Holding a Space for Your Amazing Frequency Shift

We are in the midst of a frequency shift.  Specifically it’s about shifting out of a dominator frequency and into one that has more individual freedom and more loving support.   It’s affecting our jobs, our relationships and our family dynamics. It’s bringing up survival fears and old survival scripts.  It’s fueling us with the energy to make huge changes in our lives, despite our fears and anxieties.



The dominator frequency sits in the Human Design communal circuitry, and is best known for creating the ‘trickle down’ effect.  You know the one. It’s where the 1% are entitled to hold the wealth and trickle some down to you and I.  And where the majority of the people on this planet are so thoroughly entrenched in believing that they have to give up their noble and divine heritage – their creativity, their vitality, their joy and their right to take control of their own lives – in return for receiving patronage in the form of money/food/survival and protection from becoming homeless and destitute and unloved.  That about covers it.

This model plays out in many areas of our lives, including in the family (father knows best), and in relationships (to love and obey).  It’s nothing to do with the male/female issue, and everything to do with a more ubiquitous patriachial focus on the benefits of a top down social structure.

And today, when the Sun passes right over freedom fighter Uranus in the channel the anchors in the dominator frequency, something breaks free in our soul.   If we succumb to fear and panic we may lose sight of what’s real here, and imagine that we are at risk.  What we are seeking today is not so much financial security, or even love or support.  What we seek is something else entirely.  Something finer, something more enduring than material gains.

To achieve this transformation we need to leap into the unknown, and that takes a specific trust in ourselves.   And a belief that the love, support and material abundance we yearn for can be created from within. Sure it will manifest in the external world – that’s what we’re here for. We are creators and it’s time for us to release our death-like grip on our fear of death, and trust to our creative capacities.

Tomorrow the Sun creates an astrological square with Pluto, giving us an intro into the Pluto Uranus square we’ll be enjoying on 21st April.  We are reconnecting with an immense power to join together with each other and all our dimensional aspects through all space, time and dimension.  This energy will dwarf the old dominator controls in your life, and you are already feeling that. Trust the incoming energy.  If you feel into it, you’ll feel how nurturing it is. In some ways we could describe it as the return of the Great Mother, but it is more than that because it is beyond our human stories and something much more universal, much more about a creative frequency, much further beyond our time/space dimensions. This is a very big hyper dimensional portal!  You are anchoring it through your humanity, and that right there is super amazing!

3rd April 2014

Amidst the chaos, there is order emerging.  You are a part of that order.  More than that, you are a creator of that order, according to your desires.  Your essence is emerging – simple, beautiful and with no need for disguises.  Your honest presence is all that is required of you now.  You are supported in this process.

Charles Eisentstein wrote an article in The Guardian this week about the need for constant ‘growth’ to feed the dominator machine.  It’s the definition of growth that is a problem here.  We don’t need less growth. We need a different kind of growth, a soul growth.  An out breath, full of relief at finally reclaiming our right to our own creative capacities.  This is a dimensional shift that will take us beyond the existing economic and social contraction, and the fear it is creating.  Try this as an antidote.

Step 1:  settle into your body

Step 2:  take some very deep breaths right down to your base, into your pelvis, feel your pelvic floor being touched by your breath

Step 3:  feel how incredibly amazing you truly are (if you can’t feel it, tell yourself that you are ready and available to believe it’s true, or even perhaps that you are ready to be open to being available to believing it’s true – whatever feels most true for you)

Step 4:  ask what you need to do next to create the most wonderful life you can imagine

Step 5:  listen and trust

Step 6:  when you hear what your next step is, take some action, no matter how small and apparently insignificant

I’m holding the space for your amazingness, let’s do that for each other.

Img: Amanda Cass

Full Moon March 2014

New Moon March 2014

Struggling on with the devil we know is not going to bring us rewards this month. Instead, try reaching out to others and facing your fears of being found out.

We all feel like we have things to hide.  Places we’d rather not let others see.  But that is changing.   The dark places within us are about to be revealed as jewels, just waiting to be discovered by the right person.  This week’s New Moon is about letting go of struggling on alone because we are too afraid of losing control to ask for help or even to say YES when that invitation comes along.

We are making a fundamental transformation, from going it alone to opening up to the thrill of relationship.  I’m not talking about love relationships in particular.   This is about having great relationships in every area of our lives.  The whole idea of the rugged individual has cost us a lot of happiness.  How many people are sitting at home watching television and chatting on Facebook to avoid their loneliness, even as I write this. We’ve wandered into territory that has left us isolated, even in the midst of company.

We are headed to new relationship territory, so different from the old established ways of relating that are based on lack of self worth.  If I do this for you, you’ll do that for me.  This is SO much more aligned with really seeing each other, really being there for each other, letting go of being invisible, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to be magnificent in our own unique way.   It’s a non-economic relationship! It’s based on love and trust and a choice of true connection, rather than clinging together to survive. It exists outside the existing boundaries of our time space dimension and we are making it up as we go along.

If you’re coming up against anything that feels uncomfortable just now it’s probably because you’re experiencing a remnant of old conditioning. Still trying to keep control so you won’t be revealed for what you truly are.  And yet that’s the point!  We’re like the goldfish, this is the water we’ve swum in for millenium and we can’t even see another way to live. So swim on – around and around we shall!  Even though, oh dear, we’re nearly out of room here.  We might really prefer to take more on ourselves.  Because that way we can keep control! We can take on even more responsibility for getting it right, avoiding the blame.  Or ….

You are simply too amazing to stay in this little bowl, and you need to connect with others to get yourself free.  Into a simpler and more vital life.

This week’s New Moon indicates a fresh cycle, sitting in the same gate as that wily master of disruption, Uranus.  In 21.4, Uranus tells us that even enormously hard work is not going to bring us the results we desire right now.  We’re sitting in sticky mud and the harder we try to pull ourselves free the more we get stuck.  So, the best thing to do right now is to relax.  Everything is fine.  It’s exactly how it’s meant to be, even though the material realm may look a tad chaotic and not exactly under your control.

Here’s the trick to this whole set of April transits.  Reach out to others even if it brings up uncomfortable feelings of guilt, shame, not good enough, losing control, too much change and disruption.  Life is going to get miraculously easier as we develop a capacity to build relationships built on trust, love, caring, creativity.  Neptune is helping us build better internal structures that support our individuality while also leaving us free and available for wonderful relationships of all kinds.

Ask yourself what you have to give up to make these new soul family connections.  Is it worth it?  Do you really want to avoid the risk to grow beyond your current limitations?  Miss out on the joy of being even more of who you are?  Letting the dispossessed parts of you out of Pandora’s box and into the world of hope?

If you’re experiencing blocks, limitations or unforseen complications at the moment, don’t struggle with them.  Instead take some time to get clear on what you’re trying to achieve. Tune into whether there is a simpler and more effective approach.  It will probably involved another person.  We are reaching for something beyond the old kind of material outcomes so look for how you feel rather than what you might achieve.   Consider how all this stuckness feels to the child inside you who was squashed, judged and stuffed into a life way too small for her imagination.  What happened to that artist, astronaut, fairy queen?  She really really wants to wake from her slumber and find her artist/astronaut and fairy queen friends right now, and remember how much fun and how productively creative magical play is!

You’re not a cog in the economic machine.    You’re a multidimensional being creating a whole new reality space. We’re all just waiting. It’s a bit like the school dance, who’ll make the first move?

30 March 2014 – New Moon – Sun / Moon in 21.1 and Earth in 48.1 – Uranus in 21.4

15 April 2014 – Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – Sun in 42.5  / Earth and Moon in 32.5.

21 April 2014 – Pluto in 38.5 square Uranus in 21.5.

29 April 2014 – New Moon and  Solar Eclipse – Sun/Moon  in 24.2 and Earth in 44.2.


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March Full Moon – gently does it


Today’s Full Moon is an emotional event, not least because Neptune is bringing up our family patterns.  All the places where your spiritual self, your galactic sensitivities, your bright light and your gentle heart have been wounded and hidden away .. all those places are coming free of the darkness.

For many people it’s difficult to know how to live in a world that can feel so harsh.  This Full Moon simply tells us that we can take good care of ourselves and wait until the time is right to share our light in a more conducive environment.  We enter into our own deep dark belly to find what we need to soothe and nurture and allow others to do the same.  When each one of us cares for ourselves in this way, the harshness won’t last too long for anyone.

The Full Moon is happening in an astrological square to the Galactic Centre, where we find the beautiful asteroid Chariklo transiting.  She represents our capacity to hold a space for ourselves and others to leave hurtful situations.  She is a profoundly gently spiritual and emotional healer.  The Galactic Centre also operates a bit like a psychic vacuum cleaner that clears out all the gunk.  And remember, from my last post, that we have Askalaphus in Gate 40 (sitting between Uranus and Neptune) to help us release old outworn belief patterns that keep us in a sort of post traumatic limbo land.

There’s a peacefulness in this Full Moon that comes from letting go of the striving to be something different from what you truly are.  Your authenticity is all that’s required.


The Sun is in Gate 36.4  Earth and Moon are in 6.4.



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People sometimes ask me if the gates ever shift in their design. The answer to that question is no ….  and yes! 

Your standard chart remains unchanged throughout your life. In some ways, that doesn’t make sense, because you know  there is constant change in your life.  Things are always moving, there are always new challenges and opportunities.

Where do we find that movement in Human Design?  It’s in the Soul Progressions.    More 





Neptune in Gate 37

There’s something very significant about Neptune for anyone born between 1944 and August 1963.  During that period, Neptune was in the Spleen Centre.  Consider the influence of people born during those years on the way we think about health and wellbeing.  Neptune in the Spleen Centre brings a sensitivity to the physical body, a divine connection that is physically felt.  It also shows up as vague systemic illness that avoids clear diagnosis – things like auto-immune disorders.  Consider the move towards purifying diets, colonics and detoxing, superfoods.  And then there’s the more gentle and subtle techniques for healing like cranio-sacral therapy.

In 2007, Neptune turned up in the Solar Plexus Centre, refining our emotional response to a higher vibration.  On 15th March 2014 it shifts into Gate 37, which is all about family.


Neptune Motifs

neptuneLet’s take a closer look at the essential nature of Neptune.

Neptune activates within us an urge towards ultimate, transcendental freedom, where we become free from the boundaries and limitations of both the intellect and ego self.  With Neptune in our corner we yearn to experience oneness with all life and merge with the whole of existence.  We want to dissolve all boundaries and shy away from any feelings of separateness.

If we are finding this energy difficult to embody we can experience self deception, pseudo spiritual egotism, destructive escapism and avoidance of responsibility.  Be Here Now becomes more like It Looks Like I’m Here Now, But I’m Actually Completely Spaced Out And Not Present In Any Way.   These negative expressions of Neptune are usually the result of being overwhelmed and confused by our desire for higher states of awareness.  After all, it’s not something we find on the curriculum of our local schools and often not an acceptable topic around the dinner table either.  When we don’t recognise that the real source of this yearning is for something more uplifting in our lives, we usually seek it in the outer world.  Enter the advertising industry!  Or your local drug dealer.

In those places where we are lifting off rather than tuning in, we can make a different choice.  Instead of ramping up our addictions or withdrawing in overwhelm, we can make a conscious choice to search empathetically for our underlying spiritual sensitivity.

Another issue we find with Neptune is a sense of confusion and an inability to make clear decisions and commitments.  This is because Neptune brings a sense that our knowledge is limited – there is always a higher perspective.  Perhaps our current perspective is too selfish?  Not in everyone’s highest good?  It doesn’t matter, what’s important is that you accept your limitations as a human and make the best choice you can from that limited viewpoint.  We can always course correct as we go along.  Saturn, who is Neptune’s arch nemesis, would have us believe that once we ‘lock it in’ we lose our choices and Neptune can’t survive in that rigid and isolated place.  Instead, remember the story of Apollo 13 – it was only on it’s correct path 3% of the time.  Or so the myth goes, but the story is a good one and a useful one.


Developing Spiritual Maturity 

On 15th March 2014, Neptune moves into Gate 37.   The last time Neptune visited Gate 37 was back in 1853,  just 7 years after it was discovered in 1846.  Pluto was in Gate 3 and Uranus was in Gate 24.

In the I Ching, Gate 37 represents the place we come home to.  What represents home to you?  How are your boundaries? Do you have a safe hearth stone within you that is grounding and supportive regardless of circumstances?  Hilary Barrett describes it as a constant living awareness that pervades your structure and makes it’s presence felt in everything you say and do.  It is both a refuge and a place of security.  It holds you in fellowship with those who share your vision.  Outside are others who see differently and do not belong in this home. 

Without these healthy boundaries we do not feel safe in ourselves, and are constantly renegotiating.  As we build our internal partitions we may interupt old patterns of behaviour and find that we feel more nurtured and secure in our sense of who we are.  We don’t have to allow the walls to tumble and fall if our family calls on us (either actually, or as an internalised voice).

One major impact of Neptune’s time in this gate will be the shift in consciousness that comes from projecting God/Goddess onto our parents, well into our adult lives.  This shift in consciousness will also begin to infiltrate our government – another place where we are conditioned to project divinity.

What happens when we draw back our own inspiration and ‘god ness’ from those figures who have been holding it on our behalf?  The gurus, the presidents, the kings and queens, teachers, our mothers and fathers ….  What happens when we reclaim our right to express our own personal desires, regardless of the rules and regulations that are supposed to maintain order?  Well, we shall see.  One thing I have complete faith in – that you and I are well and truly ready to step into this level of spiritually maturity.


Global Family 

communityAnother aspect of Neptune’s stay in Gate 37 is the refinement of the concept of the global family.  We will begin to really grasp the interconnectedness of everyone, on a heart level.

In the I Ching, Gate 37 represents the role of family as the moral compass for the community and government.  Our own inner integration – our deeper understanding of the correct role of our inner masculine, feminine and child – creates a foundation that flows out into our actually families, into our friendships, our communities and our governments.  We can expect an increased sense of the practical applications of Oneness.

I would also expect the work we’ve done on our relationships to begin bearing fruit.  People will begin to show up in our lives and create new friendships based on ‘spiritual family’.

One warning about Neptune in the Gate of Family.  Watch for a tendency to idealise friends – to create an angel/devil dichotomy.  Remember we don’t want to merge with others and lose our individuality.  Or separate out when our need for a saviour or god figure isn’t met.  We are looking to bring the best of ourselves into relationship with the best of someone else.

When Neptune met Jupiter 

In September 2015, Jupiter will spend a month in Gate 40, meeting Neptune in Gate 37. This is a time of accentuated global consciousness. Expect world events to bring attention to the global family, to the idea that we are all one. Expect unconditional love and a dropping of old stories based on religious or national influences.

With Jupiter in the Gate that relates to coming home after being wounded, we can see the shifting of a story about oppressors and victims. There is likely to be political or religious victims who need a place to come home to. There will be discussions around the world about who is right and who is wrong.

There is also, on a more personal level, potential for quite profound family healing. I would expect to see this particularly in areas where the rifts were caused by religious or other beliefs.

And at quite a profound level, with the activity in Gates 26 and 11 (relationship fractals and attuning to the bigger picture offered by an alignment to the Galactic Centre) AND the activation of the G Centre, expect to see a realignment of our concept of home – who we consider family, where we live, how our contribution is valued. More here.

When Neptune met Saturn

I mentioned that Saturn is Neptune’s arch nemesis, and s/he is.  Neptune likes to flow and dissolve.  Saturn loves nothing better than a nice solid structure.  But the relationship goes deeper than that.  Neptune and Saturn really need each other to function in a healthy way.  Neptune refines everything to a higher vibration, bringing the benefits of a lighter more flexible approach to Saturn.  And in return Saturn provides the stability and substance that Neptune needs to stay grounded and realistic.

So Saturn’s positions tell us a lot about how to work with Neptune transits.

During 2014 Saturn will be in Gate 43 and then Gate 1.  This is particularly significant for those born between 1962 and 1967, because during those years Neptune was in Gates 43 and 1 – so Saturn will be passing over your Neptune this year.

The energy of Saturn that we all need to take on board in 2104 is of standing firm for what we believe in, even if it doesn’t make sense to everyone.  We need to trust the divine creative spark within us, whether it comes from the mental realm (Gate 43) or the heart realm (Gate 1).  We need to make clear distinctions and decisions about what we want to be part of our life and what we would be better staying away from. And we need to make DECISIONS from that place of divinely inspired knowing.

Loyalty and service and needing to be valued by a certain group of people is NOT on the agenda for that kind of decision making.  We are absolutely moving away from sacrificing ourselves to group needs.

Notice Saturn is in the Individual circuitry in 43 and 1 – so here we are mutating into something new and unique through our decision making and creative expression.  Neptune is the Gate of Family may try to call us back to the old ways, but we shouldn’t be enchanted by that spell.  We are attuning ourselves to our own internal family – we know how to access our internal masculine, our internal feminine and our inner child.  We begin to understand the divine role these relationships play in our lives.  And as we live with these clear cut aspects and deeper our reliance on them, we are less likely to collapse and sacrifice ourselves.


Developing personal power and freedom

One group of people who will feel the impact of Neptune in 37 more than most is those born between November 1959 and September 1964.  At various stages during those years both Uranus and Pluto were in Gate 40 meeting Chiron in Gate 37.  This group has a soul mission to find the personal freedom and power to break down the old family structures that kept us from innovation and spiritual transformation.  Our understanding of Family Systems comes from this configuration.

One significant effect of this Uranus/Pluto/Chiron mix is a wound to the feelings and emotions that prevents us from feeling anything that threatens to separate us from the family zeitgeist.  Those threatening emotions are simply stuffed down, numbed out and ignored. Neptune shines a light on this wound – however the first step in the process is that the emotions may feel quite threatening.  They won’t meet Neptune’s desire for spiritual purity. Should I really be feeling this hatred?  Or rage?  How about the grief or resentment?  Shouldn’t I be able to control myself and feel only love?

Well actually, no.  Because love is a transpersonal energy, and you are a human being with a very important piece of information technology called an emotional body.  Recent research shows that the higher level of emotional intelligence we have – ie, the more in contact we are with our own personal emotions – the more effective we are.  The emotional part of our brain – the limbic system – is wired for connection, for friendship, for sharing.

You know that thing that happens, when you are meditating and always asking to come from the highest good and still your life seems to be off key?  That’s because you need your emotions – those messy annoying emotions – to inform you of your personal soul mission.  This is important DATA about you and your life and the best decisions you can make, not just for yourself but for everyone.  It short cuts that notion that everything has to be run past our angels or spirit guide – because our emotions are what the Universe gave us so that we didn’t have to keep phoning HOME every time we have to make a decision.

Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre can be very uncomfortable, but if we loosen up on the judgement around what sort of people we are if we have certain kinds of feelings, that makes things much easier.  I highly recommend Karla McLaren’s amazing book The Language of Emotions for anyone who is struggling with this issue.

Shifting from Tribal to Collective

Tribal circuitry differs from the Collective energy of unconditional love and the transpersonal.  It also differs from the Individual energy of going it alone so as not to compromise your unique expression of self.  In the Tribal or Communal circuitry we discover we are social beings who need to be hugged and fed and loved for who we are, with all our imperfections.  We find the places within us that seek validation from those closest to home.  We crave their acceptance, their approval and their recognition.

The Tribal or Communal circuitry is also the place where we struggle to emerge from the amorphous mass of humanity, to be seen as an individual who exists independently of the tribe, where we need the space to be able to transform and ‘value add’ to the community through our special and unique gifts.  And it’s where we choose to invest in communal ideas, beliefs and projects.


Let’s Get Personal

freedomNeptune and Uranus are the FREEDOM planets, although they have the desire for very different kinds of freedom.  Uranus  represents the individual will for freedom of expression.  Neptune activates our desire for freedom from the limitations of the ego based human realm.  At it’s lower vibration, Neptune likes nothing better than to merge with whatever feels good in the moment.  At it’s highest vibration Neptune inspires us to move beyond the illusion of separation and self deception into embodied spiritual fulfillment.

Both Uranus and Neptune reveal to us the interconnectedness of all things.   Again, they have different functions.  Uranus carries the energy of Light – the mental realm.  Neptune carries the energy of Love – the heart realm.  They are both transpersonal planets with huge universal themes.  And yet, in our design they demand that we find a personal way to express them.

Uranus and Neptune transits show places where we can resist incarnation and prefer to stay in the big impersonal version of our lives.  We can live in rebellion and reaction rather than stand for our own ideas and beliefs (Uranus). We can live in the diffuse field of unconditional love rather than feel the very human experience of our own heart (Neptune).


Neptune in 2014 & 2015

  • 12th April – Neptune moves into Gate 37 line 2
  • Neptune is retrograde from 12 June till 16 November
  • 12 August Neptune shifts back into Gate 37 line 1
  • 14 September Neptune moves back into Gate 55
  • 16 November Neptune goes direct
  • 15 January 2015 Neptune moves back into Gate 37 where it remains until 25 April 2016.

Neptune in 2016 

  •  25th April – Neptune moves into Gate 63
  • 15th June – Neptune goes retrograde in 63 line 1
  • 4th August  – Neptune shifts back into Gate 37
  • 21st November – Neptune does direct in 37 line 4
  • 22nd February 2017 Neptune shifts into Gate 63 and remains there until 30 March 2019, when it moves to Gate 22.


The Goddess Awakens .. and she’s you!


We are reclaiming the sacred spaces within our own bodies, and wow are they powerful!


Have you ever felt yourself to be in a double bind?  Like you want to go out with your friends but you also want to stay home and wash your hair?  Or you desperately need to sleep in, but you’re due at work in an hour?  Or your kids want to go to the park to play and you want to sit quietly and read a book?  A double bind is where you want to do two things, and it’s an impossibility.   Or where you want to do one of those things but feel you MUST do the other thing.

This week we’ve got a global case of the double binds.  It comes from following rules rather than trusting our intuition.  Hell, it’s way beyond that .. it’s about not even knowing how deeply we are capable of tuning into and trusting our intuition to guard our wellbeing and to guide our lives.  The double bind comes from what Alice Miller describes as the ‘as-if’ personality, where we bind so closely to what we feel is the right thing to do, the right person to be,  we disconnect from our own true desires. We act ‘as if’ that other person is us.  But it’s not.

The double bind comes from our early childhood conditioning that we’re only safe if we do/say/be what is approved of.  And very often that involves numbing out to our own internal knowing of what is safe, what we know is best for our own wellbeing.  Will I chose to do as I’m told in order to stay safe?  Or will I choose to do what my body tells me is best for my own safety and wellbeing,  and trigger all those old alarm bells.

So, here we are with a planetary alignment that calls us back from the edge of the double bind.  It sings a song of your right to choose the life of your dreams.  Of your capacity for tuning into what your body and your guidance are saying.  This is powerful medicine.  And as with all powerful medicine, it calls us to an act of courage – to choose the message that is TRULY speaking our own best interests.

There is an awakening happening for women all over the planet.  It’s happening right in your belly.  There is a numbness that has come from living in a society that has completely ignored your selfhood and your creative power for millenium.  That’s changing.  Your Goddess Self is waking up and she is AMAZING!

Let’s take a tour of this week’s Human Design chart.

The Sun and Earth are both in the Head Centre in the transitional Gates – 63 and 64.  This is about shift.  It is about having made a commitment at the mental/spiritual level.  And preparing to turn up for the physical and emotional part of the journey.

There’s more action down in the emotions and the body, which is a bit like Goddess Central just now! We’ve got the quintessential Goddess – Venus – making a channel with the South Node.  This is superstar material, because this is the main channel for giving birth to something entirely new.

This channel represents the womb – the gestational space where our creativity takes form.   It’s made up of Gate 3 – a powerful combination of Gate 1 (Yang/masculine) and Gate 2 (Yin/feminine).

Gate 3 IS the big bang energy and represents how we traverse and create in laminated space-time (more on that later).  Gate 3 is consciousness arriving at the very beginning of it’s journey to become matter, the growing centre reaching out into the world and experiencing limitation and resistance for the very first time.  The Rave I Ching describes the energy of Gate 3 as ‘confused’ and ‘unsubstantiated’.  It’s traditionally known as Difficulty At The Beginning, and I prefer Wilhelm’s description …  teaming chaotic profusion.  Times of such intense growth, like birth, are beset with difficulties, but there is a release from tension and then everything breathes freely again. If one perseveres there is the prospect of great success, especially when we reach out for helpers.

Before it is birthed into the world of matter, the energy must pass through the limitation and resistance of Gate 60 in the Root Centre. Here we learn that we must treat germinating things with extreme care so as not to damage the delicate balance of life coming into form. We discover where we place galling limits on ourselves – forms of self limitation like shame, guilt, lack of deservability and loveability and fear, for example.  And we are able to listen in the our own finely tuned instruments – our bodies – to know what natural limits are supporting us to manifest what we desire.

With Venus in the Root Centre, there is little get up and go. It’s more relaxing than that, and can have you wondering if you’ve suddenly developed a lazy gene.  Venus transits bring healing.   This week Venus is supporting our natural timing, helping us to know when to push.  We shouldn’t rush the birth, but neither should we hold back. There is a power to Venus – the power of the dark goddess who rarely gets a look in except in the gossip columns these days.  Bad mothers and drug taking celebrities.

In her fabulous book Wild Feminine, Tami Lynn Kent describes the vitality that comes from a woman’s connection with the Root of her body.

Women experience diminished energy in the pelvic bowl because they do not regularly or consciously utilize their core creative capacity; they do not know how to cultivate feminine energy in their bodies …  When a woman knows how to access her root place, she finds the energy for building her creative dreams, nurturing her creations, changing the core patterns that diminish radiance.  She explores the link between physical form and energy flow and communes in the realm of the wild feminine. 


It’s not just Venus who is ushering in a shift in our relationships with the vital creative feminine aspects of our body.  Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, Metis and Hekate are there as well.  This is indeed a Royal Gathering.




Ceres and Vesta are in Gate 50, along with Hekate and the North Node.  Our old friend Nemesis is in Gate 27, creating the channel.   This is a channel that is about caring – on all levels, personal intimate, personal family, cultural, global.  In the I Ching, hexagram 50 depicts the ceremonial ‘ting’ or cauldron that is inscribed in recognition of a new dynasty.  Important transits to Gate 50 always represent a global shift in cultural values around caring for each other.  They always start with an inner shift in how we care for ourselves.

Ceres is about nurturing/mothering and about how we value ourselves in relationship.  Vesta is about what we are devoted to – our career path or soul mission.  It’s also about sex – where we are on the continuum of divine sex to mundane and even abusive sex.  Hekate says we’re at a crossroads – personally and culturally.  And Nemesis .. how I love Nemesis!  She is calling us to the rules that keep us from really caring for and about ourselves right down at the physical level.  What responsibilities are no longer really necessary, what baggage can we let go of?  What really is keeping us from being self caring.  Remember Venus in Gate 60 – unnecessary self limitation.

Pallas Athene is on the opposite side of the Sacral Centre in Gate 59.  In the Kaballah, the equivalent of the Sacral Centre is Yesod, the receptacle of all the emanations of the Universe through all space and time. Yesod brings them from chaos to order so that you may experience your own part in the puzzle of life.  The energy of Yesod, the Sacral Chakra and the Sacral Centre all relate to the magnetic power of sexual energy to create on the material plane.  Pallas Athene represents the strategies we can use to reconnect to the deep and wise feminine (represented by Metis, now transiting in Gate 34.1, also in the Sacral, the Gate of Power no less).  Where is the feminine sexual power?  Pallas Athene asks us to call it forward into our lives, to live the strength of our magnetic sexual frequency, to own it (think of Vesta and the Temple Goddesses who owned their sexual power on behalf of the Goddess and Life).   Are you connecting to your sexual power and how are you expressing it?

This goes WAY beyond sex, into your personal power, your capacity for vibrant health and your connection to your life path.  This goes WAY beyond your personal desires and into the cosmic power of the feminine as it returns to earth, in the form of every woman on this planet who is open to receiving it.



I want to go a bit deeper now. Are you ready?  Do you remember the sexual revolution?  It was in the 60’s.  It was partly about freeing up the rules about sex.  Women got the pill and everyone got to have LOTS of sex.  In Naomi Wolf’s latest book Vagina, she explains that this was great except ….  the sex was based on the male model.  This is so apparent from the research, but heterosexual women (and a lot of queer women as well!) are generally so accustomed to thinking of sex in terms of what is best for men that this subtle bias goes unnoticed.  Wolf explains it brilliantly, it’s a complex subject and I obviously can’t do it justice here.

Why is this so important?  Because recent scientific evidence shows that a vast percentage of western women (there is no research for other parts of the world) suffer from something Wolf calls sexual or vaginal depression.  Since Masters and Johnson we have learnt that

women are designed to have many different kinds of orgasms, that women have the potentil to have orgasms without any end except physical exhaustion; that if you understand female sexuality, you pace all your action around her; that while this is a high bar to set, you still want to set it, because properly treated, some women can ejeculate; that women can go into altered states of consciousness during orgasm, that women’s orgasms last longer than men’s; that memory plays a part in female arousal in a way that is not the case in male arousal; and that women’s response to arousal and orgasm is biologically very different to men. 

As well as this

good sexual experience in the vagina drives joy and creativity into the female brain …  the obverse is also true, due to the same neural pathways; the traumatized vagina, the abused vagina …  literally cannot effectively condition the female brain with the chemicals that constitute the emotions of confidence, courage, connection and joy.  

When a woman’s dopamine system is optimally activated – as it is in the anticipation of great sex, an effect heightened by a woman’s knowing what turns her on, letting herself think about it, and letting herself go get it – it strengthens her sense of focus and motivation levels, and energizes her in setting goals .. your brain can take those heightened capabilities of energy and focus into other areas of your life …  

When a woman has optimal levels of dopamine, she is difficult to direct against herself. She is focused, motivated, energized and biologically empowered.  

And then there’s this. A healthy sex life also raises women’s oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin’s function in humans .. is to bond people to each other so they are better able to survive …  and allows people to see the relationships between things and people more clearly.  

Oxytocin mitigates against psychological distress, depression and attachment anxiety and reduces feelings of separation and judgement.

None of these mechanisms work effectively when we do sex according to the male model.  It turns out that through the vagina-brain connection, a healthy and happy vagina is crucially important to world peace by creating strong vibrant well adjusted women who’s focus is on connection and relationship rather than conquest and competition.

Tami Lynn Kent was overwhelmed by women who had disconnected from the energy of their pelvis.  I was so surprised when I began using her techniques, to experience a sort of recovery or renaissance of vitality. People began coming up to me in the street and asking me what I was doing to look so well.

Pallas Athene gives us the strategy for our freedom from this ‘big death’ of our sexual and creative power.  She is the Goddess of strategy and creative intelligence, after all!  In Gate 59 she is telling us to allow the blocks to intimacy to melt and flow away, to allow ourselves to feel our emotions and let them move through our body and blow apart the fears of the ego that keep us separate from each other.

Definitions, dividing lines, agreements, established patterns of life and thought … all these can be Dispersed, their solidity revealed as an illusion.  Centre your inner authority in your spiritual home and let your decisions flow from that essential underlying source. 

Hilary Barrett, I Ching

Move your attention into your belly and bring our own world to life. Breathe into any areas that feel numb or tight. Feel the power of that chaotic profusion gradually moving into a state of order and trust that your own intuitive solutions will come at the right time to give birth to what you desire, in a way that is uniquely perfect for you.

A huge thanks to my friend Mariana Trapera for recommending the books Wild Feminine and Vagina.  You can read her blog here:

Images: инна цукахина, Botticelli, Dorena Costras


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Transitioning: A How To


tumblr_lg31tvkS8x1qf6jy9o1_500_largeIs it safe to be here on planet earth?  Have you settled in yet?  Or are you packed and thinking of going somewhere more comfortable?  Instead of (consciously or unconsciously) wanting to leave, you could instead choose to learn this week’s immense lesson –  the art of the powerful transition.

Today Pluto and Chiron are communing with each other.  There’s a positive aspect here – it’s an astrological sextile, which is almost as if they are tickling each other to see what might happen.  But hey, it’s Pluto.  And Chiron.  So this is no picnic.  AND the New Moon on 1st March is happening within a few degrees.

The quality of Pluto is rebirth.  Oh, and did I mention the death part?  There’s a strong and deep current of transformation that Pluto demands of us.  We simply MUST release what is worn out and not going to support us as we journey on.  No point taking the old currency into the new country!  Pluto and our ego do not make the best of friends. Just when our ego feels we have our personality all sorted out – hey, sure, I know exactly who I am now! – along comes Pluto, smiling quietly to himself, Really?  How intriguing! 

The most fascinating thing about Pluto is in his demotion to dwarf planet.  Or rather, his return to his natural family.    Pluto is now the gateway to our galactic selves.   And creation happens differently out there.  It’s not about dying and being reborn.  It’s more about constantly shedding and creating.  Each moment is a new act of creation.  There is much less need to let go because at this level of consciousness change is the constant.  We are less attached to the way things should be, the way they’ve always been.  Because there is no always in this place. There is only now.

This Pluto/Chiron event is about shifting into that ‘only now’ consciousness.  Not that we shouldn’t be planning, not that we can just shrug off any responsibility.  But there is a different quality.  NOW informs us.  NOW is created by you and I according to our relationship with the divine.  NOW is what we have, the pivot point. According to Robert Tennyson Stevens, the Hopi didn’t have a word for now because they couldn’t get out of now to have to use the world now to get back to now!



Pluto is in the Root Centre, in Gate 38.4, which deals with feeling isolated and cut off, an outsider, and what we feel pressured to give up in order to be accepted, loved, included.  It’s fine to make compromises in any relationship, but not to the point where we damage our own integrity.  You may be experiencing this activation more strongly this week due to the connection between the Root and the Heart Centre, and particularly because the Sun and Earth are in 40/37, a channel that deals with our experience of being supported both emotionally and materially.

This brings up the issue of how well we feel attached to our ‘tribe’ – our family, our friends and our lovers – and how much fear/panic/pressure we feel to act out of integrity through not feeling securely attached. There is recent research that indicates our capacity for feeling securely attached affects every aspect of our lives, and that it is almost impossible for us to succeed if we are unconsciously seeking support and feel unable to get it.

With my Chiron in 37, this has been a huge illumination for me this week.  While I was aware of a general feeling of lack of support, I have been really tuning into the impact that feeling has on my life and I have been stunned at how subtle and pervasive it is.

So, let’s go have a look at Chiron.  Discovered in 1977, Chiron was the original self help guru.  He brought us a new message – if something isn’t working in your life, best you go take a look inside yourself.  Chiron is a spiritual teacher, and he teaches through pointing out where we are wounded and where we need to go within our own psyche to heal that wound.

Chiron is transiting in the Head Centre right now, up in Gate 63.2.  This is a transitional gate – we’re done here, we’re already across the river, we’ve committed ourselves and made the transition.  BUT, the changes are still only internal, they are not yet reflected in our lives.  Here is the wound.  We must stay committed to the transition we are seeking, and continue to make small changes in our outer lives till they match our inner lives.  In this way we prevent the old ways slipping back in.  There’s a discipline to that. Sometimes the inner changes can be fairly easy but making those shifts in our outer lives is much harder.  It seemed like a good idea in theory, but now we realise all that we will loose and all the new challenges we must face.

We might swoon over having the perfect love, but what does it take to create such a thing in our lives?  A new baby sounds so romantic, but look at the upset to our routine and our personal ambitions!  When we come up against challenges that clash with our idea of how it should all be panning out, we can take it as a defeat.  It’s not. Rather than see failure and lose our optimism we can simply recognise that there is a small death of ego happening, and that we are being re-routed to a more favourable pathway to make our dreams come true.

We simply cannot become powerful co-creators until we get this message.  It’s not all smooth sailing.  It requires some effort on our part.  Some of it is uncomfortable. And sometimes we think we know the way and try to push on.  But very likely, that’s because we have fallen for the belief that we’re doing it alone and have to overcome (our self created) obstructions of  ‘that’s not who I am’ or ‘it wasn’t supposed to be this way’.

Lucky, lucky, lucky for us we have Panacea in Gate 45 right now.  The Goddess of Universal Remedy, Panacea has the capacity to completely solve large and complex problems.  Gate 45 relates to money and relationships and it’s core meaning is that you are the centre of your own universe and an integral part of the whole. There is no better than or worse than.  You are unique and it’s all about what you choose to invest your attention in, and what you seek to create.

With Chiron in the Head Centre, take some time this week to tune into your guidance.  There is an abundance of support for this transition coming in from those ‘higher’ realms, and you really are not expected to know how to do this on your own.

Artist: Tanielle Childers

Divine Calling


What soul agreement did you make when you agreed to come here and be a part of these momentous times?  What made it worth your while taking on such a dense vehicle – the human body and emotional system?  What excited you enough that you said YES! when asked if you wanted to be a part of it all?

Gate 55, where the Sun and Neptune are today, is the gate of ABUNDANCE!!!  They create a channel with Jupiter, planet of expansion.  Neptune takes us to more spiritually refined aspects of anything it touches.  Neptune in the Gate of Abundance is part of the reason why our monetary system is shifting so radically both within and without.  It’s why your personal relationship with money – and the concept of money – is changing and refining and upscaling.

Vesta, conjunct the destiny bound North Node, is another reason.  Travelling with the Great Mother planet Ceres, she has been shifting us out of our belief in slavery, in working for the man, even in doing things that don’t call to our soul.  Vesta represents our path of service, what we are devoted to achieving on the soul level.  She brings a return to sovereignty, a sense of integral self that is fully aligned with our personal values.  She is the representation in the design of the Vestal Virgins – the temple priestesses who were the servants only of their own God(dess), and would never belong to any human person or institution.  She represents the body as vehicle for devotion to spirit.  And such a body can never be a slave, it shines with light.




As the Sun joins Neptune in the gate of Abundance today, here’s a few questions you might like to ponder:

What are you called on to do?

What are you resisting, even though you know it will bring more abundance?

Where are you choosing duty, service, self sacrifice over the calling of your own soul?

How might your mountains dissolve in molehills if you consider them within a larger story and a bigger picture?

It is time for your inner clarity to shift into action, for you to make decisions and take the consequences of them.  Despite what you fear you might lose, you are being given a new charge that leaves no place for sorrow or anxiety.  Alliances are formed and dissolved as we dance and weave our way to a more abundant life.  Trust in your own divinity.

Img:  Tanielle Childers

Marina Podgaevskaya (2)

Coming Home to Love


I want to send a big thank you to the Universe for perfectly lining up Amor, asteroid of kindness, to offset the powerful effect of Mars, Vesta, Ceres and the North Node this week.  We got a huge hit of energy yesterday that surged through all the places where we have memories of being neglected, unsupported and uncared for.  The surge came from Mars (entering Gate 50), who’s need for independence had us passionately hunting down those old wounds and getting the hell out of that painful place!


Marina Podgaevskaya (2)


I’ve been reading Alaya DeNoyelles excellent book The Sovereignty of Love.  She suggests we ask ourselves these questions:

What am I not accepting or telling myself should be different than it is?
Do I have an expectation, judgement of assumption about how it should be?
Am I in my holographic conditioning (stuck in reaction due to past memories) or in my conscious presence?
What do I consciously choose to do now?

Of course, the trick is that when we’re stuck in past memories and can’t see what is happening in the moment through our own self induced fog, we don’t know we’re in a fog.  The clue is that we feel uncomfortable.  With Jupiter and Neptune fogging up our emotions and amplifying our stories right now, the emotional landscape can be a bit confusing.  Where do you feel that things are out of your control?  That’s a good sign that at some stage in your life you’ve been overpowered, and have lost your faith in your ability to create your own reality.  (If you want a reminder that you can and are doing that, try Florence Scovel Shinn’s wonderful book The Game of Life and How To Play It)

As the wonderful Byron Katie tells us, when we fight with reality we always lose.  And when we’re lost in our own fog of painful memory, not matter how justly we feel our right to be there, we are out of alignment with our most powerful, loving and creative self.  It takes a huge effort to release our attachments to this place, but when we do things will always get better.

Let’s head back to Mars for a moment.  Yesterday Mars moved into Gate 50.  Where it bumped in the North Node.  I love this 50/27 channel, it’s so complex and delicious! It connects the Spleen Centre (wellbeing, wisdom of the body) to the Sacral Centre (sexuality, creativity, the home of  our own personal universal creative blueprint).   It is in this relationship that we find a deep and abiding instruction for how to combine our need to express ourselves, to grow and develop and create, with the need to care for ourselves as if we were precious cargo in a multidimensional vehicle.  Which of course we are.

It’s pretty clear to anyone that this combination – success and wellbeing – are not on the same page in our culture.  I remember looking around at the grey hue of the partners of my law firm back when I was a budding young lawyer and thinking .. hmmm  they don’t look healthy or happy, not sure this is the right place for me.

So there’s a feeling that we live in an either / or world. Either success or health, either love or money, either happiness or health.  Mars in Gate 50 is here to tell you that you can have it all.  No need to choose.  In fact if we continue to hold onto the old patterns of neglect and lack of self care, we will be walking away from the true success that life is about to heap on our plates.

Mars and Ceres together tend to stir up the feelings of having our independence thwarted when we were very young.  Does this word ring any bells .. NO!!  

Yes, I thought you would remember that.  Where are you still doing the NO thing on yourself?  Where are you blocking your capacity for nourishment and love and the open innovative spirit of the times?  Don’t assume you know, because right now you don’t.   The North Node is in Gate 50.5, where we are learning to become receptive to a more harmonious way of living.  We are not rigid in our thinking or behaviour, but open and responsive to each moment.  In this way we can always release what no longer serves us.  Open our grip and let it go.  It’s safe to do that now.  It’s time for a return to the body of the feminine, and it’s universal acceptance and love that has been obscured as we tried to make sense of the oh so human behaviour of our (godlike) parents.


Alaya DeNoyelles has a simple exercise to use when we feel blocked from the kindness of real nourishment.  When we feel the dissonance, the discomfort, the sense of disconnection, we can use this process.

Whatever it is that’s causing me to feel …………………

I love you (said to the painful feeling or memory)

Thank you (to the injured and vulnerable part of yourself for taking care of you all these years and for revealing itself now)

Please come home to love  (inviting it to return to a coherent resonance of love)

You can tune into the energy of Amor in Gate 27.  Amor is the divided heart – the duality between the knowledge of universal unconditional love and the need for boundaries on human or earthly love.  It’s about accepting that there is a profound difference between the love we can experience as a universal force of creation and the love we experience in communion with other people.  This combination of planets come together this week to propel us out of the story that we must continue to deny ourselves the boundless care and attention of the universe because we failed to receive it from our parents and caretakers.

What are you reaching for?  What do you need?  What do you want to do now?


Img: marina podgaevskaya


I believe


I woke up this morning feeling sad … really sad.  For no present reason, I’ve got an amazing fun day coming up.  Sadness has always sent me into hiding, as if it was a taboo, something I am not allowed to share with the world.  I decided to love my sadness, to create a new relationship with it.

So I made a list of things I believe in.  It went something like this:

I believe

in my own creative and manifesting power

in my own magic

in ease and positive outcomes

in taking risks and learning from my mistakes

in being open to new ideas, in stretching and growing

in trusting my own emotions and intution

in listening deeply to myself and others

in life, love and liberty. 

I feel better now and I wonder …   what do you believe in?




Great Mother Issues


There’s been a huge rush around the empowerment of women in the past few years.  It’s all wonderful, we’re uplifted and excited about the possibilities.  There’s absolutely no doubt that the women of the world are staking their claim to creating a better future.  The energy of this shift has been getting more powerful in the last 3 months, can you feel it?  Where are we at with that energy right now?  It’s about changing our story about how we keep safe.  It’s about stepping past our familiar boundaries and blessing the day and each person we meet.  It’s about radically expanding our sense of fellowship to all humanity.   It’s about no longer restricting our alliances to ‘people like us’.  The feminine is relative – as in, it holds the energy of relationships on this planet.  There’s stuff to let go of as we reach out to a whole new level of relationship, there’s morphic fields to deconstruct and new lives to create.  We are birthing a new destiny for ourselves and the planet.

Let’s talk astrology for a moment.

For the past few months, Ceres and Vesta have been in the Spleen Centre, connecting in with the Pluto Uranus square energy, and the bridge between Pluto and Neptune.

You can read more about using Ceres and Vesta in Human Design here.

Ceres and Vesta are a part of our inner solar system.  Each of these ‘goddess asteroids’ adds to our capacity to develop our feminine aspects because they refine the energy beyond what is available from the only two feminine points in the standard Human Design chart – the Moon and Venus.

In her groundbreaking book Asteroid Goddesses, Demetra George explains

yin-yang-1Feminine in and of itself does not exist; it is the feminine end of the polarity.   Both women and men have feminine qualities. There are two feminine principles.   The first is the power of growth and fertilization, forces that quicken the life impulse to recreate and sustain itself.  The second principle is the power of transformation, the ability to change one thing into another.

We are experiencing a time of intense transformation.  This shift in intensity is experienced as an increase in pressure, tension and the rate of change until enough energy is generated to provoke a quantum shift in consciousness.  Emotional transformative crises are changing our psychospiritual vibrations so that we may attune our individual frequency to the spiritual core which resonates with the whole of creation.

These asteroids function as modes of personal transformation that link the personal (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) with the collective (Jupiter, Saturn).  They are operating to shift us from the old version of Aquarius – anarchy, chaos and a headlong rush into the new without a sensible incorporation of the old, excessive emphasis on individuality which denies the connection to others – and towards a brotherhood/sisterhood that is networked both to universal consciousness and to each other. This is a fractal reality, where you are always at the centre and simultaneously a beloved part of the whole.

Activation of this feminine psychic energy within each one of us is causing the release of a vast amount of unconscious archetypal material in both men and women.  Much of this material has been trapped within societies stories of women – Juno as the jealous wife for example.  The current transits are drawing us out of the limits of these old stories and into a stage of renewal that draws us out of isolation and into participation.

The asteroid goddesses are literally vehicles of rapidly vibrating birthing energy, both agents of transformation and symbolic keys to our transformation. They represent those experiences and crises which lead to changes in functioning at all levels from biological (brain function, emotions) to spiritual and allow us to open to more collective and cosmic frequencies.

This week the North Node (pulling us through our discomfort and towards our future) moved into Gate 50 and joined Ceres.  This is a Splenic Gate with the energy to shift culture into a new era.  It  brings up all issues relating to how we care for ourselves and others, shifting ancient lineages as it goes.  It creates powerful ripples from society into the personal and from the personal out to society.  Your ability to self care can change the world, just as the shifts to a more caring society can aid you to change your life.  On a very personal level, this is a gate that holds the paradigm for our intimate relationships – to  balance the passion, romance and sexuality with a deeply caring energy towards our partners.

This combination – the North Node and Ceres – inevitably brings up all the dross and detritus of the mother/child relationship.  We can’t be living empowered lives if we’re still stuck in child/adult split, keeping busy fighting a war between the two.  It’s time to get clear about what we want to create in the world, to find people who we can relate to without projection, and to move beyond the established limits of who we are into a much larger personal and collective construct.


Mother issues run very, very deep in our psyche.  They are one of the last taboo’s.  There is something critical to suppressing our pain around our relationship with our mother.  It’s as if we know that the pain of releasing this psychic material will destroy our very existence.   And yet, right now, at this crucial time in the evolution of consciousness, we’re being given the opportunity to open up pandora’s box and find what’s been stuffed inside it and labelled as dangerous.  It’s time to let the light shine upon our deepest darkest wounds and allow them to heal.  These wounds have kept us locked into a projected field of separation from each other, they have created the illusion of lack and struggle and aloneness.  That projected field is now disintegrating as you delete the old stories one by one from your life and move into more physical and emotional intimacy with yourself and others.


Some great books and programs on this topic are:

Will I Ever Be Good Enough by Dr Karyl McBride

CoDependent No More by Melodie Beattie

The Drama Of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller

Self Compassion by Kristen Neff

Honouring The Self by Nathaniel Branden

The Intimate Life  by Judith Blackstone PhD

Unlimited Abundance Program by Christie Marie Sheldon


Your Path Of Service Is Emerging

Vesta is also in Gate 50.  This is a double whammy!   Where Ceres represents our biology – how we give birth, how we care for ourselves and others, how we nurture ourselves – Vesta is our spiritual aspect. She represents the path of service that reveals itself in our lives once we achieve wholeness of self.  Vesta transforms confusion into personal commitment.  We cannot properly access the Vesta energy in our design until we have grounded our Ceres nature.  Understanding these two energies is fundamental to realising our true sense of purpose in life.

Vesta is letting you know what your role is as we create this more caring world.  She’s letting you know what is worth keeping and what needs shedding.  She’s bringing your attention to the people, places and things that will support you and guide you to your new sense of purpose.  She’s calling you to step into your destiny, to claim it and create it right now.


 A More Caring World

We literally can’t move forward in our lives unless we are taking exceptionally good care of ourselves.  That means being compassionate for our humanity, trusting our intuition and doing everything our body needs to love being here on this planet.

And let me be clear – this is about your BODY!  This is a physical thing, a shift in your relationship with your body, a return to the physically felt sense of resting in the goddess as Great Mother.   All the suffering, the starvation, the torture and punishment, the cruelty and hardship ….      our ancestors took it all into their DNA and other mother’s did what they could through the generations to keep us safe.  We no longer require that kind of ‘negative’ protection.

What does your new extraordinary life of self-care look like?  Are you having a massage every week?  Eating only organic food?  Will you move to the other side of the country, or would you prefer a pretty cottage nearby?  Will you have new friendships, or deepen existing friendships?  Take a moment to share in the comments what changes you could make to your life right now to more deeply nourish yourself.  Don’t let existing limits get in the way, we are transcending what’s possible, leaping beyond what passes as ‘being realistic’.  Also, don’t be afraid of asking too much or other conditioned responses to our intuitive imaginings.  Your creative powers of manifestation are reaching for a new life, and you can safely get out of the way and allow them to draw something wonderful for you.

When you go to bed at night, spend some time thinking about what you’d like to turn up in your world the next day.  What qualities would you like to embody?  How would you like people to experience you?  When you imprint these thoughts on your mind as you go to sleep your soul will work on them during the night, and that also shifts the collective consciousness and the morphic fields of memory on the planet.

Here’s something I wrote this morning.

From now on I choose to experience my own instincts and emotions, to learn to trust them, to be constantly in relationship with them and to have faith in my ability to continually create a wonderful life for myself.  I choose to be endlessly compassionate for my own humanity and to appreciate the love, beauty and prosperity in each moment of my life. 

There are some special qualities I would like to have turn up more and more each day .. one is absolute health and vitality, a strong and sexy body that is filled with the joy of living.  Another is a curiosity and engagement with change as each moment unfolds for me.

Are there qualities and experiences you would like to have more of in your life?


Img: ~ Great Mother


Over the past few days I’ve been working out my new schedule for 2014.  I was originally planning to restrict my coaching clients to 2 per month, but this week I’ve decided to increase that to 4 clients per month.  If you’re ready to upscale your life and need support and guidance, email me now so we can talk about how you can benefit from working 1:1 with me, and having personal access to my 10 years of experience in bringing the genius of Human Design into people’s lives and business.  I have some places to start immediately and 2 for a March start.  Come play in the feminine possibilities! 


Is Your Comfort Zone Worn Out Yet?


There’s a whole lot of limitations in your life that just don’t make sense anymore.  It’s as if you’ve worn them out through using them to often to keep yourself small and it’s kind of hard to even remember why you believed in them in the first place!  Comfort zones are collapsing around us and a bright shiny new world is presenting itself.

Most of the transformation is happening in the Spleen Centre, with Jupiter acting as a healing bridge to the emotions.   Pluto in 38 and Jupiter in 39 – twin gates that work in polarity as they gain each other’s measure – is clearing deep ancestral distrust of the unknown.  Strange ideas, strange faces, strange accents, strange situations …  the whole concept of ‘stranger danger’ is built into our DNA since the days when we spent a lifetime surrounded by only a handful of familiar and familial faces doing the same things we’d been doing every day for thousands of years.   Back then our comfort zone was small and beyond it were dragons. These days we are at a tipping point and our comfort zone is simply the taking off point for our next adventure.

That comfy place contains all the devils we know and love – fear in particular.  Often we’ve become so accustomed to our own pain and struggle that we believe it is all the world has to offer and don’t see it as something we wrap around us to stay safe.  Moving beyond suffering and struggle takes the courage to face who we might be on the other side and that’s not always comfortable!

Another big deal is finding techniques to let go of the past.  We’re so accustomed to emotional processing, trying to find the reason for things, to understand our pain, to unlock our karma and free ourselves from repeating cycles.  This profound activation to the Spleen Centre is bringing us closer to the source, relieving us from the need to process mentally or emotionally.  As we feel discomfort in our body we can make a clear choice to step beyond the limiting belief and into a greater sense of self.  Try it yourself.  Whenever something bugs you in the next few days, watch how you try to understand it, how you create a story to hold it.  This is not how our mind and emotions are designed to operate, and this binding up of our precious and powerful resources in looping around the pain again and again simply keeps us oblivious of what we could be doing instead!

So, back to the thing that’s bugging you.  Can you feel it in your body?  Or in the space around your body?  Try saying something like .. Thank you.  I’m done.  I release you.  It works best if you expand into a big sense of self.  You can do this by saying something like “I am the powerful centre of the Universe, the pure personification of Love and Light”  (okay, that’s my personal favourite!).   And then do the releasing again – Thank you. I’m done.  I release you.  And then get on and do something that makes you feel really amazing.

The main thing I want to share with you here is this – you don’t deserve to suffer, you are not being punished, you do not have to learn anything.  It’s time to be free and get big!

Because ….

I want to do the teenage girl thing here ……  OMG!  I LOVE what Ceres and Vesta are doing in the Spleen Centre!  Today Ceres is in Gate 50.1 asking what nourishes you.  Really, is it the things you were taught to take into your life?  Is it the food pyramid?  Hours at the gym?  Eating all your broccoli?  You are the only person on this planet who knows what’s best for you.

You have an inbuilt intuitive knowing of what to take into your life – whether it be food, people, situations.  You experience the knowing in your body and emotions and you are the worlds foremost authority.  In fact the worlds only authority!   One interesting experience I had during 2013 was watching my ongoing anxiety – something I struggled with for years – dissolve into a simple separation from my own conscious knowing of what I wanted in my life.  Which created a separation from my body and spirit.  It was, quite literally, separation anxiety!

And it’s not just about health.  To quote Hilary Barrett (as I have been known to do on occasion!):

It means not only what you eat, but all the processes and structures that sustain nourishment, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual .. all creating and re-creating your individual ecosystem to sustain and shape you.   Call on your constancy and steady clear persistence in honouring what truly sustains you. (South Node in Gate 27, which is creating a channel with Ceres). 

This marks a new beginning.  The sacred vessel is cast and used in great ceremonies that inaugurate a new dynasty.  This is a stable robust foundation for a new life and also the vessel or crucible where you can expect to be transformed and remade.

There is so much old material coming up now to be released.  Please stay attentive to releasing it rather than trying to work through it.  Keep your gaze firmly on the promise of a new life and your own long term goals.  There is something fresh and new, something profoundly nourishing coming into your life and that is what requires your attention – it is this new ‘era’ that needs to be nourished.  The negative material is simply in the process of  Exiting Stage Left, don’t be confused into trying to get it to hang around for one last encore!   And don’t buy into the old idea of limitations.  Trust is the bridge, and it’s time to get really good at it!

Vesta, oh how I love her!  Vesta is in Gate 32.3 right now, joined by the radiant Venus in Gate 54.  Right there is the Goddess A Team!  If you’ve been filled with an uplifting sense of abundance and financial change in the past month or two it’s partly because of Neptune and Jupiter activating the Gate of Abundance.  And Ceres passing through Gate 32.  And now, this Vesta and Venus combo is adding the icing to the cake.

Vesta has a lot to do with money. Firstly, she represents your Path of Service or Life Calling in your personal chart.  So when she turns up with Venus in a transit we can expect a radical shift as we feel more deeply into our own personal values and discover a renewed sense of career purpose.  Secondly, Vesta has a strong connection to the Goddess Temples which were custodians of the communal wealth.  It was held in trust for the entire community and the idea of inequality, trickle down or not receiving succour (or health care) was unimaginable.  This is not a return to socialism but rather a dynamic shift in our own attitude to money that will, over time, shift the entire global financial system.

The channel in which we find Vesta and Venus this week has a couple of important clues for us. It shifts us beyond a fear of failure because we are so strongly attracted to our calling.  It slows us down so we can stay in our body for the journey. Yes … slows us down .. please don’t rush just now!  We can do this one step at a time and you won’t miss out on one juicy morsel along the way!  And it has an instinctive understanding of what we can transform.  Fuelled by Jupiter, there’s a lot of people feeling the call to make a lot more money right now.  That’s part of the transformation of the economy that is shifting from the pyramid economy, where all the money is held by a few people, to a fractal economy, where money moves along relationship lines being attracted to the greatest areas of transformation.  We don’t need to go fast so much as boldly in line with our most amazing dreams.

Can you feel your dreams taking on more substance?

There’s one last thing I want to share with you.  The Spleen Centre is all about the Libran quality of balance.  That’s because every gate but two in the Spleen Centre are in Libra.  (The exceptions –  Gates 28 and 44 are in Scorpio).  Over the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing the imbalance of giving and receiving in my life.  I can feel in my body if I’m giving or receiving when it’s not right to do so.  As much as my mind tries to override me, my body is attuning me to a greater sense of honesty.  Can you feel the imbalances more easily just now?

This magical time of unfurling is very precious.  Enjoy!




I’ll be sharing my program for 2014 at the beginning of February.  I will be taking 2 coaching clients each month.  February is already booked out. Email me if you’d like a place in March.


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Sitting On The Edge Of What’s Known



This week I went to lunch with a group of women and one of them asked us …  how do you experience the difference between your masculine and feminine sides?  The women went on to talk about their masculine as the breadwinner, out there in the world making things happen and bringing home the bacon.  They identified their feminine side with intuition, feelings and a desire to care.  One of them explained she was having a year off.  “Off what?”  I asked.  The obvious answer was ‘off work’, but the deeper answer is that she is having a year off from being in her masculine side that gets up every morning and goes out in the world, leaving the intuitive, feeling, caring side of her nature at home.

This split bedevils our world.  In her book Approaching The Corporate Heart, Margot Cairnes describes the corporate high flyers she works with in her consultancy as well trained and highly disciplined.  She also describes them as the living dead.  They have learned that in order to succeed they have to suppress their own feelings, to spare little time for their emotional and spiritual growth.  In a quest to create the world, they put their souls and emotions on hold.

This will never turn out well!

I had a similar experience.  As a young lawyer on the verge of a junior partnership I found myself one Friday evening sitting in the boardroom with the senior partners, obligatory glass of whisky in hand.  Part of me felt like I was approaching a place of personal power.  But then, as I sat sipping my drink, I realised how grey these men were.  Their hair was grey, their faces were grey, their very demeanor was grey.  In that moment I made a choice.  I was never going to end up like those men, successful but only half alive.  A few weeks later I collapsed at work and that was the end of that era of my life!


We’ve arrived at a turning point in the evolution of humanity, Gaia, and consciousness itself.  At a personal level this turning point is all about connecting with what’s within us.  We can’t go on ignoring our feelings, our bodies, our heart and soul.  Even those of us with many years on a spiritual path are still conditioned away from trusting what our inner awareness tells us.  Can we trust it?  Will we be safe?  How will we survive?

Life seeks always to expand.  The very universe itself is constantly expanding.  But seemingly we have exhausted all our resources on this planet, and now we must contract in order to survive.  Governments are cutting back on spending on education.  Health care is unaffordable.  People are losing their homes and their jobs.  Perhaps, the thinking goes, if we make ourselves smaller there may be enough to go around.  If we deny ourselves, surrender the bliss of our personal desires, we may just manage to survive.

The people telling this story are corporate and government leaders.  They are fighting so hard to retain their simplistic linear way of thinking and operating that they are blinded to the possibilities inherent in the world being transformed around them.  They are creating a myth of doom and gloom that arises from a mind that has no connection to the magnificence of what surrounds it.

The marvellous Charles Eisenstein tells a different story.  In The Ascent of Humanity, he says:


I experience such an odd mix of emotions whenever the latest symptom of financial, political or ecological collapse comes onto my radar screen.  On the one hand I feel dread; on the other, a kind of gratification or even gleeful excitement.  I hope you will not think ill of me if I confess that sometimes, when a promising catastrophe fails to materialize, I feel a little disappointed.  

Such contradictory feelings are common among those working to create a more beautiful world.  We want the same thing that we fear: the end of our world and the beginning of a new.  Our seemingly perverse desire for the world to end is more than just a Freudian death wish; it is our yearning to be born.


Right now two dwarf planets – Vesta and Ceres – are making a channel with the Sun in Gate 10.  They are creating a field of sensitivity that may be eliciting feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness, anger and general discomfort in your body.  And perhaps particularly in your heart.  This is the mind-body split at it’s most potent.  We may feel that something is wrong with the world, that we are alone, separate, isolated when the truth is that it’s our body we have separated out from – the spirit of our physicality.    And it is this separation of self that is actually creating the fear, the anxiety, the sadness.

This is a highly complex evolutionary manoeuvre.  At this moment we are attempting to integrate our highly tuned, ancient fear-based survival instincts with our high functioning conscious neo-cortex.  We are bringing this modern part of our brain into our bodies and saying .. yes, it’s safe here.  The nightmares you have been experiencing are not a real threat, they are part of the fear frequency on this planet.  You are a part of nature and your intuition, your body, is where that connection is made.  If you don’t want to be living in the fear frequencies, you can make a choice to tune into your intuition instead.  Your body wants to move, to be juicy and alive, to smell and touch and taste.  It is showing you how to step out of survival and into paradise.

Ceres represents our capacity for nurturing and nourishing ourselves.  She also triggers any sense of deprivation in relationships.  Ceres calls us to connect with our own internal mothering and to reach out to the Great Mother.  Spend some time just letting your body call the shots today, allow your mind to follow it’s lead.  You’ll find that much of your anxiety and indecision is resolved. As we connect more deeply with this energy we can shift our resources from the victim energy, and from the need to defend ourselves, into more creative pathways.  And that’s where Vesta comes in.

Vesta represents our devotion to our path of service.  She can also represent our sexual sovereignty – ownership of our sexual selves. Right now so many people are letting go of their pain and waking up to the gifts they have to offer the world. It is truly miraculous to consider the changes we are on the cusp of creating – the healing, the creativity, the new ideas for living a healthy and happy life.  This healing and growth is coming directly from connecting to the ancient Goddess cultures that are infusing our lives with a body based bliss. Despite the possibility that our external world doesn’t provide either nourishment or a path of service that matches our internal frequency of desire, we find the capacity to stay true to what we feel within.  We are not seeking an active outcome, simply acting in each moment from the root of ourselves.  This makes our path smooth and our treading harmonious.




Until now we believed in certain limits as if they were a physical reality, but we are about to find ourselves expanding beyond them.  In times of expansion we need an anchor, and that anchor is our physical intuition. When we are confident of our innate integrity, we are able to traverse new worlds while growing into our own unique pattern. Your body is unfreezing, releasing old fear patterns.  Move it gently, wildly, freely.  As much as possible, release your mental hold over your body and allow it’s innate wisdom to return to your day to day life.


Creating New Culture

Jupiter and Saturn are major players in the current cosmic scene.  They are the planets that we use to build culture – Jupiter is our ‘religion’ and Saturn our ‘economy’.  Saturn is making a channel with dwarf planet Sedna, which is in Gate 23.  The essential concept here is sustainability.  What are the limits of growth? Do we need to get smaller in order to survive or can we expand our own consciousness and allow our world to respond accordingly.  I’ll write more on sustainability soon, but right now the essence is to see our own pattern of expansion rather than to buy into these horrid logic mind ideas of linear growth.  As we bring the feminine intuitive senses back into the game of life, dimensional doorways open and the rules shift.  Some astrologers see Saturn as representing the return of the Goddess – the wise Grandmother. Expect miracles.

Jupiter is retrograde at the moment, which means we have to make our own luck by acting on opportunities as they arise.  Our intuition is strong, our only task to ensure we are acting from our wellbeing, rather than fear and survival instincts.  The one supports our growth, the other makes us shrink down to nothing.  On 6th January, Jupiter will shift back to Gate 39, creating a channel with Neptune and a circuit with Pluto and the North Node.  Believe me, this one will take hold of our world!  We’ll have Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter all connecting to the North Node (destiny), in a pair of channels that are about reacting out of fear to people and situations.  Or the alternative, to open up to new opportunities and diverse people and situations.  At the DNA level this is shifting the tribal fears of the unknown, allowing us a greater field of play in the fractal of relationships we are creating.



These two channels will be in play until the end of January.  Movement of the body and emotions will shift the fear and bring you into alignment with your joy.  I’ll write more on this specific alignment next week.


What’s seeking to be born

I believe this turning point will shift us into a third age of consciousness.  The first age was the matriarchy.  Evidence suggests that phase was communal, peaceful and creative.  It relished art, beauty and the sensual body. Women ruled and men gained power through marriage.   The second age was the patriarchy, which began when the horse people swept down from the North.  They viewed themselves as superior people because of their ability to conquer more peaceful people, and they revered their aggressive warriors and the priestly caste of high standing.  They relished heroes, the mind and achievement.  The matriarchal times were communal. The patriarchal times celebrated the individual.

I acknowledge this is a Euro-centric view of reality, but I believe it’s the dominant evolutionary creative principle in our lives at this moment.  We have entered a time when these two polarities – the feminine and the masculine – are realising what they can create together.  And in their powerful embrace, something wonderful is seeking to be born.  That wonderful newling is a way of being that effortlessly blends our so called masculine and feminine.  In other words we can create a life that is successful and satisfying through connecting with our inner awareness.  We are learning that when we allow our every day self to be guided by our inner knowing good things happen.

This seems obvious, but even though of us who consider ourselves very aware are still struggling with this concept.  Deep down in our cells is the belief that our feelings and our intuition are just waiting to lead us astray, that they are working against, rather than for, our greater good.  Why else would we have to work so hard to tune in?  This idea is easy to say .. oh so easy to say .. and yet much more difficult to live.  We are entering the complex and mysterious world of chemical messengers, brain frequencies, the effects of intimacy on mood, a whole new subtle way of understanding what it means to be a conscious human in the 21st century.  We are beginning an experiment in living that is beyond anything humanity has experienced before.

Pallas Athene in Gate 64 just now adds to this picture.  When Pallas arose fully formed from her father’s head she had no need of time to develop.  The patriarchy needed her blessing and she had to go to war!  Pallas brings such incredible gifts of wisdom and understanding that have, for the past 2,000 years, been used for the benefit of the warlike pattern of growth.  Pallas the weaver is about to begin a new story that returns her to the root of her feminine wisdom and to her mother Metis, the triple goddess.  Gate 64 is both the end and the beginning, and Pallas is both a warrior and a wise woman.  She knows exactly what needs to be done.

Back to Margot Cairne.  In her video The Mediocrity Trap, she tells how corporate warriors resist their emotions. Not logically, not from a clear space of arguing that they are unnecessary. But from fear of the breakdown in their reality that will inevitably occur once their feelings breach the wall.  One of the most common questions I get asked in personal sessions is How do I feel my feelings?  Being able to access our own inner awareness is a millenium tool.   It brings a breakdown in our existing reality, and great responsibility for creating the world anew.

Once we start tuning in, then what?  If we all turn into navel gazing flower children, who will run the world?  That would be you.  Because it’s not about tuning in for the sake of dropping out.  It’s about dropping in. As we begin to access this powerful inner guidance (represented by the feminine polarity) we must also begin to act on it (the masculine pole).  We can no longer look outside ourselves for directions on where to go, what to do and when to do it.  At this point in our evolution, these choices are ours alone.

This brings us to the very edge of the known world.  Because, right here and right now, our understanding of what it means to be a human being shifts.  The structures we have relied on – the mother and the father – the nurturing and the providing – are being given over into our hands.  No more goddess and gods to look out for us.  We must own the place within ourselves where we have been orphaned, where we haven’t received what we’ve needed to thrive. It’s time to step beyond the hurt and the woundedness. We have completed that part of our journey. We are on the cusp of taking these powerful capacities for creation, and learning how to make them our own.

Acting on our intuition and feelings is a new way of being.  We can no longer map ‘reality’ through knowing the rules of the patriarchal structure – that things will always be this way and we can rely on them.  We are standing on the cusp of the unknown.  It’s up to us to create what happens next.  Step by step.



After decades of dedicated personal work, it’s time for women to step into their powerful healing work.  So many others are waking up and they need you to show them the way.

If you feel called to create a new, fulfilling and purposeful business that calls out everything that is unique and beautiful in you, then this is your time.  It’s so important for you to understand – it really matters!

I have places available in the Emergent Human Design Business Coaching Program, beginning in the first week of February.  It’s time for you to be all that you can be.


Saturn activates Sedna and focuses attention on our oceans



I was watching an update on the Fukishima nuclear situation a few days ago.  They have so much contaminated water and have decided to dump it into the ocean.  I wondered why that would be considered a better option than just dumping it in a field somewhere and letting it soak into the soil. Why, in 2013, do we still have this crazy idea that once something sinks into the depths of the ocean it no longer exists.  It’s a bit like a baby who cries when you hide their toy – as if it simple ceases to exist when it’s out of view!


Sedna is a dwarf planet that represents our relationship with the oceans.  And tomorrow – at 8pm UT on 16th December – Saturn shifts into the Gate of Breakthrough and creates a channel with Sedna. Expect to hear more about the Fukishima decision, and other activities affecting the wellbeing of our oceans and the creatures who live in it.

And right on cue, the Australian Government has made a shocking decision to give the go ahead to one of the largest coal ports in the world ….  right next to the Great Barrier Reef.  With over 3000 individual reef systems, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef in the world, and the only living structure that can be seen from space.  Somehow they’ve managed to convince themselves that the port will actually benefit the reef .. go figure!!



The channel being activated connects the Ajna to the Throat, it’s a channel of mental expression that takes our existing understanding apart and restructures it. With it’s sudden ah ha! moments and bursts of new insight, this should be a very interesting time.  Saturn doesn’t like falling apart, he’s much more of a holding things together kind of guy, but in this position he has no choose but to let go of his existing reality and allow change to happen.  We could certainly be in for a period of being considered to be speaking nonsense because we jumped out of the old box.  And it’s likely to be uncomfortable on a personal level too, because there is some Saturn inside of each one of us trying to hold tight to what’s comfortable and known.

Saturn builds healthy structures on the material plane, so by the time he moves on – in November 2014 – many people will have taken a stand (Gate 43) for the health of our oceans and a sustainable culture and created a significant difference in the world.


You can’t see Sedna, she doesn’t show up on the standard Human Design chart, but she’s been transiting in Gate 23 – Splitting Apart – since 2004 and will stay there till 2014.   Saturn is likely to bring attention to the activities of business and how they impact on our oceans.  Whaling, the fishing industries, even tourism and it’s impact could be in the spotlight.

On a personal level we may find blocked and frozen emotions get stuck in our throat. Sudden new insights are likely to break through our old way of thinking, releasing new energy into our life.

You can read more about Sedna here.  Saturn remains in this Gate until 6th November 2014, when he shifts into Gate 14.

Have you noticed any tightness in your throat already?


claire stoner

New Moon December 2013 – Shimmy and Shake Your Way Free


New Moon 11+Scorpio, Gate 9.6.
Sunday 3rd December 00:22 UT, 11:22am Sydney, Sunday 2nd December 7:22pm Eastern


What a year it’s been!  Are you able to see what you’ve achieved?  Have you noticed how you’ve been slowly learning that you need to do things a bit differently?

We are learning to see our achievements clearly, and to acknowledge our capacity to change the direction of our own lives.  As we begin to see what has been stored up through small actions taken one after the other, we learn how to make use of that potential.  If we think of our lives as nothing more than a string of small and ineffectual acts we miss the significance of our actions and the deep change they can create.   We need to learn how small actions can change our lives, building up over time into something great.  When we can be in the moment, carefully tending something, no matter how small it might be, we create a shift in our own lives and in the trajectory of life on earth.   It’s a movement away from the hero archetype that calls us to greatness.  The greatness is in the attention to what calls our curiosity

This is different behaviour to what went before.  When we trust in our smallest efforts to have an impact we can relax, do less, achieve more.  We can move past obstacles, step by blockages, resolve conflict.




It’s important not to stay trapped in the pain of  ‘if only’.  Recognise what you have stored up and what use you could make of it.  Sometimes this means to let go of unnecessary details, to step into a broader flow of understanding.  Usually it means allowing our attention to be drawn to what’s next, rather than staying stuck in old patterns or diverting ourselves from what’s really important.

There is something about the ego in this New Moon, something that will become more obvious in January.  It has to do with the ego’s need to hold tight to a smaller view of ourselves, even though some part of us believes in a more expansive self.

The Sun and Moon are in the Gate of the Small (9).  This gate releases magical intention when we focus on what triggers our curiosity and enthusiasm.  Each moment is a new beginning, a new creation.  What you focus your attention on creates your actions. Each action you take is of vast importance to the evolution of humanity.

Dwarf planet Ceres is in Gate 48, significant because in this position she acts as a bridge between Pluto and the North Node, and the Earth in the Gate of Enthusiasm (16).   There is a deep and intense fear triggered through this connection. You may find that external events trigger a need for you to face your fears this week.  Rather than sticking with the old pattern of trying to control things or avoiding them all together (la la land), allow the sense of whatever is going on for you to penetrate deeply.  The fear may be something that feels overwhelming, controlling even malevolent.  It may feel very uncomfortable. That’s because we’re deep in the cellular level of the body here.  We are accustomed to dealing with fear as an emotion or an instinct, but Gate 48 is fear held in the body and it is an unfamiliar experience to actually become aware of it.  After all, we put it there in the first place because we didn’t want to be aware of it!

Rest into your fear.  Sigh and release.  Drop down.  Here is a place where we all meet as a collective.  There are no good guys or bad guys.  I have found this fear to be very uncomfortable, but allowing my breath to be deep and slow has released energy that’s probably been trapped all my life.

Sitting next to Ceres in Gate 48 are two asteroids – Hybris and Achilles.  Hybris relates to our expectations about what we will achieve in life, and the possibility of our banking on it.  Achilles has, I believe, a triple layer function.  In the deepest layer we feel, deep down, that we are wonderful and magical and all powerful in our own lives.  Then in the middle layer we are anxious about how we may be received in a world that may not agree with our innate knowing of our own goodness and inherent value.  The top layer, our face to the world,  is one that tries to cover up our anxiety by pretending to be the very thing we know ourselves to be deep down.  It’s the fake version of the deepest layer.  Astrology Eric Francis has suggested that Achilles represents false confidence, that we pretend we are not confident when we really are.  This has played out in my experience of working with people on their Achilles in their Design, but I do believe there are three layers at work here, not two.

I was so surprised years ago when a friend said that the ego self was more likely to play small than to play big.  After all, that amazing creature, the ego, is most interested in keeping us safe and what better way than to be unthreatening. In our smallness we cling to many small details, fearing that if we release our grip on them we will become unhinged from reality, step too far into the flow of life and be swept away.   Our mind (which is a great partner of the ego) has it’s regular pathways, the habits of a lifetime that make up who we are.  Change and growth requires new behaviour.


claire stoner

Newly discovered minor planet Orius is conjunct the Sun and Moon, in Gate 9.5.  Based on the work of astrologer Philip Sedgwick, I consider Orius to represent a deeper and simpler way of knowing that comes from inner awareness rather than external props like fancy clothes, fast cars, sexy partners and high status careers.  Without these props we can feel disoriented, as our sense of identity is stripped away.  I remember feeling this way when I first became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and realised I could no longer work as a lawyer.  Who would I be?  I had no idea.  It was quite frightening at the time.  Orius calls us to be alert to the changes that are taking place, and to allow our own insight to form the structure of our reality.

This week’s New Moon calls us deeply into relationship with our body.  Pluto has finished in Gate 58, where he helped us begin to shake up the cellular patterns that we were stuck in.  This week’s New Moon calls out that new capacity by asking us to move – stretch, walk, dance, roll around, jump, skip.  Whatever you DO, include your body.  Find new ways to move, small ways to change the way you move, different shapes and colours and smells and sounds of movement.  I just bought a yoga hammock so I can hang upside down!

Regardless of possible challenges we can take the time to see that many potential threats to our existence are actually blessings in disguise.  Rather than react from fear we can allow a deep transformation to occur by responding to the threat slowly and with great awareness.  We can move our body in response to any feelings of anxiety, fear, discomfort.  Shimmy, shake, slide, swing.  They only need to be small movements, gentle movements.  In this way we find the true blessing being offered to us, because our bodies get to move through the process.  We are breaking down so much old structure.  We are creating personal sanctuary within our own bodies.  This process works very deeply on our wounds of abandonment and betrayal within the family, wounds that have cut us off from each other and from our capacity to be at home on the planet and even in our own bodies.

One major benefit of this process is that we will be more grounded in reality, and no longer over or underestimate what we can achieve and who we can be.   Our natural enthusiasm will be authentic and false enthusiasm no longer necessary.  Because even in our bodies, we feel safe enough to stand our own ground.    The overpowering and malevolent threats of the past are cut down to size and we realise we can easily move past them without dying.

On 9th January Jupiter shifts to Gate 39, and both channels will be activated until 31st January, when the Node shifts.  Mars will be in 57 almost that entire period, until 24th January.  The Centaur Asbolus will be in Gate 20 during this time, giving the energy of letting go of old concepts of success.

The Root Centre corresponds with Malkuth in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  This is the place where we walk on the earth plane.  This is the place where we bring our godself to material reality. During this period we can turn our gaze from the difficulties of the past and face the future.  Here is where we are creating!


Img:  Claire Stoner


November Full Moon – Are You Ready To Leap?

Full Moon in Gate 8 line 1 (26 Taurus), Sun in Gate 14 line 1 (26 Scorpio).  Sunday November 17th at 3.15pm UT, 7.15am PST, 1015 EST.  Monday 18th November at 2.15am Australian Eastern.

This week’s Full Moon asks one question.

Are you ready to embrace your true purpose?   

Whether Wall Street knows it or not, the economic field on this planet is shifting irrevocably.  Power is shifting, money is shifting, the very concept of ‘success’ is shifting.

Once upon a time, being a success meant fitting in.  Doing the right thing.  Working hard and paying your dues.

That kind of success wasn’t really success.  It was actually something quite different.  It was mediocrity – a fear of success – disguised as the freedom to make your way.  The ‘way’ however, was never your way.  That ‘way’ was predetermined and designed to keep you powerless.

We are stepping into a fresh new fractal alignment on this Full Moon.  One that brings the pure joy of expressing your true nature.  It’s time to take a leap of faith in yourself and reveal the bright diamond of light that you truly are.

Here’s what’s happening.

The Full Moon is in Gate 8 – The Gate of Contribution – a place where our ability to express our unique individual creative possibilities are released into the world.  But there’s so much more than your individual shiny self illuminating the world.  This is a gate about relationships.  It’s about sincerity.  In particular, how we can create a new world by being sincere AND being uncompromisingly ourselves.  “Pour your sincerity into the community as when filling an empty well bucket with pure water.   People will join the union.”  (Master Huang)

This is a pure, almost childlike, impulse towards relationship that springs from overflowing sincerity and trust.  True understanding of our place in the world flows from here.

The end that comes from this, bringing more good fortune, is a completion and rounding off and also a beginning.  True understanding grows from here.”  (Hilary Barrett)

Venus is conjunct Pluto –  in the Gate of Diversity (38).  You might also know it as the Gate of the Fighter.  Well, the fighting can stop now.  When our energy was bound up in struggling and fighting to survive as individuals we were blind to the incredible prosperity that flows from coming together and exploring how to value our diversity.

Venus calls out the immense personal power that Pluto brings to your door, and shows how to use it to attract into your life the wealth that is naturally yours to claim.  The forces of opposition that have kept us locked in mental confusion about our true nature are breaking down.  We are coming together in sincerity, sharing our natural gifts, creating a new world that is based on respect for diversity.

Pluto is square Uranus –  showing us that we can stop fighting endlessly for our freedom and move into a whole new phase of self expression.  Richard Rudd talks about finding ‘the right fight’ – learning the difference between fighting resistance rather than simply observing and overcoming obstacles.  When we point ourselves towards our own goals, find creative ways to overcome the limitation and obstacles we will naturally meet on the way, we are empowered and invigorated rather than exhausted.

An added bonus (actually the reason we even engage in the struggle in the first place) is that we discover others who are our natural allies and without whom we couldn’t even make the journey, let alone achieve our goals.

Uranus is in Gate 17.6 and Pluto in Gate 38.1.

Vesta is conjunct Makemake –  in the Gate of Pushing Upwards (46).  Dwarf planet Makemake presents you with a paradox.  There is your starry self – the wild one who knows the way.  And there is your cultivated self – the one who believes it has all the answers.  The first is a force for universal creation – the breakthrough into a new cycle.  The second is a force for destruction in the name of ‘progress’.

Vesta represents the return of all resources – including our sacral energy (our creativity and sexuality) – to the sacred realms.  She calls us to remember a time when abundance was natural and communal.  She asks us to treat ourselves as divine containers for the life force energy that pulses through us.

To do this, we need to own it, and to make more conscious choices about how we channel it.

To do this, we need to step into the emptiness that is the void from which our own creativity arises.  We need to let go of having all the answers, or trusting those who tell us that they will keep us safe.  They are lying now, and always have been.


Makemake and Vesta are conjunct the Super Galactic Centre. At it’s core, this energy can feel like an immense emptiness. This is an emptiness that can only be filled by joining into a much bigger picture.  Transits to the Super Galactic Centre can bless us with a quick joyride into the wonderful realm of our own most potent essential nature.   To get on that ride we have to ditch the addictive behaviours that we’ve picked up as a way of avoiding our fear of emptiness, and dive right into that existential pit of aloneness.

Vesta is about sex and vocation.  She covers the gamut of relationship trajectories in our lives, and how we devote ourselves to them while holding true to our own sacred nature.  Expect major sexual relationship shifts over the next few days, as we shift from death and destruction (trying to heal the wounds and save ourselves from being alone) to life and creativity.

This is a big world and while each one of us harbours ideas of being the centre of the universe, we are really so infintesimally small compared to say … oh, I don’t know ..  a supermassive black hole containing more than 3 trillion stars.  Nevertheless, as the saying goes, you are a cherished child of the universe with a very specific reason for being right here right now.  And right here and right now is exactly the time to claim your essential heritage as a powerful beam of light in the immense trajectory of the evolution of life.  Feel your aloneness and get ready to leap!



To support you to align with the powerful energies we will experience between now and February next year, I am releasing 2 advance places in my 2014 Emergent Human Design program. More 


It’s Not Really About Life or Death

The next 12 hours open up a window to deeply embedded memories of life threatening experiences. At least they felt life threatening at tge time, and that’s because the experience you had, no matter how apparently slight, went seeking context in your DNA and found ancestral warning bells and flashing lights spelling out the message RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!   Or perhaps you got one of the alternative messages – FIGHT!   Or my particular favourite (not!)  FREEZE!

Mars has just moved into the Gate of Oppression -a place where we feel there is no escape. We are trapped. But Mars is the quintessential escape artist and he has a whole lot of help coming his way,

The Moon is currently making a channel with expansive Jupiter. This is Inner child heating at its best, in a channel that epitomises endings and new beginnings. Jupiter is providing the faith and impetus to complete these old cycles. The Moon is initiating a new way of thinking and being, a more inclusive space.  Venus in the Gate of Joy assures us that if we unfreeze and begin slowly moving with the energy of these parts of us that have been trapped for millenium, we will find relief, even a quiet joyfulness, Mercury is helping us be more aware of the fears and illusory threats that send us panicking into struggle.

There Is no need to DO anything other than watch this miracle unfold in your psyche.

We are building a strong foundation for the upcoming Pluto and North Node connection that begins on 21st November. The crux of these shifts is H release the fears that have us believe we have no choice but to struggle on alone.  As our relationship fractals begin to creak and shift and shimmer
Pluto will release an unimaginable bounty of Galactic inspiration.

Stay tuned!  And remember, be kind to yourself, you are amazing.



Should You Resist the Pressure To Shift?


Full Moon ~ Friday 18th October 2013 UT 23:37, EDT: 18:37, AEDT: Saturday 19th Oct 9:37 ~ Moon in Gate 42.6, 25+Aries, Sun in Gate 32.6, 25+ Libra.


You may be experiencing a great deal of discomfort.  And it’s all about the process of change.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?  If we decide to change, how should we do it?  Should they be big or small changes?

Back on 8th September, Jupiter moved into Gate 53 – the Gate of Gradual Development that rules the cycles of our lives.  We’re talking endings and new beginnings.


[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] “Before you begin anything new in your life you need to ask yourself – What is the true essence of this beginning?” ~ Richard Rudd [/sws_blockquote_endquote]


Right now, the Earth is joining with Jupiter to activate the Energy Format Channel of Cycles.  This means our consciousness has penetrated to a certain level of material reality that enables us to begin a new cycle of experience.    There is a powerful evolutionary impulse to expand beyond our existing comfort zones.  Our circumstances can feel so complex and the demands on us overwhelming.

What is evolving here for you?  Can you distinguish between fear and excitement?  Between complexity of too much thinking and the simplicity of allowing yourself to move with the evolutionary impulse?  What is the nature of the cycle you’ve been in since Jupiter was last in this gate, back in June 2002?

The connection is between the Sacral and Root Centres, so we’re looking at fears of taking ownership of our own vital creative energy.

We’re looking at fears of being trapped if we crystallise our options into one material outcome.  What if it turns out that we don’t want that widget / new home / relationship after all?  We’ll be stuck with it!


Show Us The Money! 

There is a lot of emphasis on money.  Jupiter is in the Gate of Development, which carries a desire to material abundance.  It’s not so much about money, as it is about creation.

How do we reconcile the continual evolutionary impulse for expansion with our current economic and environmental circumstances?  As Huffington Post headlines scream out DEFER or DEFAULT! amidst fears of a domino effect that could take the global economic system down with it, we wonder how it might be possible to prosper.  Especially given the parlous state of the environment.  Surely greed is most definitely out!  

Luckily for us, we have reached a financial tipping point, and it’s beginning to tip in our favour.  

The power and greed that have characterised the modern financial system have become more and more transparent, thanks to Neptune in the Gate of Abundance and Pluto in business-minded Capricorn.  There is no longer anywhere to hide the nefarious actions that suck money out of the collective pool of goodness.  The irony is that those who have been truly greedy have not considered themselves to be greedy at all. And those who might believe they could – just maybe – be worth a tiny bit more, have felt that it would be greedy to claim it for themselves.

My tip in navigating these difficult and confusing waters is this:

Go to the centre of your life, feel the flow of energy there at the core of who you are.  What’s calling to you?  It might be a warm bath or it may be a ticket to the Moon.  Whatever it is, trust that creative impulse.  We are making a new alignment with Heaven and no longer need to be satisfied with how things have been.  This is a major upgrade.  A radical shift.

But it’s not about opportunism.  It is about natural increase and blessings where we open ourselves completely to the flow of nourishing energy.  We send out all that is true and generous.  And we feel safe to offer and receive.  We can trust that what we send out will be received and become the source of what returns to us.  The money is beginning to flow on new fractal lines – the lines of true vital creative energy used in alignment with a higher universal truth.

This is the power to re-create the whole circulation that sustains us.  What do you want to offer to the world?  Be clear on that, rather than trying one thing or another.  We are not jumping from one cycle to another, but building on our experience, on our successes.  We can make the shift by taking one small step after another.  And occasionally taking a few large leaps!

Meeting Eris

Jupiter in 53 is meeting up with one of the Dwarf Planets, Eris in Gate 42.

When Eris turns up we can expect some sense of conflict between being our unique individual selves, and our desire to fit in.  Eris contains different levels of this process. At one extreme we can find ourselves demanding our right to independence while rejecting the diversity of others. At the other polarity we are trusting that our authentic nature will attract like minded others with whom we can co-create. At it’s highest expression, Eris brings us trust in our capacity to maintain our own unique shape and texture while enjoying the love, support and companionship of others.  

Eris is also about the causes of chaos and crisis. We can expect a level of chaos in our lives, especially as the TNO Chaos is in the Money Gate (45) and the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, is in Gate 21.

I can’t even begin to express the signifance of finding Eris in the mix here. Her 12, 000 year orbit is just about the largest in our solar system, and is around half the period of time taken for the precession of the equinox. It represents an intimate relationship between our evolutionary process and the Great Central Sun, known in astrolgy as the Galactic Centre, found in Gate 11 in the BodyGraph.

When Chaos reigns we become more sensitive to any tiny shifts in our lives and this prepares us to make the necessary changes, ready for the next iteration.  Embrace this sensitivity and what it is telling you.




shivaThe New Creative Masculine

The Sun is conjunct asteroid Siva, named for the Hindu God Shiva.  This represents an activation of a  powerful masculine creative force.  Not the masculine acting alone, al la the patriarchy, but a masculine deeply entwined with the feminine.  A sacred masculine aligned with tantric sexuality and the true creative energies of the universe.

As we align our sense of identity (the Sun) with Siva, we will discover that we can transform circumstances with very little effort.  If we consider how Yin (receptive) and Yang (active) work together, it’s clear that we need to be receptive to the times when we must take action.  We can only do this when we are consciously making choices about what we do with our own vital energy.

This is accentuated by Eros (vitality, passion for life) meeting up with Chiron in the Channel of Community.  Eros is in Gate 40 and Chiron in 37.  There is a healing of our wounds of giving up our energy to our family or tribe out of mistaken loyalty and unconscious agreements for mutual support.  Eros pulls our energy out of those old agreements, Chiron heals the wound of our lack of nourishment we collectively created in this old patterning.  Eros is helping us unravel from our past codependency, so deeply embedded in our culture we are often barely aware of it.

We have to be very careful not to descend into the underworld and find ourselves incapable of coming up again.  That will happen if we allow ourselves to be carried forward by fear or adrenaline, terrified that things won’t change for us. That’s the active yang energy devoid of it’s more receptive yin partner.

On the other hand, we may have fears that things will change and we’ll be trapped in uncertain or unpleasant circumstances.  This is the frozen yin, not able to access the active principle it needs to create  from the formless void.  As we calmly allow change to carry us along and take action when necessary the process will create a natural completion and new beginning.  Don’t apply too much pressure, or use too much energy.  Get out of your own way. Relax and enjoy the ride!

We must find the courage to clearly and definitely complete one cycle, and the power to allow the new beginnings to emerge in our lives.  This is taking some time, but our patience is well rewarded.  We do not want to take any of our old fears into the new cycle with us.

pandora's boxYou may remember from my last post, Pandora is bang on the Galactic Centre.  She is literally sucking out the old curse energy and replacing it with what sustains and nourishes us.  Like a fairy godmother she brings us what we have given up believing in.

The asteroid Cyllarus is in Gate 39, meeting Neptune.  Cyllarus represents the wasteful loss of masculine energy on this planet through ‘factory farming’ of humanity and through war.  Instead of limping on alone, be aware of when you need help and support.

Even if you find it difficult to reach our for help in particular areas of your life, at the very least make sure you are clear in your own mind about what you need.  Take whatever small steps you can to give yourself what you need, even if your actions feel clumsy or imperfect.

We don’t need to keep battling on as before, there is much to be gained by turning to each other and interacting with a bigger picture.  It really is beyond our capacity to understand the immensity of the new cycle we are beginning, and we certainly can’t control it!

Those who move with it will find themselves building up their resources, moving beyond their habitual boundaries and into new experiences.  Can you feel it?  It will be more apparent when Venus comes to Gate 26 between 24th and 29th October.  Be ready for new connections to flourish!

And speaking of the masculine, Mercury is about to go retrograde (okay, stop groaning!) in the most yang gate in the Human Design BodyGraph – Gate 1.  It’s going to pull in that Jupiterian tendency to fly too high, too fast and with no recognition of natural limits.  This is important.

Our whole culture is based on avoiding natural limits.  We can print more money, extract more gas, pollute more water, buy more shoes on our Visa Card.  We need to focus on what supports our dragon flight.  We can act when the time is right, we can create amazing and wonderful things, but there is always a need for the humility to know that we stand firmly on Gaia, dependent upon her for our human form of existence.  During this period of Mercury retrograde – till mid November – it’s useful to take regular time to stand with your feet on the earth and give thanks for the incredible abundance we take for granted each day.

Who is the boss of you?

Vesta has joined Ceres in the Channel of Abstraction, between the Head and Ajna Centres.  Vesta is in Gate 64.5 and Ceres in 47.5.  Vesta says you are not yet across the divide between the old and the new, but don’t feel bad about it.  You have a growing clarity of what is needed and an increasing capacity to take the initiative to make the necessary changes.   I want to stress that we are at the commencement of a new era, a fresh 26,000 year cycle.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are the changes we are engaging with at the moment.  Vesta represents our return to recognising the sacred in all things, including our work and our relationships.

It’s why there is such a pressure on so many people right now to enter into a soulmate type relationship, and to break out of old jobs and work in a way that allows them to share their true gifts.  It is time for us to begin making these changes, and they will bring a deep and profound cultural impact.  In particular, watch the economy change over the next 12 months,  as more and more people begin to collaborate with like minded others to create amazing new products and services.

Ceres asks us to face our sense of being trapped in old patterns of nourishment.  When Ceres was told she couldn’t have her daughter Persephone back from the Underworld she drew on her not inconsiderable power, and withdrew food from humanity.  Jupiter and Pluto really cared about this, because without well fed humans they would have no one to adore them.  They would lose their ‘god-ness’ for a lack of subjects. They gave in to Ceres’ demands.

The I Ching for Gate 47.5 speaks of Officials in crimson robes who announce a punishment.  Who invested these officials with such power?  (Those watching the US financial situation may have asked themselves these very questions recently!).  It goes on to suggest that you not get involved in the problem, but instead seek out modest actions based on your own inner state.  If you are choosing your own response, how can you be trapped?  It is an illusion that any circumstances can entrap you and that any person or system can have power over you.

This channel creates a mental pressure to understand what’s happening in our lives.  Jupiter in the Root Centre creates a physical pressure to act.  Both channels are part of the Sensing Circuit, which is about the process of cycles, and particularly about the pressure to have new experiences so that we can grow and learn.  It is the Human Design circuitry that helps us develop emotional clarity.  So taking some time to tune into our emotions is crucial just now.  The simple question – how do I feel about this?  is useful.  As is the ‘mantra’ .. it’s okay to feel this way.

This week’s Full Moon is a powerful point of shift, radical and far reaching.  It calls us to see that our biblical period of dominion over all things is at an end.  We are beginning a new cycle that calls us to take back our creative power, and to use it in alignment with our inner knowing – our emotions, our sacral response, our intuition.  This is the voice of the sacred speaking to us through our bodies and we would do well to take the time to tune in this week.  They are telling us a brand new story of life on earth.


 In alignment with the times, I find myself in a new cycle of offering.  I have withdrawn my single personal sessions, and will be launching new programs in the area of Emergent Human Design and Flourishing Business very soon.  I will be making a small number of personal sessions available between now and the end of November. Details will be in the next newsletter.

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October New Moon – Beyond Survival and into Ecstacy

New Moon ~ 5th October 2013 ~ 10.34 am UT,  19.34 pm Australian EST, 2.34 am PDT and 5.34 am EDT.

You are probably just as bored as I am with trying to fix everything that’s wrong with our lives.

Humanity probably wouldn’t have survived if we didn’t have this natural tendency to watch out for potential disasters.  But we’ve taken it to the end of it’s usefulness. It’s time for us to begin focusing on the good stuff.  Because there is a huge amount of it – good stuff . We are so accustomed to ignoring it that we are still drowning in the last bits of the bad stuff.  It’s like we’re at a luscious banquet and we’re so busy trying to fix our wobbly chair and check our lipstick hasn’t smudged that we’re in danger of starving to death.

Right now so much is about our body and the way it’s naturally blissful and ecstatic nature has become imprisoned by the ego and intellect.


Banner Dancing GoddessesBA037


This modern culture has worshipped at the altar of the ego.  Now the ego is a truly miraculous invention.  The ego encompasses our individual identity.  It has a crucial role in evolution – it protects the uniqueness of our conscious selves.  But the ego self has changed from a natural and essential aspect of consciousness to become a rigid structure held intact by fear.  We are literally destroying ourselves rather than come face to face with that fear, which has till now been embedded deep within our dna, in the cellular coding of our physical body.  That’s about to change.

We live in a disembodied culture, rising as it does from the seedbed of a disembodied religion.  The story of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden is the story of the breakdown of the relationship between the body and it’s bliss.  This myth was an ad man’s wet dream, specifically created by the new messianic religions to scare people away from the pre-existing and more nature affirming cosmologies – the Vedic and matriarchal ‘religions’.

Humanity was more accustomed to opening our bodies to the bliss of the divine.  The experience was personal and real.   There were ecstatic rituals, orgies even, that were a part of the natural celebrations of being human.  The rise of the messianic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – brought with them the idea that god is outside of us, something unattainable.  Our bodies were reassigned.  Instead of representing a glorious part of creation, they became instead the temporary and completely inadequate  shelters for our souls, leading us into sin.  Our bodies became evil and we lost our relationship with the divine.  We were forbidden even to look upon the face of the god, instead using the intermediaries appointed by religious authorities.

In the process we lost our understanding of the incredibly complex relationship between the mind, emotions, body and soul, and instead learnt to spend our time focusing on our fears.  This ancient wisdom was never readily available to the masses.  It was only attained by high level initiates with the spiritual rigour required to work with these energies in the physical plane.

We are now recovering that wisdom on a global level, and rekindling those relationships – mind, body, emotions, soul.

To really get these connections we have to embrace the energy of our Root Centre – the basis of our right to exist as individuals on the physical plane.  When we are not conscious at the level of our Root Centre we live in survival fear, hypervigilant to threats to our existence.  Our adrenal system is overworked and we are generally more sensitive and susceptible to stress.  The fears in the Root Centre can also show us what prevents us from recognising our own importance to our tribe, the larger collective and to the process of conscious evolution.  They also prevent us from gently and kindly taking good care of ourselves.

Supporting us in this huge evolutionary process are three Goddess Asteroids – Ceres, Vesta and Juno.  Both Ceres and Vesta are dwarf planets.

Juno is in Gate 41 – the initiating energy of the Human Design matrix.  Juno represents our relationships, and right now we are beginning a new physiological process that will change our entire experience of relationship.  We are hungering for something new, something better, something more closely attuned to the new people we are becoming and Juno represents that shift right down to the cellular level.

Ceres was in Gate 40 (with Chiron in 37) from 10th to 23rd September.  You may have experienced a profound sense of hunger to belong, to be taken in and fed.   Ceres is now in Gate 64 in the Head Centre and she moves to Gate 47 on the New Moon.  Vesta is now in Gate 40 with Chiron and will shift to Gate 64 in the Head Centre just before this week’s New Moon.

After I wrote this post I watched the news and saw the recent events in the US.  So I went back to look for Hygiea, another dwarf planet, this one about health.  She is in Gate 24 – returning again and again trying to get a resolution!  And she is opposite Saturn (old structures of government, not caring for the less fortunate because of fear they will destroy you somehow)  and the North Node (where we can feel out of our comfort zone in the process of change and growth).  This adds a really significant aspect of health to our story – how we care for our own personal health, taking responsibility and not  falling back on the habit of allowing  ‘experts’ or authority figures to override our own intuition, taking control of organising our lives so that we have exactly what nourishes us and brings us joy.

Along with this week’s Pluto and Earth combination in the Root/Spleen, and some other asteroidal influences, these transits have created a powerful hunger for us to open up to a more ecstatic experience of our bodies.  This hunger is especially apparent in how we care for ourselves (our family imprint for what we hunger for) and in relationships (which necessarily shift when we repair our cellular lineage).   Ceres and Chiron created a fresh sense of our true worth – what we deserve, what we are prepared to give ourselves.  Vesta and Chiron represent an opening to our sacred nature, and a desire to belong with those who can receive what we yearn to share.


Once they reach the Head Centre over the next few days, we shift into a new transformative phase.  I was given clear guidance that this represents the opening of a doorway accessing the ancient goddess wisdom for connecting with the sacred and divine via the body.  Imagine the temple goddesses, who engaged in all sorts of rituals sexual and otherwise,  bringing the sacred into the everyday lives of their people.  They were revered, and it was only later archeologists who designated them harlots.  Both Ceres and Vesta are fully embodied – eating, drinking, dancing, making love, singing, gardening, walking ….   They are opening us up to our natural heritage of loving our bodies.

Eros, he who rules over lusty love of all kinds, meets dwarf planet Makemake in the Channel of Discovery (29/46) for this New Moon.  Makemake represents the split between our more civilized and wild selves and the stories we tell ourselves to make sure we behave with propriety.  No orgies for us!!

There is a wild breaking free of the dictates of culture, good manners, best behaviour going on here.  Pan, the wild and lusty god of fertility, sits conjunct Uranus as we approach the next Pluto Uranus square.  This is powerful medicine, a post cultural occupation of our bodies and all they offer us for pleasure through connection with each other and the earth.

It’s subtle, can you feel it?


 New Moon – Beyond Survival and Into The Sacred

This New Moon takes us deeply into the human community, how we share  and how we support each other.  Uranus, planet of individuality, is in the same gate at the Earth, indicating an explosion in networking for the good of humanity. There is a shift in wealth taking place although it may not yet be apparent.  [I’ve just read the latest news, the US Government’s issues with appropriations, so it has suddenly become very apparent!] We can begin to look beyond what seems possible now, beyond what resources we each believe we have available to us.  We can focus instead on the real value of our work and dedicate it to something higher. We can let go of clinging to survival fears and it’s phantoms of scarce resources and the need for immediate returns and apparently fair exchanges.

The Sun and Moon are in Gate 48.3.  Hilary Barrett says:


[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] The well has been dredged and now the water can start to flow freely – if only people would see it’s potential and draw on it. But it’s important not to stay trapped in the pain of ‘if only’. The well flows strongly, and all that’s needed now is a guiding awareness strong and bright enough to illuminate it’s depths. If the leader recognises the well and makes it plainly visible to all, the situation can be transformed into one of communication and blessing. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]


We are entering into a period of relationship recalibration. There is a powerful lineup in the Channel of Surrender (44/26).  Not only do we have Saturn and the North Node in Gate 44, but Hylonome, Pholus, Hidalgo, Ixion and Cupido are in Gate 26.  This is a channel packed with the energy of change – recovering the way we relate to each other one small step at a time, recalibrating the fractal of relationship, supporting the downtrodden, recovering the lost warrior from battle and releasing the grief of the loss of loved ones (and loved aspects of ourselves, rendered ‘subhuman’).

This will affect all areas of our lives, but particularly sexual and creative/vocational.  Pandora, Goddess of Earth’s Abundance, is conjunct the Galactic Centre.   We hold our breathe as she opens the box and we find .. instead of the curses and pestilence, instead of the negativity we have been told to expect …  we find one wonderful treasure after another spilling out.  Ceres and Vesta fill the Channel of Abstraction (64/47), giving us the beginnings of mental clarity about the damage that’s been done to each one of us, but particularly to our sacred inner flame (creativity/sexuality) and our relationship with nurturing ourselves.

The trick for us here is to be clear about how much this new clarity and Pandora’s gifts will change our lives.  If we accept them and assume we can control them, that they won’t disturb the remaining fears slumbering within us, we are wrong.  It is easy enough to underestimate our ability to handle this new powerfully attractive force that is entering our lives.  It’s probably okay to open to it completely, we just need to be alert to the extent of change that is likely to bring.

There’s no real need for careful planning just now, as our physical senses are relearning the fine tuned skill of assessing whether something will be nourishing we tend to wade in and get covered in chocolate.  It’s as if we are starving for something that is not poison, something that has no negative energy attached to it.  Hurling ourselves in is a way to get direct and immediate feedback on whether something really is nourishing.  We can engage in this way and not get too far from our true path.  When we do experience restraints we can trust that they are protecting us from overdoing things.


In the next few days we have the following transits:

2nd October – Sun (18.6) square Pluto (58.6) 

The work is done and it’s all empty politics.  It’s time to leave the small petty stuff behind and look at the big picture, even if it feels unattainable.  There is a release of energy that was taboo, down the patriarchal line within your own family and also globally.  There may be some sort of reckoning for abuse of power, pride and obsession with self achievement.  Expect issues around control of female sexuality to be in the news, as well as exposes of wrongoing by those in power.  The veils are lifting and they can’t hide anymore.

3rd / 4th October – Sun (48.2) opposite Uranus retrograde (21.2)

A revolutionary shift in the way we relate to each other.  Rather than focusing our attention on rebelling against the powerful authority figures, we all just turn and face each other and go OH!  Of course!  It’s our planet, let’s just get on with it.  It will take a lot of cooperative work for us to shift things, and we are starting to see that it’s not about small personal gains.  We can all embrace the novelty when we are in it together.

 And then in November: 

1st November – Uranus square Pluto – more

3rd November – New Moon and Solar Eclipse (Sun, Moon and North Node in Gate 44)

5th November  – Pluto shifts back to Gate 38-  more


A wonderful Aussie band, Bliss n Eso, thought you might enjoy this.





Full Moon – September 2013


Full Moon Gate ~ Sun in Gate 6.5 at 26+ Virgo, Earth and Moon in Gate 36.5 at 26+ Pisces on Thursday 11.12 UT, 20.12 Aust EST, 3.12 PDT and 6.12 EDT.

peleCmpHow do we learn to trust something we’ve been taught doesn’t exist?

How do we open up and allow it to change our lives, when we’ve been taught that it is evil and will destroy us?  These are questions for this week’s Full Moon.

We are evoking the Goddess in our lives right now, but we are so unaccustomed to the power of the Creatrix that it is a chaotic and frightening affair. All we know is how to bleat MOTHER!!  and hope for the best.    At the same moment we fear the worst, because that is what our culture has taught us. In a culture that splits our sensual and joyful nature from our spirit, we live in constant anxiety.

This week’s Full Moon occurs in the Gate of Wounded Brilliance.  It describes what to do when our light is trapped, when our natural relationship with light and dark has become polluted by the insanity of politics and culture. If we continue to define ourselves in these terms we will miss what is really happening here.  There is a powerful force rising up in our lives, threatening to change us forever.  And when we maintain our inner clarity we have everything we need to work with it to create a completely new world.

If you google for images of ‘goddess’ you’ll find a whole lot of skinny sexy young things.  They are, in effect, brides and whores of the patriarchy trading on their sexuality to bring them safety and security.  This is what we were left with when the true Goddess cultures were overpowered in the ancient world.  Erotic sexual pleasure and our sensual enjoyment of all earthly things, the very sacred nature of humanity, was suppressed in favour of the new Greek rationality.  The wild and powerful Creatrix became a wife and all life came forth with no mess or drama, solely from the Father.

imagesIt’s so important for us to realise how invisible this ‘feminine’ energy has become in our lives.  We can see it clearly in the way archeologists interpreted neolithic cave art.  They assumed everything was based around the hunting rituals and ignored anything relating to women as unimportant.  In this way they completely missed the sacred nature of the Great Mother.  All those pregnant women, all those drawings and sculptures of  vulvas, were ‘junk’ just like dark matter and most of our DNA.

In the Bible we have been taught that we are to be punished, the men by working incessantly and the women by giving birth in pain.  And Lilith, the last remaining free woman, became a terrifying night time harridan who killed young children. Such was the centuries long war against our early relationship with all that is earthly.  And it has created a war within us, a war between our true nature and our need for belonging, for love and care and protection and earthly sensual delight.  Our lives have become full of empty promises of redemption and even as we strive incessantly for something good, it seems to recede more and more from our grasp.

As Saturn and Venus conjunct the North Node in a Gate that relates to the return of the powerful feminine (44), this is a central theme.  Add to this the importance of the mothering dwarf planet Ceres, as she makes many important connections with other planets just now.  Our opportunity is to go within to reclaim our connection with a force that is, at it’s core, a link between our earthly existence and the great beyond through the cycles of life.    This so called Goddess energy is not some fluffy young female version of what we now think of as God.  In her book Sacred Pleasure, Riane Eisler says “..the prehistoric sacred female imagery ..  clearly does not fit into the still prevailing view of deity as a King, Lord, or Ruler of the World who must be obeyed on pain of terrible punishments. Nor does it represent a disembodied entity residing in some remote celestial realm.”

As our spirit moves more deeply into our bodies, we inevitably meet her – the sacred feminine nature of the body that has been so long demonised. She is us, and she resides in us, in our cycles, in our emotions, in our very relationship with the material realm.

So what do the Human Design transits tell us about how to welcome this new powerful force into our lives.

Brilliance Wounded

The Full Moon is in Gate 36 line 5, which the Rave I Ching describes as Perfected survival regardless of conditions.  A nervousness that can lead to self-betrayal, especially in times of crisis.  Master Huang describes it via the ancient Chinese maxim of hiding your light and biding your time.  If we push forward too quickly our brilliance can be wounded, and then we need to withdraw, to nurse our wounds before we are ready to proceed forward again.

We are beginning to feel safe enough, seen enough, to stay loyal to our own brilliance regardless of external circumstances.  We can let go of creating crisis and conflict as a way of trying to bring attention to our inner light, disturbing our own spirit in the process.  When we overextend ourselves trying to get others to notice what we can’t see, or flog ourselves in an attempt to manifest something creative and valuable in the world, we can become disconnected from the natural rhythms of creation.  When we withdraw out of a mistaken surety that we are alone, unloved and unsupported we can turn inwards and wait for our own inner clarity.

This process of shift is part of a massive cycle that is as old as life itself.  Literally, we have entered consciously into the process of the evolution of life.  We are engaging in an alchemy so profound it is beyond description – the resolution of duality.  The melding of this incredible thing called humanity with both the material plane – the 3D world – and with the all that is, even beyond the concept of life and out to the vast void of existence.  So, hey, it’s okay to feel a bit anxious!

The Sun in Gate 6 speaks to us of getting past our tendency to see everything in terms of conflict.  The victim and the saviour, the good and the bad, the masculine and the feminine.  We are learning to connect with a bigger more inclusive picture where conflict doesn’t define us.  Trust yourself to recognise the truths you are seeking and the aspirations you want to follow.  The feeling of obstructions and opposition to your goals is a vestige of past conflict and will eventually work it’s way out of the system.


Saturn and the return of the Earth Mother

The Greeks saw Saturn as an old man, as old as time.  He brought limitation and discipline to our lives.  However there are astrologers who see Saturn as the ancient crone, older than time.  As the crone, Saturn shifts this energy from punishment to one of joyful co-creation with the cycles of life.  Rather than rail against the limitations to endless growth, she brings an ecstatic ritual of pleasure.  Beltane and the Green Man, Samhain and the Underworld, these rituals sustained humanity for many thousands of years.

Venus, Saturn and the North Node are in Gate 44 – Coming To Meet.  Saturn conjuncts the North Node approximately every 9 to 10 years. The last time they met was in June 2002, when they were both in 45.1  This represented the beginning of an unravelling of the dominator model of relationship.   From Hilary Barrett:


You have emotional presence, openness and trust between people.  What you are missing is a settled relationship you can depend on to safeguard the connection, and a sense of where this is going.  This intense confusion of free floating emotions opens the way for gathering.  All the confusion will be resolved and tension released when people simply call out to one another and clasp hands.  No formality is required, nor even words, and you do not need to know how it will work out.  Only follow that spontaneous human impulse to reach out and connect and everything flows from there.


On 17th September, when Saturn and the Node Node meet  in 44.2:


You set your wickerwork trap in the river and it has caught fish.  This is a sign of something promising, a beginning and a chance of future growth.  It’s worth holding onto while you discover where it’s value lies for you.  What you do not have is a guarantee of results.  It’s far too early to introduce your hope to a wider context and expect it to bear fruit.  For now, it should have your inner space to itself, free from premature expectations.  you can best care for any long term possibilities by not presuming on them. 


There is something with a profound and mysterious power to attract you.  It is taking you over, re-energising you, changing everything, giving birth to new life.You can’t control this energy, or even assimilate it into the life you have now.  Let it have some space inside you, free from premature expectations.  Feel the sweetness that sits alongside the power.  Let it enliven your body.  Reconnect with a sense of embodied bliss.  Right now, everything revolves around a clear and central objective and all of your resources are being called to it.  You can find your greatest strengths in the flow of your whole self.  Your purpose begins to emerge from your strength.    This is a gradual process.  Enjoy the moments of preparation, take pleasure in having enough, feel what ‘home’ is becoming to you.  We can grow into this new world, even though our progress may be almost imperceptible.

We are reconnecting with our own brilliance, and in doing so, to use the words of Charles Eisenstein, we are disrupting the psychic substructure of our current reality.  And these things take time.



New Moon ~ September 2013


1230085_10151816578975865_243589014_nNew Moon 5th September 2013 at 11.36 UT, 3.36 PDT, 6.36 EDT and 8.36pm Australian EST.  

This month’s New Moon brings vision and a slower pace to fulfill it’s promise.  Rushing a transition is never a good idea. Giving birth to your dreams has it’s own natural and organic timing.  We don’t tug at new shoots when they poke their tiny heads above the soil to get them to grown faster, and yet we put our own dreams under so much pressure to manifest.

The relationship theme that I talked about in my last blog post is less intense, but still present as Mercury joins dwarf planet Ceres in the core intimacy channel in the Human Design bodygraph.

There is still a high degree of emotional sensitivity, and the tendency is to either float off or rush around trying to make things happen, rather than staying present and gently ground the energy.

We are beginning to create our Godself.  And that means we must release our grip on what we have till now held onto as God (or whatever name you wish to use).

As small children we see our parents as ominpotent.  They are our mythological god and goddess, and we tend to build the foundation of our spiritual worldview on that relationship. They represent our safety, and as we mature we seek the same sense of belonging and care within our romantic relationships.  Again, we get that projection of the omnipotent god/goddess who will love us completely and keep us safe.

This New Moon is propelling us out of that space by opening us up to the immense energy of love available to us in the cosmos.  But it’s a bit like tearing a small child away from it’s parent.  We have clung with fear to what keeps us safe, and fear is a much denser energy than love.  Which is why cosmic love feels so unreliable!  When it comes to my physical survival it seems more sensible to rely on my employer and my family to keep me safe than some vague but beguiling sense of love that’s ‘out there’ floating around in the universe.

The New Moon is happening in the Head Centre, which is the equivalent of the Crown chakra.  This is a place of inspired new ideas, so volatile they can shift us from one reality to the next. They represent a transition in our thought processes, a profound shift in our thinking.  They open us up to visions and dreams that can change our direction in life.

It is in the Head Center where we open up to loving guidance, to connections with beings from higher dimensions who can shower us with advice that will help us support and care for ourselves in truly loving ways. It is this relationship to other dimensions that calls to us in this New Moon.  It is our first step into a self-reliance that goes beyond the self, beyond feelings of abandonment, isolation, invisibility and lack of love.  It supports us to step into a field of love and light that we can trust, because we have become familiar with it’s ever present nature.  Unlike our human idols, this presence is always there for us and perfectly attuned to our needs.

In the Kaballah the equivalent to the Head Centre is the Sephirah known as Kether, ruled by Archangel Metatron.  The place where cosmic unity and our personal archetypal reality begin to blend for the first time to create something we know as our life.  This is where our world first emerges from non-existence and into form.  Where we begin to create something from nothing.  The Head Centre / Crown Chakra / Kether Sephirah is the first step in the creation process of the fully grounded Godself.

We allow the seed to take hold in our minds (in the Ajna Centre) and hold a space for it’s natural growth process. As it reaches the Throat Centre we share it via the universal source codes as the vibration of sound.  We speak the inspired seeds of the new into relationship through conversation, and then come together to bring them into manifest form.  This is the portal nature of the Throat, that it translates the codes within us, first into relationship with others, and then into form and matter.


The Cycle of Beginnings and Endings

The Sun and Moon are in Gate 64 – the final hexagram in the I Ching.  It is called Not Yet Complete.  At the very end of one thing, we can hesitate on the verge of transition, trying to figure out whether it is safe to commit ourselves.  Wilhelm says this:

The conditions are difficult.  The task is great and full of responsibility.  It is nothing less than that of leading the world out of confusion and back to order.  

 We need to go carefully, rather than boldly.  We need to go humbly, not carrying our new treasures proudly but aware that we are newcomers, at the beginning of a new evolutionary phase.  We may subconsciously consider things will go on as before, and behave accordingly but this approach won’t serve us well.  We must be attuned to our own heightened sensitivity, itself a tool of a newly emergent reality, and move slowly and with consideration.

The Sun, Earth and Moon are in the Head Centre, so this is not a time for action.  But the very concept of action is changing.  Our understanding of the process of creation is expanding.  We know that having a vision is in itself a crucial part of the creative process.  And as we mature spiritually, we can learn how to take responsibility for that vision.

The Earth in Gate 63 – Already Complete – warns that acting without care can plunge us back into the disorder of the old cycle.  Again, from Wilhelm:

It may happen that those who have come to power grow arrogant and conceited and no longer trouble themselves about fostering new talent.  If your superiors withhold their trust from you, you may seek means of drawing attention to yourself.  You are warned against such an unworthy procedure.  Do not throw yourself away on that old world.  Wait tranquilly and develop your personal worth by your own efforts.  Times change and the new era dawns.  That which is yours cannot be permanently lost.  It comes to you of it’s own accord and you only need to be able to wait.  

There is a certain meaning in Neptune’s position in Gate 55 – the Gate of Abundance – that talks about our fear of loss.  At the high end of the wheel when everything is going well and we have abundance we fear coming down the other side.  In the dark we fear the light, and in the light we fear the dark.

This is the basis of our push for more and more growth that we also see entrenched in our global economy.  This is a linear process.  We begin to believe we can always be happy, healthy and rich if we just think the right thoughts.  In the process we lose some of our humanity.  And we misplace the real meaning of the spiritual maturity we are beginning to access.  It could perhaps be encapsulated in the saying that it’s not what happens to us but how we respond to what happens that’s important.  Consider how your fear of loss might be contributing to anxiety about moving gradually forward.

This theme will be paramount between 8th September and 9th January 2014, as Jupiter activates the format energy channel of cycles with Eris.  More on that next week.

Anna Silivonchik


I could talk about relationships as Mercury joins Ceres in the Channel of Mating, but this is more than that, much more.  Right now, a whole lot of our creative energy gets channelled into sex, consumerism and working in what anthropologist David Graeber calls ‘bullshit jobs’ that are just empty busyness.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] “Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness…the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” ~ Pierre Theilhard de Chardin [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

Remember the Monty Python sketch Every Sperm is Sacred?  It’s not just sperm we’ve been wasting.  We are slowly awakening to our wasting of the vast reservoirs of creative energy inherent in our human biological systems, convinced that all we can achieve is in the successful joining together of sperm and egg.

The concept of supra-sex is a communion of all levels of our biological being with the creative force of the universe. It is the method by which we join forces with evolution and consciousness itself to create life.  This is what I believe the so called Channel of Mating holds in trust for us.  It is evolution’s higher use for the sexual system in the same way that we can evolve to higher experiences of our mind through meditation and our digestion through eating superfoods.

To access the energy of supra-sex we need to let go of our need to obtain intimacy through sexual intercourse.  It doesn’t mean we won’t achieve intimacy in that way, in fact I expect it will mean exactly the opposite.  It does mean that our sexual energy will move closer to being pure Eros – life force energy in motion – rather than something we trade for a dowry.


The Incoming Feminine

Saturn lines up with the North Node in the Gate of Coming To Meet (gate 44) on 17th September 2013.  This gate represents a powerful incoming female force, a profound and mysterious power that attracts us, takes us over and changes everything.  Saturn will be right there making sure we’re committing to our own inner convictions and giving them the inner space to ensure they meet their long term potential.  Opening to this feminine power is frightening. Again we are going against thousands of years of conditioning that only the father, the patriarchal forces of economy, will keep us safe and secure.  Our trust in the archetypal mother to love and cherish us is thin on the ground, and our grief is strong.   Keep reminding yourself that you are safe.  And loved.  And amazing!