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Aries New Moon – The Gentle Warrior

Back in the early noughties, around 2003, I used to write a lot of poetry.  And perform it.  Then one day the poetry just stopped coming through.  That was when I started writing blogs.  My first blog was back in the day when they were called  e-journals, and  I called mine The Journal of Lightbeing.

But just before that shift happened I wrote a poem that continues to resonate with me even now.

My partner and I were running regular women’s spirituality groups at our home and on this particular day she asked everyone to write or draw something to represent the theme of Coming Home.   I wrote a poem about a roman soldier who had been at war.  Weary of killing, he was looking forward to being at home where he could relax and reacquaint himself with love.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that poem in the past few days.   This weeks Aries New Moon was in the Ji Centre.  This is the area of the bodygraph that represents unconditional love.  The  Sun, Moon and Mercury were all in the Gate of Innocence.   Uranus was only 3 degrees away, close enough to create considerable disturbance.

How does Innocence and a heart filled with unconditional love make sense when we are thinking about Aries?  Or the ruler of Aries, the war-god Mars?   And yet a New Moon and the sign of Aries represent new beginnings, and new beginnings are, by their very nature, sensitive, subtle and vulnerable, often in need of gentle protection.

I wondered if Mars himself may have an answer to that question.  At the moment of the New Moon Mars was in the Heart Centre.  The Heart Centre holds some of what we might call the lower octaves of the heart chakra energy – courage, willpower, supportiveness, healthy personal boundaries.  Some of the more human heart qualities, we might say!

On the New Moon, Mars was in Gate 40, which is about returning to normality after something extraordinary has happened.

Sometimes when we have a difficult experience we can hang onto it, either to keep engaging with our own victimhood or to accentuate how great we did in getting through it.

If we keep reliving the hardship, for whatever reason, we just recreate it – again and again.  We find ourselves in circumstances that accentuate our victimhood.  Or our ego connects our identity to our win.  Over and over again, we recreate some difficulty for ourselves so our ego can prove that we are either the oppressed or the hero of the story.

This is self-destructive.

When the hardship is passed, it’s best that we give gratitude for the experience,  forgive ourselves and everyone else involved where we can, honour what we have achieved, and move on.  We all need to be a warrior sometimes, but when hanging tough becomes a way of life, that’s self destructive.

The victim self and the “tough as nails” hero came face to face on this week’s New Moon, leaving us all a bit shocked by the interaction.  Should I be tough?  Should I be gentle?  What has happened to my innocence in this relationship?

There’s a gentleness in this Aries New Moon that is like coming home.  No more need to battle on and on.  We are birthing a new more powerful way of connecting with others.  It’s gentle and it’s inclusive.  And it starts right at home – in the heart chakra.  We are becoming warriors for the power of  gentleness.





Using Dwarf Planets in the Human Design System

In 2006, the  International Astronomical Union adopted the term Dwarf Planet and demoted Pluto.  We were sad for Pluto, but we weren’t so much losing a son as gaining a daughter.  Or two.

As part of the reclassification, we got Eris, Ceres, Sedna, Haumea and Makemake.   Suddenly the number of planets jumped to 13, with a whole lot more likely to follow.

Using the Dwarf Planets in the Human Design System

As I understand it, Western Astrology is the only form of astrology that allows for the introduction of new planets.

In the original Human Design revelation, Western Astrology was given as one of the four essential elements that make up the Human Design synthesis.  So it makes sense that as our planetary pantheon increases, so should their reach within the Human Design chart.   Whilst respecting the starting place of the standard 13 ‘planets’ in the standard Human Design chart, it makes no sense to limit ourselves to that template when we are all evolving, planetary archetypes included, so rapidly.

In my experience Ceres is particularly powerful in the Human Design chart, and I include it in every reading I do these days.  I believe it actually changes definition in the chart.  When exploring the influence of other dwarf planets I used the concept of ‘activation’, rather than definition.  It seems clear that dwarf planets Haumea, Makemake, Sedna and Eris would have some influence on your design, that they would create some kind of ‘activation’ in the chart.  As we become more conscious of these energies, their effect becomes less subtle, more conscious, more accessible.

What is a Dwarf Planet?

Of the five new dwarf planets, four exist out beyond Neptune in the Kuiper Belt.  Ceres is different.  She lives in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Pluto sort of returned to his true family in 2006 when he was reclassified as a dwarf planet and became part of the group of planets known variously as Plutinos – because they are like Pluto, Trans Neptunian Objects (TNO’s) – because they cross the orbit of Neptune, and Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO’s)  – because they live in the Kuiper Belt way out at the edge of our Solar System.   It is possible that there are as many as 200 potential dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt.

In working with the Kuiper Belt objects I find they hold a joy of life and a sense of celebration of humanity as a spiritual force on this planet.

Meet The Dwarf Planets

So far there are five new dwarf planets – Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Haumea and Makemake.  As well, the International Astronomical Union is considering also reclassifying the following: Sedna, Orcus, Quaoar, Varuna, Ixion, Vesta, Pallas, Hygeia, and four others that have impersonal numbers rather than names.

More about using dwarf planets in the Human Design System here. 

The Grounding Point for the Grand Earth Trine

Relationship raise their heads, as the Earth moves over Makemake in Gate 6. We might feel conflicted, and even engage in conflict. It’s a call to look inside for our core gifts. It’s these gifts we long to share openly and purely with each other.

Conflict can often be a way to reinforce old stories we’ve constructed to protect ourselves from hurt. There are a lot of minor planets helping us just now to heal the places where we have shut down our hearts to avoid rejection.

This Earth/Makemake activation in Gate 6 is the grounding point for the Grand Trine!

The Grand Earth Trine – Loving The End Times

What to do when you’ve incarnated during the end times?  Learn about new beginnings!  This week’s Grand Trine is one in a string of wonderfully creative transits that are transporting us beyond the end times.

Grand Earth Trine

On 14th March at 6:15am UT, Venus will conjunct Jupiter in the Gate of Returning (24.3 – 9 Taurus).  They trine Mars retrograde in the Heart Centre in the Gate of Recuperation (40.5 – 9 Virgo) and Pluto in the Root Centre in the Gate of Joy (58.6 at 9 Capricorn).

The overall theme is to relax, knowing that everything is perfectly okay even when it may not look that way.

Jupiter and Venus in the Gate of Returning help us trust that although we may at times feel lost, we are not really wandering too far from the heart of things.  Mars is helping us understand that it’s good to make an effort when an effort is called for.  But when we don’t have to be engaged with particular things it’s good to relax, take it easy, clean the shower or wash your hair, do something ordinary.  Take some time to recover, allow yourself to regroup and recuperate.   Pluto in the Gate of Joy wants us to recover our true joy, not the hyped up version that’s pushed on us.  Thats a soft gentle joy that comes from being content with our ordinary day to day lives.

This is an Earth trine, and our bodies are being acted upon by powerful forces.  Be kind.  Realise that your body is doing a lot of  cellular integration behind the scenes.  Your cells are releasing mental and emotional toxins and opening to the light of your spirit.

The Many Connections

We have one of those “the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone’ type situations at the moment.  Everything is connecting up.

Notice how the Solar Plexus Centre hooks up to the Heart Centre on the right of the chart.

The big news here is that Neptune in the Gate of Abundance is feeding through Chiron and Mars retrograde to the Heart Centre and then onto the Ji Centre.  Willfulness is a good thing when it aligns with big picture – let thy will not my will be done!

The channel between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Centre  wants to ensure the emotional and material needs of the community are being met.  Neptune is bringing our attention to what’s truly abundant in our lives.  When we are not so emotionally reactive, courtesy of Mars retrograde meeting Chiron, we can actually work out how to use that abundance.  And this time we’re naturally able to make choices for the highest good.  Following your own design can do that for you!

Then we meet up with Ceres and Uranus as we make our way from the Communal Heart (the Heart Centre, shown as a red triangle) to the Collective Heart (the Ji Centre shown as a white diamond).  The Ji Centre connects our local community to the larger vision of the collective.

We are a holon that’s part of a larger holon.   You > your family > your community > the collective.  Through consciously interacting with these energetic holon connections within us we are changing the world.   This is one of the principles of Emergent Human Design.

There’s a whole pile of asteroids, centaurs and TNO’s in Gate 26, which also connects to the Spleen Centre and dwarf planet Haumea in Gate 57.  (Hidalgo in 26.3, dwarf planet Ixion in 26.3, Nemesis in 26.4, Pholus in 26.4, Hylonome in 26.5 and Cupido in 26.5).

The abundance that we have at our disposal is ours to squander or nurture, and the hard won treasures of our human inheritance are at our service if we choose to look for them.  Hylonome is a Centaur that represents what we are missing at the core of our being, and in this position she tells us that solutions to difficult issues are easy to find once the emotional charge is removed.    There’s a larger time frame here that our bodies and emotions are connected with, but our minds – ironically the masters of time and space – are hooked into the small picture and can’t see what’s truly going on.

Uranus will shift into Gate 17 in the Ajna Centre a few hours after I post this blog.  More on that later.

Big Ideas, Small Details

Jupiter’s lordly presence in the third eye (Gate 24 in the Ajna Centre) means this is a time of emerging grand visions.  Venus shows up to help us attract the people we need to create these wonderful new visions.  Our attention may well be on escaping the past, but instead it’s much more productive to leave the very idea of escape behind, and consider both how far we’ve come and what pathways we would like to continue on.

Remember Hylonome in the Gate of Great Taming (26).  Ixion and Pholus combine with her to let us know that second chances abound and that we are not tied to the wheel of fate, but can simply and gently apply ourselves to taking one small step after another in resolving long standing and apparently intractable problems.

That is, in fact, our escape route!  How hard can it be to simply turn and face in the other direction, away from the problems themselves.  What can you see from this perspective.  We are learning how to lead from the future, to create into the co-creative spaces that we are creating.   If you see what I mean!

Up against a culture and economy that appears increasingly tyrannical and, quite frankly, insane, we are forced to our own devices to discover the truth of who we are and how we can prosper.   And that is just how it needs to be.  How many of us would have willingly walked away otherwise?  We are turning the past into the past.

Now we have a profound opportunity, unmatched in human history.  We are called to discover how we can create a world that cares for everyone, that works as a whole organism on the level of human consciousness.

Such a big idea, and yet, here you and I are, small and insignificant, wondering what we could possibly have to offer!  The North Node in Gate 9 – Small Things – has a big clue for us.  And that clue is important because just before Venus conjuncts Jupiter, the Moon passes over the North Node and whispers a secret.

We don’t  need to puff ourselves up, or to overdo things when it’s a struggle. We don’t need to hide away and shrink from the demands of the world.

Instead, we wait on the winds of heaven to fill our sails and in the meantime we attend to the small details of our everyday lives, chopping wood and carrying water.  Small things gradually build to become large things, and when we pay attention to the details of our lives, particularly when they are about caring for ourselves and others, they are most powerful.

When we pay attention to our own small details we also discover where we are trying to save others rather than rescue ourselves.  A very uncomfortable shift, but the North Node can bring those on!

Caring Commnities

When Mars retrograde meets Chiron we know our willfullness is getting a makeover.  Especially when they are connecting the Solar Plexus Centre (emotions) with the Heart Centre (willfullness).

What creates the isolation of our modern communities, where we can be surrounded by many and still lonely to the core?  Where we can sit in one home looking at multiple screens?  Where there’s little time for talk, let alone laughter and togetherness?

What kind of economy do we live in that demands both parents work, and sometimes in more than one job, just to put a roof over the heads of their family, and food on the table?   And increasingly, that is becoming an impossible dream even for the so called ‘middle classes’.    State enforced ‘austerity’ locks up the passion and natural prosperity of the people within the false confines of a crumbling financial system.   More and more we are looking outside that reality to find something more wholesome, more intimate, more caring.

Eros and Child are also in this channel, bringing life back to the traumatised child within each one of us. Ceres, which is about mothering and nurturing, is also in a channel with Uranus that deals with healing the way we respond to shock!  This is a powerful transit for releasing our own unique individuality in a very stable pattern.

Removing the Curses

A few days ago we had a Full Moon in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion.  It was in Gate 47 in the Ajna Centre.  This gate is, I believe, a kind of portal to past lives.  The Earth and Mars were in this channel with the Full Moon, restructuring our neural pathways and finding new ways to apply our passion and energy (Mars).

At the same time, Pandora was (and still is) creating a channel with Pluto, where they are repatterning our DNA.  Pandora is about understanding how our gifts have been transformed to curses, our troublesome curiosity condemned.   I’ll never forget one of my clients saying to me after a reading, “Oh, I thought they were all the things that were wrong  with me!”  Pandora helps us reclaim our self respect, and our belief in the essential goodness of our own gifts.

Ceres has been in a channel with Uranus,  letting us know that what we want in life is exactly what we need to fulfill our destiny.  Just because someone sometime told us it was wrong – and thereby cursing us –  it’s no evidence at all to the contrary.

There’s a very important thread here.  The curses of all humanity are being lifted,and it’s happening because you and I are prepared to confront and engage with our own thoughts and emotions.  We are more able to give up our petty self importance to side with a vaster presence, to release our emotional reactivity and our projections.  In this way we find gentle and soft solutions where none existed before.

This is the return of the daughter energy to this planet – the innocent and gentle potential for creativity that holds the power of human existence in her womb. 

Pluto has only a few more days in the Gate of Joy before he moves to the Gate of Opposition.  There’s a tendency to want to confront ‘opposing’ forces head on, to make a powerful stand for what we believe in.   Entering into a power struggle takes us back into the past.

Despite the appearance of power, this opposition is now open to softer and gentler approaches.  Show them the way in.  There’s a universal need arising for intimacy, a desire for connection and a longing to be shown a pathway out of the habit of conflict.

Did I mention that Black Moon Lilith will be conjunct Venus and Jupiter?  More indications of the need to shift from anger at what curses us with lies of evil (Lilith went from being the protector of babies to the feared killer of babies!) we are returning again and again to a new more loving way to value the truth about each other.

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Grand Earth Trine March 2012



The Gift of Returning

I was thinking about the Global Seed Vault yesterday.  It seems extraordinary that we can imagine a day when we may need to make use of this seed collection, buried deep under the permafrost in Norway.  And yet, at the time same it is amazing that humanity continues to apply such imagination and collective spirit to the issues that confront us.

Jupiter will shift in a few hours –  from the Sacral Centre to the Ajna Centre.   It shifts on 4th March at 5:45am UT, into the Gate of Returning (24), a gate of turning points.

The Gate of Returning represents our understanding of our movement in and out, home and abroad, birth and death.  There is a sense of perpetual motion in this gate that can have people worrying incessantly.  Am I getting anywhere at all?  they ask.  Or am I just going back and forth, round and round.  The motion itself naturally creates new ideas, helpers, new pathways.

The key is to realise that even though the shifts may be small, there is change happening.   Each turning around will always bring you back to the source of the issue.  What’s here for you at the core?

This is a gate about gentle germination that pays attention to the to-ing and fro-ing nature of life.  It allows time for all seasons, although its’ principal energy is winter, when the seed is buried deep in the cold ground imagining what spring will bring.  Inherent in this gate is the mind’s need to understand – everything has it’s own time.  Jupiter is connecting with the inspiration of Gate 61, which brings out in touch with the big picture of our own inner truth, unravelling the mystery of our unique place in the universe.

You don’t need to rush into action.  Allow your energy to gently take root in the field of real possibilities.

The longest night at last ends in dawn, the great wheel again spins towards spring. Locked in winters frost, the frozen seed abides, a conception, but a long way from birth. We can trust in the wheels direction, it is on an acceptable course. Why not spring in full blossum or glorious summer? Take a full winter to answer.
Bradford Hatcher, Gate 24.


The Watershed

I started writing human design transits blog posts back in … oh probably about 2007.  I’d see the thread of change, and follow it for a few months, watching the synchronicity unfold with beauty and grace.  I could explain the concepts quite deeply during the period, coming back to them again and again.

These days it’s almost impossible to write anything coherent.  The complexity of what is happening is beyond explanation in one post.  Some days I wish I had time to write a book!

Today is one of those days.

Mercury and Uranus

Human Design transit chartFirst, Mercury is in the Gate of Innocence (25) in the Ji Centre (heart) with Uranus.  This gate encompasses the Aries Point which Astrologer Eric Francis describes as “the personal meeting the political”.  In other words, shift happens at all levels simultaneously.

Mercury / Uranus transits bring quick and highly intuitive thinking, sudden and often unexpected events, and an increase in consciousness of where we’ve lost our mind to groupthink.

Second, dwarf planet Ceres is in the Gate of Shock (51), which creates a channel with transiting Mercury and Uranus.  Ceres in the Gate of Shock is likely to have us revisiting traumatic childhood experiences in order to bring them to consciousness for healing.  The focus is likely to be on mothering – how we were mothered, our experiences as mothers, etc.

We may experience grief over loss, and anger at not having what we want.  Our physical hearts and heart chakra are both shifting from an egoic perspective to a bigger picture that encompasses both our soul geometry and global consciousness.  It’s time to get clear on what we want in our lives and take responsibility for creating it. Blaming others for whats wrong in our lives is so 2011!

Ceres represents where we can be neurotic due to lack of nurturing.  I’m doing a webinar on Ceres next month, so make sure you’re on the email list so you don’t miss out on that.

This is an extraordinary transit, as it brings up the collision between our family conditioning and our cultural conditioning.  This is the place where we project our childhood problems – you know, the one’s we’ve stuffed down inside us – onto our day to day lives and call it ‘reality’.

It’s an unstable energy, with Mercury the trickster and Uranus the rebel joining forces with our Ceres-ian tendency to get so stuck in our own stuff that we can’t see the forest for the trees.

There’s a strong energy for leaving the past behind, people, experiences, aspects of self.   There’s also potential to see where we’ve been tricking ourselves into a false view of our own lives.  (Aren’t we clever!)  Be sure to stay in your own ‘matrix’ of reality and not to allow others to hook into it, and certainly don’t get caught buying into theirs.

The channel itself is a fascinating one, since it bridges the ego self and the divine self.   It has the quality of ‘let thy will not mine be done’, regardless of how uncomfortable that may be.  And it may well be very uncomfortable as we step into our own bright potential.  Look particularly at your own anger, as this will be a focal point next week.  Good to get an early start on it!   Resistance is likely to be futile.

Mercury moves from the Gate of Innocence on 6th March at 10.43am UT.  Ceres moves from the Gate of Shock on 17th March at 20.46 UT.

Saturn and Jupiter

Saturn and Uranus can be the best of productive friendships.  Used incorrectly they can create hell on earth.  At the moment Saturn is in a game changing channel with Jupiter, and this expansion of the Saturnian energy is putting a turbo boost on the Uranus transit.

The simple underlying issue here is – what sort of society do we want?  It’s not about relying on authority figures, be they governments, schools, doctors, bosses, parents.  We are responsible for our own lives and the society we live in.  We are creating it each and every day by the way we behave, the way we relate.

The watershed

The Sun and Earth are in the watershed gates – Gates 63 and 64 from today till 7th March 3.30am UT.  The last two hexagrams of the I Ching, they represent the end and the beginning.  Order turns to disorder, and back to order again faster than you can blink.   Disorder doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong, just that this is new territory and we are still finding our way.  Move carefully, be sure of your footing.

One major theme I haven’t mentioned yet – becoming aware of what you as an individual need in order to feel cared for and nourished.   We all need our own individual recipe when it comes to being nurtured.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Hilary Barret’s I Ching

Feminine energy can be at home in such an open-ended uncertain state; masculine strength, that acts to achieve and complete things, will be exhausted by it.





Getting Grounded in the New Millenium

How to Understand your Earth Activation in your Human Design Chart

Have you noticed that the way you used to do things doesn’t work anymore?  It’s unsettling!

We’re being challenged to get more grounded, to fully embody our sacred purpose in ways that make a difference.

That’s where knowing about your Earth activation in Human Design can help.  In Astrology the Earth is always at the centre of the wheel, in your Human Design chart you can find where it’s placed within your body and your energy field.

This is your unique connection to our beautiful planet and it gives crucial information about your co-creative journey of bringing things into true form.

Join me for a free webinar to discover what your Earth activations can tell you about your purpose, direction and co-creative powers.  It’s on 1st March at 7am AEST    You can find out what time that is at your place by clicking here.   You can make a donation when you register – just add an amount from $0 up to whatever you like.

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Venus Transits and the Sacred Aesthetic

In her lead up to her magical transit on 6th June,  Venus has been busy making connections.  After 10 days healing our hearts with Ceres, she’s now partying with Uranus.   And what a party it will be!

The two most connected planets in the inner solar system, Venus and Uranus are about to bring us some unexpected but quite lovely experiences of relationship and a renewed sense of  the sacred aesthetic in our lives.

This isn’t the romantic melting of Neptune, it’s something quite different.  The essence is to find ourselves, whole and intact, as part of the collective.  Understanding who we are and finding our place.

Venus envelopes us in a desire to respond anew to beauty, and helps us to find a new sense of value – what we value in ourselves, in others, in our lives.  Uranus pushes us out of our comfort zone and expects us to let go of any old paradigm thought we’re still clinging to.

There’s a lot of planetary support for this, as Mars continues retrograding in the Ajna Centre and Mercury plays in our Crown – it’s difficult for us NOT to change the way we think and conceptualise just now.  Neptune and  Chiron in the Solar Plexus Centre (emotions) are asking us – what are you devoted to?

Between now and 26th February you may find existing relationships get a major makeover or suddenly end, new ones suddenly pop up out of nowhere. At the end of these few days you’ll think of yourself in a whole new way.  There’s plenty of opportunity to go off like a firecracker here, but the important thing is to stay calm and centred, to allow time to make the right choice, to stay with what’s sacred within you.

The connection is between the Heart Centre (ego, will, meeting our emotional and material needs at the personal and communal level) and the Ji Centre (collective heart, soul geometry, the fractal patterning of our lives).

Expect sudden changes in life direction.  And as Venus transits typically give us respite and time for recovery, expect old traumas and shocks, especially around exclusion and being tangled up in the wrong life direction,  to come to consciousness for healing.

Especially look for reactive patterns of pushing forward when we are hurt, shocked, shaken.  In the past we have probably not allowed ourselves time for our ego selves to repair from these experiences and so have developed what we might call a ‘false ego self’ rather than a strong natural container of self.   Those dints and dents in our natural boundaries of self will get a makeover during this transit.  And yes, this also applies to those with undefined Heart Centres, who are perhaps softer and gentler but not totally lacking in personal boundaries of self or wounds thereto.

The chart is for 25th February 19:00 UT, when the Moon is exactly conjunct Venus!  The Sun and Earth begin a 5 day activation that links the Uranus/Venus combo with Neptune and Chiron.   This is an extremely powerful day and one to navigate with a gentle hand on your own tiller – what is of value to you, what are you devoted to, what is sacred in your life.  These are important questions to guide you.

There is a strong unwinding of addiction energy in these transits and at the end of this week, we will find ourselves with a much clearer sense of reality.

Ophelia and Atlantis in 10, dwarf planet Haumea in 57 and Cyllarus (the lost warrior) in 52 bring in a whole new dimension of the lost self.   Women lost in the dangerously life denying machinations of power (Ophelia/Atlantis in 10 and Haumea in 57).  Men lost to the creation of home and community because they’re off being used as battle  fodder (Cyllarus in 52).    I expect the last few days of this transit – 25th and 26th of February will bring a massive focus and sense of renewal to our concept of community, and the question – what truly sustains us?





PS. You Are Not A Machine

Today’s New Moon takes us a step away from being a cog in the machine, and a step towards discovering something utterly unique about ourselves.

There’s one way to do things when you’re just a cog in the machine.  And there’s another way entirely to live, to love and to prosper when you are a co-creative being full of life!  Today’s New Moon is showing us some powerful new ways to BE.

While astrologers talk about the spiritual aspects of a New Moon in Pisces – and this is of course very important – let’s have a look at it from the Human Design perspective.

Solar Plexus Centre in Human Design chart


Locating the New Moon in Your Body

The New Moon is happening in the Solar Plexus Centre.  Which means – it’s happening in YOUR solar plexus chakra, the home of your breathing process and the seat of your feelings and emotions.

Here’s an interesting experiment.  Think of something that has a negative effect on you and observe what your solar plexus does in response.   Now, think of something that makes you feel great.  Again, observe what your solar plexus does in response.  Can you feel the difference in how you breathe?   That’s affecting how you connect with your emotions and how you take in nourishing qi.

We are developing our new yang muscles.  The old yang is all but gone from this planet and we need to find new caring and creative ways to be active participants in our world.  As we fill ourselves with fresh air, the lungs push our waste materials downward, all the way into the large intestine. In other words, we take in clear qi so that we can absorb it into our material reality, and it supports us to expel what is not useful.

If we are not breathing easily we are not receiving all the nourishing qi that is available to us in each moment.  This immediately puts us into a place of deficit or lack.   And our ability to expel our waste is hampered, so we retain toxicity.

So, unlike a cog in a machine, whether you are building a business, working out better ways to parent your kids or protesting against coal seam gas mining, breathing is one of the most important things you can do to support yourself.   Breathing creates successful outcomes!

An Emotional New Moon

The Solar Plexus is the place where we connect to our emotions.  Experiencing the full range of our personal emotions is a crucial key to life on earth.  You are an individual within a collective.  Your feelings tell so you much about your sense of identity and purpose within the greater whole.  Your emotions inform and empower you in your higher purpose.  As you open the flow of clear qi, you stabilise your emotional experience, and are then able to more clearly and cleanly access what you need to know about your unique role here on earth.

Perhaps you’re becoming aware of toxic emotional energy entering your field.  This New Moon will support you to find practical ways to change what you’re taking in, and also to expel what you may already have stored in your field in the past.

New Moon conjunct Neptune

The New Moon is sitting right on top of Neptune and Chiron.  This is wonderful news.  Why?  Because Neptune and Chiron have been doing a mighty job since 2009 of ‘lifting the veil’ on tyranny and oppression on this planet.  Together they have really clarified our response to the media, global corporations, environmental and social issues, and political tyranny.    Issues like the Gulf oil spill, deforestation in the Amazon, the Occupy movement, the Arab Spring and the recent Susan Komen affair in the US have demonstrated the ability of the grassroots movement to create real and lasting change in the world.  Because we have developed a much higher degree of emotional clarity, it’s much harder now to pull the wool over our eyes.  We are watching.  And we are learning how to respond as powerful co-creators.

New Moon in the Gate of Abundance

The New Moon occurs in the Gate of Abundance.  It’s also lovingly known as Gate 55.  This gate says .. make hay while the sun shines.  This is a bitter sweet energy, because we all know that nothing lasts forever.  The core issue here is not to panic and try to do everything at once, or throw up our hands at the sheer abundance of what’s on offer …. oy! so much grass! so much sunshine! …   Instead we create abundance by applying ourselves to the resources we have available.  It’s your life and it’s your home. It’s yours to grow into.

We are always creating abundance in our lives.  We may not be happy about what we are creating, and we may feel we are not responsible for what we are creating.  That doesn’t change the fact that we live in and create abundance with each breath we take.  In her excellent book The Faeries Oracle, Jessica Macbeth explains how our growing ground is always fertile, something is always growing because fertile earth never remains empty.  When we stay earthed and attend to our own growing ground, keeping it fertile, well watered and aerated, and when we pay attention to what grows there, rooting out what we don’t want growing, we gradually create a beautiful garden to live in.

What’s in abundance in your life now?  What can you create with it?

The Earth and the New Moon

The Earth isn’t used in astrology, but its an important part of the Human Design System.  It represents how we create, bring into form, and how we ground ourselves.  Today the Earth is in the Gate of Dissolution in the Sacral Centre (Gate 59).   It is a process of allowing your ego self to disperse, to dissolve and evaporate into the greater reality.  We are quietly and gently entering a larger sense of self with a deeper connection to truth.  What we previously ‘stood for’ shifts and changes as we align to a greater purpose.   This process releases clogged up vitality as the sacral chakra gets free of  the weight of old emotional toxicity.  Moving  in wild ways is important, what permission do you need to move freely?

You are not a cog in a machine

Each one of us is unique.  Each one of us has a part to play in the journey of humanity, earth and the cosmos.  That’s why we are here.  We’re awakening from a long period of ‘machination’, a time when humanities consciousness was trained to attempt to be machinelike, and if you didn’t step up to the mark you were easily duplicated and replaced.  Or so that particular story went.

This time is passing, and your uniqueness is a key to who you are becoming.  Gradually unfurling, you are becoming so much more than you imagined.   Breathe deeply, feel the uniquely personal truth of you.


New Moon, February 21st 2012, 22:34pm UT. Sun and Moon at  2+Pisces.  Gate 55 line 3.


There are three places left in the Emergent Human Design class – Using Minor Planets, Centaurs and Asteroids in the Human Design System.  You are very welcome to come join us! 


Dialogue with Elisabet Sahtouris

As part of my process of creating Emergent Human Design I am connecting with some extraordinary people.  Today I talked with a very special guest on my radio show, Dr Elisabet Sahtouris, an evolution biologist, futurist, author, speaker and consultant on Living Systems Design.  Her work shows the relevance of biological systems to organizational design in businesses, government and global trade.

We are facing many challenges right now – both personally and globally.  What can learn by looking at the long sweep of evolution?  Some microbes got it right, others are now extinct.  Elisabet has a message for us –  the successful microbes can teach us how to move through this intense period of evolution.

It’s time for us to create new cultural stories that embrace our diversity and our shared planetary home, to create community, to love and care for each other.  I enjoyed our dialogue so much, I’m sure you’ll love the show.

You can listen to the recorded show here:

Learn more about Dr Sahtouris at,  and you can find her latest book EarthDance at  We’d love to have your comments on the show!


Neptune in the Gate of Abundance


On 4th February 2012, Neptune shifted into Pisces and at 3.30am on 7th February (UT)  Neptune moved into the Gate of Abundance.  It will stay there till 14 January 2015.

This is Gate 55 in the Human Design System, hexagram 55 in the I Ching.

We are becoming more conscious of our boundaries as individuals and expanding our visionary creative capacity to open ourselves to embodied bliss

 Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre

Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre challenges us to find the sacred in experiences that affect our emotions, and to restore us to a state of true humanity.  It’s  been lifting the veil of mesmeric confusion that has had us trapped in the destructive individualism of a culture where money, and little else, talks.

Neptune has been in the Solar Plexus Centre since it went into the Aquarian gate of Revolution (49) in March 2006, where it stayed until December 2009.  Since 2009 we have been learning that our feelings, our raw and beautiful emotions, are divinely inspired and very, very personal.  It’s become well accepted now that pushing our emotions down does not bring clarity, but pain.

The deaths of Sadaam Hussein, Benazir Bhutto and Slobodan Milosevic give some indication of the rise of terrorist activity during that period, as Neptune  in the Gate of Revolution began to lift a veil on the archetype of the tyrant.   Another wave of ‘tyranny’ came to light when Lehmann brothers filed for bankruptcy in September 2008.

In December 2009, Neptune shifted into the Gate of Illumination (30) and we entered an intense period of relinquishing our old paternalistic world view.  As Pluto moved through the Gate of Treading (10), the behaviour of the stern father figure became more and more out of touch with the sort of benevolence we sought in our ‘authority’ figures – government, banks, etc.

We haven’t yet reached Neptune’s ideal of oneness – haven’t reached 100% , but have gotten stuck at the 99% + 1%.  It’s time for a change in the maths.   And there was plenty of maths about when BP spilled some oil in the Gulf of Mexico after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon in April 2010.  It had us all trying to figure out what was most valuable –  oil and industry or the oceans and environment.

As Jupiter, Chiron and the minor planet Snow White all joined Neptune at various times in 2009 and 2010, we were forced to wake up, to visit our own wounds and to build our own world view, rather than continue to rely on what had been passed down to us from the 1%.

In 2009 to 2011, Neptune in the Gate of Illumination (30) has supported us to keep our own inner spiritual flame alight, even if sometimes it is only a flicker, and to keep moving steadily through danger and dread without feeling the need for quick fixes or damaging reactions.  We are much more emotionally stable and much less likely to dissolve or disappear in the fog than we were in 2006.

The Gate of Abundance

Neptune in the Gate of Abundance

What happens after you get what you want?  Where do you go once you succeed?  These are Gate 55 questions.  The Sun shines full at midday, but there is inevitably a decline of abundance.

Neptune is about to challenge the idea that we can live unlimited lives of continual growth – at least in the linear plane.  If we are to continue to grow, to learn, to expand, then we need to shift dimensions. We must always be asking ourselves .. when I reach that goal, what’s next for me?  Not in the way we push against the flow, but to step into our roles as creators.

If we limit ourselves to an endpoint we lose the game.  The Universe is happy for you to have your dream home, but why do you want it? What will do create once you have it?

Take advantage of the good fortune coming your way, make use of the abundance you have.   There’s no need to push, or to move into disharmony by over-doing anything.  Abundance is natural. And it’s FOR something, you have abundance for a higher purpose – be clear about what that purpose is and abundance will flow.

In a linear or dualistic reality we are constantly on the alert out of fear of the inevitable decline.  Aging, loss of customers, the end of a love affair.  But the decline is simply a sign to move to the next level of your existence.  It’s as full of potential, of life, as the abundance.

There is a profound shift in our relationships going on just now, and this is our key to shifting into the newly emergent reality.  It doesn’t matter what the relationship is, who or what it’s with – a person, a rock, yourself –  the quality of your relationships is leading you into a new abundant dimension of life.

When we recognise connection we transcend.  We don’t just move beyond our individual struggle, but past our mechanistic imprint as individual cogs in the machine.  We are massively connected to the universe, every thought we think affects everything.  Neptune in the Gate of Abundance will prove this to us in very real ways.

Expect transformational movies that shift mass consciousness. Also expect to see the beginning of the end of that massive dinosaur – the global corporation. It’s had it’s time in the sun and will begin a decline.  We’ll see it replaced by collaborative projects globally networked.  It’s the age of the connected individual, each one holding accountability rather than hiding behind a corporate banner.

Between now and January2015, Neptune will bring shocks to your ego,  dissolving frozen emotional blocks to intimate connection with life.  It will allow clarity to break through the mists of your delusion of separation from natural abundance.   Allow any times of decline to lead you into a greater and more abundant understanding of the multiverse you share with us all.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

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Emergent Human Design

One day back in 2006, I was thinking about my Ascendant.  It’s so important in astrology, and I wondered where it might be in my Human Design chart.  I  discovered that it was in a gate that bridged two separate areas of definition.   Those of you who know something about Human Design will understand that this is very significant.   If the Ascendant represents the way in which we do things in astrology, I wondered, what could this mean for me?

That exploration started me on a quest to discover what else might be ‘hidden’ in my design.  I was already using some of the multidimensional charts and I also began to experiment with the newly discovered dwarf planets.  When I added centaurs and asteroids to the mix I found the chart opened out with an astonishing amount of precise information.

This was the beginning of what I have come to call Emergent Human Design.

During 2011 I began to research recent discoveries from diverse sources like the HeartMath Institute, Joseph Chiltern Pearce’s work on brain development, Dan Winter’s work on embodied bliss and the relationship of the human heart to universal holograms, Elisabet Sahtouris’ work on evolution biology, Philip Shepherd’s work on the body consciousness, Katya Walter’s work on the I Ching and DNA, sacred geometry,  the science of the micro world of quantum reality and the macro world of chaos theory.  And much more.

Overall the pieces fit together to create an incredible new experience of the Human Design System.

As we shift from a dualistic Cartesian consciousness to one aligned with our emerging quantum reality, we face immense challenges on both a personal and a global level.  Every aspect of our day to day life is changing, and will continue to change – relationships, health, work, the environment and the economy.  Emergent Human Design is all about shifting into this new reality with as much ease and grace as possible.  It holds keys to your emergent self.

There is so much more to the Human Design System than type, strategy and authority.  We are creating a new world, becoming emergent beings.  Evolving on purpose.

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Dancing With Reality

Have you ever watched a child at play?  If they stub their toe, they cry because it hurts.  If they see something beautiful they stop to look at it. They spend time with the children they like, and avoid the ones they don’t get on with.  They only do what they love to do.

Have you ever watched a child walk into a clean house with wet muddy feet?  Completely oblivious to the demands of civility, they are natural and free and in the moment.

What happened to us?  When did we get to stop listening in to our own fear, hurt and joyfulness?  When did we numb down on the beauty of life and spend our time instead mopping the floor or sitting on the commuter train staring at our ipad?

We are in the process of breaking through into a much more integrated consciousness.  It can feel quite weird, as parts of you get clear of the dross, the numbness, the fear, and come out to play.  Our culture has been very persistent about one thing – that we should all listen to our mind over every other piece of information coming in to our system.  The body is at best unreliable, and at worst evil in its intent.  Our emotions are, of course, completely hysterical and out of control and no guide at all to a good and proper life.

And inspired thought?  Well we know where that leads – most of us I suspect have past lives where we’ve suffered considerably for expressing our personal inspiration against the orthodox view of life.

Ceres is conjunct Uranus in the Gate of the Innocent (25) just now.  This is a heart gate, in the Ji Centre.  It tends to suffer from shocks that push us into trauma and out of our pure and simple selves.  Ceres is healing those long held traumas this week.  All the times we longed for interested curiosity and careful sheltering of our vulnerable growth into maturity, and instead received harsh treatment and training in civility – don’t cry!, hurry up!, I told you not to touch that!

Both Ceres and Uranus are headed for the Gate of Leading and Following – Ceres on 1st February and Uranus on 13th March.  This is Gate 17, in the Ajna Centre.  A mental gate that says – I am the leader and you are the perpetual child and follower.  Because of my exalted position as leader, you will follow me and believe as I do.   I run a multinational bank, have millions of dollars, and my own private jet.  I am entitled to create your reality for you.

Gate 17 has a tendency to bind the body up in outdated mental patterning.  Your body lives not in the past or the future, but in the present moment, which is constantly moving and changing and evolving.   This is the creation of your life within universal consciousness.  It has been made invisible, your power to be removed from your view.   We have been civilized to death.  Your mind is designed to expand into universal consciousness, to listen to your body, your emotions, to dance with all that and more.

The child inside us who is has been cut off from our knowing is beginning to break free of it’s enforced civility.  Now reality begins to peak through, and we dance with life.

Would you like to learn how the Human Design System can change your life? Join us for the online beginners course – Discovering Your Human Design. Starts 7th February.


Free Telecall ~ Evolving Human Design

I thought it would be fun and informative to get some people together and share our ideas about the evolution of the Human Design System. So myself, Hal Bahr, Karen Curry, Dee Dee Knoche and Zeno Dickson are going to do just that, and you are invited to join us.

The call will be on 1st or 2nd February, depending on where you live. Get the exact date and time for your place here.  The call will go for 90 minutes and you’ll have a chance to join the discussion and ask questions.

The call in number is:

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-3200
Participant Access Code: 361122#

Looking forward to meeting you there!




What Really Nourishes You

Today is the day.  Jupiter meets Saturn and we all get pushed and pulled into a new shape.  Who knows how we’ll end up?

It’s always interesting writing about these types of major transits.  When we have major astrological shifts the information is out there on the web and everyone’s talking about them.  Here in my little town I hear the chatter in local cafes – “oh that’s because Neptune’s doing something with Chiron”.  Human Design transits, perhaps even more potent than astrological transits, are almost a complete unknown.

With so few people thinking and writing about these transits it lessens what we can discover about them.  Many minds make lightwork, and as I say on my website, the more inspired minds engage with this material the better.   Any comments or emails are very welcome!

Human Design transit chart for 26th January 2012So, back to the planets.  Jupiter will remain in this channel until 12th March 2012, during which time Saturn goes retrograde – 7th February to 25th June.

Saturn represents the boundary beyond which hides our dark subconscious selves.  He also represents the bridge by which we can connect our light and dark.  He is our armour and our support systems, where we contain ourselves and how we build the form and structure of our lives.

Immensely practical, he pushes the darkness to the surface and then presents us with the solution to previously insoluble problems.   His form of transformation requires integration rather than submission.

If you have skeletal or skin issues, look at Saturn in your chart to see what’s too rigid, or what’s pushing up to the surface.

Jupiter, on the other hand, provides transformation via expansion.  Bringing us luck, good fortune and wonderful new horizons, Jupiter can help life make sense in wonderful ways.  When we feel stuck, Jupiter often provides us with an unexpected boon.  If you have tended to rely on luck and good fortune rather than thoughtful application to solve your problems, Saturn is probably about to give you a reality check.

These two planets will connect the Spleen Centre to the Sacral Centre for the next six weeks.

Saturn is in the Gate of the Ting – Gate 50 – which is about establishing the new through nourishing what is sacred in our lives.  This is a process that is said to release new energy and bring supreme good fortune, great prosperity and smoothness. During most of this transit Saturn will be in line 4, challenging us to find what is truly nourishing, and to stand up for our own personal version of prosperity.  There is a call to freedom in Saturn’s position – if we accept what isn’t right for us we may find our ‘ting’ falls over and all the goodness spills out and is wasted.

When Saturn is retrograde it’s important to consider any underlying issues that’s we’ve tried to overlook in the past.  This is more about consolidation and providing a solid base rather than breaking out and creating something completely new.

Jupiter is in the Gate of Nourishment – Gate 27 – choosing only what is nourishing and of real substance.  Whereas Gate 50 has a cultural focus, Gate 27 is more personal.   In all areas of our lives we are about to develop a strong faith in being able to choose what truly feeds us, and this will radiate into the wider community and, I’m sure, into our government and financial systems over the next six weeks.

There will be a new focus on trends like the slow food movement, local organic farmers markets and diet generally.  Old unhealthy habits can fall away, and a new era of health and wellbeing will be seeded into our lives.

But what about the dark side of Saturn?  Well, Jupiter is generally considered to be the antidote to Saturn, so we can expect new solutions to arise fairly easily.  But I’m also very interested in what Mars is up to.  Mars retrograde is helping us clear old emotional and mental patterns of rushing forward, reacting rather than reflecting.  There’s a very positive force for working out what we want to let in and what we want to keep out of our lives.  And a new ability to say yes, or to say no.

I want to wait and see what happens with this transit before I write some more.  Already I am sensing an excitement about eating well and getting healthy.  With Ceres conjunct Uranus yesterday, the focus is on finding your own unique source of nourishment – the exercise program, diet, university course, relationship – that suits you as an individual.  And there’s definitely a sense of refusing to allow old toxic sources of  ‘fake’ nourishment to continue to be fed to us.

Here’s some links you might enjoy:



Why I Don’t Use Type In Human Design


If you know anything about your human design chart, it’s probably your Type. (If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, you can get your free personal human design chart here)

When I started teaching Human Design, back in 2004, I classified people according to whether they were Generators, Projectors, Manifestors or Reflectors.  A bit later we added Manifesting Generators to the mix, although not without some controversy.

Knowing your Type is a key aspect of understanding Human Design.  So we are told.

But these days I don’t use Type anymore.   Here’s why.


So let’s imagine that I meet someone at a party and they bounce up and say “Hi! I’m a Generator”.  What does that tell me about them?  It simply means they have a defined Sacral Centre.  Since 75% of people have a defined Sacral Centre, this isn’t an earthshakingly personal piece of information.  Their chart could look like this:

Pink's Human Design Chart


Or like this:

John Lennons Human Design chart



They’re both Generators.  Even if you don’t know anything about Human Design you can see there is a profound difference between these two charts.  The first chart belongs to Pink, the second one to John Lennon, I’m sure you’ve already figured out that these two are going to be very, very different people.

Pink has four separate areas of definition, which means it’s very busy in there and can take her a long time to get everything working together.  With all her Centers defined she needs to follow her own path, but with a quadruple split she also needs to collaborate with others to get anything done.  That’s a very delicate mix!

John Lennon had one single area of definition and the rest was open to the collective consciousness.  He was profoundly affected by what’s floating around, especially as his one channel contains the luminous stellium of Neptune,  Venus and the Moon.   In fact, a lot of the time I expect he wasn’t even sure if he was really here on the planet or not!

While Pink has a strong sense of self and direction (her Ji Centre is connected the the Throat), Lennon floats along and waits for things to happen.  (Although Lennon did have the Ji connected to the Throat in his Spiritual layer).

If I was doing a Human Design session with Pink and John, and wouldn’t that be wonderful, I would talk to them both about their defined Sacral and how they are designed to respond to life.  But that’s where the similarity would end.


A Projector is someone who has an undefined Sacral Centre, and doesn’t have a motor (Solar Plexus, Heart, Sacral or Root Centre) connected to the Throat Centre.  That’s about 20% of people on the planet, so let’s say about 1.4 billion people are Projectors.  Again, nothing too personal going on there.

So let’s say I’m still at that fantastic party where I met Pink and Lennon, and along comes two more people who say ‘hey there, nice to meet you, we’re both Projectors!’.    Well here’s their charts:

Freddie Mercury's Human Design Chart


And this:

Charlie Sheen's Human Design Chart


Again, there’s very little in common between these two charts, other than their undefined Sacral Centre.  The first chart belongs to Freddie Mercury, and the second is Charlie Sheen.  (And yes, it was a hell of a good party .. lol).

Freddie Mercury had one channel connecting the Head Centre to the Ajna Centre, giving him a very inspired mind.  He was known for his genius in writing songs – Bohemian Rhapsody being a great example.  Mercury was always going to have to play in a band, to give him a connection to the Throat, and to ‘give voice’ to his songwriting.  He surrounded himself with a close knit group of friends, which would have helped him give some solidity and form to his experience of life.

Like Pink, Sheen has lots of different areas of definition.  He has all three awareness centres defined – Ajna/mental, Spleen/physical intuitive and Solar Plexus/emotional – but they aren’t connected so they’re not talking to each other unless he’s around the right people.  So he has the capacity to be pretty switched on, but in a very fragmented way that can create confusion all around.  It probably doesn’t help that his Mars is saying ‘hey lets do all the wrong things with all the wrong people, that’ll be much more fun that checking in with my own inner awareness!’.

Looking at Type in Human Design is useful, but it’s usefulness is limited.  It’s a bit like knowing what sign your sun is in.  You’re an Aquarian, I’m Cancerian, she’s a Libran.  At least in astrology there are 12 signs, in Human Design we’re all bundled up into only 5 piles and one of those piles – the Reflectors – has only 1% of the population in it!

Once we have a basic understanding of our design, there’s no need for simplistic labels, and it’s time to stop lumping yourself in with billions of other people and really start to delve into the uniqueness of who you really are.  One way of doing that is to look at what Type your channels are.

What Type Are Your Channels?

I was just reading an article written by a Manifesting Generator.  It was saying .. “Oh it’s terrible how ignored Manifesting Generators are”.  What!  Isn’t being ignored something that’s supposed to happen to Projectors?  Well, let’s look at a Manifesting Generator chart.

This one belongs to John Travolta:

Human Design Chart of John Travolta

 Travolta’s type is a Manifesting Generator because he has the Sacral Centre defined, and it is connected to the Throat Centre. This is the classic Manifesting Generator channel.  But he has two other channels as well.  And they are both Projector type channels.  That’s because they don’t connect to the Sacral Centre – that would make them Generator channels.  And they don’t connect a motor to the Throat Centre, which would make them Manifestor channels.

So John Travolta is one part Manifesting Generator and two parts Projector.  While it’s important for him to understand how that Manifesting Generator channel operates in his life, it’s also crucial that he understands he is part Projector.  Mentally and emotionally, Travolta can feel a lack of recognition, and a sense of disconnection with himself.  In other words, there are parts of himself that can feel ignored.

The Projector Channels in the Human Design System

Projector Channels in the Human Design SystemHere’s a chart showing all the Projector channels.  There are 21 Projector channels in the Human Design chart, out of a total of 36.

Unless you have only one single area of definition, you are almost certainly going to have at least one Projector channel in your design.

One of the profound gifts of the Human Design System is that we can see these ‘dispossessed’ aspects of self on the chart.  They are often floating off to the periphery of our lives without access to communication with the world or the energy to act on their own behalf!

Most of us use relationships to correct the situation, but this is usually only a bandaid solution.   Until we can truly connect with our own Projector aspects, recognise and nurture them, we are only operating in a small part of ourselves.   And how can the rest of the world recognise Projectors and the gifts they bring if we can’t even recognise our own inner Projector?

I’d like to create a sixth type called the Generator Projector, or Projecting Generator … why not?

How The Minor Planets in the Human Design System Can Change Type

There’s one more powerful reason why I no longer use type in Human Design, and thats the minor planets.  Let’s start by looking at how minor planets affect the design of comedian John Cleese.

Human Design chart for John Cleese


Cleese has a defined Sacral Centre, so he would be labelled a Generator.  And he has three Projector Channels that activate three other centres, including his Throat.   What happens when we add in two minor planets – Ceres and Haumea?

Human Design Chart of John Cleese with Dwarf Planets


When we add in dwarf planet Haumea in gate 33 at the Throat Centre, John Cleese’s type changes to Ego Manifesting Generator, because it connects the Heart Centre (the red triangle which rules ego and willfulness) , which is a motor, to the Throat via the Ji Centre (the yellow diamond).

An Ego Manifestor is hugely different to a Generator, and the ‘strategy’ is completely different.  The Generator waits, the Manifestor acts.  Haumea is a powerful energy that will give a strong activation for Cleese.  This is what LiSe Heyboer says about Haumea’s position in Cleese’s chart:

Only in retreat the spirit can find its inner riches. Places full of noise and people are never spiritually rich places, but even there one can stay rich if one can stay aloof inside.

This is a very important key to how Cleese can find a way to act in the world!  He must take the time to retreat and find his inner riches, possibly with family since that is one of Haumea’s themes.   It makes sense that he was forced out of retreat to work to pay alimony to his third wife, and that he has co-written a book about family life.  He’s also a man who knows his own value (thats the defined Heart Centre), knocking back 200,000 pounds for doing a reality tv show because it wasn’t nearly enough money.

There’s another dwarf planet that’s significant in Cleese’s chart, and that’s Ceres.  It connects his Sacral Centre to his Solar Plexus Centre, activating his emotional awareness.   The connection with Neptune may give some clues to his three marriages .. and three divorces, and the fact that at 71 he’s already in another relationship.   Ceres and Neptune can cause idealistic expectation of relationships that often leads to disappointments.

dna in human design systemPerhaps you have a better understanding now of the way in which Type operates within the Human Design System.

One of the things I find most difficult is watching people struggle to fit themselves within a standardised ‘strategy’ within a system that has at it’s very heart the idea that we are all unique.

I’ll leave you with two questions.

What type are you?  And what else is going on in your design?

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Body Chakras1939

The Centers in the Human Design System



For thousands of years humanity has been aware of a series of energy hubs embedded into the physical body and flowing out through various subtle layers.

In the Hindu tradition, the idea of spinning vortexes of energy appeared in the Upanishads perhaps as early as the 5th century BCE. The Chakras are how we take in and transmit subtle energies.

A more modern interpretation of the role of chakras is that they are seated in the various nerve ganglia in the spine. There are the seven chakras we all know and love, and these branch into an almost unlimited number of smaller chakras called nadis.

These seven major chakras are said to govern various areas of our lives, including the subtle energy life of the physical area governed by the particular nerve ganglia.

For example, the Sacral Chakra, or Svadisthana, is considered to correspond to the testes or the ovaries that produce the various sex hormones involved in the reproductive cycle.

Tree of Life

There is also a lesser known Hebrew tradition of energy centers. Known as the Sephiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, they are said to represent the creation story, and the pathway of  humanity’s return to spirit.

In the Tree of Life, the equivalent energy center to the Sacral Chakra is Yesod.  Yesod takes the energy as it comes down from spirit and translates it into something uniquely personal for each person in preparation for physical manifestation.

The Tree of Life is also the basis for the channels between the Centers in the Human Design BodyGraph.

The Nine Centers of the Human Design System

There are nine Centers in the Human Design System rather than the original seven hindu chakras or the ten sephiroth of the Tree of Life.   These nine Centers have very specific functions.

When you get your Human Design chart you’ll notice that some Centers are colored in and some are left white, depending on the placement of the planets.  If planets connect one Center to another Center, they will both be activated (or “defined”)and colored in on the chart.

When a Center is activated in this way, it has a very specific way it wants to express in your life, and is always active (eg, mentally active).   A white or “undefined” Center is more open to the ebb and flow of life and the influence of others in the way it expresses, and tends to have long periods of stillness, especially when you are alone.


Head Centre in the Human Design SystemHead Center

Inspiration – where we can be inspiring or inspired.  Sometimes there is so much information coming through this Center that we can feel uncomfortably pressured to do something with all the ideas!  If you have red gates between the Head Center and the Ajna Center you may not realise how inspiring you are to others.

Biologically related to the Pineal Gland.

The Ajna Centre in the Human Design SystemAjna Center

Mental awareness and processing.  If it’s not connected to the Throat it can be difficult to ‘speak your mind’.   In our culture we are taught that it’s a virtue to be ‘rational’, but mental awareness is really dependent on how well we tune into the other awareness centers in our design.

Biologically related to the anterior and posterior pituitary.

Throat Center in the Human Design SystemThroat Center

The portal between your inner and outer worlds, the Throat Center shows how you communicate and take action.   In the Tree of Life the sephira that relates to the Throat Centre – Daath – was kept secret for centuries because of its esoteric power of  metamorphosis.

Biologically related to the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

The Ji Center in the Human Design CenterJi Center

Also known as the G Center or Self Center.  This Center is in the middle of your chest and relates to the highest resonance of the heart chakra – unconditional love, oneness, your higher self and your soul geometry in this lifetime.

Biologically related to the lungs and the thymus gland.

The Heart Center in the Human Design SystemHeart Center

Although it’s called the “heart’ center, this is not directly related to the heart chakra, but does relate to the physical heart.  This Center tells us about how your ego container holds your spirit, and how you use your courage and willfulness, either for yourself or on behalf of your ‘tribe’ or community.  It is perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood Center in the Human Design chart.

Biologically related to the heart.

The Solar Plexus Center in the Human Design SystemSolar Plexus Center

A whole body field that shows how your emotional body operates.  This is still quite a disturbed energy in our culture, making it difficult to consistently hold a high level of emotional awareness.  And yet emotional awareness is deeply personal and informing.   If it is not defined in your chart, you may find yourself being significantly affected by the emotions of others.

Biologically related to the nervous system.

The Spleen Center in the Human Design SystemSpleen Center

Another whole body field that gives us our intuitive or cellular awareness.  Related to our reptilian brain and ancient instincts for survival, the Spleen Center relates to our physical senses and our capacity for physical wellbeing.

Biologically related to the immune and lymphatic systems.

The Sacral Center in the Human Design SystemSacral Center

Generative life force, vitality, creativity, relationships, sexuality and home of the ‘gut feeling’.  It can easily be overridden by the mind, even though when it is defined it is a constant source of important information about our lives.   The Sacral Center guides us to what we need to create in this life.

Biologically related to the sexual organs, pelvic area, lower back.

The Root Center in the Human Design SystemRoot Center

Containing the energy until it is time to birth it into form.  The Root Center can feel contracted, depressed or open and engaged.   It represents our connection to the earth, and our family patterning,  the ways in which we manage survival issues.

Biologically related to the pelvic plexus.


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Expansive Potentials, Bliss and Nourishment

Today  the Sun moves to the Root Centre and sparks a cascade of events that will change our world between now and March.

As the Sun shifts down to the nether regions of the Root Centre, it will join Jupiter in a channel that has the capacity to shift everything.

Sun and Jupiter

Human Design Transit Chart for 17th January 2012For 5 days from 17th January at 2.43am UT the Sun and Jupiter will shine their expansive light upon your potential to become, to manifest, to come into form.  This is a profound chance to seize opportunity and pounce upon potential for the future.

This is a complex channel, connecting our earth based selves to the greater patterns of human life and beyond. In the Tree of Life, the Root Centre corresponds to Malkuth, which represents the world of form and physical creation.

The Sacral Centre corresponds to Yesod, which represents our ability to perceive the invisible world and communicate it to Malkuth.  The importance of Yesod is shown in regard to the merkabah, the light body, which requires that we be able to pass knowledge through the sphere of Yesod to create our own personal wisdom.

In that sense it could be said that Yesod, or the Sacral Chakra/Centre is the centre for self knowledge, or gnosis.   Malkuth, or the Root Centre/Chakra, is the centre for bringing our personal wisdom or gnosis into physical form.

As I said, the two planets  supporting this process over the next 5 days are the Sun and Jupiter.  Both bright, expansive energies, there’s the chance here to ground something amazing or burn out.   That’s a lot of energy sitting low in our bodies, in a place where we are traditionally (or perhaps it’s more correct to say, culturally) quite blocked.

The Sacral Gate (3 – Beginnings) is about the chaotic profusion of potential at the beginning of something new, before things have come into form.   This gate holds an unstoppable power of life and Jupiter has been here since November 2011, bringing wonderful new possibilities.  The next 2 weeks is their culmination.

The Root Gate (60 –  is about how we deal with that energy, bit by bit, sorting through, working out what we need, what action we need to take.  We need to be watching to figure out where we are moving freely and where we are being blocked. In this way we can read our correct direction.

LiSe Heyboer says this:

A very rigid hexagram, but giving value to the most free means of expression. Living moment after moment makes that possible. Restrictions need expiring dates, so every new cycle will have its own new energy.

When the Sun and Jupiter get together we can feel that we are invincible, and yet whats called for here is that we keep our eye on the substance, and make good use of the expansive good fortune that’s coming our way this week.  Expect exciting new ideas to surface, both personally and collectively.

Sun and Neptune

Human Design transit chart for 23rd January 2012On 22nd January, (15.19pm  UT)  the Sun moves into Gate 41.  It’s the Rave New Year, because Gate 41 is the only START codon in the human design bodygraph.  It says Go!  It translates the code into physical reality – a bit of a recurring theme over the next few weeks!

We get a New Moon in Gate 41 line 1, (on 23rd January at 18.40pm UT) and a channel made up of the Sun and Neptune.   This channel supports us to clear away what’s unnecessary and to bring our attention to what’s luminous in our lives, what shines brightly in each one of our moments.  This combination will have us seeking a higher vision for what’s possible in our lives, embodying and grounding our blissful selves.  Beware of a tendency to want to fritter this energy away.

Potentially sensitive, caring and sharing, we might do well to take our time and not rush into anything.  We’ll need space between the moments to raise our awareness and avoid fuzzy confusion.

Emotional awareness is evolving and this channel is a key part of that process.   It’s also a crucial part of our own personal journey in understanding the intensely personal data contained within our Solar Plexus centres, and how we can manifest it into the physical via the Root Centre.

 More mutation

Human Design Transit chart for 26th January 2012On 25th January at 12.32pm UT, Mercury moves into the Gate of Limitation (60) in the Root Centre, the one that the Sun has just vacated.

I find this gate is one people often have difficulty with.  It’s like a guide, showing us how to bring our visions through to reality in their perfection.  It requires humility to allow ourselves to receive this guidance, which can often feel as if we are being blocked, limited or prevented from moving forward.

Mercury is likely to bring to our attention all the places where we are too harsh, where we have taken on ideas about what’s not possible.   Expect false limitations to fall away and a new appreciation for what’s required to succeed to rise in their place.

Mars will be retrograde at this time, giving us the impetus to find a new sense of order in our need to be of service.

 Jupiter shifts

Human Design transit chart for 27th January 2012And then, on 26th January at 15:30pm UT, Jupiter shifts into a channel with Saturn.  The two planets will remain together here till 12th March.  When Jupiter meets Saturn we get a sort of push-me-pull-you energy.   To stay with what we know or to take a risk and expand?  The key is to move slowly and steadily in the direction of your vision.

This channel, connecting the Sacral Centre with the Spleen Centre, is about how we care for ourselves and each other.  Saturn has been in Gate 50 – The Ting –  a sacrificial cooking pot, not one for everyday use.

What do you prepare in offering to the sacred in your life?  What sort of relationship do you have to the unseen influences in your life?  The ancestors, the spirits, angels, however you perceive them.  Do you care for them, and they for you?  Are you nourished by your connections with them?

Jupiter is in Gate 27 – Nourishment – a very important gate that speaks to us of the difference between real nourishment and something that keeps our mouths moving and fills our bellies.  What I’ve heard called food v’s edible foodlike substances.  This gate goes way beyond food, and includes all kinds of nourishment.  What are you able to draw from your life that sustains and nurtures you?

I expect this Jupiter/Saturn combination will create a swell of movement at the grassroots level that will further shake  the foundations of the global financial system.  It’s likely to be another step in our creation of a new relationship to money and the ways in which we trade with (nourish) each other at all levels.  It is also likely to have a profound effect on the way in which we organise our own personal lives.  We deserve that which nourishes us.

Movement of Outer Planets in February and March

Did you know, Neptune moves to Gate 55 on 7th February at 16pm UT, Uranus moves to Gate 17 on 13th March at 13:40pm UT, Pluto moves to Gate 38 on 26th March at 2:04am UT, and Chiron to Gate 37 on 4th March at 7:50am UT.   These outer planets create the backdrop for our lives. That’s a whole new ballgame by the end of March!

New to Human Design?  Be prepared for the upcoming shifts.  Join us in the Discovering Your Human Design online class in February, and discover fulfilling new ways to be all you can be!  

Small Group Human Design Readings

A Human Design Win/Win Experiment

I’ve been hearing from some people about how much they’d love to have a human design reading but can’t afford one.  So I’ve thinking about possible creative solutions.  Here’s my idea.

Small Group Human Design Readings

I set up some times when I’m available to do 2 hour long Human Design sessions for up to 4 people, via webconference so we’ll be able to see each other at the beginning, and then we’ll switch to looking at all the charts.

It will only cost $60 per person, and it will be more interactive than a one-on-one session because you’ll receive different perspectives through discussion.  You can ask about anything you like, and you’ll all get a copy of the video and the mp3 recording at the end of the session.

You don’t have to find 3 other people, just book your place.  If you do have four people who’d like to have a group reading, please contact me for a special time that suits you.

Upcoming Session Times

Here’s the times for the first two sessions. The link will show you what time the session is at your place.  Remember the sessions go for 2 hours.

Thursday 19th January, at 8am Sydney Time – check what time it is at your place here – it’ll probably be Wednesday afternoon or evening.


Wednesday 25th January, at 1pm Sydney time – check what time it is at your place here – it’ll probably be Tuesday evening at your place.


Any feedback on the experiment is most welcome.  If it goes well, I’ll schedule regular sessions.


Intermediate Human Design Classes Online

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Human Design, it’s time to go onto more exciting territory. That’s what the Intermediate series of Human Design classes is all about.

If you know the names of the centres and have some idea of what they mean, if you understand the difference between defined and undefined and are familiar with your design and personality layers, then this is the level for you.


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