September is jam packed with power.

From 7th September till 3rd October Jupiter is in Gate 40, joining Neptune in Gate 37. Together they activate the channel that is often called Family and Community.

Jupiter expands, and for the next month it may expand all your family boundary issues and bring to light all the places you allow others to dictate over your time and efforts. Watch yourself closely for any matrydom ….  {sigh} ……  I suppose I should … {sigh} …  you get the picture!

We are letting go of sticky old habits of giving ourselves up to those who don’t value us, no matter how much they love us. And re-activating soul contracts to come together and co-create.  We will find we can be held safe in relationship with others, in ways we’ve never felt before.

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On 13 September we have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

The Sun and Moon are in the Gate of Exhaustion. Here nothing can grow, all resources are dried up. It sounds gloomy. It is gloomy. Many of you are feeling it. But here, to quote I Ching Master Huang, lie the seeds of great regeneration.

In a difficult time, when we feel confined and unable to make progress, we should hold firm to our inner ideals and maintain our frequency at a high level.

How do you do that? We each have our way. Some people enjoy walking in nature, for others it’s music. One of my client’s last week loves nothing more than to chant each day. It may be listening to Abraham Hicks on youtube, or reading inspirational books. It can even be a trip to Facebook to connect with supportive and inspiring friends.

Do what feels best for you, and what keeps you in a high-res. If you’re feeling relaxed, happy and prosperous you’re doing it right!

Herein lies the very heart of the shift we are experiencing in September and October. Regardless of external circumstances, you are a powerful creator. What you see about you is the past. It’s what you have already created. To allow it to dictate the limits of who you can be is simply and purely a recipe for staying stuck in a loop.

We are moving beyond the time of closed loops. We are shifting into a time of spirals. We circle ever upwards on layers of light. And we do it through our frequency, rather than looking outside ourselves at circumstances – what some would call reality – and struggling through the limitations of that to try to get the best outcome we can.




Rather than focusing on the walls that enclose you, the limits and obstructions and lack, concentrate on the life and growth within the space you currently inhabit. What is growing here? Can you feel a seed of something?

Don’t try to make things important. Instead, be simple and authentic. Turn up real. Let what is, be. To navigate successfully in our newly created world we must be fluid, nimble, capable of both swiftness and slowness. What we imagined we were creating is changing, and we must be available to change with it, at a moment’s notice if need be.

I am writing an ebook on authenticity – because I use the word a lot and so many people asked me “what is authenticity, really?”  My favourite example of authenticity is our willingness to engage in self discovery in the presence of another person. How quickly and authentically can you respond to what you perceive in each moment? How authentically present can you be, within yourself and in relationship? Can you feel what you hold back? And why you hold back?

This version of authenticity reminds me of my experience with a woman who has done a huge amount of bodywork with me over the years. Vayu has been instrumental in my recovery from the debilitating CFS that haunted my days, months and years. I was having horrible painful symptoms after my sessions with her. We talked about it and she eventually worked out what was happening. I was holding in my physical responses, not allowing a free flow of energy while I was on her table, waiting until I got home and into my bed. Then I would release my blocks because I felt safe, and allow the healing to begin. The only problem was it wasn’t flowing, it was getting stuck and I would be in terrible pain. Once we figured this out, Vayu helped me be more open and trusting, to find a safe space in myself during my work with her and it was a turning point in my recovery.

We need to increase our capacity to be present to our own experience of each moment of our lives. We are expanding our ability to trust ourselves and our own inner guidance systems, even over and above what is happening ‘out there’. We are learning to hold ourselves intact even as we shed and grow and become in plain view of our world. As we create this fluidity, beyond old stories of shame and withholding and lack of safety, we become powerful creators who can perceive and respond with simplicity and power.

There is a lot of energy available to us to rewrite new stories – of our own lives and of our culture.

Jupiter is the myth-maker and he is in a channel with Neptune. Notice when you are with the right people, how your story of your own life shifts and changes. Watch for the shifts in frequency as you think different versions of the story of your own life.  Dwarf planet Makemake is sitting with the North Node in Gate 46. Makemake is all about the power of a story. He is the poster child for the saying that history is written by the victors.  The two healing asteroids are also in that channel – Panacea in 46 and Hygiea in 29. Juno is there as well, in Gate 46 line 1. There is no need for you to continue to believe in stories written by old victors, stories that disempower you and make you wrong.

The idea of your sense of self arising from the stories you tell is UP right now. And it is instrumental in how you are connecting to others. Juno, the Divine Consort, tells us that it is time to step into a creative flow in relationships, not give ourselves up, not make ourselves second, not be a slave or a concubine or a helpmate. You are primary in your own life, but (as Byron Katie might say) only always!

I was intrigued to see Brene Brown has published a new book just at this time – about how we frame our personal stories. On her website she has a new quote, from the book – maybe stories are just data with a soul.

This is so perfect for September’s New Moon. Gate 47 is about telling our personal stories as a way of understanding our emotional patterning, as a way of getting free of a withholding past, as a way of connecting with others who value us.

You might want to hold yourself apart from this greater flow of universal energy coming into your life. You might even decide you can’t feel it, that you’re somehow special enough to be cut off from it. Your fears of being swept away (aside?) of losing your freedom or autonomy may seem real. But there is a new frequency of effortless plenty arising within us and it grows even as we draw on it. Only when we focus on what is growing, rather than on the walls that contain it, that we become part of the flow, experience the true essence of ourselves and tap into our deeper potential.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse are about both our emotions (lunar) and our ego (solar) undergoing a transformation. As they both dip out of view momentarily, a whole new story arises within you. A new story of who you are, of how you can be. There is hope for a much deeper potential, but you have to approach life right now as something slightly unknown. Assume nothing! Take each step as it comes. Celebrate each moment as the glorious gift it is.

The North Node is sitting on the Super Galactic Centre, and this is a powerful point of growth. The Super Galactic Centre draws us to a desire for soul based relationship as a way of changing the world. I’ll finish with a quote from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching for the North Node position in Gate 46 line 4:


This place was once the centre of the action, full of life an meaning. You might have thought it still would, be or at least that there would be something here to engage with, but now it stands empty.

If you are committed to change and progress, it is up to you to move on. Travel straight through towards your objective, do not linger here waiting for shadows to talk to you.



Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

On 28th September we have a Full Moon and lunar eclipse. The Sun will be in Gate 18 line 1 and the Moon in Gate 17 line 1. Leave your familiar corner of the world, go outside the gate and engage with the creative flow. You can safely let go of all your ‘shoulds’ now, and follow the effortless flow of supportive synchronicities.

When I was out today I found myself standing between two people debating the merits of two cars, a Jeep and a Range Rover. Donna and I were falling about laughing. These are the exact two cars I’ve been coveting and deciding between in the last few months. Watch the synchronicites this month and know they are the universe aligning as closely as it can to your capacity to receive.  Watch for more to come from me on the Full Moon!


Img: John Patience

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