October New Moon – Beyond Survival and into Ecstacy

You are probably just as bored as I am with trying to fix everything that’s wrong with our lives. There is a wild breaking free of the dictates of culture, good manners, best behaviour going on here. This is powerful medicine, a post cultural occupation of our bodies and all they offer us for pleasure through connection with each other and the earth.

Emotions and the Nature of Us

Whether you have a defined or undefined Solar Plexus Centre, emotions are an important part of your makeup. But we’ve had centuries of being conditioned to believe that emotions are B.A.D. when it comes to decision making. We’ve taken on the mantra that those evil emotions are what make us feel out of control, hysterical, irrational, unreliable. We are still at least partially convinced that they overwhelm our rational responses to life and should be treated with suspicion. And so we have ingeniously found many ways to prevent ourselves feeling them.