Is Your Flock Mentality Dissolving?

11705266_10153292918400865_6224819931772691621_nRelationships and emotions take centre stage this week, as the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter take a spin through the channel of sexual and emotional intimacy.

We’ve been on an evolutionary journey towards interdependence. which simply means we are learning to comfortably be ourselves while at the same time entering more and more deeply into relationship.

This week’s transits bring a major challenge. We have all learnt to give up our individual awareness for the safety of the tribe. Who can afford to know they are angry when it threatens all we know and love? How often do people quell their own sadness or fear so as not to upset others?

Well those times are past and what we need now is you, finely honed and fully aware of your emotions. We need you capable of fully living from your emotional awareness regardless of what’s going on around you, anchored into your unique experience of life. Because this is what makes you tick as the wonderful creative genius you are.

Those of you with undefined Solar Plexus Centres may be experiencing discomfort, a pressure to express emotions not your own. Take as much time out as you need to feel calm, and to tune into the subtle nature of your own emotional responses to life. If you find yourself at the centre of any conflict, be like teflon and let it pass over you. Don’t try to fix anything or anyone.

As far as transits go, Mercury shows what’s rising to the surface of our consciousness. It makes things mental (rather than emotional or somatic) so that we can put it into words, even if only in our own minds.

From now through to 26th August, Mercury is in the Gate of Conflict. This is a powerful gate, being the conduit for our intimate and warm emotional connections with others. If we perceive conflict we can become defensive and believe in that moment that we need to hold our position and win out against the other person. This gate can lash out in argument, or pull shut compromising our experience by trapping the emotions. When it is open and flowing, it allows for the dissolution of emotional blocks and a wonderful ability to create something new in partnership with another.

Jupiter is in the Gate adjoining Mercury – the Gate of Dissolution (59). And the Sun will shift there on 24 August. The Sun and Jupiter together is a shiny opportunity, but add Mercury into the mix and we have a powerful energy for healing.

It may not feel so great on the ground though, because the ‘healing’ we’re experiencing is the dissolution of emotional blocks. You may be experiencing emotions you had believed (albeit unconsciously) that you’d shoved far enough down so that they would never see the light of day, and you could maintain some kind of faux harmony. Now that unconscious emotional energy is upscaling itself, thanks to the influence of Mercury.

Oops! Those pesky emotions are bubbling up. You may find yourself saying things you didn’t expect to come out your mouth. Or feeling resentful about your emotions not being considered in a discussion. Don’t be so concerned about getting outcomes with others this week. Instead, focus on experiencing the FEELING of your own emotions.

Although you had good reason to block your emotions and store them deep down way back when, you are safe now to  experience them. There is no need to win an argument or try to hold back the apparent chaos of disagreement. You can allow your smaller self to disperse as you quietly enter into your larger self and a deeper truth. There is nothing to be anxious about, nothing real is lost here.

This is a VERY important step in your moving out of the influence of flock mentality. You must be able to see how opposing viewpoints can stimulate creativity rather than destruction. Your emotional responses are your personal guide to the light of your unique awareness. We are learning to respond to challenges, not by reaching for weaponry but by finding the mental space to conceive of the new dimensions they bring into potential.

Have you read The Language Of Emotions? It’s a great book, highly recommended by moi.

Img: Igli Jorgo


When It’s Better Not To Know

10984129_10153372023440865_4690748156398776641_nI was moving house and didn’t get the New Moon blog done BEFORE the New Moon, but there is one thing I would love to share with you.

Yesterday’s New Moon was in the Gate of the Young Fool. The key idea of this gate is that not knowing brings success.  I’ll repeat that – NOT knowing brings success. Does it sound a bit counter-intuitive? Surely the more we know, the more successful we are?

There’s a deeper issue at play here. As a culture we have put so much credence on knowing everything that we’ve forgotten to have clear and actual experiences without the intermediary of our mind.

Our minds, in a bit of a panic at having been left in charge so long without any backup support from our emotions, our intiution and any connection whatsoever with our higher guidance system (well, not you of course, but speaking generally) have become quite beside themselves and lost the plot. Rather than trust in the simplicity of our own experience, our own natural unmediated responses to life, we have made other plans and concocted other (entirely illusory) realities.

We only have to watch the political landscape, particularly in Australia and the US, to see what’s raining down upon us. So much ridiculousness it’s hard to choose what to poke a stick at!

This week, our ability to continue to live in this artificially constructed personal and collective reality is tilting on it’s axis. Have you noticed you’ve been doubting thoughts that a few weeks back felt quite comfortable? Our individual and collective mental reality has become so distant from actual reality that it is breaking down and becoming just too ludicrous.

Because we have been taught that it’s shameful not to know, we have learnt all kinds of subtle mental acrobatics to cover ourselves. Here’s a phrase you could try out over the next few days – Actually, I don’t know. And then sit in any discomfort that arises.




As the I Ching reminds us, abstract concepts break down in the face of concrete reality, and learning comes from being available to actual experience. If we approach our lives with a stock of ready made answers we are too busy congratulating ourselves on our amazing unsinkable ship to notice the approaching iceberg.  Or, to use another cheerier analogy, too busy checking our smartphone to smell the roses or hear the bird song.

I’m reading a fabulous book by Richard Louv called Last Child in the Woods: Saving our children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. Louv talks about the difference between having a direct (and sometimes risky) relationship with nature and, let’s say, liking a picture of a beach or tree with a pithy quote on facebook.  But it’s not just nature we strip down when we live conceptually and virtually. The people in our lives become an exact copy of our ideas and what we already know about them, rather than an intriguing and constantly evolving human being. We lose them as individuals and live instead with the concept of who we believe them to be.

Make the next few days a period of radical not knowing.  “If you have a sense of losing your centre, this is a sign that you’re seeing the real world more clearly than before.” (Hilary Barrett)

A new time is coming. The form of our lives must shift to better represent our essence. Be available, not conceptual.



First Image: https://vk.com/chudesnosti

Second Image: Anna Silivonchik


Blue Moon – Small Slow Steps Create Monumental Transition

Full Moon in Gate 19.1, Sun in 33.1 on 31 July 2015 at 10.42 UT.

bluemoon.jpgBlue Moon, you knew just what I was there for … you heard me saying a prayer for …

The upcoming Full Moon is a Blue Moon, which means it’s the second full moon in one calendar month. There really isn’t any great astrological significance in this, especially since calendar months are a fairly recent phenomenon and bear no relationship to the lunar cycle. But hey, it’s fun to imagine a lovely blue moon rising from the ocean and each Full Moon has it’s own special meaning in our evolutionary trajectory. So let’s celebrate it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HRKl0fa2dg

This Full Moon is in Gate 19, with the Sun in Gate 33.  The key energy is about withdrawing from what is trying to pull us back into the past, and instead bringing our focus to our own inner compass. We are still very much within the influence of the powerful nodal transits. You can read more about those here. 

There’s anxiety here, the Full Moon happens in line 1 so we are seeking a secure foundation, something solid for our feet to rest on. But even if you don’t feel wholly secure just now, keep reminding yourself you are in the right place at the right time with the right people for now, even if now is only the next 5 minutes. Rest into your moments.

I have been writing recently on the shift from human-centred linear growth to a more soul attuned and relaxed dance with the natural evolutionary universal forces.  This Full Moon brings us another chapter in our learning. We are attuning more to the great growing energy from source that is always infusing our lives. It asks for your full participation and it seeks fruition.

When we set goals and attempt to attain them outside of divine partnership, we create results prematurely and miss the magic and power of the process. There is a fear in this old way of operating, that we may miss out, that we might get it wrong, that we don’t deserve the perfection of our desires.

What if, instead, we allowed our intuitive natural self to be in charge and allowed everything to unfold as it should? What if we had patience and confidence in our own wisdom?

There is something from the past seeking to swallow you up this week. To keep yourself whole you must be constant to a long term principle rather than short term gains. If you fear missing out on something – results, money, relationships – don’t. Let your losses go with grace because you are playing a longer game and these losses will diminish as you move away from them, no matter how large they may seem right now.

Withdraw from what may harm you and keep you from wholeness. The greater your inner focus and concentration, the more present and available you are to your present moment – your point of power.

Don’t try to envisage your new life yet. Get clear of these old influences. Leave them far behind and when the dust has settled, you will see where you are headed next.

Mars in Gate 62 is showing us how to use our vital energy. This is a gate of transition. What small things can you do to make your crossing in small ways? Don’t go against your nature and over reach yourself. Rather than forging ahead, make an authentic connection here. Mars in 62 touches on those of you who have your Eris in Gate 17 (approximately 1939 to 1955), bringing that powerful energy of chaos and interdependence into the mix for you.  more here.




The Sun and Eros have been travelling together for a few weeks now, and in this Full Moon they are joined by the asteroid Diana, all in Gate 33.

I could draw some conclusions about Sun and Eros, like that we are being impulsed to draw our creative juices back from the exclusively sexual expression. Have you had any shifts in regard to your experiences with your sexual energy in the past few weeks? I could also add something that came out in my discussions with Carolyn Jayne – that Eros is an immature young man who is cowed into acting on his mother’s instructions. This opens up a whole new kettle of fish if we think about the deeper story of spiritual initiation we are engaged in. Richard Tarnas, for example, sees this time as one where humans are growing out of a spiritual adolescence (matriarchy and patriarchy) and into a more mature and direct relationship with their own divinity and creative capacities.

Gaston_Casimir_Saint-Pierre_-_Diana_the_HuntressAnd what, I hear you ask, about Diana?  Where does she fit into this story of juicy sexuality and reclaimed divinity? Again, there are a number of ways we could read this. One way is that it shows a heightened sensitivity to nature and to animals, triggering a desire to reconnect with the natural world in real ways rather than as an abstract notion (eg, virtually, by looking at pictures of trees on social media).

Another important aspect of the asteroid Diana is her role as protectress of young women, the maidens. Can you feel something young and innocent arising in yourself, something that has previously felt hunted down, unsafe in the world because of it’s natural and wild nature?

This Full Moon is pushing us to finalise relationships and experiences. There might not seem much of an opening to get free. It’s a bit like a difficult birth, but if you apply simplicity and discretion and stay attuned to your inner knowing, free you will be.

We are shaking off old beliefs that have kept us isolated, held within our own mental prison of opposition and obstruction projected onto our world. The new relationships that we create from here will be safer, because we will have the capacity to keep ourselves safe. They will be juicer, more divine and creative, because we are juicier and more divine and creative.

This is not a time to be pushing forward. Take some time now to consider your strategies, your direction, your alliances. Who do you want in your life and what would you like to do with them? Hold that frequency, kick back and relax, and get free of anything other.



The image of the girl laying on the beach – I have done my usual suite of image searches to find the artist and got nada nothing! If you do know the artist please let me know and I’ll add an attribution.

Diana The Huntress – Gaston Casimir Saint Pierre


Chaos Is A Co-Creative Space – Mars squares Uranus

amandacass1If there is one planet that could be called chaotic, it’s Uranus. An inner hunger for something new and novel, partnered with external events that precipitate change – Uranus has a recipe for unexpected shift.  While we are caught up in the midst of that shift, everything feels different, even if somehow it’s also just the same old same old.

Uranus is very busy just now, accompanied by his very able sidekick Mars!

Chaos is an interesting idea. In the old Cartesian way of thinking chaos was a BAAADDD thing. To be avoided at all costs. These days, as we slide into a new quantum consciousness, chaos is a creative space where all kinds of wonderful things can emerge. Ironically, chaos was once considered a natural part of life and age old traditions were passed down from generation to generation in folk tales, myths and religion. In our so called modern world, chaos is something to be feared because it interferes with the orderly workings of the economic way of life. This creates a pretence of order and an illusion of harmony where we survive by clinging desperately to order and feel helpless and panic in the face of apparent disorder. Rather than see that this is life’s way of re-arranging itself and moving with it, we can tend to cling to our ideas of how it must be.

This week we are being reintroduced to chaos as a creative life force.

On 25th July at 9.42 UT, Mars will square Uranus. That’s astrology. In Human Design it looks like this:


HD Transit chart #loveyourdesign

It’s a big deal because it goes way beyond just two planets – Uranus and Mars.

Firstly there’s the two channels created with the Nodes. You can read more about that here. Uranus in Gate 51 is making a channel with the South Node in Gate 25. This is the Channel of Initiation, which gives us the capacity to hold fast to our purity and innocence, to disengage from what’s holding us back and to make a quantum leap into the void. Although it may shock our system, we can breakthrough and transcend our previous creative limits.

But how?  The key to this shift is in our relationships with others.

Mars is down in the Root Centre, in Gate 53. There are a host of minor planets in the channel with Mars, most notably Persephone and Eris in Gate 42. This is so interesting, because the astrologer who originally discovered Eris wanted to call her Persephone. Another point of interest – Eris was discovered in Gate 51 line 6, which is the position of Uranus at the moment.

Gate 51 is about how we deal with shock.  It’s about sorting out what will change, and what is stable through the shock and will therefore continue.  It’s about working out what’s important.  It’s about learning to understand the greater forces of change in our lives.

Heaven speaks through thunder, and this is an omen that the human world is to be brought back into harmony.  Abruptly your world is not working as you expect.  The solid ground shifts under your feet, security slips away and mental constructs shatter.  Living reality has spoken.

Hilary Barrett on the Gate of Shock

Etti Noy Shimonie

Eris has her own brand of chaos, her own way of bringing order from discord. She represents our choice to choose creation or destruction when it comes to relationships and  teamwork. Do we destroy the other in order to preserve our own brand of individuality? Or do we hold to our essence and find a way to collaborate, to leverage our creative energy by joining with others? The relationship fractal is shifting for all just now. Apart from chaos and sudden shifts, Uranus is also the planet of networking, and in particular he shows us the place where we have something important within our own area of individual genius to offer to the collective.

Mars is creating pressure to start a new cycle. Be very conscious and careful about what you are commiting your energy to. Most particularly, be aware of who you are commiting to move forward with. You may feel pressure to leave some people behind (or they you). You may feel a desire to connect with new groups, to align with new ideas, to make new friends and create new business collaborations.  When it happens, it happens quick because that’s how Mars and Uranus roll.

This shift is all about leveraging our creative genius through interacting with the right people. You know those years and years of frustration about how you couldn’t move forward because you didn’t have the right support? Your anger at being blocked by people who didn’t understand how capable you are? Your bitterness at not having your obvious brilliance recognised and called out? That’s about to change. Don’t go looking for people, they’ll turn up.

Uranus is quick mental energy, and Mars adds speed and vigour. Be aware though (this is a square and they are inherently difficult) that you must take care not to jump into new arrangements too quickly, take risks but take care as well. We are beginning an important new relationship cycle. It has the capacity for a quantum release of genius into the world, yours included.

Just moments after this Mars Uranus transit event (well, 25 hours later actually) Uranus goes retrograde. This fits perfectly with the current Node activations - avoiding the herd instinct, taking on the challenge of going it alone, doing it your way, trusting your own inner authority over external rules or even well meant advice. There is a tenderness to the Uranian shadow, the small child who has a message for humanity that gets eked away by a gradual pressure to conform.  Trust your innocent self, steer a path that aligns with your heart. We are creating a new pathway and although each one of us may set out alone, we are walking together and we find each other as we go along.


Images:  Amanda Cass and Etti Noy Shimonie


The Heart of Pluto and the Edge of the Cosmos

I woke this morning to wonderful new photos of Pluto.



If you missed the story, NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons has been en route to the Kuiper Belt since January 2006.  Last night my time, it took the first of a series of photographs of Pluto. Astronomers are excited, because this is the first actual evidence of what the surface of Pluto looks like. Every picture you and I have ever seen of Pluto until now has been an artists impression. (Ditto for dinosaurs by the way).

And wow, look at that heart shape!  I’ve always known Pluto has heart, despite his reputation as an underworld kind of character.

Did you know that Pluto is a dual planet?  He has a twin called Charon, and they spin around each other. Here’s another pic of them together, although this one has been colourised, possibly to make the artists at NASA who can no longer draw Pluto they way they see him feel a bit better.


There’s two reasons why I’m excited about this.


The First Beat of a New Global Heart 

Today, just as these photos were being beamed at the speed of light (yes, it’s true, it only takes them 4 hours to get here!) the Nodes shifted into an monumental alignment that activates the Global Soul Heart. You can read more about that here. At the same time, Mars was sitting directly opposite Pluto, right across the other side of the Root Centre – Pluto in 38 and Mars in 39. These are gates about struggling on alone, fighting our way to survival. They are the quintessential survival of the most cunning individual kind of energy. So Pluto is turning up right at this time to say .. hey, have a heart! Life is an adventure and we need to do it together!

Interestingly, this mission is not just about Pluto but what’s beyond him. In the Kuiper Belt. The first planet we found out beyond Pluto was Eris and she’s all about learning to work together as a team. So let’s stop taking sides, finding fault and opposing each other to make ourselves feel better.

Where Do We Grow From Here? 

We used to believe Pluto was a line between our home (our solar system) and the vast uncaring and unknown realm of deep space. We had life here, and out there was nothingness. It turns out that there is so much life ‘out there’ we barely have time to keep up with the discovery of exoplanets and dwarf plants and new galaxies.

In the past few hundred years, the discovery of new planets has coincided with expansions of consciousness.  Uranus brought electricity. Neptune the spiritualist movement. Pluto came along at the same time as the nuclear era. These are not synchronicities, but co-evolvement of human consciousness and nature.

So, when we believed Pluto, with his orbit of 284 years, was the edge of our solar system, our concept of the edge of consciousnss was all about transformation through life and death and rebirth. No pain no gain, suffering leads to wisdom, etc. We had to make our trip to the underworld in order to grow.

In 2006 we discovered Sedna, with an orbit in excess of 12,000 years. Now that is a sudden expansion!  The planets in the Kuipter Belt are all named after creation deities. Their nature is not about the struggle between life and death, but all about the dance of creation. I believe that Pluto’s heart message to us is this:

We do not have to struggle and suffer to survive. Life is a dance of creation when we anchor into our soul hearts. We are a part of a profound natural world, and our spirits can live here without pain when we are ready to do so. There is a truth here that comes from direct experience and has nothing to do with the narrative of man made culture. We are renewing our culture and we are doing so from love for ourselves and each other. 

We are stepping into a new world, a new culture and a new experience of being human.


Activating Your Soul Heart Frequency

530385_10151358431675865_267076105_nI’ve used a lot of hyperbole over the years in my HD blog. Some of my favourite words to describe transit events are profound, powerful, intense and I often speak about the huge opportunity a particulary potent transit event brings us.

Today I am adding a new word to my list – monumental. I don’t use these words lightly. We are living in amazing times, with a heightened sensitivity that comes from approaching a tipping point in the evolution of consciousness. We are shifting culturally and personally, and it shows.

Here in Australia our news is littered with political commentators nearly pulling out their hair at the absurdity of our politicians antics. And hey, Donald Trump for President, right! Germany seems to have forgotten the benefits of debt forgiveness and China’s stock exchange lost more than double the value of the entire Australian stock exchange in 3 weeks of craziness. Financial markets around the world are ‘jumping at shadows’ because that’s all they can see. What’s real anymore?

We are in a powerful build up to a monumental shift in consciousness that begins next week.  It’s being driven by the Lunar Nodes, commonly called the South Node and the North Node.  You can learn more about the Nodes here.


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

On 15th July the Nodes shift gates. They will activate a global level heart healing.  Well, actually, a profoundly cosmic shift in our soul heart energy, as the nodes will directly connect with the Super Galactic Centre.

The evolutionary end point of the Super Galactic Centre is to move us beyond unconscious bonding with others. As we  release psychic linkages based on fear, we access a hollow clear inner space which opens the door to true receptivity. There’s a synchronicity to the Super Galactic Centre bringing us this gift of a clear inner resonant space right at this moment.  The New Moon on 16 July evokes Gate 61 (the Earth activation), which speaks to clearing your personal inner space so that your own truth resonates there like a drumbeat. This clear resonance is naturally responsive, translating peronal insight into perfect action.

This is the death knell for the old concept of co-dependence and the anchoring of interdependence. This is the seed of a new quantum universe emerging into human consciousness.

So, on now to the actual transit event. Here is the chart.


You can see the position of the Nodes in Gates 46 and 25 – two of the Gates that make up the Vessel of Love. You might also notice that each Node is joined by another planet to activate a channel.

The South Node (25) is making a channel with Uranus (51). These two will continue to activate this channel until 29th November 2015.  They activate the connection between the Heart and G Centres.

The North Node (46) is making a channel with Venus and Jupiter (29). Venus moves on quickly, on 20th July. The North Node continues working with Jupiter until 11 August 2015. They activate the connection between the Sacral and G Centres.

The opportunity for transformation here is profound, on a personal and global level. The quick version is that we are learning to orient ourselves from our heart energy, quickening our emotions to a vibration of universal love. Each one of us has the capacity to self-generate a coherent level of functioning, characterised by increased emotional stability and increased synchronisation and harmony in our physiological systems. In other words, when we line up our heart with our soul, life is good.

We are learning to attune to the frequency of our own peronal life force stream. We are learning to live in higher dimensions without losing our unique spark of creativity, the rainbow prism of our purposeful contribution to consciousness, in the ocean of oneness.

We are learning to speak the places that have been, until now, dangerous to voice out loud. We are releasing our wildish selves upon civilization and asking the questions that could not previously fit within the bounds of polite society. We are falling but not drowned, in danger but not lost. We are consciously traversing territories which previously we had to die to access.

And here’s something I would love you to read at least twice. We don’t know where we are going! That’s because, as co-creators, we are creating the pathway by walking it. So HOW we walk is as important as WHERE we walk. People will be following along behind us. We will be modelling a new HOW TO LIVE. This is sort of the same thing as where we are going.  The two things are inextricably woven together.  As we tune more into our HOW, we refine our WHERE.

Right now our HOW has two parts to it. The first is … baby steps. One teeny tiny step after another. Don’t move your attention ahead to the place where you begin to feel anxious – wwwwaaaiiiit, there’s no ground beneath my feet!! That just means you are thinking too far out ahead of your stepping. The second is ……  chose your pathway by your inner compass rather than your external reality. Create a lifestyle that’s centred around checking in with yourself. Make rituals, carve out personal space, journal, meditate, dance in the moonlight, sing to your children, laugh with friends.



In this new soul heart frequency, something wonderfully unique about you will be revealed. It only exists in the higher dimensions and you have the chance now to recognise it and begin to live from that new aspect of self in your day to day reality. We have moved with the challenge of drawing our spirit into our physical form, and we are emerging into a fresh challenge of living fully from that integrated self.

You can access this frequency by using a simple technique. Imagine your breath moving in and out of your heart/chest space as you bring your attention to your heart. Take a few natural breaths, and then think about someone or something (your child, a pet, a particular memory, etc) who/which brings feelings of love and appreciation. For a few minutes, just keep your attention and your breath on your heart space as you focus on these feelings of love and appreciation. This simple meditation can be done in a few minutes, as often as you choose. With practice it creates a coherence that aligns your mind, emotions and body with your highest good, and the highest good of all.

Our achievements over the next few months may not even be visible to those who still live in ‘the real world’ but it will be obvious to all that the world is changing. As our cultural safety nets fall away, those of us attuning to our own inner knowing, beating our own drums to an inner resonance, will be like shining stars providing navigation to the heart and soul of others.

Image: http://janetbroxon.com

Image: Patricia Matola


Raising Your Sights – Full Moon 2 July 2015

kundaliniLet’s talk about the Root Centre for a bit.  It’s the home of our kundalini and a place where our energy can get trapped, causing depression in some and just simply a feeling of being blocked from the full flow of life for others. Does that ring a bell?

The Full Moon on 2 July this week is showing us all the places where we want to get out into the world but keep bumping into opposition and obstructions.  It’s telling us that if we carefully and consciously meet each obstacle we will be able to create a new life narrative. We will see a blessing rather than a curse and sail past what previously seemed insurmoutable.

Why opposition and obstruction? Because on the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in Gate 38 – Opposition.  The Earth is in Gate 39 – Obstructions. And just to make it particularly interesting, Pluto is also in Gate 38.



This doesn’t mean we are in for a time of opposition and obstruction. It means we become more aware of where we are feeling blocked and powerless to move or take action. Getting some consciousness in here is crucial for what’s coming up in July and August. We need to free ourselves up from the shackles of old habits of powerlessness.

In the past when we have experienced that BUMP! of being blocked, we have fallen into survival mode. We shut down our creative energy, pulled it back down into our Root and waited for life to facilitate our escape at a more advantagous time. These two gates have operated like wounds to our capacity to operate as individuals within a broader creative context. After so many experiences of being opposed and obstructed, we have tended to give up. Which looked a bit like   … oh well, life isn’t providing me with the support I need so I will just sit here passively, or rage against indiscrimate fate without actually achieving anything useful.

This is a survival code gone wrong.

It harks back to tribal times, when it was important that we guard our individuality against the demands of our community, a kind of slavery that took no account of our individual genius or purpose. That was a closed system that could only evolve – mutate – when the individual broke free. Well break free we did, and now we are figuring out how we use that genius. We are learning to trust that if we express our genius-ness (I think I just used my genius to invent that word) we can be loved and supported rather than shunned and abandoned.

Our current western world view espouses the power of individual will as our key to success. Our chakra system tells us something entirely different. We can try our best to will our way to wherever we would like to go, but if our vitality is locked into an unconscious fear pattern we will continually sabotage ourselves to stay safe.

Quantum science tells us that the very concept of an individual is a nonsense predicated by the Cartsian world view that we are all discrete machine-like blobs of matter. We are in the middle of a paradigm shift, from the age of (the belief in) the individual, to the age of the collective. As we join with others who share our individual vision we lock together like shards of a particularly powerful puzzle.

Pallas Athene ~ Brunnen von Karl Donndorf (1911)

It’s no wonder you’ve been crying .. I can’t do this alone anymore!! Because it’s true! You were never meant to do this bit alone.

Minor planet Pallas has been approaching the Galactic Centre via Gate 26, which activates a new relationship fractal. Pallas represents the integration of feminine wisdom with all that we have learnt of the ways of the patriarchy over the past few millenium.

This is the energy of our times. The return of a powerful feminine force and how that will evolve our existing culture. Metis, the mother of Pallas before she was appropriated by Zeus and the Cities of Men, is conjunct Chiron right now (22). She is the root of our feminine wisdom, vast and earthly.

Metis and Pallas are telling us we need to give things time to grow. We need to put our focus on relationships and work with others, to heal the rifts that had us feeling fear of connecting.  We can’t get much done if we are struggling along in our own little bubble of fear. (Supported of course, most ably, by mainstream media! Be afraid! Be very afraid! it cries daily!) The smart money right now is on you sloughing off fear and shame and anything else that prevents you from connecting from a real place of intimacy.  Can you feel a hunger for that?

 You Need Other People 

This week’s Full Moon brings our attention to what’s arising. Forget the past. We are about to take a leap into a whole new level of soul. We are on the verge of a personal paradigm shift. We’ve been beavering away to improve ourselves, to correct old patterns and get free of our reactivity for years now. It’s generally been a quiet and solitary process. Now we’re about to spring out of the box and into a new collective story.

In the old Cartesian world view, everything happens in straight lines. Change happens in straight lines and in neat timely interludes. Think about your car. It needs a service every 5,000 kilometres. It’s predictable and known. But in the quantum reality it’s very different. We trundle along .. lalalllaaaa lalaaa … and then BOOM! a shift! And then we trundle along …. dada  baabaaa llalala  … and then BOOM! another shift!

These are paradigm shifts. They happen for two reasons. The first reason for a paradigm shift is that two elements that previously didn’t know each other come into a new relationship. Suddenly a new universe is created. Falling in love is a great example. The second reason for a paradigm shift is the slow underlying changes that suddenly break into something completely new. The fall of the Berlin Wall demonstrates this perfectly. It surprised many so-called experts, who didn’t see it coming. I blame Bruce Springstein who played in East Berlin 16 months before the wall came down!

We’re seeing both of these underlying reasons for paradigm shift right now. In particular, this Full Moon tells us – don’t be so attached to your own personal goals because as you get out there and interact with others they will change. Steer a general course rather than get fixated on an ideal. Relationships are at the heart of the quantum world. When we try to go it alone we struggle. When we interact with the right people we flourish. We get recognition, support, encouragement. We can invest our efforts knowing they will be appreciated. We feel valued, safe and loved. This is no small thing.

Relationships force us to confront our stories about how perfect we are, or how put upon, or how heroic, or how … well, you get to choose your own story so fill in the gaps to suit yourself here. With Ceres now in the Gate of Fantasy (41), we are being held in a nurturing and safe space to drop any versions of our personal story that have wandered from the pathway of reality and into the realm of make believe.

Coming face to face with reflections of ourselves that may challenge our previous conceptions is part of our evolutionary process of coming into our bodies. We need to be unreservedly present in each moment, and that means we must be able to be truthful with ourselves. Our relationships are helping us do that.


Let’s Talk About Asteroids and Dwarf Planets

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Eros on the Full Moon. Eros is life as an erotic adventure. Eros is the cause of love as creative force, and life itself. This speaks to me of a return of our life force, a call to the adventure of sharing our individual creative force with others, and having the juicy courage to stand our ground.

Mercury is in Gate 45 with Astraea, Star Goddess. I do love Astraea! When all the other Goddesses left in the last Bronze Age, Astraea stayed till she could bear it no more, but vowed to return as soon as the Golden Age began to birth. In Gate 45 Mercury and Astraea speak of a shift in our economic relationships. They tell us to stop pushing our will, to become more gentle and devoted to each other. Let’s give up the habit of seeing each other as commodities, as a potential source of income first and an actual person second.

Ceres has shifted into Gate 41, augering new beginnings. There is so much in this Full Moon of not referencing to the past but looking forward and asking repeatedly – where will I go next? Get on Abraham’s high flying disc and get flying!  Keep offering up what you no longer desire in your life. There is no need to DO anything, just have a ritual of offering it up, even if that ritual is just to acknowledge I don’t need this anymore, thank you! before you move onto the next thought.

pan_39Toro is conjunct Saturn in Gate 14 and Pan is in Gate 2.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love Pan? He was, after all, one of the main inspirations for the christian devil. And a major player in astrological Capricorn, home of this week’s Full Moon!

Half wild thing and half human, he brings a receptivity to our wildish nature before the activation to Makemake coming on 15 July (see below).

If we try to maintain our veneer of civilized ‘nice’ person, socialised beyond our capacity for life, we won’t make this shift.  We have to embrace our own devil, our pagan, our ancient and powerful goddess, our nature devic self.

This is the perfect Full Moon to go out and dance naked under! Shake your booty and shake loose the masks of civility that have kept you enslaved!

You do not need religion or employees to survive. In joining with like minded others we create powerful collectives where we can recognise gifts in each other that have no value within the existing economically based culture but which are the basis for our evolutionary leap.

You are already in possession of great riches, knowledge, wisdom and talents.  All that’s been missing is our capacity to shake free the old restraints of consciousness and the relationships we need to give birth to our new selves.  We have to stop resisting the flow of life force energy and jump in!  Close your eyes and feel the difference between resisting and flowing. Just know that to stay within the flow we have to give specific shape to our visions and dreams. No holding back and pretending we are moving when we’re not!

Soul Leaping

On 15 July 2015 we have the beginning of a powerful shift, calling us to leap from our ego selves into our soul selves. It reminds me of the scene in Mary Poppins where they hold hands and jump into the chalk picture!

Here’s the chart. The South Node will create a channel with Uranus from 15 July till the end of November 2015. The North Node will create a channel with Jupiter until 11 August 2015. This is extraordinary!


29th July 2015 – South Node creating a channel with Uranus

I will write more about this, but for now I just wanted to mention dwarf planet Makemake, which is in a long term transit in Gate 46. It will be activated by this amazing combination of planets. Makemake represents

  • the relationship between our wild sustainable natural self and our civilised self
  • our capacity to navigate our lives by our own ‘stars’ rather than rely on outside influences to tell us what’s best for us
  • our relationship to sustainability generally – expect to see major shifts in the environmental debate and in particular we may see a new narrative that sees through cultural and economic lies which have till now been accepted as truth.

Makemake adds to the energy of Pan and Eros, calling us to a more sensual engagement with our bodies and a more conscious trust in our ability to navigate in partnership with life and nature. Get wild.

If I could share one thing about this incredible transit it would be that we are heading into some deep and dangerous places, with a heightened capacity for presence. This is a high level spiritual practice of remaining present, staying positive and looking for solutions in every situation. July and August will bring some intense and profound experiences, each one of which is designed for your good.



New Moon June 2015 – Unravelling The Web

shutterstock_210000454_web_1024At first glance the two gates creating this week’s New Moon seem irreconcilable. Peace and Prosperity versus Blockage and Standstill. Easy Flow versus Stagnation.

What’s to be done when we have these two very different energies playing out?  Getting the balance right this week is like collecting a golden prize and moving to the next level – we are unravelling a web of lies that has kept us trapped in being not enough.

The New Moon challenges our very modern notion that we are in control of our lives. That our efforts will always succeed to our imagined outcomes. That if we lose control and fail to achieve the expected outcomes we have failed.

This is a time of unparalleled opportunity, requiring our careful attendance to the natural forces at play in our lives. This is not about seizing control and making life as we will.  It’s a more humble recognition of the gifts we have been given, and a willingness to apply ourselves through all kinds of circumstances to making good use of them.


Have We Become Spiritual Freeloaders? 

My partner and I visited the new labyrinth in Centennial Park in Sydney on a busy weekend. We were shocked by how people seemed oblivious to the sacred nature of the labyrinth. There were kids playing football on it. Parents wandering vaguely around it chasing toddlers. One group I found particularly disturbing were all walking around while gossiping to each other about a mutual friend.  They gathered in the sacred centre to talk loudly and with great indignation about this friend while others were walking quietly around them. There was no sign explaining how the labyrinth worked, how to use it. There was no explanation of the sacred nature of this process.  Unlike this photo, it was crowded and chaotic.



What struck me as I was walking the labyrinth, well truthfully, it was a voice in my head saying – we have become spiritual freeloaders. I was painfully aware that most of the people around me had no connection with the divine at work in their day, even as they interacted with such an ancient and sacred symbol.

We are happy to accept the bounty of what is freely and lovingly offered to us but we do not appreciate it, my voice told me. We have become greedy because we cannot feel what we have already received as a blessing from heaven and earth. We are no longer considering what may be sacred.

This isn’t an idea I’ve ever contemplated before and yet it felt strangely apt that day.  And there was an inherent irony, that having been given the blessing of this labyrinth I was having difficulty appreciating the sacred nature of my particular moment with it.

Our true soul gifts have begun to awaken within us, and yet it feels as if we are stuck in the past beset by confusion and overwhelmed by obstacles, just as I was beset by baby footballers and noisy gossips.

I find in my coaching practice that people feel they are taking one step forward and two steps backwards when they pause to spend a few weeks consolidating their sense of their new self. They can feel like they are failing (and sometimes they feel they are failing me) by not keeping a continual forward motion. But that is a nonsense in nature. How many straight lines do we see in a forest? At the ocean?  This is a time for patiently engaging. For pulling out the weeds of the past whilst always moving in the direction of the bright luminous realm that calls us forward.

Do You Deserve Your New Life?

New Moon HD Transit Chart June 2015

New Moon June 2015

When we put the energy of these two New Moon Gates together we find a place where we can move in harmony with nature.

This is an auspicious time of prosperity and peace. Our little self (earth) is departing and our great self (heaven) is arriving. We are releasing the need to succeed according to our ego’s identity. We are learning to be content to move with the will of our great heavenly self, without the need to shake our fist and complain when events seem unfavourable or to see ourselves as victims of cruel fate.

Until now we have believed there is something shameful in our inability to succeed according to external ideas of who we should be. It is time to release that shame and stand in the light of who we have become. Our vital energy, long bound up in the child’s shame of not being enough, can now come free.

The child inside us is learning that life is not about working to better ourselves until we finally succeed and arrive at a place of safety and security that will go on forever. Life is charged with more adventure than that! It is an ongoing series of challenges that stretch us to respond fluidly. What is the good and bad that has brought you to this moment? What great opportunities may be hidden here?

It is this kind of resiliance to see the positive flow in each small moment that releases us out of the desire for safety and security and into the greater soul adventure which is often dangerous, death defying and disorderly. This is the place of true creation!  There is no shame in a continual crafting of our vision for greater beauty and grace. There is no shame in not having arrived when there is no final destination.

Patiently Weaving

The asteroid Arachne is conjunct the Sun, Moon and Mars in Gate 12. Imagine my delight when I saw the mythology of Arachne centred on Minerva being cross with her for not recognising that her gifts came from the Goddess!  The myth aligns exactly with the story told by the New Moon transits!




Arachne symbolises a great creative gift, and your need to use it wisely. Minerva, currently transiting in the Gate of Humility (15) wants Arachne to be less boastful and have more humility. Spiders and weaving are symbols of patiently creating. If we go too quickly, without paying proper attention to the pattern we can get into a complicated tangle of our own making.

Your Imaginary Security

Since Ceres went into Gate 19 back in early May there have been a lot of survival fears running through our nervous systems. I had a strange feeling yesterday, a recognition that the kind of security I had been craving just doesn’t exist. Anything could happen at any moment. My world could change suddenly or gradually to become unrecognisable. Minor planet Pallas – the Roman version of Minerva – is currently transiting in Gate 26.3, which says –

Townspeople identify with their group and want to stay in one place and also expect what they value to stay where they tether it. But this is an imaginary security. The valueable things in life are like cattle, free roaming and quite capable of walking away. Meanwhile travellers are mobile and flexible. They don’t need to own much and are always on the alert for changes, ready to benefit from the unexpected. Disentangling brings disaster for the townfold, but benefit for the travellers. Which would you choose to be? (Hilary Barret, I Ching)

Where does your true security lie? Are you blocking yourself from adventures by valuing only what you can tether? Are you slipping out of the potent moments of your life, unable to benefit because you fear to take on the goddess and test your skills and talents in the realm of the divine?

We CAN create our own lives as we choose to imagine them, but we are still on our training wheels, still at the beginning of our apprenticeship. We must balance humility and patience with a crazy wild eyed belief in ourselves that goes beyond anything being reflected back from our everyday reality. 


You Are Enough

You may notice in the chart that the three planets – Sun, Moon and Mars – most prominent in this New Moon are creating a channel activation with Chiron in Gate 22. This is an emotional manifestor channel which works at a deeply symbolic level (ie, it experiences life at the sacred symbolic level).

It has an inherent connection with the Galactic Centre through Gate 11 and is often prophetic and challenging to the status quo. It is particularly challenging to the social fabric, to established niceties that keep us trapped in the aspic of old ways of relating to each other that obscure our true selves.




The Sun and Mars are the champion of the child/Moon here.

The child who spoke truth, and was told to hush or humiliated by having that truth denied or contradicted or made wrong. The child who’s feelings were corrected – no dear, you’re not angry/sad/happy. The child who desires the good things in life and has spent a lifetime pretending to be someone good enough to deserve them, and feels she still hasn’t succeeded.

This week’s New Moon touches that child. It draws her in and brings succour to her heroic efforts. It is enough.

You seek to make a vital connection, to join with something or someone important to you. You feel inadequate and ashamed of how little you have to offer. But these things you are concerned about are only superficial and only temporary. Your authenticity and commitment are far more important. (Hilary Barret I Ching for Chiron in Gate 22 line 5). 

 As a creator, you are both human and divine. That is the magic and wonder of you. Claim your gifts without having to know how to use them. Patiently craft who you are becoming. Live within the construct of your larger story.

Your contribution matters to us all. Your authentic commitment to being present to each moment matters to us all. Sometimes it is enough to be moving backwards, because what’s important is that we are moving consciously. Untether yourself from old ideas of security, and be ready to spin gold from straw.



Field of Poppies, by Mark Simont


There’s A New Opportunity Headed Your Way

The two most beneficial planets in your Human Design chart are Venus and Jupiter. Flight20body20in20sandrom 8th till 14 June they share a channel that sets up an opportunity, a challenge, an opening to something completely new. 

But between now and then we have a few other momentous transits that create the necessary groundwork.

How Not To Be A Hero

On 6th June 2015, Mercury retrograde moves into Gate 20, creating a channel with Saturn retrograde, in Gate 34. They stay together until 13 June.

This is a channel of power. In the past we were encouraged to ‘make’ things happen. We were taught to rush and force and bend life to our will. This was the hero’s way and the only condoned pathway to success. Those who didn’t take action were suspected of slacking off and would not succeed, according to the hero’s story.

But merely because you can act, does not mean you should! Staying aware and animated by your purpose will keep you in touch with the bigger picture, your role in the evolutionary trajectory of life itself.

This transit is about learning the magic of moments – one after the other, filled with wonder. Here we create space, where we can pause and respond consciously. Here we can shift old patterns, and choose joy, peace, abundance. Here we can resurrect parts of ourselves long lost to numbness and the impossibility of making their presence felt in the world. Here we can take a breath and remember how blessed we are.


 Money Money ……  Support and Nuturing

On 5th June 2015 Mars shifts into Gate 45. The Sun also moves into the same gate on 8th June. This is important for 2 reasons.

women in money bathFirstly, this is what’s known as The Money Gate. Both Pandora and Persephone have been shifting our relationship with money in June. I suspect this transit was more influential for women, simply because of the feminine archetypes activating it.

Secondly, because Ceres is in Gate 19 in the same circuit as Mars. Ceres has been in Gate 19 since 11 May, and I’ve been noticing how powerfully it is affecting people.

Gate 19 activates our security fears – do we have enough money/food/support to survive?

There’s been a tremendous amount of fear stirring around in the collective unconscious since the beginning of May. You may have been feeling your share of it!  Ceres also stirs up rage and grief, so those feelings may be your clue to where you fear being rejected for not being enough.

Richard Rudd views the energy of this gate as the breaking down of religious ideas that god is outside us, and we must behave in certain culturally and religiously approved ways in order to get the benefits of being part of the ‘tribe’ – ie. food and shelter and companionship. In this world view we are incapable of meeting our own needs without complying with the communal rules.

Unfortunately, we usually have to kill something off or tell a story making it bad, if we want to follow all the rules. What parts of yourself have you been feeling are wrong? How can you make them the best thing since sliced bread? What’s the upside?

In the traditional I Ching, Gate 19 represents the approach of a greater spirit, a great and growing presence of source energy in our lives. It asks for your full participation in bringing it to fruition. But rather than focusing on results, it asks you to wait patiently and nurture it as it grows into fullness.

This is a new way to manifest, and it shifts us internally as well as demanding that we do a relationship upgrade. No more playing out our powerlessness to provide for ourselves. No more feeling we are responsible (like God) for another’s survival or wellbeing.

We have been tossing and turning between pushing forward with massive action or opening to the gentle nurturing energy thas been flooding the planet (and our bodies) for the past month. The second option – opening to being nutured – naturally aligns us with organic processes of growth, so we’re not madly pushing to get step 8 happening, while at the same time putting inordinate amounts of energy into avoiding engaging with step 3. Because, hey step 3 is way too scary so lets just use our will to avoid it and pretend we’re doing something productive. Move along to steps 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 .. nothing to see here. If we just make ourselves busy enough it will all work out. Surely?!?

Ceres in Gate 19 has been bringing up all those places we have been avoiding in our old survival mode. Our desire is to be part of a nurturing group/family/community/tribe/relationship where we are loved and supported. What’s coming to our conscious attention is the reality that we get to slow down and feel the goodness in the very air we breathe, rather than freak out and rush to do what we’ve always done when we’re afraid.

There are steps in the process of creation that need our attention and we no longer need to be afraid to address them.


Before I go on, I want to let you know that from 1 July 2015 all my detailed transit blogs will be available on MyDivineDesign.co rather than this site. You will still be able to access overviews here, but for more you will need to subscribe to MyDivineDesign.co. The new site is still in beta now, although you are very welcome to subscribe and take advantage of the range of charts and minor planet information already on the site.  I will be posting more news shortly about the range of classes and mentoring groups as we launch. 


Show Me My Divine Design!

Are You Ready To Believe In Yourself? 

outiharmaSo now we’ve set the scene for the beneficient Venus and Jupiter event, which begins on 8 June. This transit brings a huge influx of self confidence.

Over the past few weeks Mercury has been drawing out the poison that was gunking up our faith in our own capacity to succeed. In particular we have begun to see the unseen evidence of how wonderful we are. Either through others bringing it unexpectedly to our attention, or through our own efforts at focusing more on what is good in our own lives and efforts.

We’ve also been more attuned to the experiences of goodness, regardless of external evidence. Feeling good is a choice, believing in beneficial outcomes from our efforts is a choice. We’re learning how to create from the inside out, so that the outside is not the only reflection of our success. We’re learning to trust that things are shifting, even though we can feel but not see those shifts.

This is a more subtle, and more feminine, mode of creation becoming available to us. And at it’s heart is relationship. Part of this new way of relating is a more gentle interpretation of who we are and how we are valued. Enter Venus, stage left!

Venus in Gate 31, the Gate of Influence, augurs in a more feminine way of relating – to ourselves, others and our environment. We feel more open and available to be moved by more subtle influences. We have to make room for them, allow our actions to be informed by them. (And one hint, sometimes ‘action’ means relaxing, walking on the beach, seeing a movie).

We are able to almost magically step past divisiveness, opposition and aggression. We are impulsed to keep the right company, build the right relationships, nurture the right friendships. This is a time to be called and moved. It is always an encounter with something new.

Your New Story and Purpose

When we put Venus and Jupiter together we get expansion (Jupiter) of harmony, sincerity, beauty and relatedness (Venus). We get a new story (Jupiter) of our value in relationship to others (Venus). We get la dolce vita .. the sweet life filled with everything we enjoy. But Jupiter demands we take advantage of the opportunities he is sending our way. And Venus demands we are sincere and truthful with ourselves and others about what we value.

Jupiter in Gate 7 line 5, the Gate of The Army, brings optimism and trust and generosity and new learning. We are becoming more confident of our own opinions, our gifts and talents. We can see our own leadership potential within the big evolutionary picture. What are we called to? What new sense of purpose is arriving?

This is a time when everything revolves around a central objective in your life. Your inner and outer resources are being realigned and reordered in accordance with it. It’s up to you now. Can you make room in your life for this more subtle pathway to success? What new story does it require you to tell about yourself and your life? Go do some re-writing now.


Breaking The Link Between Work and Money

There is an underlying shift happening in our relationship to money, so subtle it’s barely discernable. This shift is about the relationship between hard work and money.  What do we need to do to succeed financially? Can we manifest simply by holding a frequency?  Or do we need to work hard? This important evolutionary touchpoint is being activated right now by two powerful goddess energies – Pandora and Persephone.

There’s a channel in the Human Design chart that holds the keys to our relationship to money.  It represents the arrangement of our economies, whether they be tribal, feudal, communist, capitalist. Right now, in this channel, we find Pandora and Persephone.  Pandora is in the Money Gate (45) and Persephone in the Resources Gate (21).

Let’s look at those gates a little more closely. The Money Gate – Gate 45 –  is the boss, the Lord, the CEO. He (traditionally) doesn’t necessarily own the resources but holds them and ‘husbands’ them for the greater good. This is the gate of noblesse oblige – where nobility holds wealth in return for acting in the social good.





There seems to be a belief that the modern version of ‘nobility’ (aka great wealth and/or celebrity) acts in the opposite way to noblesse oblige, and brings exemption from social obligations like paying taxes, treating employees well, pursuing humane corporate goals.

In Human Design, the evolutionary arc of this gate is not so hierarchical.  Instead it is about gathering together to co-invest together for a common purpose.  When people naturally bring their time, energy and resources to a jointly held goal it will bear fruit. That fruit will be shared in some equitable way within the community, with the aim of strengthening shared roots.  In working towards this shared goal we are able to understand the everyday mundane tasks of life as having a greater purpose, a true value beyond the effort we expend. We are, in effect, working within a certain fractal of conscious evolution and relationship, that leverages our efforts beyond what we exert as an individual.

The ‘lord’ in this version of the Money Gate doesn’t hold all the money and power.  Instead s/he holds the vision that attracts the right community around it.  Each one of us has our own internal ‘lord’ who recognises our greater purpose and seeks to pull together all our internal resources to fullfill it.


Pandora in the Money Gate


Pandora by Rossetti

Pandora by Rossetti

The asteroid Pandora moved into the Money Gate on 22 May and will be there till 5 June. She joins Persephone, who will be in the adjoining Gate 21 till 11 June.  During this time, these two chthonic goddesses are shifting our ideas about the relationship between work and money. (Cthonic in this context means personal power and abundance that arises from within the earth, or from our physical level of existence)

The myth of Pandora is generally seen as one of a curious woman opening a box and releasing evil, but somehow trapping hope. Astrologically Pandora is usually seen as a surfeit of curiousity leading to unintended consequences. But this myth has many layers and it’s worthwhile looking more deeply.

Pandora, like Eve, represents the first woman. Also, like Eve, she was curious and took some action that was frowned on by ‘the gods’. We can take the parallels even further, because, just like Eve, Pandora’s actions upset Zeus so greatly that he cursed mankind with ongoing toil to make their way. I’m no Greek or Biblical scholar, but the similarities between Genesis – you have eaten of the tree and cursed is the ground because of you and in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life – and Pandora in the Hesiod’s works – Now that Pandora has arrived, man is fated to work upon work in order to have sufficient livelihood to survive - are very clear! Here is a trigger for a shift from natural ease and abundance provided by nature, think Garden of Eden, to a different reality entirely where men must toil to survive.

The distinction between the two situations – ease and hard toil – is starkly highlighted in Gate 45.

We can toil in the fields for the feudal lord (or the 1%) and almost our entire natural abundance goes up the chain to the ‘lord’ or the gods, who get very rich. This is the old hierarchical financial system, which despite those who still cling desperately to the idea of the trickle down effect, is creating more and more economic inequality. Or we can shift to a new evolutionary fractal where we maintain our own personal frequency of natural plenty, connect with our natural community, and leverage our efforts towards a higher good.

The interpretation of Pandora that has resonated most strongly for me over the years has been – what’s in the box???   Each one of us has given into shame and guilt, locking up within ourselves that which we believe is a curse on others. When we finally open the box and release what has been trapped there, we realise it was a gift all along.

In your design, your Pandora activation will show something that you perceive to be so bad you can’t show it to the world.  But when you connect with that energy and begin to express it, you can stop giving away your capacity for natural prosperity, and are able to shift from hard toil to ease and community.



Venus_Verticordia_DanteGabrielRossettiPersephone represents the journey from innocence to greater wisdom, via our own personal underworld. On the journey we suffer a separation from what has previously held us safe. Again, we see parallels with Eve.  Eve ate her apple, Persephone her pomegranate.  They are the women of the forbidden fruit, the eating of which changed everything for them.

I’ve always thought Persephone was quite keen to get away from her over-protective mother (Ceres / Demeter) and off into her own adult life. And she clearly relished her new role as Queen of the Underworld.

The channel that Pandora and Persephone are activating this week is a willful one, the only pure ego manifestor channel in the Human Design chart. While Pandora acted on her will in opening the box, Persephone started out as more of an unwilling (unconscious) player. But she did learn to hold to her own desires, to create a compromise (half my time with mum and half with Pluto, being Queen) and in the process to grow up and claim her place as an adult woman.

For me, this growing into independent adulthood is key to understanding how Persephone works in your Human Design chart.

This week’s transits have Persephone activating the gate of taking in all the circumstances, and applying our will to bring order to our own world – Gate 21. We can’t be allowing ourselves to be la-de-daing about pretending mother will take care of it all.  We can’t be blaming the men. We need to grow up, look around and take stock of our world. We may need to change our plans, to use our resources differently, to come together with a fresh new agenda.

What we can’t do is stay frozen in a kind of child-like innocence while our world dies around us. What we can’t do is allow the current monetary system to fool us that we only have the corporate world, the patriarchial economic structures, our jobs or usual ways of doing business, to limit us in our options.


What’s New and Different About You?

I have watched a number of women this week being flung from, or crawling away from, the wreckage of significant careers. Worn out and demoralised, they may well ask – what now? Where do we go? How can we survive?

At the same time, I have observed a growing swell of conversation about the Law of Attraction, and how we create our own reality – our own happiness and success. Do we need only to hold our frequency in alignment with what we desire? And if so, why isn’t it working? Do we need to take action to make things happen or will they turn up effortlessly for us? What about working hard to succeed?  Isn’t that essential?

Pandora and Persephone are sharing a new truth with us. they are suggesting that we can prosper without the curse of hard toil.  That doesn’t mean what we desire turns up and knocks at our door just because we vibrated it into existence. What it does mean is that our work has a different quality these days. Creating our own reality, a new and different reality, requires we step into a new level of personal responsibility. As the asteroid Child sits in the wealth creation Gate 14, suggesting we can access all kinds of personal gifts if only we will do so, we are being pointed towards a greater maturity. We can’t have our new reality and remain the same old person we always have been. That person lives in the old world.  What gifts do you have to release into the world? Who do you need to be to take responsibility for them?

One aspect of Pandora I haven’t yet mentioned is the tendency to be seduced by something that seems beautiful to us, but is actually evil. There is something seductive holding you back, an old narrative that is rooted in powerlessness and victimhood.  It says ‘But I am only a child, what can I do about this situation?‘ We live on hope but it doesn’t sustain us in our material reality.

What you can do is step into ownership of your gifts, and certainly your child knows what they are.  But it’s your mature adult who must take them into the world.  It’s your grown up self who must navigate the new co-creative relationships coming your way. It’s your big picture person who can see why you are of value and how important it is to have the self discipline to stay true.


Imagine your new reality.  

In that world, what is new and different about you?

What is so challenging about that new you that you might be avoiding becoming that person? 


Pandora has given us the keys to a new kingdom. We are released from hard toil. How hard we work is no longer the touchstone for how much finaincial freedom we have. And if you believe it ever was, just look at trust babies.

We can find those who share our ideas and build prosperous lives of ease. Work is not toil.  Work is our creative space, where we live gracefully and gratefully. Where we contribute not to the destruction of our planet but to the highest good of all.  Work is not something we have to suffer, to switch off and cut away and split from.  It is who we are, our soul purpose, our reason for being here. Work should be a joy, a dance with spirit and a flow that has both busy and quiet times. Work should be informed by our own inner knowing, our inspiration and instincts, our emotional engagement and our passion. We should be doing work with those who light us up and fill us with joy, not those we tolerate. When we work, our life should be filled with appreciation for the magnificent outcomes we can leverage because we are with the right people who make our life easy.

Look around and see who shares your passion, who you would enjoy investing your time and energy with. What outcomes are most important to you? What feels fun and easy? These are your clues to shucking off your innocence and stepping into your natural flow of abundance.

Pandora and Persephone are calling women to step out of a kind of childhood, a place where we don’t need to take responsibility. They are calling us to a new adventure, where hard toil is a thing of the past. We are creating something – a new way of working –  that is as natural as breathing. What do you need to let go of so you can step into this new space?






Is Your Inner Goddess Invisible?

A few years back I began to notice one particular asteroid turning up in significant positions in the charts of my private clients.  That asteroid was Ophelia. I went searching. There was nothing about her in the astrological literature. It was as if she was invisible. And that’s exactly what my clients were feeling – invisible!  Since that time Ophelia has been one of my go-to asteroids, particularly in women’s charts. There is something within each of us that has been lost in the tumult of daily life and Ophelia is a key to what that something is. It is a clue to what we need to recover as we step out of our cultural roles and into a central position in our own lives.


John William Waterhouse – Ophelia


Ophelia has been tuning us into what has been invisible even to ourselves, since 18 May when both she and asteroid Vesta moved into the emotional manifestor channel 35/36.

This channel is about discovering, through our experiences, what has been wounded within us, what light has been dimmed, and how it can now emerge from your character.  Think back over your experiences in the past 10 days, what has felt invisible? What have you longed for others to see?

Ophelia and Vesta will both be in this channel between 18 May and the Full Moon on 2 June 2015. The energy of the channel itself provides a interesting juxtaposition with Vesta, who represents our own personal sacred flame. The energy of the gate – wounded brightness – and the planet Vesta – sacred flame – work perfectly together.

Where has your own inner light been kept at a low wattage?  Your light now wants to shine brightly again and you are hungry for experiences and adventures where you can live from that place.

vesta~illuminareVesta is a fabulous planet in your design. She is not only about your inner light.  She goes deeper than that, into the very heart of the ancient goddess, family, community and matrilineal lineage.

The Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome come within Vesta’s realm. These priestesses tended Vesta’s eternal fire in a temple designed to ensure the safety of the Roman Empire. But like all Greek and Roman goddesses, there is a more ancient story and the promise of resurrection in our modern times.

Vestal virgins were originally goddesses, keepers of the sexual rites honouring the generative powers of the Moon Goddess.  Their inner flame was not a solar but a lunar energy – the reflected fire of moonlight rather than the direct gaze of the sun. They brought the fertilizing powers of the goddess into effective contact with the everyday lives of human beings.

In modern times Vesta shows the pathway from sexual ownership to powerful fertile goddess, from barren spinsters and dutiful wives to sexual sovereignty and self determination.  Vesta is the place in your design where you connect with what you are truly devoted to, the place where you are touched and illuminated by the Moon Goddess.

There’s another important aspect to Vesta and this is playing into an important evolutionary theme right now.  In Ancient Greece the sacred hearth flame was carried by women from their mother’s hearth to their new homes. The journey of sacred flames throughout generations provided an ongoing connection for women to their source of nourishment, nurturing and mother love.  Men also carried a portion of that flame when they emigrated, to link their new community back to their homeland. Vesta represents our home, our hearth, our roots.  She represents our desire to create and maintain warm, loving and nurturing families and communities.

It took over 1000 years to suppress the matriarchy, and during that millenium women learnt to hide and protect their power, their magic, their sisterly relationships. These gifts are returning to our consciousness, but after so long we are unsure in their presence.  Are we ready? Can we wield such power? Will be we safe? We are pulling the pin on the whole ‘protecting the patriarchy’ story and stepping back into our own gloriousness. We are making pathways out of moon and starlight and spreading our footprints upon the earth.

Today Mars enters Gate 35, and adds an additional trigger to this already powerful combination. Arachne is there as well, prompting us to rush forward in our attempts to get free. But this is both a beginning and an ending.  A long term project and an immediate event. We should settle in for a new cycle of 12,000 golden years and also pay attention to what is right in front of us, the practical steps we need to take today. We are weaving a new reality, rekindling an ancient flame, arousing our kundalini and recovering our devotion to our own sacred flame. This is a daily round of undertakings and each small step is a dance with our own divinity.


Gustav Klimt - Pallas Athene

Are You Feeding Your Dreams To The Machine?

As minor planet Pallas transits over the navel of the Milky Way – the Galactic Centre – we are being impulsed to shift our ideas of what is normal – living the lives of our dreams, or continuing to feed our dreams to The Machine.

I saw the latest Mad Max movie last weekend. It wasn’t what I expected. Sure there’s plenty of blood, crazy trucks and violence. But then there is Imperator Furiosa, the maidens and the crones fighting ‘the machine’. The movie has been hailed – or attacked, depending on who you read – as a feminist polemic.

It’s a fitting time for such a tale.  As one blogger puts it – Women might not want men to protect them. Men might actually be the thing they are trying to survive.  Not individual men so much, although unfortunately that is a thing for many women, as evidenced by the domestic violence statistics here in Australia.  But the patriarchal system of death and destruction that we – men and women – have been feeding our life blood into. It brings to mind another movie – The Matrix – where everyone is asleep and plugged in feeding the machine.  Mad Max: Fury Road is not about women fighting against men, but people working together against the destructiveness of an insatiable greed.

We are waking up to the monster we have been keeping alive.  And it’s not the most comfortable of experiences.  We have been feeding it on our humanity, and in particular the juice of our early dreams. Feeding them to the machine seemed the only way to keep them alive and yet it hasn’t worked out that way at all.

Mad-Max-Fury-Road-Final-Trailer-Meet-Imperator-Furiosa-Video-479670-2I saw something else disturbing this week, a new book on The Singularity. If this topic has passed you by, if you aren’t sure what The Singularity is, you might like to have a look at http://www.kurzweilai.net/ or http://singularityhub.com/.  Or for a real eye opener on Artificial Intelligence, read this.

The Singularity is about humans melding with machines a la The Six Million Dollar Man. Remember him?

I was fascinated that in Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron’s character Imperator Furiosa is described as ‘bionic’.  Her LEFT arm (the feminine, most connected to expressing the energy of the heart chakra) is artificial. It belongs, in a sense, to the machine world.

There is an activation of Atlantis (asteroid) this week, conjunct Achilles which speaks to us of a desire to hold onto the ego of an invulnerable technologically aided self rather than allow in the power of the incoming feminine and the gentle unconditional love she brings.

While it seems many aspire to a technologically rich future, the transits right now point in another direction entirely.  They point to the heart, to connection and relationship. They point to cellular healing and the resulting attunement to our most amazing gifts – inner awareness and wisdom. They point to waking up and saying – You know what?  Our current behaviour, thinking, directions are just not working and we need to change our lives NOW.

I have been blogging about Human Design transits for over 10 years, so I have some experience with big shifts.  The transits we have at the moment are some of the most potent I have ever seen.  And that is partly because they are activating hidden powers within us to stand up and take control of our own lives. The potential here is immense and we are approaching a fulcrum point. It is like an earthquake long rumbling deep down in the earth and about to make it’s way to the surface where it appears suddenly, as if out of nowhere to those who weren’t paying attention.  I have decided to write about them in a series, with this being the first instalment.

Before I go on, I want to let you know that from 1 July 2015 all my detailed transit blogs will be available on MyDivineDesign.co rather than this site. You will still be able to access overviews here, but for more you will need to subscribe to MyDivineDesign.co. The new site is still in beta now, although you are very welcome to subscribe and take advantage of the range of charts and minor planet information already on the site.  I will be posting more news shortly about the range of classes and mentoring groups as we launch. 


Show Me My Divine Design!

Are You A Human?

The Galactic Centre is a massive black hole around which revolves every galaxy in the Milky Way, including our own.  It sits at 27 degrees Sagittarius – in your Human Design chart that is Gate 11 line 5.  Planets transiting in Gate 11 are activating a completely new way of aligning heaven and earth, as they access entirely new ways of thinking, cosmic ways of thinking.

Minor planet Pallas is in Gate 11 at the moment.  Gate 11 is the union of Heaven and Earth, which comes about through the union of people in harmony. We are developing the wisdom to maintain a personal state of prosperity and live in our own bliss.


Gustav Klimt - Pallas Athene

Gustav Klimt – Pallas Athene


Pallas Athene was the virgin goddess of wisdom, credited with advancing the civilising influence of culture on humanity. In our Human Design charts, Pallas represents where we have adapted our feminine wisdom principles to the needs of the patriarchy.  This usually involves killing off something in ourselves, toughening up, attuning only to the mental realm at the expense of other intuitive and emotional resources.

In particular, Pallas represents where we have been pulled away from our natural organic cycles of growth in order to represent ourselves as competent within ‘the machine’.

Pallas in Gate 11 suggests to me the recovery of powerful processes of creation held within the DNA of women around the world.  It suggests an awakening of the need to listen in to what we really know, and to put it to the use of creation rather than destruction.

Right there with Pallas, in Gate 11, are Pholus and Ixion.  Pholus is a catalyst, where a small event can set off an unravelling of long ancestral history of treating ourselves inhumanely (the inhumane piece belongs to Ixion).  Ixion represents a denial of our integral human nature, a sort of collective madness that is numb to our own suffering and that of others.

If we return to the idea of The Machine, what catches my imagination here is the notion that we have been, over many years, conditioned to think of ourselves as machines. We have been pushed into a sausage machine that treats as normal the kind of life that requires us to ignore our natural human needs, and to keep turning up for work and dollar-fuelled leisure day after day and week after week.  We do so not only at the expense of our health and well-being, but at the expense of our relationships and our very culture!

We continue to feed our creative intelligence to this hungry ghost called the market, and ignore our own soul purpose.  We do so simply out of fear that we are the only one who feels this way and if we don’t keep it fed, we will be abandoned without means and we will die alone. Living in this way has become normalised.

In her book Approaching The Corporate Heart, Margot Cairnes describes the corporate high flyers she works with in her consultancy as well trained and highly disciplined.  She also describes them as the living dead.  They have learned that in order to succeed they have to suppress their own feelings, to spare little time for their emotional and spiritual growth.  In a quest to create the world, they put their souls and emotions on hold.

This will never turn out well!

Venus is creating a channel with these minor planets on next week’s Full Moon.  She will be in Gate 56, The Wanderer.  A transit in this gate represents a time when we are in new territory and do not feel at home. You have a strong sense of your own direction but you have yet to reach your destination. You need to balance your desire to be true to yourself with your ability to fit in to a place that is not your home.

One aspect of Gate 56 that I have observed over the years is it’s ability to take something out of the box (from Gate 11 and the Galactic Centre) and normalise it, gradually introduce it to those for whom it initially seems unusual or strange.

There are new ideas flooding through from the Galactic Centre this week and Venus will catch them, allow us to express them, adjust us to this new world until we experience it as normal. We are leaning how to attune to our feminine wisdom, to take things easy as we unravel deep family patterns that have us treating ourselves inhumanely for the sake of survival. We are getting an opportunity right now to unhook from the machine and find a more palatable, a more cosmically human, way to live.  We are shifting our ideas of what is normal.

I believe this turning point will shift us into a third age of consciousness.  The first age was the matriarchy.  Evidence suggests that phase was communal, peaceful and creative.  It relished art, beauty and the sensual body. Women ruled and men gained power through marriage.   The second age was the patriarchy, which began when the horse people swept down from the North.  They viewed themselves as superior people because of their ability to conquer more peaceful people, and they revered their aggressive warriors and the priestly caste of high standing.  They relished heroes, the mind and achievement.  The matriarchal times were communal. The patriarchal times celebrated the individual. They are distinct phases of human development.

I acknowledge this is a Euro-centric view of reality, but I believe it’s the dominant evolutionary creative principle in our lives at this moment.  We have entered a time when these two polarities – the feminine and the masculine – are realising what they can create together.  And in their powerful embrace, something wonderful is seeking to be born.  That wonderful newling is a way of being that effortlessly blends our so called masculine and feminine.  In other words we can create a life that is successful and satisfying through connecting with our inner awareness.  We are learning that when we allow our every day self to be guided by our inner knowing good things happen.

This seems obvious, but even though of us who consider ourselves very aware are still struggling with this concept.  Deep down in our cells is the belief that our feelings and our intuition are just waiting to lead us astray, that they are working against, rather than for, our greater good.  Why else would we have to work so hard to tune in?  This idea is easy to say .. oh so easy to say .. and yet much more difficult to live.  We are entering the complex and mysterious world of chemical messengers, brain frequencies, the effects of intimacy on mood, a whole new subtle way of understanding what it means to be a conscious human in the 21st century.  We are beginning an experiment in living that is beyond anything humanity has experienced before.

When Pallas arose fully formed from her father’s head she had no need of time to develop.  The patriarchy needed her blessing and she had to go to war!  Pallas brings such incredible gifts of wisdom and understanding that have, for the past 2,000 years, been used for the benefit of the warlike pattern of growth.  Pallas the weaver is about to begin a new story that returns her to the root of her feminine wisdom and to her mother Metis, the triple goddess.  Pallas is both a warrior and a wise woman.  She knows exactly what needs to be done.  It involves allowing the gifts of the girl to come out to dance, our early dreams that were stillborn, the natural progression of self that was squashed to fit into the needs of the machine.  This is powerful intimate and personal work of self creation, and it aligns perfectly with the larger evolutionary scope of the cosmos.

 Img: Gustav Klimt, Pallas Athena, Wien Karlsplatz Museum Vienna. (This image is in the public domain)

Antoine Josse - Tutt'Art@ (30)

New Moon May 2015 – Giving Birth to Your Creative Spirit

New Moon – 18 May 2015 at 4:13am UT – Gate 8 line 3 – 13 Taurus 22’42”

This week’s New Moon calls you to ditch the safe road and find those who help you reclaim your wild and creative soul nature. 


My mother often marvels at her grandchildren’s creativity. She’s blessed with a family that’s chock full of young artists and musicians. Where does it come from?  she often ponders.  Not from me!  

And yet, really, who would know.  Creativity and imagination weren’t at the top of the list of important qualities when Mum was being raised post-depression. They were frivolous and a risk to the responsible erstwhile task of creating financial security.  How would she know where her creative imagination is hiding?

Our economically biased society (and our education system) has no need for quirky individuality, it’s too pesky and unpredictable.  But this week’s New Moon calls you to ditch the safe road and go gently in the direction of your dreams.

There’s an underlying process here, slowly dissolving anything in your dna that holds you back – fear of being different, standing out, being humiliated, isolated, broke and hungry. Those fears calcified in our dna over millenium of hunkering down and working on keeping ourselves and our loved ones secure. But security looks a lot different these days, and we have to move with the times.

We are being birthed into a new kind of human – soul aware, cosmically creative, and naturally aligned with the good of all.

The scary thing about this, like any birthing process, is we don’t ever know how it’s going to turn out. We are letting go of one reality and leaping into another.  We have no guarantees.  And yet our old way of being doesn’t work anymore.  We have become too sensitive, too free, too unfettered to stay living as widgets in the machine line.  We are at a place right now where we literally have no choice but to take that leap, to begin our own rebirth.


Giving Birth To Yourself

Dwarf planet Haumea is making a channel with Pluto till the end of May. Haumea is about birthing us into a clear state of consciousness.  One aspect of Pluto in Gate 54 is the development of our ability to see the bigger picture, and to work for harmony beyond our own needs. These are very physical gates – Root and Spleen Centre – so this emerging clear state of consciousness is not about ascending, but much more about embracing our earthly origins and their full potential.  Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, Haumea the planet of birthing a new consciousness.  What could possibly go wrong!

Dwarf planet Ceres is currently transiting in Gate 19, a portal gate in the Human Design chart that activates a shift in our instinct to survive.  Ceres is about nourishment, and the experience of being mothered.  It is the basis for our sense of being a person valuable enough for others to want to relate to.

This gate – Gate 19 –  holds a very sensitive emotional energy that brings awareness to our emotional and material needs for survival.  If you’ve ever learnt anything about the heart-breaking barbed wire monkey experiment by Harry Harlow at the University of Wisconsin in 1960’s, you’ll know how important warmth and comfort and a sense of emotional safety are to humans (and primates). We can be perfectly well nourished and yet lack the emotional security to feel safe enough to grow into ourselves.  Ceres in Gate 19 this week is informing us of our need to take things gently, honour our sensitivity to our own needs, and to move organically through our process of birth rather than trying to pretend we are already fully formed in our new world.

Most of the fears that infest our lives now are built into the bedrock of our culture, through generations of being unable to find a safe place to recover and recuperate from the subtle shocks and traumas of life, and from pushing ourselves to survive in a world that feels almost continually harsh and unsafe. Living in the western world may look rosy on the outside, but is often unrelenting hard work. We have fallen into a belief that there is something wrong with us if we can’t toughen up enough to succeed there. If only we can find what’s wrong with us and fix it, if only we can get the formula right, we will receive what we need to feel good.

This way of being – the struggle of it –  is so deep within us that we can’t see it for the busy-ness of our own activity. If we’re not working hard, we are thinking, worrying, planning how to make things better. To add to an already dire situation, we have no base upon which to build our new life.

Often it seems weird to most of the people we know to even suggest that being gentle, soft, caring and awake to our own creative urges should be a primary way of living. We might be told to toughen up, to get real, to be more responsible. In other words, the general advice is to carry on busily destroying ourselves and our world, you know, just like everyone else.  With little in the way of support we are having to create our own conditions for warmth, intimacy, comfort, prosperity and a gentle and more creatively authentic way of life.

This week’s New Moon cracks that old harsh view right open.

Your true nature is wildness.  There is no taming where the divine is concerned … All systems break down under this wild, ebullient energy that comes straight from the source of creation.

Richard Rudd, Genekey 8


Antoine Josse - Tutt'Art@ (30)

Image: Antoine Josse


New Moon – Seeking Union and Making A Contribution

The New Moon is in Gate 8 – Seeking Union, Contribution, Holding Together.  (The I Ching hexagrams often have more than one name).  The foundation of the hexagram is a close union of people – a family or community – who come together.  It is auspicious to seek union with those who are ready to move forward with us, who share our belief that we can create change and give birth to a new world.

This is a time to find where you belong, to search for connection and belonging.
Many people have been asking for this connection for a long long time.  What often prevents us being able to find those we are naturally connected to is our conditioning that there is something wrong with us.  When we are told for so long that we are too loud, too quiet, too busy, too thoughtful, too this too that … after a while we believe it.  But what if there were people out there for whom you were altogether perfect?  What if these people don’t want you to change (or correct) a single thing, but craved you being even more than you already are?

What if all those things that you have been led to believe are wrong with you turn out to be everything that is right with you?

If there are things you feel are inherently wrong, aspects of yourself you feel can never be made right about you no matter how hard you try (because you have tried hard to fix these things for many many years and it’s just not working), then you are seeking companionship with the wrong people. You are believing in a system and a culture that dishonours your true wild, creative nature. You can’t join with the wrong people without denying your true nature. Your wild unfettered self must be kept on a tight rein, watchful for wrong steps that put you at risk of rejection and this is no way to live.

The reality is, we are not here to go it alone.  It’s a miracle we even try, given how many people there are on the planet! Over the past few years our capacity for relationship has been evolving.  It hasn’t been easy as we moved through relationships and friendships that have pushed every one of our most painful buttons but we have emerged more open, more trusting, more capable of co-creating with those who truly match us, truly get us.

This week ushers in a time when we can be with those who let us be our full powerful amazing creative self, because we provide a foil for them.  We do our bit and it feeds into them doing their bit.  There may not be a lot of these new kind of people in your life, but look for them – even if it’s only one or two. Feel what it feels like when you interact with them.  This is a feeling you need to cultivate in order to attract more just like them.

These new relationships call us beyond mediocrity, beyond our fears and illusions and into our own individual style.  They propel us headlong into a deeply fulfilling sense of purpose.

The Earth is in Gate 14 – where we connect with something real and potent and of great value within ourselves.  Where are you naturally rich?  What do you possess that you may not be opening your heart to?  Is it your natural wisdom?  Your capacity for relationships?  Your ability to love and care? Your love for sculpture, for cooking, for dancing? Where have you been convinced that your natural gifts, the things that come so easily to you that you discount their importance, where have you been convinced to keep these things to yourself? How can you begin now to share them?

Take some time to connect with what is possible, rather than what is. Feel within yourself the confidence in the real value of your work, and dedicate it to something higher.

The sun does not struggle to rise in the sky, it just rises. In the same way, when you assent to what is and yield to heaven, you can rest in your work.

Hilary Barrett

The Return of the Golden Age

The asteroid Astraea is conjunct the Sun and Moon this week.  Astraea represents a desire for justice and fairness in the time of “men”. She holds true to the values of the Golden Age, when people were kinder and gentler. It is said that Astraea fled the world during the Bronze Age because she found it too harsh and the prophecies foretold her return at the dawn of the next Golden  Age.  When this asteroid is prominent in your design you will tend to be very sensitive to the virtues of kindness and fairness.

Her appearance on this New Moon is significant, at a time when Ceres is triggering great emotional sensitivity, and Pluto is activating our capacity to see beyond our own needs.  What does your Golden Age look like?  Can you feel a sensitivity to something kinder and fairer (to you and to others) returning to your life?

Becoming the Divine

If you feel you are dissolving into a big blob that you no longer recognise, you could be picking up the energy of dwarf planet Sedna.  She moved into Gate 8 only last week and is sitting plumb on this week’s New Moon. Sedna represents our need to rebalance our energies on this planet.  We do that by letting go of frozen aspects of self that keep us trapped in cultural gender based roles, starving for our soul selves.  We need to let go and drown in our own lives (metaphorically) rather than succumb to the apparent safety of the seduction of what others value in us. Our own creative energy, arising from our frozen depths, gives a new and specific shape and form to our lives if we allow it the time and space to do so.  If you are finding it difficult to hold your shape, head in the opposite direction. Release your grip and see where life takes you.

The Family Ties That No Longer Bind

There are three aspects of this week’s New Moon chart that speak clearly to the release of painful and restrictive family conditioning.  That’s a lot of emphasis on clearling out the ancestral DNA wardrobe!

The North Node is in the Gate of Correction – Gate 18 is specifically about correcting family patterns down to the level of our DNA.

Mars is in a channel with Saturn – Mars in 20 and Saturn in 34 – joined by the asteroid Child which is also in 34. This constellation of planets speaks to us of the child who is forced to push her way through the world, exhausting her vitality and squandering her own passion in order to adhere to the rules of how she ‘should’ live. The New Moon  brings a major reset of the Sacral energy on this planet.  Mars shifts our desire to live in love in each moment and to feel our natural vitality flow to where it chooses.

There is a Centaur (minor planet) called Nessus, which is a clear indicator of repairing family abuse patterns – subtle and not so subtle.  This week Nessus (55) is in a channel with Venus (39).  We are recuperating (Venus) and reconnecting with our capacity to join with others (39) to release our natural abundance of spirit (55).  To do so we must step out of old ways of seeing ourselves, as victims or as perpetrators or even just as a particular kind of person who needs fixing, rather than living.

We have been on a very long evolutionary trajectory that makes our relationships with others primary in our lives. This New Moon takes us one very large step further, as we release beliefs and behaviours that keeps us blocked from the kind of co-creative relationships that fling open the doorway to our greater self.  Relationships are fundamental to our quantum reality and we need to make them our first stop on our way to healthy wealthy and wise. What would happen if you chose to make kindness and fairness in your relatioships with others more important than the rules about how you should live?  What if you tried doing it in your relationship with yourself?

Relationships are key as we move forward.  Being with the wrong people keeps us trapped in the old world because the wrong people don’t release our genius into the world. There’s nothing actually wrong with them, but they are wrong for us. And so we feel wrong  .. and … well you can see where this is going! We all keep going around trying to fix ourselves so we’re right … for the wrong people. Spend some time this week considering how naturally perfect you are.


Collapsing Into The Path of Least Resistance

__wormhole_by_libre_meditacion-d6t0yweWe have entered the powerful lead up to this week’s Full Moon.

Venus and Mars are mixing up our beliefs about getting things done – should I act? should I wait?

Ceres is helping us see through our own set of ridiculous rules about life – is this really what I have to endure to gain my desires? Could it be easier?

And then the piece de resistance, Mercury in a channel with Uranus.  Think Tower card from the Tarot, where everything comes tumbling down because it is no longer sustainable and it’s just basically time for change!

The number one question for this week is – what needs to change in my life?

I will add another question – who am I now that I have committed to that change?

Oh okay, one more – how can I release myself into a path of least resistance?

(I am so happy to have gotten the question mark key fixed on my computer yesterday, and look how many times I’ve managed to use it already! Happy days.)


Venus is in the Gate of the Receptive

As I write this post, Venus is in Gate 2 – the Gate of the Receptive and the yin gate of the I Ching.

We are labouring under a great misapprehension in our culture that our success rests solely on our own shoulders, the result of our own individual effort.  Venus is here to let us know this week, get over ourselves!  We are not that powerful and all seeing!  Rather than working ourselves into a lather of action and busy-ness we would be much better served, personally and collectively, if we could

  • keep our destination in mind – where do I actually (and really) want to be?
  • be open to all possibilities for arriving there
  • be in constant motion to draw in guidance
  • be loyal to that guidance
  • make it a priority to work responsively with our potential allies

By the time of the Full Moon, Venus will be in the Gate of Stripping Away.  (23) This is about letting go of what is worn out, discovering what was always there right under the surface waiting to bloom and blossum.  In particular, people who are no longer on your fractal will fall away. Let them go, with gratitude and appreciation for where you have been together. This will, paradoxically, leave you more centred and less vulnerable.


Mars in the Gate of Beginnings 

As I write this post, Mars is in Gate 3 – the Gate of Beginnings.  Master Huang describes this as a rough situation for a newly born being.  But we do have strong roots to support us, and we must use them to gather an abundance of life force for our growth. Sprouting is the very beginning, a growing centre. Take a moment to close your eyes and feel into your growing centre.

What happens when the most sensitive aspects of our spiritual nature, newly arrived in our bodies, burgeoning with life and desire to attain full growth, meet resistance and feel tempted to define it as ‘reality’.

Ceres is transiting in Gate 60, creating a channel with Mars.  This is the Channel of Mutation – the hub of all evolutionary possibilities to bring to life what is new.  This is laminated space time, where the mutation or evolvement happens in the gaps.  Trying to push things, based on the adrenalised energy of the Root Centre, can only create chaos and confusion. Gate 60 is a gate about rules.  Rules that are too harsh, too bitter. Rules that we learnt about how we should behave even if they took us against our true nature. Rules that are cloaked in descriptions like being polite or doing the right thing or succeeding or doing whatever it takes or self-discipline.

chickenIt’s a bit like a chicken hatching.  These old rules and beliefs have held us in a safe place while we could grow, but now it is time to throw them off and move into a bigger place.  Hekate is also transiting in the Gate of Limitation (60).  This crone of the crossroads is a tell-tale sign that letting go of unnecessary limitations can completely change our path in life this week.

Ceres is a planet that calls us to value ourselves, to nurture and nourish ourselves with what we truly need to thrive. What rules and beliefs can you safely ditch now, because they are simply binding up your true and awesome self in a place where it can’t function without some level of pain? What  rules and beliefs can you release because they are working against your dreams, rather than for them?  As Hilary Barrett says about Gate 60 – sweet measures bring good fortune.

By the time of the Full Moon, Mars will be in the Gate of Nourishment (27).  This gate is not just about food, but all the processes and structures that sustain and  nourish you – physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  This is also a gate where we can ‘over-care’, which means instead of true caring we get caught up in obsessive worrying or anxiety or overdoing, and miss the gentle calm of real nourishment. This requires us to locate power and meaning within ourselves, and to take responsibility for what we need rather than expecting it to come from some god or parent replacement figure.

There’s a fine balance here between working in concert with ‘the universe’ and surrendering our personal power to guide our own lives. Going with the flow is fine, so long as we are in action towards our dreams at all times. It looks like this – each breath I take is guiding me closer and closer to more of me being present.


Mercury and Uranus in the Channel of Initiation

Mercury will be meeting with Uranus until 2am on 2nd April UT, challenging us to step out of our same old same old, and transcend our normal lives. We have the courage to cheerfully leap into the void and choose to be initiated at deeper and more profound levels of soul, aligning with our own unique spirit. We may experience shocks that force us to orient ourselves again and again in our own hearts, our own inner surety.

This activation is geometry, it opens us up to new life directions, previously unconsidered. It is filled with an increased understanding of what love means in our lives, and how we can live more of it.

By the time of the Full Moon, Mercury will be in the Gate of Following (17) which Master Huang describes as moving forward with joy.  As you move forward, ask yourself what you value most highly and hold to that through all the upheaval.  Good fortune comes of being true to your achievements and confident in your path’s unfolding.


Full Moon – 4 April 2015 at 12.05 UT

Full Moon – 4 April 2015

While the lead up to the Full Moon encourages us to leap, that void can be a scary place and what if it all goes awry?  The key is to come from our inner knowing of what feels right, rather than neurotically probing our outer reality seeking clues.

Our concept of security is undergoing a huge shift. We are developing trust in life to bring us what we need, plus a bit more icing on the cake.  This is a whole different energy to the greed of grabbing as much as we can get our hands on.

How do we access this bounty of ease?  Through learning how to work with the universal law that says – life brings us exactly what we need in each moment.  Our every moment is a uniquely crafted answer to our request for a better life. It may look like something else entirely, but keep asking the questions –

  • What is the good in this for me?
  • What can I best learn from this experience?
  • How does this experience move me closer to what I desire?


And never forget the massive task we have at hand, to shift ancient conditioning of fear and it’s limitations from the dna of humanity.  To replace that fear of what’s out there, with a profound experience of what’s in here, and what it’s connected to.

The Sun and Moon are lining up in the same gates as the nodes, another indication of a need to step into a new life path this week. But don’t despair if you feel nothing is happening! It’s a slow process. Read about Pluto’s influence on our slowing down here.  But, while your external reality may appear to move slowly, you must begin to vibrate at a higher frequency.  (That’s Chiron in Gate 22 btw, but more on that later.)

I love Abraham’s way of describing this process, using the idea of the high flying disc.




The Sun is in the Gate of Biting Through (21) helping us learn how to take responsibility for our lives in a whole new way.  This is not about keeping control, because if we define success by the amount of control we exercise, what happens when we run out of willpower?  When we are tired from trying to control everything?

We crash into ‘out of control’.  Control > out of control > control > out of control > … oh I’m feeling a little bit weary, how are you feeling?  When we are trying to control ourselves and our lives, we have a decreased capacity for self-compassion (I can’t believe you ate that last cupcake!!)




And what are we trying to control anyway? Since what’s out there is simply a reflection of our own inner being, projected out into the world.  It’s a very inefficient way to go about creating change!

We also lose some capacity for harmony and union with others, because hey! we’re busy keeping control of things!  The programming partner is the Gate of Depth (The Well, gate 48).  And when we are busy keeping control, we lose touch with our own depth.  Most of us at some time have preferred to labour on, keeping busy, taking on more and more responsibility in our external world rather than slow down and listen to the messags of change.

A hint:  this week, do some listening!  As Carol Anthony says, in her I Ching book, the sage knows how to make evil circumstances work to your good; it isn’t necessary to intervene.  

The Science of Implosion

This week’s Full Moon puts us in the dynamics of implosion. An implosion happens when instability causes the structure of something to crumble inward.  Think of a building collapsing in on itself.




Some of you may recognise this feeling!  But implosion is not just about destruction.  Dan Winter considers it to be the gateway to bliss, heart coherence and living in the field of sacred geometry.  (Download the implosion pdf)

Implosion is a movement inwards, where explosions move outwards.

Explosions are wasteful and inefficient, using loads of resources for a small result. Think of explosions as our efforts to control life by acting on what is outside of us. In stark contrast to nature, the conventional motion of explosions moves along straight paths and causes resistance to build up exponentially with speed. A small increase in speed causes a large increase in resistance.

Implosion is a much more efficient method of changing the state of things. It’s a suctional process that moves inwards, creating a vortex, curving and flowing.  The outside of the vortex moves slowly, but …. and I want you to remember the high flying disc right now …. the inside moves fast.   The vortex is one of natures healthiest and most prolific forms.

PicMonkey Collage



What happens when keeping control is leading us towards implosion? When the pressure for change is too much for our old lives to hold their shape any longer? When our lives are shifting inexorably towards a new geometry – a vortex? When we can no longer live on the surface because our depth is rising to overtake our lives?

When the void is seen as something to be feared, this is a terrifying and confusing prospect.  But what if you were able to trust that life is bringing you just what you need, plus a little bit more?  What if you are being sucked into the very depths of your own nature?

The Earth and Moon are in Gate 48, the Gate of Depth. We are being called to a deep heart opening. A greater coherence, a more wonderful alignment with our higher/bigger selves. This will go against all our logical and rational and linear beliefs about life, especially about life being hard. Because in the vortex we follow the path of least resistance.  It may well put our ego/mind in conflict with our heart (and other inner intelligences like our Sacral and Spleen and Solar Plexus).

And the biggest question of all – how do you implode gracefully?  It comes back to how we make ourselves secure in our world.  We are learning to do this by going within, shifting our very geometry.  We are stepping into greater amounts of self, and unhooking from looking outside for the conditions to be who we truly are.  We are learning that everything we need …..   everything …. comes through the process of implosion rather than explosion, through following our innermost yearnings rather than rushing and being busy and taking on responsibility for things.  It comes back to one small step in the direction of your dreams, and then another, and then another, whilst always trusting that everything in your life is there for your good.

It occured to me while writing this post, that a vortex is one part of a wormhole.  And a wormhole is a shortcut through space and time.



joy williams

New Moon 20 March 2015

New Moon Friday 20 March 2015 at 9.36am UT.

joy williamsWhile the actual Pluto-Uranus Square happened a few days ago, we will most feel it’s effect over the next 48 hours.

Today’s New Moon sits right on top of Uranus, activating all the power of that life changing transit.  It also comes complete with it’s own solar eclipse and equinox, and it’s right on the Aries Point just to make things really interesting.

The New Moon is working deeply to shock us out of ancient wounds that have been holding us apart from living fully as spiritual beings in a physical body.

I woke up very early this morning, just before dawn, and immediately started thinking.  Because that’s what we do in our culture.  We think.  We think about what time to get up, and what we need to do and what we said and what we didn’t say and and and on it goes.  We think so much about so many things that we don’t even know we are thinking.  It’s very common when I ask my private clients ‘how do you feel about that’ for them to begin their answer with ‘I think … ‘.  This thinking binds us up in keeping safe, in controlling our bodies and our lives, in staying clear from the power of the creative flow of universal energy because, well who knows where it may take us!

This week’s New Moon is in the G Centre, the antithesis of thinking.  The place where we find our highest heart based potential. In the gate where our innocence and trust can get entangled in deluded beliefs and other futile and groundless things.

We do all we can to control our lives, while reality careens in a different direction entirely!

We have arrived at a time when our internal self and our external experiences are reaching out to grasp hands.  It involves some unwinding of old hard edges and struggle. It means we need to bring some courage to dropping into our deepest most vulnerable place of longing and sensitivity.

While the Sun and Moon today trigger the Pluto-Uranus square and this is making waves in the astrology community, the Human Design transit chart shows just how incredibly connected these two events truly are.  In the HD chart, the Sun, Moon and Uranus are in the same channel today.


New Moon March 2015

New Moon March 2015


If you experience any shocking events, not matter how inconsequential, I suggest these steps:

1.  Put your hand over your heart

2. Take some slow deep breaths and imagine your breath going in and out of your heart

3. Imagine someone or something that makes you feel love and appreciation and care

4. Bathe in those feelings for a minute or two.


This process will create a greater heart coherence and allows you the space to choose a love based response rather than a fear based response. This coherent state will support you to untangle from your habitual thoughts, and from old beliefs and pains and compulsions.  It will allow another higher destiny to open up before you.

One of the benefits of using this technique just now is to prevent you getting caught up in a blur of effort without any clarity about what it will all achieve.  There is a blind constrictive patterning, almost like a web, which is being pulled off us.  Our fear can have us clutching at this web, trying to create some kind of physical anchor.

Instead, the love coherence technique allows you to shift out of that old pattern, quell your thinking and drop more deeply into your own reality, your own body.

The G Centre is the home of the Magnetic Monopole, which holds our life geometry. Asteroid Arachne is in that gate, which indicates our tendency to make things more complicated than they are in order to make ourselves seem more important.  In this way we get ‘entangled’ in a web where we can feel victimised.  Gate 2 line 3, where Arachne is sitting on the New Moon says:

There is an inner treasure here, already whole and complete in itself, needing nothing added.  You can stay true to it without concerning yourself with immediate personal achievement.

So even as you work, perhaps to realise your inner potential, you know that winning something to show for your efforts now is not so important.  It’s sufficient that the work be completed in the end.

Hilary Barrett

This is a message I am seeing repeatedly just now. The outcomes are not so important as us staying present to each step in the journey.  Pushing for outcomes we have ‘thought up’ simple keeps us enmeshed, trapped in ridiculous complications that have nothing to do with reality.  Reality is here on the ground.  Reality requires us to be present to as much as we can possibly be conscious of.

This is the returning feminine, filling space and creating form.  This is the returning feminine creating structure from the invisible, using the magical power of nature and her bounty, leading us to a perfection as certainly as the planets know their orbits and the waves land on the shore.

The G Centre indicates love, identity and direction at the highest level of our being.  It is the place where we set out on our life long search to understand and experience love, both giving and receiving.  It is the place where, free of the web of our own complex thinking, we open to our natural ability to attract people, places and events that we are here to live authentically.

You may be feeling very sensitive just now.  That is because we are all in recovery from being treated as an object – an employee, a consumer, a student, a customer, a tax file number!  Over the next few days, keep returning to your heart space and feeling the tenderness there.  Bathe yourself in it for a moment or two.  This is how we change our world.


Image: Joy Williams


Sensing The Currents of Change

fractal_face_by_ordoab-d56hfsrWe are experiencing a subtle but pivotal shift. Rather than containing, controlling and managing our lives, we are letting go and moving to the centre of the action. It can feel chaotic here, as if there is no way we can remain in control.

But that’s exactly the point, we don’t need to. We are instead standing in the energy of creation and drawing to us the order we desire.

This is different – a moment by moment proposition.  We are not working towards an outcome. There are no straight lines filled with effort. Instead there is the luxury of being what we are creating, one moment after the next.


Pluto-Uranus Square on 17th March 2015

We are approaching the last of seven Pluto-Uranus squares, a process that began in June 2012.

We can no longer afford to base our relationships on fear, aggression and control, and this 3 year process has been supporting us to take the first shaky and challenging steps towards living from commonality rather than divisiveness. Dropping our ancient defences and opening to the full range of human experiences, shared with others, we are taking a leap in consciousness.

This doesn’t mean that everyone is on the same page.  It may be counter productive to let the light of your character shine out fully in all situations.  But in those times when you feel you have to shroud your light, or that you aren’t free to be fully alive, there’s no need to try to change things, or make yourself seen or heard. Just stay true to your own inner light. Keep it shining for yourself, be true to you.

Because the alternative is to freeze yourself into a combative defiant posture, holding onto your sense of righteous indignation, or making someone or something outside yourself wrong. None of us can resolve conflict by maintaining it within ourselves. Instead, embrace the dark time, even if it is only a momentary discomfort.  The firmest and most unshakeable sense of what you are called to do comes from relaxing into this darkness.  This is where we can sense what wounds and oppresses us.  We can feel the nature of the light within us. This is where we find the home of our emotions, our sympathies and where we meet the heart of the matter. If not this (which affronts, distresses or discomforts me) then what? From here we are open to all potentials for change, we stay poised and capable of responsive movement. We create change and momentum through our focus on the contrast, rather than getting bogged down in the conflict.

Rather than fighting with reality, rediscover the sense of being drawn towards something.  This creates a coherence that not only affects every system and cell in your body, it puts you into a higher level of functioning and emits a powerful coherent wave that draws others into your higher reality.


Pluto Uranus Square March 2015

Pluto Uranus Square March 2015

On this last Pluto-Uranus square, the Moon is in Gate 19 in the Root Centre. This is a portal gate into other dimensions of consciousness.  It specifically holds the old codes of survival.  There is a kind of delusion here, that we can make ourselves safe and secure.  There is also something growing here, the approach of something greater seeking out your full cooperation to nurture it to fruition.

This is not a quick process, there is no rushing or making things happen in accordance with our own deadlines.  There is nothing entirely good here.  We must take the earth and clay with the light.  We are moving organically, as we watch patiently over developments. Each small step forward is acknowledged and celebrated. Each harvest is gathered in and stored. You stay present to the ongoing changes wherever they lead.  In this way the cycle of growth continues. This is a very different way of being from the linear growth of our economic consciousness.  It is patient and receptive and collaborative.

This way of being is more about aligning with harmony, illuminating and transforming than it is about bringing change for it’s own sake, or creating any particular outcome.

Pluto is in Gate 54 line 1, where the shock of the new is upon us, quickening our heart and threatening to send us scurrying back into survival mode.  Our aim here is to learn this new ground.  We are not ready yet to exert any particular influence, to put our ego selves in charge of creating outcomes.  Instead we must feel our way, adapt and find our place.  We find our freedom to move and create change by doing what we can, rather than trying to headbutt our way into some kind of personal power.

Uranus is in Gate 51 line 1. This is the Gate of Shock, where we are stirred, roused and shaken up by events. Suddenly it feels as if this world is not working as you expect. Security slips away. Mental constructs shatter. Solid ground shifts under your feet as living reality speaks. Radical change is upon us and a new time is coming.

This is a time to hold onto what you most value and take on responsibility for keeping it safe.  Don’t buy into the repeating round of fear, all reacting to each other.  Find your still point, that unbroken thread of clear consciousness sitting at the heart of all your experiences. This is the life sustaining energy that everything is created from. It is always in motion and has no specific source.

We are healing from millenium of catastrophic thinking, and moving into consistent and positively construction outcomes.  This is a paradigm shift.




There is a small growing centre, a sprouting of something that supports you to put roots out into the unknown and break through the hard soil.  It is tiny but burgeoning with life and you can tap into that.  Don’t narrow your possibilities, it’s not a time to fixate on getting something or being recognised. Our focus needs to be on relationships, we are striving for a breakthrough in partnering with each other that will create a fission that cracks dimensional barriers.

I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing with my daughter about chores and keeping the house tidy.  We both have Gate 21 and both like to control the space, so that’s always fun!  As she’s matured we’ve come to some pretty easy agreements, but at times each one of us makes a bid for control that shatters our relationship momentarily.  Then we have to rebuild.  She is more important to me than dishes done and clothes put into wardrobes.  We agreed a few years back that our guiding rule would be kindness and that trumps tidiness every time.

The asteroid Child is sitting exactly conjunct Saturn on this major transit, in Gate 34 line 6.  This could represent a child who knows no other way than to try to force her or his way through to what is desired. It could also represent the child who was forced to use her vital (sacral) energy in ways that meet the needs of someone else.

As I write this post, Mars and Uranus are making an exact conjunction in Gate 21, which might find us pushing and using our willpower to make things come out how we want them to be. Our very individuality is at stake here.  But this is a furphy.  It’s important to be passionate about our lives and how we arrange and organise them, but using the power of our small selves to try to force and manipulate an outcome is no longer effective.  Connect with a higher sense of power, a more relaxed harmonious and aligned sense of self.  Don’t choose a specific outcome, but feel your way around each tangle and eventually everything will come right of it’s own accord.  And the outcome will be much more amenable than your small inner child could have ever imagined.

This final Pluto-Uranus square brings us a quieter way of being, a more receptive space where we can feel our way gradually into the new world we are creating. It brings relationships to the fore, asking us to recognise what we truly value.  The ongoing initiations of Uranus in the Gate of Shock between now and January 2017 requires us to slow down and take notice.  Pluto is supporting us to do just that.


Img:  http://ordoab.deviantart.com/art/fractal-face-313222203


Full Moon March 2015 – Are We There Yet?

outiharma1Some of you might remember in early January when I decided to take the rest of the month off.  I made that choice because every time I turned on my computer and tried to work, the internet seemed to be screaming at me – start your new program diet creative endeavour relationship business now!!##!!!  I could barely breathe for the pressure of all the emails and facebook posts coming at me, urging me to make the most of 2015. As if it all had to happen in a rush.

So I went to the beach, hung out with my family and met my new love.  All together a well spent few weeks.

That kind of go-getting energy is on the way out.  It has it’s place of course, but it’s place isn’t here and now. Mostly it’s in the past.  We are opening to a gentler more receptive way of being in the world, attuning to subtle shifts and responding to invitations, inspiration and impulses as they arise. There is so much less doing in that way of being.

We are in transition.  The situation is fragile, even tenuous, as we use our energy to create a new pattern of living.

What makes it disquieting is what is lurking at the periphery.  It feels as if our every achievement may be threatened or sabotaged and that it all may come tottering down around our knees.  This is simply the old patterning trying to cling to life by drawing your attention back again and again – look at me! I’m a problem that needs fixing! You should stop feeling so good and come feel bad with me!

Simple message here – don’t be fooled into putting your time and energy into propping anything up. And be very aware of what you are creating just now.  If you are rushing, trying to fill gaps and assuage emptiness, you are very likely building with old materials.  You could have old trauma coming up, ancient memories of catastrophes that have you skipping to get back into your comfort zone.  Resist that impulse, and wait through your reaction to shock because there you create a new and different story of who you are and what your life is about when you go with the slower response.

What’s been threatening and different in the past can now be transformed into an opportunity for creating permanently constructive outcomes.  How can you see life as your partner, rather than an adversary to be outwitted?

Tomorrow’s Full Moon is all about making a transition. There’s a fine balance in any transition.  Should you hold back and find your feet or rush forward and sample what’s on offer?  I suggest you do both.  Waltz pass GO, move directly to the very centre of your own life and dive in.  Once you are there, feel your way through the thorny tangle of circumstances with great care, tangle by tangle coming free under your absolute intention to move on with your dreams.

And move on you will, because you have already made your commitment, and the desires and shifts arising are the outward sign of your inner agreement already made.  We’ve arrived, but it sort of doesn’t quite feel like it. Because we are still filling in the bits that make it real, rather than a wonderful imagining.


Full Moon – 5 March 2015 at 18:05 UT



The two gates activated by the Sun and Moon are in the Head Centre aka the crown chakra.  We are inspired to figure out where we are going.  We are thinking thinking thinking our way away from our suffering, away from our doubts and confusions.  Well, not really. That’s what we think we are doing.  And something long past it’s due date believes that’s how we make progress.  But come back to that idea I mentioned at the beginning of this post.


We are opening to a gentler more receptive way of being in the world, attuning to subtle shifts and responding to invitations, inspiration and impulses as they arise. There is so much less doing in that way of being.


We don’t need to think ourselves free so much as BE ourselves free.  We can relax into anything that seems to cause us pain and suffering, and find the seed of a constructive outcome in that situation.  Because there is always a constructive outcome.  These changes have a long way to go, so let go of any anxious imaginings that are not yet real and make yourself quite open to what is already real.  Your existing commitments, agreements and expectations must be dealt with. We are gently untangling and moving on, with the most deft touch we can muster.

You don’t need to know what happens further down the path.  You just need to be gently present with now and create success for yourself in this moment, and the next and the next. In following through like this, you stay loyal to your original reasons for being here in this life.  You are creating a pattern that will hold your way of life for many many years to come.  Take some time to craft it well.

The Sun is sextile Pluto.  Venus is square Pluto. Pluto is square Uranus.  It’s all good fun till someone tries to stay the same old same old person they have always been, and suddenly life throws you a curve ball.  With this much Pluto energy you really have little choice but to go with the flow of change.


Much of the language in this blog post comes directly from Hilary Barrett’s amazing book I Ching

Image:  Outi Harma

Embrace Your Dreams sign with a beach on background

New Moon February 2015

Embrace Your Dreams sign with a beach on backgroundThere is one clear, precise and profound message from today’s New Moon, and it’s this:

Get ready to shift into the flow of a greater life.

We’re coming face to face with all our dreams denied and inviting them to come out of the shadows and into reality.

There can be no half heartedness  here, no more lives half lived.  There will be no detours.  We are getting into the flow and taking each step as it shows up for us.

But don’t get into thinking this requires a superhuman effort.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  The only real effort is in your intention and willingness to surrender to where life wishes to take you.  After that, your offerings and actions need only be modest.  You are not being asked to give beyond your means.  In other words, don’t push and don’t rush and don’t believe you have to put yourself out in any way. That’s taking you OUT of the flow, so it will only be counter-productive anyway, and how good is that.

New Moon February 2015

New Moon February 2015

The Sun and Moon are in the Gate of Clarity and Illumination, where inner and outer light meet.  Here we drop our seriousness and efforting, and find a lightness by surrendering to a trust in the flow of life. Because, let’s face it, if you are not trusting life you are simply making yourself a victim of it.  And that’s never going to do you or any of the rest of us any good.

This is a gate of desire.  The channel itself pressures us to follow our desires, feel and feed our hunger, into emotional experiences that teach us about our world.  As Richard Rudd says in his GeneKeys book, our desires don’t have to be followed, but they do have to be felt.

The pressure itself, coming out of Mercury in the Root Centre, is for a dream of a better life.  In the past we have had to live on hope alone.  We haven’t had the tools to manifest our dreams into physical reality.  But now we are entering the frequency of physical manifestation and as a precursor, we need to get in touch with what we choose to create.

Gate 41, the Gate of Decrease, is the only start codon in the Human Design chart.  It switches on when we allow ourselves to truly feel the emotional energy of our desires.  This is not an intellectual exercise, or a busy-ness. It is an emotional energy.  There is a huge morphogenic field being created today, as if we are all at the starting gate awaiting the signal.

Don’t be concerned about what you are giving up.  Let go of any entanglements in futile actions and beliefs that no longer align with your core dream.  Even if you don’t know exactly where you want to go, imagine stepping into a greater flow of life – actually close your eyes and take a step with the intention of it taking you into the flow.  This liberates the whole creative flow into your life.  Then it is available for you to leverage.

This is an excellent day to re-evaluate your plans, dreams and goals.  Take some time out to remember desires you have stuffed down the back of the wardrobe.  Take them out and brush them off.  Update, refresh and renew them. But don’t get caught up in making an effort.  Just know your next step and then you can go your way both lightly and purposefully, joining in a more creative energy. This is Heaven on Earth.


Let your aspirations rise to heaven and shine out brightly, but also enter deeply into the ordinary earth your experience grows from.

Hilary Barret, I Ching




Here’s This Week’s Universal Trickster-ism

blueprint-space-mechanic-18959202We are heading into some tricky territory as we approach our very last of seven Pluto Uranus squares on 17th March 2015.  Venus and Mars are moving through the last little vestige of Pisces, in Gate 36, Mercury is making a channel with the Sun that activates our desires and disappointments. And the Moon is just about to pass over Pluto.  So, that’s all!

There is a need to let go of dead wood in our lives, to focus our attention on the living breathing joyful experiences and stop maintaining dead forms that no longer serve us.

I’ve been wandering around my house this morning feeling as if I have already moved out.  I may not be moving, I have no specific plans to move house, but it feels as if something significant is done.  Let’s look at why and how and when.

The sun sets. the world turns, a day comes to it’s close. This is the end of one phase of your life.  It is time to take in all that has happened and move into the present moment, beating your own drum and celebrating your achievements.  Don’t be distracted by bright shiny things that can flare up and die away.  Mourn what is passing and take the initiative to dream and act on succeeding at the centre of your own life.

We are stepping into a big energy.  It is spacious because we have yet to fill it.  It might seem that there are many problems that need resolving but the best thing you can do now about your problems is put down your spade and rest, rather than dig yourself in deeper.  Trying to resolve issues simply keeps you bogged in old style solutions.  Digging takes you deeper into a place where you no longer want to be, so rest, relax, do something fun instead.  When you do take action, it needs not be spectacular or elaborate but small and perfectly formed.

Don’t get sucked into the illusion that busy-ness is called for.  You can safely be less involved in that way of being, and more involved in making yourself available.   It may seem that you are overwhelmed by things to do and fix and manage, but in a fractal universe where time is unfolding, each moment is made up of the smallest and gentlest and kindest possible experience.  Whether the energy is big or small, whether your dreams are grand or wide or quiet or still, they are constructed from moments of your best self.  So, be your best self in each moment and your dreams will be as you desire without any further effort from you.


Human Design Transit Chart 16 February 2015

16 February 2015


Venus and Mars in the Gate of Brightness Hidden 

It has been dangerous to allow our light to shine, in a culture that has over many centuries treated the subtle realms as an enemy. Although we haven’t always been able to shine, we have stayed as true as possible to our own inner flame and we are on the cusp of releasing it into the world.  It is important not to feel powerless or discouraged through this process. We need to enter deeply into our earthly experience because this time we are co-creating heaven on earth and our pure light speaks to the earthly clay in order to create something we have never experienced on this planet before.

Venus and Mars together in this gate (36) bring a combination of vigour and softness, the courage to take action which is gentle and attuned.

On 20th February both Venus and Mars will have moved to Aries – Gate 25 – and the energy will shift to action.

Moon and Pluto 

As our new gentleness and purity peeks out into a new world there is a terror of being crushed, attacked, beaten down, hurt.  I have been dealing with feelings akin to a nightmare where I am in constant danger with no real danger in sight. Anything that feels threatening right now is not your enemy, but your partner come to support you to shift the last of the oppositional energy of Pluto before it makes it’s first move into Gate 54.  Opposition becomes the source of expansion.


Saturn and Jupiter 

Taken together these two planets have one consistently clear message.  Stop pushing.

What you previously valued is done.  It holds no allure for you now.  This is potentially crazy making.  But the simplest thing possible here is to take time out to rest and recover.  You can give yourself a break from constant growth, constant development, constant achievement, constantly checking to make sure you are secure and good and right and …   all those burdens.  And instead spend some time dwelling upon imagining your possibilities.



Mercury and the Sun

This combo will be in place for the New Moon on 19th Feb and I will share more on that.  For now, let me say that this channel holds the energy of desires and disappointments.  There is a pressure here to join with others and have experiences that trigger our emotional development.  Mercury in the Root Gate pressures us to action, and the Sun in the Solar Plexus gate reminds us to take time to allow the emergence of clarity that will bring us the perfect partner for the experience and the perfect timing to create what we desire rather than a pale imitation that fails to satisfy.


Image: Amanda Cass

Antoine Jose

Pluto in Gate 54 – The Marrying Maiden

Antoine JoseOn 8th March 2015 we begin a new cycle of soul transformation.  Pluto brings an end to survival of the fittest.  We are shifting from the idea of us against them, into a time of mystical relationships uniting heaven on earth.  Ahhhhhhh I hear you say!  That’s a relief!

As Pluto moves out of the Gate of Opposition (38) and into the Marrying Maiden (54) we are moving beyond struggling to survive and into a time of manifestation as a pleasurable experience.  This means we have to move out of all our conceptions of linear time and into a more liminal space where physical density is only one aspect of our reality and creation means more than making widgets on a production line.  It’s time for the human race, or at least a certain critical mass, to begin creating at higher levels of intention and love.

Like me, you may have tired of the terrorism and adrenalised struggle to survive that has accompanied Pluto in the Gate of Opposition (38) since January 2013.  While Pluto will spend some time back in the Gate of Opposition during 2015, the tide has turned.

The new Plutonian themes, which will be with us between now and October 2019, are:


  • stepping into a new capacity to keep pace with sudden and complete change
  • opening to our spirit dropping deeply into our physical bodies and our mundane reality
  • discovering our higher purpose hidden within the seed of our personal ambition
  • consciously moving into relationships that are based on love, caring and affection rather than being compelled to play out our old relationship stories
  • a rising aspiration to move up the ladder of the spiritual hierarchy
  • learning obedience to higher laws
  • finding the support and connections we need to step out of survival based relationships like jobs and old world marriages
  • staying within ourselves and allowing the universe to co-create with us, rather than going outside ourselves and pushing to make things happen


The most interesting thing to me about this long term transit is there are almost no connections between Pluto and other planets during the entire 5 year period.  The most significant event is when Jupiter transits in Gate 32 between December 2016 and March 2017.  Other than that, pretty much nada!  Compare that to Pluto in Gate 38, with it’s ongoing relationship with Neptune in the same circuit in Gate 55, which brought us some very intense upgrades.  It may indicate that the focus is off Pluto for a while, that this may be quite a gentle transit.


Pluto in the Root Centre

Pluto moved into the Root Centre in November 2010, beginning a period of transformation of our adrenal system. Terror, fear, depression, it’s been a wild ride both personally and globally.  We have certainly seen terrorism come to the fore, particularly since Pluto moved into the Gate of Opposition (38) in January 2013.  And our own inner terror has been getting a run for it’s money as well, being brought into consciousness and exposed for what it is – simply a set of inner beliefs that conflict with each other.

The Root Centre will not open to physical manifestation until we achieve coherence between our conscious and subconscious frequencies. I’m not talking in strictly Human Design terms here, this is not about the Design and Personality activations.  Rather, it’s all the suppressed material that has us creating an abundance of what we don’t want in our lives, rather than an abundance of what we do want.

As we move more and more into that kind of conscious coherence of thought and being, all the other Centres are activated and full manifestation is birthed. Pluto in Gate 38 has been re-coding our dna for a post-survivalist world and supporting coherence in our capacity for both relationship and physical manifestation.

Beyond Thriving

What happens when we have learnt the skills of thriving? Who and what do we become?  Can you feel your own capacity to be beyond any idea of surviving and naturally flourishing in each moment?  The effort of Pluto in Gate 54 is in learning to let go of efforting, to surrender to the greater forces at work in your life, and to discipline yourself to the new skills of creation.

As we create from each moment of what is, each one of us becomes something unique and wonderful.  Without needing to plan for it other than through our desires and intentions, we become indispensible to the evolution of life.




The Essence of The Marrying Maiden

gate54The Gates in Human Design are based on the I Ching.  These I Ching metaphors tell us so much about the essential meaning of any Gate in Human Design.

Hexagram 54 in the I Ching tells the story of a younger woman in a marriage with an older man.  She’s the second wife and must find her way without much in her favour.

This Gate informs us about coming second.  Where are we not making ourselves primary in our own lives?  In what ways must we adapt when circustances seem not to be in our favour? It’s not just about marriage, but any new undertaking or phase.

The are two threads here, and they seem contradictory at first.

  • Who are we obeying if we find ourselves opposing our own will?
    • Are we choosing a subordinate position and giving up our responsibility to make our own life choices?  Why would we put ourselves in a position where we are secondary in our own lives?  What are we avoiding?  I often work with personal clients on giving themselves permission to want what they want.  There is a sort of pleading quality to much of our dialogue about our own desires … if only!  what if I could!  I wonder when!  Maybe not exactly what I want, but this lesser version may be acceptable!  (to whom?)
  • How can we develop our skills to surrender to our own higher spiritual aspirations?
    • Pluto in Gate 54 is nothing if not a call to deep transformation of our own ambition, to put our life towards a greater goal. What new skills do we need to navigate this landscape?  What greater version of ourselves are we becoming?

And there is one more theme that is significant, and very intriguing.

  • How can we develop our skills to deal with sudden and complete changes in our life circumstances?
    • This Gate activates sudden shifts that put us in a completely new and unknown circumstances ( as in the metaphor of marriage in the hexagram).  Life is moving faster and we need skills that support us to live in uncertainty and create from our hearts, especially when we are creating the road ahead rather than following it.

 There is a very significant transit in 2015 that shows how important it is for us to develop the skills to find our own unique pathway through the uncertainty and chaos.

From 16 July 2015 till 13 August 2015 Jupiter combines with the North Node to form a channel connecting the Sacral to the G Centre.  (more on the Centres here) This channel is about going with the flow, no matter how scary that might be, as we sprout an entirely new and personally unique way of being in the world.

Also from that date – 16 July – till 29 November 2015 we get Uranus combining with the South Node to form a channel connecting the Will Centre to the G Centre.   (more on the Centres here)  This channel is about learning to transcend our conditioned responses to circumstances, to return quickly to our hearts and hold ourselves in a place of love and balance.  It is the only channel emanating from the G Centre that is purely about the evolvement of greater individuality.

These are powerful indicators that 2015 holds opportunities for us to leap into a whole new sense of who we are as individuals, create relationships with tremendous transformative power, and to redefine what we are here to create.

 Doing Relationships Now

Hexagram 54 is one of four hexagrams in the I Ching that relate directly to relationships.  The others are Hexagram 32 (permanent ongoing relationships), Hexagram 31 (mutual affection), Hexagram 53 (the proper arrangement of marriage).

Gate 54 is superficially about a young girl being taken into an older man’s household as a second wife.  Her aspirations to have her own household are subsumed under the need to adapt to her secondary place and her role is primarily to support the first wife and maintain harmony in the household. Her own needs are not of any account in the arrangement.  Usually she would have ended up as a second wife because her family couldn’t afford anything better for her.

You may see that there are parallels in your own life, places where your own needs have been put aside for the sake of tradition, harmony or financial security.  These kinds of compromises are woven so deeply into our cultural landscape that we barely notice them, or take them completely for granted.  I so often hear people saying things like – well, it’s what you have to do to make a living.  Or, she made a good match for herself there, she’ll always be looked after in that marriage.  Etc.

Pluto in Gate 54 is putting us on notice that these kinds of compromises are no longer going to be comfortable.  It’s time for us to strike out on our own journey where our own desires come first.  This is the new stream of harmony and security.

There are also parallels with the desire to grow spiritually, where we must surrender to a greater force even when we feel the risk of giving up our own plans at the ego level.

It’s interesting to me that the genders here are the feminine giving up their will to the needs of the patriarchal marriage arrangements that are designed purely to meet the man’s needs both sexual and domestic.  One of the most difficult aspects of coming into Human Design for me was the inherent sexism in the I Ching.  It helped when I got myself a copy of Carol Anthony’s book and I coulde translate to something that I was more at home with.

For hexagram 54 Anthony says: Each time we face a problem where we feel we have little influence three choics appear: we allow things to work out, force advance or abandon the problem all together. This hexagram advises us on how to allow things to work out by maintaining our inner truth and independence while under the pressure of adversity.  When we force our way or abandon the situation we may attain some kind of victory but it keeps us trapped in conformity rather than achieving the change of heart and willing adherence we really seek. 

Our relationships are key to our evolvement.  We are nearly done with the old projections and compulsions.  These new relationship fractals hold the energy of true creation.  It’s not necessarily easy, but the key is to stay with the process even when we feel we have little control or influence, not to force or abandon the situation.  It is this process that releases the deeper mystical relationship into the light of day as if through alchemy, and brings forth the transformation inherent in the coming together.


Transforming Money

dna and moneyIn conventional Human Design, Gate 54 is part of the channel of Transformation which represents our ambition fueled by consistent effort and motivated by the desire to be recognised in order to better our position within the hierarchy of the ‘tribe’.

What happens when your value to others comes from being the most uniquely and amazingly you that you can be?  I feel like Dr Suess could write a book about that!  This is very different from the common belief in working for a living.  We no longer have to go outside ourselves to force life to provide for us.  In fact, in 2015 that old approach will begin to feel unbearable.

What does it mean to stay inside ourselves?  What does it mean not to breach our own natural shape and way of being out of fear that we won’t survive?  In the past few years of Pluto in Gate 38 we have learnt what being in survival mode does to our decision making – it takes on a blinkered short term nature.  As we have learnt to be more at ease, our decision making has opened into a more expansive and relaxed place, giving us more options that are inherently nurturing.  We will learn to come from that relaxed place more and more as Pluto moves through Gate 54.

There is a subtle interaction here between the individual and the tribe or community, where our efforts need to be of value to the greater good of those who we share our lives with.  There is a lot of old energy here, especially because money is such a strong symbol for our thriving, freedom, choice, and is so deeply woven into our dna survival stories. It’s a huge leap of faith to hold true to ourselves against prevailing beliefs, and allow life to bring to us all we desire, rather than going out (outside ourselves) and struggling to gather it to us manually.  Human Design brings such incredible tools to support us in this process.  And the Imagine Perfection Sessions are designed to teach you the specific skills you need to make this leap.

We are on the cusp of releasing beliefs about money that create lack.  We are coming to the end of the time when huge amounts of community prosperity could be syphoned off to a few leaving the remainder of people on this planet feeling hungry and suppressing a desperate greed and need.


Uniting Heaven and Earth

Antoine Josse - Tutt'Art@ (126)Gate 54 talks about relationships as a way of uniting heaven and earth.  Of course most of us have experienced the opposite, but over the next few years the way we do relationships is shifting dramatically.

The last vestiges of marriage and relationship based on ownership, financial considerations and making futures secure are going out the window.  All our relationships are moving into the territory of soul.  Sometimes it might not feel that way, but remember the process of alchemy.  We can stay with the moment and allow the lead to be transformed to gold because of the growing and true affection between us.  They key is we are not relating from fear or a sense of compulsion, but a knowing of what it is possible for us to create.

Are you aware of times when you push outside of yourself?  When you do too much, say yes when you mean no, compromise what you truly want or accept less than you feel you deserve?  Do you feel a gap between who you know you are meant to be and who you seem to be today?  These are the places where lack has driven us in the past.

Pluto in Gate 54 is closing that gap. Between now and 2019 you will become more and more aligned with your inner knowing of yourself.  Your external and internal sense of self will become the same thing.  Life will show up in ways that make sense to you.  Because, during this period we will be learning how to create an external reality that matches our internal reality.  And when it doesn’t match, we’ll learn what to do to shift things for ourselves.  Give yourself permission to become aware when you feel that gap – when life isn’t reflecting back all you know yourself to be.  And make a conscious choice right now bring the two together. You might just take a moment to close your eyes and feel them step in and blend together.  This is you stepping into your higher spiritual purpose, your greater capacity for coherence.  Life is opening to us and it is time for us to respond.


Enjoy this video created by Kara i’ila.



Important Dates

8 March 2015  Pluto in Gate 54 

18 April 2015  – Pluto in retrograde : 54 line 1

3o May 2015 – Pluto in Gate 38

26 September 2015 – Pluto goes direct : 38 line 4

3 January 2016 – Pluto in Gate 54

19 April 2016 – Pluto in retrograde : 54 line 3

29 August 2016 – Pluto in Gate 38 

27 September 2016 – Pluto goes direct : 38 line 6

25 October 2016 – Pluto in Gate 54

21 April 2017 – Pluto goes retrograde : 54 line 5

30 September 2017 Pluto goes direct : 54 line 2

7 March 2018 – Pluto in Gate 61

11 June 2018 – Pluto in Gate 54

6 January 2019 – Pluto in Gate 61

11 September 2019 – Pluto in Gate 54

25 October 2019 – Pluto in Gate 61.


Image: http://www.tuttartpitturasculturapoesiamusica.com/2012/04/antoine-josse-1970-french-surrealist.html