A Quantum Leap In Consciousness This Week


Have you ever been on a rollercoaster?   I remember about ten years ago, feeling so much anticipation as I got in the queue at Movie World on the Gold Coast in Queensland for the Lethal Weapon ride.  As I got closer and closer the anticipation changed to fear … did I really want to be flung upside down while dangling ten stories in the air?

Life feels a bit like that now.  We’ve been excited about 2012,  all it’s possibilities and potentials for shift.  And now we’ve arrived at the head of the queue, we’re face to face with the reality.  The shift isn’t out there.  It’s inside each one of us.  And it calls for real courage and commitment.


Living The Dream


I had a dream last night that I was in a aeroplane – my anxiety dreams are always about flying, turning up late for my flight or forgetting my passport or ticket.  The plane was taxiing when I realised the door was still open. The pilot told me ‘that’s cool, just pull it shut‘ as we were hurtling up the runway.  Yeah sure!  Grappling with the door, I was feeling that this was not how I’d imagined the flight would be.  We’d prepared for something more sedate, more controlled … or more controllable at least!

But that’s not how this will run.  In quantum mechanical terms, this is a bifurcation point in the long history of life on this planet.  This is about life and death and creation, nothing less.


Life and Death and Creation


We’re entering into a period where we will come face to face with a more realistic concept of death.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, has been 3 years in the Gate of Joy in the Root Centre (58), teaching us that we can’t have life without death.  They form a partnership and if we hold tight to the idea of constant growth without a recognition of what we need to let go of , we end up with a huge mess.

As Venus moves into the Gate of Intuitive Clarity today, she joins the powerful dwarf planet Haumea.  On 12th November  Atropos moves into Gate 20 and Apollo is in Gate 10.  Together with Mercury in the Gate of Power (34), this completes the mutative power of the Integration channels, which trigger our evolutionary capacity to act always from self love.

The key here is Atropos at the Throat Centre in the Gate of Contemplation (20).

Atropos was one of the three Fates.  She was also known as Moirai or death.   The Fates were the daughters of Zeus and Nyx (Night).  They alone decided what would happen to humanity.  In astrology, the asteroid Atropos represents an inevitable ending that leads to a new beginning.

On the upcoming Full Moon and Solar Eclipse, Atropos will be in 20.6 which carries the energy of being unattached to the ebb and flow.  We have the ability to let go of what no longer serves us at the most sacred level of our being. We  understand  what we do on the inner plane is more powerful than any enforced activity in the outer world.  We have the power and conviction to do what we love in each moment of our lives.  Deeply immersed in this way of living we are able to let die anything which is complete, and embrace fully what is being born in each moment.


and the roller coaster ride?


I went on that roller coaster three times that day.  I didn’t enjoy the first ride at all.  I was absolutely terrified.   My brother-in-law asked me to go a second time.  While I was waiting .. again!  ..  in the queue,  I decided there was no point denying it was dangerous and I might well be flung free, high into the sky, plunging to my death.

I figured there was nothing I could do to prevent that happening, so I may as well relax and enjoy myself, so I just let go into the absolute exhilaration of the ride. I laughed with delight all the way!

Then my sister wanted me to go around again (just call me the roller coaster nanny)  and I even felt a tiny bit bored third time around.  Embracing my fear of death allowed me to shift the experience altogether.

That fear of a negative outcome, the fear of change, failure, suffering, lack and death permeates our entire culture.  It’s why we have television shows about Hoarders, and why we continue to cause massive damage to our planet by mining when we have free energy technology readily available.

There’s an unravelling coming over the next few days, and it’s important that we hold to what we know to be true.  In this way we are able to choose what to release and what to embrace as appropriate.


The Healthy Spleen Centre


The Venus activation to the Spleen Centre is central to this process.  When our Spleen Centre is activated we are able to make choices at the cellular level about what stays alive in our body and what will be destroyed by our white blood cells.   When those choices are healthy, the white blood cells have a positive detoxification and healing function.  When the Spleen is toxic, our senses and intuitive responses become unreliable.  We crave fatty or sugary foods, spend time with people who cause us harm, work at jobs that make us sick and tired.

Venus in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity conjunct Haumea brings a profound healing, a reconnection with our own unique truth, and with the natural cycles contained within the body of the Goddess.  This is the basis of our individual health and wellbeing and our global thriving.  Listen in very carefully between now and 14th November, you’ll find a pathway out of any longstanding and intractable issues that affect not only your health but your ability to stay centred in each moment of your wonderful life!   Trust your physical senses, your intuitive sense of what feels good, no matter how illogical.




Human Design Transit ChartRight now the Sun and Earth are creating channels with the Nodes.  This has shifted our concept of who we are, and where we are headed over the past 5 days.

By the time you read this post, the Sun and Earth will have shifted to the Channel of Structuring – 43/23, connecting the Ajna to the Throat Centre.  This is a channel that takes apart what we know and puts it back together again in a whole new way.  There is a need to allow things to fall apart before we can truly understand them.  Our vain attempts to hold things together have exhausted us, rendered us unwell, destroyed our intuitive connection with our bodies and the earth.  It’s time to let go.

The Sun and Earth are connecting not only to Uranus (innovative thinking) but also to Mars and Eros in the Gate of Ideas sitting right on the Galactic Centre (the cosmic holy grail of new ideas).

Atropos / Moirai, the Fate of Death, is in Gate 20, at the Throat Centre, bridging the mind body split.  Living truly in alignment with the power of your convictions brings a necessary release of what no longer serves.  I expect that we will all experience many completions over the next week.


An Outbreak of Gentle Kindness


For a few hours today the Moon will also be making a channel with Pluto, creating a pressure to shift out anything in our lives that disturbs our sense of calm contentment.  We don’t need to get stressed by the powerful creative energies coming our way.  There is an outbreak of gentle kindness, starting with how we live in our bodies, that heals our connection to the ancient Goddess energies.  There is a renewal of trust in death and rebirth, a reconnection with creation that feels really good, a balancing of yin and yang that brings clarity and calm.

This six hour Moon Pluto connection (Saturday 11th 11.11am till 8.40pm US Eastern)   is about breaking out of harsh rules for behaviour that imprison us in age old habits that may once have been necessary for survival but are now just cruel. 

Expect new insights that take you in unexpected directions.  Expect a major shift in the structure of your life – how you organise it, who you spend time with, what you do and when you do it.  Expect quantum leaps in consciousness that bring new and  more efficient solutions to your problems.

With Amycus meeting Ceres  (nurturing and gentleness), Astraea (kindness) coming into full view as precursor to the Golden Age returning, and Eros conjunct Mars (the courage to be warm and caring),  this is a chance for real gentleness to break out into the world.  And the potential for a huge shift in self love.



I am reviewing the pricing of my sessions and products.  I haven’t done this for nearly 5 years and it is long overdue.  I will introduce new prices on 1st January 2013. If you want to take advantage of the existing prices, please purchase products or book your session prior to that date.   ~  Blessings to our abundance ~ Kim

human torus

Recovering the Human Race



The unexpectedly quick and clear result in the US election last night took everyone by surprise.  Amidst the political analysis, the one thing that shone out for me was a comment about the shift in the grassroots demographic of the people of the USA.  One commentator pointed out that the election result came about because the majority of Americans don’t want divisiveness, they don’t want hatred.

Unfortunately the rabid edge of the Tea Party movement poisoned the more well meaning Republican agenda.   It’s why so many people in other countries had their fingers crossed for Obama.  This is not an Amercian export that I feel comfortable with and I’m glad it was put to bed.

We can find the reason for this grassroots shift in the asteroid Astraea, the Star Goddess.  In Greek Mythology she represents the return of the Golden Age.   She vowed to return when people were prepared to be kind to each other.  The Dalai Lama has Astraea conjunct Saturn in the Gate of Family (37).  Obama has Astraea in the Gate of Progress (35) with the politician Pallas conjunct Achilles in Gate 36 (what we bring from the darkness into the light).

Astraea is currently conjunct the North Node in the Gate of Great Possession (14) and will be conjunct the Sun on the Full Moon of 29th November.

We have some extraordinary times coming up.

Recovering Our Intuitive Clarity

human design transit chartOn 10th November, Venus moves into Gate 57, creating a channel with Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Power (34).

One of the aspects of this gate is the body’s fear based responses going into overdrive and creating paranoia.  When the pattern is perceived incorrectly the intuition is not reliable.   Venus is a planet of recovery.  Her transits represent the place where we are healing, rediscovering truth, beauty and connection with life.

Venus has been moving through the patterning gates – 18 and 48 – correcting our pattern of shared resources.  This will become a major theme in 2013 – how we share and who owns what.   The very concept of ownership will begin to take centre stage when Uranus moves into Gate 21 in April next year.

This Venus transit, active since 1st November, has created a subtle shift in our desire to share and would have affected attitudes to things like the health care debate.

At a deeper level, this Venus Mercury transit is part of the process of helping to detox our bodies at every level.  When our thoughts are unkind our emotions are unstable and our bodies are in chaos at the cellular level.  We simply can’t trust our intuition in a similar way to us being unable to trust our emotions in the moment.  Venus is helping us to find our intuitive clarity.   And along with Mercury, putting the brakes on our using our vitality without intuitive awareness, we will find our bodies becoming a much more hospitable home for our spirit over the next week.

Haumea is also in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57), Venus is currently passing over this slow moving Dwarf Planet and drawing out her wisdom of how we can all live together on this beautiful planet without the need to rush about destroying things.

Makemake in Gate 46 is assisting this process, revealing the stories that no longer serve us.  They’re mean and hurtful and they’re just not the truth!

Recovering Our Creative Intelligence

human design transit chartOn 11th November the Moon moves into the Gate of Correction.  Look at this extraordinary pathway!  Starting at Pluto in the Root (Gate of Joy), joining with the Moon in the Gate of Correction, this is a channel of challenging authority.  This channel is a gentle flow rather than a harsh revolution.  What needs correcting?  … now move on.  There’s no need to step out of joyfulness, as we find what needs to be repaired and then share it with others.

The beautiful TNO called 1992 QB1 is in the Gate of Beginnings (3).  She is a powerful force for change, showing us that there does not need to be struggle, strife and decay in order to move on.  We can simply look to the creative intelligence in each moment and move with it.  Of course this means we must learn more about the nature of death, how to release what is no longer viable, no longer relevant, and not see this as a catastrophic loss.

I’m doing a monthly webinar on The Planets in Human Design on 20th November.  One of the things I’ll be talking about is the evolutionary shift in the meaning of planets like Saturn.  Traditionally considered a ‘malefic’ influence, Saturn is shifting to become a builder of heaven on earth. He was after all the father of the golden age!

Saturn in the Gate of Great Exceeding (28), also in the Spleen Centre, is showing us how to be flexible, to adjust and flow with the moment so we don’t end up with life structures that are so rigid we live in fear of them toppling.  Again, we have this fear of loss, of change that we generally refer to as ‘death’, but is more truly an addiction to decay and a fear of life.

And then, of course we have the Sun and Earth meeting the Nodes and activating the Sacral to Ji to Throat!  This is changing our very understanding of who we are, individually and collectively.  It’s giving us the power to take back our own life force energy and use it for it’s true purpose rather than to keep the oppressive machinery of the economy ticking over as it slowly kills us all.

On 13th/14th November we have a New Moon and total solar eclipse in the Channel of Re-Structuring.   This activation brings up our fears of not knowing.  What will happen?  How can we understand it?  What if we can’t control it?   This a tipping point from an unbalanced intellectual approach to life.  When we talk we make a lot of noise.  When we don’t talk perhaps we can find something more.  Perhaps much of what we need to know isn’t even accessible at the intellectual level and talking simply obscures it. There are aspects of humanity trapped within the accepted intellectual constructs of reality and this New Moon will reveal them to us.

Mars is conjunct Eros on the Galactic Centre in this New Moon, in the Ajna Centre.  This is an explosive release of human life force energy into the galactic realm.  A passionate embrace of our honoured role as galactic humans.

We are Recovering Humans …  recovering humanity … returning.  Enjoy!


I’d like to send all my love to my wonderful friend Zeno Dickson who is unwell at the moment.

Zeno, you have been a rock for me in the hard times of holding to what I felt to be true about the Human Design System.  You are an angel.  I hope you recover your Projector vitality and return to teaching soon, and that life continues to bring you the best of everything.  You deserve it!  Blessings and hugs to you.      Zeno’s Blog


Hold Onto Your Hat



I’m going to call today as the turning point for humanity.  Interesting that it happens to be the day prior to the US Presidential election.

Why am I making such a bold prediction?  Partly, that’s what Gate 44 calls for, and the Sun is there right now.

The bold feminine energy, her power and knowing, step forth and topple the old reality.  And partly because it’s pretty clear from the transits that after today, things will never seem the same again.  Here we get a choice to keep shifting the deckchairs on the titanic, or to leap into the ocean and see if we can swim.

Science tells us that evolution proceeds in nice progressive steps, until the form and structure of what’s been created becomes unsupportable and then everything turns on a dime.  Shift happens, our genes respond and we wake up with eyes that see something entirely new and unexpected.

Here’s the Sun’s position today:

You meet the incoming energy – the subversive feminine power – with lowered horns.  You fear you cannot possibly live with this power and go to extremes to prevent it overturning everything, trying to wrestle it into submission, to take back control and ensure that any relationship proceeds only on your own terms.  This is not a very adequate response.  

And here’s the Earth’s position:

You try to return, but you are lost.  The time for return is gone.  It’s time now for a completely different path and no amount of energy expended can possibly turn what is past into a prediction of what is to come.  If you try to recapture the irretrievable, you will be like the ruler who leads his country into disastrous wars, crippling its powers of regeneration for years to come. 

And Saturn:

There is too much to bear alone.  The ridgepole collapses because of a lack of support.  

hold onto your hat!

In a few hours from now the Sun will shift into the Gate of Creative Force (1) – the very basis of yang creative energy.  And the Earth will shift into the Gate of Receptivity (2) – the very basis of yin creative energy.   This is exactly as it should be.  Sun is yang and Earth is yin in the I Ching cosmology.

The Sun will create a channel with the South Node and the Earth will create a channel with the North Node.  We have the energy and spirit (Sun) to leave the past behind (South Node) and be receptive (Earth) to our future (North Node).

At the same time, Mars will shift into the Gate of Flow (11), joining Eros who represents our joie de vivre, the exaltation of the spirit of life.  Gate 11 is about heaven (yang/Sun) coming together with earth (yin/earth).

This is also the Gate where we find the Galactic Centre, the place where we are impulsed by new ideas and the central point around which our entire galaxy orbits. It is, in a very true sense, our cosmic mother.  The whole 2012 Mayan Calendar thing is about our relationship to the Galactic Centre, so this is highly significant, a precursor.

Mercury continues it’s retrograde journey through the gate of unaware (mechanical) energy, asking us to think twice before we commit our vitality to anything. Does it serve the purposes of heaven and earth?

There is a powerful amount of energy available just now, but Jupiter retrograde in the Gate of Progress (conjunct Chaos) and Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Power will not allow it to flow without awareness – emotional and/or sacral.

Hold onto your hats, the winds of change are blowing, and this week will show us something about life and it’s capacity for evolution that will rock our world.  Perhaps the greater mass of people won’t notice it just yet, but we can feel it and live it.

human design transit chart








5th November 3am UT



Awakening week’s transits are a powerful call back to the humility of understanding the value of the moment, and to embracing the dark and powerful aspects of the feminine.

There’s a lot of energy around greed, loss and lack just now.  How have we become so arrogant that we believe we can live apart from what sustains us – the earth, the cosmos?  How has our false projected reality taken hold so strongly in the consciousness of humanity that it has overridden our true needs?  Love, happiness, beauty, connection, nurturing and nourishment.

We are learning not to allow the projection of our ego to create a false future reality that we then must forever strive to achieve.

One important aspect that is birthing between now and the 2012 solstice is the return of our ability to see the subtle creative powers of the feminine. We are so out of balance, living as we do in a world that sees the masculine as the sole creator.  The feminine – the virgin Mary and the divine Magdalene- have been, to coin a phrase/word ’emasculated’.   Perhaps we can create a new word – efeminated?

About two years ago I sat in a cafe and wrote a whole pile of notes on napkins.  I had to keep calling the lovely waiter to bring me more.  The basis of the notes was ‘what they stole from us’, the lie of the holy trinity.   Ironically, this lie is a response to an even earlier misrepresentation.  The uber matriarchy that annually killed off the ‘king’ and replaced him.  The only creative gift of the masculine was sexual pleasure and his ritual blood sprinkled on the fields.

And now, we come together and realise, it takes two to tango.  Our rhythm is entirely off kilter, our cells scream out with pain at the incoherent patterning we are attempting to live in, our emotions rage up and sink down in an attempt to make sense of the nonsensical.


Restoring Humanity

On the 2012 solstice transits, Magdalena and Child are together on the Aries Point.  This reflects the ancient mythology of Isis and Osirus, echoing down through the ages.  In removing the interference of the old savage matriarchal ritual of killing off the old king, we are changing the underlying energy of the natural order.  There is a balancing process of appreciating the true creative power of the masculine, rather than glorifying it’s bloody substitutes.

Magdalena, the divine feminine as equal creative partner, is about to remove her cloak of invisibility and the new child is a product of both female and male creating in concert.

This is an intensely personal project, as we are called to give up our addiction to willful egotism, to cease taking action as a way of avoiding  the things that we don’t want to know.

There is another powerful portent in the lead up to the 2012 solstice.  Astraea, Star Goddess, is conjunct the Sun on the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of 29th November. Astraea is a clear symbol of the return of the golden age, and urges us to bestow kindness on each other.  In Gate 9, she calls us to gentleness, to a sense of delight in moving with the subtle flow.

Sisyphus connects us to the Spleen on this Full Moon/Eclipse, suggesting that we go deeper than the machine like consciousness that has pervaded our culture.  Externally imposed time and all those ‘shoulds’ are beginning to dissolve.

There is a sense of humanity returning to it’s more ‘humane’ senses in all of this.

What’s Happening Now?

This week we have a powerful combination of channels that is activating the Pluto Uranus square and more.  It’s like a superbug, but good!  And as it’s connecting the Heart Centre (ego and willpower) to the Spleen Centre (being in our bodies), it is feeling pretty good to me, and packed with the opportunity to revision our past and shift the trajectory of our future.

Human Design Transit ChartVenus and Pluto connect the Spleen to the Root Centre  – When Venus (in 18) and Pluto (in 58) get together we can be sure there will be some transformation of our notion of the feminine.  Venus has the huge task of representing all aspects of the feminine in the Human Design chart – from the click clack of stiletto heels on a city pavement to a mother stirring grains over a fire in an African village.   It’s a big ask of one planet!

Venus is in the Gate of Correction (18).  This is a major activator of the relationship between Uranus and Pluto that is driving much of the current global change.  Venus is telling us to go to places we’ve avoided – places in the feminine that have not been visited for a long time, that have become ruined, decaying, corrupted.  We have to go deep into the idea of the dark and powerful goddess, to find what she is capable of, both good and evil.

I did a quick scan of the front page of Huffington Post to see if there are any particular women’s issues in the news just now and found ….  no women.  Oh, except for an article on sex kittens and the deceased ‘celebrity’ Anna Nicole Smith.  And there was that article about Kim Kardashian visiting a rifle range.  There’s nothing better than sexy women with guns apparently.   I decided not to click the link to look at Kim’s 32 hottest moments.

These planets are releasing a new zest for life and the energy to seek a better way.  When we can hold to the moment and grasp where it’s value lies for us, we are in a state of continual creation.  We can allow the moments to be free from premature expectation, presuming on them, as we do, to provide us with a better future.  This illusion just created never ending ego fuelled work, and we are leaving it behind.  What wonderful resources have we been passing over in our insane attempts to assure our own security?

Mars and the Sun connect the Spleen to the Heart Centre – represents a huge renewal of our vital energy as we pull back from a belief that there is something wrong with us.  If we are not having to be continually correcting ourselves, what else could we be doing with all that energy?

The Sun is in Gate 44, about meeting with others, encountering people and then moving on.  There’s a natural synergy that arises when this energy flows freely without interference.   Mostly it doesn’t, and we are so accustomed to spending time with others when it doesn’t feel right that we ignore our natural instinct.

This is one of the I Ching hexagrams that carry a warning about the feminine breaking through (the other is Gate 23).  A bold energy, this gate 44 feminine, threatening to topple the established order.  Beware!  I Ching scholar, Dr Margaret Pearson, tells us that the lost meaning of the symbolism here shows a royal bride giving birth.  Instead, it’s generally interpreted as a man being threatened by a powerful woman.  Do not marry this woman! we are warned.

It’s a nice echo of the Magdalena and Child passing over the Aries Point later this month.  Invisible royal feminine indeed!

There’s such a healing energy in Mars in Gate 26 at the Heart Centre.  The return of this powerful royal feminine with divine equality in the creation stakes makes it possible for us to let go of the little boy, the immature masculine that needs to rush off to battle at every available opportunity.  We can cease living in a world of constant threat of dissolution, holding tight to our own puny activity as the only way to feel safe, to feel that we have beauty in our lives.

The brittle ego protection that reacts before checking in with inner awareness is at risk here!  This Mars / Sun activation is helping us feel safe and calm enough to wait out the storm of fear and anxiety,  to know that we have the power to arrive safely on the other side where we will have a more realistic understanding of what is really happening.

Humility ~ Ceres and Mercury

Ceres is currently retrograde in the Gate of Humility (15) at the Ji Centre.  There is a synergy here with Saturn in the Gate of Being Overloaded (28) and Mercury in the Gate of Power (that loves to bully our bodies into doing without awareness, Gate 34).

Together these three are revealing our neurotic and largely unconscious extremities, the places where we keep pushing, loading up more and more difficulties while all the while complaining that we’ve just had enough!  They carry the potential for us to have the humility to stop, to listen to the quiet inner voices, to seek solace in space and time rather than trying to fill every gap with activity.

The Moon in 39 will activate Neptune, Snow White and Chiron today.  Interesting, as whenever Snow White gets activated I find there’s an underlying theme of spitting out the poison!  The evil stepmother assures us that it’s a delightful treat, but we need to have our wits about us and trust our intuition!  This is a wake up call, or I could describe it as a call to awakening!  Neptune can lull us into an addiction to glamour, but Venus in the Gate of Correction has Pluto on her side today – this is not a fashion issue but the question of the survival of our species.  It’s time we trusted ourselves to know what is real, and to be prepared to stand completely alone and unloved by others if necessary – even to have to do without the luxuries of modern day life –  in order to connect with true beauty and power.








Full Moon ~ October 2012



Full Moon October 2012 - Human Design ChartFull Moon in Gate 27.6 ~ 6 Taurus ~ 29th October 2012 at 19:49UT

It’s time we all had a close look at how we create our own individual eco-system.  Today’s Full Moon brings our attention to what we are choosing to nourish ourselves with.  What we take into our lives.  What we become as a result.

This Full Moon reveals where we are feeding our own victim consciousness, rather than stepping into our own power.  This process keeps alive the forces of decay, of decline. It cuts us off from life, from true growth, from evolution.

Imagine, as we begin to apply our vital energy to what is truly alive within us, what will be released into the world!


What We Hunger For


The Moon will be in the Gate of Nourishment ~  Gate 27.

Line 6 says we are now capable of choosing to do what’s best for the highest good.  It’s about making our personal energy available to the divine will.

The Sun will be in the Gate of Great Exceeding ~ Gate 28.  It tells us that we can wade into this new flow of energy, but we are likely to drown if we are not tuning into the feel of life – particularly in our physical body.

This is about shifting our concept of what we hunger for.  This is not selfishness, not greed, not self interest.  It’s knowing instinctively when life calls our energy out, and experiencing that as a source of true nourishment at the personal level.  Can you feel life right down at the cellular level?

We all hunger for life and life hungers for growth.  This Full Moon is a portal into a new dimension, via a bifurcation point where life and evolution takes one path, death and decay the other.  This is not a once off invitation only event, but a point in time to set our intentions and tune into what feels right.  Remember, we are only at the beginning and yes, you are doing it right!  It just doesn’t feel so great for all of us quite yet!


Divine What?


Since 2009, the channel between the Spleen Centre and the Heart Centre has been home to a range of planets that have been quietly cleansing our personal will and tuning it up to divine will.

On this Full Moon we have:

Gate 44 – Klotho, Industria, Pandora, Poseidon, Deucalion and Ceto.  This is a lot of busy busy energy trying busily to avoid drowning in the apparent horrors of our own subconscious.  Gate 44 is a wonderful gate, known always to me by the classic hexagram 44 warning – the woman is bold, do not marry this woman!  Pandora was the Earth Goddess of Abundance, and she’s trying to come up for a breathe, but we keep busy (did I mention that already) and keep pushing her down again.  A bold woman, trying to get her head above water!

Gate 26 – Diana, Pholus, Ixion, Hylonome, Cupido.  When we actually let go of our own childish need to believe in our own omnipotence, we discover something quite interesting.

In particular, look at the meaning of Cupido:


This is about fertile abundance of creative effort shared in the harvesting of it.   There is the understanding that what is given to one does not diminish, but increases what is shared with others.   (

We don’t have to do much at all to create magic.  The huge efforts we had to make as a child to try to have our needs met created an illusion of struggle and effort.  Being forced to share has stripped a lot of us of the feeling for that natural flow of beneficial will, creating instead a sense of lack.

Those old heroics make us less rather than more safe and secure in the world.  I’m watching the gift of some crucial public space in Sydney to a local billionaire on the grounds that he will save our financial future by building a VIP casino there for wealthy Asian high rollers.  We don’t need billions, or at least we only need them when we are trying to make heroic efforts to save ourselves from …. what?  Our dreams?  When we hold our energy intact until the right moment to release it in small amounts, we find a fractal truth that is constantly bringing abundance.

This channel will be activated by major planets a number of times between now and the culmination of 2012, so expect this issue to rise up to mass consciousness.

If you feel exhausted, unbalanced, as if you can’t hold onto the old structures of your life any longer, you’re probably right.  It’s time to cull what isn’t supporting the life in your life.  It’s time to invest your life force energy more consciously, and to trust in your intuitive knowing of what amount of investment is required.  It’s time to tread more gently, slowly, carefully.  It’s time to let go of trying to save the world, and instead to learn to live fully in the world.



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Homing In ~ A Very Special PlayGroup



I’m so excited to invite you to join in this very special Love Your Design playgroup.

Based on the work of Carolyn Jayne in visual journaling, we’ll be exploring the links between your Human Design and tales from the life changing book Women Who Run With The Wolves.  

The first PlayGroup will be based on the tale Soulskin, Sealskin, Homing in:  Returning to OneSelf.

Carolyn and I will guide you in connecting the profound truths of the Soulskin tale with your own personal Human Design.   You will receive a copy of your Human Design chart when you enrol in the PlayGroup, along with a list of the ten most significant asteroids in your design.  During the PlayGroup both Kim and Carolyn will be helping you explore the mythologies of the asteroids, the meanings of the Human Design gates and the archetypes of the Soulskin tale.

We’ll be using the visual journalling process to tease out the silver threads of meaning that run through your life.

Visual Journaling is a technique that opens the door for multi-dimensional healing, growth and transformation.  By using a very ordinary blank journal, you will INVITE your inner child/artist/creative genius to PLAY with (and indeed make “real”) that which was once reserved just for your “imagination”.  The essence and application of our own unique CREATIVITY is the very same energy that fuels our most precious passions and has the POWER to make our “make -believes”…come true!!


Believe it or not- all you need to begin with is some markers, crayons, glue and scissors..and a little bit of courage.  Exploring yourself through YOUR visual journal -through myth and images- through color, shape, and form- is but another avenue to discovering who you really are and how to live “home” in your own perfect unique DESIGN.

Some of the motifs we’ll be journalling on are  the spirit child, breathing underwater and hearing the call of the old one.   You don’t need any artistic talent to do this class!  And you need only minimal knowledge about the Human Design System. 


Suggested Art Supplies


  • Crayola markers , crayons , an 9×12 blank journal ( need not be expensive )
  • Elmer’s glue , scissors
  • All materials can be found at any pharmacy – dollar store-

Watercolor paints , oil pastels , sharpies, stickers and glitter glue !!! 🙂


Suggested Books

If you don’t have one, we recommend you beg, buy or borrow a copy of Clarrisa Pinkola Estes book Women Who Run With the Wolves.

It would also be very useful to have these books:

  • Richard Rudd’s Genekeys
  • Hilary Barretts I Ching
  • Julia Cameron’s Vein of Gold

When you enrol, you will be provided with a copy of your Human Design chart and a list of the main asteroids influencing your design.

Carolyn Jayne, M.A.

Carolyn is a Holistic Counselor , Artist, Guide and accidental Elementary School Integrated- Art Teacher.  She has been facilitating visual journaling seminars and workshops for the past 15 years.

Employing  inner archetypal motifs, Carolyn assists others in understanding their unique Self.  Over the past year, she has woven the rich resources of the Human Design Chart into her visual journalling program.

As an emotional projector with a defined Root Center, she guides others in SEEING their unique Design through their OWN creative expressions.  Carolyn guides, encourages and inspires CREATIVE expressions of inner processes- thereby ACTIVATING core design principles.


This is a four week online course.  It  will be held in an online community space with video conferencing, filesharing, chat and messaging facilities.  It starts on Tuesday 27th November  6pm US Eastern Time, 4pm US Pacific Time.  In Australia, its Wednesday 28th November at 11am.

Check the date and time at your place. The cost is $120AUD.

To enrol and secure your place for this special event, click the paypal button.

Annett Bank Yellow Dancer

Learning to Dance with the Creative Powers



There’s an explosion of creative energy available to us just now.  And we’re hanging back, possibly even feeling depressed or anxious about the lack of movement.  Why?  There’s a few reasons.  Firstly, we may not trust what’s coming to us.  Second, we may not even see it.  Third it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Human Design transit chart

The Moon is passing over Mercury today, bringing something new to consciousness.  Here’s what the I Ching says about it:




[box]Creative force is the absolute power of heaven, that moves the stars in their courses and makes the seasons turn.  A noble one (that’s you!) finds this creative force is within her, as close as her own breath.  It does not pause and rest and nor does she.

Hilary Barrett’s I Ching[/box]


Which is all very well, but we’re not accustomed to flowing with such an amount of creative power.  And we shouldn’t mistake the flow of this energy as being anything like our old ideas of busyness.   We are stretching our wings, feeling the breeze under them, considering vast possibilities.

At this stage there is no need to manifest creation.  It’s the first dance and we’re all just getting to know each other.  How does it feel?  What adjustments can you make?


Annett Bank Yellow Dancer


The reason we’re not feeling so comfortable is that the Earth is making out with Eris just now.  Eris is not the easiest of girls to snuggle up to.  She’s a bit cross at having been left out of things.  So there’s this sort of cranky energy that wants to hold things back till it’s sure you’re not going to leave it behind.

We’ve got some choices to make about our direction in life.  Eris asks the question – who is the most fair?  Are we seeking beauty, love, career?  There’s a new level of responsibility and artistry here in how we create our own lives.

Eris and the Earth are in Gate 42.  This is a place where we can feel our growth is stifled, or distrust that it will ever lead to anything worthwhile.  It’s a fear that if things get good, they could get bad again, so maybe it’s better the devil we know. But this is a bifurcation point for us.  Our very ideas about what’s good and bad are shifting as we move deeper into our understanding of the process of co-creation.

How can anything truly be good, if deep down, something in us is being left out of the story?  There’s the key for this week – don’t blame others for what’s not working in your life just now.  Look at the story of your life to see if you’ve overlooked something that’s deeply important when you’ve put together the mix that led you to here.


Learn more about the Earth in Human Design


How Susan Got Her Wires Crossed – Awareness in Human Design



When I met Susan she couldn’t make sense of her life. So we had a look at her design, and we also had a look at the designs of her parents.

Susan had grown up with parents who were designed to make decisions from their instinct (Spleen Centre). Both Susan’s parents knew in the moment what was right or wrong for them. When they were asked “tea or coffee?” they knew the answer immediately.

Susan’s parents were designed to live life by making one decision after another – IN THE MOMENT.

Susan, however, was designed to make her decisions over time by waiting for emotional clarity. Asking Susan to make an immediate choice was stressful for her. She simply didn’t know. For Susan there was no truth in the moment, she was designed to wait and gradually the truth would come to her. Even a simple choice like “tea or coffee” took Susan a few moments.

Susan’s parents expected her to be just like them and be able to give immediate answers to their questions. They were impatient with her confusion and she learnt to cover it up by making decisions without really knowing if they were right for her or not.

As she got older, making one wrong decision after another, Susan gradually grew apart from her true self. And because she couldn’t easily access her own inner wisdom, she began to look around her to find out what others were doing and copying them. As in “Well it works for them, so if I do it just like them maybe it will work for me.” Of course the only problem with that approach is that it’s completely wrong! As we learnt in Module 1, we are not generic. Just because it works for me does not mean it will work for you!

Many people have the opposite problem to Susan’s. They are designed to make decisions in the moment, but had parents who, out of the very best intentions, taught them to wait and consider things carefully. As children they gradually lost touch with their original intuitive response and ended up making (usually bad) decisions from their head. They were conditioned to believe that the strong gut feelings they were naturally designed to rely on weren’t trustworthy, and they stopped listening.

CrossedWires3There are many of us on the planet now, living like this, making decision after decision without having any idea if it’s the right choice for us or not. We create our lives through our daily choices. No wonder that sometimes our lives don’t make sense to us! When Susan discovered that she needed time to make decisions, she was so relieved. Then she was able to make some changes to how she lived her life. She stopped expecting that she should immediately know what felt good or bad. She started telling people she’d “think” about it and ring them back. She stopped feeling guilty when she couldn’t make a decision straight away.

In other words, Susan started making choices in alignment with her true self, and she gradually began to live the life she was designed to live.

Simple shifts in perception can profoundly change our lives.


More Articles



The Value of Soulful Disruption


Mars is about to go into total disrupt mode.   So much of our culture operates superficially, based on what’s immediately obvious.  This week, Mars takes us on a journey into a land of first causes.  Joining with the Sun in what some know as the Channel of Power, for the next five days Mars brings us the power to tune into our most intuitive self.  Regardless of external circumstances, our internal compass will be attuned to due north!

 Pattern Disruptors

Human Design Transit ChartWhile Pluto and Uranus continue to act as potent global pattern disrupters, Mars and the Sun align us to our own inner truth.

Mars in the Sacral meets the Sun in the Spleen Centre, connecting two powerful centres of inner guidance – our gut instinct and our intuitive knowing.  This is a self interested energy, it’s all about what’s good for you.  

Mars in Gate 34 is all about power and how we use it.  Do we attempt to bully our bodies into doing things they don’t feel good about?  Are we pushing things along faster than their natural flow, and cutting off possibilities?  Do we get frustrated when others don’t do things our way?

The Sun in is in Gate 57, the most intuitive field in the Human Design chart.  However, it’s intuition is only as true as the underlying survival beliefs, and this week’s transits may bring up some strange ideas you’ve been storing away.

Be alert to the possibility that you are absolutely convinced that something is right, when it’s absolutely not!  This is not an objective energy, although it feels that way.  That’s because it’s designed for introspection.  It tells you everything about yourself and is entirely unreliable when applied to the lives of others.

I expect this transit configuration to shine a bright light on how we create struggle and overwhelm in our lives.  Mercury is in Gate 28 – the Gate of Struggle- where we pile too much into our lives and things get unbalanced.  This is the second most intuitive field in the chart, so our inner knowing will be very, very strong!

As we progress through the next five days, Mercury, Venus and the Moon are perfectly placed to allow us to release some very old ballast.   It’s likely that there’ll be exhaustion, sore throats, frustration and a focus on what to do about bullying at all levels.  Expect to have the potential to let go of old conditioned agendas and find the power to tune joyfully into what’s right for you!


 What’s Happening to the Throat Chakra?

You can see that the Sun/Mars connection doesn’t make it up to the Throat Centre for expression. But if we look at the minor planets, we find that the Centaur Asbolus is currently in Gate 20, creating an expressive bridge from the Sacral and Spleen to the Throat.  If you want a summary of what this transit is about, go no further than the meaning of  Asbolus.

[box]Positive – intrepid, courageous, leading the charge, motivated to reach the top, intuitive, wise, common sense insightful, solid advice.

Negative – lack of sensibility, blind action, failing to follow instincts, intuitions, omens or sensors, easily intoxicated, unable to receive advice from self or others.[/box]

Notice – “blind action” – a perfect description of Mars in Gate 34.   And this – failing to follow instincts – what happens when we take blind action without taking time to listen to inner guidance.  On the positive side we have courage, intuition, common sense and the ability to give sound and wise advice when it’s requested.

We are such a throat driven culture.  If it looks good on the surface, it’s fine.  Think Monsanto’s vision for food, that apple that’s rosy red but has no flavour.  You’ve probably had experiences where you are picking up all sorts of complex information and others seem oblivious.  Not only are people shut down on their own intuition, the rush of modern life prevents people having time to tune it even if they could!

When we take time to connect with our intuitive selves (and this week that’s powerfully rooted in our body intelligence), we step out of the prison of superficiality that his approach to life creates.  This is r-evolutionary because it frees you from control,  allows you to sidestep the bullying that comes from the overwhelming crush of advertising, making a living, keeping up with fashion, etc.

The intelligence of our own physical bodies may be the most subversive tool we have at our disposal!


The Sun will pass directly over dwarf planet Haumea on 10th and 11th October, in Gate 57.5.   Haumea seeks to bring individuals into community by showing that we all share this planet and it’s resources.  When we give up our own egotistical headstrong ways, and align with divine will, our own best interests naturally align with those of everyone and everything.

She also tends to timeshifting, more on that later!


[box]There comes a moment when you gain valuable understanding and this enables you to bring about positive change.  The origins of the situation have been hidden away but now there can be real achievement, where you are able to penetrate to the core of the matter, bring out what is valueable and discard the useless chaff.

Where previously you were feeling your way, now things are clear. Taken slowly and looking carefully at the context, there is a real opportunity here to change everything for the better.

adapted from Hilary Barret I Ching  (see link on the sidebar), Hexagram 57 line 5.



Mars is the warrior energy within each of us.  He brings the courage to rediscover and strengthen previously wobbly personal boundaries.  Our very vitality has been colonised, and the next 5 days gives you an opportunity to reclaim something your soul thought you’d given up forever.


Grand Water Trine ~ October 2012

Human Design transit chart


The Moon is about to pass over Ceres, and in the process it will activate a Grand Water Trine involving Ceres, Neptune,  Mercury and Saturn.

Where we find Mercury, we find an increase in consciousness.  Ideas that have eluded us suddenly become clear as the light of day.  The tricks we’ve been playing on ourselves are revealed as sleight of hand.

Mercury is sharing a gate with Saturn just now.  It’s a gate about changes in our social fabric that bring a higher order of caring for each other.   It’s the Gate of The Ting, Gate 50 in the Spleen Centre.

Luckily for us Pandora has turned up to grace us with her presence in this gate at just the right moment. Pandora is opening that box filled to the brim with her natural abundance, no longer convinced that she will damage the world irreparably if she dares peer beneath the lid.   What we have believed is wrong in us is becoming oh so right!

What’s a culture worth if it isn’t based on the health and wellbeing of it’s people?  What false stories keep us locked into a world of false lack?  What have we been convinced to suppress for the apparent reason of greater good?

Neptune is also known to have a few tricks up his sleeve, notably the ability to seduce us with the apparent nobility of self sacrifice.  As children we learn to hold ourselves in so as not to threaten our family with our omnipotent infantile power.  Or so it seems.  As we grow and mature we are loath to overtake our parents as mature adults.  We’ve learnt our lesson that the threat is real.

This Grand Trine is removing that coding from our DNA, allowing each one of us to step into our spiritual maturity and contribute to a society worthy of our best intentions. Neptune asks you to hold a vision for earthly transformation that includes an understanding of your own visionary capacity.

In partnership with Snow White, Neptune is dismantling our fear of the daughter.  She’s beautiful, she’s potent, she holds the keys to the dimensional portal of growth.  In fact she holds the secrets to our very survival.  (And don’t forget that Salacia, the young woman who is Neptune’s unwilling bride,  is creating a connection between Jupiter and Neptune just now. )  In Gate 55, Neptune lets us know that endings are okay.  In fact, they form an essential aspect of life.  When we get to the end of something it’s not so much a death as a transformation.

Not surprisingly, the mythology of Ceres is also centered on the daughter.  (Daughter Persephone in Gate 46 is square Ceres just now, showing a difficult relationship between mother and daughter.)  Ceres is in the Gate of Humility, Gate 15 in the Ji Centre.  This gate tells us that false humility is inauthentic.  We need to have the courage to release our ‘daughter’s creativity’ into the world, not matter how strong our feeling to hold it close and protect it!

It’s not just the daughter who’s sacrifice is being put to the test of reality in this Grand Water Trine.

Cyllarus is in Gate 39, creating a channel with Neptune.  Cyllarus is the warrior, needlessly sacrificed in battle.  Cyllarus is the lost masculine energy in the chart.  This centaur shows where we hold our active principle back from the world, afraid that it will be put to the purposes of others and lost to no good effect.   If our best masculine energy is put to war, what are we to create with?    How are our effects to create being eaten up by battling false threats and defensiveness against loss?

This Grand Trine is a potent point of shift, bringing together many disparate energies.  Saturn in Scorpio asks us to be open to new interpretations, to allow the unthinkable, the unknowable, the dispossessed and overpowered ideas to surface and become part of our sustenance once more.   Ceres brings grief in the loss of what’s passing and new alchemical gifts to learn.   Neptune is literally lifting a veil from the dimensional doorway that has been cloaked in loss, revealing an abundance undreamed of.


Correcting for Joy



Human Design Transit ChartToday the Sun begins a five day connection with Pluto.  During this five days the Full Moon occurs conjunct Uranus.  Expect change.  Expect it to be an alchemical process that changes you and  your world!

This activation brings up experiences of critisism or rejection of the core self.  Be gentle, and recognise that it’s your ego that’s smarting from the blow, and not your soul.  Your core self is perfectly intact and leading you through the process of change.

Pluto is a powerful evolutionary impulse.  There really is no escaping him. This is the planet that invites us to our own underworld for a play date to explore our unconscious motivations, intentions, desires and soul needs.  The amount of openness we bring to the table will have a profound effect on how we experience the next few days.

But Pluto is master of the art of slow.  And the Uranus Pluto square continues till 2015.  These next 5 days are just one chapter in the story.

According to Jeff Green, when Pluto connects with the Sun there is an increased need to find our special purpose in life, to take control of our destiny and shape it through the power of our own will.      Part of this process is learning about our own limits, coming face to face with our own fantasies of ominpotence.  One of those limits is that, even though we may grasp something luminous this week, we have to accept Pluto’s slow and steady progress.  We can’t have it all now.

Pluto often raises the spectre of domination by our parents and other authority figures. This is a theme writ large this week, as:

  • The asteroid Child is conjunct Uranus in Gate 17.6 – the wound of having our unique individual nature suppressed.  Try making a small offering to the flow of life rather than allow yourself to be tightly bound by other’s opinions.
  • The Moon passes over Chiron in the Gate of Family (37) on 27th September at 16.30pm UT – creating new healthier internal boundaries to protect us from what is harmful.
  • Makemake plays into this theme as well, with Venus moving into Gate 29 on 28th September, creating a channel with Makemake in Gate 46.1 – move towards life and flow and your initiative will be well rewarded.   The stories of others don’t need to define how you understand your own life.

Don’t Get Framed!

The Makemake connection is very important this week.  Uranus in the Gate of Leading and Following can trigger an unconscious desire to control (Pluto) the opinions of others (Uranus) so as to prevent a breakdown in one’s worldview.  This is a fear based response that arises from the shadow aspect, the Gate of Correction – Gate 18.  If I can suppress your dangerous ideas I will not have to change.  People may talk the talk of revolution, but if you feel they are obstructing your flow it’s probably all hot air with no substance.

Pluto won’t stand for that!  We have to get down and dirty with letting go of our old stories and the way we frame our reality.

Makemake likes to use story as a way to dis-integrate, to cut us off from our own instinctual or feeling nature, and to set up conflict to prevent us seeing what’s really going on.  Watch for anytime you feel uncomfortable with a particular ‘view’ of reality and see if you can follow the thread of story that tries to lead you away from yourself.  When we are told to believe things as children it can be hard to refocus on the truth, even as adults.

Venus in the Gate of the Abyss (29) teaches us something profound over the next 10 days about the immense hidden creativity sitting unused in our Sacral Chakra.  Removing the old stories of reality from our DNA opens us to radical shifts.

Your way of being and doing is as unique as you are.  This is an incredibly important truth, sit with what it means to you.

This is all about how reality is being FRAMED.  Watch the news or any ad on television and think about the underlying assumptions.  The War on Drugs, The War on Terror, teen pregnancy, men in hoodies, taxes.  We’ve become accustomed to our reality coming at us pre-packaged.  This week should shake that up.

Watch for the tendency to talk the talk that avoids walking the talk.  Or as Morpheus says:

Correcting For Joy

Okay, so let’s have a look at this channel.  The Sun is in the Gate of Correction – this is a DNA busting gate that clears out old worn out instructions laid down in your coding over many lifetimes. Because there are instructions that say – this code keeps you alive, don’t change it!! – letting go of these unconscious survival mechanisms takes some courage.  These are outmoded responses to a new world and they require our conscious attention.

Pluto is in the Gate of Joy, a delightful energy of calm collected peacefulness.  It’s about moving – dancing, swaying, flowing.  When we flow we move joyfully.  The shadow energy of this gate is being stuck and stagnant. The natural way is to move calmly, peacefully and gently through the changes that life is continuously bringing to us.

What is not natural is to rush and push and try to force progress (Pluto), and then, when we reach crisis point … seize up (shadow of Pluto), or externalise our problem, get fixated on a small minded remedy, rebelling against fate and trying to force unnatural change (shadow Uranus).

This is a channel that asks us to look within for the way through obstructions caused.  Watch carefully for any tendency to rebel against authority.  This means you’re externalising your power.  Move gently, dance, walk, flow. Feel the blockages moving through your body, out through your arms and legs.  Release them and reconnect with life.  This channel brings a pressure and desire to challenge anything that tries to limit our personal power.

We’ve believed for so long that our power is limited, but we haven’t understood that there are natural limits and unnatural limits.  This week will see us flowing past unnatural limits and developing a more mature understanding of our natural limits.





I’m finally offering a class on the Spiritual Layer charts.  I’ve been waiting years to share this material, so come join me to explore the Subtle Layers in your Human Design.



Deconstructing … reality!



Mars can have a cleansing effect.  When something has come to the end of it’s usefulness, Mars can help us wrap it up and send it on it’s way.  We don’t have to take it personally and get all steamed up, although that’s what many are doing just now.

We can simply see what we’ve had enough of, and let it go.  To know when things begin and end is a great power that we can master.

In the Ajna Centre, in the Gate of Insight and Breakthrough (43), Mars is allowing us to speak the unspeakable, to name the un-nameable and to say no to anything that offends our survival, that restricts our desire to flourish.  On Facebook there is a huge flurry of ‘insight’ into all kinds of nefarious practices over the past few days.  Printing money and handing it over to banks, violence triggered by youtube videos, big pharma, inequality of income.  People are talking about alternatives – they’re available, why are we still doing things this old way?  We have technology, we have community, we have what we need right now to live well.

This is a wordy energy.  If you are on Facebook, notice there are few images, and lots of posters with slogans just now!

Insight and breakthrough can create uncertainty.  Can we make the shift?  Will we be resolute enough to get all the way across?  This gate shows us where we have habitually come back again and again to rigid ideas that have kept us stuck through their compulsive appeal.  As Mercury and the Moon move over the patterning gates (18 and 48) just now, we are able to break out of deeply embedded unhelpful thought patterns.

The courage and passion to walk across that bridge between old and new ways of thinking comes from Mars in Gate 43.  These central channels represent an integration of yin and yang – allowing and action.  When do we need to speak?  When can we be silent and wait for further insight?  When can we let matters take their own course and when should we get involved?  Good questions for the next few days!

Mars is meeting up with Sedna in Gate 23, creating a channel that mutates by speaking out the unspeakable.  Oh, and there is a tendency to malicious gossip, but it should pass now that Mercury has moved away from Pluto today.  Sedna asks us to release our grip on something that we had always thought would keep us safe, to venture into the deep unknown.  Old ways of thinking are being removed from our field.  We can safely let them go.  It will take some practice, but we’ll get there.

In the process of thinking new thoughts we are deconstructing old realities and creating amazing new possibilities on this planet.

Mars will be in Gate 43 till 29th September 7.30am UT, after which it will move to Gate 14, heading towards a conjunct with the North Node in the Gate of Personal Power/Slavery.

More about dwarf planet Sedna in your Human Design. 


2012: Creating Magic



I’ve created a special webinar event just for you.  It’s on 10th October at 11am (date and time at your place).

Human Design transit chartAs we approach the momentous date of 21st December 2012, many of us are feeling the effects of the shift.  This shift will continue to intensify over the next few months.  There is so much creative magic available, when we know where to look!

Join me to learn what you need to release, and what you can truly embrace and create during this amazing time.

I’ll be sharing the major Human Design transits between now and the end of 2012.  In particular I’ll be explaining the effects of the 11:11:12 chart and the 21:12:12 chart (for those of you in the US, it reads 12:21:12).

We’ll be looking at the standard planets and some very significant minor planets as well.  And perhaps a supermassive black hole or two!

I’m offering the webinar by donation.

Register for the webinar






Activating Time Portals

On 21st December 2012 there will be only one channel activated in the Human Design transit chart, and it relates to our perception of time.

That channel is activated this week by the planet Ceres and asteroid Nemesis.

Ceres is a dwarf planet that orbits between Mars and Jupiter.  Ceres transits show us what we need to feel nurtured.  We ignore her direction at our peril, since the lack of her nourishment in our lives tends to make a neurotic, a tad crazy.

Ceres also represents our inherent spiritual need to enter our own underworld and emerge mature, independent and strong.  Our cultural fear of the feminine, the dark, the void, has made this journey socially unacceptable.   It’s stripped the process of it’s inherent sacred nature and made it pathological.  We are now reclaiming this right to spiritual maturity.

In astrology, Nemesis represents something that seems to follow us all our lives, dogging our progress.  Jupiter is opposite Nemesis just now, bringing his healing forces to bear on the process.

Together they represent a potent force, pointing to our need to really grasp our true relationship to the dimension of time on earth.

Ceres in the Gate of Modesty and Extremes (15) asks us to return to a simple relationship with ourselves and the world.  It’s easier to do when we’re not weighed down with a demanding self image.   In life it’s more important to get underway, discovering and creating new possibilities without a great burden of expectation.

This type of integral relationship to ourselves and the world opens the door to a greater sense of time, beyond the ticking of our earthly clocks.  In fact, we simply can’t have that relationship to self within the existing culturally sanctioned relationship to time!

We are opening to cycles that count themselves in thousands of years, rather than minutes.  Portioning out our day according to a variety of small tasks all designed to progress our small self will not achieve the progress we’re looking for.  The grand sweep of human history, and the history of  life itself, seeks connection with us.  To engage with the flow of powerful life itself is what Ceres calls us to.

Nemesis is in the Gate of Waiting – waiting for nourishment that comes at the right time.  Despite all the self help books you and I have read, life has a pattern than goes beyond our ego’s desire to manifest.  It always takes longer than we had imagined and it’s not for us to dictate a faster pace.  Sometimes it’s best to stop pushing and rest, taking pleasure in the moment and not postponing our happiness until that Ferrari turns up.

In spring there are blossoms, in winter there is snow.  When it’s cold we light a fire, when it’s warm we swim.  Despite the mythology of Pallas Athene, springing fully formed from the head of her father Zeus, young things take time to seed, to emerge, to experiment with who they are, to mature.

We are at the beginning of a new era.   Our ‘get it done today’ mentality will only keep us trapped in dimensions of time that are not nourishing.  Do when there is doing to be done.  Rest and play when there is no doing.  After a while it all becomes the same thing and the portal to a new time opens.




An Activation for Sharing Your Gifts

Human Design System transit chart for 18th September 2012



I wonder what will happen when the Moon passes over Saturn today in a Gate that’s all about renewing society.  Gate 50 represents the vessel for transformation of society and culture, it also represents new beginnings and new “rulers”.

Mars is currently in the Dragon Gate – Gate 1.


[box] The dragon is in full flight, creative force released into full expression. Clouds follow him and the crops grow. It is the right time and place to act. Now the whole creative force is available. It’s the time to connect with people with inner and outer vision, to lend direction to the power available, and to realise it on the ground in real, human ways.  adapted from Hilary Barrett I Ching[/box]


Mars is creating a channel with the South Node that connects the Ji Centre with the Throat.  This means we all get to connect with our own creative being – the individual genius within each one of us that rises up from our heart and connects with the world.

But it means more than that.  The Gate of Seeking Union (8) at the top of the channel is about seeking out a sense of belonging and connection with others.   I find it fascinating that this is sometimes known as the gate of the managing agent.  We’ve been conditioned to believe we are all competing in a marketplace, rather than collaborating in the flow of universal creation.  This transit shifts that perspective.  Trusting in the synchronicity of natural connections releases us from the need to make ourselves small enough to compete on a ‘level playing field’ and releases us into a larger world of possibilities.

In this place each one of us is special, cherished, valued.



Saturn in Gate 50 line 2 says:  You have something real here.  It is of genuine solid value and no one, not even those afflicted people who can’t see it, no one can change that. 

Life on earth as we know it is changing and Saturn in Gate 50 is an activator for that change, at the level of society and culture.  Cherishing what you hold dear is an important part of that activation.

There’s no need to rush, allow the fullness of life to woo you today.  The Earth is not only our mother, she is also our lover.  And she knows what gifts you long to share.


Mercury bridges the Uranus Pluto Square

In two days time, on 19th September 2012, Uranus and Pluto square off again.  Almost exactly on the conjunction, Mercury shifts into the Gate of Correction, creating a powerful bridge between the two planets.

It’s late and I’ll write with more detail about this, but for now, just let me say that anything you have previously believed to be true is up for grabs.  Mercury and Pluto will create a channel from 19th (4.22am UT) till 22nd (11.24am UT).

Not only is Mercury creating a channel with Pluto, but it’s also astrologically opposite Uranus.  Mercury, trickster, teacher, communicator and the planet most likely to bring subconscious material to the surface, is playing a staring role here.

Astrologer Jeff Green says about Mercury contacts with Pluto- they promote necessary intellectual confrontations with others so rigid and fixed ideas can be reformulated and expanded.  They shake up our attachment to intellectually organising our reality so that it feels stable and secure.  And they blow apart our tendency to obsessively maintain our beliefs and values as a boundary against potentially disruptive ideas.

The point of mastery here is to let go of ideals (Uranus) that keep us locked out of actual reality (Mercury).  Watch for conventions that are so well accepted that we have come to mistake them for truth.  During this period I expect many of us may experience deep anxiety as we try to hold strong against the dissolution of our ego (Pluto), rather than resting in the unknown.   If you don’t have an agenda, and don’t require a resolution, you should be fine.

Part of this process is simply to trust that, no matter how things look on the surface, all is well in your world.  No need to fix anything (Mercury), just do what feels joyful (Pluto).

Both Uranus and Pluto are sitting in a circuit that is part of a survival mechanism called pattern recognition.   When bits of our lives don’t fit in with the pattern we’ve laid down, things can feel a bit hairy.  I expect these 4 days will be a massive global pattern disruption.  Uranus, planet of revolution, is in the Gate of Following, that teaches this – there is no leading that is not based in following.  Leaders who are not operating on a full mandate can expect trouble.   The very notion of leadership is likely to shift.

How can you interact with others in a way that’s meaningful for you, but isn’t hooked into their dramas, their controls?  This is a key question.


Uranus Pluto square September 2012





Powerful Emotional Shifts Coming Our Way



Here’s a step by step explanation of the powerful emotional shifts coming our way over the next few days.


Dissolving Ego Blockages


Friday 14th September |  10.44am BST  |  19.44AEST  |   5.45am EDT  – lasts for 10 hours.

Human Design transits for 14th September 2012


The Moon creates a channel with Mercury to connect the Sacral to the Solar Plexus.

This channel dissolves inner conflict, and supports integration of our emotional body.  It’s as if our emotions and our bodies are trying to head in different directions and got stuck.  So we go nowhere fast.  Then this channel gets triggered and there’s a kind of meltdown.  It’s usually triggered by an external event – very often within our intimate relationships.

Be very clear about looking for the reflection within rather than blaming the other person.

The last lines of the Sun in 47 and Earth in 22 indicate a fear of taking action on our own behalf, as if we can stay small and avoid having our wounds poked.  But there is no real reason for you to stay in that place any longer.   Venus in Gate 33 – Retreat – soothes us as we go within to digest old emotional energy.

Dwarf planet Makemake in Gate 6 brings up the division between our wild and civilized self – which one writes the story of your life and what untold stories of your life does the other one want to share with you?


Where Do You Feel At Home?


Friday 14th September  |  20.38pm BST  |  15.38pm EDT  |  Saturday 15th September 5.38am AEST  – lasts for 10 hours.

Human Design transit chart for 15th September 2012


The Moon leaves Mercury behind and creates a channel with Chiron that connects the Solar Plexus to the Heart Centre.  This channel is the heart of the community.   And this transit will point out all the places where your boundaries within your community (neighbours, friends and family, people in your local area)  are too strong or too weak.

Where are you over-protective of your personal space?  Where can you loosen up a little?  This channel looks at how you interact on a day to day basis, and how you express your emotions and willfulness with those you are close to.

This channel often makes me think of us westerners all sitting alone in our little boxy homes watching reality tv.  Where’s the love?  How do we isolate ourselves to stay safe?  This transit may be a bit tough, as it brings up the wounds of rejection from community that reside deep within our early experiences of family.

It could be a good time to get some pencils and paper, draw a picture of a home and all that you’d like to have on the inside.  And what you’d prefer to keep on the outside.  These contemplations are a powerful foundation for healthy future growth.


The Starlight That Is You


Friday 14th September 2012  21.35pm EDT |  Saturday 15th September 2012   2.35am BST  |  11.35am AEST

Human Design Transit Chart for 15th September 2012


And then a few hours later, the Sun and Earth move to create an alignment with Jupiter, bringing the Solar Plexus into connection with the Throat.  This will last for 6 days – till 21st September.

Gate 36, at the Solar Plexus, is the place where we hide our insanity. Or what we have been led to believe is our insanity.  It’s the darkest deepest emotional space in the Human Design chart.  This extraordinarily powerful combination of Jupiter and the Earth will open the doorway to the question of what truly is insane on this planet.  And …  here’s a hint … it’s probably going to be global corporations and what they’re attempting to do, rather than you!

While this is possibly going to be a difficult transit on a personal level, the important thing is to understand that there is a process of birthing your brilliance into the world.  These are the parts of us that are barely human – starlight and fairies and other magical subtle light energies.  Jupiter acts as a strongly protective influence in Gate 35 – Progress.


 Releasing the Gifts

Human Design transits for 21st September 2012


And then, just before this Sun/Earth transit comes to an end we have a little bit more magic.

Around the time of the equinox – 21st September – the Moon lines up with the North Node in the Sacral Centre and Mercury creates a channel with transformative Pluto.

The Moon and North Node tells us to trust, relax, let go.  We don’t have to dominate anything, control anything.  Instead our power can be put to good use in understanding and mastering our personal gifts.  After all, they are gifts!  And our greatest joy comes from developing and sharing them.

This Mercury Pluto transit has the potential to open a doorway to reveal a whole lot of nefarious underhanded dealing on the global scene.  We see you!

For you personally, look carefully at how you might allow others to make rules for you.  Where do you habitually rebel against authority rather than stepping into the power of what you seek to create?

Rather than give into anxiety, depression, or our addiction to knowing right now what the outcome will be, relax into the moment.  Good questions to ask yourself are – What makes me feel joyful in this moment?  What would I like to be creating in this moment?

Come to think of it, they’re good questions to ask any time!


Wondering who you are these days?              What new direction you should be taking?

Human Design Consultations –   your personal solutions for a complex world.


Exhausted Possibilities and New Wealth


Over the next 10 days, the Earth is moving through the two Piscean gates in the Solar Plexus Centre that meet the Throat Centre , and this brings us a monumental opportunity to shift out of old emotional patterns.

Today, Mercury will join the Sun in the Ajna Centre gate of Oppression and Exhaustion (47).

Gate 47 asks us to pull back from the world and confront our own shadow self.  When we’ve exhausted the possibilities for what we can gain by projecting our shadow self onto the external events and people in our lives, we are ready to face them within our own mind and heart.

This is a place within our genetic makeup that we have never ventured before in the history of humanity.  A place where we are able to stand consciously and own our own archetypal energies.

The places within your own field that have been designated over centuries as taboo, as shameful, as properly the place where only priests, magicians and powerful leaders may operate – all of these treasures are coming to light within you over the next two weeks.  This is truly a veil being lifted from the consciousness of humanity.

Ceres is acting like a guardian angel through this process.  In the Gate of Standstill (12) at the Throat Centre, creating a channel with the Earth (22), Ceres is helping us find where we been giving up something of ourselves to the social matrix – that something is true nourishment, an ability to listen to our own emotions as if they really mattered, as if they have something to tell us.

How improper is it to express our true emotional responses when we’re in public?  Watch the sharing this week, as we dig deeper to find our authentic connections with each other.

The archetypal energy of the daughter, Persephone, is currently conjunct the Sun in the Gate of Oppression (47.5).  Hilary Barrett says of this gate and line:


Officials in crimson come to announce a punishment.  You can no longer move independently.  You lose your own sense of self and your value. 

At least, you do if you accept the judgement.  But what is the extent of their true power over you?  Who is the ruler who invested these officials with such power?  

It will take you time and thought to get free from this.  Moving on slowly and gently will ensure you do not escalate the problem or get more heavily involved in things that will not change.  If you cannot act directly on the source of oppression, you can still act on your inner state and smooth over friction by making modest offerings. There are circumstances here you cannot change, but if you are choosing your own response, how can you be trapped?


Persephone is one of the few archetypal energies with access to the underworld.  Mercury is another.  Although Persephone began as the unquestioning innocent daughter, her adventures with Pluto saw her ‘go over to the other side’ in more ways than one.  She left her mother’s side (feminine) and took a walk on the wild side by experiencing the masculine.

Jupiter and Pluto chose her because they saw she had what it would take to become Queen of the Underworld and this was indeed the title she took after her initiation.  All of Demeter/Ceres’ wailing and protests could not prevent her daughter leaving her side to grow into a mature and powerful woman with a potent working relationship with the masculine.

This relationship is accentuated just now by Juno’s current conjunct with the North Node in the Gate of Power (14).

On 15th September, the Earth moves into the Gate of Injured Brilliance (36), the second Piscean Solar Plexus gate that connects with the Throat.

Gate 36 represents a place where we have hidden our emotional responses very deeply, waiting for a time when the world is ready to receive them.   Unfortunately we’ve waited so long that these parts of ourselves have gone a bit mad, hidden away there all alone.  Another guardian angel will be there to support the gentle unfolding of next week’s global emotional healing.  Jupiter in the Gate of Progress (35) will ensure that we experience our unexpressed emotions as hidden treasure being revealed, rather than worthless junk emotion that we should keep stashed away.

Emotional energy is data.  It’s exceptionally important input into who you are, have been and are becoming.  We tend to suppress or release it.  We are beginning to listen and learn from it.

One thing that will become extraordinarily clear over the next 10 days – we are not the ones who are crazy!  I’ve been talking with my partner about the effect CSG mining is having on the land and how insane it is to pump chemicals into our underground aquifers.   These types of activities, done in the name of economic growth and progress, will be generally seen as more obviously wrong by the end of September.

I have been spending much time recently asking one question over and over (of myself and others) …   okay, so it’s not working for you …  let’s stop complaining endlessly and look at this from a different perspective .. what do you really want to achieve here?  

This is  a time to step out of an unconscious alignment with someone else’s rules, a time to begin to own our own power of choice, direction and manifestation.   This is the grounding of fractal reality.

Love and Money

Donald Trump Human Design chart

Since 10th August, when Ceres first moved into the Gate of Gathering (45), our relationship to money has been getting a makeover.

In Jovian Human Design, this gate has been related to the ideas of Dominance, Money and Ownership.   Donald Trump has Uranus conjunct North Node in this gate.   No surprises there!

Humanity still operates largely on a feudal type system.  Most of us own very little and spend our lives working to pay the people who do own the ‘stuff’ – paying mortgages, utility and phone bills,  paying off car loans, student loans, paying taxes for infastructure used to create corporate wealth.

In effect we are working to keep afloat a system that is unsustainable and the harder we work the more “money” goes down the drain, poured into keeping alive corporations that are effectively destroying our home.

Saturn in the Gate of New Beginnings (50) is bringing this issue right before our eyes.  What truly sustains us?  Is it genetically modified soybeans purchased in a supermarket?  Or the carrots we got from our neighbour at the local farmers market?  How can we live sustainably without losing our lifestyles?  These are the burning questions of our times.

Over the past month, Ceres in the Gate of Gathering has initiated an inner shift to our unconscious feudal mentality.  With the North Node in the Gate of Power (14), Ceres has been transforming the aspects of our DNA that are seeped in the concept of slavery.

We are shifting our sacred geometry from imposed linear hierarchies (I’m better than you/ I own this so I have more freedom, more control) and moving towards fractal geometries where each one of us is free and in control of our own lives.  In this way we connect authentically and create in alignment with universal energies.  As humans we are indivisible from nature.  After all, without the Earth would you be a human being?

In the I Ching, Gate 45 is about gathering together around a central shared cause.  When we add in the other elements of Human Design, we get the gathering point of community, where all resources are jointly shared and available.  There is no ownership, no dominance and no slavery here.  The concept of money shifts dramatically.

When we come together with the purpose of serving our own inner authenticity, we create for the good of all.  We are gathering that power back to ourselves now, pulling back our vitality from it’s servitude to a force that sucked the very life out of us, leaving us little time or energy for what sustains us, what brings us joy.


In the beginning was the void

Two Trans Neptunian Objects are playing a big role in shifting us from the old outworn mechanistic ways of being and into the new chaos/fractal reality.   Chaos is in Gate 35 – the Gate of Progress – with Jupiter.  Transiting in this gate since mid 2009, Chaos has been showing us the creative power of our emotions when they are allowed into the mix.   Chaos tends to trigger a fear of destruction, as if the world as we know it is falling apart.  And it is, that’s true.  In the Gate of Progress, Chaos also shows us that the bridge to our new reality is hidden in our emotional field.   Mythologically, Chaos was the voidless state that existed before creation.  This seems to me to be a perfect description of waiting for emotional clarity.

Logos is in Gate 6 – the Gate of Conflict, a powerful gate of emotional integration.  We go to war with our own projections and fight for our survival.  But, in the beginning was the word and the way we think about and describe our world is a powerful aspect of our creativity.  The concept of Logos itself could be considered a drive towards rationality (as the Greeks used it), or a connection with the sacred nature of things.  When the Sun and Mercury land in Gate 6 on 15th September, we’ll all get to see how our habitual “rational” thinking about the world is at odds with it’s sacred reality.  Expect powerful new insights at all levels from personal to collective.


Getting Virginal

Just now Vesta is in Gate 45 – the Gate of Gathering.  When Vesta turns up we are called to reclaim our own sacred and sovereign nature, to rekindle the flame at our heart centre.  She’s in the domination/money gate, working with the North Node in the Gate of Power (14), helping us find the will to let go of our shame and sense of undeserving and claim our rightful place in the world.    The Vestal Virgins threw themselves over a cliff to avoid becoming the property of the church and state.   We are being called to stop sacrificing our wealth, to claim it as our own and to gather with others who share our sacred purpose.

As we reclaim this wealth, expect massive shifts to the financial system.  The key to walking this path just now is to put your attention on the relationships that feel creative and joyful to you.  And to listen to what your emotions are telling you – about what’s authentically nourishing for you.  This is how we will move through the unravelling of the old systems and supports.  We will be able to build new ways and better ways to live, at the same time as the old exhausted ways of being fall away.







Finding What’s Real


There’s a lot of stressed behaviour happening at the moment.  You might have noticed lately that you are responding in extreme ways to the smallest provocation.  It doesn’t make sense.  Well, no.  Not to your conscious mind.  But deep down in the part of your brain that’s attuned to threatening situations, it’s all hands on deck!

Sometimes, especially when we’ve very young, when we find ourselves in a really hard place, our emotional brain makes a choice about the best way to stay safe.  From now on, it says, when this sort of thing happens, we’re going to … (you can fill in the blank here … eat, drink, watch tv, take drugs, work longer hours …..  ).

The emotional brain is absolutely amazing.  It’s prime function is to keep you in relationship.  It’s part of your mammalian wiring, and for the human mammal relationship is a major key to survival.  Because our emotional brain is  sooo good at keeping us safe, when it makes a big decision like this, it doesn’t let the rest of your brain – the conscious part – know what it’s done.

That’s tricky, because now you’re making decisions and you don’t even know you’re doing it!  Reaching for a drink, buying that cream cake, turning on the tv.  Even a tiny hint of that past stress sends your emotional brain into major damage control!

This relationship dynamic between the emotional brain (limbic) and the more conscious part of the brain (pre frontal cortex)  is a recent finding in neuroscience. I’m not sure how it fits in with the Design (unconscious) and Personality (conscious) aspects of the Human Design chart yet.

What I do know is that this week, the patterns laid down by our brain for our survival are being shaken about.

Transit Chart 13 August 2012This week Uranus and Venus trigger a circuit that shakes up our reality.

It’s not actual reality, just the way we’ve learnt to interpret and respond to what happens in our lives.  With the Earth in the Gate of Emotional Revolution and the Sun in the Gate of the Young Fool (ignorance leads the way), we can be sure of upheaval.  It’s not that anything is happening ‘out there’.  This week, it’s all going on inside your body – neural pathways, hormonal pathways, electrical pathways  – they’re all getting a makeover.

Venus is suggesting that we find a quiet inner stillness and allow ourselves to be drawn out into the world from that place.  Belly breathing is a great way to find that place.  Our Sacral Centre, defined or undefined, represents the way we organise the vital energies of the universe into something that makes sense for us personally.  It’s not a conscious thing, but without it we can feel mixed up and confused.  Take time for lots of deep belly breathing this week.  It connects us with our Root Centre as well, the place where we give birth to the vitality of the Sacral.  If the Sacral is disturbed, so is the Root.

Imagine there is nowhere you have to be, nothing you have to do.  Breathe deeply into that place.  Find your inner stillness there.  That’s your place of relaxation and recuperation this week.

But wait!  Can you feel the pulling, the tugging, that says … that’s not true, there is so much I need to do, so many places I need to be!!

That’s the old patterning trying to keep you safe from past trauma.    Pluto and Venus in the Root Centre are bringing a powerful energy to ground you into a safe, calm joyfulness.  Breathe into it as often as you can this week.

Did you know that damage to  the area of the brain that prevents access to emotional responses blocks our ability to make good decisions for oursevles?  We might look fine, appear logical, but we just don’t have a clue what’s right for us.  That’s what’s happening in the circuitry that’s being triggered this week.  In pockets of our lives we’ve gone into lock down on our emotions and are trapped into a lower order of neural functioning.  On the surface we appear to be functioning logically, rationally, normally.  But really, we’re just in complete trauma.


Uranus is up there in the Ajna Centre, nudging and guiding us towards a deeper self knowing.  You might be sleeping more than usual, connecting gently with the dragon within you as it slowly awakens.  Old desires, dreams and goals are likely falling away, as Uranus removes conditioned ideas of success and replaces them with your very own truly unique version of happiness.

Jupiter in the Gate of Progress is bringing to light all the old conditioned ways we try to make progress.  Like calming ourselves by having a cigarette, or enjoying ourselves by having a drink, or relaxing by eating a pizza.  Remember how our emotional (limbic) brain decided way back when we were having that traumatic experience, that this was a good response?  Back then it did represent progress, it blocked our emotions so we didn’t feel the pain, and gave us something to do that helped us feel safe and connected.

When I’m stressed I have a cup of tea with milk and honey.  When I was a baby, being raised in accordance with the Dr Spock methods, I was left for what felt like long periods alone in my cot with a bottle of sweetened milk.  What did my emotional brain decide was a great way to make progress when I was stressed? ….  oh look, something milky and sweet!  Let’s remember that! said my emotional brain!  And it did.

It’s not the cup of tea (or the glass of wine, or the extra hours at work) that are the issue here. It’s that they represent a choice that has its roots long back in your past. They are not choices made consciously by you in the moment. They represent a trip wire that disconnects you from the present and send you spiralling back into a traumatic past.

This week we are experiencing a fracturing of our accepted world view.  Threats reappear and life can feel chaotic.  Breathe deeply as often as you remember to.  Allow the old traumatic patterns to fall away. Make good choices in the present moment for keeping safe, feeling calm and relaxed. Trust in the inner sense of calm joy, it’s capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate.  Trust in your own sense of being led, the innocence of stepping into each moment with no agenda, no goal, no sense of what might happen.  Consider that each experience is simply an opportunity to build relationship – with yourself and with others.  Anything else is inconsequential, a distraction from what’s real.