Putting Humpty Together Again

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been”  ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

There’s no doubt about Humpty’s great fall.  It’s a global happening and we’ve watched on social media and television as things seemed to careen out of control in 2010 and 2011.  This year, we get to put it all back together again.  With a twist.

Things feel different and they’ll never be the same again.  There’s no putting Humpty back the same as he was.  All the kings horses and all the kings men won’t be able to do that.  But we are in the process of creating something completely new.  This is unnerving!  How do we know what it will look like, feel like, taste like?  Will we be safe in this weird new place?  Who will love and cherish us here?

Tomorrow Mercury will be conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Opening in the Root Centre – gate 58.  Think about that – the idea of opening at the root or base chakra.  It’s quite a confronting thought!   This is what Carolyn Myss says about the base chakra:

As tribal beings, we are energetically designed to live together, to create together, to learn together, to be together, to need one another.    Anatomy of the Spirit

But what does it mean to be a tribal being?  Surely we left all that behind a long time ago?  Well, actually no.  One of the things that makes Human Design so powerful is your own personal Design or PreNatal layer.  This layer represents what’s happening under your conscious awareness.  In other words, it shows where you are connecting with a whole cosmos of collective unconscious, from family to global.   And right now, that layer is opening and releasing a whole pile of ancestral secrets that have kept you from more intimate creative relationship with others.

Mercury and Pluto tell us that interacting with others should be a pleasant experience, not a struggle or a contest.  The Moon is creating a channel with Mars that has us releasing mental patterns that have been preventing us from having peace and gentleness in our lives.  There’s a sense that within each one of us is a quiet garden where we can always draw inspiration and nourishment of all kinds, and we have rediscovered the secret doorway that lets us in.

There’s a lot of evidence that family secrets exist below the surface of our psyche and break out in unspeakable ways.  I say unspeakable, because they are secrets and each succeeding generation of the family learns that there are certain things that their eyes are to be averted from and that they are not to speak of.  After the second generation no one really remembers the actual secret, but the shame and sense of pending doom and suffering remains written in our cellular memory.  We know, deeply and unconsciously, that we are not to go there.  Even when we have no idea that there even is a ‘there’!

This is exactly where we have been heading in the past few weeks.  To that unspeakable and unknowable place.  Of course, the doom and suffering are long since gone, the shame no longer an issue, so if we allow ourselves to truly arrive there all we find is  … well not much at all actually.  It’s all a bit of a fizzer after generations of desperate avoidance.

Dwarf planet Ceres has been playing a huge part in this drama.  She’s in the Gate of Secrets – gate 36.  And she’s teamed up with the South Node in the Gate of Progress – Gate 35, to bring hidden emotional baggage up into the light.   The opportunity here is to listen in to what your own intuition and emotions are telling you, and not to allow your mind to invalidate their message, no matter how mad, shameful or potentially disruptive it may seem.  Pluto is releasing our belief that we must bow to some outside authority figure to keep us safe.  Mercury reminds us that the opposite is often true, in bowing down we become unsafe.

Dandelion seed

There’s a huge release of energy coming out of this process.  Can you imagine how much energy humanity puts into hiding it’s shame?  And if we all take a deep breath and sigh in relief at the realisation that it’s no longer necessary, imagine the shift!

This process releases subtle and hidden aspects of ourselves that have been kept prisoner of a system of secrets and lies.  Hidden within that system are the victims, the perpetrators, the sad, the lonely, the guilty and the greedy.  It holds the toxicity of mankind’s inhumanity to itself and the planet.  And you hold the keys to it’s release in your cells.

This represents nothing short of a global reality shift.  Venus is currently joining Neptune in the Gate of Illumination – gate 30 in the Solar Plexus Centre.   This gate represents the bright things, the lovely moments that we can seize and enjoy in life.  We can create a string of these moments and build a life from them.  We can look for what we can enjoy, what brings us joy, in each moment and live in that place.   We just need to remind ourselves that it is safe now to listen in to our own emotional intelligence, and believe that what it tells us is true.   We are receiving what we need to put ourselves and the world back together again.


Come join me for the first of 2012’s Human Design courses – Discovering Your Human Design.   This is a class for absolute beginners, Human Design newbies. You don’t need to know a thing about Human Design to be part of it. What you learn in this class, and your experience in sharing it, will help you find new and fulfilling ways to improve your relationships, your career, family and health.


The I Ching and the Human Design System

Welcome to the world’s oldest unsolved Chinese puzzle.   This little Book of Changes,  which in it’s native Chinese will fit into less than forty pages,  has been teasing and tormenting scholars for thousands of years, and translators for centuries.  Over the centuries it has been consulted more than the Bible, the Koran or the Vedas and has been read more than Shakespeare or Homer.  And yet it lays down no law.  It founds no religion.  It tells no story.  So what is this odd, inscrutable tome all about? 

Bradford Hatcher 

The I Ching (now commonly known as the Yijing, just as Peking is now known as Bejing), is a system for understanding the place of humanity within the cosmos.  It is a system built entirely upon two elements – yin and yang.  Using these two elements, it creates the world and all within it.  It does this by putting them together into 64 hexagrams, each one divided into 6 lines.  It has an uncanny similarity to the structure of human DNA and fits perfectly with our understanding of chaos theory.

It is also a fundamental component of the Human Design System.


The I Ching is more than 3,000 years old.  It’s origins are lost in the mists of antiquity, with fragments remaining from the Xia dynasty (2005 – 1766 BC) and the Shang dynasty (1766 – 1122 BC).  The first written version comes from the Zhou dynasty in 1122 – 221 BC.


The Book of Changes is little known in the west, but it is one of the most important books in world literature.  Thousands of years of wisdom have gone into it’s making and interpretation.  It has had a profound influence on the culture, philosophy, science, politics and everyday life of China,  the most populous nation in the world (1.2 billion people).

At the outset, the I Ching was a collection of linear signs used as an oracle.  It was probably originally based on the simple possibility of receiving either a yes or no answer to a question.   Yes was a single unbroken line  and No was a single broken line.  As more complex answers were sought, it’s likely that people began to combine the lines into pairs, and then into sets of three.  These became known as trigrams.    The trigrams then began to take on meaning, based on hundreds of years of observation.  The eight trigrams began to represent all the forces of heaven and earth.

The trigrams were not representative so much of things, but of the nature of the movement of things, not entities but functions.

But there was again a desire for more complex understanding of the world and the trigrams were combined to create hexagrams. Each hexagram contains the two trigrams in relationship with each other. They also contain the experience of the six lines that form them.

Around 1150 BC, King Wen and his son the Duke of Chou, began to change the way the I Ching was being used – shifting it from a method of fortune telling to a book of wisdom that gives answers to the question – what am I to do?

This had the effect of shifting the querent from a mute and passive receptor of fate into a co-creative partner actively involved in shaping her future.

Both La0-Tse and Confucius knew the I Ching well, and added significantly to it’s inherited wisdom.

Consulting the I Ching

hexagram 52Traditionally a hexagram was created by throwing coins or yarrow stalks.   Each throw gave either a yang (solid) or yin (unbroken) line and the six lines of the hexagram were built from the bottom up.   If you’d like to know more about how to consult the I Ching in this way, Hilary Barrett’s site is a great resource.

In the Human Design System, the I Ching is a fundamental part of the BodyGraph, with each planet being allocated a hexagram (or “gate”) based on it’s astrological position.  More on that later.

The Philosophy of the I Ching

The underlying philosophy of the I Ching is that of change.  In the Tao Te Ching, Lao-tse teaches that rather than focus on individual things we are better served by considering the flow of change moving through each situation, the course of things, the continual primal beginning in each moment.

While we tend to equate yin with the feminine and yang with the masculine, Richard Wilhelm explains that there is nothing to indicate this in the original meanings.  The primary meaning of the word ‘yin’ was probably something like cloudy or overcast.  Yang probably meant something like ‘banners waving in the sun’, something bright and shone upon.  The two words represented the concept of dark (yin) and light (yang), the southern or shaded side of a mountain (yin) and the northern or sunny side (yang), two primal states of being, continually transforming from one to the other and back again.

Another important concept contained within the I Ching is that everything we experience can be found as a metaphor or image.

For example, in hexagram 3 we receive the guidance of how to respond to the process of initial creation, the rising up of vital energy.  The imagery used is that of a sprouting seed.  It can be useful when things are just beginning, to imagine ourselves as a sprouting seed, still deep within the dark cool earth, unsure of what we are becoming, confused by the teaming chaotic profusion of potential we are experiencing.

In the Human Design System, this hexagram (or gate) is in the Sacral Centre/Chakra, seeking to connect with the Root Centre by activating gate 60, Limitation.  In this process of beginning and becoming, a birthing process,  it’s likely that we’ll experience limitations, but that will help us grow strongly and surely.  It also helps us to ‘weed out’ any ideas we have that are too weak to survive or are not in our best interests.

Using the I Ching in the Human Design System

Just like Shakespeare and the Bible, the I Ching has been interpreted many times by many thousands of people.   While there are ancient and authentic roots to guide us in considering it’s meaning, we can also allow for it’s evolution as it grows to meet our changing needs for it’s ongoing guidance.

The Human Design System is a unique and profound tool for synthesizing the world’s great spiritual wisdoms – the I Ching, Kaballistic Tree of Life, the Chakra system and western Astrology – into a personal chart.

Human Design chart of John Lennon

Human Design chart of John Lennon

It’s time to complete our global becoming, time to integrate the spiritual journeys of all of humanity within each moment.In the Human Design Bodygraph, each chakra or Centre is home to a number of hexagrams or Gates.  When we add in your planets, they activate specific Gates and Centres, creating your unique design.

In the design of John Lennon (see right), his Sun is in hexagram (Gate) 57.  Gate 57 is always positioned in the Spleen Centre, which is the white triangle on the far left.

This lets us know that Lennon was attuned to subtle influences that others may not have been aware of.  He was very sensitive physically (Spleen Centre) and couldn’t always express the impressions he was picking up because the energy isn’t connected to his Throat.

LiSe Heyboer describes this hexagram:

Accept your seal humbly and completely, do not try to understand, but open your intuition and believe in miracles. Your own attitude will attract all you need, you don’t have to use tools to find it. Least of all the tool of thinking, which is a tool of arrogance. You do not know anything, it knows you, if you are only you. 


Richard Willhelm describes it this way:

In human life it is penetrating clarity of judgement that thwarts all dark hidden motives.  In the life of the community it is the powerful influence of a great personality that uncovers and breaks up those intrigues which shun the light of day. 

And in the Rave I Ching:

The possibility that the depth of the intuition will be treated superficially. 

You can see the similarities within the differences of expression.  The imagery of this hexagram is of wind blowing everywhere, penetrating everything, and also of wood (tree roots) slowly and imperceptibly growing deep into the earth, penetrating everything in their path.

We can synthesis the meaning of the hexagram by adding in the context of the planet, the chakra and their position in the Tree of Life.  Without losing the shape of any one of these ancient spiritual philosophies we can allow them to inform each other, to synthesise our newly emerging global wisdom.

My favourite I Ching’s


Richard Willhelm’s I Ching – Book of Changes

LiSe Heyboer’s Oracle of the Sun 

Bradford Hatcher’s Word by Word Book of Changes

You can find more links on Hilary Barrett’s site –

And here are two of my favourite I Ching books:





Creating a New Joyful Centre

Feeling the pressure? It’s not just because it’s christmas and the stores are ho-ho-hoing the dollars right out of our pockets. There’s a potent mix of energies that are creating a shift from fear based reactivity to a more centred and trusting response to life.  With all those activations to the Ji Centre, I’ve been living with regular heart palpitations for days now, but it feels good, realigning.

It feels as if so many things can and will go wrong, and yet somehow everything keeps turning out just right! This is a time to risk, to trust, to calmly and gently face our demons and realise they no longer hold the power over us that we thought they did.

A Time of Extremes and Simplicity

The truth can contain the entire universe within it. Nothing is excluded.

For the next five days, we have the chance to discover where we have shut ourselves away from the truth. How are we keeping ourselves from treading in a larger reality? Today we can let go of anything extreme, anything our ego tells us we must hold onto. We are moving into a simpler life.


When Yin meets Yang

Today the Sun moves into the Gate where Heaven meets Earth, duality is resolved, and we all find fulfillment (yes it’s happening for the next 5 days, but read the small print for extra conditions). There is also a dwarf planet event that is adding to the power of this process.

Haumea is currently transiting in the Gate of Gentle Penetration (57) and Mercury is retrograde in the adjoining Gate of Great Power (34). Together they are shifting our ideas of what we want to achieve when we apply our energy to something.

Human Design Transit Chart for 15th December 2011

Human Design Transit Chart for 15th December 2011

Haumea transits can activate a higher level of consciousness in us about the connection between our mind and emotions and how they impact on our health at the physical level.   Our physical bodies are, in a sense, the source of our lives on this planet.  How do we align these bodies so that we can receive and transmit nourishment?

This is a quote from LiSe Heyboer about the Gate of the Well, the discovery point for Haumea.

To make life alive, there must be a source.

So dig a well, keep it clean and drink from it, then the water will always be fresh and pure.

Don’t depend on an occasional shower, it works only temporarilywhen it is over, everything will dry up again. But your own well never dries up. The source is always there, but it will only fill the well if it is being taken care of.

Never leave the place where your well is situated.

We have been like children, using our power to push and shove to get the rain as it falls.  But if we become the rain, become the source of our own nourishment, we never have to leave that place again.

As we align our mental and emotional bodies with the reality of our physical vehicle we are able to  blend the yin and the yang, the receptive and the active.  We know when to be still and when to move, when to give and when to receive.  And then there is another step beyond that – a quantum shift to the centre – where we are always still and always in motion, always giving and always receiving.   At the centre they become the same thing, as the yin and yang dance together in a continual motion of universal creation.


Haumea is currently in Gate 57 line 5 in the Spleen Centre, which represents our physical body field.  This gate is about penetrating subtly to the core of things, not just for the sake of curiosity, but so you can fully understand the situation from within yourself and also on the situation’s own terms.  Thus we are able to hold our own centre and also approach a person or situation much more realistically!

We become influential in our own lives, not through acting on situations, but by becoming a part of the situation and acting within it.   Here you can stand firm, in your own great power and strength, because you have slowly, subtly and imperceptibly found your way to your own source and from that place you are always at the centre of creation.

Here we can simultaneously be and become, we can act and be acted upon, we can be receptive and active, yin and yang.   We can examine within to find the truth and at the same time step forward knowing that we are always safe and that our impact upon the environment can only be a positive one.



13th December 2011

13th December 2011

Losing something of value to you seems to create movement and a new sense of freedom. Also, you discover, surprisingly, that you are still yourself without it! Perhaps even more so!

No relationship can be taken for granted now, as existing frameworks and agreements open up to the flow of change.


Jupiter Retrograde in Gate 3 Line 5


Jupiter is retrograde just now.  It brings out the places in our lives where we fail to take responsibility and try to rely on luck alone (good luck with that .. lol), where we tend to overdo things and where we can be a bit arrogant in assuming we are right about things. Of course, you and I don’t have any problems with any of that!  But if we did, it would be showing up just now at the very base of our creative power, and at the very beginning of our creative process.  Jupiter is in Gate 3 line 5 and will remain there till 14th January.  He turns direct on 26th December.

This from Hilary Barret’s I Ching.

The seedling draws nourishment from its roots to revitalise its growth.  Such rich energy is best used with loyalty to yourself and to principle, with a constancy fitting for the open innovative spirit of the time.  Small constancy stays true to the idea, but is flexible about the way forward, finding the lines of least resistance through intelligent sensitivity to the environment. Young plants use their energy to grow soft leaves and stems, not solid trunks.

Gate 3 is the place where heaven (1) and earth (2) meet, where yang (1) and yin (2) create something new on the physical plane.  It is a powerful gate, teaming with a chaotic profusion of potential growth.  We can trust in the positive power of Jupiter to help us recognise, envision and act on something utterly new and positive that may still feel slightly beyond our grasp.


Full Moon December 2011

Full Moon ~ 10th December at 14:36UT ~  18+ Gemini ~ Gate 45 line 2 

Total Lunar Eclipse ~ 14.31UT


I’m not ‘blog fit’ at the moment, and I’ll have to ease back into things.  I thought I’d start with a few notes on tomorrow’s Full Moon.  It’s in the Throat Gate of Bringing People Together (45).  It’s helping us to be clear about where we are investing our ‘wealth’.

It’s important that you share a common goal with those you gather with.  When you are with the right people, when you come into relationship in the correct way, it’s as if pieces of cloth are brought together to make an item of clothing.  Have you ever cut out a pattern and sewn the pieces together?  Each piece makes no sense on it’s own, but as you sew them together something miraculous happens and they magically become a shirt, or a coat!

Before we start making that magic shirt or coat we have to gather together with the cloth (resources/money) and the people who make up the rest of the creation.

Enough of the sewing metaphors, let’s see what else is happening.  The Centaur Thereus is conjunct the Moon.  No one knows that much about Thereus, but one thing seems likely – he represents some sort of shift in the status quo.  I’m thinking of the euro crisis and David Cameron’s refusal to agree to join the party.  In line 1, Thereus seems wild and unruly, but it really longs to be part of the gathering.  However it’s good fortune depends upon it remaining true to it’s own needs.  “Sincerity is one of the basic factors of a good union.”  Even a European Union?

I suspect that the influence of Uranus in the Gate of Innocence continues to reverberate through our lives in ways yet unnoticed. The asteroid Child (60) is meeting Jupiter (3) in a channel that connects the Sacral Centre to the Root Centre. This channel sees the orderly pattern hidden within the chaos (that’s Jupiters bit) and understands how to move through the limitations imposed on it in order to create something new (that’s the Child part of the equation).  It’s as if the simple, pure and innocence is meeting the big government agenda and saying  “You know what?  It’s just not okay with us and I’m sorry that’s not how you wanted it to be.”  Not that I want necessarily want to characterise the UK government as pure and innocent, but there was something simple and heroic I thought, in their stance in this situation.

There is a watershed held within this Full Moon.  Mars is in Gate 64 in the Crown Centre, a gate that represents the beginning of new beginnings.  If you know what I mean :).  There are 64 hexagrams in the I ching.  Gate 63 is the ending.  Gate 64 is that phase when things have ended and we are catching our breath, looking around, and wondering where to now.  Mars can represent the polarity of fear/courage (or stupidly pushing forward rather than a more sustained and wise progress – same thing really!).  Saturn is in Gate 50, which represents the beginning of a new era, and particularly one devoted to bringing the best to everyone.  And Magdalena is in Gate 41, which is the start codon, the place where we allow ourselves to empty out so that we can see what we want to begin with …. when we do begin.

So while the Moon and Thereus are engaging with the status quo, and we are gathering ourselves within and without, perhaps we should all take a deep breath, feel the emptiness that Magdalena is bringing and look around to see what life is about to begin creating through us.

Love Your Design News

For those of you who aren’t following me  on Facebook, here’s a Love Your Design news update.

Many of you know that I have been working as Director of a local gestalt psychotherapy college since the middle of the year.  Why?  I don’t know, life sometimes throws me off in weird directions.  Like the time I was offered a job in real estate in 2007 and within 10 days I had moved house to a new town and started work in a new job.  Sometimes I just have to go with the flow because .. well, you know how hard life is when we resist those forces!


Anyway, that job is over.  I just loved doing it and learnt so much, met some great people.   I’m back here now, and just so excited to be creating a new site with some new content.  And even more exciting for me is that I will be offering a full range of Human Design training in 2012, from beginners to advanced.  I am also adding an online booking service for you to easily book sessions with me.   There’s more …   all the research I’ve been doing on quantum realities, chaos theory and other new sciences and how they relate to HD is coming together and I expect to gradually post some articles and to launch it fully in about 12 months time.  I also have a new radio show, which I’ll also be letting you know about.  I already have some really exciting guests lined up, and will be doing talk back and short readings.


Some of you will know that I’m particularly interested in supporting you in your own businesses.  From January 2012 I will be offering business coaching, using Human Design (of course) and some really powerful new cutting edge coaching tools based on quantum concepts.  I’ll be posting more about this in about 10 days.


Tomorrow’s Full Moon is all about massive change, with a focus on the fear/courage polarity and stepping out of victimhood.   Where have you been convinced that you should suppress your natural courage and succumb to the mass fear?  I’ll be posting a blog about the Full Moon (yes!!) sometime today.


I am so happy to be back here, sharing and co-creating with you, I can hardly express it!


All love

Kim Gould


Scorpio New Moon ~ October 2011

I’ve read two astonishing news reports in the past couple of days.  One reported that the bankers Goldman Sachs had taken a $1.3 billion dollar investment from Libya and lost just about all of it within 12 months.

Well it didn’t really matter, there was obviously much more play money where that came from, Gaddafi was rumoured to have another $53 billion available for investment.  Never mind that this money was the sovereign funds of the people of Libya.  Real people trying to live real lives.

The second article described how the Chinese government virtually forces it’s people to hand over their savings to be used, at extremely low interest, for the uses of the government and it’s cronies. The opportunities for investing and saving are so limited in China that this is pretty much the only option available to the middle classes for creating wealth.  Unfortunately, the low interest rate effectively reduces rather than increases their wealth because it’s less than inflation, and the ‘party’ reaps all the benefits.  The money is used for goodness knows what.

What does this have to do with a Scorpio New Moon?  Well, lets just say that the methods used to steal wealth from the “99%” are becoming visible, and therefore less effective.  Scorpio is perhaps more often associated with death and sex than with money, but for Scorpio money is power, and the power of money is hidden.

Today’s New Moon is a major change in that story, but as usual the shift comes about by alchemical means.  We’re not playing this old game, not entering the old power arena.  Instead we are approaching virtually unseen, using a very different type of hidden power – love, gentleness, compassion and innocence.  In short, we are beginning to create a world of true humanity.  Who saw that coming??

Conjunct this New Moon we find the asteroids Atlantis and Nemesis.  An excellent line up! Atlantis can represent the hidden use of power, money and information to manipulate the masses, invasions of privacy, insider information and abuse of resources.   Nemesis is just as it sounds – a dark aspect that follows us around threatening to reveal the truth about us. Perfect for secretive Scorpio!

To add to the picture, lets take some notice of the asteroid Child in the adjoining gate.  Here we find we have a choice between being child-ish, and being child-like.  There’s literally a world of difference.  A child doesn’t hold authority figures to account, but to be a wise innocent, unattached and present in the moment, means you can observe with clear eyes.

This is a channel that can bring a feeling of the house falling down upon us.  It represents a structure that is no longer sustainable.  Whether that’s the world economy, patriarchy, your relationship or your job, this New Moon is calling on you to allow the natural process of destruction to take place.

There’s the relief of letting go of age old struggles to survive, of risking death for the sake of life.


It doesn’t mean anything in particular will be destroyed, it doesn’t mean your marriage will end or that the banks will fail tomorrow.  It simply means that if we relax a bit, the aspects of our lives that aren’t working anymore will have some space to sort themselves out.  And in standing back and taking a breather from the struggle of holding our world up all by ourselves we might just discover a power that we previously handed over to some authority we thought might come in and save us.

Trying to do it all ourselves is symptomatic of the beliefs of the patriarchy.  God is the creator and didn’t need any helpers.  Apparently! The masculine has to do it all, unaided by the immense creative power of the feminine.  Times they are a’changin’.


Don’t hold your breath.  Breathe out long and slow. Then breathe in again. Feel how fragrant that breathe is.  Get used to it, the energy of life is releasing from it’s prison and becoming available to you and I.



27th October 2011

These are extraordinary times and to do well we need to be extraordinarily nourishing towards ourselves. This is a day for exploring what is hidden and dark within you, and discovering …. what a surprise! … that it’s something wonderful. Gate 43 and 44 are partly about the fear of the feminine, the ‘darkening’ of the feminine and the consequent loss of it’s power and creative expression. Mercury and Venus are both in 43 today.


26th October 2011

How can you locate your own power, meaning and authority within you? Where are you collapsing under the weight of history and looking for sustenance and rescue? Where you over-react, relax. Where you under-react, become more firm and clear eyed.

We are balancing out a subtle electro-magnetic field both personally and globally. Without the tyrant to guide us, who will we turn to?



24th October 2011

A time of intense creative forment and accelerated personal change, with hectic preparations for transitioning. Remember to keep feeling for your own roots, looking for small ways to grow soft new shoots, opening to the line of most potential in every situation. Flexibility is key today.


A bit of news from me, with Mercury and Venus in the Gate of the Creative this week, I’m pulling back from my management project and putting some new things in place for Love Your Design. I’ve started building a new website – they only seem to last a year or so these days before the energy gets stale! And I’ve joined Zeno Dickson’s professional HD program for support in getting my training programs together for 2012. It all feels quite wonderful! ♥


21st October 2011

I’m fascinated by Venus in the Gate of the Creative. A dragon slowly unfurling, reminding us of the value of our creative energy and how it’s been stolen away, awakening us to how it’s been shamed. You are real, your creative expression is genuine and valuable, well worth the effort of protecting it from being squandered at the altar of a dominant agenda. Watch for what truly supports and enhances you today.


20th October

The Sun and Jupiter are forming a channel for the next 5 days, so expect serendipity, expansion and luck to come your way. It’s a great time for clearing out old fears and to find the places where you block nurturance. It’s likely to affect your liver, spleen and lower back. Expect shifts re: sexual expression, creativity and your attunement towards balanced wellbeing. There is a general movement towards a new more stable way of living, bringing recent emotional and mental changes down to the physical and material level of your life.

Today there is a strong and clear energy for disentangling, clearing out, sorting and re-gathering. We are beginning a new era – more compassionate, more human. You are no longer on the fringe or living on the edge. It’s time to make our home right here, to be at the centre of our own universe.


10th October 2011

‎10th October ~ from now till around 9.30am UT expect emotional hijinks and general confusion as the Moon meets the South Node in the channel of emotional crisis. The up side? This is an opportunity to clear away some major emotional baggage thats been hanging around for many lifetimes. Don’t rush things today, even though it’s tempting.

The moon will pass directly over Uranus at 5pm UT today. Remember that Uranus is in the Gate of Disentangling, Innocence, Without Falsehood (25.4). We are like Houdini, shaking free the shackles that have long interfered with our unique genius, even though it might only look like an erratic tantrum. Cut yourself and everyone else some slack.


9th October 2011

Well today the Earth and Uranus form a channel that brings 5 days of spiritual initiation on a global scale. Watch for a natural tendency to network, for the flourishing of grassroots movements (for eg. we are the 99%!) and a general letting go of an old need for approval and inclusion. Any retreat is really about moving towards your individual self, rather than away from anything.

And a share from Steve Jobs – you have some really amazing gifts and to live them you have to throw out what’s crappy and keep what’s wonderful in your life – (slightly adapted from his advice to Nike’s CEO about their product range).

And this, adapted from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching for Gate 27 line 6 – where Jupiter will land tomorrow.

The origin of nourishment, the source it grows from – what you need is right here with you now and the responsibility is with you to express it.  There is no traditional safety net to fall back on.  You need to be aware of the dangers and avoid delusions of your own invincibility.  But there is good fortune, because you carry your nourishment with you.  You can find your own pathway, make new commitments and explore new territory.


And for the New Moon on 12th October, in Gate 51 line 4.

Somewhere, far behind or below the morass, where shock has shaken you to the core, there is a reawakening of an inner awareness of a path, a faint sense of a quite different direction to go.  It’s well buried but gradually being revealed.


The Wave of the Unexpected

Next week really is shaping up to be something extraordinary, in already extraordinary times.  Human Design transits operate very differently to astrology.  In that beautifully contained circle that is the zodiac, everything has it’s obvious circular path that creates obvious angles and connections.  In Human Design the movement and connections can seem very random, even chaotic.

For example, Jupiter is retrograde in Taurus.  So far, so good.  In Human Design he is in the Ajna Centre opening our minds to the possibility that though we may feel like we’ve been here before, in fact many times before, if we just look a little more closely we’ll see doorways we never imagined that will open at a touch.


In two days time, at 4.30 on the morning of the 11th October UT, Jupiter moves ever so slightly in the horoscope and makes a gigantic jump to the Sacral Centre in the Human Design chart.  The elements of it’s position in the Ajna Centre are Earth over Thunder.  In it’s new position in the Sacral Centre the elements are Mountain over Thunder.   The first represents endless cycling, the second a balancing of stillness and movement. In both there is the sense of constant change with the appearance of not going anywhere new.

Within an hour of this shift, Jupiter is joined by Mercury, creating a connection between the Sacral and the Spleen Centres in a channel that denotes a new era, a new culture that is more attuned to the needs for care and nurturing.  Until late on the 14th October, this energy is about thoroughly purging and abolishing the old system that no longer nourishes the people (hello to those occupying Wall Street!).   After that we will be taking extraordinary action to prop up our ‘house’, to redesign our home.  We can sit on the floor, without fancy furniture, so long as we are loved, supported and nourished. If we cling to our need for status or empty refinement we will put ourselves in danger of recreating the old order.


The immensely powerful backdrop to this process involves the Earth, Uranus, Saturn and Haumea.   And here we see how the Human Design transits can appear chaotic and random, compared to the apparent elegance of astrology.  Uranus is still hovering over the Aries Point – where, according to astrologer Eric Francis, the personal and political intersect. This puts it in the Gate of Innocence in the Ji Centre – the heart and home of unconditional love in the Human Design chart.


Around 9pm on 8th October UT, the Sun and Earth shift so that the Earth makes a channel with Uranus.   This is no ordinary channel, but one that connects the ego self with the heart self; it is a channel that guarantees us the courage to step into a higher octave of being.  It’s also a channel that creates unexpected, even shocking events, or which at least leaves us open and sensitive to experiencing things in a way that shocks us.  Suddenly we see things in a new light, from a new perspective and ….  OH!!!!   Uranus adds hugely to the capacity of this activation to yield up the unexpected, the sudden shift, the shocking opening to consciousness.  The Earth brings the capacity to embody the shift.  They stay in this position until around  midday on 14th October UT.


Let’s take a look at where the Sun is.  Directly opposite the Earth astrologically speaking, we find the Sun in the Spleen Centre, in a gate with two huge luminaries – Saturn and Haumea.  While Uranus isn’t opposite Saturn and Haumea, it’s transiting in a channel with the Earth, which is opposite Saturn and Haumea, if you see what I mean.   So the effect is similar, and I expect we will find an edge of the traditional bun fight between freedom fighter Uranus and conservative Saturn (hello again to those occupying Wall Street).


On a more personal note, remember the personal is intersecting the political here, so look for where you are expecting others to take responsibility for your nurturing and nourishment because you are way too intent on fighting the endless war for freedom from your own illusory authority figures.  The effect of this transit will be at it’s greatest when the Sun is exactly conjunct Saturn at 6pm on 12th October, in Gate 57 line 6.  This gate calls us to the knowing inherent in our body, in our cells.  We are learning to trust it over and above the stories we are told of economic doom and gloom and the need to work harder, longer, and for far less as the only path to our personal survival.  (Hello to those occupying Wall Street).


So enjoy the next few days, ride the waves of change with the knowledge that we’ve build a solid foundation, a wonderful relationship with ourselves and each other and that the outcome can only benefit humanity.




28th September 2011

How do you approach life with childlike wonder and flexibility, a mothers commitment and courage and a fathers dependency? Today we get to explore the potential to be an integrated ‘family’ in one body!

What words would you use to describe your inner child, mother, father? My words may not work for you.

Today the Moon passes over the Venus, Saturn and Haumea group sitting in Gate 57. Perhaps we may feel as if some old structure (Saturn) is becoming more flexible, more permeable, more suited to who we really are.

I’m having trouble finding words today ~ Moon is just now in the Gate of the Deep! I’d love to hear your experiences of today, as the Moon passes over these three planets. I’m still not really clear on how Haumea feels.


DNA Shifting New Moon

New Moon on 27th September 2011 at 11.08am UT ~ 4 Libra 0 ~ Gate 18.1


There is some big news held within this New Moon in Libra.  The first and most obvious thing is that is creating a channel with Pluto.  Traditionally Pluto and the Moon represent issues of power struggles with the mother. This theme is accentuated for a whole lot of reasons.

Firstly, the Sun and Moon will be in the Gate of Correcting Family Patterns (18.1).  This gate has a powerful effect on DNA healing, releasing old outworn material from the data held within your RNA.  It supports the DNA to return to ‘factory settings’, and to be more able to respond in the moment rather than from ancient family survival patterning.  It’s in the Spleen Centre, which operates at the physical level, our cellular response to life.

The first step in engaging with corruption is to choose and own it as your own inheritance.  The child steps forward to take responsibility, and the ancestors are without fault.  You no longer blame your parents or your past for whatever has gone wrong.  It is dangerous engaging with angry old ghosts, but this is the way to empower yourself. Begin this work and there will be good fortune in the end.

Hilary Barrett, Hexagram 18 line 1.

It’s not just about blaming your parents.  It’s time to let go of blaming anyone else, after all we were only ever projecting our inner parent onto them in the first place!  Release them from playing out this thankless task and joyfully embrace your whole self.

Secondly,  the asteroid Child is conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Joy (58).  Child represents a place where we got stuck, where we were so effectively blocked from our own power that we just stopped right there.  That part of us never got to mature, it’s been defensive and shut down, narcissistic in it’s trauma, able to hear no voice but it’s own, projecting it’s trauma out into the world again and again in a vain attempt for compassionate action on it’s behalf.  And now finally ……

This is the promising beginning of a conversation, not mere self expression but capacity to listen and respond.  You foster trust, make mutual enrichment possible by opening up your inner space to exchange.

Hilary Barrett, Hexagram 58 line 1

The child is supported by its new relationship with Pluto.  I suspect there is something here that runs along the lines of …  anything is better than this, even Pluto’s death/transformation.  Add in Pluto in line 2 ~ You move fully into the present moment, sensing and communicating with it’s flowing currents. 

This New Moon holds the potential for a deep shift in the pattern of our perceived reality, and a renewed ability to be present in a much greater arc of each moment without the confusion of past trauma.  It’s in the Gate of Correction, a place where each one of us holds the wounds of critisism from our parents, so don’t underestimate its effect!


The second significant aspect of this New Moon is it’s activation of Venus, Saturn and Haumea, all in the Spleen Centre Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57).  The underlying energy in this gate is to proceed gently in alignment with our inner body knowing – submissive, humble and yielding to what is.  When we live in this way we penetrate our own lives deeply, and influence others profoundly.  Proceeding in this way is never a violation of life, and is always easily acceptable.

There is a sense of instability here, of now knowing what to do or when to do it.  This creates a lack of trust in ourselves that is remedied by tuning into our inner body wisdom and waiting patiently for understanding of when to act and how to act.  The Spleen Centre consists mostly of Libran gates, and holds a key for connecting with others on the earth (physical body) plane.

The Moon/Pluto/Child link up restores our relationship to our own inner parent, thus releasing us from projecting traumatic events out onto the word as if they were current ‘reality’.  The Venus-Saturn-Haumea link up brings that to the foreground by allowing us to value and tune into each part of us, even the shamed body.

Uranus in the Gate of Innocence mirrors the Sun – Moon – Iris conjunction by declaring that we must accept the truth within us, and let go of the hypocrisy of trying to fix ourselves through blaming others.  There is a need to release the padding, the toxic overload of connecting to each other in this way, and to trust to our own gentleness and purity.  Then we release others to do the same.  This is the true power of connection to the earth and all her inhabitants.