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Shazam: Jupiter and Uranus in the Channel of Initiation

1st February 2011

My overall take on 2011 is that we are in training. For what? I believe we are in training to become Co-Creators. I know that’s a bit of a buzz word, but it’s part of my reality, rather than just some lovely esoteric idea I might enjoy dreaming about. And I believe it’s a very important concept that will be much more a part of the collective consciousness by the end of this year.

Specifically what I see in the transits for 2011 is a series of ongoing opportunities for us to choose to step out of any of the roles we may have cast ourselves in and to grasp the opportunity in each moment to sparkle with life.

No more dwelling in the land of hurt, powerlessness, resentment and all those other delicious forms of victim mentality that have been our playground for so long. We’ve certainly enjoyed them in our own sweet way, but now we get to learn a new game. And it asks us this question repeatedly – How will you perceive this moment differently if you know you truly are master of your own life and destiny?

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011 showing the Heart Centre connecting to the Ji Centre

One of the most significant indicators for this question comes from Jupiter and Uranus moving through the channel of initiation that links the Heart Centre to the Ji Centre. This channel is a profound Aries initiating energy that has us applying our willpower (Heart Centre) to the calling of our soul (Ji Centre).

This is an individual energy with the courage to be part of the collective, maintaining it’s own boundaries of self in the process.

The Heart Centre end of the channel – Gate 51 – is the hexagram of Shock.  It flows on from hexagram 50, which signifies a new beginning.  The double thunder of hexagram 51 shakes everything up, overthrows the old and throws open the gate to the new.

The Ji Centre end of the channel – Gate 25 – the the hexagram of Innocence.  It is about the purity of self that flows from disentangling from the pathways of others and focusing on our own way.  Trying to engage with the pathways of others simply creates (and is caused by) illusion.  This gate holds the profound truth of synchronicity and it’s potential for perfect manifestation when we come from that core purity within us.

Like a Shazam!!  moment, the result of the two gates forming this channel can be a feeling of shock, both physical and emotional.  The purpose of this energy is to propel us out of the victim position of ‘how could this happen to me’ type shock and into an exploration of our power as creators.  What is the germ of creation in this moment for me?  Why have I created this experience for myself?

We move from shock to initation, and from there into greater levels of wisdom.  Life becomes simultaneoulsy simpler and more profound.

The next three months and beyond will be a delicate dance between the two – choosing our unique pathway, recuperating and taking advantage of the Gate 51 doorway as it opens and closes with the transits.

Jupiter and Uranus will both be in Gate 25 from 8th to 12th February 2011.  During this time there is an asteroid called Hephaistos transiting in Gate 51. Hephaistos (already working with Jupiter now in Gate 25) is giving us the faith to heal any shock that has disabled our will, rendering us unable to express our individuality in alignment with our soul.  It operates specifically in regard to abandonment by our mothers and old armour we have carried on our hearts to protect us from the pain of this wound.

Uranus will be in Gate 25 – from 8th February 2011 to 13th March 2012.  Jupiter moves into the adjoining Gate 51 on 2nd April 2011 till 24th April.   During the time we have some very interesting transits by the Sun and Mars, adding to the courage to be an individual idea, this will be a period when it will feel as if the door is being flung open and then suddenly closed again.  Uranus won’t begin it’s own long term transit in Gate 51 until 2015.

It’s of interest that both Pluto and Ceres, transiting together almost exclusively in the Root Centre since 27th December 2010 till tomorrow, and the asteroid Hephaistos, have an effect on our legs, representing our mobility and ability to move in the direction of our own joy and nourishment.  The Root Centre rules the legs and Hephaistos can represent lameness.

It’s also significant that Ceres is exactly conjunct the Sun in Gate 19 today.  This is a gate that has us rejecting others – getting in first so that they don’t get the chance to reject us.  We’re often in deep denial of this process and it can be hard to spot.  Ceres of course represents the specific type of nurturing we required as children and how it’s lack can make us a bit … well, just a touch neurotic.   Gate 19 certainly has it’s neurotic side with it’s need for security and it’s tendency to extreme emotional sensitivity to rejection.

The up side is that it also has a unique sensitivity to delving into our emotional and material needs and how to meet them in conjunction with the rest of the community we call family.

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We’ve got a New Moon coming up tomorrow, as the Sun finally moves out of the Root Centre and into the Ji Centre – Gate 13.

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10:10:10 ~ Stop Trying to Live and Start Living


I saw an advertisement for personal loans in the local paper that read “Whatever you want, get there more quickly.”  It could be the anti-catch phrase for 10.10.10, which would read more like “Whatever you want, get there at exactly the right time and with complete authenticity, integrity and ease.”

I use the Human Design System, a synthesis of the I Ching, the Kaballah, the Chakras and Astrology to map our evolutionary shifts. It gives me a very powerful and precise view of the influences that are shifting and changing within each moment. The transits for 10.10.10 tell us to stop trying, and start living.

Look around you and see what an illusion we have been fed about what we lack in our lives.  The very same illusion that keeps us trying .. and trying .. and trying, until we simply exhausted from the effort and find we have little to show for it anyway.   All that is about to change.

There is something being birthed on our planet.  And there is something dying.  On 10.10.10, there is support for gentle action free of doubt in the direction of the new world we are creating.  We are learning to ride the waves of change, and use them to propel us gracefully forward rather than press us back.

What’s being birthed is our ability to contain our energy within us until the perfect time, and then to act in alignment with our own dreams and visions.  As I write this article, in August 2010,  newly discovered Dwarf Planet Haumea is having a powerful influence, and on 10.10.10 she makes her presence felt even more strongly, because she is conjunct the Sun.  Haumea is the Creator Goddess of Hawaii, and one of her messages is the return of the earth mother as initial creatrix, the feminine energy that brought all matter out of the void.  She represents the authentic feminine energy, untainted by the toxic aspects of patriarchy.

Haumea is holding a space for the birth of a new young masculine energy rising up from the heart of the earth.  He would rather run naked through the forest than put on a suit, he is wild and free and protective of all the earth’s resources and her people.  On 10.10.10 we’ll meet Shamanic Nature God Pan, who steps forward as a new leader, gathering us to a powerful togetherness. The masculine Pan energy is still young on 10.10.10.  He has an instinctive understanding that his strength must align with the earth in order for everyone to prosper, but he will take some time to discover his strength, and how to apply it well.

To add potency to the message of Pan and Haumea, Mars will be in a position of primal power that knows how to work with, rather than against, time. He uses his newly found power to create order and bring peace to the world through an integration rather than separation of elements – human, environmental and commercial.

The Moon and Mars will both pass over an initiating point on 10.10.10 and this indicates the beginning of a new cycle of emotional development for men. There is a stripping away of the falsehood of God The Father as creator, where mother is given the role of passive virgin, and a rising up of the true creative potential of the masculine as it works in synergy with the newly emerging power of the feminine.

What’s dying?  The old worn out and exhausted way of pushing forward relentlessly seeking more growth.  This way of living has become unsustainable because we now feel it’s lack of authenticity so strongly in our day to day lives. This is the old rigid and hierarchical patriarchal energy that acts only to further it’s own interests.  Trying to keep working for the man is simply too exhausting, and one by one we are surrendering to the inevitable  …  it’s not the way forward.

There are dimensional time shifts happening between now and 2012 and when we stay trapped in mechanical time we find time is moving faster and faster, and we with it.  As someone said to me today “I don’t seem to be in charge of my own life anymore.” Tuning in to our own natural rhythm helps shift energy out of the idea of a mechanical universe which is based on outdated scientific ideas from the 17th and 18th century. We are becoming quantum humans and that means we are flow, we are connection. Time is relative, a personally experienced phenomenon rather than something imposed on us.

What’s also dying are all the aspects of ourselves that still doubt we can survive without that old patriarch.  All the tender young inner aspects of self that want to please, placate or pander to bosses, banks, government agencies, teachers, parents and any other authority figures in our lives are frightened by the shift, but prepared to take small steps towards a more mature and independent way of life.  The idea that these ‘authorities’ will protect us and provide for us is being put to rest.  It’s not about rebelling against them, but understanding that our nourishment now lies elsewhere and all that remains is for us to unplug from the energetic hold those ‘authorities’ have may still have in our lives.

Pan and Haumea bring a juicy, sensual and abundant energy that is regenerating us at the physical and soul levels, It’s an earth based abundance and it feels unfamiliar, scary, but at the same time tantalising and irresistible.  Our challenge is to receive what they are offering us, to let go of our attachment to beliefs of unworthiness, struggle and pain.

On 10.10.10 the Sun shines a light that allows us to be fully present in the moment, connected with our cellular or body consciousness, and able to clearly see anything that is limiting us.  It represents the return of a penetrating clarity of judgment that thwarts all hidden motives, uncovers and breaks up intrigues.  This ripples out from a personal knowing, to our relationships and on into our culture.  When this place within us is activated, as it is on 10.10.10, we see things that were previously hidden from us, especially when the Sun is shining his light there!

Our physical bodies are engaged in releasing old worn out DNA patterning that has kept us tied up in ancestral drama and karmic connections. Saturn is shifting our allegiance from worldly “Kings and Lords” to our own souls.   Unattached to our status in the old sense, and claiming our own inner authority, we find a responsibility to our own soul journey brings us most success.  And not just on the spiritual plane, this success is a material one as well.  This includes peeling away the layers of addiction to the glamour of “idle pleasures, amusements and indulgences”.   We learn that true joy is calm, peaceful and needs no hype.

Our social structure is leaving our simplest and most basic needs unsatisfied and causing our bodies and emotions to be unhealthy.   Food that doesn’t nourish us, work that isn’t playfully creative, homes that cost the earth, are made with toxic materials and keep us busy doing housework’ rather than providing us with shelter and sustenance. We are being called to look deep within ourselves for brand new ways of living, being, doing.

We are discovering something within us that is vitally alive, a literally inexhaustible wealth. Energies within us that have been demonised, isolated and cut off are returning to consciousness.

The Goddess Nike conjunct Mercury is letting us know that when we ‘just do it’, without checking in with our intuition and emotional responses we are probably getting it horribly wrong.  If we don’t experience an easy and natural enthusiasm to act, to move, to engage, then the time isn’t right.  Life is not about a stress-fuelled constant growth or movement in one direction only.  It’s a dance with the natural cycles that encompass light and dark, breathing in and breathing out, sprouting, growing, blooming and bearing fruit, pruning and reshaping. We find an equilibrium through creating a life that has no excess and no insufficiency.  We don’t need to lose our heads and be swept up by unfavourable conditions or circumstances which up till  now we felt were beyond our control. We maintain our inner light so strongly that any darkness in our lives perishes because there is nothing left for it to feed on.

Between now and 10.10.10 we are on a pathway of finding our own authentic responses to life.  Inspiration (mind), intuition (body) and emotions – all of these inform us so strongly that we are able to fully embody our spirit, grounded and connected.  Our bodies are coming to life.  Our emotions are informing us rather than overwhelming us.  We have created a sense of inner freedom so that consciously tuning into our intuition no longer threatens our survival by pitting us against ‘the system’ but calls us to the joyful adventure of more life and more love.

It’s important to let go of our addiction to excessive movement and growth, to breathe in the nourishment that life offers in the simplicity and purpose of each moment.  If we are anxious to advance ourselves, the active masculine principle will operate without being properly informed.   Getting the balance right is what stabilises us and allows us to contain and express our essence in the world without confusion or interference.

Although it might appear that we are in a phase of massive destruction, we are actually shifting into our co-creative roles.  Going within becomes a creative rather than destructive experience, because ‘within’ is now filling with light and love and joy.  It’s that light, love and joy that guides us surely on our own unique pathway.  We breathe easy and connect without fear from that place, no longer needing to guard ourselves because we have our own inner wisdom fully operational – our inspiration, our intuition and our emotions.  This is a powerful multi-awareness that is master of time and space.  It knows where, it knows when, it knows how and it knows who.

Business ~ But Not As Usual

Athena’s lost mother, Metis Goddess of Wisdom, will be conjunct the Moon on 10.10.10.  Also joining them is Pax – a version of Athena who’s head was on all Roman coins.  This suggests a return to more lunar or feminine aspects of wealth creation, where we find our financial security in connecting with our feminine wisdom.  Remember the earth based Pan?  He now holds power over money, the gate that indicates who controls the resources. He is the planetary protector of our earthly resources.

We are able to accumulate great strength and wealth and further our achievements in an unprecedented alignment with our authenticity.  In the past, when we have moved forward too quickly it’s as if we were looking for something in the wrong place, as if we’d turned up to catch the 4pm train at 2.30pm and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t waiting for us at the station.  We have felt inadequate, humiliated even, as our efforts hve failed again and again, and we pushed forward ahead of our natural strength and lost touch with our natural abundance and ease. We can now make progress by letting go of false self confidence and manufactured enthusiasm, caused by believing we succeed by having to push out beyond our own power.

The Moons Nodes suggest that on 10.10.10 we may feel like hanging back too far, as if to balance having pushed too far ahead of ourselves for so long.  It’s as if we don’t quite know how to use our new found connection and power.  We still doubt ourselves.  We can get caught up in feeling angry about the past. This is a trap that binds up our body and keeps us in the old energy.  Our natural impulse on 10.10.10 is to express our joy in living, in being in a physical body, in connecting with others deeply, intuitively, divinely.  The circuitry of the transits suggest that we will have a strong sense of what is possible for us in the future, an intuitive knowing of which possibilities will work out for us.

Business becomes a sharing of joy and love that co-creates prosperity rather than a way to make money.

Magdalena and Toro bring immense power on 10.10.10 although if we try to throw our weight around we’ll land back on our butts.  Like the famous Tao yin/yang symbol, feminine intuition and masculine action must tumble one over the other, creating the wheel of life in a partnership of mutual trust, equality and respect.


10.10.10 brings a new energy to relationships, a new way to move through conflict that looks at the big picture view and so eschews selfish and individual motives. We see our relationships as a co-creative dance rather than a way to have our needs met. This is not about compromising ourselves, quite the opposite. It’s about dissolving conflict by finding a more expansive, warm, loving and intimate connection with each other based on mutual understanding.

Lilith and Vesta are bringing us the intuitive guidance to find values that support our sacred truth. Venus and new dwarf planet Quaoar allow us to clear old family patterns that perhaps we haven’t even been aware of till now, but that have nonetheless intruded on our intimate relationships. This is a new type of dance that requires us to take a step towards the other only when the time is right, and then to wait for their response. In this way we co-create self respect and self worth independent of the approval of our significant other.

Mars and Eros come together, teaching us the language of erotic love and vivid life. On 10.10.10 men will be looking for something new in their relationships, but some still don’t really understand where to look. Zeus, the mythological philanderer, is taking some time to delve deeply into his pattern of behaviour and may decide to take some time out to get his act together. Yet another new dwarf planet, Makemake, has been working for 3 years now to help us find new gentler and more celebratory ways to come together. Makemake is totally in favour of a free female expression of sexuality and eroticism, and has no connections with the old ideas of ownership and control. His effect on our masculine energy is simply one of immense enjoyment of being alive and free of oppression.

The old cultural construct of relationship is dissolving from our DNA so that it’s not even a twinkle in our eye anymore. We are rediscovering our equality, rejoicing in our ability to give and receive without limit, leveraging the power of two or more. In this way we free up more than our emotions and sexual energy. We break through ego barriers that have kept us isolated and shut down, we revitalize ourselves at the very core of our being.


The new dwarf planets currently being activated are named not for the old gods of Greece and Rome, but are Creator Gods and Goddesses of the Pacific. They are acting as a bridge for us to move from seeing change as potentially destructive and painful to understanding that it’s about dancing with universal creation. Haumea is Creator Goddess of Hawaii, Makemake is Creator God of Rapa Nui also known as Easter Island, and Quaoar is Creator God of the Tongva tribe, the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin, sometimes called the San Gabrielino Native Americans.

Each one of them represents a return to dance as a method of creation, dancing life into being, dancing with life to create life.   Each one of them represents a life more free, more joyful and more juicy than what we have become accustomed to in the past. Each time we choose to dance with these energies we strengthen the bridge for all humanity to shift from destruction to creation.

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Kim Gould is the founder of Love Your Design and creator of the EvolutionaryMatrix System.  She is an internationally recognised Evolutionary Coach working with many consciousness tools including the Human Design System, since 2003.  You can get her regular evolutionary updates at

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Altjira ~ The Sky God Lands on Earth


25th August 2008

This is a post I’ve rescued from a previous blog, because I wanted to reacquaint with Altjira.  As I write this, on 24th August 2010, Altjira is still in Gate 20 (line 5 – 4 degrees Gemini) and creating a channel with Haumea (57) and Pluto (10).

The flood of new planetary bodies in astrology is an indication of the flood of new consciousness currently overwhelming us.

As Venus and Mercury sit atop the asteroid Makemake, named for a South Pacific creator god, a new asteroid was named on the weekend after an Aboriginal Australian god.  Having exhausted the traditional northern hemisphere heritage, astronomers are searching down under for inspiration.

This new asteroid has been named Altjira and it sits in Gate 20, which creates a channel with Pluto. Not a bad way to make an entrance into the earthly plane of existence, especially when this channel supports us to love ourselves, to be ourselves without question, to live in the moment and trust that we are perfect.

Altjira himself is a bit of a mystery (as much of Australian Aboriginal culture is).

He was a creator god of the desert tribes of central Australia.  He is said to have created the earth and then retired to the sky, indifferent to the earthly plane, and left further work to those lesser gods who remained.  As Altjira is a father type god, I was intrigued by the notion of him standing back and letting the ‘kids’ get on with their lives without interference.  A sort of deeply trusting and loving space that would allow the natural growth of free will and sovereignty.

I am quite taken by a comic book version, who appeared while people slept and created chaos for them to deal with when they awoke.  That seems to tie in nicely about now, with all sorts of subterranean material floating to the surface of our consciousness.  the comic version could shape shift and had many other hidden super powers that were never revealed.  I know just how he feels.

The mythological Altjira is often described as otiose.  Which means?  Yeah I had to look it up too.  It means ineffective, futile, indolent and of no use. I’m wondering who added this description and why.  He created the earth.  How is that indolent and ineffective?  I have my ideas about that actually.  Many people are feeling right now that they are absolutely exhausted from waiting for humanity to finally GET IT!  Having ‘worked’ with passion and integrity for decades, they have had a constant experience of being considered flaky, ineffective, ungrounded and of no great use to anyone.

Like Altjira, these people are being called back to earth (into the ‘real world’) right now to demonstrate the truth of love on the earth plane, in the physical body and in day to day life.  Living on this level of density is excrutiating for many.  It’s excrutiating for everyone, it’s just that some are living so completely in the truth of love that they KNOW it’s excrutiating.  Others completely suppress the knowing. There’s many, many people at various points on the continuum.

Which gets me, finally, to my point.  This is a connect the dots type of point so stay with me.  (Pretty appropriate since aboriginal art traditionally uses many dots to create an image).

Human Design Transit Chart 25 August 2008

Jupiter is doing a square dance with Eris.  Eris is in the Ego Centre.  As is Saturn.  Eris is the Goddess of Discord and she sits in a place where we build an identity based on what we possess – people, houses, cars, clothes, academic qualifications, jobs.  She sits in a place where we believe everything can be bought if we have the price in cold hard cash. The guy with the money gets the girl.

As your ability to create a life based on this old paradigm slips through your fingers, this type of possession-based identity is no longer available to us.  It is likely that your sense of identity is shifting so fast and hard now that you are losing a sense of what’s real.

Jupiter will not allow us to expand beyond the new structures being created by Saturn and the new structures are coming from within us, from our hearts.

Holding on tightly will just give you sore fingers.  This gate encourages us to look beyond the economy, to look beyond the material world and to find, amidst the discord and chaos, what is real and what creates our personal sense of power.

I can barely write about this energy because it is so strong so I’m trying to set it out simply and then maybe I can explain it better over the next week or so.

Be aware that this point is crucial to how you will proceed in life over the next few months.  As synchronicity appears to desert us and we are thrown more and more back onto our own inner resources, you can ALWAYS find what you need if you go within yourself.

I had to drive around town FOUR TIMES!! to get a parking spot over the weekend.  This from the woman who a few weeks ago drove into town during a huge festival with an influx of 15,000 people in our small village and parked right outside the place where I needed to meet my son.  Yesterday I was like, excuse me???  My head was spinning with the chaotic nature of not being able to park my car where I needed.  And the great thing was that it showed me how much I had come to take this level of ease for granted.  It will return, but apparent synchronicity is not proof right now that you’re on the right track.  Go within and check into your heart, that’s where you’ll find your direction.

Never believe that your inner self is ineffective, lazy, indolent or futile.  It is, as I have been saying, of immense power.  Saturn is building new life structures that will hold our new identities, our new hearts of love, safe and well.  Trust that what you feel within you is more real that what is breaking up and flying free around you.  That is the old world leaving stage left.  You still have many wonderful scenes to play.

Mars is still hovering in the vicinity of powerful multidimensional black holes that warp and shift our consciousness about how to get from point A to point B.  The old pathways no longer work so we need to take one step after another and create new ones.  Anger arises from old material still held in our psyche, but it is not useful except to show where we have been allowing ourselves to be disrespected in the past.  Remember, Mars is still sitting in the upper echelons of the Heart Chakra, telling us that what appears obvious, is neither obvious nor even true anymore.

Relationships with people and money are nonsensical just now, shifting so far from the known that we are lost without a compass.  With Chiron, the sensitive wounded part of us, still in the Heart Chakra, the energy is emotional.  Stay well and happy in the  moment.  That’s the truth for now.  Cherish each other.  Connect with the truth of the earth and nature.  We are creating a new world, with some help from Altjira the emu-footed Sky God.

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A Day of Massive Integration

Does it feel like you’re being sucked into a whirlpool? Or perhaps racing down a ravine on a flimsy raft? Both of these images make sense.

Apart from the obvious – Cosmic Cross, sitting between two eclipses – we have lots of dwarf planet and black hole action going on. Plus Mars and Venus are playing out an ancient story right before our eyes. Let’s go have a closer look.

Our galaxy revolves around the sun. Which revolves around the Galactic Centre. Which itself revolves around the Super Galactic Centre. Wheels within wheels. And then we have the super massive black hole called The Great Attractor. So what?

All three black holes are impacting hugely upon us right now.

Let’s start with the Galactic Centre. In the Human Design Chart it’s in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11, which is about Heaven and Earth coming together. And sitting right there keeping it company just now is the very important dwarf planet, Ceres.

The Galactic Centre is like a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks out all your old subconscious ideas and replaces them with new ones. We simply have to look at the planet making contact with it to see what kind of ideas are getting removed and to know what they’re getting replaced with. Ceres represents the places within us that haven’t been nurtured and nourished, plus loss and grief, and anything to do with food.

This pressures us to release old ideas that don’t feel good and to learn new ways of thinking about ourselves and our lives. Thinking nurturing thoughts, releasing grief at not being loved.

Moving through space and time, we arrive at the Super Galactic Centre and find …. Saturn! In the Human Design Chart the Super Galactic Centre is in Gate 46 in the G Centre. The Super Galactic Centre wants us to find a soul mate. Not in the romantic sense and not even necessarily in the love sense. It wants us to have stable loving and creative relationships, starting with our relationship with ourselves.

This is the Gate of Pushing Upwards and it’s story is that of a seedling pushing up through the soil towards the light and warmth of the sun. The seedling doesn’t really know where it’s headed or what it will find when it gets there.  All it knows is that it must make the effort and it must move towards warmth and light.  Saturn helps us release old self imposed limitations to relating, peeling off heart armouring, and supports us to build solid stable and supportive long term loving creative relationships.

And The Great Attractor?  It’s in the Sacral Centre in Gate 5, Waiting for Nourishment.  And it’s joined by a Centaur called Ixion.   Eric Francis describes Ixion quite eloquently as “a total asshole”. Astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza makes this revealing comment:

“… at the least [Ixion] would also seem to be related to the suppression, manipulation, and the exploitation of women. And more specifically about those in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the the tyrannical destruction of people for one’s own end.”

To his credit, Ixion appears to be using the immense power of The Great Attractor to reveal the way in which a certain sort of powerful, authoritarian asshole has been operating to our detriment right under our very eyes. Even to the point of having us play a part in our own destruction.   It’s as if the oil spill has drawn massive attention and now we are all on a path of unravelling, being drawn into The Great Attractor’s energy field with no hope of escaping until the story is complete.

So that’s the black holes.  But with all that going on, they are only part of the story.  Remember the Cardinal Cross?  It’s gotten bigger.  Crosser?  Because Pluto has now joined all the other players in the G Centre.  Jupiter and Uranus, Saturn and Pluto – three of the four points of the Cross (Jupiter and Uranus are both at one point) – are in the G Centre, which is all about the way we connect to each other.

8th July 2010

8th July 2010

Have a look at the connections in the chart today.   If we add in the dwarf planets Ceres, Haumea and Eris, we have a connection from Root to Ajna with the Spleen Centre included as well.   Let’s take account of Vesta in Gate 64 in the Crown,  dwarf planets Orcus and Makemake in 59/6 connecting the Sacral Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre, and the Centaur Bienor (the Strong Man) in Gate 51 – Shock – bringing in the Heart Centre and we have all 9 centres activated without having to resort to anything beyond the very sigificant cosmic players.

I’m not going to try to go over all the aspects, because it would make our brains explode on this amazing day.  Let’s just leave it this overview.

It may feel like something beloved is being removed from our lives, although we may not know what it is.  We may feel as if we are heading into a personal dark night or a global apocalypse.  This is Ceres demanding her dues as Earth, potentially releasing an outpouring of emotional energy (via Makemake and Orcus in the Solar Plexus emotional centre).    If we want to be a part of this earth play, we have to acknowledge our part in it.  We do this through our bodies and this brings Venus into the picture.

In the Feminine Mojo Teleseries, Venus was a revelation, a powerful new influence, re-emerging into our lives.  Both light and dark, morning and night.  In the Sacral Centre just now she takes hold of our energy and demands we use it in her service, and this may involve going into a personal dark night on the way to our own new dawn.  Venus tells us that we cannot live without love and beauty.  Ceres allows us to grieve for the times we have had to do so.

It drives me crazy when I read that a Venus transit means we’re going to feel lazy and spend too much money!  How this trivialises us!  Lazy is the new creative!   Money is the new abundance!   No more slavery to the protestant work ethic and doing without so that a handful of powerful people can suck up all our earthly goodness for themselves.

There is rising up a joyful, erotic and loving energy from this womb-like depth.   It is unsinkable.  It’s is unstoppable.  It’s a Venusian force of nature.  As Venus tells us in The Abyss (gate 29) we only have to flow with the rushing river through the abyss to reach the ocean.  We don’t need to try to heroically climb the sides of the ravine, or struggle to move rocks that appear to obstruct us.  It’s all in the flow and letting the water carry us on.

Mars in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion is instrumental for the next few days.  He is making us angry and overwhelmed.  He is probably making our head spin as he asks us to dig into our anger to dicsover the point at which it transforms to become our passion.

This is not a time to repress your rage, the world needs your fire to protect what’s rightly yours.  And mine.  And ours.   It’s the key to moving out of thoughts that will otherwise cause our own extinction.    Mars is bringing wild dreams of destruction, blood, and release from servitude.

The next eclipse is going to happen right on top of Eris, so we’ll leave her till then.  Take it easy today and enjoy the birthing of an amazing new world of creative connection, love and an erotic sensual expression of life!

rolled gold

Cardinal Cross ~ Take 3

If you’re feeling a bit dizzy or disoriented, exhausted or pumped up and having trouble sleeping, put it down to the black hole activity contained within the Cardinal Cross. We’re just about there – it will be most exact on 26th June.

Black holes? Well as Philip Sedgwick pointed out on the Love Your Design Radio Show this week, Saturn is square the Galactic Centre as are Jupiter and Uranus. The Galactic Centre is fixed in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11.5 of the Human Design chart. The Galactic Centre sends out infrared rays that pressure the mind to release old material, so as to allow room for new ideas to flood in. It works on both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Cardinal Cross 26th June 2010

Follow me down the chart here.  You won’t see most of this on the chart.  In true gate 61 fashion, it’s not visible but is nonetheless very present in our reality!

With Lilith, Logos and Typhon in the Crown Chakra gate 61, we are receiving new and inspired information that opens us up to thinking more rationally (Logos) about the roles assigned to us (Lilith) and to pull back our ancient power of magic (Typhon).

Moving down to Ajna Gate 24 we have a black hole NGC 1068 (in line 2) that suggests we dive deep into our oceanic nature, but remember to surface with the treasure! Sitting right there on NGC 1068 is the asteroid Rhea. Now for those who aren’t that well acquainted with Rhea, she was the Mother of the Olympians, daughter of Gaia (earth) and Uranus (sky).

Before her Greek incarnation she was a mother goddess from Crete, usually shown as driving a great chariot pulled by two lions. Those interested in the tarot may recognise a version of The Chariot symbol here. The Chariot indicates change, but also being pulled in two directions or having to bring together the dark and the light, the conscious and subconscious mind. The lion represents the process of coming into our own power through taking control of the subconscious self.

Gate 24 is about coming back to where we began and finding ourselves in a new place. We have considered something long enough that we have found a new inspired and empowered way to approach it. As “The Turning Point” it is perhaps the most famous hexagram in the I Ching.

Let’s continue on down through the Ajna Centre to Gate 11, where we find the Galactic Centre (line 5) and dwarf planet Ceres (line 4). If the Galactic Centre is pulling out old programming, Ceres tells us that this programming must have something to do with how we nourish ourselves.

Another very important aspect of Ceres is the grief at the loss of the young and innocent.

This aspect of Ceres is important because Orpheus, rescuer of the innocent Eurydike from the underworld, is in Gate 10.3 –  drawing attention to our own wounds by engaging in martyred behaviour. And the particular behaviour we are engaging in as an act of martydom just now seems to be trying to rescue others.

The act of rescue is itself an attempt to show that something innocent and vulnerable within you needs rescue.

We project the innocent out onto another and seek to rescue them because we have no clue how to rescue ourselves.  It keeps us busy, but isn’t particularly effective! Subtle, but keep an eye on that one in your life, it’s potentially a very powerful shift that’s available to us.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct on the Aries point in the Gate of the Innocent, so you can see how as we move around the chart, that particular theme of innocence is connecting up in a powerful way.

So, we are still making our way down from the Crown and we got to Gate 11. Next we have Gate 56 at the Throat. This is an interesting gate. In the I Ching it is the Wanderer, and explains to us the best way to behave when we are in strange and unfamiliar lands. People with this gate tend to feel that they landed on the wrong planet and just have to make the best of it.

As I realised while talking to Philip Sedgwick this week, they feel this way because their Gate 56 is channeling the voice of the Galactic Centre in Gate 11, which is directly above it. And the Galactic Centre is sending in a humungous amount of new information all the time. New as in … I’m sorry I don’t quite understand what you’re saying, but come back to me in a few years time and I may have caught up with you.

In Gate 56 we find the asteroids Nemesis and Ophelia. Nemesis says … I can’t get my life together because this one thing keeps going wrong.

Ophelia represents unrequited love, but also where we give our power away to another (usually a man as in Hamlet or her father Polonius) and so lose touch with our own desires.

How are Nemesis and Ophelia channeling the voice of the Galactic Centre in this Cardinal Cross?

Giving our power away creates a feeling that something in our lives keeps going wrong and it makes us feel like an alien, the only one who can’t figure out how to make this life work! Again, subtle stuff and I expect this may take a while to come up to the surface but if you observe carefully you’re likely to spot it.

I had a discussion with a friend yesterday about the pressure I was feeling to get my part of a joint project done. She wasn’t at all worried and I realised I that I was being a martyr (Orpheus in 10) by pushing myself in ways that didn’t feel good (Lilith and Ceres), and giving away my power (Ophelia in 56) to her, thinking that she had it all together at her end (gate 56).

When I got her email response saying ‘everything’s fine with me’, the pressure came off and I realised it was all my projection of an old belief that others set the pace for me. Hence I’m always out of time (Nemesis, the unseen ‘wound’). And unable to nourish myself well (Ceres) or experience my own innocent connection with life (gate 25). See if you can find it in your own life.

So that’s the Galactic Centre. But wait, there’s more black hole activity because Saturn is approaching a conjunct with the Super Galactic Centre, in the G Centre in Gate 46.

Much of what we’ve talked about has to do with how we relate to others.  And this is absolutely crucial to this Cardinal Cross.  The Super Galactic Centre sits at 1 degree Libra and speaks to us of new ways of relating.  We are letting go of the energetic hooks we have spent eons digging into each other.  That’s an old tribal energy.  The family that struggles together, stays together!

Remember, the Full Moon that accompanies this Cardinal Cross is conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Joy in the ROOT CENTRE! This is not so much a heart energy as a ‘be here now in your physical body’ energy.  It is shaking our survival instincts to the core and it does so because it wants us to know – we are safe.  The time for tribal bonding that involves manipulation and power struggles is gone.  Each one of us stands alone, and together we make up the world!

Saturn says we can only build strong and enduring relationships when we treat our body as the temple of the soul.  It’s interesting that this is the take Philip Sedgwick has on the Super Galactic Centre and it ties right in with one interpretation of Gate 46.   Embodiment is the name of the game and when we are clear and grounded and present, we relate in an entirely different way.  There is a tremendous leveraging of the power of the universe in this and from this new stable relationship base we create a new reality.

I’ll leave you with Pluto in the Root Centre, right on the point of the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, who says:

Joy must be based on steadfastness.  Truth and strength must dwell in the heart, revealing gentleness in our dealings with others.  In this way we achieve something wonderful together.

(You may have noticed that my site looks a bit dodgy!  It’s still under construction so enjoy what’s here and what’s to come.)


Cardinal Cross – Part 2


I was so very excited this morning to upload my new wordpress theme and begin to add content.  But the slideshow isn’t showing up so it all looks a bit dull for now.  It won’t stay that way!  And the sidebars are still in their original format, but that too will change over the next few days.

As the Cardinal Cross is nearly upon us, I’m pleased to have a blog back.

If your life feels tumultuous just now, here’s the good news. The invisible is becoming visible. This is what we have been working for, hoping for, holding on for. The world is changing because you and I have stayed true to ourselves against all odds. This is way beyond a few tweaks to the economy and some oily housekeeping. We are breaking through to a new dimension. Let me explain.

You’ll remember that we have a Cardinal Cross coming up on 26th June, coinciding with a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

While the Sun and Moon will be in the Root Centre on the Full Moon, the G Centre has it’s own powerful story. Like a resonant force thrumming out a new geometry of life, it sits in the centre of our chart, the centre of your chest, and it’s undergoing a major transformation. And whenever the G Centre shifts, so does your sense of self. Mostly you climb a little bit higher up the ladder of multidimensional consciousness and gather a bigger piece of your highest potential into your human reality.

21st December 2012

Today, the Sun and Earth are activating the G Centre, and will continue to do so till the 25th June. There’s a channel that runs from the G Centre down to the Sacral Centre. That’s Belly to Heart. It’s made up of Gates 5 (belly) and 15 (heart). Those gates both have something to do with time and how we experience it. This is also the only channel that is activated in the chart for 21st December 2012.

Physicist Katya Walters says that 3 dimensions of space and only 1 dimension of time create the 4 dimensional world most of us take for granted, and that we need 2 more dimensions of time to balance things out. In space we have a dot (1st dimension). We have a line (2nd dimension). We have a solid shape like maybe a cube (3rd dimension).

In time we have only the one dimension – past, present and future – always headed in incremental steps in one direction. You and I already know that this isn’t a true reflection of reality. We’ve known it since we were children. Maybe we discovered it when we were daydreaming and lost all sense of time. Maybe when we were stuck in a classroom on a sunny day and it felt like hours passed us by when it was only a few minutes.

As adults we know that we can use our imagination to return to our childhood, or to imagine the future. We have also recently discovered that we can change the future by our thoughts, creating our own reality. Those of us who work with healing energy know we can support one person to heal and whole family units shift as a result.

So our one dimension of time would be equivalent to the 2nd dimension of space – the line. Which means we are evolving into a perception of the other two – the dot and the cube. The dot probably represents being present in the moment and the cube represents creating our own reality. That’s how I see it.

This is not idle speculation. This is global shift at the level of material reality. Back to the Human Design transit chart – Gate 15 represents a connection with the larger cycles, with things like Sedna who takes 10,000 years to orbit the Sun. Gate 5 gives us Earth based cycles – the daily rhythm of the sun and moon, the seasonal cycles. When we bring the two together we get a coherent reality that holds the seeds of oneness within it.

This is the core of the 2012 prophecy – the point of singularity, the end of duality.

This cardinal cross is literally shoving us into a greater alignment with the larger scale of reality. Mercury is in Gate 15 with Cyllarus and Hades. When Hades surfaces during a transit, we find our attention drawn to where we have chosen divorce material concerns from deeper spiritual realities. Our value systems are therefore shallow, and don’t reflect truth.

“Here are the places, people, situations where fine and stylish clothing and an MBA degree are less than useless.” (Blake Finchley) During the Cardinal Cross on 26th June, Hades tells us to speak only from a full heart. Anything else is false. And anything else divorces us from our own personal deeper spiritual realities. And also from the powerful influence of the new Dwarf Planets we are encountering – beyond Pluto is a much larger scale of reality indeed and it’s calling us to partake of it’s adventure.

The Centaur is sitting directly conjunct Mercury. This invokes the spirit of John Lennon, who had Cyllarus conjunct his Sun. Here we find the wounded peace warrior, cut down for no good reason. We can only tune in and fully embrace life on the physical plane, rather than drop out, when we are prepared to make the small ongoing changes that we need in order to avoid bad things happening out of nowhere. The idea of flowing through life is a romantic idea, but it takes immense courage.

Mercury and Cyllarus are in this position (15.5):

“Modesty is not to be confused with a weak good nature that let’s things take their own course. When you hold a responsible position, you must at times resort to energetic measures.”

In the adjoining Gate 5 we have the Great Attractor. It’s a supermassive black hole, the biggest, and it’s in a fixed position in line 3. We also have Pholus and Ixion. Now Pholus conjunct the Great Attractor is a big enough event. It means that every tiny little thing you do is magnified, either into more chaos or into order. You choose. Ixion talks about moving away from a nasty tendency to keep repeating the same errors over and over again. Deliberately refusing to choose the good. Each of us has a powerful choice to make here – to let go of old destructive patterns inherent in our genes and handed down for many generations. Destructive of self and others, we have only to release these old patterns slowly and steadily, step by step.

There’s another thing going on, I won’t go into details here, maybe later, about releasing a belief that we have to suffer to transform or to help others. It involves Orpheus who went to rescue his beloved. In the gate of the martyr, Orpheus lives in a place of grief at the imprisonment of his love in the underworld. You see, here is another very powerful story contained within this Cardinal Cross! There’s so many of them, it’s more like an spiritual expo than a full moon. Short note on this: be aware of a tendency to feel good about martyring yourself. Not the right direction just now!