week’s transits are a powerful call back to the humility of understanding the value of the moment, and to embracing the dark and powerful aspects of the feminine.

There’s a lot of energy around greed, loss and lack just now.  How have we become so arrogant that we believe we can live apart from what sustains us – the earth, the cosmos?  How has our false projected reality taken hold so strongly in the consciousness of humanity that it has overridden our true needs?  Love, happiness, beauty, connection, nurturing and nourishment.

We are learning not to allow the projection of our ego to create a false future reality that we then must forever strive to achieve.

One important aspect that is birthing between now and the 2012 solstice is the return of our ability to see the subtle creative powers of the feminine. We are so out of balance, living as we do in a world that sees the masculine as the sole creator.  The feminine – the virgin Mary and the divine Magdalene- have been, to coin a phrase/word ’emasculated’.   Perhaps we can create a new word – efeminated?

About two years ago I sat in a cafe and wrote a whole pile of notes on napkins.  I had to keep calling the lovely waiter to bring me more.  The basis of the notes was ‘what they stole from us’, the lie of the holy trinity.   Ironically, this lie is a response to an even earlier misrepresentation.  The uber matriarchy that annually killed off the ‘king’ and replaced him.  The only creative gift of the masculine was sexual pleasure and his ritual blood sprinkled on the fields.

And now, we come together and realise, it takes two to tango.  Our rhythm is entirely off kilter, our cells scream out with pain at the incoherent patterning we are attempting to live in, our emotions rage up and sink down in an attempt to make sense of the nonsensical.


Restoring Humanity

On the 2012 solstice transits, Magdalena and Child are together on the Aries Point.  This reflects the ancient mythology of Isis and Osirus, echoing down through the ages.  In removing the interference of the old savage matriarchal ritual of killing off the old king, we are changing the underlying energy of the natural order.  There is a balancing process of appreciating the true creative power of the masculine, rather than glorifying it’s bloody substitutes.

Magdalena, the divine feminine as equal creative partner, is about to remove her cloak of invisibility and the new child is a product of both female and male creating in concert.

This is an intensely personal project, as we are called to give up our addiction to willful egotism, to cease taking action as a way of avoiding  the things that we don’t want to know.

There is another powerful portent in the lead up to the 2012 solstice.  Astraea, Star Goddess, is conjunct the Sun on the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of 29th November. Astraea is a clear symbol of the return of the golden age, and urges us to bestow kindness on each other.  In Gate 9, she calls us to gentleness, to a sense of delight in moving with the subtle flow.

Sisyphus connects us to the Spleen on this Full Moon/Eclipse, suggesting that we go deeper than the machine like consciousness that has pervaded our culture.  Externally imposed time and all those ‘shoulds’ are beginning to dissolve.

There is a sense of humanity returning to it’s more ‘humane’ senses in all of this.

What’s Happening Now?

This week we have a powerful combination of channels that is activating the Pluto Uranus square and more.  It’s like a superbug, but good!  And as it’s connecting the Heart Centre (ego and willpower) to the Spleen Centre (being in our bodies), it is feeling pretty good to me, and packed with the opportunity to revision our past and shift the trajectory of our future.

Human Design Transit ChartVenus and Pluto connect the Spleen to the Root Centre  – When Venus (in 18) and Pluto (in 58) get together we can be sure there will be some transformation of our notion of the feminine.  Venus has the huge task of representing all aspects of the feminine in the Human Design chart – from the click clack of stiletto heels on a city pavement to a mother stirring grains over a fire in an African village.   It’s a big ask of one planet!

Venus is in the Gate of Correction (18).  This is a major activator of the relationship between Uranus and Pluto that is driving much of the current global change.  Venus is telling us to go to places we’ve avoided – places in the feminine that have not been visited for a long time, that have become ruined, decaying, corrupted.  We have to go deep into the idea of the dark and powerful goddess, to find what she is capable of, both good and evil.

I did a quick scan of the front page of Huffington Post to see if there are any particular women’s issues in the news just now and found ….  no women.  Oh, except for an article on sex kittens and the deceased ‘celebrity’ Anna Nicole Smith.  And there was that article about Kim Kardashian visiting a rifle range.  There’s nothing better than sexy women with guns apparently.   I decided not to click the link to look at Kim’s 32 hottest moments.

These planets are releasing a new zest for life and the energy to seek a better way.  When we can hold to the moment and grasp where it’s value lies for us, we are in a state of continual creation.  We can allow the moments to be free from premature expectation, presuming on them, as we do, to provide us with a better future.  This illusion just created never ending ego fuelled work, and we are leaving it behind.  What wonderful resources have we been passing over in our insane attempts to assure our own security?

Mars and the Sun connect the Spleen to the Heart Centre – represents a huge renewal of our vital energy as we pull back from a belief that there is something wrong with us.  If we are not having to be continually correcting ourselves, what else could we be doing with all that energy?

The Sun is in Gate 44, about meeting with others, encountering people and then moving on.  There’s a natural synergy that arises when this energy flows freely without interference.   Mostly it doesn’t, and we are so accustomed to spending time with others when it doesn’t feel right that we ignore our natural instinct.

This is one of the I Ching hexagrams that carry a warning about the feminine breaking through (the other is Gate 23).  A bold energy, this gate 44 feminine, threatening to topple the established order.  Beware!  I Ching scholar, Dr Margaret Pearson, tells us that the lost meaning of the symbolism here shows a royal bride giving birth.  Instead, it’s generally interpreted as a man being threatened by a powerful woman.  Do not marry this woman! we are warned.

It’s a nice echo of the Magdalena and Child passing over the Aries Point later this month.  Invisible royal feminine indeed!

There’s such a healing energy in Mars in Gate 26 at the Heart Centre.  The return of this powerful royal feminine with divine equality in the creation stakes makes it possible for us to let go of the little boy, the immature masculine that needs to rush off to battle at every available opportunity.  We can cease living in a world of constant threat of dissolution, holding tight to our own puny activity as the only way to feel safe, to feel that we have beauty in our lives.

The brittle ego protection that reacts before checking in with inner awareness is at risk here!  This Mars / Sun activation is helping us feel safe and calm enough to wait out the storm of fear and anxiety,  to know that we have the power to arrive safely on the other side where we will have a more realistic understanding of what is really happening.

Humility ~ Ceres and Mercury

Ceres is currently retrograde in the Gate of Humility (15) at the Ji Centre.  There is a synergy here with Saturn in the Gate of Being Overloaded (28) and Mercury in the Gate of Power (that loves to bully our bodies into doing without awareness, Gate 34).

Together these three are revealing our neurotic and largely unconscious extremities, the places where we keep pushing, loading up more and more difficulties while all the while complaining that we’ve just had enough!  They carry the potential for us to have the humility to stop, to listen to the quiet inner voices, to seek solace in space and time rather than trying to fill every gap with activity.

The Moon in 39 will activate Neptune, Snow White and Chiron today.  Interesting, as whenever Snow White gets activated I find there’s an underlying theme of spitting out the poison!  The evil stepmother assures us that it’s a delightful treat, but we need to have our wits about us and trust our intuition!  This is a wake up call, or I could describe it as a call to awakening!  Neptune can lull us into an addiction to glamour, but Venus in the Gate of Correction has Pluto on her side today – this is not a fashion issue but the question of the survival of our species.  It’s time we trusted ourselves to know what is real, and to be prepared to stand completely alone and unloved by others if necessary – even to have to do without the luxuries of modern day life –  in order to connect with true beauty and power.







Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.