Today one of the big HD transits of late 2012 comes into play.  It’s as if we called down Heaven itself and now find we got a bit more than we bargained for.  But we are well on our way to understanding how to channel this newfound energy.

Mars in the Gate of Opposition will create a channel with Saturn in the Gate of Great Exceeding.  They will connect the Spleen to the Root Centre, bringing us the shift we need at the physical level.

Human Design Transit Chart

Remember the days when we were all trying to connect with our spirit?  We were reaching upwards, letting our physical selves experience a new form of joy, of ecstasy.  These days we are facing in a different direction, putting our feet firmly on the earth, acting as earthly stewards for the heaven we grasped back then with our finger tips.

Our mission these days is not to be ‘spiritual’ but to be human.   And our primary question is this – how do we connect with one another in a way that not only ensures our survival, but also brings us joy?

I was reading Joseph Chiltern Pearce’s latest book yesterday, The Heart-Mind Matrix.  In it he describes Margaret Mead’s work with the Trobiand Island people, who allowed their young teenagers complete freedom to explore their sexuality.  When they were ready they would choose a single partner and settle down. At that stage the young woman would pray to the Goddess of Fertility, asking for children.   They had no contraception, at least in the way we would think of it.  Despite the complete freedom of sexual expression, there were no teen pregnancies, no unwanted children.  The children they did have were invariably born 3 years apart because that’s the way they planned it – to give each child sufficient space to settle before the next one came along.  Chiltern Pearce commented on their supreme connection with nature – no suppression of sexual energy, a powerful connection with their own fertility, and the resulting healthy well adjusted children.

This transit is designed to show us where we have stepped out of alignment with Heaven.  Where our ‘children’ are not planned and come too soon and in the wrong circumstances.  Where we have become reckless and indiscriminate.  This is not so much a personal ‘sin’ as a collective madness.  Our consciousness for shift brings us back to sanity.

When Mars and Saturn join forces, it’s like pushing down on the accelerator and the brake at the same time.  Mars in the Root Centre says GO! GO! GO!, especially when triggered by fear of failure or a need to exert our individuality.  When we tune into Saturn’s stabilising influence at the Spleen, we can feel limited by the physical plane.  It can feel simultaneously as if we are overwhelmed with too much, and also limited from having enough.

Perhaps a useful mantra would be this – there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do ….   This is a transit where Heaven comes to meet us on Earth, comes right to our front door and rings the bell, calling us out to play.  Allow Heaven to move you forward.  It has plans for us that we have not even glimpsed!   Our idea of where we are heading in our lives may need some considerable reworking by the time Mars moves on.

Heaven did not create you using a cookie cutter.  Each one of us is unique, and so we must find our own way.  When we shift from cookie cutter mentality to our new role of expressing Heaven on Earth there’s a slight shudder as the matrix changes.

We need time to reflect, to find the thread of connection.  We need to focus on the small every day things that make sense, where we can easily make an impact.  As our cosmos expands we may find we can’t understand, can’t name, can’t identify ourselves easily.   And yet, those small things still call to us – sweep me, rock me, hug me, weed me, cook me.

Mars represents our desires, our passions as yet unexplored.  In this gate of diversity we find the passion to cut a new pathway, to find what truly sustains and nourishes our journey.   It’s time to throw the cookie cutter out and find your own unique growing ground and what you want to plant on it.

As individuals we can only give so much before our house falls down from a lack of receiving.  But if we don’t have the courage to go our own way, to be our own unique and individual self, how can we receive the correct nourishment?  What’s good for me may not be tasty for you at all!   That’s Gate 38 – diversity, it’s the very the basis of life.  If our timing is out and we are not making clear choices, then our fuel is wrong and won’t sustain us.  We compromise, accept substitutes, give in when we should hold firm, and hold firm when flexibility will broaden our options.

Saturn and Mars work together to build a structure that sustains and supports our desires.   Too much Saturn, and Mars gets bored and angry, and even those emotions are stifled by Saturn’s limitations and rules.  Too much Mars, and Saturn can’t keep the structure intact as Mars rushes hither and thither looking for a quick fix.

Physical exercise is important for the next few days, to support our bodies to clear old blockages and channel our Mars desire more cleanly.  Pluto moves into Gate 38 on 5th January, so this is setting the stage for that event.  Mars moves onto Gate 54 on the 6 – 7th December.    Between now and then we are learning to balance flow and structure in our own unique and individual way.



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Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.