Have Your True Desires Been Squashed?

sunflowerI’ve been inundated by emails exhorting me to make plans for 2015!  Hey, I’ve hardly even drawn breathe from 2014 yet, but I MUST apparently go out and attack that marketplace, get in first and claim my territory.  Or get started on my weight loss, find my perfect partner and buy a new car.  Lordy, I feel exhausted at the very idea of it!

I was sitting on my verandah this morning feeling tiny tendrils of cool breeze caressing my skin amidst the warm humid air.  I felt like I was being tickled by angels, and I probably was!  That was more fun that creating a task list!

I know this post is tight on the heels of the Full Moon post, but there is something I wanted to share with you.  It’s another activation to the emotional realm, so I thought you might like to have a heads up.

I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks, some people are feeling great, others are feeling terrible, and a lot of people are ossilating between the two, with great amplitude!

This week might feel like an emotional meltdown but it has a purpose – to bring you back to your true desires.

This is a continuation of the Root Centre to Solar Plexus Centre thing I talked about yesterday – that old pressure to survive by sucking in your stomach and pretending nothing’s wrong.  As in – No, I’m NOT having an emotional meltdown I always breathe like this and my eyes often water entirely of their own accord. 

The Solar Plexus Centre is all about fire.  The element fire, which is all about illumination and spirit, and expressing your power through actions aligned with your very highest qualities.





For the next 6 days, Mars is transiting in the Gate of Illumination (30). This is the home of fire in the Human Design chart.

It also relates to our genetic hunger for emotional experiences that give us an opportunity to grow.

Until 9th January, Mercury and Venus will be creating a channel with Mars; they are both sitting in the Gate of Decrease (40).  Because of the planets involved, this may feel very personal.

It could feel like a confused and messy meltdown.  Please don’t panic.

This is an opportunity to recover personal power you gave up to authority figures as a child.  It’s distilled into lack and disappointment that blinds us to possibilities, even when possibility is knocking on our front door.

All the places where your emotions were squashed and moulded beyond recognition are coming unstuck, and for good reason.

Most importantly, your brilliance is returning.  Pay close attention to your personal desires, what do you really WANT?  And what do you need to let go of?  The Gate of Decrease is about letting go of what no longer serves our higher purpose.

Watch what you are spending your time on.  Does it empower you?  Or soothe you in your disempowerment? Are you taking action that feels good to you?  Even if it’s just walking outside and watching the sunset? The things we cling to shape our lives, so choose carefully over the next few days.

This is not a time of truth and clarity as many would consider it, but it is a week of powerful recovery of your light and your true soul desires.  They are fundamental to your purpose in this life. There is a different kind of truth and clarity in that.

What’s returning for you?






Full Moon January 2015 – The Flow of Life Returning

Have you made any great new years resolutions?  Here’s mine:


Hey I didn’t want to set the bar too high!  Or force anything, which, as you’ll see, is very important right now.

We started out 2015 with a profound emotional shift that sets the stage for the entire year. This six day transit – it started on new years day! – has been uncomfortable but full of power.  It ends with tomorrow’s Full Moon, where the Sun is conjunct transformational Pluto, and the Earth and Moon create a pathway straight to refined Neptune.

Pluto and Neptune have been joining forces to shift our capacity to be truly seen.  This has been an emotional soup, but the gems of new understanding have been descending on us like fairy dust from heaven.

The whole experience is a deep transformation of our emotions, lifting us to more subtle and refined emotional experiences. We get to release some old stories of how life is hard and we have to struggle on alone, and to listen to others about how their experience is exactly the same.  Fancy that! We’ve all been feeling alone and isolated as an orphan, every one of us, all here together doing the same thing.

Here’s the Full Moon chart:

Full Moon 5 January 2015


The Root Centre represents our shared consensual belief in our material reality.  It’s all about relationships –  the feeling and intelligence in our feet and legs as we soak up our dynamic contact with the earth, the creative force of kundalini – the most potent evolutionary force in human consciousness, our instinct for survival and our ability to give birth to form.

When we have coherence in the Root Centre we are stable, present and capable in our world. We hold our own unique form, and relate and create with ease and joy.  Coherence comes from integration, within ourselves and with our experiences.  It’s pretty common to celebrate struggle against the odds, but we can become fixated on progress at the expense of our own health and wellbeing, and at the expense of harmony.  Just look at the environmental issues we’re facing as a shout out on that one!




One of the myths we share is created by media in countless images of flawless people who are glamorous, have complete control and never sweat the small stuff.  Have you ever met such a person?  This transit is about us learning that we share a human experience.  Not one of us is really an outsider.

The Nodes have just shifted and the North Node, which represents what’s uncomfortable but unavoidable just now, says:

You might want to hold yourself apart from the flow of receiving and giving, for fear of losing your freedom and autonomy in the constant exchange.  Yet only when you remove the barriers and become part of the flow can you experience the true essence of the situation and tap into its deeper potential and effortless plenty.

Hilary Barrett, I Ching 

Pluto and Neptune have been sitting in long term transits affecting the Root Centre. Both planets are currently in the Individual circuit, which gives us our drive to express our uniqueness.  One huge issue in the past has been the way we have been bound up by fear and trapped in our Root Centre, unable to have the loving and creative relationships that will release us into a new world.  Caught in our own painful stories, stuck defending old wounds to our right to exist as individuals, we have been deaf to the wonder of creating as a team.

This week’s transits have reconnected us with our ancestors, with our allies, with our original purpose. What we used to fear, those nasty people out there who were seeking to oppose and obstuct us, is being released into blessing. This is the beginning of a beautiful new creation, ushering in a whole new order of life and bringing the gift of confidence and independent strength.

What makes this Full Moon particularly interesting – if that wasn’t enough yet! – is that Mercury and Venus are in the Gate of Limitation. Oh no! I hear you cry.  But hark, here comes the good news.  This is THE gate of giving birth on the material plane.

Now some of you may remember that God, yes him, cursed women with having to give birth in pain and if we think about ‘birthing’ as creating on the material plane, it seems a lot of the guys have come along with that particular ride.  Living on earth has for many become struggle city.

I was reading a book about manifesting over the weekend and I noticed the phrase – when you imagine with feeling, you force the universe to create what you desire.  Can I just bring your attention to one teeny tiny word in that sentence – the word FORCE!!  Is that how we, most magical of creatures, want to live and create?



Human Seed by Mathew Brass


The Root Centre, where all the fun is right now, is a pressure centre.  The word pressure is, in my humble opinion, pretty unfortunate.  It suggests, well, FORCE.  But this is the home of that incredible energy – kundalini.  In her amazing book on Kundalini, Mary Scott says:

It originates as the first uprising of the will to create.  At this stage it is motionless within the darkness and silence of the void.  It then begins to stir and from then on is inseperable with movement since creation involves change.

Ah …. change!  Let’s go back and look at Mercury and Venus in that dreaded Gate of Limitation. It is part of the Channel of Mutation, which is all about MAJOR change.  The Gate of Limitation says – hey there, if you want to create something in physical form it has to come down out of the ether, out of your imaginings and into this dense space/time reality we have chosen to play in.

Yes, there is limitation, but it’s about making things real.  And there is a real joy to that.  Consider the difference between the imagined and longed for child in the womb (so perfect!) and that first moment of holding a baby. Sure he’s going to grow into a flawed human being, just like you, but the whole process from birth to death is beyond a miracle!

Oh and, all those old beliefs you’ve been holding onto like grim death.  You can release them now.  The kind of limitation that works in the quantum realm has not much at all to do with the protestant work ethic, and a whole lot to do with dancing with your kundalini, imagining wonderful outcomes and trusting your relationship with life and the earth (upon which you stand).

This is YOUR life, YOUR world, YOUR creation.  There is no external FORCE. There is the wonderfully gentle and loving dance of life that flows up through your feet and into your life, filling the spaces of your own personal space/time reality with the best you can imagine.  This is a different kind of movement, a new flow I invite you to experiment with over the next few days.




A Fresh Take On Life, Death and the Apocalypse


Yesterday’s Pluto Uranus square got me thinking about the nature of life.  And reality.  The Human Design transits were so full of bonhomie – great blessings, profoundly sublime moments, etc. But all I was hearing was panic.  Gunmen loose in Philadelphia and Sydney .. SYDNEY!! wtf!   Friends and some private clients are feeling everything is great, but their good feelings are punctuated by sudden downslides into despair. Particularly about their money situation and finding their purpose.

We have horrendous events, like our Sydney ‘hostage drama’, mixed with amazing responses like #i’llridewithyou.

I personally am intrigued by the growing alarm about Artificial Intelligence.  It’s an absolutely fascinating topic!  AI is about to break through a barrier, where computers are better at being human than, well than the humans!  They can empathise, give emotionally intelligent advice, prescribe medications.  And they can do it better than humans because they have almost instantaneous access to huge databanks on any given subject.

What’s it all about?  Are we truly headed for the Apocalyse? Or are we evolving, and the robots are moving into the niche we’re leaving behind?


What’s Human Anyway?


My response to the Artificial Intelligence concept has always been to ask – what’s human anyway?  It’s not an us or them scenario, it’s more about humans evolving beyond what robots are capable of.  And if robots are capable of A LOT of what you and I are doing every day, we need to be looking farther afield for personal possiblities!  Because those new possibilities are obviously waiting for our attention to land on them.  I remember when there was such a kerfuffle about automation and people losing those dull factory jobs.  At these tipping points it can be difficult to imagine what’s coming next.


2005-12-28 11.45.52

My mum, grandmother and great-grandmother. That’s me in white!


We are learning so many ways to enhance our own humanity right now.  The person I am would be unrecognisable to my grandmother and great-grandmother.  Last summer I was standing on the beach during a local heatwave, talking to my friend in Rhode Island on my mobile phone about how she was coping with the polar vortex!  I make my living by discussing existential personal issues with people via skype, and helping them create global lifestyle businesses.  I have developed a sensitivity and a strength that has allowed me to shift dna right back through my lineage.  I figured out I was gay, and left my marriage to live with the woman of my dreams.

There are so many ways in which my life would just not make any sense to my ancestors!

Dan Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind, says when our creative mind connects with our logical mind we get a shazam moment! We go beyond who we think we are, and become a whole new version of humanity.  We move beyond data crunching and become creative beings.

Beauty is paramount here!  This is a slow world of care and appreciation, not the rush and bustle of our old robotic/slavery based commercial existence.  We are creating something technologically advanced that is in service to our greater goals, rather than allowing technology to shape us into who it wants us to be.


Maintaining Multiple Realities


We’re at a point in our evolution where we have to release our death grip on what’s kept us safe in the past.

Uranus in Gate 21 has been highlighting how we can’t control our external reality.  That is part of the current angst.  I see it in our politicians, who have pulled all the levers and pushed all the buttons only to find nothing is working.

You can let go of your panoply of buttons and levers as well. We can most definitely learn to control our internal environment, and here is the key to moving beyond our current challenges. We can choose our thoughts, and even our emotions.  And in doing so we send out vibes (yes that IS the technical term .. lol) that changes everything in our world.

We are learning a new active creative process, one where the channel is always open between inspiration and reality.




Give it a go now.

Close your eyes and think of someone you love.  Pets are good for this, because we tend to have a relationship of unconditional love with them.  Children are also good, so long as their rooms are clean, they’ve done their homework and you’re feeling great about them! You might prefer to think about a wonderful experience you had in the past.

Take a moment to breathe this feeling in and out with your attention on your heart.  Cultivate feelings of care and appreciation.

Open your eyes when you’re ready.  (And well done on the reading with your eyes closed thing – impressive!)

Okay, let’s just look at what happened there.  You most likely completely changed your frequency.  You may have shifted into completely new thoughts and feelings, simply through your conscious choice.  You have moved beyond the old robotic slave mentality and into a sublime creativity.

THIS is the key to our new world.  What you just did is THE number one skill for us moving through the challenges we have faced in the past – terrorism and war, income inequality, environmental degradation.  What you did was shift dimensions within yourself, connecting to your higher mind and heart combo (they work together, even at the biological level where they are directly connected).

When we come from this place of higher mind/heart, we discover new options beyond our imagination.  New solutions to problems.  New ways of relating.  According to the research by HeartMath, you have just placed yourself in a highly coherent state that adds energy to your field.  It enhances higher order thinking, emotional and physical wellbeing.  Oh, and it also increases productivity.  On the other hand, incoherence is energy draining and chaotic.

I am reading a new book from Abraham Hicks – Co-creating At It’s Best.  They suggest the most important thing you can do right now is take 17 seconds each morning as soon as you wake up to tune into your best self and highest potential.  You can use the exercise above to do that.


Go Deep!


In Human Design, Uranus is currently transiting in the Gate of Biting Through – Gate 21. This is a Gate about getting to the truth, no matter how much effort it might take.  The partner gate is The Well – Gate 48.

Here is what Ma Deva Padma says about Hexagram 48.


In order to receive the refreshing benefits of the well you must dive deep, turning your attention inward and bypassing external influences.  Approaching the heart of wisdom requires humility. You must go naked, unencumbered by the weight of fears or doubts.  Your manner of approaching the well is critical to what you bring up.  To approach casually or halfheartedly is like attempting to draw water up in a broken bucket.  It may be possible to gather a few drops, but your longing can never be quenched.  The well requires time, patience and your full attention.


I have my Design Earth in Gate 48 and it has certainly required time, patience and my full attention!  One thing I have learnt is that looking out to my external reality and attempting to fix or control it, well let’s just say that’s the way of the past. I’ve had to learn to live in two realities – what things look like out there, and what I AM creating in here.


What’s Emerging in You? 


2014-11-26_1325Right now, what’s crucial is that you tune into what you feel emerging within you.  That you give it your full care, appreciation and attention.  This is your personal doorway through this particular squeezy bit.

And while the discussion of the apocalypse rages, you are opening within yourself to perfectly attuned options and solutions that will guide you with loving precision through any quagmire that might be in your vicinity.  

And what it looks like out there? Well clearly we still have to shower and do the dishes, but don’t allow it to define you right now.  And certainly don’t believe it more than what you feel within you.

This is powerful medicine, and you have chosen to be here now because you intuitively know how to do this!  Share you experiences with us, so we can create a field of belief in our best and most perfect lives.







My Imagine Perfection Program begins in February 2015.  Find out more here.


Pluto Uranus Square – Can You Believe?

1497551_10152094937685865_1432593613_nLife might feel a bit overwhelming at the moment, as universal forces create sweeping change within and without.

But here’s the good news. You only need to act on one point – your point of attraction –  to put the whole matrix in motion towards your good.  Huge shift is achievable when you focus on what’s drawing your attention right now.

We have a breakdown of one set of structures and the creation of another, happening simultaneously. This is tricky, because the structure that’s breaking down is something we have, in the past, staked our very lives on. The economy, the banking system, jobs.

And what’s replacing it? Well it feels untested. Can we really believe things are going to be okay for us?  How do we live in this place, let alone prosper in joy?

We are balancing our masculine, linear, straight-line way of living with the powerful incoming force of the feminine, abstract, feeling-based frequency.   I keep having dreams of navigating difficult watery terrains – that’s my ego self figuring out how to deal with the deluge of emotions being dumped on us right now.

They are releasing from the collective consciousness as we balance our linear/abstract, mental/heart, masculine/feminine on the way to resolving duality. What happens when we have conscious access to both realms in creative partnership?  As Robert Tennyson Stevens would say – this is big kiddies!


You Say You Want A Revolution?


On 15th December we have our sixth Pluto Uranus square. There’s one more to go, in March 2015.

These seven events, spread over 4 years have unleased a huge transformative change in our lives. It’s all about unhooking from external forms of authority, and learning the skill of trusting ourselves and the huge personal wealth of our inner knowing, as we move on our own pathway.

Since the first square, way back in June 2012, we have been shifting from the security of knowing what rules kept us safe and well fed.  What we gave up for that security was our sovereignty, and that’s exactly what we are reclaiming.

The revolution is in individuals coming together as a group to reclaim power and authority for a higher collective good.

Here in Australia we’ve seen our government’s 2014 budget roundly rejected by the people for one reason – because it was clearly doing a Robin Hood in reverse, taking from the poor and giving to the rich.  This kind of ‘powerful’ behaviour is now so transparent. Those who are still pulling these manoeuvres seem surprised that everyone can see exactly what they’re doing – What?  I thought I was still operating under the cover of your unconsciousness!!, they squeak when caught out!

The failure of the two Grand Jury hearings to find fault in the behaviour of the police in the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York are a similar story.  Whatever the individual circumstances, the facts remain – African-Americans are accosted, arrested, imprisoned and killed on the streets at massively higher rates than other groups.  And yes, we all see that.  And we say, this is not okay.


Pluto Uranus Square – 15 December 2014


Pluto in Capricorn has shifted our landscape.  Our relationship to government and authority will never be the same again.  From the Occupy Movement to Ferguson Missouri, we are seeing through the hidden ‘powers that be’ like never before.

Within ourselves hidden depths are being revealed, allowing us more conscious space for clear choice.  As each one of us develops sufficient trust to be guided to act in our sovereignty, the world shifts on its axis.  This is a dimensional shift, opening new dimensional doorways through our consciousness.  We are mutating genes, shifting neural pathways and generally messing with the experience of being human on this planet!

This week we are sensing the emergent potential arising within each one of us, giving us an opportunity to step into a whole new reality.  We have to overcome our insecurities and reach out, grasp the opportunities to foster and guide the potential of our dreams and visions.

I’ve been talking to people all week about their amazing visions and dreams.  I can feel the truth and power of their dreams in my very bones.  And yet, so many are hesitating on the brink of taking action. Don’t reference to the limitations of an exhausted reality. This is truly about trusting in the next step, whatever that is.  We are the midwifes of a whole new world.  Trust that!

Don’t try to control eventual outcomes. We can instead speak consistently and powerfully about what is arising.  Tune into how good your dreams feel!

akzhana abdalievaWatch carefully what you are paying attention to.  It’s your attention that is creating this shift in consciousness.  It’s you taking responsibility for what you are creating on subtle levels that is changing the world right now.

You may find that things, people, places and experiences you used to love now seem uninviting.

There’s an emptiness as your frequency shifts and your energy moves on. You may enter into a natural grieving process, but don’t stay there.  You have new people, places and experiences to create right now – bring your attention more to those as you feel your desires arising.


You’re So Vain

There is a subtle level of ego that we might call vanity. This current square is opening us up to see our own vanity and how it has been sludging up our heart, and our higher levels of consciousness.

In his Genekeys book, Richard Rudd writes about the shadow energy of vanity.  This is also a topic that Doc Childers covers in his HeartMath book Overcoming Chaos.

Vanity is a distortion of the true self, created through insecurities and emotional investment in who we believe we are, or should be.

Vanity not only locks up both attention and vitality, our fears then make us unavailable for higher level thinking, feeling and acting.  Most of our decision making comes from our vanity (fear) rather than from our deepest core self.  In Human Design the not-self is a concept that is similar to this, but not exactly the same.

This week’s square happens with the Sun and Mercury in Gate 11 – Heaven on Earth, Peace or Advance.  The Earth is in Gate 12 – Hindrance, Stagnation or Standstill.

Rudd sees Vanity as the shadow of Gate 12. In our fear of obscurity we cling to our vanity.  In our love of our own uniqueness, we cling to our vanity. It is, Rudd says, the last shadow to let go.

One of the major themes of the Pluto Uranus squares is to become truly and fully ourselves without surrending our personal sovereignty.  And therein is the crux – how do I live as my most brilliant self, without my ego vanity taking over, surrending myself to a higher power and authority?

St Germain talks about the I AM presence – the God Within.  This is my personal belief – that each one of us has access in each moment to our higher nature.  When we allow our vanity and the fears holding it in place to slip away, we can leap.  After all we have been though, this has become an immediate choice we can make in each moment.  When I feel fear, I have my go-to’s for shifting immediately into love.  I use music, nature and some specific frequency tools to bring me back into my highest potential in the present (pre-sent) moment.  (I’ll be sharing more on this soon)

HeartMath have the science to show how our heart physically connects with the higher executive brain function.  This mind/heart connection takes us out of survival and into a way of thinking, feeling and acting that naturally chooses what is in the highest good.  That’s your highest good, by the way! And everyone else’s as well.  The whole kit and kaboodle – our atmosphere, the latest shuttle launch, the woman up the road about to give birth – everyone and everything benefits.

The incoming non-linear energy is shaking our straight-line kind of world to it’s core.  Because there’s a problem with straight lines. What if we fall off?  What if things get messy?  What if we get our story wrong and life turns out to be something else entirely? Your key is your feeling world, and those subtle dreams and visions coming from love and anchoring in via your heart and higher mind.




Have you read about dark matter (95% of our reality, currently not understood), junk dna (95% of dna, currently not understood).  This is the world of incredible potential we are opening up to. There are stories here we haven’t yet begun to dream! While we are busy walking a straight line, we are pouring our life force energy into someone else’s rules and (at the risk of sounding marxist) into someone else’s pocket! The very complexity of this life makes it stressful and hardwork.  Who knows when they’re getting it right?  But when we attune to our inner authority, our own personal unversal batphone, life gets simple. The rules are created perfectly and exactly for you!


Opening to Your Potential 


This week we have a powerful choice to bring about union and harmony, both within and without.  When you choose to steadily and loyally persist in paying attention to what feels best for you right now, you shift your consciousness.  Jupiter is having a MASSIVE effect on our capacity for belief and trust at the moment.

Over the weekend, during the Full Moon, I was in such a state of sensitivity in my heart that I could barely even move.  On Saturday night both of my neighbours had parties.  I was like .. REALLY!?! There was light, there was noise, there all kinds of crazy goings on.  I was focusing on keeping my innocence intact but it got SO ridiculously at odds with such a pure energy around 2am – the height of the drama on both sides – that I could only laugh.  It was ridiculous that there I was doing this incredibly pure process, surrounded by raccous people drinking, smoking and whatever else.  I had to stop protecting myself from the shock and open up to … well, just the experience of it all!  By Monday I felt like a new person.

Rather than shutting down into survival mode, when you open up to the shocks you are also opening up to new potential and possibilities, so that your heart’s desire speaks more clearly than ever.  This shift re-energises your intention and reveals there is work to be done.  You can harness the energy that was previously blocked off through shame, fear of rejection, etc, and get underway.


 Where To Now? 


This blog turned out longer than I planned, but here’s the thing.  We are on the cusp of something truly amazing and you know what that looks like in your life.  Or at least, you know how it feels.  Which is just as important.  All the universe is asking of you right now is to believe in it.  And trust the steps you are guided to take.

It’s not about paying the bills, being loved, losing weight.  All those things will come built into the package, once you get this!  You are meant for more.  More fun, more prosperity, more of every good thing you’ve been longing for.  And those tugs at your heartstrings?  Those .. if only’s that are keeping you stuck?  Listen deeply.  Take action as it becomes clear.  Stay tuned!  You are unleashing the freedom to move and create change.


 Want More?


I have some group programs coming up in February 2015 to support you to anchor into these new energies and create your dreams and visions.  Get on the mailing list to get your invitation! 

If you want to invest more fully in yourself and work with me personally, find out more here.


Images – Akzhana Abdalieva

Artist: Tanielle Childers

Do You Have A Brand New Life Purpose?

Artist: Tanielle Childers

Artist: Tanielle Childers

We have quite extraordinary happenings just now, so big I couldn’t even write about them last week, although I made a lot of notes!

The main theme is a radical shift in our life purpose.

And how we create it.  (Hint, it’s easy and fun.)

Can you feel it? The old struggle to survive is falling away. We are putting down our paranoia and our belief we have to go it alone to stay safe.

Instead, we are choosing to connect … to feel the absolute joy and power of that connection, in ways we may not have been able to experience in the past.

We can begin to feel our true riches, beyond how much money we have in the bank (although that is part of it). We are tuning into our personal resources, what we brought into this life and what we’ve learnt since we got here. And it is becoming more and more clear what we truly have to offer our world.

Let yourself experiment. There is no right or wrong anymore, just you being you.

For those interested in the Human Design technicalities:

11 November 2014Saturn has moved into Gate 14, part of a channel that lines us up with our life direction. Saturn can represent our ‘career’ or ‘public life’, and certainly shifts the way we structure our lives.

You can see how the Sun and Earth worked with Saturn last week to create a channel from the Sacral to the Ji Centre.  This is about aligning our energy with our highest purpose.

Yesterday the Moon in 39 hooked up Pluto (in 38) with Neptune (in 55).  Mars in 38 and Mercury in 28 create such a big energy there as well.  This is like nuclear fission to propel us out of the old survival stories, fear of struggle, working hard and not fulfilling our soul purpose.

Many people are feeling exhausted just now, and that’s because the old ways of working hard for ‘the man’ are done.  It is time for us to become creators.

Instead, what we are experiencing is a lightness and ease that we can begin to learn to trust.  What’s new and different about you this week?



Why Your Personal Frequency Matters

mindSome people say only 5% of what you do is conscious.  The rest of our lives – 95% –  has been created from subconscious conditioning.  Great news, huh?

It so totally is!

Because now we  can figure out what to do about our subconscious mind, and the bits of our lives we aren’t so in love with.

We all go onto auto-pilot a lot. I don’t remember logging into my blog today.  While my conscious mind was thinking about what I want to write today,  my subconscious mind was doing all that boring stuff (hey, it even remembered my password!),

I’m sure you’ve tuned out while you are driving.  Maybe you were chatting to your passenger or listening to music and suddenly … oh, how did I get all the way across town!  What else have you done on auto-pilot today?  I’m not sure my conscious mind even remembers how to brush my teeth!, it’s so long since I’ve tuned in while I was doing it.

What amazes me, when I think about it, is how incredibly competent my subconscious mind is!  It’s better at a whole lot of things than my conscious mind – walking, moving oxygen through my body, and I think I mentioned driving already.  But there are some things, like planning my wonderful life, that it’s just … well, pretty crap at.

We’ve got a really wonderful transit happening just now, and it’s bringing up the relationship between your subconscious and conscious minds.  More than that, it’s opening a gateway to a whole new level of mastery in creativity, expression and manifestation.  It’s a little scary at the beginning, but once we’re through that bit …..


Rewriting Your Story – Recreating Your World

What if you had the opportunity to walk away from what isn’t working in your life?  What if you could choose what you desire instead?  And what if you found a way to get it to turn up?  For real!  That’s where we are at right now.

Jupiter is meeting Chiron in a channel that is all about letting go of doubt and heading into new territory.  It might look a bit like this:



Oh wait! That was the 19th century version!

What we’re doing now is different.  It’s mostly happening inside us, and that can be confusing.  Especially when our territory is consciousness rather than wide open plains, and we are shifting frequencies rather than crossing swollen rivers.  It can be difficult to believe in ourselves when we can’t even really see where we are going and we have only the vaguest notion of why.


Here’s What We Do Know

So let’s have a look at what we do know.  Jupiter is transiting in Gate 4 – Youthful Folly – until 29 January 2015.  It is joining Chiron in Gate 63 – Already Across.

In conventional Human Design this is where we meet the logical sceptical mind which questions everything. It is always doubting, looking for the security of what’s known.  Ironically, it is seeking to build the future, but it has it’s roots in the past and the ego’s need to understand and feel safe. (It is a splenic circuitry that links to the ‘lizard’ brain).  It’s challenges are  – worrying about the future, being plagued by constant doubt that things won’t work out, and feeling stupid when they don’t.

Is there an up side? Of course!

I mentioned in a few posts earlier this year that a major theme is a shift TO frequency.  Not a shift IN frequencies, but a shift in our consciousness to an understanding that we ARE frequency, and that amazing things will happen in our world when we get that.

This transit is shifting us out of old doubt and that is huge. Because it opens us up to belief, to faith, and they are the key factors in holding our creator frequency.  It’s that big!

This channel is all about making a transition.  At the moment it’s only an internal commitment for change in a certain direction, you probably don’t see a huge influx of external proof yet. Here’s the crucial piece of the puzzle  …

You will only make progress if you believe you have made the transition and continue to move forward on that basis!


Getting Your Creator Groove On

This week we have a major opportunity to evolve beyond our old conditioning and begin to create.  We do it by choosing what frequency we are vibrating at and staying there.  Not falling into resonance with our friend who is depressed, or with our mum who says we’ll never amount to much.

In his book, Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton talks extensively about how our cells are designed to communicate with frequencies like microwaves, electro-magnetics, scalar energy.

Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate DNA, RNA, and protein syntheses; they alter protein shape and function; and control gene regulation, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis, hormone secretion,and nerve growth and function.   

Oh, is that all!

Energetic signals are much more efficient at shifting our physical health than chemicals.  But there’s more to this story than energy healing.  Much more.

Jupiter and Chiron are ushering in a new era of creation by attuning us to our own unique frequency.  It’s an amazing sign of universal abundance that each tree, each rock, each human has it’s own unique frequency. Each one of us has a cosmic ‘tune’.  When we are not ‘tuned’, we feel off.  We are off.

We are being called to take a conscious stand for our own frequency by choosing it over other conditioned states.  We are being called to train our subconscious minds to adhere to the pattern of our frequency and to release the habits of many lifetimes based on instinctive survival conditioning. We are being called to consciously move ourselves away from lower states of fear, anxiety, anger and pain; to choose what we prefer instead and living in that new place.

As I mentioned above, the first bit of this journey might not be so easy. Because we have lots of stories that tell us we should believe in the lower frequencies.  They’re really good stories. We’ve been telling them to each other for a long, long time.  You know, how my dad didn’t support me, how I had that accident and never got to …..    bla bla.  It’s all true and it’s all irrelevant from now on.

Andrzej TylkowskiWe are leaving the dimensions where it is possible to be a victim.  We are arriving in a dimension where we are so fully supported it makes us laugh with joy.  We are leaving the dimension where lack is a thing. We are entering a dimension where lack experienced by anyone is simply an invitation to create what’s required.  We are leaving the dimension where our behaviour is good or bad, deserving or undeserving.  Where favours can be withheld.  And we are walking into a dimension where we get to consciously choose how we feel and what we bring into creation.

Of course, we’ve all read about this wonderful new world and you might be feeling a bit blah reading about it yet again.  This is where the conscious and subconscious mind come into play.  (Yes, play!).  Like me, you’ve probably spent a whole lot of time and energy learning stuff about how to be a better person and have a better life.  That’s your conscious mind at work.  Because only your conscious mind can learn stuff.  Your subconscious mind tends to be a bit more neanderthal, a bit more like this … well, you know, when you were 3 years old you burnt your hand on the stove and so you haven’t cooked anything since and it’s all worked out great! 

One of the best things you can do right now is begin to train your subconsious mind.  You need to sneak up on it though, with things like hypnosis, subliminal recordings, watching and reading uplifting materials regularly (see my faves below), choosing to change one habit at a time and sticking with it, therapies and practices that work specifically at the subconscious level.


This is not about learning more, or trying to overcome your anxiety and fear!  

This is about living a good life, as designed by you. 


The old hard work ways of creating are at an end.  The new fun and easy way to create is beginning. It’s important to begin opening up to what feels good for you, just what would be the pefect life for you?  What needs to shift?  And when doubt creeps in, grab your phone and listen in to an inspiring youtube video, or read a great book.  Hold your vibration at that new frequency because it’s shifting your life in ways you cannot even imagine.

For those who want to see it, here’s the chart:


Chiron and Jupiter ~ Oct 2014 til Jan 2015


One more thing –  we are letting go of childhood delusions and finding our more ‘human’ version of what makes us happy. There is no need to strive for ludicrous goals that far outstrip our real needs.  We are fully supported to relax and play and create.  If you aren’t feeling it where you are, get yourself somewhere else, if even for a few hours and tap into the good stuff!  If you can’t get away, watch Abraham, read Neville Goddard, get yourself some I AM Discourses, and listen to music, especially theta binaural beats!

Go walk with your feet in the ocean, lift your face to the sun, throw some snowballs and have a laugh.  We are amazing!




What Spiritual Maturity Looks Like

1016868_10152697445960865_6853315305992183451_nOver the next week we are getting a taste of putting our spiritual big boy and girl pants on.

This week’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse usher in a new era.  We are creating a higher culture that serves a sacred purpose.  To do this we must shed our dependencies at all levels, and step into our creative power as individuals.

We are parachuting in, landing on earth with our spiritual selves intact.  Our consciousness is shifting from created to creator.



Becoming Our Own Creation

I read somewhere not too long ago that only 1% of people know what they truly desire.  That’s not surprising. In the past we’ve lived in a culture that hasn’t encouraged us to look there.  That’s changing as of now.  If we have the faith to set out on new pathways, we MUST know where we are headed. Because the Universe is waiting on us to begin exercising our free will, our consciousness to CREATE!

Our conditioning can totally convince us that we are consciously creating, when what we are really doing is

  • seeking relief from negative conditions - I want to stop feeling this fear,
  • being vague and unconvincing  – I want a better job, a new home,
  • believing we don’t have access to consciously knowing our true desires – I feel confused about it so I’ll wait till it’s clear. 

None of these conditions can continue in our lives if we are to stay on the curling edge of our evolutionary wave. The purpose of this shift is not merely to get rid of our old conditions, but to establish something new and better.  And that’s up to you!  You have to make choices about what you want to create.  You can’t be leaving it up to the Universe anymore, because YOU ARE the Universe!  You are your God Self.  You are Mighty and Powerful.  You are all of those qualities you have been projecting onto the creative principle in your life.

Going back to our list:

Seeking relief from negative conditionswhat do you want instead?  what is returning to your life through your negative experiences?  If you’re feeling fear then probably you can also feel your excitement and courage. 

Being vague and unconvincingWhat kind of job?  Where?  A new home with whom?  What does it look like?

Believing we don’t have access to consciously knowing our true desires The confusion and doubt we can feel when looking for our specific desires is the result of layer upon layer of fear and grief.  You will have your own personal experiences of feeling thwarted, and the confusion comes from not being facilitated into what you truly desire, being told no, handed down beliefs in lack and deservability and deprivation.  If you feel confusion or doubt, acknowledge them using emotional language - I feel afraid when I imagine my best life.  I feel grief when I think about what I want to create for myself. Just speaking it out in this way can unlock the energy.

I have one more idea to share with you before we go look at the Human Design transits.

Life is no longer about being given something by your spiritual ‘betters’.  We’ve been raised as the children of god (or whatever you believe in).  We are now stepping into our spiritual maturity, no longer well behaved children hoping we’ve done enough to deserve our treat.

We are literally creating Heaven through recognising and BEING IN ACTION as god in us (or whatever you believe in).  There is no such thing as a good you and a bad you.  There is YOU, working in harmony with universal forces to create a new world, in your image!


 New Moon – 24th October – Sun and Moon in Gate 50.5

New Moon October 2014

Gate 50 in the I Ching is called The Ting.  It’s a cooking pot that represents mutual trust, a sacred ritual of gratitude for nourishment received from nature and the care for our wiser selves who we invite to our table to share our meal and support the growth of our new situation.

On another level it is the Ceremonial Ting that is inscribed with the rules for each new dynasty.

Richard Rudd says of Gate 50, it

represents a tipping point in all transformational processes. It’s presence always signifies a quantum leap from one state to another.

It catalyses significant shifts in consciousness, particularly around releasing shadow frequencies and opening to the harmonic geometries of higher evolutions. 


Venus in Gate 50

Venus has been travelling with the Sun all through October.  On the New Moon she is close enough to exactly conjunct. She tips over into Line 5 an hour after the eclipse.  In Line 4 she is teaching us how to sustain great responsibility.  We cannot maintain the old ways.  If we try to, we will be overcome and collapse just when we are most needed in our world.  We can’t be good children for one moment longer.  Our divine power is coming to fruition.

When we are clear about our outcomes – what we desire to create – we can sacrifice anything other than that.  As Bradford Hatcher says in his The Book of Changes: Word by Word - To sacrifice does not mean to lose things, it means to make them sacred.  What are you making sacred in your life? And what are you holding onto, even though it no longer feels sacred to you?

There is a huge influx of the powerful feminine returning this week, and Venus sets the scene for that shift.  Remember Gate 50?  A new dynasty, a tipping point into a new world.  One of my favourite astrologers, Nick Anthony Fiorenza, says this about Venus:

She .. inspires a new level of intuitive awareness to permeate and spread through human consciousness, strongly supporting the reintegration and emergence of the Divine Feminine principle. At the bio-energetic level she resonates with intuitive knowing, harmony and magnetic attraction, clearing the emotional tones of fear and judgement.

This ties in perfectly with the Sun, Moon and Venus in Gate 50 in the Spleen Centre, which is all about tuning into the immense wisdom of our physical bodies. And building our culture from the wisdom of care and nurturing.

It also ties in perfectly with a major shift away from engaging in constant activity to make things happen.  (ARGH!)  Hands up everyone who’s had enough of trying to make things come out right!

There’s more than  just Venus supporting this shift, but rather than overwhelm you with details (Ophelia in 2 and Ceres in 14, for example), let’s just each take a moment to acknowledge how POWERFUL is our capacity to attract what we imagine and desire into our reality.  This is the feminine aspect of creation.  We are receptive to receiving what we desire.  It’s why you may have been experiencing exhaustion and/or miracles lately. Thank you Venus!


Earth in Gate 3

Let’s briefly look at the Earth in Gate 3, the Gate of Sprouting or New Beginnings.  What happens in our dualistic universe when we join up Gate 1 (yang) to Gate 2 (yin).  We get Gate 3 – the birth, where we translate the unlimited possiblities of chaos into something that feels orderly for us.  This gate is a doorway to creation – your personal capacity to create out of all that is, into a world that has personal meaning.

Just because you can’t see it yet, doesn’t mean you can’t create it! 

In fact, the opposite is true.  If you can’t see it in your physical world, and you desire it, then it is yours to create!

This is part of the Channel of Mutation, where (as Bradford Hatcher says) True riches are mobile, liquid and spent.  The rainy day we prepare for never turns out as we plan.  Defending against chaos isn’t particularly useful.  At this tipping point we get to learn how to work with creation by moving through the heart of risk.

Gate 3 is what occurs when yin and yang come together. The return of the Divine Feminine to the masculine Patriarchy. A shift into body consciousness with it’s magnetic powers of attraction combined with the dynamic electric power of doing and achieving. BEING IN ACTION.


Something amazing happens just 2 days after the New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

The Sun and Venus move into Gate 28, making a channel with Pluto.  They join with minor planet Pallas Athene, who is already there.  And Mars shifts into Gate 10, creating a channel with the North Node and Mercury (just going direct). And .. yes it just keeps coming!  ..  Ceres is in Gate 34, the Gate of Power.

Here’s the chart, filled to the brim with divine feminine power.

26 October 2014


There’s one asteroid in Gate 20, brining it all to the Throat for expression, and that’s Minerva.  Both Pallas Athene and Minerva are about becoming conscious of the strategies and behaviours we have learnt to please our fathers!


What Does It Mean To Have Power?

Okay, one more thing.  I called this post – What Spiritual Maturity Looks Like. Why?  Because in the other channel connecting the Spleen to the Throat (48/16) is a very intriguing combination.  Child and Altjira.

The Asteroid Child shows where we experienced a significant point of damage in our childhood.  In 48, we’re looking at letting go of superficial ways of living, so that we can connect with the true depth of what our bodies are telling us.  This opens up a whole new dimension of reality.

Altjira, now here’s something very interesting!   He is an Australian Aboriginal Creator God who got the Dreamtime all set up and then left it to us humans to run the show.  He looked at his creation, declared it good, and then tripped the light fantastic to another dimension, shouting back ….   There you go, see what you can make of that!  You can read more about Altjira here. 

The essential point here is that Altjira is the father, who hands over his creation to his children. 

If ever there was a time to get clear about what you want to create, it is now. What new desires are arising for you now? How does it feel to know you are giving birth to yourself as a creator?



3 Hints For The Life You’ve Outgrown

Struggle or Thrive?  This week you get to choose! 

Here’s a hint for this week.  You’ve outgrown the energetic structure of your past life.  Many of the external forms that made up your life simply can’t stay in place now because your vibration has increased so much.   Hint number 2:  don’t spend time and energy using your will to keep them in your life, it’s only your fear trying to avoid change, and it won’t work anyway.  Hint number 3:  don’t waste your time and energy trying to get rid of them, they’re done and you can easily move on.

Today Mercury went into the Gate of Great Exceeding (28).  Margaret Pearson calls this gate (hexagram) Greatly Surpassing.  You have two choices here.  You can choose a maintenance program and work very hard to keep what you already have.  This option is why some see this as the Gate of Overwhelm, because trying to keep the past alive is hard work.  The second choice is to put your attention on what you want to create from here.

Hmmmm   …  tough one!




Yep, that was my choice too!  Ditch what’s not working by paying it little or no attention, and dance joyfully into my new creations!

Mercury brings your higher knowing to consciousness.  It’s sometimes called the messenger of the gods.  It’s SO significant this week because it’s lining up in a channel with Pluto. Yes, Pluto, messenger of deep and abiding transformation!

In conventional Human Design this channel is sometimes called, rather depressingly, The Channel Of Struggle.  (Drums please).  Let’s make that name one of the forms and structures we choose to leave behind.  I have no desire to recreate struggle in my life.  And actually, that’s what this transit is about – leaving the struggle behind.

It’s truly amazing, and I speak from personal experience, how much we are conditioned to believe that our lives must be filled with struggle. Only yesterday I was talking to my friend SheKaNah about what I’m creating since returning from the US last week and could feel this pull to make it difficult for myself – to choose the hard road of struggle rather than the pathway of ease and grace.  Hey why not do it this way, it will be SO MUCH harder!  Not.  Cancel that.

You can read more about Pluto in the Gate of Opposing (38) here.  This gate gives us the opportunity to “see” oneness.  Again, going to Margaret Pearson’s excellent book The Original I Ching: we can choose to focus our eyes on separate objects, rather than providing a clear image of one.  We can choose to see creation at work, rather than a threat.  We can choose to believe it’s possible that our life is filled with miracles, unique and perfectly aligned.  We can choose to believe that our world – your world, my world – loves us and responds with enthusiasm to our desires.

So rather than struggle, raise your vibration by having fun.  And go enjoy some Abraham!



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October Eclipse Season Is Upon Us


October’s Eclipse Season is about to reveal hidden areas of consciousness.  But wait, there’s more to me than this?  You might ask …

We are entering eclipse territory in October 2014.  Not only do we have a lunar and solar eclipse, we also get a whole raft of occultations – Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus.

Occultations are times when the ‘occult’ or hidden wisdom of the planetary archetype becomes available to our consciousness.  October brings massive expansion to your consciousness.

Your Keys to Earthly Mastery

In the past, and since ancient times, humanity has operated with limited consciousness and from a place of “no choice”.  Laws have been imposed on us and we have looked outside ourselves for security and meaning.  All this is about to change.

In October we are reaching outside our comfort zones to create what we have only dreamed of. To quote the I Ching (Hilary Barrett):

Rain will fall over all the fields of the realm, releasing tension and liberating blocked potential. Seeds stirred from their dormancy will begin to grow.  Regrets diminish little by little, in this larger long term view. 

(Sun conjunct Venus in Gate 50.3 on 22nd October 2014)

This liberation requires us to love and leave our small anxious selves, to see what is returning through the veil of our fears. In this fateful moment, as we are handed the keys to creation, we may feel unsettled.  After all, in creation everything is always in flux.  And our small human selves prefer safety and freedom.  We are walking away from believing in what threatens us, and instead choosing to create what we desire.

 We are at the pointy end of our process of becoming co-creators.

Many people feel that they are in crisis right now, or that our world is out of control.  We are experiencing big change, and in our old version of reality, big change equals crisis.  What if you could step out of the consciousness of crisis and into shift?  What if you took your focus off what’s not working, and instead created your life based upon what’s returning?

You Are A Conscious Creator

Whether you are making use of your abilities or not, you ARE already a conscious creator.  When you use words like I can’t or It’s too hard, or I hope it happens, you are operating in a world that’s fast fading from view.  I find that one of the most difficult challenges for my personal clients is  to imagine what they desire in their world, rather than to continue to talk about the pain they are seeking to avoid. When we try to imagine what we want to create it actually hurts physically.  I see people pull faces, stare into space and go into a trance state mumbling ummmmm.

It’s been a challenge in the past, because our brains have been wired to avoid pain.  Again, this is something that is changing.  WE are changing it.

Research scientist, Martin Seligman tells in his book, Flourish, how he shifted from studying how to relieve misery to exploring the impact of optimism and positivity on our lives.  Seligman is part of a shift in consciousness that is awakening us to dormant potential for conscious choice, and conscious creation. (And yes, Projectors and Reflectors get to make choices too!).

And did you know, Seligman started out with the idea that we are all motivated by happiness.  Who wouldn’t want to be happy?  As it turns out, and despite a plethora of recent books on the subject, that isn’t what motivates us at all.  We can be happy after a few glasses of good wine.  But we’re not cracking the meaning of life.  What we are searching for is meaning and purpose, and when we find it, we get happy.  We have a feeling of wellbeing.

October opens wide the doorway to reveal our personal meaning of life.  These are the codes to our kingdom.  You alone are responsible for your code.  You get to choose, you get to create.  You are the meaning-maker here.  Conscious creation can’t happen without you.  You are THAT important!   Get that, and your small self will fade into insignificance beside the riches you are about to create.

It’s likely to be uncomfortable, and you’re going to have to step up. Ask for it to be fun and easy.  You get to make that choice.



What’s Coming Up

There are so many significant HD transits in October.  In this post I will mention only a few.

 4th October – Sun square Pluto

There are some frequencies rooted in ancient struggle that contain hiding places for your brilliance.  It’s time for your light to come out of those old frequencies and shine in the world.   You may feel fear of your own power, but you might as well face that fear because Pluto doesn’t take no for an answer.  Say YES to yourself and watch with delight as your life begins to unfold in new ways.

But, this is not about you as one isolated individual.  We are entering a period of co-empowerment. Go outside, meet new people, have new experiences.  You might not make long term relationships, but you will receive messages about your new direction in life.

Sun in 48.2 and Pluto in 38.2


5th October 2014 – Ceres conjunct Saturn

Minor planets Ceres, Vesta and Pallas – the Goddess Asteroids – have been doing a massive job of shifting the feminine consciousness on this planet in 2014.  Pallas in particular is birthing our need to find a way to express the feminine.  Women are abandoning the desire to succeed in a man’s world, and instead stepping up to transform the world completely.

Ceres will exactly conjunct Saturn in Gate 43.3 on 5th October.

This is the gate of Breakthrough! It is not a time for fighting, but a time for moving forward.  Each one of us has something precious to share with the world.  Each one of us has a fractal alignment with an infinite number of people who are ready to receive what we have to offer.  We have a responsibility to step out into the world and share our message.  Let go of struggling with issues of self esteem – am I good enough? – and take the first step towards sharing. Projectors:  can you imagine your people calling you out, inviting you to share.  In this way you build the energy of your invitational field. Can you allow yourself to experience how good that invitation feels?

Ceres and Saturn bring an urge to create form and structure that nourishes us.  New personal habits, new social networks – from the very tiny and personal to the largest of global insitutions, all will be influenced.  This event brings nurturing and healing to our experiences of lack of validation, and a rebirth in our ability to go out into the world and do what we are here to do.

This involves a certain kind of strength and power.  It’s not about being rigid, wearing a mask or concentrating on the face you are presenting to others.  Instead, you take a stand as yourself.  With a supple authenticity you open the way for real exchange with real people- it’s full, free and messy.  It’s real and it’s powerfully creative.

8th October 2014 – Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

You can feel an immense shift towards abundance.  Don’t get caught up believing you have to work REALLY hard to make it happen, it will block your inner messages of change.  Instead, continue to connect with your sense of effortless plenty, your constant dependable flow of wealth.   Trust your inner motivation and enthusiasm to become a creative magnetic force which brings you what you seek.

This New Moon happens exactly conjunct Uranus in the Gate of Biting Through.


20th October – Jupiter in the Gate of the Young Fool

Jupiter shifts to the Ajna Centre (mind) and meets up with spiritual teacher Chiron in the Gate of After The Crossing.  Nothing is settled, everything is in flux. BUT, you have made the transition.  Choose to pay attention to creating your new desires, rather than pouring out your life force on the voices seeking to draw you back to an illusory safety.  They are no longer trustworthy and no, you don’t need to pay them any attention, just send them love and move on.

Jupiter in Gate 4 – Youthful Folly -brings a growing faith in our tender beginnings into a new world and respite from doubt.


24th October – Pallas meets Pluto

This is a powerful shift in the whole concept of what ‘working’ and ‘succeeding’ mean in our world.  Expect to see major shifts in manifesting, as the powerfully creative Pallas reclaims her role as daughter of the triple goddess and weaver of reality.   Pallas represents feminine wisdom returning.  She represents what women can achieve after learning and integrating the ways of the masculine world.

Pallas is in Gate 28 from 24th October till 6th November, meeting Pluto in Gate 38.


24th October 2014 – New Moon and Solar Eclipse

The new order is stable precisely because you are flexible and open to a harmonious way of being. Your new life contains all the mysteries of what is to come and will not be toppled by the unexpected.  You can be nourished by your loyalty to your own inner principles, and go play in the open innovative spirit of these times.

Use your energy to grow soft leaves and stems, not solid rigid trunks.


And a final word from Saint Germain, The “I AM” Discourses, Discourse I:


The worst kind of sorcery is being used in the political fields today that has ever been known in the history of mankind through the use of mental power – wrongly qualified.  

It is perfectly ridiculous to keep recalling things which have not worked out.  If you have built your limitations for centuries and can, by this attention and self effort, free yourself in a few years, isn’t it worth it?  When the mind accepts and agrees with a thing or condition, the individual decrees it into his or her world.  Whatever you let your attention rest upon, you are agreeing with a accepting, because through the attention you have let the mind become one with it. 

In October, we have a wide open doorway to conscious creation through choosing to think of and speak about what we desire.  We have our training wheels on, let us all make wonderful use of them.  Imagine what we can create together!


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Are You Ready for High Velocity? – New Moon September 2014

We are heading into eclipse territory in October, but September is giving us one last hurrah –  New Moon conjunct the super galactic centre.  This is a time for making love with yourself, for being your own soulmate.  Sounds romantic, huh?

Tomorrow’s New Moon is not just about some generic idea of loving ourselves.  It invites us to honour our personal progress, to celebrate each step on our journey. To be completely on board with how amazing we are, even when it might look like we’re not doing a great deal.  Like me, you probably have times when it feels as if nothing too much is happening in your life, and yet deep down below the surface I know that something profound is going on.  As I Ching scholar, Margaret Pearson says:

In a fast paced world it can be hard to remember how long really solid growth takes. This hexagram [Gate 46] reminds us of the tenacity of trees, the usefulness of sequential small steps and ritual celebrations. Even celebratory goals are possible if we just keep piling up the good deeds.

There is something profound about making your choices based on your own individual soul path.  The concept of seeking approval from others becomes obsolete.  You don’t need to opt in and take on the rules of any person or tribe, you are simply YOU.

In September I’ve been to two very different events, both powerful in their own way.  If I was operating from the old tribal dna it would have been important for me to figure out how to fit in with each group.  I admit, I tried! But it wasn’t working out for me.  I had to stand out, I had to stay uncompromisingly true to my own being.  I am blending two very different ideas and processes into my own personal reality.  This is creation.





Philip Sedgwick says this about the Super Galactic Centre:

This Libran vacuum cleaner (super massive black hole) is insatiably hungry.  It squeezes people in relationship (and groups) to take on everything about the other person’s life. We feel the exceptional squeeze of needing to be all things at all times. These types of relationships are doomed.  Not even God can deal with that much codependent compression. 

from The Soul of the Sky – amended for brevity by me

This is not your everyday garden variety New Moon. It comes with a great whopping spoonful of spiritual initiation.  The Earth is creating a channel with Uranus.

Here’s the thing for me.  Anything we touch right now has to be true, right to the level of our soul.  We must be up for our highest choices.   There is no room for compromise, because Uranus is heading for freedom – through your unique expression of divine will acting in the world.  We all need you to bring your personal A game, because you are creating a pivot point, literally a new soul trajectory.

I’m noticing a hollowness to goals I had in the past.  Even if your choice is to get really rich, it has to be for the highest purpose.  This is a new high velocity game – Ester Hicks would call it your fast spinning disc.  I call it the love velocity.  There is no process here, it is the speed of being.

I Ching scholar, Lise Heyboer, says it so well:

Acquiring cannot create stairs to Heaven, but ascending can.

Not that acquiring is wrong, but it needs to come from your heart space, it has to be a part of your big picture destiny.  So, dream big and trust in what’s yours.  Love who you are, more than you ever have before. Slowly and with consistency, you are creating a new world. It’s what you came to do.

There’s nothing comfortable about this process.  If you’re feeling comfortable you are probably holding onto old stuff.  What’s calling you forth?  Where are your fears strongest?  If you have any negative emotions or experiences, simply pivot them by asking – what’s returning for me through this?

Uranus may come up with some quick shifts over the next 24 hours, but overall this is a steady shift.  It reminds of the space shuttles returning to earth – increasing to the love velocity (fast!), letting go of unnecessary baggage, the heat tiles flying off one by one.  We are approaching earth!


Img:  Alma de aa Melena Cox –


Are You Ready For A Life Upgrade?

The Next Evolutionary Stage


petyakonstantinova1The Venus Neptune combo this past week has been all about creating boundaries from the formless. It’s a birthing of self from the dna tribal soup.

The tribal coding is essentially codependent. The suvival of the group is more important than the indivual, and heaven awaits those who sacrifice the most for the common good.  It’s most potent symbol would be the suicide bomber, but we all engage in this kind of behaviour to some degree.  More here.

On 14th September, Mars shifts to the Gate of Power – Gate 34, and the individual comes forth into the world.  In conventional Human Design, this channel is the energy that pulled humanoids out of the animal kingdom and empowered them to stand upright.  This week’s Mars and North Node transit is a significant event in that evolutionary trajectory, as it propels us to take a stand for our personal life purpose.

It’s more than just Mars in the Gate of Power.  This transit is significant because Mars will meet up with both the North Node and Mercury in the Gate of Gently Penetrating – Gate 57.



The transit is most potent on 14th September between 7.30am and 4.30pm UT when the Moon will bring the power to the throat for expression.

This circuitry is sometimes seen as a difficult energy to work with, but that difficult only exists when viewed through a tribal lense.   This particular individual energy doesn’t look outside itself for a reference point, it simply feels into whatever is happening and responds.  People who are still tribally focused, and who therefore believe we should only do what makes OTHERS happy, find this self-referencing disconcerting.  How is it possible that someone is simply out to do what makes THEM happy?

This is the Sacral (raw creative life force) meeting the Spleen (body felt instincts for wellbeing).  Mars is a planet of personal power, but it’s the act first ask questions later kind.  So, it’s likely this transit may bring up fears from times in the past when we’ve trusted our natural responses and it hasn’t worked out for us.  Hilary Barrett describes Gate 34 like this:

With Great Vigour you stand upright and robust, full of resiliant energy.  You are inspired and animated by strong purpose, and ready to wield your strength like a hero.  For this to yield results, you will need to act with steadiness and consistency – standing in your strength but without mistaking it for omnipotence.  

That’s good advice for Mars if ever I heard it!

The downside of this channel happens when the mind tries to take control (please, allow ME to tell you what to do, you KNOW you can’t trust your body!!).  When this happens, the power of this channel can be used to force the body into submission, getting it to align with old outdated beliefs that don’t serve your health, wellbeing or purpose.

The lines in Gate 34 have some wonderful examples of how we confuse force with true power.  One is the image of kicking the door down because you can’t find your keys, and then discovering they were in your pocket all along.  The other is a ram who, confusing reaching his goal with forcing his way through the obstacles, gets his head stuck in a hedge.  He loses the free range of the field he was leaving and never even reaches his goal.

Between 14th and 22nd September, watch your tendency to confuse your potential for power with an ability to force things to your will.  Remember, this is about responding with humility to a divine purpose.  Your power comes not from forcing outcomes, but from being fully present and aware of the larger (and most divine) field of opportunity opening out in your life.

The reason why purpose and opportunity awaits Mars is that North Node in the adjoining Gate 57. Woohoo!  While the North Node may be uncomfortable – as in, I know I signed up for this but I’ve changed my mind now I’m here –  it does signpost our life’s mission.

There will be a lot of information coming from your body during this transit, and it’s well worth your while tuning in.

The transiting North Node shows our collective edge of discomfort as we continue on our evolutionary journey together.  The effect of the North Node is hugely accentuated by Mercury turning up.  And, because Gate 57 is the programming partner of Gate 51, where Uranus is currently transiting.  This is going to be a leap into the unknown, and likely one that is unexpected and perhaps spontaneous.

Let me be clear.  This is a major life upgrade.  Anything can happen.  But whatever does happen, if you meet it with reverence and gentle humility without giving up your power, it will propel you onto a new path.  

 The North Node position – in Gate 57 line 5:

There is real achievement when you penetrate to the core of the matter, bring out what is valuable and discard what is useless chaff. This is accomplished by carefully, attentively, bringing things into awareness and setting them into a broader context.  There is a real opportunity to change everything for the better. 

(adapted from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching).

Here’s the crux of this transit – you get to be powerful, you get to be ‘on mission’, you get to do whatever the hell you want to do.  And while you’re doing all this, you also get to be perfectly aligned with your own and everyone else’s divinity.  Can you imagine how this will shift the way we access and express our Sacral energy on this planet?  No more compromise, I’m on the divine highway!

This week’s hint – what does it feel like when you truly GET that your personal desires also carry the highest potential for collective good?



Relationship Delusions 101

Do you feel prepared for a whole lot of upscaling in the next few weeks?

Loving What Is

Venus meets Neptune in the Channel of Family- 10 till 15th September 

amandacass1This channel – Gates 37 and 40 – is one of the trickiest in the Human Design chart.  That’s because it holds two polarities – I love spending time with you, and then I love spending time alone.  Can’t live with you, can’t live without you.  I have Chiron and Pluto and my nodes in this channel and I remember as a child how much I enjoyed being in my own room and hearing my family go about their business on the other side of the door. That was the perfect blend for me.  I was definitely part of the family, but not affected by their dramas, their regular rhythms, not pulled in by their (or my own) need to belong.

This is the tribal circuitry, home to codependence.  It’s a tricky subject, codependence, and not one that’s easily explained.  I thought I knew all there was to know about codependence, until we explored it more deeply in my coaching certification course.  It turns out I knew NOTHING about it.  Like my friend, who said to me … but Kim, you can’t be codependent, you’re single …  I thought it was purely a relationship thing.  Co-dependence is so ubiquitous in our culture, we are hardly aware of it.  And yet, it keeps us from true personal power and authenticity.

Wikipedia defines codependence as:

where one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement.

Tell me who doesn’t do that?  Where do we each protect our own perceived inadequacies by enabling anothers?  As I dug more deeply into my own discomfort around this question, I was really stunned at my constant compromising around other people.

If there is one planet that epitomises codependence it’s Neptune – the saviour, the martyr, the victim archetypes all reside within Neptune’s embrace.  Venus, of course, rules relationships, so when they both meet in the channel that is all about our family patterns of relating .. well, you see what might come up!

In particular, watch for idealisation followed by demonisation.  Have you ever thought someone was perfect, only to feel abandoned, betrayed, even ashamed, when we realised they were only human after all?  With {gasp} human imperfections!!  This channel is where we store our unconscious expectations of others.  Those agrements that were unspoken in our family (you cook, I’ll clear up), which we took on as if they were universal rules.  Gate 37 is about healthy personal boundaries, so be aware of any unspoken expectations of what you ‘should’ give or receive.

Venus and Neptune can be very healing when we allow ourselves to step out of any idealisation, delusion about the perfect relationship (surely it will come good if I can only love them enough), being attached to being loved in an ideal way. Let go of any attachment to getting or giving (to get) within relationships and focus on the warmth generated by your relationships – family and friends. Be aware of the warm comfortable feeling that comes from having good friends and family, and cherish it as a base to feel good going out into the world.

This transit is about trusting the support we are receiving from others.  It is working with Pluto in Gate 38, deeply transforming hidden beliefs that we are without support and have to push on alone.  I’m travelling in the US at the moment, and I have been feeling a push to trust in the beneficence of strangers.  And with that expectation, I’m meeting it everywhere.  I saw a man drop his boarding pass in the airport in Chicago and walk on without realising.  People rushed fom everywhere to pick it up and return it to him.  It was so lovely to feel into the human warmth of that experience!

Venus and Neptune are bringing boundaries to our unformed aspects of self.

This is part one of the birthing of self from the tribal soup.  It is followed up next week by Mars in the Gate of Power. 

Imagine if everyone you meet in the world is part of your family.  How much more able will you be to trust in each moment, to relax and be yourself with no need to push or strive.  You can align without force, create the greatest outcome with the minimum amount of effort. Gate 40 is all about learning to relax and recuperate.  Venus by transit brings a release from struggle, like a long relaxing exhale.  With the Sun in the Gate of Exhaustion (overdoing the social thing) and Jupiter in the Gate of Retreat, I expect the energy this week to be very laid back and quiet with a hint of delusional relationship activity coming to consciousness. Any unforced interactions will be wonderful (the Earth is in the Gate of Grace).

This week’s hint:

Balancing time alone to deeply relax and renew, with time spend giving and receiving from others.


14th September 2014


On 14th September, Mars moves to Gate 34, creating a channel with the North Node in 57.  This is a major spiritual upgrade to our personal power. More on that in a few days.

More here on how Saturn and Neptune are working together right now. 




All Of You, Why Not Live All Of You

10649727_10152594675700865_115903769173951866_nWhile a lot of attention has been on Uranus in the Gate of Shock during 2014, Chiron has been quietly going about his business bringing up the wounds to our soul and providing the means to heal them.  This week the Sun and Earth join up with Chiron to heal our collapse into a sense of hopelessness that comes from trying …. and trying …. and trying.

The problem with the trying, is that it used to work.  But in this new energy we’ve created it just spins us and sends us back into the past.  It simply doesn’t work to try and try harder.  Nor does it work when we give up (aka surrender).  These are old tools, for a world we’ve chosen not to return to.

We’re moving full speed towards self empowerment.  That’s FULLY EMBODIED self empowerment (aka, I can manifest my desires).

When I started my first ‘spiritual’ business, Alchemical Healing, back in  …. oh, about 1999, one of my tag lines was – you don’t have to leave parts of yourself at home under the doona!  This is finally the time when all the bits and pieces of our inner selves can join in.  We get to play without compromise.  It might sound like a fantasy, but the tools to create such a way of being are available and are reaching critical mass. Over the next few weeks you’ll be exposed to ideas and ways of being that you’ve never considered possible.

This week The Sun is in Gate 64, known as Not Yet Across.  In the I Ching this is the very last hexagram.  But it’s not the end of the cycle.  The cycle ends just one gate earlier, in Gate 63, Already Across.   Gate 63 is the end.  Gate 64 is that liminal space between the end and the new beginning.  These two Gates, both in the Head Centre (or Crown), represent a transition.  Our transition is still very much in the energetic realm.  After all, this is the Crown Chakra we’re talking about. It’s only just in our bodies!  But they do represent the commitment you have made to a shift in your life.


Human Design Transit Chart -


Just before this week’s Full Moon on 9th September, the Earth is exactly conjunct Chiron in Gate 63.5:

You are not asked to give more than you have.  Great offerings are not called for here, and can be counterproductive.  This offering is not an achievement or an end in itself.  What matters is the sincere and lasting connections and relationships it creates.  They can be damaged by over complicating or over doing things.  They are sustained by keeping what you offer simple and true. 

(from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching)

You have committed yourself and made a transition, whether you’re aware of it or not.  You have decided something for yourself. Stay loyal to that decision, even when external appearances don’t support it. You can’t see it, because you’re still creating it! Work with what you have and keep your momentum going. There’s no mistake in becoming engaged with how these new possibilities feel, so long as you don’t get lost in your imaginings and lose your presence in the moment.  Take the responsibility and initative in your own life, and when action is necessary … do what needs to be done. But no more than that.  Remember, you are not asked to give (or do) more than you have.

One effect of Chiron is to bring up the places where we were neglected as children.  By neglect I don’t mean not being fed, or being locked under the stairs like Harry Potter.  I mean simple things like not having someone listen to our ideas, or being told to sit still, or that we look funny when we dance.  These soul wounds cut deep and we tend to internalise them.  We learn to continue to neglect ourselves in these very same ways. We don’t even realise we’re doing it, seeing it a limitation imposed on us by ‘reality’, or holding an unexamined belief that the dreaded ‘everybody’ will not listen, will not like us moving, will not enjoy our dancing.  Over the next few days in particular, watch for feelings of neglect and deprivation of your most essential self.

We are healing the collective field of consciousness, removing the false energy created by a belief in lack.

Pay attention to what supports you, the intimate day to day acts that make your life joyful.  These are important right now. The big issues are taking care of themselves and all they require is your alignment with their gradual unfoldment . Remember to take action when you feel inspired to do so.  And don’t believe you have to understand, think things through for an answer, do things that you don’t want to do, or that create stress.

The Most Inspired Baby Boomers

Between 1963 and 1968, Uranus and Pluto moved through Gates 64 and 47.  These people are powerhouses of mental inspiration, bringing through some of the most exciting, creative and inspired ideas we’ve ever seen on this planet.  The difficulty a lot of those in this generation face is the transpersonal mental pressure.  Sometimes it can be hard to find a personal space amidst the importance of the message.  You are here to prepare the rest of us for this transition, to midwife the ideas, to hold the energy for the solutions to come through.  Trust everything and hold it in precious embrace.  You don’t have final solutions, it’s more like having a sense of what’s needed and being able to steer things in the right direction.  The cosmic mind embodied in this generation is breathtaking!


We have some really exciting and empowering transits coming our way over the next 3 weeks and I’ll write more about those in a few days.  Enjoy!


PS.  To all the wonderful people who I’ve spoken to in Discovery Sessions over the past 2 weeks – you are so amazing.  I am in awe of each one of you, and so blessed to have a business where talking to you is my “work”!!

I am booked for personal mentoring till November.  I’ll be posting information for more Discovery Sessions in October.


Img:   I was unable to find the artist for this beautiful image.  If you know (or can figure it out) please post in the comments below.


Are We Crazy Yet?

GetYourHappyOnWe may be going crazy. Or maybe we’re going sane.  I suppose it depends entirely on who you talk to.

All the relationship dynamics that kept our crazy freak on the inside are dissolving.  Family beliefs that kept us struggling to be someone else entirely (yes, I know, it wasn’t working so well for any of us!) are falling away.

We’re into the Sun opposite Neptune thing.  (Yes, it’s a ‘thing’!) Neptune connects with the Sun twice each year, so {yawn} nothing new there.  Oh yes there is!  Because this year is different.  This year Neptune and the Sun are not just facing off in their bi-annual rotating dance, they are doing it in the same Human Design channel.

Would you like to know why this is a big deal?


What Was Really Going On In The 60’s?

2005-12-28 09.48.12If you were born between November 1959 and September 1964 you are part of the generation that launched the revolution. I know, you were just a baby. But your DNA was potent!  You had a combination of Chiron in Gate 37 plus Pluto and/or Uranus in Gate 40.

When this energy landed on the planet, the old ways of doing family and community were blown apart.  The family rules couldn’t contain you.

Neptune transiting in Gate 37 since April this year, has been teasing out the highest possibilties for the power and passion contained within this generation, connecting you with the right people and activating your purpose.  You’ll find yourself leaving behind old family rules about who you and what you’re here to do. Are we crazy yet?  You bet!

(Apologies to my sisters for posting this photo.  I’m the one on the left btw.)



What’s Terrorism Got To Do With It?

As our experience of family shifts, we are leaving behind the negative legacy of family, tribal and national identification that has plagued us in the past.  We’ve seen evidence of this on the world political scene in the past few months. It’s possible there may be some intensification over the next five days, and that will help galvanise Neptune’s higher idealism for a concerted global response.

Jupiter is playing into this picture, giving us the courage to withdraw from connections that don’t feel like ‘family’ and allowing a space for true family to form.


When Opposites Unite

These two gates – Gate 37 and 40 – are divergent energies that don’t seem to fit together.  It’s because they form an ‘opposition’ which means putting them together is a bit like mixing oil and water.  It can be done, it takes time and patience.

Gate 37 – The Family

Families are not the easiest of places to live.  And yet, they are the foundation of who we are.  Our families are not always biological. Sometimes our friends are truer family than those who share the same blood.  Whatever our experience of family, it forms the place from which we feel safe to venture out into the world.  We can say or do anything there.  We have a bond created by shared experiences, and a shared sense of what’s important.

The true family is a place where you can grow freely into your natural form and find your place in the world.  This is a place where you are able to invite in what inspires you, and  you feel supported to venture out to explore what intrigues you.

It’s not just the outer family that’s affected by this transit.  It’s also about having what Laurel Mellin would call creating sanctuary inside yourself.  When you have a healthy inner sense of sanctuary you speak well to yourself, treat yourself with love and care. It provides a safe foundation to provide for the basics like your wellbeing, plus the more prosperous experience of growth and exploration, including all the luxuries that you desire.

How’s the health of your inner sanctuary?  Do you allow yourself to know what you truly desire?  Or are old family beliefs of not allowing, keeping safe, managing rather than thriving, keeping you from your more expanded sense of who you can be in the world?

More about:  Neptune in Gate 37 


Gate 40 – Release 

In conventional Human Design, this is a gate of ‘aloneness’.  So already there’s conflict with the idea of family.

At a deeper level, this gate is about letting go of the struggle to achieve … well, whatever it is you believe you have to struggle to achieve.  Your reasons right now are likely to be strongly coloured with the need to rebel in some way.  If you took a few days to step back and consider what is right in front of you, what might happen?  What’s truly and deeply important to you?  Where do you long to be free to invest your time, your energy, your attention?  Touch base with yourself.  When you know where you’re coming from, it’s a lot easier to figure out where you’re going.

unicornA lot of the work I do with my personal clients is getting clear about what they truly want.  I saw somewhere an estimate that only 1% of people have ever even vaguely considered what their desires are.  1%!!

If you want to be part of the new 1% (not the old boring 1%), all you have to do this week is tune into what’s calling you.  And not buy into all the stories about why you are too busy struggling to be someone else entirely to listen.  It’s time to believe in yourself!  That deep authentic self is not a unicorn, you really exist.

Which brings me to another aspect of Gate 40.  When you get caught in struggle, take a deep breath and come back to your inner sanctuary.  From that place you reconnect with what’s important to you and can start out on your journey refreshed and renewed.  In this way, you can bring the transcendent (the unreal) into being, with grace and ease.

This upscaling is going to be fun and easy.  Say it out loud. This upscaling is fun and easy!! I’m releasing anything that is not fun and easy!

At times when Gate 40 is activated – and especially when huge transpersonal energies like Neptune are connecting with deeply personal energies like the Sun – we can be swept away by euphoria.  There seems to be an unusual freshness and sense of renewal in the air.  It’s important to check and see what everyday things need doing.  It’s as if a thunderstorm has passed over and we are so pleased we survived and the sun has come out that we don’t see the debri that needs sorting through and cleaning up.  If we try to leap forward without this kind of everyday grounding, we will risk having to go round the old cycle again.

Similarly on the emotional front, there may be old debri that needs to be released.  Hurts grieved, misunderstandings aired, wrongs forgiven.  It’s time to move on.   This is a global houseclearing, as we prepare for our new lives.  To quote my friend SheKaNah, this is where it used to fall apart, but this time it’s where it all comes together. 


 Gate 37 and Gate 40 fit together perfectly when we repair our inner sanctuary

and attract into our lives the ‘family’ that supports our most powerful creative self. 


 What Else Is Going On?

Here’s what is going on behind the scenes while the Sun and Neptune do their thing.


New Relationships

Until early on 1st September, Venus will be in the Ajna Centre making a channel with Chiron.  This activates the highest frequency (Chiron) of our inspired minds.

This is a channel of transition – we’ve completed one cycle and are figuring out the new territory we’ve discovered.  We must pay attention through this transition and not get lost in early celebration.

Venus and Chiron together can heal broken relationships.  This is personal, and it’s also part of a global wave of relationship completion.  We are ready to move into new relationships that are more allowing of our expanded selves. We’ve got a lot of new skills to learn.

We won’t master our new relationships overnight, sometimes we”ll feel foolish. Venus suggests we can trust in the process.


Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It 
On 1st September Venus shifts to create the Channel of Discovery with Mercury.

There’s a sense of danger here, as the seed begins to unfurl. We become conscious of a need to commit to an idea, a mission, a direction.  We have no idea where this is going.  The HOW is not so important as the deep sense of urgency to get it moving into the world.

Neptune’s influence is strong here, as we give birth to something previously intangible. We feel ourselves pregnant and beginning to birth something precious. Align with the natural order (don’t stress out or struggle) and set out towards warmth, light and activity.


How Will You Use Your Power? 

At around 6pm on 1st September UT (Eastern: 2pm on 1st September and Sydney: 4am on 2nd September) the Moon heads in to create a channel with the North Node for about 10 hours. This is a quick and dirty hack to our self empowerment.  No bullying ourselves into old patterns.

How will you use the power being made available to you?  How will you invest your energy? Your attention?  Your time?   Here is where we stop casting around for any old  sort of postive outcome (please Universe, we beg!), and stand in our power to CREATE what we came here to create.  Be clear – CHOOSE it!  Say out loud .. I CHOOSE.

These few hours have an immense potential to shift us from survival to creation.  From death energy to life energy.

On 10th September, Venus in 40 creates a channel with Neptune in 37, before Neptune shifts back into the Gate of Abundance (Gate 55) on 14th September.

These transits, and those playing out during the remainder of September are both subtle and powerful. They can sweep us off our feet if we let them. But this is about grounding something that was previously ephemeral, a dream landscape we carried within us.  Be present, and trust in the process. Natural law is at work in your life and it is looking for every possible opportunity to support your good.

What’s birthing in your life?








New Moon – It’s Time To Let Go

KellyVivancoTimes when everything seems to be falling away can be frightening. This is one of those times, but not a time to be afraid.  This week’s New Moon brings success.  It pushes us towards much needed changes by thawing parts of us that have been frozen to death.

Right now it can feel like we’re between a rock and a hard place.  The rock prevents us going back to what’s known and comfortable.  The hard place is new and seemingly full of risks.  Here be dragons!  Quite literally.  Both Mars and Saturn are in the dragon gate in the Human Design chart – Gate 1, the Gate of The Creative.  Hilary Barrett describes it like this:

The dragon is in full flight, creative force released into full expression. Clouds follow him and the crops grow.  This is the right time and place to act.


Saturn is structure, Mars is bold action.   If Saturn has the upper hand, our will can be paralysed.  If Mars has the upper hand we can waste our energy rebelling against authority and achieve nothing of personal significance.  Together they are a supreme team for making changes to our lives by trusting our passionate heart.  This is the voice of the divine inviting us to embody our spirit, mix it with our humanity and bring our longings to life.

The Sun and Moon are both in the Gate of Dispersion (59.3).  Margaret Pearson says of this gate:

At such times we need to make sacrifices [of our old habits and comfort zones] and to draw near to sources of spiritual and moral success.  By seeking guidance and gathering with like minded people we can initiate great changes.

Hilary Barrett adds:

Everything solid is swept away.  The familiar landmarks are gone.  Perhaps this liberates the vital energy of the situation, or perhaps it’s utterly disorienting.  Let your decisions flow from your essential underlying source.

Your little self can disperse now, as you quietly enter into a larger and deeper truth, one where your independence and what you stand for are no longer important.  As your identity disperses and expands, there is nothing to be anxious about.  Nothing real is lost.

The Confidence To Risk Changing

I’ve spent this week speaking to people about how their long held dreams are coming alive.  There is a call to take action on them, to make them real.  This can be challenging, particularly for women, who tend to lack confidence in their capacity to create real meaningful change.  Women have been taught a level of passivity and even the most successful women tend to seek approval in order to feel safe in the world.

In their book The Confidence Code, Katthy Kay and Claire Shipman tell how a lack of confidence  leads the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde to overcompensate in her job.

“Angela Merkel and I have talked about it,” she confided.  “We have discovered that we both have the same habit.  When we work on a particular matter, we will work the file inside, outside, sideways, backwards, historically, genetically and geographically.  We want to be completely on top of everything and we want to understand it  all and we don’t want to be fooled by somebody else.” 

What hope do mere mortal women have?  And yet, it is a time in the evolution of consciousness when women are being called to step out into the world in an entirely new way.  The Economist magazine recently called female economic empowerment the most profound social change of our times.

What makes this a big deal right now is Ceres creating a channel with Pluto.  Ceres is symbolic of the Eleusinian Mysteries, an inititiation into life and death that dates back to 1500BC.   The Mysteries took evil and replaced them with good, giving possession of happier hopes for the future.  Initiates surrender or sacrifice (giving up of our existing form), connect with the divine and are gifted a renewed life and sense of purpose in the world.  It is similar to the ideas we associate with Pluto – death and rebirth.

In The Gate of Great Exceeding (28) Ceres asks us where we are holding onto an area of our lives that we’ve outgrown.  All that is possible has already been done, learned, experienced.  There’s nothing nourishing left and yet we keep on, like a dog chewing on an old bone. We focus on the grief and sense of loss, rather than the opportunity.


This is a time for changing your form -

a deeply transformative process of letting go of who you believe you are,

 seeking new roads and new friends. 


Pluto adds to a whole range of influences saying the same thing – you need to go outside your comfort zone, seek new guides, mentors, advisors and friends.  There is something you need to see and learn and you won’t do that sitting at home in front of the television.  Break out of what’s known and get yourself off to find what’s calling you.  Take the risk when your essential self says .. YES! That’s it!!

A vital aspect of Ceres is self valuing.  What are you worth? Can you stand as a mature adult in the world and hold to your own truth? What message does your soul have for the world?

This is a pivot point.  It’s particularly potent for women because of the Ceres/Pluto connection, but it affects all of us.  There’s confusion here, as there always is when we are face to face with the unknown.  Mercury tells us that it’s important not to pull back in an attempt to gain some self-assurance.   Our confidence is only gained by taking some action right now, no matter how small.  Each step will open us up to new insights and ideas.  These new ideas about ourselves and our potential may shock and amaze us.  But if we are listening to our heart rather than chasing down what will help us feel safe again,  it will be a step in the right direction.


PS. When you’re ready to walk out the gate and explore fresh new territory you need the right guide.  If you have a sense of your new business direction and lack the courage and/or nuts and bolts knowledge for how to get started and make it really happen, I have space for one private client in my 6 months personal mentoring program.  Book in for a Discovery Session so we can explore working together.


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When Death Creates Life

My friend Nora Cabrera recommended I watch a movie called Griefwalker yesterday.  You’ve got to love streaming, I got a cup of tea and watched it on my laptop before I even got out of bed. It was quite an extraordinary experience, and one that was perfect for the time.


There’s a lot of death in the air just now.  Pluto is lining up some deep shifts for us and the Stephen Jenkinson pretty much sums them up for me in Griefwalker, which is about his work with the dying.  Life is framed by death. We can’t appreciate life fully unless we also appreciate death.  Jenkinson believes we suffer from a death phobia in our westernised culture.   And that this has profound implications for how we live.

Jenkinson asks Tim Wilson, the filmaker:

You didn’t see dying, so this is what makes the challenge.  If you have to get the news of your death from someone else [he had received a diagnosis of a terminal illness], how firmly in your life are you?   The crucible for making human beings is death.  It’s not growth or happiness or success, it’s death.  This is the cradle for your love of life, the fact that it ends.

I realised as I watched this film, that we are so focused on life in our culture, it’s as if we have turned our back on death, and our fear of death.   Jenkinson also explains that indigenous cultures generally don’t have a fear of death.  But we do.  And yet, some of the most popular tv shows and books are about forensic detectives. On weekend evenings I’ve got a huge choice of shows that will parade no end of dead, decayed and decapitated bodies into my lounge room, laid out in bold colour. This is how we assuage our craving to meet death.  And yet also keep it as a concept rather than a reality.

This week Mercury has been sitting opposite Pluto, bringing to consciousness our deepest survival fears. In early July our deepest unknown personal traumas were triggered by Mars passing over a powerful triple goddess stellium of Ceres, Vesta and Haumea (in 57).  The pain of unremembered moments awoke within us.  It wasn’t rational, and we can’t make sense of it.  Embedded as memory in our cells, created as codes for future survival – I am not worthy, I am not safe, I am not good enough – these early traumas returned to life and took flight in our imaginations, calling out for transformation.

Remember that Chiron is sitting in Gate 22 – the Gate of Grace which means that we ARE beauty and love beneath our masks, and that it’s time to remove the social graces and find the truth of who we are beneath. Gate 22 tells us that Universal law reveals something beyond our ego sense of what is valuable to and in the world.   Everything that has been shamed, made invisible or unimportant, misunderstood, buried and forgotten is coming back from the dead zone where we shoved it and then became too afraid to look.  Because, you know, death is to be avoided, even all those parts of ourselves we made dead over the years in our best attempts to survive.

In embracing those parts of ourselves that we have made dead, we shift to a relationship with life that arises, as Jenkinson describes, from the crucible of death.  This is a powerful tool of the soul.



leena nio028




The Sun will conjunct Jupiter in Gate 56 tomorrow.  When I checked the transits for July I thought … oh, that’s nice!

Ha!!  Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in this case it’s ushering in a whole new world.  It is being fed  by a plethora of minor planets in Gate 11, where we also find the Galactic Centre.  This is like a vacuum cleaner, literally sucking out old beliefs and replacing them with new ones.

Here’s the ever so impressive line up at the Galactic Centre – Asclepius, Orpheus, Amycus, Quaoar, Hylonome, Icarus.  Short version of what they’re saying – be present to your grief in each moment with no attachment to the past, and don’t try to get around it or over it, you really need to feel it and go through it.  When you approach it that way, it will clear more quickly than you expect.   Get professional support as needed.  I have never seen so many therapists of various kinds in my life as I am right now, it’s delicious to call in so much support!  Music is also great, I’ve been listening to this A LOT!  – Creative Mind Systems.

So, back to the Sun and Jupiter.  In the Gate of the Wanderer (56), this is about trying to escape incarnation, the quintessential feeling of being a stranger in a strange land.  Who are these humans? What are they doing????

We have a strong sense of not being at home here on this planet. We are sloughing off the old testament ideas that we are bad,wrong, at constant risk of punishment. We have been thrown from the garden for our original sin and have never figured out how to be ‘good enough’ to get back in.  That time is done. Eternal life does not depend on gold stars from god.

There’s something else very intriguing about Gate 56.  LiSe Heyboyer talks about entering new and unknown territory, and the need to be modest and careful as we find our way in the unfamiliar.  She suggests we expect the unlikely, and be ready to respond from our new selves rather than our old selves.

Margaret Pearson says this about Gate 56:

In being wanderers we must leave behind many ties and almost all physical possessions.  By acceding to this emptiness and vulnerability, we open ourselves to new worlds, some of which may be far more fruitful for us than our current homes.

This is NOT an emergency, but a transition. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Hold on to what feels right, release what feels done.  Embrace your vulnerability in the unknowing and unfamiliar ways of being that are coming to us.  Give yourself soul-ful time to grieve what’s gone and to feel the dance of what is beginning.




Alma de la Melena Cox

What’s Society Been Hiding From You?

HDTransits24June2014The next few days bring a major activation to your soul awakening.  The mask you put on to survive a society that doesn’t truly see you is being removed, revealing the true gem beneath.  Click to Tweet

I’ve had this chart sitting on my desktop for nearly 6 months.  It nearly blew my cotton socks off when I first saw it.  It’s the transit chart for tomorrow.  While others have been talking about Full Moons and Soltices I’ve had my eye on the next 6 days.  First a little back story.

From 29th May to 22nd June 2014, Mars was moving through the Gate of Depth (48) dredging up toxic sludge from our psyches so that our vital energy can flow clear and free.  It does this every year, but it was different this time because Chiron is transiting in the Gate of Grace (22).  This gate specifically deals with the false social masks we apply to cover up ….  the toxic sludge in our psyche.  Shazaam!   A match made in heaven for revealing the truth of who we are.

Of course, nothing in your psyche is necessarily toxic or even bad, except where it has been made so by society.  And so taking off the mask means retelling the story of who you are – releasing the wrong people, the unkind interpretation, the chronic invisibility of the deep authentic self.

Back to today, and the period from 22nd to 28th June.  Mars has shifted to the Gate of the Gentle, often called Intuitive Insight (57).   Here it meets the powerful goddess energy of both Ceres and Vesta, two dwarf planets that orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Over these 6 days we find the courage and the passion to connect with the true gentle nature of the feminine and it’s bodily wisdom.

It also represents an epic event – the gentle opening to a new vocation.  For many it will be the culmination of many lifetimes of women’s wisdom returned in a new form.  For others it will be a whole new way of seeing themselves.  We’ve already seen the phenomenon of women taking hold of their power in the business world, this week will see that take on a new and more visible form.  So-called ‘women’s work’ is about to take centre stage in the world economy.  We’ll also see power returning to women in government.  In a sense, I feel this week represents the true end of the patriarchy.

And here I need to mention Pallas Athene, another planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, true daughter of the patriarchy, now coming into her own.  Pallas learnt the ways of men and has returned to show us how to blend her mother’s wisdom with the undoubted blessings of masculine manifestation and action.   Pallas is currently in Gate 40, creating a channel with Neptune (retrograding in 37).

So while there’s been deep and often intense inner work, there has also been an incredible sense of purpose and promise over the past few weeks.  Many people are making huge and amazing breakthroughs that feel incredibly special.  That’s because the social mask is falling away and something that feels more like the true self is arising in it’s place.


Alma de la Melena Cox


This week we have this amazing activation of the Integration Circuit.  Venus in 20, Mars in 57 and the Earth in 10.  And remember that Ceres and Vesta are also in 57.  This is about shifting out of the old survival codes in our biology, out of our individual struggle and into a place where we are totally supported in our individuality.  It’s about really been seen, and included.  This is an awakening of soul.

At the same time we have Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Obstruction, Stagnation and Standstill (12) meeting Chiron in the Gate of Grace (22).  This is a magical combination, forcing us to revisit what we have always believed stood between us and our dreams.

This week allow yourself to tune in deeply to your intuition.  What does your body experience as you think thoughts?  feel feelings?  You are here to create what brings you joy, and to open to connections that support the process.  You are here to be aware of each step, to savour it, to see it’s potential. You have the capacity this week to overcome centuries of obstruction, to walk away from what no longer serves you and to embrace the next stage of your life. Enjoy!


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Image:  Alma de la Melena Cox




Anes Wyant

Three Major Themes of The Age of Aquarius

Anes WyantRemember last month’s Grand Cross? In May we’ve been getting the free added bonus that comes with all great offers. The bottom line? Let go of all the old ballast that’s been holding you down. We’re jumping ship.

That ballast is encoded in your DNA. It’s ancient survival strategies, techniques and beliefs that have saved humanity from extinction (job well done, by the way!) and kept us on an amazing evolutionary trajectory. Irma Kaye Sawyer says: This week has been so intense and odd that I sat down this morning with Guidance to check it out. Yesterday was one of the strangest days I’ve had online in a very long time.

It has been strange and it’s because this is not a one-lifetime kind of deal.  This week has opened up a doorway to the three major evolutionary themes of the Age of Aquarius.   In this post I explore your personal opportunities to align with them.

All our circuits are being triggered at the same time.  The outgrown is falling away, what has been a source of security and protection seems not so reliable.  Jobs and relationships in particular don’t seem to be doing their thing to ensure we feel safe and secure.  Family dynamics are shifting under our feet and challenging our sense of self, as we strip away layers of  self that we put on like a costume.

We can feel new challenges and possibilities on the horizon.  At times the landscape feels unfamiliar, and we are being called to trust in seemingly mysterious forces that seem strangely familiar and yet too powerful to contemplate.  We’ve had romance, exhaustion, beauty, fashion, music, expansion and contraction, rules and renegades, confusion and clarity.

The Trigger For A New Cosmic Cycle


[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] As the power of Venus aligns with Eris this week, we tap into a 12,000 year cycle. It’s both a completion and a new beginning. Click To Tweet   [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

These two planets – Venus and Eris – are joined by expansive Jupiter in a Human Design channel activating life cycles. It’s about how we begin new cycles, how we move through them, and how we bring them to completion. We’re talking about all areas of your life here, relationships, business, health.

There are two important ideas that will help you navigate your life cycles.

1. Enter into new situations in a way that is authentic for you. If you rush, or hold back, or are motivated by intentions or beliefs that aren’t really serving your higher purpose, you’re probably not going to enjoy a big part of the ride.

We can all remember a time when we regretted the opportunities we were too timid to grasp when the ducks all lined up. Or got over excited, blinded by lust, or allowed ourselves to be talked into something we knew deep down wasn’t right for us. Once we’re in, we have to go through the whole cycle before we can complete it and move on. That could mean spending time in a messy relationship, or living in a house we didn’t really want to buy. I bought some shoes a few months ago that aren’t really comfortable but I let the salesperson talk me into them. They look great, I just can’t walk properly in them and my feet hurt when I take them off. I’m wearing them anyway, as a protest against the part of me that reminds me every time I look in my wardrobe – I told you not to buy those shoes! They’re nothing like the shoes in the video below, but these models are a great example of humanity caught in the grip of a (fashion) cycle that’s not working out so well! I know, it’s mean to laugh … but ….



2. Once you’ve entered into a life experience, it takes on it’s own natural life span. Relationships, health issues, any kind of experience comes with it’s own desire for growth and expression. It’s almost like the experience is having us, rather than us having the experience. If you pull out of the cycle too soon, if you rush the messy bits and try to move into the next thing too quickly, you’ll find yourself repeating the experience – probably with different players, but you’ll recognise all the landmarks.

It’s the classic example of love gone wrong .. again .. and again. We all know someone (often ourselves) who keeps choosing the same kind of wrong person. Or choosing another crap job. In relationships I often tell people – don’t agonise about whether your relationship is over. It will be over when it’s over. Just focus on yourself and what you need to learn as you move through it. One day you’ll wake up and realise it’s done. Or it will have become wonderful because you’ve both moved into a new cycle together!

But wait! This is not your average everyday new cycle. This is a massive, major cosmic new cycle. Eris transiting in Gate 42 is signalling to our DNA that we are completing one universal cycle and beginning a new one. You could call the new cycle The Age of Aquarius. Or like Lynda Gratton, author of Future Work and Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, says .. we are in the midst of the biggest transformation that the world has ever seen.

What’s The Big Picture?

We can view the big picture of the evolution of humanity as having three distinct phases.  We had the tribal era, when group survival overrode individual needs.  Next we moved into the era of the individual, where individual needs trumped group concerns (remember Greed is Good?)  We are now well and truly within the time of  collective consciousness where as individuals, we can make a profound impact on the collective while holding our individual essence intact.  The internet is a major player in this era, but it’s not so much about how we communicate (think global) as what happens when people from all around the world begin to have conversations with each other about EVERYTHING on a daily basis.

I’m calling the major themes of this new cycle as:

Fractal – we are experiencing a breakdown of the old social structure of hierarchies. Which means you and I are reclaiming our role as creators at the centre of our own universe,  dissolving the blockages in the flow of all manner of things – emotions, money, energy along the way.  When there is no longer ownership and control outside of each individual, when a certain mass of people begin taking charge of creating their own reality .. well!

When you claim your power as a force of nature, and hold your authentic essence as an individual, you shift from being a cog in the machine to being a spark of brilliance in the universal firmament.  Concepts like employment and poverty will be left by the side of the road scratching their heads, wondering how they became redundant in our new reality.

Your inner shift: let go of putting others first, believing in a lack of anything, feeling you’re not as good as others.

Spiritual Intelligence – in the 1990’s and 2000’s the idea of Emotional Intelligence broke through into popular culture. We are now entering the era of Spiritual Intelligence. This is a really big deal. Consciousness is a breakthrough tool of humanity that is only just on the very outer edge of awareness of health, science and business. Science has to deal with it because it shows up in the data, but only a few are embracing it.  It’s rarely discussed openly in the mainstream, but is set to become a HUGE player in the way we humans do life.

Your inner shift: recognising the incredible power of your inner knowing, especially as a tool for creating your own external reality

Relationships – most of us were raised on a diet of romantic stories of love conquering all or the pain of loss when it’s unrequited. Oh so dramatic. The truth about love is that we were made for it – our bodies, our emotions, our minds. Without love we literally fade away and die. But this love we need is different to the one we learnt about in When Harry Met Sally. It’s not something we seek outside ourselves, it’s something we experience. And we can build our love muscles in the same way we can work on our triceps.

Barbara Frederickson describes love as connection – a stretching of the heart, the sense of shared purpose, a momentary upwelling of positive emotion that creates a synchronicity between you and another person’s biochemistry and behaviour. The key to our new understanding of love is that is creates a motive to invest in each other’s wellbeing and supports mutual care. Evolutionist David Sloan Wilson believes evolution is now selecting for pro-social traits such as altruism.

Your inner shift: savour moments of positive emotion to shift your biochemisty and align with the higher evolutionary principles.

The Human Design Transits

Human Design transit chart 24th May 2014Two major planetary shifts have influenced the strange energy this week. Uranus has moved to The Gate of Shock (51) and Chiron shifted to The Gate of Grace (22).

During the week, the Sun and Earth activated what’s known as The Channel of Charisma – gates 34 and 20. This is a channel of expressing power.   Activated by transit, it’s like a turbo blast through any old patterning of withholding your vital energy through fear or belief that it will endanger you in some way to live your dream.

When we add in the life cycle activation – this is a major shift in unblocking the abundant energy that flows through the cells of your body and expresses in the world as self love and self empowerment.

Let’s look at Uranus, newly arrived in the Gate of Shock.

This gate deals with sudden and unexpected shocks – a perfect home for Uranus, aka the great awakener! These shocks can come in any form, they might be physical, emotional or even spiritual.  I jumped on a vacant treadmill at the gym a few days ago and it was still going!  There I was, sure of my reality and about to start running when I was thrown, suddenly and unexpectedly, to the floor!

One of the major themes of Uranus is this – GET IN YOUR BODY!!  I was back at the gym after gradually building up my health over the last 18 months and I was a bit nervous and out of my body.  Otherwise I would have noticed the treadmill doing it’s thing before I stepped onto it.

I’ll have more for you on Uranus in Gate 51 in the next few days. It’s there until 22nd September, when it returns to Gate 21.  Uranus will return to Gate 51 for a second time on 13th March 2015.

One major softening impact on Uranus has been dwarf planets Ceres and Vesta transiting in the Gate of the Gentle – Gate 57.  This is the programming partner of the Gate of Shock – which means it’s astrologically opposite.  When we have major transits creating polarities, we tend to swing between the two trying to find a balance.  In this case we’ve got a swing between our will (Heart Centre) and our body (Spleen Centre) and between racing out of our bodies (Gate 51) and tuning back into the gentle message of our intution (Gate 57).

The pivot point of consciousness here is to be aware of when you experience a shock and to take the time to tune into what your body needs to do to deal with it.

And all the while, Mars has been transiting in the Gate of Correction (18), shifting ancient survival patterns buried deep within our DNA – watch out for mastedons!!!  And other fears that no longer serve us.

Mars has been behind the anger some have been feeling – look for ways you’re holding yourself in and places your passion is blocked to protect the (very dodgy) integrity of inherited family beliefs.  Things like .. Are you really going out dressed like that?  Or maybe this ..  that’s a silly idea.  And how about …   no one will want you if you’re (add your favourite put down here)  My daughter’s had two teachers tell her last week that she’s stupid.  That’s shocking!  As I explained to her, they’re most likely projecting their own fears onto her.

And what about Chiron in the Gate of Grace, you ask?

Adding to the general intensity, has been this week’s Mercury transit through the adjoining Gate 12 – Standstill.  In Human Design, this represents a stop codon in our DNA – which means that it calls a halt to our headlong rush forward. When we feel obstructed, it’s because we are pushing against the true flow of change.  We need to move out of our comfort zone, where we’ve become stagnant and find fresh new beauty elsewhere.  In these situations we can only preserve our own integrity and make what small changes are possible. As we do that, the flow opens out again.

Chiron will be in Gate 22 until 1st August 2014, when it shifts back to Gate 63.  It returns to Gate 22 on 4th March 2015. (Pluto shifts to Gate 54 a few days later, on 8th March 2015 and remember that Uranus shifts back into Gate 51 on 13th March 2015 – what a month that will be!).

The tricky bit with Chiron and Mercury this week has been the desire to get out and be social and meet people, while the other planets are calling you into a more contemplative and individual space.  The desire to be social is there, even romance feels like it’s in the air.  But the old patterning will keep pulling us back into old cycles unless we really dig deep and find our own essence.  So, there’s a strong desire to be alone and tune in.

So what about you?  How are you experiencing the energies this week? Do they feel very weird?  Or is it just another day in paradise?  Have you noticed what’s ending and beginning in your life?



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Img: Jumping Ship by Agnes Wyant –


The Namaste Effect Is Upon Us

I’ve been feeling a bit Jiminy Cricket lately.   As in, there are voices that I haven’t heard before coming in loud and clear.  I’ve started to understand what people mean when they talk about listening to their conscience.

It’s a strange idea, the conscience.  I did a bit of reading about it, and found that it has a rich and complex history that goes back at least to the ancient Hebrews.

My feeling is that it comes in two versions – our innermost core of personal values, and the outer layer that lets us know how to behave nicely in any given social or religious circumstance.

What’s breaking free in me now are the voices coming from my own core conscience.

Certain emotions carry the voice of our core conscience – guilt for example.  Anxiety as  well.  I’ve been experiencing a lot of both in the past 2 years and as I’ve unravelled, unpicked and generally dissolved it’s causes it’s been a continual surprise package.  Because I’ve been discovering that both guilt and anxiety (and probably the original depression that I suffered from a decade ago) were caused by ignoring what I knew to be true for myself, and travelling instead along a pathway mapped out by the externalised conscience – thou shalt!

This is a lot bigger deal than it first appears.  As Uranus moves over our natal Eris activations (in Gates 17, 21 and 42) , it is triggering the places where we have learnt to blame ourselves for having our own opinions (17), for taking control of our own lives (21) and for expanding beyond the existing reality paradigm (42).  Eris and Uranus are the great disrupters, moral champions of the individual, and as they come to play out on the global scene we need the old structures of society and religion less and less.

I remember about 15 years ago, talking to my lovely in-laws about a time when people would no longer need laws or religion to tell them how to behave.  They were … well, the best word is aghast, at the very idea.  Anarchy! Chaos! People looting and raping and generally behaving very badly!  If there are  no external controls to our behavoiur – no fear of a wrathful god, no police force to impose order, no red tape – just what might happen?

The upcoming Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse will be in Gate 32.  In her book The Original I Ching, Margaret J Pearson PhD describes this hexagram/gate as calling for us to persist in following the truth, in doing what we know is right, in fulfilling our best selves, that moral strength for which the word ‘virtue’ is a poor translation.  This is not so much about being a good person as it is about connecting with the strongest and most life giving energy within us, the type of kindness that attracts others with it’s quiet and radiant receptivity.  Who knows, perhaps it’s possible that humanity is truly a peaceful, loving and kind species!

As a global society, we’re not quite ready for that leaving all the rules behind.  But you and I, now there’s a different story entirely. We are the forerunners of a life lived from the inner conscience.  We are the real change, no matter how much money society is spending trying to control and manage from the top down.  Life tells us – chaos theory and fractals and systems theory – tells us that reality is organised from a pinpoint of consciousness in each given moment of space/time.


I’ve always taught that the Solar Plexus is incredibly important for finding our humanity.  The Ji Centre is lovely, with it’s frequency of unconditional love and soul purpose, it’s truly delicious.  But we are here to anchor that higher dimensional Ji Centre energy into dense physical bodies with the miracle of emotions.  And those emotions are key to our inner conscience.  They are key to our freedom and to the power of our individual expression.  They are key to bringing our attention into that powerful pinpoint of creative consciousness we have in each moment.   Anger shows where we have ignored our own personal boundaries – it allows abuse.  Fear shows where we may not be listening into our own intuitive sense of what is healthy for us – it allows our bodies to be degraded.

What most disturbs our emotions is when we lapse into a kind of learned helplessness, a powerless to take charge of our own lives because we have been conditioned to give up our power to an externalised conscience.  That might look like spending time with people who are putting out a disturbed emotional wave rather than choosing our own calm space, because we have to be ‘nice’.  Or it might be not speaking clearly about something that is important to us, telling white lies so as not to alarm or reveal too much of our wild, apparently chaotic and inconsistent selves.

Margaret Pearson talks about how this failure to act consistently in alignment with our own moral strength leads to a deadening, an ongoing vegetal state where the full range of life is missing. If we tune into our negative emotions and let them guide us to a more alive state, it changes everything. Barbara Frederickson’s research shows we need negative emotions, but as occasional feedback rather than as a chronic ongoing experience. When we have a ratio of at least 3 positive thoughts to each negative thought, we will flourish. (Once we get over 11 positive thoughts for each negative thought we are at the other polarity, a lack of realistic feedback that trips us into our own personal lala land.)

Ceres and Vesta have been retrograding in Gate 50 – a gate of shifting culture through taking responsibility for our own personal value systems.  They have now shifted to Gate 32 (right in alignment with the Full Moon this week), and are pulling us towards our path of service through reconnecting with others in a way that can best be described as Namaste!  The divine in me greets the divine in you!

As we approach this month’s two lunar eclipses and the astrological Grand Cross, take the time to listen deeply to your own deep inner values.  Watch how you might have been seduced into believing that living in accordance with these values is wrong, that it makes you a bad person, that it will bring censure and isolation down upon you.  And make the necessary adjustments.