Fractal-Symmetric-Icon-16Remember enlightenment?  And how it was going to be blissful?  Effortless even!  Oops.

That old story of enlightenment left out a few key ideas.  Like this one, that we are here not just to do the personal ascension thing, but to bring deep and lasting change to our world.  And because we’re doing so much more than wafting gently up to cloud nine, there’s work to be done.  If we’re going to create cloud nine here on earth, we have to make changes both within our own being, and within our culture.  This planet has been overrun by a hazardous culture and economy.  We are in the process of taking it back.

Mars is about to conjunct Uranus in the Ajna Centre (in 17.5).  In a few days time Mars will be square Pluto (27th March, Mars in 21.3, Pluto in 38.3).  In other words, this week Mars is activating that whole Uranus Pluto square matrix that is impelling us towards a new future.  This is leading towards the next huge shift in consciousness, coming up in May 2013.

We are sitting in the space between chaos and anarchy.  Within our own minds and outside in the world, we are on a tipping point.  Who will lead?  Who has the authority?

Our existing leaders are operating on old programs.  Deep within us the new paradigm is stirring.  It’s moving away from the dominator culture, from externally imposed rules and enslavement for the enrichment of others.  Mars and Uranus are shifting the very patterning of our understanding of life.

How can you shift your daily patterns of living so they are more authentic?  What is arising from deep within you that you have been ignoring to comply with old rules?  It’s time to tune in to these powerful inner shifts and make the changes to our lives they call us to.

The dominator culture is coming to an end.  In May, Jupiter and Uranus will see to that.  The false relationship of master and slave is still reflected in your mind, body and emotions.  Allow it to dissolve as you realise what truly nurtures you and take small steps to integrate that nourishment into your daily life.  We are anchoring a new universal matrix of creativity.



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Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.