It’s Not Really About Life or Death

The next 12 hours open up a window to deeply embedded memories of life threatening experiences. At least they felt life threatening at tge time, and that’s because the experience you had, no matter how apparently slight, went seeking context in your DNA and found ancestral warning bells and flashing lights spelling out the message RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!   Or perhaps you got one of the alternative messages – FIGHT!   Or my particular favourite (not!)  FREEZE!

Mars has just moved into the Gate of Oppression -a place where we feel there is no escape. We are trapped. But Mars is the quintessential escape artist and he has a whole lot of help coming his way,

The Moon is currently making a channel with expansive Jupiter. This is Inner child heating at its best, in a channel that epitomises endings and new beginnings. Jupiter is providing the faith and impetus to complete these old cycles. The Moon is initiating a new way of thinking and being, a more inclusive space.  Venus in the Gate of Joy assures us that if we unfreeze and begin slowly moving with the energy of these parts of us that have been trapped for millenium, we will find relief, even a quiet joyfulness, Mercury is helping us be more aware of the fears and illusory threats that send us panicking into struggle.

There Is no need to DO anything other than watch this miracle unfold in your psyche.

We are building a strong foundation for the upcoming Pluto and North Node connection that begins on 21st November. The crux of these shifts is H release the fears that have us believe we have no choice but to struggle on alone.  As our relationship fractals begin to creak and shift and shimmer
Pluto will release an unimaginable bounty of Galactic inspiration.

Stay tuned!  And remember, be kind to yourself, you are amazing.



Flourishing Business Intensive Coaching Project


We are in the midst of a massive and sudden shift in our experience of  life on earth.  You might be experiencing a lot of physical symptoms as your DNA makes the shift from death energy to life energy.   Most particularly, women are now being called to share their wisdom with the world.   We know how to create new life, and it’s time for us to shift the dimensional limitations on this planet so that humanity can continue to grow.  This is a time for women to step into a leadership role and to own our own value.  How could you not succeed, you have more support than you could possibly imagine.


Expect sudden insights, release of aspects of self that were previously locked up, and a renewed sense of direction in life.  In particular, so many people will be impulsed to get up and moving very quickly to begin sharing their gifts with the world.  If that is you, read on ….

In alignment with this shift, I am offering two introductory places in my Flourishing Business Intensive Coaching Project at an early bird price.


Are You Ready? 

Are you feeling a desire to share your passion and creativity with the world in a new way?  It’s becoming impossible for us to continue to separate our spirituality from the rest of our lives, especially our work. Business is the new spiritual frontier and it’s time for you to become a ninja!

Do you know the ONE THING that I hear from people over and over again?   How come I can’t create my best hopes and dreams, even though I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing?

If you feel called to create a new, fulfilling and purposeful business that calls out everything that is unique and beautiful in you, then I’m so glad you’re here!   You and your business have an innate and very special capacity to FLOURISH! 

Why have you been struggling or lacking clarity till now?  The truth is, we have been sold on the ‘cookie cutter’ mentality  – that if we can only find the right  ‘to do’  list and tick off each item, we will succeed.  And yet, despite years of trying, many of you are still struggling to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s why I am offering a brand new program –  FLOURISHING BUSINESS INTENSIVE –  so you can quickly and easily understand the steps you need to take to get out of the cookie cutter world and discover your unique process for creating real change in your business and your life.

Creating your own successful business is about taking some clearly defined steps IN A WAY THAT WORKS FOR YOU.  I will share those steps with you, and together we will hone them to your unique needs.  Understanding your gifts, who you want to work with, what you will offer and how you can share it with the world – these things will be simply broken down for you, step by step.


Unleashing Your Innovation, Creating Your Future



My name is Kim Gould.  I’m the founder of Love Your Design and Flourishing Business.

If you are reading this post it’s very likely you have had a personal session with me at some time.  And even if you haven’t, I consider you part of my family.  Today I invite you to join me in the next step of our co-creative journey.

I have been a Human Design professional for 10 years.  In that time I have worked with so many wonderful people from Australia, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, India, New Zealand and all over Europe and the USA.  I’ve met more amazing people than I can count.  I’ve introduced so many newbies to Human Design, and helped others to explore more deeply.

Some of you will know my story.  Right from when I finished school, I tried so hard for so many years to get things right – to be ‘normal’!  In the end the only thing I got out of that struggle was a debilitating illness.  As I have found my own unique way in the world I have become a person I hadn’t even realised I had the potential to be.  I can help you on that same journey.

The Flourishing Business Intensive program is the culmination of 10 years of experience of combining the Human Design System and business, 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and my own insatiable curiosity to learn and grow at the cutting edge of consciousness.  If you have worked with me during this time, you know I’m a strategic and futuristic thinker who takes an innovative approach to the synergy between personal development, spiritual growth and evolutionary business.   This keeps me at the cutting edge of applied consciousness.

In this program we will identify the key themes in your life.  You will learn techniques to apply those themes in practical and concrete ways.  You have something really wonderful to share with the world and my passion is to help you discover your unique HOW!

My innovative approach supports you to step into your own uniqueness.  The Flourishing Business Intensive is about unleashing the moment by moment creativity that you know you have within you, and that you are yearning to bring forth.  You will receive all the support you need, plus the genius of Emergent Human Design – including the spiritual layer charts, minor planets and progressions (so you know what’s going on for you RIGHT NOW!).

You Are A Miracle In Action

Each one of us is unique. You are a wonderfully complex multidimensional being of immense power and creativity. Even when you are sitting eating your breakfast, you are simply awesome! A miracle! The truth is there has never been another you in the history of life on earth. And there never will be again. Your desire to create a life filled with your best hopes and dreams is life calling you out. It’s what you are here to live.  That’s why I have created this program to support you to do just that.  And the truth is ..  it’s time.  Everything is shifting and you have a very specific and much needed role to play, that’s why you are looking for ways to make that shift.  It’s why you are reading this post.

Are you feeling:

  • creatively frustrated
  • limited by your fixed salary or low business income
  • doing too many things each day that you just aren’t passionate about
  • still thinking in the old way that you need to trade your time for money
  • feeling like it’s just to complicated and overwhelming
  • unsure about what steps to take to bring your business dreams to reality?


We’ve come to the threshold of what has been familiar and comfortable. And now it’s time to walk out the door and create something new.  It’s challenging, even a bit scary, to be standing at the first step of a new life.  But it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Your checklist might look like this.


The questionnaire

  • work out what I really want, not just what I think I might want
  • overcome fears of the unknown
  • do I have anything worthwhile to offer?
  • figure out where to even start
  • develop a whole lot of new skills
  • do I even deserve this great new life I want to create for myself?



Success is a flow, you just need to know how to turn on your particular tap.


It’s Time For You To Step Fully Into Your Creative Energy

Have you ever thought to yourself,  if I deserved success, it would have turned up by now.   I want you to step past the idea that if you can just get even more amazing than you already are, then maybe, just maybe, success might come your way.  It’s not about ‘fixing’ ourselves anymore.  Rather than keeping you working harder and harder to deserve success, this program gives you step by step instructions on how to create success.  See the difference?

It’s about what YOU want to create.  It’s about the new patterns of reality you are beginning to lay down in your life. And in this new program I will share your own very personal step by step plan for working WITH the universal forces of creation rather than resisting them. 

You are not a cog in a machine. You have your own way of flourishing.
It’s unique to you.
When you understand this process, everything changes.


Here’s another thing I hear a lot from people who yearn to successfully share their gifts with the world.  They tell me:  No one is interested.  Not true!  The problem is not that people aren’t interested. The problem is that some people aren’t interested.  There’s a huge difference.  The solution is to connect with the people who are out there now wishing like crazy that they could access what you have to offer.   This program will show you how to find them, and to turn them into well paying clients.

You might not feel confident right now that you can create something different for yourself.   The alternative is that you can choose to sit back and let things drift on as they always have.  But surely there was enough pain the first time around,  being invisible, feeling unappreciated, unloved and unsuccessful.  I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go around the block with those old buddies again!



Working with Kim has opened up a much deeper understanding of my natural strengths, my specific energy design and a greater awareness of my gifts. 

Importantly, she has helped me see and understand the power of listening to and learning from my emotions, which is so essential to working within my natural flow, enabling me to redefine my business from business strategy consultant to helping women (of a certain age) define and launch their last big professional gigs.  

I highly recommend that you work with Kim if you want to move forward in your life and your business with greater success and ease.

Mary Jaensch, Founder ~ www.lastbiggig.com



Flourishing Business Intensive is not Human Design Coaching.  It is a high precision program in which I apply the Human Design System, along with other cutting edge coaching tools, to provide you with the skills you need to create a flourishing business.

In this program I use the Emergent Human Design techniques that I have developed over the past decade.  We won’t be limited to the standard Human Design chart, and will have access to your spiritual and interactive layer charts, plus the minor planets and progressions.   While we will be considering important aspects of Human Design that you are probably familiar with, things like your profile and awareness.   The additional information turbo charges how we can apply the Human Design System to support your understanding.


Your Life – Your Reality

The challenge now is to use your energy to create your own unique reality.  Take a few moments to think about all the things you’ve been dreaming of creating over the past 10 years.

  • a new home
  • taking your kids on a holiday
  • time off to play
  • a weekly massage!!

Take a moment  .. I’ll wait here for you …  to write down 3 things you’d like to have in your life that you don’t have right now.  Just 3 small things you would like to invite into your life.  And then imagine, if just those 3 things could make you so happy,  what your life could be like if we added 10 things to the list?  Or 100?

This is the kind of expansion that’s possible once you begin to work with the universal flow of creative energy IN THE WAY YOU ARE DESIGNED TO.

I’ve created this program  specifically to support you to bring your best hopes and dreams to reality.  The program acknowledges what’s right about you, and how you can build on that understanding.  We build on a framework of cutting edge systems-based coaching methods and the genius of the Human Design System, so you get actual real world results.  And remember, this is NOT a cookie cutter type of program that sets out the same steps for everyone.  This program gives you unique and personal strategies for success that are meaningful to you.  Which means, you learn HOW to change YOUR life

This program is not for people who want to stay stuck where they are.  But, if you are ready to commit to your own personal growth and prepared to polish off the old dust and show your shiny wonderful self to the world, then this program has answers to questions you’ve probably been asking for a very long time.


nadhiraFrom just one session with Kim, I received so much confidence in my innate abilities and what I am truly designed to create in the way of my offerings. It was one of the tools that allowed me to create $50k in my business quite effortlessly when I was creating a new programme.

The session allowed me to execute with so much knowingness and calm because I knew how to show up in the world as a result of our work together. I knew where my design collided with the needs of my ideal clients.

Kim has such a depth of expertise that she brings to a session – making connections between what you are designed to do in this lifetime and has this delicious blend of practical know how as well as a deep understanding of how all this work lines up in the cosmos.

If you’ve been stuck in any way in your business and are wondering, how do I bring my gifts out into this world in a way that people Get it, you’ve got to work with Kim!

Nadhira Razack, Founder of Conscious Woman in Business


Imagine Being A Flourishing Conscious Entrepreneur

You have great skills and expertise, although you probably don’t realise how valuable they are and how much people are willing to pay for them.  You might have a successful career behind you, or years of trying to make your own business flourish. You might be just starting out with a great idea, or you could just feel that there is something undefinable that you need to do.

Here’s what’s probably standing between you and success:

  • a crystal clear sense of what your business is about
  • an understanding of the incredible value you can bring  to improving the lives of others
  • a step by step understanding of your unique strategies for creating personal success
  • a framework for sharing your gifts with the world so that both you, and your clients, flourish


woman-reading-newspaper-300x189There’s loads of information on the internet about how to succeed.  You could easily spend a lifetime reading, watching videos and doing courses.  There’s one problem with that approach.  Sure you’ll pick up useful information, a few things that excite you, and a couple of ideas that work.

Are you still holding down your job, or hoping your business will begin to make enough money so that you can break free?  Or perhaps you took the plunge and set out on your own, but things haven’t gone quite how you planned?  That’s why you need a program that provides you with the unique synergy of cutting edge tools in personal growth, spirituality and evolutionary business strategy.

In the end, all of that generic information is about teaching you what’s worked for someone else.  Using someone else’s methods for success is like trying to fit into someone else’s clothes.  To really flourish, to truly bring your best hopes and dreams to life, you need to know the unique processes that work for you!


How will you know your dreams are coming true?

  • You are attracting a constant flow of high paying clients who love your work
  • You have an income that allows you to create the life you’ve been dreaming of
  • You wake up each day excited to be doing the things you are passionate about
  • You feel balanced and have a renewed sense of ongoing wellbeing
  • You are collaborating with other like minded people
  • You offer products and services you feel proud of
  • Your clients are getting results, and letting others know about it!


If these goals sound really worthwhile, I’m betting that you are a conscious entrepreneur.  You have a sense of purpose that seems to arise from inside you, rather than from seeing an outside opportunity. You want to blend that purpose with profit.  And you are genuinely invested in the success and wellbeing of every person you do business with.



I needed someone to help me focus on a new direction and I was interested in Kim’s unique take and skills, including the Human Design element which added another dimension.  She has given me a clarity of focus, a way of distilling a lifetime’s work, and courage in taking a leap forward in the dark. 

I’ve most enjoyed the way Kim combines the big picture (what is happening in the outer world) with my own role in this.  This also meant that there is a combination of her really being able to see what I had to offer, with it’s own particular uniqueness, and shaping this in a way that became understandable to others.  She managed to draw out much unknown potential and to help me develop confidence in this. 

Kim is working in a unique way – she understands the new economy by living  it.  She is a visionary and a leader.  While many do understand this, she has a breadth which means she can see, or perhaps feel, into what is important to the individual.   She clearly loves the work, and provides immense dedication and support – you will never get the same answer from Kim – she is able to plumb the depths of what is most important for the client.  Nothing is copybook!

Kim has a brilliant mind, fierce determination, and great skills of implementation – apart from this, she can see amazing connections, can listen deeply, and is highly intuitive. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to those who willing to make substantial changes for a richer and more aligned life. 

Dr Bronwen Rees, Founder of East West Sanctuary ~  www.eastwestsanctuary.com


 How Do You Get The Skills You Need?

You probably have  a strong desire to help people in some way, and that desire is the language life uses to call you to your true purpose.  But wanting to make a difference, and having the skills to become a successful entrepreneur are not the same thing.  You will need a whole new skill set that includes understanding the big evolutionary picture and your natural place within that context.  As you learn to live and work from that place, your sense of the value of what you offer increases exponentially.  And, as a bonus, you are able to help people in more and more powerful ways.

No more wasting your precious time and money waiting for things to change, or trying one thing after another. This program will give you steps that will allow you to shift into a life where you flourish – a life where your best hopes and dreams become reality.

Like anyone, you won’t have all the skills you need to run a business.  You’d be too exhausted even if you were that multiskilled!  We’ll be looking at what you are naturally good at and what you need to outsource.

This is a high impact program, designed to bring you maximum benefits in a minimum time frame.  It’s for those of you who know it’s time to change how you’re doing things and want to begin immediately.  Do you need to find a new juicy energy in how you do business?  Are you looking to rekindle your passion for your vocation? Do you need the unique steps that will create your personal success laid out for you?


6 personal sessions over 42 days

I have created 6 carefully structured steps to guide you to creating a solid basis for ongoing success as a conscious entrepreneur.  You must be prepared to spend about 4 hours each week taking action on the material we cover in each session.


Why_500x250Find your core offering based on your unique natural strengths.  Research shows that creating a life based on your strengths and gifts brings greater satisfaction, success and wellbeing.  The Human Design System is the most precise way to pinpoint your strengths and gifts, at multiple levels of consciousness – everyday and spiritual.

It supports you to create from the heart of your business and understand your true motivation.

Learn more about:  Overcoming resistance.  How to live from your strengths to create natural success.  Identify your personal business strategic process. 

BONUS:  I’m adding an extra hour to this first session, making this a 2 hour session, so we have time to really dig deep into your vision, your motivation, your dream.



Changing the story of who you are by shifting your decision making process.  When you change your choices, your life will shift!  This is subtle and powerful work

Using your personal story as the basis for your business takes you out of a competitive environment and lands you right in the centre of your personal mission in life.  Take your business to a place where there is no competition!

Learn more about:  Creating a powerful personal story with the clarity to communicate your purpose.

BONUS:  I’m adding in a story telling template that takes you step by step through the process of  building a magnetic ABOUT page that represents the core energy of your business.  Your personal story is the most compelling marketing tool you have.  I’ll show you how to create it, and what to do next.



Who_500x250Identifying your perfect client and interacting with them at the place where they WANT to pay you.

Who will resonate best with your unique gifts?  Your products, services and marketing arise from this place.  What collaborative support do you need to make it all happen?  Remember, you don’t have to do everything yourself.  In fact, best if you don’t!

Learn more about: What products and services to offer, and how to produce, package and promote them in a way that invites people to engage with you. 

BONUS:  You will receive a beautiful and colourful flow chart showing the steps you need to take to choose what products and services to offer.



Ready to identify your client pathway, brainstorm specific new products and services? When you understand how to create a SYSTEM for embedding your products and service in, everything changes.

Clearly define what you are offering and learn how you are designed to market your business. It’s not about trading time for money.  In this step you will learn the simple strategies for building a business with multiple income streams.

Learn more about:  How to understand your perfect client pathway, where and how to interact with people along that pathway.  How to create multiple products and services from a few key ideas. 

BONUS:  The Client Pathway mind map – a breakthrough tool for breaking out of a “one speed” business.




Why you might be procrastinating and what to do about it.

How to distinguish between action you need to take, and the times when you should have a nap instead.  How to understand your personal flow of energy, vitality and creativity.   How you are designed to create and manifest your desired outcomes in complete and utter alignment with your true nature.

Learn more about:  It’s not about your tools and techniques, it’s about who you are.

 BONUS:  Stepping Stones PlaySheet – How to Get From Here To There





Making sure you have everything you need to transform your life!  This session is a celebration and closure of our journey together …   for now!




ExtrasAs well as your personal sessions, you will receive detailed step by step plans, including flow charts, checklists and maps,  guiding you through the process.

You will have clear and actionable steps to take between sessions.  The handouts between sessions provide clarity on what action you need to take next. Every part of this program is specially designed to draw out your natural and intuitive awareness so you can create from your strengths and reveal your gifts without going into your head and trying to figure things out from there. 

You will receive a full recording of each personal session – both video and audio versions.

And you will receive full email support during the period of your program.  I am absolutely committed to you having the clarity, tools, skills and understanding to move forward with a profitable business by the end of this Coaching Program. 



I’m working with people who are being impulsed to get going now!  But the old ways of success aren’t going to cut it.  Are you ready to find your unique pathway to creating your soul mission?  I’m ready to support and guide you, in the way that is perfect for you.  It’s not about getting overwhelmed or pressured.  You have a perfect trajectory, and it’s time to get into the groove!

I am only taking 2 new Flourish-stars into the program in February.   If you feel this is your time, I will be delighted and honoured to support your journey.

Full price


I have TWO PLACES ONLY available to begin in February 2014 at a special price of $2297.  


Should You Resist the Pressure To Shift?


Full Moon ~ Friday 18th October 2013 UT 23:37, EDT: 18:37, AEDT: Saturday 19th Oct 9:37 ~ Moon in Gate 42.6, 25+Aries, Sun in Gate 32.6, 25+ Libra.


You may be experiencing a great deal of discomfort.  And it’s all about the process of change.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?  If we decide to change, how should we do it?  Should they be big or small changes?

Back on 8th September, Jupiter moved into Gate 53 – the Gate of Gradual Development that rules the cycles of our lives.  We’re talking endings and new beginnings.


[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] “Before you begin anything new in your life you need to ask yourself – What is the true essence of this beginning?” ~ Richard Rudd [/sws_blockquote_endquote]


Right now, the Earth is joining with Jupiter to activate the Energy Format Channel of Cycles.  This means our consciousness has penetrated to a certain level of material reality that enables us to begin a new cycle of experience.    There is a powerful evolutionary impulse to expand beyond our existing comfort zones.  Our circumstances can feel so complex and the demands on us overwhelming.

What is evolving here for you?  Can you distinguish between fear and excitement?  Between complexity of too much thinking and the simplicity of allowing yourself to move with the evolutionary impulse?  What is the nature of the cycle you’ve been in since Jupiter was last in this gate, back in June 2002?

The connection is between the Sacral and Root Centres, so we’re looking at fears of taking ownership of our own vital creative energy.

We’re looking at fears of being trapped if we crystallise our options into one material outcome.  What if it turns out that we don’t want that widget / new home / relationship after all?  We’ll be stuck with it!


Show Us The Money! 

There is a lot of emphasis on money.  Jupiter is in the Gate of Development, which carries a desire to material abundance.  It’s not so much about money, as it is about creation.

How do we reconcile the continual evolutionary impulse for expansion with our current economic and environmental circumstances?  As Huffington Post headlines scream out DEFER or DEFAULT! amidst fears of a domino effect that could take the global economic system down with it, we wonder how it might be possible to prosper.  Especially given the parlous state of the environment.  Surely greed is most definitely out!  

Luckily for us, we have reached a financial tipping point, and it’s beginning to tip in our favour.  

The power and greed that have characterised the modern financial system have become more and more transparent, thanks to Neptune in the Gate of Abundance and Pluto in business-minded Capricorn.  There is no longer anywhere to hide the nefarious actions that suck money out of the collective pool of goodness.  The irony is that those who have been truly greedy have not considered themselves to be greedy at all. And those who might believe they could – just maybe – be worth a tiny bit more, have felt that it would be greedy to claim it for themselves.

My tip in navigating these difficult and confusing waters is this:

Go to the centre of your life, feel the flow of energy there at the core of who you are.  What’s calling to you?  It might be a warm bath or it may be a ticket to the Moon.  Whatever it is, trust that creative impulse.  We are making a new alignment with Heaven and no longer need to be satisfied with how things have been.  This is a major upgrade.  A radical shift.

But it’s not about opportunism.  It is about natural increase and blessings where we open ourselves completely to the flow of nourishing energy.  We send out all that is true and generous.  And we feel safe to offer and receive.  We can trust that what we send out will be received and become the source of what returns to us.  The money is beginning to flow on new fractal lines – the lines of true vital creative energy used in alignment with a higher universal truth.

This is the power to re-create the whole circulation that sustains us.  What do you want to offer to the world?  Be clear on that, rather than trying one thing or another.  We are not jumping from one cycle to another, but building on our experience, on our successes.  We can make the shift by taking one small step after another.  And occasionally taking a few large leaps!

Meeting Eris

Jupiter in 53 is meeting up with one of the Dwarf Planets, Eris in Gate 42.

When Eris turns up we can expect some sense of conflict between being our unique individual selves, and our desire to fit in.  Eris contains different levels of this process. At one extreme we can find ourselves demanding our right to independence while rejecting the diversity of others. At the other polarity we are trusting that our authentic nature will attract like minded others with whom we can co-create. At it’s highest expression, Eris brings us trust in our capacity to maintain our own unique shape and texture while enjoying the love, support and companionship of others.  

Eris is also about the causes of chaos and crisis. We can expect a level of chaos in our lives, especially as the TNO Chaos is in the Money Gate (45) and the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, is in Gate 21.

I can’t even begin to express the signifance of finding Eris in the mix here. Her 12, 000 year orbit is just about the largest in our solar system, and is around half the period of time taken for the precession of the equinox. It represents an intimate relationship between our evolutionary process and the Great Central Sun, known in astrolgy as the Galactic Centre, found in Gate 11 in the BodyGraph.

When Chaos reigns we become more sensitive to any tiny shifts in our lives and this prepares us to make the necessary changes, ready for the next iteration.  Embrace this sensitivity and what it is telling you.




shivaThe New Creative Masculine

The Sun is conjunct asteroid Siva, named for the Hindu God Shiva.  This represents an activation of a  powerful masculine creative force.  Not the masculine acting alone, al la the patriarchy, but a masculine deeply entwined with the feminine.  A sacred masculine aligned with tantric sexuality and the true creative energies of the universe.

As we align our sense of identity (the Sun) with Siva, we will discover that we can transform circumstances with very little effort.  If we consider how Yin (receptive) and Yang (active) work together, it’s clear that we need to be receptive to the times when we must take action.  We can only do this when we are consciously making choices about what we do with our own vital energy.

This is accentuated by Eros (vitality, passion for life) meeting up with Chiron in the Channel of Community.  Eros is in Gate 40 and Chiron in 37.  There is a healing of our wounds of giving up our energy to our family or tribe out of mistaken loyalty and unconscious agreements for mutual support.  Eros pulls our energy out of those old agreements, Chiron heals the wound of our lack of nourishment we collectively created in this old patterning.  Eros is helping us unravel from our past codependency, so deeply embedded in our culture we are often barely aware of it.

We have to be very careful not to descend into the underworld and find ourselves incapable of coming up again.  That will happen if we allow ourselves to be carried forward by fear or adrenaline, terrified that things won’t change for us. That’s the active yang energy devoid of it’s more receptive yin partner.

On the other hand, we may have fears that things will change and we’ll be trapped in uncertain or unpleasant circumstances.  This is the frozen yin, not able to access the active principle it needs to create  from the formless void.  As we calmly allow change to carry us along and take action when necessary the process will create a natural completion and new beginning.  Don’t apply too much pressure, or use too much energy.  Get out of your own way. Relax and enjoy the ride!

We must find the courage to clearly and definitely complete one cycle, and the power to allow the new beginnings to emerge in our lives.  This is taking some time, but our patience is well rewarded.  We do not want to take any of our old fears into the new cycle with us.

pandora's boxYou may remember from my last post, Pandora is bang on the Galactic Centre.  She is literally sucking out the old curse energy and replacing it with what sustains and nourishes us.  Like a fairy godmother she brings us what we have given up believing in.

The asteroid Cyllarus is in Gate 39, meeting Neptune.  Cyllarus represents the wasteful loss of masculine energy on this planet through ‘factory farming’ of humanity and through war.  Instead of limping on alone, be aware of when you need help and support.

Even if you find it difficult to reach our for help in particular areas of your life, at the very least make sure you are clear in your own mind about what you need.  Take whatever small steps you can to give yourself what you need, even if your actions feel clumsy or imperfect.

We don’t need to keep battling on as before, there is much to be gained by turning to each other and interacting with a bigger picture.  It really is beyond our capacity to understand the immensity of the new cycle we are beginning, and we certainly can’t control it!

Those who move with it will find themselves building up their resources, moving beyond their habitual boundaries and into new experiences.  Can you feel it?  It will be more apparent when Venus comes to Gate 26 between 24th and 29th October.  Be ready for new connections to flourish!

And speaking of the masculine, Mercury is about to go retrograde (okay, stop groaning!) in the most yang gate in the Human Design BodyGraph – Gate 1.  It’s going to pull in that Jupiterian tendency to fly too high, too fast and with no recognition of natural limits.  This is important.

Our whole culture is based on avoiding natural limits.  We can print more money, extract more gas, pollute more water, buy more shoes on our Visa Card.  We need to focus on what supports our dragon flight.  We can act when the time is right, we can create amazing and wonderful things, but there is always a need for the humility to know that we stand firmly on Gaia, dependent upon her for our human form of existence.  During this period of Mercury retrograde – till mid November – it’s useful to take regular time to stand with your feet on the earth and give thanks for the incredible abundance we take for granted each day.

Who is the boss of you?

Vesta has joined Ceres in the Channel of Abstraction, between the Head and Ajna Centres.  Vesta is in Gate 64.5 and Ceres in 47.5.  Vesta says you are not yet across the divide between the old and the new, but don’t feel bad about it.  You have a growing clarity of what is needed and an increasing capacity to take the initiative to make the necessary changes.   I want to stress that we are at the commencement of a new era, a fresh 26,000 year cycle.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are the changes we are engaging with at the moment.  Vesta represents our return to recognising the sacred in all things, including our work and our relationships.

It’s why there is such a pressure on so many people right now to enter into a soulmate type relationship, and to break out of old jobs and work in a way that allows them to share their true gifts.  It is time for us to begin making these changes, and they will bring a deep and profound cultural impact.  In particular, watch the economy change over the next 12 months,  as more and more people begin to collaborate with like minded others to create amazing new products and services.

Ceres asks us to face our sense of being trapped in old patterns of nourishment.  When Ceres was told she couldn’t have her daughter Persephone back from the Underworld she drew on her not inconsiderable power, and withdrew food from humanity.  Jupiter and Pluto really cared about this, because without well fed humans they would have no one to adore them.  They would lose their ‘god-ness’ for a lack of subjects. They gave in to Ceres’ demands.

The I Ching for Gate 47.5 speaks of Officials in crimson robes who announce a punishment.  Who invested these officials with such power?  (Those watching the US financial situation may have asked themselves these very questions recently!).  It goes on to suggest that you not get involved in the problem, but instead seek out modest actions based on your own inner state.  If you are choosing your own response, how can you be trapped?  It is an illusion that any circumstances can entrap you and that any person or system can have power over you.

This channel creates a mental pressure to understand what’s happening in our lives.  Jupiter in the Root Centre creates a physical pressure to act.  Both channels are part of the Sensing Circuit, which is about the process of cycles, and particularly about the pressure to have new experiences so that we can grow and learn.  It is the Human Design circuitry that helps us develop emotional clarity.  So taking some time to tune into our emotions is crucial just now.  The simple question – how do I feel about this?  is useful.  As is the ‘mantra’ .. it’s okay to feel this way.

This week’s Full Moon is a powerful point of shift, radical and far reaching.  It calls us to see that our biblical period of dominion over all things is at an end.  We are beginning a new cycle that calls us to take back our creative power, and to use it in alignment with our inner knowing – our emotions, our sacral response, our intuition.  This is the voice of the sacred speaking to us through our bodies and we would do well to take the time to tune in this week.  They are telling us a brand new story of life on earth.


 In alignment with the times, I find myself in a new cycle of offering.  I have withdrawn my single personal sessions, and will be launching new programs in the area of Emergent Human Design and Flourishing Business very soon.  I will be making a small number of personal sessions available between now and the end of November. Details will be in the next newsletter.

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October New Moon – Beyond Survival and into Ecstacy

New Moon ~ 5th October 2013 ~ 10.34 am UT,  19.34 pm Australian EST, 2.34 am PDT and 5.34 am EDT.

You are probably just as bored as I am with trying to fix everything that’s wrong with our lives.

Humanity probably wouldn’t have survived if we didn’t have this natural tendency to watch out for potential disasters.  But we’ve taken it to the end of it’s usefulness. It’s time for us to begin focusing on the good stuff.  Because there is a huge amount of it – good stuff . We are so accustomed to ignoring it that we are still drowning in the last bits of the bad stuff.  It’s like we’re at a luscious banquet and we’re so busy trying to fix our wobbly chair and check our lipstick hasn’t smudged that we’re in danger of starving to death.

Right now so much is about our body and the way it’s naturally blissful and ecstatic nature has become imprisoned by the ego and intellect.


Banner Dancing GoddessesBA037


This modern culture has worshipped at the altar of the ego.  Now the ego is a truly miraculous invention.  The ego encompasses our individual identity.  It has a crucial role in evolution – it protects the uniqueness of our conscious selves.  But the ego self has changed from a natural and essential aspect of consciousness to become a rigid structure held intact by fear.  We are literally destroying ourselves rather than come face to face with that fear, which has till now been embedded deep within our dna, in the cellular coding of our physical body.  That’s about to change.

We live in a disembodied culture, rising as it does from the seedbed of a disembodied religion.  The story of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden is the story of the breakdown of the relationship between the body and it’s bliss.  This myth was an ad man’s wet dream, specifically created by the new messianic religions to scare people away from the pre-existing and more nature affirming cosmologies – the Vedic and matriarchal ‘religions’.

Humanity was more accustomed to opening our bodies to the bliss of the divine.  The experience was personal and real.   There were ecstatic rituals, orgies even, that were a part of the natural celebrations of being human.  The rise of the messianic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – brought with them the idea that god is outside of us, something unattainable.  Our bodies were reassigned.  Instead of representing a glorious part of creation, they became instead the temporary and completely inadequate  shelters for our souls, leading us into sin.  Our bodies became evil and we lost our relationship with the divine.  We were forbidden even to look upon the face of the god, instead using the intermediaries appointed by religious authorities.

In the process we lost our understanding of the incredibly complex relationship between the mind, emotions, body and soul, and instead learnt to spend our time focusing on our fears.  This ancient wisdom was never readily available to the masses.  It was only attained by high level initiates with the spiritual rigour required to work with these energies in the physical plane.

We are now recovering that wisdom on a global level, and rekindling those relationships – mind, body, emotions, soul.

To really get these connections we have to embrace the energy of our Root Centre – the basis of our right to exist as individuals on the physical plane.  When we are not conscious at the level of our Root Centre we live in survival fear, hypervigilant to threats to our existence.  Our adrenal system is overworked and we are generally more sensitive and susceptible to stress.  The fears in the Root Centre can also show us what prevents us from recognising our own importance to our tribe, the larger collective and to the process of conscious evolution.  They also prevent us from gently and kindly taking good care of ourselves.

Supporting us in this huge evolutionary process are three Goddess Asteroids – Ceres, Vesta and Juno.  Both Ceres and Vesta are dwarf planets.

Juno is in Gate 41 – the initiating energy of the Human Design matrix.  Juno represents our relationships, and right now we are beginning a new physiological process that will change our entire experience of relationship.  We are hungering for something new, something better, something more closely attuned to the new people we are becoming and Juno represents that shift right down to the cellular level.

Ceres was in Gate 40 (with Chiron in 37) from 10th to 23rd September.  You may have experienced a profound sense of hunger to belong, to be taken in and fed.   Ceres is now in Gate 64 in the Head Centre and she moves to Gate 47 on the New Moon.  Vesta is now in Gate 40 with Chiron and will shift to Gate 64 in the Head Centre just before this week’s New Moon.

After I wrote this post I watched the news and saw the recent events in the US.  So I went back to look for Hygiea, another dwarf planet, this one about health.  She is in Gate 24 – returning again and again trying to get a resolution!  And she is opposite Saturn (old structures of government, not caring for the less fortunate because of fear they will destroy you somehow)  and the North Node (where we can feel out of our comfort zone in the process of change and growth).  This adds a really significant aspect of health to our story – how we care for our own personal health, taking responsibility and not  falling back on the habit of allowing  ‘experts’ or authority figures to override our own intuition, taking control of organising our lives so that we have exactly what nourishes us and brings us joy.

Along with this week’s Pluto and Earth combination in the Root/Spleen, and some other asteroidal influences, these transits have created a powerful hunger for us to open up to a more ecstatic experience of our bodies.  This hunger is especially apparent in how we care for ourselves (our family imprint for what we hunger for) and in relationships (which necessarily shift when we repair our cellular lineage).   Ceres and Chiron created a fresh sense of our true worth – what we deserve, what we are prepared to give ourselves.  Vesta and Chiron represent an opening to our sacred nature, and a desire to belong with those who can receive what we yearn to share.


Once they reach the Head Centre over the next few days, we shift into a new transformative phase.  I was given clear guidance that this represents the opening of a doorway accessing the ancient goddess wisdom for connecting with the sacred and divine via the body.  Imagine the temple goddesses, who engaged in all sorts of rituals sexual and otherwise,  bringing the sacred into the everyday lives of their people.  They were revered, and it was only later archeologists who designated them harlots.  Both Ceres and Vesta are fully embodied – eating, drinking, dancing, making love, singing, gardening, walking ….   They are opening us up to our natural heritage of loving our bodies.

Eros, he who rules over lusty love of all kinds, meets dwarf planet Makemake in the Channel of Discovery (29/46) for this New Moon.  Makemake represents the split between our more civilized and wild selves and the stories we tell ourselves to make sure we behave with propriety.  No orgies for us!!

There is a wild breaking free of the dictates of culture, good manners, best behaviour going on here.  Pan, the wild and lusty god of fertility, sits conjunct Uranus as we approach the next Pluto Uranus square.  This is powerful medicine, a post cultural occupation of our bodies and all they offer us for pleasure through connection with each other and the earth.

It’s subtle, can you feel it?


 New Moon – Beyond Survival and Into The Sacred

This New Moon takes us deeply into the human community, how we share  and how we support each other.  Uranus, planet of individuality, is in the same gate at the Earth, indicating an explosion in networking for the good of humanity. There is a shift in wealth taking place although it may not yet be apparent.  [I’ve just read the latest news, the US Government’s issues with appropriations, so it has suddenly become very apparent!] We can begin to look beyond what seems possible now, beyond what resources we each believe we have available to us.  We can focus instead on the real value of our work and dedicate it to something higher. We can let go of clinging to survival fears and it’s phantoms of scarce resources and the need for immediate returns and apparently fair exchanges.

The Sun and Moon are in Gate 48.3.  Hilary Barrett says:


[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] The well has been dredged and now the water can start to flow freely – if only people would see it’s potential and draw on it. But it’s important not to stay trapped in the pain of ‘if only’. The well flows strongly, and all that’s needed now is a guiding awareness strong and bright enough to illuminate it’s depths. If the leader recognises the well and makes it plainly visible to all, the situation can be transformed into one of communication and blessing. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]


We are entering into a period of relationship recalibration. There is a powerful lineup in the Channel of Surrender (44/26).  Not only do we have Saturn and the North Node in Gate 44, but Hylonome, Pholus, Hidalgo, Ixion and Cupido are in Gate 26.  This is a channel packed with the energy of change – recovering the way we relate to each other one small step at a time, recalibrating the fractal of relationship, supporting the downtrodden, recovering the lost warrior from battle and releasing the grief of the loss of loved ones (and loved aspects of ourselves, rendered ‘subhuman’).

This will affect all areas of our lives, but particularly sexual and creative/vocational.  Pandora, Goddess of Earth’s Abundance, is conjunct the Galactic Centre.   We hold our breathe as she opens the box and we find .. instead of the curses and pestilence, instead of the negativity we have been told to expect …  we find one wonderful treasure after another spilling out.  Ceres and Vesta fill the Channel of Abstraction (64/47), giving us the beginnings of mental clarity about the damage that’s been done to each one of us, but particularly to our sacred inner flame (creativity/sexuality) and our relationship with nurturing ourselves.

The trick for us here is to be clear about how much this new clarity and Pandora’s gifts will change our lives.  If we accept them and assume we can control them, that they won’t disturb the remaining fears slumbering within us, we are wrong.  It is easy enough to underestimate our ability to handle this new powerfully attractive force that is entering our lives.  It’s probably okay to open to it completely, we just need to be alert to the extent of change that is likely to bring.

There’s no real need for careful planning just now, as our physical senses are relearning the fine tuned skill of assessing whether something will be nourishing we tend to wade in and get covered in chocolate.  It’s as if we are starving for something that is not poison, something that has no negative energy attached to it.  Hurling ourselves in is a way to get direct and immediate feedback on whether something really is nourishing.  We can engage in this way and not get too far from our true path.  When we do experience restraints we can trust that they are protecting us from overdoing things.


In the next few days we have the following transits:

2nd October – Sun (18.6) square Pluto (58.6) 

The work is done and it’s all empty politics.  It’s time to leave the small petty stuff behind and look at the big picture, even if it feels unattainable.  There is a release of energy that was taboo, down the patriarchal line within your own family and also globally.  There may be some sort of reckoning for abuse of power, pride and obsession with self achievement.  Expect issues around control of female sexuality to be in the news, as well as exposes of wrongoing by those in power.  The veils are lifting and they can’t hide anymore.

3rd / 4th October – Sun (48.2) opposite Uranus retrograde (21.2)

A revolutionary shift in the way we relate to each other.  Rather than focusing our attention on rebelling against the powerful authority figures, we all just turn and face each other and go OH!  Of course!  It’s our planet, let’s just get on with it.  It will take a lot of cooperative work for us to shift things, and we are starting to see that it’s not about small personal gains.  We can all embrace the novelty when we are in it together.

 And then in November: 

1st November – Uranus square Pluto – more

3rd November – New Moon and Solar Eclipse (Sun, Moon and North Node in Gate 44)

5th November  – Pluto shifts back to Gate 38-  more


A wonderful Aussie band, Bliss n Eso, thought you might enjoy this.





Emotions and the Nature of Us


We all know what emotions feel like, but have you ever wondered what they are?  If I asked you to describe them you might use words like happy and sad, but if you met someone from the planet Zacindara and they asked you to explain emotions …  what would you say?

Emotions have had a bad rap since the ancient Greeks decided the human race would better prosper if they separated reason from passion.  Those pesky emotions were just getting in the way of clear rational thinking.

Then along came the Cartesian world, where machines became a model for the brain and our minds got temporarily trapped in a framework of signals and switches.  If both you and a computer could both work out that 2 + 2 = 4, then your mind must be just like a computer.  By the middle of last century cognitive scientists had become purists of rational and logical thought.  Topics like memory, perception and intuition were wiped from the mental realm.




But then, something shifted.  Studies began to show strange results.  Like, this – if people don’t know why they are doing something, they will just made up reasons that seem logical, and believe completely in those reasons.  So I might think I bought that ice cream as a reward for working out so hard this morning.  Really I was feeling sad and needed some comfort food. If I don’t acknowledge and feel my sadness then I don’t know why I bought the ice cream and I have to make up a readon that seems logical.

Scientists have recently discovered that up to 95% of our cognitive function happens under our conscious awareness.  Here was the ghost in the machine, and for decades it had to operate on the fringe of science.

Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio threw the cat amongst the pigeons when he wrote about his patient Elliot in his book Descartes Error in 1994.  Elliot was an intelligent man, coherent and charming.  But, Elliot had a brain tumour which had damaged his frontal lobe tissue and effectively prevented him from feeling emotions.   As a result, although Elliot could think things through rationally he was completely unable to make appropriate and meaningful decisions.  When Damasio asked Elliot to book a time for his next appointment, Elliot could literally spend hours going over the possibilities.   This may feel familiar to you!

It turns out that clear thinking wasn’t so rational after all.  Without our emotions we are all just making stuff up and believing it. We’ve taken on the mantra that those evil emotions are what make us feel out of control, hysterical, irrational, unreliable.  We are still at least partially convinced that they overwhelm our rational responses to life and should be treated with suspicion.  And so we have ingeniously found many ways to prevent ourselves feeling them.

What became very clear from Damasio’s work with Elliot is that our emotions are critical to good decision making.  We are literally lost without them!   So while we block our emotions in fear of what might arise if we allow ourselves to feel them, we are actually preventing ourselves making the best decision possible.  Often when we feel overwhelmed by our emotions it’s not because we have so much emotion, or even so many emotions.  It’s just the same emotional energy going around and around in the small space where we’ve stashed it away.  When we take some time to tune in, we get incredibly useful information that’s very personal and intimately related to the issues we are facing.  With an undefined Solar Plexus Centre it means we are probably trying to sort out someone else’s emotional issues and we simply don’t have the equipment to process it!

Scientist Candace Pert went beyond the cat amongst the pigeons and dropped a bomb on the neuroscientific universe when she proved the existence of neuropeptides.  These miraculous molecules ignored the supposed blood brain barrier and reduced the idea of mind as boss of the body to the fiction it always was.  The body has a mind of it’s own, and that mind needs access to our emotions in order to function effectively.


The Solar Plexus Centre

Whether you have a defined or undefined Solar Plexus Centre, emotions are an important part of your makeup.  When you have a defined Solar Plexus centre your emotions are designed to flow through your body, without attachment to the ups and downs.  I have learnt to say to myself ‘it’s okay to feel this way‘ when I’m on the cusp of experiencing difficult emotions.  It helps me relax into them and know that I’m okay.  There is an uncertainty that comes from the emotional wave that is anxious about where it might be leading us.  Is it somewhere safe and comfortable?  Will I learn something about myself that I simply don’t want to know?  Will it bring up challenges we can’t meet?  Will we get what we want?  Or crash into disappointment again?

For those with undefined Solar Plexus Centres it can be hard to realise that the rest of us are designed for emotion.  What is  healthy and even life-giving for the defined Solar Plexus Centre is draining and often irrelevant for the undefined Solar Plexus Centre.   What feels out of control for the undefined Solar Plexus is normal for the defined Solar Plexus and the best thing you can do is leave them to it.  Don’t jump in the deep emotional water, because you’re not designed to be there.  And remember, you amplify the emotional energy, so what you are feeling is much stronger than the people around you are experiencing.  You can sit back and observe the emotional landscape objectively.  If you need to clarify your own emotions, move into a clear auric space (go for a walk, or into another room) ground yourself, take some deep breathes and see what’s happening for you.

If you have an undefined Solar Plexus Centre and a defined Ji Centre, remember that emotions are not the same as unconditional love.  You can’t transform them from messy personal feelings into the collective energy of the Ji.  You just have to let them be what they are.

Whether we are defined or undefined, our emotions are a key to something very personal.  They form an important link between you and the collective, because they lead you on the right path, your unique pathway.

When we trust and pay attention to our emotions they always give us useful information.  They tell us stories about who we are, how we relate to the world.  They are fundamental to keeping ourselves safe in the world, to creating a life we love and to resourceful healthy relating.  They are intimate, deep and hold keys to your most profound wounds in this life.  Even though it doesn’t always feel that way, they are a personal source of wisdom guiding us faithfully on our unique  life path.

One question I get asked a lot is how to get in touch with our emotions.  What if we just can’t feel our feelings?  As we saw above, emotions are complex.  They affect every part of us, including our body and our mind.  A good place to start is to look at a list of emotions.


Most of us don’t have any problem feeling pleasure and affection.  The occasional bout of sadness washes over us fairly easily.  It’s the more heavy duty emotions that we tend to suppress – envy, anger, shame, fear,lust. They’re still there, but we overlay them with other things.  We might worry rather than feel our fear.  We may go for a run rather than feel our anger. We might eat pizza rather than admit to our lust.

One of the best ways to get in touch with your feelings is to tune into your body using a technique like yoga nidra or meditation.  Even just laying down on your back with your arms beside your body, palms up, and taking a few deep breaths can release blocked emotions.  Whether you have a defined, undefined or completely open Solar Plexus it’s important to know that there is nothing wrong with your experience of your emotions.  You are not cold or uncaring (the undefined can feel like this at times), nor are you a basketcase (defined solar plexus).  The techniques we’ve all accumulated to deal with emotional difficulties are perfectly sane attempts to deal with this insane world we live in.

As you become familiar with the difference between calm and disturbance, you will begin to recognise the nature of the disturbance.  You can conduct some experiments – what happens if I relax my shoulders?  What happens if I sit still rather than go to the fridge?  What happens if I watch the sunset rather than pick up my phone and take a photograph?

Here are four books that I highly recommend for helping get your emotions unblocked.




You might also like to read How Susan Got Her Wires Crossed – Awareness In Human Design


Full Moon – September 2013


Full Moon Gate ~ Sun in Gate 6.5 at 26+ Virgo, Earth and Moon in Gate 36.5 at 26+ Pisces on Thursday 11.12 UT, 20.12 Aust EST, 3.12 PDT and 6.12 EDT.

peleCmpHow do we learn to trust something we’ve been taught doesn’t exist?

How do we open up and allow it to change our lives, when we’ve been taught that it is evil and will destroy us?  These are questions for this week’s Full Moon.

We are evoking the Goddess in our lives right now, but we are so unaccustomed to the power of the Creatrix that it is a chaotic and frightening affair. All we know is how to bleat MOTHER!!  and hope for the best.    At the same moment we fear the worst, because that is what our culture has taught us. In a culture that splits our sensual and joyful nature from our spirit, we live in constant anxiety.

This week’s Full Moon occurs in the Gate of Wounded Brilliance.  It describes what to do when our light is trapped, when our natural relationship with light and dark has become polluted by the insanity of politics and culture. If we continue to define ourselves in these terms we will miss what is really happening here.  There is a powerful force rising up in our lives, threatening to change us forever.  And when we maintain our inner clarity we have everything we need to work with it to create a completely new world.

If you google for images of ‘goddess’ you’ll find a whole lot of skinny sexy young things.  They are, in effect, brides and whores of the patriarchy trading on their sexuality to bring them safety and security.  This is what we were left with when the true Goddess cultures were overpowered in the ancient world.  Erotic sexual pleasure and our sensual enjoyment of all earthly things, the very sacred nature of humanity, was suppressed in favour of the new Greek rationality.  The wild and powerful Creatrix became a wife and all life came forth with no mess or drama, solely from the Father.

imagesIt’s so important for us to realise how invisible this ‘feminine’ energy has become in our lives.  We can see it clearly in the way archeologists interpreted neolithic cave art.  They assumed everything was based around the hunting rituals and ignored anything relating to women as unimportant.  In this way they completely missed the sacred nature of the Great Mother.  All those pregnant women, all those drawings and sculptures of  vulvas, were ‘junk’ just like dark matter and most of our DNA.

In the Bible we have been taught that we are to be punished, the men by working incessantly and the women by giving birth in pain.  And Lilith, the last remaining free woman, became a terrifying night time harridan who killed young children. Such was the centuries long war against our early relationship with all that is earthly.  And it has created a war within us, a war between our true nature and our need for belonging, for love and care and protection and earthly sensual delight.  Our lives have become full of empty promises of redemption and even as we strive incessantly for something good, it seems to recede more and more from our grasp.

As Saturn and Venus conjunct the North Node in a Gate that relates to the return of the powerful feminine (44), this is a central theme.  Add to this the importance of the mothering dwarf planet Ceres, as she makes many important connections with other planets just now.  Our opportunity is to go within to reclaim our connection with a force that is, at it’s core, a link between our earthly existence and the great beyond through the cycles of life.    This so called Goddess energy is not some fluffy young female version of what we now think of as God.  In her book Sacred Pleasure, Riane Eisler says “..the prehistoric sacred female imagery ..  clearly does not fit into the still prevailing view of deity as a King, Lord, or Ruler of the World who must be obeyed on pain of terrible punishments. Nor does it represent a disembodied entity residing in some remote celestial realm.”

As our spirit moves more deeply into our bodies, we inevitably meet her – the sacred feminine nature of the body that has been so long demonised. She is us, and she resides in us, in our cycles, in our emotions, in our very relationship with the material realm.

So what do the Human Design transits tell us about how to welcome this new powerful force into our lives.

Brilliance Wounded

The Full Moon is in Gate 36 line 5, which the Rave I Ching describes as Perfected survival regardless of conditions.  A nervousness that can lead to self-betrayal, especially in times of crisis.  Master Huang describes it via the ancient Chinese maxim of hiding your light and biding your time.  If we push forward too quickly our brilliance can be wounded, and then we need to withdraw, to nurse our wounds before we are ready to proceed forward again.

We are beginning to feel safe enough, seen enough, to stay loyal to our own brilliance regardless of external circumstances.  We can let go of creating crisis and conflict as a way of trying to bring attention to our inner light, disturbing our own spirit in the process.  When we overextend ourselves trying to get others to notice what we can’t see, or flog ourselves in an attempt to manifest something creative and valuable in the world, we can become disconnected from the natural rhythms of creation.  When we withdraw out of a mistaken surety that we are alone, unloved and unsupported we can turn inwards and wait for our own inner clarity.

This process of shift is part of a massive cycle that is as old as life itself.  Literally, we have entered consciously into the process of the evolution of life.  We are engaging in an alchemy so profound it is beyond description – the resolution of duality.  The melding of this incredible thing called humanity with both the material plane – the 3D world – and with the all that is, even beyond the concept of life and out to the vast void of existence.  So, hey, it’s okay to feel a bit anxious!

The Sun in Gate 6 speaks to us of getting past our tendency to see everything in terms of conflict.  The victim and the saviour, the good and the bad, the masculine and the feminine.  We are learning to connect with a bigger more inclusive picture where conflict doesn’t define us.  Trust yourself to recognise the truths you are seeking and the aspirations you want to follow.  The feeling of obstructions and opposition to your goals is a vestige of past conflict and will eventually work it’s way out of the system.


Saturn and the return of the Earth Mother

The Greeks saw Saturn as an old man, as old as time.  He brought limitation and discipline to our lives.  However there are astrologers who see Saturn as the ancient crone, older than time.  As the crone, Saturn shifts this energy from punishment to one of joyful co-creation with the cycles of life.  Rather than rail against the limitations to endless growth, she brings an ecstatic ritual of pleasure.  Beltane and the Green Man, Samhain and the Underworld, these rituals sustained humanity for many thousands of years.

Venus, Saturn and the North Node are in Gate 44 – Coming To Meet.  Saturn conjuncts the North Node approximately every 9 to 10 years. The last time they met was in June 2002, when they were both in 45.1  This represented the beginning of an unravelling of the dominator model of relationship.   From Hilary Barrett:


You have emotional presence, openness and trust between people.  What you are missing is a settled relationship you can depend on to safeguard the connection, and a sense of where this is going.  This intense confusion of free floating emotions opens the way for gathering.  All the confusion will be resolved and tension released when people simply call out to one another and clasp hands.  No formality is required, nor even words, and you do not need to know how it will work out.  Only follow that spontaneous human impulse to reach out and connect and everything flows from there.


On 17th September, when Saturn and the Node Node meet  in 44.2:


You set your wickerwork trap in the river and it has caught fish.  This is a sign of something promising, a beginning and a chance of future growth.  It’s worth holding onto while you discover where it’s value lies for you.  What you do not have is a guarantee of results.  It’s far too early to introduce your hope to a wider context and expect it to bear fruit.  For now, it should have your inner space to itself, free from premature expectations.  you can best care for any long term possibilities by not presuming on them. 


There is something with a profound and mysterious power to attract you.  It is taking you over, re-energising you, changing everything, giving birth to new life.You can’t control this energy, or even assimilate it into the life you have now.  Let it have some space inside you, free from premature expectations.  Feel the sweetness that sits alongside the power.  Let it enliven your body.  Reconnect with a sense of embodied bliss.  Right now, everything revolves around a clear and central objective and all of your resources are being called to it.  You can find your greatest strengths in the flow of your whole self.  Your purpose begins to emerge from your strength.    This is a gradual process.  Enjoy the moments of preparation, take pleasure in having enough, feel what ‘home’ is becoming to you.  We can grow into this new world, even though our progress may be almost imperceptible.

We are reconnecting with our own brilliance, and in doing so, to use the words of Charles Eisenstein, we are disrupting the psychic substructure of our current reality.  And these things take time.



New Moon ~ September 2013


1230085_10151816578975865_243589014_nNew Moon 5th September 2013 at 11.36 UT, 3.36 PDT, 6.36 EDT and 8.36pm Australian EST.  

This month’s New Moon brings vision and a slower pace to fulfill it’s promise.  Rushing a transition is never a good idea. Giving birth to your dreams has it’s own natural and organic timing.  We don’t tug at new shoots when they poke their tiny heads above the soil to get them to grown faster, and yet we put our own dreams under so much pressure to manifest.

The relationship theme that I talked about in my last blog post is less intense, but still present as Mercury joins dwarf planet Ceres in the core intimacy channel in the Human Design bodygraph.

There is still a high degree of emotional sensitivity, and the tendency is to either float off or rush around trying to make things happen, rather than staying present and gently ground the energy.

We are beginning to create our Godself.  And that means we must release our grip on what we have till now held onto as God (or whatever name you wish to use).

As small children we see our parents as ominpotent.  They are our mythological god and goddess, and we tend to build the foundation of our spiritual worldview on that relationship. They represent our safety, and as we mature we seek the same sense of belonging and care within our romantic relationships.  Again, we get that projection of the omnipotent god/goddess who will love us completely and keep us safe.

This New Moon is propelling us out of that space by opening us up to the immense energy of love available to us in the cosmos.  But it’s a bit like tearing a small child away from it’s parent.  We have clung with fear to what keeps us safe, and fear is a much denser energy than love.  Which is why cosmic love feels so unreliable!  When it comes to my physical survival it seems more sensible to rely on my employer and my family to keep me safe than some vague but beguiling sense of love that’s ‘out there’ floating around in the universe.

The New Moon is happening in the Head Centre, which is the equivalent of the Crown chakra.  This is a place of inspired new ideas, so volatile they can shift us from one reality to the next. They represent a transition in our thought processes, a profound shift in our thinking.  They open us up to visions and dreams that can change our direction in life.

It is in the Head Center where we open up to loving guidance, to connections with beings from higher dimensions who can shower us with advice that will help us support and care for ourselves in truly loving ways. It is this relationship to other dimensions that calls to us in this New Moon.  It is our first step into a self-reliance that goes beyond the self, beyond feelings of abandonment, isolation, invisibility and lack of love.  It supports us to step into a field of love and light that we can trust, because we have become familiar with it’s ever present nature.  Unlike our human idols, this presence is always there for us and perfectly attuned to our needs.

In the Kaballah the equivalent to the Head Centre is the Sephirah known as Kether, ruled by Archangel Metatron.  The place where cosmic unity and our personal archetypal reality begin to blend for the first time to create something we know as our life.  This is where our world first emerges from non-existence and into form.  Where we begin to create something from nothing.  The Head Centre / Crown Chakra / Kether Sephirah is the first step in the creation process of the fully grounded Godself.

We allow the seed to take hold in our minds (in the Ajna Centre) and hold a space for it’s natural growth process. As it reaches the Throat Centre we share it via the universal source codes as the vibration of sound.  We speak the inspired seeds of the new into relationship through conversation, and then come together to bring them into manifest form.  This is the portal nature of the Throat, that it translates the codes within us, first into relationship with others, and then into form and matter.


The Cycle of Beginnings and Endings

The Sun and Moon are in Gate 64 – the final hexagram in the I Ching.  It is called Not Yet Complete.  At the very end of one thing, we can hesitate on the verge of transition, trying to figure out whether it is safe to commit ourselves.  Wilhelm says this:

The conditions are difficult.  The task is great and full of responsibility.  It is nothing less than that of leading the world out of confusion and back to order.  

 We need to go carefully, rather than boldly.  We need to go humbly, not carrying our new treasures proudly but aware that we are newcomers, at the beginning of a new evolutionary phase.  We may subconsciously consider things will go on as before, and behave accordingly but this approach won’t serve us well.  We must be attuned to our own heightened sensitivity, itself a tool of a newly emergent reality, and move slowly and with consideration.

The Sun, Earth and Moon are in the Head Centre, so this is not a time for action.  But the very concept of action is changing.  Our understanding of the process of creation is expanding.  We know that having a vision is in itself a crucial part of the creative process.  And as we mature spiritually, we can learn how to take responsibility for that vision.

The Earth in Gate 63 – Already Complete – warns that acting without care can plunge us back into the disorder of the old cycle.  Again, from Wilhelm:

It may happen that those who have come to power grow arrogant and conceited and no longer trouble themselves about fostering new talent.  If your superiors withhold their trust from you, you may seek means of drawing attention to yourself.  You are warned against such an unworthy procedure.  Do not throw yourself away on that old world.  Wait tranquilly and develop your personal worth by your own efforts.  Times change and the new era dawns.  That which is yours cannot be permanently lost.  It comes to you of it’s own accord and you only need to be able to wait.  

There is a certain meaning in Neptune’s position in Gate 55 – the Gate of Abundance – that talks about our fear of loss.  At the high end of the wheel when everything is going well and we have abundance we fear coming down the other side.  In the dark we fear the light, and in the light we fear the dark.

This is the basis of our push for more and more growth that we also see entrenched in our global economy.  This is a linear process.  We begin to believe we can always be happy, healthy and rich if we just think the right thoughts.  In the process we lose some of our humanity.  And we misplace the real meaning of the spiritual maturity we are beginning to access.  It could perhaps be encapsulated in the saying that it’s not what happens to us but how we respond to what happens that’s important.  Consider how your fear of loss might be contributing to anxiety about moving gradually forward.

This theme will be paramount between 8th September and 9th January 2014, as Jupiter activates the format energy channel of cycles with Eris.  More on that next week.



Anna Silivonchik


I could talk about relationships as Mercury joins Ceres in the Channel of Mating, but this is more than that, much more.  Right now, a whole lot of our creative energy gets channelled into sex, consumerism and working in what anthropologist David Graeber calls ‘bullshit jobs’ that are just empty busyness.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] “Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness…the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” ~ Pierre Theilhard de Chardin [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

Remember the Monty Python sketch Every Sperm is Sacred?  It’s not just sperm we’ve been wasting.  We are slowly awakening to our wasting of the vast reservoirs of creative energy inherent in our human biological systems, convinced that all we can achieve is in the successful joining together of sperm and egg.

The concept of supra-sex is a communion of all levels of our biological being with the creative force of the universe. It is the method by which we join forces with evolution and consciousness itself to create life.  This is what I believe the so called Channel of Mating holds in trust for us.  It is evolution’s higher use for the sexual system in the same way that we can evolve to higher experiences of our mind through meditation and our digestion through eating superfoods.

To access the energy of supra-sex we need to let go of our need to obtain intimacy through sexual intercourse.  It doesn’t mean we won’t achieve intimacy in that way, in fact I expect it will mean exactly the opposite.  It does mean that our sexual energy will move closer to being pure Eros – life force energy in motion – rather than something we trade for a dowry.


The Incoming Feminine

Saturn lines up with the North Node in the Gate of Coming To Meet (gate 44) on 17th September 2013.  This gate represents a powerful incoming female force, a profound and mysterious power that attracts us, takes us over and changes everything.  Saturn will be right there making sure we’re committing to our own inner convictions and giving them the inner space to ensure they meet their long term potential.  Opening to this feminine power is frightening. Again we are going against thousands of years of conditioning that only the father, the patriarchal forces of economy, will keep us safe and secure.  Our trust in the archetypal mother to love and cherish us is thin on the ground, and our grief is strong.   Keep reminding yourself that you are safe.  And loved.  And amazing!




Longing for Intimacy


I just want to write a quick post on the transits we’ve been enduring over the past 5 days.  With Jupiter at the Root Centre pressuring the emotions and Neptune in the Gate of Abundance, I expected it to be a warm and friendly healing energy.  Alas!  For many people the pressure was almost unbearable.

There’s a number of reasons for that.

First one is that Ceres is in Gate 59 – part of the channel that is at the core of intimate relationships.  Ceres can trigger rage and grief, so she can sometimes be a difficult energy!

Gate 59 is called Dispersion and it serves two functions.  It dissolves (disperses) blockages in the natural flow of energy between our body and our emotions.  And it reaches out for the kind of warmth and intimacy we seek in a really wonderful sexual relationship.  So while we can disperse those blockages ourselves, we are conditioned to seek relief from the stagnation of our energy by falling in love.  Then, when we can’t find a lover, we feel lack – a lack of flow between our body and emotions, a lack of warmth and a lack of intimacy.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with having – or wanting to have – a warm intimate sexual relationship and that’s partly what many people were feeling a lack of in the past week.


The Sun and Earth are sitting in the Channel that is sometimes called Community – Gate 37 and 40.  These gates are astrologically opposite, so they are at odds with each other. This can create inner conflict.  Do I want to be outgoing and friendly or do I want to be alone?  Am I feeling generous and supportive or do I want to take care of myself first?   Our essential aloneness (or should I say existential aloneness?) is triggered by the combination of the 39/55 in the Individual circuit ( I have to struggle on alone) and the 37/40 Communal circuit (I need others to love and support me).

The Heart Centre is one of the most misunderstood Centres in Human Design.  We all understand the Solar Plexus, it’s all about emotions.  We might struggle with our emotions but we know what they feel like.  The Heart Centre sits midway between the Solar Plexus and the Ji Centre – between feelings and soul – between emotions and our higher self.   It’s the ego mediator, the place where we can truly become divine by understanding both our larger spiritual self and our smaller human self.  And this week it’s been under a lot of pressure.

By the time the energy reaches Gate 21 in the Heart Centre there are three motors involved (and four motors if you include Ceres and the possibility of someone around with the adjoining Gate 6).   And it’s all under pressure from the Root Centre, where we can also find Pluto in the Gate of Joy.

The major theme here is twofold.  Firstly, we long to be embraced by something warm and loving, to feel included and recognised and to have intimacy as part of our everyday lives.  Many of us don’t have that now.  And it is essential to life, so it’s lack can bring up painful feelings of loneliness and longing.

Secondly, the Heart Centre represents our will and how we apply it. Most of us have a very damaged capacity to act from our natural willfulness.  And that hurts, because this is how we integrate our personal and divine selves.  Much of our culture’s childrearing is based on breaking the child’s will, taking away his or her natural responses, overpowering the child and creating fear rather than love.  Here we find the nub of the pain of the past week.  When we have expressed our will as children and been corrected, we have experienced this as a withdrawal of love and intimacy.  So now, why would we risk taking action on our own (naturally willful) behalf?  The subconscious belief is that this will threaten our very existence through loss of love.  This is incredibly deep, since it triggers conditioning of loss of self that goes back generations.




The asteroid Child is sitting opposite Pluto just now, and it’s the frozen child who needs our attention.  In the Gate of Keeping Still in the Root Centre, the child has copped the freeze part of the fight, flight or freeze response.  When we have so much pressure to feel our emotions and to act powerfully on our own behalf, it hurts when our capacity to respond naturally is frozen.  Ceres in the Gate of Dispersing is there to dissolve the blockages but it’s a process that’s not straightforward or always easy.  Be gentle, this is the work of correcting many generations of fear of releasing the self into a world of love and intimacy.


Look Up For The Light


Late on 23rd August Greenwich Mean Time the Moon will be exactly opposite Venus.  (6pm Eastern on Friday 23rd August)

Not so important, you might think, since the Moon opposes Venus once a month, regular as … well some sort of ancient and almost forgotten ‘clockwork’.  But this month it will trigger a powerful transit event.  Here’s the astrological chart, which clearly shows the relationships between Jupiter and Pluto, Uranus, Moon and Venus.


astrological transit chart for 23rd August


That’s a lovely square there in the middle!  Let’s see what the Human Design transit chart looks like.


HD transit chart 23rd August 2013



Not quite such obvious geometry, but let’s look a bit closer.  This configuration is part of the life changing Pluto Uranus square sequence we are experiencing between 2012 and 2015.   This series of powerful transits is gradually teaching us to step out of the crowd and claim our own genius, our own personal place in the sun.  Instead of being part of a generic mass called ‘humanity’, you and I will be shining lights of co-creative energy inhabiting our own unique place within the web of life.

It’s a slow process, often with two steps forward and one step back.  It requires carefully unravelling fears and compacted trauma which are embedded deep within our DNA.  The stories of lack of recognition, of not being enough, of feeling invisible, are woven into the human sense of self.   At each step we must slow down to unravel the tangle, then we can move on again.



We are beginning to truly understand what is possible.  As we emerge from the fog of confusion about who we really are, we can reach out and support each other to gain more and more clarity.  Our sense of wonder at the possibilities before us is more reliably present in our lives.

Uranus is creating a channel with the TNO Chaos.


Both Uranus and Chaos are about the fractal reality.  They are about sudden shifts that make new things happen.  This is about being present with the quality of the moment and conscious of what you can create from it.  Chaos (in Gate 45.2) tells us that showing up is the most important thing.  Uranus says to stop trying to get nourishment from things that aren’t really feeding you. Bite through to what’s right for you, and let go of what others believe is good for you.

Uranus square Pluto in it’s current form (Pluto in 58 and Uranus in 21) puts us under pressure to bring together the seemingly impossible qualities of living life on our own terms while simultaneously opening up warmly to others.  There is a series of small deaths in this process, and much upheaval of our day to day life.

Venus is also square Pluto, but in the Human Design chart that puts her right in the same channel.  Pluto is in the Gate of Joy in the Root Centre (58) and Venus is in the adjoining Gate of Correction (18) in the Spleen Centre.  This is the place in the chart where DNA shifts.  It challenges the old stories and changes the way we relate to a reality that is created from the top down.  Pluto pressures us to claim our own bodies, our own wellbeing, and Venus makes a space for us to move away from rebellion against authority that has become empty politics.  It’s time to leave it behind and claim a larger agenda.  It may be harder to see, but it’s more real.

The Moon makes a channel with that wonderful asteroid Kassandra (in Gate 62), an oracle who was cursed by Apollo, who then took her oracular powers for his own.  Kassandra was doomed to speak out her prophecies but to never be believed.  Gate 62 is a portal gate for the light codes of humanity.  If we wish to use logical language to convey reason we must crack open the left sides of our brain to let in the amorphous and abstract ‘reason’ from the other side.

We can’t find words for it, but the multidimensional energetics of speech are evolving to move us beyond words as singular units of information.  We can sense the tone of voice, we can feel the energy in them, we can see the look on people’s faces.  There is so much more to words that we have allowed ourselves to rationally know.  And women, who tend to have a much more active corpus callosum in their brain – the membrane down the centre of our brain that facilitates information flow between the two hemispheres – are more at home with the integration of the two modes of communication.

The Moon and Kassandra are healing our capacity to speak our own truth, blended with love and light, with the rational and the so-called irrationality of the incoming inspiration of the feminine.  Kassandra and the Moon are asking us to stop fearing what we may say and allow our voices to join in the universal flow of creation.  If we are not believed, we probably should move ourselves into a position where where can have a real impact.  But if that seems impossible, we should consider small ways in which we can bridge the gap in communication.

Arachne is weaving a larger web, and asking our magical child to play.  In the Channel of Rhythm, Arachne (in Gate 5) joins Pandora.  What are we afraid of letting out of the box if we open up to a new divine self?  What have we been taught to curse in ourselves, and so to keep hidden away?  The asteroid Child (in the adjoining Gate 15) says we should abandon false modesty and instead inhabit our honesty and integrity. If that feels hard to grasp, look for where it’s lacking and use that lack as inspiration to create change, even to venture further afield.   How does our day to day habit of keeping to the clock block our capacities?  And how can we free ourselves into a larger reality of time and space?


Ceres and Mercury in the Gate of The Abyss (29) amplify the message of keeping it authentic in the moment.  It seems impossible for us to make the necessary changes in time, they seem so overwhelming  – politically, environmentally, personally.  But there is a small opening over the next few days.  We should stop digging down deeper trying to find the solution in the old paradigm and look up to see where the light is coming in.  There’s no need for anything more elaborate than to commit ourselves – mind, body and soul – to that potential and where it might lead us.  This isn’t about setting goals, it’s about releasing ourselves to a new relationship with the universe, and being present in conscious choice each step of the journey.


Committing to Self Compassion

What a lovely transit chart!  I’m seeing a bit of crankiness, with that Moon joining Saturn in the Channel of Struggle, but that will shift in the next hour or so when the Moon moves on.

The lovely thing is the Sun and Venus connecting the Sacral to the Ji.  (more about the centres here)  What makes it even better is that Ceres is there as well.  The tension here is in choosing to nurture ourselves and explore our own potential ahead of choosing to care for others.  Ceres can bring a profound relief from the cycles of life, but only when we make a clear choice to commit our vital energies to ourselves first.  How might that feel?

Wherever Venus turns up in a transit chart she invariably brings harmony and healing.  She soothes and regenerates.  In the Gate of Pushing Upwards (46) in the Ji Centre she is revitalising our capacity to take steps on our own unique pathway.  She brings the patient power of the earth to grow something new and vulnerable within us.

There is a powerful realignment of our energy happening at the moment.  We are releasing so much past trauma from our cells, and gradually, very gradually, learning that we have the capacity to keep ourselves safe as we open out to new experiences, as we discover new capacities within us.  We are shifting from a state of frozen hypervigilance – a state induced by our culture – looking the fear in the face and seeing that the threat it has held over our head for centuries is not real.  We have begun to put our energy to better uses than keeping ourselves safe from an illusory danger.

As someone said to me this week – your fears are not real, but you are.  It’s a wonderful thing to begin to believe more in ourselves than our demons!

We have new worlds to create, warm intimate relationships to form, creative adventures to undertake!  There is no doubt that there will be new dangers ahead, but they will be real ones, dangers that we can deal with because obstacles and difficulties are a natural part of the creative process.

dudadazePower is shifting on this planet, and you are the happy recipient!  You have an ever  increasing capacity for maturity, for wielding your own sceptre making your own choices, creating your own reality.  To do this well, even to do it good enough, you and I need to have an effective container.  It’s important that we are gentle, loving, kind and nurturing towards ourselves.  That we learn the very difficult lesson of self compassion.  That we develop the power to open out to others in joyful anticipation.   That we meet obstacles with a sense of adventure rather than a fear of further struggle.

Be kind if you are experiencing one of Ceres’ more powerful emotional responses – rage at transgressions against you, and grief over a loss of love and connection.  Don’t block these feelings, gently drop into them and feel them moving through your body. As you fully experience them, you’ll experience them shifting from one minute to the next.  Just allow the flow of emotion to keep moving, and observe how it shifts.  This is the road to emotional maturity, the key to emotional clarity.


[sws_blue_box box_size=”451″]

Kristen Neff’s book on Self Compassion is always by my bed. It is such a nurturing experience to read it.

There’s some wonderful practical stuff here on self care.  I thought you might enjoy reading it.


It’s important to find the delicate balance between self soothing that keeps us locked in a negative emotional cycle, and self compassion that finally gives us the recognition for our pain and suffering that we’ve been longing for. The first one comes with the baggage of learned helplessness, the second with hope and trust in our very real capacity to create a better future.

Today, as the Sun conjuncts Ceres in the Gate of The Abyss, we are on a pathway to a more nourishing sense of self.  If we choose to make a commitment to the journey, our lives will never be the same again.



Learn more about the Minor Planets and Asteroids in the Human Design System here

Image:  Diana Duda ~ http://dudadaze.blogspot.com.au/


Hope and Blessings Are On Their Way


Today Jupiter moves to an auspicious meeting with Neptune.  They connect the Root Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre.  You may feel obstructions fall away and emotions flow more easily.  You’ll probably feel a sense of faith in life and it’s bounty that you haven’t experienced for a while, with all the Pluto Saturn energy that’s been dragging us kicking and screaming to earth.

Jupiter and Neptune are a very positive combination.  In fact they can be too positive!  They can bathe us in so much optimism that we lose touch with reality.  So if you feel a rush of blood and a dizzy feeling of being unlimited, enjoy it but don’t make it the basis of spontaneous decision making.  However, on the plus side, Jupiter and Neptune can take us inside material reality and show us that everything, yes everything, is boundless and infinite.  This is a transit for understanding we can move beyond obstacles by allowing universal energies to infiltrate our thinking and permeate our dreams.

Neptune has been in the Gate of Abundance since February 2012 and will stay there until March 2014.  Read more …

Jupiter will be in the adjoining Gate of Obstruction till 8th September 2013, after which it shifts to Gate 53 (and there’s another wonderful story which I’ll get to later!)

It’s crucial to allow time for emotional clarity between now and then, even if you are emotionally undefined. We are being impulsed with positive and hopeful emotions and we can easily get high on them and act before they have a chance to balance out.  The flip side is to make sure that you trust the higher more exalted feelings. Don’t discount them because they are ‘unrealistic’ or impractical.  That only applies in our current reality and we are moving beyond that place.  This transit enhances innovation and creative new ideas that will be highly practical once we allow them to settle.  Watch in particular for new approaches to problems and difficulties to arise as if by magic. It will support us to create a gentler and lighter story of life, infused with spirit and compassion.

The activation at the Root Centre also brings a new sense of safety about being in our bodies.  It’s a great time to do embodiment practices, and to tune into emotions that may have been difficult to experience in the past.

Here’s two wonderful books that will be useful during this transit.  I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Karla McLarens’ book brings our attention to the specific meaning of our emotions, and teaches us how they can naturally flow. She suggests a radical new perspective: that all of our emotions are equally important messengers, ready to assist us in acting with full awareness and integrity.  A wonderful book.


Judith Blackstone has written a breathtaking book about embodiment.  It’s truly different to anything I’ve read before on this subject.   It holds a new perspective on the experience of being in our bodies, and how we can relate comfortably to ourselves, the world and other people without losing ourselves.  I just love this book!


So enjoy this amazing transit, it will infuse us with hope and bring blessings to us all.


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This PlayGroup is for people with some familiarity with Human Design, but you don’t need to be an expert! It’s not for those who aren’t ready to take action on their ideas and dreams. But if you do have a dream and want to bring it to life, or you have an existing business that isn’t meeting your needs – financially or personally – this PlayGroup is for you. We will craft your business DNA, and find your authentic business mojo. We’ll weave Human Design through the entire story, exploring a different aspect of this essential business tool each week.

If you are looking to get clarity on your business direction and build practical skills for real success, you will find what you need in the Flourishing Business PlayGroup.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] I look forward to each class. I have taken courses with other Human Design teachers, but was frustrated that they stayed on the surface of things. Kim is not afraid to teach from the deep end of the pool! Though she explains concepts in a simple understandable way, there is a LOT of information in each class that I will be able to keep working with (“playing!”) for a long time to come. Kim takes her students very personally into the depths of HD and invites exploration into their own design. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

Testimonial from anonymous PlayGroup participant, used with permission.


holding_heartOver 12 weeks, we will cover:

  1. An overview of emergent business – what’s changed and how you can take advantage of it.
  2. Defining your strengths and vulnerabilities – the power of reframing for success, and how to succeed even if you feel like an imposter, or if you are sensitive or an introvert.
  3. Exploring motivation – the seed of your business DNA.
  4. How to create authority and leadership – what happens when you lead from personal passion and meaning.
  5. Your natural decision making process – how timing and awareness make the difference between success and .. .well, everything else.
  6. How working with your perfect client clarifies your purpose and products.
  7. Refining your message – how your story is the key to selling.
  8. Finding your personal marketing style – how to do market research, build a campaign, and develop long term strategy.
  9. Networking and relationships – who do you need to connect with to succeed in business?
  10. Money, Money, Money – what’s your personal money dna?
  11. Business Plans – they’re not as boring as you think!
  12. How did you go? A wrap up of everything we’ve covered, and let’s check out how our manifesting experiments went!

Each week:

  • We’ll take one theme and learn the latest cutting edge techniques.
  • We will learn how to use Human Design as an essential business tool.
  • You’ll have experiments and activities to make the learning practical.
  • We will be examining the role social media can play in your business success.
  • We’ll be exploring cutting edge ideas and techniques for emergent business.
  • You’ll receive a suggested reading and resources list that will float your boat – all the best information at your fingertips when you need to know more.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] I have overcome some major issues that I have struggled with for a long time and that were limiting my ability to move forward. I am now taking the practical steps necessary to get my business back on track. I feel completely inspired and in love with my business again. I’m so grateful. Many blessings and thanks to you. Shekanah www.thejoyportal.com [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

What’s a PlayGroup?

PlayGroups consist of a weekly live class which is held online in the Learning Hub. It’s a video class, like a group Skype session, so we can see each other and chat. You’ll get a video recording of each class to keep. Then there’s the forum, where you get to continue discussing the material with other participants between classes, go into more detail and get feedback.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] …. the flexible space you hold that allows for open feedback, even mid-session. It makes things more approachable and strips away the fear of “is this worth saying/maybe I shouldn’t say it, I might get something wrong” that I find is a big barrier to learning, especially in this format. So thank you for that! [/sws_blockquote_endquote]


About Kim Gould

In 2004 I built a business coaching program called Dreams to Life. In 2013 I’ve completely rebuilt this program for you. If you saw my bookshelf (and my Kindle) you’d know that this is an area that I am absolutely passionate about! I’m engaged daily with the latest science and ideas on the fertile crossroads of personal development, spiritual growth and business.

My dad was an entrepreneur, so I’m very at home here. I worked with him after school while I went to University, and then spent 7 years as a litigation lawyer. In the early 90’s I left Sydney to set up my own legal practice in Wollongong. It was a big challenge and one I really enjoyed. In 2004 I made another big shift and founded Love Your Design. I’ve been doing business on the web since then, so the world of online connections is one I know inside out. When I started it was all boring static webpages and the modern marvel of email! These days business IS social, and social media relationships are fundamental to any business.

I’m passionate about supporting your business because I believe that your business will change the world. You have something unique and wonderful to offer and this PlayGroup will craft your message, your delivery and your outcomes. I also believe that making the choice to act on your desire to share your gifts with the world in a professional, skilled and effective way sets you on the path to a huge personal adventure. Recent research has shown that a sense of satisfaction in achieving something worthwhile in life is the most important factor in our experience of wellbeing. There’s a certain satisfaction in creating your own success, and I’m all about finding the opportunity for enjoying the journey.

This PlayGroup introduces you to the latest cutting edge information in business, personal development and spiritual growth. It semlessly integrating a range of approaches to put you ahead of the game. Not only will you be preparing your business for now, you’ll be positioning it on the cutting edge of consciousness. I’m looking forward to working and playing with you in the Flourishing Business PlayGroup.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] Kim has a brilliant mind, fierce determination, and great skills of implementation – apart from this, she can see amazing connections, can listen deeply, and is highly intuitive. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough” Dr Bronwen Rees, UK. www.eastwestsanctuary.com ~ Emergent Business Client [/sws_blockquote_endquote]



This is a 12 week online class. Each live class goes for 2 hours, the first class is on:

  • US: Tuesday 11th September at PDT 5pm, EDT 8pm.
  • Australia: Wednesday 12th September at AEST 10am.
  • India: Wednesday 12th September at IST 5.30am.

for other locations click here

The classes operate like a group skype session, and have integrated audio. You can find simple instructions for logging in and using the virtual classroom here:



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Full Moon July 2013 – shifting our relationship to life as we know it


This upcoming Full Moon triggers an astrological grand trine – which is a perfect triangle in the astrology chart.  It looks like this:




The blue triangle represents Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in a Grand Trine, all working together to uplift us.

The Human Design chart is also remarkable just now.  Since Saturn joined Pluto, connecting the Root to the Spleen, we’ve been experiencing a downward pressure.  At times it feels like gravity is overpowering us.  The Root and Spleen bring us fully into the world of substance and material reality.  Since May 2013, our souls have been experiencing life on the physical plane like never before. How do our hearts live here?  That’s a question worth finding an answer to!

This current transit intensifies the energy in the Root Centre.  And that’s important, because it’s very possible that the Root Centre is the most complex Centre in the Human Design chart.  It represents our understanding of the nature of material reality, and how to engage with it.  It puts us on the cutting edge of science, as we explore our relationship with our own material aspect – the physical body – and with how we create on the material plane.  But to get there we have to jettison an age of  beliefs about the split between spirit and matter.

Here’s the Human Design transit chart for the Full Moon on 22nd July, 8.15am UT.




Each of the planets in the Grand Trine – Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune – connect to the Root Centre.  For those of you familiar with the Gates, here’s the positions – Jupiter in 52, Saturn in 28 (Pluto connects it to the Root), Neptune in 55 (Mercury connects it to the Root).   Notice that Pluto is sitting right in the middle of this configuration.  Mars is almost exactly conjunct Jupiter.  Also, the moon – the Full Moon – is in the Root Centre in the Gate of Limitations (60).  This is powerful medicine.

The Root Centre is the energy sphere where things come into physical form.  In the search for substance, the energies of all the other Centres flow down into the Root Centre and are there transformed, birthed into physical reality.  It is the place where our spirit finds perfected form.  There are three reasons why this process can feel really difficult.

Firstly, the physical reality is dense. To a spiritually sensitive person it can feel harsh and unkind.  We have an alternative, which is to avoid being fully embodied, and to live in some version of our own dream life.  Or to live in some form of  hell, acceptable or otherwise,  but perpetually approaching our dream life.  Either way, it’s a bit like approaching infinity.  We can see it, touch it, smell it, feel we’re getting closer and closer, but we’ll never arrive. Most of humanity lives in this way, so we are bucking the trend by allowing ourselves to even consider going there.   In her excellent book Belonging Here, Judith Blackstone says that more spiritually aware people find the dissonance of an inauthentic way of being very uncomfortable, and yet we still hold onto these constructs because we believe they keep us safe.

Secondly, the physical reality has an image problem.  Mind should rule over matter and the needs and desires of our bodies pay no heed to right and wrong.  Think of the seven deadly sins – greed, sloth, gluttony, lust, envy, pride and wrath – most of these can be slated back to our bodily instincts.  Christian ethics are not on good terms with the life of the physical body, and christian ethics underpin our culture in ways we forget to imagine.  Loving our bodies, and those of other people, well it’s a struggle, especially if they don’t look just so.

Thirdly, when good and evil were parcelled out, back in the day, evil got to go on the same team as the body and the feminine.  The dark, the  unknown, the void, the formless and, ironically, the body and it’s dirty workings.  Obviously up to no good, and best kept hidden out of sight.  Along with the dark body, which went the way of evil, was it’s capacity to create.  If God is the father and the mother is a virgin, who is the creator?  Not Mary, that’s for sure!  She is loving and protective, but a passive non-creative partner.  Somewhere along the path to the 21st century we lost our understanding of how to create in a downwards direction, on the physical plane, and got stuck in our heads (masculine).

treeoflife1In the Kaballah, the Root Centre equates to the sephiroth Malkuth, which means Kingdom or Monarchical Reign.  Some Kabalah scholars see this sephiroth as representing our capacity to do God’s will, not out of fear, but because we have discovered it is the best way for us to live.  We are, in effect, allowing God’s will to act through us.   As a religious tradition the Kaballah is all about the individual’s relationship with God.  In Human Design, the Root Centre is partly about how we create our own individual reality.

There are many fears within the Kingdom of Malkuth.  Fears that we will be stripped of our free will and forced to behave as if we were ‘normal’.   There are fears that we must surrender up our bodies, their wisdom, sensitivity and intuitive wonders.  And on the other hand, fears that if we truly do succumb to the experience of embodiment, the intensity of such a harsh reality as we imagine there will be too much to bear.

Carolyn Myss speaks about the Root Chakra as a tribal energy.  In her book, Anatomy of the Spirit, she talks about the need to challenge toxic tribal power. Although we evolved to be social, our loyalty to our ‘clan’ can cause unconscious fears about breaking free, even when the detriment to ourselves is extreme.

Right now, we sit on a profound ecological cusp, where the shift from tribal to collective is changing our very experience of being an individual. It’s demanding changes not just in our behaviour, but shifting our our brain pathways, our endocrine system, everything right down to the coding in our DNA.

In her book The Body is the Barometer of the Soul, Annette Noontil describes the Root Chakra as representing a loyalty to our selves.  We are here on this earth to enjoy ourselves, she says, and to do this we must be loyal to what we need to thrive.  And we must be prepared to create what we need on the material plane. Regardless of the perceived risk.

This is a time when we are being asked to release ourselves from the familial, the tribal, the known, and to leap.  We shouldn’t expect to be caught by one person – our lover, a parent, a friend – but by everyone, by all of the rest of us.  We have to trust each other.  Similarly, we each have to be ready to catch those who leap our way, and to be kind and understand the risk it took for them to do so.  This is a break down of family patterning.  Not a breakdown of families, but an extension of the arms of trust beyond the tribal or family ‘known’ structure of support, and into the wild beyond.

This is an area of life ruled by the fractal patterning of the heart, and it is our new home.  A place where we have trust in our experience of life, in our own choices, and in the help and support that happens our way.  Living here unleashes immense creativity, and moves us clearly into the next dimensional space of being.  It’s the key to unlock the issues of unfettered growth within our existing dimension and to overcome apparent lack and degradation.  

The Root Centre is like the part of the Human Design map that is uncharted, a place where we may find dragons and other monsters.  We’ve bravely headed in there with barely a torch to light our way.

Here are the planets that are supporting us.

Mars and Jupiter in the Gate of Keeping Still (52) – while everything around us is moving, we can connect with a sense of meaning and purpose when we find our own stillpoint.  We don’t need to be rushing around, even though the pressure on the Root Centre may be sending the activity levels of others through the roof (or the floor).  Take your shoes off, stand on the earth and find what you really want to be doing just now.  What is the essence of your passion, your drive to engage with the world?

Saturn in the Gate of Exceeding (28) –   We’ve gone as far as we can with the way things have been and Saturn is opening a doorway for change.  If we try to solve old problems, we’ll just get stuck with old solutions.  It’s time to build a firm foundation by making things real, which means looking at what truly supports your wellbeing.  New solutions require a lot of effort, we’re breaking down unhealthy habits that are woven down deep into our DNA.  It’s a slow process and we’re making steady progress.

Neptune in the Gate of Abundance (55) –  This is a crucial time.   A beautiful new reality is being created here.  The signs of what is emerging are becoming clearer as we fine tune our emotions and align with a more discerning energy.  Although we may seek to block the world out in order to preserve our sensitivity, what’s required is that we allow ourselves to feel our feelings.  Working with Saturn at the other end, this creates a connection with what’s really real, not just what we believe should be real, or what we’re told is real.  Neptune is bringing the dreamers to earth.

Pluto in the Gate of Opposing (38) –  where diversity is seen as a threat, hatred and opposition will follow.  The trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting of Tray Martin is a perfect example of this.  It demonstrates the tribal patterning we are moving away from, something different is threatening and must be annihilated so that I can remain safe.  The outpouring of support for a better way is the new collective heart energy – difference and diversity is not a threat, but is a creative force to be celebrated.

Mercury (stationary) in the Gate of Obstruction (39) – we increase circulation by not allowing obstruction to block us.  Where we feel obstructed we look for the quality within ourselves.  If we feel someone doesn’t love us, rather than feeling unloved we look for love within our own heart.  If someone is rude to us, we look for charity and politeness within ourselves. If someone denies us something we desire, we look for how we can give to ourselves.  In this way we move beyond the idea of being powerless, at the mercy of the whims of others, and we learn to attract the people and energies ready to invest themselves in the same work.

Moon and Earth in the Gate of Limitation (60) –  How much of everything will make you feel safe?  You are at home now, with everything you need to be filled with love, to achieve your dreams, to find health and happiness.  Take some time to put your house in order, to know what you need, what to ask for.  There’s no need to be anxious or to try too hard.  There’s no panic, no rush.  You have enough of everything to be safe, to birth yourself fully into this life.




The Sun is way up in the Ajna Centre, all alone, in the Gate of the Wanderer.  This is fitting, because it tells us that we are in the process of understanding something quite new about our selves.  We may feel awkward, as if we don’t know how to live in the world anymore. We will tend to want to draw back to the old problems and habits, and feel unsure if our new creative capacities will bring us to a safe shore anytime soon.  Although we carry many gifts with us, they are not the gifts we are accustomed to offering.  Often they were gifts we have been critic

Our sense of unease will shift as we gradually move beyond the materialistic mode of thinking and being.  One of the major findings of quantum science is that life is all about relationships.  Above everything else, relationships create reality.  As energy in the form of a human body, you and I can shift into a quantum reality by focusing on our relationships just now.  Who supports you? What help do you need?  How does the diversity around you help everyone thrive?

This Full Moon represents a completion of our existing scientific paradigm.  This is having, and will continue to have, a profound impact on us at every level.  It shifts our very relationship to the concept and experience of matter. Trying to keep things solid and same will only create resistance within and without.  Look to connections rather than substance, to creating stillness with flow rather than solid blockages, and to a profound shift between your personal dualities – inner/outer, left/right, feminine/masculine, friend/foe.





I’m planning a new PlayGroup – My Flourishing Business ~ how Human Design can support you and your business to flourish to take advantage of this new energy of flourishing.  

PlayGroups are held online, so anyone can attend, and this one will begin in late August.  You can pre-register for first chance to grab one of the 8 PlayGroup spots here.  Pre-registration is free, and simply means you’ll receive further information about the PlayGroup in your inbox as it’s available.


New Moon ~ July 2013

ballsNew Moon in Gate 53.2 ~ Monday 8th July 7:15am UT, 0:15am PDT, 3:15 EDT, 5:15pm AEST


Today’s New Moon comes on the heels of the Sun making a channel with Neptune in the Gate of Abundance.  The Sun was signalling a crucial moment in our lives, a time when all the balls lined up and we got a vague sense of the possible cornucopia our lives could be.  I say vague, because Neptune likes to let us wander around in the fog for a while.   But the signs of what is emerging are starting to show more clearly and Neptune’s role here is to help us refine them.  He wants us to find the highest possible expression of our dreams.

One of the problems we face when the balls are all lined up, is that they look so pretty!  If we take a shot it will all be chaos again, balls all over the place!  So sometimes, instead of taking that shot, we pour a glass of wine, ring a friend for a chat or go outside and have a cigarette.  And dream about the perfect shot we might have made, and how many of those perfect balls we could have sunk in the corner hole.   Neptune likes to dream of perfection.  And knowing how to create perfection on Earth, that’s his ultimate goal.

The New Moon is encoded with instructions for that shot.  And I’m here to let you know, there are no expectations.  We don’t expect you to win the Championship Point with that one shot.  All we want is that you do something.  Take some kind of action.  Small or large, it doesn’t really matter.

When we take action on our own behalf it creates change.  And change is not something we’re really comfortable with. Not really.  Change means something is lost and something is gained.  Moving to a beautiful new house means packing up and leaving the old one behind.  I got a new car about 2 weeks ago.  My old car is still parked in my driveway.  I can’t bring myself to sell it.  I love that car!  I put up with it breaking down on me for two years in preference to buying a more reliable one.  Actions require decisions and decisions bring loss.

And uncertainty.

When we launch ourselves on that new trajectory, who knows what will happen?  What if I spend all my money on a new car and I don’t like it?  What if I move to a new neighbourhood and spend every day wishing I was somewhere else?

This New Moon is a whisker away from Pluto and right on top of Mercury retrograde.  It’s also creating a channel with Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Chaos, who is sitting in Gate 42.  When Eris takes action, well things happen.  And not always good things.  So no one could blame us for not taking action right now, could they?

The Sun and Moon will be in Gate 53.2.  This is the Gate of Gradual Progress, a gate where we grow into life’s possiblities, where we get results gradually and almost imperceptibly when we have the patience to stay loyal to the destination as the journey unfolds.   The Earth is in Gate 54.2. This is the Gate of the Marrying Maiden,the concubine who seeks to better herself.  This is a gate of slowing finding your place in a new world, accepting that you are not yet Queen, that you don’t yet know the lay of the land.  This is not so much a time to take decisive action or have a clear agenda.  We are entering new territory, a new consciousness and a new way of being.  We mustn’t allow our old fears to drive us into action too soon out of fear of missing out.  Nor should we attempt to control our lives out of a love of winning, becoming the Queen rather than the concubine.

This week, act as if you have arrived in a new household.  Your existing assumptions and beliefs may apply here.  Then again, they may not.  Take your time to observe the customs, the ways in which things are done here.  Be gentle, we’re in the Root Centre and the ancient fears of humanity reside here.  If you try to take control of anything, Mercury retrograde and Eris may make mischief with you.  It’s not so much about achieving anything in particular as it is about getting to know yourself and what you’re capable of, and what you truly enjoy. Take your time, observe, act in small ways that support you to open up to new possibilities.




I’m planning a new PlayGroup – My Flourishing Business ~ how Human Design can support you and your business to flourish to take advantage of this new energy of flourishing.  

PlayGroups are held online, so anyone can attend, and this one will begin in late August.  You can pre-register for first chance to grab one of the 8 PlayGroup spots here. Pre-registration is free, and simply means you’ll receive further information about the PlayGroup in your inbox as it’s available.


To Dream and Wonder .. opening to a new way


fern_sprouts_in_the_forest_by_wolfepaw-d5a0ttrIf you feel like you have to struggle … stop. Take a breath, feel yourself connecting with the whole of the situation, open yourself energetically to support.

Right now we are doing two things. We are learning to manifest our desires on the physical plane.  And we are in a portal that asks us to imagine, as the first step in developing these new skills, what life we want to live .

Part of this is to learn to let go, to surrender, when we get into a struggle or blocked mindset. The yang in overdrive is a sign that we aren’t fully trusting the yin to support and guide us. It can show up as anxiety, depression, feeling blocked, being too active.  This is a time to allow ourselves to be held in a space of creative imagination, to dream and wonder what if.  To plan and speak about how it could be.  And trust that every breath moves us closer, just as we imagine it.


We don’t do this alone, the connections between us are shifting so that we are becoming open systems rather than closed systems.  Closed systems are numb to the relationships and support available to them.  As human’s we have been traumatised to the point of not being able to see or know when support was being offered.  This has encouraged isolation and a massive reduction in our capacity for creative expansion.  Our reliance on fossil fuels and our collective resistance to free energy is a great example of a closed system. Within humanity, closed systems are based on fear.

Open systems are infinite in their capacity to change and evolve.  As an open system we delight in connecting with others to enhance the experience of everyone involved.  We trust our own capacity to choose who we connect with, when and how.  Huge groups can come together with little if any friction, because we hold our individual shape, our wishes and dreams intact, and offer them up, along with our capacity to act on their behalf, to the group.  Open systems give us strength, flexibility, resilience and a sense of meaningful inclusion.

All you Projectors out there can rejoice!  In open systems, we are recognised and appreciated.  I call this the Projector Revolution.  It is the beginning of our ability to recognise and act on behalf of our own Projector aspects (even if you are not a Projector type, you’ll almost certainly have Projector channels in your design).

Watch how these subtle inner shifts are about to change the world as we know it.  Our personal imaginative capacity and newly found ability to build powerfully creative relationships is a force that cannot be resisted.




I’m planning a new PlayGroup – My Flourishing Business ~ how Human Design can support you and your business to flourish to take advantage of this new energy of flourishing.  

PlayGroups are held online, so anyone can attend, and this one will begin in late August.  You can pre-register for first chance to grab one of the 8 PlayGroup spots here.  Pre-registration is free, and simply means you’ll receive further information about the PlayGroup in your inbox as it’s available.


Owning the Creative Power of Chaos



Things feel quite chaotic just now.  Even if we didn’t take notice of the news, we might feel it within our own bodies and emotions.  Strange feelings, anxieties and physical symptoms beset us.

Ironically, chaos isn’t really chaotic.  Chaos is made of fractals.  And fractals have a very important quality.  They hold the same energetic pattern from the largest macro level down to the most minute micro level.  That pattern operates holographically.  In other words, if you take one portion of the pattern you will find it is reproduced over and over again, up to the macro level.

This is important to you and I.  It is the basis of our growing personal power in the world, and gives a huge clue to how we can create change.

For the past few hundred years, the world we know has been held in place by our collective agreement to believe in a mechanistic universe.  We saw it as such, and so it was.  That very concept is post-mechanistic.  Quantum mechanics tells us quite clearly that we see what we expect to see. Reality is what we make it.  That’s no longer a new age or hippy idea.  It’s cutting edge science.  We just don’t quite know what to do with that knowledge yet.

Our bodies are essentially creatures of chaos.  They contain many fractals.  The tubes that take air into our lungs.  The nerves in our brain and spine.  Blood vessels.  Then there’s nature.  We find fractals in trees, rivers, wind blown patterns in sand.  Chaos is everywhere.  Nature is so intricate that it appears disordered.  In fact, these days we just call it ‘complex’.  We need supercomputers to comprehend the order, and to render it  predictable and understandable to our level of thinking.

But the intelligence of our bodies goes far beyond that of complex maths and supercomputers.  Human Design is one of the most astonishing tools for tuning us into the new emergent reality. It teaches us about our own personalised  connections with the universe.

Our personal and collective safety has relied upon an agreement that “reality” comes from outside of us.  It is something objective, and something that we are largely powerless to do anything other than respond to.  Quantum reality tells a different story.  It tells us that you and I create reality, even matter itself, around our expectations and observations.  We do it on a personal level, and collectively.  The science of fractals tells us that what we expect and observe in this moment will extrapolate out holographically, expressing itself in all levels of our life.

Yesterday I wrote about Saturn in the Spleen Centre.  Saturn, grand upholder of homeostatis and stable structures, finds himself in the gate of collapsing houses.  Saturn, lover of tradition, finds himself in a house that is no longer adequate to the weight it’s being asked to bear. The existing structures of our lives are under stress.  Saturn’s role is to tell us we can’t just sit around bemoaning the destruction around us, we have to step up.  As Hilary Barrett says about this gate – Our greatness of spirit and purpose goes beyond the scope of the situation.  We reach out imaginatively and explore.  Since things cannot hold up as they are, there must be movement.  

The Spleen Centre is filled with gates that are in the astrological sign of Libra.  Libra and Saturn are not the best of friends but they do share a love of balance.  Then along comes Pluto in the Root Centre and flings them both to the wolves.  Balance be damned!  Pluto demands change at the deepest level of our being.  Pluto, harbinger of the atomic age and a chaotic universe, calls for emergence.  He demands that we step to the very precipice of our safe and stable world and leap into the verdant evolutionary void.

Jupiter in the Root Centre

The Root Centre is so important to you and I just now.  The Sun moved there this week.  And Jupiter will arrive on 13th July, remaining until 2nd June 2014.

As we move towards fully embodying our spiritual being, the Root Centre is the last stop.  It’s not an easy place to focus our attention.  Centuries of conditioning have made it difficult to stand firmly on the earth as an individual and hold a clear expectation that we are enough, that we will be accepted, loved, included.  Jupiter has demonstrated, as it’s moved through the Throat Centre recently, that all manner of things can turn out well, against every rational expectation.    So, although the Root Centre is a place where our fight/flight adrenal response resides and we hold deep dna messages filled with fear, Jupiter brings the chance to make things come right.

Women are important here.  Recent research shows that while men are wired for fight and flight, women have a greater tendency towards what’s being called the tend and befriend response.  When faced with difficulties women naturally tend to reach out, to trust, to collaborate.  These next 12 months, with Jupiter’s positive glow hovering over the adrenal energy of every human on this planet, that tend and befriend response is going to change the world.

Scientific research over the past 20 years has debunked the tough guy stance of survival of the fittest.  I turns out the the most successful organisms over the huge sweep of history were those that learnt to cooperate rather than compete.  Organisms that rely on competition tend to die off.  This makes the tend and befriend response to stress a more more attractive survival strategy than the old fight or flight.  Seek out those who can help, work out a plan, take joint action.  (*)

Neptune Activations

Human Design Transit ChartFrom the 1st to 7th July,  the Sun and Earth move to Gates 39 and 38 in the Root Centre.  The Earth will be in the same gate as Pluto.  The Sun will create a bridge between Pluto and Neptune.  The Root Centre will be connected to both the Spleen Centre (your physical intuition) and the Solar Plexus Centre (your emotions).

This is a recipe for anxiety, fear and depression, for feeling that the world is against us, that we are abandoned, alienated, exiled, that we are trapped and can take no action.  That’s enough to get anyone’s fight or flight kicking!  However.  And it’s a big however.  The next 10 days bring a major opportunity to disregard the old fear based conditioning, to reach out to others in a community humanity.  There’s no need to buy into the old stories, to react to bad behaviour.  The most potent action you can take during this period is to stay grounded in your own life, and choose kindness and inclusion.  This doesn’t mean rescuing others or doing things you aren’t comfortable with, but it does mean exercising compassion for yourself and others in our humanity.

Neptune is doing something amazing in Gate 55 in the Solar Plexus Centre.  It is cleansing our emotional bodies of anything that prevents us flourishing in the world.  That includes a tendency to be mesmerised and glamourised away from the truth.  Watch next weeks as veils lift and truths are revealed about powerful systems (Saturn/Pluto).  Neptune also activates the well known triad of victim – rescuer – perpetrator.  Richard Rudd believes that Gate 55 is specifically related to this dynamic, so Neptune’s time there must surely be dissolving these roles.  If you don’t take up one of these three roles, what’s left?  David Emerald suggests the alternative is that we each become powerful creators, and that we help and support others to do the same.  There are new skills of universal creation that we are only just on the cusp of grasping.

Mercury, Venus and Mars will pass through some challenging gates during this six days.  In particular  Mars will spend most of it in the Gate of Standstill, meaning that your naturally soaring sense of grand possibilities may feel like they are coming to nothing.  Mercury will be retrograde in the Gate of Small Exceeding that counsels us not to overdo things, to stay close to the ground.  This is good advice.

When I was giving birth to my daughter, 15 years ago, I got some of the best advice of my life from the midwife.  She said to me “if you keep screaming like that your baby will never be born!”.  All my energy was going up through my voice and throat, and not enough was going down into the birthing process.  She held my hand while I started breathing the energy down, down, down.  Things were a lot easier after that.

The screaming was simply fear.  Fear of pain, fear of possible outcomes that might not be comfortable.  But like a pregnancy, we’re in this now.  We’re here to give birth to something and all the words in the world won’t change our grand trajectory.  The next few weeks call on us to breath the energy down.


(*)  LynnMargulis and DorionSagan, Microcosmos Summit, NewYork, 1986, p.15.


The Butterfly Effect in Overdrive


945665_10151674158910865_595709434_nI wonder if I’m enlightened yet.   I typed “”how do I know if I’m enlightened?”  into Google and found lots of lists.  Well, that certainly makes it easy!  Topping the list were things like happiness, peace, calm, humility.  Another intriguing challenge for the potential enlightenee is to be able to understand the teachings of all the world’s religions, because when I’m enlightened I will be sitting (not smugly, because I’m humble now, remember?)  in the original source.   I suppose Hebrew and Arabic will come naturally, some gift of remembrance from a past life perhaps?

I’ve been reading a lot of aspirational literature lately.  How to be happy, how to be a great leader, how to be more spiritual.  I’m getting bored with it’s wholesome goodness.  The constant striving for some ideal self is starting to wear a bit thin.  What if I just want to be the really awful version of myself, what if I just can’t be stuffed being so bloody good, trying so bloody hard?

As an antidote to the search for perfection and enlightenment,  I took up my copy of Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul.  Ah, just what I needed.  Dr Moore prescribes a cessation of the struggle to fit any particular model, and suggests instead we lean into our imperfect primitive nature and embrace what is small, inadequate, powerless and dependent within us.  Who knows what treasure’s lurk undisturbed there in our own dark places?

What if I don’t want to be happy?   While we’re all so busy trying to be spiritual, when do we get time to be soulful?  What if I don’t want to have a purpose that drives me relentlessly forward in life to some ever greater fulfillment?  What if I just want to stop?  Who’s the better person, me who is sitting in the sun all day reading a book, or the Medecins Sans Frontieres doctor giving children injections in Kenya?   I mean, sure, there’s plenty of research to suggest doing something helpful, even noble, makes us feel better, become better people.  But surely it doesn’t work if I just want to sit in the sun?  And surely, if I want to sit in the sun, that’s helpful AND noble?

This is not idle wondering.  My mental meanderings have a purpose.   I’ve been thinking a lot about the groupthink that exists around the shifts we are going through,and the pressure it creates in our lives.  Sure we can see climate change, super tornadoes, floods and house high snow drifts aren’t exactly in short supply at the moment.  Technology appears to be taking over our culture and our day to day lives – when was the last time you touched actual money rather than your bank card or smartphone banking app?  We have had some shaky days on the financial front in the past few years, with many in the  financial elite being exposed for the pirates they truly are.   Corporations that appear to have stakes in the evil empire are attempting to own our global food stocks, and amorphous conglomerations know everything about us, probably much more than we know ourselves. Last month they were denied the chance to own human dna.  I suppose they figured it was worth asking!

Of course the amorphous ‘they’ are at the root of the problem, as Saturn and Pluto activate the Root Centre and push us to finding real and practical ways to live powerful lives.

It seems to me that people are becoming kinder, friendlier and more engaged.  Here in Australia contestants in gameshows hug each other all the time, even though they’re competitors.  That wouldn’t have happened in the 1950’s, they weren’t allowed out of their designated seats even if they’d wanted a bit more intimate contact.  On the other hand, I was just looking at some footage of aboriginal artists, sitting in the dust of their traditional lands with their sagging breasts and deeply wrinkled faces, surrounded by loved ones and sporting huge smiles on their faces.  It almost made me put away my OlayRegenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, and hug my family.

We feel intuitively that we are at some sort of crossroads, but can’t quite read the signs.  As the world gets smaller, the cognitive dissonance grows louder and more insistent.   Nothing adds up anymore, and the butterfly effect seems to have gone into overdrive. We’ve grown too sophisticated to rely on our leaders, and I suspect they are just as confused as the rest of us lately.   I suspect we are in the grip of chaos.  Not chaos theory, not some kind of interesting mental idea or spiritual concept.  This is the real version, this is what happens when we arrive at the front door of chaos and are invited inside.

Back when I was a lawyer I loved the notion of primary sources.  There’s no way I’d make a dick of myself by standing up in front of a judge and saying ‘your honour there’s this case, one of my friends told me about it when we were out at the pub last night, it’s about this bloke …  ‘.  The judge needs me to give him primary sources – the 1992 Supreme Court case called Smith v’s Jones.   There’s no point me putting up a witness who was in the corner of the same pub and overheard someone telling someone else … there’s this bloke and …  There’s whispers, rumour, innuendo, and we love to dredge up all of them when we have a point to make on our own behalf.  So right about now, I’m looking for primary sources at the spiritual level.  And, truly, I don’t think there are any.  Sure, we can call on the need for faith.  But right now, what’s real?  Is there anything we can rely on?

There’s no doubt the maths stack up, and so does the science.  I read somewhere that it takes 50 years for a new scientific idea to penetrate our day to day reality.  Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity in 1916.   That’s nearly 100 years ago.   It changed what we thought we know about time and space and so perhaps we have needed the extra time to assimilate it.  I suspect that, like the Industrial Age coming on the heels of Cartesian science, our current predicament is that we are struggling to discover what quantum mechanics means and how we can live there.

Physicist John Wheeler said that the deepest lesson of quantum mechanics may be that reality is defined by the questions we put to it.  And if you’re having difficulty figuring out what this all means, you’re in good company.  Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman is quoted as saying nobody understands quantum mechanics.  Even the scientists working on it often find the ‘reality’ it reveals deeply disturbing.

It’s a bit different to the Industrial Revolution, when humanity discovered the capacity to create various kinds of steam engines and the ability to persuade perfectly rational people to spend their days in factories.   During the Industrial Revolution, a house was still a house.  These days a house may be a collection of electrons, or particles.  It may exist, or not really.  And if it’s roof falls in it may cause a tsunami in Japan.

One key point stands out in all this for me.  We are learning to create reality.  We are learning the basic (and we are at the very basic level!) skills of thinking and feeling in ways that bring about certain outcomes.

I mean, what could I make of this video?  How can sound possibly have a shape?  I mean really – sound has shape and substance??  (My favourite is the 3240 hz, by the way).

I wrote an article for a friend a while back on our attempts to think of business in ‘quantum’ terms.  In it I pointed out that although we have scientific proof that matter doesn’t actually exist (at least not in the way you and I think of it), we still expect to see our furniture where we left it when we get home from work.

In Human Design, Saturn in currently transiting in the Gate of Exceeding (28).  This was always going to be challenging.  Saturn rules structures, and Gate 28 is about the collapse of structures brought on by piling too many of our hopes and expectations upon them.  When we go beyond what’s feasible, the whole thing comes crashing down.   And right now we are coming face to face with a whole lot of unrealistic expectations.   Next week there’s be a huge shift in our consciousness about this, and I’ll write more in the next day or so about that.  We are seeing, knowing, acting more slowly, more deliberately, with more clarity of purpose.

Saturn’s effect is ramped up the the n’th degree by it’s current connection with Pluto.  It’s not just the everyday structures of our lives that are under the cosmic spotlight.  We’re  not just doing a bit too much overtime at work, or pushing our mortgage out a bit too far by buying that McMansion.   Pluto and Saturn are taking us beyond the everyday, delving deeply into the structures we rely on to survive, and they are finding all the weak spots.  Don’t expect quick outcomes for anything you are doing to remedy imbalances in your life just now.  We are in the midst of a process that will take a few years to show it’s benefits.

Pluto and Saturn are slow and steady. Results can take years to manifest.  But for right now,  we are being shown a way to live that is far beyond our current comprehension.  We can open to it slowly, and with deep reverence.


Tripping the Underworld Light Fantastic


Many people are experiencing this as a very intense time.  Jupiter is bringing healing and growth, but the ground we are walking right now is not always easy.  There is a strong flavour of loss and grief in the mix.  I got this for my daily email tarot today and it perfectly sums up the mood:


Denial or control is no longer an option and I am ready to experience a breakthrough. My suffering, fear, or emotional loss is/was valid, incredible and deserves to be acknowledged and expressed in order to heal or transform the sacrifice. I am empowered by recognition and my virtue is choice.


Denial or control is no longer an option.  Well, there’s our coping strategies gone out the window!  What to do now except face our own suffering, fear and loss?  The hurts we experience in life are valid.  Whether others perceive them or consider them important doesn’t matter.   Have you ever seen a small child fall down and heard his parent say …  “that didn’t hurt, come on up you get” ….   If you feel hurt, you are hurt.  If you feel pain, you are in pain.  The many times when you haven’t been validated, your losses, your griefs, your very perceptions of life seeming not to matter, this is the ground beneath your feet right now.


I was frustrated not to be able to write for you over the past few weeks, with so much going on.   But going deeply into this place has been so wonderfully clarifying and I’ve learnt, with my only Throat Gate being Splitting Apart – sometimes it’s just not right for me to try to put myself back together again. Sometimes it’s exactly right for me to be in pieces looking for the new pattern. And because I have my Venus there, it’s so comfortable for me to be in this process.

Isis is just coming over the Aries Point – at 1 degree Aries in the Gate of Innocence – this is about disentangling yourself, even if have have to hack away what’s no longer useful. Isis takes elements that have been torn asunder and makes them whole again.  She’s not always gentle and she’s at home in the Underworld, or at least has the courage to go there and do what needs to be done.

Jupiter is very active in the transits just now as he weaves his way around the Throat Centre.  He is making a channel with another visitor to the Underworld – Orpheus.  In search of his beloved Eurydice, Orpheus was granted the right to travel down and recover her from death.  His soulful music, played out of the place of grief, was his ticket.  It touched the heartstrings of Pluto/Hades, who opened the gates of Hell to Orpheus.

He wasn’t successful in bringing his love back, because he couldn’t meet Hades’ conditions, but nonetheless music is probably very important just now, to get beyond the language barrier that can keep our feelings trapped in worn out logic.

There’s another important side to the Orpheus story.   There are, as always in ancient myth, competing versions.   Plato says that Orpheus merely pined for his love, refusing to die to be with her.  In other words, his love was not deep and true, and Hades knew this and punished him for it.  It brings to mind the idea of believing we are making a transformation when in fact we are clinging to the surface and making all the right noises.  It’s a bit like faking an orgasm.  Actually, it’s a lot like faking an orgasm.

The channel that we find Jupiter in just now pulls us away from the pleasant surface of life and deeply into what’s real.  Even if, like Isis, we have to hack our way through.  Just like sex, real life is not always graceful, but it’s deep rewards flow from it’s authenticity.

For the past few years the asteroid Hylonome has been inching her way towards the Galactic Centre (which is in Gate 11).   Now, just as she is about to arrive, Jupiter turns up in the opposite gate, triggering her influence in our lives and connecting her to the Orpheus story.

Pandora is right there alongside Hylonome so we know there is something hidden away here, something we have been conditioned into believing is bad, cursed even.  Pandora was originally, before the patriarchal retelling, a goddess of earth’s abundance and all good things.   When Pandora is active in the transits, we are clearing ancient curses from our lives and finding the courage to open the lid of the box to reveal something glorious.   Hylonome also brings the need for courage.  A warrior, she lost her lover during a battle.  So grief stricken was she by his death that she took her own life, falling dead on his body.

Unlike Orpheus, Hylonome was prepared to die (transform) for love.   When Hylonome is active by transit, we experience grief and loss and a feeling that life isn’t worth living.  She represents self-sacrifice, martyrdom, and the tendency to believe we are nothing without relationship. But remember, Hylonome was a beautiful and courageous warrior.  In the Gate of  Peace and Advancement (11), she helps us to think things through, to have hope that everything will be okay, to refrain from emotional actions that we may later regret.  Hylonome asks us to consider what is worth living and ‘dying’ for.

And let’s add another visitor to the Underworld.  Psyche is conjunct the North Node.  The simple version here is that we are being impulsed to travel towards (North Node) our original soul wound (Psyche).  There is more relationship drama here as well.  Psyche was in love with Eros, but refused to keep her agreement not to look him in the face to discover his true identity.  After a number of incredibly difficult quests, including heading down to the Underworld to fetch Aphrodite some face cream, Psyche earned the right to become immortal.   Her divinity arose from her tenacity in the face of potential loss of love.   While Hylonome stayed in the Piscean state of bliss and sacrificial love, Psyche took a more grounded route of looking at reality.  Hylonome ended up dead, Psyche became a goddess and married her beloved Eros.  This is not so much a love story as a pathway to resurrection of your own divinity through becoming whole.


The last Goddess I want to bring into the picture for you is Ceres.  Actually, let’s not snub Eris, we’ll include her as well. There is much that has been invisible that is now rising to consciousness and it is embedded in your deepest wounds of invisibility.  (Ophelia, the invisible one, is conjunct Chiron in the transitional gate 63 just now, but I digress)

Ceres and Eris are both transiting in a channel that portends a new cycle of nourishment based on taking responsibility for ourselves and working well with others to achieve wonderful outcomes.  Ceres lost her daughter Persephone to Hades and the Underworld, and the earth was ravaged by her loss and the grief and rage it evoked.  Ceres is in the Root Centre, and gives us a grounding point.  Stamp your feet on the ground, feel the earth rising up in your body to fill you with love and abundance, breath in your capacity to flourish on this planet.  The Underworld is simply the place where we’ve been taught to hide what is best about us.  We can go there, we can acknowledge our own hurt, our own grief, our own rage, our own thoughts and emotions, our own perceptions.  It takes courage, and the payoff is enormous.

As the Moon passes through Aquarius and Pisces over the next few days, it may trigger a conflict between rules (Aquarius), perfectionism (Neptune) and our actual emotions.  Be aware of any constraints on the flow of your emotions and watch the relationship between your emotions and your thoughts.  The emotions, and the logical ideas they engender, probably aren’t true.  They were once, but not now.  So there’s no need to act on them, or even believe in them, but there is a deep and powerful need to experience and acknowledge them.  If you need support to do this, please reach out for it.  You don’t have to do this on your own.

We are in yet another space of cosmic shift that calls out our skills in attuning to multidimensional reality.  We can have compassion for our own humanity, while at the same time holding a larger evolutionary view.  The weave and weft of this shift calls us to have courage, to hold true to the potential we can feel within us.  We need to remind ourselves that we are loved, that we are special, that we have capacities within us that we have barely even begun to make use of.   Remember to sing and dance!




The Rebirth of Innocence



Ah, just another day in paradise ….

Jupiter moved to the Gate of Standstill yesterday, peeling off from it’s 4 week festival with changemaker Uranus.  Jupiter represents our capacity to maintain a faith in the goodness of life, so his movements are worth our attention.  The Gate of Standstill – Gate 12 – is a stop codon in Human Design.  This means that something we’ve had faith in up till now is no longer working for our benefit and it’s time to let it go.

I pulled the death card again over the weekend. We have become good friends, the death card and I!  I also spent the weekend feeling that I was dying,  with a sort of sweet relief that I could let all the struggle go and move on.  Let’s not forget Saturn down in the Gate of Exceeding – Gate 28 – a place where our body struggles against a fear of death.

306982_10151618224940865_1261094614_nWith the recent events on the street of London, the hacking to death of Drummer Rigby, there is a sense of the death of innocence.  This death was also seen in the loss of children in the Oklahomo tornado last week. These things happen, have always happened.  The difference now is that through the wonders of technology I get to see Drummer Rigby’s body laying on the street and look into the eyes of his killer as he stands before me with bloodstained hands.  I am able to watch the parents of lost children cry as they explain how they tried to collect their children from school and failed.  These things are happening in my otherwise peaceful living room.

The asteroid Child was conjunct the Sun in May’s New Moon, and the month of May brought some profound experiences of the value of our inner child to the community, to the collecctive at large.  Who values us, who cares for us, who supports us?  Beneath the superficial trappings of culture and economy, who are we?  Beyond the busy-ness,  what do we stand for?  Is there something essential that we’ve been missing in our own lives?

Jupiter in the Gate of Standstill calls us to have faith in our own innocence, in our own hearts, despite what appears to be a world going to hell in a handbasket.  If you and I can’t hold onto to what we know to be true, then the cycle of transformation will tear and fall flat.  There are moments in every cycle where we find it hard to trust, and yet, right now, you and I are perfectly fine.  We are breathing, loving, making our life of art.  We are continuing to trust in our own lives and the lives of those we love. We are allowing our innocence to rebirth itself into a world that needs it more than anything else. That’s what Jupiter in the Gate of Standstill calls us to.   The reclaiming of the final mile in the  Boston Marathon is evidence that we can reclaim what’s real.




There are a few places left in the Soul Progressions PlayGroup, starting June 4 in the Love Your Design Learning Hub.  If you are interested in learning a new way to look more deeply into the significance of your everyday experiences, you’ll love the Soul Progressions PlayGroup.   If you are working professionally with Human Design, this PlayGroup will give you a tool that helps your clients understand the life processes they are engaged in, and how to make the most of them.  The Progressions are crucial to support good decision making, as they show the exact influences at play in our lives at a particular point in time.  I’m just completing the classroom and forum, so we can get stuck into enjoying some virtual playtime!





Owning The Power of Our Fear


We are heading into a time of challenges this week.  The outcome is up to you.

Today Saturn shifts into the Gate of Great Exceeding (28),  where our very relationship to the structures of our lives come under question.  How do we sustain ourselves in the modern world?  Where and how do we grow our food?  Who weaves the cloth for our t-shirts and jeans?  Who mines the rare earth for our smartphones?

The next few months call us to extraordinary action to bring balance to the world in the face of a global fear of annihilation.   And our first step is to become familiar with our own buried fears.

twisted-fractal-wallpaperI know, not very cheery is it?  Saturn can be like that!  However, at his most potent, Saturn calls us to look squarely in the face of apparent limitations and find the nugget of gold that only we can carry away and make something of.

Between now and early August you are likely to have your eyes opened to many things in your life that, looking back, you’ll realise you were inexplicably unaware of.  The truth of who we are and how we live will seem like a different country by then.  And in the meantime, we are asked to look beyond the limitations facing us to find what Saturn, the archetypal teacher, is asking us to attend to.

There will be a revelation, some great personal and collective gift, and a new sense of purpose, for us to uncover.

Saturn is joining Pluto in the Gate of Opposition (38).  Here again the need is to look beyond the immediate challenges to find a greater truth.  When we perceive opposition we are really seeing diversity, a beautifully spun fractal of light in all it’s infinite colours.  Rather than fighting it, or trying to control it, we can simply appreciate it’s difference and carry on with our own lives. Our diversity will carry us in different directions, as indeed it’s meant to do.  We are not all meant to be standing together as one, looking in the same direction and holding hands.  Each one of us has our unique take on life, our unique offering and path.

Our instincts have taught us that here is a threat to our existence, ancient fears arise unbidden in our complex architecture of self.  In my work with people I see an extraordinary amount of energy stuck in the Root Centre and unable to release itself into the world.  These embedded fears leave the potential for collaboration untapped, as we block our connections with more diverse people, ideas and experiences without even realising we are doing it.   If we do not own our personal capacity for fear, and our unique responses to it, we do not control our choices in life.

Pluto is an extremely concentrated power, sub-atomic and hidden within the most innocuous things.  He brings to the surface material that needs to be eliminated from our lives. Releasing the unconscious fear of death, limitation and opposition is opening us up to a new creative energy that will change life on this planet.  We are already seeing the first waves of this potent force.

This is a channel that speaks of the structures we create in our lives to deal with our deeply unconscious fear of death.   All the things we engage with on a cultural level that bridge the gap between the joy of life and our own inevitable end point.   How we create a sense of personal significance for ourselves to stave off the feeling that we are about to be swallowed by the immense personal oblivion of the void.  What if we could use this power for good?

Although it sounds like a bad thing, this is the point in our lives where creativity arises.  This place of fear.  But in our death-denying culture we’ve been taught to reflexively reach for packaged solutions rather than go within.  This immense creative power is not yet in our own hands.  This transit is likely to change that.

You’ve heard the saying that what we resist persists, and in a world where millions die of starvation while others overdo the botox and dieting to try to hang onto their youth, there’s no doubt that death is something we resist.  Our fear of death is being used to overwhelm us, to keep us tame and risk-free, to convince us that we need to have the latest gadget or be shamed, to play it even safer.

While I’m writing this, Carolyn Jayne has reminded me of the fear tactics used by the pharmaceutical industry – vaccines, flu shots, cancer.   We have been inundated by funeral insurance ads recently – what will your family do if you leave them to pay your funeral expenses?  Scary!!  I’m not saying we shouldn’t be practical, but when fear is in such epidemic proportions that it overwhelms our capacity to experience our true wealth of intuitive knowing (Spleen Centre) then we retreat to the Root Centre and fail to come out into the world in a powerful and meaningful way.  We live in depression and anxiety, never able to step out and take the personal risks we need to connect and to create.  This transit helps us become aware of the toxic effects fear has had in our lives, and to do something practical (Saturn) about it.

The Root Centre brings pressure into our lives – the pressure to take action, to re-act.   What might arise from the depths of your being if you chose instead to hold to your your own timing and awaited your own inner response, allowed a more conscious knowing of the situation?  This is our challenge, to be open to the power of what arises when we resist the ingrained pressure to react to fear without first knowing what it truly represents in our lives.

Each one of us is stepping up to take responsibility for our lives, to take ownership of our own inner resources, to walk our own unique pathway and find our own personal heroic story.  There will be things to be afraid of, but they are not what we believe them to be today.  And when we shed the toxic communal fears that have made us susceptible to manipulation and have kept us small, we will have the intuitive intelligence to meet it in a different way, not as lone individuals struggling to survive but as a collective each with our own diverse tool box of creative solutions ready to share.


Human Design Transit Chart for 7th May 2013