right to vote at it’s upcoming elections.  Many influential Saudi’s feel that this sort of regressive tactic might not be a good move in the current climate!

This week’s amazing Pluto (58), Earth (18) and Saturn (48) lineup is shifting our perception of reality and opening us to a new view of our future.  Venus, Ceres, Chiron,  and Dwarf Planet Snow White – all in Gate 55! with Neptune close by in Gate 30 -are triggering our emotions to help us wake up to our wounded self, the parts of ourselves who didn’t pass the logical test.  This gives us a whole new way of seeing what’s really going on.  As a result, we are casting off the mesmeric effects of our long term somnambulance,  owning our personal needs for nurturance, accepting the abundance constantly flowing to us, and realising the sacred nature of our own humanity.

There is nothing about you that isn’t sacred, nothing within you that isn’t love.   It may not be logical, but it’s true!

aroon kalandy ~ flickr.com

Clearing out the Ancestral Closet – A DNA Healing

25th March 2011

The Sun and Earth shift today and we all head down to the Root Centre for a party with Pluto and Saturn.  Sounds like so much fun doesn’t it?

I am in town waiting for my laptop to be serviced, writing this from an internet cafe, so I will keep it brief for now.  I wanted to share with you the overall energy of this current transit – Pluto – Earth – Saturn and then Mercury is conjunct Eris in the Gate of Increase in the Sacral Centre, adding to the transformative mix.  And no picture of todays transits but you can access one here:  http://www.jovianarchive.com/Pages/JustNow.aspx

This channel – the Root (58) connecting to the Spleen (18) is one that relates to healing our DNA.  Gate 18 is about clearing ancestral patterns and Gate 58 is about finding all the ways we block our ability to live in pure calm joyfulness, free of pressure, stress and fear.  This channel also has a specific relationship to how we deal with authority figures and institutions.   Over the past two weeks, Mars has been bringing a completion of the old warrior energy.   I have observed a major shift in the masculine during this time, as if the ‘head’ has gone.  As in ‘head’quarters … ‘head’master ….  ‘head’ office.  We are in effect headless, without the old sources of paternalistic authority and power, creating them anew within each one of us, a global network of bright lights.

The Sun is in Gate 17 in the Ajna Centre, supporting us to find a new way of expressing our ‘head’ energy.  This new form of authority and power is influenced by two factors – the flow of universal creative energy through us via the Sacral Centre and the inspiration we receive from the Crown chakra.  We navigate our way in this new world by using the instinctive and intuitive sense of the Spleen and the emotional energy of the Solar Plexus Centre.

To begin, first step outside your official role so you have more allegiance to your fellow humans and to truth and less to formalities and positions.  Leave your familiar corner behind and go all the way out the gates where you can participate with the whole group and be guided by it’s larger story.

Hilary Barrett, Gate 17 line 1 (Sun)

We have come to the place where we are safe to wander beyond our narrow personal walls because we have been clearing the corruption we held within our cells, within our DNA.  Corruption that we could perhaps call “conditioning”.  Corruption that has been handed down to us through multi-generational survival strategies written into our genes.  They tell us of fears and perils past and how to deal with them.  They operate mostly now as ghosts in the machine, their wisdom no longer applicable, leading us to old wornout responses to present crises that don’t help us but dig us deeper into dark places.

The Earth in Gate 18 line 1 explains:

The first step in engaging with corruption is to choose and own it as your own inheritance.  The child steps forward to take responsibility and the forefathers are without fault, you no longer blame your parents or your past for whatever has gone wrong.

In the past 10 days we cleaned out the ancestral closet and opened the doorways to the support that is available from our past, releasing the hindrances of angry forebears, their incomplete soul journeys hanging over our head.  This releases a massive amount of energy for us to get free of the blaming, confusion and chaos that has been created over time as each generation hid their shame and left a legacy of greater pain for the next.   Mercury conjunct Eris is bringing this sense of relief – you mean I’m not at fault here?

More tomorrow.


Sun conjunct Uranus

22nd March 2011

The Sun has moved into Aries and today it is conjunct Uranus in Gate 25.3 in the collective heart energy of the Ji Centre.

Astrologically it’s huge, with Saturn opposite Jupiter, and Uranus square Pluto.  Right now the Sun and Uranus are in a loose square to Pluto, pushing us to find the power within us to take hold of our own personal destiny.

I am hearing incredible stories of shifts and transformation.  I am also hearing about people feeling incredibly stuck.  Honour the place you are in, there is change coming for us all.

But I’m not here to talk about the astrology.  Human Design shows a different pattern.  As the Sun conjuncts Uranus in the Human Design chart it creates a channel with Mercury.  This is a channel that gives us the courage to leap into the collective pot and hold our own shape.  We are losing our fear that we will be stirred into the stew and disappear.  There’s a profound sense of becoming, and it is tantalising, teasing us with possibilities while our old fears warn us that this is the path to oblivion.

22nd March 2011 - Sun conjunct Uranus in Gate 25

We are stepping out of the matrix of imaginary security.  And in this process our eyes are opening to the plunder that’s been going on behind the scenes.  Our true security – things like healthy soil, water, air, loving relationships and supportive prosperous communities – have laid untended as we have sat mesmerised by superficial ephemera.

It’s important now to know what needs to move and what needs to be stable.  When we need to travel and when we need to stay put.

That Mars and South Node channel connecting the Solar Plexus Centre to the Throat (12/22) on the right hand side is a completion and beginning anew of the masculine energy.  Combined with Jupiter in Gate 21 in the Heart Centre we have the overthrow of the King.  No more will we die for some religious, philosophical or economic agenda that has no real personal meaning.  Personal freedom, now that’s another issue!

Libyan protesters


Over and over again I’m hearing men in the middle east say they are prepared to die to secure the freedom of their children.  There is a gate in the Heart Centre (21) that represents the serf, the underling, the servant to the monarch.  The Heart Centre shows how we organise our personal life, our will to be present to our own individual ego container in this life.  Jupiter transiting here represents the ruler sitting in the gate of the servant.  We are finding our own inner monarch and in the process demanding back our own space to breath, to grow and to prosper. What this fight for freedom reveals is valuable on a whole new level.  We are spiralling upward.

Jupiter passes through this gate every 12 years, but this time he is joined by the Sun/Uranus/Mercury aspects that suggest profound shift at the personal and global level.

The South Node has just passed over Cyllarus, which Eric Francis sees as representing the pointless waste of human life, especially men dying from senseless violence in war or otherwise.

Mercury is in the gate of shock coming in waves, destabilizing us.  Well Japan has certainly experienced this.  But this destabilization breaks up the old so the seed of the new can poke it’s sweet little head through.  We’re like seeds who don’t know what we are going to grow into.  A rose? An oak?  Who knows! All we can do is keep moving towards the warmth and light of the sun – our own profound potential.


The next big Human Design transit is on 25th March when the Earth moves into Gate 18 and creates a bridge between Pluto and Saturn.  Keep in mind that Pluto is square Uranus and Saturn is opposite Jupiter, so all players get to contribute!  It’s a beautiful puzzle where all the pieces fit together perfectly!



Zunehmen ~ www.Flickr.com

SuperMoon, Equinox and Initiation

Mt Wollumbin

This morning started with a pre-dawn telephone call from my 12 year old daughter from the top of Wollumbin, a nearby mountain, which she’d climbed with her friends.  She was too scared to climb down and was going to ring for a resuce helicopter.  Even in the midst of a panic attack, that manifesting generator energy was at work!  I’m sure her friends and .. yes there were adults with them .. their parents will help her down the mountain, which, in keeping with current events, is the remains of a vast prehistoric volcano.

We are entering a period of incredible initiation, beginning now .. today. Notice that every single gate in the Solar Plexus Centre is defined except Gate 37. And they all get to the Throat via the South Node at Gate 12.  This means that every single person on this planet has access to express their emotions.  And with the exception of Gate 37, it doesn’t matter what they have in the Solar Plexus Centre, it’s being triggered.


19th March 2011

19th March 2011

But just a quick note about Gate 37.  The asteroid Karma is there, representing the turn of the Wheel of Fortune. In Pisces this can be the completion of a karmic cycle.  In Gate 37 line 6, it shows that we are completing a time of feeling ourselves to be ‘not at home’, we have found a way to stand our ground in truth and substance.  The discovery point of the asteroid Karma is Gate 42.5 which speaks of us having transcended our addiction to the ‘light’ and are prepared to accept our darkness as nourishment rather than evil.

When you are completely present to the flow of nourishing energy, when what you send out into the world is free, true and generous, then there is nothing more you need ask.  It is safe to give, you can trust that what you send out is the source of what returns to you.

That sounds like the completion of the old negative karmic ’cause and effect’ to me!   Given that the whole lot gets to the throat for expression via the South Node – a karmic point that shows the past and what we need to move beyond – there is certainly a strong sense of destiny and completion in the transits here.  And just to add to the wonderful synchronicity, 1992 QB1 is on Karmic’s discovery point today.  This minor planet is a bridge between the old way of transformation:  suffering, death and rebirth – and the new way of transformation: integration of light and dark, flowing with universal co-creativity.

So, moving on.

The other astonishing thing – and yes we’ve had our eye on this one – is Uranus and Mercury in the Channel of Initiation.  Mercury is bringing the shock to the surface so we can clear past trauma.  Saturn in the Gate of Depth supports this process to go very deeply into our cells.  This is a time of profound cellular healing. Trauma held in our DNA and in our cells has been causing us to over-react to situations and has left us unable to see truly the simplicity of our reality. This is changing dramatically for us now.

In line 1, Mercury says:

The worst part of this shock is our reaction to it.  Then, as it passes by and we realize that we’re still okay and in one piece our reactions shifts from shock and terror towards excitement and relief.  This gives us greater confidence in ourselves.

The connection between the Heart Centre and the Ji Centre brings the courage of the ‘good’ ego self (Heart Centre) to align with our soul purpose (Ji Centre).

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon – a SuperMoon no less – with the Sun in Gate 25 with Uranus.  A few hours later the Moon moves into Gate 18, connecting Pluto (in 58) and Saturn (in 48), adding a deep impetus to the cellular clearing.  It may perhaps affect the nuclear situation in Japan.

The following day – the 21st March – is the Equinox.  And on 22nd March the Sun will be conjunct Uranus in 25.3.

My advice?  It comes from Gate 25 line 3:  be ready to benefit from the unexpected!

Zunehmen ~ www.Flickr.com


The Call of the Wild … Self

On 17th / 18th March the Sun (36.5) will be opposite Makemake (6.5).  This dwarf planet at least partly represents the way history gets rewritten by the victors.  On an inner level it represents the story our more civilized and controlled self tells us to justify it’s ill treatment of our wild and creative self.

We can also see it from many perspectives on the world scene.  The Japanese government’s attempts to save face over it’s current nuclear issues by continuing to tell us everything is fine.  The story of dictators like Gaddafi who truly believe their own mythology, that all their efforts are for the common good.  And the collusion between government and global economic interests which create a mask of business as usual while stealing homes and livelihoods.

There’s a clash of tribal v’s global here.  When tribal interests were paramount it made sense to put our own limited interests first.  We can’t afford that old way of behaving any longer.  We have no more resources – petrochemical, geopolitical or economic – to take from the earth and her people.  She’s done with our raping and pillaging in the name of progress.

The underlying reason for the clash of civilized and wild is the rationalisation of our need to take whatever we want from whoever we want, for the purpose of progress, development, wealth.  If we can get away with it, then it’s okay.  The issue at stake is taking rather than receiving.  Think about the ways in which you might be rationalising taking from an aspect of yourself, rather than receiving the natural gifts that are there for the asking.

And here’s one of those wonderful synchronicities.  Diana – guardian of the wild self – is in the Money Gate (45), bringing transiting Jupiter to the throat for expression.  This is a huge activation of a new economic system arising from our own internal being, a strong and healthy ego self that won’t be interfered with or enslaved because of a fear of lack of resources.  Our wild self aligns with the earth and does not find it lacking!  There is a wildly abundant new reality arising from our coming together in alignment with our soul calling.

There’s a profound sense of excitement in the air and it is strongly influenced by the Makemake energy of celebration of the eros of life.  Eros is in the Gate of Illumination with Neptune and Ceres – due to have an exact meeting on 21st March.  Eros is the creative energy of the masculine, the pure potent power of it.  It’s not all might and thunder, but gentle and supportive, aligning perfectly with the feminine in a dance of creation.

Mars is off on another journey – that of ensuring we have strong boundaries around what is ours.  There’s a need to be more open, more vulnerable and more present.  But blood belongs on the inside and so do parts of your psyche.  There’s a time and a place for everything, and everything else represents an interference in our true self.   Mars in Gate 63 is at a watershed, the end and the beginning.   Jupiter in the Gate of Interference is also part of this process – making the interference in our lives loom large so that we can be sure to see it and put an end to what doesn’t resonate well with us.

Makemake affects our sexual lives as well, so expect issues of ownership and co-dependencies to suddenly need clarification.

As we approach a most amazing 6 weeks of initiation, Makemake asks us to watch and see how the old story is suddenly revealed in all it’s ridiculousness.  The so-called victor’s perspective of what’s going on just doesn’t make sense anymore.   The veil of the superiority of the civilized is being lifted, and we can finally blend the two aspects and find ourselves much more whole.



Vale to Ra Uru Hu



The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, passed away at his home on Ibiza Island on 12th March 2011.

With his Sun and Moon in Gate 51 – the Gate of Shock – we might have expected Ra to go suddenly, leaving everyone in a state of shock! I never met Ra, and I feel sad that now I have lost that opportunity. It’s quite a watershed moment for the global Human Design community. He was such a powerful paternal figure of authority and direction, and leaves a huge vacuum. I am so very interested to see how the community constellates itself in his absence. I know that many, many people who were inspired by Ra to discover better lives will be grieving deeply, as will his family. A true initiator, I’m sure he will be profoundly missed.


Ra Uru Hu





The Ninth Wave

On the 9th March 2011 we will begin an intense 234 days of transformation and integration leading to a new level of consciousness, according to Mayan Calendar authority Carl Calleman.  Calleman describes the shift as the Ninth Step in Consciousness – the Universal Underworld, the last step before the completion of the current period of human evolution.  The original step – Cellular Underworld – began over 1 billion years ago.

According to Calleman the next 234 days will consist of periods of intensity lasting 9 days followed by a descending intensity for the next 18 days when we are able to integrate the higher energies. The Ninth Wave is about creating harmony from what has evolved previously, to let go of old personal agenda’s and begin manifesting unity consciousness with all that is. This represents a choice between truth and tradition.

9th March 2011 ~ (set for noon Hawaii ~ see note below)


We have been uncovering a hidden aspect of self over the past 18 months, removing blocks and obstructions from the emotional, mental and cellular layers.  This ninth wave represents the beginning of a new journey, the release of something that has not seemed to be present in your life before.  Expect to discover surprising new things about yourself.  Recognise that we are brand new here, we don’t know our way.  We must be humble and allow ourselves time to learn who we are and how we can be.

The key features of this chart are
  • moving away from helping others and becoming more aligned with imagining our own best life
  • becoming aware of the way we have internalised the ancient feminine/masculine roles
  • and how we extrapolate them out into our relationships
  • maturing into becoming our own authority
  • learning to operate alone and without support or approval from others
  • opening up to authentic and intimate encounters with others in all circumstances
  • letting go of sensitivity to critisism and rejection
  • releasing our need for external status of jobs, trophy partners, etc


Life or Death

The activations are for a Body connection to Soul (Spleen to Ji), in a channel that gives us a profound opportunity to align our behaviour with our instinctive selves (57-10).  This is the “anti-zombie channel” – it has the capacity to inform our cells with spiritual light rather than adrenal based pressure to do, to replace the death energy in our cells with life energy.

The current activations to the Spleen and Solar Plexus Centres release unconscious material stowed deep within our cells, making peace between our civilized and wild selves and releasing dammed up vital energy.  They release our instinctual nature from it’s pallid prison of false morality, our emotional energy from rigid convention, and our mental awareness from slavery into creative play.

Saturn in the Spleen Centre has been busy presenting us with difficult situations that have forced us to release old subconscious material down to the cellular level.  This has created a false perception of a lack of wellbeing, as we reversed out of old patterns of ill health.  Not that we haven’t suffered the symptoms, but the cause has not been illness in the conventional sense, but a vibration of illness giving us the chance to see and clear it from our lives.  That process is likely to continue till September 2011, but the intensity will lessen.

The Sun is in the Solar Plexus Centre, in Gate 22, showing us the beauty of a gentle submission to the time it takes to see the bigger picture.  Rushing ahead keeps us trapped in fear and survival.  Withdrawing and withholding prevents us from our abundance. This from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching:

Remain true to yourself as well as to the beauty revealed.  Retain your personal integrity even in the moment where you are most fully immersed, having plunged deeply and swiftly into the water of experience.  Don’t drown in your imaginings, stay aware of what you are accepting into yourself and why.  You can swim with the river’s current without dissolving into it.

This aligns so clearly with the fire and water elements that we have received in the last Full Moon and New Moon.  Our own flame continues to shine brightly, even in deep water.  We maintain the individual flame of our soul light while joining into universal consciousness.  In fact, universal consciousness cannot evolve if we allow our Self to drown in it.

One of the most significant ideas upon us now is to understand HOW we can flow and maintain our individuality.  Isn’t it an either/or situation?  Doesn’t it go like this:  “We can be individuals, or we can be part of the collective”.  We tend to see it that way because of our conditioning – our fear of rejection.  Our fear that we are not special enough to be included, not good enough to be invited in, not creative enough to contribute something worthwhile and not lovable enough to attract companions.   This pandemic of fear had become our reality, bleeding into our relationships and institutions, breeding issues of hierarchy and control.   But now, we’ve stepped out of the game, and the game is breaking down.

I recently listened to an interview with a man who was wounded in the first of the demonstrations in Libya.  A family man, he heard about the demonstration in the morning and knew he had to be there.  Even though he realised his life would be at risk, he couldn’t say no to this rare chance to claim freedom from tyranny for his children.   In some way, we are all facing that same choice.

We are going through a difficult initiation of realising we are alone.  We have only ourselves to rely on.  And yet, the more deeply we delve into the pain of this realisation, the more fully we can share ourselves with others and they with us.  Facing all those fears of non-inclusion, we realise we are free to be ourselves.  And even more, we are free to love, to dance, to create and to support and encourage each other to do the same.

The Libyans know this.  The want to keep foreign interference out of the current unrest, because they know that it would create complex new relationships that will bind up any new government.  On a personal level it’s similar – we can support each other without the kind of helping that is basically interference.

The Earth is in Gate 47 – Oppression and Exhaustion – in the Ajna Centre. When we give our minds control, everyone loses the plot.   Left in charge but with no access to true awareness, the mind is like a frightened and lost child.  It’s only ally is the shallow ego self, a shell of bombast or a ghost hiding away from the world (probably a combination of both), leading us into oppression and exhaustion.  In line 3, the Earth explains that we have been reaching for things that are toxic to us.  But now we are transitioning to a time when our mind can go back to it’s creative playfulness, giving over to our true authority – emotional and  physical knowing.

One of the most profound shifts we are experiencing is a true relationship between all three areas of awareness – our mental, emotional and instinctive awareness.  This completely removes inner conflict because every aspect of ourselves gets a say in our lives in each moment.

With Chiron conjunct Snow White in the Gate of Abundance (55.2), we are waking up from a deep sleep to find a crisis has developed.  Where is the handsome Prince?  The beautiful Princess?  The Earth in Gate 47 says that the real partnership we seek is hidden within us.  There’s no saviour here but you.  And even though you might feel like you’ve lost your way, the truth is that there is something inside you that knows.  And it is this part of you that is coming back to life.  Again, here is the idea that we have to take the risk to be alone, to face aloneness, to go on alone and without support.  This is a paradox, because with Sappho also in Gate 55.2, we are assured of friendly companions.  They are our abundance just now.  But they will only reveal themselves once we have taken the risk and leapt into the unknown.

The Moon is in the Yin/Yin hexagram representing the Earth, The Receptive (2).  Dark, fomenting, a container from which the chaos gives birth to form, the Moon in this gate asks you to trust your inner knowing over anything outside yourself.   The subconscious self can know things that the rational mind and the light of day do not understand.  The Moon in this gate also suggests the need to wait for the light of clear day to show us the way rather than tripping over our compulsive drive for security and safety that comes from living in the lunar half light.

Subtle signs show the way and when you apply sensitivity you can see the patterns of what is coming.  Your steps are so important, tiny changes now determine the pathways of the future.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus in the Gate of Innocence (25).  Orpheus, Apollo and Hera is in the adjoining Gate of Shock (51).   There is a teasing out of the self in relationship, as we disentangle ourselves from family dynamics (Apollo) and the power struggles of roles and ownership (Hera).  Orpheus wants to look to the other as a way of saving himself, but we’ve been down that road for so long we’ve lost ourselves.   If ever the saying was true it’s now – the one about letting go of what you love and if it comes back to you it is yours.   Each one of us is striving, even driven, to be as truly and passionately ourselves as we can possibly be and in some ways there feels like a need to ditch the other as too much ballast.  And at the same time to cling as tightly as we can out of fear of aloneness.

But that’s the old view of what’s going on.  In the new reality we are fellow travellers and the isolation we may experience reveals itself as an illusion.  The more we love ourselves, the more love there is.  The defined Ji Centre makes loving each other a natural way of life.

We are awakening and coming back to ourselves, drawing closer to a greater spirit of togetherness.  To do so we need to continue to release all the cellular aspects that still hold onto the old notion of romantic love and family, financial status, career ladders, academic authority, parental authority and any other type of externalised authority or role.  (Venus in 19.2 and Pluto in 58.4, and Thereus conjunct Achilles in 16).  This could create great anxiety and/or depression.  Look for the old belief, the old story and allow your breath to carry it out of your system.  If you feel the need to control or judge, remind yourself that everything is just how it needs to be, even if it looks like it could endanger you in some way.  The danger is likely to be old shame, old guilt, old fear.  No longer present.

When Mercury and Uranus meet we can expect flashes of intuitive knowing, as the personal mind opens up to universal inspiration.  This process will release us from the need to identify with or claim importance from a label or role.

Mars is in the Crown Chakra, is at the completion of the Hexagram cycle in Gate 63 and poised to begin anew.  As our warrior self makes attempts to conquer this new world we can often feel foolish, humble, confused.  This is a sign that we’ve tried to push forward too quickly and slipped back into old ways.  The major task of Mars is to ensure that all aspects of our self are protected and provided for.  He doesn’t need to be concerned with what others are doing.

Jupiter in the Heart Centre, in the Gate of Biting Through meets the asteroid Diana in Gate 45.  Do you feel hunted, as if your wild self is trapped in trying to make ends meet? Make enough money to survive?  Keep up with the Jones?  Jupiter and Diana are letting us know to look within for our resources.  Jupiter will show us where we have tended to take our gifts too lightly, where we have resisted opportunity, and where we have been reckless with treasure we should have valued more.  We need to stop trying to get others to take responsibility for our abundance and begin to develop our own creative powers.  Between 9th and 12th March we get a free pass, so keep your eyes open, and be ready to leap at any opportunity presented, even though it may not seem perfect.

It’s likely we may also experience an increase in interference in our lives.  But in this new Jupiter cycle we can see the real cause of the interference, rather than a narrowly focused annoyance at the symptoms.  We are looking from a broader perspective and so our response creates great change.

Saturn has been a profound activator since it joined Haumea in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57) in early December 2010.  They meet the North Node in Gate 10, connecting the Spleen Centre to the Ji Centre – body connecting to soul.  A humble and gentle approach to life allows us to penetrate deeply, and to receive as much as possible from each experience.  There is a combination here of moving patiently forward, only taking action in the direction of your dreams when the time is right.  The day to day grind that makes up the working world for most people is completely unnecessary.

On the other hand, if we are too humble we get thrown off course.  Busy-ness with no real purpose is the result.   When it is time to act, we should act.  Note that both Haumea and Saturn both carry the potential for volcanic response, to blow off the old subconscious material and create ‘new land’ for ourselves.

One of the negative aspects of Saturn is loneliness, and the connection with Haumea has brought up the loss of family for many.  I am using the word family in a broad sense.  Saturn and Haumea have made it very clear to us that we need community to prosper.

Pluto is in the Gate of Joy, simply making sure that we can see where we are giving away our authority over our own lives and allowing ourselves to be pressured away from our natural joyful experience of life.  How can you fully enjoy the moment?  What more can you bring to your experience and expression of now?


This is a summary of the major planets and other significant influences for the Human Design Transit chart for 9th March 2011.   Over the next few days and weeks we are set to experience a wave of spiritual initiations as we launch into the Ninth Wave of Universal Consciousness.  I will post a video showing the first set of those waves tomorrow.

** I’ve used noon in Hawaii for the chart, based on advice from Calleman (via Alecia R.)

Read more on the Ninth Wave ~ http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/dawn_of_the_unity_wave.htm


New Moon in Gate 63



Today’s New Moon represents a watershed.  We’ve already committed to a shift.  We can feel it within ourselves, but for many of us there is still a frustrating dissonance with our external reality.  The good thing is that we are now relaxing into being at home in open ended and uncertain situations. We have gone beyond an intellectual understanding that it’s the journey and not the destination that’s important and have embodied (at least partly) an acceptance that we will never arrive.

That sense of never arriving is, in a way, the watershed we have crossed.  It represents the return of a mature feminine energy within us to balance the elemental energies of our lives, calming and supporting us.  Although it still feels like we’re balancing in empty space, we are in fact walking across a bridge between realities.  How we move forward is much more important that what we actually do.  Our intention in acting is more important than the actions themselves.  Now is a time to let go of what things look like and focus on how it feels to you, and how inspired you are within the circumstances.

How we ground this shift – how we move it from the inner plane to begin shaping our external reality – is hugely significant. We are replacing something toxic and corrupt with new clear cut patterns for living.  In this fresh new reality we never arrive, but live as co-creators who begin anew in each moment.  Sometimes it looks like progress, sometimes like retreat.  What matters is you stay true to your chosen direction, your own nourishment, wellbeing and connection.

New Moon in Gate 63 line 3

New Moon in Gate 63 line 3


The New Moon happens in the Crown Chakra, in Gate 63 line 3 at 20.45 on 4th March 2011.  Gate 63 is the place where we realise something has come to an end and we stand at the threshold of a new life.  We need to grieve what we lost during the old process.  The asteroid Child has passed over the Galactic Centre and has joined the North Node in Gate 10, a process that is not unlike a vacuum cleaner that clears out our past and deposits us at the gateway to our future.  We are almost too afraid to move lest we disturb the perfection of the potential we see.

Eurydike and Black Moon Lilith in the Gate of Brightness Hidden (36) suggest that if your innocence, your inner child or inner feminine has been seriously wounded to the point of immobility, it’s important to get yourself moving again.  Do any little thing that is different to what you’ve done in the past.  Involve your physical body.  Eat new foods, walk in new places, dance new dances.  Quaoar is approaching the Galactic Centre in Gate 11 and he suggests we embrace our fear of chaos in order to find new creation.

We can look back and see that things could have been different.  And if they had been, we may have fared much better.  But that’s past now and it’s time to begin letting go and look to the future, even if our vision is still a bit fuzzy on the details.

The New Moon in Gate 63 line 3 is where we meet the Demon Country, the place where constant incursions on our wellbeing seem to undermine our peace and prosperity.  But so long as we face any knocks and shocks with absolute sincerity we will lay the foundations for the clarity that creates a strong foundation to support us for many years to come.

With Mercury in 22.4, the key is to make your essence beautiful, and make your beauty the essence that you share.  The time for finding our value in money, jobs, relationships, status and ostentatious displays is over.  We can now perceive the simple unadorned natural beauty of our lives, relationships and work.  And we are beginning to trust that it is exactly this simplicity that others are seeking in us.

New Asteroid Salacia

Joining Mercury in Gate 22 is a newly named asteroid and dwarf planet candidate called Salacia.  She was Neptune’s wife, and represents calm and sunlit waters.  In line 6, she suggests that we are exploring entirely new (oceanic) territory and the flame we can feel is to light our way for expansion through partnerhship.


Before she was convinced to marry Neptune by a dolphin, Salacia was a nymph.  From my blog post on 24th June:

As Melanie Reinhart notes in her book Chiron and The Healing Journey, “By the time of the Greek myths, the nymphs had lost most of their original instinctual vitality and dignity, and were reduced to benevolent nature spirits…

That’s my emphasis on the word “benevolent”. I want to know, benevolent to whom? Not, obviously to the nymphs themselves, and presumably not to the goddess they served, the power of the feminine or it’s sexual expression as a force of healing and creativity.

Salacia’s appearance is timely.  This New Moon is in Pisces.  She was the wife of Neptune, ruler of Pisces who is dwelling in the only channel activated at the time of the New Moon.  Also, when Salacia was originally discovered back in 2004 she was in Gate 63 line 3 – the exact position of this New Moon.  Her full meaning is unclear yet, but no doubt we’ll hear more from her!

Fire and Water

The last Full Moon occurred in Gate 29, opposite Gate 30 where Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune were transiting.  The two gates represent fire (30) and water (29).  This New Moon happens in two gates that combine fire and water – Earth in Gate 64 and Sun/Moon in Gate 63.

The blend of these two elements gives clarity and action (fire) within the flow (water).  We’ve been blowing off steam (too much fire) or withdrawing in pain (too much water) for a long, long time now.  But we’re getting the balance right more often than not these days and Saturn and Haumea are helping us use these energies in conjunction with the earth and wind elements.  In Gate 57 in the Spleen Centre we find the double wind hexagram (air).   Both Saturn and Haumea represent the earth element, Saturn as ruler of earthy Capricorn and Haumea as Mother Goddess of Hawaii.  Both Saturn and Haumea contain the energy of volcanoes – when the underground material (subconscious) becomes so hot that it blows.  Used wisely, this energy creates new land rather than massive and chaotic destruction.

It also creates new families.  Saturn was involved in some serious family dynamics and Haumea is the only dwarf planet that has a strong family influence. With Mars in the Gate of Family (37), there is much blowing off of steam just now.  Most of this steam relates to unexamined needs for nurturing that we are projecting onto family members and lovers.  For those of us wanting to do things more consciously we seek to go a bit further.  We want to be as clear as a flame within the stream of emotional experience.  We want to step out of the old patterns of denial and avoidance.  In this way we prevent the old influences from creeping back in and embedding them in our new reality.

Bath or Birth by h.koppdelaney on flickr.com

Right now we are crossing a bridge between realities, choosing one pathway from the many.  It’s so important to allow ourselves the time to be illuminated so that we can see the simple and true nourishment that life is offering us in return for what we have given up in the past.   Venus (in 41) is creating a channel with Neptune in the Gate of Illumination (30).  There is no need to make everything right, no need to feel secure, to avoid the risk of alienation or rejection.  We offer what we have to each moment, no matter how insignificant it seems.  In this way we connect with life minded people with similar interests (Sappho in 30).

Mars in the Gate of Family brings an influx of energy to our search for home, intensifying emotion, challenging the established ways and putting relationships to the test.   Home is a co-operative space where we invest ourselves in a shared journey towards common goals, it’s where we come to learn what is of value.  Home requires the constancy of the feminine, she who knows how to be still and wait in the unknown becoming.  Steadily over time we create a space where we can all grow freely into our natural form.

The old warrior Mars energy has retired for repair.  Witness the shifts in the Middle East as people rise up against the tyranny.  Our new internal Mars energy is massively and unconditionally protective of the sensitivity, gentleness and connectedness of our wild and natural selves.

Today’s New Moon occurs in the Crown Chakra.  We have worked hard to win the territory of our hearts and souls back for ourselves.  The next six months will call on us to value our new territory highly, to protect and nurture it, and to share it freely with those who have come to represent family to us.  Without forcing anything we will find our way illuminated with a new kind of light.








Uranus in Gate 25

Innocence and the Unexpected

On 7th February 2011, Uranus went into Gate 25, which spans the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries.   This is a point on the astrology chart that some call The Aries Point, and it is said to represent where the personal and the political meet. At this time we’ve witnessed grassroots political movements in Egypt and Libya removing dictators.  The people said enough is enough and their fiery passion for change was unstoppable.   The Aries point is the strongest CARDINAL point on the horoscope and when something passes over this point things happen.  Cardinal points are initiating energy.  Aries is Fire, so there is passion and energy being released in unexpected ways, but always in alignment with the soul of the Ji Centre.


Uranus is known for creating unexpected events in our lives.  It breaks open our existing psychic container and manifests new life for us on the physical plane.  It brings sweeping change to our consciousness that manifests new ways of being.  It opens us up to flashes of revolutionary intuitive understanding of cosmic patterning.  It has us longing for something new, exciting, impulsive, anything to break us free of the old rigid ways of the past which have become suddenly untenable.  Uranus has carefully arranged this growth impulse to propel us out of our old ego self and into a new collective consciousness.

Uranus in the Gate of Innocence connects the Ji Centre to the Heart Centre

Gate 25

We meet the unexpected with innocence.

In the Human Design chart Gate 25 is known as the Innocence and the Unexpected.  As the first of the Aries gates it represents a burst of energy that is concerned with the Self and it’s expression and direction.

There are a few very important concepts attached to this Gate/Hexagram:

  • Accepting that gentle and pure love is the most powerful force on the planet,
  • Releasing our beliefs that our pure innocent heart self is insignificant
  • Staying true to our own gentle connection with self
  • Disentangling energetically from the problems and stories of others
  • Walking away from what doesn’t concern us
  • Releasing our expectation of negative events
  • Re-evaluation of plans, dreams and goals and imagining new ways to fulfill them
  • Breaking free of our need for approval
  • Stepping away from the resistance, fear, critisism and rejection of others in order to renew ourselves
  • Discovering something entirely new and unexpected about ourselves
  • Healing of our pure simple and innocent heart/soul energy and the shocks it has received from negative events of the past


Uranus in Gate 25 is a trigger that releases this heart self from it’s hiding place within you.  It does this through connecting you to others.  This is an alchemy of finding the gold where you had previously only seen lead.  As we reflect the golden purity of our pure and simple innocence back to each other, the unconditional love of the Ji Centre heals the shocks and traumas of the past and creates opportunities for unexpected new pathways and connections.

Gate 25 is part of a channel that connects the Heart and Ji Centres.  This is an individual energy, blending our healthy ego self with the collective soul.  This channel seeks new ways, never content with the old worn out pathways to heaven.   The other gate in this channel is Gate 51 – the double thunder hexagram of Shock and Initiation.  Since Gate 25 is made up of heaven and thunder trigrams, we have three thunder trigrams and one heaven trigram in this channel!

This channel is not so much about being the best or the first, but being as truly and uniquely yourself as possible.  Uranus in Gate 25 is the beginning of the expression the sacredness and specialness of our unique creative self as an integral part of the collective.  It represents the death of the concept of competition and the birth of an understanding of co-creation and the natural abundance it releases to all.

In Chinese cosmology, Thunder affects the Pericardium and Triple Warmer meridians.  The Thunder trigram represents movement and initiation of change.

This is a channel that teaches us to release our negative expectations and interpretations.  When we meet life with an open face and an open heart and trust that it brings us only good, we begin to relax and truly see the benefits being bestowed upon us in each moment.

This shift is being supported by Makemake in the Gate of Conflict (6) for intimate relationships and Saturn and Haumea in the Gate of the Gentle (57) for family relationships.  Pluto in the Gate of Joy (58) brings that shift to the level of our DNA.

  • Uranus in Gate 25:   7th February to 13 March 2012
  • Enters Aries on 13th March 2011, in Gate 25 line 2.
  • Retrograde: from 12th July 2011 (17.1) till 12th December 2011.
  • Re-enters Gate 25:   In retrograde from 22nd August 2011 to 12th December 2011
  • Uranus goes stationary and continues in Gate 25 until 13th March 2012.

When retrograde, we can expect Uranus to challenge us to find where we have internalised the disapproval of others.  It encourages us to discover where we have prevented ourselves from experimenting out of fear of failure or censure, where we are stuck in angst and rebellion rather than free to take mature action.  Developing a more profound attunement to what is truly essential.


While Uranus is in Gate 25 we have a flood of activations to both Gates 25 and 51

Gate 25

These are the periods when these planets will be conjunct Uranus in Gate 25:

Mercury: 9th to 12 March 2011

Sun:  20 to 25th March 2011

Mars:  31st March to 7th April 2011

Venus:  20th to 24th April 2011


Gate 51

These are the periods when these planets will create a channel with Uranus

Mercury:  19th March to 24th March 2011

Jupiter:  2nd April to 24th April 2011

Mars:   22nd April to 29th April 2011

NB:  Jupiter and Mars will both be in Gate 51 from 22nd April to 24th April 2011

Mercury and Uranus bring a profound attunement of the conscious logical mind up to the level of Universal or Galactic Mind.  Expect insight, ingenuity and originality.

Mars and Uranus brings restlessness, excitability and extraordinary drive and need to take action even to the point of wanting to overpower others.  There can be eruptions of tension into anger and even sudden and unexpected violence.  Allow time for this energy to settle, as the process can be erratic and potentially overwhelming.  It will be useful during this time to do things that engage the physical body in calming movement – yoga, swimming, walking to support you to connect with your underlying motivations.  Being in nature will support you also.

When Jupiter adds his expansionary energy we will be discovering a new way to experience life, a new sense of personal meaning.  You may find an astonishing new idea at this time changes the way you think of yourself and your life. Expect significant issues around the breakdown of traditional religion at this time. Particularly I would expect to see a significant shift in the role of Pope Benedict XVI within the Catholic Church. He may issue some extraordinary new edicts or be replaced by a younger and more dynamic person.

Mercury:  1st May to 9th May 2011

Venus 4th May to 9th May 2011

NB.  Mercury and Venus will both be in Gate 51 from 4th to 9th May 2011.

Venus and Uranus contacts open us up to feeling valued as an individual, safe enough to open ourselves up to the challenge of being part of a global humanity without losing our sense of self.   We will see a huge impact on relationships as they become more open and free.  Expect to see quite a lot of relationship breakdown, but also a very significant shift in the way we experience ourselves in relationship – more openness to our unique and individual needs for expression and movement.  We are also likely to see a strong desire to experiment with various forms of intimacy.  We will find a huge awakening of the collective global spirit at this time, as we realise what an  incredible resource we have in our relationships with each other at the soul level.

During the time that Uranus is in the Gate of Innocence, Pluto is in the Gate of Joy and Neptune in the Gate of Abundance. We also have powerful connections between Saturn and Pluto around the 23rd March 2011, and the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all conjunct Eris in the Gate of Expansion (42) in the Sacral Centre between now and 9th May 2011.  On that date Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct Eris!

It’s impossible to predict the outcome of this momentous period of time.  This next few months are a time to cruise carefully over the bumps life sends you, and to turn your attention to the most wonderful dreams and visions you can possibly imagine.











Creating A Space For Yourself At Home

Do you feel ‘at home’ in your own life? There’s a sense of potential in the air, but it’s veiled and we can’t quite grasp it. That’s because the abundance flows from the feeling of ‘home’ within each one of us, and we’re not quite there yet. But this week will bring us so much closer.

The Sun is in the Gate of Family, bringing our attention to cooperation, sharing, finding common goals and investing our time, attention and material resources in each other. True home and family are constant, safe and completely accepting. They are the place you can go when you feel hurt and need to recuperate and recover. They are where your growth is encouraged and supported unconditionally.

Our task this week is to look at our own inner and outer relationships, to figure out who we want in our home, who is family. On the inner level we are learning to let every aspect of self be at home within us.

Human Design Transit Chart for 25th February

25th February 2011

We can’t evolve into who we are meant to be if we are isolated within ourselves, with no shared community. We’ve been building these communities, slowly and almost imperceptibly, over the past few years. This week we will discover who is in our lives to support us to take our next level of evolution out into the world.

There’s another important aspect to the Gate of Family (37).  It represents the respectful relationships between our inner selves.  Our inner feminine is a constant and nurturing presence within.  Our inner masculine is sincere and protective.   There is abundance, love, respect and appropriate boundaries for our inner child.  We are getting our internal household in order.

And speaking of the inner child, the asteroid Child (11.5) is conjunct the Galactic Centre (11.5) just now, with Quaoar approaching in Gate 11.1.  Huang says of this line:  One should choose only able and virtuous people to be with, people who are humble, gentle, kind and generous. Focus on the harmony you want to create in your life.

The Galactic Centre is reworking the way we think about our own childhood and allowing us to find new ways to respond to life.

The Channel that connects the Solar Plexus Centre to the Heart Centre – Gates 37 and 40 – is about finding a community that values us, a place where we can relax and be ourselves, where we have the freedom to love and be loved, to engage and relax, where we can be encouraged and supported on the emotional and material levels.

Also in the Solar Plexus Centre we’ve got a planetary pile up in the Gate of  Abundance (55).  Chiron, Mars and Snow White (55.2), the Black Moon Lilith (55.4) and Mercury (55.6) are all there.   There could be aspects here of releasing rage against men into the conscious mind, to let it go, grieve the past and move on because there is a cornucopia of opportunities for a new life waiting to replace the old relationships.

Black Moon Lilith can also bring a sensitivity to areas of our emotions that we have not been able to express before.   Line 4 says ‘you will meet what you fear and bring it into alliance with you’.  I want to stress that this doesn’t mean you will bring a particular ‘person’ into alliance with you, although you may find a limited cooperation.  But it does mean that you will be able to find your own fear – what you’ve projected onto that person – and realign with it.

It’s fascinating to find Snow White and Lilith together with Chiron (wounds) and Mars (masculine).  Chiron is partly about redemption and healing, and conjunct Mars it can put us face to face with our own childish belief that if our suppressed anger is released into the world it will be destructive.  Centaurs were half man and half beast, so can represent the parts of ourselves we try to keep hidden and what we may feel ashamed of.

Snow White tells us to wake up and watch who we entrust with our vulnerability.  Again the message is clear – “find good help and support and continue steadily on your way”.  Just because he’s an amazing kisser doesn’t mean he’ll make a good husband and father. And just because she looks cute when she’s asleep doesn’t mean she’s going to make a good wife and mother! And let’s extrapolate that silly example out into all areas of our lives.  Don’t give up your self, we’re not merging into one being, but creating a vast grid of love and cooperation.

And the last example that drives this point home is Ceres conjunct Nessus, also in the Solar Plexus Centre, also dealing with emotions and also calling for a change in the way men and women relate.  Nessus is a Centaur who can heal the bad blood of continuing cycles of violence and cruelty by leaving it naked and obvious.  By bringing it to conscious awareness in other words.  Ceres shows where we lacked nurturing as children, and where we may have had something of our innocence stolen from us (Persephone) and taken to the underworld (Pluto/Hades).

Ceres and Nessus are in the Gate of Revolution – the place where we have to let go of everyone around us and risk change.

So there are some quite amazing ideas turning up repeatedly in the current transits.  We are clearing a space in our life for our most vulnerable inner child, the wild one who’s perhaps been hiding in fear.  I’m curious to hear how you are experiencing these transits.




CubaGallery @ Flickr.com

What’s Goin’ On?

Even if I tried I couldn’t cover everything that’s going on just now and do it any kind of justice. There’s major ‘events’ in the Ji Centre, the Solar Plexus Centre, the Spleen Centre.

Here’s a quick run down for you.

Ji Centre

Mercury conjunct Ceres in Gate 13 ~ Where did you have your natural boundaries breached when you were a child? In what way did you learn that you had to do or say or be something other than what you truly are? That breach becomes a source of constant aggravation, as you struggle to protect the richness of your inner space from outside influences. This week you get to do a full repair job that leaves you free to connect with others from the heart with no fear of dreadful repercussions.

Spleen Centre

Saturn conjunct Haumea ~ When we listen to our body’s intuitive responses we are able to move slowly and steadily towards health and wholeness. Right now our bodies are shedding the toxicity of outmoded emotions and thoughts. Drink lots of fresh clear water, allow the past to leave your physicality.

Solar Plexus Centre

On the 18th February we have a Full Moon in Gate 29, opposite a Full House in Gate 30 in the Solar Plexus Centre. The Sun, Mars and Neptune will all be in Gate 30. Mercury shifts into Gate 30 a few hours later to join them, and Chiron is a hairsbreadth away in Gate 55.  We are learning that our emotions are our friends, not something to be feared.

These gates are about learning to make choices based on the higher knowing that comes from emotional clarity. When we make choices in this way we can commit ourselves to each moment, body and soul, because we know they are absolutely right for us. We don’t worry about other options we had to say no to, and we don’t concern ourselves with where our choice will lead us.

Jupiter is opening our minds to new neural pathways, gently guiding our egos past old mental blocks (17).  Pluto (58) and Venus (38) in the Root Centre are taking us out past our comfort zone, helping us to develop an inner consistency and grounded centre regardless of how far from home we may feel.

Be very gentle with yourself, this is a profound time of cellular change.

CubaGallery @ Flickr.com

Cuba Gallery on Flickr.com

Moving Towards Illumination

We are moving towards a lineup of 5 planets in the Gate of Illumination on 18th February. Insight is sustained by quiet strength and the commitment to receive it and act upon it. One asteroid sits amidst the planets – Karma. We are approaching a time when manifestation is immediate and we need to have clarity and positive intentions in everything we think and do.

Cuba Gallery on Flickr.com

Banner Dancing GoddessesBA037

A Pure Container for Your Soul

Haumea is at the centre of changes this week.  While traditional astrologers debate the effects of Uranus and Pluto, new dwarf planet Haumea is quietly creating major shifts in our physical body.

12th February 2011

Conjunct Saturn in Gate 57 –  new structures on all levels including economic, social, physical body Connecting to the Ji Centre via the North Node  –  destiny, movement towards the future.

Connecting to Uranus in the Gate of Innocence (25) –  beginning of a new  85 year cycle of freedom and the release of previously inhibited self expression

Connecting to Pluto (and Venus) in the Gate of Joy (58) via Hylonome (5.6) and Nemesis (18.1) – finding a new sense of self that allows us to step out of a long standing cycle of self-destruction.

Haumea purifies, melts our separation from each other, creates a sense of belonging and supports us to tune into the rhythms of our own lives and the natural abundance on this planet.  She is helping us create a pure and joyful container for our souls in this life, right here, right now, in all our human-ness.