The Past, The Future and The Great Attractor


5th December 2010

There’s so much written about what the future will be like these days. Most of it seems to have an underpinning of panic.  It’s main message – how will we keep control? And therein lies the dilemma. We won’t. Control is the core ingredient in our old way of being. Control is something that we are rapidly losing a grip on, and for a very good reason.

In the 19th century it was fashionable to think of life as a great big machine that we could break down into little segments and study. In this way we discovered amazing things like cells and atoms.  If we could just find the tiniest bits of everything, we’d get control of them.  And that would of course make us masters of the universe and of our own destiny.

Life, however, has other plans for us.  Just as we feel we have the prize within our grasp, we are being re-routed onto a new quest.

Remember the existentialists?  They believed that we are alone in an uncaring universe.  In their world there is no beneficial forces, no synchronous support, no god, no love.  Moments of happiness are random events with no ultimate meaning.  They were the children of the machine.

Does that sound extreme?  It’s not.  It’s an invisible belief still sitting deeply within our conditioned minds.  I’m reading a book by ‘extraordinarily interesting thinker’ Charles Leadbeater, called Living On Thin Air.  The book is really good, and what struck me was this underlying assumption:

.. most people feel ensnared by the impersonal forces sweeping the global economy.

It’s the point at which we find it difficult to flow gracefully into our future.   When we feel threatened, our instinctive reaction is to try to get more control.  To Do Something!   And here is the shift point, the place where we jump between matrices.   When we wait, things become clear.  The apparently malefic reveals it’s beneficient nature.

When the beneficial nature of our predicament is clear, our way forward is creative, graceful and even fun.  When we move too soon we reinforce the 19th century notion that we are cogs in an uncaring machine who must struggle against the malefic forces in order to survive.  Not fun!

Tomorrow we have a New Moon conjunct The Great Attractor.  It’s probably the biggest ‘thing’ in the universe, with unimaginable gravitational forces.  It takes our past and spins it around in front of us, making it appear to be our future.  It bends light and time, confusing us about what is real.   It’s invisible.  To us.  And yet it is pulling us and loads of other galaxies towards it at tremendous speeds.  It’s a great attractor! (For those who are interested it’s in a fixed position in gate 5.3).

It’s so synchronous for us, because the New Moon is happening in a direct relationship to the Nodes which represent our past and our future.  The Great Attractor twists and turns them as if we are in a game of blind mans bluff.

Both Nodes are now transiting in the G Centre, which represents where we are headed in life.  Expect confusion about your life direction, your sense of identity, and your feelings about whether you are loved for who you are.

Expect confusion about whether you should be taking action or waiting for the shift to carry you forward.  Expect to feel that life is picking you up and carrying you somewhere.

And expect to struggle with whether this is a good thing or not.  Is life a random series of events, an uncaring machine?  Or an intelligent universe intimately attuned to your every thought and feeling?  You are a sacred being, creator of a series of sacred acts.   Rash and random actions should be avoided, they are not conducive to progress.  In fact, this New Moon is about clarifying the effect of past rash and random actions and how they’ve landed you in the mud.

Gate 5 is about Nourishment.  There is much here about our relationship with our parents and how we project that onto the larger picture – god and religion, mother earth, our governments – any maternal or paternal authority figures in our lives.  Without true nourishment we must struggle on alone in an uncaring universe where we survive on bravado rather than a true sense of belonging.   As we grow beyond that reality,  our past may just pop up in front of us so that we can see clearly where we have wrongly believed it to be our future.


Shaking Loose the Bonds of Culture


27th November 2010

Niobe and Altjira are fascinating me at the moment.  They are both in crucially important positions in the bodygraph and they both deal with how we relate to our creations, whether they be children, works of art, acts of charity or business projects.  They both seem to point to the idea that we must learn to live in the moment, to release any attachment to goals, to create simply for the innocent and pure joy of the process.

Niobe is an asteroid, and sitting between Saturn and Pluto in the Gate of Family Patterns (18) she is a key player just now.  It’s not a pretty story.  Niobe was prideful and boastful about how wonderful her many children were.  She was basically saying she was better than Apollo and Artemis, who only managed 2 children, perhaps because they were twins but that’s another story.   Apollo and Artemis weren’t happy about the slight, and killed Niobe’s children as they practiced their gymnastics.   Niobe was turned to stone but continued to weep unceasingly for her lost children.

This is a person who believes that her creations make her more important or better than others, not a good look.

It ocurred to me this morning, as I continue to work with a sense of sadness that seems to arise from the very earth just now, that we are all walking through a field of bereavement.  It’s not that we can understand what we’ve lost, but still it seems to permeate so deeply.  My feeling about this is that we are experiencing a deeply suppressed grief at the loss of many things – our lost inner child, our lost connection with our own bodies and with the magical abundance of the earth, our severed connection with our souls, and a deep cultural disconnection with both the mother and earth matrixes that has profoundly affected our ability to relate to each other in simple joy.

All these things are showing up in the transits just now.   The Spleen Centre, where we find Niobe, Saturn, Venus retrograde and Haumea, is the part of the bodygraph that relates to our ancient reptilian brain.  The reptilian brain is lightning fast.  It doesn’t want to wait to think things over or seek emotional clarity when a sabre tooth tiger is poised to pounce, threatening our very existence.  But the reptilian brain, and hence the Spleen Centre in Human Design, is not operating well in the current climate.  As Joseph Chilton Pearce points out in his excellent book, The Biology of Transcendence, what most threatens our survival now is not tigers and bears, but our culture.  We are threatened with losing our jobs, our homes, our families, with being too fat, too thin, accidentally saying the wrong thing, loneliness, various forms of discrimination and political blindness, and a myriad of other cruel but everyday tragedies.

And it’s here, in this cultural milleu, that our Spleen Centre is busily doing what it was originally designed to do, projecting it’s ancient fears into a modern context, and preventing us from clearly seeing the truth.  Our minds also connect to our heart/soul (the G Centre), but by the time our heart gets to hear about what’s going on, the lightning fast reflexes of the ancient survival brain have beaten it there and already informed us that we are at grave risk and should respond as if the threat is real.  In the rush to survive we ditch the joyful simplicity of being alive, and aspects of self not directly involved in survival – our hearts, our creative child, our loving relationships – get thrown overboard as too much ballast.

Last week and this coming week are creating a huge upheaval in our ancient brain.  It is getting an upgrade, a brand new 21st century renovation.  It’s being rewired from the old way of being human – short, brutish and inevitably ending in death after a lifetime of paying taxes – and released into a glorious new reality.  In this new reality it has a whole different job description.  It lets us know in each moment what choice will infuse our cells with the most deliciously wonderful experience of life. The rasberry or the chocolate?  The bright warm sun or the dappled shade?  The snuggle or the time alone?

And Altjira?  He is a Trans Neptunian Object, doing a long term transit in Gate 20.  This Throat Centre gate has been the main access for Pluto and Haumea to express themselves in the past 2 to 3 years (Pluto when he was in Gate 10, and Haumea in Gate 57).  They have been weaving the Spleen Centre (survival) with the G Centre (soul/heart) and the Throat Centre (expression).

Altjira was a creator deity of the Australian Aboriginal people. He created the earth, created a few lesser deities to run the show, and then he left.  No doubt to create another world somewhere else.  He didn’t hang around to make sure everyone played the way he thought they should.  He just left.  There’s echoes of the absent working father in Altjira, another source of bereavement we are currently experiencing.  But I’ve observed a deeper message in Altjira.  He isn’t attached to his creations.  He creates from joy and then moves on.

As the Zen saying goes, if you have one eye on the goal you only have one eye on your path.  Altjira is in Gate 20, an energy of being present in the moment and loving what we do.  This gate contains the essence of being fully present and integrated, and those who truly live it have a powerful effect on everyone who comes into contact with them.

Our culture tells us to keep both eyes on our goal, so long as that goal is culturally sanctioned, and to give our path only fleeting glimpses.  But the goal is a glamour, an illusion.  What’s real is the process, the pathway.  What’s real is the experience of the journey.  And this is where our Spleen Centre is paramount.  It knows how to live the journey, step by step.  It knows that the journey is filled with health, abundance and wonderful soulful connections with others, all felt at the cellular level.

Tomorrow we have a rare event – the Spleen Centre connecting directly to the Throat Centre via the Gate of The Well (48).  This is the gate of prana at the cellular level – an unlimited source of pure life force energy that brings a deep wisdom and connection to life.  The transit is made up of Saturn (48) and the Earth (16) and will be in place for 5 days.

It’s about breaking through the old illusion of being worthwhile through our cultural achievements, and being here now in all our glory.  It will shake us loose from goals that are culturally conditioned rather than soulful.

the next 5 days are about choosing to know that we are spiritual beings on an earthly journey that is housed in incredible magic vehicles that we call our physical bodies.   It’s about our physical bodies coming back into the picture and a new culture (Venus in Gate 50) arising from a place that includes all aspects of self and not just those that are culturally sanctioned.

Tom McNamee ~ Flickr.com

Step By Step Into The Void


25th November 2010

You may have noticed it’s almost impossible for me to blog at the moment. I am so much engaged in bringing my full presence to each moment with my mind, body and emotions that the act of writing feels very uncomfortable. I want to share a couple of key ideas with you.


Everything that prevents us from living in alignment with our soul is leaving our lives. If you feel any of what we once called ‘ascension pain’, any discomfort on any level, ask what you need to release. The Nodes are activating the G Centre and our hearts are being recalibrated to the soul level by having their electromagnetic charge realigned with the galactic centre.  Your soul has a specific vibration that communicates in much the same way as your mind, body and emotions.  It is anchored to your body through your heart chakra and in Human Design through the G Centre.  It’s the key to your life geometry and holds incredible power, as it’s your portal to all multi-dimensional aspects of self.


And speaking of alignment with the Galactic Centre, that’s where Mercury is right now, and on 29th Mars will join him.  The Uranian known as Vulkanus is in Gate 56 joining them to the Throat Centre, and thus to the whole raft of planets bringing our higher mind into connection with soul, heart and body.   Vulkanus burns away what’s no longer needed, and simultaneously uses the heat and pressure to create new ‘land’.    Our minds are being informed by the emanations of our hearts rather than the old and exhausted fight or flight reaction.  The Galactic Centre (in gate 11) pulses us with ideas beyond our wildest dreams and imaginings.  The old structure and format of creating is complete, and a dance with creation is beginning.  Watch to see what brings you joy.

Past Lives

It’s time to let go of every trauma that we carried into this life with us.  It doesn’t matter whether we had early experiences in this life that buried the trauma deep in our cells, or whether we simply carry the trauma in our soul remembrance.  The only thing that keeps us hanging on is pride.   Niobe, who represents how we can be damaged by our pride, is sitting smack bang between Pluto and Saturn in the Gate of Correcting Patterns.  They are in a circuit that has our minds clanging shut at the first sign of danger, telling us ‘remember what happened last time!’.   In the panic to protect ourselves (read that as … our ego selves) we miss the chance to open our hearts and minds to the situation as it truly is in the present and make new choices (read that as .. new neural pathways).  Because those ancient protective parts of our brain operate at such lightening speed we are only dimly aware of the potential for change that we are missing.  Watch for that instinctive fear response and breathe past it.


One word, dissolving.  Venus retrograde has been doing an incredible job of dismantling our fears of connecting to each other.  She’s still sitting in Gate 50, in a position that represents the beginning of a new dynasty, a new culture that nurtures everyone at the level of the sacred, the soul.  Neptune and Chiron have been slowly and deliberately dissolving our emotional wounds for the past 2 years now.   And Psyche is at the Throat Centre asking us what price we will pay to hang on to our economic selves?  How important is money in our lives.  How do we find the courage  to put our souls first?

Gate 26, in the Heart/Ego Centre is profoundly shifting our sense of self and supporting our courage to dissolve.  Here’s what’s sitting in that gate ~ Kassandra, Magdalena, Eros, Cupido, Pallas, Mars and Quaoar.  How has our fear of not being seen or believed kept us from expressing our inner wisdom, the ineffable knowing that we need to live in our divine selves?  How have those ancient fears of speaking out, collectively held and maintained, led to us creating a culture that has denied the feminine, the instinctive, the intuitive, the sacred?  This is the crucial point we find ourselves at.  And it’s as if we are being asked to jump without having a clue where we will land. But that kind of risk is not really necessary.  Step by steady step we are creating something new.

This energy also corrects a serious imbalance in our ego selves, allowing us the space to take pride in ourselves, to love ourselves and to express ourselves fully and completely without fear of being branded egotistical.  The South Node (15) asks us to release our small ego self in return for handing us the keys to the powerful new model – humble but with no false humility.

Self and Culture

Saturn and Pluto are sitting in the circuit that allows us to recreate culture based on joy (58) and affection (18) and a deep physically felt connection to the life force energy of the universe (48).    Don’t be attached to anything you have created, whether that be children, work projects, your status, belongings.  Niobe and Altjira (in gate 20) are both asking that we take heed of the incredible power of the new dwarf planets Quaoar (conjunct Mars in the ego gate 26), Makemake (with Orcus in gates 6 and 59 respectively), and Haumea (in gate 57).   They ask us to step out of the chaos and destruction and into the newly visible order of a new reality where we are conscious co-creators.

Tom McNamee ~ Flickr.com

Mandelbrot Fractal by Zhakora ~ www.flickr.com

Dragon New Moon in Scorpio

Back in the 1940’s two psychologists set up an intriguing experiment.  They asked a group of people to identify playing cards.  For example, the four of clubs or the queen of hearts.  To make it a bit more tricky, they popped a few freak cards into the deck, like a red six of spades.  All went well, the cards were shown at high speed and the subjects found it simple to identify and name the cards as they appeared.  Only thing was, they didn’t pick up the anomolies at all, but subconsciously approximated them to what they were expecting, for instance calling a red six of spades as “six of hearts” or perhaps just as “six of spades”.  Just like in the movie The Matrix, they didn’t notice what was going on right before their eyes.

The psychologists then slowed the cards down a bit.  At this speed, the subjects were uncomfortable, feeling that occasionally something wasn’t right, but unable to say quite what it was.

Eventually, as the pace was slowed even more, most subjects were able to see and identify the freak cards.  Some subjects, however, were disoriented. Unable to even consider the possibility that there was anything wrong with the deck, they became anxious and confused.

It’s a bit like that just now.  As our spirits descend more and more deeply into the dense physical realm that constitutes life on earth, we are finding we need to slow down.  If we continue to push forward at the old pace we become disoriented because we are missing important subtle information.  Those who refuse to see the shifts that are happening can become anxious and confused, trying to piece reality together from what’s left of the old paradigm.

Today’s New Moon is occurring in the very first point of the I Ching – hexagram 1, line 1.  This is raw creative yang power that comes into form by making itself available to the feminine yin integrative field.

In other words, if we use that yang power to rush ahead without guidance, we will find it difficult to understand what’s going on.   Life will lose it’s subtle sense of meaning, and we will be plunged back into the old paradigm of robotic impersonality.

We are making a shift from the old mechanical way of being that arose in the 19th century.  Based on known quantities, fixed measurements and absolute certainty, this reality has been a safe haven for humanity for a very long time now.  Long enough for us to question our sanity in leaving it behind.

But slowing down brings it’s own challenges.  What do we fill the time with?  If we’re not constantly trying to achieve something, what will we do?  How can we give up our striving to be recognised and appreciated for how extraordinary we are?  What if we stop struggling and people realise we are … well, quite ordinary really.

Isn’t it extraordinary that there are over 6 billion people on this planet and each one of us believes that we are the centre of the universe?  Each one of us believes we are so special, so unique, so destined for great things in one way or another.   And so we are, but we don’t have to strive hard to achieve this.

Mandelbrot Fractal by Zhakora ~ www.flickr.com

Mandelbrot Fractal by Zhakora ~ www.flickr.com

One of the most extraordinary branches of science today is Chaos Theory, originally ‘discovered’ by a meteorologist and mathematician called Edward Lorenz back in the 1950’s.  It took many years for other scientists to catch up with what Lorenz had done because it was so .. well, so ordinary and simple.  While those other scientists were smashing atoms and gazing at other galaxies, Lorenz was watching the steam rise from his coffee cup and wondering why it never made the same pattern twice.

What Lorenz discovered was extraordinary.  When we are aware of the very small and subtle details of life, we are able to see how very minor shifts create massive changes in outcome.  Life is never predictable, always alive and flowing.  We are agents of change in each moment, and with each breath we are creating what will exist in the next breath.

It’s quite easy to miss the random and chaotic nature of life if we are gazing far out beyond ourselves.  We can be lulled into a false belief in predictability.  But random and chaotic is where the creativity is, where the true power of evolution lies.  And for most people, that power is completely invisible and unavailable.  In fact, for most people the fear of random and chaotic blinds them to the truth – that there is an incredibly beautiful fractal patterning within the apparent lack of order.

Today’s New Moon is in Scorpio, in the heart chakra – the G Centre in Human Design.  This is the centre where our self meets our soul, where we can open out and connect in unconditional love with all that is.  Gate 1 is the dragon gate that can create beyond the known limits of space and time when it aligns with feminine wisdom.  In this case, feminine wisdom is in our belly ~ our gut instinct is our earthly self.

The Earth and Mercury connect our hearts to our bellies (Sacral Centre).  We are empowered within our physical beings to follow the direction of our heart, to integrate our power with the collective.

Be very clear about what you choose to take responsibility for.  We are being asked to step away from holding up the old paradigm structures, to check in deeply with our physical bodies to ensure we get clear of any remaining shadow of slavery conditioning.

Don’t succumb to giving your energy or focus to anything that feels wrong for you.  Remember, small effects can create large shifts in collective evolution.

With the North Node conjunct Pluto (10.6) also in the G Centre, expect deep transformation this week that calls your power forth to step out in a new direction.  Dig deep to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Being Divine!


23rd October 2010

The lead up to today’s Aries Full Moon (3.4) has been like a catherine wheel going off. I feel that writing about it brings the risk of diminishing it’s effect into something linear and comprehensible rather than letting it be it’s wild, crazy self finding it’s own pathway into our lives.

Catherine Wheel by Romantic Heroine (flickr)

Catherine Wheel by Romantic Heroine

There are deep, deep structures of society shifting under this Full Moon, as we may expect with Saturn in the Gate of Depth. They involve the trinity of mother, the father and the child, and reflect out through the prism of Venus into our business and love relationships. They involve a shift in all our relationships from economics to love, from imprisonment and over-power-ment to freedom and joyful creative connection.

Women are waking up to how they have been sleepwalking through roles and relationships (Juno in 40 and Hera in 55.6 conjunct Snow White (waking up to their own spirit).  Men are waking up to the realisation that the only way forward personally and collectively is to tune into something that was lost aeons ago – feminine wisdom (Mars conjunct Metis in 14).  Of course, women’s inner masculine and men’s inner feminine are involved as well, talking about gender is always fraught with over simplicity!

It may feel as if we’ve fallen into a dark hole and can’t find our way out but that is because we are in the process of creating something new and the form isn’t clear amidst the profusion of coming into being.  For each of us there are a myriad of small choices being made, and each one comes down to this – do we go with the old or new?  Do we act before we have sensed the new flow of the pattern and end up putting all our energy and will into maintaining the old pattern? Or do we move slowly, carefully, with alertness to what is forming around us, and choose the new even though it may feel frighteningly insubstantial?

The Spleen Centre is so strongly activated by today’s transits, and it goes all the way to the Throat via the Heart Centre.   Saturn and Zeus are stabilising our reaction to fear and allowing us to resist our tendency to discount our own value at the expense of finding the depth of our natural talents (48).  Haumea (57) and Kassandra (34) give us the instinct and power to express the truth, whether it be accepted as such by others or not.

Venus in the Gate of Encountering, or Coming to Meet (44) is joined by a powerhouse of friends – Vesta, Ceto, Decaulion, Poseidon, Okyhroe and Tantalus, and they meet Quaoar and Cupido in 26 to join up with the Heart Centre.  This channel is literally throbbing with energy!  It is largely about the cleansing of the ego self, but also connects us with the ability to find a personal sense of meaning in life (Mercury in 28) that has nothing to do with anyone but ourselves. Be alert to a tendency to project your own bad habits out onto others, turning them into an empty vessel of your projections rather than a human being.  This is how we become rigid, by projecting our patterns of fear onto others, and this is also how we become lonely, isolated and unsupported.  Accept your own fears rather than ‘outsourcing’ them.

Amor is in the Heart Centre (21) testing us on how much interference in our lives we will accept for the sake of human type love, and what we can do to shift that into a more divine version of unconditional love that doesn’t require ego based control and manipulation to get our needs met.  Amor’s heart is split in two and he needs the wild self (Diana and Pan in 45) to bring back a heart that is wild and free, able to express itself freely no matter what it needs to say.

We are in the beginning stages of learning to manifest in entirely new ways and this requires a change in the ground rules of relationship.  You’re not going to learn this in any workshop, we’re inventing it as we go along.  Be radically self-affirming, no matter how things may appear.  Who you are depends on who you are with, and you’ve probably been spending a lot of time with people who haven’t seen you in your full potential.  We all have.   This means that you’ve been chronically misinterpreted.  We are in the process of remedying that situation.

The Moon in the Sacral Centre (3.4) is all alone, quite isolated, with nothing in her gate and nothing within about 4 degrees.  Compare the Sun (50.4)  which is closely flanked by both Child and Lilith.  Quite extraordinary, since it indicates a child isolated and lost while standing between the father (Sun) and mother (Lilith).  I expect there’s been a lot of scared, grief stricken, angry and generally emotional childish behaviour over the past few days.  That’s great, we need to get it out and share it instead of pretending we’re doing fine.

Which brings me to the idea of neglect.  For years now I’ve been peeling back layers – fake happiness, depression, sadness, anger, fear, shame, guilt …..   and under the shame and guilt .. neglect.  What a relief it was to come to a place where I realised I was neglected!

We live in a culture that, deliberately and with malice, neglects us and our children.  We could say that at the root of this neglect is money.  We appear to have no choice but to use our life force energy to work to get money, we appear to have no choice but to allocate scarce resources because there’s not enough money to go around, and we appear to have to tolerate gross inequities between rich and poor.

Who we truly are is subsumed into attempts to find the career we’re best suited to (if we’re lucky enough to have the opportunity for a career!).  We’re away all day working so we make it up to our children by buying them things, spending money taking them places.  If we want to show how much we love someone we buy them something.  Our relationships have become toxically economic.

Today’s Full Moon is resolving that toxicity.  The Sun is in the Gate of the Ting, fostering and nourishing the divine parts of you that add value to the lives of us all.  This gate represents the dismantling and rebuilding of our culture superstructure.  When our “earthly” values no long meet our needs as spiritual beings we are guided to take responsibility for our divinity and move beyond our identification with our ‘human’ wounds to manifest something new.

“All that is visible must grow beyond itself, extend into the realm of the invisible.  Thereby it receives its true consecration and clarity and takes firm root in the cosmic order.”

Responsibility is a big issue this week.  At it’s core is a need for us to get clear on taking responsibility for allowing our visible divinity to grow beyond itself, to extend itself and take firm root in the cosmic order.  This is the way forward, the way we create a new cultural structure that is nurturing rather than neglectful.  Be divine!!!

Mars is in the Gate of Great Harvest (14), where we can be deluded into using our energy to work, work, work without knowing what our true direction is, where we can blindly believing we have no choice but to do what the economy tells us to do.   The trap is in believing we will receive a ‘great harvest’ from all this effort, but that’s a lie.  The great harvest comes from using our energy in service to our own divinity.

And where is our soul in this equation?   The Queen of the Underworld, Persephone, is bringing us to an understanding of the profoundly abundant relationship we have with the Earth (2).  Making each action a ceremonial celebration of our life on Earth ensures we live in Heaven (Huya in 1).  Any pushing just makes us feel we are trapped in too small a space, ensnared in a sticky web.  The more we struggle the stickier and more stuck we get.  (Admetos and Arachne in 8).  We are unable to connect with the people who can help us because we’re too busy working to look up and see them waving at us.

Oh yes, the Sacral Centre.  The Moon is in one of my favourite gate – Beginnings (3).  When we relax our bellies, allow our breath to wander all the way down to our pelvis, we discover that a certain implicit order begins to become apparent in the chaos and formlessness.   Beset with difficulties, overcome with grief at our aloneness in the formlessness and chaos of becoming, confused by the constant shifting and changing that seems to happening around us, this Moon is not an easy place!   What do we do?  Slow down enough to see the small details.  Allow our natural sensitivity to sense the connections that are coming to us in all directions.  A new world is arising, and you are it’s divine beloved child.

Joy Riders by Rassouli

Returning to the Cycle of Life


19th October 2010

I had to pull my head in about two weeks ago because I had stumbled unwittingly into what I could probably best describe as an anti-synchronicity zone. Every time I tried to achieve anything, something broke. My car, my internet router, my phone line … it went on and on till I was for all practical purposes disabled from operating my business.  At one point I couldn’t even get my blog posts to load.

Actually, I say ‘unwittingly’, just because …. well, it’s a great word isnt’ it?  But I can’t say I was clueless.  I was watching the apparently destructive force build and build. The unwitting part was me trying to sneak past it. Shhhh don’t make a sound and it may not hear me! Or if I push hard enough perhaps I can make things go my way. Huh!

So I cancelled everything I had coming up and I’ve been having a delightful time. I’ve been writing an article on Quantum Business and thinking a lot about things generally.

And with Saturn transiting in my undefined Spleen Centre I’ve been having some very profound conversations with my body. I just let everything be and only did what felt good physically and watched the outcome. And felt the pressure fall away, pressure I’d become so used to I was taking it for granted as an unavoidable part of my life, no longer conscious that it was a choice I was making.

Tomorrow Ceres will be conjunct Pluto (10.6). There’s a key transformative theme here that resonates through our personal lives, our businesses and our families.  We can’t make something be the way we want it to be by holding on tightly to it. It’s the classic situation of “if you love something, let it go“. This relates to the structure of our own lives, our bodies, our relationships, our creativity, our children.

Joy Riders by Rassouli

Joy Riders by Rassouli

Altjira is in the mix as well (20.5) He is a creator god of the Australian Aboriginal central desert people, the Aranda. In the dreaming, Altjira created the world, plus a few new creator gods and goddesses. And then he left them to it. He didn’t stay around to make sure it was all working okay, that the newly created divinities were keeping everything clean, that all the animals were getting on well and sharing nicely. He just nicked off, probably to create another world in a far distant corner of the galaxy.

In a world where children are often put in front of a computer screen or ferried to endless lessons rather than encouraged to run wild, I wonder what anxiety our own inner creations are experiencing.  Under constant supervision lest they step over the line of various forms of correctness.   When Ceres is involved, we are often dealing with deep grief.  When Pluto is involved we are often dealing with deep evolution.

I think it’s likely that this conjunction represents a return of cyclical processes to our life, a shift out of the straight linear way of seeing things that we have clung to since Newton unravelled the mystery of gravity.   When we shake ourselves out of linear time (where we are on a straight line to aging and death .. tick tock) we are free to wander into a garden of delight.  There is always something old to be released and something new to be discovered.  When we allow ourselves the vision of what’s new (rather than seeing life as simply one more step on the pathway to ultimate destruction) it’s so easy to release what’s old.



As we approach the watershed point of 10th October 2010, I wanted to share these two stories with you.  The first one is taken from Philip Shepherd’s new book New Self New World:  Recovering Our Senses in the 21st Century.  I’ll be interviewing Philip again very soon, and making the book available on my site because it speaks so beautifully to anyone interested in Human Design.

Jay Gluck, who wrote Zen Combat in 1962, arranged to bring five United States military police and a high-speed camera to meet with Morehei Uyeshiba, the founder of aikido, who at the time was eighty five.  In a demonstration, Uyeshiba took on the military police, who were suppored by a further six Japanese martial arts armed with oak swords.  As Gluck explains, the film shows this tiny old man – he stood four foot ten – moving amongst his charging assailants with a contented smile on his face.  No one even touched him until he let several of them grasp him in any way they wanted, whereupon he floored them all simultaneously.

Hiroyuki Aoki, author of  The Zero Point of Consciousness and the World of Ki, explains that he enters into such a point of calm clarity and harmony with the universe that any opponent who even thinks of attacking him would fall down.   When he was asked by an interviewer whether he really did nothing at such a time, Aoki responded, “No!  If I do anything it’s no good.  It’s a state in which I myself do nothing.”

The second story is from Roberta Grimes book The Fun of Dying.

Leonard Liebovici recently conducted a fascinating experiment. To test the power of prayer he randomly chose 4000 patients and in a double blind test, had a group of people pray for some of the patients. The patients receiving the prayers recovered more quickly and had a reduced severity of illness. The astonishing thing about Liebovici’s experiment is that the prayers were offered up in the year 2000 for patients who had been hospitalised back in the early 1990’s.  It appears that prayer does not cling to the stubbornly persistent illusion of time and that our intentions can affect the past!


And finally, happy birthday to John Lennon.  And to another musical superstar, happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend Sharon. You can say we’re dreamers, but ….  it’s only dreams that have the power to create new realities.

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A Replenishing New Moon


6th October 2010

The approaching New Moon is calling us to regain our balance by dropping deeper into ourselves.

New Moon in Gate 48

New Moon October 2010

The Sun and Moon will be in the Spleen Centre, reaching up towards the Throat where it’s searching for an enthusiastic response, without which we can’t experience our value to others.

Underlying this problem is a profound fracture in the way we relate to each other in our culture. After all, the New Moon is in Libra, putting relationships to the forefront.

You can see from the chart that the Root Centre is activated by it’s connection to the Spleen Centre.  The Sun and Moon (48) are joining a busy group of North Node (58), South Node (52), Saturn and Mercury (18) and Venus (44).

Some see the Root Centre as creating a pressure.  I find it more useful to consider it an impulse from our body to engage with life in some way.  At the moment the primary impulse is coming from a felt sense of vitality and prosperity.  Our minds haven’t quite caught up yet, but our bodies can feel it.

We begin the journey at the Root, leaving behind old conditioned pressure to take action that robs us of tranquility and stability.  Sounds pretty straightforward, but conditioning to the Root Centre has us believing our very life is at stake.  If I don’t do this thing, something quite terrible will happen, for sure!  Tuning into our natural impulses is difficult against this type of pressure, but with the support we have now, absolutely possible.

Instead of rushing forward precipitously, or holding back out of fear, we dance and sing in joy at the prosperity life brings us.   Well, we’re still learning that one!  The singing and dancing is joy flowing through our bodies, allowing us to be softly and gently open to what life brings us.  Rigid belief dissolves as our ego patterning shifts into something deeper and more flexible.

Saturn and Mercury are together in Gate 18. Saturn always calls us to more responsibility.  Mercury brings us to become conscious of where our personal growing ground is covered with weeds.  We can blame others, including authority figures, for our problems but ultimately Saturn and Mercury are drawing our conscious attention to where we have averted our gaze from our own lives.  This is not about taking responsibility for others.  In fact, as we are called to look to our own lives it may look as if we are becoming more irresponsible.   You’ll know you’re getting the balance right if you feel a sense of lightening, of relief, as your attention naturally turns to what you need for yourself.

And so we arrive at the Sun and Moon in gate 48.  It’s known to many as the Gate of Depth.  Wilhelm refers to it as The Well.  Master Huang (my current fave I Ching) calls it Replenishing.  This is a hexagram that talks about the communal well at the centre of the village.  It’s maintained by all for the good of all, and because it is a source of constant replenishment to all, it is also a natural social gathering place and marketplace.   Compare that image to your local shopping mall.

There’s something precious being released within us here.  When we slow down enough to connect with our own vital connection with our physical body, we are naturally aligned with a collective unity of purpose, creating a common good that nourishes and replenishes everyone without judgment about their value or worth.

In our culture, value and worth are generally measured economically.  We tend to cut our cloth to fit the warp and weave of this measure of value.  Those who don’t measure up miss out on access to much that our culture has to offer.   As a result we have a culture where people are chronically exhausted, proving their worth in a cycle of earning and spending, earning and spending.

Having the courage to step away from these judgments of self and into something deeper cracks this cultural illusion wide open.  You and I deserve to be valued for our inherent attributes rather than on how much money we earn.  And we deserve the support of our culture regardless of how economically worthy we may seem to be.  We deserve to have the time to stop, smell the roses and replenish ourselves when we need to, rather than be pressured to dance manically towards our collective doom.

There is a lot of activity at the Throat Centre just now, including Pan and Diana in Gate 45, which some know as the Money Gate.  Pan and Diana are wild energies – masculine and feminine respectively.  Pan has been demonised and Diana hunted from existence, but their wildish natures are returning to our psyche.  This gate is willful and possesive, being an expression of the Heart Centre.  It seeks to control and dominate for financial gain, but when it acts from a place of true leadership it is a powerful force in aggregating resources for the good of the community.   We find our own inner leader, the one within who holds unlimited resources, when we apply our will to removing obstructions rather than creating them.

We can view it another way.  When we take responsibility for the resources we are being blessed with in each moment, rather than ignoring them in our rush to get elsewhere, we naturally connect with our own wild growing ground that creates a perfect pattern of life for us.

This shift to the wild is a major global watershed, affecting our inner being, and our economy and government.  It is creating a strange sense of confusion as each one of us begins to dance to a deeper beat without realising how or why.


Webinar ~ Releasing Conditioning


Here’s the date for the European Webinar.


n. A process of behavior modification by which we come to associate a desired behavior with a previously unrelated stimulus.


v. how you got stuffed up and ways to fix it!

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do?

In this 90 minute webinar we explore what makes you behave in ways that aren’t authentic and natural for you.

Human Design gives us some amazing tools to see our self sabotage, where we try too hard and where we withdraw too often. Why we make the same mistakes and where we feel stuck. We’ll look at the way defined and undefined centres operate, the activations we lack and are always seeking, and the effect of family patterning.

And we’ll learn about one of the most powerful tools in Human Design for unravelling our conditioning – the Interactive Chart. This is a PostNatal layer chart from the multi-dimensional system. It shows what unconscious choices you made to best to meet your potential in this life. Not all those unconscious decisions are serving you well!

Getting Ready For The New You!

This is a time when we are all wanting to let go of anything that’s holding us back so that we can embrace the new world we are co-creating.  This class will give you important insights into how you personally can do just that!

This is a class that will suit both beginners and those who know something about Human Design but would like a new take on it.


London/GMT ~ Thursday 7th October at 8am till 9.30am.

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A New Trajectory

There’s an underlying pattern of life that sustains us all, both individually and collectively.  It’s something we take for granted, something we rely on when we get up in the morning.

It’s shifting.

When the pattern shifts, it lurches us into the future by pulling our attention and focus away from everything we take for granted in our day, it influences our thinking and guides us to new pathways.  Our ego selves can kick and scream and demand that we get things back under control.  It makes no difference, the underlying pattern of reality is changing and we with it.

It also holds a powerful connection with our experience of time.  We are being tossed and turned between the demands of a daily life and the universal cycles of creation.   The future calls us to be so fully present in the moment that we forget it’s existence.  This is the only way to open the door to the warmth, light and love that we sense, but have till now felt as an elusive ephemera.

Jupiter and Uranus are now both in the Solar Plexus Centre creating unexpected events that prompt us to release any slivers of our soul still trapped within our bodies.  Perplexing, confusing, even terrifying as the Spleen Centre takes us deep into our cellular history, releasing old fears, life this week is nothing if not an adventure!

I seem to have spent the last few weeks doing nothing much more than breathing deeply, opening up a channel between my mind and my pelvis and then allowing the energy to rise up into my heart.    Don’t take anything too personally, this is a global shift and those who are sensitive can tend to old habits of taking on the energy and trying to personally process it.

It’s a time to let go of anything that you are struggling with.  If it’s boring, mundane, minimal, if it feels too hard or too small, leave it be.  Let the old energy leave your life gracefully.  Breathe out any shame and breathe in the beauty and love of self, reflecting it to others in turn.

Venus about to go retrograde is a powerful trigger not only for relationships, but also for our social trajectory – who we spend time with creates who we are.

I’m just watching the Opening Ceremony for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.  They are doing a representation of the kundalini rising from the Root Chakra.  Perfect timing, as we begin a new wave of reclamation of our power right through to the physical reality.


10:10:10 ~ Stop Trying to Live and Start Living


I saw an advertisement for personal loans in the local paper that read “Whatever you want, get there more quickly.”  It could be the anti-catch phrase for 10.10.10, which would read more like “Whatever you want, get there at exactly the right time and with complete authenticity, integrity and ease.”

I use the Human Design System, a synthesis of the I Ching, the Kaballah, the Chakras and Astrology to map our evolutionary shifts. It gives me a very powerful and precise view of the influences that are shifting and changing within each moment. The transits for 10.10.10 tell us to stop trying, and start living.

Look around you and see what an illusion we have been fed about what we lack in our lives.  The very same illusion that keeps us trying .. and trying .. and trying, until we simply exhausted from the effort and find we have little to show for it anyway.   All that is about to change.

There is something being birthed on our planet.  And there is something dying.  On 10.10.10, there is support for gentle action free of doubt in the direction of the new world we are creating.  We are learning to ride the waves of change, and use them to propel us gracefully forward rather than press us back.

What’s being birthed is our ability to contain our energy within us until the perfect time, and then to act in alignment with our own dreams and visions.  As I write this article, in August 2010,  newly discovered Dwarf Planet Haumea is having a powerful influence, and on 10.10.10 she makes her presence felt even more strongly, because she is conjunct the Sun.  Haumea is the Creator Goddess of Hawaii, and one of her messages is the return of the earth mother as initial creatrix, the feminine energy that brought all matter out of the void.  She represents the authentic feminine energy, untainted by the toxic aspects of patriarchy.

Haumea is holding a space for the birth of a new young masculine energy rising up from the heart of the earth.  He would rather run naked through the forest than put on a suit, he is wild and free and protective of all the earth’s resources and her people.  On 10.10.10 we’ll meet Shamanic Nature God Pan, who steps forward as a new leader, gathering us to a powerful togetherness. The masculine Pan energy is still young on 10.10.10.  He has an instinctive understanding that his strength must align with the earth in order for everyone to prosper, but he will take some time to discover his strength, and how to apply it well.

To add potency to the message of Pan and Haumea, Mars will be in a position of primal power that knows how to work with, rather than against, time. He uses his newly found power to create order and bring peace to the world through an integration rather than separation of elements – human, environmental and commercial.

The Moon and Mars will both pass over an initiating point on 10.10.10 and this indicates the beginning of a new cycle of emotional development for men. There is a stripping away of the falsehood of God The Father as creator, where mother is given the role of passive virgin, and a rising up of the true creative potential of the masculine as it works in synergy with the newly emerging power of the feminine.

What’s dying?  The old worn out and exhausted way of pushing forward relentlessly seeking more growth.  This way of living has become unsustainable because we now feel it’s lack of authenticity so strongly in our day to day lives. This is the old rigid and hierarchical patriarchal energy that acts only to further it’s own interests.  Trying to keep working for the man is simply too exhausting, and one by one we are surrendering to the inevitable  …  it’s not the way forward.

There are dimensional time shifts happening between now and 2012 and when we stay trapped in mechanical time we find time is moving faster and faster, and we with it.  As someone said to me today “I don’t seem to be in charge of my own life anymore.” Tuning in to our own natural rhythm helps shift energy out of the idea of a mechanical universe which is based on outdated scientific ideas from the 17th and 18th century. We are becoming quantum humans and that means we are flow, we are connection. Time is relative, a personally experienced phenomenon rather than something imposed on us.

What’s also dying are all the aspects of ourselves that still doubt we can survive without that old patriarch.  All the tender young inner aspects of self that want to please, placate or pander to bosses, banks, government agencies, teachers, parents and any other authority figures in our lives are frightened by the shift, but prepared to take small steps towards a more mature and independent way of life.  The idea that these ‘authorities’ will protect us and provide for us is being put to rest.  It’s not about rebelling against them, but understanding that our nourishment now lies elsewhere and all that remains is for us to unplug from the energetic hold those ‘authorities’ have may still have in our lives.

Pan and Haumea bring a juicy, sensual and abundant energy that is regenerating us at the physical and soul levels, It’s an earth based abundance and it feels unfamiliar, scary, but at the same time tantalising and irresistible.  Our challenge is to receive what they are offering us, to let go of our attachment to beliefs of unworthiness, struggle and pain.

On 10.10.10 the Sun shines a light that allows us to be fully present in the moment, connected with our cellular or body consciousness, and able to clearly see anything that is limiting us.  It represents the return of a penetrating clarity of judgment that thwarts all hidden motives, uncovers and breaks up intrigues.  This ripples out from a personal knowing, to our relationships and on into our culture.  When this place within us is activated, as it is on 10.10.10, we see things that were previously hidden from us, especially when the Sun is shining his light there!

Our physical bodies are engaged in releasing old worn out DNA patterning that has kept us tied up in ancestral drama and karmic connections. Saturn is shifting our allegiance from worldly “Kings and Lords” to our own souls.   Unattached to our status in the old sense, and claiming our own inner authority, we find a responsibility to our own soul journey brings us most success.  And not just on the spiritual plane, this success is a material one as well.  This includes peeling away the layers of addiction to the glamour of “idle pleasures, amusements and indulgences”.   We learn that true joy is calm, peaceful and needs no hype.

Our social structure is leaving our simplest and most basic needs unsatisfied and causing our bodies and emotions to be unhealthy.   Food that doesn’t nourish us, work that isn’t playfully creative, homes that cost the earth, are made with toxic materials and keep us busy doing housework’ rather than providing us with shelter and sustenance. We are being called to look deep within ourselves for brand new ways of living, being, doing.

We are discovering something within us that is vitally alive, a literally inexhaustible wealth. Energies within us that have been demonised, isolated and cut off are returning to consciousness.

The Goddess Nike conjunct Mercury is letting us know that when we ‘just do it’, without checking in with our intuition and emotional responses we are probably getting it horribly wrong.  If we don’t experience an easy and natural enthusiasm to act, to move, to engage, then the time isn’t right.  Life is not about a stress-fuelled constant growth or movement in one direction only.  It’s a dance with the natural cycles that encompass light and dark, breathing in and breathing out, sprouting, growing, blooming and bearing fruit, pruning and reshaping. We find an equilibrium through creating a life that has no excess and no insufficiency.  We don’t need to lose our heads and be swept up by unfavourable conditions or circumstances which up till  now we felt were beyond our control. We maintain our inner light so strongly that any darkness in our lives perishes because there is nothing left for it to feed on.

Between now and 10.10.10 we are on a pathway of finding our own authentic responses to life.  Inspiration (mind), intuition (body) and emotions – all of these inform us so strongly that we are able to fully embody our spirit, grounded and connected.  Our bodies are coming to life.  Our emotions are informing us rather than overwhelming us.  We have created a sense of inner freedom so that consciously tuning into our intuition no longer threatens our survival by pitting us against ‘the system’ but calls us to the joyful adventure of more life and more love.

It’s important to let go of our addiction to excessive movement and growth, to breathe in the nourishment that life offers in the simplicity and purpose of each moment.  If we are anxious to advance ourselves, the active masculine principle will operate without being properly informed.   Getting the balance right is what stabilises us and allows us to contain and express our essence in the world without confusion or interference.

Although it might appear that we are in a phase of massive destruction, we are actually shifting into our co-creative roles.  Going within becomes a creative rather than destructive experience, because ‘within’ is now filling with light and love and joy.  It’s that light, love and joy that guides us surely on our own unique pathway.  We breathe easy and connect without fear from that place, no longer needing to guard ourselves because we have our own inner wisdom fully operational – our inspiration, our intuition and our emotions.  This is a powerful multi-awareness that is master of time and space.  It knows where, it knows when, it knows how and it knows who.

Business ~ But Not As Usual

Athena’s lost mother, Metis Goddess of Wisdom, will be conjunct the Moon on 10.10.10.  Also joining them is Pax – a version of Athena who’s head was on all Roman coins.  This suggests a return to more lunar or feminine aspects of wealth creation, where we find our financial security in connecting with our feminine wisdom.  Remember the earth based Pan?  He now holds power over money, the gate that indicates who controls the resources. He is the planetary protector of our earthly resources.

We are able to accumulate great strength and wealth and further our achievements in an unprecedented alignment with our authenticity.  In the past, when we have moved forward too quickly it’s as if we were looking for something in the wrong place, as if we’d turned up to catch the 4pm train at 2.30pm and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t waiting for us at the station.  We have felt inadequate, humiliated even, as our efforts hve failed again and again, and we pushed forward ahead of our natural strength and lost touch with our natural abundance and ease. We can now make progress by letting go of false self confidence and manufactured enthusiasm, caused by believing we succeed by having to push out beyond our own power.

The Moons Nodes suggest that on 10.10.10 we may feel like hanging back too far, as if to balance having pushed too far ahead of ourselves for so long.  It’s as if we don’t quite know how to use our new found connection and power.  We still doubt ourselves.  We can get caught up in feeling angry about the past. This is a trap that binds up our body and keeps us in the old energy.  Our natural impulse on 10.10.10 is to express our joy in living, in being in a physical body, in connecting with others deeply, intuitively, divinely.  The circuitry of the transits suggest that we will have a strong sense of what is possible for us in the future, an intuitive knowing of which possibilities will work out for us.

Business becomes a sharing of joy and love that co-creates prosperity rather than a way to make money.

Magdalena and Toro bring immense power on 10.10.10 although if we try to throw our weight around we’ll land back on our butts.  Like the famous Tao yin/yang symbol, feminine intuition and masculine action must tumble one over the other, creating the wheel of life in a partnership of mutual trust, equality and respect.


10.10.10 brings a new energy to relationships, a new way to move through conflict that looks at the big picture view and so eschews selfish and individual motives. We see our relationships as a co-creative dance rather than a way to have our needs met. This is not about compromising ourselves, quite the opposite. It’s about dissolving conflict by finding a more expansive, warm, loving and intimate connection with each other based on mutual understanding.

Lilith and Vesta are bringing us the intuitive guidance to find values that support our sacred truth. Venus and new dwarf planet Quaoar allow us to clear old family patterns that perhaps we haven’t even been aware of till now, but that have nonetheless intruded on our intimate relationships. This is a new type of dance that requires us to take a step towards the other only when the time is right, and then to wait for their response. In this way we co-create self respect and self worth independent of the approval of our significant other.

Mars and Eros come together, teaching us the language of erotic love and vivid life. On 10.10.10 men will be looking for something new in their relationships, but some still don’t really understand where to look. Zeus, the mythological philanderer, is taking some time to delve deeply into his pattern of behaviour and may decide to take some time out to get his act together. Yet another new dwarf planet, Makemake, has been working for 3 years now to help us find new gentler and more celebratory ways to come together. Makemake is totally in favour of a free female expression of sexuality and eroticism, and has no connections with the old ideas of ownership and control. His effect on our masculine energy is simply one of immense enjoyment of being alive and free of oppression.

The old cultural construct of relationship is dissolving from our DNA so that it’s not even a twinkle in our eye anymore. We are rediscovering our equality, rejoicing in our ability to give and receive without limit, leveraging the power of two or more. In this way we free up more than our emotions and sexual energy. We break through ego barriers that have kept us isolated and shut down, we revitalize ourselves at the very core of our being.


The new dwarf planets currently being activated are named not for the old gods of Greece and Rome, but are Creator Gods and Goddesses of the Pacific. They are acting as a bridge for us to move from seeing change as potentially destructive and painful to understanding that it’s about dancing with universal creation. Haumea is Creator Goddess of Hawaii, Makemake is Creator God of Rapa Nui also known as Easter Island, and Quaoar is Creator God of the Tongva tribe, the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin, sometimes called the San Gabrielino Native Americans.

Each one of them represents a return to dance as a method of creation, dancing life into being, dancing with life to create life.   Each one of them represents a life more free, more joyful and more juicy than what we have become accustomed to in the past. Each time we choose to dance with these energies we strengthen the bridge for all humanity to shift from destruction to creation.

Please feel free to use extended quotes or reprint the full article along with the following acknowledgement:

Kim Gould is the founder of Love Your Design and creator of the EvolutionaryMatrix System.  She is an internationally recognised Evolutionary Coach working with many consciousness tools including the Human Design System, since 2003.  You can get her regular evolutionary updates at www.LoveYourDesign.com

If you’d like to get involved with events for 10.10.10, go to www.PowerOfOne.org


It’s a (family) secret


1st October 2010

I’m taking a moment out of the craziness to write and let you know … about the craziness.

Sun conjunct Saturn (both in line 5 today) shining a light into the depths of the family vault of secrets.  Aiding and abetting is Jupiter conjunct Uranus (both in gate 36 today) literally blasting apart any doors previously jammed shut to prevent emotional issues escaping into the light.

And then there’s Mercury, which just moved into the Solar Plexus Centre bringing our conscious attention to any emotion at all that may be affecting us in relation to others.  Conflict may erupt unexpectedly and out of left field.  If you look closely it’s likely to be deeply embedded in the field of multi-generational family drama.

If you see it, accept that this is it’s last hurrah and allow it to leave your life gracefully you’ll move through it all pretty well.


Acting On The Impluse Of Joy


27th September 2010

A quick post to mention the Sun conjunct Saturn.

The next 5 days give us an immense opportunity for integration of everything we have held in our bodies because it was too difficult to express or share.

The Sun joins Saturn in the Spleen Centre, which is about the physical body, about survival, about intuition, about wellbeing.   An astrologer may, reading that description, expect to see Aries gates there, perhaps some Virgo, but in fact every gate but one in the Spleen Centre falls in Libra.

This is a deeply important thing to understand about the Spleen Centre. It’s about creating beauty, harmony, balance. It’s about our physical bodies as agents of relationship. And it tells us that we are meant to relate to each other from the cellular level.  It tells us we are meant to relate to each other in a way that creates more beauty, more harmony, more balance.  It tells us that our bodies are tools for considering the other and that physical isolation is unbalanced and disharmonious for us.

I had a conversation yesterday that really brought home to me the conditioning I received that kept me trapped in a superficial mentally based way of relating.  I realised that I felt incredibly uncomfortable, as if I was lying even, because there was so much more that I felt in my body but which I was unable to express verbally.  When we experience each other from all our senses, from our intuition, from our senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, when we tune into the magic each one of us sparks out into the world, then we are truly relating.

Jupiter is in Gate 36 and Uranus joins him there on 1st November.  This is a gate that allows emotional aspects of self that have been trapped in our bodies to be released.

Venus and Mars are in Gate 44, joining Quaoar Gate 26 to connect the Spleen to the Heart Centre.  The Heart Centre is connecting to the Root, which potentially gives us the willpower and ego strength to let go of fear.  Eric Francis sees Quaoar as representing the underlying dance of family dynamics that has created our life.  A powerful idea given that the masculine / feminine archetypes of Mars and Venus and connecting Quaoar to the Sun (identity) conjunct Saturn (structure) in the Gate of Correcting Family Patterns.

The Node Node, what leads us forward, is in the Root Centre.  We are being called to act only on the impulse of Joy.

Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on the Beach during the Kite Fes

Dancing Life


26th September 2010

I’ve been reading about the financial ‘adjustments’ going on in Europe. The major issue we’re facing at the moment is that no one knows how to get out of this mess. That’s because most people are still looking for solutions within the old paradigm.

A friend spoke to me last night about living in debt. We’ve been out of balance with the planet, digging up the past in the form of fossil fuels to run our homes and vehicles. With Mercury in the very last position in the I Ching ~ hexagram 64 line 6 ~ we’ve run out of past and all we have left is the present. We’re overdrawn on every balance sheet available ~ culturally, economically, environmentally, socially, physically, emotionally.

The Sun is about to move over Saturn in Libra, bringing some restructuring that will rebalance our lives. They’re not just in Libra, they are (or will be, the Sun shifts tomorrow) in the gate of Correcting What’s Been Spoiled. At the same time Mercury moves in the gate of Exhaustion. These two gates are powerful conditioning fields and for two days we have a doorway wide open to change.

The gate of Correcting What’s Been Spoiled is the place where we hold DNA mutations that we believe (at the physical level) are necessary for our survival. They are directions from the past on what to do in any given set of circumstances. Perhaps your great grandmother added a mutation for what to do if someone uses an angry tone of voice, and your great great grandfather added his bit of genetic advice on what to do if you hear a very loud noise (perhaps shells exploding!).

These genetic mutations have worked in the past because life has changed very little over the millenium. Our DNA was well suited to such slow and steady building up of survival information. These days, with such rapid change, the information is worse than useless. It’s become a threat to our survival, keeping us locked in and responding to a past that no longer exists. Nevertheless, giving up these adjustments feels dangerous, fearful, terrifying. Some part of us knows they aren’t true and yet ……..

Mercury is showing us how we have been strung along, believing things that seem increasingly untrue.  For example, products in supermarkets described as ‘strawberry flavoured’, have a photo of a big juicy strawberry on the pack, but when we read the ingredients there is not a single strawberry there!   As my friend said last night, we have been fooled out of our humanity.  Along with Neptune and Chiron down in the Solar Plexus (emotional) Centre, Mercury has been pulling the wool from over our eyes.  We are becoming less like sleepwalkers out to buy the latest iPhone just because …  well we don’t really know why, and more like humane citizens in a global network of real people sharing a planet.

Today though, we complete 5 days of dwarf planets Haumea and Quaoar supporting us to release fear based ego structures that have us living a lie in one way or another.  These fear structures keep us from relating to each other at the cellular level and force us into false and measured constructs of self that have a smile pasted on our face and an approximation of reality on our lips.  Carefully weighing our suvival chances in each moment, we must be ever vigilant to the threat of life. Or so we believe!

In Gate 26 in the Heart Centre (ego and will) from 2007 to 2011, Quaoar lets us know that when we dam up our energy and our very will to live in order to placate the fears of our ego self we create nothing more than chaos.

Quaoar is one of our new dwarf planets, named after the creator god of the Tongva people, the indigenous inhabitants of what is today the Los Angeles area of Southern California.   With Venus in the adjoining Gate 44 and Mars joining her there later today, Quaoar gets to party with Pluto, Haumea and Altjira (a TNO who is doing a long term placement in Gate 20).

Pluto recently went direct after 5 months retrograde.  I immediately felt a strong death energy take hold.  When that death energy stalks the planet it’s like a seductive voice calling us to release life from our systems and follow death instead.  It’s all too hard, death whispers to us. It would be so much easier to just let go.  Saturn in the Spleen Centre (also connecting to Pluto) has been activating a sense of being cut off and isolated from our bodies and from others.  At the cellular level.

Bangarra Dance Theatre ~ Australian Indigenous Dance Company

What does that mean?  In our culture we tend to relate at a very superficial level that involves mainly just the conscious mind and the throat (speaking).  Our senses have become numb to all the more subtle ways we are connecting with each other, with nature and with our own bodies.  Living in this “modern” way is hard work.  Not only do we need to use our energy to shut down huge and wonderful aspects of ourselves, we also need to work harder to try to get our basic needs for relationship met because we are trapped outside of what we seek.

Despite the resistance, there are very deep cellular changes going on right now that will shift the trajectory of humanity.

Breathing deep into your body, being alert to any areas ~ organs, joints, limbs, area of skin, etc ~  that are not being fed by the breath, breathing out any old fears that arise, these are all great ways to move through the next few days.

Using your mind to figure things out is not the way to go just now, because the mind is still in the process of moving out of that false superficial reality.  It’s the body’s intelligence that we are connecting with in a powerful way.

Releasing plans and allowing yourself to be informed by what life brings you in each moment is another clue as Venus and Mars shimmy it up in the Gate of Encountering.  When we open to what we truly know about each moment, we can encounter any situation and be safe.   When we encounter Venus as an integrative field of being, and Mars as a responsive field of doing within the field of being, then we are balanced.

Quaoar and Altjira both danced the deities into being and then left them to it.  The deities then went on to create a wonderful world, just as they pleased.   Both Quaoar and Altjira speak of having no ego involvment in what we create.  The act of creation is enough, they don’t hang around and try to keep their ‘offspring’ under control but move on to the next creative act.  Life is a dance.


An Innocent Full Moon


23rd September 2010

Today’s Full Moon rides into town on the heels of this weeks   Jupiter conjunction with Uranus in the Gate of Innocence.  Throw in a Pluto T-square and we’ve got ourselves a real shake up!

The Full Moon in a line of the Gate of Innocence suggests we be good and true, and not be attached to the outcome of our actions.  We may, in fact, misinterpret the outcomes, seeing bad rather than good, misfortune rather than good fortune.  Our interpretation of the outcomes of our actions is not so important as our intention to find within us the place where we face life with authenticity and sincerity.

This ties in with an idea that’s been hatching for me in the past few weeks, after talking to Philip Shepherd on LoveYourDesign radio last week.  Philip talks in his book about letting go of examining ourselves, letting go of our practiced self consciousness and instead just enjoy living in each moment.  This idea rests firmly upon an assumption that we have already mastered the natural place within us where we come from innocence.  It’s not an idea that we might suggest to, say, a serial killer.

I was at a lecture earlier this week and watched with fascination the discussion about the benefits of positive and negative thinking.  What struck me most was that there a shared assumption that our thoughts are our reality and there seemed no suspicion that lurking beneath those thoughts was the thing that they were thinking about all along .. our authentic experience of living in each moment. If we drop into that authentic place any judgment of positive or negative becomes nonsensical.

Not only is this Full Moon evoking our innocent child in the Gate of Innocence, but the asteroid Child is conjunct the Dwarf Planet Haumea (in 57).  In her Hawaiian home, Haumea is an earth goddess mother, with many children including her daughter, the Goddess of Volcanoes, Pele, who creates new land from her crater-womb.   There are a few important points about Haumea.  She has a strong matrilinear lineage through her mother Sky Goddess Papa, and her grandmother Creator Goddess ULI.   She represents the feminine energy in it’s original power – earthy, fiery, watery and airy.  She is the land and the sky, the masculine within the feminine, and the feminine within the masculine.

This brings the child within us to central focus, the armouring on our heart can now be pulled away since we have the potential to reconnect with a nurturing mother energy on the planet.   This innocent self cannot bear anything that is harsh or unloving and needs to retreat to a safe space for protection. This is the basis of the so called ‘shadow self’.

Aries Full Moon ~ September 2010

The Sun is conjunct the Super Galactic Centre at 0 degrees Libra (gate 46) in the Heart Chakra, creating a powerful need for connection with others.  The message here is that we are newborns in a new world, and the world seems strange even if we can’t quite point to why that is.  Nothing has changed and yet everything feels different.  We feel cautious, alert to any danger.  But truly, the Sun position says there is no need to rush and no need to hesitate.  In fact the Venus/Mars conjunction we’ve had for about a month now has been balancing out our ability to move forward in tune with our intuition so that we’re getting quite good at it now.

Small step by small step we are attuning our body with our hearts and shifting our relationships.  Today’s Full Moon gives us a courage to connect where previously we may have projected old fears onto the relationship.  Neptune and Chiron in the Solar Plexus Centre are doing a profound job of helping us to dissolve emotional wounds that confused us.

It’s important just now to, in a sense, trust no one but yourself.  In a good way.  By which I mean, keep tuning into your heart and your intuition to see what feels right for you.  We’re shifting into a way of relating where we are interdependent so we naturally come together in creative ways.  The old dependencies are no longer necessary.

We may feel like rushing forward, but if we take steps that lead us out of presence in the moment, the asteroid Arachne (in 20) will cause us to be caught up in our own web of complexity.  We are new and learning, so taking a long term view is not possible, we simply don’t have the experience.  We need time to learn our way, become familiar with this territory and develop new skills.  To bring increase into our lives we simply need to keep our heart constant (1992 QB1 in Gate 26.6).

Jupiter has shifted into the Solar Plexus Centre in Gate 36.  Taking it to the Throat for expression are Thereus, Achilles and Chaos.  Now that probably sounds like … arghhh 🙂  But.  Chaos tells us that things are not what they seem.  Progress (gate 35) is happening, and although we may not be able to see it, we just need to allow the underlying order to reveal itself in its own time.   We are definitely not going to make progress at the moment by mooching status from our relationship, our job our possessions ~ that’s Thereus.  It has to come from within us, an authenticity that shines forth from us because we are in love with who we are and what we do.

If you are experiencing pain in your body just now, take note of pressure to do things that you don’t want to do and an overriding suppression of your own energy in order to keep yourself safe.  Breathing deep into the pelvis is good, feel the pelvic bones, the sacrum and pubic bone very gently moving in response to this relaxed deep breath.  Also, in places where you feel movement is blocked practice making small movements for short periods of time.  Just feel how that is, practice connecting with a joy in movement and expand into moving a bit more each day if that feels okay for you.  No need to push anything.  Saturn in the Spleen Centre is allowing us to restructure our physical bodies to release rigidity. This gives us back our relationship with our bodies and allows us to relate much more fully with others.

Are you noticing the confusion on the world’s money markets and the chaos in Europe about how to move forward financially? Pan and Diana are in Gate 45 shifting the concept of ownership. Pan and Diana are both wild energies, protectors of the wilderness within you. That is the place the money is shifting to. It’s going back to the earth from whence it came and you will be well provided for as your wildish self comes to earth to meet it there. Put your feet on the ground, wiggle your toes and know you are home.

PS. You may have noticed fewer blogs recently. Like everyone, I’m experiencing some changes in my life. I’m being invited to do all sorts of really fun things just now, to talk, to write, to teach. My blog is like the heart of my business so I have no plans to stop writing but just while things are still creatively chaotic and still forming a new structure the blogs may be less frequent than usual.


Feeling nourished .. thats the ting!


For those still sleepy ….    Ceres has been hanging out with the Galactic Centre in the Ajna Centre.  Why sleepy?  Because when anything meets up with the Galactic Centre we get a vacuum cleaner like effect of clearing out old ideas and then we have a lovely infusion of new ideas come in to replace them.  And sometimes the most effective way for us to let down our resistance to this process is to go to sleep.

The nature of the ideas is shown by the planet making the connection, and in this case being Ceres we’re looking at ideas about how we nurture ourselves.   We are healing ideas we have about what we missed out on in our childhood and what we can do about it now.  We are learning new ways to nourish and nurture ourselves.

Ceres can sometimes trigger intense grief about what’s been lost and we can feel as if the earth around us has been razed bare of nourishment. That’s simply the reflection back to us of what life feels like when we ourselves are missing from it’s essential core. And sometimes we do need to grieve before we can move on, and grieving requires an acknowledgment of what’s been lost.

Adding to this old/new experience is Mars in the Gate of the Ting. This gate (50) joins to make a channel with the Gate of Nurturing (27).

In ancient China, the ting was a ceremonial container for presenting food to the ancestors and gods.  It was also used by the emperor to nourish persons of wisdom and virtue.  When a new dynasty was founded, a new ting was cast in bronze and the new constitution was inscribed upon it, symbolising a new era had begun.

For changing things absolutely there is nothing better than a ting.  Thus, after abolishing the old, we establish the new.

Venus in the Gate of Excess (28) is showing us how to adjust excess and insufficiency so that they become instead a harmonious balance of prosperous support.  The excess is too much yang/masculine, too much doing.  The insufficiency is too much yin/feminine, too little doing.  We do too much of the wrong thing and not enough of the right thing.  Today is about shifting the balance, and in this way moving beyond the feeling of chronic over-extension that haunts us.

Saturn in the Gate of Correction gives us a solid base for taking a new way forward without any need to blame or remedy the past, just simply choosing what we want now.   In this way we move through ancient fears that have continued to project themselves into our lives. There is a potent nurturing mother energy available to us just now, and our innocent new masculine energy is looking for ways to come into the world and do good for all. This really is a watershed moment for humanity that goes very deep, and is bringing huge global shifts as it begins to manifest.


Join me on 20th September to discover how your conditioning is affecting your life.  In the webinar we will explore some of the ways we self sabotage because of family patterns, fear of lack, need to control and other age old games.  More …..

At Home .. Safe, Well, Happy


Mercury is stationery, about to move forward over it’s retrograde path, sorting through the rubble for what makes sense.  And rubble it may feel like just now!  It’s not so much what Mercury was up to as what everyone else was doing behind the scenes.

At the moment he is sitting in the Sacral Centre, in Gate 59, which tells us what happens when we allow joy to enter our lives.  Our ego dissolves and the vital energy that was locked up in it’s icy prison is free to disperse in the world.  With so much shift at the level of masculine and feminine, and it’s subtle effects on our economy, culture and relationships, this dissolution is being resisted.

If we lack the fear of the ego self, much of the structure of these institutions will fail.  If we live in joy we’re unlikely to buy KFC, to do a job we hate, to stay in an unhappy relationship, to vote for politicians who offer us more fear and greater control.  Expect some backlash from the powers ‘that be’ over the next month or so as they desperately try to stem their losses.

We’ve just had an election here in Australia and the result was similar to that in the UK, a hung parliament that left the result in the hands of a few independents.  After the slightly left leaning Labour party was sworn into government, the right leaning Liberal party came out all guns blazing, declaring that the new government has ‘no legitimacy’.  As quite a few political commentators pointed out – the government has been formed in accordance with the constitution so it’s quite legal, but it seems they believe it goes against their own perceived divine right to rule.

Psyche and Pan are sitting in the Gate of  Gathering (45), taking down our concepts of any kind of ‘divine right to rule’,  through a grass roots movement (and this gate is literally about grass roots), the control of planetary resources is shifting   When we are simple and true towards each other and bless each other with our authentic presence, we tend to connect with those who bring us exactly what we need.  The brilliance of this is that we no longer need to rely on subjugation to a wealthy and powerful superior for our material needs.  They simply flow to us at the right time.  This is creating a massive shift as the old guard instinctively feel the reins of power slipping from their grasp.

It can feel disconcerting to us too, conditioned as we are to being able to work things out a certain density of experience.  Things seem so whispy, so ephemeral just now, what can we trust?  How will we know what to do?

Over in the Spleen Centre there’s a perfect storm of physical existence going on.  Your body is calling you home.

The Nodes shifted yesterday, out of the Gates of Opposition and Obstruction, and into the Gates of Joy and Keeping Still.  A definite change there!  Since mid April we’ve been discovering new skills for moving through difficulties, letting go of conditioned responses that have had our hackles up and our defences in place before we’ve even worked out friend from foe.   Now we are playing a new game, and this one is a bit more fun.

The South Node shows what we are comfortable with but need to move away from, and the North Node shows new territory where we might be uncomfortable but are irresistibly called to explore.  The South Node is in Gate 52 – Keeping Still.  This carries an evolutionary imperative that adds to the fight or flight response options. This one is called FREEZE!

Did you ever get so scared of something as a kid, a noise outside your window at night perhaps, that you laid so still you weren’t even breathing?  Perhaps you were bullied at school and learnt to make yourself invisible, or had to disappear yourself from a frightening home life.  That’s this gate.  It’s time to flow forward, to take action, to leave this frozen place.

We’re in the Root Centre here, and one of the attributes of the Root Centre is containment.  It contains our calm joyful ability to be present on the earth and to be truly aware of what is going on in our lives in each moment.  It knows when to stay still and when to take action.  It contains within our individual energy field all we need to be safe and secure.  It knows how to live a life that is never out of kilter.  We’ve been drifting at sea on a leaky boat, but as our Root Centre heals, we will come to know how to be absolutely safe and well.  This is another absolutely profound shift that’s happening right now.

We live in a culture that expects us to verify everything we do and measure it up against some objective scale of rationality.  Our minds check back with the past and press relentlessly forward into the future gathering reasons for our current actions.  They press our bodies into a kind of servitude to meet our goals, the goals we ‘think’ will help us get ‘ahead’, or to arrange our lives so they don’t look too mad to outsiders.   The ‘headquarters’ of our decision making tends to be in … our head!  Our heads are the most easily manipulated of our awareness centres.  Did you know that the advertising industry is more skilled in understanding human psychology than any other profession?

Our Root Centre is the place where we experience our natural impulse to engage in life.  There’s both direction and timing in this impulse.   But it’s almost extinct in our culture.  Between now and the 7th November we get to bring it back to life.  As we tune into our natural impulses, this is what repairs the leaky rips and holes in our root chakras.   It’s particularly strong between now and 15th October, as Saturn meets the North Node to connect the Root to the Spleen.

Our Root Centre represents the adrenal energy.  When we are not aligned with our natural impulses, the Root Centre reaches into the adrenal glands for a quick energy boost.  Originally designed to get us out of occasional danger, instead this adrenal based action has become a lifestyle.

Your body holds a wisdom and a magic that operates in a different dimension to your mind.  It is literally a part of the earth.  It is your earth home, and your relationship with your body mirrors your relationship with this planet.  It tcould feel a bit like hacking through impenetrable granite to find life there just now, but gentle trust in your body’s ability to communicate with you is all that is needed.  It is coming to meet you.

There are three powerful points in the chart just now, packed with activations, and all three talk about ice melting and releasing vital energy – emotional , mental/intuitive and body instinct.   Perhaps it might be useful to imagine yourself as a huge ice cube, watching yourself melt in the sun, and observing what releases.

When we are present in the moment we can’t be fooled by our minds calling us out to another place.  We can’t be duped or confused or terrorised.  We can’t be addicted or have our heads turned by false glamours or manipulative ideas.  These are all ways in which we have been put to the service of more powerful forces in our society, kept in a place of exhaustion, oppression, over-exertion, ill health, and these are all ways in which life on this planet is changing in subtle but profound ways just now.

Right now we are being given the tools we need to be at home in our bodies, safe and well and happy.


Building a Global Immune System

6th September 2010

The Moon will be both a confusing and a clarifying influence for us over the next few days as it activates a channel with both the Sun and Earth, activates the Super Galactic Centre, creates a channel with and then conjuncts Makemake, passes over an opposition with Uranus and Jupiter, passes over Mercury retrograde, sets up a Virgo New Moon and then conjuncts Saturn just as Saturn creates a new channel with the North Node.  Enough to make our heads spin!

The Sun and Earth are both in the Crown chakra (64 and 63).  Along with Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Peaceful  Recuperation (40) and major shifts to our cellular structure to remove ancient soul wounds, we are all feeling very sleepy and wanting nothing more than to dream in a new reality for ourselves and the world.  Just now our physical bodies are doing so much more than they appear to be doing.  Although we have been tragically removed from a full conscious relationship with them by our culture, they are nonetheless getting on with the job they are designed to do.  Creating heaven on earth.  The more trust you can put in your body just now the better.

Back to the Crown Chakra – these two gates 63 and 64 – are the last two hexagrams of the I Ching.  Over the years I have found that these two gates represent the watershed of change, the place at which we shift from the old to the new.

The transition from the old to the new time is already accomplished.  In principle everything stands ready and it is only the details that need still to be achieved.  In life there are junctures when all forces are in balance and work in harmony, so that everything seems to be in the best of order.  It’s important to recognise the moments that bode danger and take timely precautions to banish it.  (gate 63, after completion)

The conditions are difficult.  The task is great and full of responsibility.  It is nothing less than that of leading the world out of confusion back to order.  But it is a task that promises success, because there is a goal that can unite the forces now tending in different directions.  In the times before completion, deliberation and caution are the prerequisites of success. (gate 64, before completion)

When we open to the inspired information coming in through our Crown, we can shift our thinking and flow with what’s real.  When we shut off this inspiration we tend to view reality as being what we think it is.  Anything that doesn’t line up with this thought based perception gets tossed out by our stuck minds – any emotions, any body sensations.  Our own inner knowing becomes the enemy, just waiting to trip us up by disturbing the cozy isolation of our mental construct.  Shutting down on deep and full connections with ourselves and others becomes a survival issue.  I have been watching this in myself over the past few days with absolute astonishment and wonder at it’s subtle effect.

In the Human Design chart we can learn a lot about how our bodies function by looking at the Spleen Centre activations.  Most of the gates in this centre are in Libra – 50, 32, 57, 48, 18.  There is only one odd gate – 28 in Scorpio – a hexagram that teaches us how to come into balance within ourselves and in our relationships with others through the correct use of power. One of the principle ideas held within the Libra energy is of continually looking for the balance in any situation, a sort of ongoing homeostatic response to life.  We are actually designed to be powerful change agents, constantly flowing with the new.

The area of the zodiac around the Virgo /Libran cusp is chock full of fun just now as a shimmery lunar light passes over our current notions about service, relationship, purity and connection.  Virgo is the last of the personal signs – Aries to Virgo making up the first six signs of the zodiac.  When we move onto Libra we gradually shift out of self interest and self concern and begin to look for the meaning of life in the context of our relationship with the other.

Our Spleen Centre contains one of our most complex intelligences – our immune and lymphatic systems.  It tells us what’s us and what isn’t us.  Most of us have been taught that the immune system is like an army ready to pounce on nasty intruders.  Fritjof Capra describes the immune system in his book The Web of Life as a complex network of subtle interrelationships, and Paul Hawken explains that recent research shows ‘it’s function does not depend on its firepower but on the quality of it’s connectedness’ (Blessed Unrest).

“a rose like a poem” by lotusfee ~ www.flickr.com

This is a whole new way to exist on the physical plane, not in constant vigilance for survival against dreadful enemies that goes right down to the cellular level, but as a creative exercise in building more and more meaningful connections with the world!

Imagine that we have been carrying around the idea that we are constantly at war against the nasty outside bugs and instead our bodies are busy building excellent relationships with the myriad of life on this planet in the form of bacilli, fungi, proteins, antigens, occasionally even a live disease or pathogen.  Imagine that instead of ‘fighting disease’ we are creating a more complex and meaningful relationship with life.   Imagine also how this extrapolates out into our world – as within so without.

These connections are not just about our own physical wellbeing.  They represent the first steps towards building what we might call a global immune system, a grass roots early warning system that acts immediately should any one of us experience disharmony or a lack of balance.  It’s local in that we pick up what affects us personally.  It’s global because it’s power is leveraged through the immensity of our multi-dimensional connections – within our own fields and with others.  This newly emerging global immune system operates to ensure the sacred nature of the relationship between humanity (social justice) and the planet (environmental justice).  Justice of course being a Libran concept based on fairness to all.

We are opening time portals opening between now and 2012 that allow us to access the 94% of dark matter currently hidden from us, (the feminine), the nature of which is nurturance through connectivity.  Watch for scientific breakthroughs that take us beyond our existing understanding of reality as 4 dimensional (length, width height and time) and the subsequent release of incredible tools for cleaning up the planet and organising our societies with love.

As we continue to build our new global immune system nothing will be able to escape it’s immense healing power.

So that’s what your inspired mind and your body are up to this week.  Feeling a bit tired?  No wonder!

Flower Field by Patrick Campagnone ~ www.Flickr.com

Finding Our Way to Prosperity and Love


1st September 2010

This is a time when we can be seduced back into the world we have worked so hard to change. This week is a potent mix of disconnecting from what manipulates our energy for it’s own purposes, and instead joining a collective dance that is  joyful, free and creatively inspired.

There is an unmasking of what Philip Shepherd refers to as the tyranny of the independent “known self”. Independent in that it is apparently “self-made” and not connected to anything else. The isolation of the independent known self is an ego based construct that is such a part of our culture, as we lock ourselves in our homes and sit safely ensconsed in the bubble of our cars, that we mistake it for ‘reality’. This despite scientific proof that we are each one of us nothing more and nothing less that a constant flow of energy. And this despite our own experiences of how our relationships are the core of our existence.

We hold on so tightly to our possessions, or at least what we perceive as what is ours. We pay insurance against theft and put bars on our windows.  Altjira has been subtley informing us that this is not a healthy way to be.  A creator god of the desert Aranta people in Australia, Altjira created the earth and everything on it, and then left it to it’s inhabitants to enjoy as they chose.  He is sending us a strong message right now, connecting as he is to Haumea and Pluto, that individual ownership of anything is a dangerous nonsense.

The internet has changed forever the way we experience ownership of our creative output.  Just ask Hollywood and the music industry.  When we see our creations as something we alone  pulled from the ether with only our own heroic efforts of genius, when we fail to recognise the input of others during and after the creative process, we impoverish humanity and life on earth.  Industry that uses the earth’s resources with impunity, governments that allow them to do so, people who create something and then stultify it by a fear of sharing or by refusing to allow it to grow and change through that sharing prevent a true weaving of abundance.

Speaking of weaving, I’ve been watching the asteroid Niobe moving amongst the key astrological players lately.  Niobe lost all her children through her excessive pride in them.  The story of Niobe is of her endless grief at the loss of her progeny.  We are all experiencing this to some degree as our magical inner child is continually deadened by a society that demands we can only work and never play, that claims to own our creative efforts, and refuses to allow us to interact freely with them.   We need to also look at any fear this has created in us, of having to hold on tightly to what we create rather than trusting the reality that it has a life of it’s own that has little to do with who originally created it.

We are about to storm the ramparts of the commercial world with the message that business is not about making money, but sharing love and creating prosperity for all.

Flower Field by Patrick Campagnone ~ www.Flickr.com

With the North Node about to shift into Gate 10 with Pluto, the concept of ‘father’ is shifting.  The more clearly we see our own collusion with the unhealthy ‘father’ and the more we align with the juicy and joyful energy of the incoming protective provisioning masculine the easier our next 18 months will be.  The shamanic nature god Pan is in the Gate of Enthusiasm, at the Throat Chakra calling forth some potent shifts in the feminine.

Vesta and Lilith are in the Gate of Depth with Zeus.  An interesting combination.  The power of Zeus was perhaps wasted due to  his philandering tendencies.  There was that story about the goose, but we won’t go into that now :).  Vesta represents the inner flame of the hearth, and in this position shows that women are likely to be looking deep within to see where they have been allowing that flame to flicker due to a perceived need to find the power in their male lovers rather than within themselves.  And also for the inner flame flickering weakly within the breast of men who seek comfort in their sexual relationships with women, rather than connect with the gentle nature of their own inner feminine.

This confusion has inexorably led to women (and men)  being bound up in culturally based gender roles, and Lilith’s rage at how this renders us unable to act authentically.

The asteroid Child is conjunct Saturn and the Super Galactic Centre.  The new Saturn is the builder.  He knows how to create on the material plane, what needs to be done to bring our visions to reality in the physical density we live in on this planet.  This conjunction says that our inner child is moving out of a cold and isolated place and into the warmth and light of loving relationships – both personal and business.  Saturn demands self-responsibility and we will be able to hold our heads with true rather than false pride as we increasingly find the pathways our inner magic seeks for it’s expression.

And speaking of relationships, the Sun and Earth are in a channel that helps us understand our role in community.   Mercury retrograde will conjunct the Sun in this channel on the 4th September.  We can feel isolated when we feel the need to push forward ahead of our own power.  In my terms this would indicate trying to do things from the mental plane, when they are still an idea, rather than allow the flow of life to support us to embody and integrate first.  When we flow forward in this way not only do we align with a natural abundance, we also proceed without struggle because we emanate the quality of what we long to share.  It’s freely available to whoever wants it with no effort on our part, and we are forever changed through each interaction of giving and receiving.

I will be interviewing Philip Shepherd, author of New Self, New World sometime next week on Love Your Design radio.  I’m so impressed with this book and how clearly Philip talks about the need to deconstruct our current ‘reality’.

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Wild and Woolly


31st August 2010

I tried to book my son in for a Cranio-Sacral session last night and my friend didn’t have a free space until the end of September. When I asked her ‘why so busy?’ she told me ‘things are pretty wild and woolly out there at the moment!’. So true!

We are at a powerful point of shift. Have no doubt that this is a time of great evolutionary importance. We truly are creating a new world and here’s the thing about new worlds. They are different to the old ones.

I often wonder at the courage of people who left Europe on sailing ships and headed into the land of here be dragons simply out of a spirit of discovery.  Can you imagine having grown up in 17th century England and then, after a long and perilous sea voyage, turning up on the shores of Tahiti!   This is exactly what we are doing.

Dwarf Planet Haumea and Trans Neptunian Object Altjira are connecting with Pluto to bring massive change to the way we experience life.  Our culture truly exists in a place of mind, we think about things, we work out what to ‘do’, we have ideas.  We are taught that our body senses, our body knowing, are at best second rate citizens in the awareness stakes.  At worse they are evil and to be avoided at all costs.

I’ve been talking to people all weekend about timing.  Each one of us has a personal rhythm, and when we tune into that rhythm our world makes sense.  We go at exactly the right pace and have time for everything that we need in exactly the right way.  When we are out of our natural rhythm life becomes chaotic and confusing – a struggle. When life becomes chaotic and confusing and there’s only one place left to go for answers – our head!

Those people with gates 5 and 15 in their design are holding a template for personal rhythm that holds the rest of us in alignment.  But the very idea of living in your own timing is considered crazy.  Isn’t it a selfish and lazy thing to do whatever you want, whenever you want?  I have two teenagers asleep here this morning.  They both should be on the bus to school.  But guess what, they haven’t woken up yet.  How can it be good for them to be artifically woken up and fed and dressed and packed onto a bus when they should really still be asleep, dreaming, regenerating and connecting with other dimensions of experience?  And how does this artificial time construct, so taken for granted, affect their innate wellbeing, let alone their ability to be sovereign in their own lives and express their personal creatively powerful selves?

Can you see how insidious these controls are?  They are so built into our society that we take them for granted and yet they keep us from discovering truths about ourselves.  What could you experience  if you could go at your perfect pace?  How extraordinarily different could your life be?  And how impossible does it feel to live in that way?

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This is a time of connecting with our body wisdom, our physical senses, our natural abundance and connection with the earth and with each other.  It is a time of deconstructing the mental conditioning that holds us apart from ourselves and our loved ones – those we’ve met and those we haven’t yet.  We are reconnecting our bodies with our hearts.

When we are confronting choices we need to change the way we frame our way forward.  It’s no longer about what we are going to DO, but who we are going to BE in response to the challenges we face.  Haumea is challenging us to connect with the seeds of abundant life within us.  We are learning to trust that listening to her voice leads us towards something so new we can’t even image yet how wonderful it is.

I have two spaces left in the Pathways to 2012 webinar, one in each class.  If you’d like to reserve or book a space, email me and let me know ~ Kim – @ – LoveYourDesign.com

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