New Moon 20 March 2015

We have arrived at a time when our internal self and our external experiences are reaching out to grasp hands. It involves some unwinding of old hard edges and struggle. It means we need to bring some courage to dropping into our deepest most vulnerable place of longing and sensitivity.

Sensing The Currents of Change

Rather than containing, controlling, managing we are moving to the centre of the action. It can feel chaotic there, as if there is no way we can remain in control of our lives from here.

But that’s exactly the point, we don’t need to

Something Extraordinary is Seeking You Out

Something extraordinary is happening. We are standing at the gate of a new creation. We hold the keys in our hands. Or perhaps, more precisely, we embody the codes.

Right now there is a beautiful new creation being ushered in. It is a time of intensity, when everything seems charged with power. (Sun in 55) This is unknown territory and the only way to learn it is to act.