The Heart of Pluto and the Edge of the Cosmos

I woke this morning to wonderful new photos of Pluto.



If you missed the story, NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons has been en route to the Kuiper Belt since January 2006.  Last night my time, it took the first of a series of photographs of Pluto. Astronomers are excited, because this is the first actual evidence of what the surface of Pluto looks like. Every picture you and I have ever seen of Pluto until now has been an artists impression. (Ditto for dinosaurs by the way).

And wow, look at that heart shape!  I’ve always known Pluto has heart, despite his reputation as an underworld kind of character.

Did you know that Pluto is a dual planet?  He has a twin called Charon, and they spin around each other. Here’s another pic of them together, although this one has been colourised, possibly to make the artists at NASA who can no longer draw Pluto they way they see him feel a bit better.


There’s two reasons why I’m excited about this.


The First Beat of a New Global Heart 

Today, just as these photos were being beamed at the speed of light (yes, it’s true, it only takes them 4 hours to get here!) the Nodes shifted into an monumental alignment that activates the Global Soul Heart. You can read more about that here. At the same time, Mars was sitting directly opposite Pluto, right across the other side of the Root Centre – Pluto in 38 and Mars in 39. These are gates about struggling on alone, fighting our way to survival. They are the quintessential survival of the most cunning individual kind of energy. So Pluto is turning up right at this time to say .. hey, have a heart! Life is an adventure and we need to do it together!

Interestingly, this mission is not just about Pluto but what’s beyond him. In the Kuiper Belt. The first planet we found out beyond Pluto was Eris and she’s all about learning to work together as a team. So let’s stop taking sides, finding fault and opposing each other to make ourselves feel better.

Where Do We Grow From Here? 

We used to believe Pluto was a line between our home (our solar system) and the vast uncaring and unknown realm of deep space. We had life here, and out there was nothingness. It turns out that there is so much life ‘out there’ we barely have time to keep up with the discovery of exoplanets and dwarf plants and new galaxies.

In the past few hundred years, the discovery of new planets has coincided with expansions of consciousness.  Uranus brought electricity. Neptune the spiritualist movement. Pluto came along at the same time as the nuclear era. These are not synchronicities, but co-evolvement of human consciousness and nature.

So, when we believed Pluto, with his orbit of 284 years, was the edge of our solar system, our concept of the edge of consciousnss was all about transformation through life and death and rebirth. No pain no gain, suffering leads to wisdom, etc. We had to make our trip to the underworld in order to grow.

In 2006 we discovered Sedna, with an orbit in excess of 12,000 years. Now that is a sudden expansion!  The planets in the Kuipter Belt are all named after creation deities. Their nature is not about the struggle between life and death, but all about the dance of creation. I believe that Pluto’s heart message to us is this:

We do not have to struggle and suffer to survive. Life is a dance of creation when we anchor into our soul hearts. We are a part of a profound natural world, and our spirits can live here without pain when we are ready to do so. There is a truth here that comes from direct experience and has nothing to do with the narrative of man made culture. We are renewing our culture and we are doing so from love for ourselves and each other. 

We are stepping into a new world, a new culture and a new experience of being human.


Emotions and the Nature of Us


We all know what emotions feel like, but have you ever wondered what they are?  If I asked you to describe them you might use words like happy and sad, but if you met someone from the planet Zacindara and they asked you to explain emotions …  what would you say?

Emotions have had a bad rap since the ancient Greeks decided the human race would better prosper if they separated reason from passion.  Those pesky emotions were just getting in the way of clear rational thinking.

Then along came the Cartesian world, where machines became a model for the brain and our minds got temporarily trapped in a framework of signals and switches.  If both you and a computer could both work out that 2 + 2 = 4, then your mind must be just like a computer.  By the middle of last century cognitive scientists had become purists of rational and logical thought.  Topics like memory, perception and intuition were wiped from the mental realm.




But then, something shifted.  Studies began to show strange results.  Like, this – if people don’t know why they are doing something, they will just made up reasons that seem logical, and believe completely in those reasons.  So I might think I bought that ice cream as a reward for working out so hard this morning.  Really I was feeling sad and needed some comfort food. If I don’t acknowledge and feel my sadness then I don’t know why I bought the ice cream and I have to make up a readon that seems logical.

Scientists have recently discovered that up to 95% of our cognitive function happens under our conscious awareness.  Here was the ghost in the machine, and for decades it had to operate on the fringe of science.

Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio threw the cat amongst the pigeons when he wrote about his patient Elliot in his book Descartes Error in 1994.  Elliot was an intelligent man, coherent and charming.  But, Elliot had a brain tumour which had damaged his frontal lobe tissue and effectively prevented him from feeling emotions.   As a result, although Elliot could think things through rationally he was completely unable to make appropriate and meaningful decisions.  When Damasio asked Elliot to book a time for his next appointment, Elliot could literally spend hours going over the possibilities.   This may feel familiar to you!

It turns out that clear thinking wasn’t so rational after all.  Without our emotions we are all just making stuff up and believing it. We’ve taken on the mantra that those evil emotions are what make us feel out of control, hysterical, irrational, unreliable.  We are still at least partially convinced that they overwhelm our rational responses to life and should be treated with suspicion.  And so we have ingeniously found many ways to prevent ourselves feeling them.

What became very clear from Damasio’s work with Elliot is that our emotions are critical to good decision making.  We are literally lost without them!   So while we block our emotions in fear of what might arise if we allow ourselves to feel them, we are actually preventing ourselves making the best decision possible.  Often when we feel overwhelmed by our emotions it’s not because we have so much emotion, or even so many emotions.  It’s just the same emotional energy going around and around in the small space where we’ve stashed it away.  When we take some time to tune in, we get incredibly useful information that’s very personal and intimately related to the issues we are facing.  With an undefined Solar Plexus Centre it means we are probably trying to sort out someone else’s emotional issues and we simply don’t have the equipment to process it!

Scientist Candace Pert went beyond the cat amongst the pigeons and dropped a bomb on the neuroscientific universe when she proved the existence of neuropeptides.  These miraculous molecules ignored the supposed blood brain barrier and reduced the idea of mind as boss of the body to the fiction it always was.  The body has a mind of it’s own, and that mind needs access to our emotions in order to function effectively.


The Solar Plexus Centre

Whether you have a defined or undefined Solar Plexus Centre, emotions are an important part of your makeup.  When you have a defined Solar Plexus centre your emotions are designed to flow through your body, without attachment to the ups and downs.  I have learnt to say to myself ‘it’s okay to feel this way‘ when I’m on the cusp of experiencing difficult emotions.  It helps me relax into them and know that I’m okay.  There is an uncertainty that comes from the emotional wave that is anxious about where it might be leading us.  Is it somewhere safe and comfortable?  Will I learn something about myself that I simply don’t want to know?  Will it bring up challenges we can’t meet?  Will we get what we want?  Or crash into disappointment again?

For those with undefined Solar Plexus Centres it can be hard to realise that the rest of us are designed for emotion.  What is  healthy and even life-giving for the defined Solar Plexus Centre is draining and often irrelevant for the undefined Solar Plexus Centre.   What feels out of control for the undefined Solar Plexus is normal for the defined Solar Plexus and the best thing you can do is leave them to it.  Don’t jump in the deep emotional water, because you’re not designed to be there.  And remember, you amplify the emotional energy, so what you are feeling is much stronger than the people around you are experiencing.  You can sit back and observe the emotional landscape objectively.  If you need to clarify your own emotions, move into a clear auric space (go for a walk, or into another room) ground yourself, take some deep breathes and see what’s happening for you.

If you have an undefined Solar Plexus Centre and a defined Ji Centre, remember that emotions are not the same as unconditional love.  You can’t transform them from messy personal feelings into the collective energy of the Ji.  You just have to let them be what they are.

Whether we are defined or undefined, our emotions are a key to something very personal.  They form an important link between you and the collective, because they lead you on the right path, your unique pathway.

When we trust and pay attention to our emotions they always give us useful information.  They tell us stories about who we are, how we relate to the world.  They are fundamental to keeping ourselves safe in the world, to creating a life we love and to resourceful healthy relating.  They are intimate, deep and hold keys to your most profound wounds in this life.  Even though it doesn’t always feel that way, they are a personal source of wisdom guiding us faithfully on our unique  life path.

One question I get asked a lot is how to get in touch with our emotions.  What if we just can’t feel our feelings?  As we saw above, emotions are complex.  They affect every part of us, including our body and our mind.  A good place to start is to look at a list of emotions.


Most of us don’t have any problem feeling pleasure and affection.  The occasional bout of sadness washes over us fairly easily.  It’s the more heavy duty emotions that we tend to suppress – envy, anger, shame, fear,lust. They’re still there, but we overlay them with other things.  We might worry rather than feel our fear.  We may go for a run rather than feel our anger. We might eat pizza rather than admit to our lust.

One of the best ways to get in touch with your feelings is to tune into your body using a technique like yoga nidra or meditation.  Even just laying down on your back with your arms beside your body, palms up, and taking a few deep breaths can release blocked emotions.  Whether you have a defined, undefined or completely open Solar Plexus it’s important to know that there is nothing wrong with your experience of your emotions.  You are not cold or uncaring (the undefined can feel like this at times), nor are you a basketcase (defined solar plexus).  The techniques we’ve all accumulated to deal with emotional difficulties are perfectly sane attempts to deal with this insane world we live in.

As you become familiar with the difference between calm and disturbance, you will begin to recognise the nature of the disturbance.  You can conduct some experiments – what happens if I relax my shoulders?  What happens if I sit still rather than go to the fridge?  What happens if I watch the sunset rather than pick up my phone and take a photograph?

Here are four books that I highly recommend for helping get your emotions unblocked.




You might also like to read How Susan Got Her Wires Crossed – Awareness In Human Design


Can Your Design Change?




People often ask me if their design can change.  The short answer is no.  The design you have is with you for life.

But that’s only the short answer!

The slightly longer answer (and yes there is also a much longer answer) is that science shows we are much more mutable than we ever knew.  Recent research in epigenetics and brain neuroplasticity shows that not only can we change our mind, but also our physical brain wiring.  And that means that we think differently, act differently and feel differently about ourselves and the world.

Sharon Begley says in her book Train Your Mind Change Your Brain, the brain devotes more cortical real estate to functions we use more frequently, and shrinks the space devoted to activities rarely performed.  Concert violinists have much more brain wiring related to finger dexterity than you and I.

Not only that, but the way we think changes the way our brain is wired.  Put another way, the very structure of our brain reflects the way we think.

You might have heard about experiments that have one basketball team imagining they can shoot consecutive 3 pointers and another one actually physically practicing their 3 point shooting.  The results?  The team that imagined got better results.   Similarly, when we treat thoughts that make us feel bad as if they are simply unhelpful wiring rather than immutable parts of our personality, we can change our personality and our experience of life.

So even if you have your Moon in the Gate of Oppression (as I do) and have suffered from depression (as I did), there is no need to see that quality as fixed for life.  Your Moon will always be in the Gate of Oppression, but how you experience that energy can change completely (as it has for me).    I refused to believe that I was stuck for the rest of my life with “Life as an ordeal stripped of realization.” (Rave I Ching) and went looking for something more nourishing.  I found this:

There are creepers blocking your path, but they can be swept aside.  There are no real, substantial reasons not to move on … ”  (Hilary Barret I Ching)

This is not intended as a critisism of Ra Uru Hu’s approach, but simply an experience I had in coming to terms with Human Design as a worthwhile tool for my own growth and understanding.  Don’t allow yourself to be defined by negative expressions of your Human Design.  If it doesn’t feel good to you, it isn’t!   You are more creative than that, and when you think differently about who you are, you can change your life.  Your design won’t change, but you can.


The future has arrived.  We are the beneficiaries of a revolution in the understanding of the brain and of human potential.

Sharon Begley


Here’s a TED talks video, where Courtney Griffin explains epigenetics, and the temptations she’s experienced as a research geneticist and a mother of twins.  And no, she decided not to experiment on them!

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012

Dimensional Doorways are Opening

As I’m watching the transits and exploring new pathways opening up for my Emergent Business clients, it’s so clear that something immense and wonderful is being birthed.  Doorways between the past and present are opening, and the raw materials that have been locked away are now available to us.  Soul food!

Pallas and Magdalena are sitting between the Aries Point and Uranus.  Each of these hold an immense energy for changing our perspective.  Pallas was part of the archetype we know as Pallas Athene.  Co-opted to the emerging patriarchy to lend an air of legitmacy as it found it’s tentative way in creating a new world order, Pallas was seen as a warrior, a city maker, a good luck charm to all that men sought to achieve.  Of course, there’s more to Pallas than meets the eye, and especially her mother Metis, Goddess of Oceanic Wisdom, lost in the back story as Zeus claimed the wonderous Pallas/Athene sprung fully formed from his own head!

Athene and the AcropolisPallas is so significant just now. in Gate 17.5.  It’s all very well to have ideas spring forth from you head, but if you don’t allow your wisdom/body time to consider them they’ll never grow into anything sustainable and of true value.  Pallas in the transits indicates a need to look for where we have suppressed (made invisible) our own intuition.

Another very interesting fact about Pallas.  In the month she was discovered – the planet Pallas that is, situated between Mars and Jupiter – Lord Elgin stripped a large proportion of the treasures from her temple (the Acropolis) in Athens.  His reason?  To take them to the British Museum to keep them safe.   The Greek Government of the time had no say in the matter, Britain ruled the empire and they were afraid of upsetting them.

There’s layers and layers and layers in that story, not least the current stripping of Greece’s economy by the Eurozone, as Pallas approaches a conjunction with Uranus (freedom from the collective rule).

On a personal note we need to look for what treasures have been stripped away from us under the guise of our own wellbeing. Where have we put ourselves to the task of creating wars/cities, and left behind the more important soul tasks of weaving a meaningful life from our own creative intelligence.  Pallas rules all these things.  She represents the return of the daughters of patriarchy to ‘mother’, where all her inherent gifts can once more be allowed to flourish.

What gift’s are emerging within you now? This is the basis of a new inclusive civilization being created through and for you.

Magdalena’s story is not dissimilar.  If you’ve read Margaret Starbird’s book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, you’ll have some understanding of how difficult it is to sift through the existing rules and religious systems to find the buried aspects of the feminine that we are recovering just now.   We’ve been taught that we must believe these stories – the very ones that make us wrong, that cloak us in invisibility.  The asteroid Magdalena, currently in Gate 17.4, asks that we step beyond the ideal version of ourselves and find the truth.  Not who we should be, but who we chose to come onto this planet at this time to truly be.  Perhaps we believe what we have to offer the world is not enough, but Magdalena says that old story no longer works for any of us.  You and I are real.  And we’re here now.

Uranus represents the place where we need to break free from the old rules of the collective consciousness and create something for ourselves, something so new and special that you are the only person in the world who can do it.  It doesn’t need to be anything the rest of us can see or touch.  It’s your breath, your thoughts, your feelings, your unique way of being.  When you go to the very source of energy flowing through your life and make an offering there, no matter how small and insignificant that offering might seem to be, this is your creation.

Opening New Time Dimensions

This week we have taken huge steps to opening two new dimensions of time.  Scientists have puzzled for ages over why we have three dimensions of space, and only one dimension of time.  It doesn’t make sense!

Dr Katya Walters has written about the existence of two additional dimensions of time sitting under the Planck level.  I will come back to this topic soon.  But for now I just wanted to point out that the channel from the Sacral to the Ji Centre containing Gates 5 and 15 – some of you call it the Channel of Rhythm – is all about opening those additional time dimensions.

Gate 15 is the wide galactic sweep of time and Gate 5 is earth time.  Rather magically, in Gate 5 line 3 is the Great Attractor, which is a weird time warping super massive black hole like thing! “Thing” isn’t a technical term,but no one really knows what type of ‘thing’ the Great Attractor is, so it will do for now.

This week the Sun has been in Gate 15, and sure, it’s there every year about this time.  The difference this year is that the Nodes have been in 34/20 and this is another time warping channel.  When you’re allowing the whole bandwidth of your creative energy, aka your Sacral Centre, to be available for life in the moment then time simultaneously expands and contracts.  You’ve probably noticed this happening lately.  Time goes on forever, a day can seem like a lifetime because it’s so filled with wonder and magic. And yet, paradoxically, it also seems to go quickly.  The drag factor we all know from long days spent starring out the window of classrooms on a beautiful summers day is gone from our lives!

Expect more time warps as Jupiter conjuncts the South Node in Gate 20 (time warp central) on 2nd July.   This conjunction frees soul aspects locked in the past by our old belief in religious, cultural and philosophical dogma, and we are already well along that pathway as Jupiter and the South Node have been edging closer and closer to each other.

The second reason this year’s Sun transit through Gate 15 is more significant is that the transit chart for 21st December 2012 has only one channel defined – the 5/15.   It’s a time warp event!   Mercury (bringing to consciousness) in Gate 5 and the Earth (grounding, slowing down, sustainability and making connections at the global level) in Gate 15.   It’s good to be aware that we are opening dimensional doorways and bringing additional realms of time consciousness to the planet.

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012


How To Create World Peace

A lot of what we’ve experienced over the past 6 months has been the result of the retrograde journey of Mars.  It’s been a deeply transformative and at times quite shocking foray into the realms of past conditioning in our families, communities and relationships. Back in January Mars got to the emotional Gate 6, then turned around and headed backwards.  He passed through the mental Gates 47, 64, onto the ego Gate 40 in the Heart Centre and finally to the Gate of Dissolution of Ego (59) in the Sacral Centre.  Then he turned again, pointed his face to the future, and went right back over each of those gates again.

Mars is usually known as the warrior, quick to react, ready with the sword.  But a more mature aspect of Mars is the quality of protectiveness.  Mars can show where we need to pay attention to our personal boundaries.  Mars in Gate 6 (Conflict) in the emotional Solar Plexus Centre is all about regaining our conscious right to hold firm to our own healthy boundaries.

The conditioning to open up to unhealthy incursions into our private territory can be so subtle that at times it seems impossible to believe we will survive if we close the gate and say no.  Sometimes the subtlety means we’re not even aware of what’s entering our field – we’ve chosen not to know for our own self protection.  At the heart of this conditioning is the very small child who makes compromises in return for love and, ironically, protection.  Survival demands that we become blind to our own choices, because to know what we are giving up can be unbearable.   And even decades later, as mature adults, the pain of realising where we have given ourselves up to the agenda of someone else can be difficult to experience.

When Gate 6 is active, we need to be aware of when, how and why we choose to engage in conflict.  It’s not so much what’s happening out there as developing an understanding of our role in the process.  What was our trigger to join in?  What do we hope to gain?  This is our own internal emotional trauma trying to resolve itself and we we do well to take the time to listen carefully.

The Gate of Conflict is the home of the saying Inner Peace – World Peace!  Boundary skirmishes, battles over territory, dictatorships .. they are all a reflection of what’s going on in our energy field.   This is the last vestige of the tribal energy, as it tries to suppress individual expression and resist global being.   It’s no surprise that some regimes turned off their internet during political uprisings, since Twitter represents the perfect fusion of the individual expressing collectively.

We have Mars to thank for so much of our internal freedom today.  And that will reflect in a more stable political climate I think.

Brain Frequencies and Emergent Human Design

I’ve been researching brain frequencies for my Emergent Human Design.  There are at least 4 distinct frequencies that reflect different energy states from calm and relaxed to alert and highly active.  I’ve been listening to various frequencies on youtube, and loving it.   This is my current favourite.  The Schumann Resonance is the frequency of Gaia.

Let me know if you like it.





Nourishment seeping in

Norwegian officialdom is trying to decide whether mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is sane, or not.  It’s an issue for us all at the moment.  If we wander from this courtroom and head over to the G20 Summit in Mexico we might feel even more confused.  Eurozone countries have committed to upholding the existing political and financial arrangements, and have allocated an additional 360 billion euros to the task.  Right, that should do it!

In my own small world, I have withdrawn support for the past structures.   They truly do make me feel wrong, even insane.

As my car and two computers failed to respond, against all logic, to any and all attempts at resuscitation I finally had to surrender to the inevitable.  It was a brand new third generation ultra fast i7 laptop for me.  And, equally inexplicably, I got one for about $700 less than expected.  Even the salesperson couldn’t tell me why it was so heavily discounted.   The car, well I’m still figuring that one out.  It sits beguilingly outside in the carport, trying to convince me to drive it somewhere.  No, I’ve learnt my lesson.  It all starts out well enough and then it overheats after a while, randomly.  No one can tell me why.

What I do know is that just now, trying to patch up the structures of the past can keep us trapped in old discordant places.   Places where we were tolerated rather than celebrated (thank you Katy Perry for that phrase!).  Places where necessary resources were denied us, where nourishment didn’t quite hit the spot and where fitting in was more important than our own truth.  Well, I’m glad that’s (just about) behind us!

Life is saying, clean up the last of that mess and get ready to move on!  The only things that need your attention now are the bits still stuck in a world that denies their value.  Yes, those traumatised bits of us really do believe that old world is all there is.  With gentle encouragement they too will learn to trust the forward motion that’s impulsing us so strongly.

Getting the timing right is this week’s focus.   Not too fast, not too slow.   Rushing gets us nowhere fast.  Allow time for the nourishment to seep into everything you do.





Stirring the Subconscious

Last night I dreamed that a droid was developed that could tune into the dead and buried.   I’ve been dreaming a lot about the dead lately.

I’d probably be a bit confused and maybe a bit morbid about it if I hadn’t learned from reading Alice Miller’s book Drama of the Gifted Child, that when something in us dies we ‘bury’ it in our subconscious.  When we feel safe enough to go back and recover it, we often dream of the dead.

I liked the ‘droid.  A nice touch, tuning in to the new life starting to buzz underground.  Something is stirring in our subconscious, something still buried. It may have represented the internet,the global meeting place of the subconscious made visible!

What’s stirring to life will be different for each one of us, but the reason it’s buried will be the same.  Loss of meaning.  When we can’t access our own meaning of life, we live encapsulated within the meaning of someone else.  It’s like a franchise – here’s the life template, complete with image, forms and scripts.  Go out and fit yourself into it.  Don’t tell me what you think or feel unless it’s going to add to my bottom line.

Living in the franchise means something very simple – we lose our connection to what’s real. We end up living a life without plurality, filled with policies and procedures, and, dare I say it, keywords!  A single straight line from birth to death.  No dancing allowed!

I wonder if I’ve ever told you the story about sending my daughter to a public (government run) school. She had been in Steiner/Waldorf schools since she was 4 years old.  I moved when she was about 8, and she enrolled in the local public school.  On the first day she rushed home, breathless with amazement, to tell me about something extraordinary.  Mum, we stood in a straight line!   I laughed and laughed – it would never have occurred to me, but it was something she’d never been asked to do in her life!

When Child, Magdalena and Pallas all passed over the Aries point recently (in gate 25) and began approaching Uranus (in Gate 17) we had a game changer on our hands.  These are all asteroids that relate to the suppression of truth – the child’s truth (that DID hurt!),  society’s truth (Pallas – our current ways are one sided and DANGEROUS!), and our sacred truth (Magdalena – yes, I DO EXIST and life without sacred partnership just sucks!).

I found myself unable to talk or leave the house for three days, slooping around in my pj’s drinking warm cups of sweet milky tea.  It was incredibly delicious.    My mental projector aspects are pretty strong (here’s my chart and I have Ceres, Magdalena and Vesta in 24).  I also have the highly sensitive Psyche in Gate 62, adjoining transiting Uranus in 17, so every little thought was almost too much. Doors were flung open, as the energy of Gate 17 raced through me – here was the place where I had lost access to being able to think (and therefore feel) authentically, where I had been taught and told and utterly convinced that my own perceptions were invalid.  That there was no room for them, that they were too chaotic, too messy, too challenging!

It’s not just thoughts.  The opposite Gate – Gate 18 – is a powerful gate of control.  You shan’t listen in to your own joyful impulses (Gate 58 at the Root).  That, of course, constitutes evil.  As does anything that threatens the GOD franchise.  Satan walks here!  And must be corrected (Gate 18 is the Gate of Correction, Gate 58 the Gate of Joy).   This is how our bodies are controlled.  Get up when the alarm goes off, step out of real time and into franchise time!  When dreaming is ‘lazy’, and dreams are meaningless, we are lost.  When we force ourselves out of bed in the morning we leave our own ‘home’ of love and connection and joy, too quickly jolted into ‘reality’ from the dream world of the dancing subconscious.   It’s not about the desire to stay in bed, just a matter of timing.  Only you know when the healing, dancing subconscious is done and ready to arise, integrated and whole again, to enter into the day.

I laughed last night when I saw that those age old enemies, the Catholic and Anglican churches, are joining forces to combat the movement towards same sex marriage.  It must be truly alarming for them, as they wave their bibles and keep reminding people that it’s forbidden to be who they really are!  Here!  On page …      oh, I know somewhere in the bible it MUST be forbidden!   Surely?

As a whole pile of planets race through the mental sign of Gemini we are integrating our bodies and minds, and finding our own sense of personal meaning.  All ‘objective’ realities can leave the room now.  I’m not having any fun in that world anymore and it’s time to move into something more real and magical!


Here’s today’s chart for those who want to see it:

Human Design Transit Chart 19th June 2012


Image Attribute:  Human Seed, by Pawel Jonca ~ http://pejot.com/



Elina Ellis

Living The Possible

I stopped posting here because everything suddenly became so personal I doubted my ability to write objectively about the Human Design transits.

It went on like that.   And on.  And on.  And then I thought, maybe this is just how things are now.  Maybe the whole idea of being objective, slightly removed from what I’m writing about, is a thing of the past.

So then I had an idea.  Write from a much more personal perspective.  The big picture seems much more obvious now.   What may be more difficult to grasp, is how we can live.  How do we bring ourselves through these times? How do we celebrate the challenges,  see the truth, live the love?

I’d love it if you could join in the conversation.

Have you noticed that Mars activation to Gates 64 and 47 (between the Ajna and Crown) in the past few months have seen a huge increase in the number of amazing images on Facebook?  Mars went over those two gates in December 2011, retrograded, and then went back for a third pass over.   We got Pinterest, and then about a month ago, Facebook suddenly became like a de facto Pinterest.

This channel activates the less linear/logical/objective parts of our minds, turning us on to the visual and abstract.  The only time anyone writes anymore, it seems, is to add a quote to an image!  It’s a rich vein of sharing, and says more than words!  I’m loving it, drinking it in.   Sometimes, with my Design Moon sitting in Gate 47 under that transiting Mars, all I’ve been able to do on the Love Your Design Facebook page is share an image.

Elina Ellis

by Elina Ellis

Image Attribution: http://elinaellis.blogspot.com.au/


Vale to Ra Uru Hu



The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, passed away at his home on Ibiza Island on 12th March 2011.

With his Sun and Moon in Gate 51 – the Gate of Shock – we might have expected Ra to go suddenly, leaving everyone in a state of shock! I never met Ra, and I feel sad that now I have lost that opportunity. It’s quite a watershed moment for the global Human Design community. He was such a powerful paternal figure of authority and direction, and leaves a huge vacuum. I am so very interested to see how the community constellates itself in his absence. I know that many, many people who were inspired by Ra to discover better lives will be grieving deeply, as will his family. A true initiator, I’m sure he will be profoundly missed.


Ra Uru Hu





Dimensional Clues

I’ve just been reading Philip Sedgwicks Galactic Times for this week.  Philip mentions a high mass X-ray binary and microquasar called Cygnus X-3. It’s at 28 degrees 35″ Aquarius, which puts it in Gate 30 line 5 in the Human Design chart.

Recent research has indicated that Cygnus X-3 may hold clues for how different dimensions can interact with matter.

There are some wonderful synchronicities here.

Firstly, Cygnus X-3 is one of the most luminous objects in the galaxy. It’s also sitting in the Gate of Brightness, also known as the Gate of Illumination.

Secondly, here is Philip Sedgwick’s description of the paradox it represents ~

If nothing brilliant is ever done, then others will not be able to recognize the brilliance.

And thirdly, Aquarius is the sign that most closely represents new technical and scientific discoveries. A huge line up of planets in Aquarius, plus Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) joining Jupiter on the Aries point means world changing events! I’ve been reading some material by Karen Kaden McNaughton on the mission of astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of Arizona shooting victim Gabriella Gifford. Karen says he is off to “deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) to the International Space Station. The AMS will collect particle evidence of the cosmos’ little-understood dark matter and dark energy.”

It’s all so intriguing.



As we approach the watershed point of 10th October 2010, I wanted to share these two stories with you.  The first one is taken from Philip Shepherd’s new book New Self New World:  Recovering Our Senses in the 21st Century.  I’ll be interviewing Philip again very soon, and making the book available on my site because it speaks so beautifully to anyone interested in Human Design.

Jay Gluck, who wrote Zen Combat in 1962, arranged to bring five United States military police and a high-speed camera to meet with Morehei Uyeshiba, the founder of aikido, who at the time was eighty five.  In a demonstration, Uyeshiba took on the military police, who were suppored by a further six Japanese martial arts armed with oak swords.  As Gluck explains, the film shows this tiny old man – he stood four foot ten – moving amongst his charging assailants with a contented smile on his face.  No one even touched him until he let several of them grasp him in any way they wanted, whereupon he floored them all simultaneously.

Hiroyuki Aoki, author of  The Zero Point of Consciousness and the World of Ki, explains that he enters into such a point of calm clarity and harmony with the universe that any opponent who even thinks of attacking him would fall down.   When he was asked by an interviewer whether he really did nothing at such a time, Aoki responded, “No!  If I do anything it’s no good.  It’s a state in which I myself do nothing.”

The second story is from Roberta Grimes book The Fun of Dying.

Leonard Liebovici recently conducted a fascinating experiment. To test the power of prayer he randomly chose 4000 patients and in a double blind test, had a group of people pray for some of the patients. The patients receiving the prayers recovered more quickly and had a reduced severity of illness. The astonishing thing about Liebovici’s experiment is that the prayers were offered up in the year 2000 for patients who had been hospitalised back in the early 1990’s.  It appears that prayer does not cling to the stubbornly persistent illusion of time and that our intentions can affect the past!


And finally, happy birthday to John Lennon.  And to another musical superstar, happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend Sharon. You can say we’re dreamers, but ….  it’s only dreams that have the power to create new realities.

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Finding Our Way to Prosperity and Love


1st September 2010

This is a time when we can be seduced back into the world we have worked so hard to change. This week is a potent mix of disconnecting from what manipulates our energy for it’s own purposes, and instead joining a collective dance that is  joyful, free and creatively inspired.

There is an unmasking of what Philip Shepherd refers to as the tyranny of the independent “known self”. Independent in that it is apparently “self-made” and not connected to anything else. The isolation of the independent known self is an ego based construct that is such a part of our culture, as we lock ourselves in our homes and sit safely ensconsed in the bubble of our cars, that we mistake it for ‘reality’. This despite scientific proof that we are each one of us nothing more and nothing less that a constant flow of energy. And this despite our own experiences of how our relationships are the core of our existence.

We hold on so tightly to our possessions, or at least what we perceive as what is ours. We pay insurance against theft and put bars on our windows.  Altjira has been subtley informing us that this is not a healthy way to be.  A creator god of the desert Aranta people in Australia, Altjira created the earth and everything on it, and then left it to it’s inhabitants to enjoy as they chose.  He is sending us a strong message right now, connecting as he is to Haumea and Pluto, that individual ownership of anything is a dangerous nonsense.

The internet has changed forever the way we experience ownership of our creative output.  Just ask Hollywood and the music industry.  When we see our creations as something we alone  pulled from the ether with only our own heroic efforts of genius, when we fail to recognise the input of others during and after the creative process, we impoverish humanity and life on earth.  Industry that uses the earth’s resources with impunity, governments that allow them to do so, people who create something and then stultify it by a fear of sharing or by refusing to allow it to grow and change through that sharing prevent a true weaving of abundance.

Speaking of weaving, I’ve been watching the asteroid Niobe moving amongst the key astrological players lately.  Niobe lost all her children through her excessive pride in them.  The story of Niobe is of her endless grief at the loss of her progeny.  We are all experiencing this to some degree as our magical inner child is continually deadened by a society that demands we can only work and never play, that claims to own our creative efforts, and refuses to allow us to interact freely with them.   We need to also look at any fear this has created in us, of having to hold on tightly to what we create rather than trusting the reality that it has a life of it’s own that has little to do with who originally created it.

We are about to storm the ramparts of the commercial world with the message that business is not about making money, but sharing love and creating prosperity for all.

Flower Field by Patrick Campagnone ~ www.Flickr.com

With the North Node about to shift into Gate 10 with Pluto, the concept of ‘father’ is shifting.  The more clearly we see our own collusion with the unhealthy ‘father’ and the more we align with the juicy and joyful energy of the incoming protective provisioning masculine the easier our next 18 months will be.  The shamanic nature god Pan is in the Gate of Enthusiasm, at the Throat Chakra calling forth some potent shifts in the feminine.

Vesta and Lilith are in the Gate of Depth with Zeus.  An interesting combination.  The power of Zeus was perhaps wasted due to  his philandering tendencies.  There was that story about the goose, but we won’t go into that now :).  Vesta represents the inner flame of the hearth, and in this position shows that women are likely to be looking deep within to see where they have been allowing that flame to flicker due to a perceived need to find the power in their male lovers rather than within themselves.  And also for the inner flame flickering weakly within the breast of men who seek comfort in their sexual relationships with women, rather than connect with the gentle nature of their own inner feminine.

This confusion has inexorably led to women (and men)  being bound up in culturally based gender roles, and Lilith’s rage at how this renders us unable to act authentically.

The asteroid Child is conjunct Saturn and the Super Galactic Centre.  The new Saturn is the builder.  He knows how to create on the material plane, what needs to be done to bring our visions to reality in the physical density we live in on this planet.  This conjunction says that our inner child is moving out of a cold and isolated place and into the warmth and light of loving relationships – both personal and business.  Saturn demands self-responsibility and we will be able to hold our heads with true rather than false pride as we increasingly find the pathways our inner magic seeks for it’s expression.

And speaking of relationships, the Sun and Earth are in a channel that helps us understand our role in community.   Mercury retrograde will conjunct the Sun in this channel on the 4th September.  We can feel isolated when we feel the need to push forward ahead of our own power.  In my terms this would indicate trying to do things from the mental plane, when they are still an idea, rather than allow the flow of life to support us to embody and integrate first.  When we flow forward in this way not only do we align with a natural abundance, we also proceed without struggle because we emanate the quality of what we long to share.  It’s freely available to whoever wants it with no effort on our part, and we are forever changed through each interaction of giving and receiving.

I will be interviewing Philip Shepherd, author of New Self, New World sometime next week on Love Your Design radio.  I’m so impressed with this book and how clearly Philip talks about the need to deconstruct our current ‘reality’.

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Spitting Out The Poison


21st August 2010

I’m watching the global debate just now on what will save us all. It’s assuming we need to be saved, which is interesting in itself. And I’m watching Mercury in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion bringing a black cloud of doom and gloom and ‘I can’t go on another minute like this’ to the mix. This is a gate that has us feeling that no matter what we do, nothing will ever change. And then Mercury is going retrograde so that alerts us to the fact that this way of thinking is exactly what we need to be aware of.

In two days things will begin to cheer up as first Venus and then Mars move into the Gate of Intuitive Clarity. At the moment they are both sitting in the Gate of Depth that triggers our feelings that we are unworthy, that what we have to offer from our authentic self will never be good enough. And that’s if anyone even notices it at all. Doom and gloom.

So what’s really going on here? Firstly, let’s get clear about the idea that the universe (or whatever we want to call it) does not get off on seeing you suffer. Here’s a major opportunity to clear some masochistic tendencies from the human condition, starting with our own thoughts. Over the next two days, anytime you feel limited, unseen, as if you have to struggle on and on with no respite, remember this: there are some deeply conditioned choices being made here and just now we have the chance to become conscious of them.

Here’s what the I Ching says:

We feel restless and indecisive. At first we want to push ahead, and then encounter obstructions that only feel oppressive when we deal with them recklessly. We butt our heads against a wall and then feel ourselves to be oppressed by the wall. We lean on things that have no stability. So then we turn back irresolutely and retire into our house only to find our wife is gone.

The wife represents something dependable, warm, nurturing. And can you feel it? She’s not there. But the whole point of this hexagram is that the wife (or what she represents) was there all along, we just can’t see her.  That’s because for two thousand years we’ve been practising not seeing her. It’s been about the father as creator and as protector and provider. But now the father is worn out, exhausted and has no answers for the questions that plague us.

One of the most common ideas I’ve come across in the past few months on the web is the idea that we must return to some sort of ethics.  It’s a loss of ethics that’s caused this problem, they say. But this won’t save our butts.  Because hidden deep under the idea of any externally formulated ethics is our authentic response to life and that’s what’s calling us out now.  In this situation any recall of morality and ethics will be used like a prison to continue to keep these aspects of self from seeing the light of day.  We have to be nice, good, kind, loving, calm, gentle, serve humanity, etc.  What do we do when the ethics we ascribe to conflict with our authentic selves?

Here’s the thing.  There are parts of ourselves that have been told they are wrong so many times that we believe if they escape our grasp we will die.  We must keep them frozen, deadened, hidden away.  It’s a life or death struggle going on within our psyche.  We may not even be consciously aware of it yet, but we feel the sense of dis-ease it’s causing and that’s our first port of call.

A deep soul woundedness that has been frozen, walking in the valley of death, is waking up, shaking her head and suggesting she might like a bowl of warm soup and a nice walk in the sun thank you.  Trying to apply ethics to such an personal alchemical experience is like being outraged that a coma patient isn’t using her knife and fork properly.  And this aspect of self has sustained damage  akin to a coma patient so we must be good to ourselves while she’s waking up.

I say ‘she’ because the activating point here is the Scattered Disc Object and Dwarf Planet Candidate currently known as Snow White.  She’s creating a channel with the South Node, demanding that if we want to ‘wake up’ and live happily ever after, we have to spit out that sliver of poisoned apple.

The issue here is our confusion about what is actually poison.  Somehow we’ve gotten confused and believe that something authentic in us is poison, rather than understanding that it’s been poisoned.  Something in us has become convinced that spitting out that poison is a bad thing to do, and we should go on being nice, polite, helpful and … well, ethical.

Let me ask you this.  What choices would you be making right now if there was absolutely nothing about you that was wrong?  What if the world was always wonderfully enthusiastic about absolutely everything about you?  What if we all celebrated your every word, every movement, every breathe of life you take?  That is the point of power we stand at today, and not just for our relationship with ourselves but for our relationships with each other.

Celebrate yourself.  You are life.  All of you.

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