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Finding Our Way to Prosperity and Love


1st September 2010

This is a time when we can be seduced back into the world we have worked so hard to change. This week is a potent mix of disconnecting from what manipulates our energy for it’s own purposes, and instead joining a collective dance that is  joyful, free and creatively inspired.

There is an unmasking of what Philip Shepherd refers to as the tyranny of the independent “known self”. Independent in that it is apparently “self-made” and not connected to anything else. The isolation of the independent known self is an ego based construct that is such a part of our culture, as we lock ourselves in our homes and sit safely ensconsed in the bubble of our cars, that we mistake it for ‘reality’. This despite scientific proof that we are each one of us nothing more and nothing less that a constant flow of energy. And this despite our own experiences of how our relationships are the core of our existence.

We hold on so tightly to our possessions, or at least what we perceive as what is ours. We pay insurance against theft and put bars on our windows.  Altjira has been subtley informing us that this is not a healthy way to be.  A creator god of the desert Aranta people in Australia, Altjira created the earth and everything on it, and then left it to it’s inhabitants to enjoy as they chose.  He is sending us a strong message right now, connecting as he is to Haumea and Pluto, that individual ownership of anything is a dangerous nonsense.

The internet has changed forever the way we experience ownership of our creative output.  Just ask Hollywood and the music industry.  When we see our creations as something we alone  pulled from the ether with only our own heroic efforts of genius, when we fail to recognise the input of others during and after the creative process, we impoverish humanity and life on earth.  Industry that uses the earth’s resources with impunity, governments that allow them to do so, people who create something and then stultify it by a fear of sharing or by refusing to allow it to grow and change through that sharing prevent a true weaving of abundance.

Speaking of weaving, I’ve been watching the asteroid Niobe moving amongst the key astrological players lately.  Niobe lost all her children through her excessive pride in them.  The story of Niobe is of her endless grief at the loss of her progeny.  We are all experiencing this to some degree as our magical inner child is continually deadened by a society that demands we can only work and never play, that claims to own our creative efforts, and refuses to allow us to interact freely with them.   We need to also look at any fear this has created in us, of having to hold on tightly to what we create rather than trusting the reality that it has a life of it’s own that has little to do with who originally created it.

We are about to storm the ramparts of the commercial world with the message that business is not about making money, but sharing love and creating prosperity for all.

Flower Field by Patrick Campagnone ~ www.Flickr.com

With the North Node about to shift into Gate 10 with Pluto, the concept of ‘father’ is shifting.  The more clearly we see our own collusion with the unhealthy ‘father’ and the more we align with the juicy and joyful energy of the incoming protective provisioning masculine the easier our next 18 months will be.  The shamanic nature god Pan is in the Gate of Enthusiasm, at the Throat Chakra calling forth some potent shifts in the feminine.

Vesta and Lilith are in the Gate of Depth with Zeus.  An interesting combination.  The power of Zeus was perhaps wasted due to  his philandering tendencies.  There was that story about the goose, but we won’t go into that now :).  Vesta represents the inner flame of the hearth, and in this position shows that women are likely to be looking deep within to see where they have been allowing that flame to flicker due to a perceived need to find the power in their male lovers rather than within themselves.  And also for the inner flame flickering weakly within the breast of men who seek comfort in their sexual relationships with women, rather than connect with the gentle nature of their own inner feminine.

This confusion has inexorably led to women (and men)  being bound up in culturally based gender roles, and Lilith’s rage at how this renders us unable to act authentically.

The asteroid Child is conjunct Saturn and the Super Galactic Centre.  The new Saturn is the builder.  He knows how to create on the material plane, what needs to be done to bring our visions to reality in the physical density we live in on this planet.  This conjunction says that our inner child is moving out of a cold and isolated place and into the warmth and light of loving relationships – both personal and business.  Saturn demands self-responsibility and we will be able to hold our heads with true rather than false pride as we increasingly find the pathways our inner magic seeks for it’s expression.

And speaking of relationships, the Sun and Earth are in a channel that helps us understand our role in community.   Mercury retrograde will conjunct the Sun in this channel on the 4th September.  We can feel isolated when we feel the need to push forward ahead of our own power.  In my terms this would indicate trying to do things from the mental plane, when they are still an idea, rather than allow the flow of life to support us to embody and integrate first.  When we flow forward in this way not only do we align with a natural abundance, we also proceed without struggle because we emanate the quality of what we long to share.  It’s freely available to whoever wants it with no effort on our part, and we are forever changed through each interaction of giving and receiving.

I will be interviewing Philip Shepherd, author of New Self, New World sometime next week on Love Your Design radio.  I’m so impressed with this book and how clearly Philip talks about the need to deconstruct our current ‘reality’.

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Wild and Woolly


31st August 2010

I tried to book my son in for a Cranio-Sacral session last night and my friend didn’t have a free space until the end of September. When I asked her ‘why so busy?’ she told me ‘things are pretty wild and woolly out there at the moment!’. So true!

We are at a powerful point of shift. Have no doubt that this is a time of great evolutionary importance. We truly are creating a new world and here’s the thing about new worlds. They are different to the old ones.

I often wonder at the courage of people who left Europe on sailing ships and headed into the land of here be dragons simply out of a spirit of discovery.  Can you imagine having grown up in 17th century England and then, after a long and perilous sea voyage, turning up on the shores of Tahiti!   This is exactly what we are doing.

Dwarf Planet Haumea and Trans Neptunian Object Altjira are connecting with Pluto to bring massive change to the way we experience life.  Our culture truly exists in a place of mind, we think about things, we work out what to ‘do’, we have ideas.  We are taught that our body senses, our body knowing, are at best second rate citizens in the awareness stakes.  At worse they are evil and to be avoided at all costs.

I’ve been talking to people all weekend about timing.  Each one of us has a personal rhythm, and when we tune into that rhythm our world makes sense.  We go at exactly the right pace and have time for everything that we need in exactly the right way.  When we are out of our natural rhythm life becomes chaotic and confusing – a struggle. When life becomes chaotic and confusing and there’s only one place left to go for answers – our head!

Those people with gates 5 and 15 in their design are holding a template for personal rhythm that holds the rest of us in alignment.  But the very idea of living in your own timing is considered crazy.  Isn’t it a selfish and lazy thing to do whatever you want, whenever you want?  I have two teenagers asleep here this morning.  They both should be on the bus to school.  But guess what, they haven’t woken up yet.  How can it be good for them to be artifically woken up and fed and dressed and packed onto a bus when they should really still be asleep, dreaming, regenerating and connecting with other dimensions of experience?  And how does this artificial time construct, so taken for granted, affect their innate wellbeing, let alone their ability to be sovereign in their own lives and express their personal creatively powerful selves?

Can you see how insidious these controls are?  They are so built into our society that we take them for granted and yet they keep us from discovering truths about ourselves.  What could you experience  if you could go at your perfect pace?  How extraordinarily different could your life be?  And how impossible does it feel to live in that way?

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This is a time of connecting with our body wisdom, our physical senses, our natural abundance and connection with the earth and with each other.  It is a time of deconstructing the mental conditioning that holds us apart from ourselves and our loved ones – those we’ve met and those we haven’t yet.  We are reconnecting our bodies with our hearts.

When we are confronting choices we need to change the way we frame our way forward.  It’s no longer about what we are going to DO, but who we are going to BE in response to the challenges we face.  Haumea is challenging us to connect with the seeds of abundant life within us.  We are learning to trust that listening to her voice leads us towards something so new we can’t even image yet how wonderful it is.

I have two spaces left in the Pathways to 2012 webinar, one in each class.  If you’d like to reserve or book a space, email me and let me know ~ Kim – @ – LoveYourDesign.com

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Snow White and the Theft of the Time Lords ~ the Pisces Full Moon


25th August 2010

Today’s Full Moon might be in Pisces but it’s no laid back affair.  In fact, it’s electrifying as the Moon conjuncts Snow White in the Gate of Thunder and Fire ~ Abundance (55.2).

Snow White ~ Julia Arielle

Snow White ~ Julia Arielle

Snow White fascinates me, and not just because she sits bang on my natal Chiron.  Oh well, okay probably yes absolutely for that reason.   Clarissa Pinkola-Estes talks about the daughter stories as being a rite of passage for waking up and coming into fully alert feminine power.

Many “daughter” stories, like Sedna and Persephone, involve the father/husband as the evil do-er.  In Snow White and Psyche it’s the mother/mother-in-law/ evil stepmother.

Sedna and Persephone were perhaps reluctant to leave the world of childhood and needed a bit of a push.  But Snow White and Psyche had a different problem entirely.  They were so beautiful that neither the evil step-mother nor Psyche’s mother-in-law Aphrodite/Venus could take such competition and so the beautiful daughter had to go.

The older women didn’t want to move on to the next stage and become the wise crone.  They were desperate to remain in the beautiful stage, able to lure the man with their physical charms. They needed a bit of a push to move on.

The Moon is giving us that push now, to give up the safety of where we are at and allowing us to mature and grow into something new.  In doing so we must release what is no longer part of our life.   And that includes a certain innocence, a certain not-seeing of what harms us.  And it includes a tendency to gloss over what angers and frightens us, out of fear of being overwhelmed.  And it includes a desire to live in a fantasy world that is really a half death, and a wanting to wait for someone to come save us so we can live happily ever after.

Our fantasies need warm support from real people to bring them to life.  Left alone they hold us captive in a nether world of endless possibilities.  As children we are rarely given the activation we need to bring our brilliant ideas to physical fruition and so we spend our lives trapped in this nether world, endlessly seeking new ideas, ways to catch the attention, fresh persuasive arguments in favour of our dreams.  We can channel our creative energies into shopping, sexual adventures and raising children.  Or we go into a dreamless sleep where the fantasies sustain us from even having to try – they are, after all, only fantasies.

Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon

The Moon is also conjunct Neptune and Chiron, although they are still sitting in the Gate of Flaming Brightness and Illumination.  In this gate, our old masculine energy has been consumed by fire and we feel that we have nothing solid to cling to.  Except perhaps our Chirotic wounded sensitivity, or our Neptunian ability to dream and suffer from the effects of the ‘real world’ and engage in acts of apparent self-less caring for others.

What will we use to dress our visions and dreams now?  How will we support them?

Let’s have a look at the Sun, which might perhaps represent the masculine element of this Full Moon transit.  He’s in the Gate of Dispersing, where ice is broken up, becomes water and then flows away;  something frozen within us is thawing.   Orcus is there as well, suggesting a need for integrity in the masculine.  And telling a tale of how a lack of integrity both personally and culturally/economically can cause us to freeze up to protect ourselves.

Sedna, Goddess of the Northern Ice Realms, is being activated by Chariklo, Echeclus, Sappho and Magdalena in 43 (also about dispersing).  When we have increased to excess, we have a breakthrough and what is unhealthy is eliminated.  Magdelana seeks to redress the imbalance by acknowledging the equal partnership of the feminine receptive principle with the masculine active principle.  Echeclus gives us a mental ability to balance abstract and linear thought.

Indian Ocean by Flokifoto ~ www.Flickr.com

Sedna is in the Gate of Splitting Apart where the relationship is finding a new way and it can feel as if there is nothing solid to rely upon.  Even the ice has melted.

Remember Orcus?  He’s telling us something very important.  That our masculine active principle has been waaaay out of alignment with our inner feminine knowing.   Did I say waaaaaaay out of alignment?   Did I mention that the feminine is frozen?  We can’t properly connect with our deep intuition or natural sensuality and vitality.

The result is that we’ve all been racing around like lunatics without any real sense of what we were doing, hoping it would all turn out okay.  And now we’re exhausted and we can’t go on another minute.  Good!  Now we get to recover, recuperate, regroup and find a better way forward.

Eris, Goddess of Discord, has been sitting in the Gate of Growth and Increase in our Sacral Centre (think energy and vitality) since 2008.  She’s letting us know that our current methods of growth and increase are toxic, built as they are upon the poverty of vast sections of humanity and the general rape and pillage of the earth’s resources and her people.   This creates internal discord, as it leaves us with a constant craving for something new, what we have already partly consumed is strewn behind us, and we have nothing solid within us or outside of us that we can trust as truly reliable.  Not even our iPhones and Manolos.

A perfect example is the banks throwing people out of their homes when they lose their jobs and can no longer afford the mortgage payments.  That’s business and homeowners knew the deal when they signed the mortgage contract.  But the question remains … what kind of society treats it’s people in that way?  What kind of society throws people out of their homes just when they really need a sense of safety and security in their lives?

Again, Orcus conjunct the Sun asks us to delve deep and deeper into what we truly see, what makes us angry and what creates our fears, what is our personal emotional response to such actions.

Enter stage left …  Venus and Mars conjunct Haumea.  They are all sitting in the most potent gate of intuition in the Human Design chart, the Gate of Penetrating and Proceeding (57).  Haumea is one of the new dwarf planets, and she is the Creatrix of Hawaii.  In this gate of double wind, she is doing a balancing act (it is after all a Libran gate), that has two parts – waiting patiently for the right time to achieve our aims and being persevering in accomplishing them.  Big hint … Mars and Venus are both here and we are in Libra which is about balancing apparently opposing forces.

Here’s what Confucious had to say when I skyped him about this today 🙂 :

Before one’s mood of pleasure or anger, sorrow or joy, is released, one’s mind is in a state of equilibrium.  When those feelings have been released and are at an appropriate degree, they are in a state of harmony.  This equilibrium is the great basis of all human activities and this harmony is the universal path for all to pursue.  We must devote ourselves to achieving this state of equilibrium and harmony, and to establishing the proper order between Heaven and Earth.  Then all things will be nourished and will flourish.

Fractal Fire Rose by Pirate ~ www.Flickr.com

Are you wondering where the Time Lords come into this story?  There’s one reason why we don’t experience this state of equilibrium and resulting harmony in our lives.  And that’s because we have all bought into the story of constant growth.  We can’t stand still long enough to be consciously present in our bodies.  And so we don’t embody our dreams and visions.  We don’t have time.

If we take the time we need to truly live we’re accused of selfishness or laziness.  We need to give ourselves the time to experience our authentic emotional responses and the wonder of our physical bodies.   This will heal our anxiety and depression, and give us something solid and integral to cling to.

We’re too busy to allow our dreams to grow naturally, organically.  We push them to keep up with some insane rhythm that has nothing to do with true nourishment.  The Time Lords have stolen our lives and it’s time to take them back.  We want to live in our physical bodies, abundantly, sensually, juicily, joyfully alive.

It’s time to allow the natural in and out breath of growth, time to grow by looking within, time to trust what we know and embody our dreams and visions beyond the realms of pure fantasy.  There is an implicit order sitting under the apparent chaos and we can sense it arising in our lives.  Don’t let anyone confuse or limit it’s growth in your life.

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Spitting Out The Poison


21st August 2010

I’m watching the global debate just now on what will save us all. It’s assuming we need to be saved, which is interesting in itself. And I’m watching Mercury in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion bringing a black cloud of doom and gloom and ‘I can’t go on another minute like this’ to the mix. This is a gate that has us feeling that no matter what we do, nothing will ever change. And then Mercury is going retrograde so that alerts us to the fact that this way of thinking is exactly what we need to be aware of.

In two days things will begin to cheer up as first Venus and then Mars move into the Gate of Intuitive Clarity. At the moment they are both sitting in the Gate of Depth that triggers our feelings that we are unworthy, that what we have to offer from our authentic self will never be good enough. And that’s if anyone even notices it at all. Doom and gloom.

So what’s really going on here? Firstly, let’s get clear about the idea that the universe (or whatever we want to call it) does not get off on seeing you suffer. Here’s a major opportunity to clear some masochistic tendencies from the human condition, starting with our own thoughts. Over the next two days, anytime you feel limited, unseen, as if you have to struggle on and on with no respite, remember this: there are some deeply conditioned choices being made here and just now we have the chance to become conscious of them.

Here’s what the I Ching says:

We feel restless and indecisive. At first we want to push ahead, and then encounter obstructions that only feel oppressive when we deal with them recklessly. We butt our heads against a wall and then feel ourselves to be oppressed by the wall. We lean on things that have no stability. So then we turn back irresolutely and retire into our house only to find our wife is gone.

The wife represents something dependable, warm, nurturing. And can you feel it? She’s not there. But the whole point of this hexagram is that the wife (or what she represents) was there all along, we just can’t see her.  That’s because for two thousand years we’ve been practising not seeing her. It’s been about the father as creator and as protector and provider. But now the father is worn out, exhausted and has no answers for the questions that plague us.

One of the most common ideas I’ve come across in the past few months on the web is the idea that we must return to some sort of ethics.  It’s a loss of ethics that’s caused this problem, they say. But this won’t save our butts.  Because hidden deep under the idea of any externally formulated ethics is our authentic response to life and that’s what’s calling us out now.  In this situation any recall of morality and ethics will be used like a prison to continue to keep these aspects of self from seeing the light of day.  We have to be nice, good, kind, loving, calm, gentle, serve humanity, etc.  What do we do when the ethics we ascribe to conflict with our authentic selves?

Here’s the thing.  There are parts of ourselves that have been told they are wrong so many times that we believe if they escape our grasp we will die.  We must keep them frozen, deadened, hidden away.  It’s a life or death struggle going on within our psyche.  We may not even be consciously aware of it yet, but we feel the sense of dis-ease it’s causing and that’s our first port of call.

A deep soul woundedness that has been frozen, walking in the valley of death, is waking up, shaking her head and suggesting she might like a bowl of warm soup and a nice walk in the sun thank you.  Trying to apply ethics to such an personal alchemical experience is like being outraged that a coma patient isn’t using her knife and fork properly.  And this aspect of self has sustained damage  akin to a coma patient so we must be good to ourselves while she’s waking up.

I say ‘she’ because the activating point here is the Scattered Disc Object and Dwarf Planet Candidate currently known as Snow White.  She’s creating a channel with the South Node, demanding that if we want to ‘wake up’ and live happily ever after, we have to spit out that sliver of poisoned apple.

The issue here is our confusion about what is actually poison.  Somehow we’ve gotten confused and believe that something authentic in us is poison, rather than understanding that it’s been poisoned.  Something in us has become convinced that spitting out that poison is a bad thing to do, and we should go on being nice, polite, helpful and … well, ethical.

Let me ask you this.  What choices would you be making right now if there was absolutely nothing about you that was wrong?  What if the world was always wonderfully enthusiastic about absolutely everything about you?  What if we all celebrated your every word, every movement, every breathe of life you take?  That is the point of power we stand at today, and not just for our relationship with ourselves but for our relationships with each other.

Celebrate yourself.  You are life.  All of you.

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The Birth Of The Quantum Human


18th August 2010
There’s something quite astonishing going on just now and it’s not just astonishing because of what’s happening, but because of how we are perceiving what’s happening. We are becoming quantum humans.

There are three major themes. The first is the balancing of our masculine and feminine. We’ll be experiencing it’s effect on our relationships. But it’s going more deeply, into our own internal architecture, balancing our receptive and active principles. This is the relationship that sits at the core of our co-creative power. If it’s out of balance our dreams don’t realise on the material plane.

The second major theme is valuing our natural gifts. In a culture that largely ignores unique natural abilities unless they involve gathering huge crowds to stadiums – football or popstars – we’ve lacked the reflection back to us that activates those gifts. And let’s face it, even footballers and pop stars feel unseen! This lack of activation of our natural gifts prevents us from living a life where we get to truly use them, and to mature through the use of them. We get stuck on the point of struggling to have them seen, using a huge proportion of our energy in trying to attract attention to what we have to offer. These gifts are being activated now, we are ‘suddenly’ finding the way clear to share them and amazingly others are responded as they never have before.

The third major theme is the binding up of our sacral energy. When Abraham Lincoln freed the US slaves, he was a long way from abolishing slavery in that country or any other. Slavery is coded into our DNA and it shows up in our mental processes, our physical processes, our emotional processes. The focus now is on our physical processes – what we choose to DO each day. We are breaking out of the mechanical reality that ‘forces’ us to live by an artificial time completely estranged from our own experience of life in each moment.

Each of these three major themes is working synchronistically with the others to create a deep and abiding shift in our perceptions of life. Because that’s how it happens at the quantum level – with such an immense synchronistic power and delicacy that it takes our breath away to contemplate life’s majesty.

For the next 5 days, be aware of your sacral centre as it connects to your heart and aligns you with your life purpose and direction. Allow old toxicity to gentle tease out of your system. Trust that life is easy, graceful, loving and magnificent in it’s abundance. Trust that your dreams are winging their way to earth as you read this, and all you have to do is be present and available to yourself in each moment of your life. Breathe into your belly and own your power to create and live in freedom and love.

Here’s a video that sums up some aspects of the shift.

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Relishing The Ego Self


11th August 2010
With the Sun, Atlantis and Nemesis all in the Gate of the Army and triggered by a New Moon yesterday we can expect some shenanigans.

Nemesis is commonly known as the Goddess of Retribution.  Who wouldn’t shiver at the idea of meeting our Nemesis.  But if my work with the Feminine Mojo Project taught me anything, it was that in the world of myth and archetypes nothing is as it seems and so it is with Nemesis.

Nemesis by Gheorghe Tattarescu, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Originally a Goddess of Disinterested Fortune, similar to the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot, she is simply the bringer of your personal fate and you get to choose whether you perceive it as good or evil.  However the Greeks shifted her identity to make her the delivery girl for punishment for non-compliance with, if you like, the dominant paradigm.  In her more ancient form she probably represented our fear of punishment or retribution by the gods if we didn’t get it right.

What could we make of her in the transits?  Well, she appears as a winged goddess of fate at a time when there is immense activation to our soul purpose.  And she appears at a time of global flux that threatens to send us into extinction, a time when existing realities are disappearing and we are all doing the soft shoe shuffle in our attempts to find something solid to stand on.

Atlantis by Kenn BrownAlongside Nemesis we find the asteroid Atlantis, representative of civilizations lost.  Whether we believe in the mythology of Atlantis or not, it is a powerful archetypal statement of a society that got it wrong.

Fritjof Capra, in his book The Turning Point, talks about the development of the mechanistic world view gone mad, as we specialise more and more everything makes less and less sense because it doesn’t connect to anything else.  In this world of mad science and rational logic we develop solutions that have no basis in reality.

Nemesis and Atlantis both indicate a group of people who benefit at the expense of others, and the attempts to manipulate others in order to maintain that advantage.

At the level of our DNA we hold ‘control mechanisms’ that have us self regulating in alignment with the needs of our family, our tribe or culture, our economy.  It’s simple evolutionary strategy grown dangerous.  Why dangerous?  Because these strategies have been used against us. Consider the advertising industries use of psychology to manipulate our desires and how we’ve been trained into an addiction to ‘edible foodlike substances’ that lead inevitably to disease, malnutrition and a dangerous disconnect with the concept of food.  Did you see Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution?  He had 6 year olds who could not even recognise a potato or tomato, even though they live on fries and pizza.

Paige aka Megan

Watch how others may be interfering in your life, trying to convince you to conform to some apparently agreed upon code of conduct, when it matters not at all to them what you do.  Except in the shadow where we all have to keep each other in line so no one gets into trouble.

My daughter was just telling me a story of the other kids at school begging her to behave in a particular way because they were really uncomfortable with her stepping outside the boundaries.  There was nothing bad at all in what she was doing – she’s experimenting with different names and wanted to write her name in a new piece of concrete as Paige rather than Megan.  Quelle horrreur!

These group survival mechanisms operate in our emotional and mental fields and they go down deeper and deeper.  This Leo New Moon is awakening a spark of soul that takes back control of our own destiny, our desire to interpret our own lives and see clearly that we hold an immensely influential power for good when we have the courage to live from our heart and soul.

This is an ego healing, from the false sick ego self that keeps us small and malleable, to the strong ego which is a container for our soul visions.   The Army (gate 7) supports us to take control of our own inner rabble, to become our own commander, to decide how we interpret what happens to us and how we respond to those events.  In this place we become a powerful force of co-creation.

Yesterday’s Leo New Moon heralds a new era of leadership by the grassroots level of society, a fractal experience of each person leading the way while simultaneously opening to the influence of everyone else they meet on their journey.  In this way secrets are revealed and we rejoice in our common humanity rather than fight over our differences.

This is a profound shift in the concept of leadership and power.

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Grand Cardinal Cross ~ a cast of players


6th August 2010

At 20.51am UT today the Moon triggers a Grand Cardinal Cross. (*)  It does this by joining the Uranian Point Hades in the Gate of Modesty, opposite Pluto.  Remember that these cardinal points are all in the G Centre?  Well, today the Sun and Earth are also in the G Centre, giving us a powerful activation at the Heart Chakra.

6th August 2010

The past few weeks have brought us a significant way to understanding the difference between the energies that we experience in the Solar Plexus Centre (emotions) and those of the G Centre (love).

It’s also not insignificant that the Centre sitting between them ~ called, very confusingly, the Heart Centre ~ is home to the ego self.

The fastest way for the emotions to connect with love is by breaking down the ego self.  The pathway requires us to come into community (37) without losing ourselves in the process through dramatising our wounds (40) or being shocked by our interactions (51) and in this way discovering our pure and innocent self (25).

But the G Centre doesn’t just radiate love (although it certainly does that). It is also the place we go in the design when we want to know something about the life geometry.  Who you are and where you’re headed.

So here’s a rhetorical question for you – what happens to humanity when we have a Grand Cardinal Cross (Cardinal means initiating something new) that includes Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon plus the Sun and Earth, all in the G Centre?  Expect shifts!

Well more of the same you may think and when these types of shifts used to take us a year or two to integrate now we’re grooving through them in a week or so, even less.  We are amazing!  A few weeks ago we opened a new dimensional doorway and now we are gently and profoundly settling into our new home, shifting the density as we do so.

Today’s transits take away another layer of heart armouring, leaving you more open to love and loving. The new relationships – both love and business – that flow from this shift will completely change your life.   This is the crossroads where we can continue holding on to deep emotional wounds or choose a life filled with a juicy sexual/sensual vitality.

Here’s what today brings us.  With Saturn, sitting on the Super Galactic Centre and shifting our experience of finding harmony, beauty and excellent relationships, we find Vesta, Venus and Eros.   Eros brings a juicy sexual energy that zaps all our cells into LIFE!  Vesta rules, amongst other things, the ownership of our own sexual energy and also our creative sovereignty.  And Venus encourages us to do nothing that does not create more love, harmony and beauty.

How does all this fit with Saturn?  Many of you will be well aware of the new Saturn energy.  It’s earthy and solid and grounded.  It’s stable and reliable and something you can lean on.  When we release our belief in limitations and live fully in each moment, Saturn ceases to be malefic and becomes our greatest ally, a beloved paternal godfather.

The Moon is heading into Cancer to make up the fourth cardinal point and it will be conjunct the Uranian Point Hades.  There is much speculation about Hades and little agreement amongst astrologers.  My favourite take is that he represents a desire to go to the sub-atomic or mystical level of being in order to create something on the material level.  He also represents a trip back to the past, to past lives or childhood to recover something precious.

The Moon is likely to trigger old emotional childhood patterns of betrayal, abandonment, neglect, and these patterns probably exist on the karmic or soul level.  Don’t panic, you’ve been chipping away at this point in your field for a while now and there’s not much woundedness left there.  Here’s a tip.  If you’re feeling a lack of nurturing over the next 24 hours or so, make sure you do everything you can to nurture yourself.  If someone else wants to shower you with nurturing, so much the better! This is a powerful point of shift.


The Sun is conjunct Atlantis in the Gate of the Army, a gate that talks about internal leadership and how we control our inner rabble and turn them into a force to be proud of.  Atlantis is rich in mythology of abuse of power and secret uses of technology.  Atlantis enjoys knowing things that others don’t know and using that information for it’s own purposes to the detriment of others.  The Sun could represent breaking free of punishment by the father for seeking our own pathway, and it could represent shedding light on nefarious ethics and taking a new path that aligns more with our own values.  Interesting to find Nemesis there as well, likely to show us how to finally escape a behaviour that has continually tripped us up, to release an inner bogey man.

Mercury is up in the Crown Chakra all by himself.  He’s sitting above the Gate of Oppression (where we find good old Sisyphus forever struggling with that bloody boulder).  Mercury has this to tell us:

In times of disorder there is a temptation to advance oneself as rapidly as possible in order to accomplish something tangible.  But this behaviour leads only to failure and humiliation if the time for such achievement has not yet arrived.

And Mars has moved from the G Centre down to the gate that corrects family and karmic patterns (18).  And yes he’s still keeping company with Lilith, so expect deep experiences from men around the power of the mother and how it hangs around in their psyche.  This masculine wound is, I believe, the engine room of the excesses of the patriarchy, and as it comes to light the world will change quite quickly and easily.

There’s been some energetic backlash in the past 24 hours, as Mercury approached the Crown, trying to hypnotise us back into old energy.  Be very clear about your commitments just now. There’s no need to rush anything.  Everything is perfect, as are you.

(*)  This is the time the Moon enters Gate 15 in the Human Design chart.  From an astrological perspective, it moves into Cancer at 21.50pm UT.

Lilith by John Collier courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Missionary Position


I’m not an expert on the mythology of Lilith, but as she is holding sway over the Cardinal Cross just now I did a bit of research.  You won’t find Lilith in the bible, but I had a vague notion of her being Adam’s first wife.  That story comes from Hebrew rather than Christian sources, where she it is told she was created at the same time and from the same earth as Adam.   The word lillith has definite connotations of night (Hebrew), wind (Sumeria) and serpents (Mesopotamia).  Even as far back as ancient Assyria the word lilith conjured up a darker predatory side of sexuality ~ the succubus and her masculine counterpart the incubus.

She has a history of being demonic and inspiring fear, particularly around having our sexual energy sucked out of us against our will.  Very interesting!

Lilith by John Collier courtesy Wikimedia Commons

I was curious to see Lilith’s take on the missionary position.  I had heard that she left Adam because he demanded that she lay down and think of … well probably not England, but my understanding was that Lilith was accustomed to a much more active role and not just in the sexual aspects of her relationships.

Of course the missionary position is not necessarily a passive position for women, but I was thinking about the woman connecting to the earth (on the bottom) and the man as active creator (controlling the process from above).  This seems a perfect reflection of the early christian teachings on gender.

In fact, there is much evidence that the so-called missionary position has been used for millenium.  The Kagaba natives in Colombia preferred it because of the stability it offers; they believed that if the woman moved during intercourse, the earth would slip off the shoulders of the four giants who held it up above the waters.  But generally the more matriarchal a culture the less likely they were to extoll the virtues of the missionary position.

The early christians were all in favour.  Or at least those who weren’t celibate were encouraged to use it by those who were.  The medieval Catholic Church believed it was less animalistic than some of the alternatives and Thomas Aquinas believed it to be the only position that didn’t invoke sinful lust.  Which of course would be a dreadful thing!

Malinowski in his 1929 book The Sexual Life of Savages in North-Western Melanesia, records the nearly universal use of a totally different position among Trobiand Islanders [and] …” that caricatures of the missionary position are performed around … campfires, to the great amusement of the natives”

Lilith conjunct Mars, Saturn and the Super Galactic Centre is an activator not only to the way women and men relate to each other sexually but also the way culture informs gender roles and stereotypes.

Saturn’s involvement brings in the Pluto connection (Pluto currently in Saturn’s realm of Capricorn).  Pluto is in a long term relationship with Haumea, the Creator Goddess of Hawaii who, like the Trobiand Islanders, would most likely would find the missionary position highly amusing.   And then Venus is conjunct Makemake in the channel that connects our sacral centre (sexual energy) with our solar plexus (emotions).   A powerful gate of sexuality.  The natives of Rapa Nui were very free and open in the expression of their sexuality, shockingly so to the Europeans who arrived all gussetted up in their uniforms and fancy sailing boats.

This is not necessarily a raunchy energy, a lot of it is happening in Virgo.  And with Pluto and Saturn playing their parts it is more about building powerful new ways of relating rather than bodice ripping and crazy bonking.  I have no doubt it is going to have massive ramifications as women bust down the last vestiges of the wall that has been built to keep us from our masculine aspects.  And as men bust through into the truth of their inner relationship with the feminine, particularly their deep fear and anger.

(Much of the material for this post came from Wikipedia).


A Gentle Storm


There’s a perfect storm of relationship and intimacy happening.  It’s not just a sexual thing.  Venus is involved and her game plan includes helping us choose a life that we truly value.

Venus, Makemake, Typhon, Logos, Vesta and Eros are all in the Gate of Conflict – one of the main intimacy indicators in the design chart.  And her lover Mars is also in good company, being conjunct Saturn, Lilith and the Super Galactic Centre.

At a time when we could be feeling like retreating from the world, thinking we’ve been doing it wrong forever,  there is a rejuvenation happening at the emotional level.   Asteroids Child and Sisyphus are in the mind (47) perhaps prompting some old thoughts of no escape.  Remember Sisyphus, he’s the one who pushes the rock uphill and then watches as it plummets down and waits for him to do it all over again.

So what are Venus and Mars up to?  Well Venus has some pretty impressive friends just now.  Logos could perhaps indicate that Venus is being very logical, quite rational. But in fact Logos is THE WORD or alternatively the void from which all matter arose.  Keep that in mind while we meet Makemake, creator god of Rapa Nui.  The people of Rapa Nui were reported to live a life of such abundance and eros that the Europeans who first turned up there couldn’t figure out how they managed it.  All that good life from such a barren landscape – matter arising from the void.

And speaking of Eros, he represents the juicier end of the spectrum of life.  That leaves Vesta – your inner fire of sexuality and creativity, and Typhon which has a connection with the Snake Goddess and kundalini.  Pretty feel good energy and a great support to moving out of old patterns of relationship conflict.

Mars and Lilith in Libra, what an intriguing mix!  It could represent anger against women, having the courage to shift out of fixed roles, especially those roles constellated around gender, shifting the structure of long term relationships.   We’re in the G Centre so we’re dealing with a shift to the big love, and being able to still have the fun of all that tenderness, belonging, lust and romance of the Solar Plexus Centre without losing ourselves or our connection to source or whatever you might like to call it.

It also represents a potential shift in no longer projecting our masculine or feminine aspects onto a partner.

There is a huge leverage in this.  When two people come together with full access to both the G Centre big love and the Solar Plexus Centre more human love angels everywhere rejoice and the universe showers blessings upon all the world.  That’s where we’re heading.

Venus, and Mars in Libra, ensure it’s not just about romantic love, but also affects our business relationships.  Our personal feelings have never been particularly welcome in the workplace, to the detriment of us all.  A corporate environment devoid of emotional intelligence has proven itself to be a complete planetary disaster.  And even beyond that, it diminishes our personal contribution, turning us into robotic drones, or at least not as fully present as we could be.

Makemake and Haumea keep things sweet and happy, but even so, you could be feeling a need to be quiet, withdrawn, to retreat some from the world and allow a gentle teasing out of some old hurts.  It makes for a gentle storm, but one with profound implications for both love and business.

Bubbling Around by Grietje Haitsma

Imagining the Real World


Today another piece of the puzzle falls into place, as we dissolve toxic fantasies about who we are and what we want.

These channels between the Root and the Solar Plexus Centre are all about moving beyond survival at the emotional level.  Think of John Bowby’s babies, the orphans he observed back in the 1960’s who died for want of a warm loving connection with someone.  There’s no doubt we can pine away and die when we don’t get to experience positive emotions, or feel ourselves to be a constant target for negative emotional enery.

25th July2010

Here’s the thing ~ all that negative stuff – anger, depression, sadness, and the feelings I talked about in yesterday’s blog, shame, humiliation, guilt ~ none of them are real.  They are sitting out there in the ether and we are conditioned to make ourselves small and ineffective by plugging into them.

Instead of trying to work our way through negative emotional experiences we would be better served by giving ourselves permission to grieve and then finding what pure aspects are sitting underneath.

Grief is often seen as something self-indulgent, and wrongly judged as self pity. Not allowing ourselves to grieve for our own hurts keeps us from being able to naturally heal on the emotional levels.

There’s another transit that’s been heating up our emotional life.  Mars in Gate 6, conjunct Makemake and creating a channel with Orcus (dwarf planet candidate in Gate 59).   It has been bringing up our blocks to intimacy, and where we have been sacrificing our Sacral energy (sexually and creatively) in order to experience love connection.

Which brings me to today’s transits.

The Earth is in Gate 41.  This is where we’ll have the Full Moon tomorrow.  Neptune and Chiron are in Gate 30.  They connect the Root Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre ~ where our impulse to engage with life meets the filter of our personal emotional response.

This channel is, I believe, the root of our addictive energy.  Gate 41 is Decrease.  It represents the natural experience of allowing things to draw to a close, to come to completion, to empty and make way for the new.  This is not an experience that our culture is comfortable with.  When was the last time you saw an advertisement that suggested you take all the time you needed before making the decision to purchase?  Our lack of sustainability is directly attributable to our inability to abide decline, decrease, emptiness, as part of our natural process.

Gate 30 is Illumination.  When we allow ourselves the indulgence of decline and emptiness we naturally light up when the new energy comes to us.

The Solar Plexus Centre is such an incredibly important part of our growth and evolution.  Our personal emotions inform us of so many things.  They tell us when our boundaries are being breached, when we meet someone who will be important to us, when something arouses our curiosity and draws us forward on a new adventure.  They fuel our unique creativity and our sustaining emotional connections to others.

Much of the new age movement towards spiritual growth is aimed at the G Centre, while the Solar Plexus Centre remains largely unexplored territory.

This is a channel that impulses us to act on our personal desires.  We imagine what we want, our body experiences an activation, our emotions engage and we’re on our way!  But wait ….   we all know that it doesn’t happen like that.   Not because there’s anything wrong with us, but because we’ve all grown up in a world that doesn’t work that way.  It’s necessarily based on lack and scarcity, because that’s what keeps our economy ticking over.

Here’s what I wrote about this topic last week in my journal.

When we have been shamed for our desires we lose contact with our inner resources and our expectations become ruptured.  We expect one response from life and receive another entirely, which ruptures our connection with reality.  When others try to interfere in our experience of life that also causes a rupture in our experience of reality.  Our sense of reality is constantly under threat, from childhood!

I’ll give you an example.  Little Lisa falls over and takes the skin off her knee.  It really, really hurts.  Mum says (in a misguided attempt to comfort her beloved daughter)  “Oh that’s just a little scratch, it doesn’t hurt!”   Lisa thinks “Well I thought that was pain, but I must be mistaken.  It must be me making things up again!”  The next time Lisa feels pain she feels slightly ashamed to discover that she’s at it again, making things up, and she tries to pretend it doesn’t hurt at all!  Her connection with reality has been ruptured.

Bubbling Around by Grietje Haitsma

This weeks connection between the Earth and Neptune/Chiron is all about how we self-hypnotise ourselves out of our own reality, and into a fake life.  Our own true reality becomes an imaginary world, unbirthed.  While the false reality becomes our daily existence.   A web of self-hypnosis spreads across the planet, broadcast on MTV and sold in brown wrappers disguised as burgers at McDonalds.  And we all dance merrily on!

If you feel depression or anxiety this week, ask yourself what you have become accustomed to believing that just isn’t true for you.    This is a week when the veil is lifted from many lifetimes of fantisizing ourselves out of true existence.    Or perhaps I’m just imagining it … lol!

Goddess by Francis Lane

Pluto T-Squares and Aquarian Full Moons


Over the next few days you will come face to face with some ideas that you suddenly realise are just plain wrong. The Aquarian Full Moon on 26th July brings with it a new groundedness, an ability to see with clearer eyes, taking action from our hearts and a breakthrough in how we connect with each other.

23rd July 2010

23rd July 2010

We start our journey towards the full moon with Mercury moving into a channel with Saturn today.

Cardinal Cross in the G Centre

Remember last month’s Cardinal Cross?  All four points of that monumental cross are in the G Centre.

Those points represent massive change in our sense of identity, purpose and direction.

The Cross is still active, recurring in a few days, on the 26th, but most people are referring to it as a Pluto T-Square, because they use only classical planets.  That’s Uranus and Jupiter opposite Saturn and a square to Pluto.

If we take note of the Uranian Point Hades at 0 degrees Cancer (the point the Sun held in the Cardinal Cross on 26th June, we have another Cardinal Cross happening now.

The G Centre is generally keynoted Identity.  There is a deeper and quite difficult energy sitting in the G Centre.  It holds your feelings about being unconditionally loved.  It’s your love-life geometry.  This is the place where you are unsure about parts of yourself being loved.  It’s also the place where you are unsure what purpose your love is meant to serve in the world.

Emotions in the Solar Plexus Centre

There’s a whole lot going on in the Solar Plexus Centre as well.  It’s about emotions.  Let’s take a moment to consider that emotions and love are being processed by different energy centres within our bodies.  Which indicates that they are not made of the same stuff at our everyday density of experience.  The fact that we use the oxymoron “unconditional love” shows our confusion about that!

This week we are taking huge strides to bring those two energies into alignment with each other – our emotions and the energy of love are colliding.  The resulting purification of our emotional bodies can feel threatening as it breaks down protective barriers we have believed essential to our survival.

Just briefly, Neptune and Chiron have been unravelling your emotional wounds over the past two years –  suffering in order to grow or help others has been a particular favourite.  On the global level it’s involved lifting the veil from the idea that there is anything wrong with us at all.  We are realising we are sane and sensitive.  It’s the system we live in that’s surreal and insane.

In coming to terms with the idea that there’s nothing wrong with us, we’ve come face to face with our shame, our humiliation, our guilt, our anger, our sorrow.  Our collective anxiety about expressing these feelings has been preventing us from being and loving freely.  Quite simply, we believed that if we admitted to experiencing any of those feelings it was clear proof that there was something wrong with us.  They have been the bars on our prison, keeping us from the full blissful expression of our pure innocent selves.

What’s Happening To Your Heart?

With such massive activations on the cardinal points, the system cannot continue on as before.   Our ‘love’ energy is effecting major change in our world.  As within, so without.

The Cross formation in the G Centre (Capricorn in 10, Cancer in 15, Aries in 25, Libra in 46) sets up a four way tension.  If you pull one corner into alignment, the other three pop out again.  So it’s a balancing trick.  We’ll talk more about how to deal with that when we get to Mercury below.

Jupiter is giving us the faith to find our own personal sense of meaning, to let go of ideas that we might have taken as god-given rules about life up till now.  In the Gate of Innocence it allows us to trust that a gentler more ‘foolish’ and childlike approach to life is okay.

Curiosity, expressing open-hearted pure love, having adventures and making mistakes are all okay with Jupiter and Uranus in the Gate of Innocence.

The defences they use are hanging on to always knowing everything, always being right (Jupiter) and theorising at the expense of experimenting, keeping it cool and logical (Uranus).

Saturn sits almost directly on the Super Galactic Centre, impacting hugely on the way we are relating to others.   Saturn can bring stable long term relationships, but it can also bring feelings of loneliness and isolation.   It’s this Saturn influence that a lot of people are finding difficult just now.

Our need to break free, to express who we are (Uranus) and find our place in the sun (G Centre) can only be expressed when we are able to relate to each other without the old stories of separation (Saturn).

When Saturn is stressed he tends to be punishing, cold, isolated and rigid in his beliefs and behaviours.  He is also king pin when it comes to taking responsibility …..   if your shoulders are sore over the next few days, consider what feels heavy and imagine you are putting it down, shake your shoulders and feel how much lighter that is!

It’s not just that great new things are showing up for us, it’s that we have to grow enough to make use of them!   I read a funny story yesterday (I don’t remember where) about a man who was offered a wonderful and  prestigious position with a service organisation in Africa.  He sent a message back declining the offer, saying “not worthy”.   He received a short response –  “get worthy”.   Saturn wants us to ‘get worthy’ of receiving love and wonderful opportunity.

Pluto is in the Gate of Treading.  I’ll quote directly from the Wilhelm I Ching:

We find ourselves in an altogether inferior position at the start.  However we have the inner strength that guarantees progress.

If we can be content with simplicity, we can make progress without blame.  When we are dissatisfied with modest circumstances, we are restless and ambitious and keen to advance, not for the sake of accomplishing anything worthwhile but merely in order to escape from lowliness and poverty.  Once our purpose is achieved we are likely to revert to arrogance and luxury loving.

Pluto tends to use power plays and intrigue to defend himself.

Pluto isn’t alone.  He’s connected to the Spleen Centre via dwarf planet Haumea in the Gate of The Gentle (57) in the Spleen Centre.  For most of the time Pluto was in Gate 10 in 2008-9, Haumea hadn’t yet arrived in Gate 57.  Doing it alone meant Pluto’s influence was largely felt as an external process.  You may remember his effect on the global economy?

Goddess by Francis Lane

This time around it feels really different.  Partly because Pluto is retrograde and that means a more internal process.  But Haumea is a powerful influence, bringing a soulful confidence in our own intuitive knowing that cuts through all kinds of glamour and obsfucation straight to the truth.  She is speaking to us through our bodies, our cells, telling a story of sensual embodiment in a global and cosmic reality.

I can’t overestimate the evolutionary significance of this Pluto – Haumea hook up.  One aspect is around money and our sense of receiving abundance.

Pluto sits on the Capricorn point telling us we get it from glamour, status, external success.  It’s the masculine-as-creator syndrome.  Haumea tells us we hold it within us, that’s it’s unlimited and flows effortlessly when we allow ourselves to drop deeply and sensuously into our bodies and their enjoyment of life on earth.  This is the return of the mother-as-creator energy.

This shift in what we seek pushes us into a realm of trusting our inner creation rather than checking the positions vacant.

In the fourth point of the T-square at 0 degrees Cancer, opposite Pluto and creating a Grand Cross, is Hades.  Hades may be a trigger for us to look beneath the surface, to bring a metaphysical understanding to our physical reality.  In Gate 15, Hades advises us not to be dazzled by old ideas of fame and fortune.  Very similar to Pluto’s advice in Gate 10.

Taking Action From The Heart

Okay, so that’s the major players in the G Centre.  Let’s get back to Mercury, which is connecting the Sacral to the G Centre.  Mercury transits bring things to consciousness, and in the Gate called The Abyss, he brings our attention to the way we apply our energy to difficult situations.

When the Sacral Centre connects to the G Centre it generates an energy that seeks to act from our hearts.

Water in The Abyss flows downhill.  It doesn’t stop and think “Hmm, maybe I’ll get to the ocean more quickly if I climb up that cliff and hike overland.”   It doesn’t look at the rocks obstructing it’s path and work out intricate plans for removing them, it simply flows around them.  Nor does it sit above the waterfall saying “Waterfall, what waterfall?”

When water finds itself in a still deep pool it simply sits there and waits until it’s time to move on.

This week, this is how we move out of danger, out of the old Saturn ideas that keep us separate and feeling limited in our lives.  Out of Pluto’s power struggles, Uranus’ unending rebellion that saves us from having to truly stand for what we believe in, Jupiter’s idealism that prevents us knowing the truth.

We flow downhill. This is how we find a new sense of self and personal meaning, we flow downhill.

Water flows on downhill, filling up all the places through which it flows; it does not shrink from any dangerous spot or from any plunge, and nothing can make it lose it’s essential nature.  It remains true to itself under all conditions.

Mercury and Saturn together are activating a channel that brings serendipity into our lives.  It’s the ‘overnight success after decades of hard work behind the scenes’ channel.  When we flow naturally through the abyss, we experience no danger and obstacles to our progress dissolve away.  As the I Ching would say ‘supreme success’.

The Golden Bough by Jeroen van Valkenburg courtesy of Wikimedia

Tending Your Inner Flame

20th July 2010


Mars has moved into the emotional zone and hit us in our intimate relationships.  Especially for those with activations in the adjoining Gate 59, this is a powerful influence.  Gate 6 in the Human Design chart holds many emotions and seeks to bring together our emotional and sexual/creative natures.  Not an insignificant process!

Mars transits affect our emotional boundaries.  And Gate 6 represents … our emotional boundaries.  Shazam!  This is the place where we allow our ego to dissolve and open up to greater intimacy or we get angry and defensive and shut down.

Also in Gate 6 is the dwarf planet Makemake.  One of the most significant aspects of Makemake in this gate is our memory of some ideal time, when we received warmth and emotional intimacy in abundance.  It’s possibly found in recollections of our childhood or an early relationship.  And then it was taken away from us and we have been mourning for it, searching for it ever since.

Both Orcus and Apollo are in Gate 59 at the moment.  Apollo can show how we lost our natural voice within our family dynamic and, in Gate 59, how we may have projected that into our relationship dynamic.  Orcus is also a potentially threatened aspect of self, stuck in the underworld and unable to return through lack of recognition that this part of ourselves even exists.

Neptune and Chiron are also in the Solar Plexus Centre affecting our emotions.  Neptune has been on a 2 year mission to clear delusion from our lives, to help us to see clearly what it is that really makes us happy.  To move us past trying to manifest the red ferrari or billionaire husband and into something more authentic.  This week Mars brings Neptune’s focus to our relationships.

Ceres and Saturn play important roles here as well.  Ceres is in Gate 11 (activated this week by the Earth in Gate 56), approaching the Galactic Centre.  It’s as if our grief and sense of isolation and loneliness (Ceres) is being sucked out of our hearts (Galactic Centre), to be replaced by .. well we know not what as yet, we can only imagine the connections we can make with each other when this process is complete.  Saturn is approaching the Super Galactic Centre and about to receive an activation from Mercury next week.  It speaks along the same lines – the release of old worn out ideas of relationship that are not warm and intimate and inviting but cold, austere and functional.  Economic rather than earthy.

The Golden Bough by Jeroen van Valkenburg courtesy of Wikimedia

Mars is being followed closely by Vesta, currently in the Gate of Exhaustion (47).  Vesta asks us to tend our own inner flame, to release any ideas that say we must neglect it for the sake of others.

Venus is just completing her stay in the Heart Centre in the Gate of Deliverance, again with a theme of exhaustion – when we feel we have tried too hard over too long a time to win love and acceptance we simply lose the will to go on.  We have to rest and recuperate before things will return to something approaching normal.

The fire of Mars is a gift, giving us the courage to pull back inside our own skin, to look into our own heart and see the walls we have built that prevent us from having a loving intimate realationship with ourselves.  Using Mars for reckless movement or energetic defence will cause us to miss a profound opportunity for love and connection this week.

It’s almost as if we have completed a stage of our evolutionary journey in relationship and now we get to rest, recuperate and tend our own inner flame.  We should only be drawn into the world if the impulse feels fully alive (Eros in 64) and not another go at trying to ‘make it happen’ (Sisyphus in 64).

We’re 6 days out from another go at the Pluto T-Square.  Nothing is as it seems!  Allow life to inform you rather than you trying to shape life.   What matters most is not the form something takes, but your sincerity.

rolled gold

The Luminous Transformation of The Diabolical Self


Here’s something that’s always fascinated me.  People’s fear of having no rules.  I am always being given reasons, really good reasons, as to why we need rules.  It’s the only way we can keep the evil in check.  Not you and me, mind you, but those bad people out there.  My beautiful Facebook friend Jeanie raised the issue for me again last week.

And hey, we only have to look around to see that there are people out there doing bad things.  Last night on the news a woman was shot on the front steps of her home by some unknown assailant.  The police are asking for witnesses.  Monsanto is high on my list of nerry-doers.  And I think BP checks a lot of boxes for people just now.

If you read this blog regularly you’ll know I like to look deeper, delve beneath the surface.  Especially when the Earth is sitting on my Moon in the Gate of Bringing the Invisible to Visibility, as it is today.

And what I see here is a fear of our own evil selves, the one’s that we fear will get out of control and wreak havoc in our own lives and in the lives of those we love.  Our diabolical self.

We can usually find our diabolical self if we get out the rule book from our childhood and read it.  Hidden between the thou shalt not’s and the don’t you ever’s and the you know I love you when you’s we can find it lurking.  But our diabolical self is not easy to discover, because it has survived so long by going deep underground, by hiding in shadows and slipping away when we turn our gaze in it’s direction.   It’s principle source of nourishment is our shame.  The shame that says that this completely natural and innocent aspect of ourselves is not okay, not loveable, not worthy of inclusion in our day to day life.

I found my diabolical self this morning by asking myself these questions:  Why am I not loveable?  Why am I a failure?  Why am I not allowed to do what I want?  Why am I not allowed to nurture myself?  My diabolical self came straight up to the surface, lured by the bait of shame, and answered me very clearly.  I am dangerous, I am destructive, I am hateful, vengeful and out of control.

So there you have it!  What is reflected back to me about the truth of who I am.  Out in the light for all to see!  Luminously transformed by the light of day.

Doesn’t the world ‘diabolical’ roll beautifully off the tongue.  I am diabolical.  I checked it’s meaning and it perhaps means to pass beyond.  The word devil could perhaps have originally meant a fierce and wild warrior.  It’s not really clear, but certainly there has been a ‘fundamental’ shift in the meanings of many words, creating an oversimplification of life that reduces our options for how we live it. (http://nineangles.wordpress.com/diabolic-etymology/)

I’m writing about this now because today we are having a major shift and I’m not even going to look for it in the transits because I can’t be bothered going into the mental energy.  That’s just how BAAAD I am!   This is the first day in many years that I’ve been asked to step out of my day to day life and just hold the energy.  Just sit, breathe and feel.

Here’s the crux.  The rules of patriarchy are breaking down and your inner authentic self is escaping.  What happens when a whole lot of planets pass over the Aries point?  We shift out of the prison (Pisces) of the old and into new terrain (Aries).  What happens when a whole lot of largely ignored dwarf planets hook up with super massive black holes?  We get something so new we don’t even recognise it yet.  And in this new energy, the old evils are so apparent there is no sleight of hand possible, no invisible power plays, no theft, rape or environmental calamity that isn’t clearly visible for what it truly is.

Some part of you that has felt itself imprisoned is coming out into the world.  Not the old world, it’s very release represents a new way of being.  It doesn’t need rehabilitation, that would take it back into the old judgments where it would remain ‘diabolical’ rather than a wild and courageous warrior of spirit.  It simply needs to hear these words “You are welcome here.”


A Day of Massive Integration

Does it feel like you’re being sucked into a whirlpool? Or perhaps racing down a ravine on a flimsy raft? Both of these images make sense.

Apart from the obvious – Cosmic Cross, sitting between two eclipses – we have lots of dwarf planet and black hole action going on. Plus Mars and Venus are playing out an ancient story right before our eyes. Let’s go have a closer look.

Our galaxy revolves around the sun. Which revolves around the Galactic Centre. Which itself revolves around the Super Galactic Centre. Wheels within wheels. And then we have the super massive black hole called The Great Attractor. So what?

All three black holes are impacting hugely upon us right now.

Let’s start with the Galactic Centre. In the Human Design Chart it’s in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11, which is about Heaven and Earth coming together. And sitting right there keeping it company just now is the very important dwarf planet, Ceres.

The Galactic Centre is like a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks out all your old subconscious ideas and replaces them with new ones. We simply have to look at the planet making contact with it to see what kind of ideas are getting removed and to know what they’re getting replaced with. Ceres represents the places within us that haven’t been nurtured and nourished, plus loss and grief, and anything to do with food.

This pressures us to release old ideas that don’t feel good and to learn new ways of thinking about ourselves and our lives. Thinking nurturing thoughts, releasing grief at not being loved.

Moving through space and time, we arrive at the Super Galactic Centre and find …. Saturn! In the Human Design Chart the Super Galactic Centre is in Gate 46 in the G Centre. The Super Galactic Centre wants us to find a soul mate. Not in the romantic sense and not even necessarily in the love sense. It wants us to have stable loving and creative relationships, starting with our relationship with ourselves.

This is the Gate of Pushing Upwards and it’s story is that of a seedling pushing up through the soil towards the light and warmth of the sun. The seedling doesn’t really know where it’s headed or what it will find when it gets there.  All it knows is that it must make the effort and it must move towards warmth and light.  Saturn helps us release old self imposed limitations to relating, peeling off heart armouring, and supports us to build solid stable and supportive long term loving creative relationships.

And The Great Attractor?  It’s in the Sacral Centre in Gate 5, Waiting for Nourishment.  And it’s joined by a Centaur called Ixion.   Eric Francis describes Ixion quite eloquently as “a total asshole”. Astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza makes this revealing comment:

“… at the least [Ixion] would also seem to be related to the suppression, manipulation, and the exploitation of women. And more specifically about those in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the the tyrannical destruction of people for one’s own end.”

To his credit, Ixion appears to be using the immense power of The Great Attractor to reveal the way in which a certain sort of powerful, authoritarian asshole has been operating to our detriment right under our very eyes. Even to the point of having us play a part in our own destruction.   It’s as if the oil spill has drawn massive attention and now we are all on a path of unravelling, being drawn into The Great Attractor’s energy field with no hope of escaping until the story is complete.

So that’s the black holes.  But with all that going on, they are only part of the story.  Remember the Cardinal Cross?  It’s gotten bigger.  Crosser?  Because Pluto has now joined all the other players in the G Centre.  Jupiter and Uranus, Saturn and Pluto – three of the four points of the Cross (Jupiter and Uranus are both at one point) – are in the G Centre, which is all about the way we connect to each other.

8th July 2010

8th July 2010

Have a look at the connections in the chart today.   If we add in the dwarf planets Ceres, Haumea and Eris, we have a connection from Root to Ajna with the Spleen Centre included as well.   Let’s take account of Vesta in Gate 64 in the Crown,  dwarf planets Orcus and Makemake in 59/6 connecting the Sacral Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre, and the Centaur Bienor (the Strong Man) in Gate 51 – Shock – bringing in the Heart Centre and we have all 9 centres activated without having to resort to anything beyond the very sigificant cosmic players.

I’m not going to try to go over all the aspects, because it would make our brains explode on this amazing day.  Let’s just leave it this overview.

It may feel like something beloved is being removed from our lives, although we may not know what it is.  We may feel as if we are heading into a personal dark night or a global apocalypse.  This is Ceres demanding her dues as Earth, potentially releasing an outpouring of emotional energy (via Makemake and Orcus in the Solar Plexus emotional centre).    If we want to be a part of this earth play, we have to acknowledge our part in it.  We do this through our bodies and this brings Venus into the picture.

In the Feminine Mojo Teleseries, Venus was a revelation, a powerful new influence, re-emerging into our lives.  Both light and dark, morning and night.  In the Sacral Centre just now she takes hold of our energy and demands we use it in her service, and this may involve going into a personal dark night on the way to our own new dawn.  Venus tells us that we cannot live without love and beauty.  Ceres allows us to grieve for the times we have had to do so.

It drives me crazy when I read that a Venus transit means we’re going to feel lazy and spend too much money!  How this trivialises us!  Lazy is the new creative!   Money is the new abundance!   No more slavery to the protestant work ethic and doing without so that a handful of powerful people can suck up all our earthly goodness for themselves.

There is rising up a joyful, erotic and loving energy from this womb-like depth.   It is unsinkable.  It’s is unstoppable.  It’s a Venusian force of nature.  As Venus tells us in The Abyss (gate 29) we only have to flow with the rushing river through the abyss to reach the ocean.  We don’t need to try to heroically climb the sides of the ravine, or struggle to move rocks that appear to obstruct us.  It’s all in the flow and letting the water carry us on.

Mars in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion is instrumental for the next few days.  He is making us angry and overwhelmed.  He is probably making our head spin as he asks us to dig into our anger to dicsover the point at which it transforms to become our passion.

This is not a time to repress your rage, the world needs your fire to protect what’s rightly yours.  And mine.  And ours.   It’s the key to moving out of thoughts that will otherwise cause our own extinction.    Mars is bringing wild dreams of destruction, blood, and release from servitude.

The next eclipse is going to happen right on top of Eris, so we’ll leave her till then.  Take it easy today and enjoy the birthing of an amazing new world of creative connection, love and an erotic sensual expression of life!


Shifting Life Geometry


Get ready for some big shifts between now and the 12th July.  Really?  Just for a change :).   Later today, Uranus begins to go retrograde and Venus and Pluto move, creating a heart energy revitalized by our desire to create beauty and love in the world.

5th July 2010

5th July 2010

Pluto is retrograde, moving back towards Sagittarius, back into Gate 10 in the G Centre.  When Pluto moved into this gate back in 2007 the subprime mortgage crisis triggered the economic adjustments that we are still experiencing.  Expect more change and restructuring between now and the end of the year.  The underlying energy here is taking back our own personal power and demanding that any ‘system’ we engage with is nurturing and supportive.

Have a look at that G Centre!  Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, with Venus connecting it to the Sacral Centre.   This is the centre of our geometry, our sense of who we are and how we move through life.   Venus is supporting us to choose wisely what we do with our energy.  The shift is in deeply transformative behaviour that creates life structures that are supportive of your unique genius.

Can you imagine a world where your life flows easily because it’s a direct reflection of your authentic self?  Where love and beauty inform your every decision?  Where the people who you connect with each day align with your highest being, and you with theirs?

Although there is massive change happening on the planet, both visible and invisible, our progress continues to be slow, steady and determined.  This is because we are learning how to be present in our physicality, to love being here in a body, to connecting with the sensuality of life.  Hold onto this over the next few weeks, as there could be some slight bumps. I’ll write more about it over the next few days.

If you didn’t get to hear the BlogTalkRadio show I did with Jamie Walters last week on our Feminine Mojo Project, here it is.



Sharing Your Glow


There’s some difficult and potentially intrusive energies around at the moment.  They are at the Root and Crown, and this can create a pressure to conform to someone else’s idea of what your life would best look like.   It may be direct and in your face, but more likely it’s hidden under layers of conditioning and what gestalt therapists call “creative adjustment”.

The energies we have available to us at the moment are extraordinary, if only we can see through the cloak of oppression that has been thrown over them.

Mars is in the Crown Chakra and Venus is in the Ajna.  But they’re not alone!

Mars is joined by the Goddess Asteroid Vesta, bringing some interesting themes.  Vesta represents the fire of the mother.   The Vestal Virgins were originally an ancient order of priestesses who ruled by virtue of magic and a connection with the sacred, especially the Great Mother.

With Mars we clear anger and violence against the sexual nature of women, and experience a cleansing of the inner flame of heart, creativity and our desire to share it’s glow with others.

There is a very subtle energy coming through of violence against the sacred nature of the feminine, and a strength and courage to reclaim the inner hearth. On the negative side of Mars we might be angrily holding onto old ideas, hugging ancient injuries to our chest.

Downgraded from sacred sexual priestess to domestic goddess, Vesta was the reason women were unable to leave the house.  Mother had always to be at home …. to keep the hearth fire burning.  But for whom?

This transit allows us to reset personal boundaries around our own creative and sexual energies as they flow in through the Crown Chakra.

3rd July 2010

Let’s look at the chart.  You can see that Mars is in the Crown Chakra, on the left hand side.  This gate inspires us to think about things differently, to let go of ideas that create exhaustion and/or oppression.   Mars gives us the courage and passion to do that this week ~ a passionate and fiery devotion to our own inner flame.

Logos is in the adjoining gate 47 ~ Exhaustion and Oppression.  Logos represents the natural order of the universe, but has been misrepresented as the masculine rational way of approaching life via Carl Jung’s anima.

But of course, the natural order isn’t accessible if we look from only one end of the spectrum, we lose a sense of the connection between things.

When things go wrong in our lives, we are usually encouraged to push forward even harder and faster.  When was the last time you were encouraged to take some time out, go deep and dream, as a way of dealing with difficulties?  And then we wonder why the world is such a mess!

Mars tells us: “this is the time to lay the foundations of power and mastery for the future.”

What’s Venus up to?  She’s in Gate 4, Youthful Folly, in the Ajna Centre (mind).  It feels to me that the re-emerging Feminine energy is still quite young and unformed, and that we are still quite inexperienced in applying it to our lives.  We have had an immense opportunity to go deep within ourselves and draw out hope for a new way, but we are not able yet to see the big picture.  This makes sense when we take into account the TNO Borassisi in Gate 63, directly above Venus in the Crown.  Borassisi likes to make his own rules, but they can be narrow, personally biased, and lacking wisdom.

“In times following a great transition, everything is pressing forward, striving in the direction of development and progress.  But this pressing forward at the beginning is not good;  it overshoots the mark….  don’t allow yourself to be infected by the general intoxication.”

And speaking of development and progress, let’s head on down to the Root Centre, which is the place we go when we want to know something about manifesting on the physical plane.  And there we find Mercury hanging out with Aphrodite (53), and forming a channel with Eris and Amor (42).

This is the pressure or impulse (Root) to communicate (Mercury) what we have learnt to value in ourselves (Aphrodite) through having overcome adversity (Eris).

We seek to share the strength we have discovered within us in a loving, kind and gentle way (Amor).  We hide the places where we feel we are to blame for the disorder we are still teasing out of the mix (Eris).  There is an aspect of rejection, of being outcast here (Eris), and feeling that we need to use sneaky means (Mercury/Eris) in order to get attention (Eris), and to find and share (Amor) our love and success (Aphrodite).

Gate 53, Gradual Development, clues us into what we’ve already learnt in the Crown and Ajna, that this is a time for slow and steady development.

Because we live in a culture that believes a spark of an idea is all we require from the divine before we leap forward and create the world anew with only our own personal manly efforts.  But there are more subtle creative energies softly falling to earth just now.  Like snowflakes, if you stand very still and lift your face to the heavens you might just catch them.

We are learning how to create by embodying our ideas before we share them, half baked and unformed, with the world.  In this way, our creative energy moves out effortlessly and without resistance.


Your Matrix Meets My Matrix

There’s a whiff of depression in the air, and sadness. It’s that Root Centre getting so much activation we hardly know which way is up. With the Sun, South Node and Mercury all in Gate 39 – Obstruction – it can feel like being between a rock and a hard place.

But the solution to our ills is in not allowing the past (South Node) to inform us. Easier said than done, as our cells can scream quite loudly when they feel we are threatened, and the ego self wants to have it’s say in our survival as well. “We were doing fine the old way,” it tells us, “there’s no need for all this change!”

Well, need or not, we are amidst the change and we may as well be on the lookout for the wondrous new solutions to past ills that are coming our way.

2nd July 2010

2nd July 2010

Mercury will shift today to Gate 53 – Development through Gradual Progress. It’s in the Root Centre and, most importantly, it’s going to create a channel with Eris. Of course, as usual with the dwarf planets other than lucky old Pluto, we can’t see Eris in the chart, but there she sits nonetheless, a perfect example of the unseen forces gradually being revealed to us.

Eris has many facets, one of which is that when we ignore her presence we experience a sense of discord in our lives. The other aspect is that we need to look carefully at the causes of discord we are experiencing, find out part of the ‘blame’ and take responsibility for it.

In family dynamics we often find that each area of family ‘discord’ is blamed on a particular family member.  What were you habitually blamed for?  What have you always felt responsible for?  Where do you feel you have failed your family, or let them down?

When we become conscious of what hooks us into the family dynamic ~ as we unconsciously try to ‘fix’ that bit of it’s brokenness ~ we are able to gently release it and move closer to our natural shape and size and pattern of being.

Again, we find the sadness of releasing those old ways of relating.  It can truly feel like a death and can trigger a sense of being alone in the world and unloved. But that is not the truth.  There is a fractal global filament of light and love that is picking up each one of us as we come loose from that sticky old web.

There’s something quite profound that we are creating in our new relationships, and it is that we are allowing each other to be.  To be true, to be ourselves, to hold our own reality.   It is one of those monumental but again unseen things that are happening on the planet just now.  You won’t read it in the newspaper but you’ll feel the difference and gradually you’ll notice people start to write books about it and they’ll turn up on the bestsellers list.

It’s as if you have a matrix and I have a matrix, and we have always gotten together by trying to blend them.  But we’ve finished with that, and now we are learning a new way, which is to bring those two matrixes together, preserving their essence, and finding out how they can fit together.  It’s a bit of a bumpy ride as we rub against each other, bumping into old patterns and accidentally trying to shift each others matrix.  This week in particular we are discovering how amazing we are when we come together in this new way.

But we’re still on our training wheels, so we need to be gentle and kind to each other, as much as we can be anyway!   There is an incredible leveraging of universal energy when we come together in this new way, that shifts us into an entire new reality of creation.  It’s so delicious!

rolled gold

Cardinal Cross ~ Take 3

If you’re feeling a bit dizzy or disoriented, exhausted or pumped up and having trouble sleeping, put it down to the black hole activity contained within the Cardinal Cross. We’re just about there – it will be most exact on 26th June.

Black holes? Well as Philip Sedgwick pointed out on the Love Your Design Radio Show this week, Saturn is square the Galactic Centre as are Jupiter and Uranus. The Galactic Centre is fixed in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11.5 of the Human Design chart. The Galactic Centre sends out infrared rays that pressure the mind to release old material, so as to allow room for new ideas to flood in. It works on both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Cardinal Cross 26th June 2010

Follow me down the chart here.  You won’t see most of this on the chart.  In true gate 61 fashion, it’s not visible but is nonetheless very present in our reality!

With Lilith, Logos and Typhon in the Crown Chakra gate 61, we are receiving new and inspired information that opens us up to thinking more rationally (Logos) about the roles assigned to us (Lilith) and to pull back our ancient power of magic (Typhon).

Moving down to Ajna Gate 24 we have a black hole NGC 1068 (in line 2) that suggests we dive deep into our oceanic nature, but remember to surface with the treasure! Sitting right there on NGC 1068 is the asteroid Rhea. Now for those who aren’t that well acquainted with Rhea, she was the Mother of the Olympians, daughter of Gaia (earth) and Uranus (sky).

Before her Greek incarnation she was a mother goddess from Crete, usually shown as driving a great chariot pulled by two lions. Those interested in the tarot may recognise a version of The Chariot symbol here. The Chariot indicates change, but also being pulled in two directions or having to bring together the dark and the light, the conscious and subconscious mind. The lion represents the process of coming into our own power through taking control of the subconscious self.

Gate 24 is about coming back to where we began and finding ourselves in a new place. We have considered something long enough that we have found a new inspired and empowered way to approach it. As “The Turning Point” it is perhaps the most famous hexagram in the I Ching.

Let’s continue on down through the Ajna Centre to Gate 11, where we find the Galactic Centre (line 5) and dwarf planet Ceres (line 4). If the Galactic Centre is pulling out old programming, Ceres tells us that this programming must have something to do with how we nourish ourselves.

Another very important aspect of Ceres is the grief at the loss of the young and innocent.

This aspect of Ceres is important because Orpheus, rescuer of the innocent Eurydike from the underworld, is in Gate 10.3 –  drawing attention to our own wounds by engaging in martyred behaviour. And the particular behaviour we are engaging in as an act of martydom just now seems to be trying to rescue others.

The act of rescue is itself an attempt to show that something innocent and vulnerable within you needs rescue.

We project the innocent out onto another and seek to rescue them because we have no clue how to rescue ourselves.  It keeps us busy, but isn’t particularly effective! Subtle, but keep an eye on that one in your life, it’s potentially a very powerful shift that’s available to us.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct on the Aries point in the Gate of the Innocent, so you can see how as we move around the chart, that particular theme of innocence is connecting up in a powerful way.

So, we are still making our way down from the Crown and we got to Gate 11. Next we have Gate 56 at the Throat. This is an interesting gate. In the I Ching it is the Wanderer, and explains to us the best way to behave when we are in strange and unfamiliar lands. People with this gate tend to feel that they landed on the wrong planet and just have to make the best of it.

As I realised while talking to Philip Sedgwick this week, they feel this way because their Gate 56 is channeling the voice of the Galactic Centre in Gate 11, which is directly above it. And the Galactic Centre is sending in a humungous amount of new information all the time. New as in … I’m sorry I don’t quite understand what you’re saying, but come back to me in a few years time and I may have caught up with you.

In Gate 56 we find the asteroids Nemesis and Ophelia. Nemesis says … I can’t get my life together because this one thing keeps going wrong.

Ophelia represents unrequited love, but also where we give our power away to another (usually a man as in Hamlet or her father Polonius) and so lose touch with our own desires.

How are Nemesis and Ophelia channeling the voice of the Galactic Centre in this Cardinal Cross?

Giving our power away creates a feeling that something in our lives keeps going wrong and it makes us feel like an alien, the only one who can’t figure out how to make this life work! Again, subtle stuff and I expect this may take a while to come up to the surface but if you observe carefully you’re likely to spot it.

I had a discussion with a friend yesterday about the pressure I was feeling to get my part of a joint project done. She wasn’t at all worried and I realised I that I was being a martyr (Orpheus in 10) by pushing myself in ways that didn’t feel good (Lilith and Ceres), and giving away my power (Ophelia in 56) to her, thinking that she had it all together at her end (gate 56).

When I got her email response saying ‘everything’s fine with me’, the pressure came off and I realised it was all my projection of an old belief that others set the pace for me. Hence I’m always out of time (Nemesis, the unseen ‘wound’). And unable to nourish myself well (Ceres) or experience my own innocent connection with life (gate 25). See if you can find it in your own life.

So that’s the Galactic Centre. But wait, there’s more black hole activity because Saturn is approaching a conjunct with the Super Galactic Centre, in the G Centre in Gate 46.

Much of what we’ve talked about has to do with how we relate to others.  And this is absolutely crucial to this Cardinal Cross.  The Super Galactic Centre sits at 1 degree Libra and speaks to us of new ways of relating.  We are letting go of the energetic hooks we have spent eons digging into each other.  That’s an old tribal energy.  The family that struggles together, stays together!

Remember, the Full Moon that accompanies this Cardinal Cross is conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Joy in the ROOT CENTRE! This is not so much a heart energy as a ‘be here now in your physical body’ energy.  It is shaking our survival instincts to the core and it does so because it wants us to know – we are safe.  The time for tribal bonding that involves manipulation and power struggles is gone.  Each one of us stands alone, and together we make up the world!

Saturn says we can only build strong and enduring relationships when we treat our body as the temple of the soul.  It’s interesting that this is the take Philip Sedgwick has on the Super Galactic Centre and it ties right in with one interpretation of Gate 46.   Embodiment is the name of the game and when we are clear and grounded and present, we relate in an entirely different way.  There is a tremendous leveraging of the power of the universe in this and from this new stable relationship base we create a new reality.

I’ll leave you with Pluto in the Root Centre, right on the point of the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, who says:

Joy must be based on steadfastness.  Truth and strength must dwell in the heart, revealing gentleness in our dealings with others.  In this way we achieve something wonderful together.

(You may have noticed that my site looks a bit dodgy!  It’s still under construction so enjoy what’s here and what’s to come.)


Cardinal Cross – Part 2


I was so very excited this morning to upload my new wordpress theme and begin to add content.  But the slideshow isn’t showing up so it all looks a bit dull for now.  It won’t stay that way!  And the sidebars are still in their original format, but that too will change over the next few days.

As the Cardinal Cross is nearly upon us, I’m pleased to have a blog back.

If your life feels tumultuous just now, here’s the good news. The invisible is becoming visible. This is what we have been working for, hoping for, holding on for. The world is changing because you and I have stayed true to ourselves against all odds. This is way beyond a few tweaks to the economy and some oily housekeeping. We are breaking through to a new dimension. Let me explain.

You’ll remember that we have a Cardinal Cross coming up on 26th June, coinciding with a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

While the Sun and Moon will be in the Root Centre on the Full Moon, the G Centre has it’s own powerful story. Like a resonant force thrumming out a new geometry of life, it sits in the centre of our chart, the centre of your chest, and it’s undergoing a major transformation. And whenever the G Centre shifts, so does your sense of self. Mostly you climb a little bit higher up the ladder of multidimensional consciousness and gather a bigger piece of your highest potential into your human reality.

21st December 2012

Today, the Sun and Earth are activating the G Centre, and will continue to do so till the 25th June. There’s a channel that runs from the G Centre down to the Sacral Centre. That’s Belly to Heart. It’s made up of Gates 5 (belly) and 15 (heart). Those gates both have something to do with time and how we experience it. This is also the only channel that is activated in the chart for 21st December 2012.

Physicist Katya Walters says that 3 dimensions of space and only 1 dimension of time create the 4 dimensional world most of us take for granted, and that we need 2 more dimensions of time to balance things out. In space we have a dot (1st dimension). We have a line (2nd dimension). We have a solid shape like maybe a cube (3rd dimension).

In time we have only the one dimension – past, present and future – always headed in incremental steps in one direction. You and I already know that this isn’t a true reflection of reality. We’ve known it since we were children. Maybe we discovered it when we were daydreaming and lost all sense of time. Maybe when we were stuck in a classroom on a sunny day and it felt like hours passed us by when it was only a few minutes.

As adults we know that we can use our imagination to return to our childhood, or to imagine the future. We have also recently discovered that we can change the future by our thoughts, creating our own reality. Those of us who work with healing energy know we can support one person to heal and whole family units shift as a result.

So our one dimension of time would be equivalent to the 2nd dimension of space – the line. Which means we are evolving into a perception of the other two – the dot and the cube. The dot probably represents being present in the moment and the cube represents creating our own reality. That’s how I see it.

This is not idle speculation. This is global shift at the level of material reality. Back to the Human Design transit chart – Gate 15 represents a connection with the larger cycles, with things like Sedna who takes 10,000 years to orbit the Sun. Gate 5 gives us Earth based cycles – the daily rhythm of the sun and moon, the seasonal cycles. When we bring the two together we get a coherent reality that holds the seeds of oneness within it.

This is the core of the 2012 prophecy – the point of singularity, the end of duality.

This cardinal cross is literally shoving us into a greater alignment with the larger scale of reality. Mercury is in Gate 15 with Cyllarus and Hades. When Hades surfaces during a transit, we find our attention drawn to where we have chosen divorce material concerns from deeper spiritual realities. Our value systems are therefore shallow, and don’t reflect truth.

“Here are the places, people, situations where fine and stylish clothing and an MBA degree are less than useless.” (Blake Finchley) During the Cardinal Cross on 26th June, Hades tells us to speak only from a full heart. Anything else is false. And anything else divorces us from our own personal deeper spiritual realities. And also from the powerful influence of the new Dwarf Planets we are encountering – beyond Pluto is a much larger scale of reality indeed and it’s calling us to partake of it’s adventure.

The Centaur is sitting directly conjunct Mercury. This invokes the spirit of John Lennon, who had Cyllarus conjunct his Sun. Here we find the wounded peace warrior, cut down for no good reason. We can only tune in and fully embrace life on the physical plane, rather than drop out, when we are prepared to make the small ongoing changes that we need in order to avoid bad things happening out of nowhere. The idea of flowing through life is a romantic idea, but it takes immense courage.

Mercury and Cyllarus are in this position (15.5):

“Modesty is not to be confused with a weak good nature that let’s things take their own course. When you hold a responsible position, you must at times resort to energetic measures.”

In the adjoining Gate 5 we have the Great Attractor. It’s a supermassive black hole, the biggest, and it’s in a fixed position in line 3. We also have Pholus and Ixion. Now Pholus conjunct the Great Attractor is a big enough event. It means that every tiny little thing you do is magnified, either into more chaos or into order. You choose. Ixion talks about moving away from a nasty tendency to keep repeating the same errors over and over again. Deliberately refusing to choose the good. Each of us has a powerful choice to make here – to let go of old destructive patterns inherent in our genes and handed down for many generations. Destructive of self and others, we have only to release these old patterns slowly and steadily, step by step.

There’s another thing going on, I won’t go into details here, maybe later, about releasing a belief that we have to suffer to transform or to help others. It involves Orpheus who went to rescue his beloved. In the gate of the martyr, Orpheus lives in a place of grief at the imprisonment of his love in the underworld. You see, here is another very powerful story contained within this Cardinal Cross! There’s so many of them, it’s more like an spiritual expo than a full moon. Short note on this: be aware of a tendency to feel good about martyring yourself. Not the right direction just now!


Cardinal Cross

I want to begin building the picture for the next few weeks, as we approach a pivotal time for humanity. On 26th June we have a lunar eclipse on a Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. We also have what some people are calling a Cosmic Cross, others are calling it a Cardinal Cross. What is it? A line up of planets on the cardinal points – 0 degrees or close in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These cardinal points activate change at the inner and outer level.

Eric Francis has aptly described the Aries Point as the place where the personal meets political. When we have transpersonal planets like Pluto and Uranus involved we can expect changes in our lives from shifts in culture, economy, environment.

Reaping the WhirlwindAnd let’s not leave out Ceres sitting on the Galactic Centre (in Gate 11), Saturn sitting on the SuperGalactic Centre (in Gate 46) loosely opposite Uranus and Jupiter, and Pholus and Ixion sitting on The Great Attractor (in Gate 5) making a channel with Mercury, Cyllarus and Hades (in Gate 15). That’s a lot of black hole activity.

Already too much information, right? And we’re only in the first few paragraphs! And I haven’t even got to the asteroids! So, let’s take a few days to really come to grips with what’s going on here.

Have you ever been to the theatre? You sit in a darkened auditorium listening to faint rumblings on-stage, the activity hidden by the heavy curtains. You know the last pieces of the sets are being put in place and the players taking their positions. That is exactly what’s happening now. Many of the key players already have their greasepaint and costumes on, sitting onstage awaiting the lift of the curtain. Reading the program you purchased out in the foyer before the show will give you a sense of expectation but none of the actual experience of what’s about to be revealed.

Root Centre

I want to start with the Root Centre, because there’s a strong theme developing there, and the Sun will be there in Gate 52, Keeping Still, on the Full Moon.

Root Centre 26th June 2010

The Nodes have been in the Root Centre, in the Gates of Opposition (North Node) and Obstruction (South Node), since mid-April 2o1o. The Nodes show us quite simply what we need to let go of (South Node) and what we need to allow ourselves to move towards (North Node).

If we look at the way they’re pointing out of the Root Centre we can see that we are being asked to move away from issues of emotional survival in the Solar Plexus Centre to the right hand side (39) and towards issues of physical survival to the Spleen on the left hand side (38). Which might seem a bit strange. You would think that we have evolved past issues of physical surivival?

This is not a personal survival issue, but turns us strongly towards planetary survival. Or as my friend SheKaNah pointed out to me one day, human survival, since it’s pretty clear our beautiful planet will continue to hurtle throughout space and time whether we survive or not!

The idea of planetary survival is heightened by the presence of the dwarf planet Haumea, in a long term visit to Gate 57 in the Spleen Centre. In retrograde motion, she’s asking us to take a stand for what we believe in, to move gently and decisively towards what we desire.

So let’s have a look at that North Node, because she’s passing on more than a simple message of survival. She’s hooking up with some big energies to show us the pathway through. Firstly, Pluto is also in the Root Centre. S/he’s in the Gate of Joy – Gate 58 line 1. On 26th June both the Earth and Moon activations will also be in Gate 58 line 1 so this is obviously a profound point in the chart. But I’m going to leave it for now. We’ll come back to it on another day.

I want to look at how those two nodal points connect to the Centres at either end.

Snow White and the Solar Plexus Centre

I’ve mentioned Snow White a few times over the past weeks. Snow White is a scattered disc object big enough to be considered for dwarf planet-ship. Personally I think she’s a shoe in, given her obvious dwarfish connections.

But back to reality! The mythology of Snow White is one of many folk stories that involve a sleeping princess. Clarissa Pinkola Estes sees this as a metaphor for the somnambulent inner feminine, asleep at the wheel of her own life. Snow White is telling us that we are wounded (conjunct Chiron) in our ability to connect with our emotions and use them as a sacred tool of growth and resurrection.

There’s been something missing on the pathway from girl to woman.

Snow White and Chiron connect the South Node to the Solar Plexus Centre, showing us that Snow White needs to wake up. But no one gets to wake up without going through some sort of trial, some maturation process. The romantic ‘she opened her eyes and they lived happily ever after’ story is not going to cut it here. In fact, it’s part of the problem.

Chariklo the Nymph

Let’s go back to Chiron. His beloved wife Chariklo was a nymph, dedicated to sacred sexuality. These days our inner nymph is starving to death in a world that has reduced sex to a commodity, and our sexual expression to various forms of barter.

As Melanie Reinhart notes in her book Chiron and The Healing Journey, “By the time of the Greek myths, the nymphs had lost most of their original instinctual vitality and dignity, and were reduced to benevolent nature spirits…

That’s my emphasis on the word “benevolent”. I want to know, benevolent to whom? Not, obviously to the nymphs themselves, and presumably not to the goddess they served, the power of the feminine or it’s sexual expression as a force of healing and creativity.

Just now we find Chariklo at Gate 43 in the Ajna Centre, creating a channel with Sedna, who is in Gate 23. Between the two of them, they connect the mind to the throat. Sedna is the Inuit Goddess calling us to re-align with universal laws in order to save what we have left. In Gate 23, Splitting Apart, we find misfortune that reaches so deeply into our lives that our home collapses on top of us. Remember Sedna was the girl who refused to marry in accordance with her father’s wishes? Forcing her to do so effectively cut off the food supply because it was an offence against the goddess.

Chariklo looked after Chiron when he was sick, all those years after being wounded by Hercules or the Lapiths depending on who’s telling the story. Eric Francis sees her as someone who holds a healing space for those she loves. There’s a potential for the co-dependent relationship here, the enabler who keeps turning up to be abused again and again in the hope that next time things will be different.

What binds Chariklo and Sedna together at this crucial point in history? Let’s head back down to the Root Centre where we may find the answer.

Pallas Athene

Adjoining the North Node is asteroid Pallas Athene. Now Pallas is generally considered patriarchy’s daughter and protector. Born out of Zeus’ head, she was motherless, cut off from her own instinctive wisdom. And here we find her in the Spleen Centre, home of the instinct but in a gate that shows what happens when we are pressured to do too much, push too hard, stretch ourselves too thin. In other words, when we step out of alignment with our own truth and magic.

Pallas is not alone here. We also find Ceto the deep sea monster who symbolises the fears rising up from the collective unconscious.

If Pallas is seen as a woman who defends the patriarchy (dare we say, enables it?), then Ceto demonstrates how deep is our fear of allowing ourselves to question it.

Why? Because our belief that our survival, life itself, depends on the patriarchal systems of government, finance, etc, are firmly wedged into our DNA via 2000 years of conditioning. These systems are as familiar and essential to us as the air we breathe. And yet they are killing us and we must open our eyes and see that they no longer hold the power of our future safely in their hands (if in fact they ever did).

This creates a conflict at the most basic cellular level for every person on this planet. To save ourselves we must risk cutting ourselves off from the only source of life we know.

This is a point where women (and for men, the inner feminine) must release our grip, stop looking metaphorically to be saved to live happily ever after, and stand firmly in alignment with something deep and profound that most of us have long forgotten we even had access to. Our instinctual vitality and dignity, our refusal to be the enablers of a system that is abusing all humanity.

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Tomorrow I expect I might write something about Hidalgo and Bienor, the new masculine energies arising. I say might because at the moment, plans really are made for breaking!

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On 8th July I will be joining with Jamie Walters to present a feast of the feminine. Designed to help you reclaim your Feminine Mojo, this program will give you a whole new sense of what it truly means to be a woman in the 21st century. I’ll let you know more as we get closer to the date.

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