I don’t suppose I’m telling your anything you didn’t already know when I say we are living in interesting and indeed extraordinary times.

Jupiter is the main driver of events just now, so everthing seems larger than life. Globalisation has come home to roost, and Jupiter will shortly hook up with Pluto to bring transparency to the plutocracy – dark money, dark power, demagoguary. This may sound frightening, but it’s a necessary evolutionary step to unhooking us from a single powerful god (demagogue) and lining us up with our own inherent divinity. Our long dormant feminine DNA is being awakened. Consciousness is evolving.




lets ditch the ‘one god’ idea

If we can’t rely on the state, our culture, our government and society to care for us and keep us safe, then what are our alternatives?  We have agreed and consented to this culture by believing we need to have someone or something above us, mediating between us and universal life force. In the Catholic religion they call it ‘headship’. The head of the nation or household is closest to god, and we should listen to his (it’s always his in the theology of headship) superior wisdom and guidance.

Our entire culture is based on ‘headship’. If you want to know more about how much this idea has affected our sense of who we are as individuals, read Philip Shephards brilliant book New Self New World.


embedded spirituality

If we don’t have a god to defer to, or a pope/king to tell us what god wants us to do, how do we live? This looking outside ourselves is endemic, and like a fish in water we haven’t been able to see it clearly at all.

We are near to the end of dealing with individual trauma, perfecting ourselves spiritually, becoming the best we can be. Those kinds of personal processes are behind us now (although we will keep working at that level for a while yet). We have become a bit stuck in the ‘if only I were perfect everything would work out for me’. That’s partly Isis-Transpluto’s long term transit in Gate 59 (dissolving ego). It’s also partly a hangover from ‘headship’ – I must be perfect to get daddy’s approval.

So if we are not busy sculpting a perfect spiritual psyche, what will we busy ourselves with instead?

We are shifting over a line, with embodiment behind us and embedded spirituality ahead of us.

The word ‘spirituality’ has always been problematic for me. It seems to indicate something separate from the real world, as if it’s something I probably should keep to myself. But there is a quiet and revolutionary shift going on at the moment. It’s about the relationship between science and consciousness, which parted ways, quite violently, back in the 17th century. Our spirituality is shifting into something else, something fundamental to the nature of everything. Consciousness.

Quantum physicists are considering the possibility that

human consciousness is the bridge between the material and quantum realities.



Take a moment to consider what this means.

You might have heard that the rules governing our material world and those governing the quantum world just don’t mesh. It pissed Einstein off. And scientists have been searching for a link for decades now. Some people call it the Theory of Everything. The answer might not be 42 (so long and thanks for all the fish), but your brain/mind. More on this later. For now, what I want to share with you is that we are at the beginning of something so entirely new you probably aren’t recognising it’s arrival.

The thing with evolution is, when life finds itself blocked, it goes back for a bit and looks for a different and more successful pathway. Right now the regressiveness we are seeing comes from a failure of humanity to grasp the potential to move forward. We are not just dealing with change. This is a global (universal) shift with all systems – environmental, economic, geopolitical – at breaking point. How does one find a way beyond that?

We are indeed in exciting and at times overwhelming and terrifying times.

However, there is one message I absolutely want you to understand here. We are bringing consciousness into our culture. All that work you’ve done to embody your spirituality, all the times you have tuned in to something more subtle, all the times you have figured out the ‘good’ voices from the ‘bad’, all the time you have spent building your capacity for inner authority, for emotional clarity, for intuitive knowing …..   they all begin to be of use now.

We are about to ditch the one thing that we have been told for millenium keeps us from hell – the ‘head’ – the one god, the father, the president. We are finally seeing it stripped naked like the emperor with no clothes. It’s motivation has become transparent. It’s methods of violent domination are no longer acceptable. All those demi-gods who forced the goddess into servitude, we are about to call them out. Mount Olympus here we come!

When the patriarchal tribes rode down from the steppes, about 5,000 years ago, violent domination and intimidation were the methods they used to quell the more equalitarian creative peoples. This is the end of their time.

Throughout December and January, four outer planets are active. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are connected and working together. When this many outer planets are working together, you know there are huge shifts taking place at the cultural level.


what are they all up to?

In Greek and Roman mythology, Uranus was the grandfather, Saturn the father and Jupiter the son. These were gods who considered mortals to be nothing more than pawns in their larger than life dramas.

Uranus was the original sky god. He had a son with his wife Gaia, called Saturn. Saturn murdered Uranus, cutting off his genitals, an obvious statement of emasculation. When Saturn’s son Jupiter came along, he did the same thing. During a devastating war with his father, Jupiter was able to make use of the weapons of thunder, lightning and earthquake and was victorious over Saturn. Both Uranus and Saturn buried or swallowed their children, effectively creating a ‘stillbirth’.

Some of this may sound a bit too close to home just now. I believe we are sitting in the midst of a not so mythological war between men who consider themselves gods. They believe their wealth puts them above the level of the ordinary mortal.  They believe they have a divine right to rule. We mortals are not human so much as pawns in their god-like games. Are they seeking to destroy creation to prove their masculinity?


the way out of here

But Saturn is doing something quite different. While Jupiter is expanding our collective delusion of headship, so we absolutely can’t miss what we’ve been living with, Saturn is bringing us calm practical steps for moving into a new relationship with life.

On 25th November, Saturn shifted into Gate 26. This is a lovely energy that explains the purpose of accumulation. It is not, as some might believe, to allow the wielding of power over others, or to separate one from the hoi polloi. Wealth does not get you closer to god, or give you divine rights.

We accumulate resources because we have a mission to do good in life, and resources are sent our way to support that mission. Saturn is an anchor point, shifting our relationship to communal resources. The grain is there for all to eat. The water is kept pure for all to drink. There is no plunder of communal resources in Saturn’s world just now. But before we get to that place, we’ve a journey to make. And Uranus is the firebrand in charge of our trip.

On 8th December, Uranus will move back into the Gate of Shock for a short time (till 20 January). The few days following are likely to feel like your head is spinning 360 degrees trying to make sense of things. Expect information to come thick and fast about corruption. It may feel as if we are moving slowly through a nightmare, the past repeating itself. But please be clear about this – there are so many beneficial forces lined up to support us through this portal of cultural change.

Because that’s exactly what is happening. We are approaching the completion of a 26,000 year cycle. We are in a 9 year in numerology. In Human Design, Jupiter and Pluto are coming together in the channel of transformation. Ra Uru Hu has described this channel as the most mystical in the Human Design Bodygraph. You and I have worked towards these endings.

On 29th December, Jupiter will move into Gate 32 – Duration – and join Pluto which is in Gate 54 – Marrying Maiden. This is akin to life giving you a promotion. The Channel of Transformation is a constant pressure to better ourselves, to transform our lives. Jupiter and Pluto reveal hidden soul gifts and show us how we can use them in order to prosper. While these two planets work in concert to reveal the dark and hidden ways of wealth and power, they also show where your own hidden wealth and power are located in your being.


the dormant feminine awakens

The key here is in the minor planets. They hold the dormant feminine DNA codes. More on that later.

The qualities of the emergent quantum consciousness are more akin to the feminine. Ideas like uncertainty, relationship, making focused small efforts, seeing the connection between things, simplicity.  These are the tools we will use to create a new culture.

December holds immense potential, powerful underlying shifts to our culture. It harks back many thousands of years, to the suppression of the matriarchy, and the power of women’s voices within culture and society. Underlying the shift is our millenium-old conditioning that has us wired for one god, for the male as sole creator, the woman as a split between virgin and whore and both owned and controlled. These may seen outdated feminist memes, but they are coming right up into our face in December because if we fail to step into our power and our voices, we may just lose our world.

What’s missing here is woman’s voices, and world views and experiences and divinity. We are being powerfully called into action. See clearly, act as you feel to.


2017: Emergent Woman’s Blueprint for Creating Change

In 2017 I am offering a program to learn and live these new skills of quantum consciousness. Human Design was made for this time, it holds the keys to our new world. You are invited to come join me for a free webinar on 9th December. Click here for more.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.