Neptune in Gate 37


Neptune and Uranus are about to light up the Tribal circuitry in your design.  This is all about how we relate to each other to get our material and emotional needs met at the level of family and community.


Tribal circuitry differs from the Collective energy of unconditional love and the transpersonal.  It also differs from the Individual energy of going it alone so as not to compromise your unique expression of self.  In the Tribal or Communal circuitry we discover we are social beings who need to be hugged and fed and loved for who we are, with all our imperfections.  We find the places within us that seek validation from those closest to home.  We crave their acceptance, their approval and their recognition.

The Tribal or Communal circuitry is also the place where we struggle to emerge from the amorphous mass of humanity, to be seen as an individual who exists independently of the tribe, where we need the space to be able to transform and ‘value add’ to the community through our special and unique gifts.  And it’s where we choose to invest in communal ideas, beliefs and projects.


Let’s Get Personal 

freedomNeptune and Uranus are the FREEDOM planets, although they have the desire for very different kinds of freedom.  Uranus  represents the individual will for freedom of expression.  Neptune activates our desire for freedom from the limitations of the ego based human realm.  At it’s lower vibration, Neptune likes nothing better than to merge with whatever feels good in the moment.  At it’s highest vibration Neptune inspires us to move beyond the illusion of separation and self deception into embodied spiritual fulfillment.  

Both Uranus and Neptune reveal to us the interconnectedness of all things.   Again, they have different functions.  Uranus carries the energy of Light – the mental realm.  Neptune carries the energy of Love – the heart realm.  They are both transpersonal planets with huge universal themes.  And yet, in our design they demand that we find a personal way to express them.

Uranus and Neptune transits show places where we can resist incarnation and prefer to stay in the big impersonal version of our lives.  We can live in rebellion and reaction rather than stand for our own ideas and beliefs (Uranus). We can live in the diffuse field of unconditional love rather than feel the very human experience of our own heart (Neptune).

There’s something very significant about Neptune for anyone born between 1944 and August 1963.  During that period, Neptune was in the Spleen Centre.  Consider the influence of people born during those years on the way we think about health and wellbeing.  Neptune in the Spleen Centre brings a sensitivity to the physical body, a divine connection that is physically felt.  It also shows up as vague systemic illness that avoids clear diagnosis – things like auto-immune disorders.  Consider the move towards purifying diets, colonics and detoxing, superfoods.  And then there’s the more gentle and subtle techniques for healing like cranio-sacral therapy.

In 2007, Neptune turned up in the Solar Plexus Centre, refining our emotional response to a higher vibration.  On 15th March 2014 it shifts into Gate 37, which is all about family.


Neptune Motifs

neptuneLet’s take a closer look at the essential nature of Neptune.

Neptune activates within us an urge towards ultimate, transcendental freedom, where we become free from the boundaries and limitations of both the intellect and ego self.  With Neptune in our corner we yearn to experience oneness with all life and merge with the whole of existence.  We want to dissolve all boundaries and shy away from any feelings of separateness.

If we are finding this energy difficult to embody we can experience self deception, pseudo spiritual egotism, destructive escapism and avoidance of responsibility.  Be Here Now becomes more like It Looks Like I’m Here Now, But I’m Actually Completely Spaced Out And Not Present In Any Way.   These negative expressions of Neptune are usually the result of being overwhelmed and confused by our desire for higher states of awareness.  After all, it’s not something we find on the curriculum of our local schools and often not an acceptable topic around the dinner table either.  When we don’t recognise that the real source of this yearning is for something more uplifting in our lives, we usually seek it in the outer world.  Enter the advertising industry!  Or your local drug dealer.

In those places where we are lifting off rather than tuning in, we can make a different choice.  Instead of ramping up our addictions or withdrawing in overwhelm, we can make a conscious choice to search empathetically for our underlying spiritual sensitivity.

Another issue we find with Neptune is a sense of confusion and an inability to make clear decisions and commitments.  This is because Neptune brings a sense that our knowledge is limited – there is always a higher perspective.  Perhaps our current perspective is too selfish?  Not in everyone’s highest good?  It doesn’t matter, what’s important is that you accept your limitations as a human and make the best choice you can from that limited viewpoint.  We can always course correct as we go along.  Saturn, who is Neptune’s arch nemesis, would have us believe that once we ‘lock it in’ we lose our choices and Neptune can’t survive in that rigid and isolated place.  Instead, remember the story of Apollo 13 – it was only on it’s correct path 3% of the time.  Or so the myth goes, but the story is a good one and a useful one.


Developing Spiritual Maturity 

On 15th March 2014, Neptune moves into Gate 37.   The last time Neptune visited Gate 37 was back in 1853,  just 7 years after it was discovered in 1846.  Pluto was in Gate 3 and Uranus was in Gate 24.

In the I Ching, Gate 37 represents the place we come home to.  What represents home to you?  How are your boundaries? Do you have a safe hearth stone within you that is grounding and supportive regardless of circumstances?  Hilary Barrett describes it as a constant living awareness that pervades your structure and makes it’s presence felt in everything you say and do.  It is both a refuge and a place of security.  It holds you in fellowship with those who share your vision.  Outside are others who see differently and do not belong in this home. 

Without these healthy boundaries we do not feel safe in ourselves, and are constantly renegotiating.  As we build our internal partitions we may interupt old patterns of behaviour and find that we feel more nurtured and secure in our sense of who we are.  We don’t have to allow the walls to tumble and fall if our family calls on us (either actually, or as an internalised voice).

One major impact of Neptune’s time in this gate will be the shift in consciousness that comes from projecting God/Goddess onto our parents, well into our adult lives.  This shift in consciousness will also begin to infiltrate our government – another place where we are conditioned to project divinity.

What happens when we draw back our own inspiration and ‘god ness’ from those figures who have been holding it on our behalf?  The gurus, the presidents, the kings and queens, teachers, our mothers and fathers ….  What happens when we reclaim our right to express our own personal desires, regardless of the rules and regulations that are supposed to maintain order?  Well, we shall see.  One thing I have complete faith in – that you and I are well and truly ready to step into this level of spiritually maturity.


Global Family 

communityAnother aspect of Neptune’s stay in Gate 37 is the refinement of the concept of the global family.  We will begin to really grasp the interconnectedness of everyone, on a heart level.

In the I Ching, Gate 37 represents the role of family as the moral compass for the community and government.  Our own inner integration – our deeper understanding of the correct role of our inner masculine, feminine and child – creates a foundation that flows out into our actually families, into our friendships, our communities and our governments.  We can expect an increased sense of the practical applications of Oneness.

I would also expect the work we’ve done on our relationships to begin bearing fruit.  People will begin to show up in our lives and create new friendships based on ‘spiritual family’.

One warning about Neptune in the Gate of Family.  Watch for a tendency to idealise friends – to create an angel/devil dichotomy.  Remember we don’t want to merge with others and lose our individuality.  Or separate out when our need for a saviour or god figure isn’t met.  We are looking to bring the best of ourselves into relationship with the best of someone else.


When Neptune met Saturn

I mentioned that Saturn is Neptune’s arch nemesis, and s/he is.  Neptune likes to flow and dissolve.  Saturn loves nothing better than a nice solid structure.  But the relationship goes deeper than that.  Neptune and Saturn really need each other to function in a healthy way.  Neptune refines everything to a higher vibration, bringing the benefits of a lighter more flexible approach to Saturn.  And in return Saturn provides the stability and substance that Neptune needs to stay grounded and realistic.

So Saturn’s positions tell us a lot about how to work with Neptune transits.

During 2014 Saturn will be in Gate 43 and then Gate 1.  This is particularly significant for those born between 1962 and 1967, because during those years Neptune was in Gates 43 and 1 – so Saturn will be passing over your Neptune this year.

The energy of Saturn that we all need to take on board in 2104 is of standing firm for what we believe in, even if it doesn’t make sense to everyone.  We need to trust the divine creative spark within us, whether it comes from the mental realm (Gate 43) or the heart realm (Gate 1).  We need to make clear distinctions and decisions about what we want to be part of our life and what we would be better staying away from. And we need to make DECISIONS from that place of divinely inspired knowing.

Loyalty and service and needing to be valued by a certain group of people is NOT on the agenda for that kind of decision making.  We are absolutely moving away from sacrificing ourselves to group needs.

Notice Saturn is in the Individual circuitry in 43 and 1 – so here we are mutating into something new and unique through our decision making and creative expression.  Neptune is the Gate of Family may try to call us back to the old ways, but we shouldn’t be enchanted by that spell.  We are attuning ourselves to our own internal family – we know how to access our internal masculine, our internal feminine and our inner child.  We begin to understand the divine role these relationships play in our lives.  And as we live with these clear cut aspects and deeper our reliance on them, we are less likely to collapse and sacrifice ourselves.


Developing personal power and freedom

One group of people who will feel the impact of Neptune in 37 more than most is those born between November 1959 and September 1964.  At various stages during those years both Uranus and Pluto were in Gate 40 meeting Chiron in Gate 37.  This group has a soul mission to find the personal freedom and power to break down the old family structures that kept us from innovation and spiritual transformation.  Our understanding of Family Systems comes from this configuration.

One significant effect of this Uranus/Pluto/Chiron mix is a wound to the feelings and emotions that prevents us from feeling anything that threatens to separate us from the family zeitgeist.  Those threatening emotions are simply stuffed down, numbed out and ignored. Neptune shines a light on this wound – however the first step in the process is that the emotions may feel quite threatening.  They won’t meet Neptune’s desire for spiritual purity. Should I really be feeling this hatred?  Or rage?  How about the grief or resentment?  Shouldn’t I be able to control myself and feel only love?

Well actually, no.  Because love is a transpersonal energy, and you are a human being with a very important piece of information technology called an emotional body.  Recent research shows that the higher level of emotional intelligence we have – ie, the more in contact we are with our own personal emotions – the more effective we are.  The emotional part of our brain – the limbic system – is wired for connection, for friendship, for sharing.

You know that thing that happens, when you are meditating and always asking to come from the highest good and still your life seems to be off key?  That’s because you need your emotions – those messy annoying emotions – to inform you of your personal soul mission.  This is important DATA about you and your life and the best decisions you can make, not just for yourself but for everyone.  It short cuts that notion that everything has to be run past our angels or spirit guide – because our emotions are what the Universe gave us so that we didn’t have to keep phoning HOME every time we have to make a decision.

Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre can be very uncomfortable, but if we loosen up on the judgement around what sort of people we are if we have certain kinds of feelings, that makes things much easier.  I highly recommend Karla McLaren’s amazing book The Language of Emotions for anyone who is struggling with this issue.


Neptune in 2014 

  • 12th April – Neptune moves into Gate 37 line 2
  • Neptune is retrograde from 12 June till 16 November
  • 12 August Neptune shifts back into Gate 37 line 1
  • 14 September Neptune moves back into Gate 55
  • 16 November Neptune goes direct
  • 15 January 2015 Neptune moves back into Gate 37 where it remains until 25 April 2016.


Saturn activates Sedna and focuses attention on our oceans



I was watching an update on the Fukishima nuclear situation a few days ago.  They have so much contaminated water and have decided to dump it into the ocean.  I wondered why that would be considered a better option than just dumping it in a field somewhere and letting it soak into the soil. Why, in 2013, do we still have this crazy idea that once something sinks into the depths of the ocean it no longer exists.  It’s a bit like a baby who cries when you hide their toy – as if it simple ceases to exist when it’s out of view!


Sedna is a dwarf planet that represents our relationship with the oceans.  And tomorrow – at 8pm UT on 16th December – Saturn shifts into the Gate of Breakthrough and creates a channel with Sedna. Expect to hear more about the Fukishima decision, and other activities affecting the wellbeing of our oceans and the creatures who live in it.

And right on cue, the Australian Government has made a shocking decision to give the go ahead to one of the largest coal ports in the world ….  right next to the Great Barrier Reef.  With over 3000 individual reef systems, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef in the world, and the only living structure that can be seen from space.  Somehow they’ve managed to convince themselves that the port will actually benefit the reef .. go figure!!



The channel being activated connects the Ajna to the Throat, it’s a channel of mental expression that takes our existing understanding apart and restructures it. With it’s sudden ah ha! moments and bursts of new insight, this should be a very interesting time.  Saturn doesn’t like falling apart, he’s much more of a holding things together kind of guy, but in this position he has no choose but to let go of his existing reality and allow change to happen.  We could certainly be in for a period of being considered to be speaking nonsense because we jumped out of the old box.  And it’s likely to be uncomfortable on a personal level too, because there is some Saturn inside of each one of us trying to hold tight to what’s comfortable and known.

Saturn builds healthy structures on the material plane, so by the time he moves on – in November 2014 – many people will have taken a stand (Gate 43) for the health of our oceans and a sustainable culture and created a significant difference in the world.


You can’t see Sedna, she doesn’t show up on the standard Human Design chart, but she’s been transiting in Gate 23 – Splitting Apart – since 2004 and will stay there till 2014.   Saturn is likely to bring attention to the activities of business and how they impact on our oceans.  Whaling, the fishing industries, even tourism and it’s impact could be in the spotlight.

On a personal level we may find blocked and frozen emotions get stuck in our throat. Sudden new insights are likely to break through our old way of thinking, releasing new energy into our life.

You can read more about Sedna here.  Saturn remains in this Gate until 6th November 2014, when he shifts into Gate 14.

Have you noticed any tightness in your throat already?



October New Moon – Beyond Survival and into Ecstacy

New Moon ~ 5th October 2013 ~ 10.34 am UT,  19.34 pm Australian EST, 2.34 am PDT and 5.34 am EDT.

You are probably just as bored as I am with trying to fix everything that’s wrong with our lives.

Humanity probably wouldn’t have survived if we didn’t have this natural tendency to watch out for potential disasters.  But we’ve taken it to the end of it’s usefulness. It’s time for us to begin focusing on the good stuff.  Because there is a huge amount of it – good stuff . We are so accustomed to ignoring it that we are still drowning in the last bits of the bad stuff.  It’s like we’re at a luscious banquet and we’re so busy trying to fix our wobbly chair and check our lipstick hasn’t smudged that we’re in danger of starving to death.

Right now so much is about our body and the way it’s naturally blissful and ecstatic nature has become imprisoned by the ego and intellect.


Banner Dancing GoddessesBA037


This modern culture has worshipped at the altar of the ego.  Now the ego is a truly miraculous invention.  The ego encompasses our individual identity.  It has a crucial role in evolution – it protects the uniqueness of our conscious selves.  But the ego self has changed from a natural and essential aspect of consciousness to become a rigid structure held intact by fear.  We are literally destroying ourselves rather than come face to face with that fear, which has till now been embedded deep within our dna, in the cellular coding of our physical body.  That’s about to change.

We live in a disembodied culture, rising as it does from the seedbed of a disembodied religion.  The story of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden is the story of the breakdown of the relationship between the body and it’s bliss.  This myth was an ad man’s wet dream, specifically created by the new messianic religions to scare people away from the pre-existing and more nature affirming cosmologies – the Vedic and matriarchal ‘religions’.

Humanity was more accustomed to opening our bodies to the bliss of the divine.  The experience was personal and real.   There were ecstatic rituals, orgies even, that were a part of the natural celebrations of being human.  The rise of the messianic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – brought with them the idea that god is outside of us, something unattainable.  Our bodies were reassigned.  Instead of representing a glorious part of creation, they became instead the temporary and completely inadequate  shelters for our souls, leading us into sin.  Our bodies became evil and we lost our relationship with the divine.  We were forbidden even to look upon the face of the god, instead using the intermediaries appointed by religious authorities.

In the process we lost our understanding of the incredibly complex relationship between the mind, emotions, body and soul, and instead learnt to spend our time focusing on our fears.  This ancient wisdom was never readily available to the masses.  It was only attained by high level initiates with the spiritual rigour required to work with these energies in the physical plane.

We are now recovering that wisdom on a global level, and rekindling those relationships – mind, body, emotions, soul.

To really get these connections we have to embrace the energy of our Root Centre – the basis of our right to exist as individuals on the physical plane.  When we are not conscious at the level of our Root Centre we live in survival fear, hypervigilant to threats to our existence.  Our adrenal system is overworked and we are generally more sensitive and susceptible to stress.  The fears in the Root Centre can also show us what prevents us from recognising our own importance to our tribe, the larger collective and to the process of conscious evolution.  They also prevent us from gently and kindly taking good care of ourselves.

Supporting us in this huge evolutionary process are three Goddess Asteroids – Ceres, Vesta and Juno.  Both Ceres and Vesta are dwarf planets.

Juno is in Gate 41 – the initiating energy of the Human Design matrix.  Juno represents our relationships, and right now we are beginning a new physiological process that will change our entire experience of relationship.  We are hungering for something new, something better, something more closely attuned to the new people we are becoming and Juno represents that shift right down to the cellular level.

Ceres was in Gate 40 (with Chiron in 37) from 10th to 23rd September.  You may have experienced a profound sense of hunger to belong, to be taken in and fed.   Ceres is now in Gate 64 in the Head Centre and she moves to Gate 47 on the New Moon.  Vesta is now in Gate 40 with Chiron and will shift to Gate 64 in the Head Centre just before this week’s New Moon.

After I wrote this post I watched the news and saw the recent events in the US.  So I went back to look for Hygiea, another dwarf planet, this one about health.  She is in Gate 24 – returning again and again trying to get a resolution!  And she is opposite Saturn (old structures of government, not caring for the less fortunate because of fear they will destroy you somehow)  and the North Node (where we can feel out of our comfort zone in the process of change and growth).  This adds a really significant aspect of health to our story – how we care for our own personal health, taking responsibility and not  falling back on the habit of allowing  ‘experts’ or authority figures to override our own intuition, taking control of organising our lives so that we have exactly what nourishes us and brings us joy.

Along with this week’s Pluto and Earth combination in the Root/Spleen, and some other asteroidal influences, these transits have created a powerful hunger for us to open up to a more ecstatic experience of our bodies.  This hunger is especially apparent in how we care for ourselves (our family imprint for what we hunger for) and in relationships (which necessarily shift when we repair our cellular lineage).   Ceres and Chiron created a fresh sense of our true worth – what we deserve, what we are prepared to give ourselves.  Vesta and Chiron represent an opening to our sacred nature, and a desire to belong with those who can receive what we yearn to share.


Once they reach the Head Centre over the next few days, we shift into a new transformative phase.  I was given clear guidance that this represents the opening of a doorway accessing the ancient goddess wisdom for connecting with the sacred and divine via the body.  Imagine the temple goddesses, who engaged in all sorts of rituals sexual and otherwise,  bringing the sacred into the everyday lives of their people.  They were revered, and it was only later archeologists who designated them harlots.  Both Ceres and Vesta are fully embodied – eating, drinking, dancing, making love, singing, gardening, walking ….   They are opening us up to our natural heritage of loving our bodies.

Eros, he who rules over lusty love of all kinds, meets dwarf planet Makemake in the Channel of Discovery (29/46) for this New Moon.  Makemake represents the split between our more civilized and wild selves and the stories we tell ourselves to make sure we behave with propriety.  No orgies for us!!

There is a wild breaking free of the dictates of culture, good manners, best behaviour going on here.  Pan, the wild and lusty god of fertility, sits conjunct Uranus as we approach the next Pluto Uranus square.  This is powerful medicine, a post cultural occupation of our bodies and all they offer us for pleasure through connection with each other and the earth.

It’s subtle, can you feel it?


 New Moon – Beyond Survival and Into The Sacred

This New Moon takes us deeply into the human community, how we share  and how we support each other.  Uranus, planet of individuality, is in the same gate at the Earth, indicating an explosion in networking for the good of humanity. There is a shift in wealth taking place although it may not yet be apparent.  [I've just read the latest news, the US Government's issues with appropriations, so it has suddenly become very apparent!] We can begin to look beyond what seems possible now, beyond what resources we each believe we have available to us.  We can focus instead on the real value of our work and dedicate it to something higher. We can let go of clinging to survival fears and it’s phantoms of scarce resources and the need for immediate returns and apparently fair exchanges.

The Sun and Moon are in Gate 48.3.  Hilary Barrett says:


The well has been dredged and now the water can start to flow freely – if only people would see it’s potential and draw on it. But it’s important not to stay trapped in the pain of ‘if only’. The well flows strongly, and all that’s needed now is a guiding awareness strong and bright enough to illuminate it’s depths. If the leader recognises the well and makes it plainly visible to all, the situation can be transformed into one of communication and blessing.


We are entering into a period of relationship recalibration. There is a powerful lineup in the Channel of Surrender (44/26).  Not only do we have Saturn and the North Node in Gate 44, but Hylonome, Pholus, Hidalgo, Ixion and Cupido are in Gate 26.  This is a channel packed with the energy of change – recovering the way we relate to each other one small step at a time, recalibrating the fractal of relationship, supporting the downtrodden, recovering the lost warrior from battle and releasing the grief of the loss of loved ones (and loved aspects of ourselves, rendered ‘subhuman’).

This will affect all areas of our lives, but particularly sexual and creative/vocational.  Pandora, Goddess of Earth’s Abundance, is conjunct the Galactic Centre.   We hold our breathe as she opens the box and we find .. instead of the curses and pestilence, instead of the negativity we have been told to expect …  we find one wonderful treasure after another spilling out.  Ceres and Vesta fill the Channel of Abstraction (64/47), giving us the beginnings of mental clarity about the damage that’s been done to each one of us, but particularly to our sacred inner flame (creativity/sexuality) and our relationship with nurturing ourselves.

The trick for us here is to be clear about how much this new clarity and Pandora’s gifts will change our lives.  If we accept them and assume we can control them, that they won’t disturb the remaining fears slumbering within us, we are wrong.  It is easy enough to underestimate our ability to handle this new powerfully attractive force that is entering our lives.  It’s probably okay to open to it completely, we just need to be alert to the extent of change that is likely to bring.

There’s no real need for careful planning just now, as our physical senses are relearning the fine tuned skill of assessing whether something will be nourishing we tend to wade in and get covered in chocolate.  It’s as if we are starving for something that is not poison, something that has no negative energy attached to it.  Hurling ourselves in is a way to get direct and immediate feedback on whether something really is nourishing.  We can engage in this way and not get too far from our true path.  When we do experience restraints we can trust that they are protecting us from overdoing things.


In the next few days we have the following transits:

2nd October – Sun (18.6) square Pluto (58.6) 

The work is done and it’s all empty politics.  It’s time to leave the small petty stuff behind and look at the big picture, even if it feels unattainable.  There is a release of energy that was taboo, down the patriarchal line within your own family and also globally.  There may be some sort of reckoning for abuse of power, pride and obsession with self achievement.  Expect issues around control of female sexuality to be in the news, as well as exposes of wrongoing by those in power.  The veils are lifting and they can’t hide anymore.

3rd / 4th October – Sun (48.2) opposite Uranus retrograde (21.2)

A revolutionary shift in the way we relate to each other.  Rather than focusing our attention on rebelling against the powerful authority figures, we all just turn and face each other and go OH!  Of course!  It’s our planet, let’s just get on with it.  It will take a lot of cooperative work for us to shift things, and we are starting to see that it’s not about small personal gains.  We can all embrace the novelty when we are in it together.

 And then in November: 

1st November – Uranus square Pluto – more

3rd November – New Moon and Solar Eclipse (Sun, Moon and North Node in Gate 44)

5th November  - Pluto shifts back to Gate 38-  more


A wonderful Aussie band, Bliss n Eso, thought you might enjoy this.





Locating Power and Authority


Money and power are about to take a more central role on the world stage, as The Great Awakener, Uranus, shifts gates today.   Yes, yes, I agree, they are always central on the world stage.  What’s shifting is the focus we have on them.  We are on an evolutionary trajectory that includes taking back the authority and power for our own lives after millenium of ‘giving it up for the man’, and the next few weeks are a powerhouse of change in that particular process.

Uranus is shifting into the Gate of Biting Through, Gate 21 in the Heart Centre.  The Gate of what???  It’s about getting to the truth of things by biting through obstructions.  Hilary Barrett says this:

It’s time to bite through to the truth, cracking the situation open like a bone between your teeth.  Resting content with appearances may be easier but it’s not enough. 

There’s a fine balance in this gate – to take control and responsibility for our own lives without succumbing to the desire to try to control others. Before you take off in an attempt to get the other person to do what you want, consider what you can do on your own behalf.   Ponder three words – control, authority, domination.  What can you do to bring more control over your own life?  Where are you giving your authority away to others?  What attempts are you making to dominate others to compensate for your perceived lack of personal control and authority?

This gate deals with a deep confusion about power – that we have to wrestle it back from others rather than seek it within ourselves.

Pluto – the planet that tells us all about power and how we use it – is in the Gate of Opposition.  The story in the I Ching is of diversity within the same family.  Although the children all have the same parents they grow up with different friends, different interests.  Eventually they leave and go their own way.  This doesn’t mean they are enemies.  It simply means that diversity is natural.  We can’t expect everyone to vote the same way we do, to believe in the same god we do (or not), to love the same music or enjoy the same food.

When fear is present, diversity seems threatening.  When we are not fearful, diversity can be delightful.  Pluto tends to be dogmatic and meglomaniacal.  It asks us to seek our own power from deep within.  On the big picture level right now, Pluto is saying there are riches to be had when we enter into dialogue rather than continue with our own fear fuelled fantasies that we are struggling on alone in a harsh world.

Pluto rules the nuclear bomb, and it’s no coincidence that the isolated North Korea is playing out it’s own nuclear drama in order to get retribution (regain power from) the US.

399174_10151335157775865_914970213_nIt’s easy enough just now to allow our ancient programming to see opposition, but not the pathway to the richness of diversity.  That pathway goes against all we have learnt since the very first tribal wars on this planet.  It says that the risk in continuing to try to dominate and control each other is now greater than the risk of opening up to dialogue and genuine interest in what the other party is seeking to achieve.

We’re not accustomed to using our willfulness in this way.  The inner conflict caused by domination is carved deeply into each one of us.   Eat your food, do your homework, pay your bills, stay on that diet.  These attempts at self control are so natural to us that we don’t see the damage they cause in our lives.  If  I dominate and control myself enough to stay on the South Beach diet for a month, then the resentment has to go somewhere!   But that’s not the sort of self-control we’re talking about here.  This is a clear eyed look at what we can do to make changes for the better in our own lives.

This move by Uranus brings it back into a square with Pluto, so the relationship between the two is strengthened today.  Between now and when Jupiter moves in to soothe the waters on 29th April we can expect the unexpected in the areas of  the price of gold and the stability (or otherwise) of fiat money (paper money), especially the US dollar,  issues of severity and leniency in significant legal cases,  big reveals about corporate greed, continuing grandiose nuclear posturing,  the nature of communal resources on the planet, bombings and attempts by fundamentalists to control and dominate others.

There is an incredible potential here, for us to step beyond some of the most toxic aspects of the patriachal culture and into a more diverse grassroots relationship with each other.  By the end of May our ideas about who exercises power and authority over our lives will have shifted to somewhere a bit closer to home.


As We Emerge …



62579_3226543443042_1891231308_nThe Nodes shifted on 9th March.  They head off from their mental home of the last few months and take up residence in our hearts,  in the absolutely foundational positions – Gates 1 and 2.  This is the balance of yin and yang.   Gate 1 is yang, activity, creation, action, form.  Gate 2 is yin, receptivity, the void, potential.

This is the relationship that created our universe, brought to you through such events as the big bang, and your own birth.  Time and space, matter and energy, you and I, these are some of the relationships inherent in these two gates.

What does this mean about how we live, and more particularly, how we share our creativity in the world?   Artist Amanda Palmer makes the distinction between artists and celebrities.  Artists are part of the community.  They are the makers, the doers, the connectors, the storytellers who remind us who and what we are.  Celebrities are a modern phenomenon.  They are distant, untouchable, perfect.  We have succumbed to the cult of the celebrity, but we are about to return to the truth of the artist.

If you don’t believe you are an artist, you’re in for a thrill.  Between now and late July, when the Nodes shift once again, you have the chance to experience your life as a dance between being and doing, and to know what art flows from that intersection in your soul.

Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.   ~Terri Guillemets

Many people are questioning their capacity to create and connect just now.  We are feeling the stirring of our own creative emergence, and creative emergence requires a connection with something beyond the individual.  What do we need to know .. to do … to be .. in order to fulfill this need within us?

transit chart for 9th MarchThe transiting Nodes represent a global imperative to leave something behind, something that makes us feel safe and comfortable.  And they encourage us to move towards something outside that comfort zone, something new and challenging.  We are tapping away at the eggshell that has been holding us safely contained within our existing reality .. tap tap tap … is there anything out there?   In the Human Design transit chart, they show our collective evolutionary trajectory.

The South Node is what we are being impulsed to move beyond, and from 9th March till 24th July, that something is the yin side of the equation – Gate 2, The Receptive.  What do you use to fill the emptiness, the voids, in your life? How do you experience the relationship between apparent nothingness and apparent something-ness?

The North Node is what we are being pulled towards, and that something is the yang side of the equation – Gate 1 – the Creative.   We are learning new emergent skills that require us to move beyond old passive victim behaviours and begin to make deliberate choices.  Look around you.  What is going on in your life today?  What do you want to add to that picture?

What do you want to create?

As Mars moves over the Aries Point on 13th March, we can observe a new found ability to hold ourselves intact as individuals while simultaneously joining with others in profoundly creative partnerships.  Creation is no longer an I event, this is an exponential increase in our capacities as humans.  We can only step into this new realm if we take responsibility for our own creative powers, and begin to use them.

The emptiness is not empty.  It is potential in it’s undifferentiated form.  The yang energy dances with that potential, and together they bring forth something new, something concrete.


Music is what happens between the notes.  Duke Ellington


It’s pretty clear in our western culture that yin and yang are out of balance. There’s so much doing that most of us have forgotten how to be.  And because we’ve forgotten how to be, our doing is all wrong.  The heroes mythology is woven so deeply into our cultural fabric that we no longer recognise it as anything other than the most obvious reality.  The rugged individual, relying on nothing but his own efforts, takes on all foes and wins against all odds.   There is strategy and daring and instinct, but little trust. And trust is at the very heart of this nodal activation.

When we return to a relationship with yin, we must learn to trust.  That we are a part of something greater. That we are held within a web of life. That our existence is purposeful.  That our lives have a narrative that connects us to everyone and everything.   Only when we can relax into that trusting place can we begin to find our own healthy yang.  Observe the creativity in your own inaction, and the new sense of timing it reveals.  And look for the spark that arises .. the big bang .. that comes from new and unexpected connection points in your life.


Amanda Palmer Human Design chart

Human Design Chart of Amanda Palmer

Gisel Franquet

This Is Not A Breakdown



Gisel FranquetAs the US budget starts to look even more shaky, and the Pope retires, we are being impulsed to take control of our own lives.  The time for economic and religious paternalism is over.  This is your chance to step up and shine.   The key is our love for and support of each other.

We are approaching a major month long transit that is going to rock our cute cotton socks.  We’re already feeling the build up.  In May 2013, Jupiter and Uranus will activate the channel that Jovian calls The Money Line.

This channel holds our genetic imprinting for economic and religious structures.  So it’s no surprise that both our economy and the Catholic Church are looking a bit shaky just now.  But this is not just an external event.  It’s come about through our work to take back our freedom to act in our own best interests, to do what’s truly loving and caring and supportive and prosperous.

Rather than continuing to enrich those at the top of the economic food chain, or who claim they are closer to god than you and I, we are creating a world that is caring and sustainable.  We are choosing life!   The way of domination and submission is coming to an end on this planet.  The way of rules from the top down has had it’s day.  Enough, it’s completed.

I’ll write more about this as we approach this momentous time.  The dates?  Uranus moves into Gate 21 at the Heart Centre on 16th April, and is joined by Jupiter in Gate 45 on 29th April.  The two will activate the channel until 28th May when Jupiter moves on.  The chart below is for 26th May.  Notice that Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in Gate 45 – which is about rulership, domination, money and, more importantly for us in 2013, how we manage community resources.

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is not coincidental, coming as it does just weeks before this activation.  In astrology Jupiter represents the Hierophant or Pope, and Uranus represents sudden change.  Uranus operates at the global level, where external events reverberate within our inner being.  And things shift for good.  Whoever the new Pope is, this change will open the way for us to connect more directly with our spiritual aspects of self – our inspired creative genius.  Just as the world economy keeps money locked in the 1%, so does the world religion keep our inspired genius locked behind cathedral walls.  In the new age movement this is also evident in gurus and mystery schools with restricted access to ‘higher’ knowledge.  These restrictions, once so necessary, are no longer required.

I’m watching amazing shifts in people’s lives just now as we all feel the need to move from the old paradigm of doing as we’re told in order to stay safe.  It’s tough creeping out of that place for some, and a wild dance of freedom for others.  Some days we can experience both. Whichever way you’re experiencing it, know that turning up and being present is all that’s required of you.  Allow life to come to you, to show you the way.  And remember, our connections with others are key – tune into who feels right for you and the creative impulses that flow.   Another important thing to remember is this, the old heroes story of girding our loins and going out to do battle in order to succeed against all the odds – that’s done.  This new reality we are creating is more gentle, more about us than me, and more about how good we can be to ourselves and others.  Imagine what will be available to us when all that blocked energy and all the resources from the existing economic and religious structures begins to flow!

We are becoming aware of our unique role in something profound, a greater energy that is supporting us to become something different.  We are learning to let go and trust in it.

This is not a breakdown, it’s a breakthough.



Human Design Transit chart for 26th May 2013


Image: Gisel Franquet ~ http://gisel-franquet.artelista.com/en/


Human Design Transits ~ 2013 Main Events





2013 is shaping up to be truly amazing.  There are definitely some challenges.  Pluto will move into the Gate of Opposition on 6th January and this is likely to push a lot of buttons.  more here.

There will be two Pluto Uranus squares in 2013.

The first is on 21st May 2013.  The message is to go outside your comfort zones, meet new people and try new things.  We’ll probably make a few mistakes along the way but the new experiences will be invaluable.  Not everything we connect with is going to last.  But some will change our lives forever.

Pluto Uranus square in May 2013

Pluto Uranus square on 21 May 2013


The second square will occur on 1 November 2013. This second square packs less punch, with no channels defined in the transit chart.  It brings our attention to the journey, reminding us to be still, and to allow a natural to and fro, a gradual getting to know.  This transit is about getting to know how we can be calm and still and joyful and thus find our way to the very centre of things.


Pluto Uranus square on 1 November 2013

Pluto Uranus square on 1 November 2013


The first square comes with the world changing Jupiter-Uranus transit in what some will know as The Money Line.

Uranus moves into Gate 21 on 16th April 2013, and other than a short retrograde back into the mental Gate of Following (17), it will remain there until May 2014.

Uranus represents sudden changes in life patterns and radical shifts in consciousness.  When Uranus turns up we can expect unconventional and original solutions previously not even considered.   It revolutionizes the activity of the Gate it transits in.  Uranus in the Gate of Biting Through (21) brings sudden and unexpected solutions to everyday problems that have prevented people from coming together for the common good.  It is likely to do this through breaking down our hierarchical structures of control, both inner and outer.  Old patterns of inadequacy will fall away, and we will find a pathway to our true individual power and authority.

Jupiter will be in Gate 45, creating a channel with Uranus, from 29th April to 24th May 2013.   This Gate of Gathering brings multitudes of people together for the purpose of sharing resources.  The idea is to have a beneficial outcome for everyone.

Expect radical shift in the economy during May 2013.  Also, I expect there will be some shift in the church and it’s resources, as Uranus is a well known atheist and Jupiter is the Heirophant or Pope.  This will be a time of sudden shifts in belief systems, philosophies and the way we perceive the world, especially in regard to the distribution of money and resources.  On a personal level you may suddenly see your day to day life from a completely different perspective!

This channel holds the old energy of linear hierarchy in place in our DNA.  Anything that relies on this structure for it’s existence is likely to be shaken to the core of its foundation in May 2013.


Neptune will remain in the Gate of Abundance throughout 2013.  During that time it will connect in crucial ways with Pluto … see here.  The most significant of these transits will occur between 6th and 14th June 2013.  This will be a week of incredible shift.  more.  Notice that Saturn is creating a channel with Pluto, and Venus with Neptune.  Earlier in the week Mercury will be creating a channel with Neptune.  Also during that week, the Sun in Gate 45 creates a channel with Uranus in 21.


Human Design Transit Chart for 13 June 2013

13 June 2013


This short and intense period of time is likely to bring to us a feeling that:


So much of existence comes to visit in one place that you almost feel crowded out.  You won’t be asked for patience.  Meetings like this, with the powers that be, or the peak of human experience, help us avoid boredom.  Be ready to relocate quickly, have somewhere to go in mind.  The wise will make room in their lives and allow themselves to be moved.   (Gate 28, paraphrased ~ The Book of Changes Vol 1, Bradford Hatcher). 

Heaven brings us almost more than we can manage to receive!  The pattern continues till early August, during which time we’ll become adept at not succumbing to the pressure of fear from that defined Root Centre.  It will fine tune our ability to choose the right time to move forward, and  to find our own best outcome regardless of the external situation.

Later in August, the players change slightly, but the Root Centre is still the centre of attention.   Jupiter, planet of improving fortunes, makes a channel with Neptune.  The trick here is not to get overexcited and take on too much.  We have abundance at our disposal and the means to make use of it in sustainable ways – both inner and outer.   This Jupiter and Neptune channel continues right through until March 2014.  We’ll understand by that time that there is too much of a good thing and it’s perfectly fine to be realistic and choose what we want to plant in our garden and how we intend to use our harvest.


20th August 2013

20th August 2013


It’s clear that 2013 provides some truly breathtaking opportunities.  We need to keep in mind that Saturn will be in Gate 28 for most of the year, reminding us not to overdo things.  Neptune in the Gate of Abundance will keep us tuning into our true emotional responses, whether they be happy or sad, angry or agreeable.  The clarity that this brings to us, and our improved capacity not to be duped, glamourised or mesmerised, has the potential to change the world!

Pluto is helping us let go of our need to be ‘oppositional’ and to see where we have shared interests.  We’ll meet fear in many guises, and our challenge will be to simply wait it out, until it reveals itself as the ephemera it truly is.

Image:  http://janetbroxon.com/



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Mercury bridges the Uranus Pluto Square

In two days time, on 19th September 2012, Uranus and Pluto square off again.  Almost exactly on the conjunction, Mercury shifts into the Gate of Correction, creating a powerful bridge between the two planets.

It’s late and I’ll write with more detail about this, but for now, just let me say that anything you have previously believed to be true is up for grabs.  Mercury and Pluto will create a channel from 19th (4.22am UT) till 22nd (11.24am UT).

Not only is Mercury creating a channel with Pluto, but it’s also astrologically opposite Uranus.  Mercury, trickster, teacher, communicator and the planet most likely to bring subconscious material to the surface, is playing a staring role here.

Astrologer Jeff Green says about Mercury contacts with Pluto- they promote necessary intellectual confrontations with others so rigid and fixed ideas can be reformulated and expanded.  They shake up our attachment to intellectually organising our reality so that it feels stable and secure.  And they blow apart our tendency to obsessively maintain our beliefs and values as a boundary against potentially disruptive ideas.

The point of mastery here is to let go of ideals (Uranus) that keep us locked out of actual reality (Mercury).  Watch for conventions that are so well accepted that we have come to mistake them for truth.  During this period I expect many of us may experience deep anxiety as we try to hold strong against the dissolution of our ego (Pluto), rather than resting in the unknown.   If you don’t have an agenda, and don’t require a resolution, you should be fine.

Part of this process is simply to trust that, no matter how things look on the surface, all is well in your world.  No need to fix anything (Mercury), just do what feels joyful (Pluto).

Both Uranus and Pluto are sitting in a circuit that is part of a survival mechanism called pattern recognition.   When bits of our lives don’t fit in with the pattern we’ve laid down, things can feel a bit hairy.  I expect these 4 days will be a massive global pattern disruption.  Uranus, planet of revolution, is in the Gate of Following, that teaches this – there is no leading that is not based in following.  Leaders who are not operating on a full mandate can expect trouble.   The very notion of leadership is likely to shift.

How can you interact with others in a way that’s meaningful for you, but isn’t hooked into their dramas, their controls?  This is a key question.


Uranus Pluto square September 2012




Transit Chart for 21st December 2012

Dimensional Doorways are Opening

As I’m watching the transits and exploring new pathways opening up for my Emergent Business clients, it’s so clear that something immense and wonderful is being birthed.  Doorways between the past and present are opening, and the raw materials that have been locked away are now available to us.  Soul food!

Pallas and Magdalena are sitting between the Aries Point and Uranus.  Each of these hold an immense energy for changing our perspective.  Pallas was part of the archetype we know as Pallas Athene.  Co-opted to the emerging patriarchy to lend an air of legitmacy as it found it’s tentative way in creating a new world order, Pallas was seen as a warrior, a city maker, a good luck charm to all that men sought to achieve.  Of course, there’s more to Pallas than meets the eye, and especially her mother Metis, Goddess of Oceanic Wisdom, lost in the back story as Zeus claimed the wonderous Pallas/Athene sprung fully formed from his own head!

Athene and the AcropolisPallas is so significant just now. in Gate 17.5.  It’s all very well to have ideas spring forth from you head, but if you don’t allow your wisdom/body time to consider them they’ll never grow into anything sustainable and of true value.  Pallas in the transits indicates a need to look for where we have suppressed (made invisible) our own intuition.

Another very interesting fact about Pallas.  In the month she was discovered – the planet Pallas that is, situated between Mars and Jupiter – Lord Elgin stripped a large proportion of the treasures from her temple (the Acropolis) in Athens.  His reason?  To take them to the British Museum to keep them safe.   The Greek Government of the time had no say in the matter, Britain ruled the empire and they were afraid of upsetting them.

There’s layers and layers and layers in that story, not least the current stripping of Greece’s economy by the Eurozone, as Pallas approaches a conjunction with Uranus (freedom from the collective rule).

On a personal note we need to look for what treasures have been stripped away from us under the guise of our own wellbeing. Where have we put ourselves to the task of creating wars/cities, and left behind the more important soul tasks of weaving a meaningful life from our own creative intelligence.  Pallas rules all these things.  She represents the return of the daughters of patriarchy to ‘mother’, where all her inherent gifts can once more be allowed to flourish.

What gift’s are emerging within you now? This is the basis of a new inclusive civilization being created through and for you.

Magdalena’s story is not dissimilar.  If you’ve read Margaret Starbird’s book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, you’ll have some understanding of how difficult it is to sift through the existing rules and religious systems to find the buried aspects of the feminine that we are recovering just now.   We’ve been taught that we must believe these stories – the very ones that make us wrong, that cloak us in invisibility.  The asteroid Magdalena, currently in Gate 17.4, asks that we step beyond the ideal version of ourselves and find the truth.  Not who we should be, but who we chose to come onto this planet at this time to truly be.  Perhaps we believe what we have to offer the world is not enough, but Magdalena says that old story no longer works for any of us.  You and I are real.  And we’re here now.

Uranus represents the place where we need to break free from the old rules of the collective consciousness and create something for ourselves, something so new and special that you are the only person in the world who can do it.  It doesn’t need to be anything the rest of us can see or touch.  It’s your breath, your thoughts, your feelings, your unique way of being.  When you go to the very source of energy flowing through your life and make an offering there, no matter how small and insignificant that offering might seem to be, this is your creation.

Opening New Time Dimensions

This week we have taken huge steps to opening two new dimensions of time.  Scientists have puzzled for ages over why we have three dimensions of space, and only one dimension of time.  It doesn’t make sense!

Dr Katya Walters has written about the existence of two additional dimensions of time sitting under the Planck level.  I will come back to this topic soon.  But for now I just wanted to point out that the channel from the Sacral to the Ji Centre containing Gates 5 and 15 – some of you call it the Channel of Rhythm – is all about opening those additional time dimensions.

Gate 15 is the wide galactic sweep of time and Gate 5 is earth time.  Rather magically, in Gate 5 line 3 is the Great Attractor, which is a weird time warping super massive black hole like thing! “Thing” isn’t a technical term,but no one really knows what type of ‘thing’ the Great Attractor is, so it will do for now.

This week the Sun has been in Gate 15, and sure, it’s there every year about this time.  The difference this year is that the Nodes have been in 34/20 and this is another time warping channel.  When you’re allowing the whole bandwidth of your creative energy, aka your Sacral Centre, to be available for life in the moment then time simultaneously expands and contracts.  You’ve probably noticed this happening lately.  Time goes on forever, a day can seem like a lifetime because it’s so filled with wonder and magic. And yet, paradoxically, it also seems to go quickly.  The drag factor we all know from long days spent starring out the window of classrooms on a beautiful summers day is gone from our lives!

Expect more time warps as Jupiter conjuncts the South Node in Gate 20 (time warp central) on 2nd July.   This conjunction frees soul aspects locked in the past by our old belief in religious, cultural and philosophical dogma, and we are already well along that pathway as Jupiter and the South Node have been edging closer and closer to each other.

The second reason this year’s Sun transit through Gate 15 is more significant is that the transit chart for 21st December 2012 has only one channel defined – the 5/15.   It’s a time warp event!   Mercury (bringing to consciousness) in Gate 5 and the Earth (grounding, slowing down, sustainability and making connections at the global level) in Gate 15.   It’s good to be aware that we are opening dimensional doorways and bringing additional realms of time consciousness to the planet.

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012


How To Create World Peace

A lot of what we’ve experienced over the past 6 months has been the result of the retrograde journey of Mars.  It’s been a deeply transformative and at times quite shocking foray into the realms of past conditioning in our families, communities and relationships. Back in January Mars got to the emotional Gate 6, then turned around and headed backwards.  He passed through the mental Gates 47, 64, onto the ego Gate 40 in the Heart Centre and finally to the Gate of Dissolution of Ego (59) in the Sacral Centre.  Then he turned again, pointed his face to the future, and went right back over each of those gates again.

Mars is usually known as the warrior, quick to react, ready with the sword.  But a more mature aspect of Mars is the quality of protectiveness.  Mars can show where we need to pay attention to our personal boundaries.  Mars in Gate 6 (Conflict) in the emotional Solar Plexus Centre is all about regaining our conscious right to hold firm to our own healthy boundaries.

The conditioning to open up to unhealthy incursions into our private territory can be so subtle that at times it seems impossible to believe we will survive if we close the gate and say no.  Sometimes the subtlety means we’re not even aware of what’s entering our field – we’ve chosen not to know for our own self protection.  At the heart of this conditioning is the very small child who makes compromises in return for love and, ironically, protection.  Survival demands that we become blind to our own choices, because to know what we are giving up can be unbearable.   And even decades later, as mature adults, the pain of realising where we have given ourselves up to the agenda of someone else can be difficult to experience.

When Gate 6 is active, we need to be aware of when, how and why we choose to engage in conflict.  It’s not so much what’s happening out there as developing an understanding of our role in the process.  What was our trigger to join in?  What do we hope to gain?  This is our own internal emotional trauma trying to resolve itself and we we do well to take the time to listen carefully.

The Gate of Conflict is the home of the saying Inner Peace – World Peace!  Boundary skirmishes, battles over territory, dictatorships .. they are all a reflection of what’s going on in our energy field.   This is the last vestige of the tribal energy, as it tries to suppress individual expression and resist global being.   It’s no surprise that some regimes turned off their internet during political uprisings, since Twitter represents the perfect fusion of the individual expressing collectively.

We have Mars to thank for so much of our internal freedom today.  And that will reflect in a more stable political climate I think.

Brain Frequencies and Emergent Human Design

I’ve been researching brain frequencies for my Emergent Human Design.  There are at least 4 distinct frequencies that reflect different energy states from calm and relaxed to alert and highly active.  I’ve been listening to various frequencies on youtube, and loving it.   This is my current favourite.  The Schumann Resonance is the frequency of Gaia.

Let me know if you like it.





Neptune in the Gate of Abundance


On 4th February 2012, Neptune shifted into Pisces and at 3.30am on 7th February (UT)  Neptune moved into the Gate of Abundance.  It will stay there till March 2014.

This is Gate 55 in the Human Design System, hexagram 55 in the I Ching.

We are becoming more conscious of our boundaries as individuals and expanding our visionary creative capacity to open ourselves to embodied bliss

 Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre

Neptune in the Solar Plexus Centre challenges us to find the sacred in experiences that affect our emotions, and to restore us to a state of true humanity.  It’s  been lifting the veil of mesmeric confusion that has had us trapped in the destructive individualism of a culture where money, and little else, talks.

Neptune has been in the Solar Plexus Centre since it went into the Aquarian gate of Revolution (49) in March 2006, where it stayed until December 2009.   Since 2009 we have been learning that our feelings, our raw and beautiful emotions, are divinely inspired and very, very personal.

The deaths of Sadaam Hussein, Benazir Bhutto and Slobodan Milosevic give some indication of the rise of terrorist activity during that period, as Neptune  in the Gate of Revolution began to lift a veil on the archetype of the tyrant.   Another wave of ‘tyranny’ came to light when Lehmann brothers filed for bankruptcy in September 2008.

In December 2009, Neptune shifted into the Gate of Illumination (30) and we entered an intense period of relinquishing our old paternalistic world view.  As Pluto moved through the Gate of Treading (10), the behaviour of the stern father figure became more and more out of touch with the sort of benevolence we sought in our ‘authority’ figures – government, banks, etc.

We haven’t yet reached Neptune’s ideal of oneness – haven’t reached 100% , but have gotten stuck at the 99% + 1%.  It’s time for a change in the maths.   And there was plenty of maths about when BP spilled some oil in the Gulf of Mexico after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon in April 2010.  It had us all trying to figure out what was most valuable –  oil and industry or the oceans and environment.

As Jupiter, Chiron and the minor planet Snow White all joined Neptune at various times in 2009 and 2010, we were forced to wake up, to visit our own wounds and to build our own world view, rather than continue to rely on what had been passed down to us from the 1%.

In 2009 to 2011, Neptune in the Gate of Illumination (30) has supported us to keep our own inner spiritual flame alight, even if sometimes it is only a flicker, and to keep moving steadily through danger and dread without feeling the need for quick fixes or damaging reactions.  We are much more emotionally stable and much less likely to dissolve or disappear in the fog than we were in 2006.

The Gate of Abundance

Neptune in the Gate of Abundance

What happens after you get what you want?  Where do you go once you succeed?  These are Gate 55 questions.  The Sun shines full at midday, but there is inevitably a decline of abundance.

Neptune is about to challenge the idea that we can live unlimited lives of continual growth – at least in the linear plane.  If we are to continue to grow, to learn, to expand, then we need to shift dimensions.

This isn’t just about the economy, it’s about the way you and I try and try to create abundance.  How hard we work at it, beavering away on our own projects.

Take advantage of the good fortune coming your way, make use of the abundance you have.   There’s no need to push, or to move into disharmony by over-doing anything.  Abundance is natural.

In a linear or dualistic reality we are constantly on the alert out of fear of the inevitable decline.  Aging, loss of customers, the end of a love affair.  But the decline is simply a sign to move to the next level of your existence.  It’s as full of potential, of life, as the abundance.

There is a profound shift in our relationships going on just now, and this is our key to shifting into the newly emergent reality.  It doesn’t matter what the relationship is, who or what it’s with – a person, a rock, yourself –  the quality of your relationships is leading you into a new abundant dimension of life.

When we recognise connection we transcend.  We don’t just move beyond our individual struggle, but past our mechanistic imprint as individual cogs in the machine.  We are massively connected to the universe, every thought we think affects everything.  Neptune in the Gate of Abundance will prove this to us in very real ways.

Expect transformational movies that shift mass consciousness. Also expect to see the beginning of the end of that massive dinosaur – the global corporation. It’s had it’s time in the sun and will begin a decline.  We’ll see it replaced by collaborative projects globally networked.  It’s the age of the connected individual, each one holding accountability rather than hiding behind a corporate banner.

Between now and March 2014, Neptune will bring shocks to your ego,  dissolving frozen emotional blocks to intimate connection with life.  It will allow clarity to break through the mists of your delusion of separation from natural abundance.   Allow any times of decline to lead you into a greater and more abundant understanding of the multiverse you share with us all.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

Image attribution:  BlueMoonNews.net.


Fifth Day and Night of the Ninth Wave

Even if you haven’t been following the fine detail of our journey towards 2012, you’ll know that we are approaching something significant and that the Mayan Calendar holds important clues.  Carl Johan Calleman has a different take to many, seeing the ‘end time’ of the calendar falling on 28th October 2011, rather than the more commonly accepted date of 21st December 2012.

According to Calleman, since the Big Bang, we have been working our way through nine levels of evolution of consciousness. We are now well and truly into the last level – the Ninth Wave, which Calleman believes will complete on 28th October 2011. Within each wave of consciousness there are thirteen heavens, broken up into 6 nights and 7 days.




On 31st July we will enter the fifth day, which continues till 18th August when we enter the fifth night.  As you can see, the fifth day is ruled by the Lord of Light and the fifth night by the Lord of Darkness, leading to the sixth day and night of birth, new dawn and the dual creator god.  Calleman sees these next few weeks as a time of economic collapse that will open us up to more pure relating, removing the financial domination that is the basis for much of our culture, and open the way for us to achieve oneness.

And really who could argue with him, given the tumultuous events in Africa (Somalia specifically), the US and Europe.  Who would have imagined that the US would be at the mercy of the credit rating agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poors?  And who would have expected the apparently affluent European Union to spend so long perched on the brink of bankruptcy?  And yet, here we are.  The irony is that the credit rating agencies were instrumental in creating the Global Financial Crisis and now it seems that they will be henchman as well.

So, what do the Human Design transits say about this momentous time?  How can we best navigate these waters, both on a personal level and at the global and cosmic level?

Revealing hidden corruption is a big theme, and as the real ‘players’ come to light, it’s important to look for their reflection in us.  Any attempt to separate ourselves out from the darkness will only prevent our way forward.  If you are drawn to anything corrupt, even if it is just watching the News Limited drama or the US Debt Crisis on television, feel where you might be playing out similar types of corruption on a lesser scale –  where are there subtle layers of greed, manipulation, untruth still embedded in your ego self?  Without clearing out the last of this toxicity, we are likely to go around the same circle of deception again, rather than moving freely to a more embodied bliss.

What we are moving towards

On 31st July the nodes shift.  Since March they have been in Gates 11 and 12, activating not just the Galactic Centre (in Gate 11 in the Ajna Centre).  They’ve also been holding a potent square with dwarf planet Makemake (6) and various planets moving through the Gate of Bringing the Hidden Darkness to the Light (36).

One of the most significant aspects of Makemake is the rewriting of history by the victors and the obliteration of what was and continues to be experienced by the losers of the battle.  We can see this playing out in the US situation, where attempts continue to increase taxes on the lower income levels by maintaining the fiction of the trickle down effect – if we keep giving loads of cash to the rich they will create wealth for all.

On a personal level Makemake tries to hold a wilder, less civilized aspect of self in poverty and slavery in order to pursue the agenda of your more civilized self.  That wilder self holds keys to abundance that we can barely remember, and yet our more civilized selves are still holding tightly to the belief that a new car and a big ass television will solve our problems. Or that tax havens for large corporations will provide more economic security (if not health care, etc).

If you don’t feel that this applies to you, look again.  Because the centaur Thereus has been very active over the past few months, triggering our desire to attain status from our relationships and our work.  And so has Niobe, another asteroid tending to the prideful.  It may not be a new car and a big television, but if you look you will certainly find the place where you sacrifice your joyfulness in oder to secure your status and security

The nodes have now left Makemake behind and entered the realm of another dwarf planet Quaoar, with the North Node in Gate 26 and the South Node in Gate 45.  The North Node indicates what we are moving towards, and there’s two really important things going on here.

Firstly, Quaoar is all about bringing our perfect creations down to the physical level.  Quaoar is a place where we discover practical ways to connect with the immense power of our bodies to heal and regenerate, find new ways to access free energy, discover undreamed of environmental and economic solutions, and to discover within us the universal source code of creation and the new/old skills of bringing those codes through by being fully present in each moment.

The Tvongan people of Los Angeles, for whom Quaoar was the Creator God, danced and sang in their creation rituals.  But they didn’t just re-enact age old rituals.  Each time they did the ritual it was different, they danced and sang the energy of the moment.  They were both the circle surrounding and containing the creation process, and the flow of energy through the process.  This is the creative energy becoming becoming available to us from 31st July 2011.

Because Mercury is continuing to activate Makemake until 8th August, I expect these days will be largely about our ability to drop down deeply through our ego defences, face our inner and outer relationship conflicts, clean up our inner corruption, let go of our prideful protective ways.  This is likely to bring amazing new solutions to age old problems, whether they be personal or globally significant.  Remember, Makemake is allowing us to clearly see the stories told by the victors to control reality, and Quaoar is helping us connect with the deep source codes of true reality.  This is not about struggling for truth, but allowing the truth to be present within us.

What we are leaving behind

The South Node is in Gate 45, which is the gate that represents the old feudal economy.  You may think feudalism has been consigned to medieval history, but really, have a look around and see if we’ve moved very far beyond it.  Feudalism was based on an economic and social hierarchy.  The upper echelons had control of the land/money and the lower echelons worked for them and went to war when required.  The upper echelons were considered to be much more important, the lower echelons were expendable at the individual level.  Money was raised through taxes to pay for the wars of the feudal lords, often at the expense of the wellbeing of the ‘peasants’.

In fact Gate 45 is not about a feudal arrangement, as the ways in which we come together to get our material needs met as a community – local or global.  It’s just that, right now, we are still stuck in the old feudal ways.  The South Node in Gate 45 indicates that we are leaving our traditional arrangements, both social and economic, to find new ways to get what we need and want.

The North Node in Gate 26 – Great Accumulation – says the way is open for heaven’s power to travel through the earth.  All the energy of the Great Accumulation is released, and the currents of change flow faster, deeper and more powerfully.  It’s beyond our capacity to understand where this is going, much less control it.  All we can know is that it is strong and true and we can have confidence in it.  There is no security to be had in trying to stop this, only those who move with it will flourish.

The ‘security’ that we need to find within us comes directly from letting go of our belief that some feudal lord, President, Prime Minister, government department, employer, landlord or any other parental type figure has any responsibility to create something on our behalf.  We are the primary creators, we are the source of abundance in our own lives. There is no intermediary.   This is a team event, we are now shifting our hierarchical basis from linear to fractal and the coding is very different.

Expect to see a multitude of ideas about alternatives to money, articles that expose the corruption of our monetary systems, and more shock horror revelations of patronage and nepotism.

Shifts in Genetic Coding

You will have noticed the major emotional shift happening.  So many people are feeling overwhelmed by their emotional responses to life.  This is partly because of the underlying shifts in our genetic coding.  And that in turn is happening in tandem with shifts to the architecture and energetic structure of our brains.

Pluto, Saturn and Uranus are the major players here.  When Pluto shifted into the Gate of Joy (58) it triggered a rebalancing in the way we live.  Pluto has asked us to look at what many call the work-life balance.  Have a look at that term – work – life. As if our work is outside our life.  As if our lives are something we might catch a few moments for outside our working hours.

There is a get out of gaol free card on offer here, a chance to connect with the unlimited nature of universal creation and abundance and to walk away from the old ideas of having to work/slave to survive.  This is terrifying at the subconscious emotional and cellular levels of our being, because we’ve believed for millenium that our very survival depended on us pleasing the person who appears to have the power of our life and death in their hands.  It’s coded into your DNA and ripe for mutation.

Pluto is in the Root Centre, and this represents the potential for a deeply transformative relationship with your own survival issues, with our addiction as a culture to adrenalin. How many of us are too afraid to stop running, to slow down to our own pace, to await the will of heaven in our lives. Probably most of us, at least to some degree, an at least in some areas of our lives.

Nemesis joins Pluto and Saturn just now.  Martha Lang-Wescott describes Nemesis as the shadow that keeps following you around, tripping you up over and over again, the unseen saboteur of happiness and success. Nemesis is triggering a release of corruption into clear sight.

What was hidden deeply is now becoming conscious, at all levels.  It’s the family curse, the family shame writ large upon our own lives and the communities we have created.  It’s what we have hidden, where we have tried to work in shameful unconcious power plays and it’s coming to the surface to be healed right now.   We only have to take each small step into integrity as it presents itself, and the results will be enormous.  Situations will resolve as if by magic when we confront the old muddy waters of corruption.

With Pluto in the Gate of Joy bringing the potential for transformation of our capacity for happiness, these two work as a powerful team to help us see where we create our own downfall. But it’s not just a personal problem, because Nemesis is in the Gate of Correcting Patterns.  This puts old family dynamics right in our face.  If we do it consciously, this is the last time we’ll face this particular Nemesis.

When we follow others without tuning into our own intuitive senses we tend to get caught in evil streams, degeneration and parasitism.  Nemesis was described by Ovid as the Goddess who abhors boastful words (the theme of pride again) and the bringer of justice to all kings and heroes who become arrogant and lose their way.  Even those who believe they are gods cannot escape the justice of Nemesis.  Nemesis is reworking the patterns of our connections with others, down even beyond the level of our cells, into and beyond our family history and back to the beginning of space-time.  This is the place in the Human Design chart that connects most directly to our reptilian brain, and our reptilian brain is accustomed to choosing survival over expansion and discovery.  That is changing.

But there is another aspect to Nemesis.  She represents the healing of the circle, the spirit, which is both split and imprisoned, holding the potential to be both trapped and fragmented and blaming our humanity.  We can feel trapped by our own humanity, and project that resentment out onto the human-ness of others. Why are they not perfect gods/goddesses?  Why don’t they meet our needs with perfection?  This fragmentation of our ability to see our own manifesting abilities, the ability to close the circle and allow a perfect flow of energy to be held within it’s containing space, this is what Nemesis brings to us. We are being asked to have the courage to open up to the one perfect truth in each moment and the infinite trajectories it holds for our future.

And speaking of our future, Saturn is taking us deeply into our motivation for being here.  Just what do we want out of this human experience we are having?  When we are following the agenda’s of others, we get caught in the net of Nemesis’ justice, trapped and resentful.  As we become more and more clear about our own true motivations and joyfulness, we find we can be both fully present within the circle of each moment and flowing with a larger creative vision.

The Gold Standard and Starvation

Remember Midas?  He swelled with pride at his newly acquired skill of turning everything he touched to gold.  That is, until he realised that this completely cut him off from the people he loved.  He could no longer touch his daughter Zoe (“life”), and as he became richer and richer he faced the very real prospect of starving to death.   It’s just as impossible to eat gold as it is to eat money!

Midas represents the false alchemy of at the level of material substance that believes magic lies in turning lead to gold.  True alchemy is the magic hidden under this protective symbology.  The shift from false to true alchemy is the ledge of consciousness that we are leaping off in the Fifth Day.

The asteroid Midas is in Gate 20 – a gate of contemplation of the moment.  How fully can you immerse yourself?  What can you see there?  And rather than taking what you experience there as the sum total of your creative reality, can you rest into the trust that it is only a small part of what’s available to you?

Midas is important in the Human Design chart in the Fifth day because he brings a connection to Haumea (in 57), Pluto (in 58) and Saturn (in 48).  He is also connecting Quaoar into this collection of luminaries via Gate 44 (Ceto, Niobe, Decaulion and Poseidon).   When Midas and Pluto connect we get a global transformation of wealth.  What seems like a blessing came become a curse.  What seems like a curse can become a blessing.

Dwarf planet Haumea in Gate 57 has something quite profound to say about wealth.  It’s inherent in life, not something we need to create anew.  When her people didn’t honour the whole variety of perceptions available to them, didn’t try to understand all the myriad of influences at work in their lives and pushed forward out of greed, Haumea would cut off their food supply until they realised their mistakes and came to ask for her forgiveness.

Sedna has a similar story in Gate 23, where she is showing us how puny we are in the face of her power and ability to dissolve our attempts to control nature.

Innocence at Play

There is something innocent at play here, and there is a hidden power in that.  The network of grassroots movements that are rising up now are a key to our future.  They can be loosely organised – like the P2P Foundation, or the petitions of groups like avaaz.org, or more organised like Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund. These grassroots movements are not just about protesting, business is also redefining itself, becoming less a hierarchical structure set up for the sole purpose of making money, and finding a much wider and more sustainable community based bottom line.  Watch to see this ‘people power’ dynamic take off when Uranus moves back to Gate 25 on 22nd August, and really gain momentum when it goes direct in early December.

Right now, Ceres is in the Gate of Innocence.  There is a sense of wanting to take up the mantle of the tarot’s fool and wander innocently through the landscape and yet there is a subtle sense of danger than prevents us venturing out in this way. And resentment too, as we feel that we haven’t received what we deserve from others or life in general.  Over time this failure to get what we want has left scars on the heart of our innocent desiring self.   Together, we are gathering at the gate of a new frontier, waiting for the time to step out into the beyond.  Our numbers are swelling.

But between now and 28th October we have a lot of growing up to do.  We need  to come the half circle from wounded child to wise and soulful innocent.  This is a period of immense healing of the human story.  The family dynamic forms the basis of our consciousness.  Our relationship to God/The Universe is shaped by our experience of the omnipotent mother and father, and our siblings teach us about group relating.  We take this template through our lives and create more from them – communities, governments, economies.  As we slough off the toxicity of layer upon layer of ancient wrongs, we find ourselves flung into a new way of being.

Emotional Healing

During the Fifth Day we have a huge pressure for emotional healing.  The underlying theme is that we are waking up, spitting out the toxic stories that have made us slow and heavy because we’ve reacted too quickly to allow our own knowing to fully form.  Emotional clarity is something that is in very short supply on this planet, and yet we are blessed with the potential to experience a profound emotional connection to all life.   There is curse energy all around, people wanting revenge, confused about how to get what they want and binding up the energy of others in their need.   We are becoming awake to this energy and our consciousness clears it from the collective energy field.

Neptune and Chiron have been clearing the wounds that keep us from experiencing bliss as a natural state of being. Part of this process has been pulling the veils of glamour from our faces, revealing the hidden workings of power and wealth that have been systematically stealing our personal treasure.  Their modus operandi has been this – that we are not creative.  That we have to rely on others to create on our behalf and then enslave ourselves to them in order to live.  Parents and children, bosses and employees, schools and students, governments and welfare recipients, the list goes on and the message is the same – without me you will not survive.

The fifth day is one of withdrawing to spend time with our own emotional vulnerability, to find the places where our needs and wants haven’t been met, to clear old energy of abandonment and neglect from our DNA coding.  Throughout the fifth day and night, we will come face to face with our aloneness, and through this doorway we discover that there is a difference between love and the need for attachment.  As we are able to face our existential selves, alone and unloved, we paradoxically find ourselves in the place where we are nothing but love, and never alone.  This is the power of Uranus in Aries, to discover that we are a networked species, on all levels, and we don’t need to cling to anything out of fear of being alone.

We may have been lulled into believing that what we thought was love and care, the only things we could recognise as love and care, were in fact abusive or neglectful.  Perhaps we are only just becoming fully aware of how terrible these experiences have been, how isolated, powerless and alone they have made us feel at times.  But the fifth day is very much about finding the shards of light amidst the darkness, to reflect those shards of light powerfully out into the world and to see what pattern they create for our future.

Reclaiming the Darkness

It is very important to allow ourselves to see the corruption in our own lives, not to run from it or try to avoid it.  This is a potent darkness that we have been taught to be afraid of. The Lord of Light has perhaps become too big for his boots and Nemesis is hot on his tracks.  We can only see the corrupt roots if we venture into the darkness.  It contains the power of our future and we don’t need to be afraid of what it holds or who we will become if we venture into it’s depths.

I will be writing more on the Fifth Night and the chart for 28th October 2011.

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The Ninth Wave

On the 9th March 2011 we will begin an intense 234 days of transformation and integration leading to a new level of consciousness, according to Mayan Calendar authority Carl Calleman.  Calleman describes the shift as the Ninth Step in Consciousness – the Universal Underworld, the last step before the completion of the current period of human evolution.  The original step – Cellular Underworld – began over 1 billion years ago.

According to Calleman the next 234 days will consist of periods of intensity lasting 9 days followed by a descending intensity for the next 18 days when we are able to integrate the higher energies. The Ninth Wave is about creating harmony from what has evolved previously, to let go of old personal agenda’s and begin manifesting unity consciousness with all that is. This represents a choice between truth and tradition.

9th March 2011 ~ (set for noon Hawaii ~ see note below)


We have been uncovering a hidden aspect of self over the past 18 months, removing blocks and obstructions from the emotional, mental and cellular layers.  This ninth wave represents the beginning of a new journey, the release of something that has not seemed to be present in your life before.  Expect to discover surprising new things about yourself.  Recognise that we are brand new here, we don’t know our way.  We must be humble and allow ourselves time to learn who we are and how we can be.

The key features of this chart are
  • moving away from helping others and becoming more aligned with imagining our own best life
  • becoming aware of the way we have internalised the ancient feminine/masculine roles
  • and how we extrapolate them out into our relationships
  • maturing into becoming our own authority
  • learning to operate alone and without support or approval from others
  • opening up to authentic and intimate encounters with others in all circumstances
  • letting go of sensitivity to critisism and rejection
  • releasing our need for external status of jobs, trophy partners, etc


Life or Death

The activations are for a Body connection to Soul (Spleen to Ji), in a channel that gives us a profound opportunity to align our behaviour with our instinctive selves (57-10).  This is the “anti-zombie channel” – it has the capacity to inform our cells with spiritual light rather than adrenal based pressure to do, to replace the death energy in our cells with life energy.

The current activations to the Spleen and Solar Plexus Centres release unconscious material stowed deep within our cells, making peace between our civilized and wild selves and releasing dammed up vital energy.  They release our instinctual nature from it’s pallid prison of false morality, our emotional energy from rigid convention, and our mental awareness from slavery into creative play.

Saturn in the Spleen Centre has been busy presenting us with difficult situations that have forced us to release old subconscious material down to the cellular level.  This has created a false perception of a lack of wellbeing, as we reversed out of old patterns of ill health.  Not that we haven’t suffered the symptoms, but the cause has not been illness in the conventional sense, but a vibration of illness giving us the chance to see and clear it from our lives.  That process is likely to continue till September 2011, but the intensity will lessen.

The Sun is in the Solar Plexus Centre, in Gate 22, showing us the beauty of a gentle submission to the time it takes to see the bigger picture.  Rushing ahead keeps us trapped in fear and survival.  Withdrawing and withholding prevents us from our abundance. This from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching:

Remain true to yourself as well as to the beauty revealed.  Retain your personal integrity even in the moment where you are most fully immersed, having plunged deeply and swiftly into the water of experience.  Don’t drown in your imaginings, stay aware of what you are accepting into yourself and why.  You can swim with the river’s current without dissolving into it.

This aligns so clearly with the fire and water elements that we have received in the last Full Moon and New Moon.  Our own flame continues to shine brightly, even in deep water.  We maintain the individual flame of our soul light while joining into universal consciousness.  In fact, universal consciousness cannot evolve if we allow our Self to drown in it.

One of the most significant ideas upon us now is to understand HOW we can flow and maintain our individuality.  Isn’t it an either/or situation?  Doesn’t it go like this:  “We can be individuals, or we can be part of the collective”.  We tend to see it that way because of our conditioning – our fear of rejection.  Our fear that we are not special enough to be included, not good enough to be invited in, not creative enough to contribute something worthwhile and not lovable enough to attract companions.   This pandemic of fear had become our reality, bleeding into our relationships and institutions, breeding issues of hierarchy and control.   But now, we’ve stepped out of the game, and the game is breaking down.

I recently listened to an interview with a man who was wounded in the first of the demonstrations in Libya.  A family man, he heard about the demonstration in the morning and knew he had to be there.  Even though he realised his life would be at risk, he couldn’t say no to this rare chance to claim freedom from tyranny for his children.   In some way, we are all facing that same choice.

We are going through a difficult initiation of realising we are alone.  We have only ourselves to rely on.  And yet, the more deeply we delve into the pain of this realisation, the more fully we can share ourselves with others and they with us.  Facing all those fears of non-inclusion, we realise we are free to be ourselves.  And even more, we are free to love, to dance, to create and to support and encourage each other to do the same.

The Libyans know this.  The want to keep foreign interference out of the current unrest, because they know that it would create complex new relationships that will bind up any new government.  On a personal level it’s similar – we can support each other without the kind of helping that is basically interference.

The Earth is in Gate 47 – Oppression and Exhaustion – in the Ajna Centre. When we give our minds control, everyone loses the plot.   Left in charge but with no access to true awareness, the mind is like a frightened and lost child.  It’s only ally is the shallow ego self, a shell of bombast or a ghost hiding away from the world (probably a combination of both), leading us into oppression and exhaustion.  In line 3, the Earth explains that we have been reaching for things that are toxic to us.  But now we are transitioning to a time when our mind can go back to it’s creative playfulness, giving over to our true authority – emotional and  physical knowing.

One of the most profound shifts we are experiencing is a true relationship between all three areas of awareness – our mental, emotional and instinctive awareness.  This completely removes inner conflict because every aspect of ourselves gets a say in our lives in each moment.

With Chiron conjunct Snow White in the Gate of Abundance (55.2), we are waking up from a deep sleep to find a crisis has developed.  Where is the handsome Prince?  The beautiful Princess?  The Earth in Gate 47 says that the real partnership we seek is hidden within us.  There’s no saviour here but you.  And even though you might feel like you’ve lost your way, the truth is that there is something inside you that knows.  And it is this part of you that is coming back to life.  Again, here is the idea that we have to take the risk to be alone, to face aloneness, to go on alone and without support.  This is a paradox, because with Sappho also in Gate 55.2, we are assured of friendly companions.  They are our abundance just now.  But they will only reveal themselves once we have taken the risk and leapt into the unknown.

The Moon is in the Yin/Yin hexagram representing the Earth, The Receptive (2).  Dark, fomenting, a container from which the chaos gives birth to form, the Moon in this gate asks you to trust your inner knowing over anything outside yourself.   The subconscious self can know things that the rational mind and the light of day do not understand.  The Moon in this gate also suggests the need to wait for the light of clear day to show us the way rather than tripping over our compulsive drive for security and safety that comes from living in the lunar half light.

Subtle signs show the way and when you apply sensitivity you can see the patterns of what is coming.  Your steps are so important, tiny changes now determine the pathways of the future.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus in the Gate of Innocence (25).  Orpheus, Apollo and Hera is in the adjoining Gate of Shock (51).   There is a teasing out of the self in relationship, as we disentangle ourselves from family dynamics (Apollo) and the power struggles of roles and ownership (Hera).  Orpheus wants to look to the other as a way of saving himself, but we’ve been down that road for so long we’ve lost ourselves.   If ever the saying was true it’s now – the one about letting go of what you love and if it comes back to you it is yours.   Each one of us is striving, even driven, to be as truly and passionately ourselves as we can possibly be and in some ways there feels like a need to ditch the other as too much ballast.  And at the same time to cling as tightly as we can out of fear of aloneness.

But that’s the old view of what’s going on.  In the new reality we are fellow travellers and the isolation we may experience reveals itself as an illusion.  The more we love ourselves, the more love there is.  The defined Ji Centre makes loving each other a natural way of life.

We are awakening and coming back to ourselves, drawing closer to a greater spirit of togetherness.  To do so we need to continue to release all the cellular aspects that still hold onto the old notion of romantic love and family, financial status, career ladders, academic authority, parental authority and any other type of externalised authority or role.  (Venus in 19.2 and Pluto in 58.4, and Thereus conjunct Achilles in 16).  This could create great anxiety and/or depression.  Look for the old belief, the old story and allow your breath to carry it out of your system.  If you feel the need to control or judge, remind yourself that everything is just how it needs to be, even if it looks like it could endanger you in some way.  The danger is likely to be old shame, old guilt, old fear.  No longer present.

When Mercury and Uranus meet we can expect flashes of intuitive knowing, as the personal mind opens up to universal inspiration.  This process will release us from the need to identify with or claim importance from a label or role.

Mars is in the Crown Chakra, is at the completion of the Hexagram cycle in Gate 63 and poised to begin anew.  As our warrior self makes attempts to conquer this new world we can often feel foolish, humble, confused.  This is a sign that we’ve tried to push forward too quickly and slipped back into old ways.  The major task of Mars is to ensure that all aspects of our self are protected and provided for.  He doesn’t need to be concerned with what others are doing.

Jupiter in the Heart Centre, in the Gate of Biting Through meets the asteroid Diana in Gate 45.  Do you feel hunted, as if your wild self is trapped in trying to make ends meet? Make enough money to survive?  Keep up with the Jones?  Jupiter and Diana are letting us know to look within for our resources.  Jupiter will show us where we have tended to take our gifts too lightly, where we have resisted opportunity, and where we have been reckless with treasure we should have valued more.  We need to stop trying to get others to take responsibility for our abundance and begin to develop our own creative powers.  Between 9th and 12th March we get a free pass, so keep your eyes open, and be ready to leap at any opportunity presented, even though it may not seem perfect.

It’s likely we may also experience an increase in interference in our lives.  But in this new Jupiter cycle we can see the real cause of the interference, rather than a narrowly focused annoyance at the symptoms.  We are looking from a broader perspective and so our response creates great change.

Saturn has been a profound activator since it joined Haumea in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57) in early December 2010.  They meet the North Node in Gate 10, connecting the Spleen Centre to the Ji Centre – body connecting to soul.  A humble and gentle approach to life allows us to penetrate deeply, and to receive as much as possible from each experience.  There is a combination here of moving patiently forward, only taking action in the direction of your dreams when the time is right.  The day to day grind that makes up the working world for most people is completely unnecessary.

On the other hand, if we are too humble we get thrown off course.  Busy-ness with no real purpose is the result.   When it is time to act, we should act.  Note that both Haumea and Saturn both carry the potential for volcanic response, to blow off the old subconscious material and create ‘new land’ for ourselves.

One of the negative aspects of Saturn is loneliness, and the connection with Haumea has brought up the loss of family for many.  I am using the word family in a broad sense.  Saturn and Haumea have made it very clear to us that we need community to prosper.

Pluto is in the Gate of Joy, simply making sure that we can see where we are giving away our authority over our own lives and allowing ourselves to be pressured away from our natural joyful experience of life.  How can you fully enjoy the moment?  What more can you bring to your experience and expression of now?


This is a summary of the major planets and other significant influences for the Human Design Transit chart for 9th March 2011.   Over the next few days and weeks we are set to experience a wave of spiritual initiations as we launch into the Ninth Wave of Universal Consciousness.  I will post a video showing the first set of those waves tomorrow.

** I’ve used noon in Hawaii for the chart, based on advice from Calleman (via Alecia R.)

Read more on the Ninth Wave ~ http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/dawn_of_the_unity_wave.htm


Uranus in Gate 25

Innocence and the Unexpected

On 7th February 2011, Uranus went into Gate 25, which spans the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries.   This is a point on the astrology chart that some call The Aries Point, and it is said to represent where the personal and the political meet. At this time we’ve witnessed grassroots political movements in Egypt and Libya removing dictators.  The people said enough is enough and their fiery passion for change was unstoppable.   The Aries point is the strongest CARDINAL point on the horoscope and when something passes over this point things happen.  Cardinal points are initiating energy.  Aries is Fire, so there is passion and energy being released in unexpected ways, but always in alignment with the soul of the Ji Centre.


Uranus is known for creating unexpected events in our lives.  It breaks open our existing psychic container and manifests new life for us on the physical plane.  It brings sweeping change to our consciousness that manifests new ways of being.  It opens us up to flashes of revolutionary intuitive understanding of cosmic patterning.  It has us longing for something new, exciting, impulsive, anything to break us free of the old rigid ways of the past which have become suddenly untenable.  Uranus has carefully arranged this growth impulse to propel us out of our old ego self and into a new collective consciousness.

Uranus in the Gate of Innocence connects the Ji Centre to the Heart Centre

Gate 25

We meet the unexpected with innocence.

In the Human Design chart Gate 25 is known as the Innocence and the Unexpected.  As the first of the Aries gates it represents a burst of energy that is concerned with the Self and it’s expression and direction.

There are a few very important concepts attached to this Gate/Hexagram:

  • Accepting that gentle and pure love is the most powerful force on the planet,
  • Releasing our beliefs that our pure innocent heart self is insignificant
  • Staying true to our own gentle connection with self
  • Disentangling energetically from the problems and stories of others
  • Walking away from what doesn’t concern us
  • Releasing our expectation of negative events
  • Re-evaluation of plans, dreams and goals and imagining new ways to fulfill them
  • Breaking free of our need for approval
  • Stepping away from the resistance, fear, critisism and rejection of others in order to renew ourselves
  • Discovering something entirely new and unexpected about ourselves
  • Healing of our pure simple and innocent heart/soul energy and the shocks it has received from negative events of the past


Uranus in Gate 25 is a trigger that releases this heart self from it’s hiding place within you.  It does this through connecting you to others.  This is an alchemy of finding the gold where you had previously only seen lead.  As we reflect the golden purity of our pure and simple innocence back to each other, the unconditional love of the Ji Centre heals the shocks and traumas of the past and creates opportunities for unexpected new pathways and connections.

Gate 25 is part of a channel that connects the Heart and Ji Centres.  This is an individual energy, blending our healthy ego self with the collective soul.  This channel seeks new ways, never content with the old worn out pathways to heaven.   The other gate in this channel is Gate 51 – the double thunder hexagram of Shock and Initiation.  Since Gate 25 is made up of heaven and thunder trigrams, we have three thunder trigrams and one heaven trigram in this channel!

This channel is not so much about being the best or the first, but being as truly and uniquely yourself as possible.  Uranus in Gate 25 is the beginning of the expression the sacredness and specialness of our unique creative self as an integral part of the collective.  It represents the death of the concept of competition and the birth of an understanding of co-creation and the natural abundance it releases to all.

In Chinese cosmology, Thunder affects the Pericardium and Triple Warmer meridians.  The Thunder trigram represents movement and initiation of change.

This is a channel that teaches us to release our negative expectations and interpretations.  When we meet life with an open face and an open heart and trust that it brings us only good, we begin to relax and truly see the benefits being bestowed upon us in each moment.

This shift is being supported by Makemake in the Gate of Conflict (6) for intimate relationships and Saturn and Haumea in the Gate of the Gentle (57) for family relationships.  Pluto in the Gate of Joy (58) brings that shift to the level of our DNA.

  • Uranus in Gate 25:   7th February to 13 March 2012
  • Enters Aries on 13th March 2011, in Gate 25 line 2.
  • Retrograde: from 12th July 2011 (17.1) till 12th December 2011.
  • Re-enters Gate 25:   In retrograde from 22nd August 2011 to 12th December 2011
  • Uranus goes stationary and continues in Gate 25 until 13th March 2012.

When retrograde, we can expect Uranus to challenge us to find where we have internalised the disapproval of others.  It encourages us to discover where we have prevented ourselves from experimenting out of fear of failure or censure, where we are stuck in angst and rebellion rather than free to take mature action.  Developing a more profound attunement to what is truly essential.


While Uranus is in Gate 25 we have a flood of activations to both Gates 25 and 51

Gate 25

These are the periods when these planets will be conjunct Uranus in Gate 25:

Mercury: 9th to 12 March 2011

Sun:  20 to 25th March 2011

Mars:  31st March to 7th April 2011

Venus:  20th to 24th April 2011


Gate 51

These are the periods when these planets will create a channel with Uranus

Mercury:  19th March to 24th March 2011

Jupiter:  2nd April to 24th April 2011

Mars:   22nd April to 29th April 2011

NB:  Jupiter and Mars will both be in Gate 51 from 22nd April to 24th April 2011

Mercury and Uranus bring a profound attunement of the conscious logical mind up to the level of Universal or Galactic Mind.  Expect insight, ingenuity and originality.

Mars and Uranus brings restlessness, excitability and extraordinary drive and need to take action even to the point of wanting to overpower others.  There can be eruptions of tension into anger and even sudden and unexpected violence.  Allow time for this energy to settle, as the process can be erratic and potentially overwhelming.  It will be useful during this time to do things that engage the physical body in calming movement – yoga, swimming, walking to support you to connect with your underlying motivations.  Being in nature will support you also.

When Jupiter adds his expansionary energy we will be discovering a new way to experience life, a new sense of personal meaning.  You may find an astonishing new idea at this time changes the way you think of yourself and your life. Expect significant issues around the breakdown of traditional religion at this time. Particularly I would expect to see a significant shift in the role of Pope Benedict XVI within the Catholic Church. He may issue some extraordinary new edicts or be replaced by a younger and more dynamic person.

Mercury:  1st May to 9th May 2011

Venus 4th May to 9th May 2011

NB.  Mercury and Venus will both be in Gate 51 from 4th to 9th May 2011.

Venus and Uranus contacts open us up to feeling valued as an individual, safe enough to open ourselves up to the challenge of being part of a global humanity without losing our sense of self.   We will see a huge impact on relationships as they become more open and free.  Expect to see quite a lot of relationship breakdown, but also a very significant shift in the way we experience ourselves in relationship – more openness to our unique and individual needs for expression and movement.  We are also likely to see a strong desire to experiment with various forms of intimacy.  We will find a huge awakening of the collective global spirit at this time, as we realise what an  incredible resource we have in our relationships with each other at the soul level.

During the time that Uranus is in the Gate of Innocence, Pluto is in the Gate of Joy and Neptune in the Gate of Abundance. We also have powerful connections between Saturn and Pluto around the 23rd March 2011, and the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all conjunct Eris in the Gate of Expansion (42) in the Sacral Centre between now and 9th May 2011.  On that date Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct Eris!

It’s impossible to predict the outcome of this momentous period of time.  This next few months are a time to cruise carefully over the bumps life sends you, and to turn your attention to the most wonderful dreams and visions you can possibly imagine.










colourmad1 ~ flickr.com

Shazam: Jupiter and Uranus in the Channel of Initiation

1st February 2011

My overall take on 2011 is that we are in training. For what? I believe we are in training to become Co-Creators. I know that’s a bit of a buzz word, but it’s part of my reality, rather than just some lovely esoteric idea I might enjoy dreaming about. And I believe it’s a very important concept that will be much more a part of the collective consciousness by the end of this year.

Specifically what I see in the transits for 2011 is a series of ongoing opportunities for us to choose to step out of any of the roles we may have cast ourselves in and to grasp the opportunity in each moment to sparkle with life.

No more dwelling in the land of hurt, powerlessness, resentment and all those other delicious forms of victim mentality that have been our playground for so long. We’ve certainly enjoyed them in our own sweet way, but now we get to learn a new game. And it asks us this question repeatedly – How will you perceive this moment differently if you know you truly are master of your own life and destiny?

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011 showing the Heart Centre connecting to the Ji Centre

One of the most significant indicators for this question comes from Jupiter and Uranus moving through the channel of initiation that links the Heart Centre to the Ji Centre. This channel is a profound Aries initiating energy that has us applying our willpower (Heart Centre) to the calling of our soul (Ji Centre).

This is an individual energy with the courage to be part of the collective, maintaining it’s own boundaries of self in the process.

The Heart Centre end of the channel – Gate 51 – is the hexagram of Shock.  It flows on from hexagram 50, which signifies a new beginning.  The double thunder of hexagram 51 shakes everything up, overthrows the old and throws open the gate to the new.

The Ji Centre end of the channel – Gate 25 – the the hexagram of Innocence.  It is about the purity of self that flows from disentangling from the pathways of others and focusing on our own way.  Trying to engage with the pathways of others simply creates (and is caused by) illusion.  This gate holds the profound truth of synchronicity and it’s potential for perfect manifestation when we come from that core purity within us.

Like a Shazam!!  moment, the result of the two gates forming this channel can be a feeling of shock, both physical and emotional.  The purpose of this energy is to propel us out of the victim position of ‘how could this happen to me’ type shock and into an exploration of our power as creators.  What is the germ of creation in this moment for me?  Why have I created this experience for myself?

We move from shock to initation, and from there into greater levels of wisdom.  Life becomes simultaneoulsy simpler and more profound.

The next three months and beyond will be a delicate dance between the two – choosing our unique pathway, recuperating and taking advantage of the Gate 51 doorway as it opens and closes with the transits.

Jupiter and Uranus will both be in Gate 25 from 8th to 12th February 2011.  During this time there is an asteroid called Hephaistos transiting in Gate 51. Hephaistos (already working with Jupiter now in Gate 25) is giving us the faith to heal any shock that has disabled our will, rendering us unable to express our individuality in alignment with our soul.  It operates specifically in regard to abandonment by our mothers and old armour we have carried on our hearts to protect us from the pain of this wound.

Uranus will be in Gate 25 – from 8th February 2011 to 13th March 2012.  Jupiter moves into the adjoining Gate 51 on 2nd April 2011 till 24th April.   During the time we have some very interesting transits by the Sun and Mars, adding to the courage to be an individual idea, this will be a period when it will feel as if the door is being flung open and then suddenly closed again.  Uranus won’t begin it’s own long term transit in Gate 51 until 2015.

It’s of interest that both Pluto and Ceres, transiting together almost exclusively in the Root Centre since 27th December 2010 till tomorrow, and the asteroid Hephaistos, have an effect on our legs, representing our mobility and ability to move in the direction of our own joy and nourishment.  The Root Centre rules the legs and Hephaistos can represent lameness.

It’s also significant that Ceres is exactly conjunct the Sun in Gate 19 today.  This is a gate that has us rejecting others – getting in first so that they don’t get the chance to reject us.  We’re often in deep denial of this process and it can be hard to spot.  Ceres of course represents the specific type of nurturing we required as children and how it’s lack can make us a bit … well, just a touch neurotic.   Gate 19 certainly has it’s neurotic side with it’s need for security and it’s tendency to extreme emotional sensitivity to rejection.

The up side is that it also has a unique sensitivity to delving into our emotional and material needs and how to meet them in conjunction with the rest of the community we call family.

colourmad1 ~ flickr.com

We’ve got a New Moon coming up tomorrow, as the Sun finally moves out of the Root Centre and into the Ji Centre – Gate 13.

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10:10:10 ~ Stop Trying to Live and Start Living


I saw an advertisement for personal loans in the local paper that read “Whatever you want, get there more quickly.”  It could be the anti-catch phrase for 10.10.10, which would read more like “Whatever you want, get there at exactly the right time and with complete authenticity, integrity and ease.”

I use the Human Design System, a synthesis of the I Ching, the Kaballah, the Chakras and Astrology to map our evolutionary shifts. It gives me a very powerful and precise view of the influences that are shifting and changing within each moment. The transits for 10.10.10 tell us to stop trying, and start living.

Look around you and see what an illusion we have been fed about what we lack in our lives.  The very same illusion that keeps us trying .. and trying .. and trying, until we simply exhausted from the effort and find we have little to show for it anyway.   All that is about to change.

There is something being birthed on our planet.  And there is something dying.  On 10.10.10, there is support for gentle action free of doubt in the direction of the new world we are creating.  We are learning to ride the waves of change, and use them to propel us gracefully forward rather than press us back.

What’s being birthed is our ability to contain our energy within us until the perfect time, and then to act in alignment with our own dreams and visions.  As I write this article, in August 2010,  newly discovered Dwarf Planet Haumea is having a powerful influence, and on 10.10.10 she makes her presence felt even more strongly, because she is conjunct the Sun.  Haumea is the Creator Goddess of Hawaii, and one of her messages is the return of the earth mother as initial creatrix, the feminine energy that brought all matter out of the void.  She represents the authentic feminine energy, untainted by the toxic aspects of patriarchy.

Haumea is holding a space for the birth of a new young masculine energy rising up from the heart of the earth.  He would rather run naked through the forest than put on a suit, he is wild and free and protective of all the earth’s resources and her people.  On 10.10.10 we’ll meet Shamanic Nature God Pan, who steps forward as a new leader, gathering us to a powerful togetherness. The masculine Pan energy is still young on 10.10.10.  He has an instinctive understanding that his strength must align with the earth in order for everyone to prosper, but he will take some time to discover his strength, and how to apply it well.

To add potency to the message of Pan and Haumea, Mars will be in a position of primal power that knows how to work with, rather than against, time. He uses his newly found power to create order and bring peace to the world through an integration rather than separation of elements – human, environmental and commercial.

The Moon and Mars will both pass over an initiating point on 10.10.10 and this indicates the beginning of a new cycle of emotional development for men. There is a stripping away of the falsehood of God The Father as creator, where mother is given the role of passive virgin, and a rising up of the true creative potential of the masculine as it works in synergy with the newly emerging power of the feminine.

What’s dying?  The old worn out and exhausted way of pushing forward relentlessly seeking more growth.  This way of living has become unsustainable because we now feel it’s lack of authenticity so strongly in our day to day lives. This is the old rigid and hierarchical patriarchal energy that acts only to further it’s own interests.  Trying to keep working for the man is simply too exhausting, and one by one we are surrendering to the inevitable  …  it’s not the way forward.

There are dimensional time shifts happening between now and 2012 and when we stay trapped in mechanical time we find time is moving faster and faster, and we with it.  As someone said to me today “I don’t seem to be in charge of my own life anymore.” Tuning in to our own natural rhythm helps shift energy out of the idea of a mechanical universe which is based on outdated scientific ideas from the 17th and 18th century. We are becoming quantum humans and that means we are flow, we are connection. Time is relative, a personally experienced phenomenon rather than something imposed on us.

What’s also dying are all the aspects of ourselves that still doubt we can survive without that old patriarch.  All the tender young inner aspects of self that want to please, placate or pander to bosses, banks, government agencies, teachers, parents and any other authority figures in our lives are frightened by the shift, but prepared to take small steps towards a more mature and independent way of life.  The idea that these ‘authorities’ will protect us and provide for us is being put to rest.  It’s not about rebelling against them, but understanding that our nourishment now lies elsewhere and all that remains is for us to unplug from the energetic hold those ‘authorities’ have may still have in our lives.

Pan and Haumea bring a juicy, sensual and abundant energy that is regenerating us at the physical and soul levels, It’s an earth based abundance and it feels unfamiliar, scary, but at the same time tantalising and irresistible.  Our challenge is to receive what they are offering us, to let go of our attachment to beliefs of unworthiness, struggle and pain.

On 10.10.10 the Sun shines a light that allows us to be fully present in the moment, connected with our cellular or body consciousness, and able to clearly see anything that is limiting us.  It represents the return of a penetrating clarity of judgment that thwarts all hidden motives, uncovers and breaks up intrigues.  This ripples out from a personal knowing, to our relationships and on into our culture.  When this place within us is activated, as it is on 10.10.10, we see things that were previously hidden from us, especially when the Sun is shining his light there!

Our physical bodies are engaged in releasing old worn out DNA patterning that has kept us tied up in ancestral drama and karmic connections. Saturn is shifting our allegiance from worldly “Kings and Lords” to our own souls.   Unattached to our status in the old sense, and claiming our own inner authority, we find a responsibility to our own soul journey brings us most success.  And not just on the spiritual plane, this success is a material one as well.  This includes peeling away the layers of addiction to the glamour of “idle pleasures, amusements and indulgences”.   We learn that true joy is calm, peaceful and needs no hype.

Our social structure is leaving our simplest and most basic needs unsatisfied and causing our bodies and emotions to be unhealthy.   Food that doesn’t nourish us, work that isn’t playfully creative, homes that cost the earth, are made with toxic materials and keep us busy doing housework’ rather than providing us with shelter and sustenance. We are being called to look deep within ourselves for brand new ways of living, being, doing.

We are discovering something within us that is vitally alive, a literally inexhaustible wealth. Energies within us that have been demonised, isolated and cut off are returning to consciousness.

The Goddess Nike conjunct Mercury is letting us know that when we ‘just do it’, without checking in with our intuition and emotional responses we are probably getting it horribly wrong.  If we don’t experience an easy and natural enthusiasm to act, to move, to engage, then the time isn’t right.  Life is not about a stress-fuelled constant growth or movement in one direction only.  It’s a dance with the natural cycles that encompass light and dark, breathing in and breathing out, sprouting, growing, blooming and bearing fruit, pruning and reshaping. We find an equilibrium through creating a life that has no excess and no insufficiency.  We don’t need to lose our heads and be swept up by unfavourable conditions or circumstances which up till  now we felt were beyond our control. We maintain our inner light so strongly that any darkness in our lives perishes because there is nothing left for it to feed on.

Between now and 10.10.10 we are on a pathway of finding our own authentic responses to life.  Inspiration (mind), intuition (body) and emotions – all of these inform us so strongly that we are able to fully embody our spirit, grounded and connected.  Our bodies are coming to life.  Our emotions are informing us rather than overwhelming us.  We have created a sense of inner freedom so that consciously tuning into our intuition no longer threatens our survival by pitting us against ‘the system’ but calls us to the joyful adventure of more life and more love.

It’s important to let go of our addiction to excessive movement and growth, to breathe in the nourishment that life offers in the simplicity and purpose of each moment.  If we are anxious to advance ourselves, the active masculine principle will operate without being properly informed.   Getting the balance right is what stabilises us and allows us to contain and express our essence in the world without confusion or interference.

Although it might appear that we are in a phase of massive destruction, we are actually shifting into our co-creative roles.  Going within becomes a creative rather than destructive experience, because ‘within’ is now filling with light and love and joy.  It’s that light, love and joy that guides us surely on our own unique pathway.  We breathe easy and connect without fear from that place, no longer needing to guard ourselves because we have our own inner wisdom fully operational – our inspiration, our intuition and our emotions.  This is a powerful multi-awareness that is master of time and space.  It knows where, it knows when, it knows how and it knows who.

Business ~ But Not As Usual

Athena’s lost mother, Metis Goddess of Wisdom, will be conjunct the Moon on 10.10.10.  Also joining them is Pax – a version of Athena who’s head was on all Roman coins.  This suggests a return to more lunar or feminine aspects of wealth creation, where we find our financial security in connecting with our feminine wisdom.  Remember the earth based Pan?  He now holds power over money, the gate that indicates who controls the resources. He is the planetary protector of our earthly resources.

We are able to accumulate great strength and wealth and further our achievements in an unprecedented alignment with our authenticity.  In the past, when we have moved forward too quickly it’s as if we were looking for something in the wrong place, as if we’d turned up to catch the 4pm train at 2.30pm and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t waiting for us at the station.  We have felt inadequate, humiliated even, as our efforts hve failed again and again, and we pushed forward ahead of our natural strength and lost touch with our natural abundance and ease. We can now make progress by letting go of false self confidence and manufactured enthusiasm, caused by believing we succeed by having to push out beyond our own power.

The Moons Nodes suggest that on 10.10.10 we may feel like hanging back too far, as if to balance having pushed too far ahead of ourselves for so long.  It’s as if we don’t quite know how to use our new found connection and power.  We still doubt ourselves.  We can get caught up in feeling angry about the past. This is a trap that binds up our body and keeps us in the old energy.  Our natural impulse on 10.10.10 is to express our joy in living, in being in a physical body, in connecting with others deeply, intuitively, divinely.  The circuitry of the transits suggest that we will have a strong sense of what is possible for us in the future, an intuitive knowing of which possibilities will work out for us.

Business becomes a sharing of joy and love that co-creates prosperity rather than a way to make money.

Magdalena and Toro bring immense power on 10.10.10 although if we try to throw our weight around we’ll land back on our butts.  Like the famous Tao yin/yang symbol, feminine intuition and masculine action must tumble one over the other, creating the wheel of life in a partnership of mutual trust, equality and respect.


10.10.10 brings a new energy to relationships, a new way to move through conflict that looks at the big picture view and so eschews selfish and individual motives. We see our relationships as a co-creative dance rather than a way to have our needs met. This is not about compromising ourselves, quite the opposite. It’s about dissolving conflict by finding a more expansive, warm, loving and intimate connection with each other based on mutual understanding.

Lilith and Vesta are bringing us the intuitive guidance to find values that support our sacred truth. Venus and new dwarf planet Quaoar allow us to clear old family patterns that perhaps we haven’t even been aware of till now, but that have nonetheless intruded on our intimate relationships. This is a new type of dance that requires us to take a step towards the other only when the time is right, and then to wait for their response. In this way we co-create self respect and self worth independent of the approval of our significant other.

Mars and Eros come together, teaching us the language of erotic love and vivid life. On 10.10.10 men will be looking for something new in their relationships, but some still don’t really understand where to look. Zeus, the mythological philanderer, is taking some time to delve deeply into his pattern of behaviour and may decide to take some time out to get his act together. Yet another new dwarf planet, Makemake, has been working for 3 years now to help us find new gentler and more celebratory ways to come together. Makemake is totally in favour of a free female expression of sexuality and eroticism, and has no connections with the old ideas of ownership and control. His effect on our masculine energy is simply one of immense enjoyment of being alive and free of oppression.

The old cultural construct of relationship is dissolving from our DNA so that it’s not even a twinkle in our eye anymore. We are rediscovering our equality, rejoicing in our ability to give and receive without limit, leveraging the power of two or more. In this way we free up more than our emotions and sexual energy. We break through ego barriers that have kept us isolated and shut down, we revitalize ourselves at the very core of our being.


The new dwarf planets currently being activated are named not for the old gods of Greece and Rome, but are Creator Gods and Goddesses of the Pacific. They are acting as a bridge for us to move from seeing change as potentially destructive and painful to understanding that it’s about dancing with universal creation. Haumea is Creator Goddess of Hawaii, Makemake is Creator God of Rapa Nui also known as Easter Island, and Quaoar is Creator God of the Tongva tribe, the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin, sometimes called the San Gabrielino Native Americans.

Each one of them represents a return to dance as a method of creation, dancing life into being, dancing with life to create life.   Each one of them represents a life more free, more joyful and more juicy than what we have become accustomed to in the past. Each time we choose to dance with these energies we strengthen the bridge for all humanity to shift from destruction to creation.

Please feel free to use extended quotes or reprint the full article along with the following acknowledgement:

Kim Gould is the founder of Love Your Design and creator of the EvolutionaryMatrix System.  She is an internationally recognised Evolutionary Coach working with many consciousness tools including the Human Design System, since 2003.  You can get her regular evolutionary updates at www.LoveYourDesign.com

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Altjira ~ The Sky God Lands on Earth


25th August 2008

This is a post I’ve rescued from a previous blog, because I wanted to reacquaint with Altjira.  As I write this, on 24th August 2010, Altjira is still in Gate 20 (line 5 – 4 degrees Gemini) and creating a channel with Haumea (57) and Pluto (10).

The flood of new planetary bodies in astrology is an indication of the flood of new consciousness currently overwhelming us.

As Venus and Mercury sit atop the asteroid Makemake, named for a South Pacific creator god, a new asteroid was named on the weekend after an Aboriginal Australian god.  Having exhausted the traditional northern hemisphere heritage, astronomers are searching down under for inspiration.

This new asteroid has been named Altjira and it sits in Gate 20, which creates a channel with Pluto. Not a bad way to make an entrance into the earthly plane of existence, especially when this channel supports us to love ourselves, to be ourselves without question, to live in the moment and trust that we are perfect.

Altjira himself is a bit of a mystery (as much of Australian Aboriginal culture is).

He was a creator god of the desert tribes of central Australia.  He is said to have created the earth and then retired to the sky, indifferent to the earthly plane, and left further work to those lesser gods who remained.  As Altjira is a father type god, I was intrigued by the notion of him standing back and letting the ‘kids’ get on with their lives without interference.  A sort of deeply trusting and loving space that would allow the natural growth of free will and sovereignty.

I am quite taken by a comic book version, who appeared while people slept and created chaos for them to deal with when they awoke.  That seems to tie in nicely about now, with all sorts of subterranean material floating to the surface of our consciousness.  the comic version could shape shift and had many other hidden super powers that were never revealed.  I know just how he feels.

The mythological Altjira is often described as otiose.  Which means?  Yeah I had to look it up too.  It means ineffective, futile, indolent and of no use. I’m wondering who added this description and why.  He created the earth.  How is that indolent and ineffective?  I have my ideas about that actually.  Many people are feeling right now that they are absolutely exhausted from waiting for humanity to finally GET IT!  Having ‘worked’ with passion and integrity for decades, they have had a constant experience of being considered flaky, ineffective, ungrounded and of no great use to anyone.

Like Altjira, these people are being called back to earth (into the ‘real world’) right now to demonstrate the truth of love on the earth plane, in the physical body and in day to day life.  Living on this level of density is excrutiating for many.  It’s excrutiating for everyone, it’s just that some are living so completely in the truth of love that they KNOW it’s excrutiating.  Others completely suppress the knowing. There’s many, many people at various points on the continuum.

Which gets me, finally, to my point.  This is a connect the dots type of point so stay with me.  (Pretty appropriate since aboriginal art traditionally uses many dots to create an image).

Human Design Transit Chart 25 August 2008

Jupiter is doing a square dance with Eris.  Eris is in the Ego Centre.  As is Saturn.  Eris is the Goddess of Discord and she sits in a place where we build an identity based on what we possess – people, houses, cars, clothes, academic qualifications, jobs.  She sits in a place where we believe everything can be bought if we have the price in cold hard cash. The guy with the money gets the girl.

As your ability to create a life based on this old paradigm slips through your fingers, this type of possession-based identity is no longer available to us.  It is likely that your sense of identity is shifting so fast and hard now that you are losing a sense of what’s real.

Jupiter will not allow us to expand beyond the new structures being created by Saturn and the new structures are coming from within us, from our hearts.

Holding on tightly will just give you sore fingers.  This gate encourages us to look beyond the economy, to look beyond the material world and to find, amidst the discord and chaos, what is real and what creates our personal sense of power.

I can barely write about this energy because it is so strong so I’m trying to set it out simply and then maybe I can explain it better over the next week or so.

Be aware that this point is crucial to how you will proceed in life over the next few months.  As synchronicity appears to desert us and we are thrown more and more back onto our own inner resources, you can ALWAYS find what you need if you go within yourself.

I had to drive around town FOUR TIMES!! to get a parking spot over the weekend.  This from the woman who a few weeks ago drove into town during a huge festival with an influx of 15,000 people in our small village and parked right outside the place where I needed to meet my son.  Yesterday I was like, excuse me???  My head was spinning with the chaotic nature of not being able to park my car where I needed.  And the great thing was that it showed me how much I had come to take this level of ease for granted.  It will return, but apparent synchronicity is not proof right now that you’re on the right track.  Go within and check into your heart, that’s where you’ll find your direction.

Never believe that your inner self is ineffective, lazy, indolent or futile.  It is, as I have been saying, of immense power.  Saturn is building new life structures that will hold our new identities, our new hearts of love, safe and well.  Trust that what you feel within you is more real that what is breaking up and flying free around you.  That is the old world leaving stage left.  You still have many wonderful scenes to play.

Mars is still hovering in the vicinity of powerful multidimensional black holes that warp and shift our consciousness about how to get from point A to point B.  The old pathways no longer work so we need to take one step after another and create new ones.  Anger arises from old material still held in our psyche, but it is not useful except to show where we have been allowing ourselves to be disrespected in the past.  Remember, Mars is still sitting in the upper echelons of the Heart Chakra, telling us that what appears obvious, is neither obvious nor even true anymore.

Relationships with people and money are nonsensical just now, shifting so far from the known that we are lost without a compass.  With Chiron, the sensitive wounded part of us, still in the Heart Chakra, the energy is emotional.  Stay well and happy in the  moment.  That’s the truth for now.  Cherish each other.  Connect with the truth of the earth and nature.  We are creating a new world, with some help from Altjira the emu-footed Sky God.

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A Day of Massive Integration

Does it feel like you’re being sucked into a whirlpool? Or perhaps racing down a ravine on a flimsy raft? Both of these images make sense.

Apart from the obvious – Cosmic Cross, sitting between two eclipses – we have lots of dwarf planet and black hole action going on. Plus Mars and Venus are playing out an ancient story right before our eyes. Let’s go have a closer look.

Our galaxy revolves around the sun. Which revolves around the Galactic Centre. Which itself revolves around the Super Galactic Centre. Wheels within wheels. And then we have the super massive black hole called The Great Attractor. So what?

All three black holes are impacting hugely upon us right now.

Let’s start with the Galactic Centre. In the Human Design Chart it’s in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11, which is about Heaven and Earth coming together. And sitting right there keeping it company just now is the very important dwarf planet, Ceres.

The Galactic Centre is like a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks out all your old subconscious ideas and replaces them with new ones. We simply have to look at the planet making contact with it to see what kind of ideas are getting removed and to know what they’re getting replaced with. Ceres represents the places within us that haven’t been nurtured and nourished, plus loss and grief, and anything to do with food.

This pressures us to release old ideas that don’t feel good and to learn new ways of thinking about ourselves and our lives. Thinking nurturing thoughts, releasing grief at not being loved.

Moving through space and time, we arrive at the Super Galactic Centre and find …. Saturn! In the Human Design Chart the Super Galactic Centre is in Gate 46 in the G Centre. The Super Galactic Centre wants us to find a soul mate. Not in the romantic sense and not even necessarily in the love sense. It wants us to have stable loving and creative relationships, starting with our relationship with ourselves.

This is the Gate of Pushing Upwards and it’s story is that of a seedling pushing up through the soil towards the light and warmth of the sun. The seedling doesn’t really know where it’s headed or what it will find when it gets there.  All it knows is that it must make the effort and it must move towards warmth and light.  Saturn helps us release old self imposed limitations to relating, peeling off heart armouring, and supports us to build solid stable and supportive long term loving creative relationships.

And The Great Attractor?  It’s in the Sacral Centre in Gate 5, Waiting for Nourishment.  And it’s joined by a Centaur called Ixion.   Eric Francis describes Ixion quite eloquently as “a total asshole”. Astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza makes this revealing comment:

“… at the least [Ixion] would also seem to be related to the suppression, manipulation, and the exploitation of women. And more specifically about those in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the the tyrannical destruction of people for one’s own end.”

To his credit, Ixion appears to be using the immense power of The Great Attractor to reveal the way in which a certain sort of powerful, authoritarian asshole has been operating to our detriment right under our very eyes. Even to the point of having us play a part in our own destruction.   It’s as if the oil spill has drawn massive attention and now we are all on a path of unravelling, being drawn into The Great Attractor’s energy field with no hope of escaping until the story is complete.

So that’s the black holes.  But with all that going on, they are only part of the story.  Remember the Cardinal Cross?  It’s gotten bigger.  Crosser?  Because Pluto has now joined all the other players in the G Centre.  Jupiter and Uranus, Saturn and Pluto – three of the four points of the Cross (Jupiter and Uranus are both at one point) – are in the G Centre, which is all about the way we connect to each other.

8th July 2010

8th July 2010

Have a look at the connections in the chart today.   If we add in the dwarf planets Ceres, Haumea and Eris, we have a connection from Root to Ajna with the Spleen Centre included as well.   Let’s take account of Vesta in Gate 64 in the Crown,  dwarf planets Orcus and Makemake in 59/6 connecting the Sacral Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre, and the Centaur Bienor (the Strong Man) in Gate 51 – Shock – bringing in the Heart Centre and we have all 9 centres activated without having to resort to anything beyond the very sigificant cosmic players.

I’m not going to try to go over all the aspects, because it would make our brains explode on this amazing day.  Let’s just leave it this overview.

It may feel like something beloved is being removed from our lives, although we may not know what it is.  We may feel as if we are heading into a personal dark night or a global apocalypse.  This is Ceres demanding her dues as Earth, potentially releasing an outpouring of emotional energy (via Makemake and Orcus in the Solar Plexus emotional centre).    If we want to be a part of this earth play, we have to acknowledge our part in it.  We do this through our bodies and this brings Venus into the picture.

In the Feminine Mojo Teleseries, Venus was a revelation, a powerful new influence, re-emerging into our lives.  Both light and dark, morning and night.  In the Sacral Centre just now she takes hold of our energy and demands we use it in her service, and this may involve going into a personal dark night on the way to our own new dawn.  Venus tells us that we cannot live without love and beauty.  Ceres allows us to grieve for the times we have had to do so.

It drives me crazy when I read that a Venus transit means we’re going to feel lazy and spend too much money!  How this trivialises us!  Lazy is the new creative!   Money is the new abundance!   No more slavery to the protestant work ethic and doing without so that a handful of powerful people can suck up all our earthly goodness for themselves.

There is rising up a joyful, erotic and loving energy from this womb-like depth.   It is unsinkable.  It’s is unstoppable.  It’s a Venusian force of nature.  As Venus tells us in The Abyss (gate 29) we only have to flow with the rushing river through the abyss to reach the ocean.  We don’t need to try to heroically climb the sides of the ravine, or struggle to move rocks that appear to obstruct us.  It’s all in the flow and letting the water carry us on.

Mars in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion is instrumental for the next few days.  He is making us angry and overwhelmed.  He is probably making our head spin as he asks us to dig into our anger to dicsover the point at which it transforms to become our passion.

This is not a time to repress your rage, the world needs your fire to protect what’s rightly yours.  And mine.  And ours.   It’s the key to moving out of thoughts that will otherwise cause our own extinction.    Mars is bringing wild dreams of destruction, blood, and release from servitude.

The next eclipse is going to happen right on top of Eris, so we’ll leave her till then.  Take it easy today and enjoy the birthing of an amazing new world of creative connection, love and an erotic sensual expression of life!

rolled gold

Cardinal Cross ~ Take 3

If you’re feeling a bit dizzy or disoriented, exhausted or pumped up and having trouble sleeping, put it down to the black hole activity contained within the Cardinal Cross. We’re just about there – it will be most exact on 26th June.

Black holes? Well as Philip Sedgwick pointed out on the Love Your Design Radio Show this week, Saturn is square the Galactic Centre as are Jupiter and Uranus. The Galactic Centre is fixed in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11.5 of the Human Design chart. The Galactic Centre sends out infrared rays that pressure the mind to release old material, so as to allow room for new ideas to flood in. It works on both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Cardinal Cross 26th June 2010

Follow me down the chart here.  You won’t see most of this on the chart.  In true gate 61 fashion, it’s not visible but is nonetheless very present in our reality!

With Lilith, Logos and Typhon in the Crown Chakra gate 61, we are receiving new and inspired information that opens us up to thinking more rationally (Logos) about the roles assigned to us (Lilith) and to pull back our ancient power of magic (Typhon).

Moving down to Ajna Gate 24 we have a black hole NGC 1068 (in line 2) that suggests we dive deep into our oceanic nature, but remember to surface with the treasure! Sitting right there on NGC 1068 is the asteroid Rhea. Now for those who aren’t that well acquainted with Rhea, she was the Mother of the Olympians, daughter of Gaia (earth) and Uranus (sky).

Before her Greek incarnation she was a mother goddess from Crete, usually shown as driving a great chariot pulled by two lions. Those interested in the tarot may recognise a version of The Chariot symbol here. The Chariot indicates change, but also being pulled in two directions or having to bring together the dark and the light, the conscious and subconscious mind. The lion represents the process of coming into our own power through taking control of the subconscious self.

Gate 24 is about coming back to where we began and finding ourselves in a new place. We have considered something long enough that we have found a new inspired and empowered way to approach it. As “The Turning Point” it is perhaps the most famous hexagram in the I Ching.

Let’s continue on down through the Ajna Centre to Gate 11, where we find the Galactic Centre (line 5) and dwarf planet Ceres (line 4). If the Galactic Centre is pulling out old programming, Ceres tells us that this programming must have something to do with how we nourish ourselves.

Another very important aspect of Ceres is the grief at the loss of the young and innocent.

This aspect of Ceres is important because Orpheus, rescuer of the innocent Eurydike from the underworld, is in Gate 10.3 -  drawing attention to our own wounds by engaging in martyred behaviour. And the particular behaviour we are engaging in as an act of martydom just now seems to be trying to rescue others.

The act of rescue is itself an attempt to show that something innocent and vulnerable within you needs rescue.

We project the innocent out onto another and seek to rescue them because we have no clue how to rescue ourselves.  It keeps us busy, but isn’t particularly effective! Subtle, but keep an eye on that one in your life, it’s potentially a very powerful shift that’s available to us.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct on the Aries point in the Gate of the Innocent, so you can see how as we move around the chart, that particular theme of innocence is connecting up in a powerful way.

So, we are still making our way down from the Crown and we got to Gate 11. Next we have Gate 56 at the Throat. This is an interesting gate. In the I Ching it is the Wanderer, and explains to us the best way to behave when we are in strange and unfamiliar lands. People with this gate tend to feel that they landed on the wrong planet and just have to make the best of it.

As I realised while talking to Philip Sedgwick this week, they feel this way because their Gate 56 is channeling the voice of the Galactic Centre in Gate 11, which is directly above it. And the Galactic Centre is sending in a humungous amount of new information all the time. New as in … I’m sorry I don’t quite understand what you’re saying, but come back to me in a few years time and I may have caught up with you.

In Gate 56 we find the asteroids Nemesis and Ophelia. Nemesis says … I can’t get my life together because this one thing keeps going wrong.

Ophelia represents unrequited love, but also where we give our power away to another (usually a man as in Hamlet or her father Polonius) and so lose touch with our own desires.

How are Nemesis and Ophelia channeling the voice of the Galactic Centre in this Cardinal Cross?

Giving our power away creates a feeling that something in our lives keeps going wrong and it makes us feel like an alien, the only one who can’t figure out how to make this life work! Again, subtle stuff and I expect this may take a while to come up to the surface but if you observe carefully you’re likely to spot it.

I had a discussion with a friend yesterday about the pressure I was feeling to get my part of a joint project done. She wasn’t at all worried and I realised I that I was being a martyr (Orpheus in 10) by pushing myself in ways that didn’t feel good (Lilith and Ceres), and giving away my power (Ophelia in 56) to her, thinking that she had it all together at her end (gate 56).

When I got her email response saying ‘everything’s fine with me’, the pressure came off and I realised it was all my projection of an old belief that others set the pace for me. Hence I’m always out of time (Nemesis, the unseen ‘wound’). And unable to nourish myself well (Ceres) or experience my own innocent connection with life (gate 25). See if you can find it in your own life.

So that’s the Galactic Centre. But wait, there’s more black hole activity because Saturn is approaching a conjunct with the Super Galactic Centre, in the G Centre in Gate 46.

Much of what we’ve talked about has to do with how we relate to others.  And this is absolutely crucial to this Cardinal Cross.  The Super Galactic Centre sits at 1 degree Libra and speaks to us of new ways of relating.  We are letting go of the energetic hooks we have spent eons digging into each other.  That’s an old tribal energy.  The family that struggles together, stays together!

Remember, the Full Moon that accompanies this Cardinal Cross is conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Joy in the ROOT CENTRE! This is not so much a heart energy as a ‘be here now in your physical body’ energy.  It is shaking our survival instincts to the core and it does so because it wants us to know – we are safe.  The time for tribal bonding that involves manipulation and power struggles is gone.  Each one of us stands alone, and together we make up the world!

Saturn says we can only build strong and enduring relationships when we treat our body as the temple of the soul.  It’s interesting that this is the take Philip Sedgwick has on the Super Galactic Centre and it ties right in with one interpretation of Gate 46.   Embodiment is the name of the game and when we are clear and grounded and present, we relate in an entirely different way.  There is a tremendous leveraging of the power of the universe in this and from this new stable relationship base we create a new reality.

I’ll leave you with Pluto in the Root Centre, right on the point of the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, who says:

Joy must be based on steadfastness.  Truth and strength must dwell in the heart, revealing gentleness in our dealings with others.  In this way we achieve something wonderful together.

(You may have noticed that my site looks a bit dodgy!  It’s still under construction so enjoy what’s here and what’s to come.)


Cardinal Cross – Part 2


I was so very excited this morning to upload my new wordpress theme and begin to add content.  But the slideshow isn’t showing up so it all looks a bit dull for now.  It won’t stay that way!  And the sidebars are still in their original format, but that too will change over the next few days.

As the Cardinal Cross is nearly upon us, I’m pleased to have a blog back.

If your life feels tumultuous just now, here’s the good news. The invisible is becoming visible. This is what we have been working for, hoping for, holding on for. The world is changing because you and I have stayed true to ourselves against all odds. This is way beyond a few tweaks to the economy and some oily housekeeping. We are breaking through to a new dimension. Let me explain.

You’ll remember that we have a Cardinal Cross coming up on 26th June, coinciding with a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

While the Sun and Moon will be in the Root Centre on the Full Moon, the G Centre has it’s own powerful story. Like a resonant force thrumming out a new geometry of life, it sits in the centre of our chart, the centre of your chest, and it’s undergoing a major transformation. And whenever the G Centre shifts, so does your sense of self. Mostly you climb a little bit higher up the ladder of multidimensional consciousness and gather a bigger piece of your highest potential into your human reality.

21st December 2012

Today, the Sun and Earth are activating the G Centre, and will continue to do so till the 25th June. There’s a channel that runs from the G Centre down to the Sacral Centre. That’s Belly to Heart. It’s made up of Gates 5 (belly) and 15 (heart). Those gates both have something to do with time and how we experience it. This is also the only channel that is activated in the chart for 21st December 2012.

Physicist Katya Walters says that 3 dimensions of space and only 1 dimension of time create the 4 dimensional world most of us take for granted, and that we need 2 more dimensions of time to balance things out. In space we have a dot (1st dimension). We have a line (2nd dimension). We have a solid shape like maybe a cube (3rd dimension).

In time we have only the one dimension – past, present and future – always headed in incremental steps in one direction. You and I already know that this isn’t a true reflection of reality. We’ve known it since we were children. Maybe we discovered it when we were daydreaming and lost all sense of time. Maybe when we were stuck in a classroom on a sunny day and it felt like hours passed us by when it was only a few minutes.

As adults we know that we can use our imagination to return to our childhood, or to imagine the future. We have also recently discovered that we can change the future by our thoughts, creating our own reality. Those of us who work with healing energy know we can support one person to heal and whole family units shift as a result.

So our one dimension of time would be equivalent to the 2nd dimension of space – the line. Which means we are evolving into a perception of the other two – the dot and the cube. The dot probably represents being present in the moment and the cube represents creating our own reality. That’s how I see it.

This is not idle speculation. This is global shift at the level of material reality. Back to the Human Design transit chart – Gate 15 represents a connection with the larger cycles, with things like Sedna who takes 10,000 years to orbit the Sun. Gate 5 gives us Earth based cycles – the daily rhythm of the sun and moon, the seasonal cycles. When we bring the two together we get a coherent reality that holds the seeds of oneness within it.

This is the core of the 2012 prophecy – the point of singularity, the end of duality.

This cardinal cross is literally shoving us into a greater alignment with the larger scale of reality. Mercury is in Gate 15 with Cyllarus and Hades. When Hades surfaces during a transit, we find our attention drawn to where we have chosen divorce material concerns from deeper spiritual realities. Our value systems are therefore shallow, and don’t reflect truth.

“Here are the places, people, situations where fine and stylish clothing and an MBA degree are less than useless.” (Blake Finchley) During the Cardinal Cross on 26th June, Hades tells us to speak only from a full heart. Anything else is false. And anything else divorces us from our own personal deeper spiritual realities. And also from the powerful influence of the new Dwarf Planets we are encountering – beyond Pluto is a much larger scale of reality indeed and it’s calling us to partake of it’s adventure.

The Centaur is sitting directly conjunct Mercury. This invokes the spirit of John Lennon, who had Cyllarus conjunct his Sun. Here we find the wounded peace warrior, cut down for no good reason. We can only tune in and fully embrace life on the physical plane, rather than drop out, when we are prepared to make the small ongoing changes that we need in order to avoid bad things happening out of nowhere. The idea of flowing through life is a romantic idea, but it takes immense courage.

Mercury and Cyllarus are in this position (15.5):

“Modesty is not to be confused with a weak good nature that let’s things take their own course. When you hold a responsible position, you must at times resort to energetic measures.”

In the adjoining Gate 5 we have the Great Attractor. It’s a supermassive black hole, the biggest, and it’s in a fixed position in line 3. We also have Pholus and Ixion. Now Pholus conjunct the Great Attractor is a big enough event. It means that every tiny little thing you do is magnified, either into more chaos or into order. You choose. Ixion talks about moving away from a nasty tendency to keep repeating the same errors over and over again. Deliberately refusing to choose the good. Each of us has a powerful choice to make here – to let go of old destructive patterns inherent in our genes and handed down for many generations. Destructive of self and others, we have only to release these old patterns slowly and steadily, step by step.

There’s another thing going on, I won’t go into details here, maybe later, about releasing a belief that we have to suffer to transform or to help others. It involves Orpheus who went to rescue his beloved. In the gate of the martyr, Orpheus lives in a place of grief at the imprisonment of his love in the underworld. You see, here is another very powerful story contained within this Cardinal Cross! There’s so many of them, it’s more like an spiritual expo than a full moon. Short note on this: be aware of a tendency to feel good about martyring yourself. Not the right direction just now!