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  1. Hi Kim,
    Just listened to your archived show.
    Quite apart from your accuracy – and compassion – describing what it just about feels like right now, I enjoyed picking up the crumbs and tidbits that better help one ‘get’ human design – and their own design particularly.
    You said your friend told you, ‘You should feel safe when you go into your heart.’ And you said that with your open heart centre, ‘I didn’t know anything about love.’ For quite a while now I’ve heard my mouth speaking aloud to me in private saying, ‘I don’t know what love is’. Natch, one feels a massive failure of human being, but, hey presto, I don’t have a defined heart centre, so I am free, free, free as a bird. It is so cool relaxing into all this – and immensely exciting too!
    Thanks so much for what you share.

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