The Sudden Shifts of May 2013


During the whole month of May, Jupiter and Uranus will be together in the only Ego Manifesting channel in the Human Design bodygraph, a channel that relates to our communal resources and how we choose to use and share them.

When Jupiter and Uranus get together you can expect to be surprised.  Jupiter is expansive and Uranus is erratic.  That means things that swing, like the stock market, are likely to swing a little more than usual.  Remember the fake tweet that sent the Dow Jones tumbling on 23rd April?   And while this transit can’t help but play out in the external world, and particularly the economy, there’s also the possibility for deep personal transformation at it’s core.  The good news is that Jupiter moved in with Uranus on 29th April, and Jupiter always tends towards good outcomes.  During May, while these two powerful change agents are joining forces, we have some large leaps in consciousness headed our way.  We’re also likely to see some weird things that just don’t seem possible, like the hearing on the existence of aliens about to begin in the US.

It’s important to stay grounded throughout May and not use the energy to get ‘off on life’ rather than to settle more deeply into life.  Expect a lot of doom and gloom forecasts from those who can’t see beyond the current limits of our existing reality.


The Good Ego and a Healthy Will

Heart CentreAdult-TantrumIn May, Jupiter and Uranus are connecting the Heart Centre to the Throat.  This Centre is about our ego selves, how we manage our ego container to maintain a healthy sense of our individual self in the world.

The Heart Centre has only three gates, and two of those gates are in Aries – Gates 21 and 51.  Aries is the  first sign of the zodiac representing how we give birth to our individual self.  This tells us something about the function of the Heart Centre – it relates to our capacity for giving birth to something unique and new in ourselves.

Another quality of the Heart Centre is willfulness.  Our willfulness arises at around age two, when we begin to want to take some personal control of our world.  On a biological level it’s often played out during so called ‘toilet training’.  Handled badly, it can cause deeply buried infantile rage and an inability to know, as an adult, how to express our anger cleanly and without hurting ourselves or those we love.  As anger is key to knowing where our healthy boundaries are, and how we can go about making a life we feel passionate about, this is a huge deal.  It effectively leaves our boundaries unprotected and our resources (Gate 21) open for plunder, because hey, we’re not using them and we can’t protect them.  In effect, and this is at the core of Gate 21, we have no control over our own lives.  I couldn’t count the number of people I’ve worked with on the suppression of their natural willfulness, and how they were able to recover an ability to take control of their adult lives.  This is especially so for those born between 1961 and 1964, who have Pluto and/or Uranus (power and freedom)  in Gate 40.  It’s also important for the generation who have dwarf planet Eris in Gate 21, those born between 1955 and 1982.

The third important quality of the Heart Centre is generosity.  When I have full and complete access to my own resources and can take action to protect my own personal boundaries, my cup floweth over and I can’t help but share some of that nectar with those around me – the people who make up my community.  If I don’t have control over my own life, then it’s difficult to be generous.  These three issues – control, personal boundaries and the sharing of personal/communal resources – form the essence of this transit event, and they arise from having a healthy ‘ego self’.

Beyond Rebellion

So when Uranus, planet of freedom and individuality turns up in the Heart Centre, we can expect some radical behaviour that’s headed in the general direction of setting appropriate adult boundaries, and reclaiming control.  Uranus teaches us to distinguish between our true authentic self, and our rebellion against who we believe our society and family want us to be.  Uranus helps us find our own way, free of conformity and convention.   Sometimes we can get so caught up in rebelling against what we feel is controlling us that we lose touch with just being ourselves.

Uranus will create it’s third square to Pluto on 21st May 2013, when Uranus is in 21.2 and Pluto in 38.2, followed by a New Moon and Lunar Eclipse on 25th May.  I’ll write more about that specific event later, and there’s a list of significant transits coming up during May at the bottom oft this post. For now we need to know there are deep underlying issues of repressed personal power arising this month, and that can feel as if we are being prevented from taking control of our lives.   Last week’s Full Moon was an initial trigger point.


Investing In Community

heart_handsJupiter is transiting in the adjoining Gate 45, in the Throat Centre, until 28th May.  This is a window of grace, due to Jupiter’s beneficial influence on the Uranus/Pluto situation.

This gate – Gate 45 – speaks to us of what we invest into our community.   It calls us to gather together with those with whom we have a shared identity and sense of purpose, to strengthen our shared roots and make something wonderful of our shared lives.   Jupiter brings an expansion to everything he touches, and joined with Uranus there is a sense of excitement at the possibilities and potentials.  The important lesson that Jupiter brings is the need to take action on those potentials. We have to reach out and grasp the positive developments coming our way in May.  This is an energy of beginnings, not completions.  We’re unlikely to bring any of our ideas to maturity during this time, but we can reach out to others and together plant the seeds.

This channel holds the key to how we manage our joint resources on this planet.  It’s also about the serendipity of discovering a whole lot of resources within that we didn’t know we had.  Or we knew we had them, but didn’t realise others could see them.

I spent this morning at our local business mastergroup meeting, and it was so exciting to watch as we were all reflecting back what we value about each other.  It wasn’t quite what we planned to do today, but Uranus and Jupiter demanded we acknowledge the gifts (resources – gate 21) that each person had to invest (gate 45)  in our individual lives, and into the group.

This is very different from the trickle down effect we know and (don’t?) love, with it’s rationale that if I enter into a commercial relationship with completely selfish motivations it will eventually benefit everyone because I will maximise my own benefits.  This worked well enough when we all lived and worked in small communities, and everyone knew if I dumped toxic waste into the river or ripped off the grocer, but the global economy doesn’t  allow for that level of personal accountability.   The complexity of our global financial system, the military industrial complex and multi-tiered government means we often don’t see what’s really going on. We’d like to think everyone operates on a triple bottom line, but the truth is the vast majority of government and business on this planet still only looks at the economic bottom line.   Expect further revelations in June, as Neptune is brought into the picture and lifts the veil on what’s happening to the earth’s abundant resources.

This month – May 2013 – we are stepping away from conventional expectations about ourselves and our place in the world. Jupiter and Uranus together bring forth radical views, a desire to shake up society’s conventions, and a rethink on religious views.   For some it will bring unexpected good fortune, and unexpected trips to interesting places. At the level where we are shifting business on this planet, Uranus, planet of networking, is busy finding us new people to reflect skills, talents and resources we didn’t even know we had.There are new grassroots movements that will arise suddenly from the ground this transit creates and Neptune in the Gate of Abundance brings a higher level sensitivity to how we do business.


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Important Dates

Human Design Transit Chart 1 May 20131st May – Sun (24.2) and Mars (24.1) opposite Saturn (44.1) and trine Pluto (38.1)~  our mind wants to understand what’s going on, but the incoming energies are not so accessible in that way.   Around this period we must balance our fear of the unknown with our intuitive knowing that something wonderful is happening.  We also need to honour it’s power.

The Sun and Pluto accentuate the power struggle and desire for personal freedom and self actualisation.  The Root Centre brings a pressure to do things the way you’ve been taught by your ‘tribe’, so breaking free from this conditioning rather than rebelling is a powerful choice.  The Saturn activation in Gate 44 – Coming to Meet – tips us into a new relationship with the feminine, opens us to the power of creating directly from the void rather than from the ‘traditional’ patriarchal sources.

I also expect some peak in the US gun lobby situation with this transit.


6th May – Saturn moves to Gate 28, creating a channel with Pluto ~ I’ll be writing more on this later.  Saturn will be in a channel with Pluto between 6th May and 4th August, when Pluto retrogrades back into the Gate of Joy (58).  Saturn represents authoritarian control and Pluto represents power.  This is a channel that allows us a choice of life or death.  Life can be an adventure or a struggle against death.

It’s likely that this transit will trigger backlash against perceived overpowering authority figures.  For us personally,  it represents a profound period for watching where fear has prevented us stepping into a greater maturity in our own lives through the projection of childhood authority figures into our adult life.  Remember Uranus is active in this transit, because of the ongoing square with Pluto, so rebellion is always on the cards. Choose authenticity over struggle.   Remember too, that during May, Jupiter’s beneficial energy will prevent this playing out in negative ways in most cases.


7th May – Moon conjunct Uranus in 21.2 – a deep and compulsive need to break free, to find more space to grow into our full selves. A strong resistance to any perceived interference in how we run our own lives.


Human Design Transit chart for 9th May 20139th May – Sun, Mercury and Mars in the Gate of the Receptive (2) while Venus is in the Gate of Nourishment.  Here we see further movement in our capacity to open to the feminine.  Whilst the I Ching starts with Gate 1, the masculine active Yang principle, indigenous creation myths invariably begin with the feminine.  The I Ching (and Human Design) positions that yin creative power in Gate 2.

Like our own culture, the Chinese culture that gave birth to the I Ching was deeply patriarchal and invested in the idea of the masculine as the prime creative force, with the feminine holding a passive allowing role.  This transit shifts that belief, allowing us to experience the truly breathtaking expansion in our creative capacities when we connect first with the yin, the feminine, the creative void from which all matter arises into form.


13th May – Moon conjunct Jupiter in the Gate of Gathering (45).  Potentially an intensely emotional day (Jupiter expands on the moon’s emotional nature), where we are relieved to realise that we are not alone in the world, and not solely responsible for creating positive outcomes globally or in our own lives.


16 May 201316th May 2013 –  The individual circuitry gets a run during May as our sense of who we are and our life direction gets a major tweek. The Sun in Gate 8 and Jupiter in Gate 45 both indicate a huge opening to new creative connections.  With the support of others in our lives, and the positive oomph of Jupiter/Uranus, we get a blast out of mediocrity and take a leap of faith into something vibrant and new.

There is a lot of activation to the Throat during May as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through Gemini.  The Throat Centre is the portal between our inner world and the outer world.  It’s the place where we share what we alone know as us, and make it visible to the world at large.   The outer planets – Saturn and Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus – are supporting us to move out of the terrible fear held at the Throat that prevents us sharing freely from the heart.



21st May  – Time for mutation, as if you haven’t done enough already!  The big event on 21st May is the connection between the Jupiter/Uranus connection at the Throat and the Saturn/Pluto connection in the Root.  My suggestion?  Don’t make any particular plans for this day.  Literally, anything could happen. The Moon and Mercury give good indications of the focus for such a huge event.  The Moon moves over Haumea in Gate 57 – the Goddess of Volcanoes and the creator of new land, Haumea is very interested in the proper use of our resources.  She was (is?) the Creator Goddess of Hawaii and if her people did not respect their environment she cut off their food supply.  Mars is conjunct Sedna in 23, another Goddess who protects the earth’s resources (in Sedna’s case it’s the oceans’ resources).  Mercury is in the Gate of Progress with Venus.   Richard Rudd refers to this gate as The Hunger of the Species, a gate that taps into our deepest emotional reserves to find what we truly hunger for.  As we are heading into some time with spiritual Neptune in the emotional gate of Abundance (55), this is a time to really tune into the finer and more subtle levels of what you hunger for.


23rd May – Moon conjunct Saturn (28.5), not a great combination of planets because the Moon always seeks warmth and Saturn can be quite cold.  One thing they do have in common is the desire for stability and security.  This lunar transit is likely to trigger deep and compulsive fears around abandonment and isolation, and to bring us a renewed sense of our capacity to connect as individuals to the larger fractal picture that chaos demands we come to know in order to prosper in the new world we are creating.  I expect this period will feel very intense, and a good day to do relaxing things that include lots of deep breathing and feeling the earth under our feet.


25th May 2013 25th May – Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.  We are learning the skills of living in a larger cosmos, one based on the seeming paradox of orderly chaos and endlessly repeating patterns, a world that can’t decide if it’s matter, light or energy and doesn’t even believe it has to choose between the three in any given moment but might just be all of them at the same time.  How do you and I, raised in a world where things were real only if you could touch, taste or smell them, how do we manage our lives in this new reality?

The Full Moon gives us a taste of the new skills we are learning, and one of them is dynamical balance.  How to find your own powerful point of shift (creation) in each moment and feel the substance of your choices even though everything keeps moving, apparently chaotically, around you.  How to release what is no longer of use without feeling overcome by loss and regret, and how to move forward by aligning with the creative powers of the universe and trust that love is the unifying force of your own life and life at large.

7th June 2013 Human Design transit chart7th June 2013 – Mercury and Venus will move through the Gate of Opposition (39) between 7th and 15th June 2013.  This puts Neptune into direct contact with Pluto and Saturn on the other side of the Root Centre.

Neptune and Pluto are bringing us the power to wait, to tune into our own personal information / awareness and make a clear choice about our responses. This is a powerful way for us to unravel complexity arising from ancient fears, to step out of dramas arising from collective emotionally based goals, to become natural in our responses, rather than culturally influenced.  The emotional clarity Neptune has been teasing out for us over the past few years will come into it’s own in June, as we gaze clear eyed at corruption and stagnation and say No Thanks!   More on Pluto and Neptune’s connection in the Root Centre here. 


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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse April 2013


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Thursday  25th April 2013 at 8pm UT, 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT, and 6am on Friday 26th April AEST.  


crystalheartMy friend Lea is writing a book about sustainability.  She explained to me on the weekend that we know something is alive if it has choice.  A rock doesn’t have too many choices and we don’t consider it to be alive.  On the other hand, you and I have choices.

It might be clear to you and I, but science has a complex relationship to the idea of what’s living and what isn’t.

When the Gaia Hypothesis came out in 1969, claiming that everything on the planet was linked in a system of life, traditional scientists rejected the idea.  Because rocks aren’t alive, and a dislodged rock rolling down the side of the Grand Canyon certainly has nothing to do with the polar melt.  In the 43 years since then, perhaps we’ve come to understand that it does.

You and I clearly have choices.  And perhaps we are beginning to understand how important those choices are, not just for our own personal eco-system, but for the whole system of life on this planet.  Not only does each small choice enfold into our world the things that define who we are and how we live, but they also impact on greater issues.

I’ve been struggling with using plastic bin liners lately.  It’s something I’ve done for decades and yet lately every time I put in a new bin liner I can’t help but see an image in my mind of the plastic waste dump that’s forming at the bottom of our oceans.  I can’t help but imagine each bit of plastic I use being added to that pile, being my part of the problem.

The thing is, I’m so accustomed to living in a certain way.  In my family it’s a good thing, an accepted thing, to have a plastic bin liner and empty the kitchen bin into the trash each night.  That’s just how things are done in my world.  Till now.   This week’s Full Moon shines a light on how things are done and the choices we make.


How Do You Create Your World?

526488_10151564195760865_1306560103_nWe all have a deep instinctual sense of what nourishes us.  This intuitive understanding of what we need in life is there for a purpose.  It’s meant to point us towards what naturally and easily sustains us.  The thing is though, most of us have never really had a taste for what’s naturally good for us.

There are reasons for that.  Not necessarily good reasons, but real ones.  The most obvious reason this week is that we’re on the tail end of a few millenium of needing to give up our personal preferences for the good of our family and community.

Deep down in your DNA there’s a struggle going on just now.  It’s a struggle between your belief that you won’t survive unless your own personal needs are met, and a co-existing belief that you have to comply with the ideas and beliefs of the community no matter how bad things get for you, or the planet.

For me, it’s a struggle between keeping a ‘nice’ house and going against my personal values by drowning the world in plastic waste.  It’s a choice between incessantly cleaning and a deeper need to create.   The need to have a clean house is deep, complusive and full of shame in my family of undefined Spleen Centres, and it calls to my energy even against my conscious will.

Lucky for us, Pluto is on our side.  Trying to hold onto old shared beliefs that aren’t in our personal best interest isn’t going to cut it with Pluto, but if we open to the inner world and face the conflicted desires we find there Pluto will bring us a powerful transformation.  This is about something as mundane as using plastic bin liners, not eating chocolate, wearing purple hats.  It’s also much deeper because as we make personal choices that are distinctly about choosing and creating a life that deeply sustains us, we also bring the world around us to life.

The needs of our ancestors are no longer relevant in a world in transition.  We need to make fresh new choices, and we need to do it consciously.  This isn’t selfish, it’s a cosmic imperative that you break free and express all that you are in this moment.


The Full Moon and Pluto

The Moon and Pluto are in a channel that tends to be overwhelmed by trying to deal with all of life’s challenges. The thing is, and this is at the very heart of the April Full Moon, most of our challenges come from our reacting so quickly to anything that makes us feel threatened that we don’t even get to see and understand what’s really going on. Moving quickly from one challenge to the next, cobbling together whatever solution we can think of, we move far from our natural birthright of harmony and balance, and into overwhelm.

As we take more time to sit in our own discomfort we create the space for our own needs to arise over the foam and froth of our conditioning.  This Full Moon gives us the chance to stand firm against the largely unexamined fear that we will die if we dare to put ourselves first.  It’s alerting us to the fact that it’s possible  not to react immediately to the unconscious demands of our ancestors, demands that are buried in our dna.  Instead we can wait quietly for our own quiet still voice to guide us in our choices.


Black Sheep-ness


This Full Moon brings up our black sheep-ness, the place where we have taken a hit for our family and community.   Trying to avoid becoming the poster child of bad, we have suppressed something instinctual and primal within us rather than display how bad we truly are.   We have split something powerful, something inherently valuable off from our conscious world and our capacity for choice.  This part of us is not truly alive, because it doesn’t get to make choices.  We’ve buried it.

The Full Moon is occurring in a channel with Pluto.  When the Moon and Pluto get together we find deeply subconscious emotional compulsions, behaviours with their roots in our early childhood and strong feelings about our relationship with our mothers.  Pluto and the Moon are both powerful, instinctive and compulsive unconscious energies.  Put them together and you have intensity, and the capacity for releasing something that can transform your entire life.

Like a nuclear explosion it may seem to come in a small innocuous package that belies the intensity and power of the shift.


The Channel of Struggle

The Full Moon occurs in what’s known as the Channel of Struggle.  Let’s have a deeper look at that channel.  At one end we have the Spleen Centre, the place of physical wellbeing.   The Earth and the Moon will be in Gate 28 at the Spleen. This gate says you have overdone something, taken on too much and gotten yourself out of balance.  There’s too much to deal with and the whole structure is in danger of falling down upon you.  For some reason, rather than living in a healthy eco-system with dynamical balance, rather than responding to life’s changes with healthy choices, we keep piling up more and more till we can’t deal anymore with what we have in our lives.

At the other end we have the Root Centre, home of the adrenals, fight and flight.  Home of stability, security and our need to belong.  The Root Centre is reactive, and in Gate 38 we react when we experience opposition.   In this channel, the Root Centre reacts by forcing a solution to the problem rather than waiting to see what might evolve.  The opposition we experience in Gate 38 could be someone expressing an opinion we don’t agree with, or wearing the wrong clothes, or voting against a proposal we’ve worked hard on.  Pluto’s current three year transit in this gate brings up a primal response to our feelings of opposition.

This channel asks us to seek common ground rather than rush to react.  It teaches us that we may never agree on the small everyday details of life, but we can always seek common ground on major issues.  You and your teenager might not agree on an appropriate curfew time, but you can both agree that you need to share a warm and loving home.

There is something in you that has been crushed in order to stay alive.  Your body knows all about it.  Your body has been supporting you for many long years in keeping this aspect of yourself deeply hidden.  However it’s time now to bring it back into consciousness.   The oppositions we have been reacting to have been largely a result of our own inner opposition.  We have projected out into the world what we felt unable to deal with in ourselves, and then reacted against it.  To cease to react is a signal to the world that we are accepting some part of us that has been deemed unacceptable, and yet that is what we are doing this week.

As we learn not to react, and open to that primal intuitive sense of what truly nourishes us, we will discover with delight that it doesn’t kill us to meet this part of ourselves.  That we are not at risk of annihilation if we allow ourselves to know what we truly need to create a healthy balanced life, rather than one that has us in constant overwhelm.  We create our lives through our everyday choices and this Full Moon brings an intensity and power to opening up that process to more consciousness.

You’re doing it right if you feel more alive despite the fear.  You’re doing it wrong if you find yourself thinking “I don’t have a choice”  or “I have to do it this way” or if you find yourself sighing as you do something that just doesn’t feel alive.  This is a body-centered shift, and anything that creates conflict between your mind/emotions and your body is a sign that you’re getting close to the action.  Listen to what your body is telling you, and trust it.

The Sun and Mars are in the Gate of Nourishment, giving us the courage and sheer dynamism to go for it.  There are powerful forces on our side and it’s time for us to claim our full power of conscious choice back from the old struggles of the past.   Our DNA is shifting and we are acquiring a larger vision and  a place at the table of  flourishing life.

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Locating Power and Authority


Money and power are about to take a more central role on the world stage, as The Great Awakener, Uranus, shifts gates today.   Yes, yes, I agree, they are always central on the world stage.  What’s shifting is the focus we have on them.  We are on an evolutionary trajectory that includes taking back the authority and power for our own lives after millenium of ‘giving it up for the man’, and the next few weeks are a powerhouse of change in that particular process.

Uranus is shifting into the Gate of Biting Through, Gate 21 in the Heart Centre.  The Gate of what???  It’s about getting to the truth of things by biting through obstructions.  Hilary Barrett says this:

It’s time to bite through to the truth, cracking the situation open like a bone between your teeth.  Resting content with appearances may be easier but it’s not enough. 

There’s a fine balance in this gate – to take control and responsibility for our own lives without succumbing to the desire to try to control others. Before you take off in an attempt to get the other person to do what you want, consider what you can do on your own behalf.   Ponder three words – control, authority, domination.  What can you do to bring more control over your own life?  Where are you giving your authority away to others?  What attempts are you making to dominate others to compensate for your perceived lack of personal control and authority?

This gate deals with a deep confusion about power – that we have to wrestle it back from others rather than seek it within ourselves.

Pluto – the planet that tells us all about power and how we use it – is in the Gate of Opposition.  The story in the I Ching is of diversity within the same family.  Although the children all have the same parents they grow up with different friends, different interests.  Eventually they leave and go their own way.  This doesn’t mean they are enemies.  It simply means that diversity is natural.  We can’t expect everyone to vote the same way we do, to believe in the same god we do (or not), to love the same music or enjoy the same food.

When fear is present, diversity seems threatening.  When we are not fearful, diversity can be delightful.  Pluto tends to be dogmatic and meglomaniacal.  It asks us to seek our own power from deep within.  On the big picture level right now, Pluto is saying there are riches to be had when we enter into dialogue rather than continue with our own fear fuelled fantasies that we are struggling on alone in a harsh world.

Pluto rules the nuclear bomb, and it’s no coincidence that the isolated North Korea is playing out it’s own nuclear drama in order to get retribution (regain power from) the US.

399174_10151335157775865_914970213_nIt’s easy enough just now to allow our ancient programming to see opposition, but not the pathway to the richness of diversity.  That pathway goes against all we have learnt since the very first tribal wars on this planet.  It says that the risk in continuing to try to dominate and control each other is now greater than the risk of opening up to dialogue and genuine interest in what the other party is seeking to achieve.

We’re not accustomed to using our willfulness in this way.  The inner conflict caused by domination is carved deeply into each one of us.   Eat your food, do your homework, pay your bills, stay on that diet.  These attempts at self control are so natural to us that we don’t see the damage they cause in our lives.  If  I dominate and control myself enough to stay on the South Beach diet for a month, then the resentment has to go somewhere!   But that’s not the sort of self-control we’re talking about here.  This is a clear eyed look at what we can do to make changes for the better in our own lives.

This move by Uranus brings it back into a square with Pluto, so the relationship between the two is strengthened today.  Between now and when Jupiter moves in to soothe the waters on 29th April we can expect the unexpected in the areas of  the price of gold and the stability (or otherwise) of fiat money (paper money), especially the US dollar,  issues of severity and leniency in significant legal cases,  big reveals about corporate greed, continuing grandiose nuclear posturing,  the nature of communal resources on the planet, bombings and attempts by fundamentalists to control and dominate others.

There is an incredible potential here, for us to step beyond some of the most toxic aspects of the patriachal culture and into a more diverse grassroots relationship with each other.  By the end of May our ideas about who exercises power and authority over our lives will have shifted to somewhere a bit closer to home.




You probably know that the Gates in your design are activated by the planets.   We all look at our charts and say  …  I have Gate 42 ….  or Gate 3 ..   We can understand a lot about ourselves by knowing which gates are ‘switched on’ in our design.

Let’s look at the difference a planet can make in understanding how the energy of a gate might operate.

venus-and-mars-geraldine-arataGate 42 is about Increase.

Venus in Gate 42 opens to a willingness to receive more, to become more abundant.  She connects with her innate ability to attract beneficial relationships, she is the wanton goddess of sensuality and draws to her everything she needs to increase love, beauty and connection.

Mars in Gate 42 will have us taking passionate action to bring increase into our lives.  He will respond to every opportunity to act to bring more of what he desires into his life.  Where Venus seeks to do this through relationship and connection, Mars is more of a loner, seeking his own gratification.  Venus attracts, Mars takes action.

If you have Venus in Gate 42, the Gate of Increase, in your design and you are taking action to create Increase, then Venus is not happy and it’s probably not happening for you.  (And you might also feel drab and unattractive because Venus is your GODDESS!).  If you have Mars in Gate 42 and you are lolling about waiting for your Increase to turn up on your doorstep like a lovesick suitor, well that’s not going to be working out too well either!

This isn’t the same as your Strategy, it’s about the distinct flavour the planets bring to every gate in your design!  When you recognise how to use subtle energies, everything changes!

The planets have their own language, and each one is different.   Learning the language of the planets and how they relate to each other in your own personal design unlocks many keys to deeper layers of who you are and why you do what you do.
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What a difference a planet makes!

Nelson Mandela and Muammar Gadaffi both have the Gate of Influence in their charts.  One was a leader beloved around for the world for his passionate work to end apartheid in South Africe. The other was generally considered a despot and tyrant, responsible for millions of deaths.

What makes them so different?  Let’s look at their planets and find out.

Nelson Mandela



The much beloved ‘father’ of  South Africa, Nelson Mandela, has Gate 31 in his design.  This is an energy of mutual influence, a place where we open our heart to each other and seek new solutions that allow us to move forward.  When people with this gate are called out to lead they are able to articulate wonderful solutions.  This channel is part of a circuit that can ‘feel’ the future at a visceral level.


In Nelson Mandela’s design his Gate 31 is activated by Neptune.  Which means that Mandela had a capacity to bring new life to how we relate to each other, how we can open our hearts to each other.  He brought a level of visionary refinement to the concept of what it means to be a political leader.

His leadership had a spiritual or ‘sacred’ flavour to it.  Neptune is idealistic, especially in politics and many saw his vision as utopian.

If Mandela did not have an activation in the adjoining Gate 7 it’s likely we would never have heard his name.  He would have been just another dreamer.  But there in Gate 7 – the gate known as The Army –  we find Mercury, the planet of communication and the voice of the gods.  Mercury and Neptune together bring a profound capacity to tune into the zeitgeist and the ability to communicate ideals (Neptune) for the future (Understanding Circuit).   The Pluto and Jupiter activations in Gate 15 (Humility) gate Mandela the political smarts he needed to work with the powerful forces at play in South Africa during the reign of apartheid.


Muammar Gadaffi


Here’s another leader with the Gate of Influence – Gate 31 – in his design.  But in Gadaffi’s design we find the gate activated by Pluto rather than Neptune.  Pluto is a whole different kettle of fish.  Pluto is about how we relate to power.

Gadaffi Human Design chartColonel Gadaffi ruled Libya from 1969 to 2011.  He originally seized power through a coup and ruled by decree.  Throughout this era, and particularly towards it’s end, Gadaffi was obsessed with apocalyptic ideas of an Arab resurgence where Islam would take a position of powerful authority over the world.  He is described in wikipedia as a dictator and autocrat whose authoritarian administration oversaw multiple human rights abuses.

Gadaffi has no planetary activation in Gate 7 – The Army.  This is a gate where we find a true capacity for democratic leadership.  Because his Pluto activation is not connected directly to the Ji Centre, Gadaffi would have relied on his strongly defined Throat activations to support his need for power.

We find the Sun, Saturn and Design Jupiter all in the Throat Centre.  When Saturn and Pluto come together we can get a militarist view of power that has difficulty with a compassionate and humane view of life.  This can play out as a compulsive fear of being overpowered.  Design Jupiter conjunct the Sun encourages a messianic view of the self, likely handed down from the father.  It can be very proud, with a need to puff itself up like a peacock.

Of course, these planetary combinations are not always going to turn out badly.  If you have Saturn and Pluto connecting in your design I’m not expecting you to become a brutal dictator anytime soon!  It’s positive attributes are a sense of responsibility and the capacity to carry authority well.  It can be a profoundly protective energy. However, in Gadaffi’s case we do find a more negative expression.  Jupiter and the Sun has a visionary quality that allows the person with this combination in their design to be a bright light in the lives of others.

Learning about the qualities of each planet in your design can bring a profound deepening of your understanding of your self.




stars&planetsInner and Outer Planets

Not all planets are equal in your design.  There are broadly three kinds of planets.

The inner planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars – are personal influences.  They move quickly through the gates and so even if two people were born a few days apart they are likely to have different activations for the inner planets.  We experience these energies as very personal influences in our day to day lives.   They also tell us something about our basic nature.  For example, Mercury tells us how we like to communicate and what we like to talk about.

Then we get to Jupiter and Saturn.  They are all about how we relate to society.  Jupiter is the place where we find our life story, how we fit in, what gifts and opportunities life brings us and how we receive them.  Jupiter is the great “meaning maker” in our design.  He answers the question – where do I fit in the larger context of my society?  Saturn is a bridge between our soul and our capacity to be present in a concrete way in our life.  He is the builder, our anchor to the earth plane.  Saturn’s position in our design tells us what we want to build in this life, and how we want to do it.  Without Saturn’s influence we can only build castles in the air.

Beyond these two social planets we find the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  These three move very slowly through our designs and are what’s known as ‘generational influences’.  It takes Uranus 84 years to move through every gate in the design, so it spends over a year in each gate.  Neptune takes 164 years to make it’s way around the gates, and Pluto takes 248 years.  This is a slow process and one we share with millions of other people.  For example, everyone born between July 1958 and September 1960 has Pluto in Gate 59 (except for about one month around December 1959, where Pluto was in Gate 40 before it retrograded back into Gate 59 again).

We feel the influence of the outer planets more when they connect with personal planets. So, like Mandela with his Neptune making a channel with his Mercury, the energy of the personal planet is enhanced by it’s connection with the broader flavour of slower moving Neptune.   Connections with outer planets bring a feeling of being part of a larger collective expression.  Gadaffi’s Pluto has no direct connections with inner planets, but with the Sun in the same Centre – the Throat Centre – Pluto brought a sense that the power of being leader of his country (Pluto) belonged to him personally (Sun).

Here’s some books I recommend to help you learn more about the planets.  You don’t need to know anything about astrology, they both take a very non-technical aproach.



Steven Forrest’s much loved classic astrology book  Inner Sky  gives you the function and key questions for each planet.

It’s down to earth, warm and intelligent.







Carolyn Casey is an astrological shaman with a tricksters sense for the illusive nature of each planet.  She is astute and poetic, drawing forth the magic that each planet brings to your life.






Here’s a few keywords.


The integration of full self expression.  The key for manifesting personal power and talent.


What you need to feel grounded, to provide yourself with a solid foundation for manifestation. What you might easily avoid so you don’t have to ground your talent in the world.


What you need for emotional security.  Where you retreat in order to feel safe.

North Node

What you are here to move towards in this life, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel for you.

South Node

Where you may retreat into your comfort zone, even when you believe you are moving forward. These are the things you do well, the places you know, because you’ve mastered them in a past life.


What you love to communicate about, your intellectual approach to life.  Where you can have a tendency to hide behind verbal intellectualising.


Personal self worth, the ability to create a life of love, beauty and harmony.  Capacity for social ability.  Not sharing fully in social situations through a fear of disharmony.  The receiving sexual principle.  How we attract what we desire into our lives.


What you feel passionate about.  Personal assertion and healthy boundaries.  The initiating sexual principle.  Where we can have a tendency to push or aggressively withdraw.


The place where you experience an expansive sense of good fortune and faith in yourself and life that helps you overcome fear and limitation.  Where you can have a tendency to rely a bit too much on your own luck.  The way in which you build your sense of personal meaning.


How you can fulfill your need for public achievement, status and success.  Where you may struggle to balance responsibility and irresponsibility.  May show a block in your natural energy flow due to fear of loss of control.


Opening to your intuitive perceptions of life.  A tendency to demand the right to be erratic and unpredictable.  Gradually becoming your own person by connecting with like minded others rather than being stuck in rebellion and alienating people who don’t agree with you anyway.


Where you need to undergo a process of removing illusion and revealing the truth.  Opening to a larger picture of reality while staying grounded.  A need for a more refined experience.  Tendency to addiction or sacrifice.


Where you are willing to die in order to transform and be reborn.  Covert power struggles.  An ability to see beneath the surface.  Aligning personal will with divine will.


Img: Venus and Mars by Geraldine Arata ~ http://fineartamerica.com/featured/venus-and-mars-geraldine-arata.html


The Importance Of What You Love


singularityYou might have heard about The Singularity.  It’s the point at which we transcend our biology and merge with machines.   Apparently, we’ll soon be able to achieve such a wonderful feat because machines are becoming more intelligent than humans.

I don’t find the idea very appealing, I have to admit.  It seems to me that the whole idea is based on a mis-reading of our evolutionary process.

Back at the dawning of the Industrial Revolution people left their bucolic rural communities in droves and moved to urban areas to work in factories.   It was the first step towards becoming a cog in the machine.  In 200 years we have been trained to respond to machine like prompts, to go against all our bodily instincts to comply with the needs of the workplace, to buy the latest product.

A little while back I answered my phone and heard a recorded voice that said “Kim Gould please call 1800 xxx xxx xx and quote this reference number &#$%$##.” And then hung up. I have no idea who that call was from. It could have been my telephone company, a telemarketer, who knows? A few days after this experience I had to call the accounts department of a medical company to query a bill. I rang the number and when it was answered this is what I heard “Hello, reference number please.”   I replied, “Oh, hello, my name is Kim, what’s your name?”, which completely discombobulated the operator.  He stuttered and hummed and hawwed a bit before giving in and telling me his name. He sounded shy and almost relieved, as if I’d called him out of hiding.

These calls got me thinking about how we are being ‘robotisized’. I mean, why would a company think I would respond to either of those situations? It’s because we are gradually being trained to follow robotic like prompts. If you’re not convinced, have a look at the Visa Card ad.  I want one of these cards, because being a robot is soooo glamorous!   Notice the really geeky human – who wants to be him?  Not me!  How embarrassing would it be to not belong?


The idea of us becoming Transhuman and merging with machines is based on us heading deeper into that robotic world.  In fact, we’re moving beyond the robotic. Rather than becoming more alike (robotic), the evolutionary push is to become more unique.  And to do that we need to connect with the two personal awareness Centres in our design – the Solar Plexus Centre and the Spleen Centre.  These two Centres are home to our personal preferences.  And personal preferences are key to our evolutionary capacity just now.

The key here is healing deep ancestral wounds about standing out from the crowd, feeling isolated and different, being at risk of exclusion.  Every time we move through the pain of reconnecting with another aspect of our own awareness, we heal a fear of abandonment and separation.  After all, it was that fear that made us disconnect from our personal awareness in the first place!

Imagine who you would be if you had no preferences.  I mean really, how would you know anything about yourself?  How would you make a decision?   Our capacity for choice is not so very important in our current world.  We can only choose between a certain range of things.  Vogue or Harpers Bazaar?  Android or iPhone?  Ben and Jerry’s or Häagen-Daz?  You’ve only got to watch the tv news to know that complex emotional responses and deep thinking just don’t have a carry a lot of value.

We Are Developing Emergent Skills

We are on the verge of developing a whole new emergent skill set that will allow us to create a new unimaginable reality, and we need to be conscious of our personal preferences to be able to do that.  We need to know what we value, how we feel about things, what our opinions are.  We need to step beyond what we believe is on offer – Vogue or Harpers Bazaar? –  and venture onto pastures of unimagined richness.  We will all flourish here.

We are at a tipping point in the evolution of life, and one characteristic of tipping points is chaos. And one characteristic of chaos is sensitivity.  Amidst the sensitivity we are experiencing right now is a greater capacity to consciously know ourselves.  It’s painful, a bit like when your leg goes to sleep and you have to wait through the pins and needles till you can walk on it.

We simply cannot create consciously in our new reality unless we know our own personal preferences.  That means our feelings, our intuition, our thoughts.   These three areas of experience bring PERSONAL awareness to everything.  Your awareness is not just an idea.  Energetically your awareness  has weight and heft.  Our feelings, intuition and thoughts are the tools with which we become aware of possibilities, sort through choices and make the decisions that create our lives both personally and collectively.  If you want to create a life and a world that you love, then it makes sense that you have to know what you love … and you have to know it consciously and deeply.

Robots can create, but there is always an underlying pattern, some sort of program.   We are moving beyond the program, beyond the scripted, the controlled, the absolute and into a new world of creation.  We are doing that by becoming conscious of what we value, what we love, what makes us happy and feel well.

hexagram 52


One of the most exciting things about learning Human Design is understanding what the 64 gates mean.

Sure, we know they’re related to the I Ching, but  if you’ve picked up an I Ching to try to make sense of your Human Design you’re probably even more perplexed!  There’s not much on the internet to help, so where do you go to learn more?

Here are some FAQs.

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hexagram 52 The 64 gates of the Human Design System relate directly to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching.  

Gate 1 in the Human Design System is the same as Hexagram 1 in the I Ching.   So you can pick up any I Ching and read something about your design there.

The Gates don’t move around in the chart.  Gate 1 is always in the Ji Centre.  

And Gate 52 is always in the Root Centre.  The positions of the hexagram/gates is fixed and the same in all charts.

Each Gate connects to another Gate to form a Channel.  

It’s meaning is affected by that other Gate (and the other Centre at the end of the Channel).   You can’t consider the meaning of a Gate in isolation.  Your design is a subtle multidimensional map of your energy field, and each Gate has it’s part to play in that whole.

You have every Gate in your design, and each Gate can be activated by a planet, or not.

That activation can be conscious (Personality/Black) or unconscious (Design/Red).   Or it may not be activated at all.  Consider how each Gate functions, rather than only seeing the activated Gates.  If a Gate is white in your design, it may still be playing an active part.   Is it reaching towards a defined Gate?  Is it the missing link between two Centres?

 And speaking of planets …

Each planet brings it’s own flavour to the Gate it activates.  Passionate independent Mars brings a very different energy to harmonious Venus.  Personal planets – like the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars – feel different to the outer planets like Neptune and Pluto.

Here’s THE most important thing about the Gate activations in your Human Design.  

Their meaning is not fixed.  It’s not like a one off imprint like Conflict, Power, Grace, Enthusiasm.  Each Gate holds the key to your life challenges and the seeds of your self knowledge and self mastery.  There are no ‘good gates’ and ‘bad gates’.

For example, the Gate of Grace sounds like a gate I might like to have in my design!  It is a lovely energy, and it also holds the challenge of connecting with people in an authentic way, rather than staying on the surface as a defence against difficult emotions.   Use the tools below to explore the positive and negative aspects of your gates and also the opportunity each one brings to know yourself better.


dna in human design system



Human Design System Gates have an exact correlation to the structure of your personal DNA.

According to research done by Katya Walters, I Ching Hexagrams are our key to living in the new quantum reality. The structure of the hexagrams aligns exactly with the mathematical nature of fractals, the basis of chaos theory.





What The I Ching can tell us about the Gates

There really is no quick and dirty way to understand the meaning of the gates.  They carry a deep and profound meaning. Keywords don’t cut it, sorry!   And neither do quick phrases.  A study of the Gates can take a lifetime.  However, here’s a good place to start.

The I Ching brings to each Gate:

  • a combination of elements,
  • an image or metaphor,
  • a process, and
  • a practical solution

It’s incredibly useful to look for each of these three layers when you are learning about your design.  Let’s use Gate 1 as an example.

The element in Gate 1 is Heaven.   Heaven is also Yang and Creativity.  The Gate is often called The Creative.

The image or metaphor is of the Sun rising and shining it’s creative light upon the world (from Huang, see below).

The process is about being initiated through constant change and transformation.  The Creative is always creating, without rest.  When we are tuning into our own creative transformation and initiation, we realise it never ceases.

The process is described by using the story of a dragon being gradually awakened.  At the beginning – line 1 – the dragon is asleep because the time is not yet right to act.  As the process unfolds, the dragon defines his goal and readies himself to take action (line 2), remembers not to become too arrogant, too yang (line 3), tunes into the best timing for action (line 4), recognises the time is ripe for action (line 5), knows when to stop, not trying to push things too far (line 6).

The practical solution depends on the line placement.  If you have passionate and headstrong Mars in Gate 1 line 2, you’re likely to want to act before the time is right.  In that case, the practical solution is to be more tuned into your willfulness and how it pushes you forward before you or the universe is ready for your actions.  On the bright side, once you master the powerful energy of this gate in your life, you will also have a natural gift to act where others might hold back.


These are the three main sources I use for understanding the meaning of the Gates in your Human Design chart.


Many of you are familiar with Hilary Barrett’s I Ching.  Hilary has a profound understanding of the I Ching and her book reflects that, while at the same time being clear, accessible and elegant.  This is a book for every student of the Human Design System.

I particularly like her questions for each hexagram.  They help to focus on the core issues of each gate in our design.



Alfred Huang learnt the I Ching from three Chinese masters.  In 1949, after the Cultural Revolution in China, the Book of Changes (I Ching) was banned and they continued to meet in secret, despite the great danger.  After all three masters passed away (they were all between 80 and 90 years old), the young Huang was imprisoned in a labour camp for 22 years due to his ‘antirevolutionary activities’ – studying the I Ching. He was sentenced to death, and spent his days contemplating what he’d learnt from the ancient masters.  In 1979 he was released from prison and emigrated to the US, where he was encouraged to write this I Ching book.

What I enjoy most about this particular I Ching, apart from Master Huang’s ancient I Ching lineage, is his knowledge of the history of how the modern interpretations came about.  He gives all the various names for each hexagram and also the image/metaphor.  This brings a rich meaning that is not available in any other I Ching.



Richard Rudd is an early pioneer in Human Design.  His Gene Keys book brings the I Ching to life, linking it directly to the Human Design System.  Rudd has an extensive knowledge of the I Ching and adds his own cosmic flavour.

Rudd explains the Shadow and Gift aspects of each gate, allowing a positive experience of personal growth to emerge.



Although I have a very dog eared copy of the Rave I Ching on my bookshelf, I very rarely reach for it these days. I find the three books above bring a positive and affirming understanding of the Gates.  I also refer to Richard Rudd’s Circuitry book for specific Jovian based keywords, and how the Gates fit into the circuits.

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The Natural Face of Fear



48056.originalWe have a problem with fear in our society.  We’ve confused two different fear events.  One is that moment when our heart leaps into our mouth as we spot the saber tooth tiger eyeing us off from behind a nearby bush.  The other is blocked intuition that shows up in our lives as constant worries, free floating anxiety and even depression.

The saber tooth tiger event is hard-wired into our DNA.  It bypasses our conscious mind and triggers the fight or flight response.  It floods our body with adrenaline to allow us a super-human response, and it blocks our capacity to consider options.

Taking the time to think things over and consider options is life threatening when we are staring at an immediate danger.  Properly considering options also requires access to our limbic (emotional or mammalian) brain.  We can’t make good life choices without our emotions, but this is not about life choices.  This type of fear is simply about surviving the next few minutes, and the saber tooth is not too bothered about our emotional response to being dinner.

This version of fear – the  fight or flight type fear – comes from the Root Centre in Human Design.  It’s an immediate threat to survival that triggers adrenaline.

The second kind of fear is a modern phenomenon.  It arises from what I call the Dominator Model.  One aspect of the Dominator Model is where the mind dominates the body to such an extent that we lose touch with our intuitive responses to life.  This type of  fear is not so much about threats to life as it is about our ongoing well-being.  In fact, it’s not really fear at all!  It’s a free flowing intuitive awareness of what’s good for us and what’s not.  This is the stuff we find in the Spleen Centre, and it has connections with our emotions so it’s a more holistic way of making choices in life.

I was thinking about this dual nature of fear and composing a blog post in my head (as I do) when I pulled out Karla McLaren’s wonderful book,  The Language of Emotions and found this:

Most of us think we know fear because we have experienced the mood states of worry, anxiety, trepidation, terror or panic.  However none of these emotions is fear!  Though we have all felt true fear (there is no way to survive without it), we have so completely confused it with anxieties and terrors that we have lost our ability to identify fear as the distinct and vital capacity it is. 

Right now we have the Sun, Venus and Mars in the Gate of Shock (51).  The Earth is opposite in the Gate of The Gentle (57).   This is a partnership of energies that call us to tune into the first subtle stirrings of our physical intuition.  It carries the dna memory imprint of our fear of the unexpected.  When we are so overloaded, so rushed and so busy, how will we cope?   When we slow down enough to hear the first stirrings of that small gentle voice and enter into a dialogue with the incredible intelligence of our cellular self, life opens up in astonishing ways.  We begin to step out of culturally conditioned fear based state and into relationship with reality.

The Gate of Shock sits in the Heart Centre, the intermediary between the emotions and our higher self.  It too can operate from fear – the ego’s fear of loss of control, of isolation and annihilation.  But if we shimmy up the consciousness scale a bit, the Heart Centre presents us with a more positive experience.   Here we find the emotions are a pathway to our soul geometry.  They bring the individual part of you into relationship with the collective – what’s unique about you, your personal preferences and delights are important to us all.

So how do we  tune into the difference between a life threatening event and an overdue work deadline?

There is a deep and profound wounding that is being repaired over the next few days.  Because we have lost much of our conscious connection with our body intelligence we have built up layer upon layer of unprocessed shock from unexpected events.  Our brains push us ever onward towards our egoic goals, but our bodies have been left to hold the damage.  This subdues our capacity to listen gently to our intuition.

The Earth activation for the next 5 days is in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity.  This is an energy of gently feeling our way into situations.  It’s not a sharp cutting energy – shock! fear! Instead it is a quiet sensation, perhaps a prickling of the skin or a twitching of the nose. It is the body expressing itself in response to our environment.  This gentle intuitive sense offers us a chance to enter into conversation with a deep knowing of what is good for us as individuals.  It’s not about recommended daily intakes or ideal weight to height ratios.  It’s something deeply personal. Through it’s link with the Heart Centre, it brings us closer to our soul geometry and provides a bridge between our emotions and our higher self.

Our bodies need to heal, to get healthy, to renew their relationship with joy.  As we get to know our ‘fear’ in this more natural way, our bodies can reconnect with a gentleness and innocence that’s been lost.  We can begin to understand what is truly threatening and what is simply a culturally induced anxiety syndrome.

Take some time over the next few days to feel your feet gently upon the earth, to feel the breeze on your skin and to listen deeply to the language of your cells.


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Alert – Intense Transformation



Phoenix-bird-1-What happens when fiery Mars enters the Gate of Initiation?

Master Huang refers to this gate as “shake, shock or quake”.   In the I Ching it’s the quintessential symbol of thunder.  In the Human Design chart it’s in the Heart Centre. This is the mediator between this world and the next, the place where we transform higher energies into emotions and shift emotions into the love dimension.  In the fiery grip of transformation, we look for continuity.  What needs to spiral upwards?  What needs to be maintained through being properly grounded? What needs to be released?

In this place of rapid transformative process we are balanced, like the phoenix, bringing forth new life from the flames.  Every apparent ending brings forth new life and the thread of your existence is unbroken.  You are new again and again and again.  Occupy that space in your own life and you’ll find your freedom there.

Mars will be in the Gate of Initiation (51) until 8th April 2013.  It will be joined by the Sun and Venus on 6th April.  I’ll write more about this process shortly.   We are entering a 8 week period of radical shift.  Breathe, stay grounded, be gentle with yourself.

Human Design transit chart for 2nd April 2013


A Deep Letting Go



Fractal-Symmetric-Icon-02I dreamt about death last night.  And I pulled the death tarot card this morning.  That’s no surprise given the connections to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, today.  The Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus are all conjunct, and are all squaring Pluto.

Pluto calls us to a deep letting go.  Do you feel sad?  That means something you’ve loved and become attached to is leaving your field.  Do you feel fear or shame? That’s something you are giving birth to wanting to be released into an unknown world.

Everything you have been till this moment is expanding into something more.  Something larger, more alive and more connected.  Many of those connection points have been places of wounding and pain in the past.  Now they are ready to reach out and try again.

The Sun, Venus and Mars are in Gate 21. This is a gate that tells us how our life has been controlled and manipulated, where we have had our daily lives disrupted and interfered with.  It  calls us to trust enough to release ourselves into the universal field without knowing what that might bring to our door.  It invites us to release our white knuckle grip on our own individual truth and enter in to a broader collective flow.   It calls us to look beyond appearances and bite through to a truth that truly feeds us.  It teaches us the new skill of going with the flow, while maintaining our own space and holding authority for our own lives.  Uranus is still back in Gate 17 showing us the way to simultaneously learn and teach in each moment.  I give wisdom, I receive wisdom.

Pluto in Gate 38 is teaching us the deep lessons of living the challenges of life, rather than fighting death.  This is no longer a struggle for survival.  It is now about the creation of more life.  But Pluto always has a price, and that price is to release the old wornout forms.  Sigh and stretch and let them go, even if you don’t know what they are.

There is something leaving your life today.  And there is something profound arising.  Make a space for it to enter.  Be prepared for it to flourish.


Img:  http://www.fractalsciencekit.com/



(*)  The Sun, Venus and Mars are all in Gate 21.  Uranus is in Gate 17, but still close enough to the Sun to create an astrological conjunction.

lorenz attractor

March Full Moon ~ Moving Beyond Woundedness



This month’s Full Moon is an evolutionary push that takes us beyond our woundedness, beyond the effects of culture and into fully integrated global being.

There are three ‘hot spots’ in the Human Design transits on our upcoming Full Moon.  One is mental, one emotional and one is physical.   The red letter event is that the Sun, Venus and Uranus are all in the Gate of Following.  Uranus is the Great Awakener.  This is an awakening event, a profound shift in our evolutionary trajectory.

Let’s take the long view for a moment.  Life began on earth about 4 billion years ago.   That’s life as in cellular carbon based life forms, organic stuff that reproduces.  It arose from combinations of various chemical compounds coming together in marvelous new ways.  That’s our ancestry.  We turned up on the scene (“we” as in the Genus Homo) about 2.5 million years ago, and evolved into something recognisably ‘human’ about 200,000 years ago.

Full Moon 2013 Human Design transit chart

What’s happening now is shift that takes us beyond gradual evolution.  We’re not talking about the development of tools and opposeable thumbs.  We’re not talking about agriculture or towns or reading and writing.  This is not incremental.  We are taking part in a paradigm shift, an evolutionary leap into the unknown.

Gate 17 is a mental energy.  It’s asks where you have inherited ideals and philosophies that don’t work for you, no matter how much you bend and squeeze yourself to fit them?  Do we have to abuse our bodies and block our emotions to make life fit their shape?  Do we try to manipulate and control others to protect our own opinions?

When you are clear about what you value, your thoughts and ideals can reflect that.  You can allow them to meld with the natural currents, following signs and nudges.  You can take the pathway of effortless supportive synchronicity.  When we crystallise our ideals and make them our irreproachable gods, we lose.

Venus brings the potential to recover from a lack of human connection at the mental level.

How can we introduce our minds to our own humanity – to our bodies and emotions?   We have a cultural tendency to isolate mentally from our other modes of awareness.  We have been conditioned to lose touch with our own reality.

As each one of us reconnects with our inner knowing – our intuition, our emotions, our inspiration – we can ground fully into our physical vehicles.  I want to make the point here that we can’t be fully grounded until we have returned the flow and relationship of emotions and intuition and thoughts.  This integration and grounding process is well under way.  It’s what we’ve been doing for the past few decades, and we’re at the pointy end now.

strange attractorWhen the evolutionary process gets ready to take a leap, it moves into a chaotic state.  In that chaos, everything becomes very sensitive. Every little twinge and shift seems like a tsuanami.  That’s where we are.

That’s why you are so finely attuned just now to every thought, every bodily sensation and emotional twinge.  The sensitivity is a part of the grander scheme of evolution, and your consciousness of the process is what we might call the ‘strange attractor’.   When evolution enters it’s chaotic stage, everything is looking for an anchoring point.  What shall we constellate around now that the old reality is dissolving?  That anchor point is called a strange attractor.  It’s what we are attracted to.

When scientists use complex mathematics to draw strange attractors, they look like butterflies, our symbol of transformation and emergence.   That’s the profound level of integrated meaning inherent in our cosmos.

So, back to the story of our evolution.  As we become  increasingly sensitive to every little twinge of inner conflict, our holistic integration enters a completion stage.  We are completing a cycle of individuation (that’s Uranus and the Sun at work).   We are closing the circle of merging and melding, of fear and projection, of control and manipulation.

We are approaching the place where we can make conscious responses from an integrated place as an individual.

This is profound.  That sticky, sucky, painful place of neediness is disappearing.   Our woundedness is receding.  Our capacity for conscious presence is increasing.  Our ability to hold our own unique shape and enter into the flow of the collective, and beyond to the cosmos,  is emerging.  We are completing our evolutionary cycle as tribal beings.  We are completing our evolutionary cycle as national and cultural beings.   We are moving beyond the place where we can be controlled by an external authority, because we have grounded our own inner presence beyond culture.  We are emerging as clearly differentiated unique individuals, capable of coming together at the global level.

We are about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime, where a lifetime is about 5 billion years.   We are becoming conscious of our capacity to engage in the process of evolution itself.   We are stepping into our power to co-create.

The engine room for this shift is in the other two hot spots – the body and emotions.  In the Solar Plexus Centre we have Mercury and Chiron in the Gate of Family (37).  In the Spleen Centre we have the Moon and Earth in the Gate of Family Corruption.  Both of these positions point to a clearing of wounds at the level of family and culture.  These are the places within us that have carried the wounds of many generations.  Wounds that we have re-created at the level of culture.  Suppressed anger, fear and control, greed and neglect.  Be alert to these old patterns that are seeking to flow out of your field just now.   We hold them as a collective, we release them as individuals.

Uranus comes to us via external, or collective, events.  Things happen that push us to let go of old over-crystallised structures and look for new innovative “out of this world” solutions.  It can be scary, it can be exciting.  Uranus uses excitement as a way to open our field to the new.  Watch the news this week to see how established cultural and religious authorities topple.  I was interested to read Paul Krugman’s take on the banking crisis in Cyprus.  Krugman recommends a leap into the unknown.  In this case the devil we don’t know will be better than the devil we know.  There’s no doubt of that, it’s just a case of whether fear will rule reason.   Every bump and grind of world events seems ready to tip us over.

Honour your sensitivity, it’s an evolutionary process and your consciousness of it is a profound stage in life’s journey.

As these wounds – both personal and cultural –  shift out of our field, a new reality will be revealed as if by magic.   What was previously obscured is becoming clear and bright, bringing with it a new way of experiencing ourselves that goes beyond anything we have previously imagined.



Sitting Between Chaos and Anarchy



Fractal-Symmetric-Icon-16Remember enlightenment?  And how it was going to be blissful?  Effortless even!  Oops.

That old story of enlightenment left out a few key ideas.  Like this one, that we are here not just to do the personal ascension thing, but to bring deep and lasting change to our world.  And because we’re doing so much more than wafting gently up to cloud nine, there’s work to be done.  If we’re going to create cloud nine here on earth, we have to make changes both within our own being, and within our culture.  This planet has been overrun by a hazardous culture and economy.  We are in the process of taking it back.

Mars is about to conjunct Uranus in the Ajna Centre (in 17.5).  In a few days time Mars will be square Pluto (27th March, Mars in 21.3, Pluto in 38.3).  In other words, this week Mars is activating that whole Uranus Pluto square matrix that is impelling us towards a new future.  This is leading towards the next huge shift in consciousness, coming up in May 2013.

We are sitting in the space between chaos and anarchy.  Within our own minds and outside in the world, we are on a tipping point.  Who will lead?  Who has the authority?

Our existing leaders are operating on old programs.  Deep within us the new paradigm is stirring.  It’s moving away from the dominator culture, from externally imposed rules and enslavement for the enrichment of others.  Mars and Uranus are shifting the very patterning of our understanding of life.

How can you shift your daily patterns of living so they are more authentic?  What is arising from deep within you that you have been ignoring to comply with old rules?  It’s time to tune in to these powerful inner shifts and make the changes to our lives they call us to.

The dominator culture is coming to an end.  In May, Jupiter and Uranus will see to that.  The false relationship of master and slave is still reflected in your mind, body and emotions.  Allow it to dissolve as you realise what truly nurtures you and take small steps to integrate that nourishment into your daily life.  We are anchoring a new universal matrix of creativity.



Fractal Img:  http://www.fractalsciencekit.com


Entering the Crucible of Creation



74484_10151505984945865_410456206_nDon’t doubt for a moment that we are in a crucible of creation like nothing we have ever experienced before!

With all the Piscean energy still around we can feel unformed, floaty, unsure of what might happen next.  There is a strong disconnection from the past, and an opening to something that might feel anywhere from exciting to terrifying.

As I write this the Channel of Initiation is being activated by Mars and the Moon.  This is a point for leaping into the dark, for saying yes I do want to be the best person possible.  Despite the compulsive and mostly unconscious fears of the Moon, we have the courage today to open ourselves to the seed of the future that sits right here in our lap today.

These shifts can bring up a sense of loss, even disappointment.  We can let these feelings of loss go.  They are a remnant of what we are leaving behind. They do not reflect what we are capable now of creating for ourselves.  The Sun in Gate 36 encourages us to stay true to our inner light for the next 5 days, to nurture and protect that flame of self and to really focus on allowing the energy of that unique presence to flow through your life in practical daily ways.

Creative emergence needs you to be uniquely yourself, to be able to hold that shape as you join with others.  We will need strong flexible boundaries that can sense what is good, and what is not for us.  Today, take the time to feel your own edges and know who you are.



Hds Chart


As We Emerge …



62579_3226543443042_1891231308_nThe Nodes shifted on 9th March.  They head off from their mental home of the last few months and take up residence in our hearts,  in the absolutely foundational positions – Gates 1 and 2.  This is the balance of yin and yang.   Gate 1 is yang, activity, creation, action, form.  Gate 2 is yin, receptivity, the void, potential.

This is the relationship that created our universe, brought to you through such events as the big bang, and your own birth.  Time and space, matter and energy, you and I, these are some of the relationships inherent in these two gates.

What does this mean about how we live, and more particularly, how we share our creativity in the world?   Artist Amanda Palmer makes the distinction between artists and celebrities.  Artists are part of the community.  They are the makers, the doers, the connectors, the storytellers who remind us who and what we are.  Celebrities are a modern phenomenon.  They are distant, untouchable, perfect.  We have succumbed to the cult of the celebrity, but we are about to return to the truth of the artist.

If you don’t believe you are an artist, you’re in for a thrill.  Between now and late July, when the Nodes shift once again, you have the chance to experience your life as a dance between being and doing, and to know what art flows from that intersection in your soul.

Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.   ~Terri Guillemets

Many people are questioning their capacity to create and connect just now.  We are feeling the stirring of our own creative emergence, and creative emergence requires a connection with something beyond the individual.  What do we need to know .. to do … to be .. in order to fulfill this need within us?

transit chart for 9th MarchThe transiting Nodes represent a global imperative to leave something behind, something that makes us feel safe and comfortable.  And they encourage us to move towards something outside that comfort zone, something new and challenging.  We are tapping away at the eggshell that has been holding us safely contained within our existing reality .. tap tap tap … is there anything out there?   In the Human Design transit chart, they show our collective evolutionary trajectory.

The South Node is what we are being impulsed to move beyond, and from 9th March till 24th July, that something is the yin side of the equation – Gate 2, The Receptive.  What do you use to fill the emptiness, the voids, in your life? How do you experience the relationship between apparent nothingness and apparent something-ness?

The North Node is what we are being pulled towards, and that something is the yang side of the equation – Gate 1 – the Creative.   We are learning new emergent skills that require us to move beyond old passive victim behaviours and begin to make deliberate choices.  Look around you.  What is going on in your life today?  What do you want to add to that picture?

What do you want to create?

As Mars moves over the Aries Point on 13th March, we can observe a new found ability to hold ourselves intact as individuals while simultaneously joining with others in profoundly creative partnerships.  Creation is no longer an I event, this is an exponential increase in our capacities as humans.  We can only step into this new realm if we take responsibility for our own creative powers, and begin to use them.

The emptiness is not empty.  It is potential in it’s undifferentiated form.  The yang energy dances with that potential, and together they bring forth something new, something concrete.


Music is what happens between the notes.  Duke Ellington


It’s pretty clear in our western culture that yin and yang are out of balance. There’s so much doing that most of us have forgotten how to be.  And because we’ve forgotten how to be, our doing is all wrong.  The heroes mythology is woven so deeply into our cultural fabric that we no longer recognise it as anything other than the most obvious reality.  The rugged individual, relying on nothing but his own efforts, takes on all foes and wins against all odds.   There is strategy and daring and instinct, but little trust. And trust is at the very heart of this nodal activation.

When we return to a relationship with yin, we must learn to trust.  That we are a part of something greater. That we are held within a web of life. That our existence is purposeful.  That our lives have a narrative that connects us to everyone and everything.   Only when we can relax into that trusting place can we begin to find our own healthy yang.  Observe the creativity in your own inaction, and the new sense of timing it reveals.  And look for the spark that arises .. the big bang .. that comes from new and unexpected connection points in your life.


Amanda Palmer Human Design chart

Human Design Chart of Amanda Palmer

Gisel Franquet

This Is Not A Breakdown



Gisel FranquetAs the US budget starts to look even more shaky, and the Pope retires, we are being impulsed to take control of our own lives.  The time for economic and religious paternalism is over.  This is your chance to step up and shine.   The key is our love for and support of each other.

We are approaching a major month long transit that is going to rock our cute cotton socks.  We’re already feeling the build up.  In May 2013, Jupiter and Uranus will activate the channel that Jovian calls The Money Line.

This channel holds our genetic imprinting for economic and religious structures.  So it’s no surprise that both our economy and the Catholic Church are looking a bit shaky just now.  But this is not just an external event.  It’s come about through our work to take back our freedom to act in our own best interests, to do what’s truly loving and caring and supportive and prosperous.

Rather than continuing to enrich those at the top of the economic food chain, or who claim they are closer to god than you and I, we are creating a world that is caring and sustainable.  We are choosing life!   The way of domination and submission is coming to an end on this planet.  The way of rules from the top down has had it’s day.  Enough, it’s completed.

I’ll write more about this as we approach this momentous time.  The dates?  Uranus moves into Gate 21 at the Heart Centre on 16th April, and is joined by Jupiter in Gate 45 on 29th April.  The two will activate the channel until 28th May when Jupiter moves on.  The chart below is for 26th May.  Notice that Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in Gate 45 – which is about rulership, domination, money and, more importantly for us in 2013, how we manage community resources.

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is not coincidental, coming as it does just weeks before this activation.  In astrology Jupiter represents the Hierophant or Pope, and Uranus represents sudden change.  Uranus operates at the global level, where external events reverberate within our inner being.  And things shift for good.  Whoever the new Pope is, this change will open the way for us to connect more directly with our spiritual aspects of self – our inspired creative genius.  Just as the world economy keeps money locked in the 1%, so does the world religion keep our inspired genius locked behind cathedral walls.  In the new age movement this is also evident in gurus and mystery schools with restricted access to ‘higher’ knowledge.  These restrictions, once so necessary, are no longer required.

I’m watching amazing shifts in people’s lives just now as we all feel the need to move from the old paradigm of doing as we’re told in order to stay safe.  It’s tough creeping out of that place for some, and a wild dance of freedom for others.  Some days we can experience both. Whichever way you’re experiencing it, know that turning up and being present is all that’s required of you.  Allow life to come to you, to show you the way.  And remember, our connections with others are key – tune into who feels right for you and the creative impulses that flow.   Another important thing to remember is this, the old heroes story of girding our loins and going out to do battle in order to succeed against all the odds – that’s done.  This new reality we are creating is more gentle, more about us than me, and more about how good we can be to ourselves and others.  Imagine what will be available to us when all that blocked energy and all the resources from the existing economic and religious structures begins to flow!

We are becoming aware of our unique role in something profound, a greater energy that is supporting us to become something different.  We are learning to let go and trust in it.

This is not a breakdown, it’s a breakthough.



Human Design Transit chart for 26th May 2013


Image: Gisel Franquet ~ http://gisel-franquet.artelista.com/en/

Gisel Franquet

This Is Not A Breakdown



Gisel FranquetAs the US budget starts to look even more shaky, and the Pope retires, we are being impulsed to take control of our own lives.  The time for economic and religious paternalism is over.  This is your chance to step up and shine.   The key is our love for and support of each other.

We are approaching a major month long transit that is going to rock our cute cotton socks.  We’re already feeling the build up.  In May 2013, Jupiter and Uranus will activate the channel that Jovian calls The Money Line.

This channel holds our genetic imprinting for economic and religious structures.  So it’s no surprise that both our economy and the Catholic Church are looking a bit shaky just now.  But this is not just an external event.  It’s come about through our work to take back our freedom to act in our own best interests, to do what’s truly loving and caring and supportive and prosperous.

Rather than continuing to enrich those at the top of the economic food chain, or who claim they are closer to god than you and I, we are creating a world that is caring and sustainable.  We are choosing life!   The way of domination and submission is coming to an end on this planet.  The way of rules from the top down has had it’s day.  Enough, it’s completed.

I’ll write more about this as we approach this momentous time.  The dates?  Uranus moves into Gate 21 at the Heart Centre on 16th April, and is joined by Jupiter in Gate 45 on 29th April.  The two will activate the channel until 28th May when Jupiter moves on.  The chart below is for 26th May.  Notice that Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in Gate 45 – which is about rulership, domination, money and, more importantly for us in 2013, how we manage community resources.

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is not coincidental, coming as it does just weeks before this activation.  In astrology Jupiter represents the Hierophant or Pope, and Uranus represents sudden change.  Uranus operates at the global level, where external events reverberate within our inner being.  And things shift for good.  Whoever the new Pope is, this change will open the way for us to connect more directly with our spiritual aspects of self – our inspired creative genius.  Just as the world economy keeps money locked in the 1%, so does the world religion keep our inspired genius locked behind cathedral walls.  In the new age movement this is also evident in gurus and mystery schools with restricted access to ‘higher’ knowledge.  These restrictions, once so necessary, are no longer required.

I’m watching amazing shifts in people’s lives just now as we all feel the need to move from the old paradigm of doing as we’re told in order to stay safe.  It’s tough creeping out of that place for some, and a wild dance of freedom for others.  Some days we can experience both. Whichever way you’re experiencing it, know that turning up and being present is all that’s required of you.  Allow life to come to you, to show you the way.  And remember, our connections with others are key – tune into who feels right for you and the creative impulses that flow.   Another important thing to remember is this, the old heroes story of girding our loins and going out to do battle in order to succeed against all the odds – that’s done.  This new reality we are creating is more gentle, more about us than me, and more about how good we can be to ourselves and others.  Imagine what will be available to us when all that blocked energy and all the resources from the existing economic and religious structures begins to flow!

We are becoming aware of our unique role in something profound, a greater energy that is supporting us to become something different.  We are learning to let go and trust in it.

This is not a breakdown, it’s a breakthough.



Human Design Transit chart for 26th May 2013


Image: Gisel Franquet ~ http://gisel-franquet.artelista.com/en/


Can Your Design Change?




People often ask me if their design can change.  The short answer is no.  The design you have is with you for life.

But that’s only the short answer!

The slightly longer answer (and yes there is also a much longer answer) is that science shows we are much more mutable than we ever knew.  Recent research in epigenetics and brain neuroplasticity shows that not only can we change our mind, but also our physical brain wiring.  And that means that we think differently, act differently and feel differently about ourselves and the world.

Sharon Begley says in her book Train Your Mind Change Your Brain, the brain devotes more cortical real estate to functions we use more frequently, and shrinks the space devoted to activities rarely performed.  Concert violinists have much more brain wiring related to finger dexterity than you and I.

Not only that, but the way we think changes the way our brain is wired.  Put another way, the very structure of our brain reflects the way we think.

You might have heard about experiments that have one basketball team imagining they can shoot consecutive 3 pointers and another one actually physically practicing their 3 point shooting.  The results?  The team that imagined got better results.   Similarly, when we treat thoughts that make us feel bad as if they are simply unhelpful wiring rather than immutable parts of our personality, we can change our personality and our experience of life.

So even if you have your Moon in the Gate of Oppression (as I do) and have suffered from depression (as I did), there is no need to see that quality as fixed for life.  Your Moon will always be in the Gate of Oppression, but how you experience that energy can change completely (as it has for me).    I refused to believe that I was stuck for the rest of my life with “Life as an ordeal stripped of realization.” (Rave I Ching) and went looking for something more nourishing.  I found this:

There are creepers blocking your path, but they can be swept aside.  There are no real, substantial reasons not to move on … ”  (Hilary Barret I Ching)

This is not intended as a critisism of Ra Uru Hu’s approach, but simply an experience I had in coming to terms with Human Design as a worthwhile tool for my own growth and understanding.  Don’t allow yourself to be defined by negative expressions of your Human Design.  If it doesn’t feel good to you, it isn’t!   You are more creative than that, and when you think differently about who you are, you can change your life.  Your design won’t change, but you can.


The future has arrived.  We are the beneficiaries of a revolution in the understanding of the brain and of human potential.

Sharon Begley


Here’s a TED talks video, where Courtney Griffin explains epigenetics, and the temptations she’s experienced as a research geneticist and a mother of twins.  And no, she decided not to experiment on them!


It’s Time To Call Out Who You Are



When I studied music at school we did a classical piece by Grieg called In The Hall Of The Mountain King.  I always loved the name …  I could almost feel the damp stone beneath my feet, smell the cold air, quiver as I stood before the Mountain King pleading my case.

Right now we have a transit that calls us to state our case clearly, to stand for what we believe in.  Not just in our own minds, or even in our own homes.  We are being called to have the courage to step out from all our old comfort zones and say this is who I am and this is what I stand for.

Whether we’re at a pre-school meeting, in a group meditation or in the hall of the mountain king, it doesn’t matter.  We have something that we stand for in this life.  And it’s time to claim it for our own.  When we get it, life becomes much simpler and more obvious.

We don’t have to rush out and change the world, that comes later.  The crucial step now is to own it.



If you’re interested in the Human Design, I’m talking about the nodal activations to Gate 23 and 43.  The nodes shift on the 8th March (into North – Gate 1 and South – Gate 2).   Gate 43 is about what you stand for, how you define yourself, what belongs in your realm and what can you safely let pass you by?

Make a decision and tell it, even in the king’s chamber
With truth, call out, there is danger,
Notify your own city,
Fruitless to take up arms,
Fruitful to have a direction to go. 


The current Heart Centre activations give us the courage to step out of old family patterning, and line our own personal will with divine will.  We are laying foundations for the future we are beginning to consciously create.



Ref:  Hilary Barrett’s I Ching. 


What’s At The Centre Of Your Life?


Full Moon  in Gate 37.2  ~  7 Virgo 24, opposite Sun in Gate 40.2)  ~  7 Pisces 24
Monday 25th February 2013, UT 20.26pm, CET 17.26pm PST 12.26Pm, EST 15.26pm.   In Australia, Tuesday 26th February at 7.26am AEDT.

I once read somewhere that our earliest memory holds a deep secret about what’s important to us in life.  So when I was trying to figure out a subject for my first Toastmasters speech a few years back I decided to tell the story of something I used to do when I was 2 years old.

We lived in a coal mining village, in the Hunter Valley.  Our house sat between two railway lines – one at the front of the house and one at the back.  This was in the days when the old black steam trains would carry the coal from the mines, down the valley and all the way to Newcastle Harbour.  They made a hell of a racket as they chugged down the hill, closer and closer to our house.

I would stand with my nose pressed to the screen door listening to this monstrous noise getting louder and louder. And as the train burst into sight I would run and hide on my bed. It was so much fun!
choochoo choochoo ….  choochoo choochoo  …. choochoo choochoo


What did I learn from revisiting this story?  That I enjoy the feeling of power approaching, that the unknown feels thrilling to me and that although sometimes I may appear to be afraid, I’m just storing up that experience to turn into a gift, an offering to my own future.


Tomorrow’s Full Moon is a bit like that train approaching.   It’s powerful, it’s potentially thrilling and it holds the opportunity for us to alchemize our fears into a magnificent future.


The Full Moon will happen in the Gate of Deliverance (40), which is about relieving pain and distress.  The I Ching story is of a thunderstorm that moves on, leaving the air clearer, relieving the tension of the heat and humidity.  The guidance is that if you have nowhere to go, return to your centre.  If you do feel called to do something or go somewhere, get on with it!  There are two important components – timing and harmonious relationships.  If you actions arise from or are creating harmonious relationships, thats a GO!   But, there’s no rush. Don’t create a difficult situation for yourself, and remember to always return “home” if you’re unsure of what your next step is.

The Sun is in the Gate of Friendship and Family.  It holds the energetic signature of ‘household’ relationships within our culture, and the holographic nature of these relationships – how they move out from parent and child, to our work environment, and into our government.  This is the place where we create culture through how we relate to each other.  Again, this gate is about creating harmonious relationships.

There’s a subtle new trajectory here.  When we put ourselves and our relationships first we shift culture, and we change governments and the economy.  The idea that we are dominated by a powerful force, and that our only option is to be the best possible cog in the machine that we can, comes tumbling down in the face of our trust in something more nourishing.

Chiron is in the Gate of Friendship and Family too.  When the Sun and Chiron get together we have to face an issue with our sense of self, our capacity for development.  This is a wound to our entire species and this Full Moon activates our recovery.  There is something of Self coming to life here.


This Full Moon is calling us to step into the creative centre of our own world.  There’s no need for gigantic leaps, in fact the Gate of Deliverance reminds us to keep it real.  It has a gentle recuperative quality to it.  Do what feels right to do, and if you feel like there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do … stay home, have a cup of tea, watch a good movie or do some gardening.  Or go sing in the rain!


Full Moon Feb 2013polarities


There’s something special about this Full Moon.  It happens in a gate that meets it’s opposite within the same channel.  The Moon will be at 7 Virgo, in Gate 40, and the Sun will be in 7 Pisces, in Gate 37.  So they’re opposite each other astrologically (Virgo is opposite Pisces), but they are in the same Human Design channel, standing face to face.

There are only three channels in the Human Design chart where the gates are astrologically opposite each other.  They are not easy channels to work with, because we tend to swing wildly between the two opposite poles until we finally find a balance where both possibilities can exist peacefully and creatively with each other.

The two polarities riding through the centre of this Full Moon are the need to express your own will, to be who you want to be, and the need to be treasured as part of your community.

Have a look at where this channel sits in the chart.  It’s right between the Solar Plexus Centre – that powerhouse of emotional energy, and the Heart Centre – willfullness, ego, support and encouragement.  The fundamental issue here is  ….  if I do exactly what I want to do, will you still give me the emotional and material support I need to live?

How can we reconcile those two polarities?  I need to be an individual and also I need to be part of the community.

This is tricky ground we’re traversing and the more consciously we do it the better.  Saturn and Jupiter are both retrograde in the vicinity of the Spleen Centre and the energy there is  …. stop digging!  You’re far enough down into the problem.  It’s time to focus on solutions, to enter into our fears and really get to know them.  We aren’t about to be saved from what we fear, there is no rescue mission underway. It’s up to you and I to turn and stare into the face of what afears us, to call it for what it is.  The Spleen Centre represents the amygdala, what you might know as the lizard brain.  It’s sneaky because that’s how it’s kept us alive for so many millenium.  But the fears it’s manufacturing in your body and mind aren’t necessarily helpful these days.  And we can put so much energy into unconsciously managing our fears that we miss obvious solutions to our problems.

We don’t need to know what we’re doing, we don’t need to have a plan in place, we don’t have to take any action.  All we have to do is look there.  The lizard brain doesn’t like that, but still it’s good to know – under all that mental and emotional drama, what is the fear?  And how is it useful, if it’s useful at all.  This process changes our brain structure, lighting up the more enlightened and heart centred parts of the brain, bringing us a more positive and broader view.


the Pluto/Uranus/Chiron generation


There’s something else special about this channel.  For anyone born between 26th August 1960 and 6th April 1964, Uranus and/or Pluto are in Gate 40 and Chiron is in Gate 37.  That makes this very personal, especially when we add in Eris in Gate 21.  Eris holds the gift of natural networking and interdependence, but in this sort of difficult situation she carries the blame and guilt of trying to break free of a culture that keeps us all bound in old relationship ethics based on blind adherence to the elders.   Follow the rules or you will be given all blame and expelled.

This generation has lived on the edge, but it mostly doesn’t look that way because Chiron in the Gate of Friendship and Family calls us ….   come in and we’ll love you and feed you ….  come in … come in. The only way to come in is to quell the intense need to break free, to allow our willfullness to lead us out beyond the beyond.  We compulsively try to break free, and then swing back to safety.  This week’s Full Moon activates that intense desire to be a powerful creative individual without being blamed for breaking up families, raising unruly children or not having a proper job.


is there any money in it?

Bringing the energy of the Full Moon to the Throat for expression is Asteroid Lilith in Gate 21, and Dwarf Planet Ceres in Gate 45.   It looks like this:



Lilith is someone who wants to do things her way. She’s young, fiery and idealistic. Some people see her as a troublemaker, others as a cultural artiste.

After she left Adam – the story goes that she wasn’t all that keen on the missionary position but I can’t say if that’s true or not – Lilith was cursed as the murderer of babies.  You can’t get more vilified than that!  But the truth of Lilith is her unswavering devotion to what felt true to her, even against the weight of culture.   And that she took action on her own behalf.

Gate 21 is all about organising our lives the way we want them to be, eradicating what prevents us from living a peaceful, prosperous and happy life.  What’s obstructing you from getting your life to fit you properly?  What small changes can you make today?

Eris was in Gate 21 between 1955 and1960, so if you were born during that time Lilith is perched right on top of your natal Eris.

Lilith and Eris have a lot in common when it comes to disrupting the dominant paradigm.  For many of today’s adults this Full Moon triggers that clash – my true self v’s cultural norms, and brings up the fears of the lizard brain – exile, starvation, lovelessness.

This channel – from the Heart  Centre to the Throat – is partly about money.  This morning I got an email from someone running a ‘how to make millions of dollars’ seminar.  Even he seemed surprised to get 11,500 subscribers.  The reason it doesn’t surprise me is that Ceres is in the money gate – Gate 45 – and Ceres can have us acting obsessively, even neurotically, when our needs aren’t being met.

The lizard brain might think a million dollars will keep us safe, but it won’t.  So the course is basically worthless.  It’s teaching people how to fit into the dominant paradigm.  Instead, what we need to be doing right now, is taking baby steps into disconnecting from that world, and finding what’s truly nourishing for us.  This is another step in our process of creating a new world.  It’s really happening, and it’s happening in your life, in your home.

We don’t need to plunge quickly into anything, but moment by moment we can choose what nurtures us.  We can have compassion for our anxiety, for our depression, for our fears.  We can understand that this is a major evolutionary process and not something that can be taken casually.  We are not doing a weekend meditation workshop anymore, we are inviting our soul into the world.

2013-02-25_0907Have a look at the Heart Centre – the red one in the chart.  It has three possible connections – the Solar Plexus (emotions), the Ji Centre (soul) and the Throat (expression).  The Heart Centre represents our ego.  According to Freud, our ego mediates between our super-ego and id – between the higher aspects of self and the lower reactive parts.  This interests me, because in Human Design the Heart Centre is a mediator between the Ji Centre (Soul/higher aspects of self) and our emotional reactivity (Solar Plexus).

If we rush to express our will – straight to the Throat without taking into account the Soul or emotions –  we are very human, limited in our visions and our capacities.  When we allow our will to be tempered by our emotions and changed over time, it gradually aligns with the higher self.   Our lower emotional faculties begin to align with our higher soul faculties.  This is a divine process.  It’s not so much of let thy will not my will be done … co-creation goes beyond the idea of humanity as an empty vessel filled with spirit.  This is about activating your Soul – the part of you that is essentially you, and also eternal.  The Soul is personal, and it’s that part of you that seeks to be activated, to, in effect, be born.

So there are three ways we can express our will – from emotional reactivity, through co-creating with our Soul, or without any awareness at all, straight to expression (Throat).

Notice that Mercury and Mars are in Gate 22 in the Solar Plexus Centre – that’s the Gate of ….  breeeeaaaattthhhheeee.  Please take some time to breathe over the next few days.  It’s stimulates your emotional energy and allows anything stagnant to find some movement.

So, what was that about money?

The money economy is linear, but we live in a creative matrix.  Rather than becoming rich step by step, a more valuable metaphor is to consider our lives as a garden.  What seeds are we planting, how are we tending them, and what is growing strong?   This is the garden of your Soul.

Money has been used as a tool to keep us separate from our Souls, and from loving ourselves and each other.  Money has been used as both the whipping stick and the carrot, to lull us into what seemed to be an easy life, and to force us to deny and betray ourselves over and over again.  This Full Moon is about separating our energy out from the economy, rediscovering the will to live truly and authentically, and taking small steps on our own behalf.  Our Souls are calling us to step beyond being an economic human, a cog in the machine. Your divine creative self is waiting for you at the centre of your world, and she invites you to join her there.


Image:  Alexander Millar at http://www.working-man.co.uk/


How Does Your Personal Creation Story Begin?



At some point you chose to be here now, at this pivotal point in evolution.  What does that mean for you?  What special gifts and unique talents did you choose to make available when we got to this time?

In the vast sweep of the history of life, we have arrived at a momentous shift.   Some say this shift is as fundamental as the big bang, when energy became matter.  We have taken the idea of matter as the reality of life to it’s ultimate.   From this day, matter no longer defines us, instead we are connecting with something subtle and profound.  Something awesome and magnificent.  We are becoming conscious of life and it’s capacity to create change.  We are at the first stage of engaging in a new human capacity – conscious evolution.

Conscious evolution means that we are making conscious choices to evolve.  Rather than life happening to us, we are consciously creating the forms that life is taking.  We are making a choice to step into the void and call forth what our own soul delights in. This is the walking ground of saints and avatars, now available to all of us.

What’s seeking to birth in your life right now?  What could you experiment with?


Yesterday the Sun passed over Neptune.  I slept most of the day, dreaming, dreaming.


Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

Gloria Steinem


Today I feel renewed and inspired, connected to a much bigger understanding of life and may part in it.  Neptune can have us living in a deluded fantasy, or he can lead us to inspired heights.   It’s current position, in the Gate of Abundance (55) warns us of looking outside ourselves for our salvation.


A beautiful new creation is being chosen and designed here.  This is to be celebrated!  It ushers in a whole new order, and brings the gifts of confidence and independent strength.

Adapted from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching – hexagram 55. 


We won’t find the answers out there.  We’ve exhausted the solutions that the world of matter can provide.  We need to return to life for new ideas, fresh perspectives.  But can we trust what we feel  within us?  It seems we’ve suffered so much at our own hands before, how could we possibly get it right this time?  We can – because we are coming together to heal the belief that there is anything wrong with us. So often the things we have believed were wrong with us were our nascent gifts, awaiting activation.  As we find new relationship fractals – personal, business and romantic – we discover, as if by magic, that we were perfectly formed all along!

Eros is conjunct Neptune.  Eros was an original or primordal god, along with Gaia (Earth), Chaos (Creation Void) and Tartarus (Underworld).  Eros represents fertility, sexual creation.  Eros is life creating life.  What is your life calling forth?  What feels right to you?  We’ve grown beyond the cookie cutter versions of achievement and success.  This is about you, and your unique contribution.   Only you know what that contribution should be.

This is not about reworking old stories. We are beginning to write new creation stories.  How does yours start?


Image:  http://www.cubagallery.co.nz/

Postponing My US Trip



Back in 1990, when I was a 29 year old lawyer, I was running a small and fairly unimportant case in one of the modern Sydney courtrooms built inside the shell of a old sandstone building.  It was all fancy lighting and maroon carpets and slick timber tables.  I don’t remember finishing the case, although I assume I did.  What I do remember is waking up hours later to find myself sitting quietly and all alone in a darkened room, and wondering where I was.

The floor lighting, all the light I could see, filled the room with a maroon glow from the richly coloured carpet.  Back in the womb again perhaps?  Or maybe I was dead?  The thought did occur to me.

As I slowly began to move I remembered.  I was in a coutroom.   I wondered if the court ushered noticed me there, and perhaps thought I was catching a quick nap between cases?  I managed to get myself outside to a payphone – this was years before mobile phones – and rang my boss.  I expect I sounded very odd.  He told me to go outside to the street and wait, he was ringing a taxi to take me home.  I spent the next 12 months sleeping, and didn’t work again for many years.

I still don’t know what happened that day.  I wasn’t alone.  My doctor didn’t know, and the neurologist who ran a series of tests on me suggested I go home to bed and hope I recovered.  He had nothing else to offer me.  To this day I can remember the confused look on his face.  I was eventually diagnosed with a brand new type of illness called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   It helped to have a name, but I spent many years being treated badly by doctors, even one dentist abused me!  No one really had any idea what to do, it was as if everyone just hoped I’d recover.


In 2001 with Megan and Cameron.

Over the years I spent tens of thousands of dollars on various therapies. For a few years – around the time of this photo – I cried a lot … a lot!  That seemed to help, at least as much as anything else on offer.  I’ve just read an article by the doctor who was my treating specialist back in the 90’s.  He says we are still at least a decade off understanding what causes CFS.  Thank goodness for Human Design!!

When I discovered Human Design in 2003 it gave me a very … very .. important clue.  I could relax, respond, wait.  It also filled me with a passionate longing to explore something that I truly felt I would never grow bored with.  I can get bored very quickly, so this was a bonus.   This idea of responding rather than initiating filled me with a new hope.  Perhaps life would lead me to something that made sense, something truly fulfilling, somewhere that a difficult and unusual person like me could find acceptance.

From that time on my health improved dramatically.  However, I have been managing rather than flying free.  I just forgot I was managing because it became the norm for me.

In October I started to feel a bit more tired than usual.  My house got more untidy, the dishes stacked up more often.  Menopause perhaps?  Living with a teenager?  Or just overdoing things?  In mid December I hit a wall.  I couldn’t avoid it, I had to accept that I was back in the world of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

It was very different this time around.  I don’t have any underlying viral infections these days, and I’m emotionally stable.  It’s not scary or overwhelming the way it was. After all these years of being authentic, emotionally clear, grounded in each moment, it’s down to this.  It’s all about getting my physical body healthy.  I believe that Jupiter retrograde in Gate 16 has triggered this last layer of the illness to come to the surface for healing.  It’s the most difficult layer for me, as I have an undefined Spleen.

So I am still fine to teach online, and do sessions.  What I can’t do though, is come to the US to teach in June as I’d planned.  I waited till the end of January to see how I was progressing before I posted details of my trip and opened registrations.  I’ve decided that I don’t want to put that pressure on myself at this stage.

My idea was always that it would be an annual trip for me.  I’m so excited about the idea of coming and spending time with you all, doing face to face teaching and sessions.  It’s just that the plan has changed and the annual trips will begin in 2014!  I am still planning to teach in Mumbai India in September 2013.

I feel that it’s important to share my story.  It’s important for us all to share the reality of our lives, to mitigate against the ongoing media campaign for perfection and constant achievement.  And I know that Jupiter in 16 has cause a lot of physical illness for many people. Between Pluto and Jupiter, the fears embedded in the Spleen Centre have been pushing their way to the surface. Jupiter is going retrograde in a few days.  I’m writing a post about it now, and I expect many, like me, may breathe a sigh of relief.  But I can’t deny the huge gift he’s brought to me in the past few months.  I’m going to be completely well, with all four of my motors switched on!

And while I feel sad and disappointed about postponing my US trip, I can only feel happy and excited about the possibilities we have before us.