As reluctuant Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan has been telling us since 1964, the times they are a changin’.  And right now we are in the eye of chaos. This week’s full moon is a wake up call, particularly to women. Look clearly. Feel your own emotions, particularly those you would prefer to avoid. It will bring you snapping right back to a reality we lost touch with long ago.

Medusa is at work here, and one of her qualities is women’s disconnection from their own sacred nature. Another quality is being in our heads and cut off from our bodies. Same same really!

There is a simple message in this full moon, woven through with so many narrative motifs it is begins to resemble a rubik’s cube. Which way will you turn the pieces? And just like a rubik’s cube, it seems chaotic until you understand the underlying formula. There is universal law at work here, masquerading within our (universally unlawful) culture as chaos (re-adjustment).


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When we add in significant asteroids, every gate in the communal circuitry (sometimes erroneously called the EGO circuit) is activated except the gate of control (21).This tells us we are amidst a deeper process of examining the mystical underpinnings of our culture, the mythology of how we live and love and eat and pray and sleep together. We can’t control it. It is heaven’s creative force flowing strongly towards change. It is beyond our understanding, beyond our stopping it or turning it back. Ony those who move with it will flourish.

The Earth and Moon call us to find our shared roots. We can find a goal we all believe in (most of us at least) – to repair our relationship with our planet and with each other. The task seems so huge many people have given up any belief that it is a realistic hope, and given themselves over to a more superficial version of their own lives.This moon brings us back to reality.

The full moon may bring feelings of sorrow and overwhelm, and the healing tears of the wounded communal heart of humanity. It’s almost as if this full moon asks us to weep for what is happening in the world.

But weeping is not enough. There is also women’s rage. Both Lilith and Medusa are active. Lilith is in gate 19, making a channel with Damocles and Hybris in the gate of revolution (part of the communal circuitry) This is a channel of making sure everyone has a roof over their heads, food in their belly, someone to hug them and let them know everything is going to be fine. Tell that to the children of Aleppo right now! Lilith says no we will not lie down and be destroyed, along with your version of the one god. We will not give ourselves up to the demigods and their games.


Can you release your grip on the false gilt gods of our culture?


One of the most important things you can do right now is to stop believing in war. Charles Eisentstein says it beautifully in his new book The More Beautiful World Our Heart Knows Is Possible. War is simply a metaphor used to manipulate us to add our energy to someone else’s agenda. We’ll be talking about war and the mysterious number 137 in our next Emergent Women webinar. Pluto spent 3 years in the gate of opposition, pulling us all into hateful polarity. But it’s moved on now, and so must we.

The call to women is so strong in this chart.

Hybris is an asteroid that calls us to account for stepping beyond the boundaries of the gods. This is a complex idea right now. Because the word ‘gods’ can mean many things. The Earth and Moon are activating the gate which represents the LORD, the one who is closest to god. What happens if we step beyond the boundaries of a culture created by those who believe, in their hubris, that they are beyond the bounds of nature and universal law? The second idea that comes to my mind is that each one of us is being hubristic when we believe we can escape into our own gilded consumeristic future whilst ignoring the calls of climate change, war and humanitarian disaster.

A third, and very interesting, idea is that women have become afraid of their own power and fear being called hubristic. What if you stand up and people slap you down again? Why take the risk? We have been so conditioned to love, honour and obey! Achilles, an asteroid which speaks to women holding back out of false humility, is in gate 26 with the Sun, which makes this third version of Hybris’ message very appealing! Are we doing reverse-hubris? Are we taking false humility so far that we bring about the downfall of humanity?

The other asteroid sitting with Hybris and Lilith in the channel of synthesis is Damocles, which speaks to a fear of personal power. We must take hold of our power now. It’s not about rushing into the streets and screaming at people. This full moon tells us to take things steady, see clearly, recognise our deep emotional pain – sorrow and rage. We must begin to find something in ourselves that takes charge of our own world.

Medusa is with Neptune in the gate of community (37). Medusa is the face of women’s rage. She is the culturally perceived ugliness of our not-nice selves. Freud believed Medusa represented mature female sexuality, a castrating force with the power to turn men to stone. How much fear is driving the current geo-political situation?

Often when Jupiter is involved, as he is so strongly at the moment, events can seem too big for one person to take on. And so we fall back, cowed by our own insignificance.

In last week’s Emergent Women webinar we talked about the quantum concept of small steps, taken locally. This full moon is all about letting go of hubris and finding an approach that is more realistic, more authentic, more sustainable. Release yourself from overwhelm. You can only do what you can do. You don’t need anyone’s permission to stand steady in your own life and SEE with clarity what is happening. Your actions, small and consistent, will change the world.


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