Getting Our Needs Met – All Alone Together



We’ve had a lovely break from emotional transits for the past few months!  Now they’re back again.  Those with undefined Solar Plexus Centres might like to be especially gentle and nurturing of themselves just now.

The Solar Plexus Centre can be a lonely place.  It’s very subjective, very personal and it can be hard to connect with others emotionally.  It’s important to remember, as we move through our emotional waves, that this is a process we are doing together, even if it seems we are alone.



I had a dream a few nights ago that I was in a hospital searching for food, money and my mother.  When I woke up I realised it was a re-creation of the days after my birth when I was, in the way of the 60’s, put in a crib in a nursery with all the other babies.  All those children and my undefined Spleen picking up the fear of each one!  Was it possible I would be reunited with the source of life – my mother?  The money represents getting my needs met, probably.  Ceres is transiting in Gate 45 which rules money so there’s obviously some tie in there.

It’s so crucial to honour our own emotional field. The information there is subjective, often not very logical, and highly personal.  We like to think we are rational beings, but mostly none of us are.  If we try to avoid tuning in because our emotions disturb our sense of control, our chosen identity, we can miss out on vital opportunities to understand our own growth pattern.  In particular, Mercury and Mars are today connecting the Root to Solar Plexus, creating a highly sensitive field tripwired for rejection.   If you don’t give me what I want I’m going to reject you.  The Moon and Neptune just now add a swirling confusion to the mix.

While this transit lasts we’re looking for our emotional and material needs to be recognised.  It’s good to do a stocktake for yourself rather than relying on others to try to figure out what you need.


human design transit chart 25th January 2013


Mars moves into Gate 30 tomorrow, creating a channel with the Sun in 41.  This brings up our tendency to create our own internal fantasy world where our needs are met … or not, rather than clearly facing our own reality and recognising what we really want.  We can daydream to our hearts content, or live in a self created world where we are victims of others failure to care.  We’re only human!

What would improve your life right here and right now. How do you feel about that?

Because our emotions often signal needs that have been unmet for a very long time, we can choose to suppress them rather than face that sense of ongoing lack.  There’s much pain buried there.  The very idea that we can have what we want in life can begin to feel like a dream … a fantasy!

But we do have personal power, and the first step is to be aware of our emotions as they arise.  If we can grieve, celebrate, love, hate, rage .. whatever is needed, and do it in a safe way, we will be clearer and more resonant with our essence.  Take whatever time you need to do this, it is such a vital process.  Experiment with how many small kindnessess you can bestow on yourself today.  You might like to share some in the comments below so we can all enjoy sharing them with you.  We all deserve our heart’s desires, and our emotions are key to achieving them.  By suppressing our emotions, distracting ourselves, blaming others, we push our desires away rather than bring them closer.

With the Full Moon tomorrow, we come face to face with our own deep belief that we must get what we need from others. This creates an incredible sense of lack.  When we trust and allow and open we can create for ourselves and open doorways for humanity to move into new creative possibilities.    In itself this opening to our emotional fields is a creative act, perfectly in alignment with building something more sustainable and nourishing.


Unblocking Your Chi and Finding Your Fortune



I woke up feeling depressed this morning.  Even though the Sun is on my Jupiter (Mr Happy Planet), I just felt bla. How could that be?

I thought I’d better investigate!

The Sun and Mercury are in Gate 41 – Emptiness, Decrease. This is the place where everything that needs to go is taken out of your life and the subtle new beginnings arise. We can only feel it if we are still, empty, expectant and focused on the new rather than obsessing about repairing the old.

Sitting right between the Sun and Mercury is Nemesis – helper to the Fates, she balances karma. In the chart she represents the thing we find we have to come back to again and again. “Oh no, not this again!”

Nemesis by Gheorghe Tattarescu, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The shift is coming through the feminine – through the quiet opening to something more that we find in our own heart.  Saturn in the Gate of Coming To Meet (44) represents the power of the co-creative feminine returning.

We have been taught to fear it and resist it.  We have learnt to take action, to do anything rather than allow ourselves to be engulfed by the immense power of this Yin energy.

The Nodes are in a channel that cracks open our perception, sends the new still chaotic ideas out into the world and asks us .. out of all this immense wealth, what do you like the look of?  Choose what you want and become it’s companion.  (23/43, Ajna to Throat)

Back to the Sun and Mercury in the Gate of Decrease in the Root Centre – Gate 41.  This gate asks us to do a stocktake on our lives, to determine what we have too much of and what we feel we’re missing out on.  The advice is to reduce the first one and use the energy that’s released to increase the second one.

One problem highlighted by this gate is our rush for stimulus, our over-doing.  It leaves us no space to know what we truly want to fill our lives with.  It’s like finishing one meal and immediately beginning the next.  We have no time to properly enjoy, to digest, to get the nutrients from our lives.  We don’t even get the chance to become naturally empty and hungry, and so we lose the opportunity to figure out what we are hungry for.  In this process we are at the mercy of generic hunger.  We are easily manipulated by tempting morsels that have nothing to do with us at all, but are packaged to take advantage of our lack of personal knowing.

We’ve lost our connection with what floats our boats.  We may think we know, but the physical and emotional clues, and they’re the one’s that count, are buried under multiple distractions.  We can rationalise all we want, but deep down the sense of unmet hunger remains.  What we think of as our ‘conscious’ selves is being driven by that unmet hunger and we live in a world of fantasy, mistaking it for the real thing.

This is the point in evolution where we do something quite extraordinary.  We are opening a channel between our unconscious and conscious selves.  This is so different from acting instinctively for our own survival.  This is a team event where our conscious selves are listening deeply to our unconscious selves and in this way we are discovering something absolutely unique that is seeking to shine forth in our lives.  Your ancient lineage, hidden in your DNA, built into your Spleen and Solar Plexus Centres, is coming to light.




The Sun and Mercury together suggest that we are becoming more conscious of something we need to develop in ourselves.  In this gate I would expect to see a theme of filling our lives up with things that we don’t want, stuff that then stands in the way of who we truly are.  What can you safely let go of?  Walk away from?  Release?  You only have to have a clear conscious intention to release, to disconnect.  And then relax and allow the yin energies of the universe to carry you into the new space.

The arch rival of Nemesis was ego or hubris.  This is like the false front we all put on to avoid having to show that we have something quite empty inside.  When ego is used in this way it is an unhealthy force in our lives.  Relaxing into the emptiness, the unknowing allows us to gently release the hubris, the false mask of managing, coping, making do.

2013 will bring a number of points like this.  We could call them tipping points.  In evolution, chaos and instability increases until the organism can find the one thing that will lead it through to a new form.  Each of us is being given the chance to find our own ‘one thing’ just now.  Don’t get anxious though!  Relax, breathe, connect at the heart level.  The HeartMath Institute have found, in 20 years of research, that what it calls global heart conherence is the most important way we can shift this planet.  You can find out more about it here.  http://www.glcoherence.org/

Nemesis, like all goddesses, got a makeover in the Greek and Roman myths.  Robert Graves, in his wonderful book The White Goddess, describes the pre-patriarchal Nemesis as the priestess who avenged those who breached sacred taboos.  He associates her with Vesta and Diana, both protective feminine forces who are dedicated to the sacred ways.  Her name comes from the Greek Nemos, meaning grove.  She also represented the wheel of fate, so consider her a bringer of changing fortunes.  Those who follow the sacred ways can trust in the wheel to bring them the good fortune they deserve.

Amazingly, Richard Rudd associates Gate 41 with the Wheel of Samsara.  When we get off the wheel we move out of the cycle of suffering.  Tipping Point indeed!

Jupiter is key to this transit.  Today he is aspecting, Mercury, Uranus, Chiron and … Nemesis!  I’ll write more about the amazing effects of Jupiter in the Gate of Delight another day.  But just to give you an idea, this is a gate that connects to our use of CHI – universal energy – at the physical level (Gate 48).  Jupiter is retrograde now, but will turn direct on 30th January.  Expect a huge influx of energy at that time, and between now and then, bring your attention to where your chi may be blocked.   Consider the possibility that you are in the process of learning the skills of releasing yourself from all karma and from the illusion of suffering.  

And thanks Nora for sharing the Moon/Jupiter conjunction that occurred last night.  Photos here.

Img:  http://www.andrewjudd.com



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We are Evolution



holding_heartWe are entering a period of crucial repatterning.  Not just of our DNA, our humanity, our relationship to the planet.  It goes beyond the survival of humanity to the very nature of life itself.   From our conscious relationship with life, we are evolving to a whole new form of evolution.

Change has always happened.  Things go along fine for a while, and then a sudden shift happens.  It marks a transition – the end of something, the beginning of something else.  We are at such a transitional point now.  But this one is different.  Because we are consciously creating the shift.  We are the shift!

Within our universe, where time and space arise from our modes of perception, our conscious role in the shift is opening dimensional doorways and changing the nature of life beyond our current imagining.  It is no wonder we are experiencing swings from exaltation and excitement to extreme fear and confusion.

During 2013 and 2014, the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Uranus – will open us further to the galactic impulses that are fuelling this shift.

The important thing to realise is that your personal dramas go way beyond the personal.  You are engaging consciously in a monumental and universal shift in the very nature of life itself.  Your struggles are not caused by personal faults or failures.  They are the last vestiges of  humanity’s separation from universal love and wholeness.

There are a few themes it might help to be aware of just now.


Return of the Mother

This is the inner child, shifting it’s attention and attachment from the imperfect personal mother to the universal and unconditional mother.  This reconnection brings healing of  wounds carved deeply into our DNA.  It heals fear, anxiety, anger and grief, down to the level below our conscious awareness, the places where we were not even able to store our pain in language.  These places of pain have been impossible for us to access before now.


Rebalancing Yin and Yang

Our western culture is so seeped in the idea that creativity is solely a masculine function that the obvious creative aspects of the feminine have become invisible.

Everyone has yin and yang.  I prefer this to feminine/masculine.  It removes the shadow of gender wars from the shift.  And whether we see it as the Feminine or the Yin energy, we are experiencing a return of a balance in our creative energies that incorporates both the Yin and Yang, the Feminine and the Masculine.

This rebalancing takes us on a profound journey into our culture and out the other side.  We have been accustomed for thousands of years to see only the masculine/yang as creator.  Our Father Who Are In Heaven.  Our Mother who …   hey, what happened to the Mother?

The creative energy of the feminine/yin have become almost invisible, and almost impossible to trust.  To do ‘nothing’, to wait for inspiration, to rest between bursts of activity, to trust our inner guidance over external cues, all of these and more are returning to our creative toolkit.


What’s Glamorous?

Neptune has been doing a monumental job of pulling back the veil and revealing a greater truth.   Neptune has been transiting in the Solar Plexus Centre almost exclusively since 1999, fine tuning our emotional responses to higher vibrations.  The resulting emotional clarity has allowed us to stand firm in our own personal truth and see abuse, trauma and deception.

We’ve healed our DNA.  Our cells and the particles in our field no longer carry this energy.  We don’t vibrate at this domination frequency any longer. This new clarity has released us from continuing to recreate the wounds, and we are now shifting the trajectory of culture from one of hierarchical power to a universal collective based on truth and love.

The old power structures can  no longer pull the wool over our eyes, because now we can see their actions clearly.  What was glamorous is now revealed as deception, designed to keep us working hard and eternally hungering for what we really desired.



Creating Connection

Last week Juno and Venus passed over Pluto and triggered an intense point of relationship shift.  It’s not easy, but the outcome is that we are letting go of old projections and finding our self focus.  What we long for is within us, always available.  We simply have to drop deeply into the wound, the lack, and ask to be shown the place within us that holds the key.  As we bring our full attention to ourselves we are able to commit ourselves more truly to those connections with others.  Without the attachments based on fear and lack, a new kind of love emerges.  Like circles of ripples joining together in a pond, we are co-creating something more beautiful as we connect.

Pluto in Gate 58 – Joy – between 2010 and 2012 helped us find the places where our family conditioning had prevented us opening to each other joyfully.  Now we’re ready to spread the joy!   We are learning to meet each other and blend without losing our unique essence.  We are creating entirely new forms of co-creative relationships and, in the process, new cultures and economies.

Pluto is now in Gate 38 – Opposition –  bringing up the struggle of having to go it alone.  Again, it’s not that we need someone else to save us, to fill in the gaps in our lives.  We can find those wounded and weary parts of ourselves and embrace them.  There’s a relaxation in this process that simplifies our lives, shifts us into a more relaxed way of feeling, being.  We slowly open, connect to our higher knowing, our bodies, our shared experiences.

Being and Doing

And speaking of being.  It’s no longer possible to Do without Being.  Or to Be without Doing.  We can’t spend our lives meditating to feel good.  We must integrate our disparate selves and bring them out into the field of infinite possibilities.  We can’t go out into the world protesting, struggling against evil, incessantly helping others without stopping to take a breathe and connect to our own inner essence.  We are being called to a place where Being and Doing are the same thing.  In this place we find synchronicity and joyful co-creation, because we have moved beyond egoistic achievement and unconscious self sabotage.  It also moves us out of trying to live our ideals, a place that is akin to slavery to old religious or philosophic beliefs.

You are taking part in a monumental shift in the expression of universal life.  You are doing it in the density of a physical body, engaging in the seemingly impossible task of connecting higher dimensional energies with a walking, talking, living, breathing human.  This is an extraordinary thing!  Be gentle and kind.  Trust in your own evolutionary impulses.  Set your focal point on your own best outcomes – what’s most joyful and relaxed for you?  There’s your direction, pointing your path through each day no matter what external events you encounter.




US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addresses a news conference after the meeting of the Action Group on Syria at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva Join me for the Monthly Webinar this week – we’ll be exploring the Human Design of Hillary Clinton, discovering what she represents of the returning feminine/yin energy on the planet.  If you are interested in understanding how Human Design can reveal your role in conscious evolution, don’t miss it.  Register Now




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Each colored gate in your design holds a planet with all the richness of archetypal meaning it brings.  The planets form relationships within your design that resonate throughout your life.   This PlayGroup is for people who want a deeper look, beyond the keywords and strategies of their design.   Register Now


love yor design

Finding Our Relationship Edges



Is your head spinning?  I wouldn’t be surprised!  Here’s the chart.


human design transit chart


The Earth is making a channel with Uranus on the left hand side, and in the middle we’ve got the North and South Node.  This takes us the full gamut from scared and feeling a bit weird, to angry and trying to prove we’re right about everything, to skipping the light fantastic on the evolutionary edge, grounded new intuitive understandings.

We don’t have to change our world or leap tall buildings, just stay present to what’s authentic in each moment and be open to the input of others.  It’s a bit like being unsure – is my world view right?  Or is the other person right?  And this is the dilemna we’re moving out of.  We’re all right!!  We’ve just been raised in what I call the one reality world. If my opinion is right, yours must be wrong.  No more.  Our relationships are maturing, and our edges are holding their own unique shape as we find new ways to connect.

Relationship goddess Juno adds even more oomph to these mental transits.  She’s down in the Root Centre, conjuct Pluto.  This is another evolutionary edge.  What happens when the focus of our relationships (Juno) is in the Gate of Opposition (38) with the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto) and our minds are hell bent on telling their truth to the world?

The positive outcome is that we can take small steps in explaining ourselves.  There’s a certain amount of danger in this.  It’s very likely each one of us has been here before, whether we were old enough to remember it or not, and the result was not good!  So be gentle with everyone involved.  We don’t have to push too hard.  Allow the other person time to consider and respond from their authentic selves.  Avoid childish rebellion.  Do what you need to nurture yourself and try to avoid dropping into a rebellious “take it or leave it” space.  Don’t keep pushing against a brick wall.  Turn towards encouragement and recognition wherever you find it.

We are opening up new channels of communication that have a trajectory way beyond our individual relationships.  We are working together to make space for our weirdest and most outcast self to be loved and cherished again.



love yor designCome join us for The Planets In HD Play Groups.  We’ll be in a community space, with a weekly online class and ongoing discussion, questions, sharing.  

Do you know how to interpret the planets that make up the channels in your design?  What does it mean if your Moon meets Jupiter?  Or your Sun meets Mars?  What happens when you have Saturn and Jupiter in one Centre?  

This PlayGroup will open your eyes to a whole new world in Human Design.  Register here.  

Lindy Longhurst

Recovering the Earth and Mother


Lindy Longhurst

There is another watershed upon us, shifting us from one matrix to the next.  Caught between the two, we can feel very uncomfortable and want to grasp at whatever feels solid.  But our experience of ‘solid’ comes only from old structures, old ways of being.  And they are crumbling right before our eyes.  This crumbling is happening mainly at the level of our bodies and emotions.  It can be difficult to bring to our conscious awareness.  But our bodies know.  Our deepest emotions know.  As our conscious mind rumbles along it’s merry way, it may feel fear that things are not quite as they should be.  Fear that it is accustomed to stowing away somewhere safe, as it carries on it’s ‘normal’ life.

As the Moon conjuncts Saturn in the Spleen Centre, it activates old feelings of separation, isolation.   We feel awkward, uncomfortable and a bit over endlessly dealing with the demands of the times.   And yet, this is real and authentic work that we are doing.  It has purpose, even if that may not be obvious.  Even the planets themselves represent a clash of body (Moon) and culture (Saturn).

The Moon and Saturn are in the Gate of Coming To Meet.  In misogynist ancient China, this hexagram was interpreted as a warning to beware of the bold woman.  She is too strong and you will not be able to control her.

Dr Margaret Pearson and Master Huang both give a more authentic version of Hexagram 44.  It shows an image of a queen, probably pregnant, coming to her new home.  The king steps out to meet and honour her.  This is a gate about recognising and honouring the power and creative potential of the feminine as it re-enters our lives, coming to meet us.  It has the potential to renew the masculine disregard for what she brings, to see the pregnancy, the seed of  future development.

The hexagram also gives a warning – don’t underestimate this power, nor the opposition to it.  That opposition is not just a part of our society, we have taken the conditioning into us.   In a culture where we have for so long worshipped yang attributes, this unseen power of yin is deeply unsettling and not easily integrated into our day to day lives.  All we can do is come to meet it in each moment.

Our bodies are it’s medium.  What our senses experience, how our body responds to events.  Do we blush?  Does our heart beat a bit faster?  Do we tighten or relax?  Does a fragrance prompt us to breathe deeply, or wrinkle our nose?

human design transit chartMercury is sitting right on Pluto just now, in the Root Centre in Gate 38 – Opposition.  As our spiritual being descends more deeply into our bodies, we reach the Root Centre.  and discover our cultural conditioning and the ancient fears bedded down in our DNA to ensure our group survival.

When Mercury meets Pluto they like to tear down some of our reliance on our intellect to make sense of our world.  Dark fears can’t be explained, and yet they seem so real.  People can seem as if they oppose us, but when we try to analyse our feelings they shapeshift and we’re not sure.

Persephone is in the adjoining gate – 28, the Gate of Excess.  Persephone became the Queen of the Underworld, equally at home with Pluto deep in Hades as she was wandering through an orchard with her mother Ceres.  Persephone’s position suggests we shouldn’t have any goals just now.  We are in a place that is beyond our ability to comprehend and all we can do is trust to the beauty we experience in each moment.


recovering what’s natural


One of my heroes, Joseph Chiltern Pearce, describes how, as children, we have a natural way of developing that has arisen from millenium of evolutionary experimentation. Our bodies, minds and spirit are perfectly designed to follow this natural pathway as we grow.  We are safe and contained, but have sufficient space to wander, to play, to learn in accordance with our own perfect trajectory.

Pearce describes how our culture has removed us so far from this natural way of being that we are bound up in toxic culture with little access to the inner tools we need to be aware of it’s effects on us.  2013 will bring this toxicity to the surface of our understanding.  The key is recovering our inner tools.  But before we can undertake this recovery,  we have to recreate the safe container in which they naturally reside.

The first stage in our development as humans is the Mother Matrix.  We are received into our material form from the body of our mother and held safe in her arms until the next stage is ready to begin.

The second stage is the Earth Matrix.  We move back and forth between the two, toddling out to explore and then racing back to the safe Mother Matrix to give us time to take in and integrate what we learned in our brief adventure.  This Mother Matrix has been missing from our experience.  We’ve had no time and no safe space to rest in while we metabolise and embody our experiences.  As a result we’ve become full of information and empty of wisdom.  If we do take the time to hold ourselves safe so we can consider our experiences, we tell people we’ve been doing ‘nothing’.

What are you doing today?  

Oh nothing.  

This simple conversation, repeated many times each day around the world, is a clear indication of how we have internalised the negation of our access to the feminine wisdom, our yin way.

Today, with Venus conjunct the Galactic Centre (gate 11), the Moon conjunct Saturn in the Gate of the Royal Bride and Mercury conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Opposition, we are at a watershed in recovering the ground between the Mother Matrix and the Earth Matrix.  In the natural way of healing, we are moving backwards through the steps that we were unable to properly complete as we grew from baby to small child to young adult.  We are moving from the earth back to the mother, forward and backward, in and out, adventure and safety, information and understanding.

On an intellectual level this process can feel ineffectual, unreal, unimportant.  But it is of great value.  Once we have rewoven the web between the Earth and Mother Matrices within us, we will be in a whole new personal and collective reality.  Recognise and honour what is arising within you.  Even if it seems to make no sense.


Image:  http://serpentmandalas.com/


NEW PLANETSJanuary brings the beginning of the Love Your Design Play Groups.  Come and explore the incredible information contained within the planets in your Human Design chart.  

Not all gates are created equal!  Gates and Centres operating very differently depending on which planets are activating them.  Planets are experienced differently depending on what other planets they connect with.  Do you know what the different planets mean in your design?

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mother nature's dancebyadelaida

Joining Nature’s Dance

mother nature's dancebyadelaidaJust as Pluto tips himself over into the Gate of Opposition tomorrow (6th January 2013),  he meets up exactly with Mercury.  That seems quite friendly, and not particularly oppositional to me!  Also, the Moon is there as well, in the Spleen Centre and completing the channel, in the Gate of The Great Exceeding (28).  When we react and rush, we lose the plot.  And not just any plot, but the precious thread of our own story.

This is a channel that calls us to adventure and challenge, not hard ongoing struggle.  If you find yourself struggling, you may have confused someone else’s challenge for your own!

Hds Chart

The Spleen represents the body’s intelligence in Human Design, and to find the Moon with such planetary company indicates a moment in time when we open up to some deep and transformative truth about what’s really going on with our bodies.  The Moon also represents the body and it’s cycles.  What hidden life is your body living, right under your nose?   It may be happening under your conscious awareness, but tomorrow Mercury and Pluto want you to really feel it.  Where might you be overwhelmed and out of balance? Where might you have shut down the joy and held on instead to the struggle?

Just across the Root Centre, in the Gate of Obstruction (39), is the centaur Cyllarus.  He represents a loss of our ability to act on our own behalf.  At the core of this inability is our disconnection from the sensual and aesthetic pleasures of life.  Why be in a body if its pleasures are forbidden?  (I’m sure that question has arisen before!)  What are your five senses telling about your experiences?  How can this bring your body back to life?  And, very importantly, how has this forbidden life prevented you from truly connecting with your loved ones, family, friends, partners.  What repression might it have caused?

PanSaturn is also in the Spleen Centre and there is an aspect of his demeanor that says … don’t go letting yourself get out of hand! Who knows what terrible things might come of dancing in the moonlight, singing lustily into the wind, making love at noon?  In the Gate of Coming to Meet (44), Saturn’s home just now, the bold feminine aspect of our being might get out of hand …. but, out of who’s hand?  The old version of Saturn may not like it, but his other face, Pan, peeks out from behind a tree and decides to join in the fun!

Both Pan and Vesta will join Jupiter in the Gate of Enthusiasm during January.  Pan is a nature god, known for his lusty ways.  It’s thought that he was the prototype for the christian devil.  Vesta originates from the Vestal Virgins, those who kept the sacred alive in everyday life.  If the Vestal flame splutters out in our lives we have no passion to guide us.  During January and February, Jupiter asks us to explore what our bodies might be enthusiastic for.  What sacred engagement do we crave with nature?

If we are alive to each moment and the natural connection that brings, how may that change our lives?   Birdsong, a breeze on the skin, the smell of dinner cooking.  How often do we really bring our attention to these simple yet powerful aspects of our lives?  This is the world our body lives in.

Back to Pluto in the Root Centre.  Carolyn Myss talks about the Root or Base Chakra as a place where we are conditioned into the ways of our tribe – our family or community.  The fear of being thrust out into the darkness alone is so great that many of us are unaware of how deeply we have internalised this conditioning.  It puts us to work for the good of all,  but who that all might be is not really clear.  And yet, despite everything, here we all stand at the gate, looking out at the fields beyond, yearning to be free of old constructs.  Together, we now feel supported enough to trust to the journey.

Pluto gives us the courage to move right on past those old forms of being.  To strip back culture and find ourselves naked and true.   We can begin to see that what we were taught to fear as a threat was simply something new, something to be tasted, touched, enjoyed in it’s novelty.  Our survival instincts can step down a notch as we realise we are safer than we ever believed we could be.  We are no longer children, and can make our own mature choices.  Not foolish choices, but joyful ones.  We are healing our earth matrix, and returning to our natural selves.

For more on Pluto in the Gate of Opposition – Gate 38.

Don’t miss the January Love Your Design Webinar.  I’ll be looking at the Human Design Chart of Hillary Clinton – her standard chart and also the spiritual layer and minor planets.  Register here.


First Image:  Mother Natures Dance ~ http://adelaida.deviantart.com/


Human Design Transits ~ 2013 Main Events





2013 is shaping up to be truly amazing.  There are definitely some challenges.  Pluto will move into the Gate of Opposition on 6th January and this is likely to push a lot of buttons.  more here.

There will be two Pluto Uranus squares in 2013.

The first is on 21st May 2013.  The message is to go outside your comfort zones, meet new people and try new things.  We’ll probably make a few mistakes along the way but the new experiences will be invaluable.  Not everything we connect with is going to last.  But some will change our lives forever.

Pluto Uranus square in May 2013

Pluto Uranus square on 21 May 2013


The second square will occur on 1 November 2013. This second square packs less punch, with no channels defined in the transit chart.  It brings our attention to the journey, reminding us to be still, and to allow a natural to and fro, a gradual getting to know.  This transit is about getting to know how we can be calm and still and joyful and thus find our way to the very centre of things.


Pluto Uranus square on 1 November 2013

Pluto Uranus square on 1 November 2013


The first square comes with the world changing Jupiter-Uranus transit in what some will know as The Money Line.

Uranus moves into Gate 21 on 16th April 2013, and other than a short retrograde back into the mental Gate of Following (17), it will remain there until May 2014.

Uranus represents sudden changes in life patterns and radical shifts in consciousness.  When Uranus turns up we can expect unconventional and original solutions previously not even considered.   It revolutionizes the activity of the Gate it transits in.  Uranus in the Gate of Biting Through (21) brings sudden and unexpected solutions to everyday problems that have prevented people from coming together for the common good.  It is likely to do this through breaking down our hierarchical structures of control, both inner and outer.  Old patterns of inadequacy will fall away, and we will find a pathway to our true individual power and authority.

Jupiter will be in Gate 45, creating a channel with Uranus, from 29th April to 24th May 2013.   This Gate of Gathering brings multitudes of people together for the purpose of sharing resources.  The idea is to have a beneficial outcome for everyone.

Expect radical shift in the economy during May 2013.  Also, I expect there will be some shift in the church and it’s resources, as Uranus is a well known atheist and Jupiter is the Heirophant or Pope.  This will be a time of sudden shifts in belief systems, philosophies and the way we perceive the world, especially in regard to the distribution of money and resources.  On a personal level you may suddenly see your day to day life from a completely different perspective!

This channel holds the old energy of linear hierarchy in place in our DNA.  Anything that relies on this structure for it’s existence is likely to be shaken to the core of its foundation in May 2013.


Neptune will remain in the Gate of Abundance throughout 2013.  During that time it will connect in crucial ways with Pluto … see here.  The most significant of these transits will occur between 6th and 14th June 2013.  This will be a week of incredible shift.  more.  Notice that Saturn is creating a channel with Pluto, and Venus with Neptune.  Earlier in the week Mercury will be creating a channel with Neptune.  Also during that week, the Sun in Gate 45 creates a channel with Uranus in 21.


Human Design Transit Chart for 13 June 2013

13 June 2013


This short and intense period of time is likely to bring to us a feeling that:


So much of existence comes to visit in one place that you almost feel crowded out.  You won’t be asked for patience.  Meetings like this, with the powers that be, or the peak of human experience, help us avoid boredom.  Be ready to relocate quickly, have somewhere to go in mind.  The wise will make room in their lives and allow themselves to be moved.   (Gate 28, paraphrased ~ The Book of Changes Vol 1, Bradford Hatcher). 

Heaven brings us almost more than we can manage to receive!  The pattern continues till early August, during which time we’ll become adept at not succumbing to the pressure of fear from that defined Root Centre.  It will fine tune our ability to choose the right time to move forward, and  to find our own best outcome regardless of the external situation.

Later in August, the players change slightly, but the Root Centre is still the centre of attention.   Jupiter, planet of improving fortunes, makes a channel with Neptune.  The trick here is not to get overexcited and take on too much.  We have abundance at our disposal and the means to make use of it in sustainable ways – both inner and outer.   This Jupiter and Neptune channel continues right through until March 2014.  We’ll understand by that time that there is too much of a good thing and it’s perfectly fine to be realistic and choose what we want to plant in our garden and how we intend to use our harvest.


20th August 2013

20th August 2013


It’s clear that 2013 provides some truly breathtaking opportunities.  We need to keep in mind that Saturn will be in Gate 28 for most of the year, reminding us not to overdo things.  Neptune in the Gate of Abundance will keep us tuning into our true emotional responses, whether they be happy or sad, angry or agreeable.  The clarity that this brings to us, and our improved capacity not to be duped, glamourised or mesmerised, has the potential to change the world!

Pluto is helping us let go of our need to be ‘oppositional’ and to see where we have shared interests.  We’ll meet fear in many guises, and our challenge will be to simply wait it out, until it reveals itself as the ephemera it truly is.

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Relationship Fractals


Today’s Full Moon happens at 28th December 2012, 10.21UT, 9.21PM AEDT, 2.21AM PST.  It’s at Sun:  7+ Capricorn (Gate 58.4) and Moon:  7+ Cancer (Gate 52.4).  These gates are both in the Root Centre and the Sun is close to Pluto in Gate 58.6.  Pluto will shift out of this Gate of Joy on 5th January 2013 after 3 years here.

The central theme is movement in accordance with your joy – don’t let your mind stifle the flow of energy in your life with it’s anxiety and need for certainty.  Certainty will come in it’s own time. Rediscover your capacity for poise and power in each moment.  Release rigidity, enforced movement or stillness.  Allow your actions and desires to connect within you,  the poison of unmet needs is released and your path becomes clear.

Relationships are a major issue just now.


Juno and our relationship needs


Juno is generally considered as a good indicator of relationship issues in astrology, she was Roman patron goddess of marriage and childbirth.  Her Greek counterpart – Hera –   he era – “the earth”,  has the same origin as the word hero.  It’s not all romance though.   The Greek myth tells how Zeus came to Hera disguised as a wounded bird.  When she drew him to her breast out of pity, Zeus reverted to his usual form and ‘ravished’ her.  Out of guilt and shame, she married him.

The mythology is generally considered to be a retelling of the earlier forced marriages of priestesses to leaders of alien tribes who were invading their lands, including forcing monogamy on women, who from that time on were considered property rather than fully human.

human design transit chart Full Moon December 2012

Full Moon December 2012

The Sun passed over Juno a few days ago, in the Gate of Treading.  As well, Juno is making aspects to Uranus, Neptune and Chiron.

Overall what we have is an unpacking of what relationships are all about.  Juno can raise issues of abandonment, infidelity, inequality and lack of commitment.  She can also show the way for a new kind of relationship that is based on mutual respect and honour, and on continual renewal.

Juno’s connection with Uranus makes us rebellious, we want our freedom.  Juno’s connection with Neptune brings an idealism that may not be met.  And Juno’s connection with Chiron can bring up our wounds of not being included.

Positive attributes are an ability to maintain our individual shape within the relationship, including sexual freedom (Uranus), to come together with a higher spiritual purpose that can see the other person clearly, warts and all (Chiron) and an ability to find a true creative partnership (Neptune).

There’s a sense of refuge in our intimate relationships.  We give and receive from a place that we often don’t feel safe to share with the world at large.  I believe that this refuge is being dismantled and we are being asked to share that deep inner light with a whole range of new allies. I also believe we are resisting this change, because it threatens our most vulnerable inner selves.

As our relationships are no longer required to carry all the wounds, projections and need for acceptance and inclusion from our childhood, we are gradually able to free our partners from having to take care of us.

Juno is also making a channel with Haumea in the Gate of The Gentle (57) at the Spleen Centre.  Haumea is all about relating.  It wasn’t unusual for Haumea to make herself young again to allow her to mate with a much younger person.  She represents regeneration at the cellular level, the spark of life that fires off at the centre of each cell.  Juno and Haumea together add to our intuitive sense for freedom to explore, especially to go further out into the collective energies (Ji Centre).


Ceres and our emotional needs


But there’s more than just Juno adding to our relationship dramas.   Ceres is in the Gate of Standstill.  That’s Gate 12 at the Throat Centre, reaching down for the Solar Plexus, home of our emotions.  The Solar Plexus Centre isn’t interested in unconditional love, it feels everything personally.  Ceres in this position can make us feel as if the nurturing we need has come to a standstill, as if it is blocked from our lives.    We feel so unconsciously ashamed of our emotional needs that we don’t even consider the possibility of clearly stating what they are.  We’re probably not even very aware of them ourselves!

Here’s why I believe, why we are a bit stuck in this place.


really loving ourselves


Firstly, we are still holding onto old projections, old wounds, old fears.  This means we are unable to see our partners, lovers and even our friends very clearly.  Juno is conjunct Narcissus.  There are two ways this can go – we can’t see the other person clearly because we are so self-absorbed (and not in a good way); or it’s impossible to love another person when we have not yet learned to love ourselves well.

Again, the shame of Gate 10 line 3 comes alive.  How can bear to look ourselves in the face when we are so needy?  This is dangerous territory, and perhaps we may choose to focus on our own freedom and the collective energies of the Ji Centre, which are in some ways much less frightening to navigate than the perilous waters of our own emotional subconscious.  It’s easier to feel a sort of idealised unconditional love than to confront the person who is in your face threatening your survival needs for nurturing.   Ixion is in the mix, and he tends to make the other person less human.  If we objectify our partner/lover/friend and project our own stories onto them then we can at least feel safe in knowing what’s going on! But overall, this keeps us stuck in our fear.


lover as object


Thereus is conjunct Ceres, back over in the Gate of Standstill.  Thereus represents the place where we really love our mate because they make us look good.  Perhaps they have an important job, a nice car, or a pretty face.  There’s a subtle sense of holding onto to these old forms of identity.  There’s also the asteroid Child conjunct Uranus (and square Juno), in the Gate of Following (17).  Together they indicate a time to grow up and step outside the safe boundaries of home and family, to move more freely and no longer stay close on  the trail of approval and acceptance from loved ones.  Who could we be if we stepped free of our old bonds and agreements?


relationship fractals


Mercury in Gate 26 last week

I believe that we are shifting out of old ways of relating.  We are in flux, midstream and perhaps looking around wondering where our familiar landscapes have gone.  Some of you may know of Richard Rudd’s take on Gate 26 as representing the place where we shift relationship fractals.  As the disturbance goes out of our field, our relationships get clearer.  Sometimes we experience sudden shifts.  It’s as if we wake one morning and people who may have been friends, partners, lovers for many years  just don’t make sense any more.

Last week, as Mercury and Saturn activated the centre running between the Spleen and Heart Centre, this fractal shift was activated.

The trick here is that we aren’t necessarily leaving people behind.  If both people can break through the old ways, they can shift together.   However that’s not always going to be the case.  There is a terrible grief arising from our need to be loved and cared for,  so that we can’t even find the words to share it.  As no one seems capable of stepping up, we are all flopping about hoping for rescue but there is no rescuer.


lost love


This theme arises from the centaurs Hylonome and Cyrallus, warriors and lovers, separated by death.  Their story is significant just now because Cyrallus has been sitting opposite Pluto since around June 2012.  And Hylonome is in Gate 26, along with a host of other important dwarf planets and centaurs, including Ixion that I have already mentioned.

The power of their story is in the loss of the masculine through senseless loss or pointless sacrifice.  It’s almost as if we are all grieving the lack of a healthy and lively masculine energy, the feminine frozen in her own grief, unable to act.  It’s as if the Tao has come to a halt, all creation ceased.  The creative power of the masculine is sacrificed and the feminine is at a standstill.

The powerful connection just now between Pluto and Cyllarus gives impetus to a push from our individual selves – to take hold of our own resources, our own knowing, our own emotions – and say, this is my treasure and I will use it as I see fit.  I will not act out of fear, but out of love, and my inherent capacity to create life.

This capacity is lost through adapting our response to what we believe our partner (or anyone else for that matter!) wants to hear.   How can any one of us be who we really are when there is a subtle pressure to attune to our partners unspoken needs and fears, avoiding our own in the process.  In the Gate of Stillness (52.6), Cyllarus suggests we take some time to consider our responses to ensure they are truthful.

Hylonome in the Gate of Taming the Great (26.5) suggests we tame our willful ego based responses by going slowly, allowing our Spleen Centre to demonstrate a more realistic response (Saturn in 44), a more noble, powerful, creative and truthful response (44).


Anna Silivonchik



 dissolving barriers to intimacy


Orcus and Siva in the Gate of Dissolving (59), represent a breakdown in our existing agreements within our intimate relationships.  Suddenly no one seems to know the rules anymore!  Chiron brings a sense of karma in the Gate of Family and Community (37), old injuries and fears seem to have arisen to the surface and interrupted our pattern of relating.  The old patterns of protective behaviour no longer bring us security, and we are unsure of where we are.  Boundaries are unclear and must be renegotiated.  We are creating new ways of separating ourselves from others, and new ways of joining together.  Once these new internal partitions are in place we will fee more sure of our ground.

For now, breathe deep (Ceres in 12), and allow the old wounds to dissolve.  Watch for blame – a sure sign of projection!  Don’t allow the need for security to guide you, instead take time each day to be clear about your own personal needs.  This is a new place to love ourselves.


I would like to acknowledge the work of Hilary Barrett.  Her I Ching is a book that I am rarely far from!  I can’t imagine a world without her wise and beautiful words.  This is an I Ching that sustains and nurtures me and one I highly recommend.  I draw much inspiration from it in my blogs, and often paraphrase for the meaning of particular gates.   Click on the image on the sidebar to get your copy.


2012 – It’s Better Than Sex!



On 18th December the Sun will conjunct the Galactic Centre, at the core of the Milky Way.  This moment will open a portal that connects our newly emergent global being with the potential for galactic self.   Past, present and future create a point of presence in our lives just now.   This is an evolutionary moment that surpasses sex as a creative force.

I feel so proud of what we’ve achieved, what courage we’ve shown, how persistent we’ve been in the face of our own vulnerabilities.  We’ve supported each other, stood alone when necessary, reached out when we could.  Of course we don’t magically become perfect on 21st December, and the challenges are ongoing.   In particular Ceres is conjunct the Earth in Gate 12 (Standstill) just now, triggering any place where we’ve been held from our own depth, our own nourishment and caught in culture and glamour.  What if our own knowing was so strong that we could break the bonds of language, of logic, of economic necessity and find our own woundedness.  I spent a few hours on the beach today feeling intensely lonely.  I was remembering so many difficulties, all seeming to be coming to a head right now, and found the best thing was to say over and over to myself – that must have been really terrible for you!   

It’s as if relationship is not possible just now, and this is partly true, as we are being pulled out of any ways of relating that have projection involved.  Which must be every relationship on the planet!    The pain is of unmet past needs.  We must find ways to meet them in the present moment, rather than holding onto pain from the past.  Old stories of loss and lack must be released to allow space to experience the immense love that is available on this planet.  In particular Haumea in Gate 57 brings a profound energy of regeneration this week.


your creative node


We are building our own personal creative nodes in time and space, which you might perhaps call your individual “field”.  These nodes are made up of your spirit, your soul and your body.  We reached for heaven and found it.  Through meditation, chanting, sitting in a forest, or whatever worked, each one of us found a way to become ‘spiritual’.   We allowed our cells to be filled with this energy and have been, with much courage, grounding it through our bodies and into the earth.


These two energies – spirit descending into your body and your soul reaching for heaven – create two currents of energy.  They meet in your body,  and create your individual node in time/space.  This is your Incarnation Matrix (cross), and it answers a fundamental cosmic need which only you can solve.

In 2000 I went to a Wesak Festival and was worried at how people had a whole range of amazing experiences and then went home … to reality.  I sat with a group at dinner on the last night feeling so thankful that, because I had major health issues, I could go home to my forest home and just BE, rather than rush home on Sunday evening because I had to get up early to go to work the next morning.  People were devastated to leave that beautiful energy at the end of the weekend.  The split between spiritual experiences and reality really struck me that weekend.  I don’t see that split anymore.  People are so much more alive with the possibilities, and filled with the need for major transformation.


life is more than a lack of death


The key to this shift is not so much personal.  We’ve done as much correcting, processing, healing as we need to do.  We are moving beyond personal growth, even personal fulfillment.  We are now closing the door on duality and opening to a new phase. If duality is Phase 1, we are now entering Phases 2 and 3.

Phase 1 is all about duality – yin and yang, black and white, either/or.  This is very much a patriarchal perception and it’s time to move onto something richer and more diverse.  For example, there’s black, white and ….  grey.  And yellow, green, blue, red, vermillion, cerise, indigo ….  There’s morning/evening, and there’s that moment before dawn when the birds start to sing.  And let’s not forget that moment when there’s a lovely pink hue in the sky as the sun pops it’s head up.  Duality is a nonsense.

I Ching phases of creation

You’ve probably heard that the I Ching has astonishing links to our DNA.  The diagram above shows how the I Ching demonstrates increasing complexity.  Phase 1 is duality – yin and yang.  When they come together we get Phase 2 and the four bi-grams.  Phase 2 is your global self.  An amalgam of duality, attempting to refine itself.  Phase 3 is your galactic self. It brings the trigrams which represent all the elements of life on earth.   Each phase shift takes us into a deeper sensitivity to what life offers, to more diversity and to greater creative potential.  Staying in Phase 1 keeps us stuck in duality, a place where the only way we know we’re alive is because we aren’t dead!   Alive/Dead!

We’ve already seen a lot of shifts to Phase 2.  We’ve shifted out of nationalism into global being, breaking down the us/them duality.  We’ve got a high divorce rate creating so many blended families, shifting us out of one man + one woman.  And gay marriage will shift that particularly yin-yang illusion into even further diversity.  Even gender is becoming more diverse.

What you can see above is the blueprint for a co-creative supersystem that represents the code for your cells at the galactic level.  It may not look like it, but this is the rhythm or shape of fractals.  It could also look like this.


This information forms part of the Emergent Human Design System that I’m developing and I won’t go into more detail here.  The important thing for this Mayan Calendar event is that you are more conscious and therefore capable of much greater diversity.

Without losing your own individuality, you are increasingly able to connect with all sorts of people and situations.  Phase 2 – the Global Being – is an individual focused on personal growth, being the best she can.   Phase 3 – Galactic Being – can maintain that individuality within the powerful flow of creative energy.  Through holding firm to our individual self – not confusing the energy of another as our own,  we create a synchronous field that literally re-organises reality.  We pluck undifferentiated energy that is scattered throughout space and time and align it with our creative impulse.  It can be a slow process, we have resistance and inertia to deal with and we need those limits.  We do live in a certain density and we have to honour that.  And hey, it’s the journey right?

This is a transformation of life on earth and it is the evolutionary equivalent to the creation of sex.  Why?  It’s because, when sex first began it wasn’t porn worthy but it was extraordinary in another way.  It allowed individual cells to share their DNA.  The beginning of sex on earth gave rise to an astonishing increase in diversity.  We are at a similar birfurcation point – a whole new means of creation is within our grasp.

I’m being given so much information just now for our new way of being, that I’m only able to write a small amount about the shifts of the next few days.  Enjoy!



Img:  Artist – Louise Gallant

References:    Katya Walters, Tao of Chaos and Dane Rudyhar, The Astrology of Transformation





eros and psyche

New Moon December 2012



With the New Moon upon us, and the solstice coming fast behind it, we are in the last days of this era.  And yet, it’s just another day!  I was talking to a friend today about her time living in London in the 50’s and early 60’s.  The feeling of imminent doom was strong as the red button of nuclear annihilation seemed about to be pressed at any moment.

What we are experiencing now is almost like a slow motion version of humanity’s capacity for destruction, which co-exists with our fixation on the God Of Constant Growth!

We are each playing a part in the largely unseen grassroots renewal. Beyond the prying eyes of the mainstream media, you and I and millions of others are shedding what is no longer required for life.  Not life as in a new SUV to park in front of the McMansion.  Life as in authenticity, love, connection.  Life as in co-creating a new reality.

new moon 13th December 2012



new moon ~ december 2012


The Sun, Moon and Earth are in what Ra Ur Hu described as the Tribal Circuitry.  This is community energy – a place where we sit and eat together, hug each other, share our homes and lives.  The Sun and Moon are in a gate that holds the riches of our culture.   Bradford Hatcher says this about Gate 26:

The lessons of our history and inheritance are as hard won treasures, stored in the mounds of our culture, kept for their timely use later.  All that we have handed down and maybe some things we’ve forgotten, all that we are heir to, the patents for the wheel and fire, the methods of agriculture and husbandry, the thoughts and deeds of our founders, all of this vast invested legacy is ours now, to carry forth or squander. 

This New Moon represents the return of the resources of culture to the healing and celebration of humanity and our place on earth.  As someone said to me recently, we are all joint custodians of this planet, we must reclaim what is ours.


return of the golden age


Creating a channel with the Sun and Moon is Saturn in Gate 44.  Saturn can be seen as a terribly negative, even punishing energy.  He can also be seen as the ruler of the Golden Age, a time of bliss when we experienced harmony, peacefulness and abundance.  This second meaning is reflected again and again in the transit charts just now.

The main feature of the Golden Age is kindness.  It’s not so much about unconditional love, but about how kind we are to each other.  The indicators that a new Golden Age of kindness is upon us:

Firstly, Dr Margaret Pearson describes Saturn’s position – Gate 44 – as representing the coming of the Royal Bride, pregnant with the heir.  We should not treat her with disrespect, but should go out to meet her and invite her into our kingdom.  The contempt for the feminine, and our failure to embrace her creative powers of change are ending.

Secondly,  Astraea, Star Goddess of the Golden Age, was exactly conjunct the Sun on the last Full Moon on 29th November and is now aligned with the Great Attractor, which inexorably draws us into a journey of exploration.  This exploration begins on a specific frequency, however, a single idea soon leads into an understanding of the vastness of what we have connected with.  We are being drawn by our curiosity into a whole new way of living, a gentler and kinder way.

The Dalai Lama has Astraea exactly conjunct his Saturn in the Gate of Family (37.5).

Thirdly, the asteroid Pandora is conjunct Venus and the North Node in the Gate of Great Possession, where we confuse our inner treasures and experiences of joy as ephemeral and of little value while spending much of our time trying to achieve outer riches.

In Greek Mythology, Pandora was the first woman.  She represents the time when the patriarchy was rewriting history, obliterating the powerful women and culture that preceded them. This from Hesiod:

From her is the race of women and female kind:
of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who
live amongst mortal men to their great trouble,
no helpmates in hateful poverty, but only in wealth.

According to Hesiod, each of the gods gave Pandora a ‘gift’, most quite unpleasant, and she was then sent out as a curse on Prometheus for stealing fire.  But in her original incarnation, Pandora was the Goddess of All Earth’s Abundance, an unlimited source of goodness shining down upon the world.   In fact, it’s likely that the word pandora means all-giving!


 “Pandora rises from the earth; she is the Earth, giver of all gifts,”   Jane Ellen Harrison

Pandora adds to our curiosity.  Just what is in that box? What will happen if we open the lid and peer inside?  We have some courage to explore in places where we had previously believed we would find only evil and shame.

And lastly, the asteroids Magdalena (the Royal Bride) and Child are conjunct on the Aries Point, in the Gate of Innocence (25.3).  They are almost exactly opposite Makemake (46) , a dwarf planet that asks us … which story will you believe?  The victors?  Or the other version?  Is the divine made up of a male trinity?  Is there room in our cosmology for the royal bride, the divine feminine?  Can we restore her to our lives, to her true dignity?  How is only having one half of the story impoverishing us?

Astrologer Eric Francis sees the Aries Point (1 degrees Aries, Gate 25 in Human Design) as the place where the personal is political, where our inner life and the outer life of culture meet.   Here is a place within us where we can trust that we do understand, that life does make sense, when we allow our full knowing to flow through us.

If you want to read more about Magdalena and the return of the Royal Bride, have a look at the extraodinary work of Margaret Starbird, you’re in for a treat!




There’s a second strong theme in this New Moon – relationships of all descriptions.  We are clearing our ancestral relationship fractals, removing the blocks to love and to co-creation.

Psyche is conjunct Saturn in Gate 44 (remember the Royal Bride?).  This gate is about coming together in respectful relationships for the purpose of creation.  When we have not entered into the relationship correctly, the fractal is not properly initiated.  As the relationship continues, the original coming together is repeated over and over, expanding on the incorrect beginning.

We are all part of many, many generations of damaged fractal patterns in relationship.  It’s likely you’ve been clearly moved out of at least one relationships lately, and perhaps you’ve created some new ones that seem to have a very different energy.  A clearer and more creative energy.

This is no longer about rescuing each other, but about co-creating.

Psyche literally went to hell and back on the command of Venus/Aphrodite.  As a result of her true love and her trust and faith, she was granted immortality, and returned to her lover Cupid/Eros.  In the chart, Psyche represents faith in our loved ones, as well as in our own ability to meet what life sends us.  When conjunct Saturn, Psyche can show a feeling of being blocked from romantic love – it’s never going to happen to me! – or perhaps developing a more realistic view of our beloved.

Psyche represents the desire to merge into our partner, while Saturn calls us back, asks us to respect personal boundaries.  We are being invited to be kind to each other, to stop projecting the old ego based stories onto each other, to recognise the intrinsic nobility of our lovers.  Eros is still coming into view (in the Crown, in Gate 61.1, astrologically conjunct Mars today), we can sense him but he hasn’t quite arrived in the physical.  We have healing work to do on ourselves as yet!

Asteroid Juno, Goddess of Relationships, is sitting on the Galactic Centre today.  She’s exactly opposite the Great Mother, dwarf planet Ceres.  The two positions – Juno in Gate 11 and Ceres in Gate 12 – represent the polarities of Heaven and Earth.  Juno is in a place where Heaven and Earth meet, Ceres in the place where they part company and go their separate ways.

When Heaven and Earth meet we receive a huge influx of new ideas.  The old ways are literally sucked out of our brains (this is a mental gate).   This is spirit and matter mingling to create humanity.

While Ceres, who represents nourishment, is opposite Juno, we can expect our relationships may not feel as nourishing as usual.  Juno is supporting us to have a ‘re-think’.  That feeling of longing, is it really going to be met by another love affair?  Is an individual the answer to our desires?  Or is there perhaps something bigger going on here?  Something more divine that we are yearning for?

In what ways have we allowed ourselves to be overtaken by the other in order to feel safe?  How have our unmet needs for care, for parenting seduced us into giving up our true power?  Where have we believed the story of our other, or taken on their wordview in preference to our own knowing?

These are all important questions just now.  And Pelion in Gate 21 suggests that we need to take charge of our own lives in order to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth, without the need for relationship as an intermediary.  This is not so much that old existential story from an uncaring world – that we came in alone and we will leave alone.  We’ve moved on from there. Instead we are being impulsed to discover our capacity to stand in our divine creative centre and to attract who and what we need.  This is heaven and earth working as a partnership!  This is initiating new fractal relationships from our divine core!



We All Need Time To Grow


We’re having a heatwave here.  I was gazing at my goldfish this morning and feeling envious.  That water’s got to be cooler than the air in my living room!   Not that they know anything about it.  Water, what water?  Humanity is like that with culture.  Even though I can watch cooking and travel shows from about 10 different areas of the globe at the push of a button, I still have trouble seeing my own culture and the effect it has on my life.

From the relative safety of my lounge room, I watched tv anthropologist Bruce Parry’s journey down the Amazon over the weekend.  He visited a tribe high in the Amazon, far from what we call civilisation. These people have kept to their own ways for many, many generations.  They live in the forest, eat from their gardens and catch fish and monkeys for food (yep, that bit grossed me out too).  They use ayahuasca, but generally only once in their lifetime, when they ask for a vision. You can see it here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aixxaVGFIl8

A few days later he journeyed down river to the next tribe.  The difference was shocking.  The oil companies had moved into their area, with no recognition for their culture, their life, their land, their health.  They can no longer eat the fish from the river, and the animals they relied on for food have done the sensible thing and moved on.

Parry contemplated what it would be like to experience that lack of regard from the oil companies.  But we don’t need to be high up the Amazon for that experience.  We’ve got CSG mining beginning to show up in our area, regardless of a 98% opposition from the community.

The oil companies purchase the mining rights to land and existing ‘owners’ can do nothing to stop them from coming in and ‘fracking’ – blasting apart the rock that keeps our precious water aquifers safe and undisturbed.  This process releases the gas that is then shipped off to a hungry China for consumption.  The ads on tv tell us, in a weird hypnotic tone, that this is ‘the future’ and that it’s all for our own good.  Not many people believe this it seems!  We are becoming less susceptible to mesmerisation.

As an ex-lawyer I know about mineral rights, but it’s not common knowledge.  Our idea of ownership is not ‘reality’ so much as an agreement, and one most landowners didn’t understand very well.  Certainly not as well as the oil companies.  Of course, our Australian Aborigines have been there done that.  When the English arrived they declared the land ‘terrus nulius’ – nothing here but empty land – and this was enshrined into our law until recent recognition that it was a terrible lie.


lies, lies and spiritual initiation


There’s a lot of lies about, and the really great thing about them is that we are beginning to see them clearly.  This is a part of humanity’s spiritual maturation.  Michael Grundwald wrote a great article on the media’s reporting on the fiscal cliff issue yesterday, the apparently widespread agreement not to see or report on the lies being told at the leadership level.

This is a protection mechanism well known in abused children, who take on the ideas of their abuser/protector because they have no alternative if they are to survive.  The wonderful psychotherapist Alice Miller (one of my heroes), discovered that if a child has one person in the course of their childhood who says to them … this is NOT okay! … they will have a chance to recover.  If, however, the child lives immersed in the lies of the abusive adult they have little chance of ever getting free of their own shame, guilt, etc.  It’s one reason the internet is so very important for world healing.   It’s a place where we can all hear the voice that says ... THIS IS NOT OKAY!   We can say it over and over again to each other … THIS IS NOT OKAY!    Until finally, we begin to feel safe in contemplate more healthy ideas about our lives.

Richard Tarnas believes that we are involved in a global initiation.  Unlike traditional initiations, we are doing it without elders to guide us.  This is unknown territory and we are stumbling and tripping and getting up and trying again.   Our culture has lost it’s way, with little remaining connection to life or the common good.  It represents the abusive parent,  narcissistic and with only the most superficial concern for our wellbeing.

The Sun is creating a channel this week with the mother goddess Ceres.  Ceres knows about lies.  Her brothers Zeus and Hades plotted behind her back to steal her daughter Persephone away.  Without her daughter, and struck down with grief over her loss and anger over her betrayal, Ceres wandered the land, lying about her identity as a goddess and masquerading as a mere mortal.

Ceres is in the Gate of Extremes (15) – where we bounce from one extreme to the other trying to find some balance, something we can rely on.  Persephone is in the Gate of Duration (32) meeting Ophelia in the Gate of the Marrying Maiden (54).  While Persephone married Hades and took her place as Queen of the Underworld, Ophelia died alone, probably carrying the heir to the throne within her.  Both involved a transformation.  Persephone’s brought a trip to the underworld, a taste of the forbidden (pomegranate seeds) and the courage to let her mother move through her separation angst alone.  Ophelia was lost amidst the politicking of her father and lover, the very meaning of her life hidden from view in plain sight.

This channel relates to economic transformation, and I’ll be writing more about the economic aspects of culture over the next few days.  No surprises that there are huge shifts lining up there!  The Main Belt Asteroids are lining up to completely shift our relationship to culture, religion and economics over the next few months.  I’ll be writing more about this over the next few days.

The Sun is creating a channel with Ceres this week.  The Sun is in Gate 5 – Waiting For Nourishment.  This is the gate of earth time.  Waiting for the rains to come, the buds to burst, the fruit to ripen.  I could say that there is nothing we can do to change this rhythm, but in fact we’ve done just that. Witness Superstorm Sandy, a tropical cyclone complete with winter snow!


young things need time to grow


As we reacquaint ourselves with the idea that young things take time to grow, and that they require nurturing, Ceres reminds us that even our extremes are part of the learning process, part of our growing rhythm.  Sometimes the tree is bare, other times it is weighed down with fruit.

The Asteroids Magdalena and Child are hovering on the Aries Point.  My work with Magdalena has shown that she represents a newly visible divine feminine.  Hidden away to protect the wisdom of the feminine and the blood of the child, she is now standing poised at the beginning of a new era.  The asteroid Child represents a place where we hold a trauma of disconnection from reality, a place where we have internalised abuse.  In the Gate of Innocence we are being asked to connect to something truly nurturing (Ceres/ Magdalena) and disconnect from the old lies.

This is echoed throughout the transits just now.  Remember the story of Pallas Athene springing fully formed from the head of Zeus?  A wonderful lie that obscures the true growing process of anything worthwhile.

Ideas are not reality.  They are simply potential reality.  Robert Graves believes the mother of Pallas Athene was Metis, Goddess of Wisdom.  Athene was ‘stolen’ by the patriarchy, like so many of the old goddess treasures, to legitimize their taking over the cities.  Did you you  know that back in March 1802, when the asteroid Pallas Athene was discovered, Lord Elgin was busy ransacking the treasures of the Athenian Parthenon and shipping them off to the British Museum?  More lies, more theft.

Pallas is in Gate 36 just now – the Gate of Wounded Brightness – the place where we have hidden our light until it was safe to reconnect, to shine.   The Earth is creating a channel with Pallas, in the Gate of Progress.  Our wound is that we haven’t had time to just be, to develop naturally. We’ve been rushed into grow, grow, grow!  Overstimulation, overconsumption, overgrowth.

What are we connecting with?   Mother Metis is in the Gate of Gradual Development (53) in a line that expresses the grief of the orphan forgotten amidst the rush to be out in the world.  Eris and Kassandra in the Gate of Growth (42) speak but are not believed.  Every tree has roots, and a unique growing pattern, even if others don’t recognise them.

There are lies being told, truths being obscured. The human race has no shortage of ideas.  It’s how to harness them and put them into practice that has us all running around crazy.  We try one thing and then another.  We get all tangled up with each other, our projections and fears.   This is the trauma of transformation without access to the guidance of the deep feminine and the organic masculine.

This is a time to transform our own lives, and the experience of humanity on earth by going slow and steady.  As we each take appropriate action, we gently mature in perfect timing.



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Statue – Pallas Athene by Brunnen von Karl Donndorf auf der Karlshöhe in Stuttgart (1911)


Magnetic Monopoles

If The Voice was correct, or correctly interpreted, and we do have a Magnetic Monopole embedded in our Ji Centre, then science certainly doesn’t know about it yet.

While experiments from the Large Hadron Collider to Rodin’s Free Energy Devices try to overcome the fact that no conclusive experimental evidence supports the existence of this elusive creature, particle physicists are convinced.  If only they could find it!

To scientists, the Magnetic Monopole is a fundamental key to the Theory of Everything.

You and I can feel it – right in the centre of our chests, in the Human Design Gate 2.  But perhaps science may take some time to catch up.


What Is The Magnetic Monopole?


In science, a magnetic monopole is a particle that creates a magnetic field.  However, this is not the sort of magnetic field you created in school when you pulled iron fillings around on a piece of paper.  This new type of magnetic field has a completely different quality.  It is not part of the polarity of life on earth.

A normal magnet has two poles, usually called the north and south poles.  You might have one of these on your fridge.  If you place it on your fridge door the right way it sticks as if by magic.  If you turn it around it jumps out of your hand and lands on the floor.

A magnetic monopole doesn’t have two poles.  As it’s name suggests it’s a MONO – Pole.  It only has one pole.  No POL-arity.

While the Human Design revelation says the Magnetic Monopole only attracts, there is no attraction or repelling force in the scientific version of the magnetic monopole because by it’s very nature it doesn’t have a polarity.

Scientists have managed to create something a bit like a magnetic monopole, but only by tricking the magnetics into thinking the other pole is not around.   Just like if you tried to pretend that your fridge magnet would stick both ways but you actually didn’t try sticking it on the wrong way around.  Look, tada!  It’s a monopole!  No, it’s just that we’re pretending it is.

In Human Design, the Magnetic Monopole is embedded in the Ji Centre on conception.  Physically it is found in the centre of your chest, under your Sternum.  This version of the Magnetic Monopole aligns us to our soul geometry, it is movement and energy and the potential for creation.  I believe it carries an activation for resolution of duality.


Here’s what I find fascinating about Magnetic Monopoles.


Firstly, The Voice (which revealed Human Design to Ra Uru Hu), said that scientists would eventually discover that Magnetic Monopoles cause gravity.

Secondly, there is no conclusive evidence that they exist, although scientists have been trying to prove they do since the 1930’s.

Thirdly, if you watch the energy flow around a normal magnet it looks like this:



The energy flow creates a torus.

Research by the HearthMath Institute indicates that the energy flow – electromagnetic field – of the human heart is in the shape of a torus.



This electromagnetic energy moves out beyond our physical body, creating a second larger torus field.



And this second torus field is exactly the same, mathematically and geometrically speaking, as the torus field created by the Earth, Sun and Stars.  This torus field is possibly the underlying creative field of the universe as we experience it.  But this field is created by a normal magnet, with two poles that attract and repel.  Where is the magnetic monopole hidden in this?

And here’s the most interesting idea of all.  We only think of these energies as ‘electromagnetic’ because we measure them with tools that measure electromagnetics.  It’s a bit like thinking it’s a bit dark today when we’re wearing sunglasses.  This hidden magnetic monopole energy could have many, many qualities that we cannot even imagine yet, let alone test and measure.

The magnetic monopole is said to have a completely different kind of energy to the sort of magnetics created by the standard household magnet.  Which means that it could represent an entirely new form of  energy force or energy field that we are yet unfamiliar with.

It hardly makes sense anymore to deny that the Ji Centre in Human Design is both a motor and an awareness centre.  According to the HeartMath Institute it generates a tremendous electromagnetic field – the strongest and largest field created by the body!  Although as someone suggested, perhaps the motor portion is in the Heart Centre rather than the Ji Centre.

I’m thinking about escaping gravity, letting go of identifying with duality, connecting with our hearts, each other and the galactic reality simultaneously.  Creating a web of energy that we might call electromagnetic (simply because it’s the best word we have for it just now) that connects all of universal existence in one hologram.    And that hologram is you.  There are new sacred codes coming through in the next few days.  You may experience them as love, as sacred geometry, as synchronicity. Degraded codes are being removed.  Incorrect fractal alignments are breaking down.  Stay tuned!


St Germaine and the Great Central Sun Magnet

In his I AM Discources on Supply, St Germaine talks extensively about a magnet that is made of the energy of love and light, and which is sourced in the Great Central Sun.

In the Human Design chart, the Great Central Sun, or Super Galactic Centre as it’s known in astrology, is in a fixed position in Gate 46 … in the Ji Centre!

To quote St Germaine:

Your ability to do something greater than what you are doing now has to be radiated into the energy of your outer self both by your Higher Mental Body and from Our Octave.  And that is all done by the Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet.  This is the Magnetic Power of the Universe because it pours It’s Energy down with Its Consciousness and as soon as It connects with the energy in the feeling world, It begins to lift that up into Its own Vibratory Action.

If you raise the pitch of your Vibration your problems and struggle and your discord of the outer, your limitations, will be completely gone.  They will disappear just that easily; for once you step into the higher Vibratory Action with the energy and feeling of your own life’s action, when you step into that, the other becomes nonexistent to you. That pases out of your world forever.






Balancing Structure and Flow


Today one of the big HD transits of late 2012 comes into play.  It’s as if we called down Heaven itself and now find we got a bit more than we bargained for.  But we are well on our way to understanding how to channel this newfound energy.

Mars in the Gate of Opposition will create a channel with Saturn in the Gate of Great Exceeding.  They will connect the Spleen to the Root Centre, bringing us the shift we need at the physical level.

Human Design Transit Chart

Remember the days when we were all trying to connect with our spirit?  We were reaching upwards, letting our physical selves experience a new form of joy, of ecstasy.  These days we are facing in a different direction, putting our feet firmly on the earth, acting as earthly stewards for the heaven we grasped back then with our finger tips.

Our mission these days is not to be ‘spiritual’ but to be human.   And our primary question is this – how do we connect with one another in a way that not only ensures our survival, but also brings us joy?

I was reading Joseph Chiltern Pearce’s latest book yesterday, The Heart-Mind Matrix.  In it he describes Margaret Mead’s work with the Trobiand Island people, who allowed their young teenagers complete freedom to explore their sexuality.  When they were ready they would choose a single partner and settle down. At that stage the young woman would pray to the Goddess of Fertility, asking for children.   They had no contraception, at least in the way we would think of it.  Despite the complete freedom of sexual expression, there were no teen pregnancies, no unwanted children.  The children they did have were invariably born 3 years apart because that’s the way they planned it – to give each child sufficient space to settle before the next one came along.  Chiltern Pearce commented on their supreme connection with nature – no suppression of sexual energy, a powerful connection with their own fertility, and the resulting healthy well adjusted children.

This transit is designed to show us where we have stepped out of alignment with Heaven.  Where our ‘children’ are not planned and come too soon and in the wrong circumstances.  Where we have become reckless and indiscriminate.  This is not so much a personal ‘sin’ as a collective madness.  Our consciousness for shift brings us back to sanity.

When Mars and Saturn join forces, it’s like pushing down on the accelerator and the brake at the same time.  Mars in the Root Centre says GO! GO! GO!, especially when triggered by fear of failure or a need to exert our individuality.  When we tune into Saturn’s stabilising influence at the Spleen, we can feel limited by the physical plane.  It can feel simultaneously as if we are overwhelmed with too much, and also limited from having enough.

Perhaps a useful mantra would be this – there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do ….   This is a transit where Heaven comes to meet us on Earth, comes right to our front door and rings the bell, calling us out to play.  Allow Heaven to move you forward.  It has plans for us that we have not even glimpsed!   Our idea of where we are heading in our lives may need some considerable reworking by the time Mars moves on.

Heaven did not create you using a cookie cutter.  Each one of us is unique, and so we must find our own way.  When we shift from cookie cutter mentality to our new role of expressing Heaven on Earth there’s a slight shudder as the matrix changes.

We need time to reflect, to find the thread of connection.  We need to focus on the small every day things that make sense, where we can easily make an impact.  As our cosmos expands we may find we can’t understand, can’t name, can’t identify ourselves easily.   And yet, those small things still call to us – sweep me, rock me, hug me, weed me, cook me.

Mars represents our desires, our passions as yet unexplored.  In this gate of diversity we find the passion to cut a new pathway, to find what truly sustains and nourishes our journey.   It’s time to throw the cookie cutter out and find your own unique growing ground and what you want to plant on it.

As individuals we can only give so much before our house falls down from a lack of receiving.  But if we don’t have the courage to go our own way, to be our own unique and individual self, how can we receive the correct nourishment?  What’s good for me may not be tasty for you at all!   That’s Gate 38 – diversity, it’s the very the basis of life.  If our timing is out and we are not making clear choices, then our fuel is wrong and won’t sustain us.  We compromise, accept substitutes, give in when we should hold firm, and hold firm when flexibility will broaden our options.

Saturn and Mars work together to build a structure that sustains and supports our desires.   Too much Saturn, and Mars gets bored and angry, and even those emotions are stifled by Saturn’s limitations and rules.  Too much Mars, and Saturn can’t keep the structure intact as Mars rushes hither and thither looking for a quick fix.

Physical exercise is important for the next few days, to support our bodies to clear old blockages and channel our Mars desire more cleanly.  Pluto moves into Gate 38 on 5th January, so this is setting the stage for that event.  Mars moves onto Gate 54 on the 6 – 7th December.    Between now and then we are learning to balance flow and structure in our own unique and individual way.



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Hds Chart

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse November 2012



There’s something incredibly gentle about this Full Moon, simple and obvious and delightful.  It’s an antidote to the harsh realities our culture presents us with, under the guise of nurturing.

Did your dad ever tell you that you’d be stuck with that silly face you were making if the wind changed?  Did your mum ever warn you that not eating your vegetables would stunt your growth?

Occasionally I overhear parents, in a last ditch effort to exert some authority,  threaten their kids with  police officers – if you don’t do your seatbelt up right now the police will come and arrest you!  So much for educating kids about taking personal responsibility for their own safety.  We are not nourished by threats of punishment thing or by threats of bad outcomes.   These approaches condition us to ‘do the right thing’, regardless of whether it is, in fact, the right thing or not.  It’s probably a good thing to wear a seatbelt, it keeps us safe.  It’s probably a good thing to eat our broccoli but not if it tastes foul to us!

Even though these threats were often harmless even comical, the fear based ideas in our culture often override our ability to care for ourselves.  My mother made a comment recently about how I never make my bed.  I found this confusing for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, my mother hasn’t been in my bedroom for decades, but she is still obviously able to exercise that piercing x-ray vision she possessed throughout my teens.  And can still come up with nonsensical judgements about how I choose to live my life.  Secondly, why would she make such an assumption?  And thirdly, I always made my bed.  I mean ALWAYS!  Note the past tense here.   Because after mum’s comment I started wondering … why do I ALWAYS make my bed every morning.   So I started to experiment with leaving it unmade.  And weirdly enough it made absolutely no difference to my life.  Life didn’t descend into chaos, I didn’t receive hate mail and my friend’s (and my mum) still appeared to love me.  So now I make it sometimes, and other times I don’t.  I feel strangely more myself as a result.

There’s something even more sinister in these admonishments from our parents.  Research has shown that each time we get a DON’T!  from a caregiver it takes at least an hour for our system to reset itself, to deal with the stress hormones and feel safe again.  US based research also shows that children experience a DON’T on average every 9 minutes.  Which means most of us live continually awash with stress, either because we’re actually being told off or because we’ve internalised the voices.  Every 9 minutes or so we’ve learnt to make ourselves wrong and we’ll look around for any evidence to support that inner voice.

There is a startle reflex that takes place in our bodies when we find ourselves being corrected.  It’s so infinitessimal that we can hardly feel it.  In fact most of us have switched off our awareness of the experience of being shocked or startled, but nonetheless it’s there in our bodies, keeping us in touch with our fear of annihilation via abandonment.

At the risk of being a party pooper on this wondrous night of magic, there is something small and immensely significant in our tuning into our bodies at the moment. To hear the whole story, the deep joy that seeks to bubble up and express itself in absolute delight.  This Full Moon can bring our attention to what prevents that natural flow of qi energy.  We are clearing our cellular trauma and our fear reactions, and this makes us less open to manipulation by a culture/economy that does not serve us or our evolutionary impulses.

I’m watching the fiscal cliff debate and celebrating those commentators who are pointing out the fear at it’s core.  This is a political stunt designed to create fear not only in the US, but worldwide.  The potential death of the US economy (not to mention the EU) calls for drastic measures and .. oh look, there are those who have a few ideas up their sleeve.  Like how about cutting Social Security and Medicare.  Oh, and here’s another good one!  Let’s cut the corporate tax rate to zero to increase the trickle down effect even further.  You remember the trickle down effect?  That’s where corporations pass on the wealth they generate to the real people.

As Paul Krugman said today in the New York Times:


Hey, sacrifice is for the little people.  …….     The truth is that at a fundamental level the crisis story they’re trying to sell doesn’t make sense.


Jupiter has been in the Gate of Progress (35) since August 2012, helping us recover from our tendency to react emotionally to crisis.  It’s more difficult these days to herd the population along a particular pathway by manufacturing a scare campaign.  We can see a scam more clearly and we take our time these days to let things play out a bit.   To quote Paul Krugman again:


What has changed? For one thing, the crisis they predicted keeps not happening.

We’ve developed a newfound ability to wait for a clearer picture to emerge before we respond.  It’s  not something we will read about in the news or see heralded in scientific papers, although it is a major breakthrough in the evolution of humanity.  We are now unpacking the false crises that arise from reaction.  Who knew there was no problem here?  The only real problem is that our timing has been out of whack with reality!   We’ve been so busy trying to fix what was never broken that we broke things.  We have been so open to jumping to our conditioned DON’T every nine minutes that we lost the thread of our own evolutionary impulses.

Today’s Full Moon calls us to look beyond what isn’t broken, and into the small everyday details of our lives.  The minutiae that makes you you and me me.  After all, life is a verb not a noun, and it’s what we do each day that essentially creates who we are.    I’m feeling this strange sense of relief that, after all, everything is just fine!







Stepping Into A Greater Flow Of Life




Did you hear that loud POP!  It was me coming out of the confusion I’ve been in for 48 hours.    I can feel the slime falling off me as I climb free.

There’s a whole lot of layers of the life and death motif floating around at the moment.  It’s because we are making a major shift in where we put our attention.  The mutative individual circuitry meets the ancient survival instincts of the Spleen Centre and we have a whirlpool of confusion.

I was watching a report on the post-Thanksgiving sales yesterday.  One economic forecaster explained how great it is that people are applying for more credit cards so they can buy more.  Apparently that means consumer confidence is up.  Really?  I can think of other reasons, just as worthy of our consideration.   But no, let’s grasp for the one that offers us at least a faint if delusional hope of being rescued from our fears of annihilation.

In my life at the moment I have five situations where I feel stuck in a life and death struggle.  Where I feel I should behave in particular ways, because that will create various forms of good.  In each case the behaviour required of me goes against what feels right for me.  I’ve been trying to explain, apologising for myself, trying to make sense of my part in it all.  And here’s the rub.  When we sacrifice ourselves to the greater good we are acting out of a collective survival fear.  And that fear is death, annihilation of self and the entire human race.  This fear is so deep within our consciousness, and woven so tightly through all our relationships that our own life force energy is barely a blip on the radar by comparison.

The current transits are connecting a range of dwarf planets into the mix of our consciousness.  We’ve got Haumea in 57, Sedna in 23 and Eris in 42 – all connecting in with the 20/34 Sun/Earth activations, all reminding us that we need to step out of our accustomed roles and find our true nourishment.    But wait!  We’re conditioned into believing that those very roles are what keep us safe and connected to ‘reality’.   If I don’t have labels for who I am in relation to everyone and everything, do I even exist?

Then there’s Snow White conjunct Neptune over in the Solar Plexus Centre asking us to let go of our sleepy delusions and wake up to our natural abundance.  We are yawning and stretching and feeling things that we’ve never felt before!

The planet that’s making a huge impact just now is 1992 QB1 (no she hasn’t been named yet).   She’s in Gate 3, the place where yang (gate 1) and yin (gate 2) come together and create life.  She’s in the Sacral Centre, the place where we find our personal blueprint for expressing the universal creative energy.  And she’s calling us to let go of all the ways we have entered into the dance of staving off death.  1992 QB1 shows us that life IS creation.  Each moment is a creative act.  What is lost quickly becomes the past, as each aspect is reborn into great joy, love, expression.

Death is a natural part of any process that involves life.  In fact, life and death are the same thing.  They form the cycle of creation.  1992 QB1 calls us beyond the duality of life and death and into a new way of being.  Behaviours that we all take for granted – things like compromise and ‘earning a living’ – are on the way out of our lives.

The majority of people are convinced that joining with others to keep death at bay is the most important thing we can do.  It can take many forms – save the planet, get the message out, get a job, cling to the family values, anything really that involves a sacrifice at the individual level for the betterment of others.

At the tribal or Splenic level of functioning your own well being can even be read as a threat to life, especially with the individual mutation energy connecting in.  Those who don’t serve the tribe threaten the existence of all and must go.

Haumea in the Gate of the Gentle (57), is showing us how we can get back into the mix without losing ourselves.   This is a dimensional shift in consciouseness to a new more complex layer of creation.  We have more to offer and it’s time to step into that larger sphere.  The death energy is serious and self important!  Creativity takes itself seriously at key points, but it’s playful and light and full of joy.   After all, it’s not life and death!  It’s joyful creation in each moment.

We don’t need to leap, it’s simply a case (as Gate 57 tells us) of gently moving forward one step at a time with our focus on what makes us feel more alive.

It’s time for us to step into a great flow.


Image:  Kathy Klein ~ http://www.danmala.com/




Gently Does It

human design transits



If you don’t feel like doing it, don’t.  Anything you can drop from your schedule just now is something you probably don’t need to be doing.  If you can let it slide, do.   We are in a gentle healing space, returning to our unique and natural vitality.

Take notice of the word gentle.  Mars and Pluto are together in the gentle gate of Joy.  This is a deep and transformative (Pluto) passion and desire (Mars) to take things easy.  Any anger is a sign of boundaries that have been breached for too long, and need repair.  Watch your anger, it’s a sign of something that needs your attention.

Mars and Pluto together indicate the need to gently surrender our personal will to the divine will.  This is a time to relax and trust the process of evolution to do it’s bit.

Venus, planet of gentleness and healing grace, is conjunct Saturn in a gate that’s all about taking it easy (28).  This is not a time to push, and definitely not a time to play the martyr.  The house is falling down because it’s unsustainable.  Something more flexible and …  well, gentle …  will take the place of rigid life structures.

The delightful Eros is in the Gate of Opposition (38), asking us to let go of fighting what we don’t want.  We can safely place our focus instead on what we do want.   Any blockages to vitality can take advantage of Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Heaven (1), turning our attention inwards to see where our actions are out of alignment with our true soul calling (Ji Centre).

Ground yourself fully into the moment, filling it with as much of your natural self as you possibly can.  We are awakening to abundance.


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Finding Our Fulcrum, Facing Our Demons



There’s a chance of some extreme, even neurotic, behaviour in the cosmic weather today, as Mars opposes Ceres.

Mars can be the guiding planet of the untamed toddler.  I want it and I want it now!  The planet of desires, passion and unthinking action, Mars finds himself head on with Mother today in the form of Ceres.  The great Mother Goddess, who grieves the loss of innocence and unmet creative opportunities, stands facing Mars and asks an important question – what is it you truly want in life?  

Mars is in the Gate of Treading (10), walking close to danger.  This is also the gate of the protective and provisionary father (as opposed to the greedy cold paternalistic father).  We have the capacity now to step out of our conditioned belief that we can’t have what we want.  Our desires are sacred, they represent our blueprint for what we want to create in our lives.  We need to connect with the tiger in our tank, to risk something, to take a chance of walking on the tigers tail and awakening it.   Apollo has just passed through this gate (10), moved onto Pluto and is now creating a channel with Saturn (in 38).  Apollo represents the opportunity to finally conquer our dark recurring demons.  This is the place where we believed we could never change.

Ceres is in the Gate of Extremes (15), finding the middle way.  We may swing between treating ourselves badly and treating ourselves well just now.  We are like a see saw, trying to locate our fulcrum.

Eros is conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Joy, a gentle calm energy that is filled to overflowing with vitality just now.  What roles and responsibilities can you put to rest because they were never truly yours anyway?  Where can you learn to play more and work less?

We may not be able to find our balance, but each time we pass the fulcrum point we can recognise it.  That felt good, that’s what I want more of in my life!  


Today’s Crossroads Leads to Kindness



What’s your story?  How do you interpret your world?  The Sun and Mercury line up today – 18th November – with the North Node today creating a profound point of choice and a call to embrace our most desired future.

Each one of us has inbuilt filters that help us create meaning in our life.  Makemake, a dwarf planet that orbits out past Pluto, is all about the story – which stories we tell ourselves and which ones we’ve learned  not to see.  He has an impact on what stars we choose to navigate by, which pathways we choose to take.

Today is a day for standing at the crossroads of our lives and contemplating our life story.

The gates that run from the Sacral to the Ji Centre (our belly to heart connection) represent the energy and vitality we commit to our soul’s journey.Today, as the Sun and Mercury both line up with the North Node, we find a new direction.  There is a beautiful nurturing, warm and loving energy available to us now, as we choose the ‘middle way’.


Restoring Humanity Through Kindness


Ceres in the Gate of Extremes (15) is helping us find the middle ground between haughty arrogance and self abnegation.  I saw the latest James Bond movie last night – Skyfall.  It really struck me as I watched the number of  people being killed and the amount of damage to property, all in the name of the greater good of course, how inhumanity can seem glamorous.  Is my mission really more important than your life?  When we find that middle path between our own needs and the needs of others, we restore humanity to everyone.

Ceres is joined by an astonishing line up of ‘nice’ planets.

  • Chariklo – healing assistant to Vesta, a gentle kind healer who can hold a space for the pain of others.
  • Amycus – a warm and loving centaur, slightly unconventional and with an appreciation for the beauty of life.
  • Okyrhoe – daughter of Chiron and a gentle affirming and supportive energy.
  • Iris – bringing hope that there is a solution, the rainbow messenger goddess who mitigates against hatred.

Chariklo, Amycus, Okyrhoe and Iris are all in the Gate of Waiting For Nourishment (gate 5) just now. This is THE “waiting” gate.  Hilary Barrett describes it like this:

You wait for what you need like a farmer waiting for the weather to change.  This is not a passive state.  You can dance for rain, influence events by bringing yourself into harmony with the outcome you need.  Feasting on what you have when you can’t cultivate your fields shows confidence, it keeps you rested and prepared for the moment when you can act.  When you are fully present in your waiting, your attention shines out like a beacon.  Commit yourself to go as far as you can towards what you’re waiting for, and you begin the transition into the world where it is real.  (Adapted from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching on Gate 5, Waiting).

Over on the other side of the Bodygraph, and still part of the belly to heart connection, dwarf planet Makemake is in the Gate of Pushing Upwards (46).   This gate represents a vigorous and active time, pushing forward one step after another towards the warmth and light.  With noble character, we build up the small things we need each day to help us attain our goals.

Joining Makemake, in the Gate of the Abyss ( gate 29) is the keeper of the crossroads, Hekate.  Crone, magician and revealer of life’s deepest mysteries, Hekate appears here in a gate of danger.  She tells use to stop digging ourselves deeper into our longest standing problems, and grasp the simple offers of support coming to us.  It’s not the whole solution, but each time we reach out our hand for help we choose a new way of life.

Makemake shows us where we have only seen half the story, and Hekate holds a space for us to hear the other person’s point of view so we can choose a wiser and more compassionate path.


Activating the Nodes Today


The Earth is exactly conjunct the South Node today.  They are in the Gate of  Holding Together (gate 8), which is also about accepting simple offers of support.  We are finding new fractal connections, even with those we’ve known for a long time. The heart opening of the current nodal activation is helping us see what we mean to each other, to find a more positive reflection.  There is a profound shift here – we are all in this together and warmth, love, kindness and gentleness are more nourishing than glamour and power.   Pluto in the gentle gate of Joy (youngest daughter in the I Ching, and the most gentle of the I Ching characters)  adds to the transformative power.

As the Sun lines up with the North Node today, and the Earth with the South Node, we stand at a destiny point.  This is a crossroads.  We stand ready to hold firm to the simplicity of a natural heart felt affinity towards those we love and care about, even over the external stories of greed and power.   This opens a dimensional doorway for humanity, as we find solutions that seemed impossible and implausible as we struggled on alone in the old story.

Mercury is all about bringing things to consciousness.  He is the messenger and one of the few who had open access to the underworld.  In Scorpio he’s quite a home, up to his usual tricks against the wealthy and powerful.   Today he joins with the Sun and the North Node to bring you and your life to a new place.  Your only mistake today would be to believe that you are stuck.  Hold a vision of where you want to be, and set out to explore.

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The Vestal Virgins and Relationships


The asteroid Vesta is bringing our focus to our own soul needs at the moment, and this may be putting a strain on relationships.

Vesta represents our need to focus on ourselves to the exclusion of all else.  People with strong Vesta’s in their chart tend to be passionate about a cause or their career.  Germaine Greer is a good example, with Vesta in 13  creating a channel with her Earth in 33.  When Vesta makes a contact in a composite (relationship) chart, we would tend to see a shared focus on career. It’s not really the place you want to look for a love interest.

So when Vesta wanders around the Throat Centre, as she is now, it doesn’t bode well for shared intimacy.  Except in one area, and that’s experimental or sacred sexuality.  Vesta is not a monogamous kind of girl.  She represents sexual repression (and we could include monogamy there perhaps) or sexual freedom at all costs.

In August this year Vesta was in Gate 35, the expression of sexual experimentation and I saw a reported increase in extra marital affairs and orgy or group sex activity. Most often however, Vesta will have us drawing back our energy into a more individually focused place.  A healthy Vesta will not compromise herself, and only operates from the sacred.

Vesta is currently in another Throat Gate – the Gate of Standstill – where Heaven and Earth move away from each other.

Nothing moves, nothing grows, communication doesn’t happen, everything is negated or blocked.  

If we are unable to be met at the level of the sacred self in relationship, we cannot move or grow.  If our intimate partner can’t or won’t communicate at that level then we are negated and our soul is blocked.  Who are you when your partner cannot see you?  What can you do when your relationship appears to hold no creative possibilities?  It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong.  There is no need to strive to overcome the situation, but simply to go about the everyday small details of your sacred self.  Focus on the quality of communication rather than the cleverness of words, of of using conversation to score points.  Be aware of any sense of sacrifice – are you sacrificing something that is no longer of value to you, or have you wandered into an old conditioned martyrdom where your sexual and creativity energy is stifled.

The Vestal Virgins were charged with connecting humanity to the Goddess, through two rituals – the vestal flame and sacred sexuality.  These represent creativity and sexuality – very Sacral themes.  Consider how your sacral energy feels just now, and where it may be blocked, especially be aware of anywhere you may have cut yourself off from beauty, making do with a thin and inadequate substitute.

Vesta is challenging us to sort through our lives and identify the soulful aspects of our relationships.  Another important asteroid, Pallas, is in the adjoining gate 22. Together they are telling us to reveal ourselves to express what is beautiful, pure and simple within us, to share it.  If we find it is not received then it may be time to release ourselves from that relationship and move on.  Regardless of how we are received, it’s time for us to realise that our honest presence and commitment are always enough.


Img:  “In the Temple of Vesta” by C. Hölscher, 1902  ~ commons.wikimedia.org


New Moon and Solar Eclipse November 2012



So here we are!  Rapidly approaching the much anticipated end of the Mayan Calendar.  Tomorrow we have a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse.  The Sun and Moon will be in Scorpio.  In Human Design, they are in the Ajna Centre, in the Gate of Breakthrough. Are you feeling dizzy?


New Moon Exact time: 13th Nov 22:08pm UT, US Pacific: 14:08pm, US Eastern: 17:08pm.  Australian EDST: Wed 14th Nov at 9:08am, NZ: Wed 14th 11.08am.  The Solar Eclipse is 3 minutes later. 


Mind Body Alignment


New Moon November 2012 Human Design TransitsIts clear from the chart that there are two distinct areas being activated by this New Moon – the mind and the body.

They both connect to the Nodes – the mental energy to the South Node (what we are leaving behind) and the physical energy to the North Node (what we are moving towards).  Together these two areas of activation represent a profound shift in our mind body connection.  We are moving away from a mental overview, the mind as master of reality.  We are replacing that way of being with something more gentle, more attuned to our own natural rhythms.

We are making a massive descent into our physical bodies.  After this we won’t be needing to keep that last resort – beam me up Scotty!  – at the ready.  Our bodies will be clear enough to be the temple of our souls.


Frequency Shifts


The Sun and Moon, in the mental gate of Breakthrough (43), are bringing us into alignment with new frequencies.  This is shifting our brain waves, opening us up to new ways of experiencing life.

There is a harmonic environment in which all biology on this planet is bathed.  Nick Anthony Fiorenza calls it the Grand Evolutionary Symphony.  Although we are constantly bathing in this cosmic symphony, our own personal frequency is influenced by what we are ‘tuned’ into.  Like a radio, we can be tuned to lower or higher vibrations.    When we are tuned into the lower vibrations we are trapped in survival, and in a herd mentality.  As we allow our inner ear to open to higher vibrations, we find that we become attuned to a natural cosmic geometry that frees us from fear and the desire to struggle.  We are, in a sense, held within the hand of the divine.

As this new space opens up within us we discover the heart of the cosmos – the meeting place of space and time, matter and energy. This is the true incarnation cross!  This is like a cracking open of the cosmic egg, a break in the space time continuum where we develop new relationships to the four pillars of our world – space, time, matter, energy.   This is the place from which heaven and earth emerged.

These frequencies not only affect our brain wave patterning, but our entire biological matrix.  This New Moon brings an opening to a new purer frequency.  It’s a mental and physical detox.

The mental projector Channel of Structuring is, I believe, representative of the Plank Level in quantum physics.  I will write more about this as the Emergent Human Design material continues to take shape.


Tempo and Harmony


Tempo is crucial here.  Like music, without the correct tempo, life loses it’s harmony and descends into incoherent noise.  With Ceres in the Gate of Humility (15), we are being drawn ever so gently into a new relationship with the universal harmonic.   This is a gate of cosmic timing, pulling us beyond our earthly cycles and into the stories of life itself, stretching over millions of years.


To support our greatest well being, and to make possible our evolution and spiritual awakening, we must allow ourselves (and our brainwave patterns) to breath in concert with mother Earth and with her natural cycles moment-to-moment. The Earth is a spherical receiver of cosmic energy (evolutionary intelligence) which directs our biological process and spiritual evolutionary unfoldment.

The Earth re-radiates the cosmic information it receives from its core outward in complex long-wave signals. We receive these signals via our spinal columns and cranial structures (a vertical antenna system). The cranial cavity, the capstone to this antenna captures this information and re-focuses it to the pineal gland, a neuro-endocrine transducer in the center of the brain, where it is then transmitted (via the hypothalamus) as signals that direct the pituitary gland, the master control center of the brain. These signals are further distributed via the rest of the neurological sytem.



For many years I have been waiting for the right time to explain how tempo is a key to enlightenment.  Human Design shows us the immense power of timing in our personal alignment to the flow of  universal creation.  When we speak and act at the right time, we create a more harmonic fractal.


In 2012, we are opening to a new sense of personal and planetary meaning and the mechanics of this shift is in our own response to life – in our personal tempo.  This tempo pervades our heart, mind and soul, but the primary information is held at the cellular level.  The complex interactions of our hormones, electrical impulses and chemical messages are at the core of our relationship with something greater than ourselves.  This New Moon is anchoring a new frequency, a more harmonic fractal within our cells.  As we release our addiction to owning, controlling and forcing events we can relax into this new way of being.

When you live in this place the details don’t matter.  Because in a harmonic fractal reality, all is hologram.  The shape of your life is reflected out endlessly.  When you are kind, your world is kind.  When you are relaxed, your world is relaxed.  There is a huge upside to this geometry.  Life becomes simple.  You don’t have to control anything, worry about things, hoard or even achieve.  You can simply be, at the centre of your own universe where everything … everything ..  has personal meaning and value.

This is the place we are now entering.

The Illusion of Trickle Down

One of the biggest issues we are facing on this planet right now is control of communal resources.  The meme of the 1% has entered our consciousness, largely through the Occupy Movement.  Like a greedy gobbling monster, the 1% will never find contentment, even as they destroy the planet in their fear fuelled greed.  Since Neptune entered the Gate of Abundance in February 2012, it’s become clear that this hoarding of money, resources, power and control is unsustainable.  And yet our entire culture is based on working at a job so we can own things.

That 1% is the part of us that is still holding on, out of fear that we will lose everything.

The Earth in the Gate of Splitting Apart (23) tugs at anything in our life that has become unsustainable.  The heavy falls away, the old dies.   Sitting at the top of the mountain hoarding piles of wealth is not a sustainable place to be, and this Gate speaks of the nature of moral decline that occurs when this instability endures for too long.

One of the images of the Gate of Splitting Apart is the landslide, where all the goodies locked up at the top of the mountain tumble down and act to stabilise the base.   After this, things become simpler, more meaningful.  And a new cycle of abundance begins.

The latest idea of the Occupy Movement is to create a Rolling Jubilee that will eliminate existing consumer debt.  It has the potential to strip away the legitimacy of debt.  We have to borrow large sums to have things that should belong to any member of the community by right – housing, education, childcare.  Debt can remove our choices, our freedom to respond to life.  This is not about socialism, but the privatisation of communal commons.  Read Charles Eisenstein for a full explanation.

On the New Moon, the Earth is conjunct Sedna in Gate 23.  Sedna tells us to let go, to drop down to our own deep self, to drown in our ocean.  She is particularly concerned with our notion of what roles we play – are we attached to being mother, wife, daughter, doctor, lawyer, carpenter?  How do we hold so tightly to our roles that something more true disappears from view?  When we succumb to Sedna we are stripped back to our bones.  From the decay arises new life.

On a personal level, what do you have too much of in your life that’s making you unbalanced?  What feels heavy and unsustainable, as if it will topple?  Where is there a possibility that you can simply allow something in your life to decay, and wait to see what seeds emerge?


A New Concept of Beauty


The Earth in the Gate of Splitting Apart tells us that lasting perfection is not as important as the cycling of life.  In a world addicted to youthful good looks and planned obsolescence, seeds still sprout from the rotting fruit rather than the freshly polished GMO modified perfectly red apple.  What happens when we can’t even see the life in the seed anymore?  Mostly we just throw them in the bin.  There’s something here about losing our belief in the potential to even begin.

See my last post about the influx of death energy and how we can use it to shift.

Venus is conjunct Haumea in the Gate of The Gentle (57).  Haumea is the powerful Hawaiian creator goddess who ensured that all her people took good care of themselves, each other and their home.  Haumea says that when we are exhausted, we turn to community to replenish ourselves. When we have no fear of our needs being met, we can stay with our natural rhythm, dipping deeply and being nourished.  When the communal resources are privatised we have to work for a living.  No time for rest unless we want to be homeless.

Venus and Haumea bring our attention to the normalising of  theft of our vitality.  Eros – vitality – is with Pluto in the Gate of Joy adding to this picture.  Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Power also speaks of drawing back our own energy and vitality.   We are not designed to struggle to survive, and the false story of lack is no longer compelling.

We are here to create beauty according to our own intuitive genius, and to do it slowly, gradually and with absolute respect, gratitude and love for the community and the global being.  Haumea brings the confidence to trust to our body and soul’s knowing.


Mother, Father and Child



As Madonna and Child pass over the Aries Point (in the Gate of Innocence, Gate 25), Cyllarus and Pan are in the Root Centre shifting our perspective on the value of the masculine.

Cyllarus is the warrior lost in battle, giving up his life for the needs of government.  With him is Pan, the randy old nature god.  They are in the Gate of Obstruction (39), meeting Neptune, Chiron and Snow White in the Gate of Abundance (55).

This is a channel that seeks emotional security.  There is pressure from the Root to express the whole range of emotions about what is lost.  And what is lost is immense – a space within the patriarchy for men to mature into, a meaningful life role, the need to step away from sacrifice as a way to prove masculinity, and a reconnection with nature, sexuality and joy.

There is an aspect of the feminine (Snow White) that is slumbering, lost in her grief at the non-action of the masculine.  (Also Hylonome and Juno in 26 – constantly releasing energy before something worthwhile has built up, demanding that everything looks good and ignoring the processes required to create, which kills off the feminine aspect).

This New Moon speaks of being prepared to sacrifice our lives on the basis of ideology (Gate 43 in the Ajna/mind).  We are removed – enculturated away from (Pan = Satan) – our life force energy, our flow of emotional responses, our natural abundance.

Venus in the Spleen speaks of the return of the divine feminine (also Eris in 42, Metis in 53; Madonna in 25 with Child).  This gives us a chance to rest and recuperate.  The masculine energy impulsing the Solar Plexus takes the chance to wait out the emotional wave, to wait for clarity.


The Prison of Ideas Unhinged


Our minds can enslave us with worry, anxiety, pressure.   But it’s just that we’re not doing it right!  When our minds work in concert with our bodies and our emotions they transform to something personal.  They anchor in reality.   Most people are unable to recognise that thoughts are different from reality and that thoughts require action.

Uranus is opposite Sisyphus, which means Sisyphus is creating a channel with Pluto, connecting him into the Venus/Haumea activation.

This is the echo of the machine, the Luddites reborn.  We are freeing ourselves from ideas implanted in our DNA that we have to make our energy available, even if it makes us miserable.  That there’s something wrong with us if we can’t fit the dominant paradigm.  The Occupy Movement’s Rolling Jubilee is a great example of turning our ideas on their head, challenging us to stop complaining and take action ……. on our own behalf …  as a community!   Here is the true power of the mind!

Uranus challenges us to maturity, to stop trying to gain brownie points for compliance, and instead to get very clear about what we want and what action we will take to achieve our desires.  Pandora in the Gate of the Creative and various activations to Eris in the Gate of Increase call to us ….  what we have been ashamed of, what we have worried about, suppressed and denied in ourselves …. these are our gifts to each other.  We are entering a new fractal and it will bring all the connections you need to thrive.


The New Moon is in the Gate of Breakthrough.  It’s a mental gate.  Mars in the Gate of Ideas (11) is conjunct the Galactic Centre, Uranus is in the Gate of Leading (17) – both mental gates.  This New Moon speaks to us of the way our minds operate.

The way we have been thinking is too small, too boxed in.  We are about to experience a monumental shift in how we think about things – in the way we think and what we think.  The things we have been afraid of have become so much less. We’ve grown up, are standing at the dawn of a spiritual maturity.   It’s not the decay that requires our attention now, but the seed.

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