I believe

Sadness has always sent me into hiding, as if it was a taboo, something I am not allowed to share with the world. I decided to love my sadness, to create a new relationship with it.

Great Mother Issues

There’s been a huge rush around the empowerment of women in the past few years. There’s absolutely no doubt that the women of the world are staking their claim to creating a better future. Where are we at with that energy right now? It’s about changing our story about how we keep safe. It’s about stepping past our familiar boundaries and blessing the day and each person we meet. It’s about radically expanding our sense of fellowship to all humanity. It’s about no longer restricting our alliances to ‘people like us’. The feminine is relative – as in, it holds the energy of relationships on this planet. There’s stuff to let go of as we reach out to a whole new level of relationship, there’s morphic fields to deconstruct and new lives to create.