I want to begin building the picture for the next few weeks, as we approach a pivotal time for humanity. On 26th June we have a lunar eclipse on a Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. We also have what some people are calling a Cosmic Cross, others are calling it a Cardinal Cross. What is it? A line up of planets on the cardinal points – 0 degrees or close in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These cardinal points activate change at the inner and outer level.

Eric Francis has aptly described the Aries Point as the place where the personal meets political. When we have transpersonal planets like Pluto and Uranus involved we can expect changes in our lives from shifts in culture, economy, environment.

Reaping the WhirlwindAnd let’s not leave out Ceres sitting on the Galactic Centre (in Gate 11), Saturn sitting on the SuperGalactic Centre (in Gate 46) loosely opposite Uranus and Jupiter, and Pholus and Ixion sitting on The Great Attractor (in Gate 5) making a channel with Mercury, Cyllarus and Hades (in Gate 15). That’s a lot of black hole activity.

Already too much information, right? And we’re only in the first few paragraphs! And I haven’t even got to the asteroids! So, let’s take a few days to really come to grips with what’s going on here.

Have you ever been to the theatre? You sit in a darkened auditorium listening to faint rumblings on-stage, the activity hidden by the heavy curtains. You know the last pieces of the sets are being put in place and the players taking their positions. That is exactly what’s happening now. Many of the key players already have their greasepaint and costumes on, sitting onstage awaiting the lift of the curtain. Reading the program you purchased out in the foyer before the show will give you a sense of expectation but none of the actual experience of what’s about to be revealed.

Root Centre

I want to start with the Root Centre, because there’s a strong theme developing there, and the Sun will be there in Gate 52, Keeping Still, on the Full Moon.

Root Centre 26th June 2010

The Nodes have been in the Root Centre, in the Gates of Opposition (North Node) and Obstruction (South Node), since mid-April 2o1o. The Nodes show us quite simply what we need to let go of (South Node) and what we need to allow ourselves to move towards (North Node).

If we look at the way they’re pointing out of the Root Centre we can see that we are being asked to move away from issues of emotional survival in the Solar Plexus Centre to the right hand side (39) and towards issues of physical survival to the Spleen on the left hand side (38). Which might seem a bit strange. You would think that we have evolved past issues of physical surivival?

This is not a personal survival issue, but turns us strongly towards planetary survival. Or as my friend SheKaNah pointed out to me one day, human survival, since it’s pretty clear our beautiful planet will continue to hurtle throughout space and time whether we survive or not!

The idea of planetary survival is heightened by the presence of the dwarf planet Haumea, in a long term visit to Gate 57 in the Spleen Centre. In retrograde motion, she’s asking us to take a stand for what we believe in, to move gently and decisively towards what we desire.

So let’s have a look at that North Node, because she’s passing on more than a simple message of survival. She’s hooking up with some big energies to show us the pathway through. Firstly, Pluto is also in the Root Centre. S/he’s in the Gate of Joy – Gate 58 line 1. On 26th June both the Earth and Moon activations will also be in Gate 58 line 1 so this is obviously a profound point in the chart. But I’m going to leave it for now. We’ll come back to it on another day.

I want to look at how those two nodal points connect to the Centres at either end.

Snow White and the Solar Plexus Centre

I’ve mentioned Snow White a few times over the past weeks. Snow White is a scattered disc object big enough to be considered for dwarf planet-ship. Personally I think she’s a shoe in, given her obvious dwarfish connections.

But back to reality! The mythology of Snow White is one of many folk stories that involve a sleeping princess. Clarissa Pinkola Estes sees this as a metaphor for the somnambulent inner feminine, asleep at the wheel of her own life. Snow White is telling us that we are wounded (conjunct Chiron) in our ability to connect with our emotions and use them as a sacred tool of growth and resurrection.

There’s been something missing on the pathway from girl to woman.

Snow White and Chiron connect the South Node to the Solar Plexus Centre, showing us that Snow White needs to wake up. But no one gets to wake up without going through some sort of trial, some maturation process. The romantic ‘she opened her eyes and they lived happily ever after’ story is not going to cut it here. In fact, it’s part of the problem.

Chariklo the Nymph

Let’s go back to Chiron. His beloved wife Chariklo was a nymph, dedicated to sacred sexuality. These days our inner nymph is starving to death in a world that has reduced sex to a commodity, and our sexual expression to various forms of barter.

As Melanie Reinhart notes in her book Chiron and The Healing Journey, “By the time of the Greek myths, the nymphs had lost most of their original instinctual vitality and dignity, and were reduced to benevolent nature spirits…

That’s my emphasis on the word “benevolent”. I want to know, benevolent to whom? Not, obviously to the nymphs themselves, and presumably not to the goddess they served, the power of the feminine or it’s sexual expression as a force of healing and creativity.

Just now we find Chariklo at Gate 43 in the Ajna Centre, creating a channel with Sedna, who is in Gate 23. Between the two of them, they connect the mind to the throat. Sedna is the Inuit Goddess calling us to re-align with universal laws in order to save what we have left. In Gate 23, Splitting Apart, we find misfortune that reaches so deeply into our lives that our home collapses on top of us. Remember Sedna was the girl who refused to marry in accordance with her father’s wishes? Forcing her to do so effectively cut off the food supply because it was an offence against the goddess.

Chariklo looked after Chiron when he was sick, all those years after being wounded by Hercules or the Lapiths depending on who’s telling the story. Eric Francis sees her as someone who holds a healing space for those she loves. There’s a potential for the co-dependent relationship here, the enabler who keeps turning up to be abused again and again in the hope that next time things will be different.

What binds Chariklo and Sedna together at this crucial point in history? Let’s head back down to the Root Centre where we may find the answer.

Pallas Athene

Adjoining the North Node is asteroid Pallas Athene. Now Pallas is generally considered patriarchy’s daughter and protector. Born out of Zeus’ head, she was motherless, cut off from her own instinctive wisdom. And here we find her in the Spleen Centre, home of the instinct but in a gate that shows what happens when we are pressured to do too much, push too hard, stretch ourselves too thin. In other words, when we step out of alignment with our own truth and magic.

Pallas is not alone here. We also find Ceto the deep sea monster who symbolises the fears rising up from the collective unconscious.

If Pallas is seen as a woman who defends the patriarchy (dare we say, enables it?), then Ceto demonstrates how deep is our fear of allowing ourselves to question it.

Why? Because our belief that our survival, life itself, depends on the patriarchal systems of government, finance, etc, are firmly wedged into our DNA via 2000 years of conditioning. These systems are as familiar and essential to us as the air we breathe. And yet they are killing us and we must open our eyes and see that they no longer hold the power of our future safely in their hands (if in fact they ever did).

This creates a conflict at the most basic cellular level for every person on this planet. To save ourselves we must risk cutting ourselves off from the only source of life we know.

This is a point where women (and for men, the inner feminine) must release our grip, stop looking metaphorically to be saved to live happily ever after, and stand firmly in alignment with something deep and profound that most of us have long forgotten we even had access to. Our instinctual vitality and dignity, our refusal to be the enablers of a system that is abusing all humanity.

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Tomorrow I expect I might write something about Hidalgo and Bienor, the new masculine energies arising. I say might because at the moment, plans really are made for breaking!

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On 8th July I will be joining with Jamie Walters to present a feast of the feminine. Designed to help you reclaim your Feminine Mojo, this program will give you a whole new sense of what it truly means to be a woman in the 21st century. I’ll let you know more as we get closer to the date.

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