Category: Daily Transits

The Watershed

Mercury / Uranus transits bring quick and highly intuitive thinking, sudden and often unexpected events, and an increase in consciousness of where we’ve lost our mind to groupthink.

PS. You Are Not A Machine

Today’s New Moon takes us a step away from being a cog in the machine, and a step towards discovering something utterly unique about ourselves. There’s one way to do things when you’re just a cog in the machine.  And there’s another way entirely to live, to love and to prosper when you are a … Read More »

What Really Nourishes You

When Saturn is retrograde it’s important to consider any underlying issues that’s we’ve tried to overlook in the past. This is more about consolidation and providing a solid base rather than breaking out and creating something completely new.

Putting Humpty Together Again

We are in a process of opening and releasing ancestral shame buried deep within our cells that has kept us from full intimate creative relationships. This process releases subtle and hidden aspects of ourselves that have been kept prisoner of a system of secrets and lies. And then, when we arrive in this new place, it’s all a bit of a fizzer after generations of desperate avoidance.

Creating a New Joyful Centre

It feels as if so many things can and will go wrong, and yet somehow everything keeps turning out just right! This is a time to risk, to trust, to calmly and gently face our demons and realise they no longer hold the power over us that we thought they did.