Getting Our Needs Met – All Alone Together

The Solar Plexus Centre can be a lonely place. It’s very subjective, very personal and it can be hard to connect with others emotionally. It’s important to remember, as we move through our emotional waves, that this is a process we are doing together, even if it seems we are alone.

Unblocking Your Chi and Finding Your Fortune

We’ve lost our connection with what floats our boats. We may think we know, but the physical and emotional clues, and they’re the one’s that count, are buried under multiple distractions. We can rationalise all we want, but deep down the sense of unmet hunger remains.

Finding Our Relationship Edges

We’ve just been raised in what I call the one reality world. If my opinion is right, yours must be wrong. No more. Our relationships are maturing, and our edges are holding their shape as we find new ways to connect.

Recovering the Earth and Mother

There is another watershed upon us, shifting us from one matrix to the next. Caught between the two, we can feel very uncomfortable and want to grasp at whatever feels solid. But our experience of ‘solid’ comes only from old structures, old ways of being. And they are crumbling right before our eyes.

New Moon December 2012

We are each playing a part in the largely unseen grassroots renewal. Beyond the prying eyes of the mainstream media, you and I and millions of others are shedding what is no longer required for life.