Holding a Space for Your Amazing Frequency Shift

We are in the midst of a frequency shift.  Specifically it’s about shifting out of a dominator frequency and into one that has more individual freedom and more loving support.   It’s affecting our jobs, our relationships and our family dynamics. It’s bringing up survival fears and old survival scripts.  It’s fueling us with the … Read More »

New Moon March 2014

We are making a fundamental transformation, from going it alone to opening up to the thrill of relationship. It’s based on love and trust and a choice of true connection, rather than clinging together to survive.

Neptune in Gate 37

One major impact of Neptune’s time in Gate 37 will be the shift in consciousness that comes from projecting God/Goddess onto our parents, well into our adult lives. This shift in consciousness will also begin to infiltrate our government – another place where we are conditioned to project divinity.What happens when we draw back our own inspiration and ‘god ness’ from those figures who have been holding it on our behalf?

The Goddess Awakens .. and she’s you!

This week we are going WAY beyond everyday sexual energy, into our magnetic personal power, our capacity for vibrant health and our connection to our life path. This is a Goddess royal event, calling to your Sacral Centre to awaken to it’s true Goddess power.

Transitioning: A How To

Is it safe to be here on planet earth? Have you settled in yet? Or are you packed and thinking of going somewhere more comfortable? Instead of (consciously or unconsciously) wanting to leave, you could instead choose to learn this week’s immense lesson – the art of the powerful transition.

Divine Calling

What soul agreement did you make when you agreed to come here and be a part of these momentous times? What made it worth your while taking on such a dense vehicle – the human body and emotional system? What excited you enough that you said YES! when asked if you wanted to be a part of it all?

I believe

Sadness has always sent me into hiding, as if it was a taboo, something I am not allowed to share with the world. I decided to love my sadness, to create a new relationship with it.