New Moon and Solar Eclipse

1st June 2011 at 21:02 UT ~ the Sun and Moon are at 11 Gemini in Gate 16.6

We also have a partial Solar Eclipse happening in the Arctic Region, which includes Iceland and Japan.

This New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse takes us a step further along our journey of freeing up our bodies from the deep conditioning that has had them enslaved.  The Sun and Moon are in Gate 16, which is called Delight or Enthusiasm.  It seems as if we are trying to find a new pathway in the dark, but it’s not the darkness that is confusing us.  Our bodies have been cut off from their natural intelligence and left to fumble through a fog of mesmeric messages designed to confuse us into losing our way.  And now, like a new and largely unknown territory, we are reclaiming them and all their abundance for ourselves.

There is one significant karmic kick here though.  The abundance will only flow when we align with a greater good.  If we focus on short term personal gain we are right back in the old reality, even though it may for awhile look like something new and different.

Makemake and Quaoar have been significant in the lead up to this New Moon.  They represent the period when Europeans began to colonise indigenous areas of the globe.  When the Europeans attempted to take advantage of the new lands – Rapa Nui (Makemake) and the Los Angeles area (Quaoar)  – they devastated the indigenous people and their land.  They took the women for sex slaves and the men for agricultural slaves.  They didn’t understand the intelligence of the land and decimated it’s abundance in their ignorance and greed.

We are coming to a completion of that way of obtaining treasure.  Within you, the karmic cycle is also completing on a personal level.  You no longer seek to ‘colonise’ your body in order to obtain treasure, status or love.   We are looking for a wholistic alignment with universal order that is created from love.

Sun and Moon in the Gate of Enthusiasm and Delight

New Moon 1st June 2011

Gate 16 is well connected just now.  You can see that it creates a channel with Saturn, who is hanging out down in the Spleen Centre.  And it is also connecting with Mercury and Venus at the Throat Centre.

This is a gate that carries a very positive energy of enthusiasm and delight.  It seems appropriate, since it carries the energy of the Gate of Depth (48) up to the Throat to be expressed.  How else can we express the deep well of joyfulness and life that lives in our very cells, except with enthusiasm and delight!

I’m starting to see keys in the Human Design charts that unlock our DNA to reveal what is hidden within us, and this is certainly one of them.

In line 6 we find the ways in which we have become confused and ungrounded, given to flights of fancy and imaginings that have left us living unhappily in castles in the air. When we take life moment by moment we never get ahead of ourselves.  A very wise friend gave me some advice years ago when I was struggling with a problem. He told me that it would take 10 steps for me to complete what I was trying to do.   I was only up to step 2 of the process, but that I was trying to live in step 8, trying to rush ahead.  That tends to be my weakness, but I know some of us tend to try to hang back and do all they can to avoid having to take the next step.

This New Moon occurs in a position that has us believing we are further along the path than we really are.  That’s because we can feel the future in our cells, we understand how it will play out.  What we have to be careful of is that we don’t try to live in a future that hasn’t arrived yet.

When we live out of the moment, either in the past or the future, we are unable to sense what is really going on, or what is really possible.  When we live in the moment we get tangible results from our efforts and can begin to perceive things in their right proportions.  Our imaginings can then be grounded in reality.

Master Huang says that this hexagram was originally about giving and receiving, allowing ourselves to receive the assistance we need, so that life becomes a delightful experience.  After all, each one of us needs to breathe in and breathe out!  If we move forward too quickly, we miss out on seeing the assistance when it is offered and end up trying to hold the entire world on our lonely shoulders.  This is a collective creation, not an individual one!

Mercury in Gate 8.4 adds it’s voice – we connect with something larger when we are able to put our own experience into perspective.  Venus tells us that we attract what we need when we let boundaries and differences fall away and connect with each other from a simpler, deeper inner way of knowing each other.

The Circuitry

This New Moon activates Saturn, Uranus and Pluto through the circuitry. You can see them all there on the diagram.   The Sun and Moon are also trine Saturn astrologically, adding to the importance of the channel itself. (Sun/Moon at 11 Gemini and Saturn at 10 Libra)


Let’s start with Uranus.  Newly arrived in Gate 17.1, it heralds a shift in the hierachies of mental power in our culture.  Gate 17 is complex in it’s operation because it is a mental gate that relates to the Spleen Centre or body energy.

This Understanding Circuitry works with pattern recognition.  It’s something that helps our survival; once we’ve figured out the way things are, we store the information in our DNA.  If we didn’t do this life would be like the movie 50 First Dates, every day we’d have to figure it all out afresh.  There’s a downside with this though. We can get stuck in our patterns, believing that what our DNA and ancient reptilian brain are telling us is more real than what’s truly going on.  We’ve all had that experience!

Enter Gate 17, the way in which our mind projects our old patterns out into the world in order to keep us alive.  As this is a gate about leadership, one of the ways these old patterns work is to project our leadership out into the world and work really hard to make sure people follow our ideas about life.  No deviation allowed by followers!  That would be highly threatening. Being opposite to Gate 18 (correction) this gate is very sensitive to critisism.  In fact it can experience critisism as a life threatening event.  In Gate 17 line 1, Uranus is asking us to step outside of our safety net and explore new ideas and new ways of relating.  Let your pattern of understanding get shaken up by others a bit, and try out new positions in the leadership hierarchy.


Transforming our fears and frights into a calm and grounded experience of joyfulness, Pluto must be loving this gig in the Gate of Joy (58).  In line 4 we are trying to work out who to spend our time with.  Who will bring joy into our lives?  We feel under great pressure to decide all the details of our lives (Uranus will shake that up for us!) but Pluto keeps bringing us back to this one truth – be here now.  We are learning about a new power, largely hidden from mass consciousness, that of choosing joy in each moment.


When this combination of gates is clear of blockages it works to show us how we need to move forward.  Gate 48 is a often a major block.  It’s the Gate of the Well, a communal resource that is always flowing and clear.  It represents our qi, as it flows through our bodies, connecting us to our bodily intelligence.  It represents the cellular activation of our natural gifts and their fractal pattern of connectedness with others.

This is an intelligence that is invisible in our culture, and I usually find people with this gate (including me) can have absolutely no idea of the value of what they have to share with others.  It holds a deep and abiding fear of inadequacy because these cellular gifts only activate in relationship – they have to be called out by others.   And because we have learnt not to trust our body, we mostly resist that call.

Here’s what Hilary Barrett says about Gate 48  line 2:

At least the water is flowing clear, and there is some life and activity at the well. But people only experience the well’s dark, isolating depths and all they see is what they can believe in – a small visible and immediate boon for themselves.  Since it’s hard to imagine a well in such poor repair becoming something permanent and dependable, people are not inclined to invest themselves in the cooperative work needed to build such a thing.  Hence there will be small fish and no big crops as people focus on small personal gains.

This is incredibly significant just now.  We are being called to connect from the place of our delight and enthusiasm, to share and co-create from calm, clear joyfulness.  We can release our old conditioned stranglehold on the struggle to survive, and trust what our bodies are telling us – that everything is wonderful and we are in the midst of creating something that will benefit all of humanity.







The Myth of The Singularity

I’ve been reading a bit lately about the Singularity.  When I first heard the term I assumed it referred to the point at which the duality we have all been living in for millenium resolved into oneness.  This is what I believe the whole 2012 thing is about.  If you haven’t seen Terence McKenna’s take on 2012 and the I Ching, I’ve included a video at the end of the post.

But no, it’s nothing so wonderful.  To my surprise and amazement, the Singularity turns out to be the point at which robots and humanity merge.  There are people who are excited about this.  Apparently the idea of becoming TransHuman is appealing.

As someone who grew up with the Six Million Dollar Man, I can see where they’re coming from.  But. We are talking here about superhumans, artificially enhanced by things like robotics, neurotechnology and implants of various kinds.

Of course it’s already happening.  How many of us know someone with a titanium hip or knee?  And how many people would be completely lost without their GPS and smartphone?  And have a look at this:

Prominent futurist Ray Kurzweil told the US Congress of Representatives that smarter-than-human intelligence is likely to arrive within twenty to thirty years, at his testimony at a hearing on the societal implications of nanotechnology.

Kurzweil believes that once nanotechnology matures to a certain degree, it will permit us to scan the human brain at the fine-grained molecular level, uncovering the cognitive regularities responsible for our intelligence. At that point, Kurzweil claims, it will be possible to either enhance human brains cybernetically, or completely transfer (“upload”) human brains onto computers – probably nanocomputers – and run them at accelerated clock rates, resulting quickly in transhuman intelligence.


I had a bit of an experience of this a week or so ago.  My phone rang and when I answered it a recorded voice said “Kim Gould please call 1800 xxx xxx xx and quote this reference number &#$%$##.”  And then hung up.  I have no idea who that call was from.  It could have been my telephone company, a telemarketer, who knows?  A few days after this experience I had to call the accounts department of a medical company to query a bill.  I rang the number and when it was answered this is what I heard “Hello, reference number please.”

These calls got me thinking about how we are being ‘robotisized’.  I mean, why would a company think I would respond to either of those situations?  It’s because we are gradually being trained to follow robotic like prompts.  If you’re not convinced, have a look at this Visa Card ad.



So who are the cool and savvy good guys, and who is the awkward guy who’s a loser for not keeping up with technology?  Now look again and see who you’d rather be?  This is the best training video I can imagine for more negative aspects of  the Gate of Grace and Beauty – Gate 22.  This is the superficial world we all become trapped in – the world of gloss and glamour and artificial community – when we don’t take the time to find out what our emotions tell us about what’s right for us on a personal level!

There is a dangerous and largely invisible push to block us from our natural intelligence and birthright.  Reliance on technology weakens us, separates us and interferes with our natural human processes.  It also carries hidden within it a myth that we cannot self-heal, that we cannot connect over distances, that we cannot intuitively choose to be in exactly the right place and the right time, that we have no connection with the earth’s abundance unless rescued from starvation by genetically modified grains, that we must be rescued from our own destructiveness, and that the earth is angry with us and will destroy us given half a chance.

It is a shortsighted view of humanity that is incapable of perceiving the new trajectory of our evolution!

I want to push it one step further.  We can already access the benefits of this new TransHuman.  If we simply relax into love and our own multidimensional consciousness we can evolve into something that most people would consider to be divine!  It is the result of hard won efforts at the soul level, not by getting an implant, a mechanical “upgrade”.

Have you ever watched a science fiction movie and wondered why it’s all about hatred, war and destruction?  I have come to believe that most people have absolutely no idea what is shifting beneath their feet – the very basis of what it is to be human! As we move beyond the limited reality of the third dimension (or whatever you want to call it) and into a much wider consciousness of truth, love and beauty the superficial survival needs of humanity fade away.

We find extraordinary new capabilities coming to the surface – the ability to love unconditionally, to perceive patterns of connectedness that were previously invisible, to consciously connect with the plasticity of our brains, cells and DNA, to communicate without speech, to ride a wave of synchronous universal creativity, and so on.  These emerging capabilities make the idea of becoming TransHuman seem like a nightmare rather than a wonderful vision of the future.

This new apocalyptic vision is sometimes referred to a the Post Human World. It’s true! You can google it!  Futuristic scientist Dr Michio Kaku talks about this Post Human World in this short video.  I’m wondering how many of the benefits of this brave new world you are already experiencing – or beginning to understand how to create –  in your life without the need for any technology at all? Perfect body, perfect health, agelessness, real connections with mythical creatures, time travel, etc, etc, etc.

The Human Design Transits

Today is activating an awareness of this attempt to push humanity into a helpless robotic future.  Atlantis and Nemesis are opposing Ceres and the Moon.  The Earth Mother and La Luna meet technology head on.

Atlantis and Nemesis suggest that we better stay on the surface, trapped in our own survival fears because if we relax for a moment we’ll starve to death.  With no trust in the feminine – either the nourishing mother or the potent creative potential held within the daugther – we are truly adrift in the sea of male creativity.

This attempt to keep us all in the superficial is simply Mars trying to avoid his deeper emotions about the mother/feminine – but to no avail since these will begin to surface in early June as Ceres shifts into Gate 36 on 30th May.  In his attempts to avoid the deep complexity of the mother/son relationship, the masculine turns instead to technology.

If any of you have read the work of Joseph Chiltern Pierce (highly recommended) you will know about his research on the bonding that babies do with technology rather than their mothers in hospital births.  Intriguing stuff given this whole TransHuman story is coming from the baby boomers – the first generation to experience wide scale hospital birth!

Atlantis is in Gate 64 at the moment, meeting Nemesis in 47.  Ceres and the Moon are in Gate 22 (which is the opposite gate to 47).  And the South Node is in Gate 12.   Atlantis is also square Persephone and trine Mercury (in the Gate of Earth – 2).

Atlantis represents the use of power, especially in technology or information, against another.  Nemesis represents the place where we return to again and again until we finally understand our adversary. Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the Mental Gate of Returning – coming back again and again until we finally work out what is really going on.

There’s a strong relationship aspect here, as Atlantis is also exactly conjunct the relationship asteroid and minor planet Juno!

If you’ve been watching my Facebook feed you might have seen how conflicted I am about getting a new smartphone.  It’s because I love technology but I know the dark side that it brings to our lives – South American miners being poisoned and dying for the minerals in our laptops and phones, the electro-magnetic energy that soaks our homes from wifi, the effect on our brains of constantly being ‘connected’.

The daughter and mother are re-uniting on 30th May as Persephone in 35.6 meets up with her mother Ceres in 36.1 – 30th May 15:00 through to 1st June 22:00 UT. I expect this will be a time for completion of the family dynamic that’s been healing between mother and daughter – the princess/daughter energy I’ve been writing about.

Also, note that Mars and Venus are conjunct in the Ajna Centre, so we can trust in the growth of true relationship. The daughter is being freed up from the vapid projections of both parents, and this allows her gentle fertility to bless the earth once more.

Note that Gate 24 is the mental portal for the Crown Gate of Inner Knowing – Gate 61. It’s what we do on the mental level with our inspirational knowing of what is true for us as individuals, a powerful thing indeed! With no belief in that gentle energy of our inner daughter we can never know our own creations. Only in knowing this can we make our own invisible world become visible and manifest.

And right now that means allowing both the masculine and the feminine to play their roles.  When this happens we can truly relax and stop overcompensating!  And move into an era of abundant free and empowering technology, rather than old ideas that robotics will be our future!

The I Ching and Timewave Zero 2012

Here is a video on Terence McKenna’s calculations using the I  Ching.  Skip over the first few minutes to 2.50 where you’ll go straight to the relevant bit.



Reclaiming Life On Earth

20th May 2011

Planetary Alert!  Mars leads the march for a major activation of the feminine!  Right now the grief and rage of a forgotten goddess is making her as mad as hell and she isn’t going to take it anymore.

I’ve hesitated to use the word ‘rape’ over the years, but tomorrow is the day that the word ‘rape’ takes on a new wider meaning and urgency. Tomorrow Sedna joins Jupiter and Ceres, Pluto and Persephone, Hekate, Diana, Snow White, Eris and Haumea for an underworld journey of epic proportions.  Our grief at the rape of self and planet is about to blow.

Let’s start by looking at the mechanics of the story.  In Human Design there is a central channel through the BodyGraph.  In the Jovian system it’s part of the Knowing Circuit, individual circuitry that stands up and demands the expression of self that transforms the collective consciousness.  In the Kaballah this central channel is the place of integration of duality – yin/yang, she/he, heaven/earth, above/below.

Since 28th April the Sun and Earth have been in that central channel (1).  During this period we’ve been picking up the pieces of our individual selves, empowering ourselves and each other through resolving all kinds of dualities, not the least of which has been our relationships.  But the most significant thing about this 3 week process is not that we’ve become powerful individuals, but that we have done it as a collective movement.  And now, tomorrow we get to take action from that new powerful collectively oriented self.  

Activating The Pure Self

There is something very pure here, a rising up of the sovereignty of the simple loving self.  It comes as Eros conjuncts Uranus in the Gate of Innocence (on midnight on 22nd May UT in Gate 25 line 6).   This is central to the whole process, which is ultimately asking us to take responsibility for what is going on here on this planet.  Eros and Uranus call to us to use our life force energy to commit ourselves to Life, to take charge of developments, to take responsibility rather than allowing things to go with the flow and trust that someone else has an eye on the direction we’re headed in.

Eros is traditionally seen as having to do with sexual desire.  This activation is, I believe, about allowing us to take back our creative energy which has been trapped in a sexual la-la land of instant dating, porn and advertising (Wow look at that hot chick! I think I’ll buy that car, phone, power tool!) or too exhausted from paying the mortgage to even bother. 

The Asteroid Diana is also central, as a protectoress of the young innocent self and a woman who feels more at home in nature than stuck indoors, she is shifting from hunted to hunter.  She is not prepared to see her charges (and that is the young and innocent within each one of us) be left anymore at the mercy of unscrupulous and faceless corporate entities. She’s currently in Gate 53 line 6, making a channel with Eris and activating a connection between the Sacral and Root Chakras. 

Eris and Diana

Transformation of the Collective

So now, let’s have a look at what’s bringing all these influences together.  Firstly the Sun and Earth are about to connect the Sacral Chakra to the Throat Chakra.  

This is a very special connection as it bypasses the heart energy and is a flow of vitality that just moves through us, almost without our awareness.  I have called it the Channel of Keeping Busy, because it is energy that demands to be acted upon.  

There are two important ways to ground this powerful energy.  For the next five days, put your awareness on your belly rather than your throat or head.  Don’t listen to what your mind tells you to do, instead take a moment to check in with your body. Secondly, allow yourself to be in the moment rather than following any sort of plan.  

This is a powerful channel that is only fully open when you are doing what you love.  If you try to use it in any other way it tends to get sucked up and used by others and that makes you the pawn rather than the powerful activator. 

The other thing is that this energy is a powerful transformative force for the collective consciousness.  This next 5 days are likely to shift the history of the human race.   It will be a multitude of tiny personal shifts that will feed through to our DNA and create a whole new reality for humanity.

What the Goddesses Are Up To

The crone Hekate is conjunct the spurned daughter, Sedna, in the Gate of Splitting Apart (23) at the Throat Centre.  She links the message of Sedna with that of Pluto, Ceres and her daughter Persephone, because it was Hekate who brought Persephone back from the underworld.  Add in another daughter, Snow White, and we have a toxic soup with the lid about to blow.  Why blow? Because Haumea is involved as well, Goddess of Hawaii and the mother of Pele, Goddess of Volcanoes.  (The asteroid Pele is in Gate 53 with Diana by the way).

The major link between all four feminine archetypes – Sedna, Ceres, Persephone, Snow White –  is that of receiving nourishment.  The young Sedna was forced to marry in service to the customs of her tribe and against her will.  She transformed into the whales, dophins and fishes, becoming the source of food for her people. When she was angered, the Inuits didn’t eat, she withheld their food supply. When Ceres’ daughter Persephone was forcibly taken against her will, Ceres (or Demeter who is the Greek version) withdrew her blessing and famine descended on the land. Persephone ate the pomegranate and became the Queen of the Underworld.  Snow White was given an apple that poisoned her. 

Sedna is perfectly poised in the Gate of Splitting Apart and Hekate tells us that we are at an environmental crossroads.  It’s time to see clearly and take action:

There is danger when you only see the situation in ‘positive’ terms, always looking for ways to get the best possible outcome.  When you place too much emphasis on a narrow definition of ‘success’ you become blind to the harm you do. 

It’s time to truly see what harm we’ve done to this planet.  Ceres, Goddess of Agriculture, is in the Gate of Grace.  This indicates we need to look beneath the surface, read labels, discover the truth beyond the pretty packaging.  Demeter was the goddess of corn.  It’s estimated that more than 85% of corn grown in the USA is genetically modified.  Ceres connection to the South Node (in Gate 12, Standstill) indicates a need to allow our grief

Snow White is in the Solar Plexus Chakra, in the Gate of Abundance (55).  Because Ceres is where she is, Snow White is connecting to the Throat Chakra.  In Human Design terms, that means she gets to express herself in the world.  She’s especially important just now because she’s not just sitting on her own.  Snow White has two powerful friends with her – Neptune and Chiron.   These two have been working as a team since early 2008 to shift our inability to see clearly where we are being wounded (Chiron) and discombobulated at the subtle levels (Neptune).  In conjunction with Snow White they are basically telling us to wake up and see what toxins we are being fed to keep us asleep. We may look good like this, but we’re as good as dead!  This harkens back to Ceres in the Gate of Grace that can have us thinking that as long as things look okay on the surface we’ll be fine!  Ceres brings up grief and rage at the loss of something that we loved deeply. 

The Gate of Abundance is about being at the centre of your own life and making responsible decisions.  You are at the centre of your own universe filled to the brim with resources, plans and allies.  Even when you are left in complete confusion and bewilderment, feeling as if you have nothing to navigate by, and your ability to take the action you thought necessary is gone.  

Ceres is in the line of the bridgegroom come to get the bride (got to love the synchronicity of that on all levels – Pluto/Persephone, Snow White and the dashing prince). 

A beautiful dazzling energy makes its entrance like a suitor coming for his bride. This is a time to express conviction, get started and explore. 

Here’s the thing.  The daughter/ princess has been lost, poisoned, suppressed, asleep. Her potent fertility has not been available to us.  Try as she might, there was no power for her to do anything to change things.  Stuck under the deepest ocean (Sedna), kidnapped in the underworld (Persephone), asleep feared dead in a glass casket (Snow White).  But tomorrow there is a shift.  The new young masculine is activating and will meet up with the young feminine and we have a shazam moment happening.  

Mars has been heading out as an advance party – leading Mercury and Venus who have been following closely behind through Aries and now Taurus. Mars is our passion, our action principle, our healthy personal boundaries.  Tomorrow Mars moves into the Gate of Returning, allowing your energy to take root in the field of real possibilities, rather than the confused and deluded fantasies we’ve been stuck in till now.  With the lifting of this veil, the alchemical connection of new masculine with new feminine and the rising up of a powerful goddess energy. 

Haumea?  She’s grounding this transformative channel by connecting it to the Spleen Centre. She shows us what is real, what we can truly rest on.  She brings us a whole raft of new ways of perceiving and understanding and reveals a whole lot of influences at work in our lives that we’ve never noticed before.  This may feel overwhelming, but Saturn (also in the Spleen Centre) helps us find our feet by sifting through the mud that we’ve been living in and find the deep clear water. Saturn, of course, requires that we take responsibility for our decisions.  My landlord has just installed gas heating in my home on the same week I’ve been protesting against local Coal Seam Gas Mining.  Hmmmm! 

There are many aspects to this powerful unfolding.   The profound lack of respect for life that passes for global business on this planet more and more clearly constitutes rape.  It makes use of, and perpetrates for it’s own purposes (whatever happened to Beltane!) an underlying disconnect between masculine and feminine that has allowed our passion, desire and creative energy to be taken from us (again, rape) and used to benefit others.  As our Sacral Chakra joins in a global alchemical transformation over the next five days, we regain our personal power to use our life force energy for our own purposes, and regain the natural processes of creativity and abundance on the planet.

(1) Except for the period from 28th April to 3rd May when the Earth was in Gate 44, to the Sun’s 24. 


Going Sane

There’s lots of talk about the world having gone mad.  I suspect it’s been mad for a long time, and what’s changing is that we’re going sane.

Jupiter has moved to the Gate of New Beginnings (3) this morning, and will stay there till the 15th June.  This is a place where subtle new beginnings become clear amidst the chaos.  Look at what that gives us in the Sacral Centre:


19th May 2011 ~ Jupiter in Gate 3

We’ve got Mercury, Mars and Venus in Gate 27 meeting Niobe and Apollon in Gate 50.  The Earth is in Gate 14, adjoining Hera. And the Moon is passing over Quaoar in Gate 26 as I write this, speaking to hidden aspects of our psyche in Gate 44 where Ceto, Poseidon and Decaulion are lurking in wait.  Jupiter is conjunct Minor Planet 1992 QB1, both trine the Galactic Centre and North Node.   And Makemake (square the Galactic Centre and the North Node) in Gate 6 meets TNO Orcus in Gate 59.

HUH!?  🙂

Firstly, Hera represents the need for equality in relationships, so we have this channel connecting the Sacral to the Ji Centre – life force to soul – and we have the Earth in the Gate of Power (14) and Hera in the Gate of Earth (2).  This is a deep upwelling of feminine equality. Hera also raises interesting issues of producing and caring for children, more on that later.   And while Hera can bring up feelings of not being taken seriously, abandonment and lack of commitment in relationships, Ceres is creating an emotional channel with the South Node that is triggering similar issues.

Hekate is conjunct Sedna in Gate 23, splitting our world apart so that we can clearly see the crossroad we have arrived at through denying the pure potential of the energy of the daughter (and remember the Neptune and Chiron are conjunct Snow White in the Gate of Abundance – 55 – just now. Snow White is another spurned daughter!)

Persephone is currently transiting in Gate 35 – Progress – along with the TNO Chaos, which brings us back to the idea of Heaven and Earth bringing forth life, the core idea of Gate 3. Ceres wasn’t at all happy that her innocent young daughter got kidnapped and taken to the underworld and that *gasp* she had such a good time there that she wanted to go back! So one of the notions from all of this is the daughter stepping out of the shadow of the mother’s influence and control and getting a life that includes joining with the masculine to create more life.

The Defence Circuit

I’m not a huge fan of circuits in Human Design, but it’s useful to look at what’s sitting in the Defence Circuitry right now. Let’s start with Gate 50 and the Uranian Apollon and asteroid Niobe, helping us burn through and regenerate the old recycled situations we find ourselves in, especially where they relate  to blind pride, or using our creations (work, house, children) to make us feel better than others (Niobe).  Hera was another one who took pride in her wifely duties and creations, so watch for where we might unwittingly destroy out of excessive pride just now.  Gate 50 represents the beginning of a new era and according to astrologer Eileen Nauman,  “When a new sine wave of vital energy is showered upon our planet, it comes through the lens of Apollon.”

I usually wouldn’t mention Apollon and Niobe, but with Mercury, Mars and Venus in the adjoining Gate, we have to sit up and take some notice!  The core idea in Gate 27 is that when we allow our sacral energy to flow we are naturally nurtured by it.  Remember that Saturn is in the Spleen Centre in Gate 48, and this is the gate that connects us to Chi at the physical level. I suggest that with Apollon involved you take the opportunity to go outside and get some Sun!

Now over to the emotional side of the story, Gates 59 and 6.  Makemake has been in Gate 6 for ages now, since January 2006.  Gate 6 is about emotional and sexual boundaries so it’s a big deal.  It represents the way we create conflict rather than open up to intimacy, it represents the way we react to the externalised threat rather than allow time to discover the inner emotional truth.  Makemake has been helping us find our wild selves, and open up to sharing it with others.  This wild self is completely in alignment with a creative balance of feminine and masculine energies, and with the natural and extraordinary abundance that exists on this planet outside of the ‘civilised’ first world economy.

I’m not clear on the meaning of Orcus, but one interpretation from my astrology group is “Not being afraid of the death of something brings a type of non-attachment to current sacred cows and lets the person see clearly the inconsistencies and hypocrisies in the behaviors of others.”  This makes perfect sense in Gate 59, which demands that we allow our defences to dissolve in order to free up our vitality.  It is also a huge part of the process of us ‘going sane’, as we drop the ego defences (Gate 59) and allow our vitality to flow we also discover what is truly nurturing and nourishing and can begin to “de-addictify” ourselves from the so-called civilized way of living.

The Defence Circuit relates to the survival of the species through reproduction and caring, and if you look at the news this is a big deal just now.  Our cells are programmed to believe that our survival depends on us holding tight to our relationship to the ‘father’ (patriarchy), but our mother is finally coming home to tell us a story of another way of living, and right now many people are not very comfortable with what feels like a threat to their very existence.

In two days time the Sun and Earth will shift to give us this:


21st May 2011

With Jupiter in the Sacral Centre in the Gate of New Beginnings, that’s going to be an amazing ride for the 5 days that the Sun is in Gate 20 and Earth is in Gate 34.  Can you tell this post just tumbled out and onto the page?  I hope everyone can follow it, there’s so much happening!


Full Moon Opens Us to New Directions

Full Moon in Gate 14.2 in Scorpio on 17th May at 11:08am UT

This Full Moon is about us maturing in our ability to hold to our own direction in life.  It’s in a Channel that connects our Sacral Chakra to our Ji Centre –  life force meets soul geometry.

This is a gate of the power that flows from an abundance of money, talent, relationships, energy.  Not feeling quite like that for you just now?  Well that’s because we are beginners at this new game of discovering what we need within ourselves and then sharing it authentically with others.

I’ve been saying for a while now that we are experiencing a change in our understanding of how to succeed.  We are shifting away from cutting a swathe through life as rugged individuals and moving towards relationships and connectedness as the basis for creation.    Our individual selves are being led into a way of relating that is perhaps not very comfortable.

The Sun and Moon are both in the individual circuitry that seeks to find that unique spark in each one of us, to add it to the collective mix, and to create something unheard of, unimagined and entirely wonderful.  In Gate 14.2, the Moon is letting you know that it’s time to move to a new place:

A great chariot is big enough to move great possessions – carrying you, and your life, to a new place.  This should be used to move on.  The only mistake would be to stay in the same place, imagining that you’re stuck.

Clarify where you are, and what you have, and how this enables you to travel onward.  Hold a vision in mind of where you want to arrive and set out to explore.

Hilary Barrett

The Sun in Gate 8.2 has us searching for connection and belonging.  We have been like children who have wandered out into the world expecting one response and getting another response entirely.  In the innocent and subjective way of children we had taken this to mean we were wrong.  But in the past few years our view of the world has expanded and matured and we have come to the point where we finally understand.  There is nothing wrong with us, we had simply landed in an environment that was unsuited to the truth of who we are.  And in this way we have begun to create a new environment:  new friends, new jobs, new families, new healthier bodies.

Gate 8 is a way for us to express our unique creative self in authentic relationships.  In the process we create an entirely new world.  It calls on us to know our own source and to sense our own direction in life.  Holding to our natural affinities, staying true to our own path, we connect and create with new power.

Mars in the Gate of Nourishment (27.3) suggests that it is helpful to be without direction just now.  But that means ‘without direction’ in the old ego sense.  We must be open to possibilities, able to sense what is needed in each moment.  This is how we see what opportunities are opening up for us.  We have to be both entirely self supporting and open to deep and authentic connection with others.  If we continue in our old ways of pouring out the best of ourselves in an unrecognised and unrewarded effort to forge ahead, we simply end up exhausted.

On the other hand, it’s important not to fall into despondency.  We can certainly look around and see that things are not good in the world.  And perhaps there are aspects of our own lives that are very difficult. But each one of us shines a light and we are beginning to connect those lights into a grid that wraps the planet in a loving embrace.

Over the next few days Mars, Mercury and Venus will move through the Gate of Nourishment (in that order).  From 18th to 21st May all three will be there together.  Working in conjunction with Neptune in the Gate of Abundance*, this is activating a shift in how we see our life direction.  As we cut ourselves free from a more childlike dependency – I’ve been so good, why am I not getting what I want? – we can see so much more clearly what it is that we really want to commit our energy to.

This Full Moon asks us to look at options for self-nurturing that we have been unable to explore before now.  We have, consciously or otherwise, assumed someone else would look after these aspects of our lives for us.  In my own experience I’ve been vaguely aware of not wanting to look after myself in various ways, but haven’t been able to push through the wall of grief and infantile rage to get clear enough to do anything about it. A year ago I would have hit a wall filled with feelings of abandonment and neglect.  But now it’s as if that wall has crumbled and I am really enjoying caring for myself.

This is a part of a powerful detoxification of the Sacral Chakra, freeing our bodies from slavery coding.  Achilles is in the Money Gate (45) suggesting that we remove money from any part of our decision making process.  Relying on financial considerations take us straight into fear, into our heads and out of our creative power and freedom to express and connect at the soul level.  Once we get clear about our direction and what we want to commit to, then we can bring financial considerations back in.


Full Moon May 2011


* I have a blog coming that covers this topic in more detail … any day now :).

I’d also like to acknowledge the beautiful photographic art work of Cuba Gallery from New Zealand.



I intend to manifest …

I want to share something with you that happened to me this morning. Something that demonstrates how even the so-called spiritual laws can keep us trapped in our niceness. I’ve been writing about that emotional manifestor channel that’s been activated lately – first by Eros and now by Ceres.  I’ve been talking about how we need to step beyond ‘nice’ to find what’s authentic.

This morning I pulled a crystal card for the day and received Intention.  The affirmation was “I intend to manifest pure joy”. That felt really bad.  I got angry when I tried to force myself to say it out loud.  But what could be bad about intending to manifest pure joy?  It’s all good surely?   Especially as I have my Earth in the Gate of Joy in the Root Centre!

Then a phrase came into my head.  “I intend to manifest hate and blame”.  Ah, that feels soooo much better.  I am smiling now and want to dance and sing and do all good things.  Doesn’t make sense huh?

I came out to sit on the verandah in the morning sun and repeated over and over to myself “I intend to manifest hate and blame”.  Each time I said it I felt happier, lighter.   And then I was aware of my heart opening and what we might call a new inner self coming into my consciousness.

“Finally!”  she says.  “My name is Hate and Blame.  I’ve been waiting forever to get out of there.”  Apparently she’s the one who got hated and blamed for everything and eventually it all got a bit much and I locked her away so no one could see how ashamed I was of all the things that were obviously wrong with me (or her).

So, now I understand how happy I was to intend to manifest hate and blame!


The Gateway of Beginnings

There is heaven and earth, and so the ten thousand things are born. Heaven and earth are so abundant, they overflow, sprouting and birthing and creating.  This is the energy of the Gate of Beginnings.  It is Gate 3, following on from Heaven (Gate 1) and Earth (Gate 2).

Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in the Gate of Beginnings today.  This Sacral Chakra gate starts out in Aries before moving into Taurus in line 4.   In Jovian HD, this gate is known as difficulty at the beginning.  The difficulty arises because our natural creative energy has been suppressed, and our natural subtle knowing/sight has been invalidated.  When we allow ourselves to know what we know, to see what we see, to claim our space as a creative being dancing between heaven and earth, then the difficulty dissolves.

Wilhelm also calls this hexagram/gate Difficulty at the Beginning –

In the chaos of difficulty at the beginning, order is already implicit.  We can arrange and organise the inchoate profusion of such times, just as one sorts out silk threads from a knotted tangle and binds them into skeins.  In order to find one’s place in the infinity of being, one must be able to both separate and to unite.

Jupiter is still back in Gate 42 line 5, where we can sense the feeling of expansion but as yet are not sure where to look for it’s manifestation.  What action should we take?  In our growth oriented world we are encouraged to squander this delicate energy by racing off in any direction, it doesn’t matter so much, as long as we are moving!   But when these three inner and personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars – shift over into the next Gate we can begin to understand what that feeling of expansion might translate into.

The Sacral Chakra is the center of our sexuality and creativity.  We have given up our life force to ‘the man’, abusing our natural energy by putting it to the use of someone else’s agenda.  Today is a moment in our lives for calling that energy back to ourselves and our own unique expression of self.  Today is a day to gently and surely reclaim our own creative energy.

We can only follow this pathway if we trust our subtle senses. Mars brings courage, and helps us protect these vulnerable new beginnings, Venus brings support and helps us see the beauty and love inherent in their growth and Mercury brings consciousness and helps us see the possibility of communicating with others.  While nothing should put us off our course, we need to take notice of hindrances because they represent new possibilities that we hadn’t considered before now.  Prepare for a new life to rise from the profusion of the old.







15th January 2014

While researching Neptune in Gate 55, I came across this transit in January 2014.

15 January 2014

Spleen to Root to Solar Plexus – guaranteed to clear any last remaining shreds of your belief that you have to struggle to survive!  Jupiter in 39 is in opposition to Pluto in 38.

  • North Node in 28: Struggle, Great Exceeding (struggling and getting out of balance)
  • Pluto in 38: Opposition or Seeking Harmony in Diversity
  • Jupiter in 39: Obstruction or turning inwards to discovering hardship within ourselves
  • Neptune in 55: Abundance, finding a home, flourishing.



The Steps of Transitioning

Ceres is in Gate 63 just now, and tomorrow will shift into Gate 22, meeting the South Node in Gate 12.   The clear message for this week is that we are well nourished when we are present for each step of the journey.  We are only hungry when we try to rush forward and miss out on the treasures that are lovingly laid on our pathway.

For a long time I wondered why Gate 63 was called After Completion and Gate 64 was called Before Completion.  There are 64 Hexagrams in the I Ching.

Surely Before Completion would come before After Completion?  After much reading and contemplation I realised that Gate (Hexagram) 64 is like a transitional stage.  It comes after the completion inherent in Gate (Hexagram) 63 and before the new beginning of Gate (Hexagram) 1.  So the Before Completion of Gate 64 doesn’t mean this completion, it means what we must do to begin moving towards the next completion in our new cycle of experience.

So whenever a planet is sitting in Gate 63, as Ceres is today, it’s clearly at the end of a cycle.  Perfect for Mother’s Day!

Gate 63 is only halfway through Pisces, and it’s interesting to have a look at what it needs to shift through before it reaches the astrological new beginning of Aries – Gates 22 and 36.  Both emotional manifestor gates.  Gate 22 reaches for something true amidst the falsity, breaking down old social structures that might keep us trapped into doing the nice thing rather than the true thing for ourselves.  Gate 36 reaches for what is trapped in darkness and confusion, seeking to free it before the new energy of Aries rushes forth to renew things.

Once I figured all this out, I began to wonder – why are Gates 63 and 64 opposite each other astrologically in the Human Design System?  An opposition represents two polarities that we tend to swing between.  We start out being unable to see how these energies can coexist.  Gradually, as we shift from one pole to the other and back again we discover ways to integrate the two.  The swings become less wild and eventually we find a balanced central resting place.


The swinging poles of Gates 63 and 64 are important because they teach us how to move through times of transition in our lives. Note that they are both in the Crown Chakra.  During transitional times, we are connected to ‘reality’ at the level of our spiritual inspiration.  The next port of call is our emotions – Gate 22 and 36 – and then we move to the Aries Point contained in the Gate of Innocence (25) in the Ji Centre – our soul geometry, identity and direction.

These are the natural steps we take as we move through these transitional times.  The polarity of Gates 63 and 64 remind us to hold simultaneously the understanding that we are both releasing the old and beginning the new.  We must trust in own knowing that something new has begun for us.  As yet it’s not clear, and neither do we have any idea how we will live in this new place, what will support us and nourish us there.  While taking these small exploratory steps, we also have to hold in our consciousness the need to attend to every small detail of completion of our old world.  If we don’t give this attention to the process of completion, we drag the bit of the old world that we have tried to ignore through the gate with us; we basically recreate our old reality in the new place.

A few hours ago the Moon passed through Gate 53 – sometimes considered a gate that initiates change.  It had a powerful effect because it connected with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Eris in Gate 42.   You may have felt an intense wave of fear – I’m stuck here in this place, I’ll never be free to move on – etc.   But that 10 hour lunar transit carried a seed of the new for you.  It’s very likely you will have significant dreams over the next few days, if you haven’t already.  And even if you don’t remember them, you will probably feel like sleeping so that you can connect more easily with the collective unconscious.


Lunar Sleep Chart

The Moon was in Gate 53 from 8th May 6.36am till 16.52pm UT.

This chart shows how we function in our deep sleep layers when we are deeply immersed in the collective archetype of humanity.  In particular the energy format channel of cycles – connecting the Sacral to the Root – is activated.  Given the number of planets in that channel, this activation opened up a floodgate of deep subconscious material that can now move through into conscious reality.

But you don’t have to be in a deep sleep to access these archetypal layers.  As soon as you lay down – get horizontal – the theory is that you shift from a 64 gate matrix to this 15 gate matrix.  Your functional consciousness shifts and you begin accessing a different reality.  We call it a nap :).

Eleanor Haspel-Portner was told by Ra Uru Hu that in this sleep chart the Design Crystal resides in the Sacral Centre, and the Personality Crystal in the Root Centre. (1)  Both were activated in this transit – you can see that both the Root and Sacral Centres are activated, giving a powerful shift in soul direction and identity for each one of us on what is the first day following a massive 6 week activation to the Ji Centre via the Channel of Initiation. Yes today is the first day that both the Ji Centre and Heart Centre have not been activated by transit since way back on 1st April. (2)

When Ceres shifts to Gate 22 tomorrow – the Gate of Grace – it will meet the South Node in Gate 12 – Standstill.   She will be there till 30th May. This will be a time when we question deeply what it is that truly nurtures us, and feel the need to act in ways that not everyone will understand.  It’s also likely that we will need to grieve what we are leaving behind, since Ceres is an indicator of loss and grief.

We have a set up here for us to  find a renewed sense of core self worth in our feminine aspects.  We can rage about what is lost or we can grieve it and move on.  Ceres shows where we have neurotically sought to have our needs met in relationship and ignored what was truly nurturing to us.  We are shifting out of trying to control what we receive and opening up to what is truly on offer.  Today the Sun is conjunct Hekate (she represents crossroads in life) in the yin Gate of Earth.  Venus is conjunct Eris in the Gate of Increase (42) tomorrow as the Sun moves in to share a gate with Sedna (in Gate 23).  The women of our starry skies are speaking to us loud and clear – we are taking the steps of transition, simultaneously birthing and dying.


(1) Calculations and Layers of the Multidimensional Design System by Eleanor Haspel-Portner PhD.  p. 21.

(2) We had one day 28th /29th April when there was nothing in Gate 51.


The Threshold of Love and Money

6th May 2011

My vacuum cleaner just blew up, so I can’t clean. My plans for the day blew up with it, because I’ve been waiting to get a day to clean.  It’s just that kind of day.

After the New Moon we went immediately into a new Sun/Earth energy. The Sun – a yang energy –  in the yin Gate 2, and the Earth – a yin energy – in the yang Gate 1.  Weaving, weaving, weaving.  We manifest by allowing our yin selves to open up and receive the yang energy into us.  This is a natural process, but one we’re largely unfamiliar and uncomfortable with.

The yang energy may feel uncomfortable – it could be heat, anger, more energy than you’re used to, conflict.  I’m feeling really pissed off in a sort of delicious way, and about nothing in particular :).

Mars in the last line of the Gate of Increase wants to push forward, to take it a step too far.  Over the past few weeks we’ve had a taste of what’s to come and we’ve grabbed the reins and tried to take control.  Again.  I know.  We’re used to moving forward from the ego and it’s hard to see all the places where we still do it.

Mercury and Venus are travelling in close company in Gate 51 – the Gate of Shock.  This might have us trying to push forward from our ego, taking leaps into the unknown.  But actually Venus is giving us an opportunity to fine tune our relationships.  In particular we are learning that what we have to offer is always exactly the right thing in the right amount. Any attempts to give more than feels right, to offer something other than what comes from our own simple authenticity, is doomed to keep us trapped in an old cycle of struggle.  We can only move forward together, and a focus on how we do relationships is paramount over the next 10 days.

There’s some accompanying sadness and anger here (Ceres in 63.5 is sextile the Sun today).   Why do I have to give more?  Why don’t you give more?  Why do you want something I don’t want to give?  And so on.  Uranus, Mercury and Venus work at the heart level, Mars at the Sacral Centre.

This is about where we have become accustomed to trading our life force energy for love.  Or money.  Or anything else we feel we need to survive.

Mercury leads, opening us up to conscious awareness of the way in which the shock and trauma of past compromises have affected us.  Venus follows closely behind, bringing the energy of healing, recuperation, connection and the ability to attract what we need to move forward.

Mars is conjunct 1992 QB1 in Gate 42 line 6, Increase.  This gives us the courage to move over the threshold from the old way of developing and growing and increasing.  Expect to see lots of news stories over the next week about economic growth and it’s effect on the planet.  On a personal level, we can let go of toxic concepts of forcing growth and increase.  This is no longer the way we get to the good stuff.

Here’s a lengthy quote from Eric Francis that probably says all we need to know about today:

I have described 1992 QB1 as representing the archetype of the thresholder. That is the person who helps others make major transitions; I associate her with midwives, doulas, hospice workers, orgasm coaches, grief counselors and everyone who steps in at that moment of total transition and offers themselves in service. Many nurses function in this capacity without getting acknowledgement. There are highly skilled, trained volunteers who show up at the scenes of fires and crime scenes and help the survivors. These are all the thresholders.

In Aries, we get the clue that this really is about guiding our own processes of reinventing ourselves, and supporting the similar experiences of others; of letting go of an old form and an old pattern of energy and transitioning into something entirely new, liberated from constrictions that seem so daunting today — particularly those of the human ego.


Today’s shocks – like my blown up vacuum cleaner – are disruptive for a reason.   They reroute our attention, opening up new possibilities, so that our hearts desires speak more clearly to us.  Mars and 1992 QB1 give us the energy to get under way.  Tomorrow Mars will be in the Gate of Confusion at the Beginning (Gate 3).  This from the Wilhelm I Ching is my favourite description of the energy of this gate:

Times of growth are beset with difficulties.  They resemble a first birth.  But these difficulties arise from the very profusion of all that is struggling to attain form.  Everything is in motion, therefore if one perseveres there is a prospect of great success, in spite of existing danger.

In the chaos of difficulty at the beginning, order is already implicit.  We have only to arrange and organise the inchoate profusion, just as one sorts out silk threads from a knotted tangle and binds them into skeins.

Today’s imperative is that we don’t just drift along, but take hold the wheel of our own vehicle and point it in the direction we want to go, holding true regardless of circumstance.  Allow life to find you, let it work to get your attention.  Drop the old traumatic belief that you have to be always rushing out to meet it.  Underneath this shift is a profound change to our relationship with money and resources, but thats unlikely to be apparent for a while yet.

It can feel difficult as grief and anger well up and confuse the issue, but keep in mind that these are largely responses to past trauma.  All the places where we have felt unattractive, unloved and unwanted can rear their head over the next week. They need recognition and gentleness but don’t get too caught up in the idea that they are inherent in your present reality.



Embodying The Planetary Matrix

3rd May 2011 ~ New Moon in Gate 24 line 6 at 12 Taurus 30 at 6.51am UT.
This New Moon brings the new masculine into alignment with the earth so that there are no more obstructions to us moving forward to express our potential.
It connects our creativity with the earth, and represents an embodiment of the Planetary Matrix.


This really marks a watershed for the end of the patriarchy.  It is a reclamation of our own personal yang energy – taking back responsibility for our own potential, our creative energy, and our own personal sense of knowing and soul direction.

I’m glad I gave myself permission to be imperfect in a recent blog post, because this is the most imperfect blog I’ve ever written.  I’m writing about a reconnection, an alchemy, that I have had to integrate as I have been writing. It’s as if I’ve had to hack this post into stone!  Nonetheless….

I hope you enjoy it.  🙂


Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus

I want to start out by pointing out a few home truths about Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.   Since September 2009, these three planets have been dancing around each other and messing with global politics and the lives of ordinary people.  It’s not surprising.  They are named after Greek and Roman Gods who considered mortals to be nothing more than pawns in their personal larger than life dramas.




Uranus – Father Sky 

Son and husband of Gaia




Son of Uranus


Son of Caelus


Son of Cronos


Son of Saturn

There is a family pattern here of son’s killing fathers to protect mothers.  Not a very healthy family dynamic.  They buried or swallowed the children, effectively creating a “stillbirth”.  Whilst Uranus the Sky God came down each night to cover the earth and mate with Gaia he found his children monstrously ugly and buried them under the earth causing great pain to Gaia.  Saturn killed Uranus by cutting off his genitals, an obvious statement of emasculation – at the request of the mother. Jupiter did the same thing to his father, Saturn.   There is then almost a karmic completion, when the son turns against the feminine as a way to assert his own masculinity.

A devastating war that nearly destroyed the Universe ensued between Saturn and Jupiter.  Jupiter was able to make use of the weapons of thunder, lightning and earthquake and was victorious.  Some of this may sound horribly familiar to you just now.  Are we, in fact, sitting amidst a not so mythological war between Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter as they attempt to destroy creation to prove their masculinity?


One of the main issues in this chart is the way in which our potential as humans is stillborn, our ‘creations’ destroyed.  Many of us have the experience of trying again and again to get our lives to make sense!   From birth – even before birth – we are being interfered with in ways that prevent our natural growth and development as powerful sovereign beings.  At this moment my focus is on the 2000 year old lie that men give birth, and women don’t.  That life comes solely from the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  There is an underpinning here of hatred and fear of women (see this), that they have been blamed for the sins of the father, so to speak, for so long.  Men suffer equally, under a system where they are disconnected from the earth, the mother and their own femininity.  Our babies, our potential, our creativity, is swallowed up in the war to prove who’s boss.

New Moon in the Gate of Returning

Today’s New Moon is in the Ajna Centre in Gate 24.6.  This hexagram is made up of Thunder and Earth.  Thunder is the eldest son, the yang returning after winter darkness when the old yang completed and died away. Earth is the mother, responding to the new yang energy of the son so that he can move forward without obstruction.

“Things cannot go beyond the extreme.  When they reach the limit, they turn back to the origin.”

The old yang has gone to it’s extreme and the new yang now turns to the earth to begin again.  In the Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter story the son supported the mother against the cruelty of the father.  It was only when the son grew to be a husband and father himself that he took on the mantle of the fathers actions and repeated them.  He had learnt that the way to be a man was to destroy creation, to bury it deeply within the earth in the hope that it wouldn’t rise and destroy him in turn.

Pan, Eros and The New Masculine

While Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter have played out the old masculine dynamic, the new masculine energy has been quietly making inroads.  Two asteroids in particular – Pan and Eros – have been turning up at auspicious moments to show the way forward.

Pan is in Gate 45, so he is bringing the whole Channel of Initiation to the Throat, including all those extremely important activations in Gate 21. Also, for those of us born between approximately 1941 to 1963, our natal Eris is in Gate 21.  Venus is there now, taking on great responsibility in the old order, rather than flowing with the new and as yet unknown.

Gate 45 represents the lord, the king, the one who owns everything and lets us use it.  But Gate 45 – the gate of money – is about gathering the pieces together in a shared destiny, a shared purpose.   It’s about aligning your effort with your purpose and in this way gaining access to the resources of the community.  It’s scary to let go and flow with the collective energy, mixing in and releasing our need to distinguish ourselves in some way and in a sense that is the core of this New Moon.

Eros (22) is making a connection with the South Node (12), suggesting a transformation, letting go of something from the past.  Eros represents the cosmic masculine’s desire to create.  Demetra George sees Eros as a higher octave of Mars, refining and transforming the instinctual sexual energy.   We will feel blocked if we accept the idea that we have to compromise ourselves (South Node is in the Gate of Blocked/Standstill).   This is an emotional energy, so allow something shamed or guilty (disgraceful) to rise up and inform you, to clear the blockage.

My son has been offered a deal by his school today, he can only stay if he abides by certain rules – like wearing a uniform and attending 100% of classes – that he finds offensive to his dignity.  The school can’t understand why he won’t compromise himself, they don’t hold his soul knowing in any place of value compared to the smooth running of the system.  I suspect we are all experiencing a similar choice somewhere in our lives today.

I explained to my son that the school system believes that the bubble it lives in is the totality of reality.  In fact it makes up only a minute proportion of reality and it’s time for each one of us to step out of that bubble, to take the challenge and prove that we do believe in what we know to be true.  Enough to step out and live it.  The I Ching says there’s no need for fanfare here – your honest presence and commitment are enough.

I declined to get into a philosophical discussion with the principal about the nature of reality :).  You can imagine that conversation!

Eris and Terrorism

This New Moon comes on the heals of an exact conjunction of Jupiter with Eris, and Mars a whisker away from them. Eris has much to do with war – she is significant in the chart of Joan of Arc.  Generally I see Eris as being the one who is blamed when things go wrong.  Everyone else forgets what they added to the drama, and points the finger at one person.  Take Osama Bin Laden as a topical example.  I’m not saying he was a great guy and someone you’d want in your neighbourhood.  But he does strike me as a bit of a fall guy for terrorism just now.  His death certainly takes the heat off questionable US behaviour over the past decade or so.

Eris is shifting our focus on who is actually responsible for what – holding people accountable for their actions within the group matrix. It can be very, very difficult to sift through complex situations like the Global Financial Crisis, but Eris has been supporting us to begin that process and point clearly to those places where we can see that blame has to be attributed, even if we can never understand the big picture completely.

Eris may need to act in ways that seem chaotic and “blameful”.  Eris shifts us from one era to the next, but sometimes the beginning may not look pretty or even make sense to those watching from outside of us.  Remember Eros in the Gate of Grace who is being called to act ‘disgracefully’.

Philip Sedgwick has this to say about Eris:

Her astrological signature implores each person to make highly individualistic decisions regrading status, money, success, visibility and compliance or disregard for all social norms. Together with Jupiter and sparked by Mars, personal reversals of fortune can be conceived and created.

From my observations I’d say that Gates 13 (Seeking Unity With Others) and Gate 49 (Revolution) are the main gates that have an effect on terrorism and political unrest.

On this New Moon these two gates tell a significant back story.  Well, not so far back really.  They are side by side in Aquarius, and there has been a parade of important players moving through them in the past weeks, cleaning up the mess of the old in the wake of the Aries rush for the new.  (We had 7 planets in Aries last week!).


Nessus has been in Gate 49 since early January 2011. This is important because Pallas, Vesta and Kassandra have been moving through the adjoining gate 19 over the past 2 weeks, facing off over our need to be in touch with our feminine wisdom (Pallas), to have control over our life, including our sexuality and creativity (Vesta), and to effectively share our intuitive knowing with others (Kassandra).

This channel is extremely emotionally sensitive – the reason for much of the anxiety people have been feeling over the past 10 days.  It feels keenly when others hold different views and perspectives.  With Lilith and Vulkanus in the 17/62 channel, we can let loose if our opinion or world view is threatened.  I want to weave back into the Mental Projector issue held within the heart of this New Moon further on.

Nessus is about how men use their sexual energy without regard for others. Nick Anthony Fiorenza says this about Nessus:

Nessus inspires our need to radically sever from the conformity of the past and pierce our veils of illusion, to relinquish our denials, and to enter new realms of vision and creativity. Aiding in creating greater awareness around issues associated with tyranny and sexual abuse, suppression and denial.  Inspiring a perspective from the incarnational purpose of the soul.

Melanie Reinhart relates Nessus to issues surrounding sexuality, death, revenge and jealousy. Although Nessus may appear to have a disrespect for morality, a bit on the wild side, it also seems to teach us about embracing our sensual and sexual nature, to enjoy this abundance in life, rather than denying it or shutting ourselves down to it due to righteous or erroneous beliefs of wrongfulness or emotions of unworthiness.

As a centaur, Nessus connects Saturn with Pluto, and that’s very significant because right now Saturn and Pluto are working together, separated by only one gate – the Gate of Repairing Family Dynamics (18). Ophelia has been in Gate 18 recently but has moved on now – one aspect of Ophelia is that she was used as a pawn in a political game and was invisible on a personal level.  See here for bin Laden apparently using a woman as a shield to protect him.

Again we find the idea of disconnection from the feminine – her very existence is as part of the earth, to be owned and used for power and status.  Her value as equal partner in the divine dance of creation is still barely a blip on the screen.

Keep in mind Eros and the South Node, and Eris’ need to create change – both point to acting disgracefully!

Pallas and Kassandra

On the New Moon, Pallas and Kassandra have moved on to Gate 13, which is about universality – we are all one and can learn to live in harmony with each other.  The message in these gates is to see how we can blend our unique contributions to find common ground.  As we discover common ground and the alliances it creates, we find strength in each other and can take further risks, entering new territory.

This is the opposite of the logical ‘one reality’ universe that says there is one truth, one reality which we can all subscribe to if we just get the facts.  This reality requires that we shut down on our embodied wisdom and listen only to what is going on in our heads.  We don’t share, we line up and march in one single direction.  Just back to the school system for a moment, we are all familiar with the single concept of intelligence and the disregard for a huge chunk of human perception and conceptualisation that’s taken for granted in most schools.

Here’s a great quote from astrologer Dan Rudhyar:

‎”Facts” can be used to destroy the integrity of the human person, even if they are correctly ascertained; because when presented to that person by another individual (or in a book stating them), the knowledge of these facts may utterly confuse or even kill as well as heal and make whole.

Facts have no value except in relation to the consciousness which perceives them.

Return of the Mother – Metis and Haumea

One of the things that tipped me off to what was going on in the so-called “back story” was when I realised that the asteroid Metis was travelling very close to Pallas throughout 2011.  The story goes that Pallas was born from the head of Zeus, but digging deeper we find that her mother was Metis, Goddess of Wisdom.  With these two travelling together we can expect a shift in Pallas from being an upholder of the patriarchy, to being more in touch with her feminine wisdom.

This is a big deal.  A really big deal.  Women are so well trained to stay within the rules of patriarchy that some aspects of government and religion have been able to get away with major abuses of women, children and the planet.  (Remember Lilith is in 17 and Vulkanus in 62 – you may have noticed the volcanic anger about abuses against women being expressed lately).  Much of the abuse goes completely unseen, because it is literally woven into the web of the ‘one reality’.  Anyone who speaks out against it is treated as bonkers in some way.  Today, in my discussions with the school,  I was very politely labelled as ‘alternative’ and thus sidelined completely.  A wacko who’s views are outside of the agreed reality.

Pallas in Gate 19 over the past 10 days (adjoining 49) has been a pivotal energy here, showing the shift in emphasis from a purely masculine perspective to a more balanced view of the world that includes and values feminine knowing.  This runs very, very deep as there is much about birth and creation in this New Moon chart.

The Mental Projector

Another thing that triggered my ideas about this blog post were my observations over the weekend of women desperately seeking the approval of a few different men in discussion groups I’m involved with. It seemed very obvious and I was getting that tingly sense that here was a major clue … to something!

I watched these women discount themselves and what they knew in favour of earning kudos for ‘getting’ the intellectual aspects of the issue under discussion.  I could actually feel the ‘hit’ in my body – the addictive rush of approval from the male teacher as they got a pat on the head. This is what we are taught – to do what’s necessary for approval, to give up anything for that hit.  To answer the question right, to do well in exams, to come up with a great proposal at work, to write a popular blog post.  Even as I write this my body says – yes this is a huge addiction in our society.

The fear of activating the subterranean violent hatred of women/the feminine is ever present.  We have not really been conscious of this fear as it operates at the collective, as opposed to the personal, level.   We are supposed to be scared of authority, our entire system of government is based on that premise!

I’ve felt that energy in women’s groups over and over – the Pallas Athene need to be useful, to be good at what we do, to succeed in a man’s world.  I have observed that it goes much, much deeper than we realise, and with 2000 years of patriarchy behind us that is not really surprising.  Imagine how much of our energy is going into this almost invisible need for mental recognition.

Both Pallas and Minerva point to the desire for approval of the father – especially at the mental level.  Pallas I’ve talked about.  Minerva is in Gate 39.6, lining up with Neptune, Chiron and Snow White in 55.   Metis and Pallas will be exactly conjunct on 28th September 2011, and both will be in Gate 60.1 on the September equinox.  I mention this particular date because Saturn will also be conjunct Haumea on the September equinox.

Some conclusions

The New Moon in Gate 24 shifts us out of our mental prison, the place where we are only true if we can prove ourselves with facts.  It lets us know that we can trust ourselves to move out into the world with our ideas, our intuitive sense of what is true, and we can return safely, again and again.   This is the Gate of Return.

Like a small child toddling out to explore the world and then returning to the safety of his mother’s lap, this New Moon represents our ability to experiment with life. It is a critical gate in establishing the meaning of our own lives within the context of our own personal big picture. This constant returning to the mother is very different to the straight line forward motion we have become accustomed to.

With the support of those with common vision, we can share, act and play in alignment with our own truth and return to the safety of our own bodies, to our mother, to the earth. We take our ideas and then we act to embody them.   In this way we move way beyond a purely mental understanding (imprisoned in the mind and unable to align with reality) and into the realm of pure physical manifestation.

In this way we draw on the support and synergy of our community.  In this way we act and return, act and return, allowing birth and creation once again to arise naturally from the coming together of feminine and masculine in loving embrace.  It seems very, very important to go slowly enough to untangle the bonds of hatred that have kept us imprisoned.  The son and the mother are creating a new world and we want to ensure the karma is complete.



Jupiter conjunct Eris

Jupiter met up with the Goddess of Discord Eris yesterday for the first time since Eris was discovered. And Mars is there, within one degree. You know, just to make it more fun for us!

Jupiter expands what it touches, so Eris themes loom large this weekend for all of us. I’ve been saying for ages now that Eris represents a place where we have tended to take the blame for a complex situation, as if everyone else’s contribution had become invisible and we are left holding the smoking gun.

This is a really big deal because deep down in the DNA of each of us is something we have taken responsibility for within our family dynamic. Are you the crazy one? The sick one? The one who works hard? The married one?

We’ve been untangling ourselves from these projections, letting ourselves off the hook, since Saturn joined with family oriented Haumea in the Spleen Centre back in September 2010 (when it went into Gate 18).

Eris can also indicate a fear of unintended consequences. It’s not that we need to be concerned about unintended consequences just now, because we are doing a massive clean up. Instead, we need to be aware of how we have shut down aspects of ourselves that have created unintended consequences in the past.  Why would you keep trying to do something when you just know you’ll get blamed as the bad guy?  Over and over again!

I’ve had so many examples of this over the past 24 hours I could hardly count them – People afraid of confronting the damage they’ve created in the lives of others, feeling powerless to do things differently. People afraid of standing up to injustice and chaos out of fear they’ll be blamed. People too afraid to confront things they don’t like in their lives because in the past they’ve experienced shocking responses when they stood up for themselves.

Although Eris and her crew are in the Sacral Centre (in Gate 42), there’s a strong emotional content to this energy.

Lurking off to the side, Vesta and Pallas are in Gate 19 and Nessus is in Gate 49. Kassandra was in Gate 19 as well until she moved into Gate 13 yesterday. Vesta and Pallas are in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter with Ceres, and are significant enough to be classified as dwarf planet candidates, so they are well worth taking note of!

These two gates – 19 and 49 – connect the Root Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre  –  feeling safe to express your true emotions free from the fear of being rejected.  And speaking of being rejected, they’re joined by the almost invisible Goddess of Wisdom, Metis tomorrow.  Remember how Pallas Athene was born by popping out of Zeus’ head?  Well if we dig back through the mythology we find that she actually did have a mum – Metis.  The rejected and invisible wisdom of the mother.

Pallas can be the place where we choose to take the masculine view of reality rather than the feminine.  The feminine reality then operates under our conscious awareness, often creating chaos.   A great example – I’m working through a situation with my daughter where bullying by girls is going largely  under the radar whereas bullying by boys is pretty obvious and in your face.  Metis is like the mother ship of feminine wisdom turning up and reminding us of what we’ve forgotten.

Nessus represents a karmic completion that ties in perfectly with the ideas put forward by Eris – responsibility taken!

The most poignant key concept for Nessus comes from Melanie Reinhart: the buck stops here, indicating that in some situations it speaks to the conclusion of the karmic cycle involved: the truth revealed, the perpetrator caught, the situation resolved, responsibility taken.

Eric Francis

It’s a really potent combination on it’s own but if we add in everything else that’s going on, it’s a huge component of what we’re experiencing just now.


NB:  Sarah Palin has Design Jupiter conjunct her Natal Eris in Gate 21.1.


The Portals To Your ET Self

Just a quick note on a busy day full of immense potential arising out of the chaos of the old.

When Venus conjuncted Uranus in Gate 25 in the Human Design transit chart last week I noticed a lot of people having experiences of connecting with a more ET like aspect of self.  Now I know that 10 years ago many of us didn’t talk about this sort of thing, but so many people are consciously connected to something ‘otherworldly’ in themselves that I thought I’d like to share this with you.


I have long suspected that Gates 17, 25 and Gate 56 represent portal gates for connection with more multidimensional ET self.

  • Gate 56 is the voice of the Galactic Centre in Gate 11.
  • Gate 25 holds the shift from Pisces to Aries, the beginning of new eras.  It connects the multidimensional knowing of the Ji Centre to the shock and trauma of our ET selves trying to assimilate life in the human body on planet earth
  • And then Gate 17, where Venus is currently transiting, represents the way we assimilate the mental aspects of being here – language and time in particular.

You can see the portal gate of 17 in the transits shown on this Angelic Matrix chart.  It’s like a hanging gate, waiting to connect with Gate 62 which seeks to put the ideas of 17 into a more human scale and context.


Angelic Human Design Transit Chart 28th April 2011

Notice that Venus, Pluto, Saturn and the North Node are all in this matrix just now.  This matrix also shows Gate 56 and 54 as additional portal gates which I’ll explore in another post.

What really prompted me to write this post was the news that the SETI is shutting down.  It seems to me that we no longer need to pour money into technology to search for ET’s in space because there is a sufficient mass of people who now are conscious that the truth is in there and, as the sticker says on my filing cabinet We are the aliens.  My kids grew up listening to me laughing uproariously at ET scare movies.

As Lilith and Eris bring tremendous energy to the concept of discovering our own inner space, dark matter and manifestation abilities just now, the Human Design portal gates open to allow us access to new ideas and technologies beyond our planetary limitations.

I’m very interested to hear your ideas and experiences with this, so please share if you feel to.



The Perfect Time To Be Imperfect

The world is going to hell in a handbasket. Or something like that. But we don’t have to go with it because we’re the ones leading the way out of here.  Right now the challenge we face is our need to connect with others when deep down we feel terrified that we’re doing it all wrong.  The spectre of rejection and critisism hides beneath our every interaction just now.

As the Moon passes over Neptune, Snow White and Chiron in the Gate of Abundance and Luminosity (55) later today, Venus will be square Pluto. Here is my excellent image to explain it.

Can you follow that :).  The green rays show Venus and Pluto square.  The yellow is Neptune, Chiron and the Moon.

Gate 17 is a very interesting energy.  It connects to the Spleen Centre, and is the place where our mind tells us what is what according to what we’ve experienced in the past.  So that we don’t live life like Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates we have this system that references back to the past and gives us the benefit of experience.  And not just our own experience, but everything stored in our DNA.  But our DNA is a bit screwy just now because we’ve sort of shifted realities without our DNA being terribly aware of it.  Hence our normal responses are a bit off beam.

My 13 year old daughter’s been talking to me a bit about how confusing people seem just at the moment.  I explained that they are surrounded by a green jelly that turns everything she says and does into something that fits with their version of reality.  So their responses don’t really have too much to do with what she put out. They truly believe that she said what they heard.  Not true at all.  That helped!

We only experience confusion when we clutch at security rather than opening cleanly into the moment.  And security is a big issue just now as we have a load of activations sitting between the Root and the Solar Plexus Centre.  We feel emotionally sensitive and not quite sure how we are being perceived.  Are we safe if we say this?  If we do that?

An astrological square is where we feel like we’re mixing oil and water.  Pluto is in the Root Centre in the Gate of Joy (58.4).  We have particular ideas about what makes us happy, but Pluto has other ideas.  We can truly trust Pluto even though he often has us feeling like we’re being crushed between a rock and a hard place.  Let go of trying to control where he’s taking you and enjoy the journey. Allow yourself to start moving along Pluto’s fault line and watch the magic happen. After all, Persephone became Queen of the Underworld after she surrendered to him, and she quite enjoyed that I suspect!

Venus is in the Gate of Leading and Following.  What if you don’t have all the answers?  What if you don’t have all the details?  What if you’re wrong?  Who cares?  Let’s be completely imperfect and let’s congratulate each other for how imperfectly we are communicating with each other.  After all, one person’s imperfection is another’s paradise. Throw your craziest ideas out there and let’s get on with creating something delicious from them!





Enjoying Jupiter’s Expansive Ride

25th April 2011

There’s two ways we can go with Jupiter in the Gate of Increase (42) until 18th May.  We can get depressed about everything that is wrong with our lives and the world.  Or we can relax, release our attachment to how things should be, and enjoy the ride.  Because ride it will be, as Jupiter approaches Eris who sits waiting in line 6.

And speaking of Eris, we need to watch where we blame others for the chaos in our lives.  And look for what that person is trying to unlock for us.  It will be something deeply hidden, some sort of limitation we have imposed on ourselves.  I find Byron Katie’s The Work excellent for this type of self enquiry.

With Mercury still sitting in the Gate of Resources in the ego based Heart Centre, expect the root of a lot of the problems to come from a deep seated belief that there’s not enough (of whatever) to go around.

Do you remember I wrote about 10 days ago that a friend of my neighbour, Jan, had been screaming and smashing her things up?  That was when Venus was in the Solar Plexus Centre, in Gate 22.  Well Jan told me this morning that the friend (actually her daughter-in-law) has taken over her home to such an extent that she feels she has to move out to her daughter’s, and leaving the daughter-in-law to it.  She’s moving in with five children under 6 years old!  It’s not going to be peaceful!

So I have my own private Eris, a screaming, plate smashing nemesis right outside my door – and it’s very close because we share duplex apartments.  I expect it’s going to be really  uncomfortable but I’m also fascinated to see what she is going to be reflecting to me about how I create chaos in my own life!  Maybe I should start practicing with the plates now?


From Hilary Barrett’s I Ching, Gate 42 Line 1:

This is the moment to get underway, to make the greatest possible use of your gifts.  There’s no need to limit yourself to modest, sensible, short-term goals.  Allow yourself an unhampered view of the possibilities. This is just the starting point, but from here you can see the emerging shape of the finished work.


Venus conjunct Uranus

Today Venus will be conjunct Uranus in a tiny channel

that has the power to affect all life on planet earth.


The reason this tiny channel is so significant is that it links the Heart Centre with the Ji Centre.  Or to put it another way – the ego self with the divine self.  So, that’s a pretty big deal and explains why we all feel a bit queezy and uneasy at the moment.  It has us reaching to be the best we can be, ready to leap into the unknown and take up our mantle as spiritual warriors plotting a new course for humanity.

Another reason we feel so shaken about is because this tiny connection contains ALL the planets currently in Aries – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus. Aries is pulling us out of the old cycle and into a new one. We may not be entirely convinced that we are ready to move on quite yet, but we’re going anyway!

But aren’t we ready already?  Why is it such a drawn out process?  Well one answer to that question is that there are a couple of oppositions happening just now helping us relocate lost parts of ourselves.  Because, let’s face it, we don’t really want to move on and leave important bits of ourselves behind.  Especially as they are likely to be bits of ourselves that our ego’s have disowned as being troublesome or not good enough in some way.  Oppositions have us swinging between extremes trying to find a balance of two seemingly incompatible aspects of self.

Mercury opposite Saturn

We’re trying to get out house in order, but it’s not going to happen unless we allow ourselves to drop heavily into the very depths of our humanity.  Just coming out of it’s retrograde, Mercury is in Gate 21 opposite Saturn down in the Spleen Centre in Gate 48.

The Spleen Centre holds information about our fears for survival, and Saturn is in a Gate that triggers our fear of inadequacy and insignificance.  Yes, it’s true that there is an aspect of you and I that is simply human and nothing more.  This insecurity is obviously not a comfortable fit with the Aries channel that has us wanting to be the best we can, it holds us back and makes us timid.

This opposition demands that we move on regardless, thus purging our cells of old memories of being done in for ancient sins of being and doing, and regardless of our fears that what we can achieve is oh so limited by our human foibles.  It also asks us to be present with our need to express ourselves even though there may be no hint of approval, financial gain or acceptance coming our way in return.

Jupiter and Mars opposite Haumea

These two planets are gates that form a powerful alliance of spiritual initiation through alignment with our deep intuitive knowing.  Haumea is in Gate 57 line 3 and Jupiter/ Mars are in the opposite Gate of 51.   Mars and Haumea will be exactly opposite tomorrow – 24th April, in line 3.

There is truth coming to light and it’s shocking to our ego self, who thought it had things under control! This is new knowledge about who we are.  We can open ourselves to this knowledge and allow ourselves to be influenced by it.  Rather than blocking our fears, or taking defensive and reactive action to avoid them, it’s a time to breathe into them and allow them to speak to us of what we haven’t been able to hear before now.  This is the voice of our own personal truth.

Haumea shows where we can feel exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to reach outwards for nourishment rather than relax inwards.  Listening to our body gives us a rock solid sense of soul self that is balanced and in complete integrity through all layers of being and becoming.

Venus conjunct Uranus

A long standing anxiety inducing problem is a drain on your energy.  Do you know what it is?  Has it been bugging you for days now?  You want to sort it out, but that’s only going to get you tangled into more of a mess.

Stop believing it’s a problem.  It’s not, it’s purely a projection that there’s something wrong with you.  There is nothing that needs to be fixed. Your body knows the problem doesn’t exist and if you follow your natural processes the problem will resolve itself as if by magic and those lost parts of yourself will find a home in your life.  This is not a time to be concerned with perfection, but rather with the beauty of the creative process.

Uranus wants to rebel rather than grow up and take responsibility for it’s own gifts. Venus wants to connect with others out of a fear of going it alone.  Together they support each other to delve deeper in our relationships with each other to draw out our gifts. This is an alchemy of connection and sharing of our unique inner treasure with people who will love and value us.

Ceres in the Crown Chakra

This is the Gate of Already Across The River (63).  We have released ourselves from places where we were denying ourselves nurturing, discovered our own self-neglect and begun to receive the first little mouthfuls of nourishment.  It’s wonderful, but now we have realised we’re really, really hungry.  Starving for more of this delicious nectar.  Things are bound to be slow and uncertain as we find new pathways, take the time to stay grounded, to be balanced and to reorient yourself to the new landscape that is your life.




A Divine Galactic Moment in Time

What happens when Mars meets Venus in the Channel of Initiation?  And an even bigger question, what happens when Venus is conjunct Uranus meeting Mars conjunct Jupiter in the Channel of Initiation?  What about when retrograde Mercury is part of the picture (being in the same Centre) and he is opposite Saturn? And when Jupiter and Mars are opposite Makemake?  Which is in turn square the North Node conjunct Quaoar and the Galactic Centre?

It’s enough to make your head spin and with Ceres in the Crown Chakra (gate 63) from today, your head may well be spinning.

This is an alchemical moment, a very large SHAZAM!  One of the reasons we’ve been so unable to fulfill our full divine potential is that our inner feminine and masculine have been separated from each other.  This week they get back together again.  But never like this before, we’re going Galactic along with all the other things we’re doing!  A global reunion of the galactic and divine creative energies – attraction meets desire!

This channel connects our personal ego selves with our bigger divine selves.  Can it get any more wonderful than that?  Even when we feel a bit like we’re cracking up? Because indeed we are, but finding love, connection and clarity underneath all those decrepit old ego defences we no longer need.

How is it playing out for you?  How is it affecting your Ji and Heart Centres?

Some of my favourite books

It’s a great day for experimentation and I’m just taking my new Amazon carousel out for a run.  Feel free to browse!


The Hilary Barrett I Ching is my favourite, and one I use every day. Tina Fey I just threw into the mix because … well, because she’s really, really funny!


Venus and the New Relationships

21st April 2011

We’ve come through one wave of ego dissolution, mainly centred around Mars and our newly understood need to have healthy personal boundaries.  Now we’re into stage two, courtesy of Venus who joins the party in the Gate of Innocence (25).

She’s joining Uranus in that gate so expect relationship shake ups as the combination of Aries energy and Uranus’ need for freedom creates sharp pointy bits in otherwise good connections.

This will be strongest over the next 24 hours, after which Mars shifts out of the gate of ‘get your hands off my stuff'(21)  and into the gate of shock (51).

The Sun will be in the Gate of Beginnings (3) during this time, asking us to be aware of very subtle issues about what we invest our energy in.  We are unlocking old patterns that have us giving/doing when we don’t really truly want to.  Jupiter is moving to the Gate of Increase (42) on the 25th April so you want to put down some good habits between now and then for what feels good for you.  If not, Eris is waiting in the Gate of Increase to join with Jupiter in creating right royal mess ups.   That’s unlikely to be the way it plays out for you though.  Jupiter and Eris together provide the energy to untangle a gordian knot of confusion that may have been hanging over your life for a very long time.

Venus by Titan ~ wikimedia commons

So what’s Venus up to?  Fresh from her opposition with Makemake (in 6.6), she’s made us look really closely at what resources we have and what we want to create with them.  Aided and abetted by Mercury and Mars in the Gate of Resources (21), she has had us considering the possibility of creating something based on beauty and love.  And not just idealised versions, but the beauty and love that has us sighing with pleasure.

And as the recent Mars transits have given us courage to stake claim to our own lives, Venus now shows us how to connect from this new place.  My dad used to sing this funny song fragment – you’ve got to have skin, it keeps your insides in.  Mercury and Mars are opposite Saturn, and Saturn rules over our skin.  Venus is in the Gate of blood (25).  There really is a deep sense of us having to figure out what needs to be kept to ourselves (on the inside) and what we are happy to share.  It’s not calculating, more of a natural healthy flow of sharing with clarity. A return to a way of life that is naturally generous, rather than tight with lack.

Gate 25 may have some connection to the idea of the grail or chalice, so Venus is really in her element here.  When considering how the whole idea of healthy boundaries and keeping the insides in might work for you, imagine the difference between sharing a chalice filled with sacred liquid as opposed to unconsciously tipping the liquid out so that all you have left to share is an empty chalice.  You are the grail and your energy is the sacred liquid – offer yourself as a full container, not an empty one.

Venus and Uranus together in Gate 25 have the potential to awaken us suddenly to the wealth inherent in the relationships we already have, and bring new relationships into our lives that show us new and unexpected aspects of self.  Venus rules both romantic and business relationships.  The new relationships may not be lasting ones, but they will shift your trajectory.   If you feel a cooling of your current relationships don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, take some time out to see what you need in your life that’s not there now.  And if a new relationship comes roaring into your life, be aware it may not be something lasting, but on a short term visit to awaken something dormant for you, something you’ve been unable to see and recognise in yourself.   Look for the positive projection.

We are disentangling from the old ways of relating  this week, but it doesn’t mean our relationships aren’t working, just that they may need re-working to align with our new selves.


Venus and Mars by Elsa Dax ~ Wikimedia Commons







Trusting Your Own Sanity

18th April 2011

This is a delicate and potentially confusing Full Moon, whispy with many meanings and fraught with the potential for misunderstanding.  It is bringing a kind of madness to the surface and allowing us to see just how we have survived and what it has done to us.

The Moon is in Gate 50.2.  This gate represents the beginning of a new era.  Hexagram 50 is traditionally known as The Ting, a ceremonial cauldron.  In ancient China, when a new dynasty began a new ting was cast in bronze and the new constitution was engraved upon it.

Gate 50 also represents the link with our ancestors, the union of the family and the care of it’s members.  People with Gate 50 in their design tend to find it difficult to balance their desire to cling to old values and their need to find a new way.

We’re all in that particular boat just now, still clinging to the past and yet desperately seeking out the new.  Sometimes we take responsibility for holding onto things that are naturally falling away in the mistaken belief that this will support others.   If it’s stressful, it’s probably not supporting you or anyone else, no matter what fears you may experience at the idea of letting go.

In line 2 we find a time when the ting is being cast but not yet complete.  We are like seeds, filled with potential and some sense of what we are to grow into, but we are waiting for the rain to come and the germination process to begin.   We are beginning a new era for humanity and this is not a short term project.  The benefits of what we are creating now will continue for a very long time.

What is very important during this time is that we give some seriousness to this process.  We could be cajoled by Mars (21) opposite Saturn (48) to push and shove to try to get things to fit back into the old container.  Especially as Zeus is conjunct Saturn, adding to the Mars feel of wanting to do anything necessary to feel safe, to feel our feet on solid ground, to get our own way.  But Mars needs to let go of his deeply embedded self esteem issues, the things that make him so reactive and aggressively defensive.

The new Mars is protective not defensive, he ensures the safety of what is yours.   There are some things, like blood, that are meant to be kept for you and not shared with others.   There are things in your life that are sacred and meant only for you.  It might be your special moisturiser, or time alone, or a space where you do yoga and meditation.  It could be an idea you’re not ready to share.  Mars and Mercury in Gate 21 are telling you that this new protectiveness needs to be treated carefully and respectfully and that the results will be far beyond what you might imagine.

This is definitely a time when it is your sacred duty to ask “what’s in it for me?” because you are returning to the centre of your own life and everything to come will radiate from that place.

The Sun is in Gate 3, in one of what I call the birth channels.  These are the channels that connect the Sacral Centre (creation) with the Root Centre (birthing into the physical).  It adjoins Magdalena in Gate 60 – Limitations.

Gate 3 holds the potential to create something new.  It’s not about action per se, but it signifies a time for preparing to take action, to observe and respond to the subtle shifts that are creating a new order out of old chaos.

In line 2, we are resisting a familiar and dominant pressure to accept an alliance with the old order, and waiting with patience for new alliances to form.

There is a lot to be said about insanity in this Full Moon.  Venus holds an important position in the Solar Plexus Centre in Gate 36, the place where our brightness is injured, where we feel that our soul is locked in a dark and difficult place.  This is the place where we believe ourselves to be insane.

In line 4 we flee a place where insanity seems normal, and wait for things to change before returning.  It’s fascinating in Human Design terms that this line also talks about going into the heart and belly to find the truth.  Mars and Mercury (21) and Jupiter (51) are in the Heart Centre and the Sun (3) is in the belly (Sacral).  There is a huge importance for us in listening to what’s happening in our hearts (Ji Centre) just now and avoiding the pressure to continue to believe the insanity. To actually trust in our own sanity.

Another, perhaps more personal, aspect of the insanity is Ophelia who is linking Pluto and Saturn.  She is in Gate 18, which deals with family madness, the curse of sharing a delusional view of the world with those we love so that not one of us can really see clearly what is going on.  Ophelia, a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is fascinating me just now and that’s not surprising given that the asteroid Ophelia is transiting in an incredibly crucial place in the Human Design chart.

Given the current activations to the Gate of Shock, I was intrigued to see this quote about Ophelia:

Her frailty and innocence work against her as she cannot cope with the unfolding of one traumatic event after another.


Ophelia is innocent and inexperienced in the ways of the world, aware only of love and affection.  This leaves her open to being manipulated by those who purport to love her – her father, her brother and her lover.   Rather than treasure her they abuse her innocence to gain their own politically motivated ends and in the end she goes mad and then dies, perhaps at her own hand.  In Gate 18, Ophelia represents the family madness inflicted upon the innocent within each one of us.

Given the placement of Venus (brightness wounded), and Uranus (innocence), there is a definite energy here of how we have been made mad by the world.  That madness has, in a sense, served it’s purpose in keeping us safe by providing some shield to our innocence.  But now we have to find the courage to drop those defences, to reach the place where we are consciously aware of the insanity of the world and it’s shockingly abusive ways.  It’s crucial that we see how we have separated from this insanity, and how we are now about to recover from it’s effect on us.

Helping out in a big way is the Kuiper Belt Object called 1992 QB1.  On the Full Moon she was conjunct the Sun.  She’s become one of my favourites, providing a bridge of consciousness between the old world: think Pluto and his obligatory trips to the underworld,  and the new world: think Haumea, Makemake and Quaoar and their message of dancing and celebrating new creations into life.

It can seem that there is an overabundance of things to be done just now.  That’s the old energy trying to drag you away from your own simple knowing.  As aspects of your life break and fall away, thank them for what they have brought to you and release them with love.  As things rise in a crescendo of chaos, breathe deeply and wait for the implicit order to arise and inform you of the new creation you are bringing to material reality.  Take yourself and your journey seriously, but don’t be too serious about it. The Galactic Centre and the Nodes are fully engaged in this Full Moon.  Aligning with a greater sense of reality brings peace …. and a sense of sanity.  It is real, and so are you.