Full Moon in Gate 19.1, Sun in 33.1 on 31 July 2015 at 10.42 UT.

bluemoon.jpgBlue Moon, you knew just what I was there for … you heard me saying a prayer for …

The upcoming Full Moon is a Blue Moon, which means it’s the second full moon in one calendar month. There really isn’t any great astrological significance in this, especially since calendar months are a fairly recent phenomenon and bear no relationship to the lunar cycle. But hey, it’s fun to imagine a lovely blue moon rising from the ocean and each Full Moon has it’s own special meaning in our evolutionary trajectory. So let’s celebrate it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HRKl0fa2dg

This Full Moon is in Gate 19, with the Sun in Gate 33.  The key energy is about withdrawing from what is trying to pull us back into the past, and instead bringing our focus to our own inner compass. We are still very much within the influence of the powerful nodal transits. You can read more about those here. 

There’s anxiety here, the Full Moon happens in line 1 so we are seeking a secure foundation, something solid for our feet to rest on. But even if you don’t feel wholly secure just now, keep reminding yourself you are in the right place at the right time with the right people for now, even if now is only the next 5 minutes. Rest into your moments.

I have been writing recently on the shift from human-centred linear growth to a more soul attuned and relaxed dance with the natural evolutionary universal forces.  This Full Moon brings us another chapter in our learning. We are attuning more to the great growing energy from source that is always infusing our lives. It asks for your full participation and it seeks fruition.

When we set goals and attempt to attain them outside of divine partnership, we create results prematurely and miss the magic and power of the process. There is a fear in this old way of operating, that we may miss out, that we might get it wrong, that we don’t deserve the perfection of our desires.

What if, instead, we allowed our intuitive natural self to be in charge and allowed everything to unfold as it should? What if we had patience and confidence in our own wisdom?

There is something from the past seeking to swallow you up this week. To keep yourself whole you must be constant to a long term principle rather than short term gains. If you fear missing out on something – results, money, relationships – don’t. Let your losses go with grace because you are playing a longer game and these losses will diminish as you move away from them, no matter how large they may seem right now.

Withdraw from what may harm you and keep you from wholeness. The greater your inner focus and concentration, the more present and available you are to your present moment – your point of power.

Don’t try to envisage your new life yet. Get clear of these old influences. Leave them far behind and when the dust has settled, you will see where you are headed next.

Mars in Gate 62 is showing us how to use our vital energy. This is a gate of transition. What small things can you do to make your crossing in small ways? Don’t go against your nature and over reach yourself. Rather than forging ahead, make an authentic connection here. Mars in 62 touches on those of you who have your Eris in Gate 17 (approximately 1939 to 1955), bringing that powerful energy of chaos and interdependence into the mix for you.  more here.




The Sun and Eros have been travelling together for a few weeks now, and in this Full Moon they are joined by the asteroid Diana, all in Gate 33.

I could draw some conclusions about Sun and Eros, like that we are being impulsed to draw our creative juices back from the exclusively sexual expression. Have you had any shifts in regard to your experiences with your sexual energy in the past few weeks? I could also add something that came out in my discussions with Carolyn Jayne – that Eros is an immature young man who is cowed into acting on his mother’s instructions. This opens up a whole new kettle of fish if we think about the deeper story of spiritual initiation we are engaged in. Richard Tarnas, for example, sees this time as one where humans are growing out of a spiritual adolescence (matriarchy and patriarchy) and into a more mature and direct relationship with their own divinity and creative capacities.

Gaston_Casimir_Saint-Pierre_-_Diana_the_HuntressAnd what, I hear you ask, about Diana?  Where does she fit into this story of juicy sexuality and reclaimed divinity? Again, there are a number of ways we could read this. One way is that it shows a heightened sensitivity to nature and to animals, triggering a desire to reconnect with the natural world in real ways rather than as an abstract notion (eg, virtually, by looking at pictures of trees on social media).

Another important aspect of the asteroid Diana is her role as protectress of young women, the maidens. Can you feel something young and innocent arising in yourself, something that has previously felt hunted down, unsafe in the world because of it’s natural and wild nature?

This Full Moon is pushing us to finalise relationships and experiences. There might not seem much of an opening to get free. It’s a bit like a difficult birth, but if you apply simplicity and discretion and stay attuned to your inner knowing, free you will be.

We are shaking off old beliefs that have kept us isolated, held within our own mental prison of opposition and obstruction projected onto our world. The new relationships that we create from here will be safer, because we will have the capacity to keep ourselves safe. They will be juicer, more divine and creative, because we are juicier and more divine and creative.

This is not a time to be pushing forward. Take some time now to consider your strategies, your direction, your alliances. Who do you want in your life and what would you like to do with them? Hold that frequency, kick back and relax, and get free of anything other.



The image of the girl laying on the beach – I have done my usual suite of image searches to find the artist and got nada nothing! If you do know the artist please let me know and I’ll add an attribution.

Diana The Huntress – Gaston Casimir Saint Pierre

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