The Super-Structure of Reality is Shifting

I was dooby dooing along in my life when the March eclipses happened and suddenly I shifted from a couple of beautiful acres on the beach on the mid north coast of New South Wales to inner city Sydney, with planes whizzing overhead. I went from listening to the ocean as I fell asleep to listening to the throb of traffic! I’m writing this from my new breakfast haunt, a cafe in a converted industrial space 10 minutes walk from home.




Before you draw any conclusions, let me say, I’m really happy about the change. While my previous home was beautiful, and my students and clients loved that we often had kangaroos right by the window (I would turn my camera around so they could see them) I was slightly … well, I was just a tad bored. I haven’t lived in the city since I was in my 20’s and it’s much changed. And I don’t want to be here for a long time, but for a few years I consider this a wonderful adventure and I am looking forward to seeing what life will throw my way.

We’ve had some major shifts in the background energy – Jupiter went direct on 9th May (hurrah!), Uranus moved into Gate 42 on 16th April, Neptune into Gate 63 on 25th April, Chiron into Gate 36 on 7th April and Mars has been retrograde since 17th April. I am only just catching my breath!

As the super-structure of reality shifts, what is the effect on you?

I want to mention yesterdays Full Moon. It was a pretty spectacular line up, but one that could be misunderstood.



Firstly, Mars retrograde. Right now Mars is in the Gate of Great Vigour – Gate 34. Here’s what Hilary Barrett has to say about this gate:

You stand upright and robust, full of resilient energy. You are inspired and animated by strong purpose. 

Not so much? Many people are feeling really worn down and exhausted just now.  If Mars is the planet of vigour, and he’s in the gate of vigour, why would you not be jumping out of your skin? Because Mars is going backward, inward. Mars is asking you to check in – how are you using your energy? What are your guiding principles? Let’s see what else Hilary Barrett has to say:

The action of thunder rests on the underlying principles of heaven. The noble one, acting with Great Vigour, will not be improvising and adapting as she goes along. Great energy needs better guidance. If she acts in ways that observe the principles of creation and follows their patterns, she is in harmony with the nature of things. 

Which is all very well, but how does one go about getting into harmony with the nature of things? And especially when we are conflicted. What do we really want?

There is a peeling off happening, a letting go of fear and opportunity to connect with a much bigger picture of what is going on here on our beautiful planet. This new scene is far more expansive than the narrow view you have now, so what can you do to stay open to broader possibilities?

Can you commit to your own personal goals as they now stand, and also receive and nurture a potential for growth? Can you find a way to respond fluidly in each moment to stay in tune with that potential?

Two powerful planets of feminine wisdom are sitting in Gate 20 right now. Like a siren song (a good one, not an evil one) they are singing to us of deeper wisdom, greater knowing, longer time frames and more noble goals. They are drawing us towards relationship with all things through being clear and present in each moment.

Vesta in Gate 20 line 3 – what you are devoted to, your greater spiritual purpose, your path of service –

Now you can see your whole life coming into view and start to see what you are creating. It can feel strained, as if you are being pulled in 2 directions at once. You advance, get more involved and then feel the need to pull back.

Does that feel familiar? It’s like dipping yourself gradually into a cool stream, allowing the heat of your body to adjust to the soothing flow.

Metis in Gate 20 line 4 – the root of ancestral feminine wisdom, particularly connection with the emotions (Metis is Goddess of Oceanic Wisdom and mother of Pallas Athene) –

You feel called to a bright shining realm where there is a promise of destiny, something you can apply your gifts and insights to. You must enter into this realm modestly, like a guest, pause and really see this realm without imagining you own it, or that it owns you.


Just an aside, but perhaps a very significant one – Metis knew that Pallas (daughter and feminine totem of the patriarchy) would not have her support as she ventured into the city of men. So she gave her infant daughter a full suit of armour. As Pallas returns to the realm of her mother, and the deep wisdom of the feminine that is resident there, she is gradually able to let go of the armouring. Have you been feeling this? 

Both Nemesis and Sisyphus are making a channel with Pluto. I know from my work with clients that both these asteroids have the potential to strike fear in the hearts of brave and strong women!

I particularly love Hilary Barrett’s take on Gate 32 –

Whatever becomes part of the heart’s circling journey will last. We bind things – influences, ideas, people – into the very fabric of our lives by integrating them into the daily round of our way of living, so they are carried with us through the change.

This is an active creative process, keeping the channels always open for exchange between inspiration and reality. 

What lasts bears fruit, not because you ‘arrive’ at some final destination, but because through all the changes you persevere in your intent and inspiration, always finding some small way to make it real. 

This is such a feminine way to ‘manifest’, through the heart’s circling journey, weaving into each moment that which we want more of. Nemesis and Sisyphus can haunt us with the need to make huge efforts against some external authority figure, or to meet some rule in order to be ‘of service’ or ‘of value’. What if, instead, you turned again and again to what you value, what feels right to you in your own beautiful life?

There are many BIG players right now – Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Haumea, Eris, just for starters. They are all adding their energy to a fundamental shift in the structure and reality of life on earth. What do you sense about your part in this shift, even if you can’t put it into words?


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Mind Burst

Chiron in Gate 36 – Wounded Brightness

Mind BurstOn 8th April 2016, Chiron will shift into Gate 36 – Wounded Brightness. This is the barest overview of the immense forces at work right now in our lives.

This is one of those SHAZAM kind of relationships. Chiron is about what’s wounded within us. Gate 36 is about how we have hidden our best selves away because circumstances have given us no other choice.

It’s been about survival. We will be revisiting, but gently, dark times that have forced us to adapt and wait till things got better. We’ve hoped and prayed that we could bring out our wondrous light filled selves, and now that time is here.

This transit ties in with a powerful galactic event, happening in the physical aspects  – the Spleen, Sacral and Root Centres. Pluto is a gateway to our galactic consciousness, which is heralded by the new planets discovered since 2005 – Eris, Haumea and others. Between now and 2019 Pluto is activating two planets which orbit out beyond what we normally consider as our solar system – Eris and Haumea.

Eris is in Gate 42, showing us that we have been ignoring our blessings. She represents sudden and unexpected events that we find challenging to deal with, because they trigger something previously neglected within us. Negotiating the challenging event brings us in touch with aspects of ourselves that were previously invisible or neglected. As we explore the new, we experience change from within.

Haumea is in Gate 32, and activates our capacity to maintain soul awareness throughout many lifetimes, to give birth over and over again to our sacred selves.

These two planets will be astrologically opposite each other for many years to come and Pluto is sitting in the middle of them. The most significant activation will commence in July 2016, when Uranus moves to Gate 42, joining Eris.

But we don’t have to wait for July, this combination of planets is triggering cellular memories, and when Chiron moves into Gate 36 we will add our suppressed emotions to the mix, which will make those cellular memories pop!

Adding to this picture we have Jupiter and Neptune in the mental realms during 2016 – Jupiter in 64 and 47 all year, Neptune shifting into 63 on 25th April 2016.

Together this gives us emotional (Chiron), physical (Pluto, Eris and Haumea) and mental (Jupiter and Neptune). This is about becoming conscious of the past and the memories we have been holding in storage in our bodies and our emotions. Our frontal cortex, home of our consciousness, will be able to connect with what previously lived in our unconscious. This is nothing less than a new way to experience our humanity.

I will soon be offering programs that teach cellular methods of accessing and healing embodied trauma within the Human Design context (where we refer to it as ‘conditioning’). For now though, remember this one key tip from Chiron –

When you feel uncomfortable or triggered in any way, there is no need to proceed further. Don’t feel you need to speak to anyone or be swept along in unfavourable circumstances. Hold to your own inmost consciousness of what you are experiencing, do not permit anything to shake your inner knowledge of your own reactions and responses. Rest, attend to your wounds, and then consider how to proceed.

Chiron will be in and out of Gate 36 between 7th April 2016 and November 2018.


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At The Heart of the Labyrinth – New Moon February 2016

New Moon – 8th February 14:38 UT, 9:38 Eastern US



It’s time to get real. We have a profoundly transformational year ahead of us. You are restlessly eager to be underway and initiate change.

But we can’t just up sticks and click our heels together and get to where we want to be. There is a process. It involves learning new skills. And then applying those skills.

The number one skill set coming on the wings of February’s New Moon is to let go of how things should be. Ideas, rules, conditions. Even a belief that you know where you are now and where you are going. This week may feel confusing. Disorienting. But only because you may be living still bound by the fetters of your past. How things should be, rather than a clear eyed look at how they are.  Be prepared to have the facts put squarely before you. These are areas of your life that you need to address now, you’re ready grasshopper! In fact, where in the past you have avoided them, now you crave having them resolved. It’s because you have arrived …..

At the Heart of the Labyrinth

mymaze_2010_tudor_labyrinthThere is another deeper thread woven through this New Moon.

On a personal day to day level it looks like this. When I have my own (mortal) ideas about what outcomes I am invested it, want to achieve, deserve, etc, I step out of the flow of universal energy (goddess/god). I can choose to be mortal (out of the flow) or a goddess/god (aligned with the flow).

For you personally, watch to discover what it might feel like when you step out of conversation with the divine to pursue your own mortal goals. Be aware of the possibility of greater relationship (clue – it feels at first like vulnerability)

This is a New Moon full of complexities, and at their very heart is the labyrinth. Asteroids Europa, Ariadne and Minos are all part of one big family with a monstrous secret – they have given birth to a monster and have hidden it at the centre of the labyrinth, hoping no one will ever discover their shame.

New Moon in the Gate of Revolution

The Sun and Moon are in the Gate of Revolution. We also find Damocles (you had the power all along my dear!) and Kassandra (what’s important is that you believe in yourself and what you know to be true).

We are not bringing change for it’s own sake, but restoring harmony. We can attune to our own light of awareness, clear and unambiguous, at the centre of everything.

The New Moon is in line 1, so we are dealing with a foundational energy, a desire to put down roots and establish a new order. But the Gate of Revolution, Gate 49, is only the first tentative step. We are setting out, not arriving. How do we put down roots to hold us intact for a long stay here?


This is such a complex New Moon, full of rich symbolism and massively evolving archetypes. You can read the full post on MyDivine.Design.


why you should be flinging out your old ideas

On a day that Saturn lines up exactly with The Great Attractor, the Australian media is awash with puzzled stories about the Trump phenomenon. It was no surprise to find he has his Design Uranus exactly opposite this super massive black hole. And that his Design Sun completes the channel.

Why was I not surprised?

Because The Great Attractor flings old ideas out of the box and asks them how they like their new freedom. It can bring about eccentricity and extremism, specifically around the free spirited “must maintain my individuality” theme.  When The Great Attractor turns up, we are inexorably drawn into it’s influence, but we can’t be sure if the object of our extreme curiousity is brilliant … or just quite mad. It kind of sums up the Trump show, as he breaks all the rules and still maintains immense popularity. In fact, as I see it from over this side of the world, it’s his rule breaking that is fuelling his popularity.




Uranus has a special link to The Great Attractor anyway, and when Trump brings that 35.3 Uranus into the picture he is pumping a powerful galactic energy. Have a look at Gate 35 line 3:

To experience a consensus in your support – a wholehearted affirmation of what you understand and aspire to – is a powerful gift.

Saturn is transiting directly opposite Trump’s Uranus today. These planets represent the quintessential Establishment v’s the Renegade struggle. Old man Saturn, filled with convention and history. Upstart Uranus, quick and unconventional, filled with fire for change. Uranus can get stuck in rebellion, standing against everything, rather than for anything. Saturn can be deaf and dumb to the messages that change is upon him and he should surrender to his dissolution with grace.

We can see the story played out in Trump’s Design Sun in 36.3:

You set out on an active determined hunt for what oppresses the light. And you have success! But grasping the source of the problem and the key to it’s solution is not the same as having a completed solution. If you rush to make the light fully manifest, you risk injury. You have an insight of enduring value and for this to be realised will take time and constancy.

What’s cool about this is that our Human Design shows our DNA coding. And this means Mr Trump is VERY galactic.

There is a message here for us all.

The old version of Saturn and Uranus is the young rebel fighting for freedom against a calcified establishment. Our new more evolved version of these two planets comes from the two working in synergy rather than slugging it out for survival. Saturn is the planet of concrete reality. Not a cold and hard externally imposed reality, but simply you taking charge of what you are creating for yourself. Uranus wants the freedom to channel new galactic ideas without having to be always adapting them to rules that no longer make sense. The synergy of the two is a flow of creation, where change is a constant. This still feels frightening because deep down in our dna codes there is still a few bits that say we need the old establishment for our survival.

Uranus wants us to fling out all the old ideas, baby and bathwater style. Saturn says … hmm maybe we could use a few of those in the future!




Here’s where Trump pulls the past and the future together (a particular feature of The Great Attractor). He appeals to values from the past, and projects them into the future. Make America Great Again! Make the past the future! We must consider our past, learn from it, but we can’t recreate it. What is it we DO want?

Today, as Mercury in Gate 54 line 3 acts as a bridge to remind us of the lessons of  Pluto square Uranus, its a good idea to pull back and get a bit of perspective.

The Sun is in 19 today, very sensitive. The Earth is in the Gate of Retreat. If there is one message I would pass onto you today it is this.

Even when you need to retreat, be still, take things easy, sleep, walk on the beach, not talk to anyone … even when some people might see you doing nothing, you are in fact moving towards your purpose. If you can recognise that, you will not get stuck. If you continue to align with your best desires rather than allow the past to define you, you will stay in contact with your active creative self, no matter how still you may look from the outside. There is no need to react to the illusion of loss. Everything that is yours, everything you choose, is available and you do not need to rebel or fight. That is a very old version of the Uranus/Saturn story and is based on lack, and a fixed amount of stuff we all have to fight over.

You simply need to bring your awareness continually to what you desire and how good it feels. Yes, there are some ideas you need to fling out. Yes you can do with stepping outside the box and pondering the view. But don’t get caught in reflexive rebellion against the past. You are learning to create consciously, rather than unconsciously by default.

There is an article on Galactic Centres here. 


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not safe but worth celebrating

Lately people have been feeling edgy. It’s as if something is stirring but they can’t quite put their finger on what it might be. There’s a wave of good and bad feelings washing through us. We are on the cusp of something wonderful and yet all our ancient antenna are picking up danger. 2016 has many transitions for us to navigate. Our first transition comes this week.

On 22nd January Mercury retrograde meets Pluto in Gate 54 line 1. Mercury brings your ideas to consciousness. Hidden knowledge, insights and ideas surface. Pluto represents your soul’s evolutionary journey. So when Mercury (consciousness) passes over Pluto (soul evolution) expect to feel a pull to something greater. The challenge here is that our ego selves are screaming NOT SAFE NOT SAFE while our souls are singing and dancing in celebration.


Mercury and Pluto in Gate 54


Gate 54 is called in the I Ching the Marrying Maiden. In the ancient chinese version of this gate, the second wife must be highly attuned to the dynamics of the family. She is not there to give birth to the heir (ambition). Her role is to keep the peace. Richard Rudd speaks of aspiration to rise to higher spiritual levels in his Gene Keys book. The Human Design book says Only when we have mastered our instincts to thrive on the mundane plane is the transformation of spiritual nature possible. 

This channel is all about bringing our spiritual nature down down down into our mundane lives. This is not personal ambition, but a devotion to the group. And this is not about giving ourselves up to the group, and this is the most important bit, it’s about you being you, but in a completely different way. That’s what makes it scary. You are you, but you’re not. You’re you but your are different. Your ego (which is all about keeping your personality self safe and secure) is not happy. It feels like we have our wires crossed and yet everything makes some weird kind of sense.

lh2_pbThis transit has the capacity to send us on an inner journey to find where we are holding onto our own small self ideas of what our lives are about.  Or ideas that are too fantastical, filled with shiny baubles. Somewhere in the middle is our soul mission, quietly waiting for our attention. Another major theme in 2016 is sustainability. Where is your personal sustainability? If you do bring your spirit or soul right down deep into your physical body and day to day life, how can you flourish?

All of this is coming to the surface as Mercury retrogrades over Pluto tomorrow.

It’s very likely you haven’t been able to get your dream/mission/purpose in life happening because it seemed impossible, too easy, too hard, blocked from view, beyond your capabilities, unacceptable ……  I could go on …  The Full Moon in Gate 41 (on 24th January) is an initiation, the beginning of a new way of translating life. Watch a gradual shift move through your life over the course of this week.

Find the freedom to make some small movement and create change, no matter how small. This is the channel of gradual development, the home of the baby step. Take some this week.


New Moon – 10 January 2016

It can feel right now as if we have landed in a strange new place. There’s a sense of unfamiliarity.  Our efforts to get control may feel thwarted.  You might feel as if you should be doing something. It might even feel as if something bad will happen if you don’t take action … but what action will be most effective?


This might sound weird but …

My private clients are always turning up on their first session and sharing this one terrible secret:

this might sound weird but

and then they tell me something about their mystical experiences, multidimensional experiences, intuitive capacities. All the wonderful powerful feminine magic that we have suppressed forever. It wants to come out to play.

Be aware of trying to push down these ancient spiritual talents. We are birthing them into a new world, creating it as we go.

This week’s New Moon is happening right on top of Pluto in his new position in the Gate of the Marrying Maiden.


New Moon 10 January at 1:30am UT



New Moon 10 January 2016 Human Design Transit Chart

Click the chart for more



This week’s New Moon is sitting right on Pluto. You can read more about Pluto in Gate 54 here.

Let’s just be clear about this – that means the Sun, Moon and Pluto are all in the one gate. The Gate is called The Marrying Maiden. It’s the story of a young woman finding herself in a situation that requires her to grow into her new role. She has little power and must be attuned to the commands and direction of the ‘first wife’. For me, that means recognising we are untried in this new situation. We have no familiarity, no experience to draw on. We don’t know the territory and shouldn’t pretend that we can draw on our knowledge from ‘before’ to navigate now. We are learners, looking around and building our understanding. The ‘first wife’ who is guiding us is our subtle knowing. Describe it how you will. It could be described as feminine intuition. In conventional HD terms it could be inner authority.  However you want to categorise or describe it, the key feature is that it is an INNER KNOWING rather than taking cues from the external world.



Here’s the line 5 instruction:

You have reached a place where you can grow into your potential and eventually be of greater service.

And Pluto in line 1 adds:

You start out at a disadvantage, labouring under a handicap. But the important thing is that you do start out. There may be some things you can’t fix or heal, and some things that will never come easily, but when you are aware of your limitations and understand how hard this will be, then it is good to take charge and set to work. As you do what you can, those disadvantages and handicaps lose their power to trap you in “I can’t”. You find the freedom to move and create change. (Hilary Barrett)


There are two very important dwarf planets anchoring this New Moon. That shouldn’t be surprising, given how influential Pluto is right now, operating in his role as galactic doorway. Eris in Gate 42 has a powerful effect on how we can work together to create sustainable growth. Our mantra must become relationships not things.

Hawaiian Goddess Haumea is in Gate 32, making a channel with the Sun, Moon and Pluto. The theme with many of the dwarf planets is sustainability. Haumea brings an unshakable confidence in our own abilities, particularly as women acting autonomously in the world. This means – we no longer need approval or permission!

You can read the full version of this post on MyDivine.Design.


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What’s The Story of Your Greater Reality?

Jupiter is lining up a little christmas present for you. Yesterday he moved into Gate 6 – the place where all emotional streams meet … and where those streams potentially find room for argument. The good news? Jupiter brings upgrades, if you’re willing to take a quantum jump into a new story of your life.

Right now (and for all of 2016) it’s all about relationships. Not just love relationships. Quantum reality is based on relationships of all kinds. Here’s a way to get started: head out for a walk sometime today and notice every single person, natural object and experience that influences you. You are not a discrete person, you are a bundle of relationships. You are constantly influencing and being influence by everything in your ‘reality’.

This is a really big deal. Really big. Have I stressed it enough? It’s big. Because … take a moment to consider what this means ….  quantum reality is not about things but all about relationships. In our new world there is no matter, there are no things. Just relationships. So when Jupiter, planet of all good experiences, turns up and says let’s pay some attention to our relationships, we should listen very carefully.

Jupiter is helping us figure out how to create great relationships and an even greater reality, both personally and collectively.

After 2 months in the mental realms, Jupiter is putting his attention on our emotions. This gate is the quintessential energy for this quote attributed to Einstein:



Or, to quote Hilary Barrett in her I Ching book:

No matter how deep or true you find your convictions, if you freeze into a combatve defiant posture, holding onto your sense of the wrongness of the situation, you will not resolve the conflict but only preserve it in perpetuity.

You need a higher perspective that allows you to see beyong the argument to a larger truth. You may find that shift in perspective within yourself or perhaps you need to consult with someone wiser. Meanwhile, it’s fruitless to commit yourself to your position out of sheer defiance.

When our emotions pull us away from the harmonious stream of life, we experience inner turmoil, we are in dispute with natural laws, with how things really are in our own world.

FIFA’s Sepp Blatter is a great cautionary tale here.  If Jupiter has a down side it is that he can blame others rather than taking responsibility for shifting his own story about himself. Despite being found guilty of dereliction of duty and banned from football, the head of soccer’s governing body FIFA, says the decision was pure masquerade and an attempt by his enemies to tarnish his name. It’s not me, it’s you … doesn’t cut it with an evolved Jupiter.

There’s an interesting side note here, but I’ll leave it till we get to the bit on Nemesis ….  oh did I mention that Nemesis has turned up AGAIN!


Your Karmic Crusade

Jupiter is the planet of turning lemons into lemonade, but he can also be full of his own opinions. Think crusade. Imagine righteous indignation. So any kind of personal crusade you’ve been on in this lifetime, expect it to come crashing into view. You will know it’s arrived when you feel a mixture of emotions and have to sort through them. Ask yourself, what beliefs or stories can I easily let go of here. I say easily, because Jupiter is a very supportive energy.

Jupiter is a place of personal meaning, where we create our own mythology. So here’s a great chance to sift amongst your stories about your life and find which ones bring the best feelings into your body. Go with those!

I’m talking about this as a kind of sorting or sifting process, and it is. That’s because Gate 6 – the Gate of Conflict – is the place where all your emotional streams come together.


Don’t Cross The Streams!!


You’re going to be crossing the streams because that’s what Gate 6 is all about! It can feel chaotic (that’s the programming partner Gate 36 kicking in). We don’t like to cross the streams because there’s stuff there we don’t want to know about, emotions that we would prefer to keep down deep where they won’t cause trouble. Expect them to come waltzing out into the light in January, but also expect to be met with fellow travellers who make you think … hey why was I even worried about that!?!

Conflicting emotional states is the bread and butter of this gate! It’s where you do want to go home for the holidays but there’s this great party … or an invitation to stay in the beautiful house with friends …  or .. and …

I had a taste of it this morning when I was with my daughter and I wanted to stay longer, but I wanted to come home, and I wanted to go to Sydney with my partner, and I wanted to go visit my mum …  and …. they all felt good!


Nemesis and the return of the Golden Age 

Let’s bring Nemesis into the picture, because she is STILL hanging around having fun with our karma. Nemesis is an asteroid which is simply about this: she brings up THE THING that’s been haunting us all our lives, creating trouble for us. Nemesis is in Gate 50, in the same circuitry as Jupiter. Astraea is there too (in 59). She is the Goddess of the Golden Age. Astraea returns to show us the way to being more kind, considerate, personally engaged.

Let’s hark back to soccer for a moment. I so love that Loretta Lynch, the first female African Amercian to serve as US Attorney General, with legendary prowess at bringing down mobsters, has been described as Blatter’s NEMESIS. Yes Nemesis is actually a woman, and one who says … you know what? you got greedy, you got too carried away with  yourself, and now I’m here to make amends. 


US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch


Together, Jupiter, Astraea and Nemesis create an interesting story. There’s an emotional stream that needs to get it’s head out of the clouds and get real, to come back in touch with your actual lived experience. This isn’t a harsh or punishing kind of energy. It’s something that you couldn’t figure out, probably for lifetimes, and now the answer is becoming clear. Where you’ve been holding onto a kind of collective concept and hoping to get the answer there, you are now being re-routed to your own personal knowing about the solution.

Procreating and Maintaining 

This is what conventional Human Design calls the Defence Circuit, and it’s said to be about the procreation and care for children (and all creatures great and small, including perhaps soccer fans). Jupiter might have some strongly held ideas about how that should happen, but right now he’s probably wrong. He’s getting an emotional upgrade to his software so that he can FEEL more of our own personal truth and let go of old worn out concepts about how to do things.

This gate is argumentative. It tends to project part of any internal conflict out onto others  – you take this part of my internal dialogue and I’ll take this part and then you and I can have an argument and let’s both pretend it’s a completely external event.  What if you were just having an argument with yourself?

Imagine this circuit of procreating and sustaining is all about you. What does it mean to create? What does it mean to maintain, sustain? What does it mean to care for and nourish?




What’s The Story of Your Greater Reality? 

Your Jupiterian mission till the end of January, if you choose to accept it, is to walk away from your mind’s flurry of words and debate. You can’t win anyway and there’s no great emergency. Instead take time out to find your FEELINGS about any issue that’s troubling you. Your personal emotional FEELINGS about it. They will lead you to a greater and simpler outcome.

Now, it’s well worth mentioning that this channel, where we find Jupiter just now, is very much about sexual intimate relationship. This has the potential to bring great good fortune to our relationships. It could also bring up conflicting emotions about your relationships, particularly the sexual aspects of your relationship.  Jupiter will expand our emotional waves so this is a good time to wait things out and observe your FEELINGS (are you seeing a theme here?).

PS. Just a heads up. Pluto is shifting gates on 4th January. You can read about Pluto in Gate 54 here.

PPS. Jupiter heads back into Gate 47 on 27 January 2016. He doesn’t make it back to Gate 6 again until 4 August. We are recovering a part of ourselves that couldn’t make sense of the world and is now figuring it all out in marvellous and majestic ways!

And here is a little magic to enlighten your day



Something’s Coming!

12027811_10153466349550865_5125932423373187627_nSo many people just feel so DONE! As if we can’t take another step, because we’ve done this over and over and it seems as if we’re never going to get the kind of outcomes we’ve been working towards … like FOR-EVER!

Even those people who can tap into their sense of excitement .. something’s coming, Something’s Coming, SOMETHING’S COMING!!  Even you might be feeling a little bit jaded right now.

Let’s face it, we’re at the end of a 26,000 year galactic cycle and things are shifting quickly, but within the context of a single human lifetime that’s still VERY slow!

Here’s something that might cheer you up, even in a week when Mars meets the Gate of Conflict and Mercury retrograde meets the Sun in the Gate of Everything That’s Wrong With Everything!




Jupiter is about to shift into a gate that is neither past nor future. It’s a voidal space between what’s been before and what might become. It’s an opportunity to tap into your best self and create a new personal story. Jupiter is the mythologer. Your Jupiter activation is the place where you can create a story of who you can be when you are at your most noble, most pure, most illustrious. Jupiter has the very best of magnificent intentions.

In Gate 64, where he moves to on 3rd October, he will support us to re-write our history, to make of our past what we need to so that it becomes a sound foundation for our future. All those old stories of why things happened, of how our faults created negative outcomes (too fast, too slow, too loud, too soft, too introvert, too extrovert, too too too, not enough, not enough).

What if it was a disconnect between your best intentions and life just not quite caught up with what you wanted to create? What if all those issues in your past were simply you letting the universe know that you’re ready?

Jupiter expands. The last time he was in this gate (in October 2003) astronomers discovered the dwarf planet Eris, Pluto got demoted and we discovered that our solar system (ie, our consciousness) was not bounded by a planet taking 284 years to orbit our Sun. It expanded out much much further, with Sedna having an orbit of 13, 000 years. Apple launched iTunes, and the Human Genome Project completed it’s map of our DNA.

This is a transitional transit event.

A few days after Jupiter shifts, Pallas Athene moves into Gate 11, and begins her approach to the Galactic Centre. The Galactic Centre is a supermassive black hole, the major creative matrix for human consciousness. When a planet aligns with the Galactice Centre we see major cultural and personal shifts. Asteroid Pallas represents the evolution of the feminine, to reclaim it’s wisdom (our wisdom – emotional and body-felt) from it’s logical prison and to demand to be part of the body politic.

On 20th October Vesta does her second of three passes over the Aries Point, activating the sovereignty of the feminine energy over body, mind and life, and particularly spiritual beliefs and practice. The Aries Point (0 degrees Aries) is in Gate 25 in the Human Design chart. When a planet passes over the Aries Point we see the movement of individual qualities being embodied in our outer world. The world HAS to match us and we’re prepared to engage with it to make sure it does. Vesta represents our heart flame, the warmth of our passion and devotion.  At the evolutionary level, she is the place where we reclaim the divinity of feminine spirituality – everything is divine and we are always living in the sacred!

And there’s more.


On 14th October, Mars joins Jupiter in Gate 64.

On 22nd October, Venus joins Mars and Jupiter in Gate 64.

On 23rd October, Mars shifts to Gate 47, creating a channel with Venus and Jupiter in Gate 64.

On 28th October, Venus joins Mars in Gate 47.

On 3rd October, Jupiter shifts to Gate 47.

This dance of Venus and Mars makes perfect sense, as we experiment with and rework the relationship between dualities and in particular between the masculine and feminine on this planet. At a personal level this means we are searching for a balance between when to be active and when to be receptive. At a relationship level we are searching for a more peaceful and truly creative way to meet the other, and for each pole or gender to own their own power and support the other. At a cultural level we are looking for equality to be real, not just given lip service. And at the spiritual level we are recovering from the punishing God The Father and finding a more subline divine parentage, including calling up and resting in the Divine Goddess.

While all this is going on, Mercury is retrograding and then going direct over Juno, the asteroid of Divine Union.

Expect to have periods of exhaustion, confusion, feelings of being trapped and oppressed. It’s all part of the transition. For those of you who have activations in this channel, you will be accustomed to the energies and less likely to be negatively affected in this way, but you are likely to experience additional mental pressure. Particularly for the generation who have Uranus and Pluto in this channel – if you can cast your mind back to October 2003 you can get a sense of what you are ending and of what you can begin to create.

11831802_10153360093090865_4240448810879915746_nTiming is everything during this state of confusion and flux, We are learning to live in this space-time reality, in our bodies. And supporting us to do this is the Child asteroid which is in Gate 5 – gate of timing – during October. Your inner child was rushed and harried along at a pace that didn’t allow for the full bloom of your divine self, but October brings a crash of internal meets external time.

The most important thing in October is not to feel you have to force anything.

The transition energy of these activations is upon us, the inspiration and knowing is here, but we are simply holding it in trust so that it can manifest at the perfect time. This is an activation at the Head/Ajna level. Remind yourself that we are at the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle. You don’t have to get it all done at once. Allow imperfection. Let things be as they are, don’t be trying to tidy them up or make them look a particular way, even in your own mind. Focus on your relationships with others rather than outcomes.

If you feel confused, and you probably will, don’t allow the pressure to cause you to try to create order or force you to ‘be logical’. We are rebalancing the most precious of our neural networks so that our abstract, emotional selves can take up as much brain space as our logical selves. Watch it spread out into the world!



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Images: Martina Peluso and tenderrainy


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse –

Amidst all that is happening right now it hardly seems possible to add in the extra energy of a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! And yet, here it is upon us!


Transits for September 2015

Transits for September 2015


There are some major themes playing out around family, as we’d expect with Jupiter and Neptune in the Gate of Community, Family and Friends. But the September elipse season has taken us beyond our usual concept of family. We have layer upon layer upon layer of relationship, past present and future, in this Full Moon.


The Sun is conjunct Juno, the Asteroid representing Divine Union.

venus-and-mars-geraldine-arataJuno represents our personal growth path towards divine union. It also has a cosmic scope.

Juno is the meeting point between feminine and masculine. On an evolutionary time frame, she shows our journey from matriarchy to patriarchy to … whatever we might call what we’re entering into now – the joining together of the two energies.

While there has been an upsurge of feminine consciousness on the planet in the past few decades, this purely represents a rebalancing. It’s not a return to anything from the past, but the creation of something entirely new.

This is affecting us personally and culturally. I work with so many women who are inundated with fear about trusting their intuition just now. Of course, it has been a danger zone in so many ways for millenium now, to even admit that our intuition is of value in navigating life. And it is also a scary thing to let go of all the pushing and activity that comes with the unbalanced masculine. That’s our personal evolutionary edge right now.

On the cultural level I’m watching the pushback we are getting from conservative white males who want to return to the good old days when they had a firm hand on their illusion of control. Grassroots movements in business, government and social change are pushing them way past what they understand and there’s no going back.

Who’s winning the gender war? We all are, because an outbreak of peace is upon us.


Divine Union or F#%$ Off?

While Juno is spreading her consort kind of love around, she’s joined by two energies that don’t sit so well with relationship. Jupiter is in the Gate of aloneness (40). So we may want to be with our honey, but we also … well it’s just so nice to be alone! We are releasing the sticky co-dependent patterns of relationship just now and it can be confusing!

And then right opposite the Sun and Juno is Vesta in Gate 17. Vesta is not so much into relationships. She’s busy doing her own thing and loving it.

It’s not that we have to choose between the polarity of aloneness or togetherness. Rather, with Neptune also playing into this story, we are healing and shifting our capacity to remain intact whilst also garnering all the love and support we desire.


One Planet, Many People Looking For A Home 

It’s not just gender wars that are resolving. We are healing cultural wars as well. National boundaries are falling under the weight of our shared humanity.

Jupiter opposing Neptune is activating a global refugee crisis, bringing up the reality of one planet, one people. The last time Jupiter opposed Neptune, we created the UN Convention on Refugees. Interestingly, at the time, the Nodes were in the Family and Community channel where Jupiter and Neptune find themselves now.

The current situation is not sustainable. If this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse has a central core, it’s about sustainability in all its guises. And that sustainability demands that we face the trauma in our shared DNA codes and find a new way to relate to each other. This is a deep and powerful shift.

The call in Europe is that the refugee intake, which was previously considered generous, is now woefully inadequate for dealing with literally millions of people pouring out of Syria. But just how do we take in and incorporate this flood of humanity? How do we find homes for everyone when there are so many of us?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of looking within to see the parallel of global events. Right here and right now, what I see is that we have raised our consciousness of our own traumas and so there are hidden aspects of ourselves rising into the light. Our personal response to the so-called refugee crisis could be to look inside us for what is fleeing oppression (as it occured in the past and has been encoded in our dna, which is shifting and healing), and where can we find a home for those aspects in our current lives.

We all need to belong, and yet as the veils have been lifting many of us have begun to feel so strongly our underlying sense of not belonging, not fitting in, not being at home in our bodies, on this planet. Ophelia in the Gate of the Traveller shows our sense of invisibility as we wander through our lives wondering where are our people and how can we find a home.


It’s All Source

The key here is to stop, be in each moment and live in appreciation for what we do have rather than succumb to that most active principle of continuing to try to work out what more we should DO, what we can achieve, how we can get control! What do you risk if you allow yourself to drop through the fear that keeps you being here, embodied, just you as you are right now.

There is fear and greed here. A hunger that can’t be filled with food or belongings. What we hunger for is acceptance, support, belonging, love. Partly this is triggered by Pluto completing his journey in Gate 38, the gate of struggling on alone. Our fears, our trauma, our old DNA coding doesn’t allow us to see what’s right in front of us. Billions of us all wandering around feeling alone!

Much of this trauma goes back to masculine v’s feminine or western culture v’s indigenous, the more ‘sophisticated’ version of humanity wanting to be better than the more organic. But these kinds of duality, this kind of sophistication, denies a universal truth – that we all come from the one source.

Dwarf planet Makemake and Asteroid Nemesis are conjunct the North Node in Gate 46. Makemake is all about sustainability and Nemesis says we can’t keep ignoring that everything we have on this planet comes from the gods/goddesses. There is no such thing as luck, just devotion to source. And with Vesta, planet of devotion, conjunct the Earth, I see the concept of appreciation for what we have in our lives as paramount just now.  We can have a luxury holiday, or sip lattes by the ocean, but this is simply another gift from source. Can you feel how relaxing that is?  How loved we are? How taken care of and supported and valued we are?

One of the main areas of appreciation must be for the important people in our lives, the people we purport to love. Do they get in the way of our habitual routine for trying to manage our lives? Do we hold them at bay as we soothe ourselves in our aloneness? Or are they the key to breaking through into a whole new and more relaxed way of living?




We can try to ignore the inconvenience of others, but the reality is, we are social critters and need our loved ones. We can try to hold back the past pain of rejection, isolation, critisism, being ignored or considered strange, unloveable, unlikeable … I could go on…. and on …  Or we can be here now and trust in our most beloved co-creators, whether they have arrived in our physical reality or are still finding their merry way to our door.

Neptune is in the Gate of Personal Boundaries within ‘families’. The refugees are literally flooding the boundaries of the European family right now, busting them open, demanding we look, we see what is happening, we take responsibility not just for what is inside our own boundaries but what is going on for everyone else as well. How can we sustain such a shock to our system? To our orderly ways of living? This is a major global healing of trauma held in the codes of our DNA.

If our people, our tribe, do turn up en masse, can we deal?

Just as we try to carry on regardless of what horrors others around the world may be experiencing, there is also story of you that has been suppressed. Your feelings, your perceptions, your experiences, your way of understanding the world. It’s coming loose from it’s hiding place and making it’s way out into your day to day life, wandering like a refugee looking for a new home. It won’t be comfortable. This is not a one-lifetime thing. This story has probably been hidden by many generations down your line of ancestory.

We’ve had a great example of this in Australia, where one of our much-loved comedians, Magda Subanski, has come out and written about her life and discovering that her father was an assassin in WW2.  Another sign of this shift is the recent release of reseach confirming what you and I already knew, that intergenerational trauma is coded into DNA. One of the major ways Human Design supports us is to give us tools that heal those intergenerational traumas, to, in effect, de-code them from our DNA.

What is seeking to shake loose in you right now? Mars in the Gate of Dispersing says:

Amidst the swirling uncertainties, what are you still sure of? Perhaps an essential truth comes into view or you can simply see more clearly what will work. Grasp this and there will no longer be any need to regret what was lost. It turns out that what you have is all you need for now.


Full Moon The Full Moon is in Gate 17, the Sun in Gate 18. These two gates represent correcting family patterns so as to release ourselves more into the universal flow of life – cosmic flow, cosmic family!

The image of Gate 17, as described by Hilary Barrett is this:

In spring the dragon flies over the fields and brings rain, but over winter he sleeps at the bottom of the lake. As the dragon and the noble one know, energy is stored up below the level of conscious activity, and so to connect with it you need to go inside and sleep. Instead of obsessively pursuing your desires, stop and rest in accordance with the season.

In line 1, the Full Moon speaks to us of letting go of our enculturated roles, our masks and false faces, the self concepts we grasp hold of to keep us safe. If you were no-one but who you were in this moment, who would you be?

If you didn’t have to work really hard to be loved, to be accepted, to be successful, who would you be? How would you live your life?

To begin joining in the flow, step outside your official role so you have more allegiance to your fellow humans and to the truth, and less to formalities and positions. It’s good to leave your familiar corner and go all the way out the gates, where you can participate in the whole group and be guided by it’s larger story.

We are  being called to let go of who we think we are. Our ego constructs are cracking and creaking. We can take a rest from holding so tightly to an identity that thrives on isolation and struggle to stay safe. We must open up to others, those we love and those we have yet to learn to love. We are emerging into global family and to do so we are facing our own internal traumas and releasing our fears of being washed away by the floods.

I want to finish up by recommending Barbara Frederickson’s wonderful book Love 2.0.




Off The Edge And Into The Greater Flow

You may notice I’ve repeated myself a few times in this post. It’s because after 2 hours of research and writing I lost almost the entire post and had to rewrite it. Rather than go back and edit it again, I’m leaving it in it’s imperfect form, enjoy!

11056544_10153363289880865_3959892291538068861_nEveryone is looking forward now to the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on 28th September, but between now and then we have some rather large transit events happening. And when I say rather large, I mean freakin’ huge.

The main trigger for this event is Mars. He moves into the Gate of the Abyss on 16th September at 8am UT (ie, just about the time I’m posting this).

Mars will be making a channel with the North Node. You can read more about the Nodes here. And find out about this particular Nodal activation and how it’s activating a new soul heart frequency here.

The main thing you need to know about the North Node is that it represents a place of global discomfort, a place we can grow into but which perhaps we’d rather not visit at all, but go on a picnic or take a nap instead. Because the North Node is challenging us out of our comfort zone and into a new version of self.

When Mars turns up we know the qualities of courage and vitality and strength are ours for the taking. So Mars can act like a jet propulsion unit, propelling us towards our destiny.

21st September 2015

Let’s look at each gate and then the channel.

Mars is in Gate 29, the Gate of the Abyss. This is a gate that can be quite scary. The fear is about what might happen if you launch yourself into the universal flow without control over outcomes. You are developing the capacity to trust to your own personal truth in the present moment. The more present you are, the more available you are to a greater reality with more options.

In the deep waters of the abyss the things that previously felt solid fall away. There is no external security and no way to orient yourself. You must go into your heart to navigate your way into a great universal creative flow.

North Node in Gate 46, the Gate of Pushing Upward. The one thing you need to know about the North Node is that it’s a place we would rather avoid. Perhaps a nice nap or a swim might be better than leaving our comfort zone and going into the new places our North Node has mapped out for us.

The transiting North Node shows a global evolutionary point, an issue that everyone on the planet is being challenged to address within themselves. You can read more about the North Node here, and about the particular Nodal transits we have right now.

Align your actions with natural order, set out towards light, warmth and inspired activity. This is a gate that speaks of step by step action that comes from the coherent and aligned heart. It’s motif is the seed, deep underground, instinctively growing it’s way to the sunlight.


tried to bury us


When we put the two gates together we have a channel that connects the Sacral (vitality/creativity) to the G Centre (soul identity and direction). Mars gives us the courage and commitment to let go of trying to control or manipulate outcomes, and to step into a greater flow of life force energy. To surrender and open to what is seeking to come through us. The North Node represents a destiny point and that point is about letting go of worry and doubt, and following the calling of our soul heart frequency.

On 25th September, the Sun will be exactly conjunct the North Node, in Gate 46 line 3. Hilary Barrett’s I Ching says about this:

This place was once at the centre of the action, full of life and meaning. You might have thought it still  would be, or at least that there would be something here to engage with. But now it stands empty. If you are committed to change and progess it is up to you to move on.

If you are committed to change and progress, it is up to you to move on. Travel straight through towards your objective. Do no linger here waiting for the echoes to talk to you.

The key points for this transit event are that Mars is bringing the courage to move in the direction of your dreams. It will almost certainly not look as you expected. That’s because you are busting some boundaries that have kept you doing what was expected, what was approved of, what felt comfortable and familiar.

There is something coming alive in you now and it may feel as if you couldn’t possibly! But all the other options are falling away. Be aware of what feels as if it holds no life, and what feels tantalisingly alive. Even if what feels tantalisingly alive feels wrong or off track, experiment with it. Let yourself feel into the possibility it brings. Take one small step in it’s direction.

There’s no need to panic or rush or be afraid. Remind yourself that you are safe in each moment, right here and now. Appreciate what is in your moments. Mercury retrograde, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun and Earth play into this transit. The Moon dances lightly over it, triggering various activations that I will post on Facebook each day.



New Moon – Breaking Free of the Circling Past

September is jam packed with power.

From 7th September till 3rd October Jupiter is in Gate 40, joining Neptune in Gate 37. Together they activate the channel that is often called Family and Community.

Jupiter expands, and for the next month it may expand all your family boundary issues and bring to light all the places you allow others to dictate over your time and efforts. Watch yourself closely for any matrydom ….  {sigh} ……  I suppose I should … {sigh} …  you get the picture!

We are letting go of sticky old habits of giving ourselves up to those who don’t value us, no matter how much they love us. And re-activating soul contracts to come together and co-create.  We will find we can be held safe in relationship with others, in ways we’ve never felt before.

More here


On 13 September we have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

The Sun and Moon are in the Gate of Exhaustion. Here nothing can grow, all resources are dried up. It sounds gloomy. It is gloomy. Many of you are feeling it. But here, to quote I Ching Master Huang, lie the seeds of great regeneration.

In a difficult time, when we feel confined and unable to make progress, we should hold firm to our inner ideals and maintain our frequency at a high level.

How do you do that? We each have our way. Some people enjoy walking in nature, for others it’s music. One of my client’s last week loves nothing more than to chant each day. It may be listening to Abraham Hicks on youtube, or reading inspirational books. It can even be a trip to Facebook to connect with supportive and inspiring friends.

Do what feels best for you, and what keeps you in a high-res. If you’re feeling relaxed, happy and prosperous you’re doing it right!

Herein lies the very heart of the shift we are experiencing in September and October. Regardless of external circumstances, you are a powerful creator. What you see about you is the past. It’s what you have already created. To allow it to dictate the limits of who you can be is simply and purely a recipe for staying stuck in a loop.

We are moving beyond the time of closed loops. We are shifting into a time of spirals. We circle ever upwards on layers of light. And we do it through our frequency, rather than looking outside ourselves at circumstances – what some would call reality – and struggling through the limitations of that to try to get the best outcome we can.




Rather than focusing on the walls that enclose you, the limits and obstructions and lack, concentrate on the life and growth within the space you currently inhabit. What is growing here? Can you feel a seed of something?

Don’t try to make things important. Instead, be simple and authentic. Turn up real. Let what is, be. To navigate successfully in our newly created world we must be fluid, nimble, capable of both swiftness and slowness. What we imagined we were creating is changing, and we must be available to change with it, at a moment’s notice if need be.

I am writing an ebook on authenticity – because I use the word a lot and so many people asked me “what is authenticity, really?”  My favourite example of authenticity is our willingness to engage in self discovery in the presence of another person. How quickly and authentically can you respond to what you perceive in each moment? How authentically present can you be, within yourself and in relationship? Can you feel what you hold back? And why you hold back?

This version of authenticity reminds me of my experience with a woman who has done a huge amount of bodywork with me over the years. Vayu has been instrumental in my recovery from the debilitating CFS that haunted my days, months and years. I was having horrible painful symptoms after my sessions with her. We talked about it and she eventually worked out what was happening. I was holding in my physical responses, not allowing a free flow of energy while I was on her table, waiting until I got home and into my bed. Then I would release my blocks because I felt safe, and allow the healing to begin. The only problem was it wasn’t flowing, it was getting stuck and I would be in terrible pain. Once we figured this out, Vayu helped me be more open and trusting, to find a safe space in myself during my work with her and it was a turning point in my recovery.

We need to increase our capacity to be present to our own experience of each moment of our lives. We are expanding our ability to trust ourselves and our own inner guidance systems, even over and above what is happening ‘out there’. We are learning to hold ourselves intact even as we shed and grow and become in plain view of our world. As we create this fluidity, beyond old stories of shame and withholding and lack of safety, we become powerful creators who can perceive and respond with simplicity and power.

There is a lot of energy available to us to rewrite new stories – of our own lives and of our culture.

Jupiter is the myth-maker and he is in a channel with Neptune. Notice when you are with the right people, how your story of your own life shifts and changes. Watch for the shifts in frequency as you think different versions of the story of your own life.  Dwarf planet Makemake is sitting with the North Node in Gate 46. Makemake is all about the power of a story. He is the poster child for the saying that history is written by the victors.  The two healing asteroids are also in that channel – Panacea in 46 and Hygiea in 29. Juno is there as well, in Gate 46 line 1. There is no need for you to continue to believe in stories written by old victors, stories that disempower you and make you wrong.

The idea of your sense of self arising from the stories you tell is UP right now. And it is instrumental in how you are connecting to others. Juno, the Divine Consort, tells us that it is time to step into a creative flow in relationships, not give ourselves up, not make ourselves second, not be a slave or a concubine or a helpmate. You are primary in your own life, but (as Byron Katie might say) only always!

I was intrigued to see Brene Brown has published a new book just at this time – about how we frame our personal stories. On her website she has a new quote, from the book – maybe stories are just data with a soul.

This is so perfect for September’s New Moon. Gate 47 is about telling our personal stories as a way of understanding our emotional patterning, as a way of getting free of a withholding past, as a way of connecting with others who value us.

You might want to hold yourself apart from this greater flow of universal energy coming into your life. You might even decide you can’t feel it, that you’re somehow special enough to be cut off from it. Your fears of being swept away (aside?) of losing your freedom or autonomy may seem real. But there is a new frequency of effortless plenty arising within us and it grows even as we draw on it. Only when we focus on what is growing, rather than on the walls that contain it, that we become part of the flow, experience the true essence of ourselves and tap into our deeper potential.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse are about both our emotions (lunar) and our ego (solar) undergoing a transformation. As they both dip out of view momentarily, a whole new story arises within you. A new story of who you are, of how you can be. There is hope for a much deeper potential, but you have to approach life right now as something slightly unknown. Assume nothing! Take each step as it comes. Celebrate each moment as the glorious gift it is.

The North Node is sitting on the Super Galactic Centre, and this is a powerful point of growth. The Super Galactic Centre draws us to a desire for soul based relationship as a way of changing the world. I’ll finish with a quote from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching for the North Node position in Gate 46 line 4:


This place was once the centre of the action, full of life an meaning. You might have thought it still would, be or at least that there would be something here to engage with, but now it stands empty.

If you are committed to change and progress, it is up to you to move on. Travel straight through towards your objective, do not linger here waiting for shadows to talk to you.



Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

On 28th September we have a Full Moon and lunar eclipse. The Sun will be in Gate 18 line 1 and the Moon in Gate 17 line 1. Leave your familiar corner of the world, go outside the gate and engage with the creative flow. You can safely let go of all your ‘shoulds’ now, and follow the effortless flow of supportive synchronicities.

When I was out today I found myself standing between two people debating the merits of two cars, a Jeep and a Range Rover. Donna and I were falling about laughing. These are the exact two cars I’ve been coveting and deciding between in the last few months. Watch the synchronicites this month and know they are the universe aligning as closely as it can to your capacity to receive.  Watch for more to come from me on the Full Moon!


Img: John Patience

new clothes boys and journaling mar 2011 034

Jupiter in 40 – It’s Time To Come Home

new clothes boys and journaling mar 2011 034Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Every he touches gets bigger.

So what happens when he lands with Neptune in the Channel of Family and Community?

It means that we get together with others to transcend our current reality. Not just any others. There is a huge shift in relationships going on at the moment, relationships of all kinds. And a big shift in consciousness around the whole idea of the global family and the concept of oneness.

We are seeing the effects of this transit already, in the outpouring of refugees from Syria. At the risk of oversimplifying, what I’m seeing here is a heightened appreciation of the plight of individuals, over the desire to judge someone as right or wrong, black or white, muslim or christian.  We are all members of one family and finding the compassion to treat each other as humanely as possible just feels good!

But there is a deeper transformation going on beyond this event.


 We Are Family and It’s Time To Come Home 


Jupiter and Neptune in the Channel of Family and Community are shifting our relationship fractals so profoundly, our lives will never be the same again.

We can let go of forcing ourselves to do things we’ve believed we SHOULD do, because it’s expected of us, because someone would approve, or because everyone else things it’s a really great idea. The reason we can let go of this old way of being is because we are beginning to connect with the people who really GET US. The people who see our natural gifts and have the wherewithall to draw them out of us in exciting ways.

In my experience, the number one area of lack in people’s lives is not money, but people. Not just any people, but the right people. Friends, lovers, clients ….  so many of us go through life silently (or not so silently) lamenting the lack of people who will value and cherish us.

And so we go on doing things we don’t really want to do, because we are working hard to be of value to others, to do what we need to support ourselves, to gain approval and affection because of our efforts.

Hilary Barrett, in her I Ching book says about Jupiter’s position in Gate 40:

If your path has no real destination, turn back. If it has purpose, start your journey as early as you can. If you have no good reason to continue on as before come back to your starting point and let that cycle reach it’s end. If you have a goal in mind, why not start exploring ways to attain it right away?

Let’s all go somewhere we want to go, instead of spending our lives being pulled  by invisible strings along paths that lead nowhere.

Luckily for us, over the past few months Neptune has been busy plucking old delusional beliefs from our DNA. In the Gate of Family since April 2014,  Mostly we develop these beliefs because we weren’t safe. That’s not to say our lives were actually in danger, but as children we all built up protective behaviours. As Jupiter joins Neptune we will find the people and experiences we need to bring us that safety we have craved.

Gate 40 is sometimes called a Gate of Aloneness. It is, but only in so far as we all need limits to what we give to our ‘tribe’, our friends and family. People with this channel in their design are not loners, but they do need time out. Not from their family, but from the needs of their family. Gate 40 is not about moving away from our ‘tribe’ but about coming home to them, especially about having somewhere safe to go, and someone safe to go to, when we are hurt and wounded and needing rest and succour.


Feminine Power Unleashed 

Neptune will be in line 3 for the entire Jupiter visit to Gate 40. This line carries the energy of the mother refusing to step into her power, and blocking communication about how things should be ordered. This is very powerful medicine! It speaks to women in particular, giving an opportunity to step up on a global level, to speak a bigger story with a higher resonance. It’s time we stopped playing small out of fear of what might happen if we unleash ourselves!

Irina-Kotova.-Den-i-nochVesta and Psyche are in the 21/45, bringing this Jupiter/Neptune energy to the Throat.

Psyche (in 45) is interesting here, since she represents a woman’s pathway from young untried maiden through to initiated woman.  Her position speaks of letting go of roles and masks and simply reaching out to each other, with love and authenticity and warmth. Maybe that which we desire is not monstrous and something to be hidden away, (see below) but the epitome of the divine.

Vesta in Gate 21 calls us to feel our devotion to the truth. Anything that interferes with us knowing the truth of our own lives simply must fall away.

These two Goddess Asteroids are in a channel that tries to convince us to treat each other as commodities rather than humans. What if we simply trusted in our own abundance and met each person as another living breathing loving human being? Without attachment to what they might bring to us? Without calculating their value to us in numbers but in the quality of relationship?


There Are Hidden Stories All Around Us

As this Jupiter/Neptune transit event takes place, the North Node (destiny) is in Gate 46 with dwarf planet Makemake. This planet is all about retelling our stories. There is always an obvious way to tell a story. And then there is the hidden story, the story of the underdog or the victim or the oppressed. In our personal version of Makemake there is a hidden story of our own lives, loves, desires and perceptions. The hidden story of who we are that has not yet seen the light of day and so has received no proper reflection that would bring it to our consciousness.

Since Jupiter is the planet of mythmaking and storytelling, this is very significant. Meeting Neptune, Jupiter wants to change his story from one of greed, of constant expansion. He wants instead to tell a gentler more highly attuned story of unconditional love.

Notice in the chart that the Heart Centre (the red triangle) is connecting to the G Centre (the yellow diamond). The channel connecting them is about empowering ourselves by taking a leap into the unknown. So many people are shifting right now, and not just internally. They are moving from one coast to another, leaving one relationship and finding themselves in another. Quitting jobs, changing jobs, starting new jobs. There is a reason for all of this change.

We are meeting up with our soul family, those who make us feel at home, who value us for who we are, those who reflect back to us the hidden story we have carried as a seed within us. Imagine the leverage we will have on this world as each one of us now has access to a version of ourselves previously unseen, felt but not lived.


Img: Irina Kotova


Is Your Flock Mentality Dissolving?

11705266_10153292918400865_6224819931772691621_nRelationships and emotions take centre stage this week, as the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter take a spin through the channel of sexual and emotional intimacy.

We’ve been on an evolutionary journey towards interdependence. which simply means we are learning to comfortably be ourselves while at the same time entering more and more deeply into relationship.

This week’s transits bring a major challenge. We have all learnt to give up our individual awareness for the safety of the tribe. Who can afford to know they are angry when it threatens all we know and love? How often do people quell their own sadness or fear so as not to upset others?

Well those times are past and what we need now is you, finely honed and fully aware of your emotions. We need you capable of fully living from your emotional awareness regardless of what’s going on around you, anchored into your unique experience of life. Because this is what makes you tick as the wonderful creative genius you are.

Those of you with undefined Solar Plexus Centres may be experiencing discomfort, a pressure to express emotions not your own. Take as much time out as you need to feel calm, and to tune into the subtle nature of your own emotional responses to life. If you find yourself at the centre of any conflict, be like teflon and let it pass over you. Don’t try to fix anything or anyone.

As far as transits go, Mercury shows what’s rising to the surface of our consciousness. It makes things mental (rather than emotional or somatic) so that we can put it into words, even if only in our own minds.

From now through to 26th August, Mercury is in the Gate of Conflict. This is a powerful gate, being the conduit for our intimate and warm emotional connections with others. If we perceive conflict we can become defensive and believe in that moment that we need to hold our position and win out against the other person. This gate can lash out in argument, or pull shut compromising our experience by trapping the emotions. When it is open and flowing, it allows for the dissolution of emotional blocks and a wonderful ability to create something new in partnership with another.

Jupiter is in the Gate adjoining Mercury – the Gate of Dissolution (59). And the Sun will shift there on 24 August. The Sun and Jupiter together is a shiny opportunity, but add Mercury into the mix and we have a powerful energy for healing.

It may not feel so great on the ground though, because the ‘healing’ we’re experiencing is the dissolution of emotional blocks. You may be experiencing emotions you had believed (albeit unconsciously) that you’d shoved far enough down so that they would never see the light of day, and you could maintain some kind of faux harmony. Now that unconscious emotional energy is upscaling itself, thanks to the influence of Mercury.

Oops! Those pesky emotions are bubbling up. You may find yourself saying things you didn’t expect to come out your mouth. Or feeling resentful about your emotions not being considered in a discussion. Don’t be so concerned about getting outcomes with others this week. Instead, focus on experiencing the FEELING of your own emotions.

Although you had good reason to block your emotions and store them deep down way back when, you are safe now to  experience them. There is no need to win an argument or try to hold back the apparent chaos of disagreement. You can allow your smaller self to disperse as you quietly enter into your larger self and a deeper truth. There is nothing to be anxious about, nothing real is lost here.

This is a VERY important step in your moving out of the influence of flock mentality. You must be able to see how opposing viewpoints can stimulate creativity rather than destruction. Your emotional responses are your personal guide to the light of your unique awareness. We are learning to respond to challenges, not by reaching for weaponry but by finding the mental space to conceive of the new dimensions they bring into potential.

Have you read The Language Of Emotions? It’s a great book, highly recommended by moi.

Img: Igli Jorgo


When It’s Better Not To Know

10984129_10153372023440865_4690748156398776641_nI was moving house and didn’t get the New Moon blog done BEFORE the New Moon, but there is one thing I would love to share with you.

Yesterday’s New Moon was in the Gate of the Young Fool. The key idea of this gate is that not knowing brings success.  I’ll repeat that – NOT knowing brings success. Does it sound a bit counter-intuitive? Surely the more we know, the more successful we are?

There’s a deeper issue at play here. As a culture we have put so much credence on knowing everything that we’ve forgotten to have clear and actual experiences without the intermediary of our mind.

Our minds, in a bit of a panic at having been left in charge so long without any backup support from our emotions, our intiution and any connection whatsoever with our higher guidance system (well, not you of course, but speaking generally) have become quite beside themselves and lost the plot. Rather than trust in the simplicity of our own experience, our own natural unmediated responses to life, we have made other plans and concocted other (entirely illusory) realities.

We only have to watch the political landscape, particularly in Australia and the US, to see what’s raining down upon us. So much ridiculousness it’s hard to choose what to poke a stick at!

This week, our ability to continue to live in this artificially constructed personal and collective reality is tilting on it’s axis. Have you noticed you’ve been doubting thoughts that a few weeks back felt quite comfortable? Our individual and collective mental reality has become so distant from actual reality that it is breaking down and becoming just too ludicrous.

Because we have been taught that it’s shameful not to know, we have learnt all kinds of subtle mental acrobatics to cover ourselves. Here’s a phrase you could try out over the next few days – Actually, I don’t know. And then sit in any discomfort that arises.




As the I Ching reminds us, abstract concepts break down in the face of concrete reality, and learning comes from being available to actual experience. If we approach our lives with a stock of ready made answers we are too busy congratulating ourselves on our amazing unsinkable ship to notice the approaching iceberg.  Or, to use another cheerier analogy, too busy checking our smartphone to smell the roses or hear the bird song.

I’m reading a fabulous book by Richard Louv called Last Child in the Woods: Saving our children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. Louv talks about the difference between having a direct (and sometimes risky) relationship with nature and, let’s say, liking a picture of a beach or tree with a pithy quote on facebook.  But it’s not just nature we strip down when we live conceptually and virtually. The people in our lives become an exact copy of our ideas and what we already know about them, rather than an intriguing and constantly evolving human being. We lose them as individuals and live instead with the concept of who we believe them to be.

Make the next few days a period of radical not knowing.  “If you have a sense of losing your centre, this is a sign that you’re seeing the real world more clearly than before.” (Hilary Barrett)

A new time is coming. The form of our lives must shift to better represent our essence. Be available, not conceptual.



First Image:

Second Image: Anna Silivonchik


Blue Moon – Small Slow Steps Create Monumental Transition

Full Moon in Gate 19.1, Sun in 33.1 on 31 July 2015 at 10.42 UT.

bluemoon.jpgBlue Moon, you knew just what I was there for … you heard me saying a prayer for …

The upcoming Full Moon is a Blue Moon, which means it’s the second full moon in one calendar month. There really isn’t any great astrological significance in this, especially since calendar months are a fairly recent phenomenon and bear no relationship to the lunar cycle. But hey, it’s fun to imagine a lovely blue moon rising from the ocean and each Full Moon has it’s own special meaning in our evolutionary trajectory. So let’s celebrate it!

This Full Moon is in Gate 19, with the Sun in Gate 33.  The key energy is about withdrawing from what is trying to pull us back into the past, and instead bringing our focus to our own inner compass. We are still very much within the influence of the powerful nodal transits. You can read more about those here. 

There’s anxiety here, the Full Moon happens in line 1 so we are seeking a secure foundation, something solid for our feet to rest on. But even if you don’t feel wholly secure just now, keep reminding yourself you are in the right place at the right time with the right people for now, even if now is only the next 5 minutes. Rest into your moments.

I have been writing recently on the shift from human-centred linear growth to a more soul attuned and relaxed dance with the natural evolutionary universal forces.  This Full Moon brings us another chapter in our learning. We are attuning more to the great growing energy from source that is always infusing our lives. It asks for your full participation and it seeks fruition.

When we set goals and attempt to attain them outside of divine partnership, we create results prematurely and miss the magic and power of the process. There is a fear in this old way of operating, that we may miss out, that we might get it wrong, that we don’t deserve the perfection of our desires.

What if, instead, we allowed our intuitive natural self to be in charge and allowed everything to unfold as it should? What if we had patience and confidence in our own wisdom?

There is something from the past seeking to swallow you up this week. To keep yourself whole you must be constant to a long term principle rather than short term gains. If you fear missing out on something – results, money, relationships – don’t. Let your losses go with grace because you are playing a longer game and these losses will diminish as you move away from them, no matter how large they may seem right now.

Withdraw from what may harm you and keep you from wholeness. The greater your inner focus and concentration, the more present and available you are to your present moment – your point of power.

Don’t try to envisage your new life yet. Get clear of these old influences. Leave them far behind and when the dust has settled, you will see where you are headed next.

Mars in Gate 62 is showing us how to use our vital energy. This is a gate of transition. What small things can you do to make your crossing in small ways? Don’t go against your nature and over reach yourself. Rather than forging ahead, make an authentic connection here. Mars in 62 touches on those of you who have your Eris in Gate 17 (approximately 1939 to 1955), bringing that powerful energy of chaos and interdependence into the mix for you.  more here.




The Sun and Eros have been travelling together for a few weeks now, and in this Full Moon they are joined by the asteroid Diana, all in Gate 33.

I could draw some conclusions about Sun and Eros, like that we are being impulsed to draw our creative juices back from the exclusively sexual expression. Have you had any shifts in regard to your experiences with your sexual energy in the past few weeks? I could also add something that came out in my discussions with Carolyn Jayne – that Eros is an immature young man who is cowed into acting on his mother’s instructions. This opens up a whole new kettle of fish if we think about the deeper story of spiritual initiation we are engaged in. Richard Tarnas, for example, sees this time as one where humans are growing out of a spiritual adolescence (matriarchy and patriarchy) and into a more mature and direct relationship with their own divinity and creative capacities.

Gaston_Casimir_Saint-Pierre_-_Diana_the_HuntressAnd what, I hear you ask, about Diana?  Where does she fit into this story of juicy sexuality and reclaimed divinity? Again, there are a number of ways we could read this. One way is that it shows a heightened sensitivity to nature and to animals, triggering a desire to reconnect with the natural world in real ways rather than as an abstract notion (eg, virtually, by looking at pictures of trees on social media).

Another important aspect of the asteroid Diana is her role as protectress of young women, the maidens. Can you feel something young and innocent arising in yourself, something that has previously felt hunted down, unsafe in the world because of it’s natural and wild nature?

This Full Moon is pushing us to finalise relationships and experiences. There might not seem much of an opening to get free. It’s a bit like a difficult birth, but if you apply simplicity and discretion and stay attuned to your inner knowing, free you will be.

We are shaking off old beliefs that have kept us isolated, held within our own mental prison of opposition and obstruction projected onto our world. The new relationships that we create from here will be safer, because we will have the capacity to keep ourselves safe. They will be juicer, more divine and creative, because we are juicier and more divine and creative.

This is not a time to be pushing forward. Take some time now to consider your strategies, your direction, your alliances. Who do you want in your life and what would you like to do with them? Hold that frequency, kick back and relax, and get free of anything other.



The image of the girl laying on the beach – I have done my usual suite of image searches to find the artist and got nada nothing! If you do know the artist please let me know and I’ll add an attribution.

Diana The Huntress – Gaston Casimir Saint Pierre


Chaos Is A Co-Creative Space – Mars squares Uranus

amandacass1If there is one planet that could be called chaotic, it’s Uranus. An inner hunger for something new and novel, partnered with external events that precipitate change – Uranus has a recipe for unexpected shift.  While we are caught up in the midst of that shift, everything feels different, even if somehow it’s also just the same old same old.

Uranus is very busy just now, accompanied by his very able sidekick Mars!

Chaos is an interesting idea. In the old Cartesian way of thinking chaos was a BAAADDD thing. To be avoided at all costs. These days, as we slide into a new quantum consciousness, chaos is a creative space where all kinds of wonderful things can emerge. Ironically, chaos was once considered a natural part of life and age old traditions were passed down from generation to generation in folk tales, myths and religion. In our so called modern world, chaos is something to be feared because it interferes with the orderly workings of the economic way of life. This creates a pretence of order and an illusion of harmony where we survive by clinging desperately to order and feel helpless and panic in the face of apparent disorder. Rather than see that this is life’s way of re-arranging itself and moving with it, we can tend to cling to our ideas of how it must be.

This week we are being reintroduced to chaos as a creative life force.

On 25th July at 9.42 UT, Mars will square Uranus. That’s astrology. In Human Design it looks like this:


HD Transit chart #loveyourdesign

It’s a big deal because it goes way beyond just two planets – Uranus and Mars.

Firstly there’s the two channels created with the Nodes. You can read more about that here. Uranus in Gate 51 is making a channel with the South Node in Gate 25. This is the Channel of Initiation, which gives us the capacity to hold fast to our purity and innocence, to disengage from what’s holding us back and to make a quantum leap into the void. Although it may shock our system, we can breakthrough and transcend our previous creative limits.

But how?  The key to this shift is in our relationships with others.

Mars is down in the Root Centre, in Gate 53. There are a host of minor planets in the channel with Mars, most notably Persephone and Eris in Gate 42. This is so interesting, because the astrologer who originally discovered Eris wanted to call her Persephone. Another point of interest – Eris was discovered in Gate 51 line 6, which is the position of Uranus at the moment.

Gate 51 is about how we deal with shock.  It’s about sorting out what will change, and what is stable through the shock and will therefore continue.  It’s about working out what’s important.  It’s about learning to understand the greater forces of change in our lives.

Heaven speaks through thunder, and this is an omen that the human world is to be brought back into harmony.  Abruptly your world is not working as you expect.  The solid ground shifts under your feet, security slips away and mental constructs shatter.  Living reality has spoken.

Hilary Barrett on the Gate of Shock

Etti Noy Shimonie

Eris has her own brand of chaos, her own way of bringing order from discord. She represents our choice to choose creation or destruction when it comes to relationships and  teamwork. Do we destroy the other in order to preserve our own brand of individuality? Or do we hold to our essence and find a way to collaborate, to leverage our creative energy by joining with others? The relationship fractal is shifting for all just now. Apart from chaos and sudden shifts, Uranus is also the planet of networking, and in particular he shows us the place where we have something important within our own area of individual genius to offer to the collective.

Mars is creating pressure to start a new cycle. Be very conscious and careful about what you are commiting your energy to. Most particularly, be aware of who you are commiting to move forward with. You may feel pressure to leave some people behind (or they you). You may feel a desire to connect with new groups, to align with new ideas, to make new friends and create new business collaborations.  When it happens, it happens quick because that’s how Mars and Uranus roll.

This shift is all about leveraging our creative genius through interacting with the right people. You know those years and years of frustration about how you couldn’t move forward because you didn’t have the right support? Your anger at being blocked by people who didn’t understand how capable you are? Your bitterness at not having your obvious brilliance recognised and called out? That’s about to change. Don’t go looking for people, they’ll turn up.

Uranus is quick mental energy, and Mars adds speed and vigour. Be aware though (this is a square and they are inherently difficult) that you must take care not to jump into new arrangements too quickly, take risks but take care as well. We are beginning an important new relationship cycle. It has the capacity for a quantum release of genius into the world, yours included.

Just moments after this Mars Uranus transit event (well, 25 hours later actually) Uranus goes retrograde. This fits perfectly with the current Node activations – avoiding the herd instinct, taking on the challenge of going it alone, doing it your way, trusting your own inner authority over external rules or even well meant advice. There is a tenderness to the Uranian shadow, the small child who has a message for humanity that gets eked away by a gradual pressure to conform.  Trust your innocent self, steer a path that aligns with your heart. We are creating a new pathway and although each one of us may set out alone, we are walking together and we find each other as we go along.


Images:  Amanda Cass and Etti Noy Shimonie


The Heart of Pluto and the Edge of the Cosmos

I woke this morning to wonderful new photos of Pluto.



If you missed the story, NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons has been en route to the Kuiper Belt since January 2006.  Last night my time, it took the first of a series of photographs of Pluto. Astronomers are excited, because this is the first actual evidence of what the surface of Pluto looks like. Every picture you and I have ever seen of Pluto until now has been an artists impression. (Ditto for dinosaurs by the way).

And wow, look at that heart shape!  I’ve always known Pluto has heart, despite his reputation as an underworld kind of character.

Did you know that Pluto is a dual planet?  He has a twin called Charon, and they spin around each other. Here’s another pic of them together, although this one has been colourised, possibly to make the artists at NASA who can no longer draw Pluto they way they see him feel a bit better.


There’s two reasons why I’m excited about this.


The First Beat of a New Global Heart 

Today, just as these photos were being beamed at the speed of light (yes, it’s true, it only takes them 4 hours to get here!) the Nodes shifted into an monumental alignment that activates the Global Soul Heart. You can read more about that here. At the same time, Mars was sitting directly opposite Pluto, right across the other side of the Root Centre – Pluto in 38 and Mars in 39. These are gates about struggling on alone, fighting our way to survival. They are the quintessential survival of the most cunning individual kind of energy. So Pluto is turning up right at this time to say .. hey, have a heart! Life is an adventure and we need to do it together!

Interestingly, this mission is not just about Pluto but what’s beyond him. In the Kuiper Belt. The first planet we found out beyond Pluto was Eris and she’s all about learning to work together as a team. So let’s stop taking sides, finding fault and opposing each other to make ourselves feel better.

Where Do We Grow From Here? 

We used to believe Pluto was a line between our home (our solar system) and the vast uncaring and unknown realm of deep space. We had life here, and out there was nothingness. It turns out that there is so much life ‘out there’ we barely have time to keep up with the discovery of exoplanets and dwarf plants and new galaxies.

In the past few hundred years, the discovery of new planets has coincided with expansions of consciousness.  Uranus brought electricity. Neptune the spiritualist movement. Pluto came along at the same time as the nuclear era. These are not synchronicities, but co-evolvement of human consciousness and nature.

So, when we believed Pluto, with his orbit of 284 years, was the edge of our solar system, our concept of the edge of consciousnss was all about transformation through life and death and rebirth. No pain no gain, suffering leads to wisdom, etc. We had to make our trip to the underworld in order to grow.

In 2006 we discovered Sedna, with an orbit in excess of 12,000 years. Now that is a sudden expansion!  The planets in the Kuipter Belt are all named after creation deities. Their nature is not about the struggle between life and death, but all about the dance of creation. I believe that Pluto’s heart message to us is this:

We do not have to struggle and suffer to survive. Life is a dance of creation when we anchor into our soul hearts. We are a part of a profound natural world, and our spirits can live here without pain when we are ready to do so. There is a truth here that comes from direct experience and has nothing to do with the narrative of man made culture. We are renewing our culture and we are doing so from love for ourselves and each other. 

We are stepping into a new world, a new culture and a new experience of being human.


Activating Your Soul Heart Frequency

530385_10151358431675865_267076105_nI’ve used a lot of hyperbole over the years in my HD blog. Some of my favourite words to describe transit events are profound, powerful, intense and I often speak about the huge opportunity a particulary potent transit event brings us.

Today I am adding a new word to my list – monumental. I don’t use these words lightly. We are living in amazing times, with a heightened sensitivity that comes from approaching a tipping point in the evolution of consciousness. We are shifting culturally and personally, and it shows.

Here in Australia our news is littered with political commentators nearly pulling out their hair at the absurdity of our politicians antics. And hey, Donald Trump for President, right! Germany seems to have forgotten the benefits of debt forgiveness and China’s stock exchange lost more than double the value of the entire Australian stock exchange in 3 weeks of craziness. Financial markets around the world are ‘jumping at shadows’ because that’s all they can see. What’s real anymore?

We are in a powerful build up to a monumental shift in consciousness that begins next week.  It’s being driven by the Lunar Nodes, commonly called the South Node and the North Node.  You can learn more about the Nodes here.


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

On 15th July the Nodes shift gates. They will activate a global level heart healing.  Well, actually, a profoundly cosmic shift in our soul heart energy, as the nodes will directly connect with the Super Galactic Centre.

The evolutionary end point of the Super Galactic Centre is to move us beyond unconscious bonding with others. As we  release psychic linkages based on fear, we access a hollow clear inner space which opens the door to true receptivity. There’s a synchronicity to the Super Galactic Centre bringing us this gift of a clear inner resonant space right at this moment.  The New Moon on 16 July evokes Gate 61 (the Earth activation), which speaks to clearing your personal inner space so that your own truth resonates there like a drumbeat. This clear resonance is naturally responsive, translating peronal insight into perfect action.

This is the death knell for the old concept of co-dependence and the anchoring of interdependence. This is the seed of a new quantum universe emerging into human consciousness.

So, on now to the actual transit event. Here is the chart.


You can see the position of the Nodes in Gates 46 and 25 – two of the Gates that make up the Vessel of Love. You might also notice that each Node is joined by another planet to activate a channel.

The South Node (25) is making a channel with Uranus (51). These two will continue to activate this channel until 29th November 2015.  They activate the connection between the Heart and G Centres.

The North Node (46) is making a channel with Venus and Jupiter (29). Venus moves on quickly, on 20th July. The North Node continues working with Jupiter until 11 August 2015. They activate the connection between the Sacral and G Centres.

The opportunity for transformation here is profound, on a personal and global level. The quick version is that we are learning to orient ourselves from our heart energy, quickening our emotions to a vibration of universal love. Each one of us has the capacity to self-generate a coherent level of functioning, characterised by increased emotional stability and increased synchronisation and harmony in our physiological systems. In other words, when we line up our heart with our soul, life is good.

We are learning to attune to the frequency of our own peronal life force stream. We are learning to live in higher dimensions without losing our unique spark of creativity, the rainbow prism of our purposeful contribution to consciousness, in the ocean of oneness.

We are learning to speak the places that have been, until now, dangerous to voice out loud. We are releasing our wildish selves upon civilization and asking the questions that could not previously fit within the bounds of polite society. We are falling but not drowned, in danger but not lost. We are consciously traversing territories which previously we had to die to access.

And here’s something I would love you to read at least twice. We don’t know where we are going! That’s because, as co-creators, we are creating the pathway by walking it. So HOW we walk is as important as WHERE we walk. People will be following along behind us. We will be modelling a new HOW TO LIVE. This is sort of the same thing as where we are going.  The two things are inextricably woven together.  As we tune more into our HOW, we refine our WHERE.

Right now our HOW has two parts to it. The first is … baby steps. One teeny tiny step after another. Don’t move your attention ahead to the place where you begin to feel anxious – wwwwaaaiiiit, there’s no ground beneath my feet!! That just means you are thinking too far out ahead of your stepping. The second is ……  chose your pathway by your inner compass rather than your external reality. Create a lifestyle that’s centred around checking in with yourself. Make rituals, carve out personal space, journal, meditate, dance in the moonlight, sing to your children, laugh with friends.



In this new soul heart frequency, something wonderfully unique about you will be revealed. It only exists in the higher dimensions and you have the chance now to recognise it and begin to live from that new aspect of self in your day to day reality. We have moved with the challenge of drawing our spirit into our physical form, and we are emerging into a fresh challenge of living fully from that integrated self.

You can access this frequency by using a simple technique. Imagine your breath moving in and out of your heart/chest space as you bring your attention to your heart. Take a few natural breaths, and then think about someone or something (your child, a pet, a particular memory, etc) who/which brings feelings of love and appreciation. For a few minutes, just keep your attention and your breath on your heart space as you focus on these feelings of love and appreciation. This simple meditation can be done in a few minutes, as often as you choose. With practice it creates a coherence that aligns your mind, emotions and body with your highest good, and the highest good of all.

Our achievements over the next few months may not even be visible to those who still live in ‘the real world’ but it will be obvious to all that the world is changing. As our cultural safety nets fall away, those of us attuning to our own inner knowing, beating our own drums to an inner resonance, will be like shining stars providing navigation to the heart and soul of others.


Image: Patricia Matola


Raising Your Sights – Full Moon 2 July 2015

kundaliniLet’s talk about the Root Centre for a bit.  It’s the home of our kundalini and a place where our energy can get trapped, causing depression in some and just simply a feeling of being blocked from the full flow of life for others. Does that ring a bell?

The Full Moon on 2 July this week is showing us all the places where we want to get out into the world but keep bumping into opposition and obstructions.  It’s telling us that if we carefully and consciously meet each obstacle we will be able to create a new life narrative. We will see a blessing rather than a curse and sail past what previously seemed insurmoutable.

Why opposition and obstruction? Because on the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in Gate 38 – Opposition.  The Earth is in Gate 39 – Obstructions. And just to make it particularly interesting, Pluto is also in Gate 38.



This doesn’t mean we are in for a time of opposition and obstruction. It means we become more aware of where we are feeling blocked and powerless to move or take action. Getting some consciousness in here is crucial for what’s coming up in July and August. We need to free ourselves up from the shackles of old habits of powerlessness.

In the past when we have experienced that BUMP! of being blocked, we have fallen into survival mode. We shut down our creative energy, pulled it back down into our Root and waited for life to facilitate our escape at a more advantagous time. These two gates have operated like wounds to our capacity to operate as individuals within a broader creative context. After so many experiences of being opposed and obstructed, we have tended to give up. Which looked a bit like   … oh well, life isn’t providing me with the support I need so I will just sit here passively, or rage against indiscrimate fate without actually achieving anything useful.

This is a survival code gone wrong.

It harks back to tribal times, when it was important that we guard our individuality against the demands of our community, a kind of slavery that took no account of our individual genius or purpose. That was a closed system that could only evolve – mutate – when the individual broke free. Well break free we did, and now we are figuring out how we use that genius. We are learning to trust that if we express our genius-ness (I think I just used my genius to invent that word) we can be loved and supported rather than shunned and abandoned.

Our current western world view espouses the power of individual will as our key to success. Our chakra system tells us something entirely different. We can try our best to will our way to wherever we would like to go, but if our vitality is locked into an unconscious fear pattern we will continually sabotage ourselves to stay safe.

Quantum science tells us that the very concept of an individual is a nonsense predicated by the Cartsian world view that we are all discrete machine-like blobs of matter. We are in the middle of a paradigm shift, from the age of (the belief in) the individual, to the age of the collective. As we join with others who share our individual vision we lock together like shards of a particularly powerful puzzle.

Pallas Athene ~ Brunnen von Karl Donndorf (1911)

It’s no wonder you’ve been crying .. I can’t do this alone anymore!! Because it’s true! You were never meant to do this bit alone.

Minor planet Pallas has been approaching the Galactic Centre via Gate 26, which activates a new relationship fractal. Pallas represents the integration of feminine wisdom with all that we have learnt of the ways of the patriarchy over the past few millenium.

This is the energy of our times. The return of a powerful feminine force and how that will evolve our existing culture. Metis, the mother of Pallas before she was appropriated by Zeus and the Cities of Men, is conjunct Chiron right now (22). She is the root of our feminine wisdom, vast and earthly.

Metis and Pallas are telling us we need to give things time to grow. We need to put our focus on relationships and work with others, to heal the rifts that had us feeling fear of connecting.  We can’t get much done if we are struggling along in our own little bubble of fear. (Supported of course, most ably, by mainstream media! Be afraid! Be very afraid! it cries daily!) The smart money right now is on you sloughing off fear and shame and anything else that prevents you from connecting from a real place of intimacy.  Can you feel a hunger for that?

 You Need Other People 

This week’s Full Moon brings our attention to what’s arising. Forget the past. We are about to take a leap into a whole new level of soul. We are on the verge of a personal paradigm shift. We’ve been beavering away to improve ourselves, to correct old patterns and get free of our reactivity for years now. It’s generally been a quiet and solitary process. Now we’re about to spring out of the box and into a new collective story.

In the old Cartesian world view, everything happens in straight lines. Change happens in straight lines and in neat timely interludes. Think about your car. It needs a service every 5,000 kilometres. It’s predictable and known. But in the quantum reality it’s very different. We trundle along .. lalalllaaaa lalaaa … and then BOOM! a shift! And then we trundle along …. dada  baabaaa llalala  … and then BOOM! another shift!

These are paradigm shifts. They happen for two reasons. The first reason for a paradigm shift is that two elements that previously didn’t know each other come into a new relationship. Suddenly a new universe is created. Falling in love is a great example. The second reason for a paradigm shift is the slow underlying changes that suddenly break into something completely new. The fall of the Berlin Wall demonstrates this perfectly. It surprised many so-called experts, who didn’t see it coming. I blame Bruce Springstein who played in East Berlin 16 months before the wall came down!

We’re seeing both of these underlying reasons for paradigm shift right now. In particular, this Full Moon tells us – don’t be so attached to your own personal goals because as you get out there and interact with others they will change. Steer a general course rather than get fixated on an ideal. Relationships are at the heart of the quantum world. When we try to go it alone we struggle. When we interact with the right people we flourish. We get recognition, support, encouragement. We can invest our efforts knowing they will be appreciated. We feel valued, safe and loved. This is no small thing.

Relationships force us to confront our stories about how perfect we are, or how put upon, or how heroic, or how … well, you get to choose your own story so fill in the gaps to suit yourself here. With Ceres now in the Gate of Fantasy (41), we are being held in a nurturing and safe space to drop any versions of our personal story that have wandered from the pathway of reality and into the realm of make believe.

Coming face to face with reflections of ourselves that may challenge our previous conceptions is part of our evolutionary process of coming into our bodies. We need to be unreservedly present in each moment, and that means we must be able to be truthful with ourselves. Our relationships are helping us do that.


Let’s Talk About Asteroids and Dwarf Planets

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Eros on the Full Moon. Eros is life as an erotic adventure. Eros is the cause of love as creative force, and life itself. This speaks to me of a return of our life force, a call to the adventure of sharing our individual creative force with others, and having the juicy courage to stand our ground.

Mercury is in Gate 45 with Astraea, Star Goddess. I do love Astraea! When all the other Goddesses left in the last Bronze Age, Astraea stayed till she could bear it no more, but vowed to return as soon as the Golden Age began to birth. In Gate 45 Mercury and Astraea speak of a shift in our economic relationships. They tell us to stop pushing our will, to become more gentle and devoted to each other. Let’s give up the habit of seeing each other as commodities, as a potential source of income first and an actual person second.

Ceres has shifted into Gate 41, augering new beginnings. There is so much in this Full Moon of not referencing to the past but looking forward and asking repeatedly – where will I go next? Get on Abraham’s high flying disc and get flying!  Keep offering up what you no longer desire in your life. There is no need to DO anything, just have a ritual of offering it up, even if that ritual is just to acknowledge I don’t need this anymore, thank you! before you move onto the next thought.

pan_39Toro is conjunct Saturn in Gate 14 and Pan is in Gate 2.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love Pan? He was, after all, one of the main inspirations for the christian devil. And a major player in astrological Capricorn, home of this week’s Full Moon!

Half wild thing and half human, he brings a receptivity to our wildish nature before the activation to Makemake coming on 15 July (see below).

If we try to maintain our veneer of civilized ‘nice’ person, socialised beyond our capacity for life, we won’t make this shift.  We have to embrace our own devil, our pagan, our ancient and powerful goddess, our nature devic self.

This is the perfect Full Moon to go out and dance naked under! Shake your booty and shake loose the masks of civility that have kept you enslaved!

You do not need religion or employees to survive. In joining with like minded others we create powerful collectives where we can recognise gifts in each other that have no value within the existing economically based culture but which are the basis for our evolutionary leap.

You are already in possession of great riches, knowledge, wisdom and talents.  All that’s been missing is our capacity to shake free the old restraints of consciousness and the relationships we need to give birth to our new selves.  We have to stop resisting the flow of life force energy and jump in!  Close your eyes and feel the difference between resisting and flowing. Just know that to stay within the flow we have to give specific shape to our visions and dreams. No holding back and pretending we are moving when we’re not!

Soul Leaping

On 15 July 2015 we have the beginning of a powerful shift, calling us to leap from our ego selves into our soul selves. It reminds me of the scene in Mary Poppins where they hold hands and jump into the chalk picture!

Here’s the chart. The South Node will create a channel with Uranus from 15 July till the end of November 2015. The North Node will create a channel with Jupiter until 11 August 2015. This is extraordinary!


29th July 2015 – South Node creating a channel with Uranus

I will write more about this, but for now I just wanted to mention dwarf planet Makemake, which is in a long term transit in Gate 46. It will be activated by this amazing combination of planets. Makemake represents

  • the relationship between our wild sustainable natural self and our civilised self
  • our capacity to navigate our lives by our own ‘stars’ rather than rely on outside influences to tell us what’s best for us
  • our relationship to sustainability generally – expect to see major shifts in the environmental debate and in particular we may see a new narrative that sees through cultural and economic lies which have till now been accepted as truth.

Makemake adds to the energy of Pan and Eros, calling us to a more sensual engagement with our bodies and a more conscious trust in our ability to navigate in partnership with life and nature. Get wild.

If I could share one thing about this incredible transit it would be that we are heading into some deep and dangerous places, with a heightened capacity for presence. This is a high level spiritual practice of remaining present, staying positive and looking for solutions in every situation. July and August will bring some intense and profound experiences, each one of which is designed for your good.



New Moon June 2015 – Unravelling The Web

shutterstock_210000454_web_1024At first glance the two gates creating this week’s New Moon seem irreconcilable. Peace and Prosperity versus Blockage and Standstill. Easy Flow versus Stagnation.

What’s to be done when we have these two very different energies playing out?  Getting the balance right this week is like collecting a golden prize and moving to the next level – we are unravelling a web of lies that has kept us trapped in being not enough.

The New Moon challenges our very modern notion that we are in control of our lives. That our efforts will always succeed to our imagined outcomes. That if we lose control and fail to achieve the expected outcomes we have failed.

This is a time of unparalleled opportunity, requiring our careful attendance to the natural forces at play in our lives. This is not about seizing control and making life as we will.  It’s a more humble recognition of the gifts we have been given, and a willingness to apply ourselves through all kinds of circumstances to making good use of them.


Have We Become Spiritual Freeloaders? 

My partner and I visited the new labyrinth in Centennial Park in Sydney on a busy weekend. We were shocked by how people seemed oblivious to the sacred nature of the labyrinth. There were kids playing football on it. Parents wandering vaguely around it chasing toddlers. One group I found particularly disturbing were all walking around while gossiping to each other about a mutual friend.  They gathered in the sacred centre to talk loudly and with great indignation about this friend while others were walking quietly around them. There was no sign explaining how the labyrinth worked, how to use it. There was no explanation of the sacred nature of this process.  Unlike this photo, it was crowded and chaotic.



What struck me as I was walking the labyrinth, well truthfully, it was a voice in my head saying – we have become spiritual freeloaders. I was painfully aware that most of the people around me had no connection with the divine at work in their day, even as they interacted with such an ancient and sacred symbol.

We are happy to accept the bounty of what is freely and lovingly offered to us but we do not appreciate it, my voice told me. We have become greedy because we cannot feel what we have already received as a blessing from heaven and earth. We are no longer considering what may be sacred.

This isn’t an idea I’ve ever contemplated before and yet it felt strangely apt that day.  And there was an inherent irony, that having been given the blessing of this labyrinth I was having difficulty appreciating the sacred nature of my particular moment with it.

Our true soul gifts have begun to awaken within us, and yet it feels as if we are stuck in the past beset by confusion and overwhelmed by obstacles, just as I was beset by baby footballers and noisy gossips.

I find in my coaching practice that people feel they are taking one step forward and two steps backwards when they pause to spend a few weeks consolidating their sense of their new self. They can feel like they are failing (and sometimes they feel they are failing me) by not keeping a continual forward motion. But that is a nonsense in nature. How many straight lines do we see in a forest? At the ocean?  This is a time for patiently engaging. For pulling out the weeds of the past whilst always moving in the direction of the bright luminous realm that calls us forward.

Do You Deserve Your New Life?

New Moon HD Transit Chart June 2015

New Moon June 2015

When we put the energy of these two New Moon Gates together we find a place where we can move in harmony with nature.

This is an auspicious time of prosperity and peace. Our little self (earth) is departing and our great self (heaven) is arriving. We are releasing the need to succeed according to our ego’s identity. We are learning to be content to move with the will of our great heavenly self, without the need to shake our fist and complain when events seem unfavourable or to see ourselves as victims of cruel fate.

Until now we have believed there is something shameful in our inability to succeed according to external ideas of who we should be. It is time to release that shame and stand in the light of who we have become. Our vital energy, long bound up in the child’s shame of not being enough, can now come free.

The child inside us is learning that life is not about working to better ourselves until we finally succeed and arrive at a place of safety and security that will go on forever. Life is charged with more adventure than that! It is an ongoing series of challenges that stretch us to respond fluidly. What is the good and bad that has brought you to this moment? What great opportunities may be hidden here?

It is this kind of resiliance to see the positive flow in each small moment that releases us out of the desire for safety and security and into the greater soul adventure which is often dangerous, death defying and disorderly. This is the place of true creation!  There is no shame in a continual crafting of our vision for greater beauty and grace. There is no shame in not having arrived when there is no final destination.

Patiently Weaving

The asteroid Arachne is conjunct the Sun, Moon and Mars in Gate 12. Imagine my delight when I saw the mythology of Arachne centred on Minerva being cross with her for not recognising that her gifts came from the Goddess!  The myth aligns exactly with the story told by the New Moon transits!




Arachne symbolises a great creative gift, and your need to use it wisely. Minerva, currently transiting in the Gate of Humility (15) wants Arachne to be less boastful and have more humility. Spiders and weaving are symbols of patiently creating. If we go too quickly, without paying proper attention to the pattern we can get into a complicated tangle of our own making.

Your Imaginary Security

Since Ceres went into Gate 19 back in early May there have been a lot of survival fears running through our nervous systems. I had a strange feeling yesterday, a recognition that the kind of security I had been craving just doesn’t exist. Anything could happen at any moment. My world could change suddenly or gradually to become unrecognisable. Minor planet Pallas – the Roman version of Minerva – is currently transiting in Gate 26.3, which says –

Townspeople identify with their group and want to stay in one place and also expect what they value to stay where they tether it. But this is an imaginary security. The valueable things in life are like cattle, free roaming and quite capable of walking away. Meanwhile travellers are mobile and flexible. They don’t need to own much and are always on the alert for changes, ready to benefit from the unexpected. Disentangling brings disaster for the townfold, but benefit for the travellers. Which would you choose to be? (Hilary Barret, I Ching)

Where does your true security lie? Are you blocking yourself from adventures by valuing only what you can tether? Are you slipping out of the potent moments of your life, unable to benefit because you fear to take on the goddess and test your skills and talents in the realm of the divine?

We CAN create our own lives as we choose to imagine them, but we are still on our training wheels, still at the beginning of our apprenticeship. We must balance humility and patience with a crazy wild eyed belief in ourselves that goes beyond anything being reflected back from our everyday reality. 


You Are Enough

You may notice in the chart that the three planets – Sun, Moon and Mars – most prominent in this New Moon are creating a channel activation with Chiron in Gate 22. This is an emotional manifestor channel which works at a deeply symbolic level (ie, it experiences life at the sacred symbolic level).

It has an inherent connection with the Galactic Centre through Gate 11 and is often prophetic and challenging to the status quo. It is particularly challenging to the social fabric, to established niceties that keep us trapped in the aspic of old ways of relating to each other that obscure our true selves.




The Sun and Mars are the champion of the child/Moon here.

The child who spoke truth, and was told to hush or humiliated by having that truth denied or contradicted or made wrong. The child who’s feelings were corrected – no dear, you’re not angry/sad/happy. The child who desires the good things in life and has spent a lifetime pretending to be someone good enough to deserve them, and feels she still hasn’t succeeded.

This week’s New Moon touches that child. It draws her in and brings succour to her heroic efforts. It is enough.

You seek to make a vital connection, to join with something or someone important to you. You feel inadequate and ashamed of how little you have to offer. But these things you are concerned about are only superficial and only temporary. Your authenticity and commitment are far more important. (Hilary Barret I Ching for Chiron in Gate 22 line 5). 

 As a creator, you are both human and divine. That is the magic and wonder of you. Claim your gifts without having to know how to use them. Patiently craft who you are becoming. Live within the construct of your larger story.

Your contribution matters to us all. Your authentic commitment to being present to each moment matters to us all. Sometimes it is enough to be moving backwards, because what’s important is that we are moving consciously. Untether yourself from old ideas of security, and be ready to spin gold from straw.


Field of Poppies, by Mark Simont