A Quantum Doorway Is About To Open

In a time of big shifts, this week is right up there.  This is part of the series of quantum shifts we’ll experience in 2012. Over the next few days we’ll experience a quantum leap from one level of consciousness based in linear solutions, cause and effect and fragmentation of self,  to a new integrated and wholistic experience of being human.  This shift will take many years, even decades to fully integrate and manifest.  But right here and right now, you can consciously engage at the most subtle levels as the changes land gently on our Gaian doorstep.

Before I go onto the quantum doorway, I’ll share what Mars is up to this week.

I’ve been watching Mars shift closer and closer to the Gate of Correction and wondering what effect it might have on us personally, and on the world.  Why?  Because Mars is making a channel with Pluto.  And more, it’s connecting to Ceres, Venus and Jupiter at the Throat in a circuit that changes our understanding of the patterns of life below the level of our dna.  Basically, this is source code!

I do expect power issues, especially around food (Ceres), love and aesthetics (Venus), money and government (Pluto) to be at issue.  However, with those three harmonious planets at the Throat mediating over the process I’m hoping for an easy passage!


 Quantum Shift 2012

I also want to highlight something astonishing on 12th July at 6pm UT.  This is a major download, lasting till 13th July at 2.21am UT.  It has the capacity for consciousness to upgrade the underlying codes that pattern the universe.  I suggest you take as much time as possible during this period to be present to the shift.  And share the information with as many people as possible.  This is one of those activations that, if it were astrology, it would be all over the web and people would be talking about it on the streets, but because it’s Human Design there’s just a few of us holding the awareness.  Please share!

Here’s the chart.


Even if you know nothing about Human Design, its easy to see that this is a connection from Crown Chakra to Root Chakra.  Because it’s a transit chart these activations will affect all humanity during on 12th and 13th July.  It involves Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury, as well as the Sun, Earth and Moon.  If that’s not enough, it also intimately connects with Dwarf Planets Ceres (in 16) and Haumea (in 57).

Gate 48 is Source Code.  And there is an asteroid called Isis in that Gate just now, along with Zeus. Isis is about taking the pieces and putting them together to create something that is no longer fragmented but whole.  This represents a watershed in consciousness – from the old Newtonian world where we took everything apart and measured it.  We then expected to put it together again, as good as new!  It’s this old world consciousness that sits beneath our attempts to be well while holding ourselves in pieces – I’ll just fix this bit, and then that bit.  By it’s very nature it ignores the majority of our perception – can’t measure it? Well then, it doesn’t exist!  This activation is ushering in our capacity to live from the whole, the fullness of the moment, from relationship in all our experiences.  Without losing our own unique shape, flavour or texture.

The positions of the planets during this activation are specifically about the quantum patterning of the source code of life.  Last week’s Full Moon activated this pattern (although not as strongly) and the Higgs Boson particle was announced.  I am excited to see what might happen next!  Expect to see what has been hidden from view – perhaps some announcement about dark matter.

For us individually, this is shifting not only our dna and our cellular intelligence, but our very perception of, and relationship to, matter itself!  Light is flooding our bodies and as we open to the infinite possibilities we will begin to embody them.  I see this as a major doorway opening for humanity.


Full Moon July 2012 ~ Biology Shifts

Full Moon at 12+ Capricorn – Gate 38 line 3 – 3rd  July  18:51 UT.

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It takes a tremendous amount of individual effort for a chicken to peck it’s way out of an egg.   And while it’s peck peck pecking away it has only one goal.  Freedom.  It wants to get out of that egg.

It’s a linear equation – in the egg v’s out of the egg.

It’s a different story when the chicken breaks free of the constricting egg, takes it’s first breathe of air, spreads it’s wings and looks around.  Now, here are possibilities!   What to make of this interesting new world full of strange smells, sounds and sights!

We’re a bit like that chicken just now.  Around 1999 we began to feel too constrained in our current lives.  New potentials seemed to loom on the horizon.  Like me, you might have thought all you had to do was reach out and grasp them.  If only we’d known what the journey involved we might not have pecked quite so hard at that egg, but here we are, taking our first glimpse out of the crack we’ve made.

It has taken a huge individual effort and struggle for each one of us to get to this point.  We’ve had to step away from all the commonly held beliefs that we had previously taken for reality.  Each one of us has often felt alone, abandoned, betrayed, confused.  It’s all very well to chip away at that protective shell, but what will we have to replace it?  What will nurture us, keep us safe?

This is linear thinking – I’m in the egg, I’m out of the egg.  Once we’re actually out of the egg the whole nature of reality changes.  Life presents such an array of possibilities the old either/or reality seems light years behind us.   This is the quantum reality, characterised by fractal pathways and unlimited opportunity to connect and create in all directions at once.  But just now, we still believe, at least a little bit, that all we have to do is keep moving in that one direction … forward!

Well the bad news, and the good news, is that life is about to get a bit more complex than that.  Bad news because life is beginning to ask us to step up to a higher level of responsibility for what we choose to create.  And good news, because our ability to create is taking a quantum leap.  Literally.

Are You Complex?  Or just Complicated?

Complexity is quite different to complication by the way.  It’s an important point.  Back before E=mc2, neither complexity nor complication were particularly relevant.  But with the advent of relativity the way was paved for complex mathematics and an entire new universe based on imaginary numbers.   It’s that imaginary world that is coming into reality now, and to manifest our dreams we have some evolving to do.

Unlike the magical world of complexity, complications are part of the old world, bits of our lives that don’t fit how we see things.  But more on that later.

The Global Wild West

At the genetic level we have three evolutionary levels of activations – the tribal, the individual and the collective.

The most ancient, the tribal level of consciousness, doesn’t recognise the individual and puts the survival of the group above all else.  If you have to be sacrificed for the good of the group, so be it, and we are happy to be able to offer ourselves up in this way.   It was an honour to be chosen.  At this level of consciousness there’s only one amorphous being, and it’s the tribe.  We can observe tribal consciousness in Family Systems therapy – where members of the family share out the various roles so that everyone together makes up one complete person.  You be the black sheep and I’ll be the responsible one.  Tribes are complete within themselves, they don’t even need other tribes!

The next level is the individual level.  It’s here that we struggle to define a recognisable sense of self.   Imagine the wild west without individuals!  Individuals focus on us or them.  At the cultural level this is national – the cold war is based on the consciousness of individual nations.  It’s a linear event just like the chicken pecking its way out of the egg.  I win, you lose.

The most recent level of consciousness is collective.  We could also call it the global level.  It’s here that we balance out our need to be a distinct and recognisable part of the whole without being lost in a soup of oneness.  Collective or Global Consciousness contains all the previous levels within it, and is where we find complexity and systems theory arising.  Like the chicken popping its little head out of the egg, having made it as a distinct individual into the world, suddenly we find a whole lot of others we can join with to create something unimaginable.

This is fractal creation, quantum reality.  Complexity at this level simply means that each action has an unlimited number of possible outcomes and we get to choose which one we prefer.  And who we prefer to do it with.  This level of consciousness brings us 3D movies and Facebook.

“The Tree of Life is represented by a combination of circles and lines when drawn in two dimensions. But this flat representation belies an inner world composed of planes of consciousness and interconnecting pathways.”    Naomi Ozaniec

What does all this chicken and egg talk have to do with the Full Moon?

Within your Human Design Chart we can easily track your different layers of consciousness – tribal, individual and collective/global.  This Full Moon is occurring at the Individual level, in a Gate that has us locked in a belief that we are struggling for our very survival.

We’re so hooked on the idea of getting out of that egg, we can hardly see the infinite possibilities surrounding us.  On the other hand, we’re so overwhelmed by what those possibilities might ask of us that we are considering that the egg wasn’t such a bad place after all.

Today’s Full Moon represents a quantum leap in our biology – our neural pathways and our dna are responding to the frequencies.  We are leaving behind the old linear, dualistic and mechanistic world.  This is a wave that is depositing us on the shore of quantum reality and all the infinite possibilities for creative intelligence and manifestation that it holds.



Full Moon July 2012 Human Design Transit Chart

Full Moon July 2012 Human Design Transit Chart

The Full Moon in Gate 38

When we have a Full Moon, we have (in Human Design terms) a Moon/Earth conjunction.  This means that something previously unseen is grounding through us.  In Gate 38 in the Root Centre we’re grounding a knowing that when things are chaotic, when nothing seems to be coming together, we can relax and enjoy the process rather than struggle.  Because .. as we are discovering right now …  what feels chaotic and uncomfortable is really a quantum leap into a greater level of complexity.

If we head on back to the tribal and individual levels when we experience this quantum leap we might find some self sacrifice along with some serious control issues, guilt, shame, blame, etc.  But collective consciousness has invited us to dinner, set a place for us at the table.   We are slowly developing the trust needed, the acceptance required, to turn up and enjoy the meal.  Unlike the individual level, where only the rugged survive, at the collective level life is self organising.  We simply need tend our own space and allow the shift.  Chaos is opening us up to something new.  And it only feels chaotic because our minds are still unfamiliar with the new patterns being created.

Existence means to stand out.  If it had a goal it would not be to make things the same.  The sage likes to see the similarities, but he retains his singular nature.  Paraphrased from Bradford Hartcher, Hexagram 38

The Full Moon is in line 4 of Gate/Hexagram 38, which could be telling us that we have to take our losses on the chin and move on.  But I think it goes deeper than that.  It also asks us what we are tolerating out of fear of standing on our own two feet.  What do we excuse in our lives, even though it is intolerable?  We’ve learnt to excuse these things for the benefit of the tribe, and because, as individuals, we’ve learnt that we alone are responsible.   These things are remnants of our tribal and individual consciousness.

We have to see these intolerable situations in order to make a change in our lives.  If things seem chaotic, if we feel that they’re not going right for us, perhaps we can look a bit more deeply at how they came to be like that.  Perhaps it’s not our own failures at the individual level that created the situations we find uncomfortable?  Perhaps other individuals were involved and there is action we can take to resolve the situation for ourselves.

In seeing the chaos for what it is, we can begin to perceive the new patterns forming in our newly emerging collective consciousness.


Uranus square Pluto

We can’t look at this Full Moon without considering that its happening only 4 degrees out from Pluto.   Sitting between Pluto and the Moon is the centaur Crantor.  Phillip Sedgwick sees Crantor as dealing with emotional abuse and how it traumatises our boundaries.  This makes perfect sense given that the Sun is currently creating a channel with Neptune in a position in the chart that is all about the safety to express our emotions freely.  Crantor’s presence indicates the need to break free from something, even if it is done awkwardly or without our usual finesse.  We just have to do it!

Pluto is in the Gate of  Joy (58).  Bradford Hartcher has a wonderful take on this hexagram, seeing that the waters become stagnant if they can’t move freely, shared between the selves as individual streams, rivers, lagoons, seas.   Water is the only substance on earth that exists in three separate states – liquid, gas and ice.   As water is symbolic of emotions, we can presume that they also exist in three separate states.  Generally the liquid flowing version would be best and its this flow of emotions that is behind the build up of pressure many of us are experiencing right now.

Consider the recognition by the US government that at least 30% of returned soldiers will suffer some sort of mental health issue such as post traumatic stress disorder.  This  official recognition of emotional harm is creating a more gentle world for us all, and it flows directly from the shifts in collective consciousness that you and I as individuals have created through compassion for ourselves and others.

Uranus, Pluto and Pattern Recognition

Uranus is way up in the Ajna Centre, in the mental gate of pattern recognition.  Our ability to recognise patterns is one of humanity’s major advances in consciousness.  Our modern brain is literally hardwired to put every piece of information into it’s proper place.  Our patterns are how we place ourselves in time and space, how we determine our sense of self.  Consider the music you listen to, it’s woven into your pattern of self so profoundly that listening to unusual music can feel uncomfortable.

There is, however, a problem with this pattern recognition mechanism.  It sometimes gets inflexible and won’t allow for new patterns to form.  This is where we keep going around and around, totally confused about why things won’t work out.  They’ve always done so before!  When our pattern recognition gets stuck we wander out of the natural world of ever increasing complexity and into complications.

Both Uranus and Pluto are in the Collective/Global circuitry just now, shifting our pattern recognition that sees only linear either/or options.  I survive or I don’t.  I succeed or I fail.

Also in this circuit are Venus and Magdelana, in Gate 16 at the Throat Centre.  When Magdalena turns up we know that something of the feminine. previously unseen, is about to manifest.  That something feels invisible because we haven’t been accustomed to seeing it at all, let alone placing it within the pattern of our existence.

We are entering a quantum mental field where chaos simply represents a range of possible, albeit previously invisible, choices.

“I see nobody on the road,” said Alice.

“I only wish I had such eyes,” the King remarked in a fretful tone. “To be able to see Nobody! And at that distance too! Why, it’s as much as I can do to see real people, by this light!”

— Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Our brains are organised to see what we are accustomed to seeing.  When something new turns up we literally can’t see it.  Have you ever heard about the kitten experiment?  I know, more animals!  The kittens were placed in a controlled environment for the first few months of their lives,  a place where they could only see horizontal lines.  When they were released into the ‘normal world’ they couldn’t see vertical lines, because their eyes and minds had never experienced them.  They knew the kittens couldn’t seem them because they kept bumping into anything made of vertical lines, like a pole for example.

What we see and perceive is based on what we are accustomed to seeing and perceiving.  It’s time for us to begin to perceive what we choose to perceive, not a vision of the world handed down to us from outdated reality matrixes.

Revealing What We Can’t See

Magdalena was invisible to the Romans, who only saw the male Jesus.  The Gnostics had a long tradition of female spiritual leadership and Margaret Starbird is only one of the many researchers who have found substantial evidence that Magdalena was a true historical figure, and at least equal to Jesus. Despite the evidence, most people still are unable to see the feminine divinity present in their lives.

Scientists, being human, have a similar problem with perception.   The contracting universe, junk dna and linear time are all concepts that are going out the window as we discover the previous hidden world of dark matter and constant expansion through the multiverse.  This ‘dark matter’ has always seemed to me to represent the hidden feminine.  Interestingly, it is said that dark matter makes up about 96% of the universe, almost exactly the same percentage as of ‘junk dna’ in our genes!

Did you know that back in medieval times all drawings were in 2D? Now kindergarten children naturally draw 3D objects like cubes.  Our perception is evolving beyond our current dimensional perceptions.

Today’s Full Moon, along with the astrological square currently being formed by Uranus in the Ajna in Gate 17 and Pluto in the Root in Gate 58 represents a shift in our creative intelligence and how we apply it.  The Ajna Centre is the place where we conceive of our world, and the Root Centre is where we manifest our thoughts into creative reality.  This goes way beyond our ‘thoughts’ and into the biology of our dna and brain.  Our very cells are resonating at new frequencies.  Our biology is shifting.

What will you perceive and conceive in your life?


Pluto in Gate 38

It’s always a big event when Pluto moves gates. Pluto draws us away from what’s safe and comfortable,  slowly and inexorably breaking down our existing stories and creating them anew.  It’s essence is the surrender of the lower self to transformation at the Soul level, to bring our will into alignment with the divine, and to make our efforts count towards  our higher collective purpose.


“The birthing of an individual out of the womb of his previous forms of containment (no matter how secure and comfortable) is absolutely essential for evolutionary development.”   Alan Oken

2015 Pluto Update:

There are no significant activations to Pluto during it’s time back in Gate 38 during 2015 and 2016.


Our role in working with the energy of Gate 38 is to resist the Root Centre’s tendency to reflexive fear based reactions.  When people or events seem to oppose us we can take time to reflect on how we can restore unity while honoring individual differences.


Here are the movements of Pluto as he shifts between Gates 38 and 54 during 2015 and 2016.

8 March 2015  Pluto in Gate 54 

18 April 2015  – Pluto in retrograde : 54 line 1

3o May 2015 – Pluto in Gate 38

26 September 2015 – Pluto goes direct : 38 line 4

3 January 2016 – Pluto in Gate 54

19 April 2016 – Pluto in retrograde : 54 line 3

29 August 2016 – Pluto in Gate 38 

27 September 2016 – Pluto goes direct : 38 line 6

25 October 2016 – Pluto in Gate 54


Pluto’s new Galactic Role

Remember when Pluto got demoted and everyone was sad?  Of course it hasn’t stopped Pluto doing what he does best, creating powerful transformation at the level of soul.  It’s not just about personal transformation.  Pluto is an outer planet and therefore has a collective influence.  And now we know about his galactic influence as a Dwarf Planet in the Kuiper Belt, it’s clear he’s got a bigger agenda than we realised.


Pluto in Gate 10 – 2008/9


We often experience Pluto’s influence as change that is forced on us from outside.  Take the Global Financial Crisis.  It began in 2008, just as Pluto shifted into the Gate of Treading  (10).  Hexagram 10 tells us the story of the father and his youngest daughter. He can choose to be a supportive father, or cruel and withholding.  In 2008 we got a good look at the cruel withholding father as the illusion of a benevolent paternalism in our governments and industry came crashing down around us.



In true Pluto fashion, external events pushed us into a profound shift in our concept of “wealth” – how it is stored, how it is measured and how it is shared.


Pluto in Gate 58 – 2010/12


In November 2010, Pluto moved to Gate 58 in the Root Centre, the Gate of Joy.  This was a whole new ballgame.  The Root Centre is the fight and flight response, the impetus to struggle to survive and on a more positive note, the energy to engage in life.  Gate 58 is called Joy – it’s about our ability to give and receive in sheer joyfulness of living, to move and flow with the life force energy.  There’s an immense vitality in this gate, to challenge anything that stands between us and our joyful experience of life.

As Bradford Hartcher says in his I Ching, the world changes in resonant ways when we improve our mood.  When we can calmly consider the true circumstances of our lives, it’s much easier to join with others to create what we need, our security is more stable and our joyful vitality spreads.  Reality bites and that is where Pluto wants us to find our edges.

Pluto in the Gate of Joy has taught us to dig deep and search persistently for more joyful solutions to the problems besetting us, both personally and globally.  The Occupy movement is a great example.  People often react to social order – government, religion, education and the economy, in a very unconscious way – resentment, greed, complacency, cynicism.  Pluto in Gate 58 helped us become more conscious of this relationship, to release our negative reactions and recognise that our health, wealth and security lies in our ability to live in wisdom, thanksgiving and abundance.


Pluto in Gate 38 – 2012/15


On 6th January 2013 at  0:40am UT, Pluto shifted into Gate 38 – the Gate of Opposition – in the Root Centre.  This gate is about diverse people and ideas that naturally seek to head off in different directions.  It’s important that elements be able to go their own way unhindered by interference from other elements.   There’s nothing worse than feeling we have to fall in with someone else’s ideas when we don’t want to.

Pluto transits tend to bring some old form to an end.  In Gate 38, the form is opposition.

Our role in working with the energy of Gate 38 is to resist the Root Centre’s tendency to reflexive fear based reactions.  When people or events seem to oppose us we can take time to reflect on how we can restore unity while honoring individual differences.


If you can’t see eye to eye, what can you see?  Hilary Barrett, Gate 38

The Gate of Opposition carries within it our ancient fear response  from a time when humans lived very small lives and anything out of the ordinary was almost certainly a threat to survival.   It’s not really working for us anymore, our lives are expansive and diverse.  The shadowy influence of ‘us and them’ has been receiving  a huge makeover.

At the same time, we are learning not to try to hold onto people, places, experiences that are trying to ‘diverge’ out of our lives.  This is a powerful experience of trusting that what we need will come to us, and that it will be fine to let go of what we don’t need.

Pluto in Gate 38 is likely to trigger a lot of movement of stagnant and stuck energy, both personally and collectively.

The last time Pluto was in the Gate of Opposition was 1766 to 1770.

The years 1766 to 1770 saw the events that led to the American Civil War, as the colonists demanded the right to go their own way.  The first Methodist Church was founded in the US, splitting from Anglicanism and forging the current religious right.  Marie Antoinette married the future King Louis XVI of France, and we know where that led!

In 1769, Captain Cook arrived at Tahiti in time to see the transit of Venus on 3rd June.  Pluto retrograded back into Gate 58 for 2011’s Venus transit, but it still represents an interesting parallel in the move towards ‘globalisation’.  The discoveries in the South Pacific brought many European assumptions into question, not the least of which was the issue of women’s rights over their own sexuality.  We saw that particular issue in the news again when Pluto popped into Gate 38 in April 2012, in the Planned Parenthood debates for example.  The fiscal cliff has also demonstrated that we’ve outgrown the oppositional nature of the two party system of government.  Pluto in Gate 38 is likely to bring profound shifts to how we govern ourselves.  A much higher proportion of swinging voters will be just the start.



Another interesting theme in the period 1766 to 1770 was the invention of the steam engine and the spinning frame, both of which contributed to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  This was the time of  William Blake’s ‘dark satanic mills’.  Pluto and his connection with wealth are significant here I think, as the distribution of wealth began it’s shift from land owners to industrialists.  The concept of ownership changed as well.  Someone who leased a factory could be more wealthy than someone who owned significant swathes of property.  This mobility of wealth was shocking back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

We are seeing an echo of another shift of wealth and power as the Information Age reshapes our economy.  Wherever Pluto goes he shifts our economic system, in Gate 38 I expect to see an outbreak of diversity working creatively together.  Co-operation will become more common that competition in business, and the distribution of wealth will change again.  I expect to see faster movement of smaller amounts, creating greater wealth without the need for accumulation.


Pluto and Neptune – 2013 to 2014

While Pluto was in Gate 38 in 2013/4, Neptune was in Gate 55 on the opposite side of the Root Centre.  The years 2013 and 2014 were a Pluto/Neptune team event.

Pluto brings deep transformation, revealing the exhaustion of old ways of doing things.   Pluto is bringing to an end the old survival patterns of struggling against what opposes us.  This is a reactive gate, a gate that lives on fear and adrenal energy.

Neptune sensitizes and refines our understanding so that we can allow the dissolution of what has become too dense.  In the world today most people are under the spell of media based glamour and Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre has been helping us get clear of this form of unconscious manipulation since 2008.  Neptune is helping us find our own personal truth free of collective thought forms.

Let me explain a little bit about the effect of these two channels on our lives.

One of the qualities of the Root Centre is containment.  It is a place where we contain (hold) our energy until the time is right to release it.  Often we misunderstand this mechanism and react too quickly, releasing our energy before it’s properly ‘cooked’, or we hold on tight, too afraid of possible consequences if we take action. We can act too quickly, ignoring our Splenic awareness and not taking time for our Emotional awareness because our adrenal system (Root Centre) tells us we are under immediate threat.  No time to check in .. just ruuunn!!

Neptune and Pluto are bringing us the power to wait, to tune into our own personal information / awareness and make a clear choice about our responses.

This is a powerful way for us to unravel complexity arising from ancient fears, to step out of dramas arising from collective emotionally based goals, to become natural in our responses, rather than culturally influenced.

Perhaps you can see in the chart that there are two channels coming out each side of the Root Centre.  Pluto is in Gate 38, which is on the left, and Neptune is in Gate 55, which is on the right.  The gate that connects those two gates is Root Centre Gate 39, called Obstruction.  It comes out of the Root Centre at the right and hooks up with Neptune in the Solar Plexus  Centre.

Between April 2013 and March 2014, Pluto and Neptune got a whole pile of transits that connect them (like the one you can see in the chart above).   We will also get many connections of the Spleen Centre (embodiment/wellbeing) to the Solar Plexus Centre (emotions), with Pluto and Neptune right in the middle.   This happened over and over again, bringing the powerful influences of Pluto and Neptune together.  The result – calm embodied bliss that creates a powerful transformative presence in our own lives and our society regardless of external events.  Net result – a grounded connection with our true abundance.

Back to 2013.  What happened when our energy tries to release along one of these gates – Opposition (38) and Obstruction (39) – we can often got blocked, which means our energy got stuck in the Root Centre.  We tried to move our energy out and hit opposition and/or obstruction and decided it’s all too hard.  So we stayed put.  We can experience this as depression, although if the family patterning is strong enough, or we are trying to move through unconscious gates, we may not even realise that the energy is stuck.  The pressure for change may bring up resistance and if we resist strongly enough the change may be violent (Pluto) breakdown (Neptune).

If we surrender to these powerful forces, what Pluto and Neptune bring to the table is one huge global anti-depressant.  And a brand new connection with our own power to manifest on the physical plane (Root Centre) with awareness from the Spleen (intuition) and Solar Plexus (emotion).

They will start out by making us sensitive to all the places in our lives where we have felt opposed and obstructed, where we’ve been unable to hold our own reality, stand our ground.   And they will gradually reveal what needs integrating to resolve the duality we’re experiencing.  With Pluto and Neptune you just know it’s going to hold a big reality check, giving us a clear option to release our lower selves, and discover what we have  to offer for the higher good.

I’m expecting an explosion of powerful new forms of employment and business, huge changes in the way we relate to each other economically, and the beginning of a sensitivity to the needs of all humanity.   I also expect that relationships will be unrecognisable by mid 2014, as we disentangle from the ancient ongoing dramas (and what’s called romantic love) and begin to truly see the wealth we bring to each others lives.

As Neptune is involved I imagine the media, and particularly movies, will play a pivotal part in these shifts.

Uranus Pluto Square


The other big event for Pluto over the next few years is the Uranus Pluto square.  Between June 2012 and March 2015, Uranus and Pluto will make a ‘square’ to each other no fewer than 7 times!  The basic principle involved is a compulsion to break free of limitations, to revolutionize our own role within the collective, to release the small self and find something that’s truly connected to the whole.

The challenge is not to get caught in rebellion, but to open up to the influx of new ideas.  It is likely to feel as if time is speeding up in 2013.  That’s the powerful galactic forces impulsing us.  It will feel as if they are turning up and knocking on our door.  Come out to play!    The more easily we can stay present in the moment the less baggage we’ll carry and the more we will be able to slow down time and enjoy this powerfully creative process.

The first two squares – 24 June 2012 and 19 September 2012 – happened when Uranus was in Gate 17 and Pluto was in Gate 58.  Here’s the details for the next 5 squares.


21 May 2013   –  Uranus in 21.2 and Pluto retrograde in 38.2

1 November 2013 – Uranus retrograde in 17.6 and Pluto in 58.6

21 April 2014 – Pluto retrograde in 38.5 and Uranus in 21.5

15 December 2014 – Pluto in 38.4 and Uranus retrograde in 21.4

17 March 2015 – Pluto in 54.1 and Uranus in 51.1


We’ll have three Uranus Pluto squares while Pluto is in the Gate of Opposition.  I’ll be blogging about them as they occur.


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If you were born between August 1957 and October 1960, Pluto in Gate 38 will be making a channel with your Neptune, which is in Gate 28.   For some – those born between 7th July and 27th September 1960 there will be a bigger influence, with Personality Saturn in 38 and Personality Neptune in 28, Pluto is likely to cause a lot of confusion till you regain your balance.  You’ll need to make some very sound and practical choices.  When Pluto meets Neptune there is a powerful spiritual force unleashed and it will take much care to ensure that it doesn’t overwhelm.   Be aware of a more subtle perceptive ability opening up, and expect periods of profound sensitivity and other times when it can feel as if you have so much more on your plate than you can possibly deal with.  Watch to see what the Moon and Mercury in particular bring to your awareness as they transit through either of these gates over the next 3 years.

Those born between October 1975 and November 1976 have Uranus in Gate 28.  It will be very interesting to see what they come up with!  Pluto meeting Uranus is an unstable and unpredictable force, promising an unimaginable awakening that defies convention and even existing ideas of what is possible.

Here’s the timeline for the most important events during Pluto’s time in Gate 38.


26th March at 2:04am UT   Pluto in Gate 38 line 1

12th April Pluto goes Retrograde

26th April at 7:24am UT Gate 58 line 6
17th June at 16:40pm UT Gate 58 line 5
25th July at 21:22pm UT Gate 58 line 4

19th September Pluto goes Direct

8th November at 22pm UT – Gate 58 line 5
10th December at 7am UT – Gate 58 line 6


6th January at 0:40am UT – Gate 38 line 1
3rd February at 0:48am UT – Gate 38 line 2
15th March at 4:27am UT – Gate 38 line 3

14th April  Pluto goes Retrograde

12th May at 4:24am UT – Gate38 line 2
26th June at 5am UT – Gate 38 line 1
4th August at 17.30pm UT – Gate 58 line 6

Pluto goes direct – 21st September 2013

4th November at 13:30pm UT – Gate 38 line 1
8th December  at 3:10am UT – Gate 38 line 2


4th January at 8:37am UT – Gate 38 line 3
1st February  at 2am UT – Gate 38 line 4
9th March  at 23:48pm UT – Gate 38 line 5

15th April Pluto goes retrograde

22nd May at 5:45am UT – Gate 38 line 4
3rd July at 11:32am UT – Gate 38 line 3
13th August at 21:21pm UT – Gate 38 line 2

24th September Pluto goes direct

31st October at 16:57pm UT – Gate 38 line 3
6th December at 16:41pm UT – Gate 38  line 4


3rd January at 10:28am UT – Gate 38 line 5
31st Januaryat 1:33am UT – Gate 38 line 6

7th March  Pluto moves into Gate 54


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Using Dwarf Planets in the Human Design System

In 2006, the  International Astronomical Union adopted the term Dwarf Planet and demoted Pluto.  We were sad for Pluto, but we weren’t so much losing a son as gaining a daughter.  Or two.

As part of the reclassification, we got Eris, Ceres, Sedna, Haumea and Makemake.   Suddenly the number of planets jumped to 13, with a whole lot more likely to follow.

Using the Dwarf Planets in the Human Design System

As I understand it, Western Astrology is the only form of astrology that allows for the introduction of new planets.

In the original Human Design revelation, Western Astrology was given as one of the four essential elements that make up the Human Design synthesis.  So it makes sense that as our planetary pantheon increases, so should their reach within the Human Design chart.   Whilst respecting the starting place of the standard 13 ‘planets’ in the standard Human Design chart, it makes no sense to limit ourselves to that template when we are all evolving, planetary archetypes included, so rapidly.

In my experience Ceres is particularly powerful in the Human Design chart, and I include it in every reading I do these days.  I believe it actually changes definition in the chart.  When exploring the influence of other dwarf planets I used the concept of ‘activation’, rather than definition.  It seems clear that dwarf planets Haumea, Makemake, Sedna and Eris would have some influence on your design, that they would create some kind of ‘activation’ in the chart.  As we become more conscious of these energies, their effect becomes less subtle, more conscious, more accessible.

What is a Dwarf Planet?

Of the five new dwarf planets, four exist out beyond Neptune in the Kuiper Belt.  Ceres is different.  She lives in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Pluto sort of returned to his true family in 2006 when he was reclassified as a dwarf planet and became part of the group of planets known variously as Plutinos – because they are like Pluto, Trans Neptunian Objects (TNO’s) – because they cross the orbit of Neptune, and Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO’s)  – because they live in the Kuiper Belt way out at the edge of our Solar System.   It is possible that there are as many as 200 potential dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt.

In working with the Kuiper Belt objects I find they hold a joy of life and a sense of celebration of humanity as a spiritual force on this planet.

Meet The Dwarf Planets

So far there are five new dwarf planets – Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Haumea and Makemake.  As well, the International Astronomical Union is considering also reclassifying the following: Sedna, Orcus, Quaoar, Varuna, Ixion, Vesta, Pallas, Hygeia, and four others that have impersonal numbers rather than names.

More about using dwarf planets in the Human Design System here. 


Neptune in the Gate of Abundance


On 4th February 2012, Neptune shifted into Pisces and at 3.30am on 7th February (UT)  Neptune moved into the Gate of Abundance.  It will stay there till 14 January 2015.

This is Gate 55 in the Human Design System, hexagram 55 in the I Ching.

We are becoming more conscious of our boundaries as individuals and expanding our visionary creative capacity to open ourselves to embodied bliss

 Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre

Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre challenges us to find the sacred in experiences that affect our emotions, and to restore us to a state of true humanity.  It’s  been lifting the veil of mesmeric confusion that has had us trapped in the destructive individualism of a culture where money, and little else, talks.

Neptune has been in the Solar Plexus Centre since it went into the Aquarian gate of Revolution (49) in March 2006, where it stayed until December 2009.  Since 2009 we have been learning that our feelings, our raw and beautiful emotions, are divinely inspired and very, very personal.  It’s become well accepted now that pushing our emotions down does not bring clarity, but pain.

The deaths of Sadaam Hussein, Benazir Bhutto and Slobodan Milosevic give some indication of the rise of terrorist activity during that period, as Neptune  in the Gate of Revolution began to lift a veil on the archetype of the tyrant.   Another wave of ‘tyranny’ came to light when Lehmann brothers filed for bankruptcy in September 2008.

In December 2009, Neptune shifted into the Gate of Illumination (30) and we entered an intense period of relinquishing our old paternalistic world view.  As Pluto moved through the Gate of Treading (10), the behaviour of the stern father figure became more and more out of touch with the sort of benevolence we sought in our ‘authority’ figures – government, banks, etc.

We haven’t yet reached Neptune’s ideal of oneness – haven’t reached 100% , but have gotten stuck at the 99% + 1%.  It’s time for a change in the maths.   And there was plenty of maths about when BP spilled some oil in the Gulf of Mexico after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon in April 2010.  It had us all trying to figure out what was most valuable –  oil and industry or the oceans and environment.

As Jupiter, Chiron and the minor planet Snow White all joined Neptune at various times in 2009 and 2010, we were forced to wake up, to visit our own wounds and to build our own world view, rather than continue to rely on what had been passed down to us from the 1%.

In 2009 to 2011, Neptune in the Gate of Illumination (30) has supported us to keep our own inner spiritual flame alight, even if sometimes it is only a flicker, and to keep moving steadily through danger and dread without feeling the need for quick fixes or damaging reactions.  We are much more emotionally stable and much less likely to dissolve or disappear in the fog than we were in 2006.

The Gate of Abundance

Neptune in the Gate of Abundance

What happens after you get what you want?  Where do you go once you succeed?  These are Gate 55 questions.  The Sun shines full at midday, but there is inevitably a decline of abundance.

Neptune is about to challenge the idea that we can live unlimited lives of continual growth – at least in the linear plane.  If we are to continue to grow, to learn, to expand, then we need to shift dimensions. We must always be asking ourselves .. when I reach that goal, what’s next for me?  Not in the way we push against the flow, but to step into our roles as creators.

If we limit ourselves to an endpoint we lose the game.  The Universe is happy for you to have your dream home, but why do you want it? What will do create once you have it?

Take advantage of the good fortune coming your way, make use of the abundance you have.   There’s no need to push, or to move into disharmony by over-doing anything.  Abundance is natural. And it’s FOR something, you have abundance for a higher purpose – be clear about what that purpose is and abundance will flow.

In a linear or dualistic reality we are constantly on the alert out of fear of the inevitable decline.  Aging, loss of customers, the end of a love affair.  But the decline is simply a sign to move to the next level of your existence.  It’s as full of potential, of life, as the abundance.

There is a profound shift in our relationships going on just now, and this is our key to shifting into the newly emergent reality.  It doesn’t matter what the relationship is, who or what it’s with – a person, a rock, yourself –  the quality of your relationships is leading you into a new abundant dimension of life.

When we recognise connection we transcend.  We don’t just move beyond our individual struggle, but past our mechanistic imprint as individual cogs in the machine.  We are massively connected to the universe, every thought we think affects everything.  Neptune in the Gate of Abundance will prove this to us in very real ways.

Expect transformational movies that shift mass consciousness. Also expect to see the beginning of the end of that massive dinosaur – the global corporation. It’s had it’s time in the sun and will begin a decline.  We’ll see it replaced by collaborative projects globally networked.  It’s the age of the connected individual, each one holding accountability rather than hiding behind a corporate banner.

Between now and January2015, Neptune will bring shocks to your ego,  dissolving frozen emotional blocks to intimate connection with life.  It will allow clarity to break through the mists of your delusion of separation from natural abundance.   Allow any times of decline to lead you into a greater and more abundant understanding of the multiverse you share with us all.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

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Emergent Human Design

One day back in 2006, I was thinking about my Ascendant.  It’s so important in astrology, and I wondered where it might be in my Human Design chart.  I  discovered that it was in a gate that bridged two separate areas of definition.   Those of you who know something about Human Design will understand that this is very significant.   If the Ascendant represents the way in which we do things in astrology, I wondered, what could this mean for me?

That exploration started me on a quest to discover what else might be ‘hidden’ in my design.  I was already using some of the multidimensional charts and I also began to experiment with the newly discovered dwarf planets.  When I added centaurs and asteroids to the mix I found the chart opened out with an astonishing amount of precise information.

This was the beginning of what I have come to call Emergent Human Design.

During 2011 I began to research recent discoveries from diverse sources like the HeartMath Institute, Joseph Chiltern Pearce’s work on brain development, Dan Winter’s work on embodied bliss and the relationship of the human heart to universal holograms, Elisabet Sahtouris’ work on evolution biology, Philip Shepherd’s work on the body consciousness, Katya Walter’s work on the I Ching and DNA, sacred geometry,  the science of the micro world of quantum reality and the macro world of chaos theory.  And much more.

Overall the pieces fit together to create an incredible new experience of the Human Design System.

As we shift from a dualistic Cartesian consciousness to one aligned with our emerging quantum reality, we face immense challenges on both a personal and a global level.  Every aspect of our day to day life is changing, and will continue to change – relationships, health, work, the environment and the economy.  Emergent Human Design is all about shifting into this new reality with as much ease and grace as possible.  It holds keys to your emergent self.

There is so much more to the Human Design System than type, strategy and authority.  We are creating a new world, becoming emergent beings.  Evolving on purpose.

If you’d like to be kept up to date on the development of Emergent Human Design, you can add your email address below to sign up for the newsletter:


You can learn more about the Subtle Layers of the Human Design System here.  And please come and socialise with me on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (where I use the hash tag #humandesign).

Intermediate Human Design Classes Online

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Human Design, it’s time to go onto more exciting territory. That’s what the Intermediate series of Human Design classes is all about.

If you know the names of the centres and have some idea of what they mean, if you understand the difference between defined and undefined and are familiar with your design and personality layers, then this is the level for you.


More here


Creating a New Joyful Centre

Feeling the pressure? It’s not just because it’s christmas and the stores are ho-ho-hoing the dollars right out of our pockets. There’s a potent mix of energies that are creating a shift from fear based reactivity to a more centred and trusting response to life.  With all those activations to the Ji Centre, I’ve been living with regular heart palpitations for days now, but it feels good, realigning.

It feels as if so many things can and will go wrong, and yet somehow everything keeps turning out just right! This is a time to risk, to trust, to calmly and gently face our demons and realise they no longer hold the power over us that we thought they did.

Ceres and Sedna ~ Growth and Movement


This is a ‘retro post’, one of a collection I’m considering including in a book.  Enjoy!

30th December 2010

Many years ago, when I moved up to the North Coast, I went to see a spiritual healer.  As I’d been terrified to see a tarot card reader less than 12 months before, this was a big step up in the ‘alternative’ stakes for me.  I lay on the table feeling quite apprehensive, not knowing what to expect, and the healer placed her hands on my stomach.  Then she looked at me and said ‘you’ve had a very sad childhood’.  I burst into tears that turned into sobbing.  I completely lost it.  What was most surprising to me when I thought about it later, was that I’d always thought I had a happy childhood. But there was no mistaking the energy that burst out of me that morning.

A year or so later I had a colonic and the woman was looking at the …  results .. lol! …  as they passed through the clear tube and said to me ‘there was a lot of sadness in your childhood’ and apart from being amazed at how she could get that information (something to do with stress hormones creating particular colours) again I was struck by the sense of hidden truth in what she said.  I was very ill and not about to ignore any potential clues back then.  About that time I spent almost a year crying.  I wondered if I would ever stop.

Alice Miller, the iconic child psychotherapist, was prompted to write her book The Drama of the Gifted Child (which I cried all the way through the first time I read it), by her curiosity over why some children recover well from appalling trauma and others have relatively mild experiences and never get over them.  Over many years of observation she discovered that those who recovered had one thing in common.  They had someone – and it only needed to be one person – who said to the child ‘what happened to you is not okay’.  This allowed the child to understand that they had experienced something abusive.  It doesn’t need to be appalling abuse, as Miller so brilliantly explains, it can be as little as a harsh voice or an angry glance that has us retreating into ourselves.  She found that the children who did not have anyone to reflect the harsh nature of their experiences to them were lost in a sea of confusion where the world was unsafe and no one could truly be trusted.

These inner children, the one’s who have never heard that trusted voice, are stirring within us.  These are the inner selves who never got to grow up because they were so traumatised.  And no one came to their rescue.  Instead of pointing out to them that the experience(s) they had were hurtful, shaming, humiliating, belittling, abusive, painful, they were told to toughen up and get on with it.  But these inner children are all heart and clear light.  Toughening up wasn’t an option and they had no alternative but to withdraw and protect themselves as best they could.  They became our shadow, and were demonised.  That sad child inside me had not found a pathway to happiness, and had essentially given up searching for something that she had come to believe was just a fantasy.

These lost aspects of self are not just from this lifetime, in fact it seems to me that they are marching through the veils of time to be here now.   Pluto in the Gate of Joy in Capricorn is calling those Cancerian children home.

Until now their shadow has been playing out in our day to day reality and while we may not have been re-creating those experiences in ways we are conscious of, as a species we have gradually created culture that reflects the relationship between abuser and abused. We have done this because over many human lifetimes we got lost on our way to experiencing true love.

As I said in yesterday’s post, Saturn is the circus ringmaster just now.  Saturn was traditionally known as the Lord of Karma.  Till March 2011 he’s connected to the Lunar Nodes, creating a strong karmic influence in our lives.  Saturn is in Libra, a sign that encompasses who we love and who we hate.  Or more precisely, what we seek to learn about ourselves in a positive way and what we believe we must learn in a negative way.  As I wrote yesterday, this is creating a profound integration of self that goes well beyond this one lifetime, gathering ancestral memories held in the body, plus experiences of past lives.

There’s two things in particular supporting this shift.  One is dwarf planet Ceres in Gate 60 – Limitations – in the Root Centre and the other is Sedna in Gate 23 – Splitting Apart – in the Throat Chakra.  They are both in the central integrative column in the Human Design Chart.  In the Kaballah, this central column integrates duality.  It weaves together the energies that we perceive as feminine and masculine as a means of physical manifestation.


Ceres is in Gate 60 in the Root Chakra from Christmas Day till 11th January.  This gate deals with the limitations that we experience when we want to birth something at the material level, as our ideal vision descends through to the physical density for manifestation.  There are two kinds of limitations – those we impose on ourselves out of fear, and the natural limitations that support perfect manifestation.   Just now we are learning to distinguish between the two and it’s not always an easy task!

Ceres is a dwarf planet that represents the development of self worth as a basis for forming relationship.   Ceres transits can activate deep feelings of loss and grief and can also indicate old stories and our neurotic reactions when they are triggered.  On the positive side, Ceres is always pointing us towards healing and wholeness, a place where we have a healthy approach to our own self care and nourishment.  She has a particular effect on the way we might use food or not eating as a compensation.

Just now Ceres is encouraging us to move beyond our conditioned stories of limitation in our relationships, to loosen up and try new things.  And at the core of Cere’s message right now is that the  more we engage in self-care the more love and care we will have for others, and the better our relationships will be.

One particular point, in the central integrative channel, Ceres is letting us know that we are not able to manifest what we want into physical reality just now unless we open more fully to both our masculine and feminine aspect.

My deeper intuitive sense is that she is clearing ages old conflict over who is the ultimate ‘creator’ or void – the feminine or masculine – God or Goddess – egg or sperm.  In our own personal world we may be experiencing this as a conflict between following our intuition and going within or taking decisive goal oriented action.  Actually just now, we are learning  how these two aspects of self need to work as a team.


She moves so slowly, out there past Pluto with an orbital period of 11,000 years!  Sedna moved into Gate 23 in the Throat Centre in June 2004 and will stay there until June 2014.  This means we will notice her only when a faster moving planet triggers her influence.

This week Venus is in Gate 43, creating a channel with Sedna that connects the Ajna Centre to the Throat.   Sedna has multiple influences including:

  • the return of a sacred earth based goddess consciousness
  • choosing to resist cultural roles and norms
  • allowing a deep dissolution and transformation that may trigger a fear of death
  • letting go of frozen aspects of self, especially in our emotions
  • having a naive view of life and not wanting to grow up
  • feeling trapped or enclosed and having to do the work to become self reliant and get free
  • fear of aging
  • fear of committing to relationships or even to being here on earth
  • fear of hurt and rejection of true self
  • a vanity and self concern that cuts us off from others in our family or tribe
  • attempts to use others for our own purposes
  • disrespect towards natural limitations of the earth’s resources into account

With Venus triggering Sedna at the moment I would be focusing on our fear of being trapped, growing older, feeling limited in relation to our ability to create beauty, grace, harmony and loving relationships in our lives.  In Gate 23.3, Sedna is dissolving even our old bones (structure) and turning them into something more useful, stripping away what is no longer constructive in our lives.  We are learning to be supple and graceful and to release rigid strength that is crippling.

Both Venus and Sedna are in line 3 today, so it’s a good day to thresh around a bit and explore some new options.  This channel can bring sudden and unexpected shifts in our understanding.   Again, these gates are in the central integrative channel and so they are asking that we open to a more mature and open relationship between dualities, and to our feminine and masculine creative powers as they seek to work together.  Inner and outer, action and stillness, moving forward without rushing, allowing the universe to provide partners and co-creating miraculous outcomes.


Building a Global Immune System

6th September 2010

The Moon will be both a confusing and a clarifying influence for us over the next few days as it activates a channel with both the Sun and Earth, activates the Super Galactic Centre, creates a channel with and then conjuncts Makemake, passes over an opposition with Uranus and Jupiter, passes over Mercury retrograde, sets up a Virgo New Moon and then conjuncts Saturn just as Saturn creates a new channel with the North Node.  Enough to make our heads spin!

The Sun and Earth are both in the Crown chakra (64 and 63).  Along with Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Peaceful  Recuperation (40) and major shifts to our cellular structure to remove ancient soul wounds, we are all feeling very sleepy and wanting nothing more than to dream in a new reality for ourselves and the world.  Just now our physical bodies are doing so much more than they appear to be doing.  Although we have been tragically removed from a full conscious relationship with them by our culture, they are nonetheless getting on with the job they are designed to do.  Creating heaven on earth.  The more trust you can put in your body just now the better.

Back to the Crown Chakra – these two gates 63 and 64 – are the last two hexagrams of the I Ching.  Over the years I have found that these two gates represent the watershed of change, the place at which we shift from the old to the new.

The transition from the old to the new time is already accomplished.  In principle everything stands ready and it is only the details that need still to be achieved.  In life there are junctures when all forces are in balance and work in harmony, so that everything seems to be in the best of order.  It’s important to recognise the moments that bode danger and take timely precautions to banish it.  (gate 63, after completion)

The conditions are difficult.  The task is great and full of responsibility.  It is nothing less than that of leading the world out of confusion back to order.  But it is a task that promises success, because there is a goal that can unite the forces now tending in different directions.  In the times before completion, deliberation and caution are the prerequisites of success. (gate 64, before completion)

When we open to the inspired information coming in through our Crown, we can shift our thinking and flow with what’s real.  When we shut off this inspiration we tend to view reality as being what we think it is.  Anything that doesn’t line up with this thought based perception gets tossed out by our stuck minds – any emotions, any body sensations.  Our own inner knowing becomes the enemy, just waiting to trip us up by disturbing the cozy isolation of our mental construct.  Shutting down on deep and full connections with ourselves and others becomes a survival issue.  I have been watching this in myself over the past few days with absolute astonishment and wonder at it’s subtle effect.

In the Human Design chart we can learn a lot about how our bodies function by looking at the Spleen Centre activations.  Most of the gates in this centre are in Libra – 50, 32, 57, 48, 18.  There is only one odd gate – 28 in Scorpio – a hexagram that teaches us how to come into balance within ourselves and in our relationships with others through the correct use of power. One of the principle ideas held within the Libra energy is of continually looking for the balance in any situation, a sort of ongoing homeostatic response to life.  We are actually designed to be powerful change agents, constantly flowing with the new.

The area of the zodiac around the Virgo /Libran cusp is chock full of fun just now as a shimmery lunar light passes over our current notions about service, relationship, purity and connection.  Virgo is the last of the personal signs – Aries to Virgo making up the first six signs of the zodiac.  When we move onto Libra we gradually shift out of self interest and self concern and begin to look for the meaning of life in the context of our relationship with the other.

Our Spleen Centre contains one of our most complex intelligences – our immune and lymphatic systems.  It tells us what’s us and what isn’t us.  Most of us have been taught that the immune system is like an army ready to pounce on nasty intruders.  Fritjof Capra describes the immune system in his book The Web of Life as a complex network of subtle interrelationships, and Paul Hawken explains that recent research shows ‘it’s function does not depend on its firepower but on the quality of it’s connectedness’ (Blessed Unrest).

“a rose like a poem” by lotusfee ~

This is a whole new way to exist on the physical plane, not in constant vigilance for survival against dreadful enemies that goes right down to the cellular level, but as a creative exercise in building more and more meaningful connections with the world!

Imagine that we have been carrying around the idea that we are constantly at war against the nasty outside bugs and instead our bodies are busy building excellent relationships with the myriad of life on this planet in the form of bacilli, fungi, proteins, antigens, occasionally even a live disease or pathogen.  Imagine that instead of ‘fighting disease’ we are creating a more complex and meaningful relationship with life.   Imagine also how this extrapolates out into our world – as within so without.

These connections are not just about our own physical wellbeing.  They represent the first steps towards building what we might call a global immune system, a grass roots early warning system that acts immediately should any one of us experience disharmony or a lack of balance.  It’s local in that we pick up what affects us personally.  It’s global because it’s power is leveraged through the immensity of our multi-dimensional connections – within our own fields and with others.  This newly emerging global immune system operates to ensure the sacred nature of the relationship between humanity (social justice) and the planet (environmental justice).  Justice of course being a Libran concept based on fairness to all.

We are opening time portals opening between now and 2012 that allow us to access the 94% of dark matter currently hidden from us, (the feminine), the nature of which is nurturance through connectivity.  Watch for scientific breakthroughs that take us beyond our existing understanding of reality as 4 dimensional (length, width height and time) and the subsequent release of incredible tools for cleaning up the planet and organising our societies with love.

As we continue to build our new global immune system nothing will be able to escape it’s immense healing power.

So that’s what your inspired mind and your body are up to this week.  Feeling a bit tired?  No wonder!